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Contents WINTER 2012-2013 Volume 7, Edition 1 Published by Ski Town Media, Inc.

Welcome Letter


About the cover


Patsy Krebs


Christina Freeman Julia Hebard Sandy Lindsay Jacobs Grant Johnson Katy Jones Karin Kagan Cheryl Krumrie Deborah Olsen Published in association with the Steamboat Springs Arts Council The “Yampa Valley Arts & Gallery Guide” is published twice a year by Ski Town Media, Inc. The Summer 2013 edition will be published in June 2013. For advertising rates, write: Ski Town Media, Inc., P.O. Box 880616, Steamboat Springs, CO 80488. Phone: (970) 871-9413; fax: (970) 871-1922. Website: www.steamboatmagazine. com. Single copy mailed first class: $6.50. No portion of the contents of this publication may be reproduced in any manner without the written permission of the publisher. © 2013 Ski Town Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

A Musical Tribute 10 on an Olympic Scale Friends of the Chief Theater


map of galleries 14 & first friday venues artist 16 & gallery listings calendar of events 25

Yampa Valley Arts & Gallery Guide • 1

Photo by Katy Jones


Welcome To Steamboat Springs! HOPE YOU’RE HERE ON A FIRST FRIDAY of the month because, if so, you are in for a real treat. Our downtown galleries and other businesses collaborated years ago to develop the First Friday Art Walk. Although it is something of a mystery as to who actually began the art walk; certain people absolutely deserve recognition.

Stop in to the Artists Gallery on Lincoln Avenue, and say hello to its founder, Sandra Sherrod, who had a whole lot to do with the creation of our First Friday. Next visit the Center for Visual Arts, where Linda Laughlin works to keep this popular event alive each month. Finally, stop by the historic Depot, where the Arts Council resides. The Arts Council’s former director, Nancy Kramer, is a third component to the success of our First Friday. This letter may be my favorite task as the executive director of the Arts Council. Like most of us living in Steamboat, I absolutely love this place, and I love sharing it with our visitors. Therefore, the opportunity to write a welcome letter is absolutely fabulous for me. Steamboat is a wonderful combination of a world-class resort and a true Western ranching community. Don’t be surprised

2 • Winter 2012/13

to see a couple cowboys walking down Lincoln Avenue with spurs attached to their boots. This combination of folks is what creates the warm, friendly atmosphere of Steamboat. This guide provides insight into our art community, as well as being a great guide for the First Friday Art Walk. While you’re here, I hope you’ll take in the long views from our town, either out west to the Sleeping Giant, or south toward the Flat Tops. These sweeping, distant valley views inspire the emotions of locals and visitors alike. And, it’s this emotion that reminds all of us how important art is to our communities. Luckily for us in Steamboat, a number of passionate and enthusiastic artists have chosen this valley as their home. Our downtown is home to an art museum, galleries exhibiting the works of local, regional and national artists, and restaurants and retailers displaying local artwork. The Arts Council is located in the 100-plus-year old train depot at the west end of town, and we maintain two exhibition spaces, one dedicated to our artist members, and the other under the supervision of our artistic director. Thank you for coming to visit us this winter. I sincerely hope you have a wonderful vacation here in Steamboat, and I strongly encourage you to visit us in the summer and see how much our mountain town has to offer, including an escape from the heat! Cheers, Clark L. Davidson Executive Director Steamboat Springs Arts Council

PERRY-MANSFIELD performing arts school & camp

It was 1913. Founders Portia Mansfield and Charlotte Perry had a tenacious and innovative vision: that the practice of creativity, accelerated by a profound relationship with nature, forges the kind of people who will walk through life with insight and courage. And upon this vision, the enduring and inspiring foundation for Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School & Camp was laid in Steamboat Springs.

100 years Yampa Valley Arts & Gallery Guide • 3

About the Cover: – snow drawings


RTIST SONJA HINRICHSEN works in an unusual medium. While others may  choose  oil or watercolor, Hinrichsen’s choice is temporal: snow. Her extraordinarily large canvases — Rabbit Ears Pass, the Carpenter Ranch and Lake Catamount, for instance — are ideally suited for her material. An environmental artist, Hinrichsen created the cover art for this edition of the Yampa Valley Arts & Gallery Guide in a large meadow on Rabbit Ears Pass. Volunteers helped her to complete the snow drawing, a series of spirals that extend from the highway into the forest. “I had five or six volunteers — very committed people, who worked relentlessly for hours. It was great fun,” she recalls. Hinrichsen’s work is ephemeral, captured for any length of time only via photography. Her ‘Snow Drawings,’ created in Steamboat Springs, Snowmass Village and other U.S. landscapes, went viral, appearing on numerous art, design and cultural websites, plus in magazines and over broadcast media, including NPR, MSNBC, the Discovery Channel and public TV Tokyo. Hinrichsen returns to Steamboat Springs, for her fourth visit this winter. “For my ‘Snow Drawings,’ it’s just a perfect

