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MARCH 2012

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The power of Belgard® is undeniable. With the widest selection of styles, shapes, colors and textures in the industry, it’s easy to see why so many are drawn to our paver and wall collections. And, with Belgard’s innovative Colorgard technology, the color is guaranteed to last a lifetime. For a free Idea Book or more information on America’s best-selling brand of durable pavers, scan the QR code or visit

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The ar t of things chosen well rather of ten. chosen well The arthan t of things rather than of ten.

11660 Page Service Drive | St. Louis, MO, 63146 | 314.993.5020 11660 Page Service Drive | St. Louis, MO, 63146 | 314.993.5020 w w w. k d r s h o w r o o m s . c o m w w w. k d r s h o w r o o m s . c o m

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IMAGE: ThE ThOMAS PhE ASAnT cOLLEcTIOn IMAGE: ThE ThOMAS PhE ASAnT cOLLEcTIOn w w w. b a k e r f u r n i t u r e .c o m 1 8 0 0 5 9 2 25 37 w w w. b a k e r f u r n i t u r e .c o m 1 8 0 0 5 9 2 25 37

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Building Childhood Dreams For Over 20 Years...

Offering the absolute finest residential play equipment in America...

All This And More At Dream Play Recreation!

Visit Our Showroom For A Test Play... 18 Swing Sets, 9 Basketball Goals and 3 Trampolines On Display!

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One Yard At A Time.

17373 Edison Ave. Chesterfield, MO 63005 636.530.0055 • 800.962.0055 •

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Make a grand statement

If you can imagine it... we can create it. 137 Chesterfield Industrial Blvd. Chesterfield, MO 63005 Phone 636/530-7545 Fax 636/537-2494

Custom Doors

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Entry Ways

stainED Glass

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19:56 AM

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14548 Manchester Rd. St. Louis, MO 63011 • 636.394.1600 213-215 Stag Industrial Blvd., Lake St. Louis, MO 63367 • 636.561.1211 • 314.731.6282

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Multi-Season Blooming Azalea

Get the free mobile app at http:/ /

Blooming more than once a year, the 25 varieties of Encore速 Azaleas offer bloom colors and sizes for every landscape. View How To Plant Videos On Your Smartphone

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ways that Woods Basement Systems can solve your home’s common problems.


A wet basement ruins your home. Waterproof and protect your basement to enjoy peace of mind.


A moldy, dirty crawl space rots your home from the inside out. Stop wood rot and lower your utility costs.


Radon gas is odorless, tasteless and the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Test for radon and mitigate it! Radon Test Kits available from Woods.


A settling foundation robs your home of its value. Restore and secure your investment with foundation piering. Repair a crack before it becomes a bigger problem.


A bowing wall indicates an unstable foundation. Stabilize and secure the integrity of your home with wall anchors.


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800-203-8384 2/10/12 1:28:41 1:26:49 PM

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Custom lighting, hand-forged in Vermont.


st. louis arnold brentwood promenade o’fallon ballwin north county chesterfield

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Phone: 636.391.7640



Facebook: The Design Source Limited

Celebrating 20 Years!

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multiple patterns, colors and textures oF decorative concrete Brick and stone masonry expert retaining wall and landscape construction superior craFtsmanship delivering excellence since 1997

Full-service planning and design From concept to completion Ideas & Experience at 314.962.8100

2579 Rock Hill Industrial Ct., Rock Hill, MO 63144

Proud members of the American Concrete Institute and the National Concrete Masonry Association

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Hot Colors! Bright Prints! Fun style!

Come see our fabulous collection of Lilly Pulitzer Fabrics by Lee Jofa matched with our custom upholstery - a great combination that will make Expressions the perfect destination to beat the winter blues! 314.567.6200

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7817 Clayton Road, St. louiS, Mo 63117 Mon tHRu FRi 10-6, SatuRday 10-5

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March 2012

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Innovative takes on flooring add contemporary edge and ambience to any space



46 Departments

16 Publisher’s letter 20 trends 22 fab finds 26 STYLEMAKER 28 HOT HUE 30 ARTIST 36 tablescape 60 in season 64 SMALL SCALE 70 SPOTLIGHT 72 CHEERS 74 events 80 just for you






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Modern art guides the soul of a free-spirited Central West End home


Wildly creative color characterizes the classic contemporary interiors of a Frontenac home


A flourishing, fragrant garden frames a historic Webster Groves home

On the Cover

Marvel at the soft, soothing minimalism of a Central West End home, which Niche Home Furnishings and Design has created for a hip, young family. See page


cover Photography by Ashley Gieseking

St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles (ISSN 1524-8755) Vol. 17, No. 2, March ©2012 by Distinctive Lifestyles, LLC. All rights reserved. Permission to reprint or quote excerpts granted by written request only. St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles is published nine times a year, monthly in MARCH, APRIL, MAY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER, and bi-monthly in JANUARY/FEBRUARY, JUNE/JULY and NOVEMBER/ DECEMBER by Distinctive Lifestyles, LLC, 255 Lamp & Lantern Village, Town & Country, MO 63017, (636) 230-9700. Periodicals postage paid at Chesterfield, MO 63017 and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles, 255 Lamp & Lantern Village, Town & Country, MO 63017. For change of address include old address as well as new address with both zip codes. Allow four to six weeks for change of address to become effective. Please include current mailing label when writing about your subscription.



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Discover 90,000 sq. ft. in six showrooms of beautifully displayed products to fit any interior. Innovative ideas with expert assistance for home and office.

Beck/Allen Cabinetry

| kitchen and bath cabinetry

KDR Designer Showrooms AUTCOhome

| furniture and textiles

| appliances and home automation

Accessories by Design

| accessories and design services

Premier Plumbing Studio Working Spaces

| kitchen and bath fixtures

| innovative office furniture

Call us today.

314.983.2018 Visit us at Conveniently located between Lindbergh and I-270 on Page.

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slhl HELLO

"I love the sleek, clean lines of this modern sofa, with white leather upholstery from American Leather and Thayer Coggin from KDR Designer Showroom."

Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton

— Suzie Osterloh


It's all about

With its daring, clean, sleek, uncluttered lines, modern furniture literally turned the furniture industry upside down in the late 19th century. Before then, furnishings were guided by the influences of tradition and history, with the intention of making them valuable and long-lasting. But the modern movement craved newness and originality, and furniture designers met that demand by creating pieces that were no longer visually heavy, but visually light. Steel, molded plywood, plastics and a mixture of technology and art made their debut. We kick off our modern issue with fabulous contemporary kids’ décor (page 22), followed by a Q&A with Meredith Wanamaker, interior designer from Niche Home Furnishings and Design, as she brings modern and contemporary design to St. Louis (page 26); we share the work of a modern artist (page 30); and many more fun of-the-moment elements and ideas to incorporate into your home. Notice the use of white in many of the furnishings, as well as white accents, in our Urban and Suburban home features. The design team at Niche expertly tie minimalism, texture and color together for a young family in our Urban feature (page 38). Interior designer Tom Manche’s art-inspired approach to design is evident in every space of our color-rich Suburban home (page 46), where every detail, down to the area carpets, is a piece of art. Attention to detail and a creative final product are goals we all should strive for. Recently, I went from being the owner of the ugliest driveway in my neighborhood to being the owner of one of the prettiest. I’m embarrassed to say that the driveway had been looking bad for a couple of years. I sought the advice of an expert concrete man, Matthew Bright (of Bright-Mann Contracting, Inc.), whose attention to detail and experience yielded a granite-like masterpiece. I’m sure my home’s curb appeal jumped ten-fold! My new driveway makes me so happy. I encourage everyone to do something similar, something that makes you happy and is just for you. As we transition from winter to spring, consider integrating a sleek modern piece of furniture into your home. You’ll be glad you did. It’s time to have some fun.

Suzie Osterloh Publisher/Owner



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New Homes ReNovatioNs additioNs CommeRCial | 314.644.2775 2722 Hampton Ave. | St. Louis, MO 63139

foRwaRd-tHiNkiNg sustaiNable awaRd-wiNNiNg

Exquisite Custom Metal Work Gorgeous Gates, Balusters, Staircases & Furniture Iron Fencing for Pool & Home Perimeters & MORE!

7 Capper Drive, Pacific, MO 63069 P 636-271-3200 F 636-271-9745

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TMI is not limited to a particular design discipline.

