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THE HOLIDAY AUCTION featuring Estate Jewelry & Silver, Couture & Textiles, and Toys & Dolls Sale 2530M

December 15 & 16, 2010



Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art


Discovery Auction featuring Wedgwood January 19 & 20, 2011 Sale #2534M

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The Holiday Auction featuring Estate Jewelry & Silver, Textiles & Couture, and Toys & Dolls specialists in charge

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auction 2530M Session I, Lots 1-908: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 10 a.m. Session II, Lots 1001-1925: Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 10 a.m. 274 Cedar Hill Street Marlborough, Massachusetts preview Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 to 5 p.m.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

9 to 10 a.m.

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Session I - Lots 1-908 1. Pair of Gorham Sterling Five-light Convertible Candelabra, ht. 13 in. $300-500 2. Gorham Classical-style Silver-plated Tureen, with scrolled edge, lg. 15 in. $100-150 3. Group of Silver and Silver-plated Serving Items, including two sterling Revere-type trophy bowls, a Fisher sterling plate, and a silver-plated server, approx. 46 troy oz. $400-600 4. Pair of Rococo Brass Candlesticks, ht. 9 in. $200-300 5. Georgian-style Silver-plated Hot Water Urn, with ivory spigot finial, ht. 13 1/2 in. $150-200 6. Pair of International Prelude Pattern Sterling Weighted Three-light Candelabra, ht. 17 1/2 in. $200-400 7. Rogers Silver-plated Punch Serving Set, includes twelve cups, a ladle, and underplate, sold with four additional silver-plated serving pieces. $200-300 8. Redfield & Rice Silver-plated Hot Water Kettle on Stand and a Silver Ewer, possibly Danish, (repaired at base), approx. 14 troy oz. $50-75 9. Pair of Cartier Sterling Weighted Candlesticks, ht. 7 in. $100-125 10. Group of Silver-plated Table Items, including a partial Pairpoint coffee/tea service, a pair of three-light sterling weighted low candlesticks (damage), a tray, a pair of casters, etc. $75-125

11. Pair of Neoclassical-style Sheffield Silverplated Candlesticks, ht. 9 1/2 in. $150-200

21. Set of Twelve Whiting Sterling Silver Soupspoons, approx. 12 troy oz. $200-250

12. Group of Sterling Flatware and Serving Items, a weighted sterling tazza, a weighted sterling creamer and sugar bowl (damage), and sixteen assorted American sterling flatware and serving items, approx. 10 troy oz. $150-250

22. Group of Miscellaneous Sterling Silver Items, a Mexican bud vase, two pairs of salt and pepper shakers, a small table frame, hair brush, a set of five coasters in a frame, and seventeen assorted sterling-handled flatware and utensils. $200-300

13. Approximately Eleven Pieces of Silverplated Tableware, including a pair of 19th century silver-plated weighted candlesticks, a gravy boat, a Wallace footed bowl, a circular tray with classical medallion, trays, a Georgian-style tea caddy, etc. $300-500 14. Pair of Three-light .800 Silver Candelabra, (damage), ht. 11 1/2 in. $100-200 15. Reed and Barton Sterling Five-piece Hampton Court Coffee/Tea Service, sold with a silver-plated tray, approx. 60 troy oz. $800-1,200

23. Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Deck of Playing Cards Sleeve, impressed post-1945 hallmark, “Denmark, 366 C.” $100-150 24. Continental Silver-handled Fish Flatware Set for Five, five knives and five forks, with gold-washed blades/tines, together with an Italian silver souvenir spoon, and six silverplated fruit decorated flatware items. $200-300 25. Three Assorted Sterling Silver Cases, a cigarette, card, and a woman smoker’s profile portrait-decorated cigarette case. $150-200

16. Silver-plated Epergne, weighted with four arms, ht. 14 in. $300-500

26. Two Pairs of Glass-lined Sterling Silver Footed Salts and an .800 Silver Lidded Salt with Spoon, a pair of Wallace cobalt-lined and a pair of reticulated and ruby glass lined. $150-200

17. Pair of Tiffany Silver Soldered Rococostyle Silver-plated Candlesticks, with a pair of Derby Silver Company silver-plated candlesticks, ht. to 11 in. $250-350

27. Frank Whiting & Company Sterling Silver Water Pitcher, no monogram, ht. 10 in., approx. 24 troy oz. $150-250

18. Lunt Sterling Silver Partial Flatware Set for Eight, Counterpoint pattern, cased, approx. 52 pieces, approx. 46 troy oz. $400-500 19. Group of Silver Flatware and Personal Items, four Whiting/Gorham serving pieces, four coin silver spoons, a Italian silver case, sold with a silver-plated tape measure, etc. $150-250 20. Tiffany Sterling Hand Mirror, a sterling lidded humidor and desk blotter. $150-250

28. Watson Company Queen Anne-style Three-piece Sterling Silver Coffee Set, marked “Exemplar,” approx. 20 troy oz. $150-250 29. Classical Four-piece Italian .800 Silver Coffee/Tea Service, gold-washed interiors, approx. 48 troy oz. $600-800 30. Fisher Five-piece Sterling Silver Coffee/ Tea Service, two pots, creamer, covered sugar, and waste bowl, approx. 48 troy oz. $200-300

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31. Poole Georgian Pattern Sterling Silver Water Pitcher, approx. 24 troy oz. $200-300 32. Redlich & Company Sterling Silver Decanter and Six Cordials. $200-300 33. American Sterling Coffeepot, Tazza and Set of Twelve Ice Stirrer/Spoons, approx. 22 troy oz. $200-300 34. Group of Silver-plated Tableware, a W. B. Webb water pitcher, a Oneida presentation plate, a footed Sheffield teapot with bone finial, a ladle, and a footed serving dish. $100-200 35. Asian-style Silver-plated Tray, unmarked, with Asian calendar figures in relief, dia. 17 in. $100-200 36. Set of Eight Randahl Sterling Silver Cordials, ht. 4 1/4 in. $150-250 37. Four Richard Dimes Sterling Porringers and a Footed Randahl Compote, compote ht. 4 1/2 in. $150-200 38. Two Sterling Table Items, a Whiting reticulated fruit bowl, and a smaller International shaped-edge dish, approx. 10 troy oz. $150-200 39. Large Reed & Barton Sterling Footed Dish and a Sterling Reticulated Bowl, dia. to 13 in. $200-400 40. Reed & Barton Sterling Francis I Dish and Silver Flatware, a set of twelve Whiting forks, and a Durgin serving spoon. $150-200 41. Set of Twelve Sterling Silver Spoons, unidentified mark, floral decoration, ht. 6 in. $100-150


42. Group of Silver and Silver Weighted Serving Items, a Whiting sterling plate, a Newport sterling reticulated plate, a weighted dish, and a silver and cobalt glass lined mustard pot with spoon. $300-400 43. Five Late Victorian Silver-plated Table Items, a silver plated humidor, a figural footed server, a Wilcox cupid figural serving dish, a Simpson, Hall & Miller naturalistic decorated dish, another serving dish, and a Meriden two-handled football trophy cup. $50-75 44. Group of Silver and Silver-plated Flatware and Other Items, a boxed set of twelve Swedish demitasse spoons, three silverplated serving items, a assortment of enamel and souvenir demitasse spoons, and a Richard Dimes presentation silver bowl dated 1942. $250-350 45. Twelve Assorted 19th Century Coin Silver Spoons, sold with an International silverplated serving piece, approx. 14 troy oz. $200-300 46. Gorham Eleven-piece Silver Vanity Set, including four silver lidded colorless glass jars, a hand mirror, etc. $250-350 47. Three Silver and Weighted Table Items, a pair of sterling weighted low candlesticks with glass chimneys, and an Amston sterling silver reticulated edged plate. $100-150 48. Approximately Sixteen Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons, Gorham, Towle, Durgin, etc., approx. 8 troy oz. $150-250 49. Nine Sterling Silver Texas Souvenir Spoons, mostly Richard Wallace or W & H. $50-100 50. Four Sterling Revere-style Bowls, assembled graduated set, Wallace, and two by Gorham, approx. 56 troy oz. $300-500

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51. Gorham Sterling Silver Partial Flatware Service, Rondo pattern, approx. 50 pieces. sold with a set of five Whiting sterling spoons, and a salt spoon. $800-1,200 52. Georgian-style Oval Handled Tray and an International Circular Tray with Pierced Rim. $100-150 53. Group Sterling Silver Flatware, three-piece sterling-handled carving set, a silver-plated ladle, silver tongs, and two ladles and a spoon. $100-150 54. Camusso Peruvian Sterling Silver Round Presentation Charger, approx. 20 troy oz. $100-150 55. Nine Silver Table and Serving Items, including a Lebkuecher & Co. table picture frame, a set of four Dominick & Haff butter dishes, a Richard Dimes dish, a Gorham shell-dish, and two other dishes, approx. 36 troy oz. $150-250 56. Five Continental Glass and Silver Decanters, four silver cased, in two sets and a single decanter. $100-150 57. Approximately Seventeen Pieces of Sterling Silver, including napkin rings, six silver spoons, five small purse items, two pencils, a watch, etc., approx. 10 troy oz. $150-200 58. Large Group of Silver-plated Serving Items, including a Wilcox double-figural cupid napkin ring, a iced water pitcher, trays, cruet set, etc. $200-300 59. Almazon Silver-plated Vase, with rope decoration around the neck of the vase, in Asprey box, ht. 7 in. $150-250

60. Group of Assorted Sterling Silver Flatware, including five partial knife sets, two are Reed & Barton, some early 20th/late 19th century, and a group of silver spoons, forks and serving items by Gorham, Dominick & Haff, etc. approx. 24 troy oz. $200-250 61. Group of Sterling Silver and Silver-plated Souvenir Spoons, approx. 6 troy oz. weighable silver. $100-150 62. Bag of Sterling Silver and Silver-plated Accessories, including Lunt sterling porringer, a sterling mug, a French Louis XIII wine taster, a pair of Norwegian sterling casters, a pair of Reed & Barton low sterling silver candlesticks with etched glass globes, etc. $150-250 63. Approximately Thirteen Pieces of Silver Serving and Flatware Items, Gorham, Dominick & Haff, etc. sold with two silverplated items, approx. 14 troy oz. $200-250 64. Three Silver-plated Trays, two footed trays, one by Coronet, and a International square reticulated-edge tray. $200-300 65. Nine Pieces of Coin Silver Flatware, 19th century, approx. 2 troy oz. $100-150 66. Watson Partial Sterling Marlborough Pattern Flatware Set for Eight, approx. 42 pieces. $400-600 67. Gorham Sterling Underplate and Gravy Boat with Silver and Silver-plated Flatware, including a group of six sterling spoons, and a group of silver-plated flatware. $100-200 68. Starr & Marcus Neo-classical Footed Basket and a Sterling Silver Pail, approx. 15 troy oz. $400-600

69. Tiffany Sterling Silver Reticulated Basket, swing handle, ht. 8 1/2 in. $400-600 70. Two Silver Cased Perfume Bottles and a Double Perfume Bottle, one is Birmingham, 1916, the other silver case is early 20th century. $300-500 71. Group of Old Newburyport Crafters Silver Flatware, large serving spoon, two tongs, spoons and forks, approx. 52 troy oz., and several sets of sterling-handled knives by other makers. $500-700 72. Two Silver Topped Canes, one sterling and niello, the other hand hammered marked .800, lg. to 34 1/2 in. $100-150 73. Approximately Twenty-four Assorted Flatware Items, including a set of six sterling continental ice cream spoons, a set of six sterling teaspoons, and a set of twelve Dominick & Haff seafood forks, approx. 12 troy oz. $200-400 74. Group of Sterling Silver Flatware, including a I Black coin pair of tongs, a pair of sterling repose salad servers, a set of ten sterling iced tea stirrers/straws (one lacking bowl), a set of seven Meridian sterling spoons, a sterlinghandled carving set, etc., sold with a set of four silver-plated demitasse spoons, approx. 16 troy oz. $75-125 75. S&S Silver-plated Cocktail Shaker, ht. 10 in. $100-150 76. Three Partial Sets of Silver-plated Fish Knives, mother-of-pearl handles. $150-250 77. Group of Mostly Silver Weighted and Silver-plated Table Items, a pair of Hamilton weighted tall candlesticks, a pair of Whiting weighted candlesticks, a set of four low casters, a set of tall casters, a Gorham sterling napkin ring, a small JMS sterling child’s mug, etc. $200-300

78. Sandona .800 Silver Dish and Pair of .800 Silver Salts with Cobalt Glass Inserts, includes one additional cobalt glass insert. $100-200 79. Nine Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons, mostly famous people, John Whillier, Joseph Johnson, Jefferson Davis, and including Mississippi flag, etc. $75-100 80. Eight Silver Items, a Tiffany sterling silver lighter, a Whiting dish, a Gorham sterling handled presentation cup, a porcelain and silver coaster, a Continental silver mounted cup and porcelain liner, a mate cup and underplate, etc. $250-350 81. Group of Silver Table Items, including a pair of Duchia weighted sterling three-light candlesticks,, a fourteen piece Towle sterling silver desert set in Royal Windsor pattern, a pair of sterling table urns, three Tiffany sterling cup frames, one insert, and a pair of sterling weighted low candlesticks. $200-300 82. Seven Small Silver Table and Vanity Items, a Gorham sterling tazza, a small Whiting dish, a silver cased ring box, a Wallace sterling and porcelain cased dessert flatware service, a Gorham sterling reticulated basket, a silver pin tray, and a Gorham silver and colorless glass pin holder. $200-300 83. Group of Silver Desk, Vanity and Table Items, set of four sterling blotter corners, a sterling table frame marked BU in a circle, a Tiffany sterling Revere-style bowl, two sterling topped jars, a silver-plated and colorless glass basket, a Kerr & co. sterling mug, etc. $200-300 84. International Silver Co. Sterling Silver Teapot and Sterling Strainer, teapot is monogrammed, approx. 4 troy oz. $100-150 85. Seven Sterling Silver Mounted Scent/ Colognes, Dresser Jars and Inkwells, including a large Gorham jar, ht. to 4 1/2 in. $150-200

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95. Redlich & Co. Sterling Silver Fruit Bowl, approx. 16 troy oz. $150-250

104. Tiffany Sterling Silver Porringer, Saart Sterling Mug, and Four Casters. $150-250

87. Group of Approximately Forty-eight Miscellaneous American Silver Flatware Items, including a set of six Alvin in Della Robbia pattern, a set of twelve Richard Wallace forks, etc., approx. 22 troy oz. $400-600

96. Group of Silver and Other Items, including a Tiffany sterling cased three-bottle perfume, a British silver-topped colorless glass inkwell, a Gorham silver cased bottle, a four-piece brass desk set, and a blue and white ceramic inkwell (damaged). $250-350

105. English Silver-plated Silver Bun Warmer, engraved Heraldic Crest and “NE Vile Fano,” with ivory handle, ht. 7 1/2 in. $150-200

88. Group of Miscellaneous Silver and Silverplated Flatware, Gorham, Dominick & Haff, Towle, Georg Jensen, etc. including a set of six Dominick & Haff demitasse spoons, approx. 28 troy oz. $700-900

97. Two Pairs of Candlesticks, a Gorham Queen Anne-style pair of tall candlesticks, and a pair of Gorham silver weighted three-light candelabra, ht. to 10 1/2 in. $300-350

86. Set of Six Silver Demitasse Cups, Sweden, c. 1970, marked GAB, with gold-washed interior. $200-300

89. Group of Sterling, Silver-plated, and Weighted Casters. a set of four Reed & Barton silver weighted casters, a three-piece silver-plated caster set with stand, and a English James Dixon and Sons, Sheffield sterling caster c. 1846. $100-150 90. Three Sterling-handled Poultry Shears, one by Tiffany. $150-250 91. Group of Silver Flatware and Dresser Articles, Gorham, Towle, etc., including a Gorham Chesterfield pattern, a .800 silver salt, coin silver spoons, several .800 silver pots, casters, a nutcracker, etc., sold with a silver-plated ladle, approx. 24 troy oz. $400-600 92. Three Scandinavian Silver Items, including Swedish .830 silver sauce ladle, a Swedish sauce bowl c. 1963, and a pair of tongs, approx. 8 troy oz. $150-200 93. Eight Silver Personal Items, a Reed & Barton silver purse, a silver filigree card case, a pair of German silver buckles, and four silver card cases, approx. 9 troy oz. $200-300 94. Group of Assorted Silver Vanity Items, four William Kerr silver vanity items, another three silver vanity items, and a silver-handled shoehorn. $200-300


98. Tuttle Three-piece Sterling Silver Demitasse Serving Set, retailed by Shreve, Crump & Low, ivory handle and finial, ht. to 10 1/2 in. $200-300 99. Four Sterling Silver Mounted Scent/ Colognes Bottles, a International sterling topped cologne bottle, an N. Brothers London double-scent bottle, c. 1898, a Gorham silver topped bottle, and a silver-topped round bottle. $200-300 100. Four Sterling Silver Items, a Gorham sterling silver goblet, ht. 8, a Tiffany sterling silver bud vase, ht. 7 1/2 in., and two Wallace plates, approx. 40 troy oz. $250-350 101. Continental Sterling Silver Double Table Frame, ht. 6 1/2 in. $75-100 102. Four Vanity Items, two sterling-topped jars, a Derby silver-plated hand mirror, and a sterling-handled buttonhook. $100-200 103. Four Sterling Table Items, a heart-shaped Gorham sterling dish, a Whiting dish, a Reed & Barton footed tazza, and a S. Kirk dish, approx. 12 troy oz. $150-250

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106. Group of Silver-plated Table and Serving Items, including six martini glasses, a mixed metal covered dish, two figural napkin ring/ card holder, two circular napkin rings, and a pair of Meriden silver-plated candelabra (damage). $300-500 107. Victorian Silver-plated Tazza, c. 1860s, decorated with winged horses on the base, and ram’s head supports, cut glass liner, ht. 21 1/2 in. $100-200 108. Four Sterling Silver Picture Frames, including one by Lunt and one by W & S, ht. to 14 1/2 in. $200-250 109. Assembled Tiffany and Gorham Silver and Silver-plated Four-piece Coffee Service, includes a Gorham sterling coffeepot and sugar bowl, and Tiffany silver-plated creamer and waste bowl. $700-900 110. Five Silver-plated Serving Items, a set of two Waters and Thorpe creamer and sugar bowl, a teapot, a silver-plated hot water urn, and a handled tray. $150-250 111. Twenty-one Pieces of Ivory- and Bonehandled Flatware and Eight Carved Ivory Napkin Rings, 19th century, the flatware primarily British. Note: Property sold for the benefit of the Brooklyn Museum. $100-150 112. Twenty-four Sterling and Silver-plated Table Items, a sterling match urn, and a silver-plated trivet, two footed pitchers, a set of five mint julep cups, a caster set, champagne bucket, Revere-style bowl, a set of six cordials, and six assorted trays and platters. $100-125

113. Eleven Assorted Sterling and Silver-plated Table Items, a sterling silver footed sugar, a pair of candleholders, and a set of six sherbet bases, a silver-plated caster and English tea caddy. $100-150 114. Four Pieces of Sterling Silver Serving Flatware and Eleven Pieces of Coin Silver Flatware, including Tiffany & Co. sterling sugar tongs and two ladles, a Dominick & Haff marrow scoop, seven coin teaspoons, two salt spoons, and two dinner spoons, along with a silver-plated openwork bonbon scoop and a tea strainer. $100-150 115. Gorham Sterling Silver Bread Tray, monogrammed, approx. 7 troy oz. $100-150 116. Sixteen Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons, mostly European, including several enameled examples. $75-125 117. Approximately Eighteen Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons, mostly early American, including Liberty Bell, Army and Navy, Plymouth, etc. $150-250 118. Group of Silver-plated Tableware, a Meriden Britannia Co, wine bottle holder, a Rogers champagne bucket, a German leafshaped tray, a bread tray, a Blackington fenced tray, and a small S. Kirk sterling dish. $150-200 119. Approximately Twenty Assembled Partial Coin Silver Flatware Items, various makers and monograms, approx. 29 troy oz. $150-200 120. Group of Silver and Weighted Silver Serving Items, including a Tuttle sterling mug, a McChesney Co. sterling silver porringer, a weighted silver creamer and sugar bowl, five silver napkin rings, a Tuttle dish, a Gorham pin tray, approx. 20 troy oz. $250-350

121. Seven Small Silver Tableware Items, including a pair of table urns, a sterling spoon, a pair of Gorham tongs, a toast holder, and two silver marrow spoons. $150-250 122. Georgian Wine Funnel and Early Continental Spoon, (altered). $150-200 123. Group of Sterling Silver Flatware, including a Shreve, Crump & Low Continental-style spoon, a Reed & Barton ladle, a Towle pair of tongs, a Stieff pair of tongs, a Whiting sterling serving cutter, other tongs, spoons, and small items, approx. 11 troy oz. $150-200 124. Approximately Sixteen Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons, approx. 8 troy oz. $150-250 125. Wallace Sterling Silver Gothic Revival Rheims Pattern Partial Flatware Service, approx. 70 pieces, approx. 48 troy oz. $400-600 126. Georg Jensen Stainless Flatware Partial Service for Twelve, Denmark. $50-75 127. Group of Silver and Silver-plated Flatware and Serving and Other Items, a pair of weighted sterling casters, a Preisner silver weighted footed dish, a Reed & Barton sterling ornament, approx. fifteen pieces of silver flatware, and assorted silver-plated flatware. $75-125 128. Approximately Thirteen Silver Overlay Decanters, Vanity, and Perfume/Scent Bottles, sold with a sterling-handled nail buffer. $300-500 129. Three Silver Articles, 19th/early 20th century, a sterling presentation tankard dated 1850, a silver candlestick, and a Whiting candy dish. $200-250

130. Silver Metal Mesh Purse, late 19th/early 20th century. $75-100 131. Group of Sterling Serving and Table Items, including a group of six Gorham reticulated nut dishes, a Black, Starr & Frost reticulated large nut dish, a silver footed tazza, a Gorham reticulated dish, a pair of tongs with ball and talon decoration (untested), a Silvercraft sterling fish knife, a George Ford serving fork, a Silvercraft reticulated spoon, a bright-cut coin silver serving fork, etc., approx. 32 troy oz. $300-500 132. Large Group of Silver-plated Serving, Table, and Flatware Items, a pair of Eliot silver-plated wine coasters, a pair of George III-style silver-plated candlesticks, a Sheffield silver-plated tea caddy, salts, Victorian grape shears, flatware, etc. $50-75 133. Approximately Thirteen Pieces of Sterling Tableware, a set of six Towle sterling weighted cordial glasses, a Towle reticulated basket, a set of four Reed & Barton tumblers/ shot glasses, a Gorham dish, and a weighted tazza. $150-200 134. Whiting Six-Piece Sterling Silver Coffee and Tea Service, monogrammed, includes hot water kettle and stand, creamer, sugar bowl, waste bowl, coffeepot, and teapot, approx. 78 troy oz. $600-800 135. Three Sterling Silver Plates, by Gorham, International, and Towle, approx. 22 troy oz. $200-300 136. British Silver-plated and Ivory-handled Desert Set for Six, mahogany presentation case. $100-150 137. Three Sterling Silver Table Items, a Dominick & Haff creamer/small pitcher, a Preisner pitcher, and a Reed & Barton shaker. $150-250

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138. Group of Silver Plated Hollowware and Flatware, cocktail shakers, a hot chocolate pot, a hot water urn, partial bone-handled knife sets, etc. $50-75 139. Group of Mostly Silver-plated Serving and Flatware Items, including a boxed set of Christofle forks and spoons, a silver-plated stuffing spoon, a sterling silver ladle, a Durgin sterling shifting spoon, a Whiting sterling ladle, and assorted pieces of silver-plated flatware. $100-200 140. Group of Sterling Silver Table Items, including two Richard Dimes sterling bowls, a pair of sterling casters, and six sterling frames with colorless glass cups. $200-300 141. Approximately Thirty-Five Coin Silver Teaspoons and Soup Spoons, several partial sets, approx. 18 troy oz. $300-400

147. Group of Sterling and Silver-plated Flatware and Serving Items, including a set of eleven London sterling silver spoons by George William Adams, c. 1872, with assorted silver-plated flatware and serving pieces. $150-200 148. Set of Six Whiting Sterling Silver Louis XV Pattern Individual Asparagus Tongs. $125-150 149. Eight Silver Flatware Items and a Pair of Weighted Silver Casters. $75-125 150. Five Sterling and Silver-plated Serving Items, a large Whiting serving fork, a Gorham bright-cut spoon with engraved bird, a silverplated Caldwell serving spoon, and sterling serving slice, and bone-handled carving knife. $200-400

142. Lebanese .800 Silver Partial Flatware Service for Twelve, approximately 72 pieces, and sold with a set of twelve napkin rings, and a set of 11 corn holders, approx. 86 troy oz. $800-1,200

151. Seven Piece Gorham Sterling “Plymouth� Pattern Tea and Coffee Service, tray date marked 1919, all other pieces 1925-26, comprising vasiform teapot, coffeepot, kettle on stand with burner, covered sugar, open sugar, and creamer, coffeepot ht. 9 5/8, with a matching tray lg. 24 3/4 in., monogrammed, approx. 227 troy oz. total.

143. Two English Silver Items, London sterling salver, and a English sterling sauce ladle, marks indistinct, approx. 8 troy oz. $150-200

Provenance: Owned by Charles Rhind Joy, received as a wedding gift. He was an American Unitarian minister, educator, author, and international relief worker, as well as a contemporary of Albert Schweitzer. $3,000-4,000

144. Sheffield Silver-plated Tea Caddy, monogrammed, unmarked, c. 19th century, with pinecone-shaped carved ivory finial, ht. 5 1/2 in. $100-150 145. Two-Piece Sterling Vanity Set and Eleven Assorted Silver Demitasse Spoons. $100-200 146. Group of Silver-plated Serving Items, Reed & Barton, Taunton Silver Plate Co., Rogers, etc. c. 19th/20th century, some hotel serving items, covered servers, trays, etc $100-150


152. Group of Towle Old Lace Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware, approx. 14 troy oz. $200-300 153. Group of Sterling and Weighted Silver Items, a Tiffany makers sterling and ruby glass vase, ht. 8, a weighted silver trumpet vase, four silver napkin rings, four sterling match covers, a Reed & Barton silver-plated dish, twelve sterling frames and nine porcelain liners, and a sterling table frame. $200-300 154. Ten Coin Silver Spoons, a set of six Brown & Kirby teaspoons, and four additional spoons, approx. 4 troy oz. $100-150

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155. Thirteen Gorham Sterling Silver Spoons, St. Cloud pattern, two types of spoons, a Gorham sterling bright-cut spoon and two other spoons, approx. 14 troy oz. $200-300 156. Partial Gorham Sterling Silver Melrose Pattern Flatware Service, approx. 32 troy oz., sold with three additional silver flatware items. $600-800 157. Five Silver Items, a pair of Gorham sterling toast tongs, a silver tea strainer, a Durgin sterling scoop, a Reed & Barton sterling spoon, and a Continental spoon. $125-175 158. Tiffany English King Two-piece Carving Set. $150-200 159. International Sterling Partial Rhapsody Pattern Flatware Service for Twelve, approx. 76 pieces, approx. 82 troy oz. $600-800 160. Group of Silver Table and Decorative Items, including a set of twelve ice tea stirrers, a David Andersen Christmas spoon, a pair of Italian sterling-handled shears, and two other serving items, sold with five white metal continental-style spoons. $150-250 161. Group of Coin and Sterling Silver Spoons, a set of four Gorham Strasbourg pattern spoons, and ten coin silver spoons, approx. 8 troy oz. $200-300 162. Three Silver and Silver-plated Items, a Towle sterling presentation dish, a J. E. Caldwell silver presentation golf award, and a weighted silver bud vase, approx. 20 troy oz. $200-250 163. Five Silver Serving Pieces, a Whiting spoon, a mother-of-pearl-handled fork, a Towle sterling serving spoon, and two additional silver serving spoons. $150-250

164. International Sterling Silver Wild Rose Pattern Partial Flatware Set for Twelve, approx. 72 pieces, approx. 72 troy oz. $1,000-1,500 165. Approximately Thirty-two Pieces of Silver Flatware, Gorham, International, Towle, etc. a Silvercraft server, two Hattie Conney sterling and stone spoon, a set of six demitasse spoons, etc., approx. 22 troy oz. $150-250 166. Two Pairs of Cased British Silver-plated and Ivory-handled Serving Sets. $150-250 167. Approximately Nineteen A. Witte .800 Silver Partial Flatware Service, including two serving pieces, sold with a Durgin spoon, approx. 32 troy oz. $400-600 168. Four Small Sterling Courtland Handwrought Serving Items.


169. Group of Sterling and Coin Silver Table and Serving Items, including a London sterling ladle by Wickens, a pair of silver napkin rings, a Whiting ladle, a H. McKeen coin silver ladle, and a pair of Whiting sterling dishes. $200-300 170. Seven Silver Serving Items, including two Alvin sterling ladle, a Towle reticulated serving spoon, a Gorham sterling ladle, three additional small silver serving items, sold with four additional silver-plated or white metal items, approx. 8 troy oz. $200-400

172. Two Pairs of Weighted Silver Candlesticks, a pair of three-light convertible candelabra, and a pair of Regent tall candlesticks, ht. to 12 in. $200-400 173. Two Sterling Silver Table Items, monogrammed, a Gorham reticulated bowl and a reticulated cake plate, approx. 18 troy oz. $400-600 174. Four-Piece Gorham Tête-à-Tête Tea Set, dated 1902, monogrammed, teapot is 7/8 pint, approx. 13 troy oz. $200-250 175. Four Pieces of Sterling Silver, a Gorham sauceboat and underplate, a Towle dish, a Stieff mint julep cup, and a Gorham dish, approx. 9 troy oz. $150-200 176. Tiffany Partial Sterling Silver Faneuil Pattern Flatware Service, monogrammed “I,” approx. 76 pieces, approx. 110 troy oz. $1,000-1,500 177. Assembled Set of American and British Sterling Flatware in Fiddle Thread Pattern, some monogrammed, makers include Frank Smith, Bigelow Brothers & Kinnard, William Smith, Elizibeth Eaton, others, approx. 76 items, approx. 102 troy oz., sold with several Rogers silver-plated flatware pieces. $600-800 178. Approximately Twenty-Five Pieces of Akerly Briggs Coin Flatware, c. 1849, New York, approx. 30 troy oz. $700-900

170A. Large Group of Assorted Sterling, Coin, and Silver-plated Flatware, mixed makers, mostly American, approx. 44 troy oz., sold with a large group of silver-plated flatware. $200-300

179. Four Sterling Silver Table Items, a set of three Webster porringers, and a pierced Bailey Banks & Biddle vase, ht. 8 in., approx. 14 troy oz. $150-200

171. Group of Mixed Sterling and Coin Silver Flatware and Table Items, a Empire weighted silver trumpet vase, four silver casters, assorted sterling and coin silver flatware, various makers, approx. 24 troy oz. $150-250

180. Partial Durgin Sterling Fairfax Flatware Service, approx. 60 pieces, approx. 58 troy oz. $400-600

180A. Two Scandinavian Silver Items, including a Finnish bracelet with amethyst, and a Georg Jensen-type napkin ring. $100-150 181. Group of Gold and Gemstone Jewelry, including two diamond stickpins, a diamond solitaire ring, a 10kt gold, carved cameo, and diamond ring, a 14kt gold and opal ring, and several other gemstone rings. $300-500 182. 18kt White Gold and Diamond Solitaire, size 6. $300-400 183. Platinum and Diamond Navette Cocktail Ring, lg. 1 in., size 7 1/2. $500-700 184. Four Gold, Diamond, and Colored Stone Jewelry Items, an 18kt white gold, emerald, and diamond ring, an 18kt white gold, sapphire, and diamond ring, a 14kt gold, sapphire, and diamond bar pin, and a 14kt rose gold, diamond, and ruby lady’s wristwatch. $500-700 185. Large Group of Costume Jewelry, including beaded necklaces, gold-tone jewelry, rhinestone and paste items, brooches, and other items. $150-200 186. Large Group of Costume Jewelry, including beaded necklaces, wristwatches, and some signed brooches. $100-150 187. Group of Mostly Antique Brooches, including several painted porcelain and three paste. $150-250 188. Large Group of Single Cuff Links. $150-250 189. Small Group of Antique Jewelry, including a carved coral brooch, a carved coral rose pendant, two strands of malachite and tiger’seye, several marcasite brooches, a 14kt gold-framed shell-carved cameo pendant/ brooch, and a sterling silver, marcasite, and chrysoprase suite. $250-350

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190. Man’s Coin Silver National Watch Co. Pocket Watch, dial dia. 1 3/4 in. $75-100 191. Group of Victorian Brooches, some karat gold, some enameled. $300-500 192. 18kt White Gold, Diamond, and Blue Diamond Ring, marked “SJI” inside band, total 5.7 dwt, size 7 1/2. $400-600 193. Large Group of Clips, including sterling silver, enamel, rhinestone, marcasite, and paste examples. $250-350 194. Small Group of Sterling Silver Jewelry, including several Mexican sterling silver brooches and earrings, some set with abalone, one marked “Carlos,” a Mexican sterling silver bead necklace, a Danecraft sterling silver bird brooch, and other items. $150-200 195. 14kt White Gold, Diamond, and Sapphire Buckle Ring, size 6 3/4. $300-500 196. Large Group of Pocket and Wristwatches, including Hamilton, Waltham, Elgin, and Grüen. $300-500

200. Large Group of Cuff Links and Cuff Buttons, including gilt, coral, mother-of-pearl, enamel, and onyx examples. $600-900

209. Group of Coral Jewelry, including two coral necklaces, brooches, earrings, and several carved coral items, (damage). $250-350

201. Group of Gold Jewelry, including an 18kt gold Jensen band, a 14kt gold gem-set elf brooch, two 14kt gold and diamond insect brooches, and two 14kt gold gem-set brooches, one diamond, the other amethyst and seed pearl, total 20.5 dwt. $400-600

210. Group of Mostly Sterling Silver Jewelry and Accessories, including a number of buckles, two matchsafes, a bracelet, and other items. $200-300

202. Small Group of Amethyst Jewelry, an antique 9kt gold, amethyst, and seed pearl pendant necklace, (missing a pearl), a 14kt gold and amethyst ring, and a pair of goldfilled amethyst earrings. $250-350 203. Group of Gold Jewelry, including a 14kt gold charm bracelet with mostly 14kt gold charms, 36.2 dwt, gem-set earrings, a garnet necklace, and other items. $800-1,200 204. Large Group of Lingerie and Bar Pins, some gold, with some examples decorated with enamel or seed pearls. $250-350 205. Group of Mostly Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a pair of Mexican sterling silver and amethyst earclips, an Art Deco-style sterling silver and paste bracelet, hardstone necklaces and bracelets, a large number of pairs of earrings, and other items. $200-300

197. Large Group of Fleur-de-lis Brooches, together with a number of assorted lockets, bracelets, and pendants. $300-400

206. Small Group of Antique Gilt-metal Jewelry, including two necklaces, two bracelets, a pair of earrings, a slide, and other items. $200-300

198. Group of Mostly Sterling Silver and Turquoise Jewelry including four cuff bracelets, several rings, two sterling silver and turquoise cross pendants, a turquoise necklace, and other items. $100-200

207. Teufel Motion 14kt Gold and Diamond Ring and Earrings, with spinning diamond crescent moon shapes, total 5.7 dwt, ring size 6 1/4. $300-500

199. Small Group of Sterling Silver and Silver Filigree Jewelry, including two articulated fish, several brooches, a ring, and other items. $150-250


208. Group of Hardstone, Micromosaic, and Enamel Jewelry, including a gold-plated compact, a large number of hardstone brooches and pendants, two micromosaic brooches, a micromosaic stickpin, a pair of micromosaic earrings, several enameled pins and brooches, and other items. $300-400

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211. Small Group of Gold Jewelry, a 15kt gold wishbone brooch and three 14kt gold items, total 10.1 dwt, and four 10kt gold gem-set bar pins, total 5.9 dwt. $250-450 212. Small Group of Antique Gem-set Stickpins, including diamonds, amethyst, tiger’s-eye, and seed pearls. $300-500 213. Group of Four Unmounted Stones, two diamonds, one synthetic diamond, and an opal, diamonds approx. 0.35 and 0.25 cts. $350-450 214. Group of Mostly Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a Mexican silver and turquoise butterfly brooch, a large peacock brooch, a Parenti sterling silver bracelet, a Beau Sterling trumpet brooch, and other items. $250-350 215. Group of Antique Ivory and Painted Porcelain Jewelry, including carved ivory necklaces, bracelets, and brooches, and several painted porcelain items, including Royal Worcester and Coalport brooches. $200-300 216. Six 14kt Gold Gem-set Rings, three diamond, two ruby, and one opal, total 11.0 dwt. $300-500 217. Group of Mostly Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a Mexican sterling silver necklace, brooch, and earrings, a Sten & Laine sterling silver bracelet, several Danish guilloche enamel items, a Danecraft sterling silver necklace, and other items. $200-300

218. Group of Antique Hat and Stickpins, some gem-set. $150-250 219. Group of Wedgwood and Wedgwood-style Jewelry, including a light blue jasper heartshaped pendant in original Wedgwood box, two pairs of earrings, a brooch, a necklace, and two pairs of cuff links. $250-350 220. Small Group of Mostly Rhinestone and Paste Costume Jewelry, including a Boucher rhinestone and pearl necklace, a Boucher brooch, and a number of brooches, earrings, and clips. $200-300 221. Small Group of Signed Costume Jewelry, including a Coro Duette rhinestone brooch, several Weiss suites, additional Weiss brooches and earclips, an enameled Trifari flower brooch, a pair of Kramer white metal flowerhead earclips, and a pair of Panetta rhinestone earclips. $250-350 222. Christian Lacroix Pink Heart Brooch, in gold-tone frame, initials “CL” on the heart, stamped “Christian Lacroix” on the reverse, in original box. $150-250 223. Five Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Pendants. $200-300 224. Small Group of Gold and Hardstone Jewelry, including a small 18kt gold Cartier pendant, a 14kt gold and diamond owl brooch, total 9.6 dwt, a 14kt gold, jade, and pearl butterfly brooch, a 14kt gold and hardstone bangle, and a small carved jade figure. $400-600 225. Group of Gold and Gold-filled Jewelry, including several antique enameled items, lingerie pins, a gold-filled bangle, and other items. $250-350 226. Group of Mostly Antique Rhinestone and Paste Jewelry, including brooches, bracelets, and earrings $200-300

227. Group of Micromosaic Jewelry, including brooches, earrings, pendants, and a large buckle. $250-350 228. Small Group of Jade Jewelry, including a number of carved pendants. $200-300 229. Two 14kt Gold and Diamond Rings, a 14kt white gold and diamond cluster ring, and an antique 14kt gold, diamond, and ruby flowerhead ring, sizes 5 1/4 and 3 1/2, respectively. $200-300 230. 14kt Gold and Diamond Three-stone Ring, size 7 3/4. $400-600 231. Group of Costume Jewelry, including two modern Bakelite bangles, brooches, beaded necklaces, hardstone pieces, and other items. $150-250 232. Small Group of Gold Jewelry, a 14kt gold and diamond flower brooch, total 10.2 dwt, a 14kt gold and ruby cocktail ring, a 14kt gold gem-set clasp, and a low-karat gold, diamond, and pink gemstone ring. $300-500 233. Three 1940s Diamond Rings, a platinum and diamond ring, and two white gold, diamond, and gemstone rings, sizes 3 1/2 to 6 1/4. $200-300 234. 18kt Bicolor Gold, Diamond, and Sapphire Pendant, total 3.4 dwt, lg. 1 in. $400-600 235. Three Gold and Opal Rings, an 18kt gold, opal, and diamond flowerhead ring, and two 14kt gold and opal rings, sizes 6 to 6 1/2. $300-500 236. Small Group of Rhinestone and Paste Costume Jewelry, a baroque pearl and rhinestone necklace and matching earclips, a necklace, bracelet, and single earclip suite, and an additional necklace and two pairs of earrings. $150-250