4 • Winter 2012/13

environment,” she says. While in the Yampa Valley, she is orchestrating a participatory project of a larger scale. Under Hinrichsen’s direction, community volunteers will cover the frozen Lake Catamount with a snow drawing. (see Calendar of Events, p. 25, for more details). Since Hinrichsen’s last visit to Steamboat, she has been pursuing other forms of environmental art. She worked in Finland on a project about food properties of wild-growing plants as an alternative to cultivated, store-bought foods. She was also in Park City, Utah, where she worked on a project focusing on edible greens. “This project is sort of an exploration project and video project. I film everything I do with the wild plants, from picking/collecting to preparing foods with them,” she explains. Also since last year’s snow drawings, she collaborated with a theater/performance artist. “We explored the ancient native American cultures of the Southwest, including their lifestyles, mythologies and architecture. We visited a lot of the old Anasazi heritage sites in the Four Corners for this project, and also some Indian reservations, such as Hopi, Zuni, Acoma and some of the pueblo villages along the Rio Grande,” Hinrichsen says. To see more of Hinrichsen’s work, visit

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Artists’ Gallery THE


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22 professional artists mixing photography, sculpture, painting, textiles and beautiful jewelry, into one world-class gallery

Collectors: Experience a new featured show every “First Friday” monthly 1009 Lincoln Avenue, Downtown • •  970 879 4744

Yampa Valley Arts & Gallery Guide • 5

Patsy Krebs: Fugue Three suites of aquatint etchings

Patsy Krebs - “Untitled Red” (Photo Courtesy of Oehme Graphics) 6 • Winter 2012/13


IKE A ZEN GARDEN, Patsy Krebs’ art appears unmistakably simple but is profoundly layered. Nationally recognized for her minimalist paintings in watercolor and acrylic, the work she exhibits in Steamboat Springs this winter adds yet another layer to the process. The Steamboat Springs Art Council hosts an unprecedented solo exhibition of the San Francisco artist’s prints, created in collaboration with master printer Sue Oehme of Steamboat’s Oehme Graphics.

“A fugue is a form of music that is based on permutations, and a lot of what we did in the print-making process was about permutations. Sue made plates of my basic shapes and layered them,” Krebs explains.

“It’s very hard to make things look simple,” Sue says. “It requires a lot of layering, most of which we created from aquatints, using mirror-finish copper. It involved a long plate-cleaning process. We used stepetching so that the colors gradually got darker and darker.”

Photo Courtesy of Oehme Graphics

Krebs’ work is based on geometric forms, repeating patterns, each with a slight variation from the root form. She uses the term mathematical to describe the process, and in that sense, it parallels the creative process of a musical composer. When Krebs and Steamboat Springs Arts Council Artistic Director Park Myers discussed a name for the exhibit, they were both drawn to the musical term “fugue.”

“Though initially appearing rigid and quiet, Krebs’ prints develop a profound reverberation and mystical energy; the way in which complete silence can swell into a roar of tones and patterns just beyond the grasp of definitive explanation,” notes Myers.

Master printer Sue Oehme and artist Patsy Krebs analyze proofs of “Untitled Red.” Yampa Valley Arts & Gallery Guide • 7

Krebs visited Oehme Graphics for two weeks in June 2011, enthusiastic about returning after her initial collaboration with the print makers in 2008. “I’m a painter,” Krebs says. “I’m not used to collaborating, so it was really exciting to work with Sue and her spectacular colleagues. They would find technical solutions to my ideas using aquatint and copper. I’m used to working with paper-thin layers on panel. They are brilliant translators. They convey the spirit of your work and translate its vision.” The result of two weeks of collaboration was two suites, “Since Brass” (the title inspired by Shakespeare’s sonnet) and “Redwing” – like the flash of color from a redwing bird

in flight. Two large, vertical pieces, both untitled, complete the body of work. Patsy Krebs: Fugue opens at the Eleanor Bliss Center for the Arts at the Depot on Thursday, Feb. 7, with a reception from 6-8 p.m. The exhibit continues through Thursday, March 28. Arrangements are being made for a guest appearance by Steamboat Symphony Orchestra conductor/composer Ernest Richardson, who will speak on the parallels between Krebs’ work and the fugue form. For more information, call 970-879-9008 or visit

