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Issue 4

Editor’s Letter 2016: the year our heroes dropped like flies and words like BREXIT, SEPSIS and TRUMP had us fearing for our children’s future. But in a world where every action has an equal and opposite reaction (and everyone who spent the festive season watching ‘The Lion King’ will be humming The Circle of Life right now) there is always a bright side. Thus we hope that 2017 be the year in which your little ones flourish into the next generation of rock gods, actors, MP’s, feminist comedians et cetera and let’s dance, let’s go crazy and do the jitterbug as we raise a glass of fizz. Incidentally, we suspect the adorable trio who featured in our fashion story this issue will have a glowing future as tantrum-free supermodels…


PS - We hope Santa brought great objects of delight (such as this wooden fire truck from Halfords) but if there was something under the tree that isn’t being played with, consider passing it on to a charity such as Cash for Kids Mission Christmas who will re-gift it to a child in need.


Slick Mummy CONTENTS 06. Curated By Clare: our culture queen sees and knows it all… 07. Kate Thornton: at Chrimbo, it’s great when you’re Kate… 10. Fashion Story: twinkle, little stars… 14. In Search of Hygge: won’t you hygge my soul…? 16. Pump Up the Volume: exploring the milky way. 17. No Mean Feet: buff those tootsies. 18. Xmas Gift Guide: stuffing for stockings. 20. Becky Mantin: our celeb mumpreneur columnist feels a lot like Christmas. 21. Battle of the Sleep Sheep: who will be the sheepster for your love? 22. Janey Holliday: life coach columnist looks to 2017. 23. What’s in your Handbag, Pearl Lowe? 24. SM Chats to Sir Chris Hoy: the chat was wheelie good… 26. Clever Clogs Products: smart stuff we heart. 28. Buggy Love: our SM testers checked out the Ickle Bubba Aurora. 29. Wild’s World: what he wants for Xmas. 31. Boutique Focus: Royal fave Rachel Riley. 32. Cooking with my Kids: Aldo Zilli does Italian sausage. 33. Ten Minutes With… Cat Gazzoli from My Little Piccolo. 34. The Lowdown: Flybrix is the lovechild of drones and Lego. 35. Caitlin’s Column: her guide to surviving the holidays. 37. Cajoled Dad: Matt Rowntree gets festive. 39. Lovely Little Things: oh, come let us adore thee… 40: Behind the Design: the Ergobaby Adapt Carrier.


Sarah Benn, Firgas Esack, Caitlin Hayward, Clare Heal, Ian Hooton Photography, Rich Hendry Photography, Wild


Megan Davies.


Lisa Fotios, Kristin Vogt, Abby Kihano.


Dylan Hearn at Troika Talent & Kate Thornton. Melissa Kingston at Fuse Communications.

Hendry, Janey Holliday, Becky John, Sarah McIlwain-Bates, Becky Mantin, Matt Rowntree and all our SM Testers.

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Curated By Clare Her pick of holiday season culture…

Follow Clare Heal on Twitter: @ClarenceHeal

PAUL A YOUNG It’s not that chocolates aren’t a good gift but sometimes they can get a bit lost amidst the general festive gluttony. When they’re as good as Paul A Young’s that would be a shame. Consider a subscription to his Chocolate Club instead and the lucky recipient with get a box of 16 inventively-flavoured truffles, ganaches and caramels in the post every month. Far more satisfying than rooting around in the bottom of the Quality Street tin… £370 for a year from

KEW/SMITH AND SANDERSON A visit to the illuminated wonder of Christmas At Kew is now firmly part of my festive tradition. It’s unfailingly magical but queuing in the cold isn’t so advance booking very much recommended.

SEEDLIP All those Christmas drinks parties. All those hangovers. Too Much Fun can lead to the setting-in of midDecember sense of ennui. Funnui if you will. We all know a few nights off the booze would save us but where’s the fun in a Diet Coke or lime’n’soda? Enter Seedlip. It’s a non-alcoholic spirit, which sounds oxymoronic, but is a godsend for anyone wanting something grownup-tasting but non-intoxicating. Understatedlyseasonal Spice 94 is distilled with oak, cardamom and citrus and is great in a cocktail or with tonic. Herbal Garden 108 will be gorgeous when summer finally rolls around. The bottles are beautiful too. £27.99 from

£16 adults, £10 kids, from

DECORATIONS Year by year I’m gradually replacing my cheap, job-lot tree ornaments a few at a time. Currently coveting these sweet little traditional wooden ones (£12 from the V&A shop, www. and Ferm Living’s super-tasteful brass Tree Top Star (€54,


VILLAGE UNDERGROUND Looking beyond Christmas to 2017, my cultural pick is a collaboration between East London arts venue Village Underground and Paul Barritt of theatre company 1927. Cat And Mouse will be a big screen cartoon combined with live music and theatre, the same combination that made his previous show Golem such a ground-breaking hit. As far as I can make out it’s going to be an arthouse Itchy & Scratchy and what’s not to like about that? June 8/9, 2017. Tickets £21 from

ST ERASMUS Personally, I’m happy to wear oversized sparkly things year-round but Christmas is as good an excuse as any so let me share one of my absolute favourite-ever purveyors of trinkets and baubles with you. St Erasmus make crochet-covered confections of crystals and pearls that are utterly unique. Start dropping hints now. From £105 for earrings from

Kate Thornton Lady Who Launches Christmas 2016. The end of the year in which presenter and journalist Kate made her debut into the technology sector with her groundbreaking shopping site Not only does her online platform offer its customers cashback for shopping with leading brands, but she has also enlisted the help of the ultimate girl gang of friends (Myleene Klass, Nicole and Natalie Appleton, Tamsin Outhwaite, Lisa Faulkner and more) to create original and engaging content.

And apparently, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas round Kate’s house. "It’s not quite as camp as Christmas but it is getting there, I have to explain to my son that we can’t have tinsel on everything… Our tree goes up in the first week of December,” Kate enthuses. “ Christmas has changed massively since having Ben; it’s magical and wonderful all over again – it’s all about him basically. Well, him and his friends. We have an Open

House on Christmas Day in the evening for anyone who wants to come and escape their families and hang out. It’s always an interesting evening but it ends well. Well, but with a hangover.” (She laughs). I ask if she goes all-out for her son on the St Nick front. “ Ben is eight now and he just about still believes in Santa, I think this is my last year of putting on men’s wellies and walking from the fireplace with icing sugar and a sieve…”


And what will Santa be bringing if he’s been good? “Ben wants Pokémon everything, hoodie, cap, rucksack, those cards they trade…And an Arsenal kit, he’s really into football…” Project management seems to be key for Kate this year. “ Me, my Mum and Dad are cooking on Christmas day,” Kate begins “...but we’ve actually delegated this year; one family brings starters and a cheeseboard, another brings dessert, everyone shares the load…”

