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10 Digital Fashion Magazines to Follow

Jun 14th, 2021 by Issuu

From celebrity notables to young creatives, cutting-edge fashion, and a focus on sustainable design, Issuu is the home to today’s best digital fashion magazines. These 10 digital fashion magazines on Issuu not only feature the hottest trends, but also break boundaries, push limits, and add inspiration to the world of fashion, beauty, and creativity.

How to Create a Fashion Magazine?

What makes these digital fashion magazines stand out? By leveraging Issuu‘s suite of integrated publishing tools, publishers are able to transform their fashion magazines into high-performance digital content. In just a few clicks on Issuu, you can create beautiful flipbooks, sleek portfolios, email graphics, and social media content. The advanced features available on Issuu including integrated video, adding shopping and web links, and more, will fully immerse your audience in fashion editorials. Issuu publishers are able to create a totally digital interactive content experience that’s mobile-optimized and perfect to attract today’s digital-first audience.

Readers will love the tactile page-flip offered in the Issuu flipbook experience, and publishers love how Issuu makes it easy to convert your magazine content into new formats for sharing on the web and on social. After uploading your magazine or fashion content, you can develop derivative assets to remix and repurpose into mobile articles and dynamic stories for social channels, graphics for email campaigns, and more. Issuu eliminates the hassle of converting files to different sizes and formats - all while maintaining your original design aesthetic. Upload your own fashion-focused content on Issuu to join these cutting-edge fashion publishers.

Draw inspiration for your own fashion publication, explore today’s hottest trends from around the globe, and admire the gorgeous fashion, photography, and design of these fashion magazines.

V Magazine

Since 1999, New York-based V Magazine has been pushing the boundaries of beauty and making a global splash by highlighting fashion, film, and culture. In its highly-acclaimed tenure, the magazine has been a space to celebrate groundbreaking artists, designers, models, and more.

Global Garbs

Global Garbs is a sustainable fashion magazine created to both inspire and educate the conscious consumer. Through educational articles, in-depth interviews, and product suggestions, this is the magazine you want on your digital newsstand. Global Garbs’ goal is to amplify small businesses, female founders, and thought leaders who are creating change in the fashion industry. Pro Tip: Global Garbs adds interactivity by linking to the website of their full-page advertisers. This feature allows you to entice advertisers while also adding convenience for readers.

Modeliste Magazine

Modeliste Magazine is an oasis of inspiration dedicated to documenting style, fashion, travel, and art through an insightful network of contributors, leading industry experts, and visionaries. An authentic source for emerging fashion and beauty trends, Modeliste captures style and inspiration through an expert editorial lens from around the world. Designed to be an integrated multi-media outlet, Modeliste transcends style through a print and digital magazine, website, state-of-the-art video network and how-to video tutorials, award-winning photography, and functional and simplistic purchasing platforms. 

Man of Metropolis

Filled with the hottest trends in fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and more — Man of Metropolis is the digital fashion magazine for the modern man. Plus, meet the Man of Metropolis publisher and hear his story of launching a fashion magazine from scratch and how the Issuu platform helped him grow his magazine brand.

London Runway

London Runway is an indie fashion magazine based in London. Each issue features catwalk shows, interviews, editorials, investigative articles, and trend reports. London Runway is focused on sharing stories of sustainability, representation, and equality. 

The Fashion Advocate

The Fashion Advocate is a Melbourne-based fashion blog and digital magazine that delivers informed and educated content about the Australian and New Zealand fashion industry. Focusing on unique design, creative integrity, and fresh talent, The Fashion Advocate works with one goal in mind: to construct a liberal and dynamic future for sustainable fashion design. The Fashion Advocate magazine pays homage to local creators and makers who are slowly stitching the image of Australian couture and bespoke fashion together. The art of couture, bespoke, and handmade fashion is driving the industry in Australia now more so than ever. As we become aware of the fashion industry and its impacts, we look to the brands creating and making differently. 

Lucy Magazine

Featuring fashion, beauty, influencers, and worldwide talent — LUCY’S Magazine is a submission-based publication focused on highlighting top talent throughout the world. Are you a budding fashion content creator? LUCY’S is an ever-evolving creative hub for fashion and they are ready to take your submissions.

Voir Magazine

Voir Magazine is a boutique Living Fashion Magazine out of the U.K. featuring insightful articles on sought-after creatives within the industry, exciting fashion and beauty stories, along with editorial spreads covering the most up-to-date trends from the runways.

The Daily Front Row

Since its inception in 2003, The Daily Front Row has been speaking directly to fashion's A-list insiders wherever they are — the front rows and runways of Fashion Week, the backyards of their Hamptons summer homes, their New York abodes, and their chicest travel destinations. The Daily is a multichannel media brand that influences the influencers, 365 days a year. 


Keep your wardrobe filled with today’s hottest fashion and style trends with the Canadian-based magazine VULKAN. Producing celebrity features, fashion editorials, artworks, and culture content, Vulkan promotes the talent propelling modern taste from an artistic and industry-driven perspective.

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