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A family legacy of professional builders paired with a top-notch interior designer with an eye for style drives the inspiration for a St. Louis couple's forever home.


"This garden was created as an ever-evolving verdant tribute to the life and legacy of our mother and grandmother Susan Heard Smith, an artist, gardener and radiant spirit. Her sense of wonder and sheer delight serve to remind us to return to a place of gratitude, where the possibility of peace and joy is always available to us."

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28. 38.
9808 Clayton Road Ladue, MO 63124 314.993.6644 glenalspaughkitchens.com
Closet Design by Christine Paul, chrispaul@glenalspaugh.com Photography by Alise O’Brien Photography

A Stitch in Time

As a teenager, I convinced my Danish grandmother to teach me how to embroider. It wasn’t because I was passionate about the art of embroidery or that I dreamed of leaving my designs on endless pillowcases. I wanted to embroider beautiful flowers on my jeans! Not only did I embroidered many pillowcases and cloth napkins on my embroidering journey, eventually I honed my skills enough to earn a place at the table embroidering a quilt with my grandmother. My hand stitches improved and I liked to think they were almost as polished as Gramma’s, but she had years of practice on me and I could easily tell where my work stopped and her work started! Gramma was in her happy place whenever she was sewing, embroidering or crocheting, and I was happy to learn those skills from her as I was growing up. It kept me busy and the memories made were priceless.

I recently framed a beautiful piece of embroidery artwork designed and hand stitched by my great-grandmother, my grandmother’s mother who I never met. I see it everyday in my foyer and it warms my heart, similar to the warm feelings expressed by our featured homeowners living with treasures from their lives and travels. When Meghan and Michael Travis purchased their soon-to-be dream home, a historic University City built in 1924, they collaborated with Amie Corley, principal designer at Amie Corley Interiors, Lauren Strutman of Lauren Strutman Architects and Zak Baisch of Chouteau Building Group to make their dreams come true. The home had many great architectural features, but the team’s challenge became somewhat of a balancing act. Amie put it this way, in order for the home to truly benefit a modern family, we had to “keep enough of the good old and get rid of the bad old” (pages 18-27).

Gigi Lombrano, of Gigi Lombrano Interiors, experienced a totally different scenario while working with a custom builder’s parents. Mike Borzillo, president of AJ Borzillo, fulfilled his parents’ dreams of moving back to Sunset Hills by building a 5,900-square-foot home complete with an elevator, caregiver living quarters and a level of craftsmanship throughout the home second to none. The homeowners had traveled extensively throughout their 66 years together and collected fine artwork and sculptures during that time. Gigi, in keeping with their traditional home design, went “shopping” through the couples’ previous home and together they chose which pieces moved to the new home and which pieces did not make the cut (pages 28-37).

Although our feature stories describe two quite different homes, one old and one new, both homes are filled with furnishings and art that hold a special place in the homeowners hearts with the added bonus of lots of color throughout. As you enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful colors of nature this month. Take a stroll through your home and count the items you truly love and the memories they evoke. The sunshine these items bring will fill your home with joy and will put a smile on your face the rest of day.

My grandmother also gifted me her treadle Singer sewing machine, and I swear I can still hear that little machine humming away, a fond memory from many years ago.


HELLO slhl
Suzie Standing in front of a beautiful Scobis Company front door. Photography by Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton Pages 28-37. Pages 18-27.



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Catherine Martin, Gina Parsons, Jeanne Delathouder, Julie Brown Patton,

Ashley Gieseking, Anne Matheis, Brooke Lark, Chipper Hatt, Denis Lesak, Dmitry Chebanenko, Emily Minton Redfield, Erin Konrath Photography, Heather Talbert Photography, Karen Palmer, Laura De La Cruz, Marcella Hawley, Micheile Henderson, Sam Zide, Sundos Schneider, Zoe Miller



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Walk into and you’ll begin to experience kitchens and bathrooms differently. For over 10 years, we have brought the unexpected to our region. Unique brands and unlimited creative possibilities continue to make us the number one choice for designers, builders, contractors, and homeowners. What you thought about fixtures is fictional; visit us to immerse yourself in glamour.

Walk into and you’ll begin to experience kitchens and bathrooms differently. For over 10 years, we have brought the unexpected to our region. Unique brands and unlimited creative possibilities continue to make us the number one choice for designers, builders, contractors, and homeowners. What you thought about fixtures is fictional; visit us to; immerse yourself in glamour.

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Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year is softly nestled between pink and orange.

Tourangelle scene 1 peony wallpaper, by Designer’s Guild, available at Design & Detail.

Pantone, the authority on color, has deemed Peach Fuzz the color of the year for 2024. Peach Fuzz is a heartfelt peach hue bringing a feeling of kindness and tenderness, according to the experts. It’s a warm, cozy shade highlighting the desire for togetherness with others or for enjoying a moment of stillness and the feeling of sanctuary this creates. Poetic and romantic, a clean peach tone with a vintage vibe, PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz reflects the past yet has been refashioned with a contemporary ambience.

Left Bank art, available at Metro Lighting. Silky piped robe, available at Pottery Barn. Rust flower eucalyptus wreath, available at Blue Dahlia Designs. Amelie dishes in peach, available at Anthropologie. Summer siesta framed wall art by Minted for West Elm, available at West Elm.

What spaces would this colorway work best?

“Peach Fuzz would look amazing on walls in a bright and sunny four seasons room, or used on trim in a powder room with coordinating wallpaper.  How fun would this color be on a front door?!”

Megan Temple, Megan Temple Design.

“The soft Pantone color Peach Fuzz offers a fresh alternative to the traditional neutrals. When used in bedrooms and bathrooms it provides a calming and flattering backdrop. It is also the perfect color for a girl's room as an alternative to the traditional pink. As an accent color, Peach Fuzz pairs beautifully both with softer neutral and camel tones, as well as the high contrast black and white.  Mix it in subtly with throw pillows, or dramatically with lacquered furniture, or just go ahead and paint your walls!”

Jenny Rapp, JCR Design Group.

“This would be such an easy color to play on with wallpaper! I’d use it as the trim color or on a ceiling to complement a fun pattern. I’ve used this hue before in a playroom on all the trim and left the walls white, and it makes the room pop.”

Ashley Obradovits, Karr Bick.

“If you appreciate vibrant hues, consider transforming your bathroom with Peach Fuzz – it has the potential to be truly remarkable! Numerous tile choices can infuse the inviting warmth of peach fuzz while retaining a classic tile design. Imagine the charm of Zellige 4x4 tiles or a floor inspired by terracotta. This peach fuzz shade, reminiscent of nature, seamlessly complements natural elements, making it a perfect choice for your bathroom.”

Andrea Liston-Jones, Liston Design Build.

Lustered velvet Alastair shams, peach, available at Anthropologie. Peach dishes, available at Three French Hens. Jasper vase, available at Arhaus. Schumacher wallpaper, available at Three French Hens.


Warm peach and terra cotta wallpaper, available at Crate & Kids.


