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Parenting Style Coveted

Issue 5

Editor’s Letter Hands up who would want to be on the cover of a magazine at seven-months pregnant? Across our team I’ll admit, most hands stayed down… But English rose Natasha Rufus Isaacs was delighted to share her bump with us and in turn we were honoured to capture a little insight of this special time in her life. Also in this issue, we tracked down Spring flowers, took the Bugaboo Bee5 for a spin, had a lesson in Forest School outdoor learning and discovered what makes a good hair day. If you enjoy this issue, please do share it with another wonderful mother.


PS - We are loving Liv Tyler’s ‘Mama Said’ film for GAP in support of Every Mother Counts… It’s nice to just celebrate motherhood in a super positive way and for a great cause.

Slick Mummy CONTENTS 06: Curated By Clare: we’ll have what she’s having. 07: Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs: talks boobs, bumps and Beulah. 10: Fashion Story: Shakespeare Remixed by Mud and Glitter. 16: In Search of Spring Blooms: where to fawn over flora. 18: Arrivals: what the stork brought. 19: Scents and Sensibilities: we sniffed our handkerchiefs. 20: SM Chats to Isla Fisher: pirates, pastries and rainbow hair. 22: Becky Mantin: our celeb mumpreneur columnist talks celeb selfies. 23: Help! My Child Wants to be a Popstar: CeCe Sammy comes to the rescue. 24: Janey Holliday: life coach columnist talks self-care. 25: What’s in your Handbag, Naomi Wilkinson? 26: Boutique Focus: Molly Brown London. 27: Outdoor Learning: Carol Evelegh of The Kindergartens shares tips. 28: Clever Clogs Products: shop smarter. 30: Buggy Love: we tested the Bugaboo Bee5. 31: Wild’s World: Easter egg-celence. 33: Boutique Focus: Wild and Gorgeous. 34: Cooking with my Kids: Emma Spitzer makes risotto. 35: Ten Minutes With… celeb hairdresser Richard Ward.

37: Caitlin’s Column: Mothers’ Day. 38: Cajoled Dad: Matt Rowntree is a bookworm. 39: Lovely Little Things: pretty, sexy, cool. 40: Behind the Design: BabyBjörn Bliss Bouncer

pg 8: Lovely Little Things

36: The Lowdown: Pip and Nut.


Sarah Benn, Firgas Esack, Carol Evelegh, Caitlin Hayward, Clare Heal, Amanda May, Rich Hendry Photography, Wild


Megan Davies.


Millie Pilkington, Harry Woolacott


Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs and Beulah.

Hendry, Janey Holliday, Becky John, Becky Mantin, Tim at Noir Luxe, Matt Rowntree, CeCe Sammy and all our SM Testers.

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Curated By Clare We want what she's having...

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KIRT HOLMES There used to be a fabulous jewellery shop on Camden Passage in Islington. Kirt Holmes sold really beautiful things – her stuff was bold but not brash, intricate without being fussy. I was super sad (if less poor) when the store closed down. But I recently discovered that she now has a website selling a small but deeply covetable range of pieces. I am currently lusting after the filigree chains of the Drape earrings and awaiting the forthcoming Amulet collection with baited breath. Fellow lovers of shiny things are advised to take a look. Prices start at £75.

SEA CHANGE Something to add to the summer calendar: Sea Change Festival is returning to Totnes in Devon for a second year. Organised by the passionately eclectic Drift Record Store it will be bringing talented artists to interesting venues over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Acts include psychedelic popstrel Jane Weaver, the electronica of Blanck Mass and Dutch singer-songwriter Amber Arcades. They’ll perform in spaces including a restored ballroom and a 15th century Church! Fingers crossed for sun but this is one British festival the weather can’t spoil… Tickets £55 available from

WEST WING WEEKLY There’s no denying that these are dark and disturbing political times. We all need to do our bit but you can’t be marching and protesting 24/7. Occasionally it’s OK to retreat into the comforting fantasy of a progressive, Democratic POTUS and his smart idealistic staff. I’m talking about The West Wing which, 16 years after it was first shown, remains my go-to bingewatch for when modern life gets a bit too much. Which is why I am currently obsessed with The West Wing Weekly, a podcast devoted discussing the show on an episode-byepisode basis. It’s co-hosted by Joshua Malina (who played Will Bailey), is witty and insightful and should be required listening for anyone who ever loved a walk-and-talk. Download from or wherever you get your podcasts from.

VANESSA BELL Fancy taking in some art but can’t face the crowds at the Tate’s rammed Hockney retrospective? Head for the always-lovely Dulwich Picture Gallery for their fascinating Vanesa Bell exhibition. Although part of the Bloomsbury Group, Bell has always been rather overshadowed by her more famous sister, Virginia Woolf, so it’s interesting to see her reassessed. Portraits, still lives and landscapes are being shown alongside drawings, photograph, fabrics and archive materials. If you haven’t visited before, the gallery’s permanent collection is great too and well worth a look. Doesn’t hurt that it sits in beautiful grounds and has a nice café too. Art appreciation is thirsty work… Tickets £14. More info: 06

Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs:

In Bloom.

Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs – who runs ethical label Beulah together with her business partner Lavinia Brennan – tells me that today is her birthday. “Rupert (Finch - her husband) has planned a surprise!” As she is currently seven months pregnant with her second child, we are guessing that the surprise won’t be a wild night at Annabel’s. (Although doubtless, the myriad of celebrities and Royals who adore Beulah will be staying out late in her designs at eminent parties tonight…) “I actually almost forgot how old I was,” she giggles; the pregnancy-fuzz is taking its toll. We shot Natasha’s cover a few days previously. In natural light she looked glowing and radiant, with a neat bump and wearing a blue Beulah jacket. A sign that she is having a boy, I suggest? “No! I’m actually having another girl; I just love blue,” she confides.

“This pregnancy is going quite well, but I’ve felt much more sick this time around. And been craving salad, ice and cucumber. I’m finding the idea of having two children a bit daunting. We are getting a double buggy though, the iCandy Orange…” I ask how her two-year-old daughter Georgia feels about becoming a big sister. “She doesn’t really know what’s going on,” explains Natasha, describing an adorable scene “but she pats my tummy and says ‘baby!’” And as for Natasha’s pregnancy style: “I’ve been living in my Jojo Maman (Bebe) white jeans, Seraphine tops and shirts; also, actually some of the Beulah empire line dresses in a size up. And I have a pair of Isabella Oliver leather trousers. Back in the day I’d take an hour to get ready before work, now it is all about ease; 5 minute make up and jeans and silk tops. I had to dress up for a wedding recently; I’m not in my heels anymore now though…”


Does she take is easy at home, I enquire...? “I don’t cook; if I had more time I think I’d really enjoy it but Rupert is the one who cooks at home. Georgia is becoming pickier about what she eats though, at the moment it is fish fingers, beans and chocolate. I’m hoping it’s just a phase…” “My husband tells me off for not being strict enough (with Georgia), it’s hard to get the balance, especially when you have the guilt of being a working mother. But when I only have half an hour before she goes to bed I am a lot more relaxed, especially about the chocolate! But you have to have boundaries…”