WhaTever your sTyle Traditional, Modern Traditional, English, English Country, French Country, Transitional or Classic Contemporary

TmI makes your dreams a realITy!

PUBLISHER/OWNER: Suzie Osterloh CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Lauren Schrader ASSISTANT EDITOR: Liz Miller COPY EDITOR: Barbara Wilson CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Lucyann Boston, Lorraine Raguseo CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS: Ashley Gieseking, Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton, Greg Rannells, Jennifer Silverberg ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES: Carrie Mayer CIRCULATION MANAGER: Barney Osterloh EDITORIAL INTERNS: Melanie Barnes, Megan Farokhmanesh SALES & MARKETING ASSISTANT: Lauren “Lucy” Morris St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles Magazine 255 Lamp & Lantern Village Town & Country, MO 63017 (636) 230-9700 ADVERTISING INQUIRIES: EDITORIAL INQUIRIES: FOR SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION: Call 636-230-9640 ext. 27 Visit Printed in U.S.A.

See an example of my work in this month’s Suburban Home Feature on pages 46-53.

PRESIDENT: Suzie Osterloh VICE PRESIDENT: Barney Osterloh St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles is a publication of Distinctive Lifestyles, LLC

Tom manche

Allied Member ASID

314-727-3139 By Appointment



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noW doing business together

We’ve joined forces to give you the best prices and service on quality appliances. weStport Showroom 11610 Page Service Dr., St. Louis 314.373.2000 fenton Showroom 1626 Headland, Fenton 636.349.4946 St. peterS Showroom 4059 N. St. Peters Pkwy, St. Peters 636.720.0476


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2/10/12 11:33:34 AM


Absolutely Floored

Innovative, textured takes on flooring add unexpected edge, dimension and contemporary ambience to any space one: Vicente Wolf Dunes Peppercorn by Tufenkian, available through Ageless Rug Treasures in Webster Groves.

1 2

two: Scribble in Primary by FLOR, available through


three: Classic Green Onyx by American Olean, available through Ambassador Floor Company in Chesterfield. four: Matouche Croco Field by Walker Zanger, available through ISC Surfaces in Olivette. five: Oasis by Surya, available through Volume Carpet in Brentwood. 4




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2/10/12 11:30:11 AM

“St. Louis’ Most Trusted Name for Fine Oriental Rugs”

Presents: Elegant. Sophisticated. Unforgettable. Simply the Best! Best Quality Anywhere • One Price Showroom Custom, Hand-Made Rugs • Historical and Vintage Designs

7911 Clayton Road, Clayton, MO 63117 314-725-3600

HakimianBros_0312.indd STLH_MARCH12.indd 211

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm Also by Appointment

2/10/12 2/1/12 12:56:45 9:56:23 AM PM



land ~f


Bold, modern kid’s furniture and décor add contemporary edge to a child’s room, and whimsy to spark young imaginations

3 2





one: Dots Multi Mobile by DwellStudio, available through City Sprouts in University City. two: Ginko Organic Twin Quilt by Argington, available through Treasure Rooms in Chesterfield. three: Bookshelf Elephant in Lemon by DwellStudio, available through City Sprouts. four: Green Mod Lounger by Offi, available through National Chair and Furniture Company in Midtown. five: Orange Toddler Bed by P’kolino, available through Circle of Knowledge in Sunset Hills. six: Single Dresser in Surf Blue from the Young America Collection by Stanley Furniture Co., available through Shubert Design Furniture in Manchester.


FAB FINDS_0312.indd 22

2/10/12 11:31:24 AM

The power of pattern... imagine the possibilities! With our fantastic selection of hand-made rugs, designing your perfect room has never been this easy.

Our stOck includes:

10x14 and larger Various hard-to-find sizes Broad range of styles Multitude of colors

Rugs by Saga

Come visit us and experience the difference: 14169A Manchester Road Ballwin, MO 63011 636-227-8555


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2/10/12 12:57:51 PM









seven: Perch Bunk Bed by Oeuf, available through City Sprouts. eight: Fish and Pebbles Organic Twin Quilt by Argington, available through Treasure Rooms. nine: Green Clothes Tree by P’kolino, available through Circle of Knowledge. ten: Mag Table in Black by Offi, available through National Chair and Furniture Company. eleven: So Good Twin Sleeper Sofa in Red by The Land of Nod, available from twelve: Sour Apple Bookcase from the Young America Collection by Stanley Furniture Co., available through Shubert Design Furniture. thirteen: Giraffe Rocking Chair by P’kolino, available through Circle of Knowledge.



FAB FINDS_0312.indd 24

2/10/12 11:32:23 AM

We need a place: TO GET READY FOR WORK

Your new bathroom is more than plumbing fixtures and tile samples. We see it as your family’s private oasis. After all, your bathroom is not just a place to wash the dirt off…’s where life happens.™

LoCATion 61 Triad South Drive, St. Charles, Mo 63304 TeLePHone (636) 477-8444 webSiTe



A Divis

Home Theater • Flat Panel TV’s Multi-Room Audio/Video Media Room • Home Automation Lighting Control • Video Surveillance • Security


ion of J . Bathe




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2/10/12 12:59:18 PM

slhl STYLE MAKER This Page: Meredith enjoys reinventing spaces and describes spending time in a well-designed space as a way to instantly lift her spirits. Opposite Page: This gorgeous Central West End sitting room is an example of Meredithâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s artful approach to contemporary design.

daring bŠ Design edited BY Megan Farokhmanesh Photography BY colin miller/strauss peyton

Meredith Wanamaker, Designer For Niche, contemplates her approach to

contemporary interiors

With more than 12 years of experience under her belt, interior designer Meredith Wanamaker has never considered another profession. Nothing lifts her spirits more than a well-designed space. Since joining The Lawrence Group in 1998, Meredith has enjoyed the creative fruits of a profession that allows her to constantly create, there and with subsidiary Niche Home Furnishings and Design. Her style is diverse, her methods anything but formulaic. The St. Louis-based designer channels her creativity from traveling, taking specific interest in new scenery. Even the textures and colors of nature influence her modern designs.



STYLEMAKER_0312.indd 26

2/10/12 11:34:22 AM

SLHL: How do you define modern and contemporary design? MW: Contemporary design relates to current industry trends. I would say modern design is considered more “classic.” Its concepts date back to the end of the 19th century or early 20th century. Modern interior design steers away from the ornate details of other styles. Some characteristics associated with modern design include clean, straight lines; minimalism; lack of clutter; and bold color accents with white, black or neutral colors used for furniture and other large pieces. SLHL: What are the hottest modern design trends this season? MW: Color is back in a big way. The layering of vibrant jewel tones, supported by gold and shades of cream, ivory and warm white, is very

current. Mixing in a few pieces with global flair is another popular, current aesthetic. SLHL: Are there any styles or colors you prefer to work with? MW: I’m always looking to reinvent a space in some way. I really enjoy the blending of styles. For example, introducing an antique piece with great character into a space that is otherwise very modern or minimal. The contrast of styles creates an interesting mix and allows the client’s personality to come through. The ability to treat each space as a unique environment is what I enjoy most. SLHL: What are hot colors in 2012? MW: Jewel colors are hot: emerald, ruby, teal, peacock blue, citron-yellow. Luxurious textiles, such as lace, velvet and fur, are also in vogue. SLHL: What influences you?

MW: I am a big collector of design periodicals. They provide constant inspiration. Martha Sturdy is an amazing artist and designer of modern furniture and accessories. I also really love the work of Porter Teleo artist Kelly Porter and designer Bridgett Cochran. Their highend, hand-painted wallcoverings and fabrics are incredible. SLHL: What design trends do you see happening in St. Louis right now? MW: St. Louis tends to be more traditional in the ways of architecture and design. Most likely, St. Louis will always have a larger traditional or transitional design following. However, it seems that most people have a great appreciation for well-designed contemporary and modern spaces, even though it might not reflect their personal taste. Good design is respected, regardless of the style. See www.stlouishomesmag. com for resources. STLOUISHOMESMAG.COM MARCH 2012

STYLEMAKER_0312.indd 27


2/10/12 11:34:48 AM


Brinjal No. 222 by Farrow & Ball, available through KDR Designer Showrooms in Maryland Heights (to the trade).

slhl HOT HUE

Syon F5866/03 by Osborne & Little, available through Pizazz•2 Interiors in Town & Country.

