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VOL. 17, ED. 2, 2024
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Valley Arts & Culture Guide. For 17 years, this guide has showcased the ever-evolving, continually diversifying arts community of Northwest Colorado. As performing and visual artists find their singular and collective voices, the symphony that is the Steamboat arts scene grows more intricate, richer and more


2 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024
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Wild West: Wildlife MasterS, Past and Present

Now – April 13, 2024

Heide Presse: We Set our faces

westward: one woman’s journey 1838-1849

May 25 – September 1, 2024


in honor of Rod Hanna

Event: September 21 – 27, 2024

Exhibition and Sale: Sept 27 – Nov 2, 2024

Visit our website: Steamboatartmuseum.org 807 Lincoln Ave. 970.870.1755 ADMISSION ALWAYS FREE
Local Artisans & Carrying Art Supplies
COURTESY OF SANDI POLTORAK 4 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024
Artist Sandi Poltorak in Iceland.

about the cover artist: Sandi Poltorak


Color pencil | 2023

"I have always loved owls. They are complicated and amazing animals –Mother Nature at its best."

›› Owls hold a particular fascination for Routt County artist Sandi Poltorak, whose piece, “Moonlighting,” graces the cover of this edition of the Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide.

“I have always loved owls. They are complicated and amazing animals – Mother Nature at its best,” Sandi says. Sandi has never seen a barred owl like the one that is depicted in “Moonlighting” in its natural environs, but she says, “It’s definitely on my bucket list.”

Owls are a subset of one of Sandi’s favorite subjects: birds. She suspects her fascination with them started with her brother, who is a birder. “I love drawing birds,” she says. “They’re so colorful and different.” She was once dubbed “the bird lady” by a gallery client because she has created so much aviary artwork.

Much of Sandi’s work depicts wildlife in its natural setting. She considers famed Canadian painter Robert Bateman as a mentor in this regard.

Her medium is pencil. Sometimes considered a tool for sketching, in Sandi’s hands, pencil becomes a magical wand, used to create intricate, vibrant fine art. Her fascination with pencil can be traced back to her work as a composite artist with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

After she retired from her 20-year career, Sandi continued to draw portraits, often of Indigenous people. She cites legendary American painter and illustrator Norman Rockwell as her inspiration. “I just lost my mind the first time I saw his work.”

After spending time in Bozeman, Montana, Sandi was drawn to the Yampa Valley, partly due to her love of skiing and hiking, but also because of the arts community. She enjoys the camaraderie of her fellow artists at Pine Moon Fine Art in downtown Steamboat and collaborates with them on occasion. Most recently she has been working with glass artist Jennifer Baker and printmaker Jill Bergman.

“I’m livin’ the dream,” Sandi says.

Sandi’s work can be viewed at Pine Moon Fine Art, 117 Ninth St., and online at www.sandipoltorakart.com. ■

Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 5

Welcome Letter

›› Over the years, Steamboat Springs has developed an extraordinary history where skiing and Olympian heritage connect to our long agriculture traditions. Serving as the cultural and recreational hub in rural Northwest Colorado, Steamboat is a destination worth the extra effort to get here. With an abundance of natural beauty, world-class recreation and healing mineral springs, this community is one of Colorado’s best kept secrets.

Steamboat is the largest city in the county, and is home to Howelsen Hill and Steamboat Ski Resort. If you dig a little deeper and stay a little longer, you will discover a real town steeped in history that inspires preservation of the natural resources, distinctive creative outlets and a celebration of its authentic heritage. The overlapping historic district, MainStreet district and Colorado Creative district, are bordered by the beautiful Yampa River and offer diverse options for dining, entertainment and relaxation.

Take a stroll into our library to catch one of its 300+ events throughout the year. Make a special trip to Strings Music Pavilion to experience music of the highest quality in an intimate mountain setting. And plan your trip to coincide with Steamboat’s Free Concert Series, a gathering for all ages that boasts nationally recognized artists, truly one of the signature family-friendly events of the valley in the summertime.

W hile you are in town, be sure to visit one of the 19 venues on the First Friday Artwalk circuit including Steamboat Art Museum, The Westerly, Solar Flare Glassworks, Tread of Pioneers Museum and the Depot Art Center, to name a few. As you stroll the charming downtown corridor, you are sure to meet artists and locals while finding handmade treasures from an abundance of creatives who call the area home.

