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Hilco Industrial, LLC Hilco Industrial, LLCLLC Capital Recovery Group,

Carell Corporation Centra Corp HMI a 645 Division ofof Betenbender HMI a Division Betenbender Hildebrand Machinery Company Hildebrand Machinery Company PO 34225 U.S. Hwy. 31 Box

31555 W. Fourteen Rd., Suite 301 31555 W. Fourteen Rd., Suite 301 1654 King Street Suite Mile 9 Mile Farmington Hills, 48334 Farmington Hills, 48334 Enfield, CT 06082 USMIMI Phone: 248-254-9999 Phone: 248-254-9999 Phone: (860) 623-9060 Fax: 248-254-9995 Fax: 248-254-9995

5806 Quality Rd.Rd. 5806 Quality Ridge 2023 Black Road 2023 Black Bridge Road White Marsh, MDRidge 21162-0645 Stapleton, AL Bridge 36578 Coggon, IA IA 52218 Coggon, 52218 York, PA. 17402 York, PA. 17402 C-Frame C-FramePresses Presses Phone: 410-945-0040 Phone: 251-937-0948 Phone: 319-435-2378 Phone: 319-435-2378 Phone: Phone: Fax: 251-937-0957 •717-846-2600 Heavy Gauge Steel Design •717-846-2600 Heavy Gauge Steel Design Fax: 410-945-0074 Fax: 319-435-2262 Fax: 319-435-2262 Fax: 717-845-9497 Fax: 717-845-9497 • Press Bed bolted on,on, notnot welded, to • Press Bed bolted welded, to prevent distortion. prevent distortion. • Large press bed to to accommodate • Large press bed accommodate a variety of tooling other than just a variety of tooling other than just punching. punching. • Pump, motor, valve and reservoir areare all all • Pump, motor, valve and reservoir easily accessible forfor maintenance. easily accessible maintenance. L I F T I N• GLarge N Nrectangular Orectangular V A T I Otubes Ntubes used at at base of of • ILarge used base machine to to give safe, instant portability. machine give safe, instant portability.


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Denver Breaker & Supply


Industrial Magnetics, LLC. Industrial Magnetics, LLC.& Obsolete! One of the Nation’s largest inventory of NEW, Reconditioned, Denver Breaker & Supply 1385 M-75 1385 M-75 •901 CircuitIronton Breakers • St. Panel Mount Switches • Motor Controls Boyne City, Michigan Boyne City, Michigan • Bus Duct Plugs Transformers • Starters • and More! Denver, CO•80239

Phone: 888-582-0823 Phone: 888-582-0823 Phone:1-800-544-7375 WE SpECializE iN thE tOp BRaNdS & Fax: 231-582-0622 Fax: 231-582-0622 Fax: 303-431-0288 CaRRY thE haRd-tO-FiNd itEmS providing Same day,

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POPO Box 1659 Box 1659 6060 Liberty Liberty Ave. Greensboro, NC 27406 Charlotte, NCAve. 28217 machine for you! machine for you! Woodstock, Ontario N4S0A9 Woodstock, Ontario N4S0A9 Metuchen, NJ 08840 Metuchen, NJ 08840 Phone: 877-COMBI-56 Phone: 877-SAWING-1 Phone: 877-276-SAWS (7297) Phone: 877-276-SAWS (7297) 848-229-2500 848-229-2500 Fax: 336-378-8842 Fax: 704-943-1031 Fax: 519-539-5126 Fax: 519-539-5126 732-548-5251 732-548-5251

With ourour user-friendly website, With user-friendly website, users cancan easily findfind thethe type of of users easily type 5806 Quality Ridge Road 5806 Quality Ridge Road auction they areare looking for, auction they looking for, Coggon, Iowa 52218 Coggon, Iowa 52218 regardless of size or location. TheThe sitesite regardless of size or location. Phone: 319.435.2378 Phone: 319.435.2378 hashas the latest technology to make the latest technology to make Fax: 319.435.2262 Fax: 319.435.2262 it simple forfor users to engage with it simple users to engage with an an auction of interest. auction of interest. Dynabrade, Inc. 8989 Sheridan Dr. Clarence, NY 14031 International Machinery Co. International Machinery Co. Phone: 716-631-0100 1546 Cedar Street 1546 Cedar Street Fax: 716-631-2073 Ontario, CACA 91761 Ontario, 91761 Phone: 909-947-8888 Phone: 909-947-8888

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ProfileMachines Bending Machines Heavy Eagle Bending Ipsen Inc. Ipsen Inc. to 3" Capacities in 15 Models, CNC & Ornam 34225 1" US-31 984 Ipsen 984 Ipsen Rd. Stapleton, AL Rd. 36578 All work both Cherry Valley, IL 61016 Cherry Valley, IL 61016 Phone: 251-937-0947 Horizontal & Vertical Phone: 1-800-727-7625 Phone: 1-800-727-7625 Fax: 251-937-4742 Fax: 1-815-332-4549 Fax: 1-815-332-4549 NEW ! Eagle DP7 Controls w/ Direct Radius Readout


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Eastern Electrical Liquidators Edwards Manufacturing Company Jet Edge Jet Edge WWW.dENVERBREakER.COm 1511 North 26th Street PO Box 166 12070 43rd St.St. N.E. 12070 43rd N.E. Jergens, Inc Jergens, Inc all Breakers are19121 insured and Guaranteed — all material is Fully load tested. Philadelphia, 15700 S. Waterloo Rd.Rd. 15700 S.Pa Waterloo Phone:800-523-3818 Cleveland, OHOH 44110 Cleveland, 44110 Fax: 215-235-5339 877-440-LIFT 877-440-LIFT


5900 W.W. Franklin Drive 5900 Franklin Drive Carson City, NV 89706 Franklin, WI 53132 Franklin, WI 53132 Phone: 1-866-TheGage Phone: 414-423-7400 Phone: 414-423-7400 Fax: 775-246-5117 Fax: 414-423-7414 Fax: 414-423-7414 like Us On Facebook for a 10% discount!

Combilift Cosen Saws USA HYDMECH Group Limited HYDMECH Group Limited Industrial LLC can build Industrial Auction Services, LLC We can builda acustom custom 303 ConcordWe Street 4527 DwightAuction Evans Rd.Services,


Clamprite, LLC Hypneumat, Hypneumat, Inc. 38 Cygnet DriveInc.

Albert Lea, MN MN 56007 St.St. Michael, 55376 Michael, MN 55376 Phone: 507-373-8206 Phone: 800-JET-EDGE Phone: 800-JET-EDGE Fax: 507-373-9433 Fax: 763-497-8701 Fax: 763-497-8701 Subscribe nownow to to Subscribe receive FREE news on on receive FREE news upcoming auctions! upcoming auctions!

Epicor Software Corp. Jordan Craig Int’l. LLC Jordan Craig Machinery Int’l. LLC 600 US-169 SuiteMachinery 2000

Look Us Online o (251)93

151151 N. N. Main St.55426 Ste. 203 Main St. Ste. 203 Minneapolis, MN New City, NYNY 10956 New City, 10956 Phone: 845-398-0073 Phone: 845-398-0073 Fax: 845-398-0074 Fax: 845-398-0074 • ww

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Industrial Machinery Digest Quarterly - IMD Quarter-1, 2018  

Robotics, Automation for Job shops, Machine Shope, production line manufacturing. Visit for additional metal m...

Industrial Machinery Digest Quarterly - IMD Quarter-1, 2018  

Robotics, Automation for Job shops, Machine Shope, production line manufacturing. Visit for additional metal m...

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