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Chairs go crazy with fabrics

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MARCH 2013

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long live we time.

create the perfect setting for the moments that last a lifetime. To receive your free Idea Book from Belgard, the nation’s leading brand of pavers, visit, scan the QR code or call 877-235-4273.

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furnishings | fabrics | wallcoverings | window coverings

Distinctive products to fit any lifestyle.

11660 page service drive | st. louis, mo 63146 | 314.993.5020 Located at the Interior Design Center of St. Louis

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March 2013










4 Publisher’s letter 8 trends 10 fab finds 14 STYLEMAKER 20 ARTISAN 22 DELISH DISH 48 THE DIRT 52 SMALL SCALE 54 CHEERS 58 BRIGHT IDEA 62 SPOTLIGHT 68 BEFORE + AFTER 70 connect 80 just for you



Simply Splendid

Transitioning from formal to contemporary living was made easy for this Clayton couple.


Minimal & Modern

Multiple generations come together in a cool, sleek Town and Country home.


HE WHO PLANTS A GARDEN PLANTS HAPPINESS Something for everyone in a perfectly

On the Cover See page


cover Photography by ANNE MATHEIS

Panoramic views of the Clayton skyline add glamour to the living room of this fabulous luxury condominium.

planned small space.

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Located between Lindbergh and I-270 on Page.

Five showrooms, 90,000 sq. ft. of beautifully displayed products. Expert assistance for kitchen, bath, home and office. Retail showrooms open Mon - Sat.

AUTCOhome | luxury appliances Beck/Allen Cabinetry | kitchen and bath, cabinetry KDR Designer Showrooms | furniture, fabrics, window coverings Premier Plumbing Studio | kitchen and bath fixtures Working Spaces | innovative office furniture

For Leasing Information | | 314.983.0218

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slhl HELLO


Around Every Corner


Photo by Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton

through our March issue brought me back to a busy day this past summer. Out and about on appointments, I was stopped in my tracks by an enchanting garden that screamed “share me with the magazine’s readership.” We had made a wrong turn on our way to an appointment and as a result one of the most charming urban gardens caught my eye. I left my business card and the latest issue of SLHL at the back door with a note attached in the hopes of connecting with the gardener at this charming residence. Situated on a corner lot with the front and back entrances accessible from two different streets and both being equally beautiful and welcoming, I had doubts whether the homeowner would discover my note because I didn’t know if I was at the front or back door! But a few days later, I found myself on the phone with Janice Hobson, the avid gardener. As you find yourself in awe of Janice’s outdoor space (page 42) be inspired by her philosophy, “A garden should be a place to have fun and enjoy life.” Streamline, functional and beautiful best describe our two home features… one in an urban setting (page 26), the other in suburbia (page 34). Both homes are contemporary in style, yet so different. White is the “it” color, metal is the accent and the kitchen cabinets are the architectural statements. If you are looking to incorporate a little contemporary or a little more contemporary into your home’s décor, check out the latest lamps (page 10) and occasional tables (page 8) in this issue. Does your dining room need a face-lift? Try updating the fabric on the dining room chairs (page 58). The options are endless to add a bit of modern into any space. And spring is just around the corner!

Take care,

Suzie Osterloh Publisher/Owner

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page 42

page 8


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Exceptional Quality 9808 Clayton Road, Ladue, Missouri 63124 Phone 314.993.6644 • Fax 314.993.5138

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Because buying a new Appliance is complicated enough...


CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Judith Evans, Katie O’Connor, Lorraine Raguseo, Lucyann Boston, Barb Wilson CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS: Anne Matheis, Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton, Sam Fentress, Atotheb Photography EDITORIAL INTERNS: Christine Soucy, Catherine Rolwes ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES: Carrie Mayer Amy Shea DISTRIBUTION MASTER: Barney Osterloh SALES & MARKETING ASSISTANT: Lauren “Lucy” Morris St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles Magazine 255 Lamp & Lantern Village Town & Country, MO 63017 (636) 230-9700 ADVERTISING INQUIRIES: EDITORIAL INQUIRIES: FOR SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION: Call 636-230-9640 ext. 27 Visit Printed in U.S.A.

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Tables for Every Occasion Coffee table, cocktail table, end table…whatever you like to call them, the occasional table can make a big impact in a room. No longer just a resting place for drinks or stray magazines, tables accent a room’s furnishings while exuding their own style.

By Melissa Mauzy




one: Remy Table, by Goebel. two: Kinkou Occasional Table, by Bolier & Co., available at Frank Patton Interiors. three: Sylvia Hall Table, by DwellStudio for Precendent, available at KDR Designer Showrooms. four: Modern Luxury Metal Cocktail Table, by Bolier & Co., available at Frank Patton Interiors.



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five: Michael Weiss Collection End Table, by Vanguard Furniture, available at Dau Home Furnishings. six: Fushun Bunching Cocktail, by Century Furniture, available through Frank Patton Interiors.


seven: Angulo Round Cocktail, by Baker, available at KDR Designer Showrooms. eight: Hollywood Hills Style Party Table, by Kolkka, from KDR Designer Showrooms. nine: Concrete + Wood + Steel, by Formed Stone Design.



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one: Nickel Station Floor Lamp, from Aminis. two: Jonathan Adler Claridge Tear Drop, available at Niche. three: Spire Table Lamp, available at Aminis.

Modern table and floor lamps generate warmth and ambience in a room while adding a decorative element. By Melissa Mauzy





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four: Lighting for the Aging Eye, by Holtkotter, available at Brody’s. five: Stainless steel table lamp with laser cut faux leather on shade, from Savvy Surrounding Style. six: Sylus Collection in polished nickel by Feiss, available at Brody’s. seven: Sabine Iron/Glass Floor Lamp, available at Niche. eight: Brava, by Sonneman, available at Metro Lighting.







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Life remodeled begins with windows and doors that are just right. Bring the outside in. And vice versa. With expertly crafted, impeccably finished Marvin Patio Doors. Create the ultimate combination of aesthetics and energy efficiency. It's all part of four generations of innovation and craftsmanship backed by an 18-nobel_condensed_bold_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? unwavering commitment to service and support from local retailers. Choose and design windows and åç´ƒ©˙ˆ˚˜øœ®ß†¨¥`¡™£¢§¶•ªº–“‘«…æ÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜،‰Íˇ¨„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '"Finder € doors for your project with our new Product and Designer tools. 17-nobel_condensed_regular_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? ® åç´ƒ©˙ˆ˚˜øœ®ß†¨¥`¡™£¢§¶•ªº–“‘«…æ÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜،‰Íˇ¨„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" €

19-nobel_condensed_black_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? åç´ƒ©˙ˆ˚˜øœ®ß†¨¥`¡™£¢§¶•ªº–“‘«…æ÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜،‰Íˇ¨„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" €

Only at

20-Helvetica_Neue_LT_Std_55_Roman_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? åç´ƒ©˙ˆ˚˜øœ®ß†¨¥`¡™£¢§¶•ªº–“‘«…æ÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜،‰Íˇ¨„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Fischer Window & Door Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" €

Store St Louis

2714 Mercantile Dr. St. Louis, MO 63144 314/647-5000

21-Helvetica_Neue_LT_Std_75_Bold_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ 2714 Mercantile Dr. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? St. Louis, MO 63144 åç´ƒ©˙ˆ˚˜øœ®ß†¨¥`¡™£¢§¶•ªº–“‘«…æ÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜،‰Íˇ¨„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" €

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distinctive design philosophy



Focusing on functionality and quality through raw materials, Martin Goebel creates aesthetic compositions in his hand-built furniture. edited BY MELISSA MAUZY Photography BY colin miller/strauss peyton


SLHL: So how did you start designing furniture? Martin: I received my formal design training at Rhode Island School of Design during my MFA work in furniture design. Previously, I was classically trained in the art of furniture craft and cabinetmaking. My heightened understanding of traditional craft methodology and BFA in sculpture greatly informs my formalized process which I honed at RISD. SLHL: What is your design philosophy? Martin: Elegance through simplicity‌ by reducing the number of elements and aesthetic choices embodied in my designs, I focus on functionality with refined compositions, which highlight premium raw natural materials. Simple curvature and joinery are celebrated so that the quality and beauty of raw materials can be the focal point.


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SLHL: Where do you get your materials? What role does sustainability play in your furniture? Martin: Goebel & Co. locally harvests timber from a variety of sources, including urban tree removal, land development clearing and storm damage reclamation. We supplement with specialty timber from the finest sustainable forests around the world (for custom work, our product line is 100% locally grown timber). Working with local mills and timber processing, we are able to fully manipulate the milling process so that the timbers are sawn specifically mindful of end use. Logical and sustainable sourcing of our raw material yields products of uncompromising quality with minimal waste. Our wood is pristine and originates from sourcing ideology with zero deforestation, while making our product the epitome of “local.” SLHL: How do you construct your furniture? How are your pieces held together? Martin: Our furniture is constructed with traditional wood-to-wood joinery and held together with a variety of wood adhesives. This creation process allows for expansion and contraction without reducing


structural integrity. The addition of screws and metal fasteners reduce the integrity of furniture because they do not expand and contract with the wood. Over time, this construction will loosen, causing your table to wobble or chairs to break. We keep the use of metal fasteners to hinges and other essential uses in the merger of wood and metal. This method yields products without a finite life span. SLHL: Where do your design ideas come from? Where do you draw your inspiration? Martin: My designs are classic and relatable, while removing visual clutter and heavy ornamentation. I create aesthetic compositions, which facilitate emotional attachment through longevity. Imagine a dining table, which sees life occur from drinks with friends, holiday gatherings and eventually generations of meals, homework and shared time. Lasting beauty through simple, elegant aesthetic choices and creation of emotional attachment is the goal. I design pieces meant to transcend tastes and trends – designs my clients’ grandchildren will fight over generations down the road. See

for resources.