I have an amazing live-in nanny, my husband is very hands-on and my Mum is a big help, she comes up on a Friday. But I remember going to an investors’ meeting two weeks after Georgia was born and I shouldn’t really have been out of the house; all I could think about was boobs and bottles and no sleep… “I’ve been really lucky and not had stretch marks, but I’ve been using almond oil, which I love. And some Aurelia skincare products…” Natasha and Lavinia started Beulah quite literally on a wing and a prayer. The wing being their logo and representing what the duo refer to as ‘the butterfly effect’; whereby supporting their label helps bring about ‘beautiful change’ to women affected by human slavery. The prayer being the one they said before meeting the bank. And Natasha is nothing if not committed to her job: “I’m still working, I’m due to go on Mat leave mid-May but the date keeps creeping back…” “I have an amazing live-in nanny, my husband is very hands-on and my Mum is a big help, she comes up on a Friday. But I remember going to an investors’ meeting two weeks after Georgia was born and I shouldn’t really have been out of the house; all I could think about was boobs and bottles and no sleep…” “My attitude to design hasn’t really changed since becoming a mother; Beulah has always been a go-to for 30 to 45 year olds looking for a special dress - some of our customers just come for their Ascot dress – so the style has to be appropriate. Our peak season is Spring/Summer. But we have introduced more relaxed day wear into the collections; tops that you can wear with jeans and we have a jumpsuit which has sold out twice over…”


“My own mother was a big influence, she’s great with kids, a real natural mother. She had loads of Biba and Ossie Clark dresses that my sister and I used to love getting dressed up in. Actually our current collection draws a lot of inspiration from classic vintage dresses. And we just launched the Beulah Iris dress and we thought this dress would also look beautiful as babywear. So now there is a matching dress in two styles and three sizes for little girls…” She laughs “, But Georgia actually hates dressing up!” “Georgia is obsessed with Paw Patrol; in fact for her second birthday my brother dressed up as Marshall, which actually wasn’t so successful… And she sleeps with her toy doggie. My parents have a dog, so she gets her fix. Georgia would love a dog but I think in London and working it would just be a step too far…” Whilst West London is home during the week, the family retreat to the countryside at weekends. “We spend our weekends between my parents’ in Gloucestershire and Rupert’s in Norfolk. And we do family breakfasts on Chiswick high St. And of course, there is Kew Gardens. We do TRY to do date nights…” Let’s hope tonight’s surprise is something memorable. Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs was photographed wearing Beulah at her London home by Rich Hendry. Hair and Make Up: Secret Spa (

Susannah Jumpsuit, £365

My favourite is the Iris dress, off the shoulder. It’s perfect when pregnant and when not and can be dressed up or down. I’d wear it to the beach… or to a wedding with a jacket and wedges. I love the geometric print; the silks were screen-printed by hand in India in collaboration with The Women’s Interlink Foundation and Key To Freedom. Each woman who had been a victim of trafficking now has been offered employment and a chance to build a new life, free from abuse.

Gabriella Dress, £595

Natasha’s pick of the Beulah collection:

Photo: Mark Pilkington

Iris Dress £295 (pictured with Mini version)

Classic Shibani Scarf, £90

All items pictured are available online from or from the store at 145 Ebury St, London SW1W 9QN


Creative Direction/Styling: Amanda May at Mud and Glitter Photography: Noirluxe Hair: Katie Cox Props: Poppy Daly with thanks to Talking Tables Models: Violet Winter Rose Sofia Ruby Joshua Kasper Marley Scarlett Grant at Alphabet Kidz Louis Watts at Alphabet KIdz 10


Joshua Wears Sharp Blazer £99, Trousers £65, Shirt £55 and Bow Tie £30 all Wild & Gorgeous, Echo Shoes £45, Bobux Sofia Ruby Wears Forget Me Not Dress £130, Sash and Flower Hair Slides all Wild & Gorgeous Delight White Shoes £42, Bobux (below) Violet Wears Little Red Riding Hood Cape £225, Trapeze Leotard £125, both Petite Pearl Lowe Pink and White Princess Skirts £42 each Snowdrop Charming Knee Socks £9, all Angel’s Face Scarlett Wears Harlequin Jumpsuit £125, Petite Pearl Lowe Navy Charming Knee Socks £9, Angel’s Face, White Coat, Little Wardrobe London (opposite page) Scarlett Wears Dorothy Dress £95, Wild & Gorgeous Shoes, Step2woLondon



Violet Wears Sugar Almond Dress £89, Wild & Gorgeous Shoes, Step2woLondon Louis Wears Hoodie £25, River Island Mod Trousers £55, Wild & Gorgeous (opposite page, bottom left) Joshua Wears Sharp Blazer £99, Trousers £65, Shirt £55 and Bow Tie £30, all Wild & Gorgeous Echo Shoes £45, Bobux


Scarlett Wears Satin Pussy Bow Blouse £49, Wide Leg Trousers £129, Little Wardrobe London Violet Wears Fairytale Dress £125, Tulle Cape Little Wardrobe London Louis Wears Sharp Suit (As Before) T-Shirt £25, all Wild & Gorgeous

Sofia Ruby Wears Dorothy Dress £95, Ribbon (Worn In Hair) both Wild & Gorgeous, Delight Gold Shoes £42, Bobux


SpringBlooms. In search of...

Whether you’re a wallflower or a rambling rose, Springtime is abso-blooming-wonderful, isn’t it?

Get footloose in florals: with the SS17 Cocorose collection. "My inspiration this season centered around playing with different shapes for the collection. I focused on creating contemporary yet elegant silhouettes that would work hard for our customers regardless of occasion and that are effortlessly cool and seasonally appropriate. The Bloomsbury, for example, is a take on the classic ballerina, re-worked into a contemporary style, ensuring it's seasonally relevant without being too overly trend driven. A soft and feminine colour palette anchored with tonal neutrals make for a polished and chic collection relevant to working wardrobes whilst confident prints and a light and playful feel teases out the youth and fun in us all." (Janan Leo, Cocorose London) Or take a woodland yomp in botanical boots with the RHS collaboration Tremont wellies from The Muck Boot Company. The Rose, Anemone and Clematide print used is by P.J. Redouté, from “Choix des plus belle fleurs” published in 1827 and from the RHS Lindley Library.

Sopwell House, Hertfordshire - below.


Treat your bestest bud to Afternoon Tea: “Afternoon Tea and Spring are two of my favourite things so the Flower Afternoon Tea that we are about to launch is something I’m really excited about. Spring is such a lovely time of year as winter is truly being left behind and everyone’s moods are lifted by the (hopefully) warmer weather. Being situated so close to Hyde Park gives us plenty of inspiration for menus to play around with different flavours to bring Spring to the plate. We have incorporated Spring across our Afternoon Tea menu from the delicate notes of lavender in the chocolate mousse cake to the salmon roses on rye bread.” (Ben Purton, Executive Head Chef and Director of Food & Beverage at Lancaster London) Or book a staycation at Sopwell House, Hertfordshire. The 12-acre grounds of this stunning 18th Century Georgian manor house are brimming with flowers and its botanical garden (attached to the Mews) was designed by Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medallist, Ann-Marie Powell.

Our selection of eyecatching flowering teas will work as a centrepiece at the afternoon tea to accompany the sweet and savoury treats. We like to think that our new menu will convey our vision and put a ‘spring’ in the step of our guests Ben Purton, Executive Head Chef and Director of Food & Beverage at Lancaster London. Also pictured: Flower Families Game from Laurence King, Petunia Starburst rose gold necklace from Ted Baker

Hang a lady garden on your wall: “I live close to the beach in Bournemouth, Dorset and find inspiration and materials on daily walks with my baby son. I’m a petal forager and sell handmade pressed English wild flower art, photography prints of pressed wild flower artwork” (Beth Kendall, founder of Wilder and Wren)


Arrivals: New stuff the stork brought… Babaese Baby Food Pouches - “Great to see another

The Little Green Sheep Sheepskin Pram Liner in Ivory - “Lay your little one down in

newcomer on the babyfood pouch scene, this one has all the soul food vibes of a country kitchen…” (pictured below)

a sheepy-sleepy cloud that’s natural and breathable and oh-so-luxe…”

aden+anais Leader of the Pack Bandana Bib - “From the new collection of delightful designs, this brand once more pushes the benchmark with the perfect bib for stylish little cubs…”

Cogs Times Table Gloves in Grey/Yellow - “Give fingers some Math-power with these gloves, which come in loads of colours and tables from 1-10…”

Ergobaby Adapt Festival Baby Carrier x Sophie la Girafe “Ergobaby’s collaboration with that well-loved teething chum is a beautiful unisex lilac shade with a bunting lining. Everything you love about the Ergobaby carrier, but in a stunning colourway and with a perfectly placed strap to clip Sophie where your little one can chew her…”


Ergobaby Adapt Festival Baby Carrier x Sophie la Girafe “Ergobaby's collaboration with that well-loved teething chum is a beautiful unisex lilac shade with a bunting lining. Everything you love about the Ergobaby Carrier, but in a stunning colourway and with a perfectly placed strap to clip Sophie where your little one can chew her..."