237. 14kt Gold, Diamond, and Lapis Lazuli Ring, total 10.7 dwt, sized to an 8 1/2. $300-500 238. Large Group of Assorted Costume Jewelry. $150-200 239. 14kt White Gold and Diamond Art Decostyle Bracelet, lg. 7 1/4 in. $300-500 240. Lady’s Movado 14kt Gold Bracelet Wristwatch, back of case inscribed “M.T.K. 2-4-64,” total 29.3 dwt, lg. 6 3/4 in. Provenance: Sold by the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts, for the benefit of acquisition funds. $500-700 241. Pair of 14kt Gold and Diamond Cuff Links, total 4.8 dwt. $100-150 242. Vintage Coro Rhinestone and Enamel Turtle Brooch, 1940s, lg. 3 1/2 in. $150-250 243. Vintage Coro Rhinestone, Enamel, and Pearl Flower Brooch, lg. 4 in., (one pearl loose but present). $150-250 244. Group of Costume Jewelry and Wristwatches, including a Hobe paste necklace, a pair of Kramer paste earrings, several other paste and rhinestone pieces, faux pearls, signed pieces by Trifari, Coro, and Lisner, and a number of wristwatches, including Gucci and Tag Heuer. $175-225 245. Group of Vintage Rhinestone Costume Jewelry, including brooches, buckles, and clips, (some missing stones). $150-200 246. Small Group of Vintage Costume Jewelry, including a rhinestone and glass bracelet and necklace (missing stones), a Trifari coral and rhinestone owl brooch, a Hattie Carnegie fish brooch, a Pell kitten brooch, a Ciner rhinestone and enamel bracelet, and other items. $200-250

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247. Small Group of Jewelry, including two pearl necklaces, one with 14kt white gold clasp, crystal items, earrings, and a number of wristwatches, including Gucci and a Babe Ruth collectible watch. $50-75 248. Five Gold-framed Cameo Brooches, three 14kt gold-framed lava cameos, and two goldframed shell-carved cameos, one 14kt gold and one 10kt gold. $250-350 249. Seven Antique Jewelry Items, including an 18kt gold and diamond bar pin, a 10kt gold and moonstone bar pin, a Victorian gold-plated and garnet bar pin, a gold and carnelian pendant, a gold and seed pearl hairwork memorial brooch, a painted porcelain brooch, and an additional Victorian brooch. $150-250 250. Vintage Hobe Costume Jewelry Suite, comprised of necklace, bracelet, and earclips. $150-250 251. 14kt Gold, Jade, and Diamond Bangle Bracelet, decorated with three winged insects, total 14.5 dwt, interior cir. 6 5/8 in. $400-600 252. Large Lot of Mostly Costume Jewelry, including Napier bangles, a Mexican silverplated bracelet, some sterling silver pieces, signed pieces from Trifari, Monet, Florenza, Tortolani, and J.J., vintage brooches, bracelets, and other items. $300-400 253. Small Group of Gemstone Jewelry, two antique silver and garnet bangles, a silver and paste bangle, and a 14kt white gold gem-set ring. $250-350 254. Lady’s Tiffany & Co. Stainless Steel Wristwatch. $150-250 255. Two Vintage Henning Koppel for Georg Jensen Enamel and Sterling Silver Abstract Brooches, (enamel loss to both). $250-350


256. Cultured Pearl Necklace with 18kt White Gold and Diamond Clasp, pearls 0.90 mm in diameter, lg. 21 in. $300-500 257. Two Gold Gem-set Rings, a 16kt gold and ruby cluster ring, indistinctly marked, and a 14kt gold and amethyst gentleman’s ring, total 12.5 dwt, sizes 5 3/4 and 10, respectively. $250-350 258. Large Lot of Costume Jewelry, including some Bakelite an resin pieces, large necklaces, vintage brooches, signed pieces from Monet, Marboux, Sarah Coventry and others, rhinestone and paste pieces, and other items. $300-400 259. 14kt Gold and Shell-carved Cameo Bracelet and Earrings, the bracelet composed of five carved cameo portrait head plaques, lg. 7 1/2 in. $600-800 260. Three Antique Gold Brooches, two lowkarat gold and onyx brooches and a 14kt gold, opal, and seed pearl brooch. $200-300 261. Small Group of Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a small Georg Jensen brooch, a pair of vintage copper-inlaid Los Castillo cuff links, and another pair of Mexican cuff links and a brooch. $200-300 262. Antique 9kt Gold, Amethyst, and Seed Pearl Suite, comprised of bracelet, brooch, and ring, (ring lacking seed pearls, brooch missing one pearl), total 14.7 dwt. $500-700 263. 14kt Gold and Diamond Leaf Brooch, with acorn hallmark, total 1.9 dwt, in Tiffany & Co. box. $200-300 264. Two Portrait Miniature Jewelry Items, an enamel-decorated memorial brooch and a velvet-banded bracelet. $250-350

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265. Large Lot of Costume Jewelry, including an Al Beres bracelet, a green enamel and rhinestone Ciner bangle, some sterling silver pieces, faux pearls, beaded necklaces, vintage brooches, earrings, and other items. $300-400 266. Antique 14kt Gold and Diamond Pendant/ Brooch, center stone approx. 0.40 cts., brooch wd. 1 3/8 in. $700-900 267. Pair of 18kt Gold and Diamond Earrings, total 4.2 dwt, lg. 1 in. $200-300 268. Erté Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold, Onyx, and Pavé Diamond Fan Brooch, signed “Erté” and with mark from Circle Fine Art, strung as a pendant on an onyx bead necklace with 14kt gold clasp, brooch wd. 2 1/2 in. $300-500 269. Contemporary Sterling Silver, Branch Coral, and Pearl Necklace, lg. approx. 16 in. $150-250 270. Three Gold Pencils, including an 18kt gold Tiffany & Co. pencil, and a small retractable screwdriver. $100-200 271. Vintage Brass Belt, c. 1960s, signed indistinctly on the reverse, lg. 29 in., with two additional links. $75-125 272. Large Group of Mostly Sterling Silver Jewelry and Accessory Items, including bracelets, small flasks and other containers, and other items. $200-400 273. Two Gold Floral Brooches, an 18kt gold, multicolored enamel, and diamond roses brooch, and a 14kt gold, frosted glass, pearl, and diamond lily-of-the-valley brooch, total 17.0 dwt, (damage). $400-600

274. Group of Jewelry Items, including an Indianstyle gem-set and enameled necklace, a lapis bead necklace, a 14kt gold and green hardstone bracelet, a vintage Coro bow brooch, a 14kt gold, ivory, and seed pearl portrait pendant and matching earrings, several pairs of gem-set earrings, and other items. $100-200 275. Two 14kt White Gold and Diamond Jewelry Items, a small cameo habille pendant of a woman in profile wearing a diamond necklace with emerald-accented white gold frame, and a white gold and diamond circle brooch. $300-500 276. Art Deco 14kt White Gold, Diamond, and Green and Pink Tourmaline Clasp, lg. 1 3/8 in., (some scratches and inclusions to the green tourmaline). $200-300 277. Art Deco Carnelian Bead Triple-strand Necklace, with marcasite accents, lg. 30 in. $300-400 278. Nephrite Jade Bead Necklace, lg. approx. 28 in., beads dia. 0.80 mm. $150-250 279. Group of Mostly Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a Beaucraft sterling silver fish brooch, a Beau Sterling botanical brooch, a Mexican sterling silver and turquoise burro brooch, a silver filigree bracelet and brooch, and a number of rings, earrings, and brooches. $250-350 280. Five Victorian Gold Jewelry Items, an 18kt gold and blue enamel brooch, a 14kt gold gem-set brooch, and a 14kt gold and carved cameo brooch and matching earrings, total 21.2 dwt. $400-600 281. Pair of 14kt Gold and Mabe Pearl Earclips, total 8.8 dwt, dia. 3/4 in. $75-125 282. Lava Cameo Bracelet, silver-mounted, composed of nine portrait head plaques, lg. 6 1/2 in. $300-500

283. Small Group of Gentleman’s Items, two pairs of 18kt gold cuff links, total 12.6 dwt, and a Dupont lighter. $200-400 284. Antique Platinum and Diamond Watch Bracelet, total 4.2 dwt, lg. 5 in. $300-500 285. Group of Coin Jewelry, including pendants, bracelets, charms, and other items. $100-150 286. 14kt Gold, Ruby, and Diamond Ring, size 7 1/4. $300-400 287. Five Antique Gold Pins, a 14kt gold, diamond, and pearl crescent and star brooch, an 18kt gold and seed pearl cross and crown pin, a 14kt gold, sapphire, and seed pearl crescent pin, a low-karat gold, pearl, and gemstone pin, and a 14kt gold stickpin, total 9.8 dwt. $200-300 288. Five Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Jewelry Items, an open heart pendant, an abstract brooch, a silver and lapis starfish brooch, and two additional pendants. $200-300 289. Small Group of Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Jewelry, a bird brooch and two pairs of botanical earrings. $150-250 290. Small Group of Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Jewelry, a modernist brooch, two pairs of geometric earrings, and a small pair of leaf earrings. $250-350 291. Small Group of Gold Jewelry, including a 14kt gold and diamond bracelet, a pair of 14kt gold girl-and-boy earrings, a 14kt gold gem-set clasp, total 15.9 dwt, a pair of 14kt gold and carved lapis lazuli earrings, a pair of low-karat gold hoop earrings, and a small group of gold watch face jewelry. $200-300

292. Seven Mostly Gold-filled and Gilt Victorian Bangles, including one 14kt gold, turquoise, pink gemstone, and seed pearl bangle, 7.1 dwt. $250-350 293. Small Group of Mexican Sterling Silver Jewelry, a silver and onyx Los Ballasteros cuff bracelet, c. 1930s, a group of Taxco gentleman’s dress items, and a silver and hardstone pendant on chain. $200-300 294. Small Group of Vintage Costume Brooches and Clips, including Trifari, Hobe, and several sterling silver pieces. $150-250 295. Group of Gold Gem-set Jewelry, including four 14kt gold and pearl bar pins, one with sapphires, two enameled, a 15kt gold, opal, and seed pearl pendant, and a 14kt gold, sapphire, and diamond stickpin, together with a gold and synthetic diamond brooch. $300-500 296. Group of Gilt and Hardstone Fobs and Watch Chains, including onyx, amber, carnelian, tiger’s-eye, and bloodstone. $250-350 297. Three Jewelry Items, a 14kt white gold, ruby, and diamond heart pendant, an 18kt white gold and diamond eternity band, and a flexible four-strand pearl bracelet with 14kt gold gem-set plaques, (one pearl loose but present). $300-500 298. Group of Mostly Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a small Georg Jensen sterling silver shell brooch, a Barry Herem sterling silver cuff bracelet, a Mexican sterling silver and turquoise necklace, a Mexican sterling silver and hardstone bracelet, an Ecuadorian sterling silver and lapis pendant, a pair of Mexican sterling silver earclips, and other items. $150-250 299. Group of McClelland Barclay Sterling Silver Jewelry, four brooches and three botanical bracelets. $150-250

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300. Pair of Retro Bicolor 14kt Gold Earclips, total 15.8 dwt, lg. 2 in. $300-500

310. White Gold, Pearl, and Diamond Ring, pearls approx. 0.80 mm, size 4 1/2. $500-700

301. 14kt Brushed Gold and Turquoise Dome Ring, total 4.3 dwt, size 4 1/2. $300-500

311. Two Bicolor Jewelry Items, a 14kt yellow and white gold necklace, total 15.4 dwt, lg. 17 1/2 in., and a stainless steel cord bracelet with 18kt gold clasp. $400-600

302. 14kt Gold, Opal, Enamel, and Seed Pearl Pendant/Brooch, total 6.2 dwt, lg. 1 5/8, wd. 1 1/8 in. $250-350 303. Small Group of 14kt Gold Jewelry, a brushed gold band, two small gem-set flower brooches, and a pair of gold, amethyst, and pearl earrings, total 11.3 dwt. $250-350 304. 14kt Gold and Diamond Necklace, total 21.9 dwt, lg. 16 in. $1,000-1,500 305. Two Gold Gem-set Bangle Bracelets, a 14kt gold and green stone bracelet, total 7.2 dwt, and a 10kt gold, turquoise, and pearl bracelet, total 6.3 dwt. $500-700 306. 14kt Gold, Onyx, and Diamond Bangle, pave-set with full-cut diamonds, flanked by onyx tablets. $400-600 307. Three Gold Gem-set Jewelry Items, a 14kt gold circle brooch, a pair of 14kt gold earrings, and a low-karat gold three-stone ring, total 8.1 dwt. $200-300 308. 14kt Gold Bracelet, composed of geometric links, 15.9 dwt, lg. 7 1/4 in. $250-350 309. 14kt Gold and Mabe Pearl Pendant and Single Matching Earring, together with a pearl heart pendant on a gold-filled triplestrand chain. $150-250


312. Small Group of Jewelry, including a 14kt gold, diamond, and baroque pearl bee pendant, a small 14kt gold and gemstone pin, several enameled charms, and other items. $200-300 313. Small Group of Jewelry, including a 14kt gold locket on a 14kt gold mesh fob chain, total 19.8 dwt, a sterling silver and stone Jenks bracelet, and other items. $300-500 314. Group of Jewelry, including a gilt and paste bangle, an amethyst ring, a seed pearl and turquoise-mounted cross, a glass bracelet and matching brooch, and other items. $250-350 315. Small Group of Asian Jewelry Items, an engraved silver box and a sterling silver and carved coral pendant necklace and matching earrings. $150-200 316. Group of Mostly Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a vintage Mexican sterling silver and turquoise brooch, and signed pieces from Coro, Lang, Beau Sterling, and Parenti, among others. $150-250 317. Small Group of Jewelry, including a 14kt white gold and diamond lady’s Rima wristwatch, a large smoky quartz heartshaped pendant, and a 14kt gold and garnet cross on 14kt gold chain. $300-400 318. Five Sterling Silver Jewelry Items and Accessories, a vintage J. Flores Mexican bracelet, Taxco, a Danecraft botanical bracelet, an opal pietra dura-style ring, a large cross pendant, and a mesh purse. $300-500

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319. Three Ethnic Silver Jewelry Items, a heavy Indian collar with depictions of gods, a flexible cable necklace, and a gold-washed silver and cabochon green hardstone ring, size adjustable. $200-300 320. Group of Mostly Middle Eastern Sterling Silver Jewelry, including bangles, rings, a thimble, and other items. Provenance: Items purportedly gifts from the Sultanate of Oman. $150-250 321. Modernist Sterling Silver Ring, Takashi Wada, with maker’s mark, size 6 1/2. $150-250 322. Small Group of Danish Modernist Sterling Silver Jewelry, a pair of Georg Jensen cuff links and matching tie bar, and a silver and crystal Age Fausing Rey Urban ring, size 6 3/4, together with a pair of sterling silver, onyx, and malachite earclips. $200-250 323. Small Group of Victorian and Mourning Jewelry, including a hairwork bracelet, an onyx bracelet and brooch, several pairs of cuff buttons, and other items. $150-250 324. Three Coral Necklaces, one angelskin coral and one red branch coral. $100-200 325. Four Antique 9kt Gold Rings, one opal and rose-cut diamond flowerhead ring, one opal band, and one set with a cabochon red stone. $200-300 326. Group of Assorted Micromosaic Jewelry, including several brooches and pairs of earrings, (damage, one earring missing wire). $250-350 327. Victorian 14kt Gold, Enamel, and Seed Pearl Slide Bracelet, total 29.7 dwt. $600-800

328. Three Pendant Watches, including a C. Bucherer sterling silver, onyx, marcasite, and gemstone watch (missing stones), and a Camille mother-of-pearl watch, 15-jewel movement. $150-250

337. Four Gold Jewelry Items, a small 18kt gold and diamond flower pin, a 14kt gold and diamond ring, a 14kt gold carved cameo ring, and a low-karat gold signet ring, total 12.8 dwt. $250-350

329. Small Group of Mostly Signed Pearl Costume Jewelry, including pieces by Givenchy, Trifari, Lisner, Coro, and others. $100-150

338. Three Gold Jewelry Items, a 14kt gold and ruby Cartier heart pendant, engraved “J.K.R. 12-9-56” on reverse, and two Italian 18kt gold brooches, total 15.7 dwt. $600-800

330. 14kt Gold Schulz Bracelet Wristwatch, with seashell-shaped watch covering, mother-ofpearl dial, in Shreve, Crump & Low box, total 39.1 dwt, interior circ. approx. 7, wd. 1 1/2 in. $1,000-1,500 331. 14kt Gold Lady’s Hunting Case Waltham Pocket Watch, with subsidiary seconds dial, together with a gold-filled watch chain. $400-600 332. Small Group of Gold Gentleman’s Items, a pair of 18kt gold and coral cuff links and matching tie bar, total 8.7 dwt, and a pair of 14kt gold scales of justice cuff links, total 8.9 dwt. $800-1,000 333. Three Jewelry Items, an 18kt gold Tiffany & Co. converted pocket watch (lacking bezel and band), a silver pocket watch (dial cracked), and a small micromosaic pin. $200-300 334. Large Group of Bow Brooches, including sterling silver and gold-filled examples, some pieces signed. $150-250 335. Group of Mostly Victorian Slides, including three opal and seed pearl slides on gold-filled chains, and enameled, gem-set, and wooden slides. $250-350 336. Two Gold, Lapis Lazuli and Diamond Jewelry Items, an 18kt gold ring and a pair of 14kt gold earrings, total 12.1 dwt, ring size 6. $400-600

339. Pair of 14kt White Gold, Diamond, and Blue Gemstone Earrings, lg. 2 1/4 in. $200-300 340. Small Antique Silver and Diamond Floral Brooch, wd. 1 3/8 in. $200-400 341. 14kt Gold Victorian Triple-strand Necklace with Enameled Slide, total 20.0 dwt, lg. approx. 15 in. $600-800 342. 18kt Gold and Diamond Bypass-style Ring, total 11.7 dwt, size 5. $500-700 343. 14kt Gold Tiffany & Co. Flower Brooch, total 4.4 dwt, wd. 1 3/4 in. $200-300 344. Group of Assorted Jewelry Items and Accessories, including Asian beaded necklaces, rhinestone pins, eyeglasses, pocketknives, and Victorian brooches. $150-250 345. Group of Sterling Silver, Hardstone, and Costume Jewelry, including a jasper necklace, a branch coral necklace, Mexican sterling silver pieces, a Lanvin brooch, and other items. $200-250 346. Gentleman’s 14kt Gold and Carved Bloodstone Ring, total 6.4 dwt, size 10 1/2. $150-250

347. Pair of 14kt Gold and Pearl Golf Club Earrings, total 4.1 dwt, lg. 1 1/4 in. $150-200 348. Two Silver and Gold Accessory Items, a 14kt gold and sterling silver Napier case and an antique silver fob, case lg. 6 3/8, wd. 3 in. $200-300 349. Group of Sterling and Costume Jewelry, including a pearl and marcasite suite, a green Claudette suite, rhinestone pieces, silver bracelets and brooches, and other items. $250-350 350. Vintage Boucher Green Paste and Rhinestone Suite, comprised of choker, bracelet, and earrings, choker lg. approx. 13 1/2, bracelet lg. 7 in. $150-250 351. Three Cara Croninger Sterling Silver Bangles, signed, interior cir. approx. 7 1/2 in. $150-250 352. Group of Silver Jewelry, including a Peruzzi silver and hardstone flower basket brooch, an Uncas sterling silver, enamel, and marcasite brooch, two Clifford Russell sterling silver and hardstone marine brooches, and other items. $200-300 353. Sterling Silver and Turquoise Suite, comprised of brooch, ring, and earrings, “NXX” engraved on reverse of brooch, ring size 9. $150-250 354. Three Bakelite Jewelry Items, two carved brooches, a butterfly and a parrot, and a ridged bangle bracelet, butterfly wd. 3 3/4, parrot lg. 4 1/4, bangle interior cir. 8 in., (butterfly with one small break). $50-60 355. Vintage Miriam Haskell Gilt, Glass, and Rhinestone Necklace, lg. approx. 14 in. $150-250 356. Vintage Miriam Haskell Faux Jade Lucite and Faux Pearl Necklace and Earclips, necklace lg. up to 16 1/2 in. $150-250

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357. 14kt Gold and Pearl Leaf Brooch and Matching Earrings, total 16.2 dwt, brooch wd. 2 in. $600-800 358. 14kt Gold, Opal, and Diamond Bangle, total 13.2 dwt, interior cir. 6 1/2 in., (one of the opals with minor nick). $500-700 359. 14kt Gold, Diamond, and Colored Gemstone Cluster Ring, set with rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, size 8. $300-500 360. Two 14kt Gold Lady’s Wristwatches, a 14kt yellow gold Baume & Mercier on a 14kt gold band, total 14.6 dwt, and a 14kt white gold and diamond Waltham on a stainless steel band, together with a 14kt gold Wittnauer watch (lacking band). $300-500 361. Two 14kt Gold Omega Lady’s Wristwatches, both on 14kt gold bands, total 33.6 dwt. $300-500 362. 14kt Gold, Jadeite, and Diamond Cocktail Ring, size 7 1/2. $200-400 363. Three Victorian Hairwork Memorial Brooches, one framed in pearls, one with enamel plaque. $150-250 364. Three Antique Gold Brooches, an 18kt gold, pearl, and enamel brooch, an 18kt gold Etruscan-style granulated lapis brooch, and a 14kt gold, lapis, and seed pearl bar pin. $300-500 365. Four Gold Jewelry Items, a 14kt gold Aesthetic Movement bangle, an 18kt gold and garnet pendant, an antique 10kt gold, gemstone, and seed pearl ring, and an additional small 14kt gold pendant. $400-600


366. Small Group of Jewelry, a string of gray pearls with 18kt white gold gem-set clasp, a pair of gray mabe pearl earrings, and four micromosaic items, (some minor losses to micromosaics). $200-300 367. Pair of Antique 18kt Gold Earpendants and an 18kt Gold and Hardstone Scarab Ring, earrings total 2.4 dwt, ring size 8 1/4. $200-400 368. Antique Silver and Rose-cut Diamond Brooch, wd. 1 1/8 in. $200-300 369. Two 14kt Gold, Sapphire, and Diamond Rings, total 7.6 dwt, yellow gold ring size 6 1/2, white gold size 6. $250-350 370. Group of Mostly Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a Taxco sterling silver and amethyst bracelet, an additional Mexican sterling silver bracelet and pair of earrings, and other items. $200-300 371. Group of Silver and Costume Jewelry, including several sterling silver bangle and cuff bracelets, a number of sterling silver brooches, a glass and turquoise beaded necklace, two sterling silver necklaces, several pairs of costume earrings, and other items. $100-200 372. Three Amber and Ivory Jewelry Items, an amber necklace, a gold-tone and scrimshaw bracelet, and a netsuke pendant. $150-200 373. Three Gold Gem-set Rings, a 14kt gold and cabochon citrine ring, a 14kt gold and cabochon amethyst ring, and a low-karat gold and amethyst ring. $250-350 374. 14kt Gold and Sculpted Mother-of-pearl Pendant, on 14kt gold chain, chain total 7.3 dwt, pendant lg. 2, chain lg. 20 in. $400-600

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375. Four Gold and Gemstone Rings, an 18kt white gold, red gemstone, and diamond ring, a 14kt white gold and amethyst ring, a 14kt yellow gold and amethyst ring, and a 14kt yellow gold and yellow gemstone ring, sizes 6 1/4 to 7 1/2. $200-300 376. Two Contemporary Gentleman’s 14kt Gold Gem-set Rings, total 19.3 dwt, sizes 9 1/4 and 10. $300-400 377. Two 14kt Gold Diamond Solitaire Rings, center stones approx. 0.50 and 0.60 cts., sizes 6 and 7 1/4. $600-800 378. Two 14kt White Gold and Diamond Jewelry Items, a four-stone ring, total diamond weight approx. 0.80 cts., size 6 3/4, and a gold and diamond lady’s Croton wristwatch, 17-jewel movement. $200-300 379. Large Group of Costume Jewelry. $200-300 380. Large Group of Watches, Clocks, Movements, Faces, and Assorted Findings. $200-300 381. Vintage Mikimoto Cultured Pearl Necklace, in original box from Ginza Tokyo store, lg. 19 in., accompanied by two vintage Mikimoto booklets. $150-250 382. Three Jewelry Items, a pair of 18kt gold Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. starfish earrings, total 3.4 dwt, in original box, and two contemporary Italian sterling silver necklaces. $150-250 383. Small Group of Mostly Sterling Silver Jewelry, a Georg Jensen sterling silver acorn brooch, a Mexican sterling silver acorn brooch after Jensen, a small sterling silver dog pendant on sterling silver chain, and a large silver hardstone-inlaid bird pendant necklace. $200-300

384. Group of David Yurman Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Jewelry, two pairs of hoop earrings, a pair of amethyst and citrine earrings, and a heart-shaped brooch. $200-400

393. Group of 14kt Gold and Carved Jade Jewelry, a bracelet comprised of six small jade plaques, a pair of earrings, and a ring, ring size 6. $400-600

401. Small Group of Assorted Jewelry, including a Waltham pocket watch, amber bead necklace, a shell-carved cameo brooch, two paste bar pins, and other items. $150-250

385. Silver and Turquoise Southwestern Squash Blossom-style Necklace, lg. 26 in. not including pendant, (some solder residue). $400-500

394. Four Jewelry Items, a 14kt gold, jade, and pearl brooch, a gilt and glass flower brooch, a silver, enamel, and hardstone circle brooch, and a 14kt gold Egyptian eye ring. $300-500

402. Eosite Cigarette Case, composed of two eosite tablets, with cabochon ruby thumbpiece, silver-gilt mount, 3 5/8 x 2 3/4 in., Georgian hallmarks, (one panel with hairline). $250-350

395. Small Group of Jewelry, a 14kt gold and pearl Ming’s bypass ring, and a low-karat gold and synthetic alexandrite ring and matching earrings. $200-400

403. 14kt Gold, Diamond, and Enamel Cuff Links and Shirt Stud, total 6.7 dwt. $100-200

386. Large Group of Chains, including some sterling silver and gold-filled examples. $100-150 387. Two 18kt Gold Tiffany & Co. and David Webb Jewelry Items, a Tiffany & Co. gold and channel-set sapphire bar pin, and a David Webb gold, cabochon ruby, and diamond ring, size 5, total 8.1 dwt, both in original boxes. $600-800 388. 14kt Gold and Amethyst Bracelet, set with eight heart-shaped amethysts, total 18.0 dwt, lg. 7 1/2 in. $600-800 389. Angelskin Coral Necklace and Earrings, the necklace of coral beads, the earrings framed in 14kt gold, necklace lg. 20 in. $300-500 390. Group of Gold and Tiger’s-eye Jewelry, a pair of 18kt gold and tiger’s-eye earrings with green enamel accents, a 14kt gold and tiger’s-eye wire bracelet, and a 14kt gold and tiger’s-eye beaded necklace. $400-600 391. Small Group of Jewelry, including two large gold-tone Napier necklaces, a hairwork memorial brooch, a gold-filled Jules Jurgensen wristwatch in original box, several signed pieces of costume jewelry, and other items. $150-200 392. Small Group of Antique Jewelry, including a number of rhinestone and paste pieces, a pair of 10kt gold cuff links, a large Victorian enameled buckle, several Liberty of London clips in original boxes, a Trifari rhinestone hand brooch, a Lisner heart-shaped padlock brooch, and other items. $100-200

396. Large Lot of Costume Jewelry, including an Yves St. Laurent wristwatch, a Rose Benedetti red-and-white polka dot bangle and earrings, an amber necklace, a Coro necklace, a vintage Coro floral brooch, two Bulova wristwatches, some signed earrings, and other items. $300-400 397. Large Lot of Costume Jewelry, including an Aristocrat travel clock, some sterling silver pieces, gentleman’s items, vintage brooches, some signed pieces from Coro, Trifari, and others, rhinestone and paste pieces, and other items. $300-400 398. Antique 10kt Gold and Hardstone Carved Cameo Ring, size 4 3/4. $150-250 399. Two Gold, Diamond, and Sapphire Jewelry Items, an Art Deco 18kt white gold, diamond, and sapphire ring, size 7 3/4, and a 14kt gold, diamond, and sapphire Tiffany & Co. lady’s wristwatch, 17-jewel movement, on later base metal band. $200-300 400. Two 14kt Gold and Diamond Rings, one three-stone ring, total diamond weight approx. 0.50 cts., and an antique sapphire and diamond ring, sizes 7 and 8, respectively. $300-500

404. Three 14kt Gold and Diamond Rings, together with a low-karat gold, emerald, and seed pearl ring. $300-400 405. 14kt Gold and Ruby Brooch, formed as a gold ball with ruby surround and gold ruffle underneath, total 11.1 dwt, wd. 1 1/2 in. $300-500 406. Five Sterling Silver Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. Jewelry Items, “Open Heart,” “Bean,” and “Teardrop” pendants, and two brooches. $250-350 407. Group of Mostly Sterling Silver Jewelry, including cuff bracelets, brooches, pendants, and other items. $200-300 408. Group of Mostly Ivory Jewelry, including carved brooches, bangle bracelets, rings, and other items. $200-300 409. Small Group of Jewelry, including a 14kt gold necklace, bracelet, and small shovel pin, total 17.7 dwt, a 14kt gold pocket watch wristwatch, and a group of 14kt gold and carved jade jewelry. $600-800 410. 14kt Brushed Gold Circular Link Bracelet, total 26.8 dwt, lg. 7 1/2 in. $800-1,200

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411. Two 18kt Gold and Diamond Rings, sizes 7 1/4 and 7 3/4. $500-700

421. Group of Floral Costume Jewelry, including several gold-tone Giovanni brooches. $150-250

412. 18kt Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Ring set with ten stones, total 4.2 dwt, size 7. $300-400

422. Group of Costume Jewelry, including a gold-filled hardstone Wells holly leaf brooch, an enameled Santa Claus brooch, a number of Christmas tree brooches, rhinestone and paste necklaces and earrings, two white metal necklaces, a group of Sadie Green earrings, and other items. $250-350

413. Large Group of Mostly Sterling Silver Jewelry and Decorative Items, including a number of small sculptures signed “Scarponi” on the wooden bases, brooches, bangle bracelets, and other items. $200-400 414. Large Group of Antique and Costume Jewelry, including several small 14kt gold brooches, lockets, stickpins, several gold rings, a large number of charms, brooches, beaded necklaces, several mother-of-pearl necklaces, and other items. $300-500 415. Three Gold Rings, a 14kt gold and diamond ring, a 14kt gold and palladium ring, and a 10kt gold and enamel Star of David ring, total 13.6 dwt. $300-500 416. Gentleman’s 14kt Gold Bulova Wristwatch. $250-350 417. Lady’s 14kt Gold Elgin Hunting Case Pocket Watch, together with two gold-filled watch chains. $200-300 418. 14kt Gold Ring, likely 1960s, designed as two intertwined, kissing figures, total 4.4 dwt, size 5 3/4. $150-250 419. Three 14kt Gold Jewelry Items, an opal and seed pearl brooch, a small pearl and emerald crown-shaped pin, and a gem-set key charm, total 7.9 dwt. $200-300 420. Lady’s 14kt Gold and Diamond Tiffany & Co. Wristwatch, mid-century, with flexible gold wristband, in original box, total 12.7 dwt. $300-500


423. Gentleman’s 14kt Gold and Diamond Ring, set with seven diamonds totaling approx. 0.70 cts., total 10.8 dwt, size 9 3/4. $600-800 424. Two White Gold, Diamond, and Gemstone Rings, an 18kt gold, opal, and diamond ring, and a 14kt gold, pearl, and diamond ring, size 7. $250-350 425. Two Diamond Bands, a wide platinum and diamond band and a narrower 14kt white gold and diamond band, c. 1950s, total 8.2 dwt, size 6 1/2. $400-600 426. Three Art Deco White Gold Jewelry Items, a 14kt gold, diamond, and sapphire bracelet, a 10kt gold and diamond pendant, and a 10kt gold and synthetic diamond bracelet, total 12.6 dwt. $400-600 427. Small Group of Pearl, Sapphire, and Diamond Jewelry, a cultured pearl necklace with sapphire and diamond pendant and 14kt gold clasp, and a pair of 14kt white gold, pearl, sapphire, and diamond earrings. $800-1,200 428. Nine Mostly 14kt Gold Art Nouveau Pins and a Group of Jewelry Design Drawings, eight 14kt gold pins and one 10kt gold, some set with seed pearls and gemstones, total 9.5 dwt. $200-300 429. Group of Jewelry Items and Accessories, including a number of sterling silver items and several small painted portraits. $150-250

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430. Two Large Bags of Costume Jewelry. $200-300 431. Large Group of Assorted Costume Jewelry. $150-200 432. Sterling Silver Shiebler Watch Holder, formed as a pair of cupids flanking a circular opening to hold a watch, wd. 4 1/2, watch opening dia. 1 1/4 in. $200-300 433. 14kt Gold and Ruby Earpendants, total 6.0 dwt, lg. 1 3/4 in. $300-500 434. Three Lava Cameo Jewelry Items, a bracelet composed of nine profile head plaques, a pin composed of three profile head plaques, and a brooch. $200-300 435. Seven Signed Sterling Silver Brooches, including two Peruzzi, one Hobe, three Cini, and one C. Ruopoli. $300-400 436. Large Group of Mostly Signed Costume Jewelry, including pieces by Anna King, Jacques, Marvella, Trifari, and others. $200-300 437. Large Group of Antique Fobs, including carnelian, amber, and onyx examples. $300-400 438. Four Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Brooches, a pair of shells, a leaf brooch, and a small floral bar pin; together with a La Paglia sterling silver flower brooch. $300-400 439. Two 14kt Gold Hunting Case Pocket Watches, an Elgin and a lady’s Waltham. $300-500 440. Pair of 14kt Gold, Mabe Pearl, Cabochon Ruby, and Cabochon Emerald Earrings, lg. 1 3/4 in. $300-500

441. Small Group of Hardstone Jewelry, four carved hardstone brooches, including carnelian, malachite, and lapis lazuli, and a faceted ring. $300-400

452. Sage Green Pearl Costume Jewelry Suite, Replica, Italy, comprised of two combinable necklaces and a pair of earclips, purchased at Mariko Palm Beach. $200-400

442. Large Group of Mostly Victorian Brooches, including some set with seed pearls or paste, and some enameled examples. $300-400

453. Large Group of Costume Jewelry, including beaded and hardstone necklaces, bangle bracelets, sterling silver pieces, cuff links, vintage brooches, and other items $300-400

443. Twelve Cut Steel Buckles, some French. $200-300 444. Large Group of Costume Jewelry, including a large Napier cuff, beaded necklaces, several compacts and cases, some signed pieces, and other items. $300-400 445. Group of Costume Jewelry and Compacts. $150-250 446. Pair of Jose & Maria Barrera Costume Tassel Earclips, signed, purchased at Mariko Palm Beach, lg. 3 1/2 in. $200-300 447. Pearl and Rhinestone Triple-strand Costume Necklace, in original box from Mariko, lg. approx. 18 in. $300-500 448. Large Group of Mostly Gilt Chains. $200-300 449. Group of Victorian Gilt and Gold-filled Jewelry, including lockets, pendants, and brooches. $250-350 450. Pair of Yves St. Laurent Turtle Shellshaped Earclips, lg. 1 1/2, wd. 1 1/4 in. $200-300 451. Group of Mostly Victorian Jewelry, including garnet brooches, paste items, and some gold and gilt pieces. $300-400

454. Small Group of Mostly Victorian Gilt Lockets and Brooches. $200-300 455. Group of Sterling Silver Jewelry, including two Cini brooches, a small rectangular Danecraft brooch, several shakudo bracelets, thimbles, hardstone rings, and other items. $200-300 456. Three Modernist Scandinavian Sterling Silver Brooches, a small botanical Georg Jensen brooch, a Georg Jensen bird brooch, and a rectangular enameled Oystein Balle brooch. $250-350 457. Group of Hardstone Stickpins, including pins set with turquoise, coral, and malachite. $250-350 458. Large Lot of Costume Jewelry, including beaded necklaces, sterling silver pieces, some signed brooches, and other items. $300-400 459. Large Group of Silver and Gilt Pocket Watches, some with fobs or watch chains. $250-350 460. Group of Costume and Hardstone Jewelry, including several hardstone necklaces, bangle and cuff bracelets, an antique charm bracelet, some sterling silver pieces, and other items. $150-250 461. Group of Mostly Gilt Watch Chains and Fobs, including some gem-set or hardstone examples, and a pair of gold-filled Swank cuff links. $250-350

462. Group of Mostly Gentleman’s Victorian Jewelry, including several pairs of gilt cuff buttons. $200-300 463. Victorian Micromosaic Brooch and a Pair of Amethyst and Seed Pearl Earrings, brooch framed in 18kt gold, lg. 1 1/4, wd. 1 1/8 in. $200-300 464. Five Gilt Pocket Watches, including three Waltham and a Bulova. $200-300 465. Two Coral Jewelry Items, a red branch coral necklace and a small carved dog pendant, necklace lg. 14, dog ht. 3/4 in. $150-250 466. Four Scottish Agate Brooches, including a silver-mounted horn, lg. 3 in. $300-400 467. Large Group of Mixed Metal Bangle Bracelets. $200-300 468. Platinum and Diamond Ring, center stone approx. 0.65 cts., surrounded by four smaller diamonds, size 6 3/4. $800-1,200 469. Small Group of Diamond Jewelry, an 18kt white gold and diamond circle brooch, a 14kt gold and diamond Krementz bow brooch, and a pair of platinum and diamond earrings. $300-500 470. Antique White Chalcedony, Gold, Seed Pearl, and Enamel Demi-parure, comprised of brooch and earrings, brooch wd. 1 1/8 in. $150-250 471. Small Group of Antique Gold and Gilt Jewelry, including a pair of onyx and diamond cuff buttons (damage), a pair of 14kt gold and seed pearl earpendants, a lapis lazuli brooch, and a collapsible cigarette holder. $300-400