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Specializing in HiSTORic HOMeS Lafayette, Tower Grove East, South City, Shaw, St. Louis Hills, Carondelet, Holly Hills, Soulard, Dutchtown, University City, Clayton, Webster, Olivette, Ladue Tyler Olsen is simply the best real estate agent in the area. I have bought two houses with him and have recommended him to every single person I know that is in the market. He is not only knowledgeable about the process, but knows more about the actual home than any one I know. Tyler has NOTHING but the best interest of his client at heart. He isn’t in it to just make a living, he is in the business for life long customers. He treats his clients with the utmost care and respect. He is the premiere agent in the area.

“ I feel it is important to be very familiar with each of the individual St. Louis neighborhoods and what each has to offer – after all, they are all so different from each other and all offer a living experience that is unique to each neighborhood. ”

TyLEr OLSEn cell 314-616-8100 office 314-352-7770 email 4700 S. Hampton Ave 63109


art for life

Unique Collectable Art, Jewelry, Kaleidoscopes, Gifts & More!

12330 Olive Street St. Louis, Mo 63141 314.542.0500

Masaimo Kaleidoscope Musical Box & Light


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Make a grand statement

Internet Pricing in a Full-Service Store. • • •

Free House Cal ls In-Home TrIals , and desIgn ConsulT aTIons avaIlable by appoInT menT • • •


Rug Decor of St. Louis

If you can 270


14206 Manchester Rd. Manchester MO 63011 (636) 256-RUGS (7847) Hours: Mon - Fri: 10am - 8pm, Sat: 10am - 6pm, Sun: 12pm - 5pm THOUSANDS OF RUG SPECIAL FINANCING On Manchester Rd., just EastAVAILABLE of Woods CHOICESDirections: TO SEE, TOUCH Rd. (Hwy. 141), across from Expo. (SEE STORE FOR DETAILS) AND FEEL Mill BEFORE YOU BUY

imagine it...

MANCHESTER RD. 137 Chesterfield Industrial Blvd. Chesterfield, MO 63005

14206 Manchester Rd. | Manchester, MO 63021 On Manchester, just East of Woods Mill Rd. (Hwy. 141)

Phone 636/530-7545 Fax 636/537-2494

636.256.RUGS (7847) | Mon-Sat 10am-6pm | Sun 12pm-5pm *Offer ends March 31, 2013. Savings are off of comparable and market prices based on regular prices offered by significant competitors for the same or similar products; competitors not always located in all areas. Previous discounts may have been taken. Selection shown may not always be available.


we can create it.

Custom Doors Entry Ways stainED Glass


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Exquisite Custom Metal Work Gorgeous Gates, Balusters, Staircases & Furniture Iron Fencing for Pool & Home Perimeters & MORE!

is proud to represent

Sunderland Brothers Company

7 Capper Drive, Pacific, MO 63069 P 636-271-3200 F 636-271-9745

49 Cassens Ct. Fenton MO (636) 680-2250 Showroom open to the public. Direct sales to the trade only.


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Making an

Scobis Company specializes in making first impressions lasting impressions. By Christine Soucy Photography by Colin Miller / Strauss Peyton


Mike Rachocki started Scobis Company 12 years ago when he decided to make the jump and go into business for himself. “I got tired of working for other people,” Mike says. Mike and his team of craftsmen, Scott Copple and Ray Ellison, create grand entries for residential homes, universities, businesses and churches. The process begins with an initial meeting where Mike finds out what the client wants, discussing all the possibilities. Clients can be as much or as little involved as they want in the design process. Mike tries to make it as painless as possible for those homeowners new to the infinite world of entryways. “We start out at the top of a funnel and then narrow it down from there,” Mike says. He has worked with everything from professional architectural renderings to magazine photographs to an amateur sketch on a napkin to create the ideal entryway. Seven to eight weeks from finalizing a design, a home can achieve a fresh new start. By changing the entrance,


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you can change the whole perspective. Mike and his team are not limited to entryways in newly constructed homes. They also redesign the entryways of older homes, always keeping with the architectural style of the home. They once took out the sidelights and transom of an entryway, the windows surrounding the original door. Mike and his team then replaced them with one impressive eight-foot door, creating a truly grand entrance into the home. “We look at the outside appearance of the home along with the interior décor,” Mike says. “Whether it’s refined, rustic or contemporary, we can match it.” Mike’s favorite projects, the ones that stand out in his memory, are the more unique entryways. He remembers a log cabin door where he used reclaimed wood that had been at the bottom of a river for over 100 years. He’s also worked with local craftsmen to create doors with

ornate carvings. “There’s no one in town that does it the way that we do it,” says Ray. Everything Scobis Company does is custom made. Ray and Scott make the construction sound like a breeze, but it takes a lot of skill to make a Scobis entrance. “We unload the wood, plane it, machine cut the parts together and meticulously carve all of the molding, both decorative and practical, for the entrances," Scott says. Scobis only uses the best wood, Mike says, carefully selecting it from right here in the Midwest or having it shipped from as far away as Africa. Scott admits he is partial to working with Honduran Mahogany and Walnut, but whichever wood the client chooses; the end result is impeccable craftsmanship. “We do the best job we can do,” Scott says. If you can imagine it, Scobis can create it. See www.stlouishomesmag. com for resources. STLOUISHOMESMAG.COM MARCH 2013

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Interpreting Taste

Alberto Ahuatzi

Chef/owner Bryan Carr collaborates with Chef Alberto Ahuatzi to create French- and Italian-inspired cuisine. By Judith Evans Photography by Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton

Chef/owner Bryan Carr pauses before describing Atlas Restaurant. “It’s a nice neighborhood restaurant, but our clientele comes from all over the area,” he says, explaining that Atlas, which is in the Central West End, draws many patrons on their way to performances at nearby Grand Center. Then he pauses again. “I never know how to describe a restaurant,” he says. “We are very detail-oriented. We just try to do things the right way.” Carr and his wife, Diane, bought Atlas two and half years ago from their friends Michael Roberts and Jean Donnelly. The Carrs also own Pomme Restaurant and Pomme Café and Wine Bar in Clayton. Pomme is a white-tablecloth, fine-dining restaurant. The café is casual, inexpensive, spontaneous. Carr puts Atlas somewhere in between. “I’m at all three restaurants each day,” he says. “There’s a chef in each restaurant, and I work with all three of them.” At Atlas, Alberto Ahuatzi is the chef de cuisine. Like Carr, Ahuatzi learned to cook by working in restaurant kitchens rather than by attending culinary school. “I attended the school of hard knocks,” says Carr, who grew up in Potosi, Mo. Ahuatzi is from Tlaxcala, a small Mexican state near Mexico City. His

hometown has a large French population, and he began working at a French restaurant at the age of 13. His family moved to St. Louis when he was 15. He knew little English. “I had a very hard time,” says Ahuatzi, who is 30, married to a woman from St. Louis and the father of two children. While still in high school, he worked at Roberto’s Trattoria, and then went on to JP Fields. When the Carrs bought Atlas, Ahuatzi was working there three nights a week and working full time at Brio. When the Carrs took over in July 2010, they retained the staff, the décor and the menu. Changes have been continuing and subtle. Some favorite foods – including the Piccolo Fritto, Roasted Beet Salad and Butterscotch Pudding –always will be offered, Carr says. The two chefs work together on the evolving menu, Carr says. “We think about what tastes good. I never think about creating a dish." They’re not creating recipes from scratch, he says; rather, they are refining and interpreting dishes that have existed for centuries. "There are two kinds of creativity in cooking," he says. "The kind that interests me is not individual, it's cultural." Carr will demonstrate at St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles Cooking School on Tuesday, March 5, at Construction Appliance.

Opposite page, Top: Wild Mushroom Timbale with Crostini and Light Red Wine Sauce. Bottom: Lamb Ragout with Wild Mushrooms and Red Wine over Garganelli Pasta. STLOUISHOMESMAG.COM MARCH 2013

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“Quality and Value That Endures”

Ballwin MO Aviston IL Showrooms by appointment 314-436-1494 618-228-7203 See our ad in the home feature on page 26.

cooking school


learn. taste.

b© St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles PhotograPhY bY Colin Miller/StrauSS Peyton

Chef Bryan Carr of Atlas will demonstrate these three dishes. A taste of the cooking school Menu  Wild Mushroom Timbale with Crostini and Light Red Wine Sauce. an appetizer that combines French horn, oyster and organic crimini mushrooms in a savory custard subtly flavored with fresh thyme. a spoonful of red wine sauce is the crowning touch.  Lamb Ragout with Wild Mushrooms and Red Wine over Garganelli Pasta. Lamb shanks, fresh mushrooms, carrots and onion braise for five hours in veal stock and red wine, then are ladled over semolina pasta and topped with a cloud of freshly grated Parmesan.  Lemon Pudding Cake. tart yet sweet, this simple dessert separates into a cakey bottom layer and a smooth, pudding-like top as it bakes. garnishes include blackberry coulis, fresh blueberries, sifted powdered sugar and a dollop of whipped cream.