Thanks to all our Slick Mummy product testers and their children: all views are our own.

Scents & Sensibility... In his autobiography ‘TommyLand’ rock star Tommy Lee sings the praises of the gardenia. “If it were cool to walk around with a gardenia duct-taped to each nostril, I would,” he enthuses, going on to explain how they drive him wild with passion. Indeed the gardenia, along with its sultry sister the tuberose are strong scent statements to make; forming the feisty hearts of fragrances such as Piguet’s Fracas or Dior’s Pure Poison – or indeed Tom Ford’s beautiful rose gold bottled Orchid Soleil. Intoxicating to some, to others as OTT as using a chainsaw to open a tin of sardines.

Bronnley’s Exotic Embers blends tuberose with blood orange, amber and labdanum. The effect is light but comfortably sexy; a more grown up take on Calvin Klein’s Obsession, maybe. Likewise, Charlotte Tilbury’s Scent of a Dream uses amber to warm and soften tuberose, along with heady florals such as violet and lily of the valley, but also body heat activated ‘magic molecule’ Iso E, so as to offset the mix and create an individual and personal blend experience for each wearer. Equally mysterious and seductive is Annick Goutal’s Ce Soir ou Jamais, which owes its complexity to the Turkish rose. (A little discovery: blending this one with a spritz of The Library of Fragrance’s Plum Blossom cologne gives the perfume a delightfully creamy feel – and renders it wearable enough even for a PTA meet.)


SM chats to -


What do you think makes Marge so engaging? That’s a lovely thing to say, thank you! I think the message I’d want kids and parents to take away from the Marge books is 'don't worry about being perfect or you'll miss out on the fun!’ What was your own favourite book as a child? Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne. I remember laughing so hard when Pooh couldn’t spell Piglet’s name. I also went crazy for Mr Men books when I was a kid and I used to copy each one out and do the illustrations. Why do kids love pirates so much…? I don’t know but I try not to think about it because Pirates are certainly not great 20

role models. Their only job is to plunder and murder and we all encourage our kids to put bandanas on their heads and run around shouting Argh. Have you ever made chocolate soup? Or had rainbow hair? They are both still on my bucket list! I fear I may be too old to rock rainbow hair… But I do get to live vicariously through Marge because, being a mother myself, these days I have to be sensible. Do you have a hand in creating the illustrations? I had a hand in the sense that I chose Eglantine after my publisher sent me options and we have a dialogue so if there is something specific I have in mind for a particular page, Eglantine will know but she is so brilliant that I rarely say anything. I am blown away by her illustrations. She surpassed all of my hopes for the characters. I think illustrations are an integral part of helping younger children connect to the material. It brings them to life in their imagination.

Is there a third adventure in the pipeline? There certainly is! I’m currently in the middle of writing the third ‘Marge’ storythis one is tentatively entitled Marge and the Great Train Rescue and is due to be out in August. Marge is back and this time she's taking the Button family on a train journey. Jakey's always longed to drive a train - and with Marge around to turn ordinary life extraordinary, there's a good chance his wish might come true!

‘Marge and the Pirate Baby’ is published by Piccadilly Press.

Do the stories all come to you at bedtime, or do you have a 'creative retreat' to write? I write in a bookshop. I sneak away at 10am and shove pastries into my mouth and type away. It’s never quiet there and I chat to people which gives me the perfect excuse to take breaks.

Image credit - Harry Woolacott

Actress, author and mother of three Isla Fisher randomly also trained at a clown school in Paris for two years. No surprise then that her series of children’s books was described by David Walliams as ‘hilarious’. To mark the launch of ‘Marge and the Pirate Baby’ we caught up with Isla for a banter about bandanas.




‘To call this show lively would be a whopping understatement.


Freckle Productions presents Scamp Theatre’s


other terrific tales


8 JULY - 3 SEPT 2017 020 7734 2222 6 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7BX Tiddler © Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, Alison Green Books, an imprint of Scholastic Children’s Books, 2007; A Squash and a Squeeze © Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, Macmillan Children’s books, 2003; Monkey Puzzle © Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, Macmillan Children’s books, 2000; The Smartest Giant in Town © Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, Macmillan Children’s books, 2002

Becky Mantin And The Great Juggle Struggle The Truth About The Media Six months ago, I decided to get back into exercise. I’ve done a lot in the past but, having been pregnant or a new mum for much of the last seven years, my commitment has certainly fallen away. I’m not a gym go-er (waaaaay too boring) and sadly I don’t have the time to commit to a team sport and I wanted to do something WITH my husband rather than it being something that took away even the little time we get together. Which is how I came to find myself two or three times a week in a class of 13 other sweaty people groaning our way through a box jump/skipping/ kettle bell/ back squat/row (or similarly ridiculous) session after school drop off.

Let’s start this column with a bit of razzamatazz… last week, as happens now and again, I was wheeled out to a work ‘do’; an awards ceremony with the usual bunch of folk you see day in, day out on your tellybox. I’ve been presenting for nearly (gasp!) seventeen years now – I started aged 19, eight months after leaving school – so my nerves at going to these types of event are kept reasonably well in check. Everyone wants to look their best though – there is something distinctly uncomfortable and unnatural about standing in front of photographers wondering if your skirt is tucked into your knickers or your arms look like corned beef. The answer nearly always lies in a good bit of slap and some serious technical underwear. Do you realise that pretty much everyone in the media – the women at least, I really couldn’t speak for the men – wears ‘fat pants’ on every public occasion. At LEAST one pair in fact! It might be the reason that some mediafolk find it so hard to smile normally – they’re not grumpy or uppity, they’re just finding it hard to breathe.


You may have heard of Crossfit? It’s a sort of mishmash of gymnastics (handstands/muscle ups/ ring work), cardio (skipping/ bike/run/box jumps) and weight lifting (various movements involving weights on a bar).

mums just like me who are there for an hour of having a laugh, working up a sweat and then feeling good about it for the rest of the day. Yes you build a bit of muscle - but let’s face it, I was starting from a point where anything would feel like something! I’m not saying I’m addicted or anything – unlike my husband who actually goes five or six times a week – bonkers! But the fact that it’s a new skill of sorts, that it feels a little like a sport rather than the more aimless feeling I get at a regular gym, and the fact that I’ve stuck to it so regularly this far, is pretty astounding. But most importantly, it’s made me look at my body in a different way. Don’t get me wrong, everyone would like a magic bum-shrinking/tummy flattening wand, but rather than resent the fact that I don’t look like I did in those broadcasts ten years ago, I feel proud of the fact that I can now row 500m in just over 100 seconds. Maybe we should all stop asking our bodies to be thinner and younger and ask them instead to be stronger, fitter, more vital. We should all stop punishing these amazing bodies of ours that can grow and birth beautiful, incredible children and still look damn hot in a little black dress – albeit with serious control underwear underneath.

