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"A story with great presence and intensity." DAGENS NYHETER

The Abuse Ulla Bolinder

The Abuse



The Abuse Ulla Bolinder Translated from the Swedish by Eric Swanson in collaboration with the author


Originally published in Sweden as Övergreppet by Anamma 1997 and BoD 2019 © Ulla Bolinder 1997, 2019 English Translation © Eric Swanson 2020 Cover: Ulla Bolinder Cover photos: Pixabay Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand, Stockholm, Sweden Print: BoD – Books on Demand, Norderstedt, Germany ISBN: 978-91-7969-825-6 4

Rape has its inner, private meaning for every victim.







Coming out on the street, out into the light on the street Close to losing balance, take support against the house wall Do not see, do not know Close my eyes Feel a hand on my arm, a hand that seizes me by the arm What has happened to you, then happened to you It goes around in my head, my legs almost give way under me must not faint, must not fall The hand grips harder do not fall Standing against the wall, standing pressed against the wall Do you need help Open my eyes, see his face eyes, nose, mouth Has anyone been unpleasant to you unpleasant My throat stings, my tongue feels stiff must go home, must get my bag and go home, must go back and fetch my bag Sway, catch hold of Take it easy, I’m holding you, it will be all right 9

The lamp on the wall, the clothes on the ground, scattered on the ground, thrown on the gravel, the torn gravel, the tracks in the gravel Walking in the pale light on the street, walking beside him on the pavement, on the cold pavement Feeling his arm around my back, his thigh against my hip, his leg against my thigh he helps me My knees below the edge of the long cardigan, my knees and feet mechanically moving forward along the sidewalk, my feet in dirty ankle socks against the paving stones, hard and cold stone under my feet, the wind cooling between my legs It cuts and burns for every step, burns for every step, cuts and burns must come along, must go with him into Sitting on a chair with my hands on my knee, sitting tense and still with my legs close together It smells of smoke and perfume, the air stands still, rustling of clothes, scraping of shoes, murmuring of voices, clattering of porcelain inside the restaurant people are sitting and eating as if nothing has happened Soon the police will be here the police What has happened here, then Looking at his hand, looking at his hand next to his 10

One late autumn evening, a young woman is on her way home after being to the cinema. She comes walking on the street when an unknown man approaches from behind and drags her into a yard and violates her. After the assault he flees. Susanne would rather forget but manages by her own efforts to regain control of her life while feelings of guilt and denial slowly let go.

THE ABUSE, which is based on a real event, is a strong novel about a young woman's struggle for independence and integrity. "It is very painful to read." DN


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