J~in u° WHEN tuesday, March 5, 2013, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. WHERE Construction appliance by aUtCohome

1694 Larkin Williams road, Fenton, Mo 63026

RESERVATIONS $35 per person, seating is limited,

RSVP by calling 636-230-9640 ext. 27 or email


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ARCHITECTS in DEMAND Donna F. Boxx, Architect, PC 160 Marine Lane St. Louis, MO 63146 314-434-2333

Donna Boxx EXCELS in residential architecture. With an eye for architectural finesse and 36 years experience, Donna Boxx can deliver on new construction, an addition and/or a renovation you’ve been dreaming of from the beginning stages to the final product. Her design methodology encourages client participation and collaboration with engineers, consultants and contractors resulting in a finished product that always reflects the individuality of the client. Her goal is to provide the most cost-effective solutions by utilizing an optimal design plan that balances ideals, aesthetics and budget. Hiring an architect is a necessity, not a luxury. Education & Credentials Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, Bachelor of Architecture St. Louis Community College, Associate in Architectural Technology Registered Architect: State of Missouri, State of Illinois, NCARB National Certification, Home Builders Association of St. Louis, HBA Registered Remodelors Council of St. Louis, HBA Green Building Council, Certified Builders Guild

FENDLER + ASSOCIATES, INC. 5201 Pattison Avenue St. Louis, MO 63110 314-664-7725 Fendler + Associates, Inc. is an award-winning and published design firm with an outstanding reputation. We provide residential architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and planning services tailored to meet your needs and resources. Fendler + Associates, Inc. specializes in new construction, custom additions, interior renovations and historic rehabilitations. Our commitment to your project begins in the planning stage where we outline the scope of work, budget and expectations. During the design phase we explore a variety of options. Our use of three-dimensional computer generated modeling and our extensive resource library allows you to see your new home or addition before it is built. A detailed set of working drawings allows us to competitively bid your project while minimizing questions during construction. And our involvement throughout the construction period ensures a successful completion to your project. Founded in 1989 by Paul B. Fendler, a graduate of Washington University’s School of Architecture, Fendler & Associates, Inc. has established itself as a leader in the residential design market.

Jeff Day & Associates, LLC 2722 Hampton Avenue, Suite F St. Louis, MO 63139 314.644.2775

Located “on The Hill” in St. Louis, we are an architectural firm with a team having a collective 70 years of experience providing cutting edge intelligent, exciting design for residential, commercial and ecclesiastical projects in a variety of architectural styles. Jeff Day launched his own company on May 8, 2006, after working with the top architectural firms in St. Louis. His 17 years of practical experience, coupled with his artistic talent, provide a solid base for the work he produces. He has worked with many of St. Louis’ established builders and developers through the years. Goals we seek to maintain during every project: • Provide enthusiastic service that seeks to go the extra mile. • Produce projects that consistently and creatively satisfy client needs. • Conduct business affairs with integrity as a conscientious steward of a client’s investment. • Work together with clients in a spirit of teamwork and collaboration. Recent Awards: St. Louis Homes and Lifestyles: “Green Home of the Year” 2010, “Display Home of the Year” 2010 & Home of The Year Platinum Award 2008, HBA: Homer Award 2008, Certified “GOLD” HBA Green Building Initiative



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Panoramic views of the Clayton skyline add glamour to the living room of this fabulous luxury condominium. The building’s Deco-inspired exterior established the theme for much of the home’s interior design. The club chairs are upholstered in a crisp white Barbara Barry fabric.

46 26


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Simply Transitioning from formal to contemporary living was made easy for this Clayton couple. By BARB WILSON Photography by ANNE MATHEIS


URBAN_0313.indd 47

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Streamlined and functional, contemporary décor typically appeals to homeowners who prefer simplicity of design and sleek aesthetics over more formal, traditional styling. So, it’s reasonable to wonder why a Clayton couple, who’d spent nearly 20 of their 46 years of married life in an expansive, custom-built Georgian two-story, were captivated by a condominium with a decidedly modern flair. “Our kids were grown, and we could think differently about our primary home,” explains the husband, a former retail executive, now an adjunct professor at Washington University. Basically, the alternatives were to update their existing residence or to opt for the carefree condominium lifestyle they enjoy in their warm-weather home in Florida. He first heard about the luxury condominium project, then under construction overlooking Shaw Park in downtown Clayton, from a business associate. “We definitely didn’t want a high-rise and were attracted to this development because it was a low-rise,” he remarks. As only the second purchasers, the couple also had the freedom to make structural modifications and design every aspect of their new top-floor residence. Referred to Garison Salinas, architectural design consultant and principal of Garrison Ltd., the owners give Salinas total credit for creating a spectacular environment that he envisioned as “very classic, but a bit edgy, with a ‘New York penthouse’ vibe.” Although a bit tentative about a dramatic change in décor, the couple was receptive to a more contemporary approach. “Garison gets you from here to there in a way you never thought would be so great!” the wife enthuses. “We learned to trust his judgment.” To which Salinas modestly responds, “The owners are extremely good communicators, so this was a true collaboration. They love organization, but I didn’t want them to be prisoners to their home. The goal was to design a home that was less stressful and fun.” Drawing on his vast knowledge of construction, materials, products and fabrics, Salinas proceeded to demonstrate his ingenuity. Since floor-to-ceiling window walls and sheltered terraces span much of the residence, he made the decision to blur the distinction between the building’s Deco-inspired architecture and the home’s interior. The exterior limestone and brick colors were repeated in various areas – for example, the living room’s custom-made Beauharnais limestone fireplace, and numerous black accents, including several interior doors, reflect the terraces’ wrought-iron railings. The primary activity spaces – living room, kitchen, casual and formal dining areas and adjacent den – extend the full width of the home and are completely open. “The space just flows, and we’ve been able to entertain 45 or 50 people at a time here,” the owners note. Establishing a sense of comfort and familiarity, much of the furniture from the owners’ previous home was incorporated into the overall plan, and the wife’s one stipulation was a “white” living room. Complying with her request, Salinas lined the walls with full-height white display shelving, enhancement-lit and backed with bourbon-toned grass cloth. Upholstered in white-on-white, the Baker sofas from the Barbara Barry collection and Noel glass coffee table are arranged around a limited edition, sunburst-patterned Tufenkian rug, also by Barbara Barry. Commercial-quality Mirage cherry plank flooring was chosen for its beauty and durability, and a special conversation piece in this light-filled gathering area is a handsome chair from the boardroom of the Wall Street Journal.

Photographed from the open foyer, the sunlit breakfast area showcases an original, sculptural Saarinen dining set. A retirement gift, the dramatic wall piece by visual artist Robert Forbes depicts the view from the husband’s former executive office in downtown St. Louis.


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29 2/4/13 5:17:52 PM

The kitchen’s vast expanse of rich, warm custom cherry cabinetry by Markus Cabinetry is punctuated with bold hardware, brushed stainless appliances, and lustrous black granite. Clean-lined black stools tuck under the massive breakfast bar/prep island, lit by freeform German tech lights, and additional storage cabinets are built into the kick space. Opposite page: Surrounding a custom walnut table, the Williams-Sonoma dining chairs are covered in an easy-care elastomeric fabric.



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Various items in the master bedroom are upholstered in a sculptured silk-&-cotton Thibaut fabric, unifying the dark wood furniture, warm cream tones, and accent wall in a delicate blue by Ralph Lauren.