It sounds grotesque doesn’t it?

And most of all please, please remember, when you look in magazines or at the television, everyone you see there really is just like you. Except they are probably wearing TWO lots of fat pants and trying to smile normally!

I know that you’re imagining a warehouse type of gym with grey concrete walls, loud, really quite bad music and absolutely no chance of a juice bar… And you’d be absolutely right! But you might also be imagining aggressive, steroid-ed meat-heads watching themselves pump iron and then popping round the back for a quick fight? And here, thankfully, you’d be absolutely wrong. My post-school run class is 80% women. Normal, knackered, non-meathead

Follow Becky on Twitter @ BeckyMantinLtd

Help, My Child Wants to be a Popstar! Vocal coach CeCe Sammy has advised contestants on Pop Idol, The Voice, American Idol, The Choir and many other talent shows as well as working with the likes of Leona Lewis and Charlotte Church. The former backing singer for Diana Ross is also mum to a seven-year old.

One of my biggest passions is being an advocate for the importance of music education to our children. It’s one of the most wonderful gifts that a parent can give a child. Learning music, whether it’s singing or playing an instrument, is a tool that can help young children to really focus and complements their academic learning. I’ve seen music give young children confidence and joy. It is a wonderful outlet for their creativity and imagination. I always say to me, it’s music that is the universal language. It unites us in a way that we don’t fully comprehend. Music is vital for children! It is like breathing clean air."

CeCe’s Top Tips "As a vocal coach, I work with singers at all levels - from amateur singers to well-known professional artists. I get asked daily, by concerned parents about how their child can become a popstar. What do they need to do? How can they make it? It’s important for children to have big dreams and aspirations. That said, I would say my advice is pretty simple, The focus should not be on how your child can become a popstar. Instead it should be on encouraging them really to learn about music and performance; encouraging them to really practice and hone their craft. The best musicians approach their profession in the same way that athletes do. They train every day, they practice their skills and refine their performance. They go out and get as much experience as possible playing and performing. Just as you can’t become the best tennis player in the world by simply playing it in your bedroom, you can’t become the best performer by not going out and performing in front of people.

- Every single child in the world responds to music. They respond in different ways but the fact remains, they respond. Therefore, it is our responsibility to let them see how we respond to music as they look at us. Some children will start to “bang” and clap their hands if we clap our hands. Children will move from side to side if they see us dancing and enjoying ourselves. This is important as it helps the creative and development side of the brain and body to work. - Sing along with your kids. Play different types of songs on the radio and role-play with them by pretending to be different singers. I do this with my daughter and her friends and they love it.

- Make a game of various vocal exercises where they say things like DO RE MI FA SO LA TI DO from The Sound Of Music and they have to emphasize letters of the alphabet like D,R,M - the consonants. That way, its control of the tongue whilst being fun. - It differs for each child, depending on their personality, but I would say five is a good age to begin formal lessons. - Just the ability to sing along isn’t enough to make it as a popstar, you also have to have the drive, work ethic and determination to put up with all the rehearsals, long hours, travel etc. - Simply encourage your child. If they show interest, set boundaries in place for the child and for yourself as the parent in speaking for the child. Let the child be the one who also tells people about their passion. Anything is possible. Learn everything you can about every area of music - the performance side and the business side…

Find out more at


The Importance of Self-Care Janey Holliday, stress management and female health expert shares her top tips on how to obliterate stress from your life.

I matter, I am going to look after myself, nourish myself, be kind to myself and I will create time for the things that benefit my health and well being. Instead of being pulled from pillar to post with the demands of a crazy modern world and the demands of those around me’.

“And I said to my body, softly, ‘I want to be your friend’. It took a long breath and replied, ‘I have been waiting my whole life for this…’”

It’s also about learning to say no more, making time to exercise (even when you don’t feel like it), learning to switch off from electronics and social media, being more mindful of food and life in general, spending more time doing things that make you feel alive or set your soul on fire, working out ways to relax more, sleeping longer and/or better and eating food that enhances your body’s function and vitality, rather then compromises it.

Self-care is basically the behaviours, habits and actions that help us avoid getting tired, sick, burnt out, stressed, overwhelmed, unhealthy and unhappy.

It’s about a guilt free way of living, where stress and worry doesn’t exist and you feel good about yourself and your life every single day. It’s not about being ‘perfect (after all perfect doesn’t exist), it’s about creating a life of self-care 90% of the time, all of the time – contrary to what many might think, self-care is not about totally slowing down and taking up yoga full time (although a bit of that will definitely help), blow outs and losing the plot now and then is part of a successful life if self-care.

In other words, the behaviours, habits and actions that energise us, give us mental and physical vitality and strength, mean we are calm and in control, and healthy and happy. Self-care is a mindset and a way of being that says ‘I am important,

It’s about managing your worklife-kids-whatever boundaries so you have better balance. And the definition of balance is “a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions” How many of you have all the things

There’s a new trend for women and it’s not clothes, or a gadget or latest diet or fitness fad. It’s something way more important that all of these put together and some. And it’s called self-care.


going on in your life in the correct proportion? In my experience most women have things quite out of whack! Extremes are easy, self-punishment is easy, guilt is easy, overload is easy. And striving for balance, having more nourishment, an easier life and a guilt-free one at that, is quite a lot harder. Why? Because over the years women have taught themselves that looking after themselves is wrong, it’s selfish, often that they don’t deserve it. But you do deserve it. Because you are important. You are the most important woman in your world and the world of the people who love you. Look after yourself and you’ll live well and go far. Neglect yourself and be prepared for the backlash. It’s time for a change. Come and be part of the SELF-CARE revolution.

Janey Holliday, is single Mum of three and founder of the SELF-CARE online bootcamp. She is offering all Slick Mummy readers a 2 for the price of 1 on this amazing life-enhancing program. Simply book a place and on booking, email your SELF-CARE buddy’s email address. Next dates are: 24th April, 22nd May, 19th June and 17th July. Visit

What’s in your handbag...


Wilkinson Naomi Wilkinson has been presenting children’s TV for over 17 years. She is about to take to the road with a UK tour. I am a ladylike handbag girl… however, I usually have a huge suitcase alongside it as I’m always travelling with way too much stuff! In my handbag, there’s my purse, my face powder and lip salve, a pen, my keys and a load of other stuff that I really don’t need to be carrying around but I haven’t got around to clearing it up. I organize my schedule digitally, with no back up. I am living life precariously! I carry some bags of popcorn (which I love) but otherwise no, we really don’t have any snacks in the car. I think we should look to address this situation as a matter of urgency…

The Wild and Scary show involves taking the kids on an exciting world tour. I am showing them clips of my most terrifying animal encounters that I have had during my global travels for ‘Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature’; I’m talking about overcoming some of my animal fears and we’re introducing the kids to some fierce and frightening animals with the help of Animal Mark (animal expert Mark Amey). There is lots of audience participation, plenty of ridiculous costumes and some silly songs too. And to reassure you, in case you are feeing nervous about coming along to the show, the animals remain on stage throughout the show so there is nothing to fear…

We use cheesy puns so often on CBBC they do tend to accidentally slip out in the pub every once in a while. Naomi’s tip for parents: try hard not to demonstrate your animal fears in front of your children, as they will feed off your fear. And parents, you can really help your children by replacing their fear with facts. Try to help them learn more about the animal they are afraid of, as the more you study and understand a creature, the more difficult it is to fear it. Tickets for Naomi’s Wild and Scary UK tour are on sale now.