Handwoven kilim oversized lumbar

available at Metro Lighting.

Make it Your Own

Local design professionals weigh in on this year’s Color of the Year and how to incorporate it into your home.

“For interior design, Peach Fuzz might be a bit of a departure out of many people's comfort zones. A safe way to play with any trend can be through artwork and accessories. Peach Fuzz gives a sense of daybreak and spring, so some brighter artwork with sunrises and florals would be an option to try out this color in your home.” Kathleen Grim, interior designer, Srote & Co. Architects.

“An easy way to incorporate Peach Fuzz is to use it in small accents around your home as throw blanket or lamp. Peach Fuzz works well with Duck Egg Blue for a traditional aesthetic or Dark Teal for an Art Deco vibe. To use Peach Fuzz in a more modern way, pair it with gray or go monochromatic in your space.” Molly Archeski, interior designer, Srote & Co. Architects.

“Unless Peach Fuzz is your favorite color, we always recommend keeping trending colors to mere accents or accessories that can evolve or be changed out seasonally. We wouldn't recommend painting a wall or installing something permanent in this color. Peach Fuzz would be an excellent accent for pottery, pillows, throws, flowers, etc. It would be an excellent way to add some excitement to a gray or beige / neutral interior, or pair well with blue greens, camels, etc. I also would give the advice to not think of the accent color as so literal, you can seek out lighter or deeper versions to achieve this look and layer them for a more curated and less trendy look.” Chelsea Smith, Chelsea Design Company.

Shelton sofa living room, available at Ethan Allen. Peach ribbon vase, available at Ethan Allen. Organic peach velvet pillow, available at Crate & Barrel. Petra lumbar pillow cover, available at pillow,

Hand-blown stemmed drinking glasses, available in six colors, available at Three French Hens.

A Cocktail OF COLOR

Raise a glass and toast to spring with vibrant, colorful glassware.

Morgan wine glasses, set of 4, available at Anthropologie.

Confetti celebration trumpet flutes in blue, available at Pottery Barn.

Sunday collection lowballs in amethyst and yellow, available at Estelle Colored Glass. Atwell highball glass, available at Crate and Barrel.

Blown confetti drinking glasses, available at Blue Dahlia Designs. Multicolored drinking glasses, available at Blue Dahlia Designs. Fern Old-fashioned drinking glasses, available at Three French Hens. Sunday collection highballs pastel mixed set, available at Estelle Colored Glass.

Color Theory

Laura Wilson, owner of The Abbey, talks about how color can transform a home and some of her own tips and tricks for incorporating color.

Fitting Your Mood

When creating a color palette, the first thing I would recommend is to ask yourself “what colors speak to you?” This is a great starting point. What atmosphere are you trying to create? Is it calm or vibrant? Cool tones create a calm atmosphere and warm tones make it more vibrant. Your home is an extension of you, so I would say true to what you really love and are drawn to. The most beautiful homes, in my opinion, are when a home reflects the personality of the person who lives there!

Color Coordinated

I believe in having one consistent color that actually touches every room in some way. I would choose that color to be fairly neutral to create a cohesive look throughout your home. For example, let’s say the color black, in each room there should be a piece of furniture, lamp, wall color or pillow that is black. It really creates balance throughout your home.


Complementary Combos

The best way to layer colors is to find tones that are complementary to each other. If you want to achieve a monochromatic look then using different tones of the same color is the best way to accomplish that. A bolder look would require using colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. For example, combining blue and orange.

Mix and Match

The easiest way to add color to your space is with pillows, artwork and accessories! It is so much fun to change these out periodically for a fresh new look, not to mention it is an easy affordable way to freshen things up from season to season! To keep away from color regret, I would say stay away from any color that is trendy when making large purchases or committing to something permanent like paint color or cabinets—take your risks on accessories and pillows.

Personal Style

The biggest challenge when using color is selecting paint. It is such a commitment and a big decision. My recommendation would be to paint swatches in several places throughout your house so you can see the tones in different areas. Once you’ve selected your paint, my favorite way to incorporate additional pops of color is through pillows and fresh flowers! In the end, be faithful to your own tastes because nothing you really like is ever out of style. See stlouishomesmag.com for resources.

Jeff Day & Associates jeffdayllc.com Lauren Strutman Architects P.C. laurenstrutmanarchitects.com Schaub Projects Architecture + Design schaubprojects.com Donna F. Boxx, Architect, P.C. boxxarchitect.com

These architectural firms are doing some of the best work in the Greater St. Louis area. We’re proud to call them our architect partners. Look to them first for your next project.

Srote & Co Architects sroteco.com Dick Busch Architects dickbuscharchitects.com Brendel Architects, LLC brendelarchitects.com William D. Cover, Architect LLC williamdcoverarchitect.com

Tradition with a Twist

Osteria Forto's Italian Menu Mixes the Familiar With Tantalizing New Twists

Distinguished dinners, drinks and d esserts are served at a delectable Italian restaurant in O’Fallon, Missouri. Osteria Forto opened December 2023 at 2509 State Highway K.

Spouses Elizabeth “Liz ” and Dominic Pietoso co-own the restaurant. They previously operated a Cecil Whittakers Pizzeria in Creve Coeur at which once weekly they hosted a sold-out "osteria night" serving varying in-house, homestyle Italian food. Joining this duo as the

trattoria’s chef is Dominic's father and namesake of this new family operation, Fortunato Pietoso, who cooked for decades in St. Louis restaurants, including John Mineo's, Giovanni's on the Hill and Café Napoli.

“We’ve been evolving our Italian recipes and menu selections for years and wanted to create a welcoming neighborhood place to go, equally great for after work or for birthdays and anniversaries,” assures Liz. “We hope everyone feels at ease.”

Upscale, unique dining runs deep in this family’s food DNA and careers. Fortunato was born in Italy and had three siblings, including his older brother, St. Louis restaurateur Tony Pietoso of Café Napoli. After returning from serving in the U.S. Army, Dominic fine-tuned his casual and fine dining food skills as general manager of Nicola's Ristorante in Cincinnati, Ohio, which was founded and owned by his uncle, Nicola Pietoso. Additionally, the two nephews of Liz and Dominic, 16 and

Photography by Sam Zide

Osteria Forto

Monday, April 22, 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery, 17895 Chesterfield Airport Rd. Chesterfield, MO 63005

Cooking School Menu

Antipasti (Appetizer): Meatballs served as a traditional meat and veal meat sauce.

Primi Piatti: Pomodoro pasta with a cherry tomato and basil sauce.

Dessert: Vanilla panna cotta with a blueberry coulis purée.

Reserve your seat online: stlouishomesmag.com/events

RSVP by calling 636-230-9640, ext.

19 years of age, now are working at Osteria, learning the business.

“Dominic ’s parents used to make his baby food out of pasta and calamari, and would send him school lunches of seafood pasta instead of peanut butter and jelly,” Liz quips.

In I talian, the word "osteria" means a place serving wine and specialty food. Known in the new Osteria kitchen simply as Forto, this chef creates classic Southern Italian cuisine, some with contemporary twists. As the restaurant’s pastry chef, Liz makes desserts in-house from scratch.

