Annual Report 2015-16

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The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

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OUR MISSION In the tradition of the Basilian Fathers, we educate young men in Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge for a life of leadership and service in faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

OUR VISION We graduate young men who will change the world through lives of faith, character, and service.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Members Fr. Mario D’Souza, CSB Mr. Nick Di Donato ’76 Mr. Michael Forsayeth ’73 Fr. Patrick Fulton, CSB Fr. Andrew Leung, CSB Directors Fr. Mario D’Souza, CSB - Chair Mr. Nick Di Donato ’76 Mr. Michael Forsayeth ’73 Fr. Patrick Fulton, CSB

Fr. Bill May, CSB Fr. Dennis Noelke, CSB Ms. Nina Perfetto Fr. Norman Tanck, CSB Fr. Jefferson M. Thompson, CSB ’79

Fr. Dennis Noelke, CSB Ms. Nina Perfetto Fr. Norman Tanck, CSB

Officers Fr. Jefferson M. Thompson, CSB ’79 Secretary & COO – Mr. Greg Hook ’80 The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education


CHAIR REPORT Dear Alumni, Parents, Benefactors, and Friends of St. Michael’s College School, The Basilian Fathers are immensely proud of the St. Michael’s College School mission, and I have known of this pride since I joined the Congregation in 1984. Basilian education has always been a collaborative venture, whether in our schools or universities, and St. Michael’s College School is no exception. Today, collaboration with the laity in Catholic education, however, is not to be seen as grudgingly accepted, given the decline in the number of priests, sisters, and brothers working in Catholic schools. On the contrary, since the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) and particularly since the Church’s educational document, Lay Catholics in Schools: Witnesses to Faith, the Church teaches that the laity have a particular vocation to play in Catholic education, mainly to witness to what it means to live as a lay Catholic in the world, which is, after all, the vocation of most Catholics. An integrated Catholic education is fundamentally a mysterious activity, for we are mysterious beings called to union with Christ in baptism. The witness that we offer our students through our own life of faith and how we see the world and shape it by our values and choices is utterly formative and transformative for our students, and, in ultimate educational terms, is far more important than what they learn through books and formal education. One new collaborative Basilian initiative is the Basil Bowl. St. Michael’s comes together with its brother Basilian schools — St. Thomas High School in Houston, Texas and Detroit Catholic Central High School in Novi, Michigan — for a series of annual sports and other co-curricular events. And while sports is an integral part of a Basilian education, so too is everything else that surrounds it. The Basil Bowl celebrates this wide understanding of education. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank all of you who form the St. Michael’s College School community. Each of you, in distinct ways, supports the mission of the Basilian Fathers at St. Michael’s. I thank the faculty and staff for their dedication to St. Michael’s. I thank the Board of Directors for their generous commitment to the school. I thank Mr. Greg Hook ’80 for his tireless work, particularly in preparing for Board meetings. I thank Mr. Greg Reeves ’73 for his academic leadership of the school as Principal. And finally, I thank Fr. Jefferson M. Thompson, CSB ’79, who as President ensures that the bright legacy of St. Michael’s College School continues to shine beyond its classrooms and corridors. Sincerely yours,

Fr. Mario O. D’Souza, CSB Chair Board of Directors



The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education


PRESIDENT’S REPORT With your gracious goodwill, I shall begin this report where I left off last year: our students are always a blessing for us, as are you whom we gratefully count among the members of our family. With gratitude to you, our bursary programme continues to support students who would otherwise not be members of our family. Your loving and faithful generosity in support of St. Michael’s College School ensures that we remain the rock upon which our students build the foundation for their lives. Some perspectives may perceive that the Tower is dwarfed by high-rise edifices in our neighbourhood, but we in the St. Michael’s family know with certainty that it rises tall on this rock at Bathurst and St. Clair, and that it rises strong on this firm foundation upon which our students and alumni have built lives of faith, character, and service. Our students are always the lifeblood of the school, pulsing through every space left open by yellow bricks, never allowing a spare or quiet moment to pass without filling it with their exuberance and charm. Our alumni of all ages and generations are involved in many dimensions of school life, returning for visits and reunions, and organizing a variety of activities in support of the school. Indeed, St. Michael’s benefits from increasing opportunities for students and alumni to meet and learn from each other. The Basil Bowl programme is bringing together more and more often the three brother Basilian high schools in North America – St. Michael’s College School (1852), St. Thomas High School (1900) in Houston, Texas, and Detroit Catholic Central High School (1928) in Novi, Michigan. Through the competition and fun of athletics, robotics, and music… so far, students, teachers, and coaches in Basilian Catholic education who share the same inspiring motto, mission, and vision, are strengthening their bonds of brotherhood, while meeting and learning from each other’s different cultures and experiences. By the end of the school year, we were wishing fond farewells to three members of the St. Michael’s community who had, in their respective roles and responsibilities, filled the school with life and learning. Fr. Andrew Leung, CSB, physics teacher and Director of Spiritual Life, was appointed by the Basilian Fathers General Council to assume the pastorship of two parishes in Edmonton. Mr. Greg Paolini retired from a fruitful career as teacher, coach, and Director of Admissions. Mr. Paul Pietrkiewicz retired after many distinguished years as head of the Music Department, an essential member of the drama programme, and the impresario of all pomp and ceremony at St. Michael’s. With many heartfelt thanks to these devoted men, our souls are rejoicing in prayer, our halls are teeming with young life, and our ears are ringing with the sound of music. The Board of Directors of St. Michael’s College School now consists of seven members. Chaired by Fr. Mario D’Souza, CSB, it includes Fr. Patrick Fulton, CSB, Fr. Dennis Noelke, CSB, Fr. Norman Tanck, CSB, Mr. Nick Di Donato ’76, Mr. Michael Forsayeth ’73, and Ms. Nina Perfetto. Both Nick and Nina are the proud parents of two St. Michael’s alumni each. St. Michael’s College School and the Basilian Fathers are grateful and indebted to these Directors for the outstanding experience and expertise that they offer the school with their service, and for the love with which they support the school’s governance, direction, and development. On any school day, and indeed on most evenings and weekends too, the hub of activity at 1515 Bathurst Street is an eloquent testament to the education and formation of our students in the tradition of the Basilian Fathers: minds, bodies, and souls always growing, developing, and strengthening here, as we all teach and learn goodness, discipline, and knowledge, so that the face of Jesus Christ may shine ever more brightly in our world. Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us. St. Michael, pray for us.

Fr. Jefferson M. Thompson, CSB ’79 President



The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education


PRINCIPAL’S REPORT The annual report provides a great opportunity to reflect, consider, and review the year with an eye on the direction for next year. As a returning alumnus, becoming the Principal of St. Michael’s College School, it was very impressive to see how far the school has progressed over the years. St. Michael’s College School has a great tradition and very impressive alumni that spans the globe. The exemplary reputation of the school remains strong within our local community as well as the broader communities. Each class continues to build on existing traditions and are intent on having their legacy be part of history of St. Michael’s. The Class of f 2016 was no exception. Their contributions to the school and their service to the community was outstanding. The boys in the school are continually trying to grasp the concept of our motto, “Teach me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge.” In doing so they developed in mind, body, and spirit culminating in the Grade 12 graduation ceremony where we saw, “St. Michael’s Men,” moving on to change the world through lives of faith, character, and service. For this transformation to take place it does take, “a whole village to raise a child.” We believe the parents are the first educators of their children, and we take the trust you have given, us very seriously, the opportunity to assist in your son’s development. The scholastic programme at St. Michael’s College School is second to none. The curriculum the students are taught is the Ontario Curriculum and follows the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education. This year, the school was inspected by the government officials and was given a very impressive report on the implementation of the Ontario Curriculum. Our graduation rate continues to be close to 100% and even more impressive are the university programmes the students are being admitted to, not only in Canada, but internationally as well. A comprehensive review of the curriculum took place this year led by the Department Heads. As different departments took stock, they reviewed achievements, retention, expansion, and needs of students and university expectations. The result was some programmes were altered, renewed, and expanded to meet 21st century expectations and skills. The spiritual development of the students is paramount at St. Michael’s. Fr. Andrew Leung, CSB, our Spiritual Director, along with Fr. John Malo, CSB ‘66, our Director of Pastoral Care, and the Religion Department continued to ensure the boys not only understand our Basilian roots, but the story and tradition of our Church as well as encouraging the boys deepen their faith in their personal lives. The Parents’ Association and our Alumni continue to support the school in many ways. Again our Parents’ Association through the fundraising of the “Fashion Show” contributed to all the curriculum areas of the school. This included guest speakers, equipment, along with the expansion and diversity of clubs and activities. The Alumni Association continued to support, career day, mentorship, and special events. The faculty and staff of St. Michael’s are professional, highly trained and dedicated to ensuring our students receive the best education that can be offered. The passion extends well beyond the classroom walls, to the chapel, halls, cafeteria, library, fields, courts, theatre, and arena. The expansive programmes offered at St. Michael’s College School provide many other opportunities to learn human relation skills, communication skills, collaboration, and innovation. It is an opportunity to create and live dreams, as well as create new dreams. Our students will develop some resiliency skills as well as have an optimism and hope for the future. I am both proud and humbled to principal such a fantastic school. Fr. Thompson, CSB, our President, has very high expectations for all staff and cares very deeply about our students, parents, and community. St. Michael’s is well positioned to continue to be the leader in Catholic boys’ education with a focus on university preparation. Sincerely,

Mr. Greg Reeves, ’73 Principal



The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education


FINANCIAL REPORT FOR FISCAL 2016 FROM THE CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER’S OFFICE For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2016, the School’s Current Fund had a deficit of $122,210 from operations as compared to the previous year of $212,189. It should be noted that this loss was reduced by a contribution of $690,000 from the St. Michael’s College High School Foundation, as well as a net $307,261 from investments, rental revenue, and from unrealized losses on investments. The net result was an overall surplus for the School’s Current Fund for the year of $875,051 as compared to a surplus of $557,433 for 2015. The Restricted Funds (Building and Scholarships) had an operating surplus of $903,862 down from last year’s surplus of $1,086,180. Although gains on sales of investments and investment income were up, the school had to take a significant allowance for investments at fair market value of $401,052 adjustment compared to a small gain of $19,267 in 2015. Capital spending continues at traditional levels of approximately $1,000,000 annually. The major capital expenditure for 2016 was the new running track. Capital spending for fiscal 2016-17 is projected to be flat at the $1,000,000 level. The school will be looking to revamp its athletic and co-curricular facilities in the coming years. More details will follow shortly. Overall cash flow increased during the year by $753,607. The Current Fund deficit for fiscal 2015 of $1,141,356 now stands as a surplus of $985,714. Williams & Partners, Chartered Professional Accountants LLP, have audited these financial statements and they have expressed an unqualified opinion on the fair presentation of our financial statements. Enrolment levels for 2016-17 will be up slightly from 2015-2016. The school recognizes how competitive the private school market has become and as such the Administration has started to reorganize the Office of Admissions. The overall school financial position continues to be stable. It is incumbent on the School to continue to be fiscally responsible in setting tuition fees, generating additional revenues, and controlling its costs to ensure the viability of the school for years to come. To this end, the School will soon be reviewing its capital assets requirements for the next 20 years and anticipates starting another Capital Campaign in 2017. Thank you all for your support. Yours truly,

Mr. Greg Hook ’80 Chief Operating Officer



The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education




Summary Statement of Financial Position as at June 30, 2016 2016 $

The accompanying summary financial statements, which comprise the summary statement of financial position as at June 30, 2016, and the summary statement of operations, are derived from the complete audited financial statements of St. Michael's College School for the year ended June 30, 2016. We expressed an unmodified audit opinion on those financial statements in our report dated October 3, 2016.

ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents Sundry Due from St. Michael’s College High School Foundation Promissory notes receivable Long-term investments Capital assets

The summary financial statements do not contain all the disclosures required by Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations. Reading the summary financial statements, therefore, is not a substitute for reading the audited financial statements of St. Michael's College School.

LIABILITIES Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Deferred revenue

To the Directors of St. Michael's College School,

MANAGEMENT'S RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Management is responsible for the preparation of a summary of the audited financial statements in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations.

FUND BALANCES (DEFICIT) Invested in capital assets (Capital Asset Fund) Externally restricted (Scholarship and Building Funds) Unrestricted (Current Fund)

AUDITORS' RESPONSIBILITY Our responsibility is to express an opinion on the summary financial statements based on our procedures, which were conducted in accordance with Canadian Auditing Standard (CAS) 810, Engagements to Report on Summary Financial Statements.