Curtis Zabel and Jean Perry December 21, 2012 to April 13, 2013


Downtown at 8th and Lincoln, P.O. Box 883434, Steamboat Springs, CO 80488 970-870-1755 8 • Winter 2012/13

Photo Courtesy of Oehme Graphics

Patsy Krebs - “Since Brass 4”

Experience the wonder of nature through the lens of Thomas D. Mangelsen. 730 Lincoln Avenue | 800-504-6689 | | L I M I T E D E D I T I O N PR I N T S | A R T I S T PRO O F PR I N T S | B O O K S | C A L E N DA R S | A R T C A R D S

Yampa Valley Arts & Gallery Guide • 9

A Musical Tribute on an Olympic Scale


HE WORLDS OF MUSIC and sport intersect during the 100th anniversary of the Winter Carnival. One of the highlights of the week-long celebration will be a symphonic tribute to the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club on Sunday, Feb. 10, at 5:30 p.m. The Steamboat Symphony Orchestra will host the event, along with guest Olympians. The music will include — of course – American composer Aaron Copland’s “Suite From Billy the Kid.” Steamboat skiing ambassador Billy Kidd will be on stage, sharing Olympic stories.

Photo Courtesy of Steamboat Symohiny Orchestra, Ken Lee Photography

One dramatic element of the evening will be a banda, a brass-based musical tradition whose roots combine Mexican music with the German polka. More than 60 musicians will be on the Strings Music Pavilion stage, including a significant horn section.

Ernest Richardson conducts the Steamboat Symphony Orchestra. 10 • Winter 2012/13

The Olympic Fanfare and Theme will be one of the featured pieces. Composed by John Williams for the 1984 Olympics, the music is especially familiar to Ski Town USA® audiences, who tend to be devotees of the Games. SSO conductor Ernest Richardson often includes Williams’ music in SSO performances, expressing admiration for his film scores and their suitability for orchestra.

“Superman” was modeled after the Pines’ fourth movement.

The second half of SSO’s winter concert features Ottorino Respighi’s “Pines of Rome,” in four movements. “Pines” calls for a large orchestra with a strong horn- and percussion presence. The music may seem familiar; selections from it can be heard in “Fantasia,” and Williams says his music for the Planet Krypton from the movie

Further collaborative efforts include a discussion led by Richardson regarding “Patsy Krebs: Fugue,” an art exhibit at the Depot in March, and an education concert slated for April 4, featuring community players and local music students.

Maggie Smith

The orchestra’s 2013 season is remarkable; some would say wondrous. On the verge of economic collapse late last summer, the organization merged with the Steamboat Springs Arts Council, infusing SSO with new collaborative possibilities like the Winter Carnival performance.

For more information, visit 970.846.8854

Pet Portraits

Yampa Valley Arts & Gallery Guide • 11

Photo by Mark Dudley

Red Carpet Premiere


Chief Executive Director Tamara Beland will head efforts to re-open the downtown theatre

T E A M B OAT S P R I N G S ’ “first talkie” became the talk of the town last fall when the nonprofit group Friends of the Chief purchased the historic downtown theater that had recently closed its doors.

Shortly after she moved to Steamboat last fall, she saw the word “FIN?,” on the marquee of the 87-year-old building, which had been operated by Carmike Cinemas until the end of summer. She recalls immediately envisioning the possibilities a historic theater might present to the community and tracked down Friends of the Chief to volunteer her help.

The organization plans to make minor modifications to the 1920s-era building, then open it for up to three years while it raises funds to transform the building into a cultural center of regional significance.

When she found out the group was in the process of hiring its first paid employee, “I jumped up and down. I felt like the universe brought me here,” she says. “The Chief is going to be a venue that’s available for community cultural events, live music of all genres, theater, comedy and improv. It’s going to be for people from 3 to 70 and up. It will be a place for the community to call home — for everyone, including tourists and locals,” Beland says.

In December, Friends hired Tamara Beland as executive director. The theater’s new “chief ” has a unique skill set, ranging from experience as a facilities and operations director at a Denver hospital to director of operations at the Austin (Texas) School of Music. An actress and singer, she has also worked on stage and behind the scenes.

12 • Winter 2012/13

In the short-term, Friends plans to operate the Chief with minor modifications as a fund-raising platform and community venue. But the real dream is to return the building to its former glory, preserving its historic integirty while converting it into a state-of-the-art cultural center. “We have a big project ahead of us,” Beland

The theater was most recently operated as a four-plex movie house. Facility work is needed before it reopens, including demolishing two theaters, merging the two remaining theaters, meeting safety requirements and installing new seating. While the theater operates on a community level after completing these improvements, Friends will be raising the estimated $3-4 million needed to implement Phase 2.

