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Kayseri signifies dynamism and innovation As a matter of fact, Kayseri has always been a fertile land of competent entrepreneurs. What makes them different? -They know the critical question. The question is: -How can you produce the processes that prompt the idea and product innovation in your company? Industrialists and exporters operating in Kayseri consistently put an emphasis to tackle the problems they face in integrating an innovation strategy with planning and execution, thereby moving at a speed to stay ahead of the competition. This is particularly true for mattress producers of the province. As known, the Turkish mattress producers are heavily concentrated in three provinces; Kayseri, Istanbul and Izmir respectively. Kayseri meets half of the total domestic production in Turkey with its about over 2 million production annually. Annual bed exports volume accounts for almost 50 million dollars. Most of the production is sold to the European and Middle Eastern countries. Thanks to the labor, energy, raw materials and geographic advantages, Turkey is becoming an important center for mattress manufacturing. Industry sells about 3 million mattresses in traditional channels and 1 million mattresses in the modern channels of distribution and in individual stores of the companies. The mattress industry is expected to grow exponentially when more than a thousand of hotel investments that each will have 700 to 900 beds, gains momentum. There is a saying; nothing is achieved unless it is dreamt first. Carrying out sizeable technology investments in the mattress and the related industries, Kayseri-based companies managed to diversify their export markets. Realizing a fascinating growth in the past decade, they are now gearing up themselves to produce the market tren-

ds by investing in brand development. Currently, the manufacturers have their own designs and brands in international markets. In evaluating the future export potential of the region using statistics, it is possible to indicate that Kayseri has comparative advantages regarding labor productivity, labor cost and the share of capital in the value added, especially with respect to the mature producers in the world. Majority of the manufacturers compete in international markets and set high standards of export figures. Actually, competitiveness is the sine qua non of success anywhere. The world has become a global village and business knows no international boundaries. However, the rule of the game is dynamic competitiveness. The concept of competition has been undergoing a permanent change. From the standpoint of exporters, competition is a complex series of moves and countermoves on a global landscape like a strategic play. Exporters operating in Kayseri are no exception. They are particularly involved in identifying, evaluating and selecting target markets by trying to answer global questions. Contributing to the macro targets of Turkish economy, Kayseri has also a part to play by utilizing its resources and the competitive advantages to the fullest extent. So, a promising future lies ahead for Kayseri because the economic dynamics of the province has been able to cope with the global challenges. *** Our publications remain at the service of those businesses people seeking to increase their share in the increasingly competitive foreign markets. As in the past, this special supplement on Kayseri aims at conveying the messages of the business people. We wish them and their trading partners success and lucrative trade.


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Achievable target, common sense and right policy

Kayseri, a modern city full of history!



Daylight saving time amplifies national sleep epidemic, study shows

The botanic bed, the more TENCEL® the better


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Sleep Royal aims at penetrating into the Middle East market in 2015

The Sleep Sector Wakes up nd in Istanbul for the 2 time!

22 - 25 October 2015

Istanbul Expo Center / Yeşilköy

Hall 9-10-11

Mattress Main Industry, Sub-industry, Machinery And Equipment Fair | 0212 604 50 50 |



Achievable target, common sense and right policy

Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Çelik said achievable and right targets should be set with common sense for Kayseri for the year 2050.


Delivering a speech at the conference titled, “Kayseri in 2050” organized by Abdullah Gül University (AGU) and Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Mustafa Çalık said they had to set right targets for Kayseri for the time set and advised, “Every company and institution have to make these types of activities in order to direct their future and to plan right growth plans. We, in collaboration with AGU, have planned this conference to determine the level which Kayseri may reach and to set right policies in line with that target. AGU is a fast growing and developing university of our country. Our rector is an academician conscious of knowledge and attaching importance on common sense. AGU has a success achieved for its adherence to common sense. We also wanted to do similar activities for our city and set the right vision when preparing our city for the future. That’s why we have organized


Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Mustafa Çalık such a conference. I had conducted similar activities with all dynamics of the society and I had taken the ideas of the society. If you get and respect the ideas and suggestions of the people you will administrate, you get the success.”

Presenting his expectations from the conferences, Mayor Çelik stressed on population, “Where shall we stand when we get to 2050 with regard to health, transportation and education? How will population movements be and how will our economical, industrial and trade talents be developed? Shall we get the right we deserve at tourism? In addition, how will the demands and satisfaction points of our people be formed? We should find answers to all of these questions. I especially believe that population movements is something we should focus on. We didn’t have an issue of Syrians on our agenda a few years ago. But today we have a lot of Syrians in our country and in our city. They have issues such as employment, feeding, sheltering, etc. We should also consider immigrations and their reflections.”


Kayseri smart city app introduced for tourists

In order to introduce Kayseri to domestic and foreign tourists and to increase tourism in the city, a tourism-based smart city project called Step to Kayseri has been initiated. Within the scope of the new project, which is supported by the Central Anatolia Development Agency, “iBeacon” devices will be installed at historical and tourist venues as well as shopping malls and leading restaurants of the city. Tourists who download the ‘Step to Kayseri’ app on their smartphones are able to access information about the places they want to visit.

Speaking during the press conference to promote the application, Kayseri Governor Orhan Düzgün said that people’s needs and expectations had changed with developing technology. Stressing their belief in integrating technology with tourism in order to offer the best service possible to tourists, Düzgün said: “We initiated the ‘Step to Kayseri’ application since we realize that it is easier to reach people via their smartphones. Thanks to this new app, people will be able to view historic and touristic sites as well as accommodation possibilities,

restaurants and places to visit via their mobile phones.” He also added that they would introduce their project at the World’s Smart Cities Summit. Explaining that the app is available on both Android and IOS, Governor Düzgün said that when a tourist approaches a particular landmark in Kayseri such as the Clock Tower or the Seljuk Fortress, he or she will receive a message informing them about the place. Although the application will offer its services in English and Turkish, more languages will be added according to demand.