Chartered Professional Accountants LLP Licensed Public Accountants Markham, Ontario October 3, 2016

REVENUES Academic - tuition and fees Academic - other Capital improvement fee Fundraising and donations Mporium and cafeteria Arena Centre for the Arts Plant

Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses before the following Investment and rental income Restructuring costs Support from St. Michael’s College High School Foundation Changes in next unrealized gains (losses) on investments measured at fair value Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses ST. MICHAEL’S COLLEGE SCHOOL 2015~2016 ANNUAL REPORT

5,759,932 526,102 1,500,000 9,035,235 35,977,702 52,798,971

2,706,543 12,326,650 15,033,193

2,801,187 11,651,297 14,452,484

35,523,217 3,616,469 985,714 40,125,400 55,158,593

35,977,702 3,510,141 (1,141,356) 38,346,487 52,798,971


EXPENSES Academic - salaries Academic - other Fundraising Bursaries and scholarships Administration Mporium and cafeteria Arena Centre for the Arts Plant Amortization

10 /

6,513,539 656,100 1,415,388 1,500,000 9,550,349 35,523,217 55,158,593

Summary Statement of Operations Year Ended June 30, 2016

OPINION In our opinion, the summary financial statements derived from the audited financial statements of St. Michael's College School for the year ended June 30, 2016, are a fair summary of those financial statements, in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations.

chartered professional accountants

2015 $



18,674,617 1,745,497 396,013 849,947 832,302 214,157 189,900 22,902,433

634,500 8,735 643,235

197,941 197,941

18,674,617 1,745,497 634,500 602,689 849,947 832,302 214,157 189,900 23,743,609

18,582,104 1,698,080 660,000 795,516 901,276 806,612 188,134 231,249 23,862,971

9,692,939 2,921,663 659,024 2,012,231 2,493,907 704,663 537,096 486,713 1,989,918 1,526,489 23,024,643



9,692,939 2,921,663 659,024 2,012,231 2,493,907 704,663 537,096 486,713 1,989,918 1,526,489 23,024,643

9,613,266 2,816,042 722,216 2,024,526 2,522,877 827,466 623,621 502,268 1,926,512 1,583,604 23,162,398






614,936 690,000

490 -

463,248 -

1,078,674 690,000

758,506 (375,000) 680,000





(307,675) 875,051



2016 Total $

2015 Total $

(120,466) 1,643,613

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

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SPIRITUAL LIFE The motto of the school is the motto of the Basilian Fathers, “Teach Me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge.” This is the prayer of the young scholar in search of his personal integrity. St. Michael’s promises that gift to each student who enters sincerely into this community of scholarship and Church. The director of spiritual life works in close collaboration with the school community to enhance the sacramental celebrations, offer retreat experiences, and foster an understanding of the importance of social outreach. We search for ways to live out our Catholic faith in the world and to bring God’s boundless love to all we meet. A key role in the office of spiritual life is to provide students with counselling surrounding issues of faith, life issues, and crises. The Basilian Fathers direct students to other resources available in the community, when professional counselling is required. Part of the spiritual life programme is to respond to crisis situations that impact the school community or individuals within it. Response can consist of prayer, prayer services, referral to social agencies or services, support groups, to mention a few. St. Michael’s College School has a beautifully restored chapel. It is a sacred space in the school used for daily Masses, and prayer services, for quiet reflection, and for fellowship. Prayer is an integral part of the life of St. Michael’s. As a faith community we support each other through prayer, in both times of sadness and joy. We also pray for the needs of others; in our families, community and our world. We gather as a faith community at various times throughout the year. We celebrate school-wide Masses for the feast of St. Michael’s, Advent, and year-end. We also have special liturgies such as celebrations of service, distribution of ashes on Ash Wednesday, and a memorial service on Remembrance Day. Parents and alumni are welcome to attend all the daily Masses and liturgies. The school is guided by the Catholic social teachings that helping the poor and the lowly is a duty in our mission to be Christ’s body in the world. We support a wide range of charities and organizations, from local to global. Blessings,

Fr. Andrew Leung, CSB Director of Spiritual Life

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The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

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CO-CURRICULAR HIGHLIGHTS ANIME Moderator: Mr. Calvin Cahatol The SMCS Anime club is one of the largest clubs in the school, comprised of members from every grade. Students gather together after school every Thursday to watch contemporary and classic Japanese animation shows. On special occasions the boys would also play video games or play tournaments. Moderators Michael Mudrinic, Connor McNamee, and Carsten von Wersebe did an excellent job of selecting and recording anime shows that were both popular and lesser known in order to introduce students to the wide varieties of genres within the subculture. The end of year event, the Anime North anime convention was well attended by about 20 students from the school. Mina-san, ganbatte kudasai! ASIAN ASSOCIATION Moderator: Mr. Calvin Cahatol The Asian Association promotes Asian cultures at the school. Students do not need to be Asian to take part, all they need is an interest in the food, language, and traditions in Asia. The club meets monthly to watch videos, discuss world issues, and plan events. Throughout the year numerous restaurants were attended in order to share our tastes in Asian food. Some restaurant highlights are: all you can eat Japanese Sushi, Cantonese Dim Sum, Korean BBQ, and Vietnamese Pho. The events were well attended by students of all grade levels. BLUE HERALD Moderators: Mrs. Sandy Gray and Ms. Norah Higgins Burnham This year's Blue Herald team created five editions of the school newspaper, covering a range of school activities, events and news from Homecoming, through the Battle of the Blues, new leadership at the school, the return of Christmas in the Courtyard, and our students' experience of the Kairos Retreat shared with their brothers from Detroit Catholic Central High School. Students from all grades are welcome to join this team of dedicated and enthusiastic reporters, artists, photographers, cartoonists, and columnists. CHALLENGE AWARD Moderator: Fr. John Malo, CSB ’66 This year, many boys in Grade 7 and 8 competed to win the Challenge Award pin. Any student who completed the tasks automatically received the pin to wear proudly on their lapel. The successful candidates had to do community service, attend a minimum of five school events, at home be physically active, belong to a school club/hobby and write a reflection on how this programme helped them become active in school life. There were six (6) who accomplished this, all Grade 7 students: Peter Chuchra, Owen Johnston, Ben Hirasawa, Yafiet Teame, and Ethan Tait.

number of participants to the Provincial Competition where the boys competed over the span of three days taking a written test and presenting a case in their respective categories. Furthermore, a small group of executive members also attended an international DECA conference in Austin, Texas where they were involved in seminars and competitions with other students from as far as Germany, Panama, Mexico and many more countries, including all the States. The club president, Sheldon Leung, was recognized in Austin where he finished in the 90th percentile of his competition. DUKE OF EDINBURGH Moderator: Ms. Erin Hogan The St. Michael’s Duke of Edinburgh programme involves over 75 active students pursuing awards in Bronze, Silver and Gold. Below are testimonials of two graduate Gold Award Leaders; Through this unique and rewarding programme you can become physically active, join clubs to learn and grow as a person, become an active member of your community through volunteer work and go on adventurous journeys to expand your horizons. The Duke of Edinburgh award programme has aided my personal growth and was a significant part of my high school career. – Joseph Rossi ‘16 Duke of Ed has allowed me to experience things I’ve never seen myself experiencing before. Many skills are involved and are developed throughout this program. This program allows you to make new friends, find new interests. The Duke of Edinburgh program has been a tough commitment throughout my whole high school career but I can gladly say I have completed all three awards. – Daniel Bancheri ’16. IRISH CLUB Moderator: Dr. Matthew Doyle The Irish club was rejuvenated this year by a core group of new members. The club focuses on Irish film, sport and music. The highlight of the year was a trip to the Toronto Irish Film Festival in March. The club was welcomed by the festival organizers, and watched ‘Shooting for Socrates’, a film that tells the story of the Northern Ireland team that qualified for the 1986 world cup. The club also marked St. Patrick’s Day with a party. LEGO ROBOTICS Moderator: Mr. Adrian Bucur The Lego Robotics Club experienced a special year by achieving the Champion position at the reginal tournament. A great success after years of experience and hard work after school every day. Congratulations to our teams outstanding performance this year.

CHESS CLUB Moderator: Mr. Robert Fantilli ’94 The club had a very successful year with two students placing 1st and 3rd at the High School Chess Championship and our senior team won gold medals at the Team Chess Tournament. In addition, one senior student (Joseph Maggisano) won gold at the fall/winter Toronto Chess League Tournament and one grade 10 student (Nathan Hardy) won gold at the same tournament for top in grade. At the end of May was the first annual in-house SMCS Chess Tournament where Joseph Maggisano placed first overall. Thanks to the SMCSPA for this year's funding which made all of these successes possible and allowed us to procure our chess master as well as new equipment that will benefit our club for years to come. DEBATE CLUB Moderators: Mr. Pat Mancuso ’90 and Mr. John Vella ’85 Debaters practice skills like impromptu speaking, examining a witness, refuting an opponent and structuring a parliamentary style speech. The Debate Club met regularly on Mondays after school in room 122 with moderators Mr. Mancuso and Mr. Vella. Students engaged in impromptu debates which focused on building skills like: how to ask a point of information, how to signpost an argument and how not to “burn the turf” in a British Parliamentary debate. In October, Chedi Mbaga attended the National Debating Seminar in Victoria, British Columbia as one of the Ontario delegates for the Ontario Student Debating Union. Debaters attended various tournaments: In the fall, debaters attended the McGill University High School Tournament, and in the spring debaters attended the Queens University Tournament. D.E.C.A. Moderators: Mr. Larry La Gamba ’95, Mr. Dan Lumsden ’96, and Mr. Peter Zavodny ’97 This past year DECA celebrated its largest group ever. The club had over 40 members who prepared to compete in regional and provincial business, marketing, management, and finance case studies with other students across Ontario. We sent a record

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The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

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MATH CLUB Moderator: Mrs. Irene Dankowycz This year’s Senior Math Club was comprised of 66 Grade 11 and Grade 12 math enthusiasts. The club competed in the Canadian High School Mathematics League contests monthly and participated in school wide mathematics contests which included the Senior Mathematics Competition, the AMC-12 and Waterloo’s Euclid contest. Up until March, the Senior Math Club was ranked in the top 7 in Canada in the Canadian High School Mathematics League, and finished in 14th place by the end of the season. Students that consistently brought in excellent results and distinguished themselves included Michael Mudrinic, Luca Sardelitti, Jake Desmarais, David Koot, Jason Koot, Yianni Demistihas, Ciaran Sheahan and Tim Romanski. In May, the club also organized a Bake Sale to raise funds for math t-shirts and for charity. This year the club donated a portion of the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity. All the members of SMCS Senior Math Club should be applauded for their enthusiasm, dedication and ingenuity, as well as an amazing mathematical season of problem-solving! MILK BAG MAT CLUB Moderator: Mr. Mario DePiero The Milk Bag Mat club had a fantastic year producing more mats than any previous year. This was greatly due to the club moving to a larger space in the Design Tech room which allowed for a larger work force. The Club looks forward to more success in future years. The club would like to thank President Joseph Narducci for his support and leadership. MODEL UNITED NATIONS Moderator: Mr. Giancarlo Mazzanti During the 2015-2016 Model United Nations season, the SMCS Model UN team enjoyed an increased membership as well as an improvement in the skills of the delegates. Along with winning many individual awards, they also won an entire delegation award at the Toronto French School MUN. Other conferences attended include the University of Toronto MUN and McMaster's MUN. It can be stated with some level of satisfaction that every student in the club has honed their ability to articulate their thoughts and engage in free and rational debate. PEER TUTORING Moderator: Ms. Gail O’Grady This year the SMCS Peer Tutoring Programme brought together students possessing expertise in many different subjects along with students who needed assistance and mentorship. We had 33 peer tutors tutoring students from Grade 7 to 12. Our peer tutors typically met with their students(s) once or twice a week either before school, during lunch period or after school. REACH FOR THE TOP Moderator: Dr. Matthew Doyle St. Michael’s College School has participated in Reach for the Top for many years, club members met weekly for practice between September and January, and competed in the Central Toronto League at North Toronto Collegiate Institute. This year the school fielded two teams in the league, and one in the playoffs. The team also participated in a tournament at UTS. This year marked the final season for veteran players Michael Mudrinic, Michael Lee and Conor MacNamee. READING OLYMPICS Moderators: Mrs. Sandy Gray, Mrs. Anita Zawadzki, and Fr. Cecil Zinger, CSB Now in its eighth year, the SMCS Reading Olympics remains an exciting activity, with 35 student participants reading competitively to earn the honour of Top Reader for their grade. For 2015/2016, the top readers are: Adam Zanin (Gr. 7), Joseph Cressatti (Gr. 8), Adam Mazza (Gr. 9) and Isaac Kuk (Gr. 10). SERVICE TRIP Moderators: Ms. Gail O’Grady and Mr. Calvin Cahatol During the March Break, 17 students from St. Michael’s College School and 12 from Holy Name of Mary College School, embarked on an exciting Me to We international volunteer experience to Nicaragua. Our students had the opportunity to travel to El Trapiche and play an active role in building stairs made out of recycled tires which was part of a clean water/sanitation project. Every day of our trip was made up of a combination of volunteer work, unique cultural experiences, and interactive leadership skill building sessions. A few highlights of our trip included - San Juan de Oriente pottery workshop (including an opportunity to try making a clay pot), swam in the Laguna de Apoyo – volcanic crater filled with fresh water, visited a fair trade coffee plantation on top of a volcano and explored Granada one of the oldest cities in Nicaragua. This trip provided our students with first-hand access to global development opportunities and so much more!

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RUMBA SQUAD Moderator: Mr. Mark Pulla ’99, Mr. Joaquin Nunez, and Ms. Dyalis The fifth year of the program comprised of 25 members from Grades 7 through 12. They gave performances at D’Addario Canada, the Spring Concert, Club Blue Note and the Grade 9 Welcome Day. Still the only extra-curricular program of its kind at the high school level in Canada. One of the greatest highlights of this year was the 4th Annual World Beat Retreat to Varadero and Havana, Cuba – the mecca of Rumba. A small group of students took part in various musical workshops and performances, including one at the Conservatory of Music in Havana. SMCSTV Moderators: Mr. Sterling Bogie and Mr. Steven Cline SMCSTV has wrapped it's 3rd season producing live programming for SMCS! 14 Events spanning our School Masses, the Kerry Blues Homecoming games and the popular Dan Prendergast / Nike Varsity Basketball Tournament which had collectively over 10,000 viewers. The 30 young men involved showed their dedication to the productions. They came early to setup the equipment, produced a top tier broadcast and then tirelessly packed up the equipment long after the rest of the school was back in class. Working with broadcast quality equipment and their experiences and work ethic required to "do the job" will do them well during and after their time at St. Mike's. STAGE CREW Moderators: Ms. Kim Gravel and Mr. Sterling Bogie The SMCS Stage Crew is a group of dedicated students who help execute stage productions in the Centre for the Arts, as well as assist with various lectures and events at the school. They worked diligently to implement the sets, lights, sound, as well as sets and props for the two mainstage productions this year: the fall drama The Crucible and the spring musical Oklahoma! The stage crew is integral to ensuring that the Open Houses, Welcome Days, the Christmas and Spring Concerts run smoothly. From Stage Management to Running Crew, all members came together as a well-oiled machine for the successful completion of several events. VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENTS Moderator: Mr. John Walsh ’73 Tower Media has completed its eighth successful year, delivering school news daily to the entire St. Michael’s community through the format of a newsroom broadcast. Through the implementation of new technology, the program has evolved into an integral part of daily life at our school. Announcements can also be viewed via the school’s website. Tower Media is another example of a team that is truly more than the sum of its parts.