Photo Courtesy of Tamara Beland

says. “For the next three years, we’re going to be operating a 200-seat venue. Then we jump to a completely different level, with a 475-seat-plus facility that’s able to draw national acts. Phase 1 and Phase 2 are very different.”

Tamara Beland Fundraising plans include pursuing grants and community funding, hosting special events, organizing pledge drives and soliciting memberships at various giving levels. For more information or to volunteer, visit

Yampa Valley Arts & Gallery Guide • 13



U.S. 40

Oak St.

10 13


93 7 14

18 6


Lincoln Av

t. 3rd S

t. 4th S

t. 5th S

t. 6th S

t. 7th S

t. 8th S

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t. 10th S

t. 11th S

Map of galleries & First friday venues



17 16

. Yampa St


th 13



Map Key Gallery Listing First Friday Stop


RED CONTEMPORARY Sheraton Steamboat Resort Hotel 970-846-0791


JIM STEINBERG PHOTOGRAPHY / PORTFOLIO COLLECTION 1016 Oak Street on Soda Creek, 970-879-3718


SLEEPING GIANT GALLERY 601 Lincoln Ave., 970-879-7143


STEAMBOAT ART MUSEUM 807 Lincoln Ave., 970-870-1755



Art Galleries & Museums 1



ARTISTS’ GALLERY OF STEAMBOAT 1009 Lincoln Ave., 970-879-4744 MANGELSEN IMAGES OF NATURE 730 Lincoln Ave., 970-871-1822 MOUNTAIN TRADITIONS 833 Lincoln Ave., in the Franklin Mall 970-870-7976

14 • Winter 2012/13

4 Steam

Village Inn Ct.


U.S. 40

ov e



er nt W n



. vd Bl at bo





Mountain Area






WILD HORSE GALLERY 802 Lincoln Ave., 970-879-5515


RUMOR DESIGN STUDIO 345 Lincoln Ave., 970-819-9721


STEAMING BEAN COFFEE SHOP 635 S. Lincoln Ave., 970-879-3393


URBANE 703 Lincoln Ave., Ste. B101 970-879-9169


WHITE PEPPER 601 Lincoln Avenue , 871-7799

Alternative Venues 11

COLORADO GROUP REALTY 509 Lincoln Ave., 970-875-2917


CREEKSIDE CAFE 131 11th St., 970-879-4925


HARWIGS / LAPOGテ右 911 Lincoln Ave., 970-879-1919

Yampa Valley Arts & Gallery Guide 窶「 15

artist & Gallery listings Galleries Artists’ Gallery of Steamboat 1009 Lincoln Ave., 970-879-4744

The Artists’ Gallery of Steamboat represents the highest quality in local art, sculpture and jewelry. We are centrally located in downtown near shops and restaurants. Stroll by and visit us daily, year-round.

MANGELSEN – Images of Nature Gallery 730 Lincoln Ave., 970-871-1822

Thomas D. Mangelsen has long been recognized as one of the world’s premier nature photographers. For over 30 years Mangelsen has traveled throughout the natural world observing and photographing the Earth’s last great wild places.

Mountain Traditions Franklin Mall, 833 Lincoln Ave., 970-870-7976

Mountain Traditions specializes in art that depicts the beauty of the American West. Featuring some of today’s best Western artists. Stop by and enjoy our collection.

Oehme Graphics 2655 Copper Ridge Circle, Unit #1, 970-870-6609

Fine print publishing specializing in etchings and monotypes by world renowned artists, and featuring printmaking workshops and gallery exhibitions. Call for an appointment.

RED Contemporary — Sheraton Steamboat Resort Hotel 970-846-0791,

Specializing in large scale paintings by nationally recognized artists. Open daily 10-5.
Sip’n’Paint on Wednesdays. call to reserve space. 970-846-7879
Check website for events:

Steamboat Art Museum 807 Lincoln Ave., 970-870-1755

December 21 to April 13 – A Retrospective of the oil paintings of Jean Perry and the bronze sculpture by Curtis Zabel. These two local artists are being honored by the Museum for their achievements. Located downtown at 8th & Lincoln, hours are Tues-Sat 11 to 6, closed Sunday and Monday.

16 • Winter 2012/13

Steamboat Springs Arts Council at the Depot 1001 13th St., 970-879-9008

Visual art exhibitions, performing arts and cultural events. On the National Register of Historic Places, the Depot is home to the Steamboat Springs Arts Council.

