SNDS Magazine

SNDS Magazine

Copenhagen , Denmark

SNDS Magazine is published quarterly by the Society for News Design Scandinavia.

SNDS is the international Society for News Design's Region 13, covering the Nordic and (since 2016) the Baltic countries.

SNDS is a network for creative media people – graphic designers, journalists, visual storytellers, editors, infographic artists, television and web designers, and a lot more.

Every year SNDS hosts of a one to three day seminar, where speakers from all over the world give presentations and arrange workshops.

SNDS also organizes – in cooperation with the publishers' organizations in the Scandinavian countries - the prestigious "Best of Scandinavian News Design" competition, which attracts printed and online media to participate to win awards.

Editors of SNDS Magazine:

2006–2010: Jørgen Høg, editor. Lars Pryds, AD

2010–2016: Lars Pryds, editor. Lisbeth Tolstrup, co-editor

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