Steamboat’s mountain culture has a sweet mix of creative and entrepreneurial grit while holding steadfast to the pioneering spirit of the Old West. ■

6 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024
Kim Keith, executive director of Steamboat Creates

www.MarionKahnFineArt.com | 501-680-1565


Steamboat Springs and Little Rock, Arkansas


University of Pennsylvania, B.A., political science

Art studies with numerous leading U.S. painters


Denver Post

Steamboat Magazine

Steamboat Pilot

Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide


Artful Home, online

Rumor Designs, Steamboat

Cherry Creek Art Gallery

Zandee Gallery, Steamboat


Cherry Creek Art Gallery at Alpine Mountain Ranch, 2024

HMVC NY 2023, Abstract Show and Summer Feels with feature on Times Square Jumbotron

Curtis Center, Denver 2023

PACE Center, Denver 2023

Rumor Designs, Solo Shows, 2023, 2021


Purple Bear, Finalist, Camelback Gallery Amazing Animals, 2023

Best in the Boat Artist, 1st Runner Up, 2022 and 2021

Cover Artist, "Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide," 2021

Artist of the New Decade, Windfall Gallery, 2020

Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 7 MARION KAHN
Oil on canvas, 60 x 48 "Into the Light," 2023



Steamboat Springs


Ohio State University, B.A., art history


Steamboat Magazine

Shoutout Colorado

Voyage Denver


Steamboat Grand Hotel

2300 Mount Werner Cir., Steamboat Springs

Routt County Public Health and Services


135 6th St., Steamboat Springs


624 Lincoln Ave., Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Art Museum Store

801 Lincoln Ave., Steamboat Springs


817 Lincoln Ave., Steamboat Springs

8 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024 CYNDI MARLOWE
Photographic print
Aspens," 2022
Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 9 SANDY P. GRAVES
| 970-846-0201
6 x 9 x 3.5, limited edition of 35 "Patrol," 2022
RESIDES Steamboat Springs
Colorado State University,
Pine Moon Fine Art 117 Ninth
Steamboat Springs Fine art bronze,
10 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024 TIM ZANDEE www.TZimages.com | 970-367-9358 RESIDES Steamboat Springs GALLERY Zandee Gallery 703 Lincoln Ave. Downtown Steamboat Photographic print
"Not All is Ruined," Cozumel, Mexico, 2017




Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 11 ABBY JENSEN
| 970-819-9913
RESIDES Steamboat Springs
Yampa St.,
Southern Methodist
Dallas, Texas, B.F.A. with emphasis in photography LOCAL
Steamboat Springs
Moon Fine Art
Trust Nature & Visitor Center
S. Alda Rd., (Exit #305) Wood
print, 8 x 8 "Preflight," 2019
117 Ninth St., Steamboat Springs Crane
River, Nebraska www.cranetrust.org Photographic

More Than Music

›› Strings Music Festival is synonymous with music in the mountains, but it wasn’t until the pavilion was built in 2008 that its programming expanded. With indoor facilities, executive director Alyssa Greene was able to start an education program, rent the space to other community entities and host winter shows, effectively bringing year-round programming to Steamboat Springs.

In the decade and a half since then, that programming has taken off. “It was really a mission that we should be serving our community year-round, especially since they helped us build the facility,” says Katie Carroll, Strings’ director of programs.

12 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024

That vision for the community inspired Strings to host community events, like CASA’s popular Dancing with the Stars annual fundraiser and Steamboat Symphony Orchestra's concerts several times per year. Among these community events, Strings School Days programming (which included eight events in the pavilion last fall) and concerts, the facility has gone from being mostly empty to mostly full. And 60% of those programs are free, including Strings School Days programming for students in pre-K through 12th grade, Intersections at Steamboat Art Museum and Music on the Green.

Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 13
Michael Sachs conducts on opening night of the Classical Music Series at Strings Music Pavilion in 2023.

Still best known for their concert lineup, the process to book artists has improved as Strings has formed stronger connections with various musicians. In 2023-2024, there will be 15 evening concerts between November and March, a jump from past years when, in 2019, there were just seven.

Several years ago, as the board considered their mission, they decided to explore presenting more comedy. That led to hosting Second City for the past few winters, which led to crossover in the literary world, most recently hosting Fran Lebowitz and David Sedaris last summer.