I enquire as to whether Ben eats sprouts? “No. No one does, they are one of those things we cook for the sake of having them. Our Christmas is traditional all the way, we go to the pub on Christmas Eve, around twenty of us, we exchange presents, I quite like the calm before the storm of Christmas Eve as Christmas Day sort of runs itself and it is the chaos of bin bags everywhere for all the wrapping paper and unidentified things ground into the carpet. And someone really helpful always brings party poppers – thanks for that! Same as everybody else’s really…”

After such a motivated year, will Kate be making any New Year’s Resolutions? “None, why set yourself up? Be happy and be kind, we live in a shitty, cruel world right now, where has the soul gone? I want my son to grow up to be the best human he can be…he’s well on his way to doing that - and he teaches me stuff as well…”

Ben wants Pokémon everything, hoodie, cap, rucksack, those cards they trade and an Arsenal kit, he’s really into football… On Saturdays, you’ll find her on the sidelines at Ben’s football game. “It’s what you have to do. Well, actually, once a month my Dad goes with him and I get a lie in – and my Dad loves it” Is Kate a ‘lipstick on the school run’ kind of mum? "No. I would love to be that person - but actually I go for a run straight after I’ve dropped him, so lipstick would look a bit strange. It’s a lovely thing to do actually, twenty minutes’ peace, time to yourself. ‘Cos they can’t catch you. Haha.” "My son says ‘mummy is being starcastic’ I give him a lot of sarcastic responses. But one phrase I do use genuinely use is that friends are the family you choose. You build your own family. That one stuck with him – he used it in school and got house points for it …”

Kate Thornton is the Founder of deals and lifestyle platform, which rewards users with cashback every time they shop.


Kate’s Christmas Shopping Picks


Noise Cancelling Headphones “So I can get some peace and quiet…”

2. A mixed case from Majestic Wine Pick n mix, for the hell of it…”


Personalised Coffee Pot from Not on the High St Coffee is the best taste of the day, I love this personalized coffee pot…”


Black Sports Leggings I do like getting my runners on at the moment, it’s thinking time…”


Quadrapan 4-in1 pan Unsexy name, great product!”


She's in


Photographed by Ian Hooton, ( Stylist Becky John, Models Erin, India & Rudi Makeup & Hairstyling Sarah Mcilwain-Bates using MAC Cosmetics & Unite Haircare. Shot on location at CoffeE7, East London.



India (L) wears Teal chiffon dress Wild & Gorgeous £69 Gold ballet pumps with bows Step2wo £66 Rudi (Centre) wears Herringbone jacket £166 Waistcoat £93 Trousers £107 All Little Wardrobe London White shirt Wild & Gorgeous £49 Retro bow tie Rokit £12 Leather velcro shoes Step2wo £58 Erin (R) wears Emerald marabou jacket from £58 Tutu from £35 Both from Angel's face Gold Mary-Janes Step2wo £42


Erin wears Glitter dress Caramel London £350 Green feather headdress Astrobohemia at Their Nibs £75 Gold Mary-Janes Step2wo from £42 Opposite page (top right) India (L) wears Dress £65 Cape £75 From a selection from Isossy Children Purple feather headdress Astrobohemia at Their Nibs £75 Gold ballet pumps with bows Step2wo from £66 Little wish fairy necklace Molly Brown London £50 Erin (R) wears Red net & sequin heart dress Wild & Gorgeous £99 Rose headband Patachou £44 Gold Mary-Janes Step2wo from £42 Little wish star necklace Molly Brown London £30


This page Rudi wears Merino wool sweater Marie - Chantal £110 Red tartan trousers Wild & Gorgeous £65 Leather velcro shoes Step2wo £58 India (below right) wears Gold sequin & net dress Wild & Gorgeous £125 Gold ballet pumps with bows Step2wo from £66




In search of...

Drink hot chocolate, light candles, play nicely and wrap up warm. The hygge phenomenon has taken us quietly by storm. We’ve picked out a few things that make us go “hue-gah”…

Blend your own coffee… The ‘Coffee Nerds’ at Coffee Island just launched their first shop in London’s Covent Garden where you can blend your own custom brew from microfarmed lots to create a one-of-a-kind cuppa to either enjoy in store or take home to sip leisurely.

Listen softly… In a world of plastic, buttons and complicated digital interfaces, Swedish award winning designer Alexander Åhnebrink wanted to bring a change in consumption of content. Embracing the values of the analogue days, he went on a journey taking a closer look back in history to find the right feeling and purpose. What he came up with was The Plus Radio: a device which is ergonomically old skool, sounds wonderful and is refreshingly simple to tune.

Some refer to hygge as an “art of creating intimacy” (either with yourself, friends and your home). While there’s no one English word to describe hygge, several can be used interchangeably to describe the idea of hygge such as cosiness, charm, happiness, security, familiarity, comfort, reassurance, kinship, and simpleness. Alex Beauchamp,


Technology and modern day busy-ness has removed so many of us from ourselves, our homes and ordinary tasks, making them feel as though these things are chores, have no meaning/importance or are too time-consuming so they’re skipped or not enjoyed. It’s stopped us from being authentic and conscious of how we live and interact. Hygge is about celebrating reality and being present and transforming the ordinary into a moment to recognise instead.

Alex Beauchamp

Alex Beauchamp,

Gary Durrant, Head Chef at Hunter 486 (The Arch Hotel), shares his tips for creating the perfect hot chocolate… "Replacing boiling water with hot whole milk is a better alternative. A splash of single cream at the end can give it an even creamier and smoother finish. Use grated real chocolate (I recommend 70% cocoa solids) instead of powder to give it a more intense flavour. You will need to add sugar to taste to balance out the bitterness of the chocolate. Mix the grated chocolate with a small amount of milk to create a paste. If you gradually add the rest of the milk to the paste while simultaneously stirring you will find the hot chocolate is a lot smoother. When it comes to spices, a winter favourite is cinnamon. However you can always mix things up by adding cardamom and orange instead. The addition of spirits and liquors can turn it into an adult guilty pleasure. Baileys, Disaronno and Cointreau all work well in a hot chocolate.”

Give gifts that give back…

Snuggle up...

TOMS CEO Blake Mykoskie set up the company to offer one-for-one. “When you buy a gift, you’re imagining the thoughtful wrapping. The note you’ll write on the card. The smile when they open it. When you gift TOMS, you’re giving so much more than a gift, you’re helping someone in need, providing an additional gift of shoes, sight, a safe birth, an extra burst of confidence and happiness, independence and joy. This winter season, gift with purpose and give TOMS.”

Orwell + Austen’s sweaters are made from 55% silk and 45% cashmere blended yarn and feature statement slogans such as ‘Mon Coeur’ or ‘Je Ne Regrette Rien’. The brand works closely with a small, family run manufacturer in Nepal, a region renowned for producing some of the finest quality cashmere in the world.


pump up the volume When it comes to expressing yourself, don’t go for second best. Our SM team put some breast pumps to the test.

