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£500 to £250 per session or a £100 per area simply by presenting this advert! Non Invasives Fat Removal System. Top Coolsculpting salons in the UK. • Multi Award Winning • Free Consultation • Fully Compliant • Fully Registered

Services: • Non-Surgical Liposuction • Cryolipolysis • Fat Freezing

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Curated byClare Votary’s Clean Your Skin facial oil (£45) with Rose,

Geranium & Apricot

Things to see, buy and do courtesy of our resident magpie

Feel the lovage.

ingredient on the up, lovage a restaurant menu but is harder to

comes with its own cloth and cleanses without leaving a hint

own so as to have a ready supply

Maroc & Sandalwood oil, Heal Your Skin, is spendier (£65) but super luxurious and works Buy online at or from Liberty.

Vegan, organic and raw: Pana Chocolate are the guilt-free sweets for your sweet.

Flowers may be the classic V-Day gift but sometimes it’s good to think outside the bouquet. If you’re dropping hints – or treating yourself – consider this bunch of roses Midcentury modern life isn’t rubbish.

are two coming up, at Dulwich

Available online from

As you push on the stem of this kinetic rose locket (£895) its 18ct gold petals unfurl into full bloom.

By jewellery designer Victoria Walker, it features a leaf complete with dew drop diamond and is just the cunningest,


modern furniture, ceramics, fabric, collectables and more

Liberty Libertines:

Art Nouveau and on to the likes of Mary Quant and Jean Muir in

Valentine’s Date Night Sophia Fannon-Howell of Deco London gives her advice on buying fragrance as a gift. Deco London specialise in creating modern fragrances with classic sophistication and appeal.

Sporting a bump this Valentine’s Day? No reason not to look smoking hot, says Baukjen de Swaan Arons of

such as tulips, anemones and ranunculus in varying shades can

of us know what we like and what fragrance for a loved one or friend can open their eyes (and nose!) to something that they may not have tried before and might not

Nikki Tibbles of Wild at Heart has been creating beautiful floral arrangements for over 20 years.

dress would have to be the new piece has a contemporary curved hem and V neckline which are caresses the body and embraces

visions of glamorous Hollywood stars and the elegance of another like Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich

dress is that is can be accessorised

Don’t forget great underwear

high quality, well balanced with (and fool proof) wrap belt which which makes them elegant,

pieces to keep you looking slim lightweight lingerie with added

establish what fragrances your out the names of the perfumes research online you should be families these perfumes belong will guide you to what type of

a parfum or extrait strength of all the strengths; as they the scent will last longer and

deserves to be seen, especially with

How about giving your loved one a beautiful keepsake? Jewellery (worn by the likes

Allumer allows freedom to create and design your own bespoke piece, including colour ways of the

DJ Daddy Nature suggests his picks an amazing playlist to get you in the mood… GWEN MCRAE “All This Love I’m Giving” EVELYN KING “Love Come Down”

trinket, for the one who literally

make a piece of Allumer your own by bespoke engraving

HARDIVE “Deep Inside” SPANKY WILSON “Sunshine Of Your Love” LIL LOUIS “French Kiss”

gold, silver, rose gold or black

ALICIA MYERS “I Want To Thank You”

gemstone, the matches come in a

JOHN HOLT “For the Love Of You” BILL WITHERS “Lovely Day” S.P.Y “Love Hurts” TARRUS RILEY “She’s Royal”

Want to jet of somewhere truly amazing for the night? No Man’s Fort in the Solent is one of the UK’s most unique and secluded hotels, accessible via private boat. General Manager Mark Watts tells us why it could be the perfect romantic bolt hole to escape to. lounge at Gunwharf Quays, before travelling by catamaran to the encourage our guests to experience as much at the fort as possible when they stay with us, and although

luxurious dressing gowns for the sauna and outdoor hot tub, so guests always stay warm – even on top of our sea fortress!

totally unique or have a special private dining experience at top your own private butler at your