Steamboat Springs Center for the Visual Arts 837 Lincoln Ave., 970-846-5970

A nonprofit community art center featuring more than 35 local artists’ work, including paintings, photography, sculpture, ceramics and jewelry. Open Tuesday-Sunday 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

Jim Steinberg Photography / Portfolio Collection 1016 Oak Street on Soda Creek, 970-879-3718

For 40 years Jim Steinberg has traveled the world creating award-winning, colorful images. Visit his gallery to enjoy his fine art images, purchase a book or calendar, or ask about one of his photography workshops.

White Hart Gallery 843 Lincoln Ave., 970-879-1015

Create a look of lasting beauty and comfort with our complete, unique assortment of furniture, furnishings, lighting, rugs, artwork and accessories.

Wild Horse Gallery Downtown at 8th and Lincoln, 970-879-5515

Fine contemporary realism by local, regional, and nationally known artists give the discriminating collector a wide variety of exceptional artwork to choose from. Hours are 11 to 6, Tuesday through Saturday or by appointment. Call 970-819-2850 to make an appointment.

Yampa Valley Arts & Gallery Guide • 17

artist & Gallery listings Artists: Chula Beauregard - Artist 970-846-2266,

Currently represented by The Wild Horse Gallery (Steamboat Springs, CO), The Cogswell Gallery (Vail, CO), and The Art Bank (Colorado Springs, CO)

Christie Ginanni Stepan/Fancy Ink Press 842 Lincoln Avenue, #8 (above Lyon’s Drug), 970-439-0083, Letterpress boutique and art studio. Christie is an artist working in printmaking, installation, and drawing. She owns Fancy Ink Press, a woman-powered letterpress shop specializing in old-fashioned printed paper goods. Open everyday by appointment.

Jim Gmeiner-Expressive Imagery Center for Visual Arts, 970-846-5970 970-846-9143,

Using darkroom experience and contemporary techniques to capture and create fine art limited prints with an artistic impression.

First Friday Artwalk


FREE • Self-guided maps available at venue locations • More information and monthly listings: or 970-846-5970 January 4, February 1, March 1, April 5, May 3, June 7 See map in centerfold for locations

18 • Winter 2012/13

Sandra P. Graves - Artist Artists’ Gallery of Steamboat, 970-879-4744 970-846-9994,

Original, energetic, equine, wildlife. Sandy’s unique and whimsical bronze is hand-colored and maintains a sense of levity rarely found in sculpture.

Corey Kopischke Photography 970-846-2141,

Capturing the heritage, landscapes and lifestyles of Steamboat Springs through photography. Fine-art prints available online.

Wendy Kowynia — Textile Artist Artists’ Gallery of Steamboat, 970-879-4744 970-870-6045,

Inspiring works of contemporary fiber art for residential and public settings, and Shibori woven textiles for the body. “Circular Patterns,” 72”x24”, woven, dyed, linen and paper.

Featuring Today’s Best Western Artists

In The Franklin Mall 833 Lincoln Ave., Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

Est. 1996

(970) 870-7976 Yampa Valley Arts & Gallery Guide • 19

artist & Gallery listings Bonnie McGee Fine Art Artists’ Gallery of Steamboat, 970-879-4744 970-879-3150,

Oil paintings that capture the power of wild places in the Colorado Rockies and the serenity of the pastoral Yampa Valley.

Susan Hover Oehme - Artist 2871 Honeysuckle Lane 970-846-6609,

Colorful, abstract paintings and works on handmade fine papers. Private representation by Kimberly Saari in Steamboat Springs.

Barbara Sanders – Photogravure Etching 970-879-7934 for a studio visit,

Photogravure. Photos of old ranches etched onto copper plates. Individually hand-printed, capturing textures and shadows. This image received recognition from Professional Women Photographers in New York.

20 • Winter 2012/13

Bill Sanders - Ceramics Artist 970-879-7934 for a studio visit,

Ceramic Horses - Inspiration for this work comes from living in the middle of Colorado ranching country and yet, having spent my childhood in the Far East. The challenge was to combine the “East” and the “West.”

Sandra Sherrod - Artist Artists’ Gallery of Steamboat, 970-879-2014 970-846-6280,

Telling stories. I enjoy creating art that tells a story whether it is collage or painting.

Maggie Smith - Artist Artists’ Gallery of Steamboat 970-846-8854, Creations of ink on paper and oil on canvas.