The 3,224-square-foot space of Osteria Forto seats 65 guests inside, including 15 at the bar and another 40 on the patio. The restaurant is open Tuesdays through Thursdays 4-9 p.m., plus Fridays and Saturdays 4-10 p.m.

Dominic, a Level 1 sommelier, says antipasti options include eggplant parmesan, calamari fritti, shrimp fra diavolo, Faroe Islands mussels and signature item, lobster al forno.

Dishes span seafood pescatore, tagliatelle bolognese, penne alla vodka, linguine mare e’ monti, rigatoni carbona americana, penne sorrentina, pan seared scallops and prime ribeye. “My go-to on the menu is pork rib chop saltimbocca,” says Dominic.

He adds their modern Italian offerings will “slowly expand over time” to provide different recipes new to the St. Louis area. “For spring, we plan to add a lighter touch to sauces and more fresh vegetables.”

Liz says desser ts include panna cotta with seasonal flavors, tiramisu, tre amici chocolate cake, multiple flavors of gelato and seasonal fruit sorbet.

Whatever tweaking the Pietoso family employs at Osteria Forto, Dominic says they will remain focused on nice food served in a warm, elegant ambience. See stlouishomesmag.com for more information.

Seating is limited. Cooking School with $35 PER PERSON
27 or email bosterloh@stlouishomesmag.com

sweeping foyer featuring an elegant staircase creates an Old-World sense of grandeur upon entering this gorgeous home in Sunset Hills. Grounded with a plush area rug capturing the home’s rich color palette, the great room houses the couple’s collection of antique furniture and spectacular artwork.

By Jeanne de Lathouder / Photography by Anne Matheis Interior Design by Gigi Lombrano Interiors Home Builder A.J. Borzillo / Architect Dick Busch Architects A


A family legacy of professional builders paired with a top-notch interior designer with an eye for style drives the inspiration for a St. Louis couple's forever home.

For a couple looking t o retire in their beloved Sunset Hills neighborhood, there was no better scenario than to have their builder son step in to make it happen. Mike Borzillo, who is now president of the family business, A.J. Borzillo, has been honing his expertise as a custom homebuilder since age 16. Growing up in a family of professional builders, he became an accomplished carpenter and contractor, working alongside his father. Mike's superior craftsmanship and hands-on approach have provided many St. Louis families with the homes of their dreams.

His parents' forever home is a testament to his eye for detail and bespoke design. Meticulously planned just for them, this dwelling tells the story of their lives while offering a sanctuary where they can comfortably age in place. Everything they need is on the main floor,

and a residential elevator allows effortless access to all three levels. Additionally, a private suite is upstairs to accommodate a live-in caregiver if needed.

A new build in a gorgeous subdivision that backs up to Sunset Hills Country Club, the 5,900-square-foot property boasts picturesque views overlooking the fifth fairway. Easily accessible, the home sits at the end of a quiet cul de sac at Sunset Reserve. "It was nice to build a home for my parents and help them fulfill their dream of moving back to Sunset Hills," says Mike, who collaborated with designer Gigi Lombrano, ASID, of Gigi Lombrano Interiors and Dick Busch of Dick Busch Architects on this special project.

As former builders, the couple have lived in many homes and amassed a beautiful furniture collection over the years. Since they

A treasured antique commode punctuated with a dynamic framed artwork provides a quiet vignette in the great room. Lemongrass cabinetry steals the spotlight in the kitchen, along with a lustrous island illuminated by striking black metal pendant lights. The dining room’s black buffet serves as an anchor to one of the homeowner’s favorite paintings.

were leaning toward a casual, traditional look, they wanted to update some of their existing furniture to make it feel fun and fresh. "We started by 'shopping at home' to do an inventory of what would make the cut for the next phase of their lives," says Gigi. "They also have a lot of artwork and sculptures that had to be considered, and they were determined not to bring something just because they owned it."

Various hues of blue, green, red, black and warm beige define the main color palette throughout the home, ensuring a warm ambience. Textured fabrics with compelling patterns provide a tactile element, bringing richness and depth to each space. Surprising splashes of wallpaper create a sense of drama and visual interest, making certain rooms pop amid a transitional backdrop. "We chose to go with traditional architecture," says the homeowner. "Some key features include open spaces, raised ceilings and beautiful moldings. We tried to keep things simple and neutral—but each space has its own personality."

A wall of windows overlooking the fifth fairway of the country club defines the living area, creating a dynamic focal point. Other distinguishing features include an elegant marble fireplace surround with a simple mantel that allows the

stunning artwork above to take the spotlight. In the kitchen, 10-foot cabinets painted in a charming lemongrass hue counterbalance the sleek, upscale appliances and cherry island. And in the dining room, a refined mixture of French and traditional décor gracefully incorporates a country French table and chairs juxtaposed with a contemporary crystal chandelier.

"The couple have traveled extensively, and it was such fun to find new homes for many of their favorite treasures," notes Gigi. "Since this was a new house, many of their things were shifted into other spaces or hung in new areas to create a completely different look from their former home. The lighting was another key element in keeping the house fun and not overly formal or heavy."

The use of color supplied the groundwork for each room. In the kitchen, the cabinetry's green undertone informed the choice of countertop surfaces and paint hues. A turquoise cabinet the homeowner spotted in a showroom inspired the mudroom palette, prompting embellishments of a whimsical bird wallpaper and a splashy red upholstery fabric covering the built-in seat. In the great room, the painting over the fireplace drove the color palette. "I love that piece, and the


A sweeping vaulted ceiling in the primary bedroom befits the grand proportions of a stunning antique armoire. The area rug emerged as a surprising “find” in the couple’s storage, providing the perfect size and color scheme. In the primary bathroom, a transitional wallpaper wrapped the room in a serene, neutral palette.

homeowners say it's mine per the will," laughs Gigi. "We chose a spectacular area rug that reiterates all the hues of the painting and combined that with the couple's existing sofa to create a fun, updated look."

In the dining area, a lively print on the drapery panels complements the elegant blue walls, enhancing the room's tall and narrow windows. Gigi incorporated asymmetrical panels with textured sheers underneath that create the illusion of width, lending a sense of grandeur. For the powder room, drama was a key component manifested with a bold wallpaper with a rich, black background. In the primary bathroom, the wallpaper was once again the star of the show. Its transitional pattern and color elevate the room's aesthetic and blend seamlessly with the primary bedroom, which includes a vaulted ceiling, expansive windows and a private deck. "In the study, we went for broke with a metallic cork wallpaper," laughs the designer. "This softens the cherry stained wainscot panels and provides a stunning shift of light over the walls." The undoubtedly masculine space also features cherry stained ceiling beams, a cozy fireplace and the husband's favorite paintings and collectibles. "It was such an honor and a privilege that Mike trusted me with the design work for his parents," says Gigi. "They are wonderful people, and it was heartwarming—especially since I recently lost both of my parents."