A contemporary masterpiece, the kitchen showcases gleaming matched cherry cabinetry with sandblasted glass inserts, limestone-colored porcelain floor tile, brushed stainless appliances, black granite blanketing the countertops, backsplash, and massive breakfast bar/prep island, a built-in wine cooler and freeform German tech lights. For additional storage, cabinetry is built into the breakfast bar’s kick space. Centering the formal dining area is a custom walnut table that seats six and can be expanded to seat 10. Aware that the owners’ grandchildren would be frequent houseguests, Salinas specified easy-to-clean elastomeric upholstery for the white Williams-Sonoma dining chairs. Practical details like these prompted the husband to remark, “Garison has the vision, resources, and knowledge of what’s available, and one


of his greatest skills is execution.” His wife quickly adds, “And we never had to sacrifice beauty for practicality!” The hallway leading to the privacy spaces displays treasured family photos, custom-framed like all artwork and memorabilia in the home, and accesses a secluded terrace with fabulous views and seats salvaged from the old Busch Stadium. A delicate blue accent wall and white cabinetry with sandblasted glass panels offset the dark wood furniture of the master bedroom, which Salinas describes as “a great example of punching up what the owners already had.” Unifying the color scheme and reinforcing the room’s fresh, tranquil ambience, he chose a sculptured silk-&-cotton Thibaut fabric for various upholstered items. The master bath continues the


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Left: A mirrored zebra wood tower is the focal point of the powder room with plumbing fixtures by Premier Plumbing. Right: Photos of the Pebble Beach shoreline, taken by the homeowner, complement the guest bedroom’s accent wall in “Harbour” blue by Ralph Lauren, plush headboard in a Duralee fabric, and LuLu Belles bedding. Antique bedside chests from Clark Graves and custom-upholstered Pearson armchairs complete the well-tailored look.

sophisticated theme with limestone flooring, granite countertops, a glass shower enclosure, Grohe fixtures, and a floating Robern cabinet. Other noteworthy, high-fashion details include a mirrored zebra wood tower in the powder room and washable linen walls in the hall leading to the guest suite and colorful bedroom designated for the owners’ granddaughters. Beyond Salinas’ exceptional design skills, the homeowners have been thoroughly impressed with his firm’s “total package.” Their turnkey move took only three days, and on arrival in their new home, a champagne dinner was waiting for them. A true perfectionist, Salinas emphasized easy-care materials throughout the home, and

when the owners are traveling, he arranges for “touch-up” concierge maintenance service during their absence. “Our experience with Garison reminds me of that line from Auntie Mame,” the husband chuckles, “when she says, ‘I’ll open doors for you, doors you never knew existed.’ Garison did that for us – he showed us the doors.” See for resources.


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2/5/13 11:40:21 AM


Minimal & Modern Multiple generations come together in this cool, sleek Town and Country home.

SUBURBAN_0313.indd 46

2/4/13 5:36:05 PM

By Melissa Mauzy Photography by Anne Matheis

SUBURBAN_0313.indd 47

2/4/13 5:36:25 PM

tepping inside the entryway of the Town and Country home, it’s hard to believe that three generations live under one roof. Every inch of the approximate 12,000-square-foot home is sparkling with nothing left out of place. It was essential to the homeowners that the home be clean, minimalist, organized and structured to fit their lifestyles. Modern and visually stunning, the home accommodates the multi-generational family with shared living space as well as private spaces for each member. “The purpose of building our home was to create a family-friendly space while allowing everyone to have privacy,” says the homeowner. Working with interior designer Krista Howard and builder George Muehlemann, the four-person team collaborated on a weekly basis to develop their ideal home, which is energy-star compliant. “The core architecture of the home was established by the homeowners,” George says. “They knew what they were looking to achieve, and we helped them get there.” After kicking off construction in 2008, the homeowners suspended activity for a year when the economy suffered. Taking a break from building and then slowly proceeding allowed for them to make sure that every detail was thought about and planned for down to the last inch. “We researched each selection we had to make before making any decisions,” the homeowner says. “That included toilets, sinks, etc. It allowed us to make informed choices.” Lighting fixtures and paint colors were among the first choices made in each room. No paint color is repeated anywhere throughout the home. Each color was carefully selected for the room it is in. In terms of lighting, Krista and the homeowner traveled to Dallas and selected all of the fixtures in one day. “We weren’t always sure where each fixture was going to go, but we chose what we liked and found a place for it,” Krista says. A set of three spherical stainless steel fixtures fills the vast ceiling in the home's great room. Open and pristine, the room conveys the stark simplicity felt throughout the

This page: Sleek white furniture contrasts with stainless accent tables. Varying textures from the leather fabric on the furniture, metal of the tables and glass in the walkway panels generate interest without over ornamentation. Opposite page: Three spherical fixtures illuminate the space.



SUBURBAN_0313.indd 48

2/4/13 5:36:48 PM


SUBURBAN_0313.indd 49

49 2/4/13 5:37:16 PM

With plenty of prep space and storage, the kitchen is functional for the multi-generational family. The kitchen was a platinum winner in SLHL's 2013 Kitchens of the Year contest in the January/February issue (page 32).

home. Floor-to-ceiling windows and second-story glass panel half walls allow natural light to spill in to the space. Sleek white furniture contrasts with stainless accent tables creating a swank place to entertain guests. Although lacking in color, varying textures from the leather and fabric on the furniture, metal of the tables and glass in the walkway panels generate interest without over ornamentation. Opposite the seating area, a wall-length black river rock waterfall borders a rectangular fireplace resulting in a unique fire and water combination. Not only is the wall the showpiece of the room, it is also beneficial to the home. The water wall humidifies the home and cleans the air by pulling the dust out. As dust and dirt are sucked into the water, the water filters through a purification system and redistributes back down the wall. Functional and bold, the wall makes a statement in the otherwise sleek room. Rich eggplant walls greet you as you enter the dining room. Selected for its versatility, the color adds depth to the space and pairs well with satin copper dining chairs placed around the custom-built


12-foot dining table, with glass inserts, built by Centorbi Custom Cabinetry. “The copper adds a pop of color, but it is different than what you would expect,” says the homeowner. Draped in an exotic wood veneer, Kewazinga, the dining table slightly curves at the ends to follow the curve of the light fixtures above. The uplight of the fixtures provide a warm glow to the room. A luminous microbead wall treatment was applied to ceiling to catch the light from the fixtures. A matching serving piece, also by Centorbi, placed behind the dining table allows for easy access when entertaining guests. Laser cut sheers let in natural light from the front of the home. Located just off the spacious kitchen, the dining room is easily accessible when entertaining guests. When it is just the immediate family dining, the kitchen easily accommodates multiple family members in the workspace. A drop-down light rail in the same maple as the cabinetry adds uniqueness to the space while defining the work area. “We wanted a simple two island approach,” says the homeowner. “Our initial idea evolved into the current set up, a square-shaped island for


SUBURBAN_0313.indd 50

2/4/13 5:37:37 PM

Left: Eggplant walls create depth in the dining room. A custom-built dining table that seats twelve was designed to add a bit of drama to the space. Right: The his-and-her study is modern yet professional.

main food prep and an 'L'-shaped island for additional seating and serving.” With plenty of family space in the home, there are also many private areas for each family member. A study for both homeowners continues the modern look throughout the home while maintaining a professional atmosphere. Mediterranean blue walls give the study a darker, but not traditional, feel. Bamboo flooring softens the room and is a nice contrast against the darker wall color. Centorbi created his-and-her desks in a light and dark wood tone to pull in the wood colors of the two-tone double doors by TruStile. Bookcases built into a rounded inlet display personal relics collected by the homeowners. “The shelves were important for us to have a place to put our personal things so they are not in your face when you come into our study,” says the homeowner. Just across the hallway from the master bedroom, the homeowners can easily slip in and out of the study late at night or early in the morning. Tranquil and cool with clean lines, the master bedroom is the perfect

escape for the hardworking homeowners. An oversized mahogany and silver upholstered bed frame by Centorbi makes a bold statement in the otherwise serene room. Off-white nightstands and bench enhance the minky gray walls, which give off light hints of purple. The homeowners commissioned Centorbi to build their furniture after searching locally and in Chicago without any luck. “Derek Centorbi did a fabulous job on our cabinets, so we went to him with our furniture ideas,” says the homeowner. “He does beautiful work, and his designs are unique.” Adjacent to the master bedroom is a seating area with a built-in barista and private balcony that is partitioned off with pocket doors. “The couple wanted a separate area that could allow one to watch TV or read while the other was sleeping without disturbing them,” Krista notes. The gray theme of the master carries into the master bath, which the homeowner designed to resemble an ancient Greek spa. A plaster textured faux finish on the walls gives the appearance of stone. Minimal STLOUISHOMESMAG.COM MARCH 2013

SUBURBAN_0313.indd 51

39 2/4/13 5:37:56 PM

Opposite page: The goal for the office was to create a relaxing, contemporary space in black and gray. The artwork behind the black leather chair by Barb Flunker features metal and mesh. Tom describes it as having, "Wonderful texture and dimension. Just the nature of that mesh, floating like a cloud, gave the piece a whimsical attribute." This page: The master bedroom achieved everything that the homeowners wanted; it's a restful, happy place for the husband and wife.

Above: A custom upholstered bed frame by Centorbi is the focal point of the space. White accent furniture pops against the tranquil gray walls. Opposite page: Unique in shape, the bathroom is reminiscent of an ancient greek spa. A step up tub is surrounded by walls to provide privacy.

cabinetry, in maple with a mink-gray finish, reduces clutter keeping the space clean and sleek. The focal point of the egg-shaped bathroom is the luxurious step-up tub. “We want to feel like we are in our own little room when using the tub,” says the homeowner. “By stepping up into the tub with surrounding walls, you feel as though you are in a private space.” One challenge the team faced when designing the bathroom was how to place doors on the shower and toilet area since the walls are rounded. The creative solution was to install matching frosted glass shower doors. “The glass doors let light from the main room into the shower and toilet area while also providing ventilation for the shower,” Krista says. The bathroom walls weren’t the only challenge in designing the home. The homeowners wanted their daughter’s room to be modern, not


a typical request for a child’s room, which are usually themed. With a color scheme of pink, purple, white and yellow, Krista set out to create a space that the child could grow into. Bright, charming and fun, the homeowners’ daughter will be hosting tea parties, reading books and chatting on the phone in the space for years to come. Additional spaces in the home include in-law suites for both homeowners’ parents, a lower level kitchen with a sushi-bar feel, a guest suite, children’s’ playrooms and a pool room, featured on page 52 of this issue. To many, creating a home for multiple generations would be a daunting task, but by ensuring each member had their own personal spaces everyone in the family is content and together. See for resources.