I saw the Nuby N atural To Express uch Brea Pump ad st vert ised waiting whilst in room fo the r my mid and I was wife appo keen to intments give it a wouldn’ try. My da t latch on ughter for weeks was my so pumping lifel ine, this one for a man has grea t suct ion ual pum p and ho It’s fairly lds up to discreet 90ml. also (we’ with need ve al l be en there ing to pu mp in th car park e su permarke , right ?) t and you can chuc the dish k it in washer to clean…

s less ere wa s ree th sofa a ber th d num on the il d ch e h fe W it nd ntion a e tt sy a ing get co emand ump time to were d ctric P er two le Ele le. h Sing the oth b o m in e is ss a he Lan asy to too. T and e tube so y light to the in s e is reall o ion is mil k g e suct of the an. Th le None to cle e purp odd le like th y ll n a it ’s a d re ye tha dI e n a e le th rtab sier on comfo t quite les (ea o tt g o b ve I’ ay/ ones). cup colourw edela ct ion llow M the su the ye ay and yw ” n a … s fy ob d com big bo ple an was am

Avent Single g the Phillips I loved testin nual one tried their ma I’d . mp Pu Electric a bit – not t it squeaked bu e, tiv fec before (ef was napping ilst the baby wh ing mp sive ideal for pu lly my explo and eventua or at night – electric one it.) But the ted fea de the mammaries . I really liked more abuse can take a lot or less any mp in more pu n ca u yo fact that the same jobs done at d get a few posit ion (an l reach) and wer cord wil po the ing icient. time, provid g is super-eff mping set tin the hard-pu ttle from the wit h any bo rks wo tem ir big The sys even use the , so you can Avent range s… 14oz bottle


No mean feet. This little piggy went to market, and this little piggy danced the night away at a Christmas party in teeny tiny strappy heels…What’s a girl to do if by Christmas Eve her piggies just want to be wrapped in blankets..?

Victoria Beckham apparently slathers her trotters in Weleda’s Skin Food after strutting one-too-many red carpets. The magical green tube indulges dry, flaky bits and it smells celestial. Scholl’s Express Pedi Diamond Pro will buff up heels and hard skin for a fabulous home treatment if you find yourself with glass slippers (or other statement shoes) to show off. And Carnation Footcare’s Anti-Blister Stick will stop them rubbing if you and Prince Charming find yourself running for a night bus. Sasy n Savy’s Lavender n Peppermint Foot Scrub is a great little in-shower perk-me-up and if you’re looking for some overnight TLC then massage in Bee Good’s Necta Perfecta or What Skin Needs Skin Balm under a pair of bed socks (like Celtic & Co’s Sleep Socks.) Your piggies will be tripping the light fantastic through to Hogmanay.


All I want for Xmas...

Our pick of Santa’s Sack, because we’ve been very good indeed (clockwise from top left): 1. Rock n Roll Minion Stuart from Smyths Toys, 2. ‘Joy’ sweater from Gap, 3. Bear Puppet from The White Company, 4. Mio MiVue 688 Dashcam, 5. Hape Wooden Dumper Truck, 6. Stretch Armstrong, 7. The Very Merry Christmas Board Game

by Rascals, 8. Ceramic Bauble, Christmas Tea, Mulled Wine Spices and Snowflake Chocolate from a selection at Letterbox Gifts, 9. ‘The Painting in Book’ by Anna

Rumsby published by Laurence King, 10. metallic gold swaddle from aden+anais, 11. ‘Juice Man’ by Andrew Cooper, 12. Fairy Door from The Magic Door Store, 13. William Morris ’12 Days of Christmas’, 14. PBuzz Trumpet from PTrumpet.

Eighteen 18



Becky Mantin And The Great Juggle Struggle Trials & tribulations of a working mum of three for another few weeks; a little like how a marathon runner would reach for energy gels for fear of hitting the wall. So, as I write this on ‘Stir Up Sunday’ with Christmas fast approaching; I’m lining up those festive energy gels to boost me through the next few weeks. Time to bring out the big guns… NATIVIT Y PLAYS! CHRISTMAS FAIRS! ARTHUR CHRISTMAS! CAROL SINGERS!

Are you feeling it yet? You know… that little tingle. The slight lifting of the hairs on the back of your neck. The smooshy feeling in your stomach like when you watch the closing scenes for Love Ac tually?! I’m talking, of course, about FEELING CHRISTMASSY. Now let me be frank; I LOVE Christmas! I love it all and feel genuinely baffled by the possibility that anyone might not feel the same. I find myself overtaken with FC (Feeling Christmassy) around early August and fondly remember a balmy day in mid summer when we spent a happy afternoon making gingerbread men and listening to carols (which, now I think about it, might have been a little confusing for my children!); the sun splitting the stones outside. September finds me asking family about Christmas present ideas and by the time Bonfire Night comes… well I don’t know, it’s not so much like I’m Christmas-ed out, I just have to actively seek out all things festive to keep me ticking over


(Actually a quick note on carol singers… I’ve come to the conclusion that I may never be mature enough to stand on the doorstep of my home whilst well-meaning, red-cheeked villagers sing loudly at very close range. I love the carols – oh yes. I love the CF of the tradition. I just don’t really know what to do with myself whilst they are singing at me! Should I smile benignly and gaze into the middle distance as if imagining the nativity scene appearing divinely before me? Should I break heartily into song and attempt the harmonies and try and ‘out-Christmas’ them? Or should I take my traditional approach of diving behind the sofa at hearing the opening bars of ‘Ding Dong Merrily On High’ until they have ‘Gloria-ed’ themselves out and left - and hope that my sons don’t, once again, give the game away by looking out of the window next to said sofa and saying ‘Mummy! Look! Singing people! Mummy! Are you playing Hide and Seek?!’ Gah!) The whole experience of Christmas, of course, changes once you become a parent. There’s just SO much to do as we attempt to recreate the experiences we ourselves enjoyed. Who knew?! For me, the bar is set almost unreachably high. We had magical Christmases when I was a child; the house transformed into an enchanted grotto with roaring fires, the smell

of mince pies fresh out of the oven and carols sung loudly (and often tunelessly and with the wrong words!). I had absolutely no appreciation of the amount of work that went on ‘behind the scenes’ until I became a parent myself. (I said this to my parents the other day and they just smiled wryly…) A little of that at least has carried over… my four year old was heard singing loudly about the ‘Baby Cheesus’! So here we are; the final push. Next week we’ll get the tree (to be kept outside until the second weekend in December as always). We’ll heave the boxes of decs down from the loft, collect armfuls of greenery and then go nuts with the staple gun all to the dulcet tones of Wham!, the Michael Buble Christmas album and Carols from Kings College! Altogether now… ‘GLOOOOOOOOORIA! Suzannah is in Chelsea!’ Happy Christmas! X Follow Becky on Twitter @ BeckyMantinLtd


SS Battle of the...