Strings is not shying away from new programming. “We’re working on presenting more theater,” Katie says. “We’ve done it successfully with Strings School Days for several years, but we want to make it available for everyone, not just the schools.”

In 2024, Strings is focusing on adding more theater and comedy to the lineup as well as providing more all-ages programming, especially in the fall and winter. “We want to provide more for families in the community and not just evening concert-goers,” Katie says. For family shows, Strings offers lower ticket prices, shorter shows (60 minutes) and an earlier start time.

It is also working to expand community partnerships for new free programming; in 2024 Strings is again partnering with Steamboat Art Museum to present three free

14 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024
COURTESY OF STRINGS MUSIC FESTIVAL Patrons gather for Music on the Green on Thursdays during the summer months at the Yampa River Botanic Park to catch a free Strings performance.

classical concerts. This partnership expanded because of its popularity, with over 100 people at past concerts.

At the end of the day, Katie says, it all comes down to balance. “Balance for the entire year and not just one season is always top of my mind,” she says. “Our space is here, and we want people to be in it, and that’s people of all ages.” ■

BoDeans perform as part of Strings' Different Tempo series in 2023.

Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 15
WWW.PINEMOONFINEART.COM 117 9th St. Steamboat Springs CO 80487 970-879-2787 Follow us: @pinemoonfineart PINE MOON fine art A BROAD RANGE OF INSPIRING & UNIQUE FINE ART BY LOCAL ARTISTS

From the Ocean to the Mountains

›› Attila Feszt has spent the better part of the last two years inspired by a new landscape. Originally from the Bahamas, he moved to Steamboat Springs in early 2022 and immediately got involved with Pine Moon Fine Art. After snagging a guest artist spot for six months, the owners voted him in permanently last July. Now his bold, comicbook-esque prints hang on the gallery’s walls alongside more than a dozen of Steamboat artists.

Attila’s work is recognizable – similar to abstract realism, his style is based on real life with familiar objects that are presented in a different way. His signature hue is a bright, turquoise blue (reminiscent, probably, of the ocean from his hometown, he says). Inspired by the boldness of comic book illustrations, he prefers to work in black coupled with just one or two other colors. The turquoise, he notes, is one of his favorites. “I’m a surfer, so I love the color of the ocean,” he says. “I also like using colors that aren’t realistic to the piece because it hopefully makes you look at it a bit differently. When you make it too realistic, the viewer is familiar with it, so they might not give it as much attention as they normally would when it’s presented a little bit differently. I’m trying to make people look at the forms without necessarily overlaying their familiarity with it, even just for a few moments.”

Always interested in drawing, Attila originally wanted to practice architecture but when he moved to Hope Town Abaco in 2005, he began working in screen printing design, graphic design, and partaking in arts and craft fairs. “That’s what informed my style,” he explains. “I was doing stylized graphic work so that it would stand out in the islands, where there’s a lot of watercolors.”

16 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024
16 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024

He lives by the motto “by reducing the world, we make it larger,” a quote from the book “Journey to Ixtlan,” which he was reading while working on a piece in the Bahamas. “It made me realize that’s what I was trying to do,” he says. “Rather than a landscape full of everything you can see, what I’m trying to do is pull elements out that you’re familiar with but that sometimes get lost in the background noise.”

These days, the elements that he’s pulling out are less oceans and more mountains. “Going from ocean to mountain is a striking contrast that I really started thinking about,” Attila says. “The oceans and the mountains have a similar vastness, but the ocean is more intangible because you don’t know how far it goes, whereas mountains are clearly defined; it makes the vastness a little more tangible. That’s what I’m trying to pay attention to, and figure out how I’m going to capture that. It’s a chance to look at things differently and try to present them in a different way. I’m looking forward to figuring that out.” ■


Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 17
Unique fine art for special spaces Pine Moon Fine Art 117 9th St., Steamboat Springs Steamboat Art Museum 801 Lincoln Ave., Steamboat Springs GALLERIES www.JenniferBakerGlassArt.com 970-819-7879
Kiln Formed Glass, 27”H x 50”W x 4”D “Aspens and Cottonwoods”
Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 17
"Pit Stop" Acrylic on Canvas | 2023