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472. Small Group of Antique Mourning and Memorial Jewelry, including a 15kt gold, onyx, diamond, and seed pearl ring, a gold, onyx, and seed pearl brooch, and several hairwork items. $100-200 473. Two Gold Jewelry Items, a strand of 14kt gold beads, 8.1 dwt, and an antique child’s 10kt gold bracelet, 6.4 dwt, necklace lg. 14, bracelet lg. 5 3/4 in. $250-350 474. Three 14kt Gold Watches, two Waltham pocket watches, one open-face and one hunting case, and a gold wristwatch on goldfilled band. $300-400 475. Large Group of Mostly Shell-carved Cameo Jewelry, including two large 14kt gold-framed brooches, a gilt locket, rings, earrings, and other items. $250-350 476. Large Group of Antique Stickpins, including diamond, marcasite, amethyst, onyx, and mabe pearl examples. $150-250 477. Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Winged Deer Brooch, converted to a necklace, brooch ht. 1 7/8, wd. 2 1/8 in. $350-450 478. Small Group of Mexican Sterling Silver Jewelry, a William Spratling brooch, three Damaso Gallegos brooches, Taxco, and an additional amethyst bracelet and hardstone ring. $300-400 479. Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Compact, the top engraved with motifs of flowers and animals, dia.2 5 /8 in. $300-400 480. Two Peruzzi Sterling Silver and Green Chrysoprase Jewelry Items, a bracelet and a necklace, bracelet lg. 6 3/4, necklace lg. 16 in. $150-250


481. Large Group of Costume Jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, pins, and other items. $300-400 482. Group of Lady’s Accessory Items, including rhinestone and paste buckles, compacts, a green satin and rhinestone belt, a Whiting & Davis mirrored compact in original box, antique jet bead pieces, an embroidered purse and matching belt, and other items. $150-250 483. Seven Victorian Gilt and Gold-filled Bangles, one set with turquoise. $200-300 484. Two 14kt Gold and Jade Jewelry Items, a gold, jade, and diamond ring, and a gold and jade bracelet, ring size 9, bracelet lg. 7 1/4 in. $250-350 485. Large Group of Mostly Shell-carved Cameo Jewelry, including a number of landscape and genre scene brooches, several pairs of earrings (one broken), and stickpins. $150-250 486. Four Pairs of Antique Earrings, including a pair of 14kt gold, blue enamel, and pearl earrings and a pair of 10kt gold earrings. $300-500 487. Small Group of Artist-designed Silver Jewelry, a Johanna van Ryn necklace and bracelet and a pair of Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. bean earclips. $200-300 488. Modernist Sterling Silver Choker and Earclips. $150-200 489. Group of Gem-set Stickpins, including pearl, amethyst, and opal examples. $250-350 490. 14kt Gold Bracelet, total 23.8 dwt, lg. 7 1/2 in. $400-600

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491. Group of Gentleman’s Items, including military and fraternal pins, cuff links, shirt studs, tie tacks, and other items. $150-250 492. Lady’s 14kt Gold Omega Wristwatch, 17-jewel movement, total 21.9 dwt not including movement. $600-800 493. Two Pairs of Antique Gold Earrings, a pair of 14kt gold and enamel earpendants, and a pair of 18kt gold granulated teardrop earpendants, total 8.4 dwt. $200-300 494. 14kt Gold and Diamond Ring, total 2.7 dwt, size 9. $400-600 495. Victorian Gold, Enamel, and Seed Pearl Slide Necklace, 14kt gold slide on a 10kt gold chain, total 25.9 dwt. $600-800 496. 18kt Gold Gem-set Pendant/Brooch, set with diamonds, garnets, and pearls, total 14.8 dwt, dia. 1 5/8 in. $400-600 497. Three Gold Gem-set Brooches, a 14kt gold and colored stone flower basket brooch, 8.5 dwt, an 18kt gold and colored stone wreath brooch, and a 14kt gold, opal, and pink gemstone flower pin. $700-900 498. Five Pairs of Antique Earrings, including a pair of 14kt gold, enamel, and turquoise half-dome earrings, a pair of 14kt gold tassel earrings, and a pair of 18kt gold and seed pearl earrings. $300-500 499. 14kt Gold International Watch Company Wristwatch, on modern band $400-600 500. Four Antique Jewelry Items, a gold-plated silver snake bracelet, an 18kt gold, diamond, and pearl brooch, and two additional brooches. $400-600

501. 10kt Gold and Cabochon Emerald Ring, stone 2.00 x 1.40 mm, size 9. $200-300

510. 14kt Gold Link Bracelet, total 8.6 dwt, lg. 7 1/2 in. $225-275

520. British 9kt Gold Art Deco Lady’s Compact, total 76.4 dwt, dia. 3 1/2 in. $500-700

502. Three Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Jewelry Items, two bracelets and a Paloma Picasso necklace. $200-300

511. Large Group of Victorian Brooches, mostly gilt, some karat gold, some set with enamel or seed pearls, together with a pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a chain. $350-450

521. 14kt White Gold, Sapphire, and Diamond Bracelet, bezel-set with forty emerald-cut sapphires and bead-set with full-cut diamond mêlée approx. total wt. 2.80 cts., 23.1 dwt, lg. 7 in. $1,500-2,000

503. Victorian 14kt Gold Gem-set Bracelet, composed of ten 14kt gold gem-set slides strung together, including moonstone, pearl, citrine, turquoise, and opal, total 39.1 dwt, lg. 7 in., (some missing stones, one small ruby loose but present). $1,000-1,500

512. Three Antique Micromosaic and Pietra Dura Brooches, a large 14kt gold-framed pietra dura brooch, a small 14kt gold-framed micromosaic scenic brooch (damage), and a large micromosaic scenic brooch. $250-350

504. Large Group of Hardstone and Semiprecious Stone Jewelry, including a number of rose quartz pendants, Irish Connemara marble brooches, and other items. $250-350 505. Lady’s 14kt White Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Kingston Wristwatch, white gold case, platinum bracelet, original movement replaced with battery. $500-700 506. Group of Gold Gentleman’s Jewelry, including a 14kt gold, diamond, and red stone ring and matching cuff links, a set of 14kt gold, onyx, and diamond shirt studs, a pair of 14kt gold cuff links, and two 10kt gold items, total 35.8 dwt. $400-600 507. Two Gold, Diamond, and Sapphire Brooches, an 18kt white gold, diamond, and sapphire bar pin, and a 14kt gold, diamond, and sapphire circle brooch. $400-600 508. Three Brooches, a 14kt gold, emerald, ruby, and sapphire peacock brooch (missing one emerald), and two silver, enamel, and pearl brooches, (enamel loss). $300-500 509. Platinum and Diamond Ring, center stone light brown in color, approx. 1.50 cts., size 6. $2,500-3,500

513. Lady’s 14kt Gold and Diamond Bucherer Covered Bracelet Wristwatch, 17-jewel movement, total 25.6 dwt not including movement, lg. 7 1/4 in. $800-1,200 514. Four Antique Gold Gem-set Rings, a 10kt gold, opal, and enamel Art Deco ring, a 10kt gold and carved tiger’s-eye ring, and two gold, opal, and pink gemstone rings. $300-400 515. Three Gemstone Jewelry Items, a silver and amethyst bib necklace, a 10kt gold and amethyst ring, and a gold, emerald, and seed pearl child’s ring. $150-250 516. Pair of 14kt Gold and Mabe Pearl Earrings, dia. 7/8 in. $200-300 517. Retro 14kt Gold and Citrine Bow Brooch, total 12.5 dwt, wd. 2 in. $400-500 518. Three Antique 14kt Gold Gem-set Brooches, a seed pearl and emerald knot brooch, a seed pearl and ruby painted portrait brooch, and a ruby, sapphire, and diamond ribbon brooch, total 15.3 dwt. $300-500 519. Two 14kt Gold Jewelry Items, a gem-set dome ring and a diamond star bracelet, ring size 5 3/4, bracelet lg. 6 3/4. $200-400

522. 14kt Gold and Diamond Band, channel-set with baguette-cut diamonds approx. total wt 0.50 cts., 2.4 dwt, size 6 1/4. $150-250 523. 18kt Gold, Turquoise, and Diamond Earclips, each designed as a flower, prongset with cabochon turquoise and full-cut diamond mêlée, Florentine finish, 10.4 dwt, lg. 1 1/2 in. $400-600 524. Platinum and Diamond Ring, center stone approx. 0.40 cts, size 5 3/4, (shank broken in back). $600-800 525. Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Brooch, prong-set with old European-, and single-cut diamonds approx. total wt. 1.02 cts., 2.9 dwt, lg. 2 1/2 in. $300-500 526. 14kt Gold Cultured Pearl and Diamond Earclips, each set with four pearls measuring approx. 6.00 mm, single-, and full-cut diamond mêlée accents, 4.7 dwt, lg. 1 in. $300-500 527. 18kt Gold, Turquoise, Pearl, and Diamond Brooch, total 10.6 dwt, wd. 1 3/4 in. $300-500 528. Two 14kt White Gold, Sapphire, and Diamond Items, a bar pin and a pair of enameled cuff links, total 6.6 dwt, bar pin lg. 2 1/4 in. $250-450 529. Platinum and Diamond Circle Brooch, set throughout with full-cut diamond mêlée approx. total wt. 1.76 cts., 6.1 dwt, lg. 1 1/8 in. $600-800

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530. 14kt White Gold and Fracture-filled Diamond Earstuds, each prong-set with a full-cut diamond, approx. total wt. 2.03 cts. $500-700 531. Two 14kt Gold, Gem-set, and Enamel Turtle Brooches, one set with emeralds with green enamel, the other with sapphires and blue enamel, diamond mêlée accents, 24.5 dwt, lg. 2 in. $600-800 532. Large Group of Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry, including gold-tone pieces, sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, rings, and brooches, including some Mexican pieces, and other items. $200-400 533. 14kt Gold and Enamel Scarab Bracelet, 16.8 dwt, lg. 7 1/n in. $400-600 534. Platinum and Diamond Brooch, set throughout with pear-shaped, baguette- and full-cut diamonds approx. total wt. 4.25 cts., 10.0 dwt, lg. 2 in. $1,200-1,500 535. 18kt Gold Diamond and Turquoise Brooch, designed as a bouquet prong-set with full-cut diamonds and cabochon-cut turquoise, 10.7 dwt, lg. 3 in., maker’s mark. $400-500 536. 14kt Gold and Angelskin Coral Earclips, each set with cabochon-cut coral measuring approx. 14.50 mm, foliate mount, 9.7 dwt, lg. 7/8 in. $250-350 537. 18kt White Gold and Diamond Earclips, each designed as a heart, pave set with fullcut diamond mêlée approx. total wt. 1.45 cts., 5.9 dwt, lg. 5/8 in. $700-900 538. Two 14kt Gold Gem-set Rings, one prongset with oval shaped smoky quartz, framed by cultured pearls, the other prong-set with fancy-cut amethyst and full-cut diamond mêlée, 12.1 dwt, size 8, 5 3/4. $300-500


539. Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Brooch, set throughout with old European-, full-, single-, and rose-cut diamonds, approx. total wt. 3.10 cts., millegrain accents, 8.4 dwt, lg. 1 3/8 in. $800-1,200 540. 14kt Gold Engraved Hunting Case Waltham Pocket Watch, with diamond accent, on gold-filled chain, together with an additional Waltham pocket watch and a Benrus wristwatch. $400-600 541. 14kt Gold, Green Tourmaline, and Diamond Bangle Bracelet, total 13.1 dwt, interior cir. 6 in. $500-700 542. 18kt Gold, Sapphire, and Diamond Ring, prong-set with a triangle-cut sapphire measuring approx. 5.50 x 5.50 mm., channelset with baguette-cut diamonds, 5.7 dwt, size 4 3/4. $600-800 543. 14kt Gold and Diamond Ring, gypsy-set with a full-cut diamond weighing approx. 0.50 cts., 8.6 dwt, size 10 1/2. $600-800

548. Group of Costume Jewelry, including an antique rhinestone necklace, several pairs of cuff links, a number of signed brooches including Marvella, Boucher, and Monet, a Hattie Carnegie basket pendant, and other items. $100-200 549. 14kt Gold, and Emerald Pineapple Brooch, set with twenty one cabochon emeralds, 6.1 dwt, lg. 1 1/4 in. $300-500 550. Contemporary 14kt Gold and Sapphire Brooch, set with eight sapphires, total 11.8 dwt, wd. 1 1/2 in. $250-350 551. Platinum and Diamond Band, channel-set with single-cut diamond mêlée, approx. total wt. 0.85 cts. $500-700 552. Two Retro 14kt Gold Bracelets, 17.5 dwt and 21.7 dwt. $1,000-1,500 553. Italian 14kt Gold Necklace, total 33.1 dwt, lg. 16 1/4 in. $1,000-1,500

544. Antique 14kt Gold Gem-set Bracelet, Russia, the hinged bangle with horse shoe motif, centering a cushion-cut amethyst and set with cabochon turquoise and split pearls, circular-cut ruby accents, interior cir. 6 7/8 in., hallmarks and maker’s mark. $400-600

554. Group of Sterling Silver Earrings and Rings, including several Suarti pieces, pearl rings, mother-of-pearl earrings, and other items. $100-150

545. Two Unmounted Faceted Fluorites, a 73.77 cts. purple pear-shaped stone and a 21.35 cts. pink oval stone. $100-150

555. Three Antique 14kt Gold Brooches, a small citrine pin, an amethyst and seed pearl circle pin, and a pink and red gemstone brooch. $300-500

546. Group of Sterling Silver Rings and Earrings, including hardstone and cubic zirconia pieces. $100-150

556. Four Gold Rings, 14kt gold and onyx, 14kt gold and pearl (missing a pearl), and two 10kt gold, together with a sterling silver, marcasite, and blue stone ring. $200-300

547. 18kt Gold, Cabochon Garnet, and Enamel Locket, total 17.3 dwt, lg. 1 3/4, wd. 1 1/4 in. $250-350

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557. 18kt Gold, Pearl, and Diamond Necklace, total 10.5 dwt, lg. 14 in. $500-700

558. Group of Sterling Silver Rings and Earrings, including cubic zirconia and gemstone rings. $100-150

568. 18kt Gold, Diamond, and Colored Stone Clown Brooch, with sapphire eyes and a ruby nose, total 10.5 dwt, wd. 1 1/4 in. $500-700

559. Small Group of 14kt Gold Gentleman’s Items, a pair of 14kt gold and diamond cuff links, 4.4 dwt, and a 14kt gold and amethyst suite of cuff links and three shirt studs, 6.7 dwt. $300-500

569. 18kt Gold, Tahitian Black Pearl, and Diamond Enhancer, pearl dia. 1.20 mm. $300-500

560. Platinum and Diamond Eternity Band, size 5 1/4. $300-500 561. 14kt Gold Tiffany & Co. Lady’s Wristwatch, with sapphire winding crown, in original box, total 18.5 dwt including movement. $700-1,000 562. Four Brooches, including a paste- and pearlmounted chalcedony brooch, a pietra dura butterfly brooch, an agate brooch, and a carved jade bar pin. $200-250 563. 14kt Gold, Seed Pearl, and Enamel Victorian Slide Bracelet, total 13.3 dwt. $300-500 564. Group of Antique Hatpins.

570. Group of Costume Jewelry, including rhinestone and paste pieces and some signed items, makers include Sarah Coventry, Boucher, and Ledo. $100-200 571. 18kt White Gold, Tahitian Black Pearl, and Diamond Enhancer, pearl dia. 0.90 mm. $300-500 572. Victorian 18kt Gold, Diamond, Enamel, and Seed Pearl Lady’s Lapel Watch, watch face dia. 3/4 in. $400-600 573. 18kt White Gold and Channel-set Sapphire Eternity Band, size 6 1/2. $200-400

578. Two Gemstone Rings, a platinum, ruby, and diamond eternity band and a 14kt gold, blue topaz, and diamond ring, sizes 9 1/4 and 6 1/2, respectively. $400-600 579. 14kt Gold Wire Choker with Carved Jade Pendant, carved on one side as a bird in flight and on the reverse with a botanical image, pendant lg. 1 1/2, wd. 1 1/4, in. $150-250 580. Pair of 14kt Gold Half Hoop Earclips, total 10.9 dwt, lg. 1 in. $300-400 581. Pair of 14kt Gold, Emerald, and Diamond Earstuds. $150-250 582. Two Hardstone Jewelry Items, a necklace and a 10kt gold scarab bracelet, stones include malachite, quartz, tiger’s-eye, carnelian, bloodstone, and onyx. $100-150

574. Sterling Silver Necklace and Matching Bracelet, in original boxes from Karten’s Jewelers, total 87.4 dwt. $150-200

583. Collection of Coins and Currency, including U.S. quarters, pennies, Morgan quarters, two sterling silver ingots, miscellaneous foreign coins, five silver collector coins, thirty pieces of foreign currency, and six pieces of Confederate currency, ingots total wt. approx. 4.1 troy oz. $300-500

575. Vintage Sterling Silver and Marcasite Necklace, indistinctly signed on the back, lg. 14 1/2 in. $150-250

584. Three Gold Jewelry Items, two 14kt gold chains, one Tiffany & Co., and a small 18kt gold pendant, total 12.4 dwt. $300-400

576. Large Group of Rhinestone and Paste Jewelry Items, including buckles, dress clips, and brooches. $100-200

585. Small Group of Jewelry, a pair of antique hairwork earrings, a pair of green stone earrings, a pair of 14kt gold cuff links, and an antique 14kt gold gem-set brooch. $200-300


565. Two Victorian Jewelry Items, an 18kt gold locket, 10.5 dwt, and a low-karat watch chain and fob. $200-250 566. Small Group of Antique Jewelry, a hairwork necklace, a memorial brooch, an 18kt gold, amethyst, and seed pearl pendant, and two additional brooches. $250-350 567. Blackened 18kt White Gold and Diamond Flower Bracelet, accompanied by an appraisal, lg. 7 1/2 in., (broken but easily repairable). $1,500-2,500

577. 18kt Bicolor Gold, Cabochon Emerald, and Diamond Ring, emerald 0.90 x 0.70 mm, size 8. $600-800

586. Group of Watches, including Skagen, Gervais-Penard, and Sidam. $100-200

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587. Group of Mostly Costume Jewelry, including beaded necklaces, paste and rhinestone pieces, gold-filled bangles, and several lady’s wristwatches. $100-200 588. Small Group of Antique Jewelry, including two shell-carved cameo pendant/brooches, one framed in 14kt gold, a pair of 14kt gold, coral, and pearl flower earrings, an Art Nouveau-style 10kt gold and seed pearl pendant, and two additional pairs of earrings. $200-400 589. Group of Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a Mexican sterling silver and malachite necklace and brooch, two Mexican sterling silver ribbon brooches, a silver-framed scrimshaw suite, and other items. $300-400 590. Blackened 18kt White Gold, Colored Sapphire, and Diamond Bracelet, accompanied by an appraisal, lg. 7 1/2, wd. 3/4 in. $1,500-2,500 591. Group of Mostly Sterling Silver Necklaces and Earrings. $150-250 592. Group of Costume Jewelry, including beaded necklaces, an Erwin Pearl enameled necklace, a Murano glass pendant, a Christian Dior silver-tone necklace, several rhinestone pieces, and other items. $100-200 593. Group of Mostly Mexican Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a silver and turquoise fish suite comprised of necklace, bracelet, and earrings, Taxco, marked “VJC,” a Mexican sterling silver and onyx necklace, several cuff bracelets, and other items. $150-250 594. Contemporary Platinum, Moonstone, and Gemstone Ring, Eve J. Alfille, total 6.5 dwt, size 4 1/4. $700-900 595. Two Sapphire and Diamond Rings, an 18kt white gold, sapphire, and pavé diamond ring, and a 14kt yellow gold, sapphire, and channel-set diamond ring, sizes 6 3/4 and 8 1/4, respectively. $600-800


596. David Yurman Sterling Silver, 18kt Gold, Moonstone, and Diamond Ring, size 6 1/2, in Neiman Marcus box. $500-700 597. Small Lot of Medals and Shirt Studs, including some military medals. $100-200 598. Group of Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Items, including a heart bracelet with 18kt gold accent, a flexible mesh ring, and several keychains and keyrings. $200-400 599. Lady’s Platinum and Diamond Elgin Wristwatch, 17-jewel movement, total 7.9 dwt not including movement, lg. 6 in. $250-350 600. Small Group of Jewelry, including two gentleman’s mother-of-pearl dress sets, boxed, a reverse intaglio glass stickpin, two beaded necklaces, and other items. $100-150 601. Three Sterling Silver Items, a La Forge sterling silver and enamel pendant watch, 15-jewel movement, a Grüen wristwatch, 17-jewel movement, and a Cini brooch. $150-200 602. Group of Jewelry, including a silver-tone Elgin pocket watch, two silver filigree pendants, several gold-filled items, antique stickpins, and other items. $300-400 603. Eight Scandinavian Sterling Silver and Guilloche Enamel Items, including a white David-Andersen leaf brooch and a white David-Andersen white heart pendant, a blueand-white Aksel Holmsen brooch, a light blue circular Einar Modahl brooch, a red Karl Rasmussen brooch, and three others. $200-400 604. 14kt Tricolor Gold Bracelet, composed of alternating sets of yellow, green, and rose gold links, total 17.8 dwt, lg. 6 1/4 in. $600-800 605. 18kt Tricolor Gold and Diamond Bracelet, composed mainly of 18kt yellow gold with rose and white gold accents, total 16.7 dwt, lg. 7 3/4 in. $500-700

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606. Five Gold Chains, total 26.0 dwt. $900-1,000 607. Small Group of Antique Jewelry, including a granulated gold and carved coral brooch and earrings, an 18kt gold and diamond butterfly pin, a pair of 14kt gold, amethyst, and pearl earrings, a 10kt gold and green hardstone ring, and other items. $250-350 608. Small Group of Victorian Gold and Goldfilled Jewelry, including carved cameo and intaglio rings, brooches, and stickpins. $150-250 609. Large Group of Micromosaic Jewelry, including a number of brooches, a bracelet, and a pair of earrings. $400-600 610. Group of Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a number of shakudo items. $200-400 611. Vintage Mexican Sterling Silver Jewelry Suite, Taxco, comprised of necklace, bracelet, and earrings, the earrings and bracelet marked “JJ,” necklace lg. 17, bracelet lg. 7 1/4 in. $200-300 612. Group of Cameos, including a number of unmounted mostly shell-carved cameos, a 14kt gold-framed shell-carved cameo pendant/brooch, and other items. $200-300 613. Group of Mariko Rhinestone Costume Jewelry, including a bracelet, a necklace, two rings, and five pairs of earrings. $400-600 614. Large Group of Mostly Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a number of marcasite pieces, several pairs of Mexican sterling silver earrings, two vintage Mexican sterling silver and turquoise rings, and other items. $300-400 615. Small Group of 14kt Gold Jewelry, a gold, sapphire, and diamond flower brooch, a sapphire and diamond ring, a gold band, and a pair of earrings, total 10.7 dwt. $400-600

616. Mexican Sterling Silver Flexible Braided Necklace, Taxco, marked “RE,” lg. 16 in. $100-150 617. Small Group of Jewelry, including four 10kt gold and gemstone rings, two 14kt white gold ring mounts, one with diamonds, a shellcarved cameo pendant/brooch, a diamondset “E” stickpin, and two bangles. $300-500 618. 14kt Gold Necklace, total 17.5 dwt, lg. 19 1/2 in. $600-800 619. Six Sterling Silver, Jade, and Rhinestone Double Gourd Pendants. $200-300 620. Pair of Sonia Rykiel Rhinestone Cuff Bracelets, (some loose or missing stones). $150-250 621. Group of Assorted 14kt Jewelry, including a number of single earrings, total 16.8 dwt. $600-800 622. 14kt Gold Necklace, total 16.5 dwt, lg. 17 3/4 in. $500-700 623. Two 14kt Gold Jewelry Items, a necklace and a bracelet, total 11.8 dwt. $450-650 624. Mexican Sterling Silver Necklace and Matching Bracelet, necklace with Taxco hallmarks. $150-200 625. Group of Silver and Gold Jewelry and Accessories, including several gold rings, a Tiffany & Co. sterling silver spoon, a pair of 14kt gold and diamond earrings, rhinestone and paste pieces, and other items. $200-300 626. 14kt Gold Triple-strand Pearl Bracelet and a 14kt Gold and Diamond Bracelet, the pearl bracelet with three sapphire and diamond brackets, the gold and diamond bracelet total 8.8 dwt, lg. 6 3/4 and 7 in., respectively. $500-700

627. Group of Sonia Rykiel Costume Jewelry, a black resin and rhinestone bracelet, a yellow acrylic and paste flower brooch, a rhinestone belt, and a large lips brooch, together with a gilt sterling silver Richard Fishman for Ralph Lauren cuff bracelet. $175-225 628. Three Gold Jewelry Items, an antique lowkarat gold, coral and seed pearl crescent pin, a small 14kt gold granulated heart locket, and a 14kt gold and diamond ropetwist brooch. $400-600 629. Three Pieces of Costume Jewelry from Neiman Marcus, a Barrera mother-of-pearl multi-strand necklace and floral earpendants, and a pair of sterling silver, rhinestone, and paste flower earclips. $250-450 630. Pair of Mariko 14kt Gold and Citrine Earclips, citrine 1.20 x 1.20 mm, total 12.4 dwt. $200-300 631. Group of Mostly Costume Jewelry, including a Mexican sterling silver and onyx necklace, a Kenneth Jay Lane necklace, ivory necklaces, a Mexican sterling silver pendant/ brooch, and other items. $200-300 632. Group of Costume Jewelry, including plastic and resin bangles and brooches, a number of animal pieces, and other items. $150-250 633. Small Group of Antique Paste Jewelry, a pair of earrings, a brooch, and a haircomb, (some missing stones). $200-300 634. Three Gold Gem-set Jewelry Items, an 18kt gold, pearl, and ruby dragonfly brooch, 7.9 dwt, a 14kt gold gem-set flower basket pendant/brooch, 8.5 dwt, and a 14kt gold and turquoise pendant. $500-700 635. Large Group of Costume Jewelry, including a Krementz floral cuff bracelet, a Swarovski necklace and earclips, signed earrings and brooches by Trifari, Coro, Panetta, Monet, and Carolee, several pairs of sterling silver earrings, and other items. $450-650

636. Group of Mariko Pearl Costume Jewelry, two necklaces, one with a rhinestone clasp, and four pairs of earclips. $300-500 637. Baume & Mercier 14kt Gold Wristwatch, with flexible mesh band, in original box, total 27.7 dwt including movement. $800-1,000 638. Heavy Italian 14kt Gold Necklace and Bracelet, total 81.3 dwt, necklace lg. 20, bracelet lg. 8 1/2 in. $2,500-3,000 639. Pair of Contemporary 14kt Gold “Fringe” Earrings, total 11.7 dwt, lg. 2 1/2 in. $300-500 640. Art Deco-style Platinum, Diamond and Emerald Clip Brooch, total 22.2 dwt, wd. 2 1/4 in. $800-1,200 641. 14kt Gold and Lapis Lazuli Beaded Necklace and Matching Earrings, necklace lg. 34 in. $150-250 642. 14kt Gold, Enamel, and Diamond Dome Ring, total 9.9 dwt, size 7. $200-300 643. Tiffany & Co. 14kt Gold and Sapphire Bracelet, total 30.7 dwt, lg. 7 in. $900-1,100 644. Tiffany & Co. 18kt Gold Leaf Brooch, total 15.0 dwt, lg. 2 3/4, wd. 2 1/4 in. $600-800 645. 14kt Gold, Amethyst, and Diamond Ring, amethyst 2.00 x 1.40 mm, total 6.9 dwt, size 7 1/4. $300-500 646. Large Group of Mostly Costume Earrings, some signed. $200-300

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647. Art Deco Platinum, Sapphire, and Diamond Ring, size 7 3/4, (some minor surface scratches to sapphire). $700-900 648. 18kt Gold, Diamond, Sapphire, and Emerald Spray Brooch, total 23.3 dwt, wd. 2 1/2 in. $700-900 649. 18kt Gold, Sapphire, and Diamond Brooch, total 15.8 dwt, wd. 2 3/4 in. $500-700

658. Large Butterscotch Amber Necklace, lg. approx. 31 in. $150-250 659. 18kt Tricolor Gold Elephant Bracelet, Italy, total 11.6 dwt, lg. 7 in. $250-350 660. Two 14kt Gold Gem-set Brooches, a gold and diamond ribbon brooch, Germany, and a gold and ruby ship brooch, total 5.5 dwt. $200-300

650. Two 18kt Gold Gem-set Brooches, a Tiffany & Co. gold and ruby butterfly brooch and a gold and sapphire ribbon brooch, total 22.6 dwt. $600-800

661. Small Group of Carnelian Jewelry, a carnelian, hematite, and gilt silver beaded necklace, a 14kt gold and carnelian ring, and a pair of 18kt gold and carnelian earrings, ring size 6 3/4. $600-800

651. Pair of 14kt Gold and Diamond Earrings, each set with nine diamonds, total 12.1 dwt, lg. 1 1/8 in. $200-400

662. Suite of 14kt Gold and Eilat Jewelry, including bracelet, pendant, ring, and earrings, bracelet and ring total 15.3 dwt. $600-800

652. Platinum and Diamond Ring, size 3. $300-500 653. 18kt Gold Heart Necklace, with a cabochon ruby at the clasp, total 63.6 dwt, lg. 16 1/2 in. $2,500-3,000 654. Two Hardstone Jewelry Items, a 14kt gold and sodalite bracelet and a pair of onyx heart earrings. $250-350 655. 18kt Bicolor Gold Ring, total 6.2 dwt, size 6 1/2. $300-350

663. Group of 18kt Gold and Ammolite Jewelry, a pair of earrings marked “Freya’s,” a ring, and a pendant with two ducks in relief on the reverse, total 33.9 dwt. $500-700 664. Artist-designed Brass Necklace, of a winged female figure, signed and initialed indistinctly on the reverse. $75-85 665. Kai-Yin Lo Gilt Silver, Mother-of-pearl, and Gemstone Pendant/Brooch, set with a cabochon amethyst and two peridot, signed “KYLO,” lg. 2 3/8 in. $400-600

656. 18kt Bicolor Gold and Ruby Ring, total 8.8 dwt, size 5. $500-700

666. 14kt Gold, Amethyst, and Diamond Ring and Earrings, total 8.2 dwt, ring size 5 1/2, earrings lg. 3/4 in. $300-500

657. Two Pairs of 14kt Gold Earrings, total 9.6 dwt. $200-250

667. 18kt Gold, Sapphire, and Diamond Bracelet, total 11.0 dwt, lg. 7 in. $500-700


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668. Suite of Lavender Jade Jewelry, including a pearl necklace with an 18kt gold, lavender jade, and diamond clasp, a 14kt gold, lavender jade, and diamond ring, and a pair of 14kt gold and lavender jade earrings. $2,500-3,500 669. Assorted Group of Jewelry, including two freshwater pearl necklaces, a 14kt gold ribbon brooch, a garnet bracelet, a 14kt gold articulated fish pendant, and other items. $200-300 670. Three Jewelry Items, a sterling silver bird bracelet, a 10kt gold charm bracelet with gold and gold-tone charms, and an ivory and lapis lazuli ring. $300-500 671. Victorian 14kt Gold, Lavender Chalcedony, and Enamel Slide Bracelet, accompanied by an appraisal, total 30.1 dwt, (one minor crimp to band). $1,000-1,500 672. Four Jewelry Items, a brass Apollo Studios brooch, a sterling silver, onyx, and freshwater pearl ring, a sterling silver bar pin, and a sterling silver bracelet, marked “SAS.” $150-250 673. Two Mexican Sterling Silver Jewelry Items, a Los Castillo brooch and a bracelet marked “L.F.,” both Taxco, together with a contemporary silver and wood necklace. $200-300 674. 18kt White Gold and Diamond Ring, of navette form, bead-set with old Europeancut diamonds approx. total wt. 1.20 cts., engraved and millegrain accents, size 3 1/2. $400-600 675. Two Antique Jewelry Items, a 14kt white gold-framed shell-carved cameo pendant/ brooch and an Art Nouveau 14kt gold, enamel, and pearl flower pin. $200-300 676. Antique 18kt Gold Micromosaic Bracelet, with a central plaque bearing a putto head, flanked by two plaques of doves, (missing a number of tesserae), lg. 6 3/4 in. $600-800

677. Pair of 14kt Gold, Seashell, Mother-ofpearl, and Gemstone Earclips. $400-600 678. Gentleman’s Omega Automatic Chronometer Wristwatch. $300-500 679. Two Gem-set Rings, a David Yurman sterling silver, moonstone, and diamond ring, and a 14kt white gold and diamond Art Deco-style ring, sizes 5 3/4 and 8, respectively. $300-500 680. Large Group of Costume Jewelry, including cultured pearls, synthetic gemstone earrings and rings, cubic zirconia jewelry, gold-tone jewelry including some signed pieces, and a large number of earrings. $200-300 681. Four Sterling Silver Arts & Crafts Jewelry Items, including an intaglio brooch, an enameled hairpin, a brooch, and a necklace. $150-250 682. Group of Costume Jewelry, including signed pieces from Trifari, Napier, and Coro, cuff links, and other items. $200-300 683. Large Silver Pocket Watch, with subsidiary calendar and moon phase dials, face dia. 1 7/8 in. $300-500 684. Sterling Silver and Glass Bead Necklace, lg. approx. 20 in. $150-250 685. 14kt Gold Cufflinks, each designed as a snake, bezel-set with ruby cabochon eyes, 10.8 dwt, lg. 1 1/8 in. $250-350 686. Group of Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a pair of Georg Jensen cuff links, two Tiffany & Co. ribbon brooches, an enameled necklace, and other items. $200-300

687. Large Group of Beaded and Pearl Costume Jewelry, including a large number of necklaces. $250-350 688. Antique Sapphire and Diamond Brooch, with low-karat gold backing, wd. 1 5/8 in. $800-1,200 689. 14kt Gold Charm Bracelet with Gold and Gold-filled Charms, 14kt gold charms include a Christmas tree, a slot machine, an abacus, a bus, and a birthday cake, total 39.2 dwt. $600-800

698. Two Red Coral Bead Jewelry Items, a necklace with silver clasp, and a pair of 14kt gold and coral half-hoop earrings, necklace lg. 19 in. $150-250 699. Three Insect Brooches, a sterling silver and rhinestone dragonfly (missing stones), a Hattie Carnegie gold-tone and rhinestone insect with movable wings, and a small paste and glass bead insect pin. $100-200 700. Three Pairs of 14kt Gold Cuff Links, set with stones and glass, total 17.0 dwt. $300-500

690. Two Signed Rhinestone, Pearl, and Enamel Costume Jewelry Items, a pair of Vendome earrings (some missing stones) and a Florenza brooch. $100-200

701. Group of Mostly Costume Jewelry, including faux pearls, gentlemen’s items, beaded necklaces, wristwatches, and other items. $150-250

691. Large Group of Fashion Wristwatches. $150-250

702. Antique Gold and Diamond Pendant/ Brooch, total 14.5 dwt, wd. 1 1/2, lg. 3 in., (damage). $300-400

692. Carved Coral Demi-parure, with brooch and earrings composed of carved coral roses, leaves, and insects, brooch wd. 2 in., (damage). $400-600 693. 18kt Gold, Sapphire, and Diamond Ring, total 7.0 dwt, size 7. $250-350

703. Group of Antique Jewelry, including several shell-carved cameo brooches, a suite of green Wedgwood jewelry, a synthetic diamond ring, a carved jade necklace, and other items. $300-500

694. Pair of Victorian 18kt Gold Buckles, total 18.9 dwt, lg. 2 1/4, wd. 1 3/8 in. $500-700

704. Antique Lady’s 14kt Gold Hamilton Hunting-themed Wristwatch, with two reverse intaglio glass links of game birds, the rest of the band made up of crossed gold guns, 17-jewel movement, total 9.7 dwt excluding movement. $300-500

695. 18kt Gold-framed Pietra Dura Brooch, dia. 1 1/8 in. $300-500

705. Antique Portrait Miniature Pendant, in silver frame, lg. 2 1/2, wd. 1 7/8 in. $300-350

696. Two Large Bags of Costume Beads. $150-250

706. Large Group of Mostly Costume Jewelry. $200-300

697. 18kt Gold and Enamel Bow Brooch, designed as ribbons, 10.6 dwt, lg. 2 1/2 in., maker’s mark, losses. $400-500

707. Cultured Pearl Necklace with 14kt Gold Clasp, largest pearl dia. 0.70 mm, lg. 21 1/2 in. $600-800

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708. 18kt Gold Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Co. Ring, total 7.0 dwt, size 8. $500-700

719. Two 14kt Gold and Diamond Rings, solitaire approx. 0.50 cts., sizes 6 and 6 1/2. $700-900

709. Small Group of Sterling Silver Jewelry, a Tiffany & Co. heart link bracelet, two Mexican bangles, and other items. $100-200

720. Group of Jade and Stone Jewelry, including beaded necklaces and bangle bracelets. $150-200

710. Large 10kt Gold Rose Gold-framed Shellcarved Cameo Portrait Brooch, with hairline crack to left side of cameo, lg. 2 1/2, wd. 2 in. $300-350 711. 14kt Gold and Diamond Brooch, total 8.7 dwt, wd. 1 3/4 in. $400-600 712. Group of Costume Jewelry, including designer and signed pieces from Trifari, Botticelli, Lisner, and others. $200-300 713. 14kt White Gold and Diamond Cocktail Ring, size 7 3/4. $400-600 714. 14kt Gold and Old European-cut Diamond Solitaire Ring, approx. 0.63 cts., size 4 3/4. $300-400 715. Ruby Bead Necklace with 14kt Gold Clasp, lg. 19 1/2 in. $100-200 716. Gentleman’s Silver Hebdomas Eightday Pocket Watch, with a hunting scene carved in relief on the reverse and marked “Huguenin,” dial dia. 1 5/8 in. $150-200 717. Four Gold Gentleman’s Rings, a 14kt gold ring and three 10kt gold and onyx rings, total 18.6 dwt. $200-300 718. Group of Guilloche Enamel Plaques, with butter yellow and celery green floral designs. $150-250


721. Two 14kt Gold and Painted Glass Nautical Flag Bracelets, one with the nautical alphabet, the other spelling out “Dearest” in flags, lg. 7 in. each, total 33.7 dwt. $600-800 722. Group of Four Pocket Watches, including two Waltham and a small silver watch. $100-200 723. 14kt Gold and Synthetic Alexandrite Ring, total 7.5 dwt, size 7. $150-250 724. 18kt Gold and Aquamarine Ring, total 6.9 dwt, size 7 1/4. $300-500 725. Three Sapphire and Diamond Jewelry Items, a platinum, sapphire, and diamond ring, size 6 1/4, and a pair of 14kt white gold, sapphire, and diamond earstuds. $400-600 726. Vintage Le Coultre Man’s Gold-filled Wristwatch, with leather band and wooden box. $75-100

752. Vintage Handmade Silk and Lace Dress, of blush silk lining with black lace overlay, size small. $75-100 753. Box of Antique Children’s Clothes, including christening dresses, baby clothes, and other items. $75-100 754. Louis Vuitton Handbag, like new, price tag from Neiman Marcus still attached, ht. 8 1/4, wd. 9 3/4 in. $300-500 755. Chocolate Brown and Gold Silk Victorian Dress, with floral brocade fabric inserts, size small, (some damage). $75-125 756. Burberry Gunmetal Patent Leather Clutch, wd. 11 3/4, ht. 4 3/4 in. $200-300 757. Group of Table Linens and Assorted Textiles, including crocheted and embroidered items, tablecloths, napkins, and other items. $200-400 758. Vintage Pucci Patterned Silk Shirt, size 10. $150-200 759. Pair of Printed Linen Drapes, decorated with scenes of birds and flowers, lg. 77 1/2, wd. 48 in., together with an additional matching linen fragment. $250-350