I had to run to the bathroom mid-show the other day to wash my hands after the millipede decided to poo and wee on my hands in front of the audience! The kids seemed to really enjoy that bit! I trained as a dancer and have loads of sequins with me on tour. You can track where I have been as I have left a trail of sequins behind me… I can do the Rubik’s cube, it’s my uber-cool, 80s, retro hidden talent! My ideal night off would be a trip to the theatre with my husband.

Village England Fulmer bag in red 25

Boutique Focus­­: Molly Brown London Erica Illingworth tells us how she built her jewellery brand, described by VOGUE as ‘Tiffany for little girls.’

And which do your own children love best? My daughter wears an August Birthstone Bracelet every day. I gave it to her when she went travelling 6 years ago and she never takes it off. My two sons are more interested in rugby and cricket I am afraid. Does your daughter plan to follow in your footsteps? She inspired the original Tinkerbell bracelet as she had taken to walking around with a little bell tied on her wrist with a piece of ribbon. She is now following a career in Fashion Journalism despite my best efforts to get her into the company.

What considerations go into the jewellery design? Cost. Your designs have to be commercial. And originality. Everyone is always searching for the ‘next big thing’ and so it was fantastic when the Jelly Bean Collection won The Best New Product Award upon its launch at International Jewellery London. And finally (we had to ask) if Molly Brown is named after your dog, can we expect a future collection for pets...? You know there are plenty of people out there that love their pets as much as their children so maybe there’s an opportunity there!

Which are your best-selling items? The My First Diamond ID Bracelet and our Fairy Wish Collection sells in volume every day.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to choose a piece for a special little girl? Choose a piece that she can wear for years to come. Bracelets are extremely popular and most girls love the layered look so you can’t have too many. Always buy sterling silver to avoid allergies. Is the culture at Molly Brown as 'work hard play hard' as the world of headhunting for banking? There was very little playing hard in


the world of headhunting and I am sorry to report that there isn’t much playing hard when you are running your own business; it takes over your life, but in a good way. I love the challenges, the wide variety of tasks I get involved in. I guess because I enjoy it so much it doesn’t actually feel like hard work if I’m honest.

Shop online at:

What made you decide to start the company? My career had been spent working with global Executive Search firms within the Investment Banking sector and I had reached a cross-roads in my career. I wanted to do something more creative and as my children were quite young at the time, I was also hoping to be able to do something more entrepreneurial that would allow me to spend a bit more time with them. I have always had a jewellery obsession and as I was investigating opportunities, I noticed a gap in the market for quality but affordable children’s jewellery. I am also very much of the view that jewellery is an emotional purchase and so I wanted to create a collection of simple but sophisticated jewellery that was fully adjustable, that could be gifted to a young girl and she would still want to and be able to wear it into adulthood.

Outdoor Learning Tips Carol Evelegh is one of the UK’s leading voices on children’s education and owner of The Kindergartens, a flourishing group of outstanding London nursery schools. With over 38 years’ experience teaching children aged 2 to 13 in both the state and independent sectors Carol’s knowledge and understanding of the UK school system, and the pivotal role of balancing educational excellence with emotional and social wellbeing, has led her to become a trusted and influential name in the education sector.

Learn about the seasons: Spring is when the outdoors truly comes back to life again after Winter bringing with it new trees flowers, plants and animals to explore and discover. This presents a wonderful opportunity for your child to explore and learn about the different flora and fauna, life cycles, habitats, growth, light and dark and make links and notice patterns in the natural world from seasons to leaf shapes in an interactive way.

Incorporating outdoor learning into your child’s early years learning experience has proven to be hugely beneficial to their overall wellbeing and learning development. The natural environment has a marked effect on children, it brings a calmness to them and physical space to explore. An outside environment inspires children to discuss new things, be creative, problem-solve, think independently, engage with nature in a safe, secure setting and they are free to take risks. They enter a magical, ever-changing world and their focus and confidence as a result is amazing. Now that spring is arriving the change of seasons means that the outdoors looks a lot friendlier and offers a wonderful array of outdoor activities that can help boost your child’s learning:

Get arty outdoors: At our nurseries where we incorporate Forestschooling we encourage the children to collect rocks, peddles and sticks and leaves that they can bring back to make a picture, or a homemade necklace which they love! It is a great way for them to show their creativity.

Go wildlife spotting: Make a list of insects or birds to spot in the park or in the garden and then go out to find them! Look under a rock for creepy crawlies

and put out some bird feed to attract the birds. Your child will learn about some of nature’s creatures and how to spot them as well as build independence, confidence and counting skills as they lead the way to find the animals and tick them off their list. Go Scavenger hunting: Scavenger hunting is a great way for children to get outside together and have fun! It will build on their communication and social interaction skills and will prompt them to work together as a team and problem solve in an imaginative way. Build a den: Get hands-on and use real natural objects to create and build something together with your child. They will feel a sense of achievement at their creation and will learn more about problem solving by choosing ways to build the den such as what shall we use to make the roof of the den? Finally don’t mind the weather! Come rain or shine it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing - just put on your waterproofs and get out there! This will be a great way to teach your child about the different seasons and if its raining it’s a great chance to collect the rain water and practice simple things like pouring water with a jug or making rain music. Find out more


Clever Clogs Products­­: Smarter than the average bear... The Litecup - "The perfect solution for children aged 6 months up for day and night drinking. A spill-resistant travel cup for the car/school run, to bedside companion for anxious thirsty sleepers,” explains inventor Gavin Reay “When we created it, I was a father to four boys aged between 8 and newborn; sleep was a precious commodity. Life was busy and messy enough. We wanted it to be spill proof but easy to drink from, hence the patented valve. We designed the top section so a child could pick up their cup and drink from anywhere around the rim, no fumbling for a spout in the dark. We wanted a gentle free-flow sip that supports independent drinking and the fact it has no spout also means it supports long-term oral health. But above all, the LED element emits a soothing atmospheric light meaning their drink can be easily located in the dark... so no need to wake up Mum or Dad.! In normal conditions, the battery can last up to 3 months. It’s very simple to change and cheap to replace…"

Little Lust Item Zoochini’s Training Pants are made from organic cotton and come emblazoned with unicorns, mermaids and dinosaurs so much more delightful than pull-ups!

The innovative Babyhub SleepSpace was launched with some startup capital and a great idea. This portable travel cot is not only lightweight and striking in design, but it also protects babies from mosquitoes. Oh – and once the little ones have outgrown it as their wanderlust crib, it can be repurposed as a tepee and enjoyed for years more.


"BabyHub is a brand I founded and we have massive interest from regions where diseases caused by mosquitoes are a problem. BabyHub’s new travel cot was designed for ease of use in modern homes and for travelling. It’s become apparent that the one of the biggest attractions of this product is that it provides a mosquito proof space, safe even for babies who can pull themselves up to stand/toddlers." Catherine Curtis, Founder of BabyHub

Fun family activity cards inspired by mindfulness and delivered to your door every month!

“It’s amazing to see my little girl growing into an observant, kind, thoughtful and happy little girl.” Joanne, mum of two

Discover all the benefits and get started at: 12155 Scope is a registered charity, number 208231. Copyright Scope May 2017

Buggy Love. We were chuffed to get a preview of the new Bugaboo Bee5. Bugaboo built its name on manoeuvrability and style. So the Bee5 has essentially notched the style statement bit up a grade without compromising on the things you get used to a Bee doing (like zipping around with one-handed steering and being able to use the underseat storage as either an on-the-move toybox or a picnic basket) but now with sleeker, more grown-up detailing such as leatherette handles and muted colourways. Most of all though, we loved smugly being the first in the playground to be rocking this look... For more info including pricing and stockists go to Shot on location by Rich Hendry, assistant Adam Wood. Model: Cora. Cora wears tutu by Angel’s Face, striped tee by Sgt Smith, Rabbit from Jellycat, tights model’s own.