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

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ATHLETIC HIGHLIGHTS ARCHERY Coach: Ms. Kim Celotti The SMCS Blue Archers experienced an incredibly successful year with over 20 archers joining the ranks to either learn to shoot for the first time or to hone their skills. Coached by Sarah Slater Gray and Michael Mah ’14, archers from Grades 7 through 12 had the opportunity to shoot weekly in the mornings and evenings. The team hosted several schools at the Father Mulcahy Memorial Tournament on Tues. April 19. Club members demonstrated their love of the sport and fair play, and were excellent ambassadors for the school as well as the sport. Preparing for months to attend OFSAA, the team worked together to improve each other's skills and technique. They truly enjoyed the experience of being able to shoot in a competitive environment and demonstrated tremendous spirit and sportsmanship. MVP: Scott Bowman ’20 JUNIOR BADMINTON Coaches: Mr. Kevin Toste, Fr. Andrew Leung, CSB It was an exciting year for the Jr. Badminton season of 2015 - 16, the team had a mix of returning and new members. The year consisted of playing in three different school tournaments and going Crescent School for the CISAA Championship. 12 schools participated in the tournament, after seven hours of birdies flying everywhere, St. Mike’s tied 4th with Upper Canada College for the overall standing. Led by Anthony Liu ’18, Liam Abbott ’19, and Christian Khoury ’18 in the singles division, all of them battled valiantly through three rounds of match play. The two doubles team pairing with Liam Abbott and Brett Currie ’19 for doubles one, and Oskar GoldnauVogt ’18 and Michael Kalpouzos ’18 for doubles two, defeated five different schools to make it to the championship finals in each of their division. Both teams were awarded silver medals for their 2nd place finishes. MVP: Aiden Horan ’18 VARSITY BADMINTON Coaches: Mr. Kevin Toste, Fr. Andrew Leung, CSB The Varsity Badminton team persevered through a shortened exhibition season that culminated with the CISAA championship at the Markham Pan Am Centre. The team faced some stiff competition but never once did they give up. Out of the 16 competing schools the Varsity Badminton team came away with a 7th place finish at the CISAA Championship. The demand and popularity for the sport of badminton has increased over the past few years at SMCS. With hard work, passion and skill development our team will continue to grow and improve. We look forward to next season with the aim of finishing in the top five overall as a team. MVP: Matthew Kellenberger ’17 VARSITY BASEBALL Coaches: Mr. Jeff Zownir ’88, Mr. Frank Ribarich The Baseball Blues had another successful season winning their second straight CISAA Championship and 9th in the past 12 years. They defeated UCC 9-2 in the final. The team also won the OFSAA West Regional in three straight games for the first time in school history winning 10-7, 11-1 and 9-2. In the OFSAA final four, the Blues had a tough day losing 6-4 in the semi-final before finishing 4th overall in the Province for the 2nd straight year. Co-MVP: Lucas DaSilva ’16 and Nick Kim ’16 U14 BASKETBALL Coach: Mr. Calvin Cahatol The 2015-2016 U14 Basketball season went very well. The team was equipped with a great combination of strong shooters and tall strong post players. During the regular CISAA season the team finished third after losses to Crescent and UCC. The team came second in the SMCS Annual U14 tournament. In an exciting CISAA Quarter Finals game, the team was unable to come out on top of UCC and lost by a mere threepoint margin. MVP: Jacob Gipson ’20 JUNIOR BASKETBALL Coaches : Mr. Kirt Charter ’82 The Jr. Blue Raiders had an inconsistent season after dropping the opening game by a close score. The team ended the regular season with a league record of 13 wins to 1 loss, then lost in a hard fought championship game. MVP: William Foran ’17 VARSITY BASKETBALL Coaches: Mr. Jeff Zownir ’88, Mr. Nunzio Corrente, Mr. Daniel Lumsden ’96 The Varsity Blue Raiders had another excellent season winning the OFSAA Bronze Medal in a "rebuilding" year after winning OFSAA Gold in 2015. The Raiders won the Freeds Invitational for the 6th straight year, and were crowned All-Ontario Catholic Champions for the 4th time in five years. With 10 returning players next year, the SMCS basketball future continues to look bright. MVP: Danilo Djuricic ’17 18 /


U14 CROSS-COUNTRY Coach: Mr. Jim Byrne The U14 Cross Country team had a very successful season. Made up of a strong mix of Grade 7 and 8 students. The Grade 7 boys captured their second consecutive CISAA title led by Oscar Roy, Oscar Feschuk, Ben Hirasawa, and Frederick McRae. The Grade 8's also captured the CISAA title for the 5th consecutive year with top ten finishes by Connor Pribaz, Ryan Alexander, and Ethan Bourdas. MVP : Connor Pribaz ’20 VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY Coaches: Mr. Paul Barry ’73, Mr. Frank Bergin, Mr. Paul Fitzpatrick ’95, Mr. Stephen Antolin ’05, Mr. George Shust The Blue Harriers had a successful season winning most of their invitational meets ahead of hundreds of other Ontario schools. At the CISAA Championships, despite a major storm, the team swept all three age division titles. In the last 37 years, St. Michael’s has won a total of 97 of a possible 111 TDCAA or CISAA age division championships. No other school has won more than three. In the Overall Championship, the Blue Harriers won their 37th consecutive league title, a streak going back to 1979. This is most likely the longest league winning streak of any school in Canadian high school history. At the OFSAA Championships the Jr. and Varsity teams both managed respectable middle of the pack finishes. The Midget team of Ben Fox ’19, Brandon Raftis ’19, Julian Mirijello ’19, John MacLellan ’19, Jakub Bembenek ’19, and Alessandro Adorante ’19 captured the team gold medal. This was the 21st provincial team title won by the Blue Harriers, the most won by any school in the history of OFSAA Cross Country. MVPs: Midget Ben Fox ’19 and Brandon Raftis ’19 | Jr. Aedan Rourke ’18 and Brendan Ross ’10 | Varsity Alexander Bimm ’16 JUNIOR FOOTBALL Coaches: Mr. Frank Ribarich, Mr. Jason Smith The Jr. Kerry Blues season started and finished with enthusiasm, excitement and a truly amazing group of student athletes. During the regular CISAA season the offence consistently scored multiple touchdowns while the defense continued to shut down the other teams, ensuring every game was won by over 40 points. At practice in addition to learning the offensive and defensive playbooks, everyone had the opportunity to learn what a Scottish mile was and what running the four quarters felt like. Although this was difficult, the team persevered through this training to demonstrate what they had learned on the field. After winning the CISSA final against Trinity College School 45 - 0 it was time to challenge the other conference champions on the way to the Jr. Metrobowl; the Jr. Kerry Blues did not disappoint. Beating the other conference champions one by one the season culminated in a test for the team against Nelson High School from Burlington. Although Nelson had an excellent team, (also having beaten numerous conference champions), St. Mike's was victorious by a score of 38 - 7 winning the Jr. Metrobowl with a season record of 11-0. Offensive MVP: Jaden Bailey ’18 Defensive MVP: Tayo Smith ’18 VARSITY FOOTBALL Coaches: Mr. Frank Trentadue ’84, Mr. Kevin Shaughnessy ’00, Mr. Michael Ross ’86, Mr. Dan Lumsden ’96 The 2015 edition of the Varsity Kerry Blues football season began with much anticipation. A season to remember was highlighted by a trip to Saline, Michigan to take on the 2014 Michigan State Champions. Playing their best game of the season, the Kerry Blues had a 14-13 lead midway through the 2nd quarter. The following week saw the Kerry Blues travel to Detroit, Michigan to take on brother Basilian School, Detroit Catholic Central. Most memorable was the trip to Houston, Texas, to participate in the 2nd annual Basil Bowl versus fellow Basilian School, St. Thomas Aquinas High School. In a fantastic demonstration of true brotherhood, the two teams played hard but most importantly were able to experience a cross border demonstration of goodness, discipline, and knowledge. Returning to Canada, the Kerry Blues initiated the first ever rivalry game billed as the Battle of the Blues versus UCC at Varsity Stadium in downtown Toronto. In CISAA action, the Kerry Blues struggled to get a win but during the final game of the season and on the final play of the game, the Kerry Blues were finally able to come out victorious avenging the previous week’s loss at the inaugural Battle of Blues game versus UCC. MVP Jaeden Washington ’16 Fr. Daniel Zorzi, CSB Football Scholarship - Andrew Cervi ’16 The scholarship was created in April 2013 by the Toronto Jr. Argonauts to honour Fr. Zorzi’s assistance and support in creating the Toronto Jr. Argonaut football programme. Fr. Daniel Zorzi, CSB was President of St. Michael’s College School from 2000 to 2005. This year’s award winner is Andrew Cervi ’16 - Andrew is a four year member of the Kerry Blues football programme as well as a five year member of the Toronto Jr. Argonauts. He has grown to be a leader among his line mates and he was a captain of the Varsity Kerry Blues. Always determined to contribute to the team, he let very little stand in the way of his participation. A real student of the game, he could usually be found helping to coach his teammates. He exemplifies a dedication to academics, faith, school spirit, and athletics. He embodies the Basilian tradition of an educated well-rounded person. Andrew will continue his studies at Western University where he will study Medical Sciences. Fr. Enright Award – John Dickson ’16 From Grade 12 walk-on, to Special Forces standout, to Starting Defense, John Dickson is truly a most deserving recipient of the Fr. Enright Award. In his first and only year as a Kerry Blues player, John consistently demonstrated the drive, determination and fighting spirit of the Kerry Blues. On the opening day of training camp, he immediately won the attention of the coaching staff with his speed, hustle, determination, and physical play. John was often called upon to contribute to the team in all aspects of the game. He assumed several key positions in the “special forces” units, played both Defensive Back and Linebacker on Defense, and was a situational Running Back on Offense. John generated some of the most memorable and positive plays this season, including, but not limited to, his bone crushing, highlight reel hit at DCC, as well as leading the team in tackles in the inaugural Battle of the Blues game vs. UCC where he single handedly shut down their run game on his side of the field. John is an excellent leader who continually inspired and encouraged his teammates and coaches with his hard work, dedication, and spirited enthusiasm.

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

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Bill O’Connor - Linesman of the Year - Cody Dunn ’16 This year’s Varsity Kerry Blues featured several outstanding offensive and defensive linemen so selecting one as the outstanding lineman of the year was a difficult task. This year’s recipient was the anchor of the offensive line and was frequently called upon to bolster the defensive line as well. Strong, quick, tough and dedicated – this young man was a real leader on and off the field. He will be taking his talents to McGill University next year. The St. Michael’s Varsity Kerry Blues are proud to name Cody Dunn ’16 as this year’s Bill O’Connor Award for Lineman of the Year. ULTIMATE FRISBEE Coach: Ms. Erin Hogan With the talent and skilled effort of this year’s co-ed Ultimate Frisbee team with Bishop Strachan School, the winning stats were: 3-1 at the early bird tournament held at Lamport Stadium, 4-2 finish at Cawthra Secondary School and 3rd place finish in the division. JUNIOR GOLF Coaches: Mr. Michael Ross ’86, Mr. Paul Ruta, Mr. Nunzio Corrente This year’s Jr. team had a successful season, winning the first four tournaments of the season. They unfortunately faltered in the CISAA Championship tournament and could not defend their title. MVP: Jack McBain ’19 VARSITY GOLF Coaches: Mr. Michael Ross ’86, Mr. Paul Ruta, Mr. Nunzio Corrente The Varsity team dominated all year, winning three of the first four tournaments, before crushing the opposition in the CISAA Championship. Connor Rochon ‘17 and Gianluca Fuoco ’17 posted the best two scores on the day, leading the team to recapture the CISAA Crown. Rochon dominated all season, winning all four stroke-play CISAA tournaments as well as the Corrente Cup Match Play event. MVP: Connor Rochon ’17 U14 HOCKEY TEAM BLUE Coaches: Mr. Darryl Giancola, Mr. Matt Pagano ’92, Mr. Stephen Antonlin ’05 The U14 Team Blue enjoyed an undefeated regular season and went on to win their 3rd consecutive CISAA Championships. In the finals, Team Blue faced classmates U14 Team White in another epic game that helped the friendly rivalry grow. The team had a fantastic group of athletes who regularly woke up early to be on the ice by 7 a.m., and always led veteran goalie Selby Warren ’20. Selby never missed a team event and leaves the U14 age level as the only starting goalie to play in and win, two championships in both his U14 eligible years. MVP: Selby Warren ’20 U14 HOCKEY TEAM WHITE Coaches: Mr. John Walsh ’73, Mr. Enzo Carcasole, Ms. Natalie Garbutt The U14 Team White had an exciting year! Throughout the season, the boys came together and grew as a team, contributing to their overall success! The team was led by two outstanding goaltenders, Oscar Carsley ’20 and Ethan Bourdos ’20, who never cracked under pressure. During the season, the team represented St. Mike's honourably, both on and off the ice. In the CISAA semi-finals the team played their strongest and most exciting game of the season, taking Crescent School into overtime and beating them in a nerve-racking shootout! In spite of their best efforts, Team White lost to Team Blue in the CISAA Final. MVP: Cameron Essensa ’21 JUNIOR HOCKEY Coaches: Mr. Darryl Giancola, Mr. Matt Pagano ’92, Mr. Stephen Antolin ’05 This marked another successful season for the Jr. Double Blues hockey team. The team had only a few returning veterans and would depend on a solid core of new players. After a strong start to the season, the team captured the championship in our own Invitational tournament in January with a thrilling 2-1 win over St. Andrew’s. While there were a few bumps during the regular season, the team managed to secure a second place finish and took on UCC in the semi-finals. Throughout the season, the team became known as the “comeback kids” due to their tendency to spot their opponents a lead before battling back in the dying seconds of the game. This trend continued in the playoffs as the team found themselves down 5-1 to UCC before pulling out a 6-5 overtime win, and down 3-1 to St. Andrew’s in the final before winning 4-3. This marks the third straight CISAA championship for the Double Blues. The team also managed to advance to the semi-finals of the All Canadian Jr. Classic tournament. MVPs: Nicholas Zabaneh ’19 and Akil Thomas ’17 VARSITY HOCKEY Coach: Mr. Francesco Bazzocchi ’83 This year, the St. Michael’s Majors faced their share of adversity. The team battled injuries, a short bench, and a grueling schedule playing in both the CISAA and MPHL (Mid-West Prep Hockey League). This however, did not dampen the team’s spirit despite the win loss column. The team was able to display great tenacity throughout the season by providing exciting offense having four of its players’ finish in the top ten in scoring and this combined with great team defense proved to be a great season. MVP: Nicholas Salamon ’16 20 /