Allu>in‚ Aube>‚in¾ The subdued sophistication of aubergine and similar pale shades of purple mingle well with monochromatic blacks, grays and whites, adding a sense of royal refinement to modern color palettes

Wheat Spot NN4067 by York Wallcoverings, available through Frank Patton Interiors in Des Peres.

Solar Disk wallpaper by Thibaut, available through Three French Hens in Wildwood.

Claude Tri Color from Calico Corners in Frontenac.

Noisette in Aubergine from Calico Corners. Mature Grape by Sherwin-Williams


Plum Dandy by Sherwin-Williams

Cordovan by Sherwin-Williams


HOT HUE_0312.indd 28

2/10/12 11:35:55 AM

We transform your ideas into a

beautiful reality

11612 Page Service Drive, St. Louis, MO 63146 314.426.6262

quality MeetS Value CabinetRy tile COunteRtOpS FlOORing HaRdwaRe

www.CabinetSfLooringandmore.Com St. LouiS Showroom

CoLLinSviLLe Showroom

6135 Manchester Road, 63139 (314) 645-9300

1902 Vandalia (Orchard Shopping Center) (618) 343-9111


STLH_MARCH12.indd 29


2/10/12 1:00:08 PM



Brushstrokes Artist Phil Jarvis gives new meaning to painting the town

BY Megan Farokhmanesh PhotographY by Ashley Gieseking

This page: Phil mixes a carrotjuice shade of red-orange paint. Opposite page, left: The color palette at Phil’s studio speaks to the artist’s use of vivid, vibrant color. Opposite page, right (top to bottom): A collection of images depicting Phil’s project at the Lemp Mansion, where he’s restoring certain murals and creating others from scratch.



ARTIST_0312.indd 30

2/10/12 11:13:56 AM


the eyes that pull you in. Their quiet gaze seems to lock onto yours, lingering briefly before your attention wanders to the second pair below, the third above. No matter where you look, someone is always watching. This is a signature of artist Phil Jarvis’ work. “They attract people,” says Phil of his many-gazed creations. “It’s a way to guide people around the canvas.” But few tricks are needed to draw attention to the work of this modern artist, muralist and sign-maker. A painter all

his life, Phil has long since mastered the fine art of recreating images with photographic quality. His mural art dots the St. Louis landscape, with work featured in dozens of local establishments and landmarks, including Lola, Adriana’s on the Hill, Kakao Chocolate, Morgan Street Brewery, and even lining the halls and ceilings of the historic Lemp Mansion. The true artistic value of his work is the push: the bending of intrinsic values. His surrealist, mind-bending creations combine free-flowing shapes with surprising color. Phil’s STLOUISHOMESMAG.COM MARCH 2012

ARTIST_0312.indd 31


2/10/12 11:16:17 AM


“Usually I just start smearing paint on a canvas. Whatever comes out, comes out.” —Phil Jarvis

work represents the truest sense of modern art: fresh, abstract ideas that abandon tradition in search of something new and innovative. The result is a myriad of shapes and designs, with each inch of every painting melting seamlessly into the next. Like many artists, Phil creates, eats and sleeps all in the same space. His roomy, open living area spills into his workplace, where finished paintings line the walls. The latest work-in-progress waits for attention in the middle of the studio, rigged to a rotating canvas. Phil demonstrates its practicality with ease, casually spinning the unfinished work with a graceful flick of the wrist. This setup allows him to effortlessly paint from any angle; following whatever organic direction the piece might take. “Usually I just start smearing paint on a canvas,” says Phil. His work sometimes begins as an abstract drawing — a quick pencil sketch on a napkin or free scrap of paper — but quickly takes on a life all its own. “Whatever comes out, comes out,” says Phil. “I refine it as it goes along. I use a lot of traditional compositional devices to put it all together, but then, eventually, it tells me what I’m dealing with.” Finding the painting within the canvas isn’t a matter of what can or can’t be created. “I can paint anything I want,” he explains simply. There’s no hint of ego or smugness; it’s just a fact. The challenge, then, is how to push boundaries. “I’m always trying to make things as random as possible. I try to come up with something [where] I won’t know where it’s going until it’s finished,” explains Phil. But creating original art isn’t the only problem he faces. It’s also a matter of motivation. “It’s always a challenge to go through the whole thing from beginning to end,” says Phil, elaborating on a dilemma he feels many painters share. “In the very beginning of the painting, everything is fresh and new. The possibilities are endless. That’s the fun part.” But as the work continues, it evolves. Certain aspects that might be pleasing to the painter become obsolete to the work as a whole. Within a matter of seconds, a section that took hours to create can become irrelevant. If that happens, Phil will destroy and recreate. Aside from the creative obstacles, Phil enjoys pursuing a daunting artistic dream. “I’d really like to put one of my paintings on the side of a building,” he says. While skill certainly wouldn’t dash the possibility of that dream, there is some red tape to overcome, including obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from the city and locating the perfect building, the latter of which Phil has already done. “I don’t want to say until it’s actually approved,” he says with a sheepish grin, unwilling to jinx his prize. But the city of St. Louis would do well to grace its walls with the work of this modern-day artist. And, if his talent is any testament to that possibility, locals might one day look out their windows and see Phil, 200 feet above the pavement, painting away. See www. for resources.

ARTIST_0312.indd 32

2/10/12 11:17:39 AM

Opposite page: Phil often incorporates his distinctive half-moon-shaped beard into his personal artwork. This page, above: One of the finished ceiling murals at the Lemp Mansion. The cloud artwork in the center was Philâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s creative inspiration, as the space needed something new. Below: He enjoys the different experiences and perspectives that commercial work and mural art afford, but focuses on personal projects in his at-home studio.


ARTIST_0312.indd 33


2/10/12 11:18:44 AM

slhl Suite Retreat

Fine Furnishings




2/10/12 1:30:01 PM

 metro lighting

This polished nickel lamp is perfect for a modern or transitional space. From the Asher Collection by Murray Feiss, this lamp features a textured linen shade. Available at Metro Lighting.

▲ three french hens

If you're looking for a slightly transitional style while maintaining a traditional look, consider this beautiful settee with metallic faux leather by Kravet fabrics and hand-embroidered pillows in Sea Moss silk. 636-458-8033

 ooh la la home


The perfect selection of fabrics and colors can create a private sanctuary that is uniquely yours. Make an appointment with one of our designers at Ooh La La Home Furnishings to help you quickly transform your bedroom to match your distinct personality and tastes. 636-532-3353

 expressions ▲ suttonwood

interiors & antiques

A fine example of the natural wood antique furniture on display in our 16,000 square foot showroom. This original piece is constructed of bamboo and accented with an 80-year-old wooden storage container. 314-781-5444


Expressions is a one of a kind furniture store that has provided St. Louis with custom upholstery and furniture for 23 years! With a unique variety of furniture, there is something for every taste and style — fabulous fine furnishings to beautify your home! 314-567-6200

 ellen kurtz interiors, inc.

Bedrooms have become romantic retreats. The use of fabric headboards, sleek furniture and a neutral color palette gives a sense of calm and comfort. This private space is a perfect getaway for busy couples. Ferguson Copeland provides several options to help you achieve this sleek and sophisticated getaway. 314-426-6262, STLOUISHOMESMAG.COM MARCH 2012



2/10/12 1:30:37 PM


Fresh Focus

“It's something

Spring into the fairest of the seasons with a magical, woodland-inspired tabletop

magical; a place where you can let your imagination go.” —

Ardell Burchard

By Melanie Barnes Photography by Jennifer Silverberg

Imagine a space deep in the woods just as winter is fading and spring is beginning to sprout. Bare branches blend with fresh greenery, and flowers dot the landscape in a rainbow of color surrounding an organic looking tabletop. For Ardell Burchard, owner of Fresh Art, LLC, it’s one of those “random, wonderful days when the weather is perfect,” that signals the beginning of a new season. With natural materials such as moss, pine cones, ivy and mushrooms, Ardell imagines a table outside in a quiet, serene space near the beginning of spring. She blends a palette of green and brown to recreate her fantasy; a natural, woodland-inspired tablescape. “My inspiration came from a place where woodland fairies might live,” she says. “It’s something magical; a place where you can let your imagination go.” Instead of using a typical tablecloth, Ardell covers the surface with different varieties of moss. She then tucks in deer antlers and mushrooms, and plumosus and leatherleaf ferns are used to create height and soften edges. Ardell adds a single fern to each of the creamcolored, linen-upholstered wooden chairs, making each seat feel as natural an extension of the outdoors as the tabletop.