CreateS at Depot art Center 1001 13th St., 970-879-9008
ColleCtive at the Depot art Center 1001 13th St., 970-879-9008
& rooSt, Co 1015 LincoLn Ave., 970-879-4990
Gallery Fine art 929 LincoLn Ave., 817-891-0200 the weSterly 907 LincoLn Ave., 970-761-2644 ohana 843 LincoLn Ave., 970-367-3008
romiCk Gallery 837 LincoLn Ave., 970-819-9384 Steamboat art muSeum 807 LincoLn Ave., 970-870-1755 weSt lyFe 729 LincoLn Ave., 720-625-1101 ZanDee Gallery 703 LincoLn Ave., 720-470-1610 ART GALLERIES, MUSEUMS & FIRST FRIDAY VENUES treaD oF p 2 3 pine moon Fine art 16 w Gallery 17 Steamboat CreateS 1 6 10 riverwalk ColleCtive at the Depot art Center 2 1 w e S terly G allery an D w ine b ar 5 Mt. Werner Rd. Mt. Werner Cir. Ski Time Square Dr. LincolnAve.,U.S.40 MOUNTAIN INSET 11th Street 10th Street Lincoln Avenue Yampa Street U.S. 40 Oak Street 13th Street 12th Street Pine Street rumor DeSiGn & reDeSiGn 18 4 S C hoonover G allery F ine a rt 4 7 8 StrinGS muSiC FeStival 19 9 5 r oot S & r oo S t , C o . 3


Solar Flare GlaSSwork & DeSiGn



treaD oF pioneerS muSeum

800 oAk St., 970-879-221

pine moon Fine art

117 ninth St., 970-879-2787

w Gallery

115 ninth St., 970-846-1783

rumor DeSiGn & reDeSiGn

912 LincoLn Ave., 970-819-9721

StrinGS muSiC FeStival (See mountAin inSet)

900 StringS roAd, 970-879-5056 ext. 105

Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 19
YAmpA St., A105, 970-875-3046
Ave., Suite m,
635 LincoLn
horSe Gallery
802 LincoLn
8th St.,
Map Key: Museums and galleries Other First Friday/art venues ioneerS muSeum 15 S teamboat a rt m u S eum 8 15 18 13 16 16 17 S olar F lare G la SS work & D e S i G n 12 J a C e r omi C k G allery 7 11 9th Street 8th Street 7th Street 6th Street 5th Street Howelsen Parkway Z an D ee G allery 10 o hana 6 17 brinkman Collaborative SpaCe 14 wilD horSe Gallery 13 e meral D 11 12 w e S t l y F e 9 14 19
SpaCe 111

Art for Health's Sake

›› Art soothes the soul, as the saying goes.

The truth in that sentiment is reflected at UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center, which has an extensive collection of art, much of it by local artists.

“It’s carefully curated,” says UCHealth’s Lindsey Reznicek. One common denominator among patients has been their desire to get back outdoors, return to their community, and get back to their sport, whether it’s skiing, biking, hockey, pickleball or the myriad of other athletic interests pursued by Routt County residents.

The art is there, in part, to remind them of that goal. Fittingly, the dominant mural in SportsMed, the physical rehabilitation section of the hospital, is by Steamboat Springs artist Lance Whitner. It depicts a late autumn/early winter view of Soda Creek, a popular hiking/skiing destination on Buffalo Pass. The ski line disappearing down into the valley could have been made by any number of locals who go to the clinic. “Hey, I know right where that is,” more than one person has said upon seeing the painting.

"Steamboat Springs Centennial Quilt," a much-treasured piece of local history, is also in SportsMed. Fourteen prominent local women contributed squares to the project. Everything from hot air balloons to the Steamboat Barn, from the Crawford House to the Art Depot, and from the library to the courthouse, is depicted on the quilt, which was donated to the hospital in 2007.

A copper-clad bust of a woman stands in the corner of the oncology center. “It’s the piece that people notice the most,” says Sanaya Sturm, nurse manager. She notes that occasionally, patients are also artists, who donate their work to the hospital. “This piece reflects my journey through cancer,” they tell her.

20 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024
"On the Edge" Bronze | Curtis Zabel
Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 21
"End of Day," "Magic Carpet," "Fishcreek Falls" Oil on canvas | Chula Beauregard "Aspen Blue" Fused glass | Jennifer Baker

Cancer survivor Karen Schulman is one of the hospital’s most generous art donors. She has given several pieces of fine-art photography to the collection. Nationally renowned bronze sculptor Curtis Zabel is another grateful benefactor. He recently donated “On the Edge,” a sculpture of two mountain goats, to the cancer center. He quipped at the time that the sculpture’s title reflected his own feelings when faced with medical problems.