U14 LACROSSE Coaches: Mr. David Lee ’95, Mr. James Byrne The U14 Lacrosse team had a very successful year going undefeated in the regular season and winning the Everest Academy Tournament. Unfortunately, they ran into some tough competition in the CISAA final and lost in a close game. MVP: Finlay Thomson ’21 JUNIOR VARSITY LACROSSE Coaches: Mr. Cory Lance, Mr. Kevin Shaughnessy ’00 This year, the Jr. Varsity Blue Gaels team posted an impressive overall season record of 16 wins, 5 losses, and 1 tie in league, tournament, and international play. The team was composed of predominantly Grade 9 student-athletes, with only six Grade 10s to round out the roster. Season highlights include: outscoring the opponents 161 - 68 throughout the entire season; a triumphant undefeated record in the state of New York; a most impressive victory in the St. Andrew’s JV Tournament; and a victorious finish to the season by winning the Aurora JV Showcase Tournament . MVP: Jackson Raposo ’19 VARSITY LACROSSE Coaches: Mr. Alex Frescura ’92, Mr. Angus Dineley ’03, Mr. Matt Pagano ’92 Graduating 11 varsity players from the 2014/15 OFSAA Gold medal team, the question going into the 2015/16 season was whether St. Michael’s would be able to sustain their level of success with an entirely new defensive core. With a solid contingent of returning offensive players, and a new infusion of talent from the JV programme, the team looked to challenge themselves with a difficult schedule en route to hopeful success at June’s OFSAA Championships. The squad responded to the challenge, posting a 29-5 record and winning the: • The Brockport College Invitational, New York • The Jammer Classic • The Double Blue Invitational • The Ontario All-Catholic Classic After a disappointing loss in the CISAA final, the boys rebounded at OFSAA with a strong run through their pool and tourney semi-final. In the Gold Medal game, the team overcome an early deficit, to win the Provincial Championship in overtime. MVPs: Keaton Thomson ’16 and Jonathan Donville ’16 JR. RUGBY Coaches: Mr. Lafaele Taua, Fr. John Malo, CSB ’66 The Jr. Rugby team had a season full of hard work, learning, and camaraderie. The team came together well while snow was still on the ground. Although, the team suffered some significant injuries at the start, they did well in the pre-season, winning some matches through good ball movement and team work. The regular season, brought many opportunities for growth as we encountered more experienced teams. Although the team failed to win a game, the boys played with solidarity and more importantly, never wavered from total commitment on the field. MVPs: Tim Hatcher ’19 and Cole Duffy ’19 SR. RUGBY Coaches: Mr. Lafaele Taua, Fr. John Malo, CSB ’66, Mr. Adrian Spagnolo ’03 The Varsity Rugby squad started off with an enthusiastic initial turnout of more than 50 St. Mike’s students. We entered formal competitive play with a strong team ready to go. The Shamrocks played in three pre-season tournaments and handily beat all seven teams, winning several tournament trophies in the process. Unfortunately, the season was not as successful due to a few injuries and strong opposition within CISAA. While the squad was not strong in the win column, they were a deeply-bonded team throughout. MVPs: Tristan Stephen ’16 and Aidan Ross ’16 U14 SKIING Coaches: Mr. Jamie Oatt, Mr. Enzo Carcasole 2016 was an incredibly successful year for the SMCS Alpine Ski team. The U14 team competed in a very tight field and placed 3rd overall in CISAA. Conor Caswell ’20 placed 4th overall in the individual standings. MVP: Riley Coleman ’20 VARSITY SKIING Coaches: Mr. Jamie Oatt, Mr. Enzo Carcasole The SMCS Level 1-B team placed 2nd overall and Brett Currie ’19 finished 1st in the individual standings. While the Level 1-A team won the CISAA Championship as well as a birth to represent the association at OFSAA. Allan MacLean-Howard ’16 placed 2nd overall in the CISAA individual standings. The team of Allan MacLean-Howard, Roman Grod ‘16, Nicholas Mirijello ‘16, Will O'Brien ’17, and Liam Abbott ’19 demonstrated why they were the best in CISAA by winning OFSAA Gold in SLALOM and a Silver in GIANT SLALOM, securing the OFSAA Overall title for 2016. Lead by a bronze medal by Allan Maclean-Howard the entire team placed within the top 20 to dominate the SLALOM race. MVP: Roman Grod ’16 The Level 2 team placed 4th overall as a team in CISAA. Matthew Ross ’17 placed 4th overall in the individual standings MVP: Xavier Da Ponte ’16

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SNOWBOARDING Coaches: Mr. Adrian Spagnolo ’02, Mr. Angus Dineley ’03, Mr. Miko Romano The St. Michael's Blue Yetis snowboard team continued to build on their successful foundation in 2016, made all the more evident by the return of legacy coaches, and spiritual leaders, Jesse Martini ’15 and Andrew Giguere ’13. Season highlights included a top 5 finish in a very competitive league and the arrival of Fred "Future" McRae ’21, the youngest L2 racer in program history. This season's MVP followed up on a spectacular Jr. season with the top individual qualification for OFSAA, where he finished 25th out of over 150 provincial racers, and dominated the season-long slope style competition en route to a league gold medal. MVP: Matt Strezos ’16

U14 TRACK & FIELD Coaches: Mr. Darryl Giancola, Mr. Maurice Pasquali ’79, Mr. Stephen Antolin ’05 This year, the U14 Track and Field team had another strong overall performance. There were a number of strong performers at the Grade 7 level including Jordan Raftis ’21 who ran the 1500, 800 and 400 finishing fifth, eighth and fourth respectively and Oscar Feschuk ’21 also had a strong day in the middle distances finishing 4th in the 1500 and 7th in the 800. The Grade 7 100 meter sprinters Adam Zanin ’21, Hugo Hinojosa ’21 and Jeremi Kolakowski ’21 all finished within the top eight in the 100 meter dash, with Jeremi also winning the long jump event on the day, and our relay team placing third place overall.

U14 SOCCER Coaches: Mr. Frank Heijmans, Dr. Robert Fantill ’94 The 2015-16 season saw the St. Michael’s Azzuri struggle through the regular season trying to find its stride. In the semi-finals, the U14 Azzuri played a spectacular game battling UCC to a tie game at the end of regulation time. Five minutes into extra time, George Vasilakakos ’21 found the back of the net with a strike from outside the 18 yard box which to create the highlight of the season. This momentum carried forward to the championship game versus Crescent where St. Michael’s had a 1-0 lead early in the game and played a strong defensive position through to the final minutes when the Azzuri got an insurance goal to seal the win and defeat Crescent on their home turf. The boys truly came through to beat the odds at each opportunity. MVP: Massimiliano Sellitto ’20

At the Grade 8 level the team was dominant in all track events. Connor Pribaz ’20 won the 1500 and 800 meter events, Matthew Markson ’20 finished in the top five in all five events he competed in and Riley Doig ’20 finished no lower then second place in all five of the events he competed in. The contributions of many others were essential for the teams overall success which propelled us to another U14 Track and Field Championship. MVP: Riley Doig ’20

JR. SOCCER Coaches: Mr. Gus Escobedo, Mr. John Vella ’85, Mr. Noel DiTosto ’99 The Gold Medal U16 soccer team is made up of Grades 9 and 10 students. The team finished in second place and outscored their opponents 25 to 7. The regular season record was 6 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw. The only loss in the regular season was a 2-1 defeat against upstart RSCG. SMCS and RSCG would meet again in the championship on a cold Saturday at Cherry Beach in November. The championship match ended in a tie. No goals were scored in extra time so the match went to penalties. SMCS was victorious with the winning save by keeper Noah “Muro” Zanotti ’18. MVP: Jonathan Puzzo ’18 VARSITY SOCCER Coaches: Mr. Miko Romano, Mr. Peter Zavodny ’97 This year, the Varsity Azzurri again had a successful fall season finishing with a 13–2 record. The team battled through many injuries during the regular season making the final against UCC, but unfortunately lost by a goal. In late November, the team travelled to Texas for three games including a first ever encounter with our brother school St. Thomas. The Azzurri showed well by winning all three games! During the spring the team prepared for OFSAA and went into the June tournament with high hopes. Unfortunately, the team fell short but gained some valuable experience for next year. MVPs: Kevin Kabongo ‘16 and Antonio Tyler Terceros-Downy ’16 U14 SOFTBALL Coaches: Mr. PJ Miller, Mr. John Toffoli The U14 Softball team cruised through the regular season compiling a 6-0 record and capturing first place in the division. In those six games the team scored a total of 90 runs while only allowing 33 against. In the CISAA semi-final, the team beat a very strong squad from Bayview Glen 27-14 to advance to the final. The team then went on to win the CISAA championship by defeating UCC 15-9. This capped off an undefeated season. MVPs: Ewan Fergson ’21 and Benjamin Bartkiw ’20

U14 VOLLEYBALL Coaches: Mr. Sean Stokes, Mr. PJ Miller, Mr. Kevin Toste This year’s U14 Volleyball team began with an demoralizing loss to Bayview Glen who boasted several club players. It is a credit to the boys, that they battled back to win their next four games before losing to UCC. They showed similar character in upsetting UCC in the Semi-Finals before succumbing once again to Bayview Glen. MVP: Riley Doig ’20 JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL Coach: Mr. David Fischer After dropping their first game of the season, the Jr. Strikers never lost a CISAA match. A potent mix of veterans and rookies ensured that they won their semi-final match against SAC in straight sets. Despite being down 20-13 in the first set of the championship game, the Strikers roared back to win that set and the next two to sweep UCC for the CISAA Gold. MVP: Michael McKenna ’18 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Coach: Mr. Alain Arseneau The Varsity Strikers started out their season with a win at the Waterloo Classic, a first for the programme. They then completed an undefeated CISAA league schedule capping it off with a tenth consecutive CISAA league championship victory. Winning the Uxbridge tournament right before OFSAA gave the squad great momentum. A slow start at the provincial championships would have the Strikers face off against the number one seed of the tournament in the quarters. After winning against Oakridge in convincing fashion and advancing to the semis, the Strikers would lose a tough five set match to Mississauga Secondary. Displaying strong character, the team bounced back to capture the Bronze defeating Regiopolis 3-0. For the first time ever, the team graduates three of six starters who will be playing at the university level next year. MVP: Taryq Sani ’16 THE FR. MOHAN AWARD – GRADES 7 AND 8 ATHLETE OF THE YEAR The Grade 8 athlete of the year and recipient of the Fr. Mohan Athlete of the Year award goes to a young man who participated in four sports this year. As a member of the U14 Volleyball team, Team Blue U14 Hockey, the Golf team and U14 Track and Field, this athlete was able to capture three CISAA Championships this year and led the U14 Track and Field team to their 12th consecutive Championship earning more points for his team than any other student at the event. The Grade 7 and 8 Athlete of the Year is Riley Doig ’20.

SWIMMING Coach: Mr. Larry La Gamba ’05 This year, the St. Michael’s Blue Sharks did not fail to live up to their reputation as some of the oceans’ most feared predators. With some new additions to the team and an overpowering sense of teamwork and spirit, the Sharks managed to stay ahead of last year’s times, improving consistently across the squad. Despite the lack of OFSAA qualifications at the Varsity level, the season was a success in developing the skills of all members of the team, with an extraordinary effort put forth by all during both practices and meets. If the team continues to improve at the rate it has this past season, OFSAA-qualifying times will definitely be a tangible goal this next season. MVP: Charlie Drysdale ’17

MARC SANTI AWARD The award of graduating athlete who combines sportsmanship and school spirit goes to Jonathan Donville ’16. Jonathan has been part of the Blue Gaels Lacrosse programme for the past six years – starting in Grade 7 as a member of the U14 Blue Gaels. For the past four years, Jonathan has been an integral member of the Varsity team and a team captain during his Grades 11 and 12 years. Despite a lingering leg injury, Jonathan led the team a couple of weeks ago to their second consecutive OFSAA gold medal. Jonathan’s skill level and understanding of the game have made him one of the top offensive threats in the country. This was made evident when Jonathan, as a seventeen-year-old, was asked to represent the country as a member of the Canadian U19 Lacrosse team at this summer’s world championship. Jonathan’s on and off field leadership will be missed, but he has left a lasting legacy. Jonathan will continue playing and pursuing his studies at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

VARSITY TENNIS Coach: Mr. Calvin Cahatol St. Michael's Varsity Tennis was very strong this year. The singles players of Matthew Ross ’17, Jack Sarabia ’19, and Oscar Roy ’21 were extremely successful through league play. Doubles players comprised of a mixture of Jeffrey Chong ’16, Timothy Killeen ’16, Nolan O'Shea ‘16, Patrick Romain ’17, Tyler D'Silva ’17, and Jack Reford ’19 won more often than not. The team finished off league play with an excellent record of 5-1. At CISAA finals they finished 5th. MVP: Matthew Ross ’17

FR. MALLON TROPHY This year's Fr. Mallon Trophy winner truly embodies what it means to be a student-athlete, demonstrating the discipline and dedication needed to excel in the arena, on the field, and in the classroom. A six-year contributor to both the hockey and lacrosse programmes at St. Mike's, he consistently improved his own game and that of his teammates, all the while maintaining a truly impressive academic record. He graduates a two-time OFSAA lacrosse champion, a stalwart defenceman for the St. Michael’s Buzzers, and will continue his laudable academic and athletic journey at Princeton University where he has committed to play hockey for the Tigers in 2017. Congratulations to this year's winner: Mark Paolini. ’16

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DRAMA FALL DRAMA SMCS Drama had a very successful run of Arthur Miller’s play "The Crucible". This Tony Award winning dramatization of the Salem witch trials was presented for four evenings in November.