Down on the farm called Bedtime, two trusty lambs take charge of soothing bubbas over the fence into the land of nod. Ewan the Dream Sheep takes on

Summer Infant’s Slumber Melodies Lamb and we find out who puts the ram in the ramalamadingdong…


I love the new look Ewan; he’s more

The Cry Activation Mode on the

distinguished in grey than the original

Slumber Melodies Lamb is great; as

purple. When you squeeze his feet you

soon as your little one utters a squawk

either get harp, white noise rain or womb

the music starts up… Downer to this

sounds. In our house the classical music

is that if you have the baby’s cot in

has proven most successful (it sends

your bedroom every time you cough,

Daddy off to sleep too!) With each of our

trip over a toy and swear or -erm- emit

kids we found that starting Ewan from

any other kind of noise, it starts the

birth meant that they trained themselves

lullaby playing. Lots of choices for

to associate the fuzzy fella with going to

sounds so your brain doesn’t turn to

sleep – and this took them well into their

mush hearing the same one over and

twos. Downers I guess would be that you

over and you can Velcro him onto your

can’t put him in the wash and that (being

buggy/carseat etc if you want to take

shaped a bit like a ball) he tends to get

him out and about for those ‘disco

kicked about a bit by the bigger ones…

dozes’ in the day…

Slumber Melodies Lamb RRP £19.99 from Ewan the Dream Sheep RRP £29.99 from Pictured on a twinkle dream blanket by aden+anais.


How to make 2017 ridiculously amazing. Janey Holliday, stress management and female health expert shares her top tips on how to obliterate stress from your life.

Or with food change ‘I’m not going to eat any bad food ’ to ‘I’m going to only eat nourishing food’, Or ‘I’m going to force myself to study 3 nights a week’ to ‘I’m going to allocate 3 nights a week where I’m going to focus on me and my career to take me to where I want to be’. Language we use influences the thoughts we think and therefore the feelings we have. Sometimes changing a few or even one word can make a complete difference to how you approach what you need to do.

Right everyone, it’s time to get excited about 2017 and I’ve got 5 top tips to ensure you have a truly enjoyable year (and life) ahead…

Don’t make new year goals – Instead make year commitments. This switch takes people from the January / February short term mindset (that usually fails) to thinking about the year as a whole, where you can pace yourself, take baby steps that all add up and take the pressure off yourself. Most people over estimate what they can do in a week but massively under estimate what they can do in a year. Put your focus on consistency rather than gung ho for real long term results that can in fac t be ef for tless and enjoyable. What you’re striving for, you want for life right? Don’t rush things. Change your language to be more successful If you usually focus on new year weight loss, switch ‘I’m going to lose a stone by March’ to ‘I’m going to be the strongest I’ve ever been by July’.


Get enthusiastic – One of my favourite quotes is ‘Nothing great was ever achieved without a sense of enthusiasm’. Get super enthusiastic about where you’re heading to. Set goals that set your soul on fire, create a great energy each day about what you need to do to take you towards that goal. Many people have a negative or uphill struggle type attitude to creating change. Switch this around and ensure you’ve got a bit of sparkle and fun with what you need to do. Maintain your focus on what you gain from your actions rather than what you might be losing to do them and this will help keep momentum up. See yourself as work in progress – People are so critical of themselves and one of the best ways to get yourself on your own side is to always see yourself as a work in progress. You can be making improvements to your body and your life for example whilst being kind to yourself about where you are. Plus, if you can use the work in progress mindset to help you pace yourself, be patient and persevere, it’s a much better energy that actually enhances results. Many people default to being hard

on themselves and I don’t believe this helps anyone. Another brilliant concept I teach my clients is the 'growth not know' mindset. You don’t have to know everything or have everything to be successful. Success comes from the commitment to growing as a human being. We learn until the day we day, embrace the fact you are growing and don’t need to know or have everything to be a success. Create and do and achieve what’s true to you – This is all about understanding your core values. When you know this, you feel stronger, life becomes enjoyable and ever y thing is much, much easier. I’m always surprised as to how many people don’t have clarit y on what their core values are. (If you don’t, you can download a free values webinar on the blog section of my site Without knowing these, I see so many people going for goals they don’t really want or struggle with the ways they go about achieving goals that they do. Everyone’s core values are so different and embracing your individuality and what’s truly important to you massively helps your success rates… with everything! Janey Holliday is a mindset coach and runs online coaching hub If you want help with mindset and designing a life that’s authentic to you, her annual BEST program starts on 9th January. Janey Holliday is a lifestyle coach and women’s health expert with 15 years experience. She is a single Mum of three and runs — which helps women improve their life online.

What’s in your handbag...


Lowe? For as long as I can remember, Christmas has always been the highlight of my year! My day to day handbag is a black Prada bag. I’m never without my Smythson Soho Diary, a Chanel purse, a Mac Twig lipstick, Annick Goutal perfume, Laura Mercier foundation and concealer and a phone charger. On the school run I wear Laura Mercier crème porcelain foundation and secret concealer and Mac Spice lip liner. For a work meeting I’ll add Mac Twig lipstick and black liquid eyeliner. When the kids were younger I used to have wipes, raisins, drinks, and a dummy in my bag. But now they are older, I just carry a brush, elastics and clips for my daughter Betty and money for my boys. The current Petite Pearl Lowe was based on the vintage circus. So we had lots of stripes, sequins and feather boas everywhere!

At the moment I am reading ‘On Death & Dying’ by Elizabeth Kubler Ross; it was given to me by a friend, as my father passed away a couple of months ago. It's really helping with my grief. I'm listening to Ed Harcourt's new album called ‘Furnaces’, it's on repeat in my car, as it's so good.

I’m never without my Smythson Soho Diary, a Chanel purse, a Mac Twig lipstick, Annick Goutal perfume, Laura Mercier foundation and concealer and a phone charger. We live in Somerset. We are so lucky, as there are so many magical walks here. We often walk along the river by our house and then have a roast at our local pub with friends. It's heaven!

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Not to mention the Santa train at Longleat. Sadly, my children have all grown up and now I either have to go to these places alone or wait for some grandchildren to come along. A few years ago, we decided to stop cooking on Christmas Day, as it was simply too stressful! We didn't enjoy it. So now we always go out, which is lovely. Last year, we were in Miami. But this year we have decided to stay in Somerset for Christmas. On Boxing Day we have all our family coming to stay. But we might try and sneak away for New Year… Petite Pearl Lowe is available in Harrods and Selfridges.

For as long as I can remember, Christmas has always been the highlight of my year! When my children were little, I would be the first to book The Snowman at Sadler’s Wells, Michael Bourne's Ballet, and ice skating at Somerset House.


SM chats to...