Yampa Valley Arts & Gallery Guide • 21

artist & Gallery listings Events/Restaurants/Spas All Season Wellness Day Spa 1120 S. Lincoln (next to McDonald’s), 970-846-5907

Experience the Far East in the Wild West at Steamboat’s Asianinfused contemporary day spa. Authentic Thai massage and Steamboat’s only true Couple’s Massage. Great spa packages. Awarded 2012 5-star Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor

First Friday Artwalk

The First Friday of every month is art night downtown as more than 26 venues host an extravaganza of the visual arts. Free. Hours: 5–8 p.m.

Perry Mansfield Performing Arts School & Camp 970-879-7125,

Founded in 1913, offering world-class performing arts training in dance, theater, musical theater, dramatic writing, visual art and equestrian for ages 8-college.

“Colorado is My Place...” “It’s up to all of us to conserve our lands and waters for future generations.” -Geoff & Betsy Blakeslee,Yampa River Project Director & Carpenter Ranch Outreach Manager for The Nature Conservancy.

Together, we make a difference. Support The Nature Conservancy at

22 • Winter 2012/13

Steaming Bean 635 Lincoln Ave., lower level, 970-879-3393

The Steaming Bean is the locals’ warm and friendly downtown coffee shop. Serving fresh breads and pastries along with the best espresso drinks in town.

Strings Music Festival 900 Strings Rd., 970-879-5056

Strings Music Pavilion is Steamboat’s premier live music venue. The award winning Music Pavilion seats 560 people and showcases a winter and summer concert series. The festival features orchestra, chamber, soloists, world, blues, jazz and rock music along with a Youth and Family series and free concerts at the Yampa River Botanic Park.

Tread of Pioneers Museum 800 Oak St., 970-879-2214

Period-furnished Victorian home with exhibits featuring ski history, agriculture, mining, pioneers, Native American arts, firearms and outlaws. Computer interactive and children’s touch exhibits. Tuesday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

Limited Edition Bronze Represented By Artists’ Gallery of Steamboat Steamboat, CO • Telluride, CO • Boulder, CO • Beaver Creek, CO • Santa Fe, NM Delray Beach, FL • Cannon Beach, OR • Palm Desert, CA • Park City, UT • Jackson Hole,WY

Sandy Graves | 970-846-9994 | Yampa Valley Arts & Gallery Guide • 23

artist & Gallery listings Yampa Valley Art Institute/ Steamboat Arts & Crafts Gym 1280 13th St., 970-870-0384

Where creativity provides a fun place for all ages to exercise their minds and leave the mess behind. Kids, teens and adult pottery classes available or purchase a gym membership to “create” on your own time.

The Nature Conservancy 970-276-4626,

The Nature Conservancy’s Carpenter Ranch in nearby Hayden, CO is the centerpiece of its broader effort to conserve the natural and agricultural heritage of the Yampa River Valley.

ial backgrounds can be as the art on your walls Talk about it

Proudly supporting the Arts in the Yampa Valley

DaviDson Tax Co., inC. Tax • Private Wealth • General accounting Cash Management: Private & Business

Direct: 970.819.8546

Email: 24 • Winter 2012/13

Calendar Of Events Ongoing winter 2013 Local Photo Tours of the Yampa Valley Individual and small group tours emphasizing “The Art of Seeing.” Guided by Karen Schulman, professional photographic artist, Focus Adventures, 970-879-2244, Monday, Jan. 7 – Friday, March 8 (no classes Feb. 18-22) Children’s Danceworks Winter Session Classes for ages 2 - 12 in Creative Dance, PreBallet, Creative Ballet, Kids African & Kidz Hip Hop. All classes held at the Eleanor Bliss Center for the Arts at the Depot, 970-846-4450,

January Thursday, Jan. 3 Wild Films Series: “The Woman Who Swims with Killer Whales,” 6:30 p.m., Library Hall , Friday, Jan. 4 Opening Reception (exhibition through Wednesday, Jan. 30) - Time and Texture, Joseph Cosby and Artist Member Gallery, 5-8 p.m., The Eleanor Bliss Center for the Arts at the Depot, 970-879-9008, Paula Jo Jaconetta, 5-8 p.m., Artist Member Gallery at the Depot, 970-879-9008, First Friday Art Walk, 5-8 p.m.,Throughout downtown, Sunday, Jan. 6 Community Yoga 10 a.m., Library Hall, Thursday, Jan. 10 Dance Film Series: “First Position,” 6:30 p.m., Library Hall, Monday, Jan. 14 Community Cinema: “Soul Food Junkies,” 6:30 p.m., Library Hall, Wednesday, Jan. 16 Jim Steinberg: “A Journey Through Africa: Kenya” Noon-1 p.m.; 6-7 p.m. Reservations suggested Portfolio Collection, 1016 Oak St., 888-879-3718