727-749. No lots. 750. Group of Vintage Hats, including a pink tulle and satin McCreery, several straw caps, two doll hats, and others. $150-250

760. Framed Hermès Silk Brise de Charme Scarf, decorated with fans bearing English and Asian scenes, purchased at an Hermès exhibit at Takashimaya Singapore in 1994, 33 in. square. $200-300

751. Box of Assorted Textiles and Lace, including table linens, lace scraps, clothing fragments, and other items. $100-200

761. Carmen Marc Valvo Collection Beaded Evening Gown and Matching Lace Jacket, size 4. $200-400

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762. Five Vintage Velvet Hats and Caps, including Riviera and Amy New York. $150-250 763. Two Vintage Lady’s Accessory Items, a beaded purse, “Souvenir De Venise” beaded on the side, and a pair of mother-of-pearl opera glasses (damage). $100-150 764. Group of Antique Linens and Lace, including clothing, embroidery, thread, yarn, and other items. $150-200 765. Four Vintage Handbags, including two red lizard skin purses and two alligator. $300-500 766. Black Leather Salvatore Ferragamo Handbag, with original duster, wd. 9 1/2, ht. 7 1/2 in. $150-250 767. Bensussan Alpaca Wool Coat, Milan, sold by Louis Boston, size men’s small/medium, (tear to left sleeve lining). $200-400 768. Two Boxes of Antique Lace and Linens, including a large number of lace trims and scraps, embroidered napkins, tablecloths, and other items. $100-200 769. Group of Lady’s Ralph Lauren and Polo Ralph Lauren Clothing, a navy blue wool pinstripe skirt suit, a royal blue wool pantsuit with double-breasted jacket, a blue-and-green wool plaid jacket, and three additional skirts, one black wool and two suede, all sizes 10 and 12. $250-350 770. Two Victor Costa Dresses, a fuchsia silk long-sleeved evening gown with matching belt, retailed by Miss Baker, and a crimson silk and burgundy velvet party dress, retailed by Martha, both size large, (some small tears near hem of evening gown, minor staining). $200-300

771. Six Vintage Wool and Felt Hats, including Bernice Charles, Filene’s, Belmar, Fedora, and Amitalia, (some minor staining). $200-300 772. Large Group of Antique Lace, including a black handmade lace jacket, trims, scraps, and other items. $400-600 773. Two Vintage Jackets, a men’s Hermès trench coat, and a lady’s neon-yellow-lined olive green double-breasted jacket, size medium. $200-300 774. Vintage Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Hand-painted Linen Hooded Jacket and Pants, approx. size large. $200-300 775. 19th-century Paisley Opera Coat, silk-lined, with handmade lace collar and trim, and mother-of-pearl buttons, (some damage to collar). $200-300 776. Two Boxes of Mostly Antique Lace and Beading, including a large number of lace scraps and beaded trimmings and appliqués. $150-250 777. Six Vintage Straw Hats, including Jordan Marsh and Miss Carnegie by Hattie Carnegie. $200-300 778. Lavender Linen Christian Dior New York Sheath Dress and Matching Cropped Jacket, labeled inside the dress, approx. size medium. $150-250 779. Three Pairs of Vintage European Opera Glasses, one Lemaire Paris mother-of-pearl, one Busch Multinett enamel (damage), and one Jumelle Chevalier leather, cased. $300-400 780. Group of Antique Embroidered Fabric, including two bolts of embroidered silks. $150-250

781. Gucci Leather-trimmed Monogrammed Canvas Purse and Matching Wallet, in original duster, together with two additional handbags, a black leather and a brown lizard skin. $150-250 782. Three Boxes of Mostly Antique Lace Items and Scraps. $200-250 783. Seven Vintage Wool and Felt Hats and Caps, including Liz Claiborne, Gage, Miss Sally Victor, and Henry Pollak. $300-500 784. Three Designer Woman’s Clothing Items, two black Randolph Duke tops, both size 12, and a pair of gray wool Celine tuxedo-style trousers, size 42. $150-200 785. Vintage Fortuny Cinnamon Silk Delphos Dress, finely pleated, sleeveless, trimmed with red, green, and white striped Venetian glass beads, labeled “Delphos Venezia,” with original black “Delphos Venezia” drawstring bag. $2,500-3,500 786. Group of Table Linens and Embroidery, including napkins, tablecloths, trims, and other items. $150-250 787. Three Vintage Asian Frog-closure Jackets, all unlabeled, possibly Shanghai Tang. $150-250 788. Men’s Polo Ralph Lauren for Saks Fifth Avenue Navy Blue Blazer and Four Neckties, including two Paul Stuart hunting scene ties and one Polo Ralph Lauren, blazer approx. size 36/38. $150-200 789. Six Vintage Straw Hats, including Belmar, Harmer, and Hattie Carnegie. $200-300 790. Two Vintage Lady’s Patterned Silk Pucci Blouses, sizes 10 and 16. $100-200

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791. Group of Issey Miyake Pleats Please Clothing, a black skirt, a black pair of pants, two tops, and a dark green and blue dresses, sizes small to medium, some labeled “Issey Miyake” and some labeled “Pleats Please,” together with five original Issey Miyake Pleats Please catalogues. $500-700 792. Three Boxes of Linens and Lace, including crochet, table runners, and other items. $150-250 793. Group of Woman’s Designer Garments, a dark turquoise velvet Betsey Johnson dress, an Anna Sui black brocade miniskirt, two Cacharel skirts, and an additional unlabeled gray wool and black satin skirt, all approx. size medium. $200-300 794. Four Lady’s Purses and Accessories, a chocolate brown satin clutch, a black velvet purse, Garay, a silver-tone metal mesh Whiting & Davis wallet with rhinestone clasp, and a small mother-of-pearl and gold-tone metal mesh compact. $100-150 795. Six Vintage Hats and Veils, including a white satin and black netting Miss Carnegie by Hattie Carnegie, a black-and-white polka dot The Miltimores, Nantucket, a Threrese Ahrens headband, and an Evelyn Varon veil. $300-500 796. Vintage Judith Leiber Dark Green Karung Briefcase, with two interior zippered pouches and other internal compartments, buckle closures, wd. 15 1/2, ht. 10 1/2 in. $250-350 797. Three Vintage Lady’s Designer Clothing Items, a red patterned Guy Laroche Boutique, Paris blouse, size 36, and two c. 1960s Pucci velvet skirts, one made for Lord & Taylor, both size 14. $200-300 798. Two Antique Fur-trimmed Velvet Robes, approx. size medium, (some tears to linings and at shoulders of one). $200-300


799. Three Boxes of Embroidered Textiles, Lace, and Linens. $200-300 800. Lady’s Loro Piana Cashmere Coat, for Neiman Marcus, fur cuffs and collar, size 10. $1,000-1,500 801. Three Lady’s Designer Jackets, a grommeted white denim Marc Jacobs, size 10, a blue-trimmed black-and-white boucle wool Moschino, size 12, and a green boucle wool Nanette Lepore, size 10. $150-250 802. Small Group of Lady’s Versace Clothing and Outerwear, an olive green cape and matching trench coat, coat size 42, and a Kelly green ensemble comprised of pleated skirt, short jacket, and pleated cape, skirt size 42 and jacket size 8. $300-400 803. Group of Vintage Scarves, including several Echo scarves and an Hermès-style sporting scarf. $150-250 804. Five Vintage Silk and Satin Hats, including Peck & Peck, Kelton, and Worth of Boston, together with a handmade silk bodice cover. $250-350 805. Large Group of Vintage Compacts and Necessaires, including a number of vintage enameled rouge compacts. $200-400 806. Three Vintage Lady’s Silk Garments, two chocolate brown dresses, one with heavily embroidered sleeves, and a light blue silk robe with embroidered net overlay. $300-400 807. Three Lady’s Designer Purses, two leather Bottega Veneta purses and a light blue silk and black lace Gucci purse, (some very minor staining). $200-400 808. Three Boxes of Antique Linens and Lace, including two framed fashion designs, a number of embroidered textiles, table linens, lace trims, and other items. $200-300

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809. Two Lady’s Versace Suits and an Additional Skirt, the suits each comprised of jacket and skirt, the black suit size 44, the red suit and additional black skirt size 42. $250-350 810. Six Vintage Lady’s Garments, a Kelly green wool Coatique International coat, three dresses, a hand-painted and sequined linen skirt, and a patterned blouse. $150-250 811. Pink Judith Leiber Snakeskin Purse, with gold-tone chain decorated with charms of a variety of purses, small matching coin purse inside, in original duster, wd. 7 1/4 at base, ht. 6 in. $300-500 812. Seven Vintage Velvet Caps and Headbands, including Belmar, Alfreda Inc., and City Paris. $200-300 813. Two Ostrich Handbags, a reddish-brown T. Anthony Ltd. and a light caramel Cole Haan. $200-300 814. Four Early 20th Century Silk Dresses, (some minor stains and tears). $250-350 815. Two Vintage Velvet Robes with Rabbit Fur Collars. $200-300 816. Three Boxes of Antique Linens and Lace, including lace and beaded trims, metallicembroidered lace, crochet, and other items. $200-300 817. Twelve Designer Men’s Shirts, including Faconnable, Prada, Missoni, Giorgio Armani, Paul Smith, and others. $200-300 818. Six Vintage Hats and Veils, including a gold and black brocade Jordan Marsh and a cream satin and navy blue velvet Saks Fifth Avenue. $300-400

819. Group of Lady’s Designer Suiting Garments, a red velvet Emporio Armani pantsuit, size 46, a Raffaella Curiel black-andwhite blazer, size 44, an olive green Giorgio Armani wool jacket, size 44, and a black Gucci wool and rayon double-breasted jacket, size 42. $200-300 820. Vintage Lady’s Missoni for Bonwit Teller Purple Patterned Wool Coat, size 42. $300-400 821. Two Vintage Lady’s Pucci Garments, a patterned velvet jacket, size 10, and a black dress, size 12. $100-200 822. Four Vintage Beaded Purses, including a black floral-decorated Walborg purse, Belgium, a white floral-decorated French purse, a red beggar’s purse (bead loss), and a gold beaded evening bag. $200-300

828. Two Vintage Dresses, a 1950s evening gown with short-sleeve cream bodice heavily beaded with white, silver, and faceted colorless beads, and floor-length pink satin skirt, bearing label for “Victoria Royal Ltd., Made in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong,” vintage size 14, and a 1960s cocktail dress with sleeveless burgundy velvet bodice, pink satin waist band, and cream satin skirt, vintage size 9. $100-150 829. Seven Vintage Beaded, Feathered, and Embroidered Veils, including one black-andwhite example from Bergdorf Goodman. $300-400 830. Group of Vintage Purses, including a brown suede purse with marcasite clasp, a Helena Rubenstein metallic embroidered bag, several French beaded bags, and other items. $250-450 831. Four Vintage Velvet Dresses, trimmed in lace and beads, all approx. size medium. $200-300

823. Small Group of Fur Accessories, two mink hats, two fur coat collars, and a mink whimsy veil. $200-300

832. Three Boxes of Antique Black Lace and Beaded Trims and Fragments. $300-400

824. Two Lady’s Outerwear Garments, a short Persian lamb jacket with fur collar and a black velvet cape with rhinestone buttons. $200-300

833. Group of Beaded Purses and Clutches, including Walborg, Richere, Brechner Brothers, and Magid. $300-400

825. Three Boxes of Antique Linens and Lace, including trims, fragments, doilies, napkins, and other items. $150-200 826. Two Vintage Louis Vuitton Handbags, a satchel and a small rectangular bag, (some wear, especially to satchel). $200-400 827. Small Group of Lady’s Gucci and Oscar de la Renta Accessories, a small black leather Gucci handbag and an Oscar de la Renta scarf, perfume, and pair of earrings. $200-300

834. Four Vintage Feathered Hats and Caps, including a Jillé, plus an ostrich feather plume. $150-200 835. Four Vintage Velvet Robes, all approx. size medium, (lavender with some discoloration). $250-350 836. Two Vintage Beaded Purses, one framed in gilt silver, the frame detached from the other, (some bead loss). $50-75 837. Four Vintage Clothing Items, a pink and lavender silk robe, an Asian silk robe, a silklinked black and gold robe, and a cream quilted capelet, The Gray Shop, Oakland, California, (some staining). $150-250

838. Two Trunks of Antique Lace, Crochet, and Trim. $250-300 839. Lady’s Rabbit Fur-trimmed Jacket, approx. size medium. $50-75 840. Assorted Group of Lady’s Purses, including Franco Sarto, Nina Ricci, and others. $200-300 841. Group of Victorian Clothing and Accessories, including hats, shoes, two fur muffs, a green silk ensemble, and other items. $300-500 842. Eight Vintage Velvet and Fabric Hats and Caps, including Bergdorf Goodman, Jordan Marsh Boston, Franklin Simon, Merrimac Peachbloom, E.J. Slattery Co., and Conrad’s. $300-400 843. Two Trunks of Antique Lace and Table Linens, including trims, crochet, and other items. $200-300 844. Small Judith Leiber Black Beaded Evening Bag, with vanity set in base, comprised of mirror, comb, and small black satin pouch, in original duster. $300-500 845. Approximately Forty-five Lace, Needlework, and Costume Reference Books, together with a number of small pamphlets and catalogs. $150-200 846. Group of Small Lady’s Purses, including three embroidered bags, a small beaded purse, an enamel-decorated metal mesh purse, and other items. $200-300 847. Five Vintage Lady’s Clothing Items, two lace dresses, a handmade pink cotton dress, a long handmade chiffon gown, and a short silk jacket, (some minor staining). $200-300

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848. Large Group of Vintage Handbags, including a number of small beaded clutches and wallets, lizard and alligator bags, and other items. $500-700

859. Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Gingko Leaf Belt Buckle, on olive green leather belt, in original Tiffany pouch, belt lg. 30 in. $75-125

849. Four Vintage Hats, including two purple pillbox hats, a navy blue straw hat, and a blue and silver beaded cap. $200-300

860. Vintage Goyard Trunk, with inner tray, containing an assortment of vintage clothing and linens. $200-250

850. Three Boxes of Antique Lace and Trim, together with some table linen items. $150-200

861. Small Trunk of Antique Handmade Doll Clothes. $50-100

851. Vintage Goyard Trunk, filled with vintage clothing, lingerie, and accessories. $400-600

862. Group of Assorted Lady’s Small Compacts and Boxes, including examples in mother-ofpearl, guilloche enamel, and hardstone. $300-400

852. Three Boxes of Textile and Clothing Accessories, including shoes, buckles, buttons, linens etc. $300-500 853. Group of Beaded and Mesh Purses, including two French beaded bags and a Whiting & Davis gold metal mesh purse. $200-300 854. Small Group of Antique Table Linens, including a banquet cloth and twenty-four napkins, tablecloth 24 x 6 ft. $200-250 855. Vintage Goyard Trunk, with inner tray, filled with an assortment of linens and bedding. $300-500 856. Small Group of Mostly Crocheted Table Linens. $75-125 857. Two Vintage Jean-Louis Scherrer Boutique Silk Dresses, Paris, sizes 38 and 40. $200-300 858. Three Boxes of Vintage Clothing, Accessories, and Linens. $400-600


863. Two Men’s Bespoke Couture by Ozwald Boateng Suits and a Jacket, jacket sizes 40 and 41, pants size 34. $200-300 864. Four Rafael Sanchez Handbags, three painted wood and a woven bamboo, the bamboo with original duster. $200-300 865. Eight Vintage Umbrellas and Parasols, some with hardstone, enameled, or gilt handles. $200-250 866. Group of Vintage and Antique Clothing and Linens, including silks, laces, and embroidery. $300-500 867. Group of Fine Antique Table Linens, including lace, crocheted, and embroidered tablecloths and napkins. $300-600 868. Group of Hermès Boxes and Bags. $300-500 869. Five Antique Sterling Silver Mesh Purses, several engraved. $150-250

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870. Group of Fine Antique Linens and Lace, including a number of lace trims, bedding, tablecloths, and napkins. $300-600 871. Group of Lady’s Clothing and Accessories, a Lydia de Roma pinstripe shirtdress, size 10, a cream linen Serenella dress, approx. size 10, a white Marshall Field eyelet cotton skirt, size small, a vintage beaded silk dress, an S.G. Gilbert for Lord & Taylor dress, a white cotton blouse, and a beaded handbag. $75-125 872. Vintage Goyard Trunk, with inner tray, containing a large group of assorted table linens. $400-600 873. Six Antique Beaded and Mesh Purses, including two French beaded bags and three Whiting & Davis metal mesh purses, two with Art Deco enameled frames. $100-150 874. Group of Textiles, including needlework trim, embroidery, and lace. $50-100 875. Large Group of Vintage Perfume Bottles and Scent Vials, some in original packaging, including Chanel, Marquay, F. Millot, and Lanvin. $250-350 876. Large Group of Vintage Hats and Hat Boxes. $150-200 877. Approximately Eleven Assorted Purses, including one petit point, a Chinese-style brocade, one embroidered, two beaded, and three knitted. $200-300 878. Group of Mid-19th-century Textiles, including crazy quilts, embroideries, silks, and two paisley piano shawls. $400-600 879. Robert Lee Morris Black Suede Evening Bag, large gold-tone tulip mounted on the side, with original duster, bag ht. 7 1/2, wd. approx. 7 in. $100-200

880. Sonia Rykiel Red Wool Shawl, with pompom trim, unlabeled. $150-250 881. Group of Lady’s Purses, including two Bienen-Davis bags and a Whiting & Davis gold-tone mesh clutch. $150-250 882. Louis Vuitton Wood Strapped and Metalmounted Steamer Trunk, late 19th/early 20th century, of typical form, with checked canvas-covered body, lacking interior trays, 33 1/2 x 20 1/4 x 22 1/4 in., (damage). $1,000-1,500 883. Ecru Crocheted Diane B. Shawl, unlabeled. $200-300 884. Assorted Group of Lady’s Purses, including several embroidered bags, a silver-framed German leather purse, and three beaded bags, one lacking frame. $200-400 885. Four Lady’s Designer Clothing Items, a Paule Ka gray wool and velvet-trimmed suit, Paris, approx. size 10, a black Dolce & Gabbana sheer silk tie-neck blouse, size 10, a black ruffled Dolce & Gabbana skirt, size 8, and a red-and-white striped Michael Kors jacket, size small. $100-150 886. Group of Fine Antique Linens and Lace, including doilies, pillowcases, table runners, napkins, and other items. $300-500 887. Group of Lady’s Vintage Mostly Evening Clothing, including a black pleated and ruffled dress, Saks Fifth Avenue, several beaded dresses and gowns, a black polka dot net blouse, and a handmade white pleated blouse and skirt, all approx. size small to medium. $250-350 888. Vintage Bonnie Cashin Weatherwear for Russ Taylor Coat, with removable red and blue wool plaid lining, size 10. $200-400 889. Six Very Fine Antique Lace and Crocheted Bedspreads and Coverlets. $300-500

890. Group of Lady’s Garments, a vintage LabMex Mexican embroidered brown wool jacket, size 42, and a collection of forty-two pairs of women’s leather and cloth gloves, including a pair of Anticoli. $75-100 891. Four Asian and Asian-style Silk and Embroidered Robes, approx. size medium. $200-400 892. Pair of Sonia Rykiel Black Suede Mary Jane-style Pumps, with suede bow detail on the toes, size 38, in original duster. $50-100 893. Group of Beaded and Embroidered Purses, including a Walborg beaded clutch, European embroidered purses, and other items. $250-350 894. Bespoke Couture by Ozwald Boateng White Linen Suit and Red Plaid Wool and Mohair Blazer, the suit jacket approx. size 40, pants size 34, red plaid jacket size 41, with an additional cream Haute blazer, size 40. $100-200 895. Three Boxes of Vintage Linens, Bedding, Clothing, and Accessories. $400-600 896. Saks Fifth Avenue Black Alligator Handbag, with gold-tone chain handles, ht. 6 1/2, wd. 8 3/4 in., in Sondra Roberts duster. $200-300 897. Full Length Lady’s Mink Coat, approx. size medium. $100-150 898. Cream and Silver Metallic Embroidered Shawl, approx. wd. 25, lg. 92 in., (some staining), together with a number of black and silver metallic embroidered fragments. $200-400 899. Sonia Rykiel Burgundy Wool Poncho, with pom-pom trim, unlabeled. $100-200

900. Group of Antique Bedspreads, including crochet and lace examples. $200-400 901. Foxtail Italian Fur Coat, approx. size medium, (some fur loss and minor tears). $300-500 902. Small Group of Lady’s Accessories, including several Whiting & Davis small purses or wallets, three Whiting & Davis keychains, two belts, and two eyeglass cases or small clutches, one Peck & Peck. $150-200 903. Large Group of Fine Antique Tablecloths, including lace and cutwork examples. $300-500 904. Two Women’s Handmade Mod Garments, circa 1960’s, a pink, orange, and navy blue patterned sheath dress with belt, bearing label from “Women’s Haberdashery,” and a reversible cotton and wool hooded cloak, one side khaki cotton, the other multicolored wool plaid, dress approx. size medium. $200-300 905. Group of Lady’s Clothing Items, including an Escada silk printed blouse, a Dana Buchman pink boucle wool jacket, a Gertrude Frank black-and-white striped dress and matching jacket, and other items, all approx. size medium. $250-350 906. Two Vintage Lady’s Coats, a Jaeger London cream-colored wool belted coat, and a Count Romi water-stain-pattern faille all-weather coat, as retailed by Mae Laskey, Brookline, both coats approx. size medium/large. $250-350 907. Vintage Mary McFadden Black Pleated Dress, labeled, approx. size large, together with two unlabeled Mary McFadden or Fortuny-style long pleated skirts, unlabeled, in cream and dusty rose. $250-350 908. Lady’s Giorgio Armani Patterned Wool Cape, size 42. $50-100

End of Session I

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Session II - Lots 1000- 1925 1000. Two Bisque French Doll Heads, UNIS doll, impressed 301, blue paperweight sleep eyes, open mouth, and a Limoges doll, impressed 11, blue paperweight sleep eyes, open mouth. $75-100 1001. Two German Bisque Shoulder Head Dolls, Armand Marseille, blue fixed eyes, open mouth, kid leather body, in brown velvet and lace clothing (replaced), the other a bisque shoulder head doll, fixed blue eyes, open mouth, blonde wig, bisque arms, kid body, brown dress with white and red dots, white apron, white undergarments, no shoes, ht. approx. 14 in. $150-250 1002. Kestner Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, impressed 154 dep g, brown sleep eyes, open mouth, brunette wig, kid body with bisque hands, white dress with silk ribbon trim, black shoes, ht. 17 in. $150-250 1003. Small Bisque Doll, impressed 150 5, blue sleep eyes, open mouth, wire jointed arms and legs, black pink dress with blue edging, painted double-strap shoes with pink stockings, ht. 10 in. $150-250 1004. Large Armand Marseille German Bisque Doll, impressed 390 A 9 M, blue eyes, blond wig, composite ball jointed body, replaced pink and print blouse and skirt, replaced black shoes, white undergarments, ht. 24 in. $250-350 1005. Large German Bisque Head Doll, impressed 16 Walkure, Germany, blue sleep eyes, open mouth, blond wig, peach dress with white ruffles and mother-of-pearl buttons, matching bonnet, satin shoes, ht. 24 in. $700-900

1008. Two German Bisque Head Dolls, one bisque head and composite body baby doll, (needs to be restrung, missing arms and legs), a Simon & Halbig Eleanor doll with blue sleep eyes, open mouth, brown wig, (needs to be restrung, damage to teeth). $200-300 1008A. Group of Mostly German Dolls and Doll Parts, mostly damaged or incomplete, German Floradora bisque head doll, several Armand Marseille, a bisque Japanese doll, a 19th century porcelain shoulder head doll (replaced legs), etc. $200-300 1009. German Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, brown fixed eyes, open mouth, blond wig, kid body, bisque hands, peach dress with matching bonnet and lace, newer brown shoes, ht. 16 in. $150-250 1010. Bisque Head Doll, impressed 139 24 H 6/0, blue sleep eyes, open mouth, blond hair, kid body with bisque arms, white gown and blue ribbons, tan shoes, ht. 16 in. $100-150 1010A. Papier-mâché Shoulder Head Doll, painted black eyes, closed mouth, painted black wig, carved wooden limbs, later brown printed cotton dress with blue and red cape, ht. 10 in., (crack at shoulder, missing one finger). $150-250 1011. Armand Marseille Floradora Shoulder Head Doll, brown sleep eyes, black wig, kid body and bisque hands, white dress, mostly old if not original clothes, ht. 15 in. $100-150 1011A. Vintage Barbie Doll in a Carrying Case, c. 1961, with assorted clothing and accessories. $150-250

1006. Shirley Temple Doll with Original Button, blue sleep eyes, open mouth, blond wig, ht. approx. 13 in. $700-900

1012. Small Character Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, fixed brown eyes, open mouth, brunette wig, white lace dress and hat, ht 8 3/4 in. $75-125

1007. Effanbee Patsy Composite Doll, gold sleep eyes, closed mouth, brown wig, white gown, peach jacket, pink shoes, ht. 15 in. $200-300

1013. Black ‘Mammy’ Doll and Raggedy Anne and Andy, lg. to 18 in. $75-100


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1014. Simon and Halbig Bisque Head Doll, blue sleep eyes, open mouth, blond wig, composite body, white dress and white shoes, ht. 19 in. $200-400 1015. Large J. D. Kestner Jr. Co. Baby Doll with Rattle, impressed JDK 90, blue sleep eyes, open mouth, white gown, ht. approx. 25 in. $800-1,200 1016. S.F.B.J. French Bebe Doll Bisque Head Doll, Paris, impressed 4, blue glass fixed eyes, open mouth, blond wig, composite body, ht. approx. 16 in. (lacking clothes, needs restringing). $1,000-2,000 1017. Large German Bisque Head Doll, brown sleep eyes, open mouth, composite ball jointed body, white dress with white lace, (needs restringing, lacks wig). $100-150 1018. Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, fixed blue eyes, brown wig, open mouth, kid and cloth body, velvet dress with black and white trim, replaced black shoes, ht. approx. 23 in. $150-250 1019. Large German Bisque Head Doll, impressed DEP, fixed brown eyes, open mouth, brunette wig, composite body and hands, ball-jointed arms and legs, cream silk dress with blue ribbon, old shoes, ht. 28 in., (needs restringing, head is detached). $300-500 1019A. German Bisque Head Baby Doll, blue glass sleep eyes, closed mouth, cloth body, replaced cotton gown, no shoes, ht. 16 in. $200-300 1020. Armand Marseille Bisque Head Child Doll, impressed Made in Germany 390, blue sleep eyes, open mouth, brunette hair, includes three newer outfits, ht. 16 in. $100-150 1020A. Armand Marseille Dream Baby Bisque Head Doll, Germany, impressed 341/2, blue sleep eyes, closed mouth, white dress and bonnet, ht. 12 in. $150-200 1021.

Handwerck Bisque Head Doll, impressed Handwerck, 109-15, Germany, brown sleep eyes, open mouth, blond wig, composite body, replaced blue floral dress, replaced white socks and black leather shoes, white undergarments, ht. 31 in. $100-200

French Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, set blue Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, set blue paperweight eyes, closed mouth, old blond mohair wig, bisque head and shoulders, pierced ears, straight wrists, ivory patterned dress, clothes possibly original, no shoes, ht. 17 in. $800-1,000

1021A. Armand Marseille Bisque Head Doll, 390 head, red stamp on body, brown sleep eyes, open mouth, brunette hair, with white gown, brown flowers in hair, ht. 19 in. $100-150

1028. Martha Chase Doll, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, early 20th century, painted blue eyes, closed mouth, painted blond wig, blue and white striped cotton romper, brown leather sandals, ht. 27 in., (face has been repainted/ repairs). $800-1,200

1022. Mae Stark Composite Shoulder Head Doll, mid-20th century, blue sleep eyes, open mouth, brunette human hair wig, jointed at the shoulders with composited limbs, blue velvet dress with replaced shoes, a phonograph in the body and came with six cylinders that played nursery rhymes, ht. 30 in., (lacking cylinders). $100-200 1023. Composite Shoulder Head Doll, blue tin sleep eyes, open mouth with four teeth, old mohair blond wig, composite and cloth body, pink and blue cotton dress, (repaired/retouch to face and head). $100-200 1024. Tall Papier-mâché Boy Doll, painted blue eyes, open mouth, composite hands, cloth body, tan cotton jumper, brown boots, ht. 35 in., (hands have been repaired). $200-300 1025. Papier-mâché Doll, glass black pupil-less eyes, closed mouth, painted black hair, replaced kid leather arms, cloth body, blue and brown floral printed dress, brown shoes, ht. 28 in., (retouch and repaint to face). $400-600 1026. Armand Marseille My Dream Baby Bisque Head Doll, impressed 341, blue sleep eyes, closed mouth, composition arms and cloth body, straight wrists, white cotton lace trimmed dress, ht. 15 in. $150-250 1027. Effanbee “Bubbles” Shoulder Head Baby Doll, painted tin blue sleep eyes, white lace trim cotton dress, ht. 14 in., (booties possibly replaced, retouched face). $100-200 1027A.

1029. Papier-mâché Shoulder Head Doll, Germany, pupil-less glass eyes, closed mouth, painted hair, replaced kid arms, white cotton gown and undergarments, black leather shoes, (head is repainted). $300-500 1030. Simon and Halbig German Bisque Head Doll, impressed SH 1009, DEP 14, brown sleep eyes, open mouth with four teeth, old human brown hair wig, ball joint body, white cotton lace trimmed dress, pink leather shoes, ht. 26 1/2 in. $200-300 1030A. Rhomer French Fashion Shoulder Head Doll, fixed blue eyes, closed mouth, old human hair wig (early replacement), brown striped linen skirt and jacket, white cotton undergarments, missing one shoe, ht. 15 in. $1,000-2,000 1031. K & H German Bisque Head Doll, impressed 180, brown sleep eyes, open/closed mouth, old mohair blond wig, replace silk blouse and brown wool jumper, replaced brown leather shoes, ht. 16 1/2 in. $200-300 1032. Cloth Head and Body Doll, painted brown eyes, closed mouth, painted brown wig, old floral patterned satin dress, white cotton undergarments, newer shoes, ht. 21 in. $400-600 1033. Composition Shoulder Head Doll, painted blue eyes, closed mouth, painted blond hair, composite body, striped cotton overalls, no shoes, ht. 21 in., (some retouch, some cracking of composite material). $150-250 1034.

Philadelphia Baby Cloth Doll, painted brown eyes, closed mouth, painted brown wig, old white cotton embroidered garments and undergarments, no shoes, ht. 21 in., (touchup/repaint to face). $600-800 1034A. Small Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, painted blue eyes, closed mouth, painted blond wig, replaced white cotton print dress, newer undergarments, painted bisque shoes, ht. 6 1/2 in. $100-200 1035. Armand Marseille Doll Company Composite Shoulder Head Doll, impressed Honey Child on front breast plate, blue eyes, closed mouth, painted brown wig, white gown, ht. 17 in., (retouch on face). $200-300 1036. Composite Shoulder Head Doll, brown fixed eyes, open mouth, replaced brown wig, white cotton gown, replaced shoes, ht. 23 in., (replaced legs, face retouch). $150-250 1037. Kley & Hahn Bisque Head Character Baby Doll, impressed K&H, Germany, #158-6, brown sleep eyes, open mouth with two teeth, painted brown hair, jointed composition body, original or early replaced white gown, replaced shoes, ht. 14 in. $200-300 1038. K&H German Bisque Head Baby Doll, impressed K & H, Germany, 61-9, blue fixed eyes, open mouth, composition body, fixed wrist and feet, period white gown, new hat, ht. 16 in. $200-300 1039. Bisque Head Baby Doll, blue sleep eyes, open mouth, replaced blond wig, composition body and hands, ht. 10 in. $100-200 1039A. Heubach German Bisque Head Baby Doll, painted brown eyes, painted closed mouth, fixed composition body and limbs, white cotton gown, ht. 5 in. $150-250

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1040. Two-Faced Composition Head Doll, painted blue eyes, closed mouth, painted brown hair, composition and cloth body, old replaced clothes, leather shoes, ht. 15 in., (some paint loss on face). $200-300 1040A. Tête Jumeau Bisque Head Doll, late 19th/ early 20th century, brown eyes, closed mouth, head has red stamp TETE JUMEAU, long brown wig, fully articulated wood and composition body, green and lace dress, ht. 15 in. $800-1,200 1041. Effanbee Charlie McCarthy Doll, painted brown eyes, jointed mouth, painted brown wig, early or original clothes, ht. 21 in., (some repaint on face). $300-400 1042. Composite Head Doll, impressed France, brown sleep eyes, painted brown hair, open mouth, ivory velvet gown with gold metallic trim, ht. 14 1/2 in., (replaced shoes, replaced arms). $100-200 1043. Tin Painted Doll, mid-19th century, blue painted eyes, closed mouth, blond painted wig, cloth body, white floral printed cotton dress, replaced white leather shoes, ht. 11 in., (some paint retouch). $150-250 1044. German Cuno & Otto Dressel Composition Doll, late 19th/early 20th century, blue glass fixed eyes, closed mouth, blond wig, cloth body, cotton dress and undergarments, leather uniformed hands, red leather boots, ht. 13 in. $150-250 1045. Composition Shoulder Head Doll, blue tin sleep eyes, open mouth, red wig, composition and cloth body, nurse clothes and shoes, ht. 26 in. $200-300 1046. Large Composite Boy Doll, painted brown eyes, open painted mouth, painted brown hair, cloth body and composite hands, old cotton shirt, bow tie and short striped pants, ht. 29 in. (damage to back of head, crude repair with tape, replaced socks). $200-300


1047. Martha Chase Cloth Baby Doll, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, early 20th century, molded and painted head, blue painted eyes, blonde painted hair, painted lower limbs, sateen covered body, long white and blue striped cotton romper, replaced undergarments, ht. 23 in., (repaint/retouch on face, line on back on neck). $8,000-12,000 1048. Composition Head Doll, sleep blue eyes, closed mouth, painted brown wig, white cotton gown, ht. 19 in., (face retouch, damage to face). $100-200 1049. Grace Putnam “Bye-Lo” Black Baby Doll, sleep brown eyes, closed mouth, painted wig, cloth body, white gown, ht. 7 1/2 in. $150-250 1050. Three Small Dolls, two cloth dolls, and a composite boy doll, ht. to 9 in. $100-200 1051. Bru French Fashion Bisque Head Doll, marked D, bisque swivel head, old blond mohair wig, set blue paperweight eyes, closed mouth, pierced ears with earrings, movable wrists, blue silk and velvet dress, brown boots, included pin, earrings, and purse, ht. 15 1/2 in. $2,000-3,000 1052. Bru Bebe Doll, stamped Bru Jnd 6 on neck, fixed blue paperweight eyes, closed mouth, blond wig, cork pate, bisque hands, pierced ears with earrings, silk and lace dress and jacket, brown leather shoes, chain watch, and pin, ht. 19 in. Estimate:$8,000-12,000. $8,000-12,000 1053. Papier-mâché Shoulder Head Doll, mid19th century, painted brown eyes, closed mouth, painted black hair, kid leather and cloth arms (probably replaced), period brown plaid silk dress with black velvet trim, old undergarments, one black leather shoe, lg. 24 in. (nose chipped). $300-500 1054. Tête Jumeau French Bisque Head Doll, late 19th/early 20th century, brown fixed eyes, closed mouth, head has red stamp TETE JUMEAU, long blond wig, fully articulated ball jointed wood and composition body, blue and white lace dress, kid leather shoes, ht. 24 1/2 in.

