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Stay organized with a Virtual Bookshelf.

Issuu makes it easy to create a virtual bookshelf, called a Stack. Organize your published content by topic, date, or as a complete collection and share to increase reads and audience awareness.

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What is a Virtual Bookshelf?

Stacks, the virtual bookshelf, is a helpful tool for both the publisher and the reader. Organizing your Stack makes it easier for readers to find the specific content they are looking for. At the same time, they can help you keep track of your library online. You can choose to share your Stack with your readers or use this feature privately to categorize your publications.

Create stacks from the content you publish

How to create a Virtual Bookshelf

  1. Log in to your Issuu account.

  2. Hover over “Read” in the top navigation and select “Saved” from the dropdown menu.

  3. Click “Create a new stack”.

  4. Add a name, description, and set the Stack to Public or Unlisted.

  5. Click “Create Stack”.

  6. Add your publications to the new Stack by clicking “Add to Stack” under “Share” in the Publisher’s workspace.

Categorize your publications

Stacks can be categorized by subject, date, type, or writer. Customize your Stacks in a way that makes the most sense for your content. Help your audience discover new reads within your library while cataloging recommendations or collections.

Image of the no-code embed feature within the Issuu platform

Increase audience awareness

Share Stacks on your social media to make sure your followers know that there is more content to discover. For unlisted Stacks, you can share direct links with your chosen audience to give them exclusive access to your content.

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Target specific audiences or read relevant content

Whether you create magazines or write informative newsletters, virtual bookshelves are the perfect way to push the most relevant content for your audience to continue reading or introduce new publications they might be interested in. Target specific audiences by sending direct links to specific Stacks in your email list!

Create stacks from the content you publish

Virtual Bookshelf FAQs

  • The virtual bookshelf feature enables readers to browse content by category, theme, or date. With a virtual bookshelf, it’s easier for readers to find exactly what they are looking for, and it allows them to plan out their next read.

  • Beyond using Stacks to categorize, they can also be used to highlight your own content or other relevant reads. This will keep readers on your profile longer, allowing them to discover more.

  • Common ways to categorize content are by topic or date. However, depending on your type of publication, there are likely other classification options.

    For example, If you are an educator publishing e-textbooks, grade level is another categorization option. Magazine publishers that offer a variety of magazines targeting different demographics can create Stacks for each target audience.

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