Cool blue and gray tones prevail in the Breast Care Center’s artwork, which includes a fused-glass piece by Jennifer Baker and a portrait of a blue bear by longtime Colorado artist Pat Walsh. A bronze sculpture by Sandy Graves stands nearby. Several other artists’ work completes the décor.

One of the more emotive pieces in the hospital's collection is the tall contemporary monument topped with an angel’s wing that stands outside the entrance to the emergency room. It is dedicated to the Yampa Valley Air Ambulance crew that lost their lives in a crash on Jan. 21, 2006.

Since its opening in 1999, the Yampa Valley Medical Center has understood the importance of art to the community. As the hospital has grown into Northwest Colorado’s foremost medical center, its art collection has grown along with it. ■

22 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024
"Indigo Bear" Oil | Pat Walsh "Morning" Photographic print | Karen Schulman "Big View of Soda Creek" Pigmented print on acrylic | Lance Whitner
Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 23
"Rugged Tenacity" Weaving | Beth Banning "Weave Busted Free" Copper | Ditrani Family "Browsing" Bronze | Sandy Graves "Steamboat Springs Centennial Quilt" | 14 artists

Steamboat Dance Theatre Takes Center Stage

›› The resounding sound of applause has always followed Steamboat Dance Theatre’s annual concert, an event that has been a staple since the organization was founded in 1972. With 12 original founders, Steamboat Dance Theatre has grown from their once humble numbers – the organization now includes over 200 members. Among them is newly appointed executive director, Lori Biagi. For the past two decades, Lori has witnessed and participated in the evolution of the annual concert, as the choreographers have incorporated new varieties and styles with the influx of interested dancers. “Part of what makes the annual concert so popular is that there’s truly no other place in Steamboat like Steamboat Dance Theatre. We are a nonprofit space open for anyone of all ages and abilities to experience dance,” she says.

Lori and the board’s vision for the organization is for its repertoire to expand beyond the annual concert. As the first full-time executive director at SDT, Lori plans to channel her time and energy into several ambitious goals and newly implemented programs. The company's World Dance in Schools program blends geography, culture and dance by introducing third and fifth graders to dances with foreign roots, such as Indian-style dances and salsa during their P.E. classes. The Education Outreach program is designed to reach a broader demographic, teaching the community about

24 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024
DANIELLE ZIMMERER Steamboat Dance Theatre's newest executive director, Lori Biagi

the benefits of dance as it relates to longevity, athletic performance and mental health, and offers free movement classes for participants. Steamboat Dance Theatre is also planning a fall concert this year to showcase the professional-level talent that Steamboat has to offer. All these programs and events are ways in which the organization aims to serve the community on a greater scale.

In addition to programming, SDT offers scholarships to be used for any dancerelated activity, such as classes, workshops, continuing education and technical production. Scholarships are awarded to applicants of all ages and can cover the cost of an annual membership fee. Over the past three years, SDT has nearly doubled the amount of money it has awarded in scholarship funds. “We understand that Steamboat has a high cost of living,” Lori says, “but we believe everyone should be able to improve their quality of life by pursuing their passions in dance.”

Lori hopes to foster connectivity through collaboration with the performing arts community in Steamboat – in addition to other nonprofits – in order to reach new demographics. “By its nature, dance brings people together,” Lori says. “Creating an outlet of expression and then viewing that expression is deeply impactful.” Through these connections, SDT aims to serve as a resource, hub and backbone of dance in the community, and is looking forward to its next chapter of life. ■

Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 25


Steamboat Symphony Orchestra's "The Wonder of the Wild" spring performance connects music with images of nature.