"This is not just a house but a home," says the owner, "filled with souvenirs and objects found along the way of our 66 years of marriage and 60+ years in our family business. It is a haven from the busy world, which is all we have ever strived for." See stlouishomesmag.com for resources and additional photos.

Custom draperies with dressmaker details pair with patterned wallpapers to bring refined embellishments throughout the home. Bottom right: The study features a gleaming metallic cork wallpaper that brings a wow factor to the room’s distinguished artworks and collectibles. Rustic dark-stained beams create satisfying contrast to the sunroom’s white vaulted ceiling.


"This garden was created as an ever-evolving verdant tribute to the life and legacy of our mother and grandmother Susan Heard Smith, an artist, gardener and radiant spirit. Her sense of wonder and sheer delight serve to remind us to return to a place of gratitude, where the possibility of peace and joy is always available to us. "

Marcella Hawley had spent her entire life around beautiful flowers. But until she planted her own beds in Webster Groves, she had no idea of the healing power of a garden.

Growing up in Kirkwood as Marcella Spanogle, she had only to look out her bedroom window at the showstopping landscape filled with daffodils and iris, created by her mother Susan Heard Smith. An illustrator for Hallmark cards with a master’s degree in painting, Susan used her artistic talents to create a gorgeous garden and home that drew both local and national attention from television, newspapers and magazines.

Her skateboarding, music-loving daughter absorbed her surroundings. After obtaining a BFA degree in graphic design from the University of Illinois-Champaign, Marcella accepted a job with a printing company in central Illinois. That company published the catalog of the Illinois-based, internationally known Klehm Nursery, specializing in the production of peonies, daylilies, hostas and a wide variety of other garden plants.

Already a fan of innovative shelter magazines such as Martha Stewart Living, Marcella combined her own watercolors, inspirational quotations, and beautiful typography with more standard photography


to design a unique catalog. Not only was it an information guide to the company’s horticultural stock, the catalog doubled as a plant picture book that could be treasured for its beauty alone. Martha Stewart’s art director was on the mailing list for the catalog, noticed Marcella’s talent while researching a story on peonies and offered Marcella a job as assistant to the art director of Martha Stewart Living.

After working in the east for several years, Marcella “came home to a message on my answering machine from Mary Engelbreit (the St. Louis-based artist who created a line of greeting cards, home décor and publications.) She was starting a decorating magazine and invited me to come back to St. Louis to interview to be the art director” of what became Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion, published between 1996 and 2010.

Marcella then took her experience and left to pursue other artistic endeavors. Always an entrepreneur, she threw herself into a variety of freelance graphic design projects and created Power Poppy, a digital and clear stamp design business while raising two children. She also rekindled her love for skateboarding. At an “Old Man Skate Night," she re-connected with Doug Scronce, whom she had known as a teenager. The two married and began raising a blended family of four children.

Her life turned upside down in 2016, when her mother, mentor and best friend died from breast cancer. Marcella first reacted by keeping busy, as she describes it, “bypassing the hole in my heart and continuing my autopilot go-go-go lifestyle.” Even her own bout with breast cancer did not slow her down.



There was, however, another plan for her life. The same i nner voice that made her mother need to dig in the dirt and create a beautiful garden began whispering to Marcella. “My Mom and I were so alike and so close. She had been encouraging me my whole life; been my biggest supporter and cheerleader. I had to become my own person; find a way to make myself feel like she made me feel,” Marcella explains. “Healing for me is to feel the way that she made me feel when she was alive; feeling all the things she loved.”

Creating her own garden became a way to re-connect with her mother and express her gratitude for all she had been given, while charting her own landscaping path.

Since her back garden ar ea was small and confined, Marcella’s previous gardening efforts had focused on containers. To garden in earnest, she needed to dig up her sloping front yard. She broke ground in 2018 and did not start small. Her first order for 3,000 assorted bulbs, particularly the daffodils her mother so loved, needed to be planted in the fall before the ground froze.

“Holy Mole y, the crazy plan I came up with on paper was like going on blind faith,” she says laughing. “When you plant perennials and bulbs in the fall, you have no idea what the river of daffodils and tulips will look like in the spring. I really didn’t know what I was doing. I just threw things together with my color sensibilities.” She called her landscape, The Slope of Possibility.

Marcella worked on the garden through the isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic, turning every shovel full of earth and compost herself and hand-lettering every plant label. “We had four kids doing school from home. I got to go outside and spend hours working in the garden. It got me outdoors and the days and weeks were uninterrupted. It gave me a chance to see something through and, because it is in the front yard, you can’t leave it. You have to keep going until every inch of yard is used up. I created my own little Holland.”


In creating this garden,” she reflects, “building it, digging it, I didn’t realize when I was doing it that it was a way to honor (my mother) by re-creating her actions. In transforming my garden and my yard, I was actually transforming myself. I feel so much more peaceful and grounded.”

The landscape first wakes up with a selection of dainty spring ephemerals such as trilliums and trout lilies that will die back when the weather heats up. Her first giant order of 3,000 assorted bulbs her mother would have totally understood. Along with those daffodils and tulips, came early spring flowering hellabores (Lenten roses) and, later, beloved peonies, a reflection of her days illustrating the Klehm Nursery catalog. Though the nursery is now out of business, much of the former Klehm stock is available through Hollingsworth Peony Farm in Skidmore, MO.

Marcella treats her tulips as annuals, ordering additional bulbs each fall. While they are blooming in spring, she “takes copious photos to remember where to plant replacement bulbs. Often she will mark the spots with annuals as an added guide. To gardeners hoping for repeat blooms from tulips, Marcella recommends smaller species tulips and Darwin hybrids with the word “Impression” in the bulb name.


To make bulb planting easier, she touts a drill with an auger bit as a game changer. “I put on music or a podcast as I walk through the garden and think of myself as Johnny Appleseed,” she jokes. “If I slice into an existing bulb, I treat that as a lesson in the impermanence of things.”

Gar dening, she believes, is a process. “I think of it more as a laboratory. I am always experimenting. A garden is not just about the individual plants. It’s about how they work in combination, the relationship between the colors, shapes and sizes. Whether I have done it or the plants have simply reseeded, those relationships light me up.”“In creating this garden,” she reflects, “building it, digging it, I didn’t realize when I was doing it that it was a way to honor (my mother) by re-creating her actions. In transforming my garden and my yard, I was actually transforming myself. I feel so much more peaceful and grounded.”

Marcella is currently working on the creation of an online platform called The Perennial Optimist, books and videos that will use her illustrations to explore the relationship between humans, plants and earth cycles. “It is a way to spread the loving, awakening message that plants heal,” she says. More information on Marcella, her artwork and her many projects is available at marcellahawley.com. See stlouishomesmag.com for resources and additional photos.


Garden to Table

Edible flowers bring color and creativity to everyday meals.

With April showers come spring flowers, and the abundance of color ful blooms are sure to spark inspiration in the kitchen. For many gardeners, eating from the garden means eating vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots or cucumbers, but it doesn’t have to stop there! Edible flowers are a great way to incorporate color into your everyday meals.