Kayseri, a modern city full of history! Today, Kayseri, with its rapid growth in the sense of economy, culture, sports and urbanism, without doubt, is one of the leading cities in Turkey The earliest settlement around Kayseri is The Karum of Kanesh, situated 20 km to the Northeast of the city. In the center, which maintained its importance from 2800 BC to the Hellenistic Age, many documents from the Early Bronze Age, the Assyrian Trade Colonies and the Hittite Period were found. After the Hittites, the region was ruled by the Phrygians who dominated mainly the K覺z覺l覺rmak River basin and Mazaka (Kayseri) came into prominence during the Phrygians. It is stated in historical sources that the Kimmerians, who arrived at the Anatolia in 676 BC, put an end to the Phrygian rule by destroying Kanesh and Mazaka. After Kanesh had lost its importance, Mazaka, situated in the

North skirts of Argaios (Erciyes) that was accepted as the holy mountain of the region, came to the forefront. With the deterritorialization of the Kimmerians by the Assyrians and Lydians, Mazaka fell under the rule of the Lydians

and the Medes and became an important trade center of the period.With the defeat of the Lydian King Krisos by the Persian King Kyros in 590 B.C., Mazaka, as well as Anatolia, came under the Persian rule. People migrating the


İstanbul, Kayseri was conquered many times.

region from Persia settled Argaios (Erciyes) and around it where they resembled their own states.


THE KINGDOM OF CAPPADOCIA In 332 B.C., Ariarathes I declared his independence as the first king of Cappadocia. While the capital of this kingdom, having ruled for 349 years until 17 A.D., was Mazaka, the name of the city was changed into Eusebia during the regin of Ariarathes V. The kingdom was renamed in 8 B.C. It was named CEASARE in honour of the Roman Emperor Caesar. From that day on it has been called Kayseri for 2000 years.

THE ROMAN PERIOD Between the years 193-211 A.D. it was constructed the city stadium and as the other important Roman cities, it became a center for many competetions. City walls were built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Gordianus III,

around 241 A.D. At the beginning of the 4th Century, people were completely Christianized and Kayseri became a center for scholarly studies of this religion. With the division of the Roman Empire into the Eastern Roman Empire and the Western Roman Empire, Kayseri became a Byzantine city as it was situated in the east. During the Byzantine period and the expeditions of the Arab and Persian armies to

The defeat of the Byzantine army by the Great Seljuk Sultan Alparslan in 1071 opened the doors of the Anatolia to Turks. 15 years after that date, around 1085 we see Kayseri both as a Turkish and Muslim city. It was seen that under the dominance of Muslim Turks, the Rums and the Armenians, the old settlers of Kayseri, gathered in a neighborhood and gradually lost control over the Bazaar, Market and trade. The city created an identity of an Islamic city in a short time through the rapid construction of Mosque, Inn, Madrasah, Bath and Fountains. Especially during the reign of the Seljuk Sultan Uluğ Keykubat (Alaeddin Keykubat I), Kayseri, the center of the Danishmends for a while, was one of the three capital cities of the Seljuk State together with Konya and Sivas. The most outstanding ones of the


splendid structures that were built during the rules of the Danishmed and the Seljuks are Camii Kebir (Mosque), Güllük Mosque and Bath, Hunat Complex and Hospital – Gıyasiye Madrasa, Hacı Kılıç Complex, Lala Muhlisiddin Mosque, Sahabiye Madrasa, City Walls and Yoğunburç.

MONGOLIAN RULE The Seljuk defeat by the Mongolians in the Battle of Köse Dağ in 1243 was a turning point in Turkish history, which led to an era of Mongolian domination. The Mongols having controlled the Anatolia for 150 years with the governors they assigned, overran all the material and moral resources of Kayseri and Anatolia. The Seljuk state, now under Mongolian rule, lost all its power and was disintegrated after Mesud II, leaving its place to small principalities (1308).

THE OTTOMAN ERA During the reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmed, his general Gedik Ahmet Pasha annexed the regions of Karaman, Konya and Kayseri to

the lands of the Ottoman Empire by terminating Karamanogullari principality (1474). Kayseri became an Ottoman district (sanjak) dependent on the Karaman province, starting 1476. In 1839, it was included into the Bozok province, and in 1867 became an independent provincial center.

RECENT PERIOD During the Republic period, with the adoption of the new constitution in 1924, Kayseri became

a city in the modern sense. It was initiated an industrialization movement by the government in Kayseri, which had been known as a trade center since the very beginning of history. Sümerbank Weaving Mill, Aircraft Factory, and Depot Maintenance Shop and Military Sewing Workshop were founded successively. After 1950, enterpreneurs of Kayseri began to canalize their capital, which they had been accumulating through commerce, into industrial investment.


Daylight saving time amplifies national sleep epidemic, study shows

Better Sleep Council offers tips to thwart time-change woes with Americans in the midst of a “national sleep epidemic”. ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – Sixty percent of Americans will feel the impact of the time change the Monday following Daylight Saving Time , and 40 percent will need a week or longer to recover from losing one hour of sleep, according to research conducted by the Better Sleep Council (BSC).

With Americans in the midst of what the Centers for Disease Control has coined a “national sleep epidemic,” research shows that losing an hour during Daylight Saving Time may worsen the problem. As the non-profit education arm of the International Sleep

Products Association, the BSC conducted the research as part of its continuing mission to expose the relationship between sleep, good health and quality of life, as well as the critical role the sleep environment plays in pursuit of a good night’s sleep. The research verifies that sleep loss


has detrimental effects on health: •39% of Americans are in a worse mood following the time change •74% over the age of 30 report that sleepiness affects their work •79% have difficulty concentrating and higher stress after a bad night’s sleep •79% would feel better and more prepared for the day with an extra hour of sleep •30% are willing to pay $100 or more for that extra hour of sleep at night •Traffic and machine accidents will increase the Monday after the clocks roll forward “Poor sleep negatively affects learning, memory, relationships, success and even the immune system,” said Terry Cralle, R.N., certified clinical sleep educator and health and wellness spokesperson for the BSC.

BSC is launching #SpringToBed, a social media campaign that challenges several bloggers to pursue a personal sleep challenge.


“With ‘spring forward’ just around the corner, the BSC encourages everyone to mitigate potential negative effects by reevaluating their current sleep environment and taking actions to improve overall sleep hygiene.”

3.Embrace the catnap

The BSC suggests the following activities to fight daylight saving time and the usual post-weekend blues:

6.Get out of bed after 20 minutes if you can’t fall asleep

4.Evaluate your current bedroom and create a sleep sanctuary 5.Give your bed an ultimatum – if it isn’t comfortable or supportive, replace it

1.Climb into bed 15 minutes early

7.Treat sleep like an appointment you can’t miss – schedule time for it

2.Ditch caffeine after lunch

8.Eat light at night

9.Soak in a warm bath or meditate before bedtime 10.Keep a worry journal to destress before bed To help diminish the consequences of Daylight Saving Time, the BSC is launching #SpringToBed, a social media campaign that challenges several bloggers to pursue a personal sleep challenge. The program highlights personal accounts of the challenges and benefits associated with a better night’s sleep during Daylight Saving Time.


