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November 14, 2010


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cover : 33, 34 ; frontispiece : 496 ; back cover : 24, 56, 345, 497, 519, 558, 629, 639, 685

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Autographs, Manuscripts and Broadsides: Lot 1-101 1. Adams, John (1735-1826), Signed letter, Quincy, January 14th, 1823, one page, to Messrs. Timothy Cooley, Oliver Parsons and James Cooley, Committee [for an unnamed School], acknowledging their request from books from his library, (Softness to paper, and old mildew, fold weakness and separations to right fold with some staining near top and minor losses along central horizontal fold). Text in full: Gentlemen, I am honoured with your letter of the 9th January 1823. It would give me great pleasure to send you any books for the use of your Classical School, but I have already given my library to a Classical School in Quincy excepting a very few which are a necessity of Life to me. I send you the second and third volumes of my Defence, of the first volume I have but one copy. Of the Discourses on Davila I have but one copy, which I call the fourth volume of my Defence. How these four volumes will be considered by Posterity, I know not. They were written with great sincerity and great anxiety unpolished as they are, that must remain for I can never correct or revise them. With my sincere wished for the increase of your library, and the prosperity of your Society and with a duplicate of the second and third volumes - I have the honor to be very respectfully your most obedient Servent, John Adams. $8,000-12,000

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2. Adams, John Quincy (1767-1848), Autograph letter signed, April 19, 1819, one page, as Secretary of State, to James Riley, Esq. of New York, thanking him for his letter, and for copies of his (Riley’s) narrative and about the loss of the Oswego, (folds, mat burn around text, pinhole folder separation to center fold [not affecting text], some light edge chipping, overall toning, minor offset, and two tape strips at upper edge). Text in full: Sir, I have received your very obliging Letter, accompanied by a copy of the new Edition of your Narrative, with that of the loss of the Oswego, for which I pray you to accept my thanks. These works are valuable, not only by the interesting sympathies which they excite, but by the lessons of fortitude in sufferance, of persevering energy in action, and of reliance upon the superintending care of Providence in emergencies apparent by the most desperate, which they teach. I am with much Respect, Sir, your very humble and obedt. Servt. Note: Adams is referring to Riley’s autobiographical book, An Authentic Narrative of the Loss of the American Brig Commerce..., first published in 1817. This work described his ship’s wreck off the coast of the Western Sahara, and his and his crew’s subsequent hardships in their trek across the Sahara including capture and slavery by native peoples. Riley became an outspoken voice against slavery, and his work was known to have been read by many politicians, including Adams, and Abraham Lincoln. The other book Adams references in this letter is likely Judah Paddock’s A Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Ship Oswego... and of the sufferings of the Master and the Crew while in bondage among the Arabs, first published in 1818. $2,000-3,000


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3. Adams, John Quincy (1767-1848), Signed document, as Secretary of State, Department of State circular dated August 14, 1819, one page, to the Clerk of the Circuit Court of New York, regarding the Senate resolution requiring District and Circuit courts to furnish accurate statements regarding business therein at the commencement of the next session, (in three parts due to fold separations, partially affecting text, edge chipping and browning). $300-500 4. Adams, John Quincy (1767-1848), Signed document, September 16, 1820, one page, as Secretary of State, certifying a copy of an original decree related to indemnification of lands in the Mississippi Territory, together with a manuscript page, (fold separations, water staining, manuscript page with edge chewing). $300-400 5. (American Indian), Broadside entitled War and Pestilence! Two Young Ladies Taken Prisoners by the Savages, [1832], depicting a woodcut vignette of figures and Indians, 15 1/2 x 10 5/8 in., framed, (losses along folds and edges). $150-200

6 (partial)

7 (partial)

6. (Autograph Album, 19th Century), Collection of autograph cards laid into a blue cloth album, [c. 1875], and including, Ulysses S. Grant, Caleb Cushing, King Kalakaua of the Hawaiian Islands, John Greenleaf Whittier, Edward E. Hale, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (with sentiment and date 1874), Charles Sumner, Carl Schurz, Benjamin Butler, Wendell Phillips (autograph note signed), Oliver Wendell Holmes, James T. Fields (with sentiment), Wilkie Collins, Thomas Nast, Samuel Clemens (signed as Mark Twain as well), Gideon Welles, Brigham Young, Alexander Stephens, Andrew Johnson, and others, (all tipt in, binding cocked). $3,000-5,000 7. (Autograph Album, 20th Century), Bound scrapbook containing signature cards from notables including: Grace Coolidge, J. Edgar Hoover, James Montgomery Flagg, Helen Keller, Helen Hayes, Kate Smith, Yascha Heifetz, Claudette Colbert, John Steinbeck, Walt Disney, Herbert Hoover, Thornton Wilder, Willa Cather, Mary Pickford, Eugene O’Neill, and a number of cartoonists, each with a small sketch, all lightly laid onto sheet. $1,000-1,500

8. (Autograph Album), Glossbrenner, Adam John (1810-1889), Bound album containing signed excerpts of speeches from James Buchanan, James Polk, and Daniel Webster, and others. $2,000-3,000 9. (Aviation, “Short Snorter Note”), Lindbergh, Charles and Others, One dollar note with multiple signatures to both front and back, collected by Robert A. Lebewohl of Framingham, Massachusetts, on a flight March 6th, 1943, 2 3/4 x 6 1/4 in., (wrinkled and with some fading to signatures); together with Lebewohl’s pilot’s license and radio operator’s permit. $500-700

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10. (Boston, Cocoanut Fire), City of Boston license to be a common victualler issued to New Cocoanut Grove Inc., issued the first day of January, 1937, until December 31, 1937, listing Benjamin Welansky as President, with the address of “17 Piedmont Street and rear entrance from Shawmut Street, for stock only, first floor,” numbered 934, one page, (with folds, edge chipping and light charring to edges), sold together with fragments of other licenses, including a “Permit to Sell, Expose for Sale or Deliver Ice Cream and/or Sherbet,” numbered 1863, issued by the City of Boston Health Department on May 3, 1940, through April 30, 1941, and the fragment of another numbered 430, and issued on April 22, 1941, with two very small fragments, one from the Bureau of Milk Inspection, (all with smoke staining and edge chipping). Note: On November 28th, 1942, The Cocoanut Grove, one of Boston’s most popular nightclubs, had somewhere close to 1000 people enjoying its exotic “Casablanca”-style decor, and live music, (although the facility’s official capacity was half that). Formerly a city speak easy, the club had grown in size over the years, incorporating sections of real estate along Piedmont and Church streets, with dark corners, and a cozy back bar for secluded assignations. When fire broke out in that bar area, the fate of 492 souls was sealed within a matter of moments. Due to the nature of the building--including obscured or locked exits, lack of exit signage, low lighting, and narrow passageways--the fire, heat, and fumes overtook patrons with hideous speed. Benjamin “Barney” Welansky, the club’s owner, who claimed organized crime connections, and had friendships with several crooked city officials during a time when Boston politics was rife with graft, had kept the club operating despite numerous safety violations. After the horrific fire, Welansky was convicted on nineteen counts of manslaughter, and sentenced to twelve to fifteen years in prison.


This tragedy is one that will never be forgotten by the City of Boston, and, by extension, the rest of the United States. Because of this disaster, new fire laws were put into place that exist and protect us to this day, including the use of non-flammable materials, sprinklers, proper exit signage and emergency lighting, and standardized, functioning doors. All these things we now take for granted, but would have saved hundreds lives the night of November 28, 1942. $800-1,200 11. (Buchanan, James, 1791-1868) and Glossbrenner, Adam John (1810-1889), Interesting archive of correspondence related to the career of Adam John Glossbrenner, comprising: Buchanan, James, two autograph letters, 1858 and 1861, concerning books and an invitation, two signed documents, 1860, each concerning a nomination for postmaster and a confirmation of Glossbrenner as his personal secretary, and six free franked envelopes; two signed letters from Schuyler Colfax; Cameron, Simon, an autograph letter signed, 1867, concerning a recommendation, and two signed letters, 1849, concerning stocks and monies; Sickles, Daniel E., autograph letter signed, 1858, concerning a request for funds; approximately thirty documents related to his position as Sergeant-of-Arms for the House of Representatives; including a folio of correspondence related to his position as private secretary to President James Buchanan, 1860; and a quantity of family related paper and ephemera from the mid19th through the early 20th century, (mostly very good condition). $4,000-6,000



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13 (partial)

12. Buchanan, James (1791-1868), Two signed autograph documents, both as Secretary of State, the first dated May 30, 1846, one page, to B.F. Butler, Esq., U.S. District Attorney, concerning a possible pardon or order of nolle prosequi against Babe alias Brown, with holograph address leaf, (in three parts due to fold separation, edge chipping, light browning at folds); the second dated August 14, 1846, one page, to Ely Moore, Esq., Marshal of the U.S. for the Southern District of New York, concerning a pardon of counterfeiting charge against Francis Cordis, with holograph address leaf, (creases, slight fold separations, edge chipping and edge browning). $500-700 13. Burnside, Ambrose E. (1824-1881), Five photographic portraits, comprising a unique ambrotype of Burnside as a young man, oval format, sight lg. 2, in leathered case lacking cover, together with a carte-de-visite likely taken at the same sitting, unsigned; two cartede-visites, one by Brady, one by D. Appleton & Co., approx. 3 3/4 x 2 3/8, and a cabinet card by Warren’s Portraits, Boston, (ambrotype good, carte-de-visites and cabinet card with minor soiling). $1,000-1,500

14. Burr, Aaron (1756-1836), Three signed documents: one dated April 5, 1800, one page, related to his appearance to the Bill of Complaints in a case in New York District Court in the Eastern Circuit; two legal documents for the Second Circuit for the New York District, one c. 1815, two pages, as counsel, the other c. 1816, one page, as solicitor and of counsel; and a seven-page legal document for the Southern District Court of New York, c. 1824, signed as solicitor, (each with page separations, edge chipping, and some dampstaining). $1,500-2,000 15. Charles IX, King of France (1550-1574), Manuscript document signed, March 26, 1567, one page, military appointment for Bailly de Melun, countersigned by Robertet, (slashes in margins, minor smudging). $400-600 16. Christian IV, King of Denmark and Norway (1577-1648), Manuscript document signed, one page, in Danish, official court document, contents unknown, (very good, minor spotting). $300-500

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17. Churchill, Sir Winston L.S. (1874-1965), Autograph letter signed, October 31, 1927, one page, to Mr. (John) Drinkwater, concerning the gift of a book, “It is good of you to remember yr promise to send me yr book on Oliver Cromwell, and I shall look forward very much to reading it, yours sincerely,” 8vo, (very good to excellent); together with a framed photograph of Winston Churchill. Note: John Drinkwater was noted for his plays Abraham Lincoln and Oliver Cromwell. $1,200-1,500

18. Churchill, Sir Winston L.S., (1874-1965), Signed letter, October 8, 1948, one page, to Ambassador Henry Stebbins of the United States, posted to Uganda, declining that he cannot accept the invitation from Mr. Paul Hoffman to speak at the Automobile Manufacturers Association in Detroit, (punch hole upper left, else excellent); together with a signed letter from John Kenneth Galbraith and a signed letter from Winston Churchill’s private secretary, N.E. Sturdee, (very good), three pieces total. $1,000-1,500


19. (Civil War, Confederate), Early, Jubal Anderson (1816-1894), Important autograph letter signed, June 30th, 1863, two pages, to the citizens of York, Pennsylvania, declaring that his troops are not going to burn the town and appealing to the populace as to the generous nature of the Confederate troops in contrast to the Union army, 8vo, (ink smudging, folds, minor soiling). Text in full: York Pa. June 30th, 1863. To the Citizens of York. I have abstained from burning the rail-road buildings and car shops in your town, be=cause after examination I am satisfied the safety of the town would be endangered, and acting in the spirit of humanity which has ever characterized my government and its military authorities I do not desire to involve the innocent in the same punishment with the guilty. Had I applied the torch without regard to consequences, I would have pursued a course that could have been fully vindicated as an act of just retaliation for the many author=ized acts of barbarity perpetrated by your own army upon our soil. But we do not war upon women and children, and I trust the treatment you have been met with at the hands of my soldiers will open your eyes to the mon=strous iniquity of the war waged by your government upon the people of the Confederate States, and that you will make an effort to shake off the revolting tyranny under which it is ap=parent to all you are your yourselves growing. J.A. Early Major Genl. C.S.A. Note: On June 28th, 1863, Early and his army had captured Gettysburg and had demanded a ransom in exchange for sparing the town. As the monies were not forthcoming, he moved on and captured York, Pennsylvania, the largest town to fall to the Confederate Army during the course of the Civil War and yet another ransom was demanded and partially paid $ 28,000). However, on this day Robert E. Lee recalled Early and his troops to face the Federals now gathering near Gettysburg for the epic battle to follow. $6,000-8,000



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20. (Civil War, Union), Two diaries and a carte-de-visite from Captain James M. Nichols of the 4th Regiment Infantry, New York Volunteers, Commanding Company E, the diaries from 1862 and 1864, both describe ordinary camp life as well as skirmishes and battles throughout Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina (including Battery Fort Wagner) with assaults and capture of various Confederate posts, and later northern Virginia and finally joining up with Sherman’s army, each leather-bound; together with two copies of the expanded published version of the diaries, Perry’s Saints or the Fighting Parson’s Regiment, Boston: Lothrop, 1886, original blue cloth, 8vo, (diaries worn and with some losses), $2,000-4,000 21. (Civil War, Union Navy, and Post Civil War, Industry), Seven copy books, related to William Alexander Steel (1836-1879), related mainly to business transactions, including those with his firm McCord, Sanger & Steel, and referencing contracts with the U.S. Navy for building monitor ships named Etlah and Shiloh, dating from 1862 to 1877, seven three-quarter morocco, one full calf, folio, (bumped, chipped, worn, minor handling wear, scattered soiling, offset). $1,500-2,500 22. (Civil War, Union, Patriotic Covers), Two bound albums of approximately 770 Union envelopes, wide and varied array of graphics and depictions, (each partially laid onto album leaves). $500-700


