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Moisturizer like a pro

1. Apply on damp skin All moisturizer should be applied while your skin is damp. That means you should make moisturizing a priority within a few minutes of getting out of the shower or washing your face. If you use a serum, apply that first and then follow up with the moisturizer before your skin is completely dry. This will seal the moisture into your skin and is more effective than attempting to rehydrate your skin with moisturizer after it has already dried completely. Your product will last a lot longer and your skin will look more radiant. Effectively you use a lot less product following this method of application

2. Dab it on your face first before massaging in with your fingers. Most people tend to rub moisturizer in the palms of their hands before applying, meaning that much of your face product is absorbing into your hands first! Instead, pump a little to the back of your hand like estheticians do, then take your ring finger and dab it all over your face before gently massaging it in. Your ring finger gives a more gentle application.

3. Don’t use too much. Use 1/2 to 1 pump of our Aurora Magical Moisturizer, it is aloe and botanical water based so a tiny amount is enough for your whole face, neck and chest. Applying too much moisturizer results in: 1 Wasted product and 2 a Shiny t-zone. The product won’t fully absorb into your skin, and anything you apply afterwards will not look right on the skin. It will look too oily or streaky. Our product is more concentrated than almost all other products on the market. It does not have any fillers so using 1/4 of what you would use for a water based product will work perfectly 4. Don’t forget your oil serum. Oil serums add density to your skin naturally and carry effective nutrients into the skin such as anti inflammatory ingredients like Blue Tansy and Labrador Tea in our Magical Serum. An oil serum at night is restorative and healing. We recommend using it right after cleansing, you can mix it with your moisturizer and apply doing a facial massage for a restorative evening ritual. It will help skin absorb all the nourishing ingredients and it is meditative as well.

5. Apply to your neck and décolleté Keep these areas moisturized. Unlike your face, your neck doesn’t have many oil glands and your chest skin is much more fragile than the face or neck...which means it will age much faster than the face or neck. Twice daily moisturizing will hydrate and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The bonus is your skin will look more even with consistent daily care.