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$1,500-2,500 1055. Simon & Halbig Bisque Head Doll, impressed M. Bergmann 7, brown sleep eyes, open mouth, brunette wig, composition body, old brown velvet and striped silk with lace collar and sleeves, period shoes, ht. 19 in. $200-300 1056. Armand Marseille German Bisque Head Doll, brown sleep eyes, open mouth, strawberry blond wig, bisque hands, white cotton and lace trimmed dress, watch pendant, ht. 23 in., (replaced white boots). $200-300 1057. Kestner German Bisque Head Doll, impressed 148, brown sleep eyes, closed mouth, old mohair blond wig, ball jointed body, old white cotton gown and undergarments, brown leather shoes, ht. 25 1/2 in. $200-300 1058. Armand Marseille Floradora German Bisque Head Doll, brown sleep eyes, open mouth, long brown wig, white sateen dress and matching hat, blue pin, beaded necklace, later shoes and socks, ht. 22 in. $200-400 1059. Goodyear Rubber Doll, mid-19th century, vulcanizing rubber, black center-part molded hair in flowing waves to nape of neck, black pupil-less eyes, closed smiling mouth, cloth body, white kid leather arms with separate fingers, stamped “Goodyear’s Pat May 6, 1851 Ext 1865”, old white clothes and bonnet, old undergarments, period leather boots, ht. 26 in. $1,000-2,000 1059A. German Bisque Head Doll, sleep blue eyes, open mouth, brunette wig, composite body with ball jointed arms and legs, pale green dress, ht. approx. 11 in. $75-125 1060. Gebruder Kuhnlenz Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, blue fixed paperweight eyes, closed mouth, blond wig, old red and white lace clothes, red shoes, cameo pin, ht. 18 1/2 in., (dress material is unstable). $300-500 1060A. Pair of Armand Marseille Twins, Germany, blue sleep eyes, closed mouth, in original

clothes, ht. 7 in. $700-900 1061. Porcelain Shoulder Head Doll, mid-19th century, painted blue eyes, closed mouth, kid leather hands, cloth body, later black silk dress, ht. 26 in., (damage to foot, replaced legs). $400-600 1061A. Papier-mâché Shoulder Head Doll, fixed brown eyes, brown wig, closed mouth, old red and white dress and white printed cotton dress, replaced undergarments, painted gray boots, ht. 25 in. $300-500 1062. Martha Chase Doll, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, early 20th century, molded and painted head, blue painted eyes, blonde painted hair, painted lower limbs, sateen covered body, white cotton gown and silk bonnet, period undergarments, ht. 23 in. (repaint/retouch on face). $1,000-2,000 1063. Oil-painted Cloth Izannah Walker Girl Doll, Rhode Island, c. 1860, painted brown eyes, pink mouth and cheek coloring, brown hair with center part in front of applied ears, painted arms and hands, cloth body with sloping shoulders, lower limbs painted with black shoes, white cotton undergarments, a pink striped patterned dress and embroidered apron with cotton bonnet, ht. 19 1/2 in., (paint wear). $1,500-2,500 1063A. Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, impressed W & C with horseshoe mark, blue sleep eyes, open mouth, blond wig, kid body, red velvet dress and beret with black trim, ht. approx. 16 in. $150-200 1064. Wax Shoulder Head Doll, Continental, possibly English, painted blue eyes, closed mouth, blond hair, kid and cloth body, ivory cut velvet gown and matching hat, ht. 18 1/2 in., (replaced legs). $300-500 1065. Simon & Halbig Bisque Head Doll, impressed 1009, brown fixed eyes, open mouth with six teeth, blond wig, ball joint body, brown silk plaid dress and bonnet, pierced ears, new shoes, ht. 21 in. $300-500

1065A. Bisque Shoulder Head Asian Doll, brown pupil-less eyes, closed mouth, single black braid hair, bisque body, painted bisque shoes, ht. 7 in. $300-400 1066. Bisque Head Doll, impressed 2, fixed blue paperweight eyes, closed mouth, pierced ears with earrings, swivel bisque head on bisque shoulders, kid leather arms and hands (one replaced), green and brown high button shoes, replaced black trimmed taupe and lace walking dress, ht. 17 in. (chip with associated retouch on right facing eye). $800-1,200 1067. German Papier-mâché Shoulder Doll, mid-19th century, painted blue eyes, closed mouth, cloth body, kid leather arms, silk plaid dress, red leather boots, beaded pin, ht. 26 in. $400-600 1068. French Bisque Head Fashion Doll, fixed blue paperweight eyes, closed mouth, blond wig, painted eyelashes and eyebrows, kid body, kid arms and hands, white cotton lace trimmed dress, new tan shoes, watch labeled “D Paris,” ht. 17 in. $1,500-2,500 1069. German Papier-mâché Shoulder Head Doll, painted blue eyes, closed mouth, replaced kid body, period clothes and shoes, matching bonnet, ht. 24 in. $4,000-6,000 1070. Automaton Dancer with Tambourine, attributed to G. Vichy, c. 1880, with bisque head and arms, fixed brown eyes and closed mouth, mohair wig, embroidered silk and lace clothing, mechanical elements mounted in the pedestal which when wound, cause the lady to move her head side to side, rattle the tambourine and move the mask to her face while the music plays, ht. 18 1/2 in. $2,000-4,000 1070A. Armand Marseille Bisque Head Doll and a Jointed Teddy Bear, doll with fixed brown eyes, open mouth, leather body, replaced white gown, ht. 18, bear, ht. 14 in., (missing one eye, some mohair loss). $300-500

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1071. Composite Shoulder Head Doll, fixed blue eyes, closed mouth, blond wig, cloth body, ivory wool twill dress with maroon satin trim, pierced ears with one earring, ht. 21 in, (wig has numerous pulls, repainted face). $300-400 1072. Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, set blue paperweight eyes, closed mouth, old mohair wig, cloth body with replaced kid arms, pale green and lace trim dress, ht. 23 1/2 in. $800-1,200 1073. Papier-mâché Shoulder Head Doll, blue fixed glass eyes, closed mouth, gray/blond hair, cloth body, replaced kid leather arms, red and white dress, old undergarments, white bonnet, old shoes, ht. 23 in $300-400 1074. Cloth Doll, early 20th century, painted brown eyes, painted closed mouth, brown wig, felt articulated arms, ivory clothes, ht. 23 in., (some moth holes to felt body). $200-300 1075. Kathe Kruse “Doll 1” Model Boy Doll , early 20th century, blue eyes, closed mouth, light brown painted hair, cloth body jointed at shoulders and hips, separate thumbs, ht. 16 in., (paint retouched on face, missing clothes). $300-400 1076. German Bisque Head Doll, blue sleep eyes, open mouth, blond wig, kid body and bisque hands, ht. 15 in. $100-150 1077. Two German Bisque Shoulder Head Dolls, Armand Marseille, fixed blue eyes, open mouth, replaced clothing, ht. 13, the other sleep brown eyes, open mouth, replaced clothes, ht. 12 in. $150-250 1078. Royal Copenhagen Bisque Head, Denmark, marked in interior, ht. 6 in. $200-300 1079. Martha Chase Doll, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, depicting a child of two or three, with oil-painted stockinette head, blue eyes, closed mouth, applied ears, ht. 16 in. $1,000-1,500


1080. Armand Marseille Bisque Head Doll, Germany, fixed blue eyes, open mouth, brunette wig, leather body, ivory and print dress, ht. 11 1/2 in. $75-125 1080A. Wooden Doll, painted eyes, closed mouth, no wig, ht. 6 3/4 in., (slight paint loss on face, clothes old but are moth eaten). $200-300 1081. Two Wax Head Dolls, girl doll with glass eyes, in white with lace dress and striped shawl, and boy doll with black coat, red pants, and blue trim, ht. 11 in. $50-75 1082. Bisque Head Doll, fixed blue eyes, open mouth, brunette wig, composite body with ball jointed arms and legs, replaced pink and white lace dress and bonnet, ht. 23 in. $100-150 1083. Large Armand Marseille Queen Louise Bisque Head Doll, Germany, sleep blue eyes, open mouth, brunette hair, composite body with ball jointed arms and legs, white dress with pink ribbon with hat and basket (replaced), ht. 29 in. $250-350 1084. Large German Bisque Headed Doll, brown sleep eyes, open mouth, brunette wig, composite ball jointed body, replaced green/ blue dress and bonnet with white lace trim, replaced shoes and socks, ht. 24 in. $150-250 1085. Papier-mâché Dollhouse Doll, painted eyes, closed mouth, painted black hair, kid and wood body, old cotton clothes, ht. 5 3/4 in. $100-200 1086. Wooden Dollhouse Doll, painted wig and eyes, closed mouth, tuck comb hair style, replaced clothes, ht. 5 in. $100-200 1087. Wooden Doll, painted eyes, closed mouth, painted wig, tuck comb knot hair style, original or old clothes. $200-300

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1088. Wooden Doll, painted eyes, closed mouth, no wig, cloth and wood body, old or original clothes, ht. 6 1/2 in., (one eye retouched). $100-200 1089. Wood Doll, painted eyes, closed mouth, painted black wig, tuck comb hair style, old or original clothes, ht. 7 1/2 in. $200-300 1089A. Two Dolls, an Italian Lenci doll, and a Steiff Ulla doll, ht. to 23 in. $200-300 1090. Wooden Doll, painted eyes, closed mouth, no wig, cloth body, ht. approx. 6 in., (slight paint loss to face, worm holes to dress). $100-200 1090A. Small Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, sleep brown eyes, some old clothes, with large decorative fan, ht. 12 in., (missing lower body and feet, damage). $100-200 1091. Early Papier-mâché Doll in Shadow Box, 19th century, in old lace dress, ht. 6 1/2, sold with a porcelain headed doll in old shawl and bonnet, ht. 7, and a wooden reticulated and painted doll. $300-500 1091A. Doll Drinking Tea Automaton, mid-20th century, standing doll drinks tea from a cup while other hand holds a saucer, ht. 15 in. $100-200 1092. Five Dolls, a small bisque open mouthed doll with blue sleep eyes and old clothing, a bisque head doll with painted blue eyes, two Armand Marseille German bisque head doll impressed 390, open mouth with brown sleep eyes, leather and jointed composition bodies, ht. 16 and 13 in., and a composite baby doll. $400-600 1093. Bisque Head Doll, impressed 11/0, fixed blue glass eyes, open mouth, brunette wig, kid body, white gown, white ribbons, ht. 11 in. $150-200

1094. Cuno & Otto Dressel Bisque Head Doll, fixed brown eyes, open mouth, brunette wig, kid leather body with bisque hands, white replaced lace dress and hat, ht. 15 in. $150-200

1101. Heubach Koppelsdorf German Bisque Head Doll, fixed blue eyes, open mouth, brown wig, composite body, tan dress, straw hat, ht. 8 in. $200-300

1095. Two Dolls, one black-haired China head doll with painted blue eyes, kid leather arms and hands, blue cotton dress with red trim, white undergarments, no shoes, ht. 24, (moth holes in dress, arm loose), and one cloth Madame Alexander Little Women “Jo” doll, ht. 14 in. $200-250

1101A. German Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, fixed brown eyes, open mouth, brunette wig, restored kid body, bisque arms, replaced pink dress with black piping and matching hat, ht. 16 in. $75-125

1096. Danbury Mint Princess Diana Bride Doll in Original Box, includes paperwork, ht. 18 in. $250-350 1097. Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Dolls, composite, in costume, included are “Sneezy,” “Happy,” “Sleepy,” “Dopey” and “Bashful,” ht. approx. 9 in. $200-400 1098. Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, fixed blue eyes, closed mouth, blond wig, painted eyelashes, replace kid body, brown silk and lace dress, new shoes and socks, ht. 15 in. $300-500 1099. Bru Smiler Bisque Swivel Head Lady Doll, France, c. 1870s, blue lined paperweight eyes, crisp outlined and shaded smiling mouth, finely lined brown eyebrows, pierced ears, incised B on head, cork pate, blonde mohair wig, Bru gusseted kid body, wired fingers, white undergarments, red wool and lace walking dress, straw bonnet with ribbon trim, leather shoes, ht. 13 in. $1,000-2,000 1099A. Approximately Ten Doll Undergarments, silk, cotton and lace, (discoloration). $100-200 1100. Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, impressed 2, brown fixed eyes, painted eyelashes, closed mouth, blond hair, kid body, bisque hands, old silk striped dress, red ribbon, replace socks, worn and damaged shoes, ht. 11 in., (replaced pate with composite material). $200-300

1102. Painted Wooden Doll, mid-19th century, probably Springfield, VT, brown painted eyes with black eyelashes, closed mouth, black painted hair, wooden jointed body with metal pins, metal hands and feet, blue dress with pink ribbon, replaced underclothes, ht..15 in., (break and re-glued head to neck, some facial repaint, some paint loss). $400-600 1102A. German Bisque Doll, impressed Dep . 7 1/2 . 154, fixed brown eyes, open mouth, blond hair, cloth body with bisque arms and legs, green dress and bonnet, ht. 19 in. $100-150 1103. Simon and Halbig Bisque Head Doll, fixed blue eyes, open mouth, composite body, replaced red clothes and shoes, ht. 18 in. $400-600 1103A. Large Armand Marseille Bisque Doll, Germany, impressed 390, blue/green fixed eyes, open mouth, pink and patterned dress, black hat, and round purse, with pin, ht. 26 in. $200-300 1104. Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, possibly French, blue glass paperweight eyes, closed mouth, cloth body, leather hands and feet, red coat and skirt, ht. 24 in., (dress material is unstable). $500-700 1104A. Armand Marseille Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, late 19th/early 20th century, impressed 3500, fixed blue eyes, open mouth, blond wig, pink patterned dress and hat, ht. 16 in. $100-150

1105. Four Dolls, a large early porcelain head and shoulder doll with flat hairline, (damage re-glued to shoulder), a small bisque head doll with blue fixed eyes, and closed mouth (head has been broken off and re-glued), sold with a German bisque baby doll, and an all bisque doll. $150-250 1106. Simon & Halbig German Bisque Head Santa Doll, impressed S& H 1249, Santa 10 1/2, blue glass sleep eyes, open mouth, brown wig, composite jointed body, red silk dress with white lace fringe, matching hat, ht. approx. 25 in., (needs restringing, sleep mechanism sticks). $800-1,200 1107. German Heubach Koppelsdorf Bisque Head Doll, impressed 320 - 1, blue sleep eyes, open mouth, blond wig, composite body, old cotton clothes, ht. 17 in. $100-150 1107A. Contemporary Porcelain Shoulder Head Doll, ht. 13 in. $35-50 1108. Chinese Doll with Silk Robes, closed mouth, ht. 10 in., (body and head separated, lacking one arm). $100-125 1109. Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, possibly French, fixed paperweight blue eyes, closed mouth, brown wig, kid body, bisque hands, replaced white clothes, ht. 16 in. (one hand broken and re-glued). $300-500 1109A. Large Composite Baby Doll with Brown Reticulated Acrylic Teddy Bear, (baby doll has damage). $100-150 1110. Grace S. Putnam Bisque Head Bye-Lo Baby Doll, sleep blue eyes, closed mouth, old white clothing, lg. 9 1/2 in.. $300-400 1111. Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, fixed brown eyes, open mouth, blond wig, kid body and arms with bisque hands, blue, white and lace dress, older underclothing, old shoes, ht. 19 in. $150-250

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1112. German Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, impressed W & C 7/0 with horseshoe, brown eyes, open mouth, blond wig, in fancy dress with blouse and brown skirt, stole, fabric body, hands, and feet, ht. 19 in. $150-250 1113. Japanese Composite Toy Boy Doll, stamped 76018 Nippon, brown sleep eyes, open mouth, blond wig, white suit with black buttons, socks and shoes, ht. 23 in. $100-200 1114. Five Dolls, two black “mammy dolls,� a pair of continental dolls, and a painted composite doll. $200-300 1115. Two German Bisque Dolls, a bisque baby doll on chair, open mouth, with blue sleep eyes, and a bisque head doll with leather body, open mouth with fixed blue eyes, ht. to 17 in. $200-300 1116. Armand Marseille Bisque Shoulder Head Floradora Doll, brown sleep eyes, open mouth, replaced blond wig, kid body, old white dress and shoes, ht. 21 in. $200-300 1117. Dolls Silk Dress and Bonnet, pink dress with lace, and matching white and pink bonnet. $175-225 1118. Miniature French Bisque Head Doll, fixed blue eyes, closed mouth, dressed in red outfit with muff and matching hat, painted bisque boots, white undergarments, ht. 6 in. $300-500 1119. Approximately Sixteen Story Book Dolls, some with original boxes, sold with a Mayfair doll and two additional dolls. $100-150 1119A. Toy Camel, probably Steiff, glass eyes, with ribbon, ht. 13 in. $100-125 1120. Twelve Tynietoy Dollhouse Furniture Miniatures, includes a painted bed, stand and chair, highboy, lowboy, bench, open cupboard, work table, clock, shaving mirror etc., includes reprint of Tynietoy catalog and price guide and additional literature. $300-500


1120A. Porcelain Shoulder Head Doll, painted blue eyes, closed mouth, painted black hair, cloth body with porcelain arms and legs, gold and black lace dress, ht. 14 in. $150-250

1124. Blond Reticulated Bear and Baby Duck, German, bear is reticulated with elongated arms, replaced pads on paw and feet, ht. 12, duck in white undergarments, ht. 10 in. $200-300

1120B. Three-piece Painted Porcelain Dollhouse Bathroom Set, lg. to 5 1/4 in. $75-125

1125. Two German Teddy Bears, replaced clothing, ht. to 16 in. $200-300

1121. German Teddy Bear, early 20th century, elongated arms, leather boots and silk tie, reticulated, ht. 14 in. $200-300

1125A. Steiff Monkey Pull Toy, paper label missing, ht. 20 in. $400-600

1121A. Schuco Yes/No Bellhop Teddy Bear, in uniform, tail operated head mechanism, ht. approx. 12 in. $300-400 1121B. Large Reticulated Stuffed Teddy Bear, early 20th century, replaced pads, restitched nose, some fur loss on snout, hump in back, elongated arms, ht. 24 in. $800-1,200 1121C. Large Steiff Turtle, with original tag, set on a wire frame, lg. 21 in. $75-120 1121D. Steiff Teddy Bear, head and tail move, ht. 12 in. $200-300 1122. Steiff Toy Tiger, with tag in ear, green eyes, lg. approx. 13 in. $150-250 1122A. Steiff Reticulated Teddy Bear, blond with red ribbon, tag in ear, ht. 9 in. $200-300 1123. Steiff Elephant Pull Toy, paper label, ht. 17 in. $600-800 1123A. Steiff 1903 100th Anniversary Teddy Bear, in original box with certificate no. 1528/5000, ht. 17 in. $100-150

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1126. Two Cast Iron Racers and a Tin Racer, one Hubley, a blue racer (unmarked), and a red painted tin racer, lg. to 9 in. $300-500 1127. Seven Toy Guns and Vehicles, a red metal tractor, a pair of guns, a Tootsie Toy WW1 era tank, and a pair of painted 1930s era trolley cars. $75-125 1128. Twelve Toy Vehicles, seven rubber cars and trucks, several by Sun Rubber Company, a metal bus with propeller in rear, a TootsieToy truck (damage), a Arcade metal car, and two Norev cars in original boxes. $100-200 1129. Five Marke Tin Wind-up Ballerinas. $200-300 1130. City Hall Park Tin Trolley Car, in yellow, red, and green paint, lg. 16, sold with a toy steam engine, and a painted trolley with friction motor. $300-400 1131. Steiff Ruvue Susie Spaniel, and a Japanese Gigi The Playful Pup, 1950s with two dollhouse chairs. $100-150 1132. Ten Magic Lantern Slides, images from New England scenes, Canada, and animals and flowers. $50-75

1133. Group of Lead Toys and Wooden Toys. several partial sets. $150-250 1134. Ives Painted Submarine, lg. 10 1/2 in. $200-300 1135. Group of Toys, a sand toy fiddler, a early scratch built wooden train set in grain painted box, a French horse racing game, a rooster musical instrument, and a Milton Bradley “Grand Excursion Train” wood and lithographed three piece set. $300-400 1136. Large Group of Mostly Metal Toy Soldiers and Related Items, including three cloth tents and with toy artillery, group of white coated soldiers, a group of gray coated soldiers, riders on horseback, other partial sets. $150-250 1137. Four Tin Toys, a S. Gunthermann clockwork beetle, a clockwork hen and chicks tin toy, a cast iron and goat cart, and a Strauss “Ham and Sam” minstrel toy (damage). $300-400 1138. Hans Eberl Lithographed Tin “Baltimore’s Best Store Delivery Truck,” side reads Hochschild, Korhn & Co., and a Marx Mortimer Snerd wind-up car. $250-350 1139. Group of Tin and Metal Toy Guns and Artillery, including a “Buck Rogers 25th century gun,” Daisy Manufacturing Company, a Kingston “Big 6” gun, two WW1-style artillery, etc. $150-250 1140. Six Stuffed Animals and Toys, reticulated red bear with brown eyes and silk ribbon, ht. 13, a miniature brown Petz German bear, lg. 4 1/2, two papier-mâché and fabric toy horses, another miniature horse pull toy, and a Japanese battery powered mother bear and baby bear. $150-250 1141. Four Toys, a black tin and wood boxing pull toy, a Ives C.P. R.R. #187 tender with two cars, a cast iron wagon and two horses, and a balancing clown toy. $250-350

1142. Four Cast Iron Still Banks, an A.C. Williams baseball player, a black standing male bank, a Billkin bank, and a building-form bank. $300-400

1150A. Lehmann Punch Chariot Tin Wind-up Toy, Germany, lever drives rear wheels, lg. 7 1/2 in. $50-75

1143. Three Tin and Metal Toys, a early tin steam engine, a cast iron car, and a clockwork girl on a tricycle, ht. 9 in. $300-400

1151. Three Lithographed Tin Toy Wind-up Cars, Greppert & Kelch auto, a Marx racer, and a Marke three-wheeled auto. $300-400

1144. Three Lithographed Tin Toys, a Marke/ Lehmann automobile, a German tin organ grinder balloon man toy, and a Strauss tin engine. $250-350

1151A. Three Tin Vehicles, a Unique Art Manufacturing Co. Racer, a Schuco FernlenkAuto, and a painted truck. $100-200

1145. Three Lithographic Tin Vehicles, a D.R.G.M. donkey cart wind-up toy, a Orobr steam roller, and a D,R.G.M. circus three-wheel car. $300-500 1146. Group of Early Tin Toys, a lithographed tin Lehmann “New Century Cycle,” a Strauss Jigger toy (rod broken), a Chien Santa windup toy. $300-500 1147. Group of Toys, including a Gibbs pony cart, a Gibbs hay wagon, tin painted pair of yellow walking ducks, a yarn monkey on a stage, two bell push toys. $250-350 1147A. Keystone Steam Roller 60 Pressed Steel Toy, c. 1920, steers, with bell, lg. 20 in. $300-500 1148. Group of Toys, a Marx lithographed tin goose, a tin bird, two nested sets of ABC blocks, a tin bicycle, a scratch built wooden wind-up cat toy, and a German lithographed toy organ. $200-300 1149. Six Tin Farm Animals and a Cast Iron Rooster Pull Toy, etc. $300-400 1150. Lehmann Lithographed Tin Alabama Coon Jigger Toy, ht. 10 in., sold with a pop-up tin and wooden crank operated toy. $300-500

1152. Ferdinand Strauss “Hooligan’s Hack” Lithographed Wind-up Tin Toy, lg. 8 in. $300-400 1152A. Roullet et Decamps Pig and Dog Wind-up, hide and wood, depicting a dog biting the ear of a pig, lg. 9 1/2 in. $75-100 1153. Marke Lehmann Lithographed Also Tin Wind-up Automobile, lg. 4 in. $300-500 1154. Tellus “Ruck-Ruck” Clockwork Lithographed Tin Toy Car, lg. 5 1/2 in. $300-400 1155. Four Lithographed Tin Toys, a D.R.G.M. peacock, a penguin, a climbing monkey, and a Marke insect. $300-400 1156. Marx Pinocchio Busy Delivery Lithographed Tin Wind-up Toy, lg. 9 in. $300-400 1157. Marke/Lehmann Wind-up Toy Dirigible, lg. 7 in. $200-300 1158. Hess Boy on Sled, lithographed and painted tin with friction drive mechanism; marked “Hess Roller” on front, lg. 6 1/2 in. $300-400

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1159. Group of Toys, including a lithographed “disappeared plate,” a toy tin kitchen and articles, a blown glass and tin top, a miniature corner store game, a cloth and wooden toy bunny pop-up toy, wooden clowns, wooden animals, a wooden building set, a Dandy gyroscope top with original box and instructions, etc. $200-300

Group of Internally Decorated Glass Marbles. $100-200

Group of Mostly Mid-20th Century Board Games and Related Materials. $100-150

1166. Group of Mostly Wooden Toys, including Noah’s ark and carved animals, wooden pin bowling game, etc. $100-200

1173. Two Partial Japanese Lithographed Tin Train Sets. $100-200

1159A. Group of Lithographed and Painted Toys, including a pair of painted wooden buildings, a set of six blocks, painted nested eggs, nested boxes, etc. $100-150

1167. Group of Mostly Tin Toys, battery powered Silver Mountain Locomotive, Munsters steel lunchbox, etc. $100-200

1160. Steel and Tin Pan American World Airways Plane, lg. 22 in. $150-250

1168. Group of Toys, including a early 20th century H - K Electric Aerial Swing tin toy, a tin horse and carriage pull toy, a painted toy slipper foot tub, toy tin backgrounds, tin doll furniture, a large group of tin noise-makers, toys, etc. $200-250

1160A. Three Wind-Up Toys and a Futureland Hurdy Gurdy Game. $75-125 1161. FAO Schwarz Hobby Chime Pull Toy in Original Box, metal with wooden handle and rubber wheels. $100-150 1161A. Approximately Sixteen Still Banks, including a Electric Safe, a liberty bell steel bank, a cast iron and steel globe bank with eagle finial, a tin painted clown bank, a Ira Clark & Company strong box safe, etc. $300-500 1162. Group of Metal and Rubber Vehicles, mid-20th century, including TootsieToy, Sun rubber toys, Hubley race car, etc. $150-200 1163. Large Assortment of Lionel, Marx, and American Flyer Trains, Lionel Automatic Gaterman, Marx Reading Caboose, etc. $200-300 1164. German Parrot and Monkey Painted Tin Bank, parrot opens mouth to accept coins when lever is depressed, ht. 6 in. $100-150 1165. Schuco German Tin Wind-up Monkey Drummer Toy. $100-150 1165A.


1169. Group of Cowboy Toy Material, including Hopalong Cassidy chromolithographed tin wind-u shooting gallery, Wolverine Shooting Gallery, guns, holsters, etc. $200-300 1170. Group of Plastic and Metal Toys, two metal tractors, train set, and related materials. $50-75 1170A. Group of Toy Vehicles, including Manoil, TootsieToy, Ralstoy, etc. $100-200 1170B. Twelve Toy Vehicles and Parts, a TootsieToy long distance hauler, a TootsieToy Dairy truck, a TootsieToy Wrigley’s Spearmint Chewing Gum truck, a TootsieToy wrecker truck, a TootsieToy Domaco Gasoline and Oils truck, and several other toys. $100-200 1171. Group of Toy Vehicles, including Manoil, TootsieToy, Ralstoy, etc. $150-250 1171A. Painted Cast Iron and Metal Miniature Crib and Stroller, sold with small bisque baby doll (legs not attached), ht. to 4 in. $100-200 1172.

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1173A. Marx Lithographed Tin “Hi-Yo Silver, Lone Ranger Target Game,” (framed), panel approx. 27 x 16 in. $75-100 1174. Group of Metal Soldiers, including Krollyn Viking Set, and several partial British sets. $300-500 1175. Large Group of Dinky, Gorky, Early Matchbox, and Tootsie Vehicles. $300-500 1175A. Group of Wooden Toys, including a Strombecker Rock Island Rocket scale model in original box, un-assembled, a West German wood block set in original box, a painted duck pull toy, a Marine Model Co. historical naval guns model, un-assembled, etc. $150-250 1176. Three Child’s Pianos, Symphony, and two by Schoenhut, two with lithographed paper labels. $200-250 1176A. Group of Toy Train Locomotives, Cars, and Assorted Material, including an A. T. & S.F. locomotive, an Amtrak coach car, a Minnesota and St. Louis 1072 car, an Amtrak observation car, a Gilbert American Flyer 655 passenger car in original box, a Tempo Santa Fe locomotive, a Tyco Amtrak 4316 locomotive, a Tyco 4015 Santa Fe locomotive, etc. $75-125 1177. Three Partial Britains Lead Sets, in original boxes, two sets of Regiments of All Nations, No. 1349, and 229 and The 16th/5th Lancers, No. 33. $100-200

1177A. Lionel Trains, Cars, and Other Train Items, including D&RGW Rio Grande 9144 car, Lionel 6656 cattle car, Santa Fe 63132 car, Lionel 8304 locomotive, a Lionel 8305 locomotive, etc. $50-75 1178. Two Wooden Doll Chairs, late 17th/18thstyle. $150-200 1178A. A. C. Gilbert Erector Set, c. 1940s, the parachute jump, original metal box, manual, etc. $100-150 1179. Group of Toys, including Ohio Art Tin Alpine Game, Juro ventriloquism doll, etc. $75-125 1179A. Group of 1940s Games, including The Wising Well game, pinball type games, The Constitution Model No. 38 by Miniature Ship Models Inc., Black Falcon plastic ships model, a Roma Hickory Dickory Dock toy, a Parkers Brothers Children Hour board game, other games include Treasure Hunt, Swich, etc. $75-125 1180. Group of Toys and Dolls, including a Alexander “Maybell” doll with case and accessories, a small German toy instrument in original box, a German miniature doll with wire connected arms and legs, two hats, a hatbox, other dolls. $100-150 1180A. Two Painted Dolls, an Articulated Cloth Teddy Bear, and a Green-painted Wicker Doll’s Carriage, one doll marked “Horsman,” (dolls cracked, losses, imperfections, bear worn). $30-50 1181. Group of Mid-20th Century Model Kits. $100-150 1181A. Four Metal Toy Vehicles, including a pedal car, with white steering wheel, impressed “S” on wheels, wooden bench seat, a pedal car with stamped “M” on wheel, platform on rear, a red pedal car with white steering wheel, stamped “M” on wheel, (restored), lg. 35 in., etc. $200-300

1182. Ten Little Colored Boys Book, published by Howard, Soskin, New York, 1942. $150-250 1182A. Wooden Toy Bowling Set, ten pins and a ball. $75-100 1183. Train Passenger Lead Toys Set with Two Additional Plastic Sets. $50-75 1183A. Japanese Robot, battery powered, ht. 10 in. $50-75 1184. German Wooden Painted Castle, gray, white, and red, with applied false fronts. $100-150 1184A. Paris-type Child’s Tea Set, white with gold edging, six cups and saucers, teapot, sugar bowl, and creamer. $200-250 1185. Three Celluloid Costume Dolls, 1950s, Rheinische Gummi Bavarian girl with rigid neck, open/closed mouth with painted teeth, fixed blue acrylic eyes, jointed hips and shoulders, original regional costume, straw hat and swing tags, ht. 15, (fine original condition); “Gura” Bavarian boy with socket neck, sleeping blue eyes, jointed hips and shoulders, original costume and tag, ht. 12, (minor crazing and scuffs on face, missing one sock and both shoes); and a “Helga” Austrian girl with socket neck, sleeping blue eyes, jointed hips and shoulders, original regional costume and tag, ht. 12 in., (fine original condition). $100-125 1185A. Group of Assorted Metal Toys and Glass Items, hammer, three rakes, four axes, broom, and a group of Victory Glass Co. train, ship and phone. $100-150 1185B. Box of Vintage Games and Electronics, including Polar Club hair dryer in original box, Polar Club vibrator, table tennis net and paddle, playing cards, etc. $75-100

1186. Group of Doll, Dollhouse, and Toy Items, including two dollhouse furniture-form candy containers, Boston Sunday Herald paper doll set, miscellaneous doll items, three celluloid dolls and wooden sled, and four porcelain doll tea sets. $100-150 1186A. Group of Internally Decorated Marbles. $200-300 1187. Eleven Cast Iron Animal Still Banks, including an early white painted lamb bank, elk, lion, horses, camels, elephants. $300-400 1187A. Group of Wooden Tin and Plastic Toys, including a wooden boat train carrier, a tin Speedphone, a Rite Spot plastic wind-up racer, a painted metal gun, an International tractor, a wooden Queen ring toss, a painted Jeep, etc. $75-125 1188. Augustus L. Hudson Miniature Octagonal Dining Table and a High-back Bench, paper label, ht. 6 1/2 in., high-backed bench with storage under seat, ht. 7 3/4 in. $75-125 1188A. Fisher Price 1938 Donald Duck Wooden Musical Pull-toy, sold with a Herbert-George Co. Walt Disney Donald Duck camera. $100-150 1188B. Five Pieces of Painted Doll Furniture, a step-back cupboard, a sideboard, a pair of architectural pillars, and a hanging shelf. $200-250 1189. Large Group of Tin, Glass, and Other Toy Still Banks. $200-300 1189A. Group of Metal, Plastic and Wooden Toys, including a Studebaker wind-up sedan, a small painted boat and sailor set, boats, etc. $150-250 1189B. Walt Disney Enterprises/Ohio Art Co. Lithographed Tin Sand Pail, 1938, depicting Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, ht. to rim 5 3/4, dia. 5 3/4 in. $400-600

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1190. Group of Approximately Sixteen Metal Still Banks. $200-300

1194. Eleven Small Figures, including chalk cat, small chickens, and figurines, ht. to 5 1/2 in. $200-300

1198. Ideal Vinyl Betty Big Girl, c. 1968-69, ht. 32 in. $50-75

1190A. Painted French Wooden Horse Pull-toy, late 19th/early 20th century, with glass eyes, leather ears, harness, and saddle, hide covered, mounted on a wooden platform with cast iron wheels, ht. 36 in. $150-250

1194A. Lindberg Chris Craft “Constellation” 1/20 Scale Model Boat Kit, partially assembled in original box. $100-200

1198A. Group of Mostly Plastic Musical Instruments and Other Toys, including a Golden Piano accordion in original box, two Jeffrey “57” telescopes, a mid-20th century clockwork Jumping Rabbit toy, a Magnus keymonica in original box, etc. $100-125

1191. Five Small Bisque and Composition Baby and Dollhouse Dolls, lg. 3 1/2 to 7 in. $50-75 1191A. Eldregette Child’s Sewing Machine, lg. 8 in. $75-100 1192. Group of Tin and Wooden Toys, a D.R.G.M. German painted toy drummer, a wooden toy box, a partial toy monkey, a pair of painted wooden fish, etc. $100-200 1192A. Two Partial Train Sets, Louis Marx & company wind-up train and several cars, a Hafner wind-up train and four pressed-tin toy cars, some track. $100-125 1192B. Group of Modern Dollhouse Furniture, some in original boxes. $75-100 1193. Three Cast Iron Toys, a green Hubley car, marked 2232, a green Hubley truck, marked 2274, and an Army 15-P-7 bomber, lg. to 6 in. $200-250 1193A. Four Bisque Head Dolls, Armand Marseille open mouth, brown sleep eyes, with necklace, stamped 410 on back, two dollhouse bisque head dolls, and a bisque head doll, open mouth with fixed blue eyes, ht. to 18 in. $100-200 1193B. Approximately Sixteen Matchbox Lesney Cars, England, mostly metal bodies, many from the models of yesteryear series, sold with a single Hotwheels racecar. $40-80


1194B. Victorian Black Painted Doll Carriage, (losses), lg. 33 in. $100-150 1195. Lithographed Composition Dollhouse, Rich Toys, mid-20th century, with removable top, white with green roof, back is open to show interior, ht. 26, wd. 33 1/2 in. $100-150 1195A. Maple Doll Bed with Traces of Red Paint. $75-100 1195B. Group of Lionel Train Engine, Cars, Tracks and Related Material, sold in black case, “O” gauge track, engine is Lionel 254 engine, several cars, tracks, transformer, and related material, sold with a green metal car. $300-400 1196. Wicker Sleigh and Doll Carriage. $100-150 1196A. Rustic Wood and Plaster Toy Farmhouse, with furniture, and animals, with a Walnut “Grand Piano.” $100-150 1196B. Approximately Seventeen Pieces of Dollhouse Furniture, wooden chest of drawers, Becker chair, painted metal furniture, beds, table, etc. $150-200 1197. Wm. Bumham Teddy Bear, articulated arms, legs, and head, ht. 18 in. $75-125 1197A. Child’s Roll-top Desk and Chair, ht. 35, wd. 16 in. $100-200

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1198B. Approximately Twenty-one Mostly WWI Soldiers, some TootsieToy, some losses. $75-125 1199. Reproduction Cast Iron Surrey, Pair of Horses, and Driver, with fringe top attached to pair of bench seats, driver and passenger, lg. 12 1/2 in. $100-125 1199A. Approximately Ten Mid-20th Century Board Games and Models. $100-200 1199B. Large Celluloid Mae Starr Doll, open mouth, blue sleep eyes, old undergarments, newer blue velvet dress, (some damage), lg. 29 in. $100-200 1200. Late Victorian Doll Carriage, black painted wicker, wooden handle, white carriage. $75-125 1201. Chinese Bronze Vase Lamp. Provenance: Descended in the estate of a Cambridge, Massachusetts, and New York City academic family. $125-150 1202. School of Pantaleon Panduro, Portrait of a Woman, inscribed “Por Pantaleon Panduro/ Guadalajara a S. Pedro/Marzo 2 de 1906/ Pantaleon Panduro/S. Pedro Tlaquepaque/ Calle del Porvenir no. 25,” terra-cotta, ht. 9 1/8 in. $300-500 1203. Karabagh Rug, South Caucasus, 19th/20th century, 5 ft. x 3 ft. 3 in. $400-600

1204. “D.C. Jive Five” Painted Wooden Drum, ht. 12 1/4, dia. 14 1/2 in. $150-250 1205. Small Baroque Chinoiserie-decorated Quarter-round Corner Cabinet, the interior with three fixed shelves, ht. 36, wd. 22, dp. 15 in. $150-200 1206. Set of Six Polychrome-painted Floral Carved Wood Armchairs. $700-900 1207. Rococo-style Parquetry and Burlwood Veneer Three-drawer Bombé Commode, ht. 33, wd. 35 3/4 in. $800-1,200 1208. Large Contemporary Art Pottery Vessel, unsigned, approx. ht. 15 1/2 in. $300-500 1209. Ten Pieces of Assorted Jugtown Pottery, including six Nancy Sweezy, ht, 2 5/8 to 4 3/4 in. $325-450 1210. George Manuel Aarons (American, 18961980) Lot of Two Works: Psalms 85 10-11 and Moses. Moses titled and identified on a label affixed to the reverse. Plaster bas-relief mounted to panel, 4 x 7 1/2 in., unframed. Condition: One disadhered from panel. $600-800 1211. American School, 20th Century Op-Art Composition. Signed “Folsom” l.r. Oil on canvas, 59 x 43 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Surface grime. $100-150 1212. Venetian Etched Glass Mirror, lg. 18 1/2 in. $700-900 1213. Three Assorted Rococo-style Upholstered Carved Wood Footstools. $200-250

1214. Louis XV-style Circular Giltwood and Gesso Vitrine, with one fixed glass shelf, ht. 38 1/4, dia. 22 in. $200-400

1224. Set of Seven English Porcelain Luncheon Plates, c. 1871, with turquoise blue ozier rim and gilt accenting, (three with hairlines). $300-500

1215. French-style Green-painted Cast Metal Coat Rack and a Pair of Tiered Plant Stands. $150-250

1225. Hamadan Runner, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 10 ft. x 3 ft. $250-350

1216. Six Pieces of Griffin, Smith, and Hill Etruscan Majolica Decorated Tableware, a bamboo spooner, a sunflower syrup jug, a floral pastry plate, a bamboo dish, strawberries plate, and a floral pitcher. $150-250 1217. Nine Assorted Ceramic Figural Tobacco Jars, mostly European, including a character, two country gentlemen, a lion, country woman smoker, auto driver, Victoria devil, a Black jockey, and a man with hat and pipe. $200-400 1218. After John Singer Sargent (American, 1856-1925) Portrait of a Man. Inscribed “John S. Sargent” within the matrix l.l. Collotype on paper, sheet size 23 x 18 1/4 in., unframed. $200-300 1219. Seven Miniature Ceramic Dog Figures, including a Lladro and a Zsolnay. $250-350 1220. Rococo-style Carved Giltwood Mirror, lg. 54 in. $300-400 1221. Two Late Victorian Woven Wicker Chairs, a white-painted New England Reed Co. fancy armrocker and a stained armchair. $100-150 1222. Late Victorian Carved Oak Corner Cabinet, (front legs with joint break, lacking shelves), ht. 66 1/2, wd. 39, dp. 23 in. $200-300 1223. Bohemian Overlay and Cut Glass Vase, 19th century, pink with white cut to yellow with stars, palmettes, and squares above elongated panels, ht. 9 in. $400-600

1226. Southwest Persian Rug, 20th century, 6 ft. 9 in. x 4 ft. 7 in. $300-500 1227. 128 Pieces of Anglo-Irish Colorless Cut Glass Stemware and Tableware, eleven rinsers, twenty-one wines, twenty-seven goblets, nineteen wines, thirty-two wines, and eighteen wines. $1,500-3,000 1228. Gothic-style Brass and Frosted Pale Amber Glass Hanging Lantern, (electric), approx. lg. 43, dia. 14 in. $150-250 1229. Victorian-style Oak Mirrored Wash Stand with a Blue and White Floral Transferdecorated Ceramic Pitcher and Basin. $50-75 1230. Set of Five Gothic-style Hexagonal Blackpainted Iron and Frosted Glass Panel Hanging Lanterns, fixture lg. 26, wd. 15 1/2 in. $300-500 1231. Pewter-lidded Dark Blue Jasper Dip Pitcher, possibly Dudson, overall ht. 9 in. $100-125 1232. Five Opaque and Milk Glass Smoke Bells, probably Sandwich Glass Co. $150-250 1233. Forty-seven-piece Red Wing Pottery Dinner Service, red stamped mark. $200-300 1234. Approximately Twenty-six American Decorative Arts Related Books and Pamphlets. $100-150