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23. (Civil War, Union, Photographs), Collection of approximately thirtyone photographs, including twenty-four carte-de-visites of individual soldiers or groups; three stereoscopic views, two depicting the dead of Antietam and one of Lincoln’s Funeral procession in New York; two small tintype portraits; and two cabinet photographs depicting large gatherings of military personnel, (varying condition, mostly agetypical). $1,500-2,000 24. (Civil War, Union, Photographs), Four albumen prints depicting Battery A, 2nd U.S. Regiment Light Artillery, oval format, each identified and titled in ink to lower portion of image, titled respectively “Ready,” “Ram,” “Attention,” and “Rest,” each mounted to cardstock bearing tax stamp, one bearing inked presentation inscription to Major General Benjamin Franklin Butler (1818-1893) to reverse, image wd. to 7 1/4, card size 9 5/8 x 7 3/4 in., (scattered soiling, “Rest” with spotting, “Attention” with two small contemporary ink smudges). Note: Battery A, 2nd Regiment Light Artillery, organized at Nashville, Tennessee, April 30, 1864; garrison duty at Nashville, and in Middle Tennessee until January, 1866. Action at the Battle of Nashville, December 15-16, 1864; mustered out January 13, 1866. $800-1,200


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25. (Colonial America, Massachusetts Charter), Important manuscript document, May 3rd, 1637, one page, from the House of Lords and the Commission of Foreign Plantations to the Attorney General of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, ordering him to return the Charter granted to the Colony, “3 May 1637/Their taking into Consideration the Patent Granted to the Governor of New England did this day order that Mr. Attorney Generall be here by prayed and required to call in for the said Patent and present the same to the Board or the Comtee for Forreign Plantations.,” with appropriate docket to reverse, “Mr. Attorney to call for the Charter of New=England,” 11 3/4 x 7 1/2 in., (scattered browning, minor inner fold separations). Note: On three occasions between 1637 and 1639, the call went up from the English Parliament for the revocation of the Massachusetts Bay Charter. As early as 1634, there had been widespread dissatisfaction with the application of the Charter as it was currently constituted, both in the Colonies and in England. A council of eight freeman had consolidated their jurisdiction by voting to grant all legislative, executive, and judicial power to a “Council” of the Governor’s assistants (those same eight men). They then set up town boundaries, created taxes, and elected officers. As a result they became the only colony outside of England to have their own ruling body. While the English judicial branch felt that the Colonists had no right to govern themselves and thus the charter needed to be revoked. $30,000-50,000


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26. (Colonial Massachusetts), Sewall, Samuel (1652-1730), Signed document, September 4th, 1717, one page, as Captain General and Governor in Chief of Massachusetts-Bay, an appointment for Abijah Carpenter as ensign, countersigned by John Boydell, folio, (edge chipping, losses along folds, spotting and linen-backed). $200-300

27. (Colonial New York), Autograph manuscript document, December 12, 1670, one page, signed by N. Bayard Secretary, Johannes de Peyster, Johannes van Brugh, and I. Bedloo, a sale of land to Christoffer Amir, folio, 11 1/2 x 14 1/2 in., (iron gall burn in spots, loss around wax seal, reinforced folds on verso, else good). Note: This document is in the hand of Nicholas Bayard, Peter Stuyvesant’s nephew and later Mayor of New York. The land being sold is now part of Wall Street. $1,000-1,500

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28. (Colonial New York, Judicial), Manuscript document signed, 1708, one page and three pages, concerning the Chief Justiceship of New York, a note to the Earl of Sunderland and a decree, signed by Sir Edward Ward and four additional English justices, appointing Thomas Colthurst to be appointed Chief Justice of New in place of the Honorable Mompesson, folio and 4to, (minor wear, age-typical, very good). $500-700 29. (Continental Congress), Telfair, Edward (c. 1735-1807), Signed document, October 30, 1793, one page, to Benjamin Kitchen, a fee simple grant of 1,000 acres, with a surveyor’s report and map and large paper covered wax seal depicting the seal of the state of Georgia, folio, (old tape repairs on reverse and scattered browning). Note: Edward Telfair was a member of Continental Congress, 1777-1785. A signer of the Articles of Confederation, he was also Governor of Georgia from 1790-1793. $300-500


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30. Coolidge, Calvin (1872-1933), Presentation Copy, The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge, New York: Cosmopolitan Book Corporation, 1929, original green cloth, inscribed “To Louis Elizur Smith With Best Wishes Calvin Coolidge,” 8vo, (tape repairs and library labels to spine, inner hinges with the same, hinges weak). $200-300 31. Cooper, James Fenimore (1789-1851), Autograph letter signed, August 29, 1839, one page, to James M. Nix, politely obliging to a request to provide a specimen of his handwriting, with small postscript by another hand at bottom of page, sight size 8 7/8 x 7 5/8 in., framed with an engraved portrait of Cooper, (folds, scattered soiling). $1,200-1,800 32. (Dartmoor Prison, American Broadside), Horrid Massacre at Dartmoor Prison England, where the unarmed American Prisoners of War were wantonly fired upon by the guard...Seven were killed, and about Fifty wounded, (several mortally,) without provocation on the part of our unfortunate American Citizens!, likely Boston, 1815, with hand-tinted engraving over two columns of text within black borders, sight size 17 x 9 7/8 in., (framed, with overall browning, folds, with losses along center folds, loss to left edge, and chipping to right edge, w.a.f.). $300-400


33. (Declaration for Taking up Arms, Second Continental Congress), Rare and important broadside, July 6, 1775, two pages, New York: John Holt, [July, 1775], signed in the type by John Hancock and attested to by Charles Thomson, entitled “A Declaration by the Representatives of the United Colonies of North-America, now met in General Congress at Philadelphia, seting [sic] forth Causes and Necessity of their taking up Arms,� detailing the history of the settlement of America, the cooperation during the French and Indian War and the subsequent confusion and unpredictability of the English government, detailing a checklist of offenses perpetrated and lambasting the attempts (ignored) to address such grievances, and later detailing the most current and egregious behavior by General Gage at Lexington, Concord and Charlestown, Massachusetts, folio, (triangular loss at center lower margin not affecting text, scattered minor spotting, professional fold strengthening on reverse at upper center fold and center left). Note: In this stirring and powerful broadside, prescient to the Declaration of Independence which was ordered almost exactly one year later, the Second Continental Congress details its right to assemble and take up arms. As the colonial governors sought to prevent such assemblies, the current Congress was certainly extra-legal and could have been be viewed as revolutionary. While Independence was on the minds of the current members of the Second Continental Congress they were, as is evident in the last paragraph, willing to suspend their actions if action was taken. Thomas Jefferson drafted the original language for this broadside but it was deemed too incendiary and the final draft was written by John Dickinson and adopted on July 6, in time for the newly appointed General George Washington to have it in hand upon his arrival in Boston. $40,000-60,000

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34. Rare and Historically Important Contemporary Broadside Printing of the Declaration of Independence, likely [Exeter, New Hampshire: Robert Luist Fowle, July, 1776], State b, two-column format, lacking imprint, sheet size approx. 19 5/8 x 15 1/8 in., 500 x 380 mm. Sotheby’s Checklist 12; Walsh 15; Bristol B4408; with the final three lines reset, including correction to “Hancock.� Provenance: Descended in a New Hampshire family, whose relative, a judge, likely received this document in his official capacity. The water stain occurred in connection to a fire. Thankfully, this rare and important document was saved for posterity. These early broadside printings of the Declaration, arguably one of the most famous documents ever conceived, represent the spark that finally ignited the smoldering powder keg of colonial resentment and desire for independence that led to the Revolutionary War. There are few documents still in existence that so summarily changed the course of modern history. Due to the transient nature of paper, and the heavy handling these broadsides would have received, according to the most recent data, there are believed to be fewer than 103 of any date still known to exist. This lot is only the sixth known of this printing in either state. $300,000-500,000

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34A. Dickens, Charles (1812-1870), Autograph letter signed, July 3rd, 1860, one page, as editor of the Office of All the Year Round, to Mr. Russell, concerning an invitation to dine with him at Gad’s Hill along with another who is referred to in a cryptic manner, framed with image, (mat burn around margins, not examined out of frame). $400-600 35. Ellery, William (1727-1820), Signer from Rhode Island, Manuscript document, Newport, August 8th, 1796, one pages, as Collector of Customs, detailing the manifest of the cargo aboard the Sloop Sophia of Providence, James Faster, master, (seat loss, two burn holes and two scorch marks, fold separation). $200-300


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36. Ellery, William, (1727-1820), Signer from Rhode Island, Signed document, September 19, 1796, one page, as Deputy Port Collector for the District and Port of Newport, certifying seamen William Bradford Jr. as a citizen of the United States of America pursuant to the Protection of American Seamen act, folio, (fold separations, and a few small spots of paper loss along folds, age toning). $250-350 37. Emerson, Ralph Waldo (1803-1882), Autograph letter signed, February 14, 1869, one page, to Charles W. Upham, informing him of the death of John M. Cheney and asking him to notify the members of the class of 1821 as to the particulars of the funeral, (very good). $400-600


38. Fillmore, Millard (1800-1874), Signed document, October 17th, 1850, one page, as President, appointing John H. Tweedy as Deputy Postmaster of Milwaukie [sic], Wisconsin, countersigned by W.S. Derrick, acting Secretary of State, with seal intact, folio, (wrinkled folds with very small loss and some toning). $400-600

39. (Fillmore, Millard, 1800-1874), His Copy, and Webster, Daniel (1782-1852), In Memory of Daniel Webster, [Boston, 1856], gilttooled deep purple morocco, with autograph letter signed from Lewis Tappan, presenting the volume to Millard Fillmore and with Fillmore’s signature and dated March 3rd, 1857, containing the proceedings of the Webster Banquet of 1856, with speeches and letters from Edward Everett and other notables, 12mo, (hinges weak, minor bumping). $300-400

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40. King Frederick William III (1770-1840), and Queen Louisa (17761810) of Prussia, Signed letters, the King’s letter dated June 1, 1829, and Queen’s dated January 20, 1803, mounted in a scrapbook containing engraved portraits of both, full gilt-tooled calf, folio, (King’s letter with offset from facing portrait, book bumped and chipped, with bookplates to pastedown, scattered spotting and toning). $500-700

43. George III, King of England (1738-1820), Signed document, December 3rd, 1805, one page, on vellum, as King of England, appointment of James Breseford as Assistant Surgeon in the First West India Regiment, countersigned and with affixed seals, (average wear); together with two documents with secretarial signatures of George III, both appointments. $400-600

41. (French Revolution), Roland de la Platier, Madame Marie-Jeanne (1754-1793), [Paris, June 11, 1791], two pages, in French, to her husband Jean-Marie, a personal missive concerning the current political climate, the fears of the king, and their chances of being hung as agitators, 4to, (excellent). $700-900

44. Gerry, Elbridge (1744-1814), Signed document, February 21, 1811, one page, as Governor of Massachusetts, appointing Sherman Leland a Justice of the Peace, with Massachusetts state seal to upper left, 14 1/2 x 9 in., (framed, folds, with some pinholes along fold lines, minor age-typical toning, some bleed-through from recto). $300-500

42. (French Revolution), Two articles: signed document, June 16, 1791, issued by the 1er Department as decreed by the National Assembly, for receipt of a patriotic contribution from the house of La Bossiere, with various endorsements and inscription; and an uncut sheet of French Republican 100 Franc promissory notes, each numbered and endorsed, (edge losses and minor tears, soiling to both). $200-225

45. Gerry, Elbridge (1744-1814), Two articles: broadside, Natural and Political History of The Gerry-Mander!, [c. 1812], protesting the redrawing of the voting district to give rise to the term “Gerrymander,” two columns, with woodcut depicting the “Salamander,” 20 x 14 in.; and a printed broadside, 1812, issued by Governor Elbridge Gerry proclaiming “A Proclamation for a Day of Public Fasting, Humiliation, and Prayer,” 21 1/2 x 15 1/4 in.; (folds to both, else very good). $400-600


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45 (1 of 2)

46. Hamilton, Alexander (1757-1804), Signed document, August 31, 1792, two pages, as Secretary of the Treasury, Treasury circular, 9 1/8 x 7 5/8 in., (silked, scattered soiling, some browning, plain rear section with some fold separations, docketed, previously hinged, retaining two tape hinges). $1,200-1,800 47. Hamilton, Alexander (1755-1804), Signed document, April 18, 1794, one page, as Secretary of the Treasury, announcing the Third Congress’s resolution in Philadelphia on December 2, 1793 to continue “the present Embargo” until May 25, 1795, framed, sheet sight size 9 1/4 x 6 3/8 in., (minor browning, small crease, not examined out of frame). $1,200-1,800 48. Hancock, John (1737-1793), and Gerry, Elbridge (1744-1814), Autograph document, May 10, 1782, three pages, Gerry’s personal copy docketed by him of the resolve of the Massachusetts General Court (February 17, 1782), and the message of Governor Hancock concerning his complaint of a “breach of privileges” which he maintained to has suffered as a member of Congress, framed with an engraved portrait of Gerry, sheet sight size 13 1/8 x 11 5/8 in., (two folds with slight fold separations, two small pinholes, small tear to lower left edge, toning, spot of soiling to top center edge). $2,500-3,500


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49. Henry IX, Henry Benedict Stuart, Cardinal York (1725-1807), Manuscript document signed, September 23, 1771, one page, in French, to Mr. Nicholas Venzura of the Bank of Paris, an order to pay Marquis Jerome Belloni a sum of livres, framed with portrait, (minor age-typical soiling, very good overall). $250-350 50. Herschel, Sir John Frederick William (1792-1871), Autograph manuscript, [c. June, 1845], sixty-four pages, loose within a threequarter morocco small folio, notes of a speech delivered before the British Association at Cambridge University, June 19th, 1845, a lengthy speech where he lauds Cambridge men, discusses the importance of continuing astronomical research and also mentioning Antarctic expeditions and Sir John Ross, with redactions, (chipping and minor toning). Provenance: Presented by the author to Edward Everett. $2,000-4,000


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51. (H.M.S. Victory, Early 19th Century), Framed assemblage of material related to a patch of cloth purportedly from the topsail of Admiral Nelson’s Flagship, the H.M.S. Victory, comprising a patch of cloth, 2 1/2 x 3 1/4 in., a vintage photograph of the flagship and a two-page autograph letter signed, January 7th, 1903, from Henry W. Carpenter, Captain, U.S. Marines, U.S. Flagship Olympia, detailing the provenance of the patch, (mat burns, scattered spotting, not examined out of frame). $300-500 52. Hoover, Herbert (1874-1964), Signed letter, May 6th, 1930, one page, as President, to Reverend Charles Spencer of the Massachusetts Bible Society, thanking him for the gift of a Bible for the White House Library, 8vo, (excellent). $200-250