In the center, she surrounds a beautiful daffodil arrangement with delicate green ferns and hala leaves. Four white candles frame the centerpiece, their glow flickering against crystal water glasses. Silver utensils adorned with walnut handles complement white plates paired with green linens. Ardell recommends serving fresh arugula salad with flavored truffle oil. She also suggests serving green fruits, such as pears and green apples. For a party favor, she suggests chocolate candies packaged in a brown egg carton, tied with a green ribbon. As spring begins to bloom and each day outshines the next, Ardell has created a magical, organic escape: the perfect place to enjoy a lovely dinner in the evening light with family and friends. See www. for resources.


TABLESCAPE_0312.indd 36

2/10/12 11:37:13 AM

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This page: William Shearburn, owner of the William Shearburn Gallery in the Central West End, is the homeowner's art adviser. He helped the couple find art that suited their tastes, such as this piece above the fireplace in the living room by local artist Andrew Millner. From there, the homeowners worked with Niche to design their home around the art. Opposite page: A vibrant Donald Baechler piece enlivens the entryway with bold pops of yellow and red-orange.



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lightness of being Modern art guides the soul of a free-spirited Central West End home By LIZ MILLER Photography by Ashley Gieseking

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Left: It was important to the homeowners that the design and décor complement the historic architecture of their home. Right: The peaceful piece of art above the fireplace mantel by artist Mary Judge blends shades of blue into the neutral color palette of grays, creams and browns into the dining room.

Soft, soothing earth tones

set the mood and soul of this Central West End home, harmonizing effortlessly to create a neutral canvas for the homeowner’s vibrant art collection. Through undressed windows, light filters beautifully throughout the home, casting silhouettes against simple shades of gray. This crisp, casual sophistication, with a focus on fine art, is exactly what the homeowners wanted when they approached the design team at Niche Home Furnishings and Design, a subsidiary of The Lawrence Group, in downtown St. Louis. “The main objective was that they wanted good taste but function, because they have five kids and a dog, so it needed to be a livable space with design aesthetics that were functional to their lives,” says



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David Blakely, general manager of Niche. “She wanted spaces that were creative and yet elegant.” The home was truly a collaborative effort for Niche, involving David, design expert Paige Gilbertson, stylist Dave Beckwith and a former Niche designer. From the very beginning, the team worked closely with the homeowners to understand their aesthetic preferences and goals and, from there, formed a footprint for the design. The offering at Niche includes two distinct types of services: interior design and complimentary consultation and space planning services. Initially, Niche worked with the homeowners to choose the color palette and design style. From there, Paige assisted with space planning and furniture recommendations, as well as suggesting the charcoal gray paint color of the study, which was originally a chocolate brown. “One of the client’s criteria was that the design should fit the nature and architecture of their historic home,” says David. “She [the wife] is a

bit more bohemian, so we had to stop her from going too far in that direction because she has a Federalist-style house. She trusted our judgment in guiding her down that path.” Direction for the project was also heavily influenced by the homeowner's collection of art, advised by gallery owner William Shearburn of the William Shearburn Gallery in the Central West End. “The clients started with the art and kept everything else neutral so the art could really stand alone,” says Paige. “They [the homeowners] lean towards a really natural, organic feeling, but they enjoy saturated colors, like the hot orange and yellow. It reminds me of the light on a late summer afternoon.” Clean-lined furniture with minimal accessories characterizes the public rooms, and layered texture, graphic prints and bold pops of color keep the home feeling light and young. The tone-on-tone gray furnishings mimic the tone-on-tone gray hues gracing the walls. A


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Left: Directly off the entryway, the study offers a relaxing, creative space for work and play. The Donald Baechler art piece against the back wall helped inspire the design of the room. Above: The husband drew this sketch of the family's beloved dog, Hogarth, for his wife as a Christmas present. Below: A pillow depicting the happy family of seven â&#x20AC;&#x201D; including handsome pup Hogarth.


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pale, smoky shade welcomes guests into the entryway, spilling softly into the adjacent living room, while, in contrast, the study is a dramatic charcoal and the dining room a stony granite. To complement the homeowners' free-spirited style, Niche blended contemporary with Mid-Century pieces for a transitional mix of old and new. One of the biggest challenges was designing the study, as it acts more as a multi-purpose space for the family. It’s a creative workroom for music, art, reading, work and play and needed to balance function with adequate storage and style. One solution was to remove built-in shelving lining three walls and gain storage with a tall, dark cabinet featuring simple crown molding and two credenzas along the back wall. The decidedly distinct design of each piece complements the home’s blended style, and the credenzas are a kid-friendly height for


art supply storage. Instead of adding overheard lighting to the room, Paige chose an overscale floor lamp to balance the height of the room with the tall cabinet. The centerpiece of the space is a sleek, almost industrial library table with a zinc top. “I moved here from New York, and a lot of people had to use a sitting room as a multi-purpose room,” says Paige. “I found a table that I liked and I had a zinc top welded on that, over time, would get this durable patina to complement the colors in her space and that sort of rustic aesthetic.” Paired with two plastic Mid-Century Herman Miller Eames chairs, the library table offers a place for the whole family to work independently, while still spending time together. Last Christmas Eve, with an artistic room to stir his inspiration, the husband drew a portrait of Hogarth, the family pup, for his wife.


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Left: The hearth room is where the family spends the most time together, making it the sunny center of their home. Right: The mud room, directly off the hearth room, includes ample storage for outdoor gear and a shower for family dog, Hogarth.

Other pieces of the husband’s artwork, as well as artwork created by their children, hang elsewhere in the home. On the fireplace mantel in the hearth room sit three paintings: one by their eldest daughter, one by the husband, and the third, a green watercolor, by their youngest son. Unlike other public rooms in the home, these three pieces of art are the only items adorning the hearth room walls. This is truly their relaxation room, the room that sees the most life and use. It’s fitting, then, that the hearth room diverges from the other public spaces with rich, buttery yellow walls and perennial greenery growing right outside tall, spacious windows. This sunny space relates to the home in its light, happy mood, beckoning guests to stay just a little while longer, to enjoy the home’s fresh, brilliant ambience just a bit more. See for resources.


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This page: The custom-made area carpet, a signature of Tom's work, in the dining room acts as art underfoot. The backs of the guest dining room chairs feature an "X" pattern that relates to the "X" shape on the bottom of the sideboard. Opposite page: The lime-green entryway also has a custom-made area carpet, blending perfectly with the simple, straight lines of the bench and the romantic style of the gilt Bombay chest.



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Living In


Wildly creative color characterizes the classic contemporary interiors of a Frontenac home By Liz Miller Photography by Jennifer Silverberg STLOUISHOMESMAG.COM MARCH 2012

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young family with a passion for contemporary art and bold, bright color loved their new Frontenac home, but desired interiors that matched their cheerful, energetic personalities. Though the exterior of the home presents a traditional red brick façade, the homeowners desired spaces awash with color, art and contemporary charm. Luckily, their Realtor knew how to make their color-filled dreams come true and recommended interior designer Tom Manche of Tom Manche Interiors. Well-known for his vast experience with traditional and transitional interior design, Tom jumped at the opportunity to create what he calls a “classic contemporary” space, which he defines as very simple lines, artwork that stands out but is simply framed, and a blend of shapes and patterns for furniture and upholstery. “This is one of my first completely contemporary projects. St. Louis, as a whole, is normally very traditional and more on the conservative side,” says Tom. “However, for the past two years I have done more contemporary design than anything else, for both younger and older clients. I always enjoy the challenge of something new.” His process at the beginning of each project is to work closely with the homeowners to create the right color palette. For this project, that color palette included orange, brown and green for the public rooms; turquoise, lime green and cream for the master bedroom; and black and gray for the office. The very traditional woodwork embellishing the entryways, doorframes and baseboards could have presented a challenge for the contemporary direction of the design. With an appreciation for such architectural detailing, Tom chose to embrace it. After choosing his color palette, he had the woodwork in the living room, family room, dining room and master bedroom painted a crisp, cool white, and, in the darker, masculine office, a high-



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Shades of gray are peppered throughout the home, but nowhere stronger than in the kitchen, breakfast room and office. Two pieces in the breakfast room that are particularly special to Tom are the table, for its eclectic, artful base, and the glass chandelier, which features an inset of natural grasses. The breakfast room is right off the bright lime-green family room, which is full of bold color and geometric prints.