Wild Hendry’ sW ild World London’s Youngest Blogger asks ‘How ACE is your Mum?’

There’s a couple of reasons why Easter is in my top five favourite holidays; firstly, it tends to fall a week before my birthday and secondly, I get to stuff my face with candy. My Mum says that – just like Santa - the Easter Rabbit can tell if you’ve been good or bad, but I don’t believe that. I think the Easter Rabbit is a bit more of a casual chap and actually how good Easter is ‘round your house comes down to one thing: if your Mum Allows.Chocolate.Eggs.

Follow Wild’s YouTube Channel: Wild’s World or his blog: Wild is pictured wearing the Cuddledry Snugglebunny Towel

Basically, if your Mum is on a diet or a dentist or just likes tutting about stuff, you probably won’t get anything from the Easter Rabbit. Well, you might get a book – but let’s face it, there are books in the library.

If however, your Mum *is* ACE, the one I would be pushing for would be the Solid Chocolate Company’s Solid Easter Egg (available from Amazon), which is basically like building your own egg from big building blocks made of chocolate. The only downside is that your Dad will spend ages trying to put it together (which will be trickier for him once you’ve scoffed a block). Another thing to ask your parents for would be a day out at Odds Farm in Buckinghamshire. There are six breeds of bunnies to spot: Lion Head, French Lop, English Butterfly, Dutch, Mini-Lop and Netherlands Dwarf (well, seven if you also see the Easter Rabbit…)


Nappy Nappy Grab Grab Bags Bags Hello! Hello! Hello! I’m I’m I’m really really really excited excited excited toto introduce tointroduce introduce you you you toto my tomy my new new new product product product the the the Nappy Nappy Nappy Grab Grab Grab Bag! Bag! Bag! It’s It’s It’s a neat aaneat neat little little little pack pack pack that that that contains contains contains everything everything everything you you you need need need forfor for a single aasingle single nappy nappy nappy change change change onon the onthe the go.go. go. Each Each Each pack pack pack contains: contains: contains: • 1••Naty 11Naty Naty byby Nature byNature Nature Babycare Babycare Babycare nappy nappy nappy (sizes (sizes (sizes 1 to 11to 6) to6)6) • 4••Jackson 44Jackson Jackson Reece Reece Reece organic organic organic wipes wipes wipes • 1••sachet 11sachet sachet ofof Weleda ofWeleda Weleda Calendula Calendula Calendula Nappy Nappy Nappy Change Change Change Cream Cream Cream The The The pack pack pack unwraps unwraps unwraps toto reveal toreveal reveal a hygienic aahygienic hygienic changing changing changing surface surface surface and and and integrated, integrated, integrated, resealable resealable resealable dirties dirties dirties pouch. pouch. pouch. Perfect Perfect Perfect forfor for shoving shoving shoving in in your inyour your pocket pocket pocket and and and running running running out out out the the the door. door. door. OrOr -Or wonder - wonder - wonder ofofof wonders wonders wonders - maybe - maybe - maybe even even even reclaiming reclaiming reclaiming your your your favourite favourite favourite handbag handbag handbag and and and popping popping popping one one one in in there! inthere! there! I REALLY I IREALLY REALLY hope hope hope they they they make make make lifelife life easier easier easier and and and I’dI’d I’d love love love toto hear tohear hear what what what you you you think. think. think. Drop Drop Drop me me me a line aaline line atat Parenting... Parenting... Parenting... the the the best best best job job job inin the inthe the world! world! world!

LLLoovovveeeBBBeececckkkyyyxxx Available Available Available toto to buy buy buy atat at,,,,,, Kiddicare, Kiddicare, Kiddicare, Whole Whole Whole Foods, Foods, Foods, Booths Booths Booths and and and Spirit Spirit Spirit ofofof Nature. Nature. Nature. Check Check Check out out out our our our ‘Where ‘Where ‘Where toto to Buy’ Buy’ Buy’ page page page onon on our our our website website website for for for allall all stockists. stockists. stockists. 5 55

Boutique Focus­­: Wild & Gorgeous Formerly ilovegorgeous and run by Sophie Worthington together with Lucy Enfield (wife of comedian Harry), this brand now also includes beautiful boyswear.

What do you think makes Wild & Gorgeous so popular? Sophie: Oh wow, I don’t know…We really try to come up with fresh and innovative ideas every season. We try to ensure that our girls clothes are beautiful in fabric, silhouette and detail. And we try to inject some playfulness into the classic cuts of the boyswear. I like to think that our style speaks to both parents and their children. That we create clothes that children love to wear and that will appeal to adults as well.

Pictured - Sophie and Lucy of Wild & Gorgeous

You must be super-hectic at the moment...? Sophie: It’s 21.20 on Sunday night! Last week was fantastically busy with a two-day studio and two-day edit amongst other things… How did you find the re-brand from ilovegorgeous to Wild & Gorgeous? Sophie: The hardest part was coming up with the name. That took five years! Once we had agreed on a name that we both loved, we then had to work on the logo, packaging and general branding which was quite hard as ilovegorgeous was such a very feminine brand. But it also felt fun and fresh to be redesigning everything from swing tags to labels, carrier bags and stickers. We enjoyed it. We were worried that the moment of switching over might result in permanent extinction but we were pleasantly surprised to find that business continued as usual. What was on the moodboard for SS17? Sophie: Way, way too much. We are nothing if not excessive. For SS17 we had a vintage circus theme, a pop art theme, a mod theme for the boys’ range and a pirate theme. It is a huge collection bursting with ideas and colour.

Do you each have a special superpower that you bring to the business? Sophie: We are both quite similar with similar skill sets. We both work on design but Lucy heads up production and I head up marketing. Perhaps our superpower is our ability to work together so effectively and enjoyably. Anything you disagree on...? Sophie: It sounds creepy but we mostly agree both aesthetically and strategically. I really trust Lucy to be 100% honest if I have a rubbish idea and vice versa. We tend to respect and listen to each other. So far.

Who was your first celeb customer and what did they choose for their child? Sophie: Hmm I’m not sure I can remember. Claudia Schiffer was an early customer as well as Suri Cruise, Sam Taylor Wood and Kate Moss. The only one whose outfit I can recall is Suri Cruise because she had a blog at the time. She chose a classic cream cotton dress with a fine silver dot print, shirred bodice and florescent pink overstitch. It was pretty.

The hardest part was coming up with the name. That took five years! We love the Girls will be Boys vibe. Did you expect this to happen when you launched boyswear? Sophie: Not at all. It never occurred to us. We realised when Lucy’s daughter Nell, who is super cool, asked for the Leaping Tiger trousers which she wore big and baggy and slung low on her hips. Then Helena Bonham Carter popped into the shop and left with her daughter in a fine checked boys suit and T shirt. Since then we’ve seen quite a few girls go for our striped skinny trousers, embroidered jeans, T shirts and boys’ jumpers. We think they look fabulous. Finally, if you could choose one of your own outfits and wear it in grown-up size, which would you pick and where would you wear it? Sophie: A friend of mine bought the Tartan Skinny Jeans in a 12-13 and looked amazing in them. But she is super slim. The look didn’t work on me. So, I think I would go for something like the cream cheesecloth Bubble Dress which would look great on a beach with flip flops, or the Josephine Dress with its pretty shirred waist and cut out detailing. I also love the grey smudge rose print Debbie Dress which I would wear out for supper with friends. And if my arms were firmer I would go for the cherry print, halter neck Catherine Dress for a summer lunch date or even just to waft around the office in. Shop online at or visit the London stores.