Sir Chris Hoy. Sir Chris Hoy is one of the most decorated Olympic cyclists of all time, with a total of seven Olympic medals: six gold and one silver, as well as eleven World and two Commonwealth titles. This Xmas sees him release his first non-fiction book ‘On your Bike’; an illustrated, comprehensive guide for children to choosing, maintaining and making the most of their bikes. The book will encourage children to have fun cycling, keep safe, and record their cycling adventures. We caught up with him to find out more.

SM: Tell us about the book? It’s called ‘On Your Bike’ and it’s a how-to guide, with tips for riding and a usable, interactive log book that you can fill out. It’s practical as you lay it flat when you are working on your bike. We’ve incorporated some of the Flying Fergus characters too. SM: What was your earliest cycling memory? The earliest has to have been learning to ride a bike. I was six, which is quite old to start learning. I was at a friend’s house and remember his younger brother was four and he was riding a bike. We went to a place not far from the house and his Dad taught me. I came home and said to my parents ‘I can ride a bike, can I get one?’ My first bike – which was second hand, my parents bought it at a jumble sale for a fiver – I actually trashed it really quickly


trying to do jumps. My parents resprayed it BMX colours and I put stickers all over it and I built ramps in my back yard. I watched ET… that inspired me to do jumps and stunts!

Xmas is up in Edinburgh with my wife and family. It is the first year that my son Callum will appreciate it. My sister does the cooking, there are too many of us to fit around one table…

‘On Your Bike’ is available now and published by Piccadilly Press. Balance bike by Kiddimoto (pictured below).

SM: What tips do you have for parents buying a bike for their child this Xmas? Get the right size, don’t get one with room to grow – it’s not like a school blazer. Too big is not safe and they won’t enjoy it. And don’t get one that looks great but is heavy, get a lighter one with better components. A good model might cost more but it will be passed down to siblings. SM: What do you think about balance bikes? Balance bikes are brilliant, without a doubt. They are the best way to teach kids to cycle. They teach them to make the small corrections so once they get a bike with pedals they are away. You can put the saddle down so low that they can just use it as a walker. Stabilisers don’t teach a child to balance. My little boy is two now, he’s not quite ready for a bike… well, maybe this Xmas. SM: How will you be spending the festive season? Xmas is up in Edinburgh with my wife and family. It is the first year that my son Callum will appreciate it. My sister does the cooking, there are too many of us to fit around one table… SM: Want to plug your book again? My book will encourage children to want a bike and to learn to look after it. And just get on their bikes, basically…

Image credit ; Mark Harkin.


Clever Clogs Products. Our regular round up of brainy-bunch stuff…

Car safety is important to us and we wanted to make sure that the kids always had the correct car seat, but we often found that booster seats were not available... So said Jon Sumroy, creator of mifold, the revolutionary grab-n-go car seat which is the size of an iPad, but incredibly safe. So, I thought, if I could make a booster that was really small and really tough, that could easily be taken everywhere, then our children would always be safe, no matter whose car they are in. And we’ve done it, mifold is mighty small and mighty strong. mifold is the most advanced, compact and portable booster seat in the world…

: em t It Lus eam T ? r ges ete bad mP of he Tea ?T tion ndy nal duc e o r W p atio e N h t as the f ro m a n a t ost lm P a er w. a re Pet sho t re e a h e st Th da goo

le Litt

Porky Penguin’s letters from Santa aren’t just a delightful piece of correspondence, but they help to keep little one’s off the naughty list too. Our letters are printed onto 100% cotton paper complete with magic key, wax seal and embossed authenticity stamp. The letters are designed to arrive on the 1st December in time for the exciting build up and are aimed as a behavioural tool as well as being an exciting arrival through the letterbox! Within the letter we outline three points that are supplied by the parent that the child must follow in order to stay on Santa's nice list. We've sold these for four years and every single year we have amazing reviews about how well children have behaved in the run up to Christmas because of the letter from Santa. Rebecca at Porky Penguin




Buggy Love. It was sunshine on a Winter’s day when we tested the Aurora travel system from Ickle Bubba. At just 5.5kg and with front-swivel rubber tyres, this buggy drives like a Porsche. It works as a travel system with a Galaxy car seat, but also folds down into a bag which can be slung over one’s shoulders and carried for those lazy-day outings when you know that your toddler will walk enthusiastically up to a point, then stage a sit-in on the kerb. I love the cheery yellow detailing and urban design – and it’s really sturdy for something so super-light. Great price point too…

We H eart ... Uber cute stroll niser er s fro m 3 Sp with routs quirk , y an char imal acter s and room plen for y ty of our d aily ju nk orga

RRP £125 - Photography - Rich Hendry Model - Tilda


Wild Hendry’ sW ild World London’s Youngest Blogger Makes Resolutions... At the start of each new year, many grown-ups in the world promise themselves they won’t eat as many sweets or watch too much TV or spend all their pocket money in one go. It’s a bit like what us kids promise our parents all the time, except for grownups it’s more like a big pinkie swear they make with the universe. As we all know, best intentions sometimes get a bit muddled up. Anyone who has told their Mummy they will most definitely keep their new shoes clean always means it at the time, but then a big puddle comes along and it’s hard to think about anything else. Or anyone who has resolved to be kinder to

their annoying little brothers knows how difficult that is too (especially when one of them runs off with your Lightning McQueen car…) So, if you have a grown-up who ends up staying up past bedtime or saying a swear word by mistake in 2017, remember they are probably trying their hardest and probably shouldn’t end up on the naughty step. And then maybe, in turn, they might forgive you for eating all the chocolate in the Advent calendar on the 3rd December…

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Come and

be jolly 11 Nov 2016 – 25 Jan 2017

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A Magical Stick Man Screening & Show Enjoy the awardwinning Stick Man on the big screen, followed by songs, storytelling and live illustration. For ages 5-8

Duckie Poggle A warm-hearted, dance theatre piece with live music and comedy throughout. For ages 6 months to 5 years

A fresh take on the classic tale of The Ugly Duckling. For ages 6+

Presented by: Le Gateau Chocolat

Boutique Focus­­: Rachel Riley We talked tartan with the luxury childrenswear designer whose clothes are fit for a prince.

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What was your first ever design and is it still sold in the shop? As we make classic designs, many are similar to ones that I designed twenty years ago, although the fabrics and prints have changed.

Does this differ globally? I don’t think so, it seems as though all parents want to capture the memories of their children, and wearing classic clothing for photos means that they do not date. A large part of our business in the USA, and I love the way that some of our customers dress their children in identical outfits, down to the matching cotton socks and the hairbows. It seems all parents are proud to show their children off, and wearing lovely clothes is part of this. How did you feel about Prince George wearing your collection (and did you know beforehand that he was going to?) We have been absolutely delighted to see Prince George wearing our designs. It is an honour, both professionally and personally. He has worn our collections on a number of occasions but as we are not informed in advance, each occasion has been a wonderful surprise. One of my proudest moment has to be when Prince George wore Rachel Riley for the photograph for the commemorative stamps for the Queen’s 90th Birthday this year!