Before you venture into the world of edible flowers, it is important to remember to be extremely careful when incorporating flowers into your meals. Some flowers are highly toxic and inedible, there’s also the risk of potential contamination if an edible flower has come into contact with an inedible flower. One of the best ways to ensure the

flowers you’re eating are safe is to cultivate your own garden of edible flowers. A common way to incorporate flowers into your diet is as a garnish. Take your morning toast to the next level with some borage, an herb with blue flowers, or sprinkle a few rose petals into your ice cream. For those looking to experiment in the kitchen,

Photography by Brooke Lark

Flavorful Flora

Curious about adding flowers to your everyday meals? Here’s a look into some of the most popular floral flavor profiles.

Roses: strawberry and green apple flavor

Marigold: notes of citrus and pepper Butterfly Pea (when in tea): mildly sweet floral flavor

Borage: cucumber-like taste

Nasturtiums: peppery, spicy flavor

Pansies: mild flavor with a slight sweet taste

Squash blossom: mild flavor that’s similar to squash, when uncooked can taste like a sweet radish

flowers, like lavender or pansies, can be added to baked goods for an extra splash of color. Once you’ve decided how you want to use edible flowers, it makes it easy to determine which type of seeds you need to buy to start your own garden, as well as the best spot to begin your new gardening adventure. For example, nasturtium seeds grow best when soaked for 24 hours and then planted in moist, warm soil. On the other hand, squash blossoms are grown by planting zucchini seeds and grow best when harvested frequently.

When it comes time to prep your flowers, the easiest way is to give them a quick rinse in room temperature water and then pat dry with a paper towel. If you’re dealing with more delicate flowers, you can give them a

quick wipe with a towel to remove any dirt from the petals. The flowers also need to be cleaned before use to help reduce exposure to pollen living on the stems. If you’re prepping the flowers for later, wrap them in a damp cloth and store them in the fridge. It’s important to note that most flowers are best right after being harvested; if left for too long they can lose their shape and grow mold.

Experimenting with edible flowers is a fun way to welcome the warmer months and dive headfirst into spring. Whether you’re planting your first lavender seeds or frying your first squash blossom, edible flowers will help you grow your gardening skills and expand your culinary tastes.

Photography by Micheile Henderson Photography by Denis Lesak Photography by Toa Heftiba

Grapes in the Garden

Grapes in the Garden, presented by Schnucks

Taste more than 250 wines, both int ernational and domestic, while enjoying live music and a beautiful spring evening in the Garden.

Wine specialists from Schnucks are available to answer questions and guide your sampling experience. Special case pricing is also available for wines sampled.

Ages 21 and older.

Grapes in the Garden is a rain-or-shine event. In the case of inclement weather, please plan accordingly.

May 10, 2024

5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Missouri Botanical Garden

Photography by Sundos Schneider


Rock Hill
Manchester Road 636.720.0455 CALL,
©2023 California Closet Company, Inc. Each California Closets ® franchised location is independently owned and operated. CALIFORNIACLOSETS . COM MO069_SLH&L_MakeRm_Entry_7.1x4.7_0523.indd 1 5/31/23 3:48 PM
STLOUISHOMESMAG.COM APRIL 2024 53 BauerFalls.com • 314-974-1360 BAUER FALLS Luxury Waterfalls SLABS. TILE. SINKS. 1540 Fairview Ave. St. Louis, MO 63132


The Moscow apartment of award-winning Russian designers is saturated in rich hues. Interior design by Anc Interiors Photography by Dmitry Chebanenko

In interior design, a blank space can be a plus or a minus, depending on your point of view. Architects and designers Petr Lukyanov and Kirill Ustinov faced that challenge with their apartment in Moscow, Russia, where they were looking for a space with great views of the city and the opportunity to create a comfortable space unique to them.

Petr says new Moscow apartments come with windows, concrete floors, and that’s about it. “After purchasing you make all the construction work,” says Petr, who owns ANC interiors with partner Kirill. On the plus side, the space had big windows, perfect views from its 40th-floor perch above the city and high ceilings, especially for a city apartment.

The designers, who have consistently been included in the Architectural Digest Russia listing of the country’s 100 best designers and architects, believe the key to good design is a comfortable floor plan and organized storage. In this flat, for example, built-in cabinetry provides ample storage while adding visual interest as a focal point for the living room. A sliding door hides the kitchen alcove when not in use.

Daring color makes the space appear more voluminous, Petr says. Saturating the living room’s built-in cabinetry, walls and ceiling in a bold royal blue makes the interior seem monolithic, he says, “and helps bring a drop of extraordinary and add volume to the space.”

Eclectic furnishings combine both classic and modern styling, with a tilt toward mid-century modern. A prized


example is a Jean Prouvé armchair by VITRA. Petr says VITRA made only five leather chairs in the color the designers own. “There is only one piece in Russia, which stands in this interior,” he says. The mid-century vibe is carried into the bathroom: twin, wall-mounted sinks and wall tiles with an industrial bent highlight the fuss-free space. The sink style was commonly found in European bathrooms in the 1950s and ‘60s, Petr says.

In their bedroom, a dramatic leaf-print wallpaper in shades of blue and terra cotta covers the headboard

wall, with the ceiling painted in a complementary burnt orange hue. Louvered wood shutters here and in the living room add an organic element and control just the right amount of light for relaxation and rest.

These bold, rich color schemes and a combination of classic and modern helped create a bright, yet relaxing space, says Petr. St. Louisans may soon see more of their design work; Petr says he and Kirill recently moved to St. Louis and have begun work for local clients.

See stlouishomesmag.com for resources.

STLOUISHOMESMAG.COM APRIL 2024 57 Distinctive Interiors • Renovations • New Construction At the Interior Design Center of Saint Louis 11622 Page Service Drive Saint Louis, MO 63146 314-706-2727 JCRdesigngroupstl.com
Kitchens + Baths Historic Renovations + Remodeling Additions + Exterior 314-324-1537 LADDSUYDAM.COM
Karen Palmer Photography



Strategic use of color transforms a bedroom into a historic haven

One vibrantly-hued item provided the inspiration for a colorful transformation in the bedroom of a home in Webster Groves. “We really started with the area rug that had been in their family,” says designer Karen Korn, owner of Karen Korn Interiors. “That is what inspired the color story. It had the reds and the blues in it. We were trying to coordinate with that area rug without taking away from it.”

They began with the neutral Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa 7551 on the walls. For all of the trim in the room, they used Sherwin-Williams Smoky Blue 7604, which according to the Sherwin-Williams website is a “velvety blue with grey undertones.” “The reason we went with that blue is that it needed that balance and saturation,” Karen says. “If we would have gone with a lighter color it would have faded away.” Painting the window trim blue gives the room an extra burst of color. “We thought the color needed to flow through the whole room,” she says.

It was impor tant that the room have a traditional look, as the homeowners love that aesthetic and it best matches the house. “They live in a historic home so they wanted it to be authentic to the history,” Karen explains. “They wanted it to be true to that traditional aesthetic.”