Drop-In Figure Drawing, every Friday through April 26, 9:30-11:30 a.m., Depot Art Center, www.steamboatcreates.org

Wild West: Wildlife Masters, Past and Present, until Saturday, April 13, Steamboat Art Museum, www.steamboatartmuseum.org

5/25-9/1 We Turn Our Faces Westward: One Woman’s Journey with Artist Heide Presse, Saturday, May 25-Sunday, Sept. 1, Steamboat Art Museum, www.steamboatartmuseum.org

Writer's Group, every Thursday, 12-2 p.m., Depot Art Center, www.steamboatcreates.org


1-31 Mountain Psychedelia, Tony Urbick, Bliss Hall, www.steamboatcreates.org

1-31 Crane Inspired Creative Arts Scholarship Contest, Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition, Platform Gallery, www.steamboatcreates.org

1-31 Open Road, new work by Abby Jensen and Susan Gill Jackson, Pine Moon Fine Art, www. pinemoonfineart.com

1 First Friday Art Walk Free self-guided tour of local art galleries, museums and alternative venues in downtown Steamboat Springs, 5-8 p.m., www.steamboatcreates.org

1 Storm Large Previous "America’s Got Talent" contestant and skilled vocalist, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

1-3 Spring Immersion weekend for students culminating in a free celebration concert, 4 p.m., Steamboat Springs Middle School, www.steamboatsymphony.org

3 Lightwire Theater: Dino-Light Glow-inthe-dark light movement and handiwork that transforms into a friendly dinosaur, 4 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

8 Try Me Days Learn from professional guides about various art mediums, 3:30-5 p.m., Steamboat Art Museum, www.steamboatartmuseum.org

13 Lunasa A five-man Irish acoustic band celebrating their 20th anniversary of Irish folk festivals, traditional music and more, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

13 Intersections with Akropolis Quintet Appreciate classical music while viewing Steamboat Art Museum's current exhibition, 5:30-7 p.m., Steamboat Art Museum, www.steamboatartmuseum.org

14 G. Love and Special Sauce 30th anniversary tour with special guest Jakobs Castle, featuring a unique style with elements of blues, hip-hop, rock and roll and funk, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 27


15-16 Schmiggity’s Winter Stand Up Series with Mike Stanley, 7 p.m., Schmiggity’s, www.steamboatcomedy/events

17 Moe Unparalleled musicality and years of friendship, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

22 An Evening with Heads All Empty Three sets of Grateful Dead music featuring a Liquid Lights show, doors open at 6 p.m., Depot Art Center, www.steamboatcreates.org

22 Little Moon Travelers with opening act Apple Pie Order A blend of folk, old time and roots Americana, doors open at 6 p.m., Julie Harris Theatre, www.perry-mansfield.org

28 Spyro Gyra Modern jazz fusion, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

29 ZAZU with opening act Jorden Harms

An eight-piece band featuring drums, guitar, keys, bass and horns; playing music from the 1950s-1990s, doors open at 6 p.m., Julie Harris Theatre, www.perry-mansfield.org

29-30 Schmiggity’s Winter Stand Up Series with BK Sharad, 7 p.m., Schmiggity’s, www.steamboatcomedy/events


1-30 Local Student Exhibition, Student Engagement in the Creative Process, Bliss Hall, www.steamboatcreates.org

2-28 All-gallery show featuring new work inspired by Fish Creek Falls, Pine Moon Fine Art, www.pinemoonfineart.com

4-6 Steamboat Dance Theatre Annual Concert 6:30 p.m., 45 Maple St., www.steamboatdancetheatre.org

5 Colony Funk with opening act Brian Ghirardelli One-of-a-kind covers and original music from the premier funk band, doors open at 6 p.m., Julie Harris Theatre, www.perry-mansfield.org

5 First Friday Art Walk Free self-guided tour of local art galleries, museums and alternative venues in downtown Steamboat Springs, 5-8 p.m., www.steamboatcreates.org

28 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024
The newly renovated Julie Harris Theatre at Perry-Mansfield. TREY MULLEN

12 Broadway’s Best: A Symphony Tribute Steamboat Symphony Orchestra’s 32nd closing concert dedicated to iconic songs and performances of Broadway, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

12 Cat Pack with opening act Kyle Rowland An evening of authentic jazz music, doors open at 6 p.m., Julie Harris Theatre, www.perry-mansfield.org

12-13 Schmiggity’s Winter Stand Up Series with Georgia Comstock, 7 p.m., Schmiggity’s, www.steamboatcomedy/events

30-June 2 All-gallery show featuring new work inspired by games, Pine Moon Fine Art, www.pinemoonfineart.com


1-4 Celebrating Cabaret www.steamboatcreates.org

1- 31 Taking Up Space, by Jack DeCrette, Raven McLaughlin and Henri Ridder, Bliss Hall, www.steamboatcreates.org

3 First Friday Art Walk Free self-guided tour of local art galleries, museums and alternative venues in downtown Steamboat Springs, 5-8 p.m., www.steamboatcreates.org