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1235. Chinese Export Marble-inset Carved Hardwood Stand. $150-250 1236. Classical Mahogany Pedestal-base Center Table, ht. 29 3/4, dia. 30 in. $300-500 1237. Empire Mahogany Veneer Ottoman with Upholstered Cushion. $100-200 1238. Colorless Cut Glass Vase, Tea Bell, a Molded Glass Bud Vase, and a Set of Bohemian Etched Ruby Flash Wines and Two Cordials, vase ht. 10 1/4 in. $75-100 1239. Lot of Sixteen Prints: Marcantonio Raimondi (Italian, fl. 14801527), Battle with a Cutlass, inscribed “Ant. sal. exc.” within the matrix l.r., engraving mounted to backing sheet, sheet size approximately 13 x 18 in.; After Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Italian, 1720–1778), Plate XLVI [A. Vaso di color di metallo...] from Le Antichità Romane, Tome III, inscribed “Piranesi Archit dis. ed. inc. Barbault sc. la figura” within the matrix l.r., engraving, sheet size 20 3/4 x 30 1/4 in.; Jean Théodore Descourtilz (French, c. 1796-1855)., Three Plates from Ornithologie Brésilienne, ou histoire des oiseaux du Brésil, two inscribed “WATERLOW & SONS, CHROMOLITH, LONDON” within the matrix l.l. and “LONDON: WATERLOW & SONS, CHROMOLITHOGRAPHERS” within the matrix l.c., color lithographs, sheet sizes 25 x 18 in.; AngloAmerican School, 19th, Century, Branta bernicla [The Brant Goose], inscribed “The Brent [sic] Goose” in pencil in a later hand l.c. and “18th Century” in pencil in a later hand l.r., hand-colored engraving, sheet size 20 1/4 x 28 3/4 in.; Continental School, 17th/18th Century, Six Plates, Probably from Richard Blome’s Gentleman’s Recreation, 1686, one inscribed “F.H. Von Hoven Sculp” within the matrix l.l., etchings, sheet sizes 15 1/4 x 9 1/2 in.; Continental School, 19th Century, Three Topographical Views, Including Debden, Battle of Waterloo, and Villa de SS. Marchesi Gerini a Ronta; sizes to 15 x 22 1/2 in.; After John T. Bowen (American, 1801-1856), WA-NA-TA, Grand Chief of the Sioux., photomechanical reproduction, sheet size 17 1/2 x 14 in.; all unframed. Condition: Cutlass trimmed to plate, Vaso with staining, center crease as issued, Ornithologie with staining, toning, and losses to each sheet, Brent with creases, tape reinforced center crease, losses, staining; Recreation with toning, staining; Topographical with toning, staining. $200-250


1240. Paul Berthon (French, 1872-1909) Sa Tres Gracieuse Majeste La Reine Wilhelmine. Inscribed “PAUL BERTHON” within the matrix u.l. Color lithograph, sheet size 9 x 7 in., framed. 1901. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $300-350 1241. Eight Pieces of Chinese Pewter and Ten Pieces of Assorted Asian Brass and Metalware. $300-400 1242. Empire Mahogany Drop-leaf Pedestalbase Dining Table and a Set of Four Chippendale Carved Mahogany Side Chairs. $200-300 1243. Onyx Pedestal with Gilt-brass Mounts, ht. 38 1/4, top wd. 11 in. $300-500 1244. Set of Three Classical Mahogany Gondola Chairs with Upholstered Slip Seats. $100-150 1245. (Queen Victoria), Tytler, Sarah, Life of her Most Gracious Majesty The Queen, Toronto: Virture & Co., [c. 1895], three volumes, blue cloth, folio. $100-200 1246. Kazvin Carpet, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 20 ft. 9 in. x 10 ft. $500-700 1247. Senneh Kelim, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 3 ft. x 2 ft. 4 in. $150-200 1248. Fourteen Pieces of Carnival-style Glassware and Twelve Pieces of Assorted American Art Pottery. $300-500

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1249. William Henry Jackson (American, 18431942) Pikes Peak from the Garden of the Gods, c. 1898. Titled and inscribed “...W H JACKSON & CO DENVER COL” within the negative l.c. Tinted mammoth-plate albumen print with whiting, 21 x 70 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Mildewing, acid burn, toning, mounted to cloth. $1,500-2,500 1250. Commemorative 1887 Jubilee Queen Victoria Staffordshire Figure, the base inscribed “Queen of England & Empress of India, Crowned June 20th 1837. Year of Jubilee 1887,” ht. 16 1/4 in. $200-300 1251. Two Transfer-decorated 1886 and 1887 Commemorative Queen Victoria Jubilee Ceramic Plates, a Wallis Gimson & Co. and a Royal Worcester for A. Stowell & Co. Boston, dia. 10 1/2 in. $100-200 1252. Twenty-six Assorted Queen Victoria Related Ceramic and Glass Articles, including a fifteen-piece English Jubilee pattern porcelain partial tea service, a colorless pressed pattern glass pastry plate and 1897 commemorative bowl, two parian busts and a figure, a painted bisque bust, a small 1897 commemorative porcelain bowl, a Godwin 1897 commemorative glazed tile, an L.T. transfer portrait-decorated tile, and a King Edward VII/Queen Victorian commemorative plate, tiles 6 x 6 in. $200-300 1253. Northwest Persian Rug, 20th century, 7 ft. x 4 ft. 8 in. $500-700 1254. Della Robbia-type Glazed Ceramic Holy Family Plaque, dia. 16 1/2 in. $200-300 1255. Art Deco Blue-painted Wooden Stand with Stepped-pedestal Base, ht. 29, dia. 17 in. $100-200 1256. Circular Craftsman-made Oak Dining Table, ht. 30 1/4, dia. 56 in. $100-150

1257. Two Arts & Crafts Oak Vertical Slat-back Armrockers, with upholstered spring cushion seats. $100-150 1258. Eight Assorted Ceramic Figural Tobacco Jars, mostly European, including a Frenchman, Scot, Blackamoor, maiden, monk, gentleman with hat, pipe, and bowtie, and two villagers. $250-350 1259. Group of Assorted Arts & Crafts-style Decorative Items, including eighteen books, ten pieces of copperwork, a metal tray, pewter ashtray, wooden jewel box, a framed print, framed Prang motto print, nine textile items and fragments. $300-450 1260. Kolan Peterson (American, 20th Century) Country Lane with Barns. Unsigned. Watercolor on paper, sheet size 14 x 21 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Minor rippling, taped to window mat along all four sides, inscribed “Framed by your favorite art teacher, Frank Berry” and with a sticker from Ameritone, Hemet, California, on the frame backing. Provenance: From the artist to Pauline Erickson, then by family descent. $50-100 1261. Albert Melville Graves (American, 18621950) Sheep Grazing on a Rocky Hillside. Signed “A.M.Graves” l.r., with a label from The Ainsworth Gallery, Boston, on the backing paper. Watercolor on paper/board, sight size 9 1/2 x 13 3/8 in., framed. Condition: Toning, not examined out of frame. Provenance: A gift from Rolf Kristiansen to the current owner, c. 1975, and inscribed to that effect on the backing paper. $50-100 1262. Paris Porcelain Gilt and Hand-painted Portrait-decorated Tea Cup and Saucer, saucer dia. 6 3/4 in. $500-700 1263. Steinway & Sons Oak Veneer Baby Grand Piano with Bench, c. 1924, B 103194 and underside of case impressed “103194,” fiftytwo white plastic keys. $4,000-6,000

1264. Painted Modern Asian Wooden Coffee Table, ht. 15, lg. 36 in. $600-800 1265. Irving & Casson/A.H. Davenport Colonial Revival Carved Oak Paneled Tall-back Settle, ht. 58 1/4, wd. 65 1/2, dp. 23 1/2 in. $200-300 1266. Nine Pieces of Assorted Majolica Glazed Decorated Tableware, including five leafform dishes, a dog and leaf dish, a cauliflower bowl, a basket and leaf-decorated dish, and a Holdcroft charger. $400-600 1267. Eight Assorted Majolica Glazed Ceramic Table Items, a footed shell-form bowl, a basket-form egg coddler, two covered sugars, a footed sugar bowl, two compotes, and a sardine box. $400-600 1268. After William Morris Hunt (American, 18241879) Photoprocess Reproduction of a Drawing. Monogrammed “WMH” l.l. Sheet size 9 3/8 x 14 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Toning, foxing, sheet mounted to backing board. $200-400 1269. Royal Vienna Gilt and Hand-painted Rembrandt Portrait-decorated Porcelain Cabinet Plate, (rim chip), dia. 9 1/2 in. $400-600 1270. Set of Six Kaplan Federal-style Red Leather Upholstered Mahogany Ribbonback Dining Chairs and a Single Shieldback Side Chair, including four side and two armchairs. $100-150 1271. Federal Cherry Tilt-top Candlestand. $200-250 1272. Georgian-style Mahogany Double-pedestal Dining Table, with six leaves, lg. 72, wd. 48, leaf wd. 12 in. $700-900

1273. Set of Seven Copeland/Spode Transfer Geranium Pattern Ceramic Dinner Plates, an English Pottery Garden Wall Pattern Jug, and a Yellowware Kitchen Mixing Bowl. $75-100 1274. Ericsson Ericofon “Cobra” Telephone, Sweden. $30-40 1275. South Caucasian Runner, 19th century, 13 ft. 2 in. x 3 ft. 2 in. $600-800 1276. Princess Royal and Prince of Prussia Pink Lustre and Transfer-decorated Porcelain Cup and Saucer. $100-200 1277. Pair of Queen Victoria with Infant and Prince Albert Staffordshire Seated Figures and a Prince Albert Staffordshire Seated Figure, (imperfections), ht. 6 3/4 to 8 3/4 in. $200-300 1278. Chippendale Cherry Side Chair with Needlepoint Upholstered Slip Seat. $300-500 1279. Georgian-style Inlaid Mahogany Vitrine Table, ht. 24 1/2, lg. 26 1/4 in. $75-100 1280. Federal-style Upholstered Mahogany Lolling Chair. $400-600 1281. Marble Composition Bust of Queen Victoria and a Kerr & Co. Parian Bust of Prince Albert, (Victoria with small chips), Queen Victoria ht. 14 3/4, wd. 7 in. $175-225 1282. Pair of Mt. Washington Attributed Classical-decorated Art Glass Table Lamps, with metal mounts, (electrified). $150-200 1283. Pair of Brass Belted Ball-top Andirons with Tongs and Shovel. $100-150

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1284. Two Leather Straps of Sleigh Bells, a set of nineteen graduated silvered metal and a set of fifty-eight metal, approx. lg. 75 and 71 in., respectively. $200-300 1285. Jacobean-style Carved Wood Humidor Cabinet, with copper liner, ht. 27 1/4, wd. 14 1/2 in. $100-150 1286. Set of Four Green-painted Iron Garden Chairs, a Gray-painted Wooden Plant Stand, and a Green-painted Galvanized Steel Barrel. $300-400 1287. Pair of Green-painted Renaissance-style Wrought Iron Seven-light Floor Torchieres, ht. 78 1/4, wd. 27 in. $1,000-1,500 1287A. Set of Eight Colonial Revival Chippendalestyle Carved Mahogany Dining Chairs, with upholstered slip seats, including seven side and one armchair. $600-800 1288. Pair of Continental Painted Brass and Ceramic-mounted Floral-decorated Two-light Mantel Garnitures, with prisms, (electrified), ht. 11 5/8, wd. 7 in. $200-400 1289. American School, 20th Century The Horse Race. Signed and dated “Wa...60” l.r. Watercolor and graphite on paper, sheet size 10 1/2 x 15 in., matted, unframed. $150-250 1290. American School, 19th Century Romantic Landscape with Figures. Unsigned, with a canvas stamp from “... Devoe & Co” on the reverse. Oil on canvas, 18 x 24 in., framed. Condition: Small punctures, retouch, abrasions, paint losses, craquelure. $200-250

1292. Pair of Chippendale-style Upholstered Tallback Settees, ht. 45, lg. 49 1/2 in. $100-150 1293. Four Pieces of Ivory-painted Woven Wicker Porch Furniture, with upholstered cushions, a sofa, two armchairs, and a side chair. $75-125 1294. Tekke Chuval, West Turkestan, last quarter 19th century, (some selvage damage, small tear at top), 3 ft. 10 in. x 2 ft. 6 in. $300-500 1295. Italian-style Gilt-metal Floral-form Fivelight Wall Sconce, approx. ht. 24 1/2, wd. 35 1/2 in. $200-300 1296. Hamadan Bagface, Northwest Persia, 19th/20th century, 1 ft. 10 in. x 1 ft. 8 in. $150-200 1297. Twelve Assorted Ceramic Mostly Character and Figural Tobacco Jars, a Chinese man, Black man, Arab, a woman, two Arab women, a country gentleman, a fisherman and cigars, a fox, Brownie woman, and a jar with owl. $200-300 1298. Ten Continental Majolica Figural Ceramic Tobacco Stands, including a bulldog and basket, boy with pipe, dog and house, castle, pig and bin, owl and log, stork, monkey and dog, child and bin, and jockey with hoof. $400-600 1299. Lot of Unframed Works on Paper, including a study of cart horses by Louis Chervin (French, 1905-1969). $100-200 1300. Commemorative Queen Victoria Jubilee Staffordshire Figure, the base inscribed “Queen Victoria Crowned June 20th 1837, Years of Jubilee 1887-1891, Died Jan. 22nd 1901,” ht. 17 in. $150-250

1291. Ten-piece Capo di Monte-style Resin Figural Crèche Set, ht. to 10 1/4 in. $600-800


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1301. Doulton Lambeth Glazed Stoneware 1887 Commemorative Queen Victoria Jubilee Jug and Beaker, and a Copeland/Spode Glazed Porcelain 1911 Commemorative King George V & Queen Mary Decanter. $200-300 1302. Group of Queen Victoria-related Figural and Cloth Items, a plaster bust, small cast metal bust, a hand-painted silk and bamboo hand-fan, a Stevensgraph silk commemorative 1838 ribbon and 1887 Jubilee ribbon, and a B.J. Short cotton souvenir 1919, 100th birthday pillow-form pincushion. $200-300 1303. Heriz Carpet, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 12 ft. 10 in. x 8 ft. 4 in. $800-1,000 1304. Verdura Brass Quartz Table Clock, with box. $100-200 1305. European Blue Glazed Earthenware Pedestal, with open center top, ht. 36 3/4, top surface dia. 12 1/4 in. $300-500 1306. Louis XV-style Upholstered Carved Walnut Sofa, approx. lg. 72 in. $200-300 1307. Set of Six Italian Renaissance-style Leather Upholstered Carved Walnut Side Chairs. $400-600 1308. Eight Assorted Majolica Glazed Ceramic Table Items, a jug, ewer, figural vase, rooster jug, two vases, a character jug, and owl jug. $300-500 1309. Ten Assorted Majolica Glazed Ceramic Tableware Items, a shell-form dish with footed sauce, a bird and nest figural dish, a squirrel and leaf figural nut dish, a lotus lily cup and saucer, a trumpet vine footed dish, a basket of cherries covered bowl with underplate, and a fruit-form inkwell. $300-500

1310. American School, 19th Century Still Life with a Bowl of Flowers. Unsigned. Oil on canvas, 16 x 30 in., framed. Condition: Losses, flaking, retouch, patch reinforcements. $200-250 1311. Continental School, 19th Century Shoreline Scene with Figures Viewing the Catch. Oil on canvas, 25 3/4 x 34 3/4 in., framed. Condition: Tears, punctures, patch reinforcement, craquelure, lifting, extensive surface grime. $200-300 1312. English Sterling Silver-mounted Glazed Stoneware Three-handled Loving Cup and Two Glazed Ceramic Jugs, the cup ht. 6 in. $200-300 1313. Pair of Italian-style Upholstered Walnut Stools, Hayden Co. $700-900 1314. Spanish-style Carved Walnut Doublepedestal Flat-top Desk, ht. 31, lg. 66, wd. 36 in. $100-150 1315. Louis XV-style Giltwood and Gesso Vitrine Table, ht. 29 1/2, wd. 21 in. $200-400 1316. Japanese Patinated Cast Bronze Dragondecorated Vase/Table Lamp, the base with raised mark, body ht. 10 3/4 in. $200-300 1317. Chinese Porcelain Vase, Figural Group, and Glazed Stoneware Censer, modern, with boxes, vase ht. 9 3/4, figural group ht. 8 in. $300-500 1318. American School, 19th Century River Valley View at Dusk. Unsigned, inscribed “belongs to Miss Atwater” on the reverse. Oil on artist board, 8 1/2 x 13 in., framed. Condition: Blistering, craquelure, surface grime, flaking, losses. $200-300

1319. Modern Seth Thomas Tiger Maple Steeple Shelf Clock, with brass eight-day key-wound movement. $50-75 1320. Late Victorian Brass Bed, with rails, wd. 55 in. $75-100 1321. Three Victorian Rococo Revival Upholstered Carved Walnut Parlor Side Chairs. $35-50 1322. British Mahogany Fireplace Surround, second quarter 20th century, ht. 55 1/2, wd. 57 1/2 in. $250-350 1323. Five Painted Cast Iron Figural Doorstops, Three Cast Iron Bookends, and an Erotic Paperweight, including doorstops: German Shepherd, Boston Terrier, Abraham Lincoln profile, cottage, and Chinese child; a pair of horses with saddles bookends, and a Lincoln bookend. $175-225 1324. Lot of Assorted Decorated Porcelain Tableware, including a set of Six Royal Worcester Bernina pattern demitasse cups and saucers, a twelve-piece Royal Doulton Evesham pattern partial tea service, a Cauldon footed bowl, a Crescent jug, a Lenox sailing ship plate, a hand-painted floraldecorated Bavarian pastry plate, a five-piece cigarette set, and Royal Crown Derby giltdecorated set of nine soups, a ladle, and a pair of underplates. $100-150

1329. Mintons Green Majolica Glazed Pottery Garden Seat, ht. 20 1/4, wd. 15 in. $200-400 1330. Six Assorted Decorative Items, a greenpainted splint basket, a paint-decorated tole tray, a pair of Arts & Crafts oak chambersticks, and two small powder horns. $150-250 1331. Fourteen Assorted Majolica Glazed Decorated Ceramic Plates and Dishes. $200-400 1332. Ten Assorted Majolica Glazed Ceramic Items, a floral-decorated ewer, two twohandled footed vases, a footed basket, a mantel clock, figural scenic wall plaque, a melon-form jug, a rose-decorated footed basket, floral-form vase, and a character jug. $250-350 1333. Pair of Vienna-style Metal-mounted Genre Scene-decorated Porcelain Garniture Vases, ht. 8 1/2 in. $100-150 1334. Rockledge Design Studio Aluminum and Glass Five-part Flower Stand, the aluminum base ht. 9 3/8 in. $200-300 1335. Empire Carved Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Serpentine Card Table. $300-500

1325. Turkish Rug, 20th century, 4 ft. 10 in. x 3 ft. $250-300

1336. Pair of Classical Carved Mahogany Side Chairs. $200-300

1326. Northwest Persian Rug, 19th/20th century, 7 ft. 6 in. x 3 ft. 4 in. $200-250

1337. Empire-style Burl Walnut-veneered and Part-ebonized Single-drawer Stand. $300-500

1327. Two Repoussé Brass Chargers, dia. 19 1/8 and 26 5/8 in. $100-200

1338. Three Blue and White Decorated Porcelain Items, a Bing & Grondahl “Hotel D’Angle Terre cigar ashstand and 1927 Juleaften vase, and a small Altenkundstadt Luftansa decanter. $300-350

1328. Victorian Carved White Marble Bust of a Lady, approx. ht. 24 1/2, wd. 16 in. $500-700

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1339. Continental School, 19th/20th Century

1349. American School, 19th Century.

View of Napoleonic Soldiers Loading a Cannon. Incised signature or inscription “... Vernet” over an obscured incised signature or inscription l.r. Gouache on ivorine, 3 x 3 3/4 in., framed. Condition: Hairline crack to l.r. $100-125

Portrait of a Woman, Possibly Mrs. William Sanborn of Falmouth, Maine. Unsigned. Oil on canvas, 14 1/2 x 11 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Patch reinforcement. $50-75

1340. Continental School, 20th Century The Fox Hunt/A Three-Panel Screen. Unsigned. Oil on canvas, each panel 66 x 22 in. Condition: Abrasions, surface grime, wear to edges. $1,000-1,500 1341. Libby Cobalt Cut-to-Clear Glass Bowl, etched interior mark, ht. 5 1/4, lg. 10 in. $200-300 1342. Country Pine Chamberstand and a Bench. $100-150 1343. Federal Cherry One-drawer Light Stand. $100-150 1344. Late Classical Carved Mahogany Pedestalbase Card Table. $300-400 1345. Ninety-five Piece Limoges Transferdecorated Porcelain Partial Dinner Service, DGA, Charles Field/Haviland. $600-800 1346. Pakistani Rug, 20th century, 8 ft. 8 in. x 5 ft. 10 in. $400-600 1347. Two Anatolian Yastiks, 19th/20th century, one, 3 ft. 2 in x 1 ft. 8 in., one, 2 ft. 10 in. x 1 ft. 8 in. $100-150 1348. Scheier Art Pottery Low Bowl with Two Handles, incised signature “ScheieR,” ht. 2 1/4, dia. 10 in. $100-150


1350. Pair of Queen Victoria and Prince of Wales Staffordshire Figures, (restoration), ht. 17 1/2 in. $200-300 1351. Seven Queen Victoria Related Medallions and Other Coins, a cased bronze 1897 commemorative medal and a cased silvered metal 1897 commemorative medal, a bronze 1886 Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, Colonial and Indian Exhibition medal, an 1851 International Industrial Exhibition medal, an 1826 British silver coin, a 1976 U.S. silver half dollar, and a 2000 U.S. one dollar coin. $250-350 1352. Pair of Rosewood Framed Queen Victoria & Prince Albert Gilt-metal Profile Portrait Plaques, overall 13 3/8 x 11 3/4 in. $250-350 1353. Heriz Carpet, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 11 ft. 2 in. x 9 ft. $600-800 1354. Eight Assorted Mid-century Modern Table Lamps, including Heywood-Wakefield attributed, vintage waterfall scenic, some shades. $625-1,000 1355. Ten-piece Arts & Crafts Oak Dining Room Set, attributed to Irving & Casson/A.H. Davenport, a dining table with six leaves, eight chairs including six side and two arm, and a sideboard, approx. table ht. 30 3/4, lg. 71, wd. 54 1/2, leaf wd. 12, sideboard ht. 38 1/4, lg. 72, dp. 26 in. $300-500 1356. Flip-top Maple Games Table with Marquetry Checker Board Side, possibly Hunzinger, ht. 28 3/4, dia. 30 in. $200-250 1357. Mid-Century Modern La-Z-Boy Upholstered Rocking Recliner.

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1357A. Edwardian Upholstered Inlaid Carved Mahogany Platform Rocker. $75-100 1358. Fourteen Ceramic Figural Tobacco Jars, mostly European, a fool in a barrel, two egg-people, a boat captain, Black child, a character, woman auto passenger, Brownie character, basket-form box, and barrel-form box. $300-500 1359. Carved Meerschaum Elephant-form Cheroot Holder, late 19th century, in fitted Naples, Italy retailer’s leather case, the small pipe carving with the figure of a walking elephant set with turquoise bead eyes, with gutta percha stem, pipe lg. 5 1/4 in. $150-250 1360. Lot of Two Works: Neoclassical-style Painting and Handcolored Photogravure. Painting of a sculptural relief of allegorical figures surrounded by a floral garland, unsigned, oil on canvas mounted to panel, 24 x 43 in., framed; photogravure of a standing female figure in classical dress with hands bound as if a captive or slave, sight size 20 1/2 x 11 1/4 in., framed. Condition: Neoclassical Painting with craquelure, minor paint losses, surface grime; Photogravure not examined out of frame. $50-150 1361. Lot of Two American School Landscapes, 19th/20th Century Standing Calf and Farmyard. Unsigned. Both oil on canvas, sizes to 9 1/4 x 12 in., framed. Condition: Cow with small puncture, Farmyard canvas loosely mounted on board, rippling and creasing, both with surface grime. $200-300 1362. Nine Assorted Asian Items, a hardstone figural carving, a porcelain scholar’s stone, an enameled metal censer, five hardwood and etched ivory snuff bottles, and a Tibetan jeweled mixed metal prayer wheel. $400-600 1363. Birch and Cherry Double-pedestal Twentyfour-drawer Jeweler’s/Tradesman’s Bench, approx. ht. 39, lg. 57 1/4, dp. 27 1/2 in. $200-300

1364. Edwardian Marquetry-decorated Rosewood Veneer Side/Wall Pedestal, ht. 42 3/4, top wd. 12 1/4, dp. 11 in. $200-400 1365. Set of Four Harry Bertoia Wire Chairs with Upholstered Cushions, Knoll Associates. $250-350 1366. Twenty-two Assorted Majolica Glazed Decorated Ceramic Table Items, a figural matchholder, a compote, small pin tray, nine assorted plates, dishes, and platters, and a set of five butter pats. $200-400 1367. Fourteen Assorted Majolica Glazed Ceramic Figural Table Items, mostly European, a maiden bank, nine assorted jugs and creamers, a syrup, a fish-form jug, elephant-form jug, a character jug, and a cracker jar. $200-400 1368. Framed Photo-facsimile after Rembrandt’s Self Portrait in a Beret Leaning on a Stone Sill. $80-100 1369. Five Modern Parian Classical Figures, ht. 7 1/8 to 14 3/4 in. $200-300 1370. Pair of Federal Inlaid Mahogany Demilune Banquet Table Ends, ht. 27, wd. 50 1/4, dp. 25 in. $300-500 1371. Four Assorted Windsor Thumb-back Side Chairs and a Firehouse Chair with Tray. $50-75 1372. Four Assorted Wooden Stools, a weaver’s stool, upholstered Windsor and upholstered circular walnut footstools, and an Empire footstool. $50-75 1373. Box of Assorted Table and Other Linens, including small sets. $50-75

1374. Gilt-bronze Seated Maitreya Figure, modern, ht.12 in. $300-400 1375. Persian Rug, 20th century, 5 ft. 4 in. x 3 ft. 6 in. $300-500 1376. Brass Belted ball-top Andirons, a Shovel and Tongs Set, with Other Tongs. $50-100 1377. Fourteen Pieces of Colored Glass Stemware, including a set of seven amber wines with air spiral stems, a set of six green stems, and a single green goblet. $150-250 1378. Queen Anne Tiger Maple and Maple Dressing Table. $1,000-1,500 1379. Cherry Slant-lid Desk, ht. 33 1/2, wd. 34 in. $300-500 1380. Mahogany and Maple Candlestand. $50-75 1381. Pair of Transfer and Hand-painted Commemorative 1837 and 1887 Queen Victoria Porcelain Plates, “1837, God Save the Queen,” and “1887, Long May She Reign,” dia. 9 5/8 in. $100-200 1382. Queen Victoria Commemorative Pressed Milk Glass Humidor, ht. 8 1/4 in. $100-150 1383. Eighteen Liquor Advertising and Collectible Glass and Ceramic Items. $100-150 1384. Gilt-gesso Framed Oval Limoges Handpainted Cherub-decorated Porcelain Plaque, Gerard, Dufraisseix, Abbot, the reverse signed “P. Auel,” plaque lg. 7 1/2 in. $150-250

1385. Two Small Nesting Chinoiserie-decorated Stands and a Stand with Needlework Sampler Framed Top. $100-150 1386. Set of Four Wrought Iron Patio Side Chairs, attributed to Salterini. $300-500 1387. English Queen Anne-style Carved Walnut and Burlwood Veneer Drop-leaf Table. $700-900 1388. Six Assorted Hand-painted Porcelain Figural Groups, four Capo di Monti-type and two German/Austrian, ht. 7 to 9 1/2 in. $300-500 1389. American 20th Century Fishing by the Lake, oil on canvas, unframed. $200-300 1390. Gilt-metal-mounted Limoges Enameled Double Inkstand, with winged cherub decoration, ht. 4, wd. 6 3/4 in. $200-300 1391. Four Pieces of Worcester Gilt and Cobalt Decorated Porcelain Tableware and a Chamberlains Worcester Gilt and Cobaltbanded Hand-painted Floral-decorated Porcelain Plate, including two plates and a cup and saucer. $150-250 1392. Three Assorted Decorative Chairs, a Chippendale-style upholstered easy chair, a Louis XV-style needlepoint upholstered carved wood fauteuil, and a Victorian-style side chair. $50-75 1393. Pine One-drawer Light Stand.


1394. Five Assorted Small Decorative Tables, a pair of tea tables, a Georgian-style leatherinset mahogany drop-leaf handkerchief table, end table, and an occasional table. $100-150

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1395. Bronze Relief Portrait Roundel, incised “F. Barbedienne,” dia. 6 3/4 in. $300-500

1405. Louis XVI Provincial-style Carved Walnut Flat-top Bureau Plat with Chair. $300-500

1396. Four Kerman Rugs, Southeast Persia, 20th century, carpet, 11 ft. 6 in. x 9 ft. and 5 ft. x 3 ft., and two, 4 ft. 4 in. x 2 ft. $200-300

1406. Set of Three Nesting Venetian-style Gilt and Polychrome Paint-decorated Wooden Tray-top Stands. $100-1,500

1397. Twelve Assorted Figural Ceramic Tobacco Jars and Stands, mostly European, including a maiden, Arab, country gentleman, a baker, recumbent camel, dog in barrel, two maidens, dog, bull and pipe box, “Take a Pipe” jar, and pixie matchholder. $200-400 1398. Painted Cast Metal Black Figural Cigar/ Matchholder, ht. 8 1/4 in. $100-150 1399. Frank T. M. Beatty (American, 1899-1984) Rocks and Surf, 1928. Signed and dated l.l. Watercolor and gouache, framed. $150-200 1400. Twelve Assorted Majolica Glazed Ceramic Figural and Other Table Items, including a recumbent spaniel, two pitchers, a leaf-form dish, clown jar, Indian tobacco stand, stork decanter, three vases, and a lettuce leaf cup and saucer. $300-500 1401. Eight Assorted Decorative Porcelain Articles, a pair of classical bisque roundels, a parian bust, a pair of small profile busts, a pair of jasper plaques and an ashtray. $100-150 1402. Gouda Pottery Tobacco Jar and Compote. $200-250 1403. Pakistani Rug, 20th century, 9 ft. x 6 ft. 10 in. $300-500 1404. General Electric Art Moderne Black Plastic Desk Clock, model 3H172, ht. 5 1/2, wd. 6 1/2 in. $125-150


1407. Louis XV Provincial-style Carved Walnut Two-door Armoire, the interior with four adjustable glass shelves, ht. 90 1/4, wd. 52 in. $300-500 1408. Art Deco-style Pieced Alabaster Vase, ht. 10 in. $200-300 1409. Eight Assorted Decorative Glass Table Items, including a colorless blown trumpet vase, two gilt pressed jars, a blue vase, a cranberry vase, an iridescent amethyst vase, a colorless cut glass goblet, and an amethyst cut-to-clear glass decanter. $300-500 1410. Framed Photographic Offset Poster of Barges Along the Seine. $50-70 1411. Italian School, 19th Century Moonlit Harbor. Signed “V. Comelli” l.l. Oil on canvas, 20 x 30 in., framed. Condition: Losses, puncture c.l. $300-500 1412. Pair of Framed Hand-painted Ceramic Storybook Scene Plaques, attributed to Max Jahn, 1913, depicting scenes from Puss-inBoots and Cinderella, overall 14 1/4 x 10 1/4 in. $300-500 1413. Asian Coromandel Landscape and Figural Scenic Eight-Panel Floor Screen, 20th century, ht. 84, panel wd. 15 3/4 in. $300-500 1414. Pair of Italian-style Carved Giltwood and Burlwood Veneer Console Tables, Dessinfournir, Los Angeles metal tag, ht. 36 1/2, lg. 72, dp. 28 in. $500-700

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1415. Louis XV-style Tulipwood and Walnut Armoire, 19th century, serpentine cresting carved with acanthus flowers and ogee molded border, above a pair of serpentine doors with quarter-veneered book-matched panels and fitted interior, base carved with foliage, on scrolled feet, ht. 104, wd. 67, dp. 21 in. $600-800 1416. Pair of Interior Decoupage Sea Shell and Sand-decorated Glass Urn-form Table Lamps, 20th century, ht. to cap 19 in. $500-700 1417. Approximately 122-piece Copeland Spode Red Transfer-decorated Spode’s Tower Pattern Ceramic Partial Dinner Service. $100-150 1418. Framed Landscape Reverse Painting on Glass. $75-100 1419. Gilt-metal Mounted Carved Lapis Head of a Cat, on a stone base, overall ht. 3 3/8, lg. 4 3/4 in. $300-500 1420. Victorian Carved Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Twin Bed, with rails, ht. 41 1/2, wd. 45 3/4 in. $100-150 1421. Victorian Renaissance Revival White Marble Turtle-top Carved Walnut Occasional Table. $200-300 1422. Victorian Carved Walnut Firescreen with Needlepoint 18th Century European Family Scene Panel, under glass, ht. 51 1/2, wd. 32 in. $300-500 1423. Twelve Assorted Ceramic Figural Tobacco Jars and Table Items, European, including a crying baby, monk, Dutch girl, hunter, Black gentleman, young villager, a jug, fisherman, fireman, English forest outlaw, bisque fryer, and a majolica-type jar. $200-300

1424. 19th Century Parian Figural Group The Wounded Indian, base foot with impressed three stars, incised “6152” and “no. 276,” ht. 7 1/2, lg. 10 1/2 in. $100-150 1425. Anatolian Yastik, 19th/20th century, 3 ft. 4 in. x 1 ft. 10 in. $100-150 1426. Northwest Persian Runner, 20th century, 10 ft. 5 in. x 3 ft. $250-350 1427. Carved Hardwood Figure of a Grooming Cat on a Silver Base, unmarked, overall ht. 4 3/8 in. $300-500 1428. Diminutive Victorian Renaissance Revival Carved Walnut Drop-leaf Table. $200-300 1429. Rococo-style Carved Silver-giltwood Mirror, ht. 51 3/4, wd. 31 in. $100-125 1430. Child’s Victorian Gothic Upholstered Walnut Spool-turned Side Chair. $50-75 1431. Continental Hand-painted Porcelain Cherubs with Goats Figural Group, unmarked, (repairs), ht. 8 1/4, lg. 6 3/4 in. $300-500

1435. Carved Green Marble Pedestal, ht. 42 3/4, top surface dia. 9 1/4 in. $200-300

1446. Anatolian Kelim, 19th/20th century, 5 ft. 6 in. x 3 ft. 2 in. $75-100

1436. Three Empire Mahogany Veneer Bureaus, (losses). $150-200

1447. Karadja Rug, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 6 ft. 4 in. x 4 ft. 10 in. $200-400

1437. Neoclassical Mahogany Veneer Tilt-top Pedestal-base Center Table, ht. 29, dia. 45 3/4 in. $400-600

1448. Villeroy & Boch Neoclassical Transferdecorated Ceramic Jardinière, (rim chip), ht. 9 3/4, dia. 11 1/2 in. $200-250

1438. Collection of Stereoview Cards and a Viewer, approximately 140 cards, including foreign views, humor, sculpture, U.S. views, American west, Union Pacific, etc. $300-500

1449. Framed 1860 Eliza R. Fish Needlepoint Biblical Scene, sight size 20 1/4 x 15 in. $150-250

1439. Framed Watercolor U.S. Bark Patriot of Salem, Captain Nathan Frye, unsigned, sight size 16 x 21 in. $300-500 1440. Framed Large Needlepoint British Court Scene, sight size 37 1/2 x 33 1/2 in. $400-600 1441. Three Modern Studio Art Pottery Vessels and a Bowl, three larger with incised signature “Mo Ekin” and dated “1990” and “1993,” vessel ht. 9 and 12 3/4 in. $450-725 1442. Federal Cherry Candlestand.