Cur tains in the same blue as the trim continue the color story. They trimmed the edge of the curtains with red. “We needed some kind of accent to bring the red to that area of the room—to balance the red from the carpet,” she says.


Karen had the existing panel molding painted in the Smoky Blue, and installed a harmonizing chinoiserie wallpaper within the panels. “The wallpaper complemented the rug, and it complemented the age of the house,” Karen says.

The homeowner had the perfect piece of furniture to use between two new chairs—a small table that the homeowner’s grandmother had handed down to them. “People just don’t do that anymore, and it makes such a difference in this room,” she says. Antique lamps already owned by the homeowners complete the traditional look.

The two chairs upholstered in blue fabric were new and custom made, as were the bench at the end of the bed, the red pillows trimmed in blue and the bedding. The wood flooring is original to the house, and needed nothing done to it. It all came together nicely. “I feel we did a really good job of honoring that era,” Karen says.

See stlouishomesmag.com for resources.



Virginia Tile

314-995-9900 • Virginiatile.com

Virginia Tile’s team of on-staff designers boasts a rich background in design and product training, poised to assist you seamlessly from the initial concept to the final installation. Our showroom provides an elevated shopping experience, featuring captivating displays that showcase vignettes and full-scale tiles, including the expansive range of large, gauged porcelain panels.

With a legacy dating back to 1928, Virginia Tile stands as a paragon of excellence, earning a distinguished reputation for delivering unparalleled products, exceptional customer service, and a keen adaptability to ever-evolving market trends. Central to our success is a thoughtfully curated selection of products that range from porcelain, ceramic, stone, glass, 2CM, and setting materials. This comprehensive range is meticulously tailored to cater to the diverse needs of both residential and commercial projects, ensuring that our clients find the perfect solution for their unique design visions and create the space of your dreams.

Island Stone, Waveline in Lagoon Gloss / Carmen Troesser Photography

Three French Hens

Rae Sutton 636-458-8033 / threefrenchhenswildwood.com

Three French Hens is celebrating our 20th Anniversary! With its third generation of ownership, and Rae Sutton as the lead designer, our 10,000 sq ft showroom is always changing and evolving. You’ll rarely find the same thing twice. Rugs, lighting, decor, fabrics, art, custom furniture and more can be found at Three French Hens with our fun and brilliant designers with years of experience ready to pull it all together. In-store or at-home, our design services are available for projects from total renovations to custom furniture to an accessory overhaul.

DESIGNERS IN DEMAND The Design Source LTD is celebrating 31 years with the exciting announcement of Julie Rahn as our new owner. With a deep respect for tradition and an eye towards the future, Julie and founder, Kris Keller are ready to infuse The Design Source with fresh perspectives and innovative approaches while staying true to its founding ethos. We are growing, changing, and developing the best NOW for everyone. Stay tuned… Many new adventures are already in the works!
Rahn and
Thedesignsourceltd.com • 636-391-7640 The Design Source We wanted you to be the first to know!


Our seasoned interior designers, with over 29 years of combined expertise, elevate living spaces through a holistic design and build approach. Each project has unique charm beyond aesthetics, seamlessly blending luxury with functionality. We prioritize efficient project coordination, clear communication, and strategic collaborations. Join us on a journey where every detail reflects our dedication to exceptional design and genuine homeowner concern, experiencing the perfect fusion of style and practicality for delightful living space transformations.

info@lakesiderd.com • 636-978-5000 • www.lakesiderd.com Lakeside
Kelci Krueger (center) Director of Interior Design Rachel Babcock (left) & Kelly Tempelmeier (right) Interior Designers


Alspaugh Kitchen & Bath

314-993-6644 • glenalspaughkitchenscom

Ken Henry is a senior designer at Alspaugh Kitchen & Bath and has been designing and selling projects for Alspaugh for 35 years. His art and architecture education, coupled with his work experience, has allowed Ken to express his creativity through his high-end kitchen and bath designs — always with fastidious attention to detail and exceptional organization. He has designed many other spaces in the home besides the kitchen and bath: closets, family rooms, complete lower levels, study’s, bars and more. Ken’s construction experience is an added benefit to builders, homeowners and interior designers he works with to complete projects that meet the highest expectations of the clients he serves.

KH Interiors, LLC

KH Interiors, is an award winning design-remodel collaborative. We create interiors that are comfortably classic, rich and relaxed. Interiors that reflect your spirit and give you a place to call home. It begins with listening to our clients about their dreams of how they see themselves in their surroundings. We share how design can make their home flow more beautifully and give meaning to their space. Our team then gets to work instinctively to recreate the home they once knew into a haven that reflects their true essence.

At KH Interiors, we ensure that every detail, every decision, and every moment is meaningful, intentional and gorgeous!

Alise O’Brien Photography


The Great Cover-up

Teddy Karl, Past President, Allied ASID

9708 Clayton Road, Ladue, MO 63124 314-995-5701 • greatcoverupdesign.com

The Great Cover-Up is a full-service interior design and home furnishings boutique. We offer interior design services including custom window coverings, custom furniture, re-upholstery, bedding, pillows, wallcoverings, accessories, lamps, and more. Unlike other design firms, We Don’t Charge An Hourly Rate which allows us to take pressure off our clients. This helps us create beautiful, fresh designs completed with time and care. We strive to make each client experience both time-honored and unique. Call or visit us today!

See my project on pages 28-37.

Gigi Lombrano Interiors

314-707-7291 • stlinteriordesigner@yahoo.com

Gigi Lombrano, ASID is an award-winning, high-end residential designer. She listens to clients so they realize their dreams, whether a custom build, a renovation, or a refresh. Known by some as the color whisperer, Gigi is deft at finding each client’s unique style. Gigi’s projects have been featured in many local magazines and Designer Show House. Gigi is a recipient of the St. Louis Homes + Lifestyles Design Hall of Fame.


Anne Marie Design Studio

Anne M. Boedges, President and Designer of Anne Marie Design Studio, LLC has been helping clients fall in love with their homes all over the St. Louis area since 2001. She obtained her BFA in Interior Design from Maryville University in St. Louis, MO.  She has previously taught the NKBA Bath Design Certification Course at St. Louis Community College.  Specializing in Kitchen and Bath Design, Anne’s positive and down to earth approach helps clients feel anything is achievable, and her unique attention to detail distinguishes her work amongst the rest. annemariestudio.com •

The Power of Textiles & Colors in Interior Design

In the realm of interior design, the marriage of textiles and colors emerges as a powerful partnership that has the ability to metamorphose a space from mundane to magnificent. These essential elements not only contribute to the aesthetics of a room, but also serve as integral components in crafting the desired ambience and functionality of any designed space.

Textiles, akin to the threads of an intricately woven tapestry, have the transformative powers to turn a room into a sensory masterpiece. Envision the indulgent embrace of a plush velvet sofa or the crisp freshness exuded by organic cotton drapes. Beyond their tactile allure, textiles are veritable storytellers, weaving narratives through intricate patterns and captivating textures.