Cooking with my kids:



This risotto offers a fresh and delicious approach to a conventional risotto which needs lots of attention and stirring over a hot pot, not a great task for a young child. Cooking with Orzo means it needs little effort, and grating in the butternut squash means fussy kids get the sweet taste of it, but not the appearance. It can be on the table in less than 20 minutes and works equally as well as a family dinner, as a sophisticated dinner party dish.

Bold Flavours from a Jewish Kitchen by Emma Spitzer, published by Mitchell Beazley, £25,

Preser ved Lemon Orzo and Butternut Squash Risotto with Sugar Snap Peas Risotto is the ultimate comfort food. In my quest to find ways of simplifying the process while extracting the most flavour, this fragrant and creamy dish was born and it now features regularly at my supper clubs as a popular vegetarian main.

Ser ves 6 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 small white onion, finely chopped 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 small butternut squash, peeled, deseeded and grated 250g orzo pasta 650ml vegetable stock 2 small preser ved lemons or 1 large, halved and pips removed 40g butter 40g Parmesan cheese, grated 125g sugar snap peas 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice 1 teaspoon ground sumac sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Heat 2 tablespoons of the oil in a saucepan, add the onion and cook gently for 5 minutes, then add the garlic and continue cooking until the onion is soft and translucent. 34

Add the butternut squash and cook for 5 minutes, then add the orzo, stirring well to incorporate. Pour over the stock, turn the heat down to a simmer and pop the lid on. Cook gently for around 10–15 minutes, stirring ever y so often so that the pasta doesn’t stick. While the risotto is cooking, blitz the preser ved lemons in a blender, skin and all, to a paste and set aside. The risotto is cooked when the orzo is nice and soft. Turn off the heat and add the preserved lemon paste, butter and Parmesan, and season well with salt and black pepper. Give it all a good stir through and then leave the lid on while you prepare the sugar snap peas.

Heat the remaining tablespoon of oil in a wok over a high heat, and when it is smoking, throw in the sugar snaps and stand back, as they will splutter and spit. Toss them in the wok for around a minute or so until they have charred slightly; you don’t want to overcook them, as they should still be crunchy. Add a pinch of salt, the lemon juice and sumac and give a final shake to the pan. Spoon a generous amount of risotto into shallow soup bowls or plates and then top with the sugar snaps and a final twist of black pepper.

10 minutes with: Richard Ward.

Hairdresser Richard Ward’s client list of celebs and Royals is so extensive it is probably quicker to list the ones he doesn’t work with… We grabbed ten mins and he told us the secret to a good hair day and why he tells his own children to be humble. of hair during pregnancy is often at its peak but after child birth it can quite often deteriorate and become more brittle. That is the time you need to look after it most by cutting and conditioning your hair regularly. What's the secret to a good hair day? Clean hair and a good cut that suits your lifestyle. Do you have a 'hero product' from your Chelsea collection? Yes, the Anti-Ageing Argan Elixir and our award winning dry shampoo. And what are your predictions for 2017 hair trends? Super sleek is back, high pony tails, flat waves, growing out shag, low side parting with height and colour wise golden bronde. If you had the day off to spend with your family, what would you do...? A lazy lunch somewhere hot, followed by a sleep on the beach. What career advice do you give your children? It doesn’t matter what you do just be driven, humble and work hard. Hi Richard, thanks for your time - where do we fit into your schedule today? I am doing this while eating my lunch which is not very much as I am fasting today on the 5:2 diet, then rushing off to catch a train to Leeds, where I am spending two days shooting a new video for Tangle Angel.

And any 'Dad phrases' you over-use? There are so many: Turn that down! Can’t you watch that next door? It’s bed time! Have you done your homework? Hold your knife and fork properly! Don’t forget to say ‘hello’ and look them in the eye… I could go on and on…

You have a HUGE celebrity client list, but which celeb mums do you love working with and why? We look after many celebrity mums but my favourites are Susanna Reid and Jo Brand I have known them for such a long time and they’re just so easy to work with.

Finally; if you could build your empire again, is there anything you'd do differently? Not really, I consider myself very fortunate that things have planned out in the way they have. Of course, I have made many mistakes but they're almost more important than the successes.

What hair-care mistakes do you think women make once they have children? They don’t get their hair cut often enough that’s obviously a time thing which results to split ends and hair not being in as good condition. The good quality

Find out more at

The Lowdown: Pip & Nut Since a humble beginning blending peanut butter in her kitchen, Pippa Murray has grown something of a cult following for her deliciously healthy Pip and Nut brand. We raise a toast‌

And where are your products made now? Currently we outsource our production to a manufacturing partners but all the product development starts in the same blender and kitchen I started out in. Who designed the squirrel logo? I worked closely with design agency to come up with the branding for Pip & Nut. The squirrel has now become and integral part of the brand and the whole premise behind the brand is about optimising a playful approach to food!

Nuts often get a bad rep, don't they? Tell us why you love them so much... Nuts are brilliant; they're little nutritional powerhouses, packed full of flavour and really versatile in cooking. What's not to love! Unfortunately, nuts have had a bit of a bad rep in the past because until quite recently you would mostly find them coated in salt or sugar on the bar of your local. Nuts are also quite high in fat and there used to be a bit of a stigma around this. However, times are changing now and people are realising that fats aren't all evil! In fact, (unless you go for the salty, sugary type) nuts are really good for you; they are full of healthy fats (the kind our bodies need), protein and all sorts of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and vitamin B2. What was the first butter you made? At the very beginning of the Pip & Nut journey I spent a lot of time in my kitchen experimenting with different nuts and ingredient combinations (and burning through a lot of food processors while doing so!). Although the very first nut butter I made was a plain peanut - you've got to nail the basics first. I used to take my nut butters to Maltby St market in Bermondsey every weekend and this gave me a pretty good idea about which flavours were popular.


Why did you decide to do a cookbook? The idea behind the cookbook is all about getting creative in the kitchen and celebrating the versatility of nut butter. A lot of people still see nut butter only as a spread for toast; we want to challenge that idea and show them that there are so many delicious ways to include nut butter into your cooking. The book has over 70 recipes and covers breakfast, snacks, savoury dishes, desserts and drinks, so there really is something for everyone. Tell us something we might not have thought of doing with nut butter... Ah there are so many, but one of my favourites for a really quick and easy dinner is nut butter pesto! It is so simple, you just whizz up nut butter (almond works really well here) with some Parmesan, garlic, basil and olive oil. Finish with a good grind of salt and pepper and it is better than anything you'll find in a jar. What's next for Pip and Nut? Our mission is to become the nation's favourite health food brand and we have some ambitious plans for the next few years to try and make that happen. We have some exciting new product development on the horizon, both within nut butters and shifting over to other products. Watch this space! For more info and stockists go to



Column... Caitlin Hayward is the director of theatre company The Pantaloons.

With every Mother's Day that rolls around I get The Guilts. As a mum of two who works full time, with a house to clean, parents to appease, a husband to love and friends to see, I have very little time to be anything other than functional. My husband is very supportive and is a mean one with a hoover, and does a fantastic of cooking the kids' dinner every night, as I don't get back until around half six each night (I know, he's fab!) It has always been my choice to work full-time, but it's around this time of year that I start to feel really guilty. Guilty for not being there enough for my kids; guilty for prioritising work; guilty for not being the one to clean caked baked bean juice out of their hair. But, even if I wanted to work part time, we just couldn't afford to. Bud (4) and Wilbur (2) bought home some hand-made cards from nursery. You know the sort: flowers made out of tissue paper, green pipe-cleaners for stems and badly placed glitter all stuck on a card addressed to 'the best mummy in the world'. Sorry, you must have got this mixed up with someone else. That's not me. I work.