1-30 Insight: Art for Climate Action, Yampa Valley Sustainability Council, Bliss Hall, www.steamboatcreates.org

4-30 Solo Exhibition by Jill Leeson, Pine Moon Fine Art, www.pinemoonfineart.com

7 First Friday Art Walk Free self-guided tour of local art galleries, museums and alternative venues in downtown Steamboat Springs, 5-8 p.m., www.steamboatcreates.org

14-15 Colorado New Play Festival, Julie Harris Theatre at Perry-Mansfield, www.cnpfsteamboat.org

22 Opening Night Orchestra: Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3 “Eroica," internationallyrecognized harpist Yolanda Kondonassis, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

25 Marc Broussard Carencro, A modern twist on R&B, rock, and soul encapsulated in his album "Carencro," 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

26 Classical Piano Trio and Quintet A friendly strings and piano conversation, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 29
CONCERTS • EDUCATION • COMMUNITY September 22-23 / December 1-2 / April 12-13 CONCERTS steamboatsymphony.org


Theatre's production of "Peter Pan" in 2023, with 30 local students and adult actors plus five professional artists.

29 Classical Playbook An ode to the timeless nature of classical music and its artists, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com


1-31 Improv-cess Puala Izydorek, Bliss Hall, www.steamboatcreates.org

3 Boston Brass with special guest Alex Iles, trombonist from L.A. Studio, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

5 First Friday Art Walk Free self-guided tour of local art galleries, museums and alternative venues in downtown Steamboat Springs, 5-8 p.m., www.steamboatcreates.org

6 Christopher Taylor: Solo Piano Recital Praised by the New York Times for his innovative and skillful approach to pieces over the past four centuries, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

10 Jason Vieaux: Solo Guitar An evening with a Grammy-winning guitarist known for his soulful precision and mastery, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

13 Busch Trio Three young piano artists from the Netherlands, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

13-14 Art in the Park One of the largest art festivals in Northwest Colorado, www.steamboatcreates.org

17 Thalea String Quartet Vibrant music fueled by a belief of fostering connection and community, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

24 When the Violin A violin, cello and piano performance lead by Vijay Gupta and accompanied by dancer Yamini Kalluri, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

27 Strings at Strings A quintet, a sextet and even a set of sisters, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

July 27-Aug. 4 All Arts Week Celebrating visual, literary and performing arts through performances, lectures, walking tours and workshops. undiscoveredearth.com/all-arts-week

30 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024

July 28-Aug. 1 & Aug. 4-8 Free Piknik Theatre production Complete works of William Shakespeare (abridged); a comedy rewrite that mixes up every classic Shakespeare line that you can remember, 7 p.m., Yampa River Botanic Park, www.pikniktheatre.org

29 Danish Strings Quartet Celebrating the 10th anniversary of their folk album Wood Works, 7 p.m., Strings Music Festival, www.stringsmusicfestival.com

Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 31 SANDI POLTORAK SandiPoltorak.com | skipol58@yahoo.com Pine Moon Fine Art Gallery and Steamboat Art Museum
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band performs at Strings Pavilion during the 2023 Different Tempo Series.




Jennifer Baker

Pine Moon Fine Art

117 Ninth St.




Glassworks introducing vibrant colors and depth from landscapes to sculpture. Art for special spaces. Contact for commission requests. Private showings by appointment.

Sandy P. Graves




Original, energetic, equine, wildlife and other. Sandy’s whimsical, hand-colored bronze maintains a levity rarely found in sculpture. Hours by appointment, Mondays and Fridays.

Denise Bohart Brown



Kiln-worked glass in two and three dimensions; contemporary design inspired by the ancient elements.

Elemental Optics Photography


Facebook @elementalopticsphotos

Jennifer's photography strives to show unique natural perspectives and photos represented into a style of art.

Abby Jensen Photography

Pine Moon Fine Art

117 Ninth St.




Abby brings you the wonders of our wild world. She photographs wildlife in their natural habitat, waiting for animals to welcome her.

Paulina M. Johnson

Pine Moon Fine Art

117 Ninth St.


Unique, 3-dimensional art created solely with strips of paper adhered on edge. Paulina’s work is inspired by nature and can be viewed at Pine Moon Fine Art Gallery downtown.

