Embeddable flipbooks make digital fashion portfolios look perfect.

Our digital solutions for fashion give you the optimal tools to create and distribute stunning digital lookbooks, fashion magazines, and seasonal fashion guides that showcase your unique style.

Create a lookbook that is as fashion-forward as your content.

Elevate your fashion publications to the level of high-end couture with Issuu’s all-in-one platform. Integrating multimedia with clickable links and embedded video will create a seamless digital experience on every page with our flipbooks then organize every season's publications into Stacks.

Our Digital Sales feature allows you to sell your content with no commission. Sell special issues or create subscriptions for recurring publications. Use our platform's features to refine and perfect your publications, and attract a wider audience of fashion lovers.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Lookbooks are used by photographers, stylists, designers or models to show off a collection of images that will best portray their work.

  • Offer guidelines and best practices for when to where what, or insights into the latest trends. Use our integrations like Canva or InDesign to upload your publications, then embed videos, links and other features to transform your content for all your digital marketing channels.

  • The key ingredients to a great fashion magazine are high-quality fashion photography and excellent writing about fashion, arts, culture, and more. When creating a fashion magazine, your best bet is to find a niche and focus narrowly. “Fashion” is a really broad topic, but by niching-down and focusing on something like street fashion in your city, you can attract a loyal fanbase who is interested in your unique point of view. On the technical side of things, be sure to include links, images, and videos to make your magazine fully interactive. You can even add shoppable links so readers can buy clothes you feature.

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