All of our food and drink have to be transported to the fort via a boat, so we are careful to ensure that the only food we bring on board

really quite spectacular, so it will truly be a meal to remember!

are knowledgeable and friendly, and will be able to personally recommend dishes and wine

Many guests enjoy exploring the

We also make food from scratch on

years of history in these walls! across the Solent, perfect for

we always recommend sensible shoes and a warm waterproof coat, as it can get chilly on the boat journey across the Solent, you reach our glass atrium with We have plenty of blankets that we

created with romance in mind, and so every couple will receive a along with a box of chocolates and treatments, including a relaxing massage, and our guests are able

up together and staying warm your loved one with something

love – and on our private fort you can escape the everyday with unrivalled privacy for a truly unique





I do love the beginning of the hols, they always seem to stretch out ahead for ages and ages.




Now you’d better all come in and wash. It’s nearly tea-time. What have you been doing?

” Three Three



Five One.

Ava wears dress Lilly & Sid,

Three. Both tops Rockin Baby; Four.

Five. Long sleeved top Lilly & Sid

Credits Excerpts & Stoughton)

BECKY MANTIN And The Great Juggle Struggle

(Trials and tribulations of a working mum of three)

skimming moment a year or so ago and, never having the luxury of a quiet read, downloaded it to listen to during the evening clear up.

it’s an emergency, don’t do anythi ng else but focus on your family. Try and be calm and unhurried. You’ll enjoy it more – and so will your children – if you’re wholly present and not trying to do

Like many of us, I’m in the rush hour of life. A demanding day job, three children at home including a new-born, a husband, a house to run and… in the last few years, my own business to manage and develop. I adore every single one of these things

much when you look at it overall.

thought I might crack under the strain of it all; you know those wide-eyed moments of total overwhelm. Usually these moments would come whilst trying to get a

cleaning/washing etc. You’ll be

dinner on the table for my three

done when you’re against the clock and, knowing you have that

feeding my new-born, answering an email, wrapping up a last present for a school birthday, taking a phone call from our factory regarding stock and


nce in a while we all stumble upon something fairly innocuous that really your whole approach to life can change.

I had a moment to think, felt constantly in a state of work emails before collapsing in bed, feeling guilty, frustrated and too wired to sleep.

More Time Than You Think’ by an American writer Laura Vanderkam who

Get to bed earlier! TV isn’t nearly as relaxing as you think it is! If you really want to catch up on Downton, do it during your

Our circumstances are all slightly we’ve all had moments like this one, right?! So what’s the answer? Whilst I can’t profess to living a well-ordered and stress free life now, I do feel that, since coming across that book, I’m training myself to approach things game-changer. | Sixteen

Use modern technology to minimise the boring tasks such as supermarket shopping. Smart phones can be a great servant but a cruel master remember. These days, I use the Ocado app on my phone to make my shopping list throughout the week as I run low on things and book a regular weekly delivery shop so that you don’t have to think about it.

moment a year or so ago and, never having the luxury of a quiet read, downloaded it to listen to during the evening clear up.`

most of it! Have one day of the week for

having a schedule, not making a plan for just one day a week is



It might be the latest taboo, but trust us, this has been a thing for aeons. two types of school gate pyjama-wearer. The actually wearing what she wore in bed last night but has pulled on a trench coat and some lippy in order to disguise the fact. And the Loungewear Lover, who has perfectly well chosen to work a vintage negligée and smoking jacket with some toe-cleavage-exposing velvet

kids used up all the hot water. Three: it’s laundry day. If she’s a regular Stealth, she knows the value

The Loungewear Lover, on the other hand, adores nothing more than to spend the day languishing in leisurewear. Whether she does indeed spend it nibbling macaroons and thumbing through Deputy Head.

through her hair to make it extra mussy, or run Eyeko’s Me and market. she didn’t leave toast under the grill and the front door wide Loungewear Lovers virtually never wear knickers, she’s one silk Highschool naked dream – and she delights in this thrill. | Seventeen