1432. Classical-style Glazed Ceramic Figural Group, unmarked, (hairline in base), ht. 16 7/8 in. $300-500

1443. Empire Mahogany Veneer Lyre-base Card Table. $150-200

1433. Gilt-porcelain Figural Maiden Reading on an Oil Lamp/Table Lamp, probably German, (electrified), base and figure ht. 10 3/4 in. $125-175

1444. Regency-style Inlaid Mahogany Dropleaf One-drawer Sewing Table with Bag Drawer. $150-200

1434. Pair of Steuben Colorless Glass Candleholders with Applied Black Threading, etched mark, ht. 6 in. $400-600

1445. Small Jugtown Ware Glazed Jug, impressed mark, ht. 5 in. $75-125

1450. Bag of Seven Vintage Golf Clubs. $200-250 1451. Pair of Chinese Export Blanc de Chine Vase/Table Lamps, body ht. 9 7/8 in. $150-200 1452. Pair of Chinese Export Porcelain Famille Rose Jardinières, ht. 13 3/4, dia. 15 1/2 in. $300-400 1453. Two Baluch Rugs, Northeast Persia, 19th/20th century, 2 ft. 9 in x 1 ft. 6 in. and 4 ft. 2 in. x 2 ft. 7 in. $100-150 1454. Copeland Parian Figure of “The Trysting Tree,” third-quarter 19th century, modeled by George Halse, model number 1874, depicting a young peasant woman beside a fallen tree holding a letter surreptitiously in one hand, mold impressed title, (professionally restored to base), ht. 20 3/4 in. $200-300 1455. Doten-Dunton Mahogany Roll-top Desk, ht. 41 1/4, lg. 64, wd. 36 1/2 in. $100-150 1456. Oak Thebes Stool, ht. 14 3/4, wd. 15 3/4 in. $200-300

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1457. Edwardian Mahogany Two-drawer Library Table, ht. 28, lg. 42, wd. 30 in. $300-400 1458. Steuben-style Colorless Blown Glass Footed Vase with Applied Green and Colorless Glass Decoration, ht. 6 3/4 in. $300-500 1459. Four Floral-decorated Ceramic Vases and a Phoenix Glass Vase, a pair of Victoria transfer-decorated porcelain vases, a pair of Winkle Fenton Faience vases, the Victoria ht. 11 1/2 in. $75-125 1460. Two Framed 19th Century Needlework Panels, a yarn embroidered and Berlinworktype floral and a needlepoint Elizabethan family scene, sight size 13 x 13 and 23 1/4 x 19 1/4 in. respectively. $100-150 1461. Framed 19th Century American School Watercolor and Pencil Estate View, unsigned, sight size 10 x 13 1/4 in. $200-300 1462. Olive Molded Glass Bottle with Etched Conjoined Anchor and Fish Decoration, ht. 12 3/4 in. $150-250 1463. Pine Blanket Chest over Two Long Drawers. $150-250 1464. Yellow-painted and Stencil-decorated Drop-leaf Table with Six Chairs and a Small Stand, including two leaves. $300-500 1465. Venetian Etched Glass Mirror, lg. 50 in. $250-350 1466. Eleven-piece Colorless Cut Glass Punch Set, including a covered globular punchbowl and ten cups, bowl overall ht. 11, dia. 10 1/4 in. $200-300


1467. Twelve Assorted Ceramic Figural Tobacco Jars and Table Items, European, including a forest maiden, Arab, “Defender” Brownie, maiden, jester, dog, gourd, cockatoo, seated pug, Indian, elf box, and pigs box. $200-400 1468. Set of Nine Framed Boleslaw Cybis American Indian Portrait Prints, Folio One, edition of 1000, 1970, with folio sheets, 23 x 17 in. $100-200 1469. Gilt and Transfer-decorated Porcelain Portrait Vase, (hairline). $200-250 1470. Small Chippendale Mahogany Mirror, lg. 17 in. $100-150 1471. Windsor Bow-back Side Chair and a Black-painted Windsor Fan-back Side Chair. $200-300 1472. Queen Anne-style Carved Tiger Maple and Maple Lowboy. $150-200 1473. Sixteen Pieces of Assorted Majolica, including three Palisseyware-style plaques, seven plates, a jug, jar, and four leaf-form dishes. $200-300 1474. Seven Pieces of Majolica Tableware, two pitchers, a compote, pastry pedestal, plates, and platters. $200-300 1475. Heriz Carpet, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 10 ft. 6 in. x 7 ft. 4 in. $500-700 1476. Fourteen Pieces of Contemporary Glazed Earthenware and Three Pieces of Assorted Glazed Contemporary Art Pottery. $650-900

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1477. Two 20th Century American School Miniature Watercolor Portraits of Women on Ivory, one initialed “J.C.,” sight lg. 3 1/4 and 3 3/4 in. $300-500 1478. Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Deep Dropleaf Dining Table with End Drawers. $150-200 1479. Georgian Mahogany Wig Stand. $100-150 1480. Paine Furniture Georgian-style Glazed Convex Glass and Carved Mahogany Breakfront Desk/Bookcase, divided upper interior with nine adjustable shelves, ht. 81 1/2, wd. 66, dp. 16 in. $300-500 1481. Two 20th Century American School Miniature Watercolor Portraits of a Gentleman and Woman on Ivory, signed “B. Gordon” and “B. Gelb” respectively, sight lg. 4 in. $300-500 1482. Nine Assorted Small Asian Articles, a Japanese lacquered travel shrine, three carved ivory figures, two carved ivory frames, two carved stone figures, and a carved wooden seated figure. $100-150 1483. Set of Four Steuben Colorless Glass Candlesticks, etched “Steuben” on base, (one broken and repaired), ht. 15 1/2 in. $200-300 1484. Daum Crystal Bird-form Bowl, etched mark and paper label, lg. 18 in. $200-250 1485. Wood Framed Firescreen with Indian Embroidered and Sequined Panel, ht. 35 1/4, wd. 29 1/4 in. $200-300 1486. Three Assorted Mirrors, a parcel-gilt and mahogany veneer divided mirror, a Baroquestyle carved wood, and a Queen Anne-style mirror. $50-75

1487. George II Mahogany Three-drawer Chest. $300-500 1488. British “The Olungania” Floral Transferdecorated Porcelain Toilet, (damage), approx. ht. 16 1/2, lg. 17 3/4 in. $400-600 1489. Nine Framed Asian Decorative Prints, modern. $600-800 1490. Pair of Framed A.B. Frost Chromolithographs Gun Shy and Ordered Off, printed by Charles Scribner, under a mat, sight size 10 3/4 x 16 in. $250-350 1491. German/Bohemian Painted Ceramic Lizard-handled Ewer, base impressed “M 1662,” ht. 12 3/8 in. $200-400 1492. Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Swell-front Card Table. $200-300 1493. Chippendale Birch Four-drawer Chest. $300-500 1494. Child’s Painted and Stencil-decorated Thumb-back Rocker and a Grain-painted and Stencil-decorated One-drawer Stand. $300-500 1495. Framed Oval Persian Glazed Hunting Scene Decorated Ceramic Tile, tile lg. 11 7/8 in. $200-400 1496. Senneh Mat, Northwest Persia, early 20th century, (some selvage damage, some black oxidation), 3 ft. x 1 ft. 10 in. $150-200 1497. Asian Gilt-metal Standing Figure of Buddha and Gilt-metal Vessel, figure ht. 27 in. $300-450

1498. Large Lot of Assorted Glass Items and Tableware, including a Carnival glass punch bowl on stand with cups, forty-five pieces of opalescent blue glass tableware, a pair of colorless pattern glass spooners, three millefiore items, a candlestick, and a blue rose bowl. $275-500 1499. Anatole Krasnyansky (Russian/American, b. 1930) Figure. Signed “A. KRASNYANSKY” l.l., inscribed “W2/LM4603.../150” on the reverse. Embellished silkscreen on canvas, 16 x 12 3/4 in., framed. $150-250 1500. Chinese Porcelain Dragon-decorated Bottle-form Vase, ht. 18 1/2 in. $200-300 1501. Molded Zinc Horse Head, hollow, (some damage), approx. lg. 15 1/4, wd. 6 3/4, dp. 11 1/2 in. $200-300 1502. Pair of Decorative Marble Obelisks, modern, ht. 15 7/8 in. $150-250 1503. Ushak Carpet, West Anatolia, 19th century, 10 ft. 8 in. x 8 ft. 4 in. $150-200 1504. Jerusalem Stone Carving, depicting a bird in a tree protecting its nest from a cat, carved wood base, (repairs), stone ht. 8 in. $200-300 1505. Louis XV-style Carved Walnut Lady’s Writing Desk. $150-200 1506. Baroque-style Upholstered Carved Walnut Armchair. $50-75 1507. Louis XV-style Gilt-metal Mounted Oval Marquetry and Veneered Two-drawer Stand. $500-700

1508. Twenty-two Italian Majolica Leaf-form Plates, Platters, and Dishes, impressed “Napoli,” (imperfections). $300-400 1509. Seventeen Assorted Majolica Plates, including small sets. $200-300 1510. Eleven Small Framed 19th Century Landscape and City View Prints, eight Massachusetts and New Hampshire views, and three European views. $100-200 1511. Two Framed Prints Depicting British Brass Tomb Plate Rubbings, sight lg. 65, wd. 21 1/2, and lg. 75 3/4, wd. 25 1/2 in. $150-250 1512. Eight Assorted Glazed and Majolica Glazed Ceramic Figural Items, including a pair of foo dogs, two parrots, a cockatoo, two roosters, and a duck-form jug, ht. to 15 1/4 in. $200-300 1513. Louis XVI-style Carved Giltwood Mirror, lg. 58 1/4, wd. 34 1/4 in. $200-300 1514. Italian Neoclassical Faux Marble-painted Fruitwood Torchiere Lamp Base. $300-500 1515. Louis XV Vernis Martin-style Gilt-metal Mounted Mahogany Mirrored-back Vitrine, with landscape and genre scene decoration, two fixed glass shelves, Victor Freisinger, Artistic Furniture, 174 Tremont St., Boston paper label, ht. 57 1/4, wd. 28 1/2, dp. 16 3/4 in. $500-700 1516. Fifteen Assorted Ceramic Mostly Figural Tobacco Jars and Table Items, European, a young man, Brownie, fisherman, two tigers, an owl, Dutch woman, two maidens, a Brownie policeman, an Indian, a dog/fox, and a Wardel scenic-decorated jar. $200-300 1517. Five Late Victorian Decorated Glass and Metal Kerosene Table Lamps. $100-150

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1518. After LeRoy Neiman (American, b. 1921) Bruce Jenner in the Olympic Decathlon, 1976. Signed and dated “LeRoy Neiman 6/30” in ink l.l., also signed and inscribed “LeRoy Neiman/ XXI Olympiad...” within the matrix l.l. Color photographic reproduction, 21 1/2 x 49 in., unframed. Condition: Minor abrasions. $300-500 1519. Five Assorted Asian Ceramic and Carved Wood Items, a Chinese export armorial famille rose plate, a blue and white decorated small bowl and figural shoe, a Japanese carved wooden rest, and an Asian silver resist dragon-decorated ceramic vase. $150-250 1520. Late Victorian Oak Cabinet with Paneled Door, the interior with four adjustable shelves, overall ht. 72 3/4, wd. 33 1/2, dp. 18 1/2 in. $150-250 1521. Late Victorian Painted Carved Wood and Gesso Mirror, lg. 34 in. $50-75 1522. Victorian-style Cast Stone Composition Fireplace Surround, (disassembled), approx. wd. 52 in. $150-250 1523. Lot of Miscellaneous Christian and Religious Articles and Items. $50-75 1524. Blown-out Green Glass and Brass Table Lamp Base and a Conical Leaded Art Glass Shade, the base with three original sockets impressed “Edison Patents,” and “GE Co.” switches, the underside of base impressed “S657,” overall ht. 20 1/2, approx. overall arm dia. 16, shade ht. 8 1/4, dia. 15 1/2 in. $800-1,200 1525. Three Persian Rugs, 20th century, Kerman, 3 ft. 10 in. x 2 ft., Kerman, 3 ft. 4 in. x 2 ft. 4 in., Hamadan, 4 ft. 4 in. x 2 ft. 8 in. $200-250 1526. Moroccan Flatweave Rug, Northwest Africa, 20th century, 6 ft. 9 in. x 3 ft. $100-150


1527. Russian-style Brass and Tin-mounted Printed Icon of the Madonna and Child on Wood, 12 x 10 1/2 in. $250-350 1527A. Spongeware Butter Crock, Two Dutch Ovens, and an Incised Cobalt-decorated Stoneware Jug. $100-150 1527B. Six Assorted Quilts and Bedspreads, two pieced cotton quilts, a pieced log cabin quilt, two vintage chenille bedspreads, and a Victorian pieced crazy quilt. $300-500 1528. Victorian Renaissance Revival Upholstered Carved Walnut Armchair. $150-200 1529. Late Victorian Carved Mahogany Lady’s Writing Desk, wd. 26 1/4 in. $200-400 1530. Painted Tole Ash Bin with Four Fire Tools. $200-300 1531. Thirteen Art Glass Paperweights and a Lucite Paperweight. $1,000-1,500 1532. Galle Cameo Glass Lighter, overall ht. 5 1/8 in. $300-500 1533. Pair of Large Steuben Colorless Glass Footed Vases, unsigned, (rim chips), ht. 19 1/4, rim dia. 9 1/4 in. $1,500-2,000 1534. Richard Ginori Gilt and Terra-cotta Glazed Porcelain Vase, green stamp and “RichardGinori Pittoria Di Doccia” label, impressed “4053,’ ht. 6 1/4 in. $250-350 1535. Empire Mahogany Drop-leaf Two-drawer Work Table. $150-200

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1536. Chinese Export Marble-inset Carved Hardwood Stand. $200-300 1537. Regency-style Marble-top Carved Walnut and Walnut Veneer Occasional Table, ht. 28, dia. 28 in. $200-250 1538. Sixty-three Pieces of Anglo/Irish Colorless Cut Glass Stemware and Tableware, including twenty-four wines, eight rinsers, seventeen sherbets, and fourteen cordials. $600-800 1539. Three Framed Decorative Prints and an Enamel on Tin Landscape, the latter signed “Kaye.” $100-200 1540. 20th Century American School Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Three-masted Sailing Ship, signed l.r. “Hagerty,” framed, canvas 36 x 46 in. $150-250 1541. Dr. Lawrence Jordan (1947-2007) Glazed Earthenware Bowl with Cover, signed and dated “94.” $100-150 1542. Pair of Regency-style Inlaid Mahogany Plant Stands, with brass liners, ht. 37, dia. 14 in. $50-100 1543. Empire Mahogany Veneer Pedestal-base Card Table. $200-300 1544. Three Ball-top and Turned Maple Twin Beds, with rails, including a pair. $100-150 1545. Victorian Amberina and Opalescent Thumbspot Glass Pitcher, a Mary Gregorytype Enamel-decorated Cranberry Glass Scent Bottle, and an Opaque Egg-shaped Glass Footed Vase, the pitcher ht. 9 1/4 in. $300-450

1546. Tabriz Carpet, Northwest Persia, second quarter 20th century, (minor selvage damage), 12 ft. x 9 ft. 2 in. $500-700 1547. Northwest Persian Rug, 20th century, 5 ft. 10 in. x 4 ft. 6 in. $250-350 1548. Rookwood Pottery Standard Glaze Hollydecorated Ewer, 1902, shape 867, ht. 6 in. $125-175 1549. Pair of Framed Gould & Richter Handcolored Hummingbird Prints, sight size 19 x 14 in. $200-250 1550. Five Assorted Art Glass Paperweights. $250-350 1551. Majolica Footed Box/Well-form Jardinière, ht. 8 1/8, wd. 7 1/4 in. $200-250 1552. Five Pieces of Assorted Bohemian Enameled and Etched Ruby Flash Glass and a Red Cut to Clear Glass Paperweight. $100-150 1553. Uzbek Kelim Bag, Central Asia, 19th/20th century, 1 ft. 11 in. x 1 ft. 10 in. $100-150 1554. Four Framed Mid-century Modern Art Pottery Tiles, initialed “RG,” tiles 6 x 6 in. $100-125 1555. Early 20th Century Oak and Oak Veneer D-shaped China Cabinet, the interior with two fixed shelves. $200-300 1556. Large Modern Giltwood Framed Mirror with Beveled Glass, 80 x 54 in. $400-600 1557. Mahogany Four-stack Barrister’s Bookcase. $300-400

1558. Pair of Art Deco Metal Figural Female Nude on a Book Bookends and a Modern Art Pottery Dish with Nude Amongst Animals Decoration, bookend ht. 8 3/8 in. $50-75 1559. Late Victorian Rose-decorated Glass and Metal Gone-with-the-Wind Kerosene Table Lamp, (electrified). $150-200 1560. 20th Century American School Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Young Woman with Red Plume, unsigned, in a carved giltwood frame, canvas 50 x 40 in. $100-150 1561. Two Framed European Aquatints, an Etching, and a Pair of Framed George and Martha Washington Portrait Prints, comprised of village views and an interior scene. $200-300 1562. Curtis Jere Attributed Modern Metal Tree Sculpture on Rock Base, ht. 13 in. $150-250 1563. Louis XVI-style Carved Giltwood and Gesso Mirror, ht. 51 1/4, wd. 30 in. $400-600 1564. Arts & Crafts Oak Slat-sided One-drawer Library Table, (lacking finish, stains), ht. 29 3/4, lg. 48, wd. 35 1/2 in. $300-500 1565. Dunbar Rosewood Veneer Serpentine Server, with two drawers, metal tag, ht. 32 1/2, wd. 31 1/4 in. $250-350 1566. Jeweled Metal-mounted Painted Wooden Box with Pyramidal Lid, ht. 8 1/4, lg. 9 1/2 in. $200-300 1567. Pair of Chinese Export Porcelain Famille Rose Vases, ht. 22 1/2 in. $250-350

1568. Wallace Bryant Beaupre Oil on Canvas Interior Scene of a Woman Spinning Wool, signed l.r., framed, sight size 22 x 18 in. $100-300 1569. Chelsea Ship’s Bell Clock, a French Ship’s Barometer, a “Gasoline” Welding Torch with an Iron, the iron impressed “Sewage,” the clock impressed “225946,” the clock and barometer dia. 5 1/2 in. $75-125 1570. Maddox Furniture Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Tambour Writing Desk, paper label, ht. 41 3/4, wd. 36, dp. 19 in. $500-700 1571. Birch Drop-leaf Pembroke Table with End Drawer, ht. 27 1/4, lg. 33 3/4 in. $600-800 1572. Sheraton Inlaid Mahogany Bowfront Fivedrawer Bureau, ht. 44 1/2, wd. 43 in. $600-800 1573. Perthshire Millefiore Art Glass Paperweight and a Saint Louis Garland Art Glass Paperweight. $300-350 1574. Six Assorted Art Glass Perfume Bottles, a pair of R. Lalique frosted colorless molded double-blossoms, a French peach molded glass Corday, a colorless molded bottle, and a pair of miniature ruby cut bottles. $250-350 1575. Indo-Bahktiari Carpet, mid-20th century, 14 ft. x 10 ft. 4 in. $400-600 1576. Lalique Molded Glass Snail/Nautilus Perfume Bottle, traces of paint, bottle ht. 2 7/8 in. $200-300 1577. Nine Assorted Asian Jade and Hardstone Items, including two rings, a string of Tibetan beads, two bracelets, and four miscellaneous items. $400-600

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1578. Federal Upholstered Inlaid Mahogany Lolling Chair, (legs ended, restoration). $400-600 1579. Pine Blanket Chest over Long Drawer. $150-250 1580. Irving & Casson/A.H. Davenport Federalstyle Mahogany Server, metal tag, ht. 37, lg. 49, wd. 22 in. $400-600 1581. Transfer-decorated Ceramic Pitcher, an English Hand-painted and Transferdecorated Ceramic Covered Urn on Pedestal, and a Decorated Tin Water Kettle, the urn overall ht. 24 in. $150-200 1582. Art Deco-style Painted Resin Dancer Sculpture, (losses), ht. 11 1/4, lg. 14 in. $300-500 1583. Three-piece Rosewood Desk Set, R. McKeown, 1983, calendar stand, notepaper holder, and letter file with applied colored segments. $100-150 1584. Rookwood Pottery Blue and White Sailing Ship-decorated Cream and Sugar Set, shape M 11 and 12, impressed mark. $200-300 1585. Three Assorted Decorative Mirrors and Two Small Framed European View Prints, a Regency-style, Art Deco trumeau-style, and a Rococo-style. $75-100 1586. Mintons Turquoise Glazed Pottery Basketform Jardinière and Fluted Pedestal, overall ht. 39 1/4, jardinière dia. 13 3/4 in. $200-400 1587. Two Georgian-style Mahogany Vitrine Tables. $200-400


1588. Group of Miscellaneous Mostly 19th Century Items, a French brass carriage clock, an Indian ivory and tortoiseshellmounted box, four ivory hand fans, opera glasses, three small ivory carved items, a small portrait photo album and six mostly cased portrait photographs, including two ambrotypes, two Daguerreotypes, and two tintypes. $300-400 1589. Framed Arthur W. Heintzelman Portrait Etching, signed in pencil l.l., ed. 90, sight size 13 x 8 3/4 in. $100-150 1590. Framed Print, after Daumier, sight size 11 3/4 x 8 3/4 in. $100-150 1591. Seventeen Pieces of Majolica Tableware and a Pair of Small Staffordshire Dishes, including fourteen plates and dishes, a pitcher, and two fish-form jugs. $400-600 1592. Rococo-style Carved Giltwood and Mahogany Veneer Mirror, lg. 38 1/4 in. $200-300 1593. Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Demilune Card Table. $200-250 1594. Polychrome-painted Wood Framed Mirror with Beveled Glass, 37 x 59 in. $100-200 1595. Five Assorted Chinese Jade, Enamel, and Porcelain Snuff Bottles. $350-500 1596. Four Bags, 19th/20th century.


1597. Sixteen Colorless Cut and Pressed Pattern Glass Table Items. $100-150 1598. Six-piece Silver Resist-decorated Blue Glass Cordial Set. $200-300

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1599. Marion Towers Oil on Canvas Snowgirl Illustration, signed l.r., unframed, 20 x 16 1/4 in. $200-300 1600. Ten Modern Assorted Stoneware and Ceramic Beer Steins, including Mayer, Heineken, HB, and Lowenbrau brands. $250-350 1601. Indian Brass Covered Vase/Table Lamp. $75-100 1602. Set of Four Baccarat Colorless Glass Candleholders, a Vase, and a Small French Crystal Vase, candleholder ht. 3 1/4, vase ht. 10 1/8 and 5 1/4 in. $300-450 1603. Caucasian Rug, 20th century, 4 ft. 10 in. x 3 ft. 5 in. $100-150 1604. Two Tole Trays, a Lithograph Retail Nuts Can, and a Painted Tin “Lemon” Counter Bin. $100-150 1605. Louis XVI-style Upholstered Recamier and a Provincial Upholstered White-painted Carved Wood Ottoman. $50-75 1606. Provincial Carved Pine Two-door Armoire, ht. 76 3/4, wd. 65 1/4, dp. 22 in. $600-800 1607. Pair of Louis XV/XVI-style Marble-top Partebonized Wood Single-drawer End Tables. $400-600 1608. Group of Exotic Seashells and Amber Fragments. $100-150 1609. Pair of Neoclassical Gilt-bronze Singlelight Wall Sconces, each with an adjustable arm, (electric), fixture lg. 6 3/4, extended dp. 13 1/2 in. $150-250

1610. Andre Plisson Oil on Canvas Cay de Fleurs, signed l.l. and dated ‘64, and on canvas reverse, framed, canvas 23 1/2 x 28 3/4 in. $300-500 1611. Shinichi Takhashi Woodblock Print Inner Eye, signed and numbered “196/200” at bottom margin, framed, sight size 34 3/4 x 22 1/2 in. $250-350 1612. Three Hand-painted Floral-decorated Porcelain Vases and a Nippon Landscapedecorated Porcelain Mustard Jar, including a Limoges floral vase and a pair of Japanese vases, vase ht. 12 and 9 3/4 in. $150-200 1613. French-style Brass-mounted Marquetry Floral-decorated Kingwood Veneer and Beechwood Three-tier Stand. $200-300 1614. Spanish-style Carved Walnut Fireside Bench/Coffee Table with Marble Top. $100-150 1615. French Marble-top Kingwood and Tulipwood Parquetry and Chinoiseriedecorated Sideboard, ht. 42 1/2, lg. 81, dp. 21 1/2 in. $800-1,200 1616. Group of Decorative and Religious-theme Items, a five-piece armorial porcelain fish set, a pair of brass and gilt-metal candelabra, a pair of small metal candlesticks, a framed Madonna print, a pair of porcelain holy water fonts and a crucifix. $100-150 1617. Twenty-one Small Assorted Asian Metal Figural and Miscellaneous Items. $100-150 1618. Kajsa Nordell Watercolor Winter Farm View, signed l.r. and dated “84,” framed, sight size 13 3/4 x 18 in. $200-250

1619. Thirteen Pieces of Colorless Cut Glass Table Items and a Pair of Silver-plated Salad Servers, including two small Waterford vases, a set of six Lenox glasses, a fruit bowl, a small Mikasa vase, a sterling lidded jam jar, an English fruit bowl, and an Atlantis decanter. $150-200 1620. Pair of Victorian Needlepoint Upholstered Carved Walnut Armrockers and a Footstool. $100-200 1621. Victorian Walnut Five-tier Corner Whatnot, ht. 57 1/4, wd. 24, dp. 17 in. $75-100 1622. Victorian Renaissance Revival Glazed Carved Walnut Fall-front Desk/Bookcase. $400-600 1623. Steuben Blue Glass Vase in a Wrought Iron Stand, the polished bottom of the vase with etched fleur-de-lis mark, overall ht. 13 1/4 in. $200-300 1624. Hand-painted Grapes-decorated Gilt Limoges Porcelain Punch Bowl on Stand, base dated “Dec. 1910,” overall ht. 9 1/2, bowl dia. 13 1/2 in. $300-500 1625. Northwest Persian Rug, 20th century, 7 ft. x 4 ft. 4 in. $200-400 1626. Anatolian Kelim Bag, 19th/20th century, 2 ft. 10 in. x 2 ft. 6 in. $150-200 1627. Eleven Collectible U.S. Presidential and Political Porcelain Plates, including a pair of Martha and George Washington portraits, a White House and a Capitol Building, six Danbury Mint Presidential pattern James Madison, James Monroe, Benjamin Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, James Polk, and U.S. Grant, with a Pennsylvania State House. $100-150 1628. Victorian Carved Walnut and Burlwood Veneer Canterbury, ht. 22 3/4, lg. 23 1/2, wd. 18 in. $300-500

1629. Louis XVI-style Giltwood and Gesso Mirror, ht. 40 3/4, wd. 26 in. $150-200 1630. Irving & Casson/A.H. Davenport Late Victorian Carved Mahogany Dresser, ht. 31 3/4, lg. 53, dp. 22 1/2 in. $400-500 1631. Ten Assorted Modern Decorated Stoneware, Ceramic, and Porcelain Beer Steins. $250-350 1632. Lot of Assorted German Carved, Painted, and Decorated Wood Plaques, including three framed oak, six polychrome-painted wood, a pair of pewter medallion inlaid oak, four pyrographic, and a pine relief profile portrait, with a bottle opener. $300-500 1633. Thirteen Pieces of Assorted Pewter, including a charger, two plates, two porringers, a tobacco jar, four small measures, a box, beaker, and trophy ashbowl. $200-250 1634. Chinese Blue and White-decorated Porcelain Floor Vase, ht. 30 1/4 in. $250-350 1635. Biedermeier-style Partial-ebonized Blondewood Center Table with Burlwood Veneer Top, ht. 42, dia. 30 1/2 in. $400-600 1636. Classical Upholstered Mahogany Bench, ht. 26 1/2, lg. 55, wd. 20 3/4 in. $400-600 1637. Neoclassical Limed Carved Oak Divided Bookcase, with eleven adjustable shelves, approx. ht. 93 1/2, lg. 117, dp. 19 1/2 in. $200-400 1638. Three-piece Fry Attributed Opalescent White and Green Glass Console Set, a pair of candlesticks and a center bowl, candlestick ht. 12 1/8 in. $250-350

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1639. Reinaldo Manzke (Brazilian, b. 1906), Gouache on Paper of Cowboys at Sunset, signed l.l., framed, sight size 7 3/4 x 11 1/4 in. $200-250 1640. C. Robert Perrin (American, 1915-1999) Watercolor of Figures at a Cloudy Shoreline, signed l.l., framed, sight size 13 1/2 x 29 in. $200-300 1641. Seventeen Pieces of Assorted English Staffordshire Tableware and Fourteen Pieces of Late Victorian Porcelain Tableware. $200-300 1642. Empire-style Acanthus-carved Maple Tall Post Bed, with rails, ht. 80, wd. 46 1/2 in. $300-500 1643. Neoclassical Partial-gilt and Ebonized Wood Mirror, ht. 46 1/4, wd. 36 1/4 in. $50-75 1644. Regency Mahogany Writing Stand with Drawer. $200-300 1645. Three Chinese Carved Hardstone Seals and Three Carved Jade Pendants. $200-300 1646. Isparta Carpet, West Anatolia, 20th century, 20 ft. x 10 ft. $3,000-5,000 1647. Kelim Saddle Cover, 20th century, 2 ft. 5 in. x 1 ft. 8 in. $100-150 1648. Five Small Trinket and Snuff Boxes and Two Glass Paperweights, including inlaid tortoiseshell with crown/H monogram, an oval sterling-mounted tortoiseshell, an agate-inset silver-plated, and a mother-of pearl-inset lacquered. $100-150


1649. American School Oil on Masonite Portrait of a 19th Century Gentleman, signed l.r., “H.E. Lanza,” framed, panel 29 1/4 x 24 in. $200-400 1650. Collection of Mostly U.S. Postage Stamp Related Reference Books, approximately 73. $300-500 1651. Slag Glass Bent Panel and Painted Metal Overlay Hanging Lamp, approx. ht. 13, dia. 22 1/2 in. $200-300 1652. Mottahedeh/Musee Des Arts Decoratifs Glazed Ceramic Covered Tureen and Undertray. $200-300 1653. Karadja Rug, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 4 ft. 4 in. x 3 ft. $100-150 1654. Fifteen Small Decorative Brass Articles, a candlestick, doorstop, frame, dish, two creamers, a warming pot, a pair of miniature candlesticks, desk scissors and opener in a sleeve, two Chinese warmers, and a bowl. $100-150 1655. Danish Mid-Century Modern Teak Twin Trundle Bed. Provenance: Property from the Estates of Huson T. and Polly F. Jackson. $150-200 1656. Two Modern Upholstered Bent Tubular Metal Lounge Chairs, c. 1960.

1658. Pair of Chinese Export Porcelain Famille Noire Jars with Covers, ht. 27 1/2 in. $300-400 1659. Modern Patinated Bronze Sculpture of a Young Woman, unsigned, ht. 10, wd. 11 1/2 in. $300-500 1660. L.E. Brown Oil on Canvas a Sparrow, signed l.l., canvas 8 x 10 1/4 in. $100-150 1661. 20th Century American School Oil on Canvas Still Life with Duck, signed “JV, 1921,” framed, sight size 12 1/4 x 25 in. $100-150 1662. Twenty-one Japanese Seals, a Carved Inkstone, Bamboo Brush Pot, and Two Small Painting Sketch Books. $300-500 1663. Child’s Arts & Crafts Oak Slat-sided Morris Chair, with adjustable back and cushions. $100-150 1664. Chippendale-style Partial-gilt and Mahogany Mirror, lg. 37 1/4 in. $200-250 1665. Pair of Mies van der Rohe Wassily-style Leather Upholstered Bent Tubular Steel Armchairs. $200-300

Provenance: Property from the Estates of Huson T. and Polly F. Jackson. $100-200

1666. Approximately Twenty-three 19th and Early 20th Century Portrait Photographs, including five Daguerreotypes, four ambrotypes, three tintypes, and eleven photos, including some cases. $100-150

1657. Modern Brass and Painted Metal Counter Balance Floor-standing Reading Lamp, base with cast “C 5121.”

1667. Chinese Export Porcelain Rose Medallion Covered Box and Three Plates. $150-200

Provenance: Property from the Estates of Huson T. and Polly F. Jackson. $75-150

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1668. E. Knowles Oil on Board of a Still Life with Open Book, signed l.l. and dated “1909,” framed, board 14 1/4 x 18 in. $100-150

1669. Three Japanese Scroll Paintings. $100-150 1670. Set of Six Chippendale-style Mahogany Ribbon-back Dining Chairs, with upholstered slip seats. $300-500 1671. Georgian Carved Mahogany Doublepedestal Dining Table, with tilting tops, and one leaf, ht. 29, lg. 76, wd. 47 1/2, leaf wd. 25 1/2 in. $400-600 1672. Chippendale-style Glazed Inlaid Carved Mahogany Corner Cupboard, in two parts, ht. 79 1/4, wd. 39 1/4, dp. 19 in. $300-500 1673. Ten Assorted Modern Decorated Stoneware, Ceramic, and Porcelain Beer Steins. $250-350 1674. Group of German and German-theme Carved Wood and Miscellaneous Articles, including six carved wooden hunter and hunting groups, a rosewood bear, bull, stein, miniature ceramic stein, six pewter beakers and two plates, ht. to 22 1/4 in. $400-600 1675. Bahktiari Soumak and Pile Bag, West Persia, 19th/20th century, 3 ft. 10 in. x 3 ft. 8 in. $100-150 1676. Pair of Chinese Export Mother-of-pearlinset Floral and Birds-decorated Black Lacquered Porcelain Vase/Table Lamps, body ht. 18 in. $200-400 1677. Group of Vintage Fishing Reels and a Tackle Box with Lures, Etc., including P.F. Lueger Temco 2078, L.W. Holmes fly-fishing, Frost’s Kelso, Mitchell 301, Penn Delmar 285, and Armax 1295. $100-150 1678. Georgian-style Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Concave Bowfront Server, ht. 33 5/8, lg. 45, dp. 22 in. $300-500

1679. Chippendale-style Mahogany Slant-lid Desk, ht. 40 1/2, wd. 35 3/4 in. $400-600 1680. Federal Inlaid Cherry Demilune Card Table, approx. ht. 28 3/4, wd. 49 1/2, dp. 19 in. $800-1,200 1681. Twenty-two-piece English Pink Lustre Porcelain Tea Set. $100-150 1682. Modern Iridescent Blue Art Glass Vase, polished pontil, unsigned, ht. 8 in. $300-500 1683. Three Sets of Rosenthal/Bjorn Wiinblad Porcelain Collector’s Plates, a set of twelve “Aladin,” six Christmas, and six “Sindbad,” some with boxes. $1,600-2,400 1684. Twelve Miscellaneous Decorative and Collectible Items, a cast iron figural doorstop, Japanese silver-plated frame, a framed 1901 Brockton-Plymouth Street Railway map, an Andrew J. Lloyd Co. Tycos barometer, a strawberry needle sharpener, ring holder, jade bowl, turned wood bowl, silver-plated buckles votive frames, a marbleized paper box, and a Peking enamel tray. $100-150 1685. C. Najarian & Son Jacobean-style Carved Mahogany Flat-top Double-pedestal Desk, ht. 30 1/2, lg. 46 1/4, wd. 24 1/4 in. Provenance: Estate of Helene K. Sargeant, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts. $200-300 1686. Kindel Chippendale-style Mahogany Blockfront Bureau and a Kindel Chippendale-style Mahogany Five-drawer Tall Chest. $300-400 1687. Brass Dumbwaiter.


1688. Neoclassical-style Brass-plated Six-light Chandelier, approx. ht. 29, wd. 27 in. $400-600

1689. Framed S.W. Reynolds Hand-colored Engraving Army and Navy, Wellington and Nelson, framed, sight size 27 1/2 x 19 3/4 in. $200-300 1690. Two Framed Pochoir or Screenprints after Joan Miró, sight sizes 18 1/2 x 14 1/2 and 24 x 18 in. $100-200 1691. Iridescent Pulled Feather-decorated Art Glass Vase, with rolled rim, polished pontil, ht. 7 1/8 $1,000-1,500 1692. George III-style Oval Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Single-drawer Center Table, ht. 30, lg. 42 1/8 in. $300-400 1693. Two Chippendale-style Upholstered Mahogany Library Armchairs. $200-400 1694. Empire Mahogany Veneer Ogee Mirror and a Victorian Caned Walnut Rocker. $50-75 1695. Geode and Carved Hardstone Parrot Figural Group, possibly zoisite, with a case, group lg. 6 in. $800-1,200 1696. Kashan Carpet, Central Persia, mid-20th century, 10 ft. 10 in. x 8 ft. $400-600 1697. Set of Four Colorless Cut Glass Decanters in a Silver-plated Stand, the decanters possibly Waterford. $500-700 1698. Meissen Porcelain Figural Sweetmeat Dish, (damage), approx. ht. 7 3/4, lg. 11 in. $200-300 1699. Edna Hibel Lithograph of a Cello Player, signed in pencil l.r., “Hibel,” numbered in pencil l.l., artist’s edition 27/27, framed, sheet 20 x 13 3/4 in. $100-200

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1700. Late Victorian Brass and Metal Adjustable Hanging Gas Lamp with Sheep Herderdecorated Pink Opaque Glass Dome Shade and Fitting, dia. 14 1/4 in. $150-250

1710. Cuzco School Oil on Tin Portrait of the Madonna and Christ Child, 19th centurystyle, mounted in a frame, panel 9 3/4 x 6 3/4 in. $300-500

1701. Group of Cigar and Cigarette Related Item, a brass-mounted oak cigar box, a Chinese brass cigar box, cigar and cigarette holders, five cigar cutters, a framed miniature oil on panel portrait of man and woman shrouded in smoke, a boy smoking photo book, and a leaf decoupage box. $200-400

1711. Ruth A. Mead Watercolor and Gouache of a Still Life with a Vase of Flowers, signed l.r., sight size 17 x 19 1/2 in. $300-500

1722. Victorian Aesthetic Bamboo Side Cabinet with Japonesque Enamel-decorated Lacquered Side Panels, interior with medial shelf, ht. 29 3/4, wd. 21, dp. 16 in. $150-175

1712. Pair of Alabaster Pricket Candlesticks, in wrought iron bases, overall ht. 29 in. $150-250

1723. Green Cut-to-Clear Glass Table Lamp, body ht. 13 1/2 in. $150-200

1713. Georgian Inlaid Mahogany Drop-leaf Pembroke Table. $200-250

1724. Set of Seven Venetian Blue Blown Glass Wine Stems, ht. 8 7/8, dia. 3 3/8 in. $400-600

1714. Silver-plated Tray on Carved Mahogany Stand. $250-300

1725. Pakistani Rug, 20th century, 5 ft. 3 in. x 3 ft. 2 in. $150-200

1715. Chippendale-style Upholstered Carved Mahogany Wing Chair. $100-200

1726. Two Flatweave Bags, 19th/20th century, 3 ft. 4 in. x 2 ft. 2 in. and 2 ft. 10 in. x 1 ft. 1 in. $100-150

1716. Twenty-one Pieces of Colorless Glass Stemware, attributed to Steuben, eleven goblets and ten sherbets, unsigned, with boxes and bags. $400-600

1727. Brass-mounted Copper Samovar/Table Lamp, a Bronze Vase, and a Chinese Glazed Ceramic Figural Roof Tile/Table Lamp, vase ht. 8 5/8 in. $500-700

1717. Geode and Carved Hardstone Cranes Figural Group, with a case, group ht. 7 1/4 in. $800-1,200

1728. Victorian Cherry and Walnut Hall Chair. $200-300

1702. Pair of Asian ChamplevÊ Copper Standing Foo Dragons, ht. 12 3/4, lg. 12 3/4 in. $200-300 1703. Southwest Persian Bag, 19th/20th century, 1 ft. 11 in. x 1 ft. 9 in. $100-150 1704. Three Japanese Glazed Ceramic Tea Ceremony Bowls, two with wooden boxes. $100-150 1705. Louis XV-style Brown Leather Upholstered Tall-back White-painted Carved Wood Bergere and a Georgian-style Leather Upholstered Mahogany Window Bench. $200-250 1706. Provincial Fruitwood Bedside Cabinet. $250-350 1707. Louis XV-style Ormolu-mounted Vernis Martin-type Genre Scene-decorated Lady’s Writing Desk, wd. 27 1/2 in. $600-800 1708. Group of Small Items, footed bronze dish with winged animal figures, a small tin bucket, small tin dome-top chest and tin box, a small hen on nest, a tin cup and saucer, etc. $200-250 1709. Geode and Carved Jade Floral and Hummingbird Figural Group, possibly labradorite, with a case, group ht. 7 3/4 in. $800-1,200


1718. 20th Century Oil on Panel Portrait of the Madonna della Sedia After Raphael, unsigned, in a circular frame, panel dia. 28 in. $500-700 1719. Floral and Linear Pattern Hooked Area Rug and a Mat. $300-500 1720. Victorian Renaissance Revival Gray Marble-top Carved Walnut Stand, ht. 29 1/2, dia. 18 in. $300-400

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1721. Victorian Grain-painted and Floraldecorated Pine Cottage Three-drawer Chest. $150-200

1729. Pair of Victorian Upholstered Carved Walnut and Mahogany Veneer Open Armchairs, attributed to Elijah Galusha. $300-500 1730. Victorian Aesthetic Brass Easel, approx. ht. 66, wd. 27 in. $175-225 1731. Pair of Chinese Porcelain Vases, ht. 7 7/8 in. $300-400

1732. Pair of George III Brass Ring-turned Andirons, a Pair of Brass-handled Tools, Wrought Iron Tongs, and a Brass Measure. $400-600

1742. R.L. Wicks Furniture Federal-style Upholstered Mahogany Lolling Chair, Belmont, Massachusetts. $150-250

1733. Seventy-four-piece Set of Czech Floral Swag-decorated Porcelain Tableware. $200-300

1743. Country Pine Bureau Desk/Bookcase. $150-250

1734. Cloisonné Enameled Ladle and Vase, China, 19th century enameled ladle, together with a vase, lg. 6 in. $80-100 1735. Classical Mahogany Veneer Mirrored Bureau. $300-500 1736. Asian Export Hardwood Settee, ht. 32 1/2, lg. 56, dp. 21 in. $300-500

1744. Georgian-style Carved Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Dining Table, with two leaves, ht. 30, lg. 61, wd. 42, leaf wd. 11 3/4 in. $150-200 1745. Swiss Carved Wood Plaque Depicting The Lion of Lucerne, the reverse with inscription attribution to Laurence Lisle and dated 1928, lg. 9 1/2 in. $200-250 1746. Turkish Mat, 20th century, 2 ft. 9 in. x 1 ft. 10 in. $75-100

1737. Pair of Neoclassical Mahogany Pedestal End Tables with Leather-inset Tops, ht. 27 1/2, dia. 17 3/4 in. $400-600

1747. Kazak Rug, Southwest Caucasus, 19th century, 6 ft. 8 in. x 4 ft. 4 in. $300-500

1738. Two Pairs of Green Cut-to-Clear Glass Decanters and a Set of Eight Glasses, four tall and four rocks glasses. $500-750

1748. English Armorial Porcelain Platter, a Paris Porcelain Gilt Cup and Saucer, and a Napoleon III Bronze Compote, platter lg. 14 1/4, compote ht. 5 1/8, dia. 6 3/8 in. $400-550