SENIOR CONCERT BAND trip to Florida and the Bahamas took the band to the cities of Orlando and Nassau. In addition to performing at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, the band took a cruise to the Bahamas and participated in the “Rock The Boat” music festival held aboard the Carnival cruise ship “Victory”. The band also had a recording session workshop in the Walt Disney World studios where they recorded the band arrangement of part of the soundtrack from the animated movie “Fantasia”. Other highlights of the trip were the Polynesian Luau Dinner and an excursion to Blue Lagoon Island.

SPRING MUSICAL The Broadway musical "Oklahoma" was a huge success. The students’ presentation of this classic Broadway show wowed the audiences for each of the seven performances that were given in April. In addition to the amazing work by the cast and crew, this show continued the new standard for set design as it incorporated “flying” one of the sets in and out for the audience to see using the theatre’s state-of-the-art systems.

Grade 9/10 Band trip to New York City included a performance en route at Dennis Morris High School in St. Catharines, Ontario. In the upstate New York area they performed at Moravia District High School. Their final performance was at Elizabeth High School in New Jersey. The music directors at all of these schools were either former students or teachers of Mr. Douglas or Mr. Oatt. Members of the choir from Holy Name of Mary College School also went on the trip and performed with the band. While in the city of New York the whole group attended a Yankees game, visited One World Observatory, took a harbor cruise, and attended a Broadway performance of “Get On Your Feet”.


THE FESTIVAL WINDS had another successful year as the intermediate competitive musical group of the school. In addition to their participation at the annual Christmas Concert in November they also performed their own special Christmas concert for the local elementary schools hosted in the St. Michael’s Centre for the Arts and at the newly revived “Christmas In The Courtyard”. In early March they travelled to London where they competed in the annual Musicfest Canada Ontario Regional Music Festival and received a “Silver Plus” rating from the adjudicators. SENIOR JAZZ ENSEMBLE “BIG BLUE” also competed at the Musicfest Canada Ontario Regional Music Festival in London gaining a “Gold” rating – our fifth “Gold” in a row – for their stellar performance. The band continues to be among the finest jazz ensembles in CIS and in the province. Other school performances included the Christmas Concert, SMCS Fashion Show – A Gift of Glamour and Club Blue Note. One of their most notable performances was at the Big M Lottery where the group received many accolades on their impressive playing by the parents and visiting patrons. SENIOR CONCERT BAND also took part in the Musicfest Canada Ontario Regional Music Festival in London receiving a “Gold” rating in the very challenging B500 class. The Senior Concert band also performed at our annual Homecoming festivities and at the newly revived “Christmas In The Courtyard”. GRADE 8 HONOUR BAND performed at the Canada’s Wonderland Music Festival in May where they again received the highest accolades from the adjudicator. ANNUAL BAND CONCERTS were given in November and May featuring all of our musical ensembles representing all grade levels and band categories. All of the concerts were held in the Centre for the Arts and featured the Holy Name of Mary College School Choir and our Rumba Squad as guest artists at the Christmas concert and the HNMCS Choir again at the concert in the Spring. At the Spring Concert retiring Head of Music Mr. Paul Pietrkiewicz performed for his students and the audience. The school’s president, Fr. Thompson, and the graduating music students made a special tribute and presentation to him.

The 2015-16 school year included several hallway exhibits featuring all the visual art student’s pieces. Artworks featured various installations, paintings, drawings, sculptures and digital art. GRADE 7 IPAD technology in the Grade 7 art classes ignited many budding artists as it introduced them to current industry technologies in the arts. Keith Haring inspired clocks, Group of Seven acrylic paintings and large scale First Nations “Morrisseau” inspired animals were once again the programme highlights. GRADE 9 Artworks included detailed gouache “Zentangle” paintings, realistic pencil portraits, 2 point perspective cityscapes & graffiti paintings. Photoshop was introduced in the Graphic Design unit when students designed new team sports logos & jerseys. Students also had the opportunity to recreate ancient Egyptian relief carvings in “stone”. GRADE 10 At camp Northland, students were introduced to “plein air” landscape painting, pyrography & wire art trees. A trip to the Halliburton Sculpture forest was a highlight of the week. Industrial design involved creating unique GTA bus shelters & life-sized wooden hands were created in Anatomy studies. The Skateboard & album cover unit has been the staple of the program. The Greco-Roman Classical Architecture unit had students compile their own “selfies photos” with historical landmarks in Toronto. GRADE 11 Urban art installations inspired by current “street art” styles were found throughout the school in April. These social commentary pieces included “yarn bombing”, “Banksy spray painted stencils” and human scale packing tape people. Intricate scratchboard art and architectural blue prints were once again introduced. GRADE 12 Senior students had the opportunity to explore a wide range of media and subject matter throughout the year. Students created famous people portraits, creative clocks, foam core buildings and mixed media figure drawings. The final summative senior art display was set up in the hallway of the main office allowing a larger population to view the student’s work. Some students have begun their “Professional“ art career by having sold some pieces. The Art History component culminated into a trip to the Art Gallery of Ontario allowing students to view famous original artworks that they have studied over the years.

CLUB BLUE NOTE was an evening celebration of live music at SMCS, featuring our renowned jazz ensemble “Big Blue” and acoustic performances by SMCS staff, the Rumba Squad, students and alumni. Our special guest this year was the Jazz Band from our brother school Catholic Central High School in Novi, Michigan. Just like a true “club”, this Friday evening event in May gives the audience the opportunity to enjoy a dinner while you listen to the variety of groups performing. DRUMLINE began their season by hosting the Sounds of Summer Drumline Clinic in August. In addition to performances for SMCS sports teams and at the SMCS Homecoming, the Drumline also performed at four scholastic drumline competitions. At the Canadian Drumline Association Provincial Championships, hosted by SMCS in May, our Senior Drumline received the Gold Medal in Premier Class. Other performances include the Toronto Santa Claus Parade, the Brampton Santa Claus Parade and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. They again traveled to Montreal where they competed in the Quebec Drumline Championships. The Senioir Drumline’s performance in Premier Class was awarded with a Silver Medal. In January members of the Drumline competed in the Ontario Solos Competition where gold medals were awarded to St. Michael’s students in solo snare drum and small ensemble bass drum. 24 /


The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 25

STUDENT SERVICES St. Michael’s College School is blessed to share in the Church’s mission of Catholic Education. As part of this mission, Student Services at St. Michael’s seeks to provide our students with the encouragement, assistance, and guidance they need for their educational journey. On October 19, alumnus Dr. David Mulroney ’73 returned to our hallowed halls. As the recently appointed President and ViceChancellor of the University of St. Michael’s College, Mr. Mulroney addressed our Grades 11 and 12 students. Mr. Mulroney reflected upon the benefits of Basilian education, acknowledging the profound impact the Basilian commitment to Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge has had on his faith life, his family life, and his professional life in public service, most notably as Canada’s ambassador to the People’s Republic of China. He revealed that the enduring gift of a Basilian education is the constant striving to uphold the Basilian ideals in all of his pursuits, something he hoped our students would come to appreciate. With this challenge in mind, Mr. Mulroney invited the students to give serious consideration to continuing their studies at the University of St. Michael’s College to continue to reap the benefits of the Basilian Tradition. This year our focus on positive Mental Health was reinforced with presentations from two outstanding speakers. In October, Mr. Tom Walker, MSW, spoke to our Grades 9, 10 and 11 students on the topic of alcohol and drug use and abuse. Mr. Walker is an education specialist with Ornge where his primary responsibility is developing and implementing training programs for paramedics. His presentation highlighted the reasons why youth abuse drugs and alcohol, the risks and dangers, and realistic approaches to good, healthy decision making. In addition, Mr. Walker gave a presentation for our parents, providing them an opportunity to reflect on their parenting style and offering practical strategies for helping to approach these topics with their teenagers. In January, Dr. Greg Wells, distinguished professor, researcher, author and broadcaster presented to the student body and parents the science behind the good habits of sleeping soundly, eating smarter, moving more, and thinking clearly. Dr. Wells is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Anaesthesia and Physical Education and Health at the University of Toronto, and an associate scientist in Physiology and Experimental Medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children. Our Guidance Department provides regular academic, personal, and social counselling. Students receive individual counselling each year to identify academic and personal goals, discern strengths and interests, set strategies for accomplishing goals, and monitor student progress. Counsellors also guide students through an extensive university application process. Last year, the Guidance Department hosted lunch time presentations featuring 56 university representatives from Ontario, across Canada, the United States, and abroad. The University Information Night for families of Grades 11 and 12 students provided an additional forum for presentations from a number of Ontario universities. In addition, the department organized Grade 9 Career Day, providing students with an experience of life in the workplace. For students experiencing particularly difficult challenges of a personal, moral, or spiritual nature, confidential counselling and direction was provided by our Director of Pastoral Care, Fr. John Malo, CSB. The Learning Enrichment Centre (LEC) provides support for students who have an identified learning exceptionality, students who have had a concussion, or students who are experiencing extended recovery from illness. This year, St. Michael’s welcomed Ms. Laura Callaghan, an experienced and enthusiastic teacher, to our LEC faculty. Ms. Callaghan, along with Ms. Hogan and Dr. Fantilli, extend LEC support to nearly 200 students with diverse learning profiles that included intellectual giftedness, attention deficit, learning disabilities, vision, hearing, anxiety and depression. In addition to hosting Student Success workshops, the centre hosted the PostSecondary Transitions Evening, an event that brought together students, parents, and community partners to explore transition supports for graduating students. One of the mainstays of the Learning Centre is its Concussion Management Protocol. With the assistance of the David L. MacIntosh Clinic, the LEC faculty develop Individual Re-Integration Plans in support of students who have experienced a concussion. This year, more than 120 students were supported through concussion recovery. With its transformation to a vibrant 21st century teaching and learning environment, the Odette Library continues to support students by providing a comprehensive suite of research and information literacy skills. Library staff continue to teach students how to explore topics effectively by using databases and online catalogues. This year, resource circulation numbered more than 9,400 volumes. In addition to the growing collection of print books and e-books to support the Accelerated Reader programme and research across the curriculum, staff members have added several new custom Library Guides to assist with curriculum-related research. Annual reading and literacy initiatives continue to generate significant student interest: SMCS Reads, Reading Olympics, and Battle of the Bards. The library welcomed Mr. Brandon Janssen, our new student technology service desk assistant, who will support the Grades 7 and 8 iPad initiative, digital resources for LEC students, and offer Edsby assistance for students and parents. Student Services at St. Michael’s College School remains an integral part of the gift of a Basilian Education. With enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment, we continue to offer our students encouragement, hope, and strength. Sincerely,

Mr. David Fischer Director of Student Services 26 /


The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 27

GRADUATION REPORT The year 1998 began on a Thursday and the world as we knew it at that time in North America had suffered limited mass upheaval. The world was changing. As our sons prepared to return to school, 224 people were killed, another 4000 plus were injured in the U.S. Embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya. Certainly we recall the first World Trade Centre bombing of 1993, and the concern over the accumulation of “weapons of mass destruction” in other parts of the world. While our sons were mere infants, terror of a truly significant magnitude hit North American soil. With babes in arms, the parents of this year’s grads were tasked with mourning the horror of 9/11. Fast forward to 2015, shortly after this year’s graduates returned from their summer vacations, and the world was forced to deal with the Paris attacks. Currently, newspapers continue to tell stories of terror in many parts of the world, on a far more consistent basis. These parts of the world are the same regions our sons will be calling home as they continue their studies at the undergraduate university, graduate, and professional levels. So on this, the eve of their graduation, members of the Class of 2016 may want to ask why? How can this be? What are we to do? The Thursday of their graduation, the 30th day of June, 2016, 18 years from the first day of their birth year, there remain many questions. The answers will unveil themselves in the coming years. As our 2016 graduates prepare to study Commerce, the Fine Arts, the Sciences and the Humanities, they will prepare themselves to answer the difficult questions the world has created over their brief existence. They will prepare themselves to be the agents of positive change. Some will travel a short distance down highway 401, others will extend their trips to the coasts, and others are booking flights to California, Massachusetts, Indiana, or London, England. The majority will leave as Ontario Scholars, having achieved 80% or greater in their graduating year, fully one third as St. Thomas More Scholars, having achieved 80%on their final report card in each of their high school years and a select group will graduate as Basilian Book recipients, graduating with an academic average of 90% or greater. An impressive 19 students earned the Summa Cum Laude award, having achieved all of the above academic acclaim while also earning the prestigious St. Michaels’ M Award, representative of an exemplary co-curricular record while achieving the highest academic levels. In each case, these men are preparing themselves to make a difference. And this, therefore, is the answer, and this is the raison d’etre for the yellow brick building at 1515 Bathurst St. Through their participation in athletics, learning the humility required for gracious victory, and the knowledge that a dignified loss is of equal value; learning in the classroom that debate and inquiry is the beginning of true understanding and knowledge; learning in the hallways, the cafeteria, the library that generosity, kindness and goodness are the seeds of a more decent world, these are the lessons learned at St. Michael’s that the Class of 2016 will assist in teaching others. The answers to the questions our graduates may be pondering are in fact them, the Class of 2016. They will be the torch bearers, the lights that will shine brightly, wherever they may go, to illuminate the path for a brighter, more peaceful existence. They must leave knowing that the task before is great, but that if their spirits become tired, if their path is littered with issue, that the doors at 1515 remain open for them tomorrow and forevermore. This is an unquestionable reality as these fine young graduates are the keys to our future. Sincerely,

Mr. Giancarlo Mazzanti Head of Guidance

28 /


The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 29

GRADUATES • Basilian Book Award * Ontario Scholar ** Ontario Scholar and St. Thomas More Society Award


+ Graduation ‘M’ ˜ Summa Cum Laude (receiving all four awards) ◊ Duke of Edinburgh‘s Award

Advancement. The Office’s primary duties are fundraising, special events, and alumni affairs. Within these areas, the office relies on those connected to the College School.