How to Make

Bedtime Stories


bit? Check. Then we have songs;


inevitable argument of having some

one of the more tedious elements; the inevitable story-telling: Make sure it's a story YOU like. Some kids' books are a load of old gubbins; but some of them are actually

Mr Greedy stretch out those vocal chords and play around with accents. It can be surprisingly fun. of props will transform a story into a piece of mini theatre. Something as simple as the removal of characters to life and have your kiddies enthralled.

soothing voice. Imagine you’re Paul McKenna and you’re trying your best to send someone into a deep sleep. When successful, don’t then make them dance up and down like a chicken, but your If all else fails, give them a big cuddle and tell them about how you went about applying for a mortgage | Eighteen


i, I’m Wild, I’m London’s youngest blogger. You can follow my adventures with my fox called

also like to go places that let me climb on the tables or give us kids free crayons. Earlier this year my family stayed at the Hotel du Vin in Harrogate. Now, you’re probably thinking that a wine hotel is just for Mummies and

Wild Hendry’ s Wild World

dogs as well. When we arrived at HduV I think they took one look at the amount of bags, toys and wellingtons we had between us and decided they gave us the biggest they had – it was ginormous!

The best bit about our room was the bathroom. At home we just have one bath and mostly I have to share it with my

room probably didn’t like having to share with his brother either.

Our room had the biggest telly I had ever

what happened at the end because my I had my very own bed and my Mum and Dad had a bed as big as the playground at my school. With lots and lots of cushions for

We had booked a table for our dinner in the restaurant but I was so worn out from bed-bouncing, bath sploshing, TV watching and playing hide-n-seek in all the cupboards that I fell asleep before my food arrived. And the chef had made me special cheesey-ham sandwiches and everything. The kind us get me upstairs to bed. They even wrapped up my special PS If you do get to have a go near future, I recommend with Dexter dragonfruit bubble bath. Cos obviously real dragons use it. I also like Naïf Shampoo with your hair clean and is super alright if it gets in your eyes.

To book Hotel du Vin Harrogate call 01423 608121 Follow Wild @RealWildHendry

| Nineteen

Image credits: Sleeping girl ©

In Search of

Toddler Sleep As we know, toddlers can be challenging little blighters. And often one of the greatest examples of ‘trial by toddler’ is the nightly routine. Goshbless you if yours is ‘teeth, PJs and a goodnight kiss’…

was during the small hours of one not your nights involve your partner sleeping on the sofa because your child has climbed into your bed, leaving on so many lights being bashed awake by your child the monsters in the wardrobe…

If your problem is a wriggler who is constantly falling out of bed or kicking off the covers, you might be interested to hear about the Tuck n Snug (pictured left), created as a sleep-solver by Annabel Anderson. Annabel explains: When I created Tuck n’ Snug, I

1,000 nights of disturbed sleep, I realised that one of the reasons my children were waking was due to

my son back to sleep, that I came up with the idea of Tuck n’ Snug - a new stay-on bedding concept. that went into the design of our stay-on bedding. I wanted kids to be able to move around freely at night and not feel constricted and snuggly. And I think we have achieved this with Tuck n’ Snug. It’s a simple design and easy to side of the set’s duvet cover and pillow case. These are tucked the bedding in place. You then smooth the duvet down and it looks like any normal bedding set. There are no zips, no Velcro and no fuss. Kids can get in and out easily to go to the loo but despite

bed, leaving them feeling cold. I longed to make it through the night, without the call of “Mummy” summoning me to pick up duvets

very encouraging feedback from parents, despite launching only recently. Tuck n’ Snug has been

ones back into bed. I tried a variety

“must -have”, while I’ve personally been called a “sleep saviour” for

problem but without success. It

with the games downstairs and

Do your little ones worry about what happens when the lights go out? Mandy Gurney (pictured above), founder of Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic shares some wisdom: spread amongst pre-school can turn a favourite cuddly teddy into a scary monster or a curtain into a ghost when the lights are