SUBURBAN_0313.indd 52

2/4/13 5:38:15 PM


SUBURBAN_0313.indd 53

53 2/4/13 5:38:28 PM


By Lucyann Boston Photography BY kim dillon



OUTDOOR_0313.indd 54

2/4/13 5:51:04 PM

He who plants a garden

plants Happiness. Something for everyone in a perfectly planned small space.

The small sign

is tucked into a planter in the beautifully compact garden of Janice Hobson’s University City condominium. Other than the gender of the pronoun, the sentiment could not be more perfect. Twelve months a year, bubbling fountains and numerous feeders welcome flocks of joyous, chirping birds to the small space. If human beings could tweet as happily as birds, the people that are drawn to the spot would be singing an equally merry song. The corner plot has exposure on three different streets. Although Janice has artfully surrounded the property line with a “growing fence” of at least two dozen different broad leaf and needled evergreens for privacy, there are paths, archways and even a door with wrought-iron grillwork that signal passersby it’s okay to take a peek inside. “What would it be if it were just me,” Janice says. “I want the garden to be inviting for birds and people and dogs. I don’t even mind the squirrels. They’re part of nature, and I like nature. ” If they do step inside, garden visitors will find themselves in a green-bordered courtyard accented with flowering dogwoods, ornamental maples, a graceful magnolia and hazy smoke tree. Containers filled with bright annuals and flower-covered trellises splash color against the verdant backdrop. Two almost -perfectly-spiraled hollies are a testimonial to Janice’s love of nature. Efforts to trim them up last spring were met with the objection of robins, who had built nests in the trees. “They were not happy,” she relates, “so I let the spiraling go.” Janice’s gardening talents extend around both sides of the house. On the street side a mix of evergreen nandina and small conifers interspersed with perennials and ground cover provide lush decoration. With agreement from her neighbor, she also has transformed the narrow space between her building and his with upright shrubs and shade loving perennials. "His elderly mother used to come out in the space and sit in a lawn chair,” she recalls. “She’s gone now but I’ve named the space 'Loraine’s Alley' in her honor."

This small garden angel is a signature in Janice Hobson's garden. She moves from place to place as the garden matures and the season's change. Janice makes the most of every inch of her small garden by adding containers of bright annuals against a backdrop of green foliage in varying textures.


OUTDOOR_0313.indd 55

43 2/4/13 5:51:14 PM

This page: With agreement from her next door neighbor, Janice has filled the narrow space between their two buildings with lush, upright greenery. In honor of his elderly mother, who watched that part of the garden take place, Janice calls the space Loraine's Alley. Opposite page: Despite the small space, three separate fountains splash a welcome to both people and birds, who are never far from the water in the garden. Interesting objects, both large and small, that catch Janice's gardener's eye find their way into the landscape. Included in the group are a wind chime made from spoons; a grist mill she purchased 30 years ago; a fat goose; small bronze birds, and earthenware containers.

Three different fountains provide the refreshing sound of splashing water to all areas of the garden. Creature comforts in the courtyard include a wrought iron patio set, a fire pit and two Adirondack chairs perched on an elevated platform for Janice and her husband, Mike Murphy. “We had to remove a large dead tree," Janice says. "The ground just kept sinking where the tree had been as the old roots deteriorated. We finally built up the patio over the area and put out the two chairs. We call it the throne,” she explains with a laugh. Humor is something that Janice intentionally brings to her garden. Whimsical, but carefully selected, touches are everywhere. “I like the things in my garden to be interesting, but I don’t want to be cutesy. Sometimes I have to stop myself,” she confesses.


Two bronze geese with wings aloft flank the wrought-iron archway at the back of the garden. “I just saw them and liked them. I was kind of envisioning them in our space in Colorado (Janice and Mike have a condo in Steamboat Springs), but somehow they landed here,” she explains. “Their names are Wilber and Orville.” A large, black, stone raven perches on the eave hanging over the back door of the couple’s Tudor-style residence. “His name is Edgar,” she relates with an obvious reference to Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem. Also prominent in the space are an old iron gristmill she’s had for 30 years, a lantern from Bali given to her by a friend, a fat cement goose and a metal cutout of a fleur de lis she bought at a street fair in Grand Haven, MI. “I got it because it was very St. Louis,” she recalls.


OUTDOOR_0313.indd 56

2/4/13 5:51:30 PM

OUTDOOR_0313.indd 57

2/4/13 5:52:08 PM

“I buy things I like. When I get them, I don’t know what I’ll do with them.” A case in point is an antique door inset with elaborate wrought-iron trim that creates a dramatic entrance to the side of the garden as well as acting as a privacy screen. “We bought it in Sedona (AZ) and hauled it around for 20 years,” she recalls. “It never found its spot until we bought the condo.” Many of the objects in Janice’s current garden also had a home in the much larger garden that surrounded Janice and Mike’s previous home in the University Hills area of University City. That landscape had the distinction of being selected to be on the prestigious garden tour sponsored by the Missouri Botanical Garden in 2002. Her love of gardening, Janice suggests, came from her mother and grandmother, both avid gardeners. Ironically, her 33-year career as a flight attendant


for both TWA and American Airlines also drew her toward the earth. “When I was on the ground, I wanted to be grounded,” she says. Despite her obvious talent, Janice refers to her gardening efforts as “just putzing. Knowing all those Latin names is impressive, but it’s not my speak,” she continues with a laugh. What she has learned about gardening, she adds, she has picked up talking with experts at local garden centers. “I like to support local people; places that are really good,” she says, noting that three favorites are Garden Heights Nursery in Richmond Heights, University Gardens in University City and Sugar Creek Gardens in Kirkwood. Above all, Janice believes in the motto of that little sign in her garden. “A garden should be a place to have fun and enjoy life,” she emphasizes. “Gardening should never be a chore. You need to make it fun.” See for resources.


OUTDOOR_0313.indd 58

2/4/13 5:52:38 PM

OUTDOOR_0313.indd 59

2/4/13 5:52:56 PM


Anything and everything pertaining to dirt. The latest for garden enthusiasts

Colors for Spring

Local landscape experts share their favorite varieties of seasonal bloomers.

Crocus The Crocus can have intense yellow and purple colors, mix in nicely with other plantings, require little to no maintenance and, of course, they are among the first flowers to show up in the spring. Richard Poynter, Poynter Landscape

Giant Allium Bulb These spectacular blooms grow up to 3 feet tall with interesting wide-leaf foliage. They are great for grouping in the center of lower bulbs and perennial plantings. David Sherwood, Sherwood Forest

Parrot Tulip This variety is interesting with ruffled edged and multi-colored blooms. The Parrot Tulip is very showy when the blooms are fully open. The buds resemble the beak of a bird while the petals are like Parrot feathers. David Sherwood, Sherwood Forest

Rainbow Coalition It is always difficult for me to pick my favorite anything, much less flowers and trees. The unique beauty that each one has is amazing. Out of all the Tulips, I enjoy the burst of color and size of the Rainbow Coalition. The name speaks to its make up; it is a rainbow of color. Jim Graeler, Chesterfield Valley Nursery

Dutch Master For a Daffodil, you can't beat one of the largest flowering "Dutch Master." Its mammoth deep yellow flowers are one of the first to appear in spring. Try planting a few in the groundcover Vinca. The periwinkle blue blossoms of the Vinca, sprinkled among the huge yellow trumpets, makes a delightful display. Another advantage, when the Daffodil's foliage dies back, the bare spot is covered with the Vinca. Ann Lapides, Sugar Creek Gardens

Cool Out I am a big fan of the "cool" color ranges of tulips such as the pinks, blues and whites rather than the "hot" yellows, reds and oranges. I feel that the cool tones really play off of spring's sense of renewal and growth. I loved a blend called "Cool Out," by Colorblends. It has a sophisticated palette of pinks and whites accented by a dark maroon/purple bloom. Lot's of depth and intrigue to this whimsical mix. Eric Ringhofer, Green Guys



DIRT_0313.indd 24

2/5/13 12:47:34 PM

Serving St. Louis for Over 44 Years!

Serving St. Louis for 44 Years! FENCES • DECKS • PATIOS • SUNROOMS • SCREEN ROOMS Call for a Free In-Home Estimate: 636-532-4054 Visit Our Showroom of Fences, Decks, Patios & Sunrooms! Ask About our sunrooms!

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Our design team provides cutting edge style, cabinetry and product that will place your home in a unique class of it’s own.


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Outdoor Living

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Belgard® Hardscapes helps homeowners create the outdoor spaces of their dreams with its stylish and durable line of paver and wall products. Whether your home’s look is classic, transitional or natural, Belgard has designs and colors to fit any aesthetic and every lifestyle. Visit for a complimentary Idea Book.