53. Hopkins, Stephen (1707-1785), Signer from Rhode Island, Signed document, January 18, 1738, one page, as Town Clerk of Scituate, a mortgage indenture for a parcel of land in Scituate, (folds with strengthening repairs, approx. seven small pinholes, light edge chipping, bloom). $300-500 54. Hugo, Victor (1802-1885), Signed autograph letter, October 31, 1830, two pages, to the Baron Alexandre Guimard, saying how much he enjoyed Guimard’s book, and how long he had been meaning to tell him, with holograph address leaf, (good, with typical folds, and light edge wear). $700-900

55. (Italy, 15th Century), Adorno, Prosper, Autograph letter signed, 15 October 1469, one page, as Treasurer General of Genoa, regarding the payment of some silver, 4to, (folds, dampstaining, edge loss to lower right, small fold separation at top edge, loss to wax seal with two related small incisions). Note: Prosper Adorno was a member of the patrician Genoese Adorno family, and a one time Doge of Genoa. The Adorno family had brutal rivals in the Fregoso family; the families were often deposing one family’s doge with a member from the rival family, and frequently plunging the area into civil tumult. $300-500

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56. Jefferson, Thomas (1743-1826), Signed autograph letter, October 18, 1816, from Monticello, one page, to David Gelston of New York, enclosing the balance of a payment, with holograph address leaf with free frank, (folds, toning, small area of paper loss at seal, light edge browning). Text in full: Dear Sir/Your favor of the 11th came to hand last night. supposing the Mr. Gibson will have sent on the former sum of 89.11 as mentioned in my letter of the 16th before I could advise him to enlarge it, I have thought it best to inclose to you directly the additional sum of 6.60 in Richmond bank notes which we understand to be at par in N. York, or if not exactly so the fractional cents on the inclosed may perhaps make up the difference. with a repetition of my thanks accept that if the assurance of my great esteem and respect. $12,000-15,000


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57. Jefferson, Thomas (1743-1826), Autograph letter signed, Monticello, February 14, 1823, one page, to Messrs. Parsons and Cooley, responding to a request for a donation of any of his written works to a newly formed college and stating that he has no extra copies, but begs to forward along the plans for his newly formed University in Virginia, 4to, (some dampstaining and softness to paper, minor edge chipping and weakness along folds). Text in full: Messrs. Parsons & Cooley, I have duly received your favor of Jan. 29 in which you are pleased to request a copy of my works to be deposited in your library. I have never published any work but the Notes on Virginia, of which I have but a single copy, and they are now rarely to be found. All other writings of mine have been of an official character, and are only to be found among the public documents of the times in which I have lives. To shew however my respect for the request you have been pleased to make, I select on of these, the subject of which is so little altered by the body for whom it was prepared, that I may truly call it a work of mine. this is a Report on the plan of an University in Virginia, which is now nearly compleated, and in the course of a year or two will commence it’s operations. with this, be pleased to accept the assurance of my high respect & consideration. Th. Jefferson Note: A fine letter in which Jefferson mentions not only the only full-length book he authored, Notes on the State of Virginia, but the approaching opening of what he considered one of his finest achievements, the founding of the University of Virginia. On the tombstone that Jefferson designed for himself, he lists only three achievements, Author of the Declaration of Independence, The Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, and the Father of the University of Virginia. $30,000-50,000

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58. Keller, Helen (1880-1968), Signed letter, April 25, 1950, one page, to a Mr. Page, detailing her struggles and appealing for contributions for her foundation, the Helen Keller Committee on the Deaf-blind, (marginal browning). $200-300 59. Kennedy, John Fitzgerald (1918-1963), Signed letter, [1952], one page, as Senator, to Miss Anne Correra, consoling the recipient on her loss and apologizing for the late response, 10 1/4 x 8 in. $400-600 60. Kennedy, John F. (1918-1963), Signed letter, November 18, 1957, one page, as Senator, to Mr. James A. Waters, a letter of acknowledgement about an incident not specifically referred to, (very good). $500-700 61. Kennedy, John Fitzgerald (1918-1963), Signed slip, undated, [likely c. 1960], on a sheet of transfer paper, 3 1/4 x 6 1/8 in., (very good). $800-1,200


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62. Kennedy, Robert (1925-1968), Signed typed speech, [c. April/May, 1966], four pages, as Senator, transcript of Kennedy’s testimony on the Cuban Refugee Program in the New York City area, lauding the successes of the refugees in the area, with redactions in another hand, folio, (very good). $250-350 63. Lafayette, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de (1757-1834), Painted oval miniature on ivory, French School, c. 1830, three-quarter bust, wearing blue coat, white cravat, and having ruffled brown hair, all on a buff ground, with pearls woven into monogram on memorial hair to reverse, (bezel cracked to reverse, some losses to pearls), ht. 3 1/8 in. $300-500 64. Lincoln, Abraham (1819-1865), Signed document, August 1st, 1864, as President, one page, on vellum, an appointment for William G. Laverty as First Lieutenant in the Veteran Reserve Corps, countersigned by Edwin Stanton, with seal intact, folio, 19 1/2 x 15 3/4 in., unframed, (fold creases, minor smudging). $2,500-3,500



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65. Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (1807-1882), Signed manuscript document, March 13, 1876, one page, a transcript version of his poem “The Poets,” bound with an original pencil portrait by Jacques Reich, and several engraved portraits, in gilt-tooled crushed teal morocco by Stikeman & Co., the over with tan onlay title block, folio, (manuscript good, binding with minor scuffs).

67. Miers, John (1789-1879), Album of original watercolor, pencil, and gouache drawings depicting scenes of Chile, c. 1820-24, eighteen colored views of scenery and native people, some titled, one folding, heightened with gum arabic, approx. 7 1/2 x 5 1/4 in., and three leaves with small sepia vignettes, unsigned, diced gilt-tooled calf, oblong folio, (bumped, covers with some stable cracking to calf, rear flyleaf detached, scattered spotting, one plate a little rubbed).

Note: Ex-collection A. Edward Newton, and bearing his bookplate to endpaper. $1,000-1,500

Provenance: G.P. Maisonneuve, Libraire Orientale et Americaine, Catalogue No. 25, November 1961, lot 9115.

66. Louis XIII, King of France (1601-1643), Signed document, 1640, one page, on vellum, patent of nobility, likely for the Gerard family of Arles, with central hand-colored armorial, countersigned by the King’s secretary B. De Gueregaud and others, with three wax seals attached with silk ribbon, (folds, soiling, minor losses); together with a secretarial document issued by Louis XIV, 1643, (creasing and minor soiling). $700-900


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Note: Many of these drawings by Miers were reproduced in lithograph in his book Travels in Chile and La Plata, first published in London in 1826. $2,500-3,500 68. Mill, John Stuart (1806-1873), Autograph letter signed, December 14th, 1860, three pages, recipient unknown, thanking him for a publication and then commenting on the positive aspects of disagreement between the two, “In the present case I expect to find that the point directly in question, though important, is smallest part of our differences between you and me. Our opinions on social questions are taken from such opposite points of view, that we cannot possibly anticipate or interfere with one another in anything we may write on those subjects,” 8vo, framed with portrait; together with a two volume set of Mills’ Principles of Political Economy, New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1891. $400-600



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69. Monet, Claude (1840-1926), Autograph letter signed, 9 March 1912, two pages, on black-bordered Giverny stationary, to Miss Mary F. Koopman at a Paris address, referencing amiable letters, and extending an invitation to Giverny, together with holograph envelope, and with a calling card with an autograph line, also to Miss Koopman at a Providence, Rhode Island, address (“Tous mes remerciements de votre bon souvenir avec mes meilleurs souhaits”), also with holograph envelope; sold together with a letter to Miss Koopman from Marthe Butler, Monet’s daughter, dated March 1, 1912, and an invitation to Madame Monet’s funeral.

70. Monroe, James (1758-1831), Signed document, dated October 14, 1813, one page, as Secretary of State, stating that an annexed document is a true copy of a patent granted to Daniel Pettibone in 1808 for a “Rarifying Air Stove for warming rooms,” together with seven written pages and a page of drawings, (the Monroe document with fold separations, and chipping to left edge, the copies of the patent documents w.a.f., including numerous fold separations, edge chipping, toning, and small losses). $300-500

Text in full: 9 mars 1912/Chère Mademoiselle/C’est tout à fait aimable à vous d’avoir tenu votre promesse et vous prie de m’excuser de ne vous avoir pas remercié plus tot, mais c’est que je suis un affreux paresseux quand il s’agit d’écrire. Autrement je ne le suis pas du tout, croyez le bien. Votre aimable lettre m’à prouvé que vous aviez trouvé un certain plaisir à l’exposition des futuristes. Je dirais même que vous m’avez paru bien indulgente, mais ne l’ayant pas vu, je ne peux (puis) en discuter.

71. Monroe, James (1758-1831), Signed document, May 12, 1820, one page, as President, decree in Admiralty stating that the duty payment obligations of Patrick Durkin in relation to the ship Ceres have been satisfied, countersigned by John Quincy Adams as Secretary of State, (laid to old card with overall browning, some edge dampstaining, one fold, with a small area of separation, two small horizontal tears [approx. 1/2 in. each), small area of loss [not affecting text] to upper right corner [approx. 1 in.], card with inked label to reverse). $1,500-2,500

Rien de particulièrement neuf à Giverny que vous ne sachiez par notre chère Gily qui doit soupirer après votre retour. Elle ne me l’a pas dit, mais j’en ai la certitude. Voilà du reste le printemps qui tout pousse à vue d’oeil et la jeunesse américaine va bientôt prendre possession de notre chère Giverny./Recevez, je vous prie l’assurance de mes meilleurs sentiments et de ma sympathie./Claude Monet. Provenance: The recipient of this material was a school friend of Monet’s step-grand daughter, Lily. The “exposition des futuristes” to which Monet is referring would be the Italian Futurist exhibition held at Bernheim-Jeune & Cie. in Paris in 1912. $4,000-6,000


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72. Moore, Thomas (1779-1852), Autograph sentiment signed, Sloperton Cottage, 1826, one page, entitled “Lines by my friend Mr. Rogers,” a transcription of Samuel Rogers’ ten-line poem To The Butterfly, also decorated with a watercolor depiction of a moth, framed with portrait, (laid down to the corners, minor toning). $400-600

78 (partial)

73. (New Hampshire, Colonial), Wentworth, John (1719-1781), Signed document, December 9th, 1768, one page, as Governor, a partially printed document allowing Adams Gragg and Joannah Taggart to be married, folio, (separation through center, burn in upper center). $200-300 74. Nixon, Richard Millhouse (1913-1994), Signed campaign sheet, [1955], on a program entitled “Serenade to Eisenhower under the Auspices of Citizens for Eisenhower,” with full signature in the left margin, 9 1/2 x 7 1/2 in., (scattered spotting, heaviest along right margin, very minor creasing). $300-500 75. Phips, Spencer (1685-1757), Signed document, September 25, 1751, one page, as Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, a commission of ensign for William Richards of Second Company in Stoughton, with applied seal to upper right, and witness signatures to lower portion, sheet size 15 3/8 x 12 1/2 in., framed, (laid onto linen, with separations and small paper losses along folds, some browning and spotting). $800-1,200

76. Pownall, Thomas (1722-1805), Signed document, September 28, 1758, one page, as Captain General and Governor in Chief of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, an appointment for Silvanus Martin as Adjutant of the first regiment of Militia in Bristol County, countersigned by Thomas Clarke, (restorations along folds, with small areas of paper loss to the folds at right quadrant, small repaired tear near right edge, age-typical light edge chipping, dampstaining, minor offset and bleed-through from docket). $250-350 77. (Religious Liberty), Elkins, Thomas, and Singleton, John, Manuscript document signed by both, January 15, 1788, two pages, detailing the rights and freedoms of worship for all, “Religious Liberty is a freedom of doing right or any Moral action or refraining from any immoral or wrong action accord to the dictates of a persons conscience,” folio, (smudging, chips to edges). $1,200-1,800


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78. (Revolutionary War-Breed’s Hill Archive), Barnard Family, Archive of thirteen letters including an important eyewitness account of the Battle of Breed’s Hill/Bunker Hill, April 1772-August 1795; the early letters mostly family news and business/trade related themes and happenings in the greater Salem area, including a small pox outbreak in 1773, Reverend Barnard’s news about church related activities; a letter from Thomas Barnard to brother Benjamin on May 3rd, 1775, relates “...and now fear some has happened amiss. And we have no reason to suppose much Prosperity, for there is a most terrible cloud upon our public affairs, such a Tempest in our political affairs... Boston is besieged-a Fleet in its Harbour-A large army within the Town. A numerous Army of Provincials mustered near Cambridge. Total stoppage of business-salary men are beggars...April 19th last. Was a fatal Day, filled with blood...what will be the end of these calamities, God only knows.”; on June 26th, 1775, Thomas Bernard’s comments on the general health of the provincial army, “Our Camp it is said is very healthy, but it would be wonderful if they should not be sickly...we do not hear that the Provincial camp is infected...God of his Mercy save us from such an event.” Letter from J. Jackson to Jonathan Barnard, Salem, June 17th, 1775, text in part: “...for I know not what particulars you have heard respecting our Movements in the quarter lately - you must have heard by this Time we are engaged warmly in a Defensive War in every Encounter hither to have got the advantage...Gage has lately had a Reinforcement from England but with four times his numbers he will never conquer the Country - Trade by Sea is entirely at an End here. War - Army - Navy are more familiar terms - our Distresses are not small...but our Spirits are still high - our Cause is good & it is my Opinion to Subdue this People near one half of the Males must be destroyed - we are like to be supported in all defensive measures by the whole Continent - if GR still persists in this Obstinancy the War will be bloody...” Letter from Jonathan Barnard to his brother, September 13th, 1775, text in part: “Far removed from the noise of politicks and the alarms of war your situation is truly enviable and I most sincerely congratulate you upon the superior happiness of it. The reverse to yours is ours in this one peaceful and happy land. One day we are inspired with strong hopes of security and or prosperous issue to our affairs another we contemplate general min (?) . The most important military action that has happened since the unhappy affair of Concord was that of Charlestown. In the evening of the 16th June a detachment of the provincial troops consisting of about 1500 was ordered to Charlestown to entrench upon a hill just below Bunker called Breeds which an advantageous situation for the annoying the ships which surround east Boston. By the dawn of the day they were copied by the generals on board the ship stationed nearest them and intelligence was forthwith conveyed to the General --about one that was an appearance of the military on the long wharf in town and boats stood ready to convey them over. At two they embarked and were soon landed at a small point just below Winnisimet Ferry. After landing a small party proceeded over the hill and set fire tot the town and the rest divided into three grand columns marched with a slow though determined pace toward our entrenchments. When they had advanced with musket shot they were received with a most terrible fire which did amazing execution, but undaunted they still advanced and inspired with intrepidity of their officers, they leaped the works and dislodged our people sword in hand. Our Countrymen before they retreated behaved with bravery and afforded a full demonstration to administration that they would fight and fight desperately. They maintained their ground as long as it was tenable and had they been properly reinforced they would have drove back the King’s troops with amazing slaughter and maintained it to this day. Terrible indeed was that scene even at our own distance. The Western horizon in the day was one huge body of smoke and in the Evening a confirmed blaze and the perpetual sound of Cannon and vollies of muskets worked our disturbed imaginations to an high degree of fright. The unhappy fate of Charlestown diffused melancholy over every countenance and caused the tears of compassion to flow from every eye. This affair happened on Saturday - the next day instead of being spent in the house of God was spend in our streets enquiring