Brn growing ever with new international partners KAYSERI- We have interviewed Berna İlter, General Manager of BRN Sleep Products. She focused on the activities of the Company, headquartered in Kayseri. “To sum up, BNR has been specialized in a full line of products, ranging from premium bedding to quality sets with inner spring mattresses, and memory foam and latex mattresses with full health benefits, hand crafted mattresses with all natural fillings and frame beds coupled with full comfort.” She pointed out.

Berna İlter, General Manager of BRN Bed

“ As known, BNR was awarded by Ruban D’Honneur enterprise for Innovation, Excellence and Best Practice within the framework of European Business Award. The Company was also awarded as Fast Growth 25 –being the fastest growing company in Turkey by All World Network organized by

Harvard University and The Union of Chambers of Turkey.” Berna İlter disclosed. As for the manufacturing range of the Company, Berna İlter noted that BNR turned out to be competitive in terms of price and quality both in domestic and foreign markets. “The Company is determined to upgrade its dynamic performance. Having 11 outlet centers scatted over Turkey, BNR aims at increasing its countries to which it exports to 90 in 2015.” She added. According to Berna İlter, BRN has become Turkey’s first sanitation certificated mattress producer which complies with OEKO-TEX standards. She also furnished information on the OEKO-TEX. The OEKO-TEX Standard is an independent test


and certification system for textile raw, intermediate and end products at all stages of processing. Examples of articles that can be certified: yarns, fabrics, treated fabrics, manufactured articles (clothing of all kinds, domestic and household textiles, bedding, towels, soft toys and many more.) The OEKO-TEX testing for harmful substances is always geared towards how the textile will actually be used. The more closely the product is in contact with the skin, the stricter the human ecology requirements that it must meet. Meanwhile, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and The Abraaj Group, a global investor in growth markets, support the expansion of Turkish mattress and sleep product manufacturer BRN Sleep Products by acquiring a minority stake in the company.


The EBRD and Abraaj, through its Anatolia Growth Capital Fund, have made a joint equity investment in the firm, BNR founded by Mustafa İlter and Berna İlter. Berna İlter, General Manager of BRN Sleep Products, said: “We have experienced strong growth since our establishment nine years ago. In order for us to reach the next stage of our growth trajectory, we felt it would be beneficial to bring on board experienced investors such as Abraaj

and the EBRD, who have solid track records in expanding businesses and paving the way for further operational value. We look forward to working with them over the coming months and years.” EBRD Director for Turkey, Michael Davey, commented: “The EBRD is pleased to partner with The Abraaj Group to support yet another successful Turkish company. Established in Anatolia, BRN Sleep Products is a great example of how fast-growing enterprises


can boost economic development in the regions of Turkey. Supporting such companies is at the heart of the EBRD’s strategy in Turkey.” The Abraaj Group officials said: “Our investment in BRN Sleep Products is aligned with the Anatolia Growth Capital Fund’s strategy of seeking strong, growth-oriented and well-managed companies in the developing provinces and regions of Anatolia. With exports to over 50 countries and expansion in the domestic market, we see an exciting opportunity to drive BRN Sleep Products’ growth in Turkey,

regionally and beyond. We look forward to working with Ms. Berna İlter and Mr. Mustafa İlter, providing our financial and operational support to the business, and to partnering once again with the EBRD on investment opportunities in Turkey.” “Actually, innovation has turned to be a way of life and the key strategy of BRN and become the strategic part of company’s long term growth. Instead of focusing on competitors, BNR has been keeping the pulse of its customers around the globe” Berna İlter said.


Unimet enters 2015 with Plume Unimet offered its customers a new product, moving bed systems.

Launching new products in the bed industry for ten years Unimet offered Plume for comfortable sleep. Most of the products are exported to Europe. Mehtap Akkoyun Unimet export manager, informed about the new product and activities of the company.

On recent developments in the company and in industry

Mehtap Akkoyun, Export Manager of Unimet

2014 was a good year for us. Since we sell to European buyers there was no problem last year. We are producing metal beds, sofas, coaches and bunks beside

beds. Our products are also sold online. We do not want to sell more in domestic market, because we are an export company.

On position of the company in the market If you produce the same product as others’ you are in competition. We have no peer in Kayseri in the mechanism production. We are probably the second largest in Europe. All of our products are sold but no customer reclaimed any product. Some companies design their own


mechanisms, and produces special and specific products. We sell at 80 euro, they have price label of 300 euro. Special products are sold at special prices.

On new products It is made of independently moving beds and headstands. Head and foot sides are movable separately by motors as it was in boxsprings. It is designed for watching TV, reading book, resting and similar activities. Besides it is very effective for better sleep. It is good for insomnia, snoring, heart and digestive diseases by providing quality sleep. The special property of plume different from boxsprings is its storage spaces beneath. Plume is a patented product and is exported either as frame or upholstered form.

Box Spring It is a new product for Turkey. It was launched in Holland 12 years ago. Almost every producer in Holland has this product. We have been exporting base mechanisms to Holland since 2005. Now we

sell them to customers in Latonia, Denmark and Germany. Once sold at 3 thousand Euro in Holland, they are sold at lower prices in Germany. We do not have business with Germans for two years for this product. We prefer products with mechanisms.


Box spring beds are made for more comfort while reading, listening and watching TV. It is a joy. It is adjustable to support the body parts whenever it needs. It is also good for patients of digestions and reflux; it is like a hospital bed at home. We use pocket springs in our products. They can be used with latex and foamed products. In Arab countries, in Libya and in Dubai, customers are accustomed foam type of beds.

On prospects for 2015 2015 seems full. It does not mean so promising in terms of both Europe and Gulf markets. We do not seek new markets, because our products are sold in the high quality and high price segment. It costs money to sell our products in hard to sell markets such as Iraq and in domestic market. We have enough buyers in our present markets.

On mattress industries’ concentration in Kayseri We sales mechanisms from producers in Kayseri. When the products they sold cause problems we warn them. There are many firms entering in adjustable mattress production. Most of them will be eliminated by the market forces. In Europe there are many good companies producing better

products. Since they sell on Euro, they have no sales problem. Sleep culture in our country is not so improved. There is limited amount of conscious buyers. There are huge gap between minimum and maximum prices in the market. Products and producers are segmented heavily. A few companies are sincerely acting customer centered.