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Classic Metal Craft, located at 1315 S. Vandeventer. Custom fabricates and installs wrought iron railings, gates, balconies and fencing. We have been serving the St. Louis area for 22 years. Visit our website that showcases our products and get inspiration from the many beautiful photographs in our ornamental iron galleries. Please call for your free quote. 314-535-2022,



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Relax outdoors in style with exclusive outdoor furniture from Tommy Bahama and Lane Venture. Tommy Bahama outdoor collection redefines upscale casual living. With Tommy Bahama, your outdoor spaces become a tribute to tranquility. At Lane Venture, the pursuit for the most comfortable and elegant outdoor living space is an obsession. For an outdoor room consultation or to see our entire one of kind unique lines, please visit Terra at 11769 Manchester Road in Des Peres, Mo 63131. (314)966-0800,

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Century’s new Palari collection offers refined casual styling - perfect for today’s outdoor lifestyles. KDR’s wide array of outdoor, designer home furnishings, create classic, vibrant interiors and exteriors. Visit KDR Designers Showroom located at the Interior Design Center of St. Louis. 11660 Page Service Drive. 314.993.5020,


OUTDOOR LIVING_0313.indd 63

51 2/5/13 3:54:39 PM


Contemporary Coastal Cov¾

By Melissa Mauzy Photography by Anne Matheis

Under-the-garage bonus space results in a mini beach house in Town and Country ith its clean white walls, sleek furnishings and bright punches of cobalt, lime and turquoise, this lower level pool room is more Miami than Missouri but it makes an ideal mini beach house for the Town and Country homeowners. Located under one of the home’s three-car garages in the featured suburban home on page 34, this bonus pool room is a summer hot spot. A large open area with access to the backyard, the pool room features a kitchen with built-in whitewashed cabinetry, by Centorbi Custom Cabinetry, to enhance the beachy feel the homeowners desired while keeping the space contemporary. Working with interior designer Krista Howard, they were able to achieve the modern, fun summer look they desired. Frosted glass inserts in the upper cabinets keep them feeling light and contemporary. Bright lime green countertops add just enough of a pop of color against the white cabinets, while a cobalt blue backsplash creates depth. Overhead, cobalt blue track lighting illuminates the workspace. With a refrigerator, microwave and sink, the space is fully equipped for entertaining. A glossy white platform can be utilized for additional seating when inside to grab a drink or snack, but also is a place to plop children for an afternoon nap. “The platform bed allows napping kids to sleep while everyone else can still enjoy the outdoors,” says the homeowner.


Another reason for placing a mattress on the platform was for overnight guests, which the owners planned for. “We wanted a space that was accessible when using the pool, but could also accommodate extra house guests,” she says. “It allows for them to have their own personal space when visiting.” Circular lights decorate the wall behind the bed, while the wall behind the round white table features a blue abstract painting done by Sophia Dalpiaz-Brown of Out of the Box Studio. A shower/changing area off the main room includes built-in cubbies and hangers for clothes or wet towels. The pool room makes a day in the sun easy and fun since the wetness and mess can be contained to one room in the home. Builder George Muehlemann was able to create the pool room by utilizing the space typically wasted under the three-car garage. “Usually the space under the garage is filled in with rocks, but by inserting prestressed concrete panels for support we were able to increase the lower level livable space by 1,700 square feet,” George says. “It is a very cost-effective way to add more living space to a home.” With summer just in the horizon, this modern mini beach house will be one of the most used spaces in this young family’s home. Especially with the hot summers St. Louis is known for. See for resources.


SMALL SCALE_0313.indd 64

2/4/13 5:55:39 PM

A hop, skip & jump away from everything you need for a beautiful water garden!

Contact our service department for pond construction and maintenance needs Visit us online: 7950 Watson Road 63119 314-962-5833


making a


With our wide variety of paver, brick and natural stone it is easy to customize patterns and colors to make a statement that is uniquely you. Come visit a showroom today - the possibilities are endless!

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STLH_March_13.indd 53

53 2/4/13 6:28:37 PM


Chilean Wine Family

Celebrates the Land’s Pure Bounty

Living alongside the Los Lingues vineyards in the Colchauga Valley region of Chile, the Undurraga family of Vina Koyle are a wine dynasty. BY Lorraine Raguseo PhotographY COURTESY OF Quintessential Wines

We hear the words “pure” and “natural” so often, particularly in reference to food and drink, that we tend to dismiss those terms too readily when, in fact, they can be exactly the right adjectives to use. For instance, Cristobal Undurraga and his family live right alongside the pristine Los Lingues vineyards in the Colchauga Valley region of Chile, in the foothills of the famed Andes Mountains. It is the best vantage point for this meticulous winemaker to appreciate the need to follow nature in the pursuit of making pure Chilean wines for Vina Koyle, which he owns along with his father, Alfonso Undurraga MacKenna, and two brothers, Alfonso and Max. They are the sixth generation of what can be rightfully called a Chilean wine dynasty and yet have eschewed the conglomerate mentality of their ancestors to get closer to the roots of their family’s original passion for crafting wines that speak to their place.


Cristobal has looked to the bounty of the land around him, the grass-fed beef on his neighbor’s farms, the fresh seafood coming from local rivers and streams (as well as the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean that laps up on Chile’s shores), the Chilean fruits and vegetables that are grown in the area and sold at the nearby markets. It is with this mandate to nature that Cristobal and his entire family approach winemaking. His father, brothers and he chose these vineyards in 2006, soon after they sold the world-famous Undurraga wine brand, for their superior terroir and the possibility that the vines could yield grapes of exceptional quality, without much intervention. In 2008, the first fruits of their labors were born in the shape of both a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Syrah, and they are hoping to take the vineyards into the organic and biodynamic realm within a few years.


CHEERS_0313.indd 70

2/4/13 5:42:34 PM

Even the wine’s name is a testament to nature and sense of place. “Koyle” is the native Chilean Indian name of the beautiful purple native plant that grows next to oak forests and blossoms with a much-demanded fruit. An endangered species, it can be found in the highest of the vineyards that the family own. The vineyards are often the scene of large family gatherings and parties, such as patriarch Alfonso’s 74th birthday bash, which was attended by his children, grandchildren and many other relatives and friends he has made over his many years as a force in the Chilean wine world. A whole roster of traditional Chilean foods, from spicy beef and cheese empanadas (meat pies, made from local beef ), to the famed Chilean Sea Bass (called Patagonian Toothfish in Chile and line-caught in frigid Pacific waters not too far from Antartica) baked with Moho Sauce (a delicious mix of

garlic, onions, cumin, black pepper, olive oil, lime juice and vinegar), and Maduros (oven-baked sweet plantains) were served at this feast, well-paired with the family’s best wines. While your authentic Chilean feast won’t feature produce quite as locally sourced as the Undurragas above, Missourians can now buy Chilean fruits and vegetables, Chilean Sea Bass and even some meats like lamb in local grocery or specialty food stores. Or, better yet, replicate the aforementioned Chilean dishes with as much local produce as you can find. Add a bottle of luscious Chilean red wine, and you can enjoy a pure and “natural” Chilean food and wine experience. See for resources.


CHEERS_0313.indd 71

MARCH 2013

55 2/4/13 5:43:07 PM

Quality Kitchen Appliances for EvEry BudgEt


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Traditional Goes


Oftentimes a total room renovation is completely out of the question in terms of time and budget. An easy way to take a traditional dining room and make it more contemporary is to switch the fabric on your dining chairs. A modern, updated fabric can change the look of a room. BY MELISSA MAUZY

The Great Cover Up Schumacher #174822. Crazy Ikat flamestitch look. A very modern looking fabric to change the feel of the chair.

Savvy Surrounding Style Clarke & Clarke Samba Red (F0321/07) The aggressive color and metallic detail make this an excellent contemporary choice for a traditional chair. The large-scale diamond print, borrowed from the classics, but with gold detail creates a modern feel.


Savvy Surrounding Style, Clarke & Clarke Cha-Cha Ebony (F0323/03) A large-scale geometric print brings a cool contemporary vibe to this traditional piece. The chevron pattern and rich colors create a modern feel that complements the design of the chair.

Cindy Kistner, G.M. Doviekis Linen blend ikat pattern: Pindler and Pindler P2020 Shawnee: Punch The vibrant pinks and oranges of this large-scaled ikat fabric can be fun, yet remain sophisticated if used sparingly. Pair with a solid natural linen fabric and a distressed, warm driftwood chair frame to calm the busy lines of the chair and let the colorful ikat sing!


BRIGHT IDEA_0313.indd 74

2/5/13 3:50:43 PM

Allen Interior Furnishings Over 20 years experience

Interior Design Resource Center Floor coverings

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$2,500 SAYS WE CAN TURN YOUR DREAM KITCHEN INTO REALITY. $1,000 instant savings when you purchase


Any full-sized built-in,integrated, or PRO 48 refrigeration


Any size range (gas or dual fuel) or any size wall oven with any size rangetop or 30” or 36” cooktop

$1,500 on up to 3 additional products $500 + $500 + $500 500 savings on each.* $

*Applicable to all products excluding microwaves and accessories

35 Years Providing aPPliances to award-winning Homes

14548 Manchester Rd. St. Louis, MO 63011 • 636.394.1600 STLOUISHOMESMAG.COM MARCH 2013 STLOUISHOMESMAG.COM NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012

STLH_March_13.indd 59

59 2/5/13 9:39:51 AM


Gail Doviekis, G.M. Doviekis Pearson # 6520:94 Animal prints are classic and never go out of style. The scale is small enough to use with other prints, but still holds its own when used alone. This fabric would look great on the chair in its original cherry finish, or would look fabulous re-finished in a dark espresso stain.