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drama chocolate brown. The white woodwork in the public rooms makes the saturated wall colors pack even more of a punch, and the brown woodwork in the office, against pale gray walls, gives an air of nonchalant sophistication. “I feel that when you use a strong color, especially saturated colors like these, the white adds crispness to the space and frames it,” says Tom. “Picture the living room like a painting, and the white woodwork then becomes the frame of the room.” This isn’t the only art-inspired approach to the home’s interiors, though. All of the serpentine panel and pinch-pleated window treatments and the hue-heavy area carpets were custom-made for the house and dress each room as striking works of art in their own


right. The area carpets in the living room, dining room, entryway and master bedroom burst with dimension and shape: vivid collages of color blanketing each floor like paint on a canvas. “The dining room has the orange marigold walls, and the custom area carpet brought in the colors of the rest of the palette: brown, cream and green,” says Tom. “It was very geometric. With the dining room table being such a simple design, the carpet became a piece of art on the floor beneath it.” These artful touches create a complementary palette for the fine art sprinkled throughout each space. Pieces found at Duane Reed Gallery in the Central West End grace the walls of the living room and master bedroom; in the dining room and office hang pieces by local artist


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Opposite page: The living room strongly features Tom's choice to paint the traditional woodwork a crisp, cool white, which pops brilliantly against the chocolate brown walls. This page: The homeowners primarily use the living room for entertaining and wanted a stylish yet comfortable space for guests to mingle. The chic, casual sofa, stunning art, contemporary serpentine window treatments and playful furniture certainly achieve that inviting, sophisticated ambience.


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Opposite page: The goal for the office was to create a relaxing, contemporary space in black and gray. The artwork behind the black leather chair by Barb Flunker features metal and mesh. Tom describes it as having, "Wonderful texture and dimension. Just the nature of that mesh, floating like a cloud, gave the piece a whimsical attribute." This page: The master bedroom achieved everything that the homeowners wanted; it's a restful, happy place for the husband and wife.

Barb Flunker; and in the entryway and kitchen are works by local artist Jim Pegg, purchased from Brewington Art & Interiors in the Central West End. Little construction was done to the home during the design process, with the exception of removing all but two panels from the dining room walls. Tom chose a happy-go-lucky lime green, Leap Frog by Benjamin Moore, for the two remaining panels, which pop brilliantly against the fresh-squeezed orange walls, Marigold by Benjamin Moore. Juicy-hued paint keeps the room bold and fresh, while the contemporary but carefree furniture and accents add whimsy. The statement chandelier is especially eye-catching; its playful fishtail shape adds glamour and elegance to a high-energy space. “Because of the simple lines of the


room you could compare it to a very simple engagement ring with a gorgeous diamond in the center,” says Tom. Purposely separated from the rest of the home’s color palette are the office and master bedroom, each room catering to the individual preferences of the husband and wife. At the beginning of the project, Tom suggested using a soft color palette for the master bedroom, but the wife desired bright, bold color for the room. They agreed on a peaceful yet lively palette of turquoise, lime-green and cream, which fit her vision. Contemporary art is a unifying theme throughout the home, and a winsome impressionist painting acted as an inspiration piece for the master bedroom. It depicts a tranquil scene of a water droplet falling


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into scenic bayou waters, creating concentric circles and a ripple effect. “The colors in this room are softened by the art, the custom area carpet and the pale walls,” says Tom. The neutral walls ground the palette, and the art punctuates it. The wife wanted a chaise lounge in the master bedroom, as she could visualize herself sitting, relaxing and reading next to the mesmerizing impressionist painting. Tom found a lovely lime-green chaise lounge, and a pair of pillows that, when placed side by side, form a butterfly design — a natural addition to a nature-inspired space. Perhaps the most dazzling adornment in the master bedroom, however, is the platform bed with its custom-made cutout turquoise fabric headboard. The distinctive design was partially due to its

height and width, which, as Tom says, would have felt overwhelming and heavy without the cutout. To accent the space created by the cutout, Tom chose three contemporary glass panels within the room’s color palette. Mingling with the pale gray nightstands, turquoise lamps and lime-green chaise lounge, the room offers a relaxing, restful respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With a colorful surprise around every corner and an enthralling collection of artwork, Tom has created contented, contemporary interiors for his clients to live in and call home. “You listen to the dream that they have in their mind, in their imagination, and then you make that dream a reality,” says Tom. See for resources.


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This page: Porch swings and comfortable wicker furniture make the verandas surrounding the Heitland home hospitable gathering places. Opposite page: Hundreds of apricot-colored tulips, collected in Holland, brighten springtime in Laura's garden.



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Southern Hospitality A flourishing, fragrant garden frames a historic Webster Groves home By Lucyann Boston Photography by Greg Rannells


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2/10/12 12:01:44 PM

Below, left: Late afternoon sunlight filters through the American flag hanging from the front porch. Right: An antique chest of drawers doubles as a potting bench just outside the barn at the rear of the property. Opposite page: Caladiums decorate a swath of the back porch that overlooks the barn near the back of the property.


ou can take the girl out of the South, but it’s a lot harder to take the South out of the girl. When Virginia native Laura Heitland and her husband, attorney Scott Heitland, went house shopping several years ago, foremost on Laura’s mind was finding a house with historic charm that also reflected the southern hospitality she had known growing up. To Laura, home meant welcoming porches and sweeping verandas that would make a house spill over and blend into a surrounding landscape of beautiful gardens. The Heitlands found a house that dated back to 1865 with the exact type of bones they were looking for. What’s more, there was an old barn on the property, and, even better, it was located on a historic street in Webster Groves. Initially, Laura wasn’t as confident about the property’s landscape, which was composed primarily of ancient


yew bushes. Before purchasing the home, she turned to good friend and landscape expert Annette Smith of Blooming Decorator. “I asked Annette to come by and look at the yard and asked her, ‘Can you make this pretty?’” says Laura. To know the answer to that question, you need only to view the collaboration between Laura, Annette and architect Jim Riddle of Riddle Design, whose interior and exterior work on the home received a Historic Renovation Award from the Webster Groves Arts Commission in 2007. Jim’s addition expanded the home’s first and second floors to create more kitchen space, a breakfast room, mudroom and sitting room, as well as large walk-in closets and an expansive master bath. He added a porch that spanned the entire rear of the home and wrapped around the west side. “Laura’s goal was to make the house a period piece, matching the back porch with the front porch and being able to move from the inside to the outside,” explains Jim. “Before air conditioning,


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Opposite page: A playhouse-like “folly,” popular 150 years ago, provides a gathering place in the garden. Below, left: The earth springs to life along a weathered stone walkway. Middle: Whimsical decorative globes enhance a garden space. Right: Crabapples line a side porch railing and allow Laura Heitland to make crabapple jam each fall using her grandmother’s recipe.

homes all had large porches to shade the house and make it cooler. We worked within the historic style to create her vision.” To complete the transition from house to garden and integrate the barn with the rest of the property, Jim used 11 pallets of flagstone, weighing 4,000 pounds each, to create a series of stacked stone terraces and walkways. Additionally, a charming staircase from the garden to the upper level of the barn created a multi-purpose studio space in what, at one time, might have been a hayloft. The finishing touch for the picturesque scenery, centered in the backyard, was a “folly,” a playhouse-like structure that was a popular garden decoration almost 150 years ago. Decorating and beautifying the hardscape was a collaborative effort between Laura and Annette. “The goal of the landscaping was to provide privacy and fit the period,” notes Annette. With privacy and an extended blooming season in mind, Annette lined the property with Lollipop crabapples and ‘China Snow’ lilacs. The lilacs, hybridized by the Morton Arboretum in Chicago, are covered with fragrant white blossoms in late spring and display ornamental, cinnamon-colored bark in winter. Privacy was also a concern for the expansive porch. The two women chose beautiful, ornamental wrought-iron trellises, made by local artist Diane Sauer of Trellis Art Designs, as lovely anchors for climbing roses in the summer and a privacy screen in the winter. Fortunately for both Laura and Annette, when it came to making the garden a true period piece, they found themselves in landscaping heaven. While Victorians might have exerted precise control over


their manners and mores, their homes and gardens exploded with color and patterns. Brick red, salmon, white and green brighten the railings, spindles, baseboards and cornices of the soft gray exterior of the Heitland's home. Those same colors are repeated in the Japanese maples and tri-colored beech in the landscape. Laura’s southern background also made for some “must-have” plants in her new garden. Topping her list were crepe myrtle and wisteria. It should come as no surprise that gracious saucer magnolias anchor a brick-paved seating area in the front yard. The pièce de résistance came several years ago when Laura took a “girls trip" to Holland and Switzerland with her daughter, mother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and niece. She returned with 750 apricotcolored tulip bulbs and 1,000 ‘Pink Charm’ daffodils, which feature white petals and a peachy pink trumpet — colors that would coordinate perfectly with the exterior of the home. The fall planting season was too warm and dry to put the bulbs in the ground, which would cause them to sprout prematurely. Then came a frozen blast of air, and, unfortunately, Laura was out of town. This left Annette hacking holes in the frozen ground by herself for 1,750 bulbs with a pickaxe. Faced with trying to put chunks of frozen ground back over the bulbs, Annette had an inspiration. Rolling Ridge Garden Center was located nearby, and Annette asked Laura’s father, who was house-sitting, to purchase every bag of unfrozen garden soil he could find to sprinkle over the bulbs. The reward came five months later in the form of a garden filled with glorious, tall-growing tulips, radiant in color and spirit.


