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a thirst graham bowers

Such silence then before us, pinned against the wall, Why need we whine? There is no way out, the birds Will tell us nothing more; we shall vanish ďŹ rst, Yet leave behind us certain frozen words Which some day, though not certainly, may melt And, for a moment or two, accentuate a thirst. Louis MacNeice

© Graham Bowers 2017, 2019 First published 2017; 2nd edition 2019 All rights reserved Published by BoD – Books on Demand, Stockholm, Sweden Printed by BoD – Books on Demand, Norderstedt, Germany ISBN: 9789176995860

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a thirst

Canada Geese As the morning haze thins off the late-autumn ďŹ eld the Canada Geese turn and stretch towards the low sun. And I understand their need: Enter me, light and warmth!

From here From this slope I've scrambled up I see all the others on their slopes, the scree loose and shifting beneath us all as we ďŹ ght to keep our feet against the pull. There is no open vista to admire, the pull means that we're constantly unsure of how to climb, why there's no level ground, and who the others are on either hand. No point in waving or shouting: we all know for all our scrabbling there's just one way to go; the valley where we started out at dawn is where the pull will force us to return.

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