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of every horseman who came along...Bunker’s hill also is strongly fortified by the Regulars. Both armies have stood & looked at each other ever since without altering their situations & have done nothing to annoy accept by firing Cannon & shells which some days hath been incessant...God forbid that there should be no alternative but absolute submission to the horrors & desolation of war.” $12,000-16,000 79. (Revolutionary War, Gates, Horatio (1727-1806)), Endorsed manuscript document, two pages, as Major General of the Continental Army, a requisition for horses and farrier services for a party of convalescing soldiers joining the army in Rhode Island by Lieutenant Samuel Danforth per order of General Glover, endorsed by Gates April 5, 1779, framed, sight size 12 1/4 x 7 5/8 in., (fold separations, water staining, minor offset, not examined out of frame). $400-600 80. (Revolutionary War, New Hampshire), Two articles: manuscript document, [1779], two pages, a partial roster of the soldiers from Wilton, New Hampshire, an accounting of money already paid, and proposed settlements going forward; and a broadside issued by the State of New Hampshire [Jeremiah Smith], Exeter, August 17th, 1791, proposing settlement to veterans of the Revolutionary War and instructing towns how to process claims, folio, (both good condition). $300-400 81. (Rhode Island), Collection of ten broadsides and pamphlets, early 18th through early 19th century, detailing various political acts, laws and propositions including taxation, elected officials, a negotiation proposed by Russia during the war of 1812, Rhode Island Constitution, and others, (varying condition). $500-700 82. Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (1882-1945), Signed letter, July 31, 1939, one page, as President, to the Massachusetts Bible Society, affirming his faith in the Bible, “I am glad to reaffirm my faith in the Bible as the ever present revelation of the Divine Will. I am among the unnumbered hosts who know the peace which comes from those who turn to the Bible for help. It remains today what is has been through countless centuries: a fountain of strength, a source of never ending comfort and inspiration.,” 8vo, (excellent condition). $1,000-2,000 83. Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919), Signed letter, May 6, 1908, one page, as President, to Senator Elmer J. Burkett, of Nebraska, discussing various matters, including Roosevelt’s appointments for “colored men,” and foreign appointment suggestions put forth by Burkett, text in part: “I do not believe that there is a vacancy for a colored man now anywhere. As I think you know, I have appointed a larger percentage of colored men than any other President,” 8vo, (punch hole upper left corner, with paper clip burn, minor toning). $1,500-2,000 84. Rumford, Count Benjamin Thompson (1753-1814), Autograph letter signed, April 23rd, 1799, two pages, to Mr. J. Swann, inviting him to visit him at his house and discussing his new method for innovating boilers and providing a suggested solution, with holograph address leaf, framed with portrait, (scattered spotting). $400-600


85. (Ship’s Log), Two ship ledgers from the bark Stamboul, Alfred Kenrick and E.H. Bennett, masters, on route from Boston through Marseilles to Smyrna, 1844-45; and Simeon Kingman, unidentified, 1847-51, with some sketches of ships and topography, folio, (bindings worn to both, some loose leaves, age-typical condition). $700-900 86. Smith, Samuel F. (1808-1895), Signed autograph transcript of his hymn America, dated December 2, 1891, two pages, complete four stanzas, matted and framed, sheet size 7 x 4 in., (toned, lightly faded, mat burn at edges, not examined out of frame). $2,000-3,000 87. Strauss, Johann (1825-1899), Signature on sheet of paper, [c. 1890], boldly signed with flourish, sheet size 6 1/2 x 8 in., (very good condition); together with a note of authenticity stating the origin of the autograph. $400-600 88. Taft, William Howard (1857-1930), Signed letter, April 30th, 1909, one page, as President, to Reverend Charles Southgate of the Massachusetts Bible Society, tactfully declining an invitation to speak, discussing personal connections with the society and lauding the accomplishments of the organization, 8vo, (edge burn, signature light). $400-500


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89. Taft, William Howard (1857-1930), Signed letter, May 21, 1917, one page, to Mrs. Herbert Flowers of Fort Fairfield, Maine, thanking her for her hospitality during a visit to her town and Aroostook, (good, minor fading to signature, set into frame). $200-400 90. (Thanksgiving Broadside), Adams, Samuel, Printed broadside issued by Samuel Adams, February 29th, 1796, one page, as Governor, “A Proclamation for a Day of Solemn Fasting and Prayer,” printed by Adams and Larkin, with manuscript inscription along lower margin, 17 x 13 1/2 in., (spotting, edge chipping at corners and losses, browning and folds). $600-800 91. Trollope, Anthony (1815-1882), Signature card, framed with a printed portrait, sight size 3 1/4 x 1 1/2 in., (some toning at edges of mat). $100-150


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92. Tyler, John (1790-1862), Signed document, July, 1844, one page, as President, four language ship’s paper for the bark “Elizabeth” in Fall River, Massachusetts, commanded by Elihu Gifford bound for the Indian Ocean, double folio, with Great Seal and H.H. Fish Notary seal, full size 20 5/8 x 15 7/8 in., (folds, a few small fold separations, minor offset from seals). $800-1,200 93. (United States Constitution), Broadside printing “Addresses to the Citizens of Pennsylvania, Calculated to shew the Safety--Advantages-and Necessity of adopting the proposed Constitution of the United States...,” [1787], four pages, printed in three-column format by Hall and Sellers, Philadelphia, folio, (edge browning from dampstaining, some toning spots, type rubbed and somewhat washed out, some edge chipping, handling wear and creasing). $1,200-1,800


94. (United States Navy, Journal and Presidential Commissions, 19th Century), Extensive travel journal of Dr. Robert T. Barry, Surgeon, U.S. Sloop of War Boston, April-October, 1844, on voyage to various ports in South America, 257 pp., with additional pages of remedies and unrelated notations, bound in half calf with marbled boards; and Jackson, Andrew (1767-1845), signed document, March 29th, 1834, one page, on vellum, as President, appointment as Assistant Surgeon, countersigned Levi Woodbury, (folds, smudging); Tyler, John (1790-1862), signed document, April, 10, 1844, one page, on vellum, as President, appointment as Surgeon, countersigned by J. Mason, (folds and smudging). $2,500-3,500 95. (United States, 18th-19th Century Notables), Group of approximately nineteen signed American documents signed by various notables of the 18th and 19th centuries, including, Henry Dearborn, Henry Gardner, John Avery (with early Massachusetts figures), Jonathan Trumbull, John Hay, Joseph Story, Samuel Smith, Harrison Gray, John Savage, Robert Dunlap, Louis M’Lane, and others, various sizes, (varying condition). $400-600

96. (War of 1812, Periodical), Universal Gazette, February 14, 1812, Washington City: Joseph Gales, four pages, excerpts from the House of Representatives for “classing and arming the Militia” and the specifics of the appropriations and ages of the men to serve and the numbers needed to fill the army, folio, (browning, edge chipping, some fading along folds). $150-250 97. Washington, George (1732-1799), Signed document, June 8, 1783, as General and Commander in Chief, one page, a discharge for Private William Lynch of the first New York Regiment, countersigned by John Trumbull, sight size 10 1/2 x 7 3/8 in., (tape repairs along central horizontal fold, with some related fold separations and light paper loss, folds, scattered soiling, light dampstaining, and minor bleed-through from docket). $5,000-7,000

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98. Washington, George (1732-1799), Signed document, January 1, 1784, double-page vellum, a certificate of membership in the Society of the Cincinnati for Major William Bradford, counter-signed by Secretary of the Society Henry Knox, 21 x 14 1/2 in., (writing and signature strengthened, folds, traces of mounting adhesive to the four corners, and lower right front edge, spotted, scattered soiling). $5,000-7,000 99. Whitman, Walt (1819-1892), Autograph letter signed, January 31, 1887, one page, recipient unknown, concerning his current state of mind and his most recent activities, text in full: “Dear Friend, I have been somewhat down, for days, even weeks past, but am feeling better now - have been out a little today. Driven in the phaeton. Come over very soon and see me. Nothing particular, but it will cheer me up. Bring any body you like with you. Walt Whitman - put this in the “Personal” col. Feb. 1,” framed with portrait, 6 1/2 x 8 in., (laid down, minor spot u.l.). $3,000-5,000


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100. Wilde, Oscar (1854-1900), Signature, signed with flourish on a 2 1/4 x 3 7/8 in. card, (small ink smudge on verso). $300-400 101. Wilson, Woodrow (1856-1924), Signed letter, August 17, 1914, one page, as President, to Mr. Allen S. Hulbert of Boston, on White House letterhead, thanking him for a note of sympathy, (fold, some soiling and light toning, minor handling wear). Note: President Wilson’s first wife Ellen Axson Wilson had died on August 6, 1914. $300-500

Books: Travel & Exploration, Literature and History: Lots 102-448 102. A’Beckett, Gilbert Abbott (1811-1856) and Leech, John, Illustrator, The Comic History of England and The Comic History of Rome, London: Bradbury, Agnew & Co, [1851-1852], contemporary gilt-tooled and lettered tree calf, 8vo, (minor weakness to hinge, minor spotting to interior). $150-250


103. Aesop (c. 620-560 B.C.), and Bewick, Thomas, The Fables of Aesop, And Others, Newcastle: E. Walker, 1823, second edition, gilt stamped and lettered three-quarter red morocco, illustrated by Thomas Bewick, 8vo, (spine darkened, covers chipped and bumped, interior very clean and crisp). $200-300

107. Ainsworth, William Harrison (1805-1882) and Cruikshank, George (1792-1878), Illustrator, The Miser’s Daughter: A Tale, London: Cunningham and Mortimer, 1842, first edition, three volumes, threequarter black morocco, with twenty plates, 8vo, (spine rubbed, edges chipped and worn, scattered spotting to interior). $300-400

104. (Africa, Exploration), Park, Mungo (1771-1806), Two titles: Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa, London: W. Bulmer, 1799, first edition, with three folding maps, one folding chart, portrait frontis and five plates (two folding), and The Journal of a Mission to the Interior of Africa in the Year 1805, London, 1815, with folding map, uniformly bound in calf, 4to, (bumped, spine losses, spotting, some toning and offset). BMC, Vol. 19, p. 453 (577). BM, Vol. 19, p. 453 (578). $500-700

108. Alcott, Louisa May (1832-1888), Little Women or, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy, Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1868, first edition, first issue, original gilt lettered purple cloth, 8vo, (covers chipped and bumped and with staining, spine faded, cocked, re-backed, ex-library copy). $1,200-1,800

105. (African-American), Toomer, Jean (1894-1967), Signed Copy, Essentials, Chicago: Privately printed, 1931, first edition, black cloth, signed and numbered 78 of 1000, 8vo, (slight dampstaining lower edge through first leaves, pencil notations on flyleaf, bumped). $200-400 106. Ainsworth, W. Harrison (1805-1882), The Tower London. A Historical Romance and Windsor Castle, Paris: Baudry’s European Library, 1841-43, two volumes in one, half calf, 8vo, (wear, spotting throughout). $100-150

109. (Almanac), A Pocket Almanack for...1794, Boston: T. & J. Fleet, 1794, wraps, 12mo, (wraps likely later, with ink markings to front, light handling wear, and scattered soiling). $200-300 110. (American Indian History), Brainerd, David (1718-1747), Mirabilia Dei Indicos, or the Rise and Progress...Work of Grace, Philadelphia: William Bradford, [1746], limp calf, 8vo, (lacking i-vi, including half-title and title page, covers very worn, first pages chipped and with minor text losses, smudging and browning throughout). $250-350

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114. (Arctic Exploration) Three titles: Back, Sir George (1796-1878), Narrative of An Expedition in H.M.S. Terror..., London: John Murray, 1838, first edition, original cloth, with twelve plates and folding map, (map with tear, signatures loose, spine defective; Arctic Miscellanies. A Souvenir of the late Polar Search, by the Officers and Seamen of the Expedition, London: Colburn and Co., 1852, original gilt cloth, pictorial frontis, 8vo, (spine lacking, first leaves sprung); Beechey, Frederick William (1796-1856), A Voyage of Discovery Towards The North Pole, London: Richard Bentley, 1843, first edition, original cloth, two folding maps and six plates, 8vo, (spine off and partial, some springing to leaves, bumped). $400-600 115. Ariosto, Ludovico (1474-1533), Orlando Furioso, Lyon: Barthelemy Honorat, 1556, gilt-tooled mottled calf, 8vo, (spine detaching with some loss, bumped and chipped, light dampstaining to front pages through approximately p. 56, title page with ink spot to upper corner, toning, scattered spotting). $1,500-1,800 116. Arlington, Lewis Charles, Signed Copy, The Chinese Drama from the Earliest Times until To-Day, Shanghai: Kelly and Walsh, 1930, first edition, signed by the author to flyleaf, and numbered 296 of 350 copies, half cloth, 4to, (bumped, chipped, hinge tears, some fading to boards and spine). $250-350 117. (Asia, Travel), Ball, Benjamin L., Rambles in Eastern Asia, including China and Manila, Boston: James French and Company, 1855, cloth, 8vo, (covers soiled, corners showing, spine detaching, dampstaining to front cover and through p. ix, leaning, scattered soiling, starting). $150-250


111. (Anatomy, 19th Century), Vellum bound manuscript book with watercolor drawings, c. 1832, being a medical student’s anatomical studies book, approximately twenty-four leaves with copious notes and watercolor organ depictions, 8vo, (pages creased and some minor text loss). $100-200