Some shapes are timeless, such as smocked dungarees, or a peter pan collar dress. Classic design can be updated with modern fabrics, but these shapes suit children’s bodies and are so practical

Do your own children contribute to or influence your designs? My children are now all young adults, so they don’t influence me any more, but they did when they were little and I enjoyed making lots of clothes for them, especially smocked dresses for my daughter and cable sweaters for my boys. I love looking back at the photos and have many fond memories of events that we shared and the clothes that they were wearing.

Your brand is sold all over the world, but do you find that British parents have more of a love affair with nostalgic childrenswear than anywhere else? All parents want the best for their child, and most are nostalgic for their own childhood. Whether that is for the way they dress their children, or the books they read to them, we all like to replicate the fond memories that we have. Our designs seem to be popular all over the world, maybe also because many parents want their children to look like children, and don’t want to dress them in fashions that make them seem too grown up too soon! What are your bestselling items in the UK? Traditionally we have always sold girls dresses best, but in the past few years our collections for baby and toddler boys have become very popular. I think that previously parents were willing to spend more on girls clothes, but now it seems as though boys are being dressed beautifully too! Childhood is such a fleeting moment, it is lovely to have the memories and the photos of when they are small, and looking so lovely!

it is delightfully festive and is sure to make a girl feel very special. To finish the outfit off perfectly, I would suggest a pair of our hand crafted scarlet red Patent Button Strap Slippers. For boys, our Tartan Shirt, teamed with our Soldier V-Neck Sweater is a lovely Christmas outfit and very in keeping with the Nutcracker, which is one of my favourite Christmas ballets! I would team these with a lovely pair of our corduroy trousers, which are warm, comfortable and perfect for the day of festivities.

Where are your garments made? I love things that are beautifully made, with fine soft fabrics, so I go all over the world to find the best quality of workmanship and materials.

What would be your pick of Xmas party dressing from your AW range? Christmas is the perfect occasion for dressing up. We love to see children wearing our clothes at this special time of year, as our designs are timeless and will look wonderful in family photos for years to come. For girls, our top pick from our AW16 collection would be the Bow Velvet Party Dress. With its luxurious deep red velvet fabric and gorgeous satin maxi bow,

And finally, how will you be spending Xmas this year? We recently moved to a new house, so I am excited to have all my family, both my children and my extended family, come over. I have had such fun decorating the house, both the exterior and interior to get it all ready! I love the peace and tranquillity during the Christmas period and the relaxing time at home. Shop online at:


Aldo Zilli: Cooking with my kids. “ I have chosen an Italian sausage dish with borlotti beans which is really easy, but a little bit more exciting than the classic teatime combo of bangers and baked beans! Everyone loves sausages so they are guaranteed to go down a treat. I often serve these up to my two youngest kids Rocco and Twiggy for a quick family supper. If you have an Italian deli near you then do try and get proper Salsiccia which should traditionally be seasoned with fennel as it really brings the dish to life and the flavours go so well together with the garlic and sage. If you are serving it to kids who might not like the strong fennel taste then a good quality pork sausage will do. And do make sure you use the very best you can get – it does make all the difference!”

Ingredients (Serves 4) · 8x Italian sausages (approx. 600g) · 400g Borlotti butter beans

Method — ­ · Prepare the Borlotti beans according to instructions. · Prick the sausages and boil in water for 5 min’s to allow the fats


to release from the sausage. · Rub the sausages with Olive Oil, crushed Garlic and


season, grill for 10 min’s turning occasionally until cooked & browned. · Drain and crush the Borlotti Beans with either the side of your knife

· 3 gloves of garlic · 50g Butter · 100ml extra Virgin Olive Oil · A handful of fresh Sage leaves (chopped)

· Salt & Pepper


Aldo Zilli is the Chef Consigliere at San Carlo Restaurants which has recently opened Fumo in Covent Garden and hosts is own radio show “Buongiorno with Aldo Zilli” on Soho Radio every Monday from 11am – 12noon.

or a potato masher until all broken apart, season to taste. · Meanwhile melt the butter in a pan and add the chopped sage, sauté for a minute to release the flavour in the herbs and add to the bean mix. · Serve alongside the cooked sausages. Season to taste.

10 Minutes With: Cat Gazzoli, CEO of My Little Piccolo

For CEO Cat Gazzoli, her My Little Piccolo empire began over a glass of wine and a home cooked lasagne. Now the range of baby food is stocked in leading retailers and gives back 10% of profits to Food Education, encouraging healthy eating and real, honest food. She tells us what makes the little pouches so special.

How did running the Food Education Foundation lead to

Mothers at risk of pre-eclampsia are being encouraged

the team, often keeps me up at night. I try to be zen but

launching the Piccolo range?

to eat a Mediterranean diet during pregnancy; are there

that’s hard with a start up and a toddler, though it keeps

any specific health benefits of Mediterranean food for

life exciting.

Working with the National Childbirth Trust, their volunteers, teachers and parents and through the workshops we taught

weaning babies? What's next for the business?

at the Food Education Foundation, I became much more

The traditional Mediterranean diet isn’t a faddy diet, there

aware of the foods that were being given to young children,

are rooms full of research on its benefits on every symptom

Expanding the range to include stage 2 and vegetable

but also the concerns of parents and how much they wanted

under the sun. A child’s food preferences are formed in

only blends has been really exciting and we have a lot more

to be part of a brand that shared their values. I started

the early years, so if you can encourage them to try a wide

exciting innovation in the pipeline… Our development

thinking more about the market place and what was missing,

variety of ingredients from an early age, then it is thought to

kitchen also is humming.

but also about how I could create a company alongside the

influence their later eating habits and ongoing relationship

charity that parents could relate to from a flavour and values

with food. Babies need a wide range of nutrients and good

perspective. I also think a strong social with purpose kind

quality fat and protein in their diet that can be provided

of company was needed – a company that would start with

by foods synonymous with the Mediterranean approach to

Working with the Slow Food movement I was lucky enough

giving back as much as fantastic flavours.

eating: lots of good fats from olive oil or oily fish; a wide

to work with some incredible chefs and people in the food

range of vegetables and nutrients and proteins from the

world. It would definitely be the wonderful time I had

different legumes, pulses and grains that can be found in

working with Irish chef Richard Corrigan (Corrigans) and New

the Mediterranean diet – not to mention their use of a wide

Zealand chef Anna Hansen (Modern Pantry). I am a big fan of

range of herbs and spices.

slow cooking; putting something in the oven in the morning

How did you go about creating the range and what considerations went into the products? We started around my kitchen table, eating and talking about the type of food and ethos we wanted to create. I was passionate about using delicious, carefully sourced

Which are your most popular products?