The botanic bed, the more ® TENCEL the better A healthy sleep, a higher power of performance Integrating TENCEL® into your complete bedding system can result in an exceptional sleep experience. This is because, a special type of TENCEL® exists for every element of the bed; TENCEL®-powder in the cellpur® (see page 23) mattress core, filling fibers for mattress toppers as well as bed covers and TENCEL® MICRO for very fine bed linen. Now nothing stands in the way of a Botanic Bed. Sleeplessness can become a thing of the past. With TENCEL® products you can create your own bed completely of botanic origin for relaxed dreams.

The best moisture management regulates the climate with 50 % higher moisture absorption capacity TENCEL® fiber comes from Nature. It is of botanic origin because it is extracted from the raw material, wood. The fiber production process is proven to be extremely eco-friendly due to its closed loop system.

The applications for TENCEL® are exceptionally versatile. The fiber can be used in every aspect of sleeping – beginning with mattresses and mattress pads to bed covers and linens, all the way to lingerie. TENCEL®’s universality makes it possible to enjoy a completely botanic bed from nature. Nothing is dreamier than that when you go to sleep in a botanic

TENCEL® bed. This site summarizes Lenzing’s findings from studies conducted in regard to the properties of TENCEL®. Studies on TENCEL® and its effects on our well-being as we sleep were performed in association with dermatologists and sleep researchers. With TENCEL®, it is possible to enjoy a completely natural feeling as you sleep.


Dreamlike moisture management TENCEL® naturally absorbs moisture and quickly releases it again. This property guarantees a pleasantly dry sleeping climate. In contrast polyester does not absorb moisture at all. In the case of polyester, moisture remains on the fiber as a surface film. Moisture cannot be transported into the fiber of polyester as opposed to TENCEL®. Only TENCEL® absorbs moisture in a controlled and regular manner; drastically contrasting polyester which does not absorb any moisture, and cotton which absorbs 50 % less than TENCEL®.

Climate-dependent In the bed environment, moisture transport is determined by the climate in the room. In accordance with climate conditions, TENCEL® quickly absorbs and then releases moisture back into the environment. Compared to other filling materials for bed covers, TENCEL® demonstrates the highest moisture absorption. Tests show that TENCEL® still has free range to transport moisture away from the body at a humidity of 65 %. TENCEL® exceptionally has the ability to absorb moisture when the air humidity rises. Absorption of vapor with extreme air humidity

Natural hygiene fiber Bacteria do not stand a chance The moisture management of TENCEL® nips the formation of bacteria in the bud. Moisture is immediately transported to the inside of the fiber. Hence there is no moisture film to aide bacterial growth.

Completely without chemicals The bacterial protection works without any chemical additives. Its exceptional moisture management reduces bacterial growth naturally. Consequently, unpleasant smells are stopped before they get a chance to start. Natural protection from bacteria TENCEL® reduces bacterial growth in a natural way. However with

synthetic fibers, the number of bacteria increases up to 2000 times.

Fight against dust mites is not necessary No habitat for microorganisms Perfect Moisture Management also puts a stop to the unrestricted growth of mites in bedding. Research conducted on mattresses (polyurethane foam with integrated TENCEL® powder) showed


that a large portion of the applied mite population died off. With conventional products, the number of mites increased 17 times in a 6-week period. The concentration of mites drastically declines due to TENCEL®’s management. TENCEL® stores moisture and mites die out. Due to the perfect moisture management of TENCEL® mites die out.

Stops mold Due to TENCEL®’s excellent moisture absorption mold development is prevented. A dry sleeping area prohibits water condensation, which makes the formation of mold impossible.

Sensitive skin – a matter of health More and more people are ailed by sensitive skin. Environmental pollution and an upsurge in allergies have led to increased interest in alternatives to conventional materials. The addition of TENCEL® properties help to alleviate skin irritation. TENCEL® bed linens are particularly cool to the touch and soft on skin.

Due to their unique combination, the properties of TENCEL® make it possible to enjoy relaxing dreams. Static charge is a thing of the past. The extent of which bed items are electrostatically charged depends on the moisture content of the materials used and their electrical conductivity. The moisture content in TENCEL® bedding prevents the build up of static charge and prevents the uncomfortable shocks that commonly occur in a dry winter atmosphere.


Dreamy relaxation

The secret lies in the fiber moisture The moisture level in TENCEL® is 13 %, compared to 1% in polyester. TENCEL®’s natural moisture makes it a static-free fiber without any electrostatic buildup. This property allows for a better night’s sleep and absolute relaxation allowing muscles to completely regenerate during the night.

Comford exports to 13 countries

Having been in business for 20 years, Comford Mobilya produces beds, bases and furniture that are sold to 13 countries. Trying to use natural and healthy materials in its production, the company aims higher sales with higher quality products. Proprietor of the company Mahmut Sami Yalcin is optimist about the year 2015. He introduced his company: “Since 1995 we have been sewing quilts then we started to produce beds, bases and furniture, one of the oldest producers in Kayseri. Recently we focused on coach and armchair manufacturing. We produce about 200 beds of 15 varieties daily. Since it is easy to produce beds, there are large number of bed


Visco foams are wide spreading recently. We improve the quality of our beds by putting blocks among springs for more comfort. We use bonnel springs mostly and pocket and Hercules types as well that we are supplied by domestic sources.

Mahmut Sami Yalçın Owner of Comford Mobilya

producers in the country. “We emphasize on the use of natural and healthy materials in our production. We use 100 percent cotton and wool in our products.

“For our company, the year 2014 has been stationary for beds and bases. Prices of inputs and foreign currency rates were high and political turmoil in Middle East were the main reasons for this case. However, we are optimistic for this year. We export our products to 13 countries including Germany, France, Belgium and Denmark. We have many a customers in middle east markets.”


Kaybed adapts to the industry fast Kaybed offers complete sleep experiences to its customers

Mustafa Nebi DoÄ&#x;an, General Manager of Kaybed


Started last year as a private label producer Kaybed preceded its investments planned for the future. Company aims to increase share of exports to 70%. General manager of the company, Mustafa Nebi Dogan, informed us about the position of his company in the industry and gave the good news of new products.