Colors, on the other hand, function as the palette from which designers draw inspiration to paint their canvas. Each hue boasts a unique personality, capable of evoking specific emotions and setting the tone for a given space. Rich, earthy tones may cocoon a room in a cozy, grounded ambience, while vibrant, bold colors inject energy and playfulness into the environment. Colors are not mere visual elements; they are emotive tools that can stir excitement, instill calmness, radiate happiness or evoke a sense of melancholy.

However, the true magic unfolds when textiles and colors engage in

a harmonious dance. Picture a room adorned with sumptuous, jeweltoned velvet pillows against a backdrop of muted, neutral walls. The interplay of varied textures and a rich color palette not only elevates the aesthetic, but also tantalizes the senses, creating an immersive experience within the space. Conversely, a minimalist approach, with a monochromatic palette and sleek, modern fabrics, can yield a harmonious and serene retreat.

Yet, the significance of texture and color transcends mere aesthetics; they play pivotal roles in shaping the functionality and durability of a space. Opting for durable, stain-resistant fabrics in high-traffic areas ensures longevity and ease of maintenance. Designers and homeowners must carefully consider the practical aspects of textiles, ensuring seamless alignment with the lifestyle and needs of the inhabitants.

The dynamic duo of textiles and colors transcends the visual realm, acting as the foundational pillars that underpin the essence and functionality of any designed space. As designers navigate this intricate interplay, they wield the tools of texture and color to craft environments that not only dazzle the eye but also resonate with the lived experiences of those who inhabit them. See stlouishomesmag.com for resources.

Photography courtesy of Pottery Barn.


Yours By Design

314-283-1760 • Yoursbydesign.net

C.J. Knapp is an accredited Interior Designer who has been in the business for over 25 years. At the core of her design philosophy is the belief that your home should reflect your style long after she leaves. With this in mind she created Yours by Design, a design firm that focuses on creating spaces that are unique and uniquely yours. From single room transformations, remodeling, kitchens , baths or lower levels, to selections for your design build project, their team will guide you through the design process . They would love to meet you. Give them a call before you start your next project and they’ll help you create the home of your dreams

Hamtil Construction LLC

Kerry Staley, NCIDQ, LEED Green Associate

314-442-6821 • info@hamtilconstruction.com hamtilconstruction.com

Hamtil Construction stands out as a distinguished design-remodel firm, renowned for its ability to tailor solutions to the unique requirements of each project. We specialize in delivering premium design and home remodeling services, specifically designed and crafted to align with the preferences and lifestyle of our clients. Meet Kerry, our lead interior designer, boasting over two decades of experience. She takes pride in offering innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed clients’ expectations, all while adhering to project timelines and budgets. Kerry’s approach involves gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ desires, needs, lifestyles, and aesthetics. This knowledge guides every decision, resulting in a custom solution that reflects the individuality of our clients.


Make boring walls bold with colorful wallpaper patterns.

By Element Design Network. The designer wanted a true nursery wallpaper, not necessarily something that would grow with the client's son. They chose a darling Fox & Hare wallpaper from Magnolia in navy and used the wall behind the crib and glider as the focal point of the room. By only wallpapering that one wall, it can be changed out in the next couple of years to something that will stand the test of time. But for now, this sweet print is the backdrop to the cutest nursery.  Photography by Erin Konrath Photography.

By Andrea Schumacher Interiors. Andrea Schumacher Interiors commercial space received a full inside-out renovation, and this kitchen was designed to reflect the designer’s signature style: vibrant, eclectic and carefully curated. The 3,500-square-foot storefront in Denver’s Art District houses a light-filled, mural-lined Showroom on the main floor and a designer's office and library upstairs.  Photography by Emily Minton Redfield.

By CM Natural Designs. This space is all about high contrast and high impact. The drama and design are meant to evoke a hospitality feel within this client's home. The wallpaper offers energy, movement and color to a space that would otherwise feel a bit cold without only black and white finishes. Photography by Chipper Hatt.

@metrotintllc www.metrotintstl.com 2766 Highway K O´Fallon, MO 63368 Hours: 10am-4pm 636-497-8189 Window film isn’t just for cars.


By Hakuna Haus. The walls and details of the girl’s bathroom remodel are all wrapped up. Pretty enough for a little princess yet sophisticated enough for that sweet and sassy, soon-to-be preteen to grow into. Photography by Laura De La Cruz.

◀ ◀ By Kate Taylor Interiors. This bright and cheery bedroom was created to reflect the sparkling personalities of some favorite little clients - a sister duo entering their tweens and teens. They gave the designer their favorite color combinations. The modern paper melds well with the historic and traditional bones of the home. Photography by Heather Talbert Photography.

◀◀By Crystal Blackshaw Interiors. Located in an 1880 row house in Chicago, the home was renovated and restored for a family of four. This room is for a 10-year-old little girl who loves lemons and strawberries. Her favorite color is orange, so the designer went with a pattern-onpattern fruit theme. Her playroom is located in another area of the house so the bedroom could solely function for sleeping and clothes storage while energized with colors and patterns. Photography by Heather Talbert photography.

By Fiddlehead Design Group. The designer chose a hand-blocked wallcovering by Schumacher as the perfect backdrop for this vibrant and layered dining nook. Pops of red on the dining chairs and upholstery make the space come alive and welcome you in. The brass light fixture is a focal point and brings out the gold in the wallcovering as well. The glow they both create at night is truly magical. Photography by Susan Gilmore.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS MAY 1, 2024 ENTER ONLINE BATH OF THE YEAR 2024 ABOVE: Accent on Cabinets & Jeffery Homes, 2023 Gold Winner. Photography by Megan Lorenz. If you are the owner or designer of a brilliant bathroom, enter our BATHS OF THE YEAR (BOTY) CONTEST. Winning baths will be featured in the AUGUST 2024 ISSUE of St. Louis Homes + Lifestyles. STLOUISHOMESMAG.COM

Places to go, things to do and see and people who are leaving their mark on the world of style.

An Ozark Oasis

The Ozarker Lodge is bringing back summer camp with its vintage, midwestern aesthetic.

Branson, Missouri

Opened in 2023, the Ozarker Lodge is bringing charming family lodging back to the Midwest. The lodge prides itself on being "the first true boutique hotel experience in Branson" with a property featuring 102 brand-new guest rooms, outdoor event spaces, unforgettable amenities and all the outdoor beauty the Ozarks has to offer.

Located in Branson, the Ozarker Lodge sits in the heart of one of the most centrally located destinations for families in the United States. For 25% of Americans, the Ozarker is less than a day's drive and provides easy access to popular attractions, shows and more located off Highway 76. As a reflection of its midwestern surroundings, the lodge is decorated with antique memorabilia and cabin-like fixtures that invoke the feeling of arriving at summer camp. Upon arrival, a vintage station wagon greets visitors, sitting in front of the lodge's dark gray exterior. This vintage-camp aesthetic carries into the lobby where comfortable seats sit

Photography courtesy of the Ozarker Lodge

around dark green fireplaces and board games are available for visitors to play.