32 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024




Facebook @JRsDesignsDen

One-of-a-kind ski and snowboard furniture, wine/liquor racks, games, shot-skis and more. Created here in Steamboat. Custom orders available.

Marion Kahn

Fine Art

By appointment



American oil painter capturing moments of exceptional beauty. Marion’s work includes abstracts, landscapes, skyscapes and wildlife. Commissions accepted.

Dedi Knox

Pine Moon Fine Art

117 Ninth St.

970-819-9707, 970-879-2787

Dedi’s watercolors reflect her belief that life’s experiences carry you deeper into self-discovery, only if you are willing to be patient and to risk time and effort.

Cyndi Marlowe Photography





Professional landscape photographer. Work is displayed in homes, shops, hotels and offices in Steamboat. I love sharing my work.

Sue Oehme

Oehme Graphics

2871 Honeysuckle Lane W Gallery



Colorful, abstract paintings and monoprints. Largescale unique installation pieces. Represented by W Gallery, Space Gallery in Denver and Jim Kempner Fine Art in NYC.

Sandi Poltorak

Pine Moon Fine Art

117 Ninth St.


615-838-6512, 970-879-2787


Pencil artist who finds inspiration in wildlife, Native Americans and intriguing structures. Work available through Pine Moon Fine Art. Commissions welcomed.

Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 33


Jace Romick Gallery

837 Lincoln Ave. 970-819-9384



Steamboat native Jace Romick presents a stunning collection of his Western photography, fine art by local artists and Indigenous photography by Roland Reed (1864-1934).

Oehme Graphics

2655 Copper Ridge Cir., Unit #1 970-870-6609


Fine print publishing specializing in etchings and monotypes by worldrenowned artists, and featuring printmaking workshops and gallery exhibitions. Call for an appointment.

Pine Moon Fine Art

117 Ninth St. 970-879-2787



A distinctly unique gallery, Pine Moon Fine Art curates a new exhibition every month with both traditional and contemporary works for every taste.

Steamboat Art Museum

807 Lincoln Ave. 970-870-1755



Presenting exhibitions celebrating the work of living masters, historic work relevant to the culture and heritage of the West, and educational artistic opportunities for all ages. Free admission.

Steamboat Creates

Depot Art Center

1001 13th St. 970-879-9008


The foundational organization for arts and culture. Classes, events, advocacy and opportunities. Certified Colorado Creative District. Tues.-Fri. 11 a.m.4 p.m., Sat. 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Tread of Pioneers Museum

800 Oak St. 970-879-2214


The museum offers engaging and interactive exhibits featuring regional history for everyone of all ages. See website for listing of exhibits, events, programs and tours.

34 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024



W Gallery

115 Ninth St.


Facebook gallery@westelev.com

A small yet forward-thinking gallery featuring solo artists and small group shows with an emphasis on modern and contemporary art.

Wild Horse Gallery

802 Lincoln Ave. 970-879-5515



Fine contemporary realism by local, regional and nationally known artists for the discriminating collector. Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m., or by appointment, 970-819-2850.


Yampa River

Botanic Park

1000 Pamela Lane



Six-acre botanical garden along the Yampa River blooms from spring to fall. Enjoy 27 sculptures and performing arts programs throughout the summer. Free.

Zandee Gallery

703 Lincoln Ave.




Explore the world of Tim Zandee's landscape photography. Private appointments available.

performing arts

Performing Arts



bit.ly/SteamboatSpringsPerformingArts Colorado New Play Festival, Opera Steamboat, PerryMansfield, Piknik Theatre, Strings Music Festival, Steamboat Creates, Steamboat Dance Theatre, Steamboat Symphony Orchestra, Undiscovered Earth.

Piknik Theatre



Piknik Theatre is the professional theatre company for Northwestern Colorado, featuring theatre education workshops and outdoor theatre productions.

Yampa Valley Arts & Culture Guide • 35

Steamboat Symphony Orchestra



See our website for performances. Integrating the experience of orchestral music into the heart of our community through outstanding professional performances and accessible music education.


950 Strings Rd. 970-879-5056, ext. 105 (box office)


Strings offers year-round music for all tastes from classical to contemporary. Exceptional performances in an intimate setting.

Steamboat Art Museum Store

Eighth Street and Lincoln Avenue





36 • Volume 17, Edition 2, 2024
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Featured artist Sandi Poltorak
Strings Music Pavilion
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