On the foundation and recent activities of the company Last year we have been highly successful beyond our expectations. Thanks to the growing demand of our customers we have to decide to precede the investments we planned for the future. We will start to produce box spring type


of beds in the second half of the year. We want to be a supplier for major brands in the mattress industry. There is a growing interest toward luxury beds. Quality costs a lot. Using pocked springs and visco materials increase both quality and costs.

On the customization of products demanded by customers Customers can design their own beds in our facility. Either their designers or our designers may decide and define designs of the bed in our showroom. Prototypes are prepared immediately. We prepare collections produced on different sleep concepts. They may test the effects of different fabrics and foams used on specific mattresses.

On his advice on mattress manufacturers Consumers have to be careful about the certificates. Fabrics of anti-stress, anti-bacterial proper-


ties are mentioned but only some of them are true. Consumers have to inspect the properties. Any mattress produced manually in the factory could not be mentioned as hygienic and anti-bacterial. To make the fabrics hygienic the factories should be hygienic. We select our suppliers accordingly. Mattresses are produced on production band in our factory through workstations operating automatically. They are directly sent to packing station to protect their hygiene.

Additional comments Our target is to export 70 % of our production. We raise our production capacity. Domestic market still has uncertainties. Problems in neighboring countries force us toward markets in Europe, though profit margins are rather low, it is a settled market.


Natural and quality mattresses from Bed Night Company

Samet Kahraman, General Manager of Bed Night

Rendering services to the mattress industry for almost two decades Kaypetsan offers natural and quality products with the brand name of Bed Night Mattresses. Pointing out that they attach extra importance on quality, healthy and comfortable mattresses for people spend a great deal of time in bed, Samet Kahraman, general manager of Bed Night, said they would continue their development by never compromising on quality. He informed that they export their mattresses to Europe, Middle East and Turkic Republics, adding that their discussions have been continuing for exporting to Arab countries too. He furnished us about the company and its operations:


About the company Our company was established in 1998 with the name “Kaypetsan” materials to manufacture by products of the mattress industry. Since 2005 we have been providing quality mattresses with the brand name “Bed Night” to the sector.

On production We, as Bed Night Yatak, know the importance of sleep quality for a happy life. We elaborate to the materials for the mattresses where people spend one third of their lives and we care for them to enjoy


quality, healthy and comfortable sleep. The materials we use vary depending on the mattress types. We use genuine sheep wool, regional five-zone pocket spring system, high-density foam and wicker spring systems. Besides we try to follow technologic developments as far as we could. Daily production capacity is a hundred beds.

On export The mattresses we produced are exported to European and Arabian countries including Germany, France, Holland, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Libya, etc. Bed industry in Turkey has still potential for further development. We should not compromise on quality. We procure our raw material needs from their producers directly or through main distributors in the country.


Sleep Royal aims at penetrating into the Middle East market in 2015

KAYSERI - We have recently interviewed Fatih Bıyık, Member of the Board, Minder Baza-ar Co. He focused on the activities of the Company, headquartered in Kayseri. The interview follows:

increasing demand from abroad, we export about 35 percent of our manufacturing volume. Customer preferences change from country to country. So, we are able to produce especially for Belgium and for Holland.

How do you evaluate the market response to your products?

Could you mention about some of your major products?

We have been operating since 1996. Manufacturing diverse range of mattresses totaling 40 different types, the Company launched its brand “Sleep Royal” four years ago. In line with ever

Being one of the export leaders of the mattress sector, Sleep Royal has a full line of products, ranging from premium bedding to quality sets with mattresses with full health benefits, including all

natural fillings and frame beds with full comfort. We produce quality mattresses that provide an ideal support for body with its healthy structure and also keeps body temperature at the optimum level thus helps to reduce belly, neck, back and shoulder aches, by utilizing the materials respond to body heat and adjusts itself to the shape of the body thorough the mattresses such as Valeron Euro Top Memory Foam Pocket Spring Mattress, Violetta Luxurious Pillow Top Mattress and Carmen Luxurious Double Sided Mattress.


Could you brief us on your share in domestic and foreign markets?

Fatih B覺y覺k, Board Member of Sleep Royal

From 2005 onwards, we make our presence in domestic market more than ever before. We have a network of 67 sale-points scattered over the country. As known, our company is Minder Baza-ar and our brand is Sleep Royal. This year, we will participate in the two major fairs to display our brand-new products. We export to Germany, France, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland. We are planning to penetrate into the Middle East market as well. As I noted earlier, our exports account for 35 percent of our manufactur-

ing volume. This is a serious figure for us.

You have mentioned about the fairs in which you are planning to participate this year. Do you think fairs assume significance from the standpoint of your marketing strategy? Sleep Royal has been making its presence felt not only in domestic markets but also in foreign markets. The Company, participating in major fairs and exhibitions, has been diversifying its product and customer profile. So, fairs and exhibitions have always been ideal platforms for us.


Last year, We participated in the two fairs in Kayseri, including Furniture Fair in İstanbul. We will also participate in Interzum 2015 Cologne, Germany.

How do you manage to expand your export markets within a short period of time? Our sector has turned out to be quality conscious more than ever. The Company has been able to be competitive in terms of price and quality both in domestic and

foreign markets. Thus, Sleep Royal puts emphasis on R&D in order to serve the sector in efficient manner. Innovation and dynamism have become a way of life for us in order to survive in the competitive markets. Innovation is a major business priority; simply put, companies become more competitive when they have a clear process that produces a reliable stream of new and innovative products. By doing so, we increase our exports.

How do you evaluate the year 2014 for Sleep Royal? What do you plan for 2015? Recording a satisfactory performance, our total turnover has increased by 13 percent in 2014. Sleep Royal is determined to upgrade its dynamic growth in 2015. We are planning to accelerate our investments to diversify our markets and product range. Besides, we aim at increasing our presence felt in the Middle East Market in particular.


New year, new beds from Istikbal

Adding new products to its portfolio each year, Istikbal offered the first for the year by changing fabrics, spring systems etc. Continuous spring system, micro pocket springs are used in the product. Brand manager Fatih Mehmet Bozkurt informed about the product and the company

On performance in 2014

Fatih Mehmet Bozkurt Brand Manager of İstikbal

It was a good year. We add new kinds in our line. Last year we offered Amatis and Energy series. Master series is the new choice. Feedbacks are good. We grew more than the average growth in the bed industry.