Friday, Jan. 18 Free Foreign Film: “Corpo Celeste,” 7 p.m., The Depot Steamboat Springs Arts Council and Bud Werner Memorial Library, Saturday- Sunday, Jan. 19-20 Mountainfilm in Steamboat, 7 p.m. each night, plus 4 p.m. Sunday matinee, Library Hall, Saturday, Jan.19 Evening Concert with the University of Colorado Buffoons, all-male (non-operatic) vocal group, 7 p.m., CMC Alpine Campus auditorium, 970-879-1996, Friday, Jan. 25 Meet the Orchestra, 6 p.m., Library Hall, Steamboat Symphony Orchestra 970-870-3223, Thursday, Jan. 31 Snow Drawings 2013: Evening with the artist, Sonja Hinrichsen, 6 p.m. Slideshow and talk 5-7 p.m. Meet the artist and sign up to participate in the community drawings at Lake Catamount, Library Hall,

February Friday, Feb. 1 Snow Drawing led by artist Sonja Hinrichsen, 11 a.m., Lake Catamount, 970-879-9008, LUNAFEST Steamboat Springs 2013, Film festival featuring award-winning short films by, for and about women; 5 p.m. Best of the Bust of Steamboat Art Show, 7 p.m. Showtime, Bud Werner Memorial Library, First Friday Art Walk 5-8 p.m., Throughout downtown, Saturday, Feb. 2 Snow Drawing led by artist Sonja Hinrichsen, 11 a.m., Lake Catamount, 970-879-9008,

Yampa Valley Arts & Gallery Guide • 25

Calendar Of Events Saturday, Feb. 3 Snow Drawing led by artist Sonja Hinrichsen, 11 a.m., Lake Catamount, 970-879-9008,

Monday, Feb. 18 Community Cinema: “The Powerbroker,” 6:30 p.m., Library Hall,

Monday, Feb. 4 Wild Films Series: “The Last Reef,” 6:30 p.m., 13th and Lincoln Ave., 970-879-9008, Library Hall,

Wednesday, Feb. 20 An evening with Lincoln Center Theatre Dramaturg Anne Cattaneo, 6:30 p.m., Library Hall,

Thursday, Feb. 7 Opening Reception (exhibition continues through Feb. 26) - Patsy Krebs: Fugue, The Eleanor Bliss Center for the Arts at the Depot, 970-879-9008,

Sunday, Feb. 24 Community Yoga, 10 a.m., Library Hall,

Opening Reception (exhibition continues through Feb. 26) - Jan Maret Willman, 6-8 p.m. Artist Member Gallery at the Depot, 970-879-9008, Sunday, Feb. 10 Steamboat Celebration Concert, 5:30 p.m., Steamboat Symphony Orchestra, Strings Music Pavilion, 970-870-3223, Encounter Dinner with Steamboat Symphony Orchestra, 8 p.m., Monday, Feb. 11 Dance Film Series: “Pina,” 6:30 p.m., Library Hall, Wednesday, Feb. 13 Jim Steinberg: “A Journey Through Africa: Rwanda” Noon-1 p.m.; 6-7 p.m. Reservations suggested Portfolio Collection, 1016 Oak St., 888-879-3718 Thursday, Feb. 14 Marcia Ball ~ Valentine’s Day concert, 7:30 p.m., Strings Music Festival, Strings Music Pavilion, 970-897-5056 x105, Friday, Feb. 15 Free Foreign Film: “The Day I Saw Your Heart,” 7 p.m., The Depot, Steamboat Springs Arts Council and Bud Werner Memorial Library,

26 • Winter 2012/13

Monday, Feb. 25- Friday, March 1 TED Live, Library Hall,

March Friday, March 1 Opening reception (exhibition continues through March 28) - Jim Gmeiner 6-8 p.m., Artist Member Gallery at the Depot, 970-879-9008, First Friday Art Walk, 5-8 p.m., Throughout downtown, Thursday-Saturday, March 14-16 Steamboat Dance Theatre’s 41st Annual Concert, 7 p.m.; Saturday matinee, 2 p.m., Steamboat Springs High School auditorium, Wednesday, March 13 Jim Steinberg: “A Journey Through Africa: Congo” Noon-1 p.m.; 6-7 p.m.; Reservations suggested Portfolio Collection, 1016 Oak St., 888-879-3718 Friday, March 15 Free Foreign Film, 7 p.m., The Depot, Steamboat Springs Arts Council and Bud Werner Memorial Library The Fighting Jamesons ~ St Patrick’s Day concert, 8 p.m., Strings Music Pavilion, 970-897-5056 x105, Saturday, March 16 Symphony Soiree, 6 p.m., Larson Barn, Steamboat Symphony Orchestra, 970-870-3223,

