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Small World Trading Co. is a company made up of incredible individuals working towards a common goal. One of our key individuals is our COO, Michael Cronin. Michael has an ambitious vision for our company that includes such far reaching ideas as consumer education, regulation in the cosmetics industry and the nuances of recycling. “The thing is,” Michael begins, “we’re in a business that is under regulated. No one is checking on the cosmetics industry, all the customer sees is that something is on the shelves. Consumers are so used to food and medicine being rigorously tested that there is an assumption that if something is on the shelf it’s ok. That’s not the case, there is no authority. So, we’ve had to become that authority.” Michael is an authority, and as he begins talking about how to improve how we do business it shows. He’s paying attention to details, many of which are subtle. He’s adopted recyclable PET backing for in house labelling, and he’s working with our label vendors to close the waste-stream loop. Michael is constantly searching for ways our company can generate less waste, with an ultimate goal of being a zero waste company.

He’s already established a closed-loop water system. Next, he wants to see the cardboard and plastic drums (used to store bulk product) recycled into pallets and packaging. What’s on Michael’s wish list? Surprisingly, foam. He explains that excessive foam in soaps exists for no other reason than to make people feel more clean. It turns out that more foam does not mean more clean, it’s all for show. Have you ever taken a walk after a big rain and seen that dirty foam gathering around storm drains and streams? Yep, that’s from soap and shampoo and it’s only there because we’ve been told that more foam means more clean. So why do we have to make foaming products? Michael sighs and gives an honest answer, because people don’t buy soap that doesn’t foam. He’s creating ways to make foam that won’t build up in streams, but he’d like to see foam go the way of plastic bags at the grocery store. If Michael’s goals are reached, what will that look like from a day-to-day perspective? It will probably look pretty ordinary, a series of little victories that add up to incredible achievement. So, here’s to the next twenty years of accomplishment, it will be rewarding to look back on how Michael’s dreams became a reality.

The aboriginal legend of the origin of the Tea Tree says that a maiden, on a quest for her warrior lover, asked the gods to make sure she could find her way back home. They gave her seeds and from them lithe young tea tree plants sprouted along her path. The white bark of the trees guided them home, even in the dark of night. The white paper-like bark of these trees and the contrasting dark leaves is what gives them the name Melaleuca alternifolia. Melaleuca is a combination of two Greek words: melas (“black”) and leukos (“white”), alternifolia is derived from Latin and means having alternate leaves. It didn’t get the name “tea” tree until Captain Cook made a spicy tea from the leaves, which was promptly used as a cure-all by his crew. This incredible essential oil has been used for centuries to assist with acne and other skin conditions. Modern studies have backed up this ancient wisdom and tea tree oil is commonly found in many of today’s over the counter remedies. Its sharp, woodsy scent mixes well with other antiseptic oils such as lavender, clove and pine oils. Tea Tree is our reminder that we are all inherently strong. When using tea tree oil in aromatherapy, concentrate on your strengths and allow the feeling of healthy vigor to infuse your spirit.

EOx Tea Tree Blend Add to your bath or an unscented lotion for a stimulating experience. 4 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil 3 drops Lemon Essential Oil 2 drops Thyme Essential Oil

Everyone loves clean hands. We’re out there touching, feeling, playing and working with them all day, every day. Washing your hands can keep you and the people around you clean, happy and healthy. Let’s take a moment to talk about scent. Studies have shown that synthetic fragrances can lead to allergies, asthma and have been shown to be

harmful to our environment when washed down the drain. Scents derived from plants, on the other hand, don’t have any of those dirty little secrets. Everyone hand soaps are made from plant derivatives and scented with essential oils for a reason, they’re good for you and good for the planet. Our scents are paired with your senses in mind, so enjoy a handful of happy every time you wash your hands.

Lavender + Coconut

Meyer Lemon + Mandarin

Lime, Coconut + Strawberry

Ylang Ylang + Cedarwood

Apricot + Vanilla

Spearmint + Lemongrass

everyone likes to dream with this soothing scent

everyone likes to be upbeat with this uplifting citrus scent

everyone likes to spread joy with this awesome tropical scent

everyone likes to relax with this floral & spicy scent

everyone thinks life is good with this rich, exotic scent

everyone likes to be happy with this bright, stimulating scent

Issue #02  

Monthly news featuring Eco+Logic, EO of the Month (Tea Tree), EveryOne Loves Clean Hands

Issue #02  

Monthly news featuring Eco+Logic, EO of the Month (Tea Tree), EveryOne Loves Clean Hands