118. (Asian Trade and East-India Company), Grant, Sir Robert (17801838), two titles: The Expediency Maintained of Continuing the System by which the Trade and Government of India are Now Regulated, and A Sketch of the History of the East-India Company..., both London, 1813, uniformly bound in modern half calf, 8vo, (light spotting to first few pages front and rear, light toning). $200-300

112. (Anglo-Indian Affairs), A Short History of English Transactions in the East-Indies, Cambridge: Fletcher and Hodson, 1776, bearing contemporary bookplate for the Earl of Gower, calf, front cover embossed in gilt with English coat of arms, 8vo, (detached front cover reattached with calf tabs, endpaper detached, scattered spotting, soiling and marginalia). $150-200

119. (Astronomy), Moxon, Joseph (1627-1700), A Tutor to Astronomy and Geography…the Use of both the Globes, Celestial and Terrestrial, London: W. Hawes, 1699, fifth edition, contemporary calf, with portrait frontis and engravings within the text, 4to, (wear and splitting to front cover, inner hinge weak, chipped and bumped). Wing M-3027. $200-300

113. (Anthony, Susan B., Her Copy), Webster, Daniel (1782-1872), The Life, Eulogy, and Great Orations of Daniel Webster, Rochester: Wilbur M. Hayward & Co., 1854, original brown cloth, signed by Anthony on back of portrait page, 8vo, (cover torn, chipped and with losses; library labels and markings; scattered spotting and browning throughout). $600-800

120. (Australia, Exploration), Grey, Sir George (1812-1898), Journals of Two Expeditions of Discovery in North-west and Western Australia, During the Years 1837, ‘38. and ‘19, London: T. and W. Boone, 1841, two volumes, original cloth, with two folding maps inserted in back pocket and twenty plates, five hand-colored, 8vo, (spine lacking on volume I with loose initial pages, minor fold separations to map folds, spine losses to volume II, some fading and bumping to both). Ferguson 3228. $800-1,200


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121. Bacon, Sir Francis (1561-1626), Sylva Sylvarum, London, 1670, ninth edition, calf, 4to, (front cover detached, bumped, chipped, wear to calf, owner’s name inked to title page, scattered soiling and dampstaining, light fore-edge nicks, with 1669 engraved portrait and title laid down to later laid paper). $400-600 122. Banks, Thomas Christopher (1765-1854), The Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England, London: T. Bensley, 1807, three volumes, half morocco, 4to, (shelf wear, dampstaining, tape repairs to some folding plates). $250-300 123. Bennett, Arnold (1867-1931), Signed Copy, How to Live on 24 hours a Day, New York: George H. Doran, [1910], original boards, presentation copy, 8vo, (minor wear, label laid down to end papers). $200-400 124. Benton, Joseph Augustine (1818-1892), The California Pilgrim: A Series of Lectures, Sacramento: Solomon Alter, 1853, first edition, pebbled cloth, 8vo, (cloth with minor wear, pastedown and endpapers spotted, scattered soiling). Cowan, pp. 48-49; Greenwood 378. $150-200 125. Bible in English, The Holy Bible, Contayning the Old Testament and the New, London: Bonham Norton and John Bill, 1619, old calf, 4to; bound with The Psalmes of David in Meeter, Edinburgh: Andrew Anderson, 1669, (w.a.f). $200-300 126. Bible in English, The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, Trenton: Isaac Collins, 1791, later gilt stamped calf, 4to, (rebacked, new spine, some leaves repaired). $200-300 127. Bible in English, The Holy Bible Containing The Old and New Testaments and the Apocrypha, Boston: R.H. Hinkley Company, [c. 1934], fourteen volumes, three-quarter pigskin with cloth boards, number 187 of 488, 8vo, (minor wear). $400-600 128. Bible in Latin, Novum Testamentum. Additis Picturis in Acta Apostolorum & Apocalypsim..., Antwerp: Guilielmi Montani, 1538, calf, illustrated with woodcuts, small 8vo, (chipped and bumped covers, lacking prelims, spine repaired, minor dampstaining). $150-200 129. Bible in Latin, Sacrae Scripturae et Divinarum Literarum Byblia Universa, Leipzig: N. Wohlrab, 1543-44, two volumes, old calf, with 103 woodcuts, twenty-eight by Lucas Cranach and his followers, folio, (binding worn, overall toning, scattered spotting and age-typical wear). Brunet I, 876; Goeze I, p. 121-122. $1,000-1,500


130. Blome, Richard (d. 1705), Britannia: or a Geographical Description..., London, 1673, first edition, modern gilt lettered calf, with twenty pages of armorials on ten leaves and forty-two of fifty maps and plans, folio, (minor tears, dampstaining in lower right corner, minor losses to early gatherings). $2,000-3,000 131. (Bookplate, Beardsley, Aubrey), Perrault, Charles (1628-1703), La Belle au Bois Dormant & Le Petit Chaperon Rouge. Deux Contes de ma Love Mere, Paris and London: Eragny Press, 1899, original printed boards, with Arts and Crafts designs by Lucien and Esther Pissarro, one of 224, small 8vo, (minor soiling, spine sunned and with slight tear, else very good). $150-200 132. de Boodt, Anselmus Boetius (1550?-1634), Gemmarum et Lapidum Historia, Leiden: Joannis Maire, 1636, edition by Adrian Toll, with two folding plates, gilt-tooled tree calf, 8vo, (hinges cracked, bumped, header/footer loss, inked notations to pastedowns, agetypical toning, scattered spotting). $1,200-1,800

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133. Bosse, Abraham (c. 1602-1676), La Maniere universelle de Mr Desargues pour pratiquer la perspective par petit-pied, comme le geometral, Paris, 1647, in two volumes, calf, 8vo, (bumped and chipped, lower right corner of front cover of each with some chewing, engraved frontis of both with slight fore-edge losses (not affecting image), Vol. I with dampstaining to pastedowns, Vol. II with scattered light dampstaining, including to some plates, scattered soiling, and a few minor spots of worming). $150-250

134. (Botanical), Sowerby, James (1757-1822) and Smith, Sir James Edward (1759-1828), English Botany; or, Coloured Figures of British Plants, with their Essential Characters, Synonyms, and Places of Growth, London: Printed for the author by J. Davis, 1790-1814, first edition, thirty-six volumes, gilt-lettered calf to thirty-three volumes, half calf to volumes XVI-XVIII, with 2,592 hand-colored plates, 8vo, (very good overall, bindings with some losses to spines, chipped and bumped, interior very clean). $10,000-15,000


134, with detail


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135. (Botanical), Gerard, John (1545-1612), The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes. Gathered by John Gerarde of London Master in Chirugerie, London: Adam Islin Joice Norton and Richard Whitakers, 1636, second edition, 18th century gilt lettered and tooled calf, with engraved title and uncolored woodcut illustrations throughout text, folio, (covers rubbed with losses to corners and some scrapes, hinges weak, lacking prelims, title page repaired, Qqqq2 repaired, all seventeen index leaves repaired and most with edge losses, some affecting text, circa 30 leaves misnumbered but text matches in all, one leaf misbound, scattered minor age-typical spotting and very minor edge tears, approximately six leaves with greater than average staining, mostly very good). STC 11752; Henrey 156; Hunt 230. $2,000-3,000 135A. (Botanical), Lowe, Edward Joseph (1825-1900) and Howard, W., Beautiful Leaved Plants, London: Groombridge and Sons, [1861], with sixty hand-colored plates heightened with gum arabic, threequarter morocco by Tout, 8vo, (extremity wear to morocco with minor surface losses to morocco at rear board, minor toning). $150-250 136. Bradbury, Ray (b. 1920), Dark Carnival, Sauk City, Wisconsin: Arkham House, 1947, first edition with first issue dust jacket over giltlettered black boards, 8vo, (very minor edge chipping and spotting to jacket and very light fading, else fine). $600-800 135




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141. Byron, Lord George Gordon Noel (1788-1824), The Prisoner of Chillon, and Other Poems, London, 1816, first edition, 8vo, (lacking wraps, endpapers, E8 and ads, starting, pp. 59/60 loose, title page with light top edge chipping and some browning, scattered spotting). $150-250 142. Calef, Robert (1648-1719), More Wonders of the Invisible World..., Salem: William Carlton, 1796 [but 1797], calf, 8vo, (front cover and endpaper detached, owners names to end sheet and title page, starting, rear hinge weak, toning, scattered soiling, boards with age wear). $300-400 143. Camden, William (1151-1623), The History of the Most Renowned and Victorious Princess Elizabeth, late Queen of England, London: M. Flesher for R. Bentley, 1688, fourth edition, contemporary calf, folio, (front cover detached, covers chipped and heavily worn, interior with spotting). $250-350


137. (British Colonial History), Curzon, Lord George Nathaniel, British Government in India. The Story of Viceroys and Government Houses, London, New York, etc: Cassell and Company Ltd., 1925, two volumes, gilt lettered and pictorial three-quarter morocco, with photogravure frontispieces, number sixty-nine of 500, (minor edge chipping, very good to excellent overall). $150-250

144. (Canada, Early Travel), Silliman, Benjamin (1779-1864), A Tour to Quebec, in the Autumn of 1819, London, 1822, first English edition, with four plates on two leaves, three-quarter morocco, 8vo, (some spotting, one small fore edge tear). Howes S-459; Sabin 81047. $150-200 145. (Carson, Christopher (“Kit”) (1809-1868)), Kit Carson’s Own Story of His Life, Taos, 1926, with frontis portrait and twelve plates, original wraps, Grant, Blanche C., editor, 8vo, (wraps with light edge and spine chipping, front detached from spine). $150-250

138. Bruce, James, (1730-1794), Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile, in the Years 1768…& 1773, Edinburgh: James Ballantyne, 1805, second edition, eight volumes including atlas, contemporary tree calf to text volumes, half calf to atlas, with four frontis pieces, three folding maps, and seventy-eight plates, portraits and plans, (minor wear to text volumes, atlas with covers detached, spotting throughout, minor separations on one map). Brunet I, 1283. $800-1,200

146. Cather, Willa Sibert (1873-1947), Two titles: My Antonia, Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company and The Riverside Press, 1918, first edition, first issue with plates on glazed stock, original ribbed brown cloth, 8vo, (minor soiling to cover, spine head and foot with minor fraying, minor marginal spotting to twelve leaves); and The Song of the Lark, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1915, first edition, second issue, original blue cloth, 8vo, (lower spine ripped and with losses at foot and head). $400-500

139. (Buccaneers), Exquemelin, Alexandre Olivier (1645?-1707), The History of the Buccaniers of America, London: J. Walker, 1810, gilt lettered three-quarter calf, with engraved frontis and title page, 12mo, (chipped and bumped, some leaves becoming sprung). $100-150

147. Cather, Willa Sibert (1873-1947), O Pioneers!, Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, June 1913, first edition, in original brown ribbed cloth, 8vo, (spine head and foot slightly frayed, blindstamp to free front endpaper). $300-400

140. Burke, Edmund (1729-1797), An Account of the European Settlements in America, London: R. and J. Dodsley, 1758, second edition, two volumes, contemporary tree calf, with two folding maps, 8vo, (covers detached to both and overall wear to bindings, interior clean and good). $400-600

148. Catlin, George (1796-1872), Illustrations of the Manners, Customs, and Condition of the North American Indians, London: Henry Bohn, 1857, ninth edition, original gilt-stamped pictorial red cloth, with folding map and 180 plates, 8vo, (rebacked, spotting to plates). Sabin 11537. $150-250


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149. (Cemeteries), Two titles bound together: Cleaveland, Nehemiah (1796-1877), Green-Wood Illustrated, New York: R. Martin, 1847, with map and twenty plates; bound together with Walter, Cornelia, Mount Auburn Illustrated, New York: R. Martin, 1850, with map and twenty plates, three-quarter morocco, 8vo, (bumped, chipped, hinges broken, ex-Rhode Island Historical Society, with label to front pastedown, and stamps to title page of Green-wood, light toning, some browning and offset to tissues). $250-350

150. Champion, Richard, Considerations on the Present Situation of Great Britain and the United States of America, with a View to Their Future Commercial Connexions, London: John Stockdale, 1784, second edition, three-quarter calf, 8vo, (hinges weak, browned corners to title page); with the bookplate of Lord Walsingham. $800-1,200

151. Charles, Heinrich, and Prince Henry of Prussia, Prince Henry of Prussia in America, New York: The Elite Art Press, 1903, gilt-tooled soft calf, Imperial Purple Edition, detailing in letters and photographs his trip to America, folio, (staining and chipping to binding, minor edge browning). $100-150

152. (Children’s Books), Bennett, Charles Henry (1829-1867), The Book of Blockheads, London: Sampson, Low, Son, and Co., 1863, first edition, one volume, original gilt stamped red cloth, with frontis, pictorial title, and twenty-six hand-colored plates, 4to, (rubbing and minor soiling to covers, some pages sprung with chipped edges, spine head torn $150-200

153. (Children’s Books), Greenaway, Kate (1846-1901), Under The Window, London: George Routledge & Sons, [1878], first edition, first issue with pictorial boards with red and black lettering, blue-green end papers, “End of Contents” on page 14 and the three complex illustrations on pages 21, 35, and 63; 4to, (chipping and rubbing to edges, scattered spotting, else very good). NBL 719b; Osborne. $150-200

154. (Children’s Books), Herford, Oliver, An Alphabet of Celebrities, Boston: Small, Maynard & Company, 1900, original half cloth with pictorial boards, small 4to, (covers slightly discolored and chipped at corners, interior with weak inner hinge, minor scattered spotting). $150-200

155. (Children’s Literature), Librairie Enfantine Illustree, Farinard et Bibocheau, Paris: Guerin-Muller et Cie., [c.1870], original pictorial boards, with six colored illustrations each with transformation overslips, 12mo, (minor spotting and age-typical wear, overslips good). $125-175


156. (Children’s Books), Moore, Clement Clarke (1779-1863), The Night before Christmas, or a Visit from St. Nicholas, New York: McLoughlin Bros., 1888, eight chromolithographed board leaves, half cloth, pictorial boards, 4to, (edges of covers chewed, spine with tears, two pages with some pencil markings, light water staining to lower edge of pages, scattered scuffs and soiling). $100-150 157. (Children’s Books), Newell, Peter (1862-1924), The Hole Book, New York: Harper & Brothers, 1908, half cloth with pictorial boards, 4to, (hinges torn in spots, rubbing to covers, cracks along gutter to top and bottom in spots). $200-300 158. (Children’s Books), Four titles: Tabart, Benjamin, The Book of Games; or, a History of the Juvenile Sports Practiced at the Kingston Academy, New York: George Long, 1822, half calf, 12mo, (covers and spine worn, soiled, and scuffed, browning, scattered soiling); Collier, John Payne, Punch and Judy, New York: G.G. Sickels, 1830, with hand-colored illustrations by George Cruikshank, boards, 8vo, (spine a later restoration, wear and soiling to covers, browning, scattered small tears); Kendall, Edward Augustus, Keeper’s Travels in Search of his Master, Newburyport: John G. Tilton, 1839, boards, 12mo, (boards chewed at corners with wear, browning, soiling); and a miniature book, Famous Men of Britain, Philadelphia and New Haven, 1847, red pictorial cloth, (lightly bumped, chipped, and soiled). $150-250