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For more photos of this sweet southern belle, and for resources, visit


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Photography courtesy of ENCORE AZaleAS


B~untiful Bl~°°~m° Fall in love with encore azaleas, a special breed of multi-season bloomers The brilliant beauty of azaleas provides a stunning, high-drama backdrop to frame a flourishing spring garden.The biggest challenges St. Louis gardeners face when cultivating these colorful shrubs are dramatic shifts in weather and inhospitable growing conditions, which can limit the azalea flowering season. Though many breeds of azaleas only thrive in milder spring months, there is one company that has mastered perennial azalea varieties. With more than 24 varieties of azalea, and an additional four new varieties rolling out this fall, Encore Azaleas cater to azalea enthusiasts. Planting and maintenance for azaleas is minimal: Fertilize once at the beginning of each spring — azaleas are sensitive to heavy fertilization — and plant in a space with a combination of full sunlight and filtered shade. The soil should be acidic to promote healthy growth and well-drained to avoid root rot. Encore experts say that these azaleas require a minimum of four to six hours of direct sunlight per day for proper blooms, and care must be taken to prevent exposure to drought or other


heat-related effects associated with heavy sun exposure. Too shady a growing area, however, can result in skipped or significantly reduced bloom cycles, so striking a sunlight-to-shade balance is important. Azaleas are easy to care for, and Encore’s offering makes it even easier. Little pruning is required or encouraged, and the most important time for that is after spring flowering for maximum bud set. From there, light pruning of more established plants will stimulate growth and flowering. Most Encore Azalea varieties grow in height between three to five feet. Small varieties work well as accent plants for borders and containers; medium varieties are well suited for layering in gardens as low-level backdrop plants and small hedges; and large varieties are a great choice for property separation. Vibrant, colorful azaleas make extraordinary additions to a home’s landscape, and Encore Azaleas keep a garden growing strong for every season. See www.stlouishomesmag.

Grower’s Guide: bloSSoms through AUTUMN’s first chill ✽ Dig a hole twice as wide as the root ball and shallow enough for the top of the root ball to rest above the soil line. Azaleas have shallow roots that grow wide, not deep. If the hole is too deep, you run the risk of root rot. ✽ Apply an inch of mulch on top of the soil after planting to protect from winter cold, and to help preserve moisture in summer. If extremely cold weather occurs during the first year, cover plants to provide extra protection while roots are still developing. ✽ Water azaleas well when first planted, and keep the soil moist until winter. New azaleas will die quickly if the soil dries excessively. Encore Azaleas don’t require regular watering after the first year unless there are periods of excessive drought. ✽ Fertilize azaleas planted in early spring right away. They likely won’t need fertilizer again. Don’t fertilize azaleas after August, as it encourages new growth. ✽ Lightly prune the first showcase of flowers to stimulate growth and increase blooming for the remaining seasons.

com for resources.


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This page: The luxurious lower level has come far from its humble beginnings, with a new marble travertine fireplace, a refinished ceiling, a full bar, an arched fabric banquette and ornamental columns, which all complement the architectural integrity of their 1920s Clayton home. Opposite page: The woodwork of the new bar includes exquisite detailing, with inset mirrored panels that reflect the original terrazzo floor.



SMALL SCALE_0312.indd 64

2/10/12 11:24:38 AM

Vintage Revisited

A luxe lower level mixes modern sensibilities with old Hollywood glam to create an enchanting lounge look BY Liz Miller PhotographY by Jennifer Silverberg


SMALL SCALE_0312.indd 65


2/10/12 11:25:17 AM


Homeowner Gina Marusic and interior designer Liz Franklin worked together to find the right pieces to adorn the walls and playful pagoda-shaped shelf in the corner of the lower level. Instead of painting the walls, Liz suggested hanging a pleated, faux-Fortuny silk fabric, circa the 1920s, on the back wall for another unexpected layer of texture.


the rooms that take the longest to reinvent are those that aren’t expressly public, those that are nonessential for entertaining family and friends. For Gina and Branko Marusic, that room was their basement. It was the only room in their historic, 1920s-era Clayton home that was still unfinished and, regrettably, the first room they saw upon entering their home through the garage. One day, Branko told Gina he was ready for a change, and they called Liz Franklin of Interior Visions by Liz Franklin to help them create their dream lower level. With a sharp eye and good instincts for interior design, Gina approached the redesign with a vision that Liz was able to enhance and make a reality. “I had never really worked with a designer before, and I didn’t realize how much she could add,” says Gina. “She knows what’s out there in the marketplace, and she embellishes my ideas. I’ll say ‘let’s do this,’ and she’ll know how to make it better.” The project was a complete overhaul of the space and included covering awkwardly placed basement windows, hiding metal beams and concrete on the ceiling, replacing an existing asymmetrical Mediterranean fireplace, and removing and reconstructing the bar area. From the beginning, Liz and Gina wanted the lower level to feel like an extension of the rest of the home, which balances Mediterranean influences and architecture with Hollywood Regency glam. To give the lower level the same look and feel of the upstairs, Liz suggested arching and adding columns to the banquette; using a pleated, faux-Fortuny silk fabric from the 1920s on the back wall for texture, and adding a ceiling with crown molding — touches that mimic original architectural characteristics of the home. They chose to use a color palette that pulled from the existing terrazzo floor, which includes red, black and taupe, as well as zebra stripes. Mirroring its intricacy, Liz and Gina layered the space with texture and personality. Inspired by the work of interior designer Kelly Wearstler, Gina knew she wanted to blend elements of old and new into the lower level, as she has elsewhere throughout her home.


Already a collector of vintage finds, she has sprinkled the lower level with antiques, an addition that Liz also loves. “Each piece has a little soul to it. When you find older pieces that speak to you, you find that they have a soul,” says Liz. “Then, when you put them all together, you find that they really reflect the personality of the homeowner.” In addition to lovely design, the remodel added a glamorous marble travertine fireplace, a spacious bar area with textured, lacquered cabinetry, and a fabric banquette. With a fresh, warm place to relax and unwind, the family of three now frequently uses the lower level for everything from band practice — Branko plays the drums — to sleepovers for their 13-year-old daughter to family movie nights. “It achieved what we wanted. My husband says it all the time; ‘I walk into a beautiful part of the house every day,’” comments Gina. “He’ll come upstairs and say, ‘That basement is beautiful.’ He still says it. Sometimes he’ll say, ‘Want to meet me for a drink? Let’s go down to the bar!’” See for resources.


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Custom fieldstone fire pit and seat wall with bluestone cap, bluestone patio and natural slab steps leading to lawn terrace, plantings and landscape lighting.


The roof, the finishing touch on a


Family-owned and -operated for 25 years! Call for Free Estimates: (314) 966-7916


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Tour aPriL 14, 2012 10 am - 3 Pm

❉ Enjoy complimentary appetizers and beverages at each showroom. ❉ Raffle tickets are 5 for $10! 100% of the proceeds benefit Youth In Need. ❉ Informational presentations on the hour, every hour.

