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CARING FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT CARING FOR OUR COMMUNITY Our Corporate and Social Responsibility Commitments for 2011


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The following brochure details the objectives we have set in place for 2011 and our aims for the future. It is an ambitious plan, with lots to be completed, but with our dedicated Team of almost 1,000 staff we are ready for the challenges ahead.


As part of this, OfficeTeam are aiming to enrich the communities and the environment that our staff and customers are part of. Being one of the UK’s leading office services and products providers, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the local communities and environments in which we work within. In order to achieve this, we have set serious commitments for 2011. These involve working together with our employees and our customers to develop forward thinking activities to help local communities, whilst developing market leading environmental initiatives to build a more sustainable future. Jeff Whiteway CEO OfficeTeam

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OfficeTeam sees Corporate and Social Responsibility as part of a continuing process of building long-term value. We recognise good Corporate and Social Responsibility encompasses environmental, social and economic issues embracing all aspects of sustainable development and the way we affect people through our business operations.


OUR COMMITMENTS In order to drive real change within our organisation for 2011 we have set the following objectives:

Corporate and social commitments Provide opportunities to encourage our staff to participate in community projects, by making time available to each member of staff for community based activities Support OfficeTeam staff in their fund raising for local projects and charities Seek the support of OfficeTeam volunteers for customer community projects

Respect for the environment Work with our customers to reduce their environmental impact by providing environmental initiatives and recycling services that are simple to set up and manage Create and supply a diverse environmental range of products to suit your business needs Provide our customers with the best possible service, whilst considering the social and environmental impacts on our activities Provide our customers with meaningful and concise environmental reporting

Our commitments are not limited to the objectives detailed on this page, behind the scenes we will continue to develop our strategies to enhance our activity within our local communities and our environment.


CORPORATE & SOCIAL At OfficeTeam, Corporate and Social Responsibility is all about providing customers with excellent value and service in the most socially and sustainable way. Our commitment to this is embedded into our everyday business activity through our brand values.

together the efforts of our staff and customers, we can help to make a greater positive impact on local communities. Therefore, in 2011 OfficeTeam staff will be encouraged to help volunteer on community projects which customers have already organised.

For 2011, we have some exciting initiatives planned to help local communities across the UK. Including helping customers with community projects they are working on, supporting local initiatives and introducing our ‘Charity of Choice’ scheme.

If you have a local community project you are working on in 2011 and would like some help from OfficeTeam, simply tell us when and where your activity is taking place and we will supply the volunteers!

Giving our customers a helping hand OfficeTeam understand that by joining forces and bringing

Help a local project For all customers who have a passion for helping their local communities but just haven’t set the strategy out yet...Why not be part of ours?

OfficeTeam is dedicated to working together with customers in their communities.

RESPONSIBILITY Every quarter in 2011, we will encourage OfficeTeam staff to take time out of their usual day-to-day role to volunteer to work on local community projects. Our aim is to complete 8 projects in local communities across the UK in 2011. These projects will be a mixture of community activities chosen by our staff and our customers. If you would like OfficeTeam to take part in a community project close to your business’s heart, please submit your project by visiting, caringforyourcommunity A list of all entries will be published on our main OfficeTeam website, where customers can vote for the projects they would like OfficeTeam to complete.

Supporting staff charities OfficeTeam encourages and supports its employees in their volunteering and fundraising activities. We are extremely proud of the OfficeTeam staff that already help with local community projects outside of work hours and we are also keen to continue to support the charities that our close to the hearts of our staff. In 2011, OfficeTeam will be launching our staff ‘Charity of Choice’ scheme, whereby we make funds available and actively take part in fundraising activities to support the charities our Staff choose. We hope that by working together with our customers and staff, we can help to make a real impact on local communities and enhance our support for charities in the future. Pippa Maynard Company Secretary

DEDICATED TO A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE OfficeTeam is committed to building a sustainable future, with the aim to reduce any detrimental impacts our business activities cause to the local and wider environment. To do this, we have set clear objectives in the past to help reduce our CO2 and waste output which have delivered sustainable results leading to direct environmental savings. • 998 tonnes of waste paper saved from going to landfill through our Close the Loop service* • By using sustainable packaging in our deliveries we have saved 184,732 cardboard boxes from going to landfill*

In 2011, we have set our targets even higher to: • •

Increase the internal use of paper recycling by 100% Increase the use of recycled, reusable bags in

our delivery service by 50% and the reuse of delivery bags by 25% The key to turning our commitments into a realistic outcome is our values. By encouraging staff to work by these values, we can ensure our environmental and sustainability commitments are met. Feedback is extremely important to us, hence the introduction of our Environmental and Sustainability Team (EAST), consisting of staff from different departments across the company who all have a true passion for making OfficeTeam a more environmentally friendly place to work. Our EAST committee are responsible for monitoring all the internal recycling within OfficeTeam sites and act as a communication and feedback link between our staff and sustainability procedures.

Simon Worsfold Environmental & Sustainability Director

We have a dedicated Environmental and Sustainability Team, helping us to achieve our environmental goals.

*Environmental savings recorded up until December 2010


Jane Walsh, Area Sales Manager

Phil Buddin, Driver

With lots to be completed in 2011, we are ready for the challenge! Watch this space...

We are very proud of our Environmental achievements and partnerships so far, with the recent addition of a prestigious Green Apple Award for our Close the Loop paper recycling service. During 2011, we will be looking to enhance these partnerships in order to make an even more positive impact on the environment. Simon Worsfold Environmental & Sustainability Director




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CSR Brochure  

Brochure detailing the CSR aims of OfficeTeam

CSR Brochure  

Brochure detailing the CSR aims of OfficeTeam