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159. (China), Ellis, Sir Henry (1777-1869), Journal of the Proceedings of the Late Embassy to China, London: John Murray, 1817, first edition, later half calf, with engraved frontis portrait, three maps, one folding, and seven hand-colored plates, 4to, (minor spotting to interior). Abbey, Travel, 536; Tooley 208. $1,200-1,800 160. (China, Travel), Montanus, Arnoldus (1625?-1683), Atlas Chinensis: Being a Second Part of a Relation of Remarkable Passages from the East-India Company of the United Konchi, Emperor of China..., London: Thomas Johnson, 1671, first edition in English, later three-quarter morocco with marbled boards, translated by John Ogilby, with engraved title, two double-page maps and thirty-five (of thirty-eight) full page and double-page plates, folio, (lacking prelims, marginal staining and toning throughout, images clear, one plate heavily repaired, overall good). $2,000-3,000 161. (Chinese), Alexander, William (1767-1816), Picturesque Representations of the Dress and Manners of the Chinese, London: Printed for John Murray, 1814, gilt lettered and tooled crushed black morocco, with pictorial frontispiece and forty-eight of forty-nine handcolored plates, 4to, (chipped edges to binding, lacking text leaf at end, marginal soiling). Colas 75. $500-700


162. (Christmas Books), Greene, J.B., An Adventure of Santa Claus, Boston: Lee & Shepard, 1871, original green cloth, with twenty illustrations by the author, oblong 4to, (spine head and foot ripped and with losses, corners bumped, foxing, tear to title page, chapter VII text page with loss). $200-300 163. (Civil Liberty and Principles of Government), Price, Robert (1723-1791), Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty, the Principles of Government, and the Justice and Policy Of the War with America, London: T Cadell, 1776, later cloth; bound with: The General Introduction and Supplement to the Two Tracts on Civil Liberty, the War with America..., London: T. Cadell, 1778, second edition; Cursory Remarks on Dr. Price’s Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty, London: W. Nicoll, 1776; Three Letters to Dr. Price... observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty..., London: T. Payne, 1776, a presentation copy noted on the half-title; Price, Richard, Observations on the Importance of the American Revolution, London, T. Cadell, 1785; and others, all 8vo, (rebound, some minor marginalia, crisp mostly). Howes P586 & Evans 19203; Felcone 221. $300-500 164. (Civil War, Gettysburg), Notes on the Rebel Invasion of Maryland and Pennsylvania and the Battle of Gettysburg, Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1864, original gilt-lettered cloth, with folding map, 12mo, (minor split to hinge and minor water damage, minor tear to map). $300-500 165. (Civil War, Grand Army of the Republic), The Knapsack: A Daily Journal of the Seventh Regiment New Armory Fair, New York: November 17th to December 6th 1879, original gilt pictorial red cloth, folio, (signatures lightly loose, scattered spotting). $100-150



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166. (Civil War, Kansas Conflict), Doy, John, The Thrilling Narrative of Dr. John Doy of Kansas; or Slavery as it is, Inside and Out, Boston: Thayer & Eldridge, 1860, first edition, original pictorial wraps, 12mo, (back two leaves with lower losses, soiled and spotted, corners creased). $150-250 167. (Civil War Periodicals), The Drum Beat, February 22 to March 11, 1863, thirteen issues, published by the Brooklyn and Long Island Fair, 1864, with steel engraved masthead to each issue, with contributions by Oliver Wendell Holmes, William Cullen Bryant, and others, in a later cloth folio; second (age-typical separations along folds). $150-250 168. Clemens, Samuel Langhorne (1835-1910), Life on the Mississippi, Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1883, first American edition, 2nd State, original pictorial cloth, 8vo, (bumped and chipped, gutters weak, boards slightly bowed, lightly toned, starting). BAL 3411. Tailpiece is not present on p.441; caption on p.443 reads “The St. Charles Hotel.” $200-300 169. Clemens, Samuel Langhorne (1835-1910), Six titles: The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson and the Comedy Those Extraordinary Twins, Hartford: American Publishing Company, 1894, original cloth; Following the Equator, Hartford: American Publishing Co., 1897, original cloth; A Tramp Abroad, Hartford, American Publishing Co., 1887, original gilded cloth; The Innocent’s Abroad, or the New Pilgrims’ Progress, Hartford: American Publishing Co., 1888, original gilt cloth; Roughing It, Hartford: American Publishing Co., 1888, original gilt cloth, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, New York: Charles Webster and Company, 1889, pictorial cloth; all 8vo, (various conditions). $300-500 170. Clemens, Samuel Langhorne (1835-1910), Two titles: Following the Equator, Hartford: The American Publishing Company, 1897, first edition, pictorial blue cloth, 8vo, (starting, front endpapers loose, light binding wear, light browning), BAL 3451; and The Prince and the Pauper, Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1882, first American edition, first issue, with Franklin Press imprint on copyright page, green pictorial cloth, 8vo, (age wear to cloth, header wear, name penciled to front endpaper, pencil marking to title page, starting, toning), BAL 3402. $300-500 171. Clemens, Samuel Langhorne (1835-1910), Two titles: Life on the Mississippi, Boston: James R. Osgood, 1883, first edition, second state, original gilt and stamped cloth, engraved frontis, 8vo, (very minor fraying to spine, frontis loose); and Following the Equator, Hartford: The American Publishing Company, 1897, first edition, gilt pictorial cloth, 8vo, (lightly bumped and chipped, hinges tender, guard tissue torn). $450-550 172. (Clipper Ships), Lubbock, Basil, The Last of the Windjammers, Boston: Charles E. Lauriat, 1927-29, two volumes in three, original gilt-stamped blue cloth, 8vo, (minor wear, very good). $150-200


173. (Coaching), Malet, Captain Harold E., Two titles: Malet, Captain Harold E., Annals of the Road or Notes on Mail and Stage Coaching in Great Britain, London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1876, original gilt pictorial and stamped crimson cloth, with ten colored plates, 8vo, (spine darkened, minor bumping, scattered foxing throughout, one leaf nearly sprung); Reynardson, C.T.S. Birch, Down the Road or Reminiscences of a Gentleman Coachman, London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1875, second edition, gilt pictorial red cloth, with chromolithograph title and twelve plates, 8vo, (upper half of spine gone, chipped and bumped, interior clean). $275-325 174. (Coaching), Three titles: Underhill, Francis, Driving for Pleasure, New York, 1896, with suede and calf binding, 4to, (dampstaining to spine, minor soiling to covers, front gather loose); Rogers, Fairman, A Manual of Coaching, Philadelphia, 1900, limited edition of 1500 copies, (lightly bumped and cocked, chipped), gilt pictorial cloth, large 8vo; Harris, Stanley, The Coaching Age, London, 1885, three-quarter morocco, 8vo, (all with light extremity wear and minor toning). $150-200 175. Collins, Arthur (1690?-1760), Historical Collections of the Noble Families of Cavendishe, Holles..., London, 1762, first edition, with twelve engraved plates, gilt-tooled crushed red morocco, folio, (good, with light extremity wear and age darkening of morocco, endpapers browned, with English baronial bookplate for Foley to front pastedown). $150-250

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179. Cook, Captain James (1728-1779) and King, Captain, A Voyage to the Pacific, Undertaken, by the Command of His Majesty for Making Discoveries in the Northern Hemisphere, Dublin: H. Chamberlaine, et al., 1784, three volumes, contemporary tree calf, with frontis and folding chart, lacking plates, 8vo, (hinges weak, bumped and chipped). $500-700 180. Cooper, James Fenimore (1789-1851), Cooper’s Novels, New York, 1863-1866, thirty-two volumes, original gilt lettered and stamped brown cloth, illustrated by F.O.C. Darley, 8vo, (age-typical wear, some weakness in hinges, bumped). $2,000-4,000 181. (Costume, Austria), de Moleville, M. Bertrand, The Costume of the Hereditary States of the House of Austria..., London: Printed for William Miller, 1804, gilt-tooled armorial calf, with fifty hand-colored plates, 4to, (hinges rubbed and edges chipped, moderate spotting to two plates, scattered minor spotting). Colas 2112; Abbey Travel, 71. Provenance: Charles Ferdinand d’Artois, Duc du Berry. $1,200-1,500


176. (Colonial America, Free Press), Zenger, John Peter (16971746), A Brief Narrative of the Case and Tryal of John Peter Zenger, Printer of the New-York Weekly Journal, likely [Boston, Thomas Fleet, 1738], later edition, unbound, forty-six pages, 8vo, (first leaves with marginal chewing and chipping, minor losses). $400-600 176A. (Colonial America), Two titles: Dummer, Jeremiah (1645-1718), A Defence of the New-England Charters, London: W. Wilkins, 1721, gilt calf, (hinges weak, lacking prelims); and Otis, James (1725-1783), The Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and Proved, Boston, New-England, Printed: London Reprinted, J. Almon [1764], later three-quarter tree calf by Sangorski and Sutcliffe, (hinges weak). $800-1,200 177. (Connecticut, Views), Barber, John Warner (1798-1885), Views in New-Haven and it’s Vicinity: with a Particular Description to each View, New Haven: J.W. Barber, 1825, half calf, with six hand-colored woodcuts, 16mo, (binding chipped and worn, lacking flyleaf, minor spotting). Sabin 3329. $300-400 178. Conrad, Joseph (1857-1924), Signed Copy, Notes on My Books, Garden City, New York: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1921, original gilt lettered vellum, number 231 of 250 copies, signed by Conrad, 8vo, (covers soiled and with minor chipping). $150-200


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182. (Costume, British) Pyne, William Henry, The Costume of Great Britain, London: William Miller, 1808, contemporary gilt-tooled tree calf, with engraved title page and sixty hand-colored engraved plates, folio, (front cover starting, heavy pitting to covers, minor spotting to interior). Abbey, Life, 430. $1,200-1,500 183. (Costume, British Army), Smith, Charles Hamilton, Costume of the Army of the British Empire, According to the Last Regulations, London: W. Bulmer, 1815, contemporary gilt-tooled armorial tree calf, with colored vignette title, fifty-four plates of uniformed soldiers and six plates of regimental colors, 4to, (wear to binding with weak hinges, chipping, interior with very minor spotting). Colas 2754; Tooley 456. Provenance: Charles Ferdinand d’Artois, Duc du Berry. $3,000-5,000 184. (Costume, Chinese), Mason, George Henry, The Costume of China, London: Printed for W. Miller, 1800, first edition, contemporary gilt-tooled green morocco, with sixty hand-colored engravings, folio, (binding with hinges and edge worn, minor chipping, interior very clean with very minor spotting and minor offset). Abbey Travel 533; Colas 2009. $1,200-1,500 185. (Costume), Pauquet, Hippolyte and Polidor, Modes et Costumes Historique, Paris, [1864], with engraved title and ninety-six colored plates, gilt-embossed red pebbled cloth, with modern clamshell box, 4to, (covers and spine detached, pages loose, scattered spotting and soiling, light toning). $150-200


186. (Costume, Portugal and Spain), Bradford, Rev. William, (c. 17791857), Sketches of the Country, Character, and Costume, in Portugal and Spain, Made During the Campaign...1808 and 1809, London: Printed for John Booth, 1809-10, contemporary gilt-tooled armorial tree calf, with fifty-three hand-colored plates, 4to, (binding chipped and bumped, interior crisp). Abbey, Travel, 135. Provenance: Charles Ferdinand d’Artois, Duc du Berry. $1,200-1,800 187. (Costume, Russian), The Costume of the Russian Empire, London: Printed for W. Miller, 1803, contemporary blind-tooled and gilt full crimson morocco with raised spine, with seventy-three hand-colored engravings and dos-a-dos French and English text, folio, (re-backed, cover edges ragged and worn, some offset from plates, a few with scattered spotting and three with browning, colors crisp). $1,400-1,800 188. Cotton, John (1584-1652), A Briefe Exposition with Practicall Observations upon the Whole Book of Ecclesiastes, London: T.C. for Ralph Smith, 1654, contemporary calf, 8vo, (covers detached, first leaves loose at front and back ends, scattered spotting and browning). Sabin 17049, 17048; Wing C6413, C6412. $1,000-1,200 189. Coxe, William (1747-1828), Travels into Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark, London, 1787, five volumes, with plates, folding charts, and fourteen folding maps, gilt-tooled mottled calf, 8vo, (lightly bumped, some spine wear, hinges with some cracks, pastedowns with bookplate, scattered soiling, some old repairs to maps). $250-350

190. de Crevecoeur, Michel Guillaume St. Jean (1735-1813), Letters from an American Farmer: Describing Certain Provincial Situations, Manners, and Customs, not Generally Known...of the British Colonies in North America, London: Thomas Davies, 1783, second edition, later half calf and boards, with early maps of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, 8vo, (boards loose and spine lacking, library markings on boards and flyleaf). $1,000-1,500 191. (Culinary Arts), Middleton, John, Five Hundred New Receipts in Cookery...and the Several Branches of these Arts, London: Thomas Astley, 1734, first edition, later gilt lettered calf, edited by Henry Howard, 8vo, (lacking blanks, minor spotting and marginal toning). Bitting p. 324; Oxford p. 64. $200-400 192. (Culinary Arts), The Compleat Cook: Expertly Prescribing The Most ready Wayes...For Dressing of Flesh and Fish, ordering of Sauces or Making of Pastry, London: Obadiah Blagrave, 1679, contemporary tooled calf, 12mo, (slightly trimmed, inscription on front blank, spine worn, edges chipped). Wing M92A. $200-400 193. Dahl, Roald (1916-1990), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, [1964], first edition, later state, half cloth with dust jacket, with four line colophon, $3.95 unclipped price on dust jacket, 8vo, (excellent condition). $400-600