ParticiPantS incLude: AUTCOhome, 11610 Page Service Drive Beck/Allen Cabinetry, 11626 Page Service Drive Glen Alspaugh Kitchens & Bath, 9808 Clayton Road Marc Christian Fine Cabinetry, 2366 Schuetz Road Premier Plumbing Studio, 11618 Page Service Drive

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Appliance Solutions by Brock, 14548 Manchester Road Baygents Company, 117 West Argonne Drive Karr Bick Kitchen & Bath, 2715 Mercantile Drive National Kitchen & Bath, 3150 S. Brentwood Boulevard

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Awaken your style.

COMplEtE DEsign sErviCEs 636.532.3353 17701 Edison Avenue, Chesterfield, MO 63005 Mon-Fri 9am-6pm Sat 10am-5pm • Sun 11am-4pm





Visit our showroom at 2366 Schuetz Road 314.994.7111 www.M a r c C h r i s t i a n . c o m

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Tied & True A contemporary twist on hand-knotted flooring Whether it’s because of age, intricate beauty or expert craftsmanship, Oriental rugs carry a reputation as fragile flooring fit for traditional home décor. Matt Bay, owner of Oriental rug gallery Ageless Rug Treasures in Webster Groves, disagrees. “The definition of an Oriental rug is that it’s hand-knotted, so it’s how it was made, not what kind of design it has,” says Matt. “As long as it’s hand-knotted, by definition, it would be an Oriental rug.” Far from delicate, hand-knotted area carpets and rugs are durable pieces of décor that come in a range of designs — not just the traditional patterns and colors so often associated with Oriental rugs. “There’s a classic misconception that all Oriental rugs are formal, masculine, busy,” says Matt. At Ageless Rug Treasures, all of the area carpets are hand-knotted, and, more and more, Matt says clients are showing interest in contemporary, transitional and modern designs. The benefit of choosing a hand-knotted rug over other flooring options is in the highquality craftsmanship and intrinsic longevity of this style of weaving. It ensures that each rug will be a chic, lasting staple in any room, not just for years to come, but generations to come, as well. “There’s an old saying,” remarks Matt. “A family doesn’t wear through an Oriental rug; an Oriental rug wears through a family. They’re exceptionally tough.” See for resources.

five tips FROM MATT to keep rugs looking sharp

one: If you’re concerned about sunlight fading the rug, consider having the windows treated for ultraviolet light, or hang curtains or blinds to decrease light exposure. two: Keep a rug pad under your rug, as they help increase longevity. three: Blot spills and stains inward with a damp rag. Never push outward, as this spreads, instead of contains, a mess. four: There isn’t a set schedule for when to have a rug cleaned. Make that decision on an as-needed basis, instead of feeling obligated once every two years. Always have your rugs hand-cleaned. five: Once a year, flip the rug on its back, and use a vacuum with a beater bar (a cylindrical attachment with bristles). You’ll be amazed how much grit and dirt is removed.

Photography courtesy of Tufenkian



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A hop, skip & jump away from everything you need for a beautiful water garden!

Contact our service department for pond construction and maintenance needs

Create a better plaCe to ConneCt

Now this is living! — l life! and in rea

decks • gazebos • sunrooms

Visit us online: 7950 Watson Road 63119 314-962-5833

9227 manchester road • st. louis, mo 63144 • 314.968.3325


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Pairs well with: Photography provided by angel's secret Winery


Angel's Secret Carneros Chardonnay


a luscious wheel of soft farmhouse cheese, baked with apricots or cranberries and walnuts; a bib lettuce salad featuring Bartlett pears, smoked pecans and goat cheese; or a creamy mushroom soup with morels and other wild mushrooms.


Photography provided by Eponymous winery Photography provided by Two Angels Winery

com for resources.

Two Angels Cabernet

It's been a long winter, but the good news is that spring is just around the corner. One of the surest signs of spring is the sound of “play ball” emanating from baseball fields everywhere as spring training gets underway. This March, when the 2011 World Series Champions, the St. Louis Cardinals, take to the field in Jupiter, Florida, most hometown televisions will be tuned in to see how trades and other post-World Series events have affected our home team. And just as one dish does not make a meal, neither does one player make a team. Fervent Cardinals fans hope this axiom holds true. To be sure, spring training parties in St. Louis will rival Super Bowl parties elsewhere in the country. And while beer is usually the drink of choice at many of these gatherings, a tip of the cap and a lift of the glass of good chardonnay, sauvignon blanc or zinfandel can just as easily toast spring and the “boys of summer” as they begin their 2012 odyssey. How could this homage to the most American of sports not revolve around an allAmerican meal featuring a roster of California wines? First up, for sipping alongside a plate of Wisconsin cheddar or some of the American artisan farmhouse cheeses, there are the always delicious, lightly-oaked chardonnays and fruity syrahs. The complex, wellbalanced Angel’s Secret Carneros Chardonnay comes from vineyards in the heart of California’s top chardonnay-growing appellation. Its alluring hints of pear, green apple, quince and spice, with minimal time spent in oak, earn it a place in the starting lineup. Winemaker Robert Pepi’s Eponymous label recently released a new varietal in California. It’s a syrah with a touch of cabernet sauvignon added, and the grapes come from vineyards in Napa Valley. On both the nose and the palate, this lightly spicy, fullbodied wine shows hints of black pepper and rosemary, with a touch of smoky, ovenroasted-meat-dripping character that is typical of the best syrahs. Eponymous Syrah can be a “carry-over” to the main course — perhaps a plate of barbecued pork steaks, lathered with a bing cherry and rosemary sauce and a side of Gruyère and truffle mac and cheese. Classic Californian cabernet sauvignon, such as the Two Angels Mayacamas Mountain version (from a high-altitude vineyard in Sonoma) is a great “pinch hitter” for this meal (or even for overstuffed roast beef sandwiches au jus). Make the last inning sweet with a little strawberry shortcake or some frozen custard from Ted Drewes. Let the games — and spring — begin! See www.stlouishomesmag.

Eponymous Syrah

BY Lorraine Raguseo

Pairs well with:

herb-rubbed Berkshire pork roast, barbecued pork steaks, broiled veal chops with a peppercorn sauce, or any number of smoked meats.

Pairs well with:

rare roast beef au jus, juicy bone-in panseared steaks, even beef Wellington.


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Explore the Possibilities

SAVVY SURROUNdiNG StYLE UNiqUE. ECCLECtiC. iNNOVAtiVE. 9753 Clayton Road St. Louis, Missouri 63124 PHONE: 314-432-SAVY WEB: BLOG:

Doors • Windows • Stairs 744 Hanley Industrial Court St. Louis, MO 63144 636-271-4002 • 314-781-5151


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March Compiled & Edited BY Megan Farokhmanesh

March 2 A Room Divided Exhibit This exhibit depicts life in St. Louis prior to the Civil War. With recreation, hands-on pieces and a one-of-a-kind dollhouse from 1837, "A Room Divided" provides information on the unique situation that faced St. Louis prior to the Civil War. Held at The Eugene Field House and St. Louis Toy Museum. Visit www. or call 314421-4689 for more information. March 2 – 3 Downtown St. Louis Iditarod Sure this isn’t Alaska, but that doesn’t make the 3rd Annual St. Louis Iditarod any less intense. Trade in your sleds for shopping carts and your pups for people as you and your team race through downtown St. Louis completing tasks for charity. Visit www. or call 314-4366500 for more information. March 9 Cbabi Bayoc Stop by the Aisle 1 Gallery to see art by Cbabi Bayoc, a painter who centers his art around a love of music and family. Bayoc’s caricature work has been featured monthly in Rap Pages magazine, and companies such as CocaCola and Anheuser-Busch have commissioned his illustrations. The opening reception takes place on Friday from 7 to 11 p.m. Visit www. for more information. March 9 – 10 Stout and Oyster Festival What do 30,000 oysters and a lot of beer have in common? Both can be found at the Schlafly Tap Room this weekend. Prepare to munch and mull over a variety of fresh oysters and three different varieties


of Schlafly stouts on Friday from 5 p.m. to midnight, and again on Saturday from 11 a.m. to midnight. Just remember, this party is BYOB — bring your own bib! Visit www. or call 314-241-2337 for more information. Now through March 10 Reflections of the Buddha Exhibition This exhibit is the first loan exhibition of Pan-Asian Buddhist art in St. Louis. See more than 20 masterpieces from seven important American collections. Primarily sculptures, these works represent a wide swath of Buddhist cultures that date as early as the 2nd century CE. At The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, Wednesdays, noon to 5 p.m. and Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit or call 314-7541850 for more information. March 15 Jazz at the Bistro St. Louis knows jazz. Just stop by the Bistro at 3536 Washington Avenue on March 15 to see for yourself as Vijay Iyer Trio takes the stage. The show starts at 7:30 p.m., and tickets can be purchased in advance or at the event. Visit www. for more information. Now through March 16, 2013 The Civil War in Missouri Exhibit To commemorate the Civil War sesquicentennial and to explore the complexities of the Civil War in the 24th state, this exhibit, shown at the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park, will feature compelling artifacts, imagery and interactive elements. Topics that are distinctively Missourian will take center stage. For more information, visit or call 314746-4599.