LuLu Belles Ikat/Onyx by Brentwood Textiles Simple and understated, this Ikat pattern adds a modern look to the traditional chair. The crisp colors bring out the pattern on the fabric.

Niche Zinc Textiles Marbleous Racing #Z257/12:Â Nature inspired motifs, such as feathers, florals (in this fabric, marble) and chevron patterns continue to be popular. Emerald green and flat silver continue to trend as well. This fabric selection is a great representation of all of these aesthetics.

Niche Romo Amadei Viridian #7488-05:Â Bright colors such as lime green and turquoise are trending, as well as horizontal stripes - the wider the better. This fabric combines these two trends.

Gail Doviekis, G.M. Doviekis Suzani print: Kravet # 31421:411 Zigzag print: Kravet # 32541:411 I chose this wonderful Kravet suzani print in a subtle yellow/gray/oatmeal texture, and paired it with a coordinating zigzag horizontal stripe. I would position the suzani print on the seat and inside back, and place the zigzag on the outside back, for an interesting contrast. I would paint the chair/s a charcoal color in a lacquer finish, to give the chair an update.



BRIGHT IDEA_0313.indd 76

2/5/13 3:51:09 PM

St. LouiS’ MoSt AwArd-winning Kitchen & BAth FirM Kitchens of the year Platinum award winner

From custom cabinetry to Full Kitchen & Bath remodeling

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61 2/5/13 9:44:54 AM



Kitchen Cabinetry Style, Form & Function By Barb Wilson

Consulted by Glen Alspaugh Kitchens & Baths, Baygents Company, Marc Christian Fine Cabinetry, Beck/Allen Cabinetry, National Kitchen & Bath and Cabinetry by Design


by a host of design genres, from arts and crafts to modern industrial, the contemporary kitchen presents virtually unlimited opportunities to express your individuality. Although trends change rapidly, cabinetry remains the foundation of today’s well-designed kitchen. Many authorities trace the origin of modern cabinet styling to the Biedermeier period (1815-1848). Based on utilitarian principles and geometric shapes, Biedermeier was a simplified interpretation of


French Empire design that shunned excessive ornamentation and the dark formality of mahogany in favor of cherry, ash, oak and walnut. Simple and functional, as well as beautiful, the style regained popularity following World War II. Since the 1940s, contemporary design has reflected strong European influences, particularly Italian, German and Scandinavian, but today’s open-plan kitchens – fully visible from living spaces – have become increasingly eclectic and international in style.

Influenced by Scandinavian design. Form is as important as function. Spanned the transition from organic to man-made materials (stainless steel, laminates). Lack of molding and ornamentation. Unembellished, straight lines, symmetry. Neutral colors. Frameless, slab cabinet doors. Full overlay, stain or paint, teak, cherry or maple. Photography courtesy of Poggenpohl.

Artesio Walnut, by Poggenpohl



SPOTLIGHT_0313.indd 70

2/5/13 12:24:12 PM


No-frills, raw utilitarian style. Clean lines, natural materials, muted colors. Contemporary fixtures and materials can be mixed with antique pieces for a slightly rough, pleasantly “unfinished� look. Photography courtesy of Crestwood and Wood-Mode.

Almic Blue, by Crestwood

Expressions, by Wood-Mode

INTERNATIONAL Minimalist Asian design, such as Mizuki, currently popular. Assorted materials, from stainless and chrome to bamboo and maple. Geometric lines blend well with Western styles, from Craftsman to contemporary. Works equally well with black painted Shaker or shoji doors. Just a few short years ago, stark whites, exotic veneers, polished chrome and the reintroduction of handles were au courant in European kitchen styling. The latest contemporary designs from Europe, however, are becoming increasingly eclectic, with colors and materials combined freely. Unmatched cabinetry mixes woods with glossy materials, darker base with lighter upper cabinets, and limed oak is making a comeback. Cabinet pulls and knobs are invisible, and metal finishes are changing, as well, with graphite and oil-rubbed bronze taking preference over stainless steel. Photography courtesy of Poggenpohl and Wood-Mode.

Artesio, by Poggenpohl

Modern History, by Wood-Mode


SPOTLIGHT_0313.indd 71


2/5/13 12:23:58 PM


Harmonizes the warmth of traditional design with the sleek profiles, understated colors of contemporary styling. Warm neutrals, accented with chocolate or espresso. Invites contrast – gentle curves with rigid lines, traditional materials with stainless steel, paneled cabinets with minimalist hardware. Wood finishes can be light, mid-range or dark. Photography courtesy of Crestwood and William Ohs.

Above: Heartland, by Crestwood. Right: American Transitions, by William Ohs

CONTEMPORARY Streamlined, but embraces curves. Sleek, smooth surfaces. Allows for asymmetry and variation. Wide range of materials and finishes – stainless steel, chrome, frosted glass inserts, high-gloss materials and laminates, natural woods and horizontal grains, exotic veneers. Monochromatic or bold color schemes. Full overlay slab panel doors and drawer fronts, pole pulls. Can be integrated with Shaker, Mission and Scandinavian styles. Photography courtesy of Williams Ohs and Bremtown.


Left image: Soft contemporary, Designer Choice Syle, by William Ohs. Right: Contemporary, by Bremtown


SPOTLIGHT_0313.indd 72

2/5/13 12:25:47 PM




Surrounding Style 9753 Clayton Road St. Louis, Missouri 63124 PHONE: 314-432-SAVY WEB: BLOG:

Call us for new iron projects and repairs to existing handrails and fencing.

314~535~2022 Showroom conveniently located at

1315 S. Vandeventer, St. Louis, MO STLOUISHOMESMAG.COM MARCH 2013

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Accessories are “jewelry for the home” Let Ellen Kurtz Interiors complete your home or commercial design. Get ready for style

Call today!

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Everything Old is

New Again


A CWE loft uses soft colors, classic materials and rustic elements to create a new take on modern décor. By Katie O’Connor Photography by Anne Matheis

Painting by Eileen Mitchell, Gale Creations

With its exposed brick wall, sculptural rug, sleek drapes and tonal palette of soothing grays and taupes, this dining room in a Central West End loft strikes a warm, modern vibe. But when Joni Spear of Joni Spear Interior Design first saw her client’s space, it was a bit plain Jane. “It was pleasant, but it looked almost like a model home—it lacked pizzazz,” she explains. So Joni began to add some interest to the space, removing the wall-to-wall carpet in favor of a rug and adding window treatments to soften the view. The wall color would remain—the homeowner had recently had the space painted and didn’t want a lot of color. “But I had a nice palette to work with; the color is very neutral,” Joni says. Instead of vibrant color, she relied on rich texture to add depth, using wool mohair on the back of the chairs, raw silk in the drapes and a rug with varied piles, resulting in a sculptural feel.


Interestingly, the furnishings in the sleek space were inspired by cottage living. The homeowner had given Joni a directive: “He said to me, ‘One day, I want to buy a cabin or a cottage, and I want to bring anything I purchase with me,’” she explains. “And that inspired the nature thing—the birds and the twigs in the fabric on the chairs, the rug looks like a tree trunk.” Throughout the open loft, Joni combined antiques, one-of-a-kind pieces, rustic elements and modern art, and she continued this approach in the dining room. The wood table is rustic, but its metal border lends it a modern edge, for example, and a modern print on the wing back chairs updates their classic form. The result is simultaneously cottage chic and quite modern. “Even though each piece might not be considered ‘modern’; all together, it’s a very clean, modern space,” Joni says. See for resources.


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Complimentary Consultation

Teddy Karl,

principal designer Allied Member ASID

Designer fabrics & wall coverings Custom window treatments and bedding Custom furniture and upholstering A full service Interior Design Studio with a wonderful selection of gifts and accessories

9708 Clayton Road in Ladue 314.995.5701

St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles' annual

of the


Fred Bruning Homes, inc

Does your bath overflow with style?

if you are the owner or designer of a brilliant bathroom, enter our Baths of the Year contest. Winning baths will be featured in the August 2013 issue of St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles. Entry deadline is May 3. For more info, e-mail To download an entry form, go to


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2/5/13 11:04:49 AM


Places to go, things to do and see and people who are leaving their mark on the world of style.

Irish Island Escape By Christine Soucy Photography Courtesy of Gordon and Mary Gregg

When Gordon and Mary Gregg decided to buy property on Achill Island in Ireland, they did so out of love of the land and a strong family connection to the “cottage.” Now a beautiful vacation home, it began as a simple cottage built by Mary’s first cousin, once removed. The original cottage became the home's hearth room, complete with bold beamed

ceilings and a turf fireplace. The renovated home retains a distinctly traditional Irish feel, making it the perfect escape. Architect Lauren Strutman designed the home, capitalizing on its beautifully unrefined coastal and mountain views. Panacea, as the Greggs named their home away from home, means “a cure for everything.”