THE BASILIAN BOOK AWARD ($300) – Presented by the Basilian Fathers to the students who have achieved a 90% (or greater) academic average in the top six courses they complete at St. Michael’s College School in their graduating year.

Involvement. It is only with the involvement of the community that the duties of the office can succeed.

THE ONTARIO SCHOLAR – Subject to approval by the Ministry of Education and Training, a certificate will be awarded by the Government of Ontario to the students who have achieved an average of 80% or more in six Grade 12 subjects.

Fundraising. Through the generosity and involvement of alumni, parents, and friends that the following bursaries and awards have been established either through a bequest or a personal gift:

THE ST. THOMAS MORE SOCIETY AWARD – Presented by the Parents’ Association to graduates who have consistently maintained an average of 80% or better at year’s end for their entire high school career. Courses taken at night or summer schools or by correspondence do not qualify for the purposes of this award. THE GRADUATION ‘M’– The prestigious Graduation “M” is awarded to students who have made significant contributions to the St. Michael’s community in the areas of sharing talents, service, and athletics. It is a statement of the gratitude and recognition of the St. Michael’s community. SUMMA CUM LAUDE – is awarded to a student who receives all four awards (Basilian Book Award, Ontario Scholar, St. Thomas More Society Award and the Graduation ‘M’). DUKE OF EDINBURGH’S AWARD - An international award that recognizes initiative, achievement, and excellences in skill development, physical fitness, community service, and expeditions. Alexander Abballe Jahmal Abbey-Wright Cyrus Ahanin Christian Alberelli *◊ Dylan Alikhan * Justin Allen + Nicholas Alvaro **◊ Anthony Ambrosetti **+◊ Fernando Ambrosetti **+ Luke Andrews Nathan Antunes Issac Atta Johnathan Ayala * Daniel Balawejder + Daniel Bancheri ~◊ Vladyslav Baranov ** Alexander Barnes **• Lucas Battista Luke Beelen **• Stefano Benigno * Philip Bielecki **+ Alexander Bimm * Michael Bissonnette Colin Boone Armand Bouillet * Luke Branco **• Stefano Breda ** Robert Camilleri * Mackenzie Caruana * Nicholas Casalese David Cashell Christian Catenacci * Mark Cepparo *+ Andrew Cervi ~ Jeffrey Chong ** Cameron Cira ** Daniel Clemenzi **+ Kenneth Cohen * Christopher Colalillo * Patrick Coleman ** Andrew Corbett Antonio Corbo ** 30 /

Domenico Corrado * Daniel Costanzo * Michael Costa-Parke ~◊ Thomas Csathy **• Daniel Cullen **+ Alessandro Cunsolo **+ Michael Cunsolo Callum Cusinato **+ Xavier Da Ponte Frederic D’Amours Lucas DaSilva ** Michael De Biasio ~◊ Massimo DeCarlo * Collin DeGroot * Antonio DeLuca * Samuel DeMarchi ** Yianni Demestihas ~ Jake Desmarais ~ Joseph Di Caro **• John Dickson *+ Lucas DiMaria ** Jonathan Donville ** John Cameron Duffy ** Cody Dunn *+ Lucas Esposito *◊ Julian Fascio * Kevin Faust **• Connor Ferris Lucas Filici + Jack Flatley **• Patrick Flatley * Nikolai Forte **+ John Francavilla William George **+◊ Seyed-Sina Ghafari-Hosseini * William Gillanders * John Godber Niklas Greco Alexander Greenwood ~ Jeremy Gregory ** Daniel Grguric Bennett Griffith *+

Roman Grod * Philipos Hagos Jay Hanuschak + Michael Hardy **+ Thomas Hardy **+◊ Jonathan Heinz-Bank Samuel Hill ~ Junhyeok (Michael) Hong *• William Hunter + Andrew Ingebertson **+ Nicolas Johnson * Kevin Kabongo * Jaron Kasiban ** Matthew Keresteci *+ Timothy Killeen **• Nicholas Kim **+ David Koot ** Jason Koot ** Nikita Koulaga Lucas Kunicyn ~ Jonathan Kwon **• Alexandre Lamarche ~ Adrian Lau * Alexander Lauber **+ Michael Lavergne Martin Lebed **◊ Michael K. Lee ~ Julian Lem * Leonardo Lentini Sheldon Leung ~ Donato Liotino * Andres Llano **• Gianmarco Lopardo ** Blair Lowe *+ Gregory Lu * Sebastien Lulker Cabot MacKenzie Allan Maclean-Howard Joseph Maggisano ~ Carmen Mancuso * Marc Mancuso * Daniel Marino *◊


David Martino *+ Samuel Mason * Giovanni F. Mastroianni Matthew Mazzanti ~ Christopher Mazzuca ~ Mitchel McBroom **• Clarke McCallum ** Connor McCauley Ross McCullough + Justin McIntosh Alessandro McLellan * Connor McNamee **• Nicholas Melatti **+ Julien Mendez-Mucchi Peter Mendolia * Santiago Mercado * Thomas Mienkowski **+ Nicholas Mirijello * Michael Mudrinic **• Louis J. Murphy *• Joseph Narducci ~ James Nash * Hanibal Negassi Thoams Nestico **• Ross Newman Dimitri Nicoletti **+ Jack Omstead *+ John O’Neill * Obinna Onyemenam Ryan Orct *+ Nolan O’Shea * Christian Pandoff * Mark Paolini **• Theodore Papadopoulos * Audric Patrick **+ David Pelliccione *+ Marc Pereira Marten Perruzza Samuel Primucci ~ D’Andre Ramsden Ryan Reale * Justin Richard **

Cameron Rogers * Timothy Romanski **• Aidan Ross * Joseph Rossi **+◊ Carlo Rotundo *• Samuel Rowe ~ Dante Ruffolo Nicholas Salamon * Moziah San Vicente ** Alejandro Sanchez-Avila + Taryq Sani Matthew Schmidt **• Evan Scott ** Justin Searle Lucas Seljak **• Ciaran Sheahan ** Michael Simone Hari Singh * Jordan Sistilli-Sguazzin Charles Skipworth + Christopher Smithwick Matthew Soberano Bohdan Stebliy **• Tristan Stephen *+◊ Matthew Strezos * Marco Taglieri * Volodymyr Tanczak * Nathaniel Taylor **+ David Lawrence Tenute Antonio Tyler Terceros-Downey + Keaton Thomson Kevin Timachy ** Jake Totino Joseph Tricinci George Waddell ** Noah Walman Jaeden Washington * Terrique Williams Eric Wisniewski ~ Daniel Yim *• Matthew Zangolli * Michael Zelyk *

THE FR. MAURICE WHELAN, CSB AWARD will provide an opportunity to a mathematics student to attend a summer residential math programme between his Grade 11 and Grade 12 school years. A math camp is a summer residential programme (two-three weeks) that assists gifted students to explore the world of mathematics research. The Award will cover registration, tuition fees, travel and board costs associated with the chosen math programme. The camps can be in Canada or the United States. JOHN L. DEVANEY MEMORIAL BURSARY was established by the Estate of Susan Devaney, in memory of her husband, to assist a Grade 8 student who is entering SMCS for Grade 9, has a minimum 75% average, and requires financial assistance to attend St. Michael’s College School. EDDY NARDUCCI CALCULUS BURSARY was established by Tamara and Chris Jones ’99 in honour of Eddy Narducci, an inspiration to all his former students and a mentor to Chris with his post-secondary programming. The Bursary is dedicated specifically to a student in either Grade 11 or 12 who is taking the Grade 12 Calculus course, who has a financial need, and maintains a good academic standing. EDDY NARDUCCI MEMORIAL AWARD is presented by the teachers of St. Michael’s College School to honour the memory of Eddy Narducci, who was a founding member and a dedicated leader of the St. Michael’s College School Teachers’ Association. The Award is presented to a graduating student, who, during his years at St. Michael’s, exemplified this same spirit of perseverance and service to others. Special events. The St. Michael’s students are always very busy with the regular academic, co-curricular, and sporting activities. However, the parents and alumni have been just as busy with Homecoming, Battle of the Blues, Turkey Roll & Reunion, Gift of Glamour Fashion Show, Mass and Brunch for Grades 7-11 followed by a special one for the Grade 12’s, Father-Son BBQ, Evans Tannis Alumni Soccer Showdown, Enzo Montemurro ’81 Touch Football Classic, Spring Reunion and BBQ, the Big Blue Benefit, and the Annual Golf Tournament. Every single one of these events includes the Office, but more importantly also includes the attendance of the parents and alumni, and the volunteering of the parents, alumni, and students. With so very much happening, the Office is most thankful for those that provide a donation of time. It would be difficult to host all of these events without you. Alumni Affairs. The St. Michael’s Alumni Association is well represented by a group of gentlemen with grad years ranging from 1965 to 2015. These alumni are always available for assistance, volunteering, financial support, and advice. They truly represent the best of St. Michael’s Men. We are changing the world through lives of faith, character, and service. Help us - consider becoming involved today!

Mrs. Kimberley Bailey Director of Advancement

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 31

RECOGNIZING CUMULATIVE CONTRIBUTIONS The St. Michael’s College School gratefully acknowledges the significant financial contributions of St. Michael’s community members whose cumulative giving in support of the school’s vision, mission and priorities is $25,000 or more. All gifts, including annual giving, major and leadership giving, and realized planned giving along with pledges, contribute to the cumulative total. Collectively, these gifts have tremendously enhanced the educational experience for the St. Michael’s students. Thank you to these donors for their long-term financial support and commitment to St. Michael’s College School. $1,000,000 + Basilian Fathers of Soulein House Loblaws Inc. Mr. Eugene Melnyk Mr. Ed Odette E & G Odette Charitable Foundation Mr. Lou L. Odette P & L Odette Charitable Foundation St. Michael’s College High School Foundation $500,000 – 999,999 Mr. Reg Quinn Mr. Steve Quinn $250,000 – 499,999 Robert Campeau Family Foundation Mr. Jim V. De Gasperis Eagles Nest Golf Club Inc. Estate of Susan Devaney Estate of Yvonne Maxine Zaher Medi Group Service Partners Muzzo Family Charitable Foundation Mr. Garry Zentil $100,000 – 249,999 Anonymous Basilian Fathers of SMCS BMW Toronto Broadview Holdings Inc. Mr. Frank C. Buckley Downing Street Partnership Estate of John J. Hartney Randy Giroday Foundation Griffiths McBurney & Partners Mr. Hyung Seob & Mrs. Heather Kim Mr. James & Mrs. Winnie Magee Mr. Ralph & Mrs. Graziella Montemurro Mr. W. F. Morneau Mr. Daniel J. & Mrs. Claudia Odorico Mr. Peter A. Rosettis Roy Foss Motors Ltd Mr. Armand & Mrs. Joan Scaini Skate 4 Kids Mr. Joseph Sorbara Mr. Gregory Vogt & Ms. Catharina Goldnau 32 /

$50,000 – 99,999 2176542 Ontario Limited Mrs. Christine Anderson Anonymous Mr. Pavel & Mrs. Cretka Antolin Mr. J.J. Barnicke Prof. Gabriella Colussi-Arthur & Prof. Richard Arthur Compass Canada Support Services Ltd Con-Strada Construction Inc D. Crupi & Sons Mr. Nick & Mrs. Nadia Di Donato / Liberty Entertainment Group Mr. Russell Dilworth Mr. Sam & Mrs. Filomena Di Michele Mr. Jason & Mrs. Jane Donville Mr. Paul & Mrs. Kathleen Downs Falcon Kitchens Dr. Frank Lista & Mrs. Anne Marie McDonald Mr. Dominic Montemurro & Ms. Susan Willis Mr. Peter Nicol Mr. Edward & Mrs. Krystyna Olkovich Parents Guild 1995-1999 Parkview BMW Mr. James T. & Mrs. Grace Roddy Marc Santi Foundation Dr. J.K. & Mrs. Patricia Wilson Mr. Jozef Zoldos $25,000 – 49,999 Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Kimberley Bailey Basilian Fathers of Henry Carr Farm Dr. Robert J. & Mrs. Mary Catherine Birgeneau Mr. Michael T. Cheng Mr. Max & Mrs. Marisa Ciccolini Mr. Donald Crupi Mr. Michael & Mrs. Grace DeGasperis Mrs. Sonia & Mr. Carlo De Pellegrin Dufferin Concrete Mr. Michael E. Duffy Estate of Alice Cameron Mr. John Ferraro Fortier Family Foundation Mr. Michael J. Fortier