1739. William Charles Palmer (Canadian/ American, 1906-1987)

1749. Manner of Louis Kronberg (American, 1872-1965)

Two Ink and Watercolor Landscapes, Banners of the Night and Fading Sun, signed and dated l.l., ‘40 and ‘39 respectively, the reverse with Midtown Galleries, New York, paper labels, framed, sight size 5 3/4 x 8 and 6 1/4 x 7 1/2 in. $100-200

Seated Ballerina in Blue. Bears monogram “L. [Star of David] K.” l.l. Oil on canvas, 18 x 15 in., framed. Condition: Tack holes in the corners, wear to canvas tacking edges at corners, light surface grime. $700-900

1740. Framed Martha Cahoon Mechanical Print Up in the Air, the reverse with paper label. $50-100 1741. Indian Bronze Durga Deity, ht. 6 3/4 in. $150-200

1750. Scandinavian Paint-decorated Wooden Bellows. $100-150 1751. Ferro Murano Blue Art Glass Bowl with Millefiore Inclusions and a Modern Colorless Art Glass Footed Vase, the former with label, the latter signed “Cole...,” lg. 15 3/4 and ht. 9 in., respectively. $300-450

1752. Pair of Large Chinese Blue and White Decorated Porcelain Double-gourd Vases, (scattered small losses), approx. ht. 23 1/2, dia. 13 in. $300-500 1753. Afghan Rug and Machine-made Rug, 20th century, 5 ft. 6 in. x 3 ft. 9 in. and 5 ft. 10 in. x 3 ft. $100-150 1754. Eleven Pieces of Colorless Cut Glass Beverage Ware, a set of four tall and four rocks glasses, and a set of three tall glasses. $150-200 1755. Five-piece Vintage Formica and Metal Kitchen Set, with leaf. $250-350 1756. Six-piece Art Deco Parquetry and Maple Waterfall Bedroom Suite. $600-800 1757. Glass and Lucite Dining Table with a Set of Six Modern Upholstered Metal Dining Chairs. Provenance: Purchased from the New York Design Center. $500-700 1758. Baccarat Colorless Glass Ice Bucket with Silver-plated Swing Handle, ht. 5 7/8, dia. 5 7/8 in. $400-600 1759. Chinese Export Porcelain Coffeepot, Bowl, and Eight Tea Cups and Saucers. $350-500 1760. Framed Photographic Reproduction Raoul Dufy Print, sight size 7 1/4 x 10 1/4 in. $100-150 1761. Framed 20th Century French School Etching a Harbor View, signed in pencil l.r. “Lawfaud(?),” sight size 6 x 13 3/4 in. $100-150

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1762. Nineteen Pieces of Mostly English Transfer-decorated Ceramic Tableware, including thirteen plates, a cup and saucer, three jugs, and a platter. $200-250 1763. Eames-style Brown Naugahyde Upholstered Walnut Veneer Laminated Lounge Chair and Ottoman, CFA, Lawrence, Massachusetts. $400-500 1764. Charak Furniture Modern Ivory Lacquered Eight-drawer Double Dresser, Lucite drawer pulls, paper label, 1947, no. 6848. $400-600 1765. Pair of Design Furniture Center Modern Upholstered Bent Tubular Steel Barrelback Chairs, a Modern Office Chair, and a Recliner. $150-250 1766. Painted Ceramic Bust of Beatrice, ht. 13 1/4, wd. 12 1/2 in. $100-1,500 1767. Small Box of Assorted Table Linens, Etc. $100-150 1768. Oil on Canvas Globe Mill, Fall River by Elijah Baxter, Jr. (American, 1849-1939), signed l.l., framed, canvas 10 x 14 in. $200-250 1769. Federal Mahogany Dressing Mirror on Cabinet. $75-100 1770. Chippendale-style Upholstered Camelback Carved Mahogany Sofa, approx. lg. 85 in. $100-150 1771. Pennsylvania Poplar Dovetail-constructed Blanket Chest, ht. 23 1/4, lg. 53 in. $400-600 1772. Walnut Lift-top Schoolmaster’s Desk. $150-250


1773. Two Limoges Porcelain Platters and a Paris Porcelain Gilt-decorated Covered Serving Bowl. $400-600

1783. Thirty-eight Pieces of Silver-rimmed Glass Tableware, including thirteen finger bowls, fifteen plates, and ten wines. $100-150

1774. Seven Pieces of Mottahedeh Ceramic Tableware, a pair of cache pots, a bouquetiere, and a pair of Chinoiserie tea caddies with underplates. $200-250

1784. Fourteen Pieces of Assorted Gilt, Handpainted, and Transfer-decorated Porcelain Table Items, including platters, bowls, a creamer and sugar, and plates. $200-250

1775. Moroccan Kelim, Northwest Africa, 20th century, 10 ft. 4 in. x 5 ft. 10 in. $100-150

1785. Three Chests of Drawers, a pine and birch four-drawer chest, a cherry bureau, and a pine four-drawer chest. $30-50

1776. Set of Twelve Colorless Glass Finger Bowls and Fifteen Plates, attributed to Baccarat. $300-500 1777. Pair of Continental Faience Urn-form Table Lamps, body ht. 18 in. $400-600 1778. Georgian Inlaid Mahogany Deep Drop-leaf Dining Table, ht. 25 1/4, lg. 48, wd. 20 1/4, leaf wd. 25 1/2 in. $400-600 1779. Set of Twelve Irving & Casson/A.H. Davenport Georgian-style Mahogany Dining Chairs, with upholstered slip seats, including ten side and two armchairs, metal tag. $2,000-3,000 1780. Small William & Mary-style Tiger Maple Drop-leaf Butterfly Table. $200-250 1781. Seth Thomas Inlaid Mahogany Veneer Chiming Mantel Clock, a Mahogany Dressing Mirror, and a Pair of Brass Candlestick/Table Lamps, candlestick ht. 18 1/2 in. $250-350 1782. Four Brass-handled Steel Fireplace Tools, a shovel, tongs, and a shovel and tongs set. $75-125

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1786. Pair of Charak Furniture Neoclassical-style Cherry Tray-top Tambour End Tables, with paper label 1951, no. 6787. $300-500 1787. Four Assorted Reproduction Tables and Stands, a Georgian-style carved mahogany candlestand, dish-top stand, a Regency-style inlaid mahogany one-drawer table, and a William & Mary-style drop-leaf butterfly table. $175-350 1788. Four Greek National Welfare Organization Needlework Rugs, with applied tags, approx. 4 x 6 ft. $150-250 1789. Walter E. Bohl Portrait Etching of a Retriever, Golden Dawn, signed and numbered in pencil l.r., 74/75, sight 8 1/4 x 10 1/2 in. $200-400 1790. Framed 20th Century American School Graphite on Paper Portrait of a Sailor, labeled/signed “Brooks,” sight size 13 1/2 x 10 1/2 in. $150-250 1791. Cobalt-decorated Stoneware Jug, possibly five-gallon, ht. 19 1/2 in. $100-125 1792. Two Reproduction Damask-upholstered Mahogany Lolling Chairs, a Chippendalestyle and a Federal-style. $150-250

1793. Charak Furniture Modern Mahogany and Burl Veneer End Table, ht. 24, wd. 26 in. $200-300 1794. Windsor Sack-back Armchair.


1795. Two Small Asian Porcelain Bowls and a Set of Eight Plates. $100-150 1796. Hamadan Rug, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 6 ft. 8 in. x 3 ft. 9 in. $100-150 1797. Four German Cobalt-highlighted and Glazed Molded Stoneware Beer Steins. $150-250

1802. Lot of Assorted China and Glass, including two sets of Copeland/Spode porcelain plates, two cut glass bowls, an English ceramic jug, Calyx Ware demitasse cups and saucers, a set of nine liquor glasses, a set of seven Lenox Wheat pattern plates, four Limoges cups and saucers, three Canton syllabubs, eight Alfred Meakin ornithological pattern plates, and a partial set of Paris porcelain armorial crème pots with stand. $50-75 1803. Baluch Rug, Afghanistan, 20th century, 5 ft. x 3 ft. $75-125 1804. Seven Small Wooden Frames.


1812. Two Alabaster Table Lamps, a columnarform and an urn-form, ht. 13 3/4 and 14 in. $100-150 1813. Italian Neoclassical Painted Fruitwood Commode, (losses, significant worming). $300-500 1814. Baroque-style Metal and Colorless Cut and Molded Glass Six-light Chandelier, (electrified), approx. ht. 31 1/2, wd. 19 in. $200-300 1815. Three-piece Louis XV-style Upholstered Carved Walnut Seating Suite, a sofa and a pair of armchairs. $300-500

1805. Niermann Weeks Circular Faux Bois Painted Pedestal-base Dining Table, ht. 30 1/8, dia. 60 in. $1,000-1,500

1816. Five Pieces of Pewter Tableware, two chargers, a bowl, plate, and footed teapot. $200-300

1806. Six Assorted Provincial Furniture Items, a wall shelf, two footstools, an armchair, side chair, and a giltwood bracket wall shelf. $200-300

1817. Pair of Mason’s Ironstone Covered Sauce Tureens with Undertrays, tureen overall ht. 5 7/8, lg. 7 in. $100-150

1807. French White Marble-top Painted Wrought Iron Garden Table, ht. 29 1/4, lg. 39 1/2, wd. 21 3/4 in. $300-500

1818. Ken Durkin Watercolor Portrait of a Woman, Sargent Study, signed and titled l.r., dated ‘77, framed. $200-400

1800. Thirty-two Pieces of Miscellaneous Mostly Ceramic Tableware and Table Items, Limoges jar, eight cups, and thirteen saucers, a small yellowware bowl, an ironstone wastebowl, a Dedham Pottery rabbit pattern jar, three pairs of porcelain figural salt and pepper shakers, and a silver overlay glass bowl. $100-150

1808. English Mahogany Barometer, modern, lg. 37 1/2 in. $100-150

1819. Two Stevensgraph Ribbon/Bookmarks and Cased Double Ambrotype Portrait Photograph, the Stevensgraphs, a commemorative U.S. Centennial and a framed “Home Sweet Home.” $100-150

1801. Painted Wooden Trade Sign/Cabinet “Dr. A.S. Maxon, Dentist,” with hinged front panel, ht. 22 1/2, wd. 31 1/4 in. $100-200

1810. Three Unframed 19th/20th Century American School Oil on Canvas Works, two landscapes and a floral still life, unsigned. $150-200

1798. Benson & Hedges Brass Inlaid Mahogany Tobacco Humidor, a brass plaque on the lid engraved “M.W.,” with a lock and key, the interior copper and tin lined, ht. 10, lg. 20 3/4, wd. 11 3/4 in. $200-300 1799. Frederick W. Smith Watercolor on Paper Marshall Point, Kennebunkport, Me., signed l.r., titled and dated on reverse “1939,” framed, sight size 14 1/2 x 21 1/2 in. $150-250

1809. Chinese Blue and White-decorated Porcelain Vase, with box, ht. 8 in. $100-150

1811. Framed Hand-colored Print The Times, After Hogarth. $150-250

1820. Merklen Bros. Attributed Late Victorian Mahogany and Cherry Library Table with Splayed Barley-twist Legs, mounted with cast metal mask and wood ball feet, (top refinished), ht. 28 3/4, lg. 35 3/4, wd. 20 3/4 in. $200-300 1821. Victorian Carved Walnut Hanging Corner Wall Cabinet, ht. 16, wd. 25 1/2, dp. 15 1/2 in. $75-125

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1822. Victorian Mahogany Six-tier Étagère. $400-600 1823. Nickel-plated Kerosene Table Lamp, (electrified). $80-100 1824. Affiches de Folon Folio, Alice Editions, 1978, edition 147/200. $50-100 1825. Afghan Runner, 20th century, 9 ft. 2 in. x 2 ft. 3 in. $100-150 1826. Lot of Three European Textiles and Seven Small Oriental Rug Fragments. $50-100 1827. Set of Six Copeland Gilt and Raspberrybanded Porcelain Plates, dia. 9 in. $75-125 1828. Victorian Renaissance Revival Walnut Davenport Writing Desk. $300-350 1829. Irving & Casson/A.H. Davenport Late Victorian Carved Mahogany Cheval Mirror, approx. ht. 68, wd. 28 in. $200-250 1830. Late Victorian Renaissance Revival Carved Giltwood Mirror, ht. 32 3/4, wd. 43 in. $200-300 1831. Group of Miscellaneous Items, an 1862 Statistical Pocket Manual, three 19th century portrait photographs, two photograph cases, a pocket watch case, a carved ivory rose brooch, and a “U.S.” canteen-form pendant. $50-75 1832. Bag of Assorted Table Linens.


1833. Three-piece Gilt-metal Figural Girandole Set and Two Gilt-metal Figural Girandole Candlesticks, all with prisms. $200-250

Three Chinese Glazed Porcelain Items, 20th century, a white footed cup, a celadon bowl, and a salmon low bowl, with boxes, ht. 4, ht. 2 1/2, dia. 5 1/4, and dia. 6 in., respectively. $200-300 1835. Pair of Chinese Export Marble-inset Carved Hardwood Stands, ht. 19, wd. 19 in. $75-125 1836. Federal-style Upholstered Mahogany Lolling Chair, made by a craftsman in Whately, Massachusetts, 1972. $200-250 1837. Empire Marble-top Cylindrical Blondewood Pedestal Commode Cabinet. $400-600

1846. Northwest Persian Long Rug, 19th century, 10 ft. 8 in. x 4 ft. 6 in. $50-100 1847. Group of Decorated and Antique Table Items, including silver-plated and pewter teapots, and enameled vase, four art glass vases, a milk glass compote, decorated porcelain cups and saucers, a platter, and a pitcher. $100-150

1838. Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Swell-front Sideboard. $200-250

1848. Modern Leaded Art Glass Table Lamp with Handel-style Cast Metal Base, approx. ht. 14, shade dia. 12 in. $300-500

1839. Two Small Framed Watercolor Works on Paper, a strawberries study and a Stephane Le Grec landscape. $100-150

1849. Pair of Framed Portrait Prints of Women, after Paul Cesar Helleu, sheet 12 3/8 x 9 1/2 in. $50-60

1840. Framed Still Life Glass with Flowers Print After Nelly Littlehale Murphy. $30-50

1850. Twenty Pieces of Small Bohemian Art Glassware, a set of twelve polychrome enamel-decorated footed glasses, and a set of eight etched and blue-banded glasses. $150-250

1841. Persian Small Carpet, second quarter 20th century, (some end fraying, new fringes added), 8 ft. 7 in. x 5 ft. 10 in. $400-600 1842. Federal Inlaid Mahogany Swell-front Card Table, (damage). $200-300 1843. Classical-style Circular Mahogany Pedestal-base Dining Table, with three leaves, ht. 31 1/4, dia. 54 1/4, two leaves wd. 13 3/4, one leaf 12 3/4 in. $700-900 1844. Pair of Modern Walnut Veneer Side Cabinets, possibly Gilbert Rohde, approx. ht. 31, wd. 33 3/4, dp. 11 in. $1,000-1,500



1845. Lot of Assorted Haviland Limoges Porcelain Tableware, including a set of eleven bouillon cups and twelve saucers, a set of two covered vegetable dishes and a gravyboat, a set of six teacups with five saucers, and six bread and butter plates. $150-250

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1851. Set of Six Japanese Hand-painted Birddecorated Porcelain Plates. $100-150 1852. Two Gilt-metal Framed Miniature European Watercolor Portraits of Ladies on Ivory, the smaller signed “Henry,” sight dia. 2 1/8 and 3 in. $150-200 1853. Bronze Figural Group Pointer with Bird, After Jules Moigniez, 20th century, on a marble base, overall ht. 16 3/4, lg. 21 in. $700-900 1854. Thirteen-piece Austrian Gilt and Genre Scene-decorated Porcelain Partial Tea Service. $200-400

1855. Two Nesting Danish Mid-century Modern Blondewood Stands. ht. to 19 7/8 in. $100-200 1856. Modern Wood-framed Paint-decorated Amber Glass Panel Four-part Folding Floor Screen, ht. 65 3/4, panel wd. 15 in. $300-500 1857. Bas Relief Carved Wood Panel Depicting the Annunciation, dated 1944, ht. 25 1/2, wd. 14 in. $150-250 1858. Two French Copper Cooking Pans with Covers, mounted with brass handles. $75-100 1859. Pair of Painted Bisque Figural Ewer Garnitures, Japan, ht. 20 in. $200-300 1860. 19th/20th Century American School Oil on Canvas Portrait of Girl in a Plaid Dress, framed, (laid down on panel), panel size 17 3/4 x 24 in. $100-150 1861. 19th/20th Century American School Oil on Canvas Still Life with Apple Blossom Bough, unsigned, framed, overall 15 1/4 x 9 1/4 in. $100-150 1862. Pair of Dresden-type Porcelain Figural Group/Table Lamps and a Victorian Metal-mounted Transfer Floral-decorated Opaque Glass Gone-with-the-Wind Table Lamp, (electrified), the figures ht. 5 in. $200-250 1863. Georgian-style Gilt-gesso and Mahogany Veneer Tri-part Overmantel Mirror, ht. 36 1/2, wd. 62 in. $150-250 1864. Baroque-style Cast Brass and Colorless Cut Glass Double-tier Fifteen-light Chandelier, approx. lg. 31, wd. 28 1/2 in. $150-250

1865. Set of Four Hitchcock-style Grained and Stencil-decorated Side Chairs with Woven Rush Seats. $150-200 1866. Large Lot of Assorted Gilt Porcelain and Glass Tableware, including a Bavarian set of fifteen soup bowls, fourteen dinner plates, and fifteen bread and butter plates, fourteen Limoges bouillon cups and seventeen saucers, a set of eighteen glass wines, a pair of wines, sixteen finger bowls, and eighteen plates. $300-400 1867. Pair of Patinated Bronze Angel Figural Bookends, a Pair of Patinated Bronze Monkey and Nuts Figures, a Painted Cast Iron Lady Golfer Doorstop, and a Framed Wallace Nutting Chromolithograph Landscape Print, the print titled Among October Birches. $250-350 1868. Two Framed Watercolor Dickens Character Portrait Triptychs by Joseph Clayton Clarke, aka “Kyd,” (c. 1856-1937), each signed “Kyd,” overall 13 3/4 x 24 3/4 in. $200-400 1869. Twenty-three Pieces of Mostly French Copper Cooking and Kitchenware, including five culinary molds, three small cups, a set of eleven pans with wrought iron handles, a bread box, a roasting pan, a pot, and an open tub. $200-300 1870. Chippendale Chinoiserie-style Carved Mahogany and Mirrored Display Cabinet, with two fixed glass shelves, ht. 61 1/4, wd. 25 1/2, dp. 12 1/2 in. $100-150 1871. Pine Drop-leaf Harvest Table with Tapering Legs. $100-150 1872. Chippendale Mahogany Drop-leaf Pembroke Table. $200-250

1873. Lot of Coalport, Rosenthal, and Minton Porcelain Tableware, including Coalport gilt and floral-decorated twelve plates, twentytwo cups, twenty-three saucers, Rosenthal Eleanor pattern thirteen cups, thirty saucers and small plates, twelve plates, a Minton covered vegetable dish and pastry pedestal. $200-400 1874. Lot of Thirty-one Japanese Prints, a Chinese Enameled Dish, Eight Pieces of Cloisonné, Two Cinnabar-type Vases, and an Indian Brocade Textile Panel. $200-300 1875. Doulton & Co. “The Simplicitas” Blue and White Floral Transfer-decorated Porcelain Toilet, approx. ht. 16 1/2, lg. 21 1/2 in. $400-600 1876. Four Assorted Asian Decorative Items, a pair of Japanese decorated earthenware vases, a carved hardstone figural group, and a green-glazed porcelain bowl. $100-200 1876A. Louis XV-style Gilt-metal-mounted Handpainted Genre Scene-decorated Enameled Three-panel Lady’s Folding Desk Clock, ht. 3, overall wd. 4 3/8 in. $300-400 1877. Group of Asian Carved Resin and Ivory Articles, six carved resin Immortals figures, two small ivory elephant figures, and a set of twenty-four ivory hors d’oeuvres picks. $200-300 1878. Federal-style Glazed Inlaid Mahogany Veneer Five-door Book Cabinet, ht. 57 1/4, lg. 64 3/4, dp. 14 1/4 in. $800-1,200 1879. Late Federal Mahogany Drop-leaf Twodrawer Work Table. $100-150 1880. Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Demilune Card Table. $300-400 1881. Two Sets of Late Victorian Gilt-green Pressed Art Glass Table Tableware, a seven-piece berry set, and a seven-piece lemonade set. $150-200

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1882. Four Miscellaneous Items, a Verlys frosted colorless molded geese-decorated low bowl, a silver-plated teapot and serving tray, and a pair of hewn wooden scoops. $150-250 1883. Eleven Assorted Russian Decorated Lacquer Boxes, lg. 2 1/4 to 6 3/4 in. $400-800 1884. Approximately Forty-nine Vintage Fountain Pens and Mechanical Pencils. $200-300 1885. Two Federal-style Mahogany Tilt-top Candlestands. $100-150 1886. Six Painted and Stencil-decorated Hitchcock-type Side Chairs, and a Pair of Windsor Paint-decorated Thumb-back Side Chairs with a Similar Dressing Table. $50-75 1887. Victorian Walnut Stand, a Marquetry Floraldecorated Mahogany Tuck-away Table, and an Edwardian Mahogany Drop-leaf Gate-leg Table. $100-150 1888. Two Capt. Alden Besse Presentation Walking Sticks and U.S. Naval Officer’s Hat. $400-600 1889. Two Framed 20th Century Watercolor Works on Paper, London Bridge and a Lucio Borozzo, Sailboat at Mooring. $50-150 1890. Oak Framed Early 20th Century American/ British School Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Horse, signed l.r. “E.R. Farley(?),” canvas 16 x 20 in. $300-500 1891. Fifteen Assorted Vintage Souvenir Printed Textile Items and a U.S. Flag, including military, Niagara Falls, etc. $300-500


1892. Italian Renaissance-style Carved Walnut Savonarola Chair. $150-200 1893. Two Chippendale Carved Mahogany Tilttop Tea Tables, (tops broken). $150-250 1894. Georgian-style Mahogany and Burlwood Veneer Five-drawer Chest. $500-700 1895. Hebrew Character Relief-decorated Copper Prayer Wheel/Table Lamp. Provenance: Descended in the estate of a Cambridge, Massachusetts, and New York City academic family. $100-150 1896. Pair of Large Victorian-style Gilt and Handpainted Floral-decorated Green Glass Mantel Garnitures, ht. 17 in. $300-500 1897. Forty Pieces of Assorted Flow Blue Ceramic Tableware. $300-500 1898. Crystal Ball with Trapped Bubble on a Gilt-brass Stand, overall ht. 7 1/4, ball dia. 4 3/4 in. $100-150 1899. Framed New England Lithograph Co. Newport, R.I. View Print, after J.P. Newell, sight size 14 3/4 x 26 1/4 in. $150-200 1900. Walnut Framed Victorian Tinsel and Reverse-painted Glass Basket of Flowers Still Life, overall 25 3/4 x 30 in. $200-300 1901. Lot of Assorted Beaded Fruit.


1902. Seven-piece Gerz Glazed Stoneware Punch Set and a Glass and Brass Pump Bourbon Decanter, including a Gerz covered bowl with six mugs. $150-200

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1903. Pickard Gilt and Hand-painted Appledecorated Porcelain Cider Jug and Cherrydecorated Footed Bowl. $250-350 1904. Two Pairs of Brass Candlesticks with Medial Bells, ht. to 13 in. $200-300 1905. Architectural Leaded Glass Window, 21 3/4 x 18 1/2 in. $200-250 1906. Seven Assorted Decorative Articles, four wool carders, a footstool, brass and wrought iron skimmer, and an ogee framed mirror. $200-250 1907. Pair of Sitzendorf Hand-painted Floral Encrusted Porcelain Table Mirrors, ht. 9 1/2, wd. 6 1/2 in. $75-100 1908. Set of Six Doulton Lambeth Gilt Enameled and Hand-painted Foliate-decorated Plates with Ruffled Rims, dia. 9 in. $150-200 1909. Le Castel Baroque-style Gilt and Paintdecorated Bracket Clock with Shelf, approx. overall ht. 24 in. $100-150 1910. Lot of Assorted Beaded Fruit.


1911. Rogers Painted Plaster “School Days” Figural Group, ht. 21 in. $400-600 1912. Glazed Pottery Pitcher and Two Vases, unmarked. $100-150 1913. Set of Eight Limoges Porcelain Handpainted Botanical-decorated Dessert Plates and a Bavarian Footed Bowl. $150-200 1914. Lot of Vintage Beaded Flowers and Plastic Fruit. $250-325

Skinner, Inc. - Conditions of Sale 1. Some of the lots in this sale are offered subject to a reserve. The reserve is a confidential minimum price agreed upon by the consignor and Skinner, Inc. below which the lot will not be sold. In most cases, the reserve will be set below the estimated range, but in no case will it exceed the estimates listed. A representative of Skinner, Inc. will execute such reserves by bidding for the consignor. In any event and whether or not a lot is subject to a reserve, the auctioneer may reject any bid or raise not commensurate with the value of such lot. 2. All property is sold “as is,� and neither the auctioneer nor any consignor makes any warranties or representation of any kind or nature with respect to the property, and in no event shall they be responsible for the correctness, nor deemed to have made any representation or warranty, of description, genuineness, authorship, attribution, provenance, period, culture, source, origin, or condition of the property and no statement made at the sale, or in the bill of sale, or invoice or elsewhere shall be deemed such a warranty of representation or an assumption of liability. 3. Except as provided in paragraph 1 above, the highest bidder as determined by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the case of a disputed bid, the auctioneer shall have sole discretion in determining the purchaser and may also, at his or her election, withdraw the lot or reoffer the lot for sale. 4. All merchandise purchased must be paid for and removed from the premises the day of the auction. Skinner Inc. may impose, and the purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly interest charge of 1.5% of the purchase price of any lot or item lot not paid for within thirty-five (35) days of the date of sale. Skinner, Inc. shall have no liability for any damage or loss to property left on its premises for more than three (3) days from the date of sale. If any property has not been removed within three (3) days from the date of sale, at the option of Skinner, Inc. (a) Skinner Inc., may impose, and the purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly storage charge of 1.5% of the purchase price of any lot or portion of a lot not removed within the three days, and/or (b) Skinner Inc. may place the merchandise in a subsequent auction, without Reserve, to be sold to the highest bidder, and after deducting the standard commission and any additional charges that may apply, remit the proceeds to the purchaser. 5. Skinner accepts cash or check for payment. Personal checks will be acceptable only if credit has been established with Skinner, Inc. or if a bank authorization has been received guaranteeing a personal check. Skinner, Inc. reserves the right to hold merchandise purchased by personal check until the check has cleared the bank. The purchaser agrees to pay Skinner, Inc. a handling charge of $25.00 for any check dishonored by the drawee. Please contact Accounting for additional payment methods. Skinner does not accept payment by credit card for merchandise purchases. 6. If the purchaser breaches any of its obligations under these Conditions of Sale, including its obligation to pay in full the purchase price of all items for which it was the highest successful bidder, Skinner Inc. may exercise all of its rights and remedies under the law including, without limitation, (a) canceling the sale and applying any payments made by the purchaser to the damages caused by the purchaser’s breach, and/or (b) offering at public auction, without reserve, any lot or item for which the purchaser has breached any of its obligations, including its obligation to pay in full the purchase price, holding the purchaser liable for any deficiency plus all costs of sale. 7. In no event will the liability of Skinner, Inc. to any purchaser with respect to any item exceed the purchase price actually paid by such purchaser for such item. 8. Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Upon request, our staff will provide the list of shippers who deliver to destinations within the United States and overseas. Some property that is sold at auction can be subject to laws governing export from the U.S., such as items that include material from some endangered species. Import restrictions from foreign countries are subject to these same governing laws. Granting of licensing for import or export of goods from local authorities is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Denial or delay of licensing will not constitute cancellation or delay in payment for the total purchase price of these lots. 9. All purchases are subject to the Massachusetts 6.25% sales tax unless the purchaser possesses a Massachusetts sales tax exemption number. Exemption numbers from other states are accepted in Massachusetts if presented with a business card or letterhead. Dealers, museums, and other qualifying parties can apply for a Massachusetts exemption number prior to the auction by contacting the Massachusetts Department of Corporations and Taxation at 100 Cambridge Street in Boston. 10. Except for property purchased via on-line Live Auctions, a premium equal to 18.5% of the final bid price up to and including $200,000, plus 10% of the final bid over $200,000, will be applied to each lot sold, to be paid by the Buyer as part of the purchase price. The buyers premium on property purchased via on-line Live Auctions will be in the amount equal to 22.5% of the final bid price up to and including $200,000, plus 15% of the final bid over $200,000. 11. Bidding on any item indicates your acceptance of these terms and all other terms announced at the time of sale whether bidding in person, through a representative, by phone, by Internet, or other absentee bid. 12. Skinner, Inc. and its consignors make no warranty or representation, express or implied, that the purchaser will acquire any copyright or reproduction rights to any lot sold. Skinner, Inc. expressly reserves the right to reproduce any image of the lots sold in this catalogue. The copyright in all images, illustrations and written material produced by or for Skinner, Inc. relating to a lot, including the contents of this catalogue, is, and shall remain at all times, the property of Skinner, Inc. and shall not be used by the purchaser, nor by anyone else, without our prior written consent. 13. These conditions of sale shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (excluding the laws applicable to conflicts or choice of law). The buyer/bidder agrees that any suit for the enforcement of this agreement may be brought, and any action against Skinner in connection with the transactions contemplated by this agreement shall be brought, in the courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or any federal court sitting therein. The bidder/buyer consents to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of such courts and waives objections that it may now or hereafter have to the venue of any such suit. Revised September 29, 2009


Absentee Bid Form Sale Title

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Customer #

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I wish to place the following bids in the sale listed above. I understand that Skinner, Inc. will execute bids as a convenience, and will not be held responsible for any errors or failure to execute bids. I understand that my bids are executed and accepted as per Conditions of Sale as printed in the catalogue of this sale. Signature (Required)

Lot #



Bid Price

FOR OFFICE USE Marlborough







SKINNER Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art

6 3 P a r k P l a z a , B o s t o n , M A 0 2 1 1 6 Te l : 6 1 7 . 3 5 0 . 5 4 0 0 F a x : 6 1 7 . 3 5 0 . 5 4 2 9 2 7 4 C e d a r H i l l S t r e e t , M a r l b o r o u g h , M A 0 1 7 5 2 Te l : 5 0 8 . 9 7 0 . 3 0 0 0 F a x : 5 0 8 . 9 7 0 . 3 1 0 0 w w w. s k i n n e r i n c . c o m

Board of Directors


Expert Departments

SKINNER, INC. Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art 63 Park Plaza Boston, MA 02116 617.350.5400 Fax 617.350.5429 274 Cedar Hill Street Marlborough, MA 01752 508.970.3000 Fax 508.970.3100


Chairman of the Board - Nancy R. Skinner Richard Albright Barnet Fain Stephen L. Fletcher Karen M. Keane

President/Chief Executive Officer - Karen M. Keane Chief Financial Officer - Don Kelly Executive Vice President - Stephen L. Fletcher Vice Presidents- Gloria Lieberman, Carol McCaffrey, Kerry Shrives, Stuart G. Slavid, Stuart P. Whitehurst

American & European Paintings & Prints - Robin S.R. Starr Assistants: Kathy Wong, Elizabeth C. Haff American Furniture & Decorative Arts - Stephen L. Fletcher, Martha Hamilton Assistants: LaGina Austin, Karen Langberg, Chris Barber American Indian & Ethnographic Art - Douglas Deihl Asian Works of Art - James F. Callahan Assistant: Tianyue Jiang Books & Manuscripts - Stuart P. Whitehurst Assistant: Sara C. Wishart Bottles, Flasks & Early Glass - Stephen L. Fletcher Ceramics - Stuart G. Slavid Classic Automobiles & Motorcycles - Jane D. Prentiss Couture - Kerry Shrives Discovery Sales - Kerry Shrives Assistants: Garrett J. Sheahan, Harry B. McNabb, Melissa Riebe European Furniture & Decorative Arts - Stuart G. Slavid; Assistants: Stuart P. Whitehurst, Sara C. Wishart Fine Wines - Marie Keep Jewelry - Victoria Bratberg Assistants: John Colasacco, Julie Khouri Judaica - Kerry Shrives Modernism: 1896–Present: Art Glass, Pottery, Metalwork & Furniture Jane D. Prentiss Museum & Collections Services - Martha Hamilton Musical Instruments - David Bonsey Oriental Rugs & Carpets - Gary Richards Science, Technology & Clocks - Robert C. Cheney Assistant: Chris Barber Silver - Stuart G. Slavid Assistant: Sara C. Wishart Toys & Dolls - Kerry Shrives Auctioneers - LaGina Austin, David Bonsey, Robert C. Cheney, Stephen L. Fletcher, Karen M. Keane, Marie C. Keep, Gloria Lieberman, Kerry Shrives, Stuart G. Slavid, Robin S.R. Starr, Laura V. Sweeney, Stuart P. Whitehurst

Exhibitions & Property Distribution

Finance Department


Service Departments

Marlborough: Warehouse Manager - Jonathan Dowling, 508.970.3280 Property Manager - Samuel Combs, 508.970.3262 Boston:

Kerryn Murphy, 617.874.4329

Property Distribution Manager - Jessica R. Lincoln, 617.874.4308

Marlborough: Accounts Receivable - Denise Johnson, 508.970.3269 Accounts Payable - Kathleen Hayes, 508.970.3268 Credit Supervisor - Joe Monteyro, 508.970.3266

Marlborough: Karen Skinner, 508.970.3240

Appraisal & Auction Services - Patricia Walker King, Beth Zwicker, Leah Skowron, Shannon M. Ames Advertising Production - Pamela Van de Houten Boston Gallery Director - Laura V. Sweeney Assistant Gallery Director: Paige Lewellyn Gallery Assistant: Katharine E. Hampson Catalogue Production - Pamela Van de Houten, Kristina Harrison Consignment Services - Megan J. Blomgren, Carol Zeigler Customer Relations - Carol McCaffrey Institutional Relations - L. Emerson Tuttle Human Resources - Carol McCaffrey Information Technology & Internet Auctions - Kerry Shrives Assistants: Timothy Shaughnessey, Melissa Riebe Managing Director - Marie C. Keep Marketing & Public Relations - Kate de Bethune, Karen Skinner, Katherine Gargolinski Photographers - Stanley P. Bystrowski, Jeffrey R. Antkowiak Receptionists - Marlborough: Carol Tran Boston: Hadley Dinardo Transportation - Eric Jones Assistants: Mark McCaffrey, John Williams




From Boston and Points East: Take the Massachusetts Turnpike (Route 90) West to Route 495 North at exit 11A. Proceed on Route 495N to exit 23C, Simarano Drive. Keep left at the fork in the ramp. At the bottom of the exit ramp take a left at the lights onto Simarano Drive. Take a right at the next light on Cedar Hill Street. Skinner is at #274 on the left. From Points North: Take Route 495 South to exit 23C, Simarano Drive. Stay left at the fork in the ramp, and turn left onto Simarano Drive. Take a right at the next light on Cedar Hill Street. Skinner is at #274 on the left. From Points West: Take 290 East toward Marlborough. Merge onto Route 495 South via exit 26A, toward Cape Cod. Take the Simarano Drive exit, 23C. Stay left at the fork in the ramp, and turn left onto Simarano Drive. Take a right at the next light on Cedar Hill Street. Skinner is at #274 on the left. From Points South: Take Route 495 North to exit 23C, Simarano Drive. At the bottom of the exit ramp take a left at the lights onto Simarano Drive. Take a right at the next light on Cedar Hill Street. Skinner is at #274 on the left.





Coral Seafood Restaurant 29 S. Bolton St. Marlborough, MA 508.460.3474

Boston Market 185 Boston Post Rd. West Marlborough, MA 508.229.2525 Panera Bread 197 Boston Post Rd. West Marlborough, MA 508.281.6161 Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub 32 Boston Post Rd. West Marlborough, MA 508.480.8899 Linguini’s Italian Eatery 350 Boston Post Rd. West Marlborough, MA 508.481.9747 China Taste 197 Boston Post Rd. West Marlborough, MA 508.229.2882 Yoong Tong Thai Cuisine and Sushi 278 Main St./Rt. 20 Northborough, MA 508.393.7714

MODERATE Guiseppe’s Grille 35 Solomon Pond Rd. Northborough, MA 508.393.4405 Allora Ristorante 139 Lakeside Ave. Rte. 20 Marlborough, MA 508.485.4300 Wildwood Steakhouse 189 Boston Post Rd. East Marlborough, MA 508.481.2021 Longhorn Steakhouse 191 Boston Post Rd. Marlborough, MA 508.481.4100 Tandoori Grill 197 H Boston Post Rd. West Marlborough, MA 508.357.6551


MARLBOROUGH HOTELS Courtyard by Marriott 75 Felton St. (exit 24B off 495) Marlborough, MA 508.480.0015 Embassy Suites 123 Boston Post Rd. West (exit 24B off 495) Marlborough, MA 508.485.9500

Hampton Inn 277 Boston Post Rd. West (exit 24B off 495) Marlborough, MA 508.787.9888

Holiday Inn and Suites 265 Lakeside Ave. (exit 24A off 495) Marlborough, MA 508.481.3000

Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel 181 Boston Post Road West (exit 24B off 495) Marlborough, MA 508.460.0700


Ultimate Livery To Logan Airport $46.00 each way for one $56.00 each way for two Private car and driver $147.50 one way Servicing all Marlborough hotels 80 Northborough Rd East Marlborough, MA 01752 508.481.7300


Enterprise Car Rental Hotel Pick-up and Delivery 364 Maple Street (Rt. 85) Marlborough, MA 508.480.0221 Hertz Car Rental 410 Maple Street (Rt. 85) Marlborough, MA 508.229.2756


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Prices effective JULy 1, 2010. Catalogue subscription price includes quarterly brochure. Subscription effective one year from date processed. No refunds for previous subscriptions. Renewal notice will be sent one month prior to expiration. Subscriptions do not include Discovery, Estates, and other special sales. Post-auction prices are available online at

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Included with catalogue subscription American Furniture & Decorative Arts



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Fine Jewelry



20th Century Furniture & Decorative Arts



Asian Works of Art



Fine Oriental Rugs & Carpets



American Indian & Ethnographic Art



Fine Books & Manuscripts



Fine Ceramics



Fine Musical Instruments



Science, Technology & Clocks



Fine Wines



All Above Departments



subtotal ma residents


sales tax


MasterCard/VISA #

Exp. Date



Check enclosed

Business Name

Mailing Address _____________________________________________________ City_______________________________ State________ Zip______________ email address________________________________________________

Tel: (

) _____________________________

Please enclose payment with subscription form and mail or fax to:

Skinner, Inc., Subscription Department, 274 Cedar Hill Street, Marlborough, MA 01752



Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art


Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art

SKINNER Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art

The Holiday Auction at Skinner | 2530M  

The Holiday auction on December 15 & 16, 2010 in Marlborough, MA features Estate Jewelry & Silver, Couture & Textiles, and Toys & Dolls. App...

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