Now through March 25

annual orchid show Every year, the Orchid Show brings more than 800 fresh flowers to life at the Missouri Botanical Garden. The 2012 show celebrates the “Year of China,” with suspended silk lanterns and Chinese-themed accents. The show runs daily, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and is the only time the Garden’s collection will be available for the public to view. Visit for more information.

March 17 43rd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade Don’t miss one of St. Louis’ biggest and most-beloved St. Patrick’s Day traditions. Marching bands, floats and even clowns will pack the streets for this 250,000-plus spectator event. The fun starts at 11:30 a.m. at 18th and Market streets before heading east to its grand finale at Broadway and Market streets. Visit for more information. March 17 Sheldon Gala 2012 Fans of famous '60s and '70s hits by the Beatles, Carole King, Bob Dylan and more should attend the Sheldon Gala, where vocalist Maureen McGovern will take the stage at 7:30 p.m. to woo audiences with song. Visit online at or call 314-5339900 for more information.

March 24 CSTWT 10th Anniversary Gala Join the Center for Survivors of Torture and War Trauma on March 24 from 6:30 to 10 p.m. at the Saint Frances Xavier Grand Ballroom on the Saint Louis University Campus for its10th anniversary celebration. Acclaimed The Color Purple author Alice Walker will speak as the event’s honorary chairperson. Visit www. or call 314-533-4114 for more information. Now through March 25 New Media Series Though only six minutes long, "Single Wide" tells the engaging and enigmatic story of a young woman living a tormented life. Get wrapped up in this intense video installation before it leaves the Saint Louis Art Museum on March 25. Visit online at for more information. web For more upcoming events,



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Decades of Experience

9808 Clayton Road, Ladue, Missouri 63124 Phone 314.993.6644 • Fax 314.993.5138

Serving St. Louis for Over 44 Years!

FENCES • DECKS • PATIOS • SUNROOMS • SCREEN ROOMS Call for a Free In-Home Estimate: 636-532-4054 Visit Our Showroom of Fences, Decks and Sunrooms! Ask About our sunrooms!

Custom Design and Installation • Comprehensive Warranties Professionally trained Installation staff • Financing Available

620 spirit Valley East Drive, Chesterfield, mo 63005 Find us online: • ChesterfieldFenceandDeck STLOUISHOMESMAG.COM MARCH 2012

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Special Spring

SuBSCripTiOn Offer ~f St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles’





Home & design resources


ie tchen° K ~f th Yea‡


the year's


de°i‚^ Plu°, 2011 GardeN of the Year

2011 Favorite SpaceS

Receive an entiRe YeaR of SLHL foR onlY



storIes ColleCted HI fIned rustIC rede


�eceive Nine Fabulous Issues

To take advantage of this special offer, send your check along with name, address and telephone number to: St. Louis Homes and Lifestyles 255 Lamp & Lantern Village, Town and Country, MO 63017 Or call Barney at 636-230-9700 ext. 27 Please make suRe to RefeRence slHl sPRing2012; make cHecks PaYable to distinctive lifestYles



SubscriptionOffer_0312.indd STLH_MARCH12.indd 76 1

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2715 mercantile dr st. louis, mo 63144 314 645 6545

history with a fresh future

The curves of the Maxime bed reveal eclectic elegance

300 N. Broadway | 314.621.8131|

March into Savings at

second sitting consignments Open 7 Days a Week

We are more than a stationery & invitation store! Personalized stationery for

Children • Women • Men • Business

invitations for

Monday - Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Weddings • Babies • Showers Social Occasions • Holidays

Thursday: 10am - 7pm

Hostess • Birthday • Thank You

Sunday: Noon - 4pm

Gifts for

favors for

Weddings • Showers • Birthdays


Tote Bags • Backpacks • Bibs Lunch Boxes • Key Chains & More COnvenient LOCatiOn

1 Mile East of Lindbergh 10410 Manchester Rd. Kirkwood, MO 63122 314-965-4949

Quality Furniture & Home Accessories at “Resale” Prices Every Day Inventory changes daily... shop often for best selection!

In-house printing with quick turn around + no set-up fee!

20% diSCOunT FOR aLL WEdding inviTaTiOnS 140 Chesterfield Commons East Road Chesterfield, MO 63005 (behind Petropolis) Hours 636-536-5062 Mon-Thurs 10am - 6pm Friday 10am - 4pm Saturday 10pm - 3pm like us on facebook! Closed Sunday

All items shown subject to prior sAle. mAy or mAy not be AvAilAble.


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imagine. design. create.

We Specialize in Area Rugs! More Selection at Sale Prices! Over 8,400 Rugs Custom Rugs • Sisals • Shags • Runners • Braids • Modern • Florals Needlepoints • Dhurries • Machine Mades • Hand-Knotted • Orientals

8994 Manchester (2 blocks West of Brentwood) 314-963-7847

Known for our large selection of chandeliers!

natural stone & quartz countertops glass / stone & porcelain tile installations

2300 Marconi Ave. / On the Hill 314.771.5611



Lamps | Sconces | Furniture | Accessories | Jewelry 7014 Clayton Road, Richmond Heights, MO 63117 314.645.2722 | All items shown subject to prior sale. May or may not be available.


Countertops: Granite • Corian • Tile • Laminate • Marble • Quartz Cabinet Woods: Cherry • Hickory • Maple • Alder Central 314.772.1611 • 3122 S. Kingshighway, St. Louis, MO 63139 West 636.394.3655 • 14381 Manchester Rd., Manchester, MO 63011


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PhotogrAPhy by AlIse o’brIen


Castle Design

Discover us on a “Soulard Safari” Our Showroom encompasses 16,000 square feet of the most unusual Antiques and Accessories in St. Louis.

InterIor ArChIteCture InterIor DesIgn ProjeCt MAnAgeMent 7707 Clayton Road Clayton, MO 63117 314-727-6622 Professional Member ASID

1301 Gravois Ave. (In Soulard) St. Louis, Missouri 63104 314-781-5444

117 West argonne ave. Kirkwood, Mo 63122 314-965-5250

ExcEllEncE in KitchEn & Bath DEsign anD installation.

We do it right.

12033 Dorsett Road, Saint Louis 314.344.1133

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We are excited to offer our readers the chance to win fabulous prizes from local retailers. For the March “Modern Issue,” the theme is sleek, sophisticated contemporary décor.

Chic Candle Holder

Rising from a wooden cube base, this rustic candleholder offers a functional accent with stylish, streamlined design. This piece would add transitional charm to any contemporary indoor or outdoor space. Courtesy of Savvy Surrounding Style in Ladue

Zen Vases

Handmade in the United States, these versatile vases feature an artisan-crafted “hammered and Zen” pattern. The sleek, smart design of these simple containers would mingle beautifully with contemporary, modern or transitional décor. Courtesy of Niche Home Furnishings and Design in downtown St. Louis

Enter to Win!

For your chance to take home one of these fantastic finds, visit


Orbiter Floor Lamp

Illuminate modern style in any space with this sharp floor lamp by Sonneman. Made of polished nickel, this lustrous, swing arm lamp blends high design with function for a truly modern floor lamp. Courtesy of Metro Lighting in Brentwood


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UNiqUe GiftS for all occaSioNS iNterior DeSiGN ServiceS

Spring Open House: April 19-22, 2012 20% off everything in the store


European Antiques Fine Furniture by Well-Known Manufacturers Beautiful Home Accessories Lamps & Lighting Oil Paintings Custom Bedding & Draperies

St. Louis Area's Most Beautiful Store! When only the best will do! Visit us in Wildwood: 16935 Manchester Road 636-458-8033 | Monday - Saturday 10 am - 5 pm • Sunday Noon - 4 pm

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Profile for St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles

March 2012  

St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles' Modern Issue

March 2012  

St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles' Modern Issue

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