On consumers preferences while buying bed Consumers seek new products and better technology. They are becoming aware of the importance of bed in their lives. They were changing their furniture, coaches, cars and other goods more frequently than mattresses. Now they began to spend more on beds. There are a good segment of buyers that demand upper level and superior products. Economic segment is shrinking.


Smart Comford launched by Istikbal, the first product for 2015

On new technologies Each year we replace the fabrics used in the production. Through additional finishing materials sleep quality is improved. Master beds that we launched this year have special finishings for more comfort. Spring and foam are replaced. Pads used in mattresses are removable and washable. Smart Comford beds are to be offered this year to our buyers.

Fabrics are the most attractive part of it, and the most important because it contacts skin directly. It should keep the humidity and temperature of the body during sleep. Smart Comford has a cooling and cooler type of fabric and a continuous spring system called as micro pocket that has smaller spring in the larger springs. Gaps are filled with special filling materials.

On advice to the buyers People were having their choices in line with he efforts of sales people without knowing anything about the product they buy. We established sleep centers to provide as a test and experiment tool. They are informed about the price, the specs and the comfort that they feel. Besides, customers have 30 days for test them. If they are not satisfied they can return the product they bought.


Bellona opens 35 stores to grow in 2015

B羹lent Al覺c覺, Marketing Manager of Bellona

One of the furniture and bed manufacturers in Turkey, Bellona wants to grow more. Realized a growth of 8% in 2014, the company aims to reach 12% in 2015. Marketing manager of the company, Bulent Alici, informed about his company.

40 of them opened in 2014 and we target to open 35 new ones this year. We mostly produce in Kayseri. Besides, we mare beds in Adapazari, and other products in Diyarbakir. We have factories in Ukraine and Russia.

On activities of the company

We produce all what we need for manufacturing, including springs, foams, fabrics and other materials. We are one of the top three companies in fabric production.

Entered in furniture business in 1997, Bellona has become one of the major companies in the industry as an affiliated company of Boydak Group. We set the trends. We produce upholstery, panel furniture, beds bases, home textile and carpets. We have 752 stores in Turkey and in abroad.

Recently, we have opened exclusive stores for our brand to sell our more than 500 products. Stores are larger than 2 thousand sqm.


On bed manufacturing Three years ago Bellona was thought as a furniture company. Thanks to our heavy advertising, our beds have been known more, and they become one of the major categories in the product portfolio. Our share in the bed industry, which produces 2 bn beds annually, is about 12 %.

On bioenergy active beds It was developed for those who demand full orthopedic and hard product. It contains double amount of springs that other beds. It expands the contacted surface of

the bed with body. Springs are knitted seamlessly to improve strength against deformation. Made of different materials two sides of the bioenergy active beds have different softness and can be used bi-sided. It also has changeable pads, this adds more hygiene to the product. We use special fabrics enriched by several finishing that reduces stress. We are the first in this category.

On the performance in 2014 The year was not so exciting, but we grew by 8% in retail and

factory sales. We were the most growing company in our group. Problems in neighboring countries have caused this negative case for all companies. Limits imposed on installment payments in domestic market was also affected our company negatively.

On plans for 2015 We plan to grow 12 % this year. We open 35 stores. We also become a leader in our category. We also want to extend our efforts in mattress segment. We want to set the trend as was in the past.


Mondi grows at home and abroad

Furniture company Mondi expands its distribution network and increases share of exports

Founded to produce beds than turned out to be a furniture manufacturer Mondi has 470 sales points in the country. Brand manager of the company Volkan Yucedag informed about the company and its products.

On Mondi in general Established in 1998 to produce beds the company expanded its product lines into home textiles and furniture. Then it was acquired by a larger group, Boydak, in 2006 and doubled its sales and distribution network. It now serves in every province in Turkey through 16 main distributors who provide

not only sales but after sale and logistics services supplying 470 sales points. 20% of production is exported to about 40 countries including Iraq, Azerbaijan and the US.

On the performance in 2014 and plans for 2015 Economic slowdown in global domestic economies and construction industry last year was not good for us. There is a lot of turmoil in our neighboring countries. However we managed some growth. We think that 2015 will be better. We have plans for opening new


stores about 80 to 100. We keep our position in the markets we have been in. Turkey is a good alternative against Chinese producers. Quality and communication is good.

Elegance dream model has special pads on the surface and high bonnel springs, coated by satin fabrics, offers quality sleep.

On products and their specs

There is a saying in Turkish that means, “Its habitat signals the lion” and mattress means “doshek” in Turkish. Consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of beds. We try to offer them the best products made of right materials.

Mondi has a large range of products, having 14 models. Some is for economic, some for middle class and some is for luxury segments. We have three licensed beds. The beds in the Eclipse series, is produced under a license of an old American company. The foremost point of this bed, the Eclipse energetic form model, is its support for the spine and special knitted fabrics used. It is a comfortable model and one side is harder than the other side. Covering fabric is soft and sides are quilted. Eclipse natural dream is made of micro pocket springs and latex foam materials. Having ergonomic eurotop forms it provides extra comfort thanks to its viscogel foams and micro balloons that adapts the form of body. The special foam used inside reduces the perspiration and increases ventilation.

Volkan Yucedag, Brand Manager of Mondi


Ipek Furniture grows in domestic market The company plans to open 100 exclusive stores in 2015 Active in bedding industry since 1995 the company has 17 different models in its line adding five new items. Omurlu Molu, ad and PR manager of Ipek Mobilya, informed about the activities of the company.

On the activities of company

Omurlu Molu Ad and PR Manager of Ipek Mobilya

Established in 1991 in middle industrial zone in Kayseri, the company started to produce coaches and furniture in 1995. The founder

of the company, Saffet Arslan had been working as an upholstery master in his small shop of 15 sqm. Soon he engaged in producing end products for the customers in larger scale. He started planned and serial production of furniture in the region. In 1989 he opened his first multifloor store and began to sell his and other manufacturers’ productions. Having additional partners he formed the company as Ipek


Mobilya. Today the company produces bedrooms, dining rooms, coach sets, living rooms, bases and beds. 40 % of the production made in its factory of 85 thousand sqm is exported to 40 countries.

es of dress, footwear, etc., than beds. Nowadays they seek more information about the beds they think to buy, about the materials and fabrics used. They look for better, healthier and orthopedic products.