And finally (we had to ask) who would your dream dinner party guests be and what would you cook for them?

while I have meetings and just taking it out and serving! I live in Covent Garden and our office is next door to my home

ingredients that broadened a baby’s taste palette with a

Our spring greens, apple and mint and our cherry yoghurt

and development kitchen, so people are always stopping by

wide range of herbs, spices and ingredient combinations

with wholegrain oats are two of our most popular recipes.

as we are so central.

that I grew up on as a child. I grew up with a big Italian family

Our new flavours with beetroot and kale are doing very

where food was at the core, and strongly believe that the

well since launching two weeks ago too. They are also my

traditional Mediterranean approach to food and life is not

daughter’s favourites!

only great for us, but also brilliant for our babies. Baby food is not like any other product. The sourcing of ingredients

Does Juliet get involved with product testing?

is crucial and all ingredients have to be ‘baby grade’ and

Absolutely, at one point I had to hide the pouches and

organic, so it as a long, but exciting adventure finding all

ingredients from her as she kept eating them all! She tastes

the people to help bring the ingredients, packaging and

everything and is very involved in our recipe development

nutrition all together to make up Piccolo.

when her attention span allows it. I started the business plan

How did you convince so many big retailers to stock Piccolo given the landscape of the baby food market? (ie so many products out there) I was very lucky in that I had already learned a lot from and spoken to many retailers in my role as CEO of Slow Food UK. It made coming back and talking with them about my next venture with a product that much easier. I wasn’t a complete stranger and I knew the food world and artisan food with great sourcing and ethics, especially which is the style of Piccolo. The UK is home to so many innovative food startups, but very little has happened in the baby food world for

We have the most amazing bakers and Neal’s Yard Diary around the corner with their incredible cheeses. We did the event Slow Cheese together so its been exciting talking with them about the right cheese for baby food. Of course finished off with some biodynamic orange wine from Friuli Venezia Giulia , my husband’s region is an important component.

and recipe development when Juliet was literally still a bump so she has been tasting from the get go in womb too. We also have an extended Piccolo family of testers who try everything out on their little ones in the development stage. Mums, dads, grandparents close to Piccolo are involved in our testing too; be it in our circle or in a wider context. I tend to personally meet fans of Piccolo who reach out to me as I think it’s a privilege to meet our customers. I had two over for dinner in the past few weeks. What have your biggest challenges been since the launch?

a long time, so we knew that both parents and retailers were

Prioritising! As founder you are being pulled in so many

hungry to see something new that reflected the needs of

different directions, working out what is actually the most

millennial families.

important thing for the business, as well as my family and

Find out more at


The Lowdown... Flybrix is the first-ever STEM device that allows children to build, rebuild and fly drones built from LEGO bricks. Chief Play Officer Holly Kasun tells us how the sky is the limit.

Have you always loved LEGO? Absolutely. I have very fond memories of building with Lego and am so excited that we've managed to apply this phenomenal building tool to building airframes that fly. How much technical LEGO building skill is needed to get a Flybrix drone up and running? We recommend Flybrix for ages 14 and up because that's the age where we found that consistently kids were able to use Flybrix as a solo project. For anyone younger, we'll leave it up to the adult to decide. The trick for anyone younger than 14 is to use Flybrix as a hands on, one-on-one project with an adult. Is being 'Chief Play Officer' as much of a great job as it sounds? It's fantastic! I want every girl and boy out there to know that if you think you may want a job like mine, studying STEM topics will help you get there.


Did you test Flybrix out on real kids? Yes, we did extensive testing with a wide range of age groups and types of kids who were both technically inclined and many who were not. What we saw are a few things we found interesting. First, girls and boys were equally interested in Flybrix and they had different play-patterns, which showed us that Flybrix was an activity that appealed to kids across the board. Second, we saw some incredibly creative approaches to problem-solving and building that wowed us. Are there bits in the drone kit which - if lost - require a whole replacement kit to be purchased (as is so often the case with LEGO)? The great thing about using Lego bricks is that bricks from your own set work as replacements if you lose one or your dad steps on one. But, we also offer individual replacement parts so you can, indeed, replace parts without ordering a whole new kit, with the exception of the flight control board. Can we buy Flybrix in the UK? Absolutely. We’re shipping orders, including international orders, placed on our website, If you're considering Flybrix as a gift this holiday season, please order early. We don't want to disappoint anyone!

Find out more at

Caitlin's Column Caitlin Hayward is the director of theatre company The Pantaloons.

Before I had children, Christmas was a four- day fuelled piss up, with board games, TV Christmas specials and endless cheese. Now I have my two festive elves Bud (4) and Wilbur (1) things revolve around train sets, refusing to eat a roast dinner and pre 9am melt downs. I love Christmas and I love my kids, but when these two things get combined, it leaves me with a headache. The over-excitement the night before to the endless droning throughout the day is enough to make anyone reach for the prosecco. However, I have picked up a few helpful tips that make Christmas that bit more bearable. In fact, it comprises solely of one tip made up of two words: sod it. Kids won’t sleep due to over excitement? Sod it, have some wine and let the festive sausages tire themselves out. Does the roast dinner that you’ve spent hours slaving over gets the suspicious eye because it’s not a chicken nugget? Sod it. They’ve probably stuffed themselves with enough chocolate to not go hungry. Sit back and enjoy the food. The little angels want to watch ‘Blaze and the Monster Machines’ instead of the Queen’s Speech? Sod it. It gives you a chance to have a well-earned nap or a glug of Bailey’s. Your evening of board games is constantly interrupted by hysterical high-on-sugar munchkins? Sod it, just carry on playing and turn the festive music up to eleven. Ultimately, Christmas does not need to be a stressful time. Yes you have people pulling on you mentally and physically; yes you have cooking and cleaning to do; yes you have relatives to keep happy, but do you know what? Sod it. Keep relaxed and if stuff goes wrong, it goes wrong. Take the opportunity to have some time to yourself and just go with the flow. You do enough all year round and you do a bloody good job too. If things go a little awry, just go with it. Let the little buggers run riot; enjoy the high spirits of the day; have some fizz. Sod it, have a bottle.

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You deserve it.


The Cajoled Dad It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

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So, Christmas. Here it comes again. That time of year when I'm not allowed to do anything but I get told off for not doing anything. That time of year with the stresses and strains of committing time to different sides of the family who each want you to themselves. Oh it's the most wonderful time of the year. I recently bought a present for my son. For Christmas. In October. Way ahead of the game I thought. It was a 3D lamp of R2D2. It came up in a flash sale on Facebook so a bit of a spontaneous purchase. But a good one, I thought. 'That will sate his love of all things Star Wars right now. It will also win me some brownie points and go some way to countering the yearly complaint from the wife that I never do any of the Christmas shopping and leave it all to her.'