Mr. Tony & Mrs. Julie Fuda Mr. Joe & Mrs. Anna Fusco Mr. Domenic Gesualdi Giovanni & Concetta Guglietti Family Foundation Joan & Clifford Hatch Foundation Mr. Gregory Howard Fr. William H. Irwin, CSB Mr. Arthur Labatt Mr. Patrick Lavelle Mrs. Dianne & Mr. Norman Levine Mr. Justin Marshall Mr. F. Matjasec Mr. Michael Mazurek Mr. Romeo Milano/Mr. Wes Henry/ Mr. Glenn Smith/Safetech Mini Downtown Mohan Group Mr. Jerome Morse & Ms. Catherine Lawrence Mr. Loris Muzzatti Mr. Louie M. Nuspl Mr. John P. O’Neill Mr. Lou L. Odette Jr. & Ms. M. Ellen Gaffney Mr. Dean & Mrs. Mara Orrico Pal Insurance Services Mr. Harold Peerenboom Mr. Ian & Mrs. Nikki Pianosi Priestly Demolition Inc. Protectair Inc. Mr. Mario Romano Mr. Edward Roddy Mr. Edward & Mrs. Leda Santi Scotia Capital Mr. Frank P. Spence Mr. Paul Spence Mr. William Spence Joseph S. Stauffer Foundation Mr. Robert & Mrs. Lori Sullivan Mr. Peter E. & Mrs. Judy Sweeney Mr. Nick & Mrs. Josephine Torchetti Torkin Manes Cohen & Arbus Mr. Peter Wang Mr. Brian & Mrs. Doretta Wilson Mr. Ennio Zuccon

OUR COMMUNITY SUPPORT The following is a list of the members of the St. Michael’s College School community who have contributed to the Annual Double Blue Fund, the Building on Strong Foundations Campaign, and/or the Stadium Renewal Fund from July 1st, 2015 to June 30th, 2016. In gratitude, we have listed the names of the donors while respecting those who wish their gifts to remain anonymous. Every effort has been made to list the donor names accurately, however if you have not been properly recognized, please accept our apologies and contact us immediately. We will do our best to correct the oversight. ST. MICHAEL’S SOCIETY RECOGNITION LEVELS St. Basil the Great $25,000 – 50,000 St. Michael $10,000 - $24,999 Basilian Fathers $ 5,000 – 9,999 Double Blue $2,500 – 4,999 Yellow Brick $1,000 – 2,499 Member $ 500 – 999 Donors up to $499 ST. BASIL THE GREAT Estate of Susan Devaney E & G Odette Foundation Medi Group Service Partners Mr. Dominic and Mrs. Susan Montemurro Muzzo Family Charitable Foundation Mr. Marc Muzzo Mr. Louis L. Odette and Ms. M. Ellen Gaffney Mr. Gregory Vogt and Ms. Catharina Goldnau ST. MICHAEL Dr. Robert J. and Mrs. Mary Catherine Birgeneau Mr. Frank C. Buckley Mr. Robert and Ms. Maureen Leon Randy Giroday Foundation Mr. Dean and Mrs. Mara Orrico Reciprocal Opportunities Incorporated Dr. Michael Mazurek and Dr. Patricia Rosebush Mr. Armand and Mrs. Joan Scaini Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hosty BASILIAN FATHERS Anonymous Mrs. Jean Bayley Mr. James Cadeau Mr. Edward and Mrs. Sandra Cattana Mr. Joseph V. Cattana Mr. Robert Cattana Mrs. Sonia and Mr. Carlo De Pellegrin Mr. Nick and Mrs. Nadia Di Donato

St. Michael’s College School sincerely thanks each of you for your support and generosity.

YELLOW BRICK Anonymous Mr. Marco Berardi and Mrs. Anna Ritacca Beta-Calco Inc. Dr. Joseph I. Bielawski Mrs. Patricia and Mr. Jack Bingleman Mr. D'Arcy Bird Mr. Edward M. Bridge Dr. Robert and Mrs. Carol Brock Dr. Peter and Mrs. Martha Campbell Ms. Barbara Csenge Dempsey Corporation DOUBLE BLUE Estate of Thomas Clohecy Byrne Mrs. Christine Anderson Mr. Igor and Mrs. Olena Feoktistova Anonymous Mr. Michael P. Forsayeth Be Dance Inc Mr. David and Mrs. Debbie Fortier Mr. Andrew Brenton and Ms. Kerry Wood Fortier Family Foundation Mr. Joseph Cooper, Sr. Dr. Brian and Mrs. Eileen Higgins Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Kelly Fox Mr. Greg and Mrs. Linda Hook Mr. Christopher B. Jones and Fr. William Irwin, CSB Ms. Tamara Minnema Mr. Brian Killin and Mrs. Mary Louise O'Hara Mrs. Judy Kingsburgh Mr. Patrick Lavelle Mr. Stan MacLellan Mr. Andy Maggisano and Mr. Martin and Mrs. Patrizia McCarthy Ms. Rosie Fantilli Ms. Mary Louise O'Hara and Mr. B. Killin Mr. Michael McCarthy Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Mai Prendergast Mr. Romeo and Mrs. Theresa Milano Ms. Erin Prendergast Mrs. Graziella Montemurro Mr. Edward Roddy Mr. Matt Montemurro Mr. James T. and Mrs. Grace Roddy Dr. Paul Morgan Mr. Edward and Mrs. Leda Santi Mr. Edward and Mrs. Krystyna Olkovich Marc Santi Foundation Mr. Stephen and Dr. Dawn Pearce Mr. Jason and Mrs. Ann Marie Smith Mrs. Graceanne Poloni Mr. Peter and Mrs. Judith Sweeney The Honorable Consiglio Di Nino Mr. Russell V. Dilworth Mr. Paul and Mrs. Kathleen Downs Mr. Michael J. Fortier Giovanni & Concetta Guglietti Family Foundation Mr. Silvio and Mrs. Patrizia Guglietti Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex Restorart Dr. Willem Wassenaar

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 33

OUR COMMUNITY SUPPORT YELLOW BRICK Mr. Michael and Mrs. Annita Pullella Quality Automotive Services RockPeel Communications Ltd. Mr. Kenneth Sharpe Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Marie Stalmach St. Michael's Oldtimers Hockey Club Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Marcella Tanzola The Dr. H. Patrick Higgins Memorial Scholarship Fund Mr. John and Mrs. Angela Turco Mr. Ennio and Mrs. Anna Zuccon

Mr. Mark Rotstein and Ms. Rosa Montemurro Mr. Philip J. Stefaniak Mr. John E. Tanti Toronto Gridiron Minor Tackle Football Club Inc. Mr. Larry and Mrs. Angelica Tricinci Mr. Jason and Mrs. Athena Varmazis Mr. Mark Whitmore and Mrs. Patty Murphy Mr. John Wiszniewski

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The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 35

CLASS GIVING CLASS OF 1940’s Average Gifts $2,425 Total Gifts $29,100 Vernon R. Mulhall ‘41 Desmond FitzGerald ‘42 John K. Wilson ’42 Estate of Thomas Clohecy Byrne ‘42 Joseph B. Marzalik ’43 Frank C. Buckley ‘44 Joseph V. Cattana ’46 David R. Sullivan ‘46 Gerald L. Timmins ’47 Howard Harvey ‘47 John Prendergast ’48 David J. Holloway ‘49 CLASS OF 1950 Average Gifts $160 Total Gifts $800 Gerald M. Devlin Arthur Knowlton Peter James J. Wood John E. Tanti Robert Primeau CLASS OF 1951 Average Gifts $206 Total Gifts $825 Andrew Spatafora Philip J. Stefaniak Gerald F. Day John J. Maroney CLASS OF 1952 Average Gifts $467 Total Gifts $1,400 Jack McAteer Michael Grogan Michael McNeely CLASS OF 1953 Average Gifts $717 Total Gifts $2,150 Anonymous Joseph I. Bielawski Joseph McKeown

36 /


CLASS OF 1954 Average Gifts $194 Total Gifts $2,325 Jack M. Feeney Michael A. Curran Carl F. Markerth Theodore Toppazzini Gerard Nagy Howard J. Moran Paul J. Finlay Michael J. McDonald Bryan D. Flanagan Sando Angotti Jack Fenn Daniel Fleming CLASS OF 1955 Average Gifts $394 Total Gifts $6,305 Michael A. Roger Daniel T. Farrell Angelo Comi Stan MacLellan Richard N. Aubry Michael Lavelle Ralph H. Thomson John M. Timko Barry Callaghan John H. Caswell William Lehman Peter Kelly D'Arcy Bird Michael Keenan James Gregory John Zincon CLASS OF 1956 Average Gifts $223 Total Gifts $2,450 Anonymous Martin Saliba A. Paul Baker William Ward Walter Popovic Leonard Sanci Louis Pennachetti Francis T. Sullivan Anthony L. Ferlito Joseph Younder Paul Gooderham

CLASS OF 1957 Average Gifts $934 Total Gifts $5,600 Anonymous Louis Angotti Paul Madden William Rosenitsch Consiglio Di Nino Harry Flood CLASS OF 1958 Average Gift $2,505 Total Gifts $25,050 James F. Walsh Mark J. Zaremba Lawrence Kuzminski Robert M. Boyer Armand Scaini Matthew Corrigan Alan M. Barrett Patrick Lavelle Alex Borgiel Jack Costello CLASS OF 1959 Average Gifts $2,152 Total Gifts $12,912 Robert Birgeneau Joseph Stalmach Paul Dignan Michael J. Melady Edward M. Bridge Tony Truscello CLASS OF 1960 Average Gifts $1,229 Total Gifts $7,375 Kenneth Sharpe Joseph Tanzola Russell V. Dilworth John Trachuk Barry McDermott Garry O'Neil CLASS OF 1961 Average Gifts $1,620 Total Gifts $8,100 Anonymous (2) Arnie Brown T. M. Savage William J. Crawford

CLASS OF 1962 Average Gifts $950 Total Gifts $2,850 Robert Lazzara Larry Pelliccione James T. Roddy CLASS OF 1963 Average Gifts $188 Total Gifts $550 Hugh O'Neill Jan deLaat Joseph H. Shearin CLASS OF 1964 Average Gifts $100 Total Gifts $100 Jerry S. Bellomo CLASS OF 1965 Average Gifts $508 Total Gifts $1,525 Bob Dubniak Bruce Parrick Robert Brock CLASS OF 1966 Average Gifts $2,123 Total Gifts $12,735 Doug Brady Joseph Pivato Miroslaw Tarnowka Paul Downs Chuck J. Corrigan Carlo De Pellegrin CLASS OF 1967 Average Gifts $205 Total Gifts $410 Glenn T. Wright Ian Griffin CLASS OF 1968 Average Gifts $242 Total Gifts $1,450 James Mallon Luke Sulatycki Myron Dylynsky Paul Dunn Tony Magistrale Ronan Grogan / 37

CLASS OF 1969 Average Gifts $20,184 Total Gifts $100,920 Clemente V. Brandimarte Louis L. Odette Sean P. McDonough Nick Triassi Tom Sheedy CLASS OF 1970 Average Gifts $395 Total Gifts $1,975 Dario Buligan Edward Olkovich Ken Hannan Paul Cerré Samuel Kanes CLASS OF 1972 Average Gifts $1,600 Total Gifts $1,600 Brian J. Wilson CLASS OF 1973 Average Gifts $358 Total Gifts $2,150 Andris Smits Anonymous (2) Joseph Graf Michael P. Forsayeth Greg Reeves CLASS OF 1974 Average Gifts $38 Total Gifts $75 Peter M. Baiocco Walter Skomra CLASS OF 1975 Average Gifts $600 Total Gifts $600 Ron Clarkin CLASS OF 1976 Average Gifts $475 Total Gifts $1,90 Joseph F. Kennedy Nick Pantaleo Stephen Masterson Ted P. Wojcinski 38 /

CLASS OF 1977 Average Gifts $350 Total Gifts $700 Gerret W. Kavanagh Lauri Ihamaki CLASS OF 1978 Average Gifts $8,400 Total Gifts $25,200 Antonio D'Angelo Gregory Vogt Daniel T. Duffy



CLASS OF 1980 Average Gifts $1,818 Total Gifts $10,910 Greg Hook Frank Di Nino Martin Lavergne Edward Cattana Romeo Milano John Santos CLASS OF 1981 Average Gifts $875 Total Gifts $1,750 Brian P. Higgins Joe Bevk CLASS OF 1982 Average Gifts $298 Total Gifts $1,190 Paul Pierobon John R. Svab Scott McLellan Peter E. Sweeney CLASS OF 1983 Average Gifts $97 Total Gifts $291 Steven Bochenek John S. McKay Salvatore Tassone





Average Gifts


Average Gifts


Average Gifts


Average Gifts


Average Gifts


Average Gifts


Total Gifts


Total Gifts


Total Gifts


Total Gifts


Total Gifts


Total Gifts


Matthew M. Gyulay

Richard Morgan

Frederick G. Smith

Robert Cattana

Adrian Cieri

Steven Lovisotto

Manuel Fernandes Vincent Park Edward Roddy Thomas Mudrinic Pietro Ferrari Michael Pullella

CLASS OF 1979 Average Gifts $150 Total Gifts $150 Luca Naccarato


Marco Berardi Michael Buchanan Pat Rotundo Raymond M. Shu

Mauro Falcone

Total Gifts

CLASS OF 1986 Average Gifts


Total Gifts


John P. O'Neill Michael Camacho

Average Gifts


Total Gifts


Dean Orrico

Sergio Scarcella

Fernando M. da Silva

Michael Currie

Tony Cicirello

L. M. Junior Del Brocco

Michael McCarthy

James A Fantin Luciano Scatozza


Nick Cardinale

Average Gifts


Timothy J. Hannan

Total Gifts


John Wiszniewski

Francesco Ientile

Rob Simonetta

Mark Bischoff

Robert Leon Michael Gagliardi Anthony Veres Vince Evangelista Andrew Williams Frank Vecchiarelli Brian McDougall Terry Brooks Frank Stagliano Hugh Hart Carmine Masciangelo