On customers’ renewal of products

On product variety

Customers in Turkey renew their furniture more frequently than in other countries. We have been still delivering the same furniture to our buyers in Germany for ten years. We have to launch new products every year for domestic buyers. Earlier, customers were more sensitive on their purchas-

Number of models in our portfolio increased up to 17. This year 5 models will be launched. We have every kind of beds. Our factory is so flexible to produce varieties like knitted, jacquard, satin fabrics, bonnel and pocked spring systems, visco and hybrid meds. Recently female buyers have

been tending to prefer beds with removable covers; they like them much.

On distributors We get heavy demand for being our distributors in their regions. However, we decide selectively. We want to establish a powerful distribution network composed of exclusive distributors. They have to have as least 2 thousand sqm show area in their stores. In 2015 we are going to open 100 new exclusive stores in addition to 186 distributors we already have.


Ergul Mobilya emphasizes on healthy sleep

Having 200 sales points Ergul mobilya keeps growing with new mattresses produced on its new production line. Foreign trade manager Mustafa Kadam informed about his company and its exports. On brief history of the company and its products

Mustafa Kadam, Foreign Trade Manager of ErgĂźl Mobilya

Having a history of 30 years in coach production, our company has invested in the manufacturing of modular items needed for

typical homes, including sets for dining, bedding, kids’ rooms, coaches, bases and beds. We recently invested more for bed production. We bought new automated production lines.

On variety of products We have 20 different models of beds including the ones having special spring systems, and special anti-stress fabrics. Viscolex is our new product that was made by combining its design power


with smart technology of visco. Body is supported differently at different parts that eases the blood circulation and prevents pains in neck, head, shoulder, belly and hips. Specar fabrics have better ventilation ability thanks to its 3D structure. Some of our models have special bonnel spring systems that make the bed a little bit hard. It keeps its form for years, made of strong springs. Perfumed fabrics are used in same models that provide positive emotions during sleep. They are both perfumed and anti-bacteria and anti-mite. The beds made of knitted fabrics are more attractive and comfortable. They are preferred by their higher ventilation abilities.

On export markets We export mostly to Middle Eastern countries. Germany, France, Austria and Denmark are other export markets for us. 15 percent of our production is exported. We focused on domestic market. We seek new markets especially in African continent. Recently we sold to Nigeria. However, logistics is a major problem. On domestic market we have some exclusive sellers and showrooms in about 100 locations in the country. We also have 100

additional independent distributors that sell our products.

On performance of 2014 Our firm has been investing continuously for seven years. Last year our production capacity and machine inventory have been enlarged in line with our sales. The year was not so good for the industry, but for us it was good,

we grew 20 percent last year. The mattress industry in Turkey is a leading industry. Production of bed is not so difficult. It can be produced in every country. There are powerful companies in Europe producing high end products. Some of the buyers of our beds in Europe are Turkish origin and they prefer made in Turkey products.

Seher Mobilya plans to have factory in abroad 56

Having a factory of 30 thousand sqm in Kayseri, Seher Mobilya aims to have production facilities in Egypt, Macedonia and in the Balkans to overcome logistics problems for more exports. Osman Yalcin, a partner of the company explained their plans.

On the activities of the company Founded in 1982 Seher has become a company in 1992. Since then we produce coaches, armOsman Yalcin, A Partner of Seher

chairs, beds and bases. In 2000 we bought Bader brand for our furniture. 250 people are employed in our factory which is capable of producing about 2.500 beds monthly. We also produce springs that we need.

On products the company produces Quality is important. We use bonnel springs and anti-bacterial and anti-stress fabrics, visco foams, foam, wool and cotton fillings. We


have 12 different models of beds namely, Fulya, Manolya, Menekse, Yagmur, Medical orthopedic, etc. Yagmur is the most special model, having anti-bacterial and anti-stress fabrics on it, visco and wool stuff are used in it. It has special wicks and sides are made of upholstery fabrics.

On exports We export to 8 countries including Iraq and Libya and Germany. 90 % of our furniture products are exported to Germany and Middle East markets. Logistics and transportation of mattresses are hard and costly.

On performance in 2014 Since 2013 we grew 50 % by now. We targeted to increase our

sales by 50 % this year. We have some projects for investments to expand the production plant to have additional machinery.

On the mattress industry in general Bed production is one of the easiest in Turkey because there is a powerful supply network for the industry. Anybody can easily enter in the market as a producer. However, growing the businesses and having powerful production facilities are not so easy. Transportation is another field of problems. To overcome this hurdle, we consider having factories in our export markets, in Egypt and in the Balkans. Last year we sold 250 thousand dollars of products to Egypt. We are communicating prospective buyers in Macedonia.


Beyza Mobilya produces beds, bases and furniture sets in Kayseri with its 280 personnel. Able to produce annually 15 thousand units, general manager of the company Zeki Deniz asserts that his company is among the top ten firms in the industry.

Beyza Furniture grows by investing On the past of company and products

our production is exported espe-

We started in 1996 in Kayseri on a land of 2,500 sqm. By expanding our markets and productions we have now a factory of 22.5 thousand sqm and a wide network of distributors and a modern line of production, a company loved by its customers.

America and Austria.

Following the restructuring in 2006 our company was modernized both as organization and production facility and extended our machine inventory. 15 percent of

Black Sea regions. We have our

cially to Iraq, Georgia, Rumania,

On sales organization Sales are done from our factory in Kayseri while we have a regional office in Istanbul. Regional sales are carried on also in Trace and own transport vehicles and deliver the orders faster than logistics firms.

On products and their specs Last year we have launched a new series with a motto, time to sleep, that attracted interest. This year we offer the series named Fomenta, having products addressing the needs of consumers. Earlier we have been focused on economic line of products. Now customer trend moved towards premium and functional products. So we followed the suit by adding visco, feather fill, HR foam, softer beds made of cotton fabrics. We also improved the aesthetic sides of our products.


On returning back to foamed mattresses Spring matters are not so well sold in Europe as in Turkey. We tested new spring systems on some of our products, however, they were not demanded by customers. Foam beds are of higher quality and more elastic, more comfortable and offer more choice for buyers. Greater companies are increasing their production of foam beds that means demands are rising for this category.

Views on the industry in general Buyers are becoming more conscious when buying bed, also the producers produce healthier and better products and forcing unregulated companies out of market. When buying furniture buyers may feel and check the quality and the materials of products, while they can not see what kind of materials are inside, the quality of foam, the amount of felt and the number of springs. They buy, as if, a black-box.

On SSH and quality certificates Our firm has the TSE certificate for 15 years. We are the rare companies in furniture business having this as well as having travelling technical service network for better after sale services.