Monday, March 18 Wild Films Series: “Surfing & Sharks,” 6:30 p.m., Library Hall,

Barbara Sanders

Photogravure • Etchings

Wednesday, March 20 Community Cinema: “Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines,” 6:30 p.m., Library Hall, Friday, March 22 Sam Bush and Del McCoury ~ Bluegrass concert, 8 p.m., Strings Music Pavilion, 970-897-5056 x105, www. Sunday, March 24 Community Yoga, 10 a.m., Library Hall,


Monday, April 1 Dance Film Series: “Martha Graham on Film,” 6:30 p.m., Library Hall, Wednesday, April 3 Community Cinema: “The Island President” with guest speaker Jim White, director of the Institute for Alpine and Arctic Research, 6:30 p.m., Library Hall, Thursday, April 4 Education Ensembles’ Together in Concert, 7 p.m., Steamboat Symphony Orchestra, Library Hall, 970-870-3223, Friday, April 5 First Friday Art Walk, 5-8 p.m., Throughout downtown, Thursday, April 11 Bud Werner Memorial Library Spring Author Series: Cheryl Strayed, 6:30 p.m., Library Hall, Friday, April 19 Free Foreign Film, 7 p.m., The Depot, Steamboat Springs Arts Council and Bud Werner Memorial Library, Yampa Valley Arts & Gallery Guide • 27

Calendar Of Events Sunday, April 21 Community Yoga, 10 a.m., Library Hall, Monday, April 22 Wild Films Series: “Frozen Planet, To The Ends of the Earth,” 6:30 p.m., Library Hall, Monday, April 29 Wild Films Series: “Frozen Planet, On Thin Ice,” 6:30 p.m., Library Hall,

May Friday, May 3 First Friday Art Walk, 5-8 p.m., Throughout downtown, Monday, May 6 Wild Films Series: “Raccoon Nation,” 6:30 p.m., Library Hall,

Thursday-Saturday, May 16-19 Cabaret, Steamboat Springs Arts Council’s annual fundraiser, 970-879-9008, Wednesday, May 22 Community Cinema: “The Revolutionary Optimists,” 6:30 p.m., Library Hall,

June Monday, June 10- Friday, June 14 TEDGlobal Live, Library Hall, Wednesday, June 19 Community Cinema: “Love Free or Die,” 6:30 p.m., Library Hall,

Strings Music Pavilion


Dec 21 - Michael Kaeshammer | Feb 14 - Marcia Ball Mar 15 - The Fighting Jamesons | Mar 22 - Sam Bush & Del McCoury 28 • Winter 2012/13

Steamboat Springs Arts Council

Time and Texture An exhibition of photography by Joseph Cosby, January 4 - 30

Snow Drawing A community participatory, environmental artwork by Sonja Hinrichsen. January 31 - February 3

Patsy Krebs: Fugue A solo exhibition of three suites of aquatint etchings, February 7 - March 28

Artist Member Gallery: Paula Jo Jaconetta, January 4 - 30 Jan Maret Willman, February 7 - 26 Jim Gmeiner, March 1 - 28

SSO + SSAC Winter Soiree A collaborative fundraiser on March 16 at the Larson Barn.

CABARET 2013 THESPIANS! WRITERS! MUSICIANS! WANNABE’S OF ALL KINDS! Cabaret will be showing May 9, 10 and 11.

The Eleanor Bliss Center for the Arts at the Depot,1001 13th Street

2012 Best of the Boat Survey Results

“Voted Best Spa” “Best Place to Get a Massage” “Best Massage Therapist”

• Massage • Facials & Waxing • Spa Packages • Manis/Pedis • Spray Tanning • Gift Certificates

1DPalaycSe to Get Steamboat’s Legendary Downtown Spa ge # 1a Massa 970-871-9543Massapgiset # 1Thera 4th and Lincoln (next to Bistro CV) #


Yampa Valley Arts and Galleries Guide Winter 2012-2013  

Your complete guide to arts events, gallery openings, and artists in Steamboat Springs and the surrounding Yampa Valley

Yampa Valley Arts and Galleries Guide Winter 2012-2013  

Your complete guide to arts events, gallery openings, and artists in Steamboat Springs and the surrounding Yampa Valley