Joseph Clavero Michael De Pellegrin CLASS OF 1996 Average Gifts


Total Gifts


Vincent G. Conte Wiz Khayat


Dustin Clarke

Geoffrey Mak

Christopher Citrullo

Konrad Teichman


Jeffrey J. Dean


Eldon Loh Steven Moore

CLASS OF 1994 Average Gifts

John E. Vella

Matthew Dawson

Patrick Churchill

Michael J. Fortier

CLASS OF 1999 Average Gifts


Total Gifts


Christopher B. Jones CLASS OF 2000 Average Gifts


Total Gifts


Raymond Mendoza CLASS OF 2002 Average Gifts


Total Gifts




Average Gifts


Average Gifts


Total Gifts


Total Gifts


Matt Montemurro

Mitchell Passarelli



Average Gifts


Average Gifts


Total Gifts


Total Gifts


Thomas Cattana

Joseph Cattana



Average Gifts


Average Gifts


Total Gifts


Total Gifts


Brandon Sousa

Jonathan Passarelli

Michael John

Daniel P. Prendergast CLASS OF 1990 Average Gifts


Total Gifts


André Nowakowski David W. Fortier Tomislav Filipovic CLASS OF 1991 Average Gifts


Total Gifts


Carmen Puzzo

Christian Mettel Greg Drechsel


Paul McDonough

Average Gifts


Total Gifts


Alex Frescura Matthew Pagano Michael Koen

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 39

SPECIAL EVENTS St. Michael’s College School, with the assistance of the Office of Advancement, the Parents’, and the Alumni Associations host a number of fund and friend raisers. The objective is to celebrate the spirit of St. Michael’s and the community while continuing to advance the mission of the College School. The following lists contain an overview of the events and the dedicated committee members that make the events successful. YOUNG ALUMNI GOLF TOURNAMENT 16 teams of alumni spanning from 1993-2008 met on Friday, August 14, 2015 at St. Andrew’s Valley Golf Club in Aurora to take part in the Young Alumni Golf Tournament. Committee: Dan Currie ‘97 Pat Magee ‘00 HOMECOMING On Saturday, September 26, 2015, members of the St. Michael’s community gathered in celebration of Homecoming. During the day, athletes competed against Appleby College and Trinity College School, Ms. Mandic's Grade 7 class won the Grade 7 Ball Hockey Tournament, and the staff vs. student hockey game resulted in a tie. The Concert Band was joined by alumni and staff members during their performance and the Drumline entertained the crowd during the junior and varsity football games. We would like to thank our parent and alumni committee members and volunteers who helped make this day amazing! Committee: Deanna Biffis-Liakakos John O’Neill ’86 Matt Montemurro ’05 Melina Tanacs Rick Naranowciz ‘73 ARCHANGEL TUITION LOTTERY On Thursday, October 8, the Archangel Tuition Lottery was drawn on SMCSTV. The lottery gave families the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket for the chance to win a full tuition, half tuition, or an Aramark cafeteria credit. Congratulations to the 2016 Archangel Tuition Lottery winners: Prize #1 - $18,100 cash or full tuition - Matt Flynn Prize #2 - $9,050 cash or half tuition - Steve & Wendy Milic Prize #3 - $500 cash or Aramark Cafeteria Credit - Stephanie Gagne BATTLE OF THE BLUES St. Michael’s College School Varsity Kerry Blues hosted the Upper Canada College Blues on Friday, October 23. The two teams met at Varsity Stadium for the inaugural Battle of the Blues. The Battle of the Blues was established to create a unique atmosphere between the two rival schools along with enabling SMCS and UCC to raise awareness of the long history of academic and athletic success. FASHION SHOW “GIFT OF GLAMOUR” On Thursday, November 19, 2015, the SMCS Parents’ Association hosted the annual Gift of Glamour fashion show at the Riviera Parque. This is the Parents’ Association’s major fundraiser for St. Michael’s College School and all proceeds raised goes back into the school to help update technology, fund clubs and activities, and much more. Alumni joined the students to model fashions from the Mporium and Acapella Clothing and Giancarlo Morrone ’85 was the MC. The fashion show raised more than $72,000. Committee: Deanna Biffis-Liakakos – Chair Nancy Figura Jayne O’Neill Paola Franceschetti Tina Alberelli – Co-chair Clare Pelliccione Lisa Guglietti Nikki Ambrosetti Anna Primucci Mary Hunt Roberta Burdi Rosa Rotstein Antonia Iuhas Mary Cervi Cathy Sardellitti Linda Martino Josie DeLuca Barb Sheedy Cora Melatti Stephanie DeMestihas Patricia Wilbur Diane Fedato Vita Mendolia 40 /


The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 41

TURKEY ROLL & REUNION Each year, the St. Michael’s College School Alumni Association hosts the Turkey Roll & Reunion on the last Friday in November. On Friday, November 27, more than 470 alumni gathered in the gym for the annual Turkey Roll and Reunion. There were representatives from 56 classes spanning the years of 1945 to 2015. This year, the Class of 1966 had the biggest 50th Reunion class turnout ever. As well, Renato Plastina '89, currently residing in the US, made a special visit back to SMCS to attend the event. Committee: Chris Bingham ’83 Romeo Milano ’80 Bert Lobo ’70 Marc Montemurro ’93 Pat Flynn ’77 Rick Naranowicz ’73 Jim McDonough ’77 Eric Sadowski ’03 GR 7 – 11 MOTHER & SON MASS AND BRUNCH In 2016, the annual Grade 9 Mother & Son Mass and Brunch was reorganized to include all Grade 7 to 11 students and their mothers. On Sunday, February 7, mothers and sons gathered in the St. Michael’s College School gymnasium for Mass, celebrated by Fr. Jeff Thompson, CSB ’79, followed by brunch. St. Michael’s College School thanks the SMCS Parents' Association for their support. FATHER & SON BBQ On Saturday, May 7, St. Michael’s welcomed 300 current and incoming students along with their fathers for the Parents’ Association’s 4th annual Father & Son BBQ. Throughout the day, Fathers and sons had the opportunity to tour the campus, participate in various activities, enjoy a BBQ, and watch the Varsity Blue Gaels take on Bishop Timon. St. Michael’s would like to thank the committee members and volunteers. Committee: Gino Alberelli Gary Luchin Nick Ametrano Don Marino Alex Frescura ’92 Kevin Sheedy EVANS TANNIS ALUMNI SOCCER SHOWDOWN Eight teams made of alumni and friends participated in the second Evans Tannis Alumni Soccer Showdown on Saturday, May 14, in honour of Mr. Evans Tannis. The Calabz ’04, the only team to feature all SMCS 2011 graduates, won the tournament. The committee would like to thank Hero Certified Burgers and volunteers: Pal Di Iulio ’69, Lucas Labricciosa ’11, Vincent Messina ’07, and Nick Piatelli. All proceeds raised from this event support the SMCS soccer programme and the Alumni Association. Committee: Dante Di Iulio ’05 David Di Gregorio ’03 GR. 12 MOTHER & SON MASS AND BRUNCH On Sunday, May 15, Grade 12 students and their mothers inaugurated a new tradition at St. Michael's - the Grade 12 Mother & Son Mass and Brunch. Mothers and sons gathered at the Liberty Grand for Mass in the Artifacts Room, celebrated by Fr. Jeff Thompson, CSB '79, followed by brunch in the Renaissance and Centennial Rooms. St. Michael's College School thanks the SMCS Parents' Association and the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex for their support. 42 /


The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 43

THE BIG BLUE BENEFIT On Thursday, May 26, more than 300 members of SMCS community gathered in great spirit for the Big Blue Benefit. Guests spent the evening socializing, sampling food, and enjoying live entertainment from SMCS’ very own Big Blue Jazz Band, Teacher Band-85 Factor, and Toronto super group Dwayne Gretzky. St. Michael's College School would like to thank all the generous event donors, and extend a special thank you to the Big Blue Benefit Committee, and the alumni who helped make the event possible! Congratulations to the 2016 Big M Lottery Winners Adventure Canada's Heart of the Arctic Cruise: Simone Kennedy Fine Wine & Art: Penelope Fortier Dining Alfresco: Stewart Johnston Mirvish Theatre & Marriott Hotel: Stephanie Nicholls Dinner with the Basilian Fathers of SMCS: Anne Vinet Sawmill Creek Golf Stay & Play: Maria Di Pietro Committee:

Janet Bone Tina Csathy Leslie Giroday Maria Hunt

Simone Kennedy Michelle Magee Janine Mason Veronica Mila

Nancy Nash Andrea Richmond Monica Saverino Terrie Stickland

Linda Syron Alexandra Vasil Claire Wales

ALUMNI SPRING REUNION & BBQ Alumni from the classes of 2006 – 2015 were invited to St. Michael’s on Thursday, June 2, for the Spring Reunion & BBQ. The class of 2015 attended a reception held in their honour to officially welcome the class into the Alumni Association. ENZO MONTEMURRO ’81 TOUCH FOOTBALL CLASSIC Alumni and friends made up nine teams and took to the Eugene Melnyk Sports Field on Saturday, June 11, to participate in the fourth annual Enzo Montemurro ’81 Touch Football Classic. A special thanks is offered to Dominic Montemurro ’78, Dante Di Iulio ’05, and Damien Eccleton '05 for volunteering throughout the day as they were instrumental to the execution and success of the event. Thank you to the following sponsors and partners who worked together to make this year the most profitable year: Hero Certified Burgers, Dubwear Inc., and Molson. Committee: Matt Montemurro ’05 Rob Scarafile ’05 ST. MICHAEL’S COLLEGE SCHOOL ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT Alumni, parents, and friends participated in the St. Michael's College School Annual Golf Tournament hosted by Con-Elco on Monday, June 20, 2016 at Markland Wood Country Club. The sponsors, donors, and participants raised more than $45,000 for the Bursary Programme, enabling qualified students to receive a St. Michael’s College School education. Committee: Chair: Don Bannan ’66 Tom James Gus Amodeo ’70 Jim McDonough ’77 Dennis Caponi ’86 Ed Santi REUNIONS/MILESTONES Class Of 1966 – 50th Reunion On Saturday, May 14, a group of alumni from the Class of 1966, their family and friends, and teachers gathered in the Robert Campeau Lecture Hall to celebrate their 50th Reunion. The evening began with Mass in the Chapel, concelebrated by Fr. Jim Carruthers, CSB, Fr. John Malo, CSB ’66, and Fr. Jeff Thompson, CSB ’79. The alumni spent the evening reacquainting and reliving their school days. The committee is now planning their 55th reunion. St. Michael’s College School would like to thank all donors, supporters, and attendees for the continued event support and hope to see you again this year! If you would like additional information on events that take place at St. Michael’s or would like to host a reunion/anniversary, please contact Stephanie Nicholls 416-653-3180 ext. 273 or 44 /


The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 45

THE ST. MICHAEL’S COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL FOUNDATION The St. Michael’s College High School Foundation was established in June 2005 with the purpose of raising, managing, and investing funds for the benefit of the general charitable purposes carried out by St. Michael’s College School. Currently, the Foundation has assets of approximately $21.3 million. The Foundation funds encompass the Basilian Fathers endowment along with the Odette Arts Scholars Bursary Fund donation. The Foundation endeavours to grow the fund capital while contributing annually to the School’s charitable purposes. This is accomplished by having investment policies in place that will generate yearly returns in excess of 3.5% through the application of prudent investment strategies. The goal is to have the fund grow to $50+ million over time to ensure better support for the School’s charitable purposes.

WE MOURN THE LOSS Sam Bonanna ’81

Philip MacDonald ’43

Martin O’Leary ’44

Frank Buckley ’44

Fleming Mackell ’47

Paul Patten ’56

John Buday ’71

Vince Marchand ’77

Edward Plata ’52

Maurice Butryn ’54

Leo McArthur ’55

Daniel Prendergast

Michael Demaiter ’63

Ross McGroarty ’57

Richard Rogacki ’66

Guy Drolet ’53

Gord McMahon ’52

Maurice Sadler ’43

For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2016, the Foundation had an operating surplus of $935,747 (2015 - $934,328) from various investments before the transfer of funds to the School of $690,000 (2015 - $680,000) to support its annual bursary programme.

Terry Gorman ’63

Rudy Migay ’46-’47

Howard Shaughnessy ’61

The financial statements have been audited annually by Williams & Partners, Chartered Professional Accountants LLP, and they have expressed an unqualified opinion on the fair presentation of our financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2016.

Robert Groundsell ’54

Gus Mortson ’44

Fr. Michael Stogre, S.J.M.D. ’62

Since its inception, the Foundation has been an integral part of the finances of the school. It will require support from alumni, parents, staff, and friends of the School to fully achieve its goals.

Joseph Houlton ’51

Michael Noonan ’53-’55

Akos Szakolcai ’64

If you would like to make a donation to the Foundation, kindly contact Kimberley Bailey, Director of Advancement, at

Fr. Christopher Iredale, CSB ’49

Sean O’Donoghue ’87

William Ward ’56

Since its inception, the Foundation has financially assisted St. Michael’s through the bursary programme and for the construction of the Centre for the Arts. To date, $5.7 million has been gifted to the School. In addition, the Foundation has also provided short term loans of up to $4.5 million annually as required. Currently, there are no loans outstanding. The Foundation is overseen by an independent Board of Directors separate from the School. The Foundation Board will be revamping its investment advisory committee in fiscal 2016-2017. This committee will advise the SMCS President, COO, and Chair on possible investment opportunities.


Yours truly,

Mr. John Piccininni ’77 Chair Board of Directors ST. MICHAEL’S COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL FOUNDATION The SMCHS Foundation is overseen by an independent Board of Directors: Members

Mr. John Piccininni ’77 Fr. Jack Hanna, CSB Fr. Andrew Leung, CSB Fr. Bill May, CSB

Fr. Dennis Noelke, CSB Ms. Nina Perfetto Fr. Jefferson M. Thompson, CSB ’79


Mr. John Piccininni ’77- Chair Fr. Jack Hanna, CSB Fr. Andrew Leung, CSB

Fr. Dennis Noelke, CSB Ms. Nina Perfetto Fr. Jefferson Thompson, CSB ’79


Mr. Greg Hook ’80

Investment Committee

Mr. Al Brandstatter ’79 Mr. Greg Hook ’80 Mr. John Piccininni ’77

Mr. Reg Quinn Fr. Jefferson M. Thompson, CSB ’79

To learn more about the St. Michael’s College High School Foundation, please contact Kimberley Bailey at 416-653-3180 ext. 118 or 46 /


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