Accommodations range from single, king and queen rooms to double queen rooms, and the Fall Creek and Ozarker suites. Each room harnesses "the energy and color palette of Branson” by pulling inspiration from the lodge’s surroundings. Modern wood furnishings accent the space and warm tones carry throughout the furniture and fabrics. The Fall Creek suite includes accommodations for four to five guests with king beds and sleeper sofas. The Ozarker suite includes a 483-square-foot master suite with a full kitchen - perfect for large celebrations or extended stays.

The experience doesn’t stop with the accommodations. The lodge’s lobby keeps things local in their Storeroom Lobby Bar. Guests can enjoy locally sourced coffees, breakfast foods, assortments of local craft brews, cocktails and more. Guests can also purchase s’mores kits to use at the outdoor fire pits around the property. With a brand-new pool, outdoor amenities, such as the Natural Creekside Family Playground, and the beautiful scenery of the Ozarks, the Ozarker Lodge is the perfect getaway. See stlouishomesmag.com for resources.




Color is the heart of interior design. The right color palette will enrich the design and make it memorable. Spring 2024 colors are from the earth, warm and vibrant. They include terra cotta, topaz, lagoon, straw, amber and verdigris. The setting shown embraces the earthy, vibrant colors terra cotta and lagoon. The rich colors mix with light neutrals to create an open , down to earth feeling in the space. 314-781-3336, designanddetailstl.com


Sporting a unique multicolored early Spring bloom, “Spot On” Pulmonaria is a beautiful addition to any shade garden. This plant has a low mounding habit reaching barely over a foot tall and wide. After the blooms fade, the spotted foliage continues to provide interest all the way to winter. Excellent deer resistance as well! 314-469-8900, schmittelsnursery.com


Spring has arrived at Blue Dahlia Designs, your go to shop for home decor, entertaining, and gifting needs. Explore our curated Spring collections filled with bright colors and delicate florals. Looking to update your home decor? Our designers are here to help you find the perfect pieces to make your house a home. Inspiration awaits at Blue Dahlia Designs. 314-274-8717, bluedahliadesigns.net


Mersea Summer Day! Refreshing and nostalgic, this scent will transport you back to the perfect Summer Day–the warm sun, a light breeze and sweet fresh cut grass. Summer Day is rounded out with a hint of citrus and creamy vanilla–now you just need a cool glass of lemonade. Come shop The Porch in Wildwood for one of kind, unique accessories and scents to fill your home. Open MondaySaturday 10-5. 636- 273-3745, Theporchinwildwood.net



Seemingly transported from a French sidewalk café, this seating is full of charm and has a fresh look with a White and Navy or White and Natural two-tone weave and Chalk-finish aluminum frame. Deep-seat styling provides comfort without a cushion, and the chair’s design makes it ideal for small spaces. Plus, easy care and sturdy styling mean years of worry-free enjoyment. Savoy seating and dining sets are in stock now at Forshaw. 314-993-5570, forshaws.com


Add a pop of color to your home with a custom floral arrangement from Three French Hens. Using a variety of colors and flowers allows the piece to be a versatile addition of texture and interest in your home. A colorful floral arrangement of this nature can be used year round, or seasonally to add a fresh touch for spring and summer. 636-458-8033, threefrenchhenswildwood.com


Landscaping a whole property is such a rewarding experience. We usually do a master plan, then break it out and install one area at a time. Seeing it all come together, whether it's all done at once or over the course of a couple years, is very fulfilling. Creating beautiful outdoor spaces is something we love to do because it's how we share and pass on our love for plants and landscaping with every one of our customers. 636-532-9307, ChesterfieldValleyNursery.com


Darling, velvet pink polkadot pillows with contrast welt. Perfect for a spring pop in your home. 314-965-1400, marketplaceattheabbey.com


Bring BOLD modern country charm to your yard with the Plymouth Bay Bench Picnic Table by Telescope. This table is built for outdoor use with a durable marine-grade polymer (MGP) frame. MGP is easy to clean and will not rot, crack, or separate. Find this beauty and other outdoor tables, only at Amini’s. 636-537-9200, AMINIS.com

SUBSCRIPTION OFFER $19 RECEIVE AN ENTIRE YEAR OF SLHL FOR ONLY Subscribe online: stlouishomesmag.com/content/subscribe 95
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Colorful furniture pieces can take any space to the next level. Swap out your white couch for an emerald green sectional or incorporate colorful nightstands to switch up your typical bedroom decor.


Colorful furniture is a classic. The colors that are used change, as styles and fashion change over the years. Bold colors make a bold statement, so they need to be used wisely. Don’t overwhelm the space with too much color. Even in a monochromatic room a small pop of color will be appreciated. Linda K. Kusmer, Interior Design Consultant.

You only have to look to Europe to see how color and pattern have always been a part of classic style. While furniture should be considered investment pieces and not follow trendy fashion, your favorite hues on an accent chair or sofa will bring a personal touch to your interior! Janice Bohn, Anne Marie Design Studio.

Adding color to your upholstered furniture is a great way to customize the piece to be uniquely you. A moody hue on a classically shaped sofa can be such a timeless element in a living space. Gorgeous colors and

luxurious fabric options are endless, we love assisting our clients to achieve that perfect combination! Meagan Cooperman, C&M Interiors.

Colorful furniture dances between classic and craze, a waltz determined by several steps. Consider your approach: colorful accents in a neutral room add personality, while a color-explosive space might feel dated sooner. Ultimately, personal preference is key. If the color speaks to your soul, it transcends trends. So, waltz confidently with color, choosing quality pieces that reflect your unique rhythm and you can’t go wrong. Savannah Sells, Youtopia Designs.

Yes, color is back and a classic, not just a trend. Placed in the right setting is a refreshing update. A pop of color, be it in a lamp, chair(s), pillows or rugs can and will complement your room. Diane Rosen, Diane Rosen Interiors LLC.


I don’t think bold colors for major pieces of furniture are a classic. I think colorful furniture in moderation can make a home feel energetic. A colorful accent chair and accessories, in a room with classic neutral furnishings, adds a touch of contrast as well as luster to the overall design. Colorful furniture can be a classic when used as a statement piece, and in moderation. It becomes a craze when it dominates the home. Georgine O’Donnell, O’Designs.

Colorful furniture adds interest and whimsy to interior environments and can be especially impactful with a neutral background. Colors like blushes, blues and greens are showing up in even the most conservative of spaces. As we continue to evolve in the areas of interior design, people want a touch of the unexpected or some defining characteristic that is all their own and colorful accents can do just that. Kerry Staley, Hamtil Construction LLC.

Colorful furniture is definitely an interior design staple that is here to stay! With that said, the color choice is what can make it become trendy. Stay true to your favorite hues! Peach is the color of the current year, but will you still love it a few years from now? Typically we are drawn to similar colors throughout our lives and incorporating those in our furnishings can add unique detail and express personality in a fun way. Ellie Redders, Ellie Redders Interiors.

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