Bringing the Barn to Downtown By Catherine Rolwes Photography BY Aaron Bunse, AtotheBPhotography

The newest Pi Pizzeria location at The MX in downtown St. Louis is the winner of an AIA Merit Award for interior. The building emphasizes Pi’s interests in fresh ingredients and sustainable practices with the use of reclaimed barnwood. Hot rolled steel, black slate tile, gypsum board and metal studs were used to emphasize negative and positive space


throughout. The modern design complements the shopping, dining and entertainment business within The MX. Architects Kyle Nottmeier, Tom Niemeier and Elizabeth Cockrell of SPACE designed the project and ICS Construction Services Ltd. served as the general contractors.


CONNECT_0313.indd 22

2/4/13 5:44:36 PM

A smooth homecoming for iconic Terminal 1 By Christine Soucy Photography BY Sam Fentress

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport Terminal 1 has been restored to its original grandeur. Minoru Yamasaki’s iconic structure welcomes visitors and residents into our city, but over the years building repairs and unnecessary clutter marred its elegant simplicity. Exp cleaned up Terminal 1, giving it a modern look, while simultaneously shifting back to Yamasaki’s original design. Most notably, the concrete vaults and skylights were restored. The vaults were originally surfaced with smooth plaster, but that was then replaced

with a spray-on acoustical finish. Exp returned the vaults to their original smooth plaster appearance, making them both more aesthetically pleasing and easier to maintain. Energy-efficient LED lighting replaces the old fluorescent tubes and allows the airport to get creative with its coloring for special events. The improvements focus on attaining a more comfortable and convenient passenger experience.


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71 2/4/13 5:45:26 PM

St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles provides unparalleled access to local home and design resources. Go to In the top right-hand corner, click on VIEw DESIgN PorTfolIoS.

(636) 230-9700 255 Lamp & Lantern Village Town & Country, MO 63017 PhotograPhy by ANNE MATHEIS

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KB &


Spring is a great time to freshen up the look of your home. Custom cabinetry and woodwork is our passion - let us show you how to make that space work, beautifully. Call us for a free, no obligation consultation.

314-739-7888 11460 Dorsett Road, Lower Level • Maryland Heights, MO 63043

Full line lighting showroom featuring top lines at the best prices Open to consumers & The Trade

1943 South Vandeventer • 314-533-2227


receive an entire Year of SLHL for onlY


Nine Fabulous Issues

Kitchen° Yea‡


~f the

Design Styles

All About kitc hen s pages of inspiration


To take advantage of this special offer, send your check along with name, address and telephone number to:

St. Louis Homes and Lifestyles 255 Lamp & Lantern Village, Town and Country, MO 63017 Or call Barney at 636-230-9640 ext. 27 Please make sure to reference slHl winter



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INTERIORS & ANTIQUES Circa 1860 / 1880

“Collectors Item” A Fine Example of our Unique Items this Antique Apothecary Cabinet is one of many Newly Arrived Antiques adding a Distinctive Novelty to your Home. Please visit Suttonwood Interiors and Antiques at our 16,000 sq.ft. Showroom in Soulard.

1301 Gravois Ave. (In Soulard) St. Louis, Missouri 63104 314-781-5444

“Making One Button Do it All” 636.442.1616

Home Automation | Lighting & Shade Control | Climate Control | Security & Surveillance | Whole Home Audio/Video | Commercial Automation

3312 #1 Rue Royale | St. Charles, MO | 63301

Uncompromising quality ensures your satisfaction. Over 90% of our new clients come from satisfied customer referrals!

Kitchen & Bath Design service complete professional remoDeling 2013


Kitchen of the Year

Kitchen of the Year

Family owned & operated since 1978.

for inspired elegance, visit our showroom

23-B Kettle River Drive, Glen Carbon, Illinois (Just south of Goshen Road off Hwy 159)

Mon-Fri 9-5, Mon & Wed evenings by appt. 618.692.0037 •



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Good Life Inside and Out


Find us on Facebook!


Exclusive Outdoor Furniture


11769 Manchester Rd. • Des Peres, MO 63131 314-966-0800 •

Design and Cabinetry 10826 Galt Industrial Drive St. Louis, MO 63132


Visit St. Louis’ Best

Bar-B-Que Store

Turtle Creek Pottery & SJ Pottery

Rowe Pottery & Bennington Pottery

American Made

Old House in Hog Hollow

14319 Olive Blvd, Chesterfield, MO 63017 (one mile west of 141 & 4 miles east of Chesterfield Mall) Hours: Mon-Sat 10-5 (314) 469-1019

We Specialize in Area Rugs! More Selection at Sale Prices! Over 8,400 Rugs Borders • Custom Rugs • Sisals • Runners • Solids • Modern • Florals • Chinese Needlepoints • Dhurries • Machine Mades • Hand-Knotted • Orientals

Volume Carpet St. Louis’ Best Kept Secret 8994 Manchester (2 blocks West of Brentwood) • 314-963-7847


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COMMITMENT TO QUALITY & EXCELLENCE Variety of Glaze finishes Countertops: Granite • Corian • Tile • Laminate • Marble • Quartz Cabinet Woods: Cherry • Hickory • Maple • Alder Central 314.772.1611 • 3122 S. Kingshighway, St. Louis, MO 63139 West 636.394.3655 • 14381 Manchester Rd., Manchester, MO 63011

Your taste. Your style. Your budget. Everything you need from concept to completion.

636-344-0147 Franchise Opportunities Available




carpentry • foundation repair remodeling • design services outdoor services


DRAPERIES • UPHOLSTERY • BEDDING & MORE! The Shoppes at Tallbrooke 11676 Manchester Road 314-991-0020


Gary Kimberlin, Owner Kevin Howard, Production Manager 4835 Towne South, St.Louis, MO 63128 c 314-910-7707 • 314-845-2029 •


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making life... CLEARER. SMARTER. EASIER.

State-of-the-art products Innovative entertainment environments


ECLECTIC 314-657-7089

The Porch Rustic E legant HOME DECOR

imagine. design. create. natural stone & quartz countertops glass / stone & porcelain tile installations

STONE and TILE design, inc.

636-273-3745 | 16957 Manchester Rd | Wildwood, MO 63040 The-Porch-by-Nettie-White

4556 Tholozan Avenue St. Louis, MO 63116 314.771.1234 STLOUISHOMESMAG.COM

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MARCH 2013


2/5/13 11:17:52 AM

Castle Design


InterIor ArChIteCture InterIor DesIgn ProjeCt MAnAgeMent


117 West argonne ave. Kirkwood, Mo 63122 314-965-5250 | ExcEllEncE in DESiGn inStallation anD SalES

PhotogrAPhy by M. K. gAyDos


7707 Clayton Road Clayton, MO 63117 314-727-6622

We do it right.

Professional Member ASID

the furniture consignment shop


Consign & Design Galleries

Tea Room, Botanicals & Home Decor

sale & clearance 20% - 50% off all upholstery thru March 15th 16962 Manchester Road - Wildwood, Mo 63040 Phone: 636-273-6111


MARCH 2013

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Furniture ˜ Home Décor ˜ Accessories 4600 sq. Ft. oF consignment incluDing 8 gAlleries 314-394-2222 10036 mAncHester roAD, glenDAle, mo 63122 At tHe

1 mile eAst oF linDbergH sW corner oF sAppington & mAncHester

mon - Fri: 10Am - 6pm, sAt: 10Am - 5pm  sunDAy: 12 noon - 4pm


2/5/13 11:28:04 AM

Marketplace Known for our large selection of chandeliers!

Now available at

Lamps | Sconces | Furniture | Accessories | Jewelry

7014 Clayton Road Richmond Heights, MO 63117 314.645.2722 16957 Manchester Rd

All items shown subject to prior sale. May or may not be available.


BLUEBRICK renovation + construction, llc new custom homes | historic renovation remodeling | additions


421 Sappington Road Glendale Missouri 63122 (314) 966-9994


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A Mix of


Add a pop of modern decor to your home with one of these contemporary accents. For the March modern issue, we are giving away stylish finds for the home.

Art Deco Rug

Made with synthetic fibers, this beige, burgundy and green rug will add a modern touch to any space. 3 ft. 3 in. x 2 ft. 4 in. Courtesy of Volume Carpet

The Serving Peace Platter

This retro-gone-modern serving dish by Inspired Generations is made of polished aluminum. Perfect for hot or cold foods, the platter will bring a cool vibe to your next get together. Courtesy of Savvy Surrounding Style

Enter to Win! For your chance to take home one of these fantastic finds, visit



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Three French Hens

Spring Open House Fine Home Furnishings

20% off purchase

March 21st - March 24th *

Fine furniture Unique gifts Home accessories Interior design by appointment

St.Louis area’s most beautiful store! 16935 Manchester Road in Wildwood Phone - 636.458.8033 Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm & Sunday 12 - 4pm like us on facebook and win!

*Discounts not valid with other offers or previous purchases. Good only 3/21-3/24/13. Offers apply to regular priced items only.

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2/1/13 1:43:47 PM

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