On the year 2014 While we experiences some difficulties, we managed to grow 15 % in 2014. Currency rates and raw material prices were errant. We did not reflect these fluctuations to our buyers by comprising on our profits. We think and hope that the market will become high again in the second half of 2015.

Beyza Furniture General Manager Zeki Sea (left) and Plant Manager James Deveciler


Serhat mobilya grows in abroad Closing the year 2014 by 35% growth, the company signed contracts to sell to seven new export markets in 2015


Investing in new machinery to meet demands of both domestic and export markets, Serhat Mobilya expands in abroad. Ahmet Akkas of Serhat company informed about their activities.

On the year 2014 We grew 35% in 2014 by selling more in domestic and export markets, by opening new distributorships and by increasing sales. Our products are sold in 174 points in Turkey. Ahmet Akkas, Marketing Coordinator of Serhat Company

our organization. Our target of 30 % growth this year is a good objective for us.

On new products People are moving toward natural beds and seeking natural materials inside the mattresses. Thus, we also moved our productions to this direction by producing natural and organic beds.

On exports The contracts we signed recently at the beginning of the year, are signaling that 2015 will be better. We decide our sales targets in our visits to international fairs. We got deals with customers from seven countries including Korea during our participation in Ismob fair held in Istanbul. We sell our products in 95 % of all the countries that Turkish mattresses are sold. Arab and Turkic republics are our major markets.

On investments We invest in our machine inventory to expand our production capacity. In a market that our rivals are firing, we keep hiring staff for

Besides, we have other kinds that have hercule, pocket and bonnel spring beds. Consumers are becoming more selective and prefer non-spring types. We sell upper scale products more, such as visco, hyper foam and latex kinds. Natural fibers and materials are preferred such as horsehair and camel wool.

On the economy in general Bed and furniture industry is one of the promising segments of the national industry. The sector produce additional values for the economy and for trade balance. Because we use domestic inputs in the production of products exported. Potential for exports is high, especially when the companies were supported and motivated by the state.

Nil Mobilya improves quality in furniture 62

Mustafa Kulkul, General Manager of Nil Mobilya

In furniture business since 1980, Nil Mobilya started its bed production in 2001. Recently readjusted its business strategy by moving toward upper segments of the market, general manager of the company Mustafa Kulkul informed about his company.

In our product portfolio there are 12 different mattresses including the classic and standard models and new products that have removable outfits made of variety of materials.

On the activities of the company

We export our products to about twenty countries. Europe is our top market. Some of our products are sold to Middle Eastern and African countries, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. 20 % of the production is sold to export markets..

The company has been a trader in the furniture business since 1980 it turned into a produces of furniture and beds afterwards. Presently, we both produce coaches, armchairs and beds. Our products are sold by about 150 dealers throughout the country. Number of distributors is increasing in line with growing demand.

On export activities

Last year was a year of stability in terms of sales. We especially try not to sell more, but to sell higher level of products. Volume


of exports may have been down, but earnings were acceptable. We produce more specific products. It seems that the year 2015 will be the same. We have to act more carefully this year to play safe in the markets.

General assessment on the industry Competition is growing in line with the expansion of markets. Models should be replaced faster than ever. This costs us more. A catalog may become obsoleted in six months. Customers want more variety and newer products. Some producers in Europe are still selling the same model for 30 years. Fabrics and patterns are changing fast. We should keep pace of these developments.


Saltanat Mobilya at the service of exporters


Established by six entrepreneurs 30 years ago Saltanat Mobilya has been manufacturing sofas, armchairs, mattresses, boxsprings and headboards. Located on an area of 10 thousand square meters the production plant of the company has been manufacturing 12 different types of mattresses. Saltanat has an aim to increase its export volume in 2015. Pointing out that they will also progress in domestic market as well, Mr. Huseyin Silay, Marketing Manager of Saltanat Mobilya informed us about their company stressing that they have been in the sector since 1984. “We started with a small place as 100 sqm and has reached to 10 thousand sqm. We had started with 6 people but we have been continuing with 150 personnel now,” Silay says and adds, “We have been producing sofas, armchairs, mattresses, boxsprings and headboards. We have 12 different types of beds. But we are not producing mattresses professionally. Other manufacturers are mentioning about mattresses made from anti-stress fabrics, etc. Frankly, I don’t believe in these claims. I don’t think that a fabric can release the stress of a human. We are not good at making things fancy like those claims.”

Pointing out that people adhere to good-looking mattresses rather than healthy ones, Silay comments, “Visuality is given better priority at mattresses. The materials we use at production are same with theirs. We use thinner foam at economical mattresses and their density increases in others by thickening the foam. That’s all.” Hüseyin Silay says that the sector had problems last year but they are optimistic about the current year. “2014 was a little stagnant. Political issues, elections and global economic situations influenced us negatively. Volatility of currency rates caused us problems. We had difficulties in production and we had serious problems in foam and mattresses” says Silay and finalizes his comments, “But we are optimistic about 2015. We are planning to increase our exports this year. We also want to develop in domestic market as well. We will increase our promotional works. These could be TV commercials or magazine ads. We have some deficiencies in production. It is difficult to find qualified personnel.”


Narinler aims to grow 50% in two years Having been in the industry for 45 years, Narinler company produces furniture and visco and padded beds under Slims brand. Proprietor of the company Selim Narin said that they aimed to grow 50% in two years and detailed his company and its operations.

On the history and products of company

Selim Narin Proprietor of Narinler

We have been producing sets for youth rooms, bedrooms, coaches, armchairs, bases and beds since 1971 in our factory of 20 thousand sqm in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone. We have 12 different beds in our line including visco foam beds having replaceable pads. We produce the materials we used in production. We only buy fabrics from other companies in Turkey. We also produce standard

beds for hotels. They are mostly economically priced. Beds are a complementary item for us. We produce beds for 20 years.

On exports markets We exported our products to 25 countries by now. Problems in the Middle East affected our sales in this region. So, we emphasized on markets in France and Germany. 50 % of our production is sold in export markets. We are getting new orders from Arabia and Jordan and Iraq.

On growing number of bed producers Market for bed is growing. Producers are on the rise. Anti-stress, non-perspiring, ventilating beds are sold well in the markets. People change their beds more frequently and are becoming keen on their choices.

Profile for Sleep Well

Sleepwell - Kayseri'15  


Sleepwell - Kayseri'15  


Profile for sleepwell