The wife has a list. Made up over the year of things she's identified as being perfect for each of our little cherubs. Much of it bought in the January sales and squirreled away in the 'present drawer' and forgotten about until a couple of days before Christmas. It's the same drawer that has clothes in it that were identified as perfect but too big at time of the purchase but now they're all too small because 'we' forgot about them. Then, a couple of days before Christmas, as we’re wrapping everything, she realizes she's spent a gazillion pounds on each child and we can't possibly give them all the things she's purchased for fear of spoiling them. But we can't take anything back to the shop because we've had it all for too long. So they'll be added to the charity shop bags in the New Year. Or held back for birthdays (by which time we’ll have forgotten about them again). I think we need to accept we have different strengths at Christmas. I'll continue to scour Pinterest for amusing things for those pesky little elves to get up to once they're off

their shelf. And I'll organize the dinner (goose and turkey this year to cater to children who have roast dinner every week at school (often turkey), and turkey for the family that doesn’t).

This year we’re hosting the rest of my family for Christmas and that’s throwing up all sorts of little fun things. Everyone wants to be involved in ‘helping’ in the kitchen, so my little area of peace and quiet on Christmas morning will now be a hive of activity as people help prepare goat’s cheese starters and all the trimmings with dinner. Joy. At least my sister is bringing a crate of wine.

Or so I thought. No such luck – I didn't consult. Apparently he has two lamps in his room already. What's he going to do with a third?! And it's not a remote controlled lamp like we had discussed. The fact that it's not really a lamp but more of a light-up piece of art is by-the-by.


Lovely Little Things Slip a sable under the tree, for me… The Library of Fragrance’s ‘Blue Spruce’ has a powerful, deep aroma evocative of Rocky Mountain pines. But in a sexy way. Give it an extra layer of Christmas magic by blending it with their ‘Snow’ note. If writing things down makes you feel in control, kick off 2017 with synchronicity courtesy of a Mum’s Office diary. We love the Big Family version (superb for those who possess more than three kids, oversized cursive writing and a large tote handbag.) Pom Pom Galore make fluffy frou frou to festoon the grumpiest of spaces. Increase your hygge by wrapping a white string around some driftwood, or use them as no-tech fairy lights. Dragonfly Tea’s Tea Chest No. 1 candle burns for over 55 hours and has a sweet, woody smell. It was created for the brand’s 15th birthday by parfumier Alberto Morillas. Mary Jardine re-invented understated chic with her Jardine

of London handbags, loved by Emma Watson. New additions to the collection are the goodie pouches, which pop into the bags or can be used alone as a clutch; available in lipstick red or feisty orange.


Behind The Design:

CEO and Designer Karin Frost tells us why love carries on with their versatile carrier. · The Adapt carrier is an ergonomic solution to create comfortable, convenient and safe bonding at every stage of a baby’s development, the carrier is unique because it requires no infant insert (from birth) and features three different seat width settings; adapting to babies as they grow… · Developed to meet the diverse needs of parents looking for a comfortable and ergonomic carrier. Some parents prefer not to use an infant insert, so we listened! The new criss-cross strap options also means that parents with narrow or wider options can use/share the carrier. A better fit for a wider range of body types… · Adapt features a tuck-away hood which can be used for privacy and to protect baby from the sun, in addition to discreet breastfeeding.


Acknowledged as ‘hip healthy’ by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, Adapt features a unique ‘bucket seat’ design certified as safe for babies’ hips. Ensuring babies’ knees are kept above their hips in an ‘Mshape’ to support and help develop their legs and spine curve, the carrier adapts to maintain this position at every stage of babies’ development.

· Each position; front-inward, hip, and back carry, provides even weight distribution across the hips and shoulders, plus extra padded shoulder support straps to boost comfort. · A crisscross support strap option enables parents to position straps wherever is most comfortable, offering greater comfort for those with both narrow or wider shoulders, as well as providing a snugger fit for petite parents and smaller babies. With buckles

that can be adjusted at the side rather than the back the Ergobaby Adapt carrier is also appreciated by parents with reduced mobility. · All Ergobaby Carriers and Infant Inserts (plus insert pillow) are machine washable. · The Adapt is available in four shades; Black, Pearl Grey, Admiral Blue and Azure Blue £109.90, Visit for details on your nearest stockist.

The B lack a nd Pe neutra arl Gr l and ey are unisex are ea tones sily w which orn by Dad. T both M he ne um an w Ad an ele d miral gant t Blue i a k e on t s nautic his se al mo ason’s od; th addin e nav g a se y t o nes nse of comfo luxury rt, as a well a nd s vers atility .

ls were the Weather symbo the Azure Blue inspiration for ps maintain a design. Raindro ften while clouds so wintery mood The (and forecast!). up the pattern d is a stylish an resulting design ayful take on the pl sophisticated theme. l precipitation and whimsica 41

Little Black Book If you want it, here it is, come and get it. 3 Sprouts

Angel’s Face

Astrobohemia at Their Nibs

Bee Good

Annick Goutal:

Caramel London

The pianist and model turned per-

Carnation Foot Care

fumier creates the most exquisite and

Celtic & Co

refined feminine fragrances out there

Dragonfly Tea

Isossy Children

Jardine of London kiddimoto

Molly Brown London: Described as ‘Tiffany for little girls’ this is the go-to for junior Hepburns


Laura Mercier

Little Wardrobe London


Halfords: From scooters to pushchairs to incar DVD players, this chain suddenly got even more family-friendly

Marie-Chantal Mifold

Mum’s Office Nuby


Philips Avent

PomPom Galore Porky Penguin

TOMS: You buy, they give. What’s not to love?



Sasy n Savy



Orwell + Austen: Wear your heart on your chest with their statement cashmere sweaters store.



The Library of Fragrance The Plus Radio


What Skin Needs

Wild & Gorgeous

Nappy Grab Bags Hello! I’m really excited to introduce you to my new product the Nappy Grab Bag! It’s a neat little pack that contains everything you need for a single nappy change on the go. Each pack contains: • 1 Naty by Nature Babycare nappy (sizes 1 to 6) • 4 Jackson Reece organic wipes • 1 sachet of Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream The pack unwraps to reveal a hygienic changing surface and integrated, resealable dirties pouch. Perfect for shoving in your pocket and running out the door. Or - wonder of wonders - maybe even reclaiming your favourite handbag and popping one in there! I REALLY hope they make life easier and I’d love to hear what you think. Drop me a line at Parenting... the best job in the world!

Love Becky x Available to buy at,, Kiddicare, Whole Foods, Booths and Spirit of Nature. Check out our ‘Where to Buy’ page on our website for all stockists. 5

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Slick Mummy Issue 4 Winter 2016/7  
Slick Mummy Issue 4 Winter 2016/7  

Our Winter issue features: Kate Thornton, Pearl Lowe, Aldo Zilli, Rachel Riley and lots more. Our columnists: Clare Heal, Becky Mantin, Cai...