Sweatshirt - The FMLY Store Follow on Twitter @ThePantaloons

I don't see you every day. I am often so stressed my head will explode. I have to make sure my phone is switched off as soon as I walk in the door. I have to keep you in clothes, shoes, and comfort. I have to make sure I sing your favourite songs to you each night, so you can have a restful night's sleep. I have to make sure I play your favourite games all weekend. I have to not moan about the fact I can't lose that two stone I put on from carrying you around inside me for nine months (each). I have to make sure I tell you I love you every day and that I think about you constantly. Actually, maybe that card is for me after all. And for all of you working mums. Keep up the good work and realise you're doing a fantastic job.


The Cajoled Dad Every day is World Book Day in our house. I grew up in a house with hundreds, if not thousands, of books on shelves throughout the house. We had everything from the standard set of encyclopedias, a massive dictionary with pages so thin you thought they’d rip as you turned them, a thesaurus to help with crosswords, alongside Dickens, Hardy, Hugo and D H Lawrence (Mum), and Francis, Ludlum, Deighton and Forsyth (Dad). Despite all the research that indicates that access to books at home boosts a child’s education, it’s one of the few things my wife and I disagree on - I want to mirror the home I grew up in with books everywhere; she wants to limit us to one shelf each and fill other shelves with family photos and lamps. Unless we fall in love with a book, it goes to the charity shop as soon as it’s read. As a result, I have dozens of books in boxes in the attic as a form of compromise. However, that said, the kids are encouraged to read at every turn. We’ve read to them since they were babies. They have more space for books than I do. Now they read to us to. They have ‘accelerated reading’ at school and both are well ahead of where they should be for their age range. We’re proud and clearly doing something right. At least in that area. We still need to work on the nose-picking and back chat, but that’s for another day. Given the support from their school in supporting their reading it was a surprise that they didn’t get involved in World Book Day, although looking at all the photos on my Facebook timeline, we may have dodged a bullet. And to be honest, every day is World Book Day in our house. But knowing it was coming up I used it as an opportunity to investigate what else is out there to encourage kids to read more. First up was ebookadabra from Moondog Books, the self-styled ‘Netflix for children’s books’. Aimed at children aged 3-7 years-old we tried this out with our little one who’s at the tail-end of that age range. She loved being encouraged to have ‘screen time’ - she couldn’t believe her luck to be honest. She was able to


choose from 100s of stories through different genres, many recognizable to both her and us parents. She was rewarded with virtual stickers and educational games when she’d finished a book. As the service offers unlimited access for up to four kids we let our eldest have a go too, even though he was ‘too old’, and he found some slightly more advanced books that he liked, so I think the age range of 3-7 is a bit of a misnomer (the service matches stories up to age abilities and doesn’t stop at seven). We’ve barely scratched the surface of this one - you can message each other, post reviews and make recommendations to each other, and both the kids are enjoying it, but given we only have one iPad in the house, I sense the arguments are only just around the corner. At £5.99 a month it’s good value (less than the cost of a book per month), and it’s easy enough to cancel your subscription by going into the App Store and cancelling it when they outgrow it. Right now I can let them have some guilt-free screen time. Next up was Bookabees. This reminds me of Love Film for CDs. Depending on the level of subscription (from £4.99 per month), kids get sent up to five books per month. Each package comes with a bunch of other stuff including word searches, door hangers and stickers alongside the books. The kids love receiving their package to open up and when the books are finished you send them back in a pre-paid box and wait for your next ones to arrive. If you like the books so much you want to keep them then you get them with a heavy discount. Last week our little one finished easy reader versions of Alice In Wonderland and Oliver within hours of their arrival. Our eldest is ploughing through the latest Michael Morpurgo. Both these services are great. But is there any beating your local library? With story-times, toddler groups and a constant availability of quizzes, colouring-in stations and so much more alongside the availability of 1000s of books. You just need to get off your backside to get there. Follow Cajoled Dad Matt Rowntree on Twitter @MattRowntree

Lovely Little Things If you’re the sort of delicate flower who normally only cleanses her skin with dewdrops – or Cetaphil - then take the plunge and give Harbour Elements Cleansing Balm a try. Truly gentle and feather light, it is perfect for porcelain skinned princesses. Wandering Bee’s range of leather clutches are a playful hotchpotch of recycled leather and ponyskin. Despite rocking a variety of Crayola-box contrasts, they are actually seriously grown up and add a sophisticated colour injection for those days when dressing up is dressing down. Skin Yoga’s Oats and Roses facial scrub is a bit like using one of those super healthy granola-y breakfasts that people love to Instagram as an exfoliator. Be warned, the process is messy but you skin will feel clean, shiny and ready for #nofilter. If you take the time to read the extensive copy on a bottle of Dr Bronner’s 18 in 1 liquid soap you’ll see that its creators love poetry, the earth and spaceships. Luckily, they also love washing; this stuff will clean anything from dishes to dirty dogs and is magic to toss in your gym bag.


Behind The Design:


Bliss Bouncer Karin Hoxter, AD and member of the Design Group at BabyBjörn told us why they have relaunched their classic bouncer.

BabyBjörn’s first product in 1961 was a bouncer and it has of course been redeveloped, redesigned and improved numerous times since then. We felt it was time to give the very loved product a new look to fit into today’s parents’ homes. The bouncer is a must have product for many families and something many report they could not live without during the first months

The Bliss bouncer is available in powder pink, cocoa and anthracite. RRP: £144.99 See for stockists



Did · Eachyou position; front-inward, hip, and back carry, provides even weight distribution across know? the hips and shoulders, plus extra padded shoulder support straps to boost comfort.

More · A crisscross support strap option enables parents to position straps wherever is most BabyBjörn comfortable, offering greater comfort for those with both narrow or wider shoulders, bouncers as well as providing a snugger fit for petite and smaller areparents sold in babies. With buckles Japan than anywhere else in the world.

that can be adjusted at the side rather than the back the Ergobaby Adapt carrier is also appreciated by parents with reduced mobility. · All Ergobaby Carriers and Infant Inserts (plus insert pillow) are machine washable. · The Adapt is available in four shades; Black, Pearl Grey, Admiral Blue and Azure Blue £109.90, Visit for details on your nearest stockist.

Pictured: Karin Hoxter

We were inspired by how modern parents live and decorate their homes. We looked at interior decoration that feels well-designed and soft at the same time and looked at textile products rather than fashion when choosing colours. We wanted classic and simple range; both light and dark. Something classic with a new feeling. The bouncer frame got a softer grey shade and the legs got a metallic colour for a more modern look, inspired by the brass and copper trend...

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Little Black Book Where To Find Retail Gratification...

Angel’s Face aden+anais: Makers of beautifully printed muslins, sleeping bags and childrenswear that is softer than a Spring lamb.

Babaease Babyhub Bobux Bookabees Cocorose London Cogs Cuddledry Dr Bronner Ergobaby


Harbour Elements

Creating iconic mobility products since 1994.

India Hicks Island Living

Isossy Children Jellycat Laurence King Publishing Litecup Little Wardrobe London

Sgt Smith: Fabulous, funky, family run online children’s boutique based in Yorkshire.

Moondog Books Petite Pearl Lowe Propercorn River Island Secret Spa Skin Yoga Step2woLondon Ted Baker

The Little Green Sheep: Multi award winning brand responsible for launching the UK’s first organic cot mattress, committed to creating beautifully made products including bedding, sheepskins, sleepwear and much more.

The Muck Boot Company Village England Wandering Bee Wild & Gorgeous Wilder and Wren Zoochini


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Slick Mummy Magazine Issue 5 Spring 2017  

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Slick Mummy Magazine Issue 5 Spring 2017  

Our latest issue features: Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs, Isla Fisher, Richard Ward, Emma Spitzer, Naomi Wilkinson, CeCe Sammy, Carol Evelegh, M...