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194. Dana, Richard Henry (1812-1882), Two Years Before the Mast. A Personal Narrative of Life at Sea, New York: Harper & Brothers, 1840, first edition, second issue, with undotted “i” on copyright page & broken type in headline on page 9, original tan cloth, small 8vo, (spine lost, slightly cocked, cover nearly detached, scattered mostly marginal spotting throughout). BAL 4434; Cowan p.156; Graff 998; Howes D49; Zamorano Eighty 26. $250-350 195. Defoe, Daniel (1659?-1731), The History of the Wars, of his Present Majesty Charles XII, King of Sweden, London, 1720, half calf, 8vo, (edge wear, lacking endpapers, portrait frontis taped to gutter, gutters strengthened, toning, scattered soiling, some edge chipping and light marginalia). $200-300 196. Dickens, Charles (1812-1870), A Tale of Two Cities, Philadelphia: T.B. Peterson and Brothers, 1859, first American edition in book form, cloth, 8vo, (bumped, chipped, with losses to base of spine and wear to hinges, starting, penciled name to front flyleaf, overall toning). $150-200 197. Dickens, Charles (1812-1870), A Tale of Two Cities, London: Chapman and Hall, 1860, first edition in book form, third issue, contemporary stamped cloth, 8vo, (chipped and bumped, plates spotted). Sadleir 701; together with The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit, London: Chapman and Hall, 1854, first edition in book form, 2nd issue, later cloth, 8vo, (plates spotted and scattered browning throughout). Sadleir 692; Eckel 71ff. $400-500


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198. Dickens, Charles (1812-1870), Bleak House, London: Bradbury & Evans, 1853, first edition in book form, contemporary gilt-tooled three-quarter green calf, with illustrations by H.K. Browne (Phiz), 8vo, (plates with some spotting, minor wear to binding). $150-200 199. Dickens, Charles (1812-1870), The Cricket on the Hearth. A Fairy Tale of Home, New York: Harper & Brothers, 1846, first American edition, original wraps, with sixteen pages of advertisements at the end, 8vo, (spine ripped and covers loose, interior with creasing). $150-200 200. Dickens, Charles (1812-1870), Dealings with the Firm of Dombey & Son, Wholesale, Retail and for Exportation, London: Bradbury & Evans, October, 1846-April, 1848, first edition, original 20/19 parts, original pictorial wraps with slipcase, with illustrations by H.K. Browne (Phiz), with eight-line errata slip in part XIX-XX, variations in advertisements throughout. Hallen & Cleaver, p. 227. Note: This work contains, as they are later referred to as “The Dark Plates,” with caption “On the dark Road,” used in later works. $1,000-1,500 201. Dickens, Charles (1812-1870), The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby containing A Faithful Account of the Fortunes, Misfortunes, Uprisings, Downfallings...of the Nickleby Family, London: Chapman and Hall, April 2, 1838-October, 1839, first edition, original 20/19 parts in original pictorial wraps in slipcase, with illustrations by H.K. Browne, first issue points in Parts IV and V, with some variants according to Hatton and Cleaver, 8vo, (minor wear to wraps and repairs, very good overall). $1,500-2,000


202. Dickens, Charles (1812-1870), Little Dorrit, London: Bradbury & Evans, 1857, first edition in book form, contemporary gilt-tooled three-quarter calf, with illustrations by H.K. Browne (Phiz), 8vo, (plates browned, binding with worn hinges and chipping). $150-200 203. Dickens, Charles (1812-1870), Master Humphrey’s Clock (The Old Curiosity Shop, and Barnaby Rudge), London: Chapman and Hall, April 1840-November 1841, first edition in original twenty parts, in original pictorial wraps, with red morocco clamshell box, illustrated by G. Cattermole and H.K. Browne (Phiz) and printed by Bradbury and Evans, with the advertisement leaves, lacking ads for Rippon & Burton in part I, part XI, John Cumberland & Son, and part XIV, bound incorrectly, part XX with George Virtue ads inserted at back., 8vo, (issues neatly rebacked with cloth tape, minor smudging and spotting, dog eared, occasional minor tears). $800-1,000 204. Dickens, Charles (1812-1870), Master Humphrey’s Clock, London: Chapman and Hall, 1840-41, first edition in three volumes in two, three-quarter morocco, 8vo, (bumped, lightly chipped, some edge browning, lacking title page for Volume III, scattered soiling, owner’s name inked to title pages). $200-300 205. Dickens, Charles (1812-1870), The Mystery of Edwin Drood, London: Chapman and Hall, 1870, first edition in book form, with twelve illustrations by S.L. Fildes, three-quarter green calf, 8vo, (bumped and chipped, extremity wear, scattered soiling, two bookplates). $200-300


206. Dickens, Charles (1812-1870), The Mystery of Edwin Drood, London: Chapman & Hall, 1870, first edition in book form, original stamped green cloth, with portrait frontispiece and twelve illustrations by S.L. Fildes, 8vo, (minor cocking to spine head and foot, very good otherwise). $150-200 207. Dickens, Charles (1812-1870), No Thoroughfare...The Extra Christmas Number of All the Year Round, London: Chapman & Hall, 1867, first edition, original wraps, now in a gilt-lettered pebbled morocco binding, 8vo, (title page chipped, loose from wraps, minor edge chipping and toning). $100-200 208. Dickens, Charles (1812-1870), The Posthumous Paper of the Pickwick Club Containing a Faithful Records...of the Corresponding Members, London: Chapman & Hall, 1836, first edition in original 20/19 parts, original printed wraps in a half-morocco slipcase, first thirteen parts in later states or printings and lacking ads for part XIV-XIX/XX, 8vo, (tears along spines, minor owner’s inkings, some marginal browning, full collation on request). $1,000-1,500 209. Dodsley, Robert (1703-1764), A Compendium of Authentic and Entertaining Voyages Digested in a Chronological Series, London: R. and J. Dodsley, 1756, first edition, seven volumes, contemporary speckled and gilt lettered calf, with twenty-five maps and plans, most folding, twenty-one plates and five portraits, 12mo, (some creasing and minor spotting, minor tears to some folding plates, bindings worn). $500-700

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210. Dow, George Francis (1868-1936), Slave Ships and Slaving, Salem: Marine Research Society, 1927, cloth, in red dust jacket, 4to, (edge chipping and wear to dust jacket and cloth, minor toning and soiling). $150-250 211. Drake, Samuel Gardner (1798-1875), Indian Biography, Containing the Lives of More than Two Hundred Indian Chiefs, Boston: Josiah Drake, 1832, first edition, original tree calf with gilt lettering, with two frontis plates, 12mo, (chipped, worn and bumped, interior with scattered to moderate spotting). $100-150 212. Dugdale, Sir William (1605-1686), The Baronage of England, London: Tho. Newcomb, 1675, with four double-page folding plates, calf, folio, (inked names to flyleaf and title page, bookplate to pastedown, last page and index page with fore-edge repairs, scattered soiling, handling wear). $500-700 213. Du Halde, Jean Baptiste (1674-1743), Description geographique, historique, chronologique, politique, et physique de l’empire de la Chine..., The Hague: Henri Scheurleer, 1736, four volumes, complete with fifty-three plates, modern half calf, 4to, (scattered spotting, agetypical toning). $3,000-5,000


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214. (Earthquake Sermon), Gookin, Nathaniel, Day of Trouble Near, The Tokens of Its and a Due Preparation For it; in Three Sermons, Exeter: New Hampshire, Samuel Winslow, 1796, second edition, contemporary calf, 12mo, (chipped binding and chewed flyleaf, back cover nearly detached, worming at rear). $200-300 215. (East Indies, Travel), Paulinus a Sancto Bartholomaeo (17481806), A Voyage to the East Indies, London: J. Davis, 1800, gilt ruled calf, with engravings, 8vo, (top hinge cracked, covers worn and chipped, minor scattered spotting). $200-300 216. Eddy, Mary Baker Glover (1821-1910), Science and Health, Boston, [1941], subscription edition, one of 1,026, tooled navy morocco, slipcased, 4to, (good, slipcase with minor wear). $500-700 217. (Egypt, Travel), Cruise of the Lucy, no author given, c. 1782, a presentation narrative of a voyage along the Nile on a sailing vessel name “Lucy,” with numerous period photographic illustration mounted on card, gilt-tooled crushed red morocco, folio, (lightly bumped and chipped, scattered spotting). $150-250


218. Eliot, George (1819-1880), Collection of ten titles in twenty-six volumes, comprising: Adam Bede, Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1859, three volumes; The Mill on the Floss, Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1860, three volumes; Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe, Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1861; Romola, London: Smith, Elder and Co., 1863, three volumes; Felix Hold. The Radical, Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1866, three volumes; Middlemarch. A Study of Provincial Life, Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1871, four volumes; Daniel Deronda, Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1876, four volumes; Impressions of Theophrastus Such, Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1879; Essays and Leaves from a Note-Book, Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1884; and Cross, J.W., George Eliot’s Life, Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1885, three volumes; all uniformly bound in three-quarter brown morocco, 8vo, (some spotting to prelims, overall very good). $2,000-3,000 219. Eliot, Thomas Stearns (1888-1965), Murder in the Cathedral, Canterbury, H.J. Goulden, 1935, first acting edition, original wraps, one of 750, (very good). Gallup A29c. $600-800

220. Eliot, Thomas Stearns (1888-1965), Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, New York: Harcourt Brace and Company, 1939, first American edition, original cream cloth with orange pictorial dust jacket, 8vo, (some insect chewing to dust jacket lower right edge and hinges a little faded, else excellent). Gallup A34b. $300-400 221. Emerson, Ralph Waldo (1803-1882), Presentation Copy, Burns, Robert (1759-1796), Poems and Songs, New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1858, gilt lettered full crushed oxblood morocco, inscribed on half-title “J. Haven Emerson from his Uncle Waldo. 1859,” 8vo, (hinges weak, minor rubbing). $3,000-5,000 222. (English Royal History), Sandford, Francis (1630-1694), A Genealogical History of the Kings and Queens of England, and Monarchs of Great Britain, London: Printed by M. Jenour for John Nicholson, 1708, later gilt-lettered half calf with marbled boards, with two-color title page, seventy-three full page engravings, six folding, and numerous inset vignettes in text, (age-typical wear, lacking blanks). $500-700

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223. (Equestrian), Solleysell, Jacques, Sieur de (1617-1680), The Compleat Horseman: Discovering the Surest Marks of the Beauty, Goodness, Faults, and Imperfection of Horses, London: R. Bonwick et al., 1717, second edition, two parts in one volume, contemporary tooled calf, translated by Sir William Hope, with portrait and six folding plates, folio, (rebacked, browning throughout). $400-600



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224. (European Views), Two titles: 55 Vues de Rome, Rome: Chez D’Atri, 1877, pictorial wraps, oblong folio, (soiling and edge losses to wraps, small gouge to front wrap and title page, minor offset); and Paris sous Napoleon III, Paris: Dutot and Lebrasseur, editors, c. 1870s, green cloth, oblong 4to, (scattered spotting, endpapers/pastedowns browned). $200-400


225. (Exploration, Arctic), Nansen, Fridtjof (1861-1930), Farthest North, New York: Harper & Brothers, 1897, first edition, two volumes, original gilt pictorial cloth, with four folding maps inserted in end pockets, 8vo, (very minor wear, minor toning to exterior of maps). $200-300 226. (Exploration), de Rochon, Alexis Marie, A Voyage to Madagascar, and the East Indies, London, 1793, translated Joseph Trapp, modern half calf, 8vo, (browning and scattered spotting, modern binding). $100-200 227. (Exploration), A Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope, towards the Antarctic Polar Circle, and Round the World, Dublin, 1785, two volumes, with folding map and ten plates, tree calf, 8vo, (wear to calf, hinges starting, scattered soiling). $1,500-2,500 228. (Farming), Deane, Samuel (1733-1814), The New-England Farmer; of, Georgical Dictionary...Ways and Methods...Art of Husbandry, Worcester, Massachusetts: Isaiah Thomas, 1790, contemporary calf, 8vo, (binding heavily worn, first gathering starting, spotting throughout). $200-300 229. Faulkner, William (1897-1962), Signed Copy, A Green Bough, New York: Harrison Smith and Robert Haas, original cloth, number 88 of 360 copies, signed by Faulkner, with engravings by Lynd Ward, 8vo, (minor darkening to spine, else very good). Petersen A14b. $700-900



230. Faulkner, William (1897-1962), Two titles: Requiem for a Nun, New York: Random House, 1951, first edition, original cloth in dust jacket, (jacket spine faded), Petersen A28b; and The Mansion, New York: Random House, [1959], first edition, first printing, original cloth with dust jacket, (very good), Petersen A36b. $300-400 231. Faulkner, William (1897-1962), Two titles: A Green Bough, New York: Harrison Smith and Robert Haas, 1933, first edition, original cloth with dust jacket, (jacket with no spine, chipped and browned), Petersen A14a; and Knight’s Gambit, New York: Random House, [1949], first edition, original cloth in dust jacket, (minor wear, else very good), Petersen A25b. $300-400 232. Fitzgerald, F. Scott (1896-1940), Flappers and Philosophers, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1920, first edition, original green cloth, 8vo, (minor wear to spine head and foot, corners bumped). $200-300 233. Fitzgerald, F. Scott (1896-1940), The Great Gatsby, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1925, first edition, first printing, with “sick in tired” at lines 9-10 on p. 205, original cloth, 8vo, (leaning slightly, lacking dust jacket, light browning). Bruccoli A11.I.a $500-700 234. Fitzgerald, F. Scott (1896-1940), Tender is the Night, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1934, first edition, original dark green blind stamped cloth with gilt lettered spine, lacking dust jacket, 8vo, (light age wear to covers including some scuffing, light overall browning, leaning slightly). $300-500

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235. (France, History), The History of France from the Origin of that Nation to the Year 1702, London, 1702, two volumes in four, tree calf, 8vo, (hinges tender, scattered soiling and toning, bumped and chipped, a few edge tears and small spine losses, name inked to front pastedowns). $150-250 236. (France, Napoleon), Thiers, Louis Adolphe (1797-1877), History of the Consulate and the Empire of France Under Napoleon, Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1861-63, gilt-lettered threequarter calf, illustrated with portrait engravings, 8vo, (binding worn, chipped and bumped, interior with spotting). $250-350 237. Frost, John (1800-1859), The Book of the Navy; Comprising a General History of the American Marine..., New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1843, calf, 8vo, (bumped, chipped, wear to calf, scattered soiling, are of corner staining to approx. ten pages, loose gather). $150-250