encourage them to hide or look for treasure upstairs with you remaining downstairs. You could then graduate to hiding or seeking treasure in the dark with torches. As your child is having fun they soon forget to be scared and start to build up

and strains of growing up and

Having a security object in bed overnight such as a special cuddly toy can help your child feel more

calmed down. It is important to remember that under the age of

throughout the night. Vet all the books and TV programmes your child could be watching. Many

and reality, so it is more important to comfort them than to try to

wolves, witches and bears! discuss your child’s worries as this could trigger monster thoughts just as they are trying to go to sleep. Instead have some quiet

to help both you and your child you’ve said goodnight consider Fear of the dark is widespread amongst young children and starts Children do eventually grow out it can make them reluctant to go to bed and wake them at night. Most children are reassured by the presence of a night light in their bedroom. Set up a dim nightlight in your child’s bedroom, this will not stop them sleeping as the receptors in our eyes that trigger the sleep hormone melatonin respond to dim light. Bright lights however will however suppress melatonin and this can impact on sleep. Go into your child’s bedroom when it’s dark and with a child’s eye look around the bedroom to see if there is anything in the room that could look scary at night. A favourite cuddly toy in the day can turn into a scary monster in the dark. To take the fear out of the dark encourage your child to play games in the house such as hide and to go upstairs fast games. Start

that you will regularly check in on minutes and from the doorway, sleep or is happy for you leave. Nightmares occur in REM or ‘dreaming’ sleep. So they usually happen in the second half of the night towards the morning, when REM sleep becomes more frequent. Nightmares are very common in young children, reaching a peak when about a quarter of children have at least one nightmare a week. However, they can happen as early as two years old. As most of us will remember, common themes are being chased by a monster or animal, or being stuck somewhere you can’t escape from. While the subjects are

Your child is quite likely to call out or come to you in some distress when he has had a nightmare. The best thing to do is to listen to and reassure him and if necessary

If a child has recurrent nightmares about the same thing, it can be useful to talk through this the think up a happy ending, such as making friends with the monster. This can help to defuse the power of the nightmare and the hold its the monster into a character of fun. During the day draw silly pictures with your child and make up silly monster songs.”


Nipple with a natural design and four separate flow rates.


The bottle comes in three sizes: 180, 260 and 330 ml. Easy grip-design and robust plastic with great heat retention.



Seal the container with the lid that accompanies it.

Effectively dissolves the solution and prevents clogging.



Keeps dirt and bacteria away from the nipple.

Practical container holds servings of up to 100 ml.


@twistshakebaby /twistshake




Nappy Grab Bags Hello! I’m really excited to introduce you to my new product the Nappy Grab Bag! It’s a neat little pack that contains everything you need for a single nappy change on the go. Each pack contains: • 1 Naty by Nature Babycare nappy (sizes 1 to 6) • 4 Jackson Reece organic wipes • 1 sachet of Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream The pack unwraps to reveal a hygienic changing surface and integrated, resealable dirties pouch. Perfect for shoving in your pocket and running out the door. Or - wonder of wonders - maybe even reclaiming your favourite handbag and popping one in there! I REALLY hope they make life easier and I’d love to hear what you think. Drop me a line at Parenting... the best job in the world!

Love Becky x Available to buy at,, Kiddicare, Whole Foods, Booths and Spirit of Nature. Check out our ‘Where to Buy’ page on our website for all stockists. 5 BM Slick Mummy Advert V2.indd 1

07/01/2016 20:14

Slick Mummy Magazine Issue One  

Our Spring 2016 issue - look out for it in print at child friendly cafes, boutiques and play centres in the UK Follow us online for daily ne...

Slick Mummy Magazine Issue One  

Our Spring 2016 issue - look out for it in print at child friendly cafes, boutiques and play centres in the UK Follow us online for daily ne...