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238. Frost, Robert (1874-1963), Signed Copy, Collected Poems of Robert Frost, 1939, New York: Henry Hold and Company, 1939, first edition, first printing, original cloth, signed on flyleaf, 8vo, (lacking dust jacket, spine sunned and covers with some browning). $100-150 239. Frost, Robert (1874-1963), Four titles, all New York: Henry Holt and Company, 8vo, comprising: A Boy’s Will, 1915, first edition, second printing, blue cloth, (lacking dust jacket); Selected Poems, 1924, second printing, green cloth with dust jacket; West-Running Brook, 1928, stated first edition, but likely second printing, half green cloth, pictorial gold-toned illustration on front, gilt spine lettering, with dust jacket, 8vo, (minor toning to dust jacket and with edge chipping); and A Further Range, 1936, first edition, first printing, gilt lettered red cloth with dust jacket, 8vo, (dust jacket with minor dampstaining, soiling, toning, and edge chipping, leaning); $200-400


240. (Fulton, Robert (1765-1815), Association Copy), The Federalist: A Collection of Essays Written in Favour of the New Constitution, New York: George F. Hopkins, 1802, in two volumes, inscribed “Robt. Fulton February 1811” to top right corner of each title page, contemporary tree calf, 8vo, (covered detached to Vol. I, hinges cracked to Vol. II, age wear and scuffing to calf, bookplates to front pastedowns, with scattered soiling, minor spotting and browning). $7,000-9,000 241. Galsworthy, John (1867-1933), Memories, London: William Heinemann, 1914, with illustrations by Maud Earl (1864-1943), inscribed and initialed by the author on front endpaper, and dated “Xmas 1914,” decorative boards, with modern clamshell box, 4to, (lightly bumped, chipped, and toned). $200-400 242. Garrison, William Lloyd (1805-1879), Thoughts on African Colonization: or an Impartial Exhibition of the Doctrines, Principles and Purposes of the African Colonization Society, Boston: Garrison and Knapp, 1832, first edition, original wraps, 8vo, (title page with dark rings and with edges chewed lower fore-edge, first few leaves chewed, spotting and minor staining throughout). $300-400


243. (Geography), Morden, Robert (c. 1650-1703), Geography Rectified: or, A Description of the World, London: Printed for Robert Morden and Thomas Cockerill, at the Atlas in Cornhill, 1693, third edition, contemporary tooled calf, with seventy-eight maps, 4to, (covers detached, inscriptions to end papers, very minor scattered spotting). Wing M-2621. $2,000-3,000 244. (Geometry), Monge, Gaspard (1746-1818), Geometrie Descriptive, Paris: J. Klostermann, 1811, second edition, half calf with tooled boards, with thirty-five folding plates, 4to, (minor spotting and browning throughout, binding with edge wear). $200-300 245. Gerard, John (1545-1612), The Herball..., London, 1597, first edition, calf (rebacked), folio, (lacking frontis, title page, a few preliminary and index pages, and thirty-four leaves, chewed, some repairs to index pages, scattered tears, marginalia, and soiling). $1,500-2,500

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246. (Anti-Nazi Literature), Hellman, Lillian (1905-1984), Watch Along the Rhine, New York: Privately printed, 1942, first edition, original cloth, forward by Dorothy Parker, number 195 of 349, with an inscription to Dr. Charles R. Joy, “who has kept the Watch on the Rhine with us - the Joint Anti-fascist Refugee Committee,” (minor soiling and sunning, very good overall). $150-200 247. Gould, John, (1804-1881), A Synopsis of the Birds of Australia and the Adjacent Island, London, 1837-38, four parts, half cloth with original boards with slipcase, with seventy-three hand-colored plates and prospectus laid in to part I, 8vo, (boards loose and some chipping to edges, interior crisp and bright). Nissen 382; Wood, p. 364; Zimmer, p. 254; Sauer 5; Ferguson 2271. $5,000-7,000 248. Graves, Robert (1895-1985), I, Claudius, From the Autobiography of Tiberius Claudius, London: Arthur Barker, 1934, first edition, original black cloth with dust jacket, 8vo, (jacket spine sunned, split along hinge and with minor edge chipping). Higginson A42a. $300-500


249. (Great Britain, London, Views), Shepherd, Thomas H. and Elmes, James (1782-1862), Metropolitan Improvements; or London in the Nineteenth Century, London: Published by Jones & Co., 1828, half calf, with plan and 158 views on seventy-nine plates, 4to, (binding with weak hinges, chipped, interior with spotting to prelims and minor toning to margins). $250-350 250. (Great Britain, Staffordshire), Plot, Robert, Natural History of Staffordshire, Oxford, 1686, contemporary calf, with engraved title, folding map by Joseph Browne, 1681, thirty-seven plates (twentyfive folding), plate IX misbound at page 251, (some water staining throughout and wheat paste remnants to center folds of plates, leaves E2-3 ragged, leaves CCC2-DDD2 with losses to lower margin). Wing P2588. $1,400-1,800 251. (Great Britain, Views), Wright, Thomas (1810-1877), Picturesque Beauties of Great Britain: Essex, London: C. Baynes for George Virtue, 1834, half calf, with engraved title, frontispiece, folding map, and ninety-five views on forty-eight plates, 4to, (spotting to prelims and minor spotting throughout, binding with worn hinges, chipped and bumped). $200-300 252. Greenaway, Kate (1846-1901), Two titles: Kate Greenaway’s Almanack for 1891, London: George Routledge & Sons, [1890], pictorial boards; and Kate Greenaway’s Almanack for 1892, George Routledge & Sons, [1891], original pictorial boards with dust jacket, both 24mo, (minor wear, else very good). $350-400



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253. Grenfell, Sir Wilfred T. (1865-1940), Signed Copy, A Labrador Doctor. The Autobiography of Wilfred Thomason Grenfell, Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1923, original gilt green cloth, signed and with a sketch of a two-masted schooner at sea and inscribed “S.S. Strathcona, Hospital Ship. Labrador,” 8vo, (minor fading to spine). $200-300


256. Hawthorne, Nathaniel (1804-1864), The Gentle Boy: A Thrice Told Tale, Boston: Weeks, Jordan & Co., 1839, first edition, original wraps, with engraved frontispiece, oblong 4to, (spotting and soiling to covers, some chipping to edges, age-typical spotting). $200-300

254. Grose, Francis (1731?-1791), A Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons, London, 1785, with engravings by John Hamilton, tree calf, 4to, (rebacked, extremity wear, spotting, two bookplates to pastedown). $400-600

257. Hawthorne, Nathaniel (1804-1864), The House of the Seven Gables. A Romance, Boston: Ticknor, Reed and Fields, 1851, first edition, first issue, original gilt lettered and stamped brown cloth, with four pages of ads dated March, 1851, 8vo, (spine head and foot with bumping and minor losses, very minor scattered spotting, very good overall). $500-700

255. (Hawaiian Islands, History), Jarves, James Jackson (1818-1888), Two titles: History of the Hawaiian or Sandwich Islands, Boston: Tappan & Dennet, 1843, with folding map, inscribed by the author to his daughter Flora R. Jarves on the flyleaf, (bookplate to pastedown), and Kiana: A Tradition of Hawaii, Boston: James Munroe and Company, 1857, both cloth, 8vo, (bumped, chipped, header tears and small losses, bookplate to pastedown, minor age toning). $500-700

258. Hawthorne, Nathaniel (1804-1864), The Scarlet Letter, A Romance, Boston: Ticknor, Reed and Fields, 1850, first edition, first issue, original gilt lettered and stamped brown cloth, with four pages of ads dated March 1, 1850, with “reduplicate” on 21.20, “me” on 31.20, “Catechism” on 132.29, 8vo, (with water staining to covers, spine head and foot and corners lightly bumped, light scattered spotting and one signature slightly loose). $1,200-1,800

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259. Hearn, Lafcadio (1850-1904), Japanese Fairy Tales, Tokyo: T. Hasegawa, [c. 1920s], comprising five titles bound with silk floss, including “The Goblin Spider,” “The Boy who Drew Cats,” “The Old Woman who Lost her Dumpling,” “Chin Chin Kobakama,” and “The Fountain of Youth,” hand-printed colored woodcut prints on crepe paper, in cloth fold-over wrap with bone ties, 8vo, (good, minor wear to wrap). $800-1,200

260. Hearn, Lafcadio (1850-1904), Kokoro: Hints and Echoes of Japanese Inner Life, Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1896, original green cloth with gilt lettering, 8vo, (spine faded, corners bumped). $100-150

261. Heck, Johann Caspar (b. 1740), Iconographic Encyclopaedia of Science, Literature, and Art, New York: Rudolph Garrigue, 1851, five volumes, comprising four 8vo text volumes (Volumes I-IV), and one oblong 4to plate volume (Volume II) only, three-quarter morocco, (bumped and chipped, with scuffing to morocco, covers soiled, text Vol. IV with rippling to front cover cloth and slightly bowed, plate Vol. II with front cover detached, owner’s name inked to flyleaves, endpapers spotted and browned, scattered spotting). $250-350


262. (Heraldry, Ecclesiastical), Woodard, John, A Treatise on Ecclesiastical Heraldry, London & Edinburgh: W. & A.K. Johnson, 1894, three volumes, original crimson cloth, with thirty-six plates, 8vo, (bindings pulling away, some loose signatures and minor pencil markings). $150-200

263. (Heraldry), Guillim, John (1565-1621), A Display of Heraldrie, London: printed by T.R. for Jacob Blome, 1660, fourth edition, contemporary calf, with hand-colored and uncolored armorial plates, folio, (two leaves with losses, rebacked, binding chipped and bumped, inscriptions to flyleaf, new end papers). $400-600

264. (Heraldry and Peerage), Banks, Thomas Christopher (1765-1854), The Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England, or, An Historical and Genealogical Account of the...Most Memorable Actions, London: T. Bensley, 1807, Volume I only, three-quarter calf, with folding plates, 4to, (scuffing and bumping, pencil marginalia and unobtrusive library markings). $200-300



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265. (Herbal, Aztec Codex), Codex Barbarini, The Badianus Manuscript. An Aztec Herbal of 1552, Baltimore: The John Hopkins Press, 1940, original cloth with dust jacket, translated by Emily Walcott Emmart, 4to, (jacket faded, split and chipped). $100-150

266. (History, Britain), Warrington, William, Minister, The History of Wales, London, 1788, third edition, in two volumes, with two folding maps and a folding chart, tree calf, 8vo, (bumped, chipped, hinges split, front board of Vol. I bowed, Vol. II with a little fore-edge gouging, bookplate to pastedowns, scattered soiling). $200-250

267. (History, English), Macray, William Dunn, Manual of British Historians to A.D. 1600, London: William Pickering, 1845, original cloth, 8vo, (minor wear and chipping to spine label, else good). $100-150

268. Horace (65-8 B.C.), Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera, London, 1733-1737, two volumes, old gilt decorated crushed red morocco, John Pine’s edition, with engraved text vignettes, (binding chipped and bumped). $800-1,200

269. (Horsemanship), Berenger, Richard (d. 1782), The History and Art of Horsemanship, London: T. Davies and T. Cadell, 1771, two volumes, contemporary gilt-tooled and lettered calf, with two frontises and fifteen plates, 4to, (hinges weak, corners bumped, spine with flaking and minor losses). $500-700

270. (Hortus...), Tus Sanitatis, Quatuor Libris Haec Qua Subsequuuntur Complectens, Strasburg: Matthias Apiarius, 1536, 18th century tree calf, folio, (lacking b2, b5, n3, p. 3-4, z1, m misbound, hinges cracked, bumped and chipped, patch to base of spine, title page with a patch at lower edge, scattered soiling and some spots of dampstaining, ink and pencil notations/marginalia, inked owner’s note dated 1669 below colophon). $1,000-1,500

271. Howells, William Dean (1837-1920), Venetian Life, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Riverside Press, 1907, two volumes, Autograph Edition, original boards with hand-stenciled paper boards, one of 550, illustrated by Edmund H. Garrett, 8vo, (minor soiling, spine label toned). BAL 9784. $100-150


272. (Hunting), Connett, Eugene V., Duck Shooting Along the Atlantic Tidewater, New York: William Morrow & Company, 1947, number 30 of 149 copies, signed by the editor, with thirteen additional color plates contained in envelope, gilt-tooled red morocco, slipcased, 4to, (hinges starting, minor edge scuffs, minor crack/wear to slipcase). $500-700 273. (Hunting), Three titles: Foster, William Harnden, New England Grouse Shooting, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1942, with dust jacket, (chipped); Scott, Peter, Morning Light, London: Country Life Limited, 1936; and Holland, Ray P., Shotgunning in the Uplands, numbered 34 of 250 copies and signed by the author and illustrator, slipcased; all cloth, 4to, (minor age wear and toning). $150-250 274. (Hunting), Two titles: Scott, Peter, Wild Chorus, London: Country Life Limited, 1938, numbered 709 of 1250 copies and signed by the author, cloth with dust jacket, slipcased, 4to, (minor soiling and wear to slipcase and dust jacket, spine of dust jacket sunned); and Holland, Ray P., Shotgunning in the Lowlands, West Hartford: The Countryman Press, [1944], numbered 121 of 350 copies, signed by the author and illustrator, cloth, slipcased, 4to, (good, with minor light soiling and wear to slipcase). $200-300

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275. (Illuminated Manuscripts), Illuminated manuscript page, probably 15th/16th century, folio the sheet depicting central roundel of St. John the Evangelist flanked by seven archangels within Gothic arches verso, and a further depiction of St. John writing a scroll with an eagle beside him recto, rendered in black ink, with blue, red, and green gouache and burnished gilt accenting, 17 7/8 x 12 in., (handling creases, scattered soiling and surface rubbing). $500-700 276. (Incunabula), Missale secundum morem Romane curie, Venice: Antonius Bergomensis de Zanchis, 1501, printed in red and black, with many woodcut initials, some historiated, and with a full page woodcut of the Crucifixion, gilt-tooled crushed blue morocco, embossed with the coat of arms, emblems, and monograms of Louis de Bourbon, Comte de Villafranca, his bookplate also to front pastedown, small 4to, (lightly bumped). Provenance: Ex-collection Robert de Bourbon, Duke of Parma, (his sale, 1932, no. 173). $2,500-3,500



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277. (India), Roberts, Frederick Sleigh (1832-1914), Presentation Copy, Forty-one Years in India, London: Richard Bentley and Son, 1897, two volumes, gilt-lettered three-quarter morocco, illustrated with plates and folding maps, 8vo, (spotting to interior). $150-250

281. (Irish Rebellion, 18th Century), Bowyer, Robert (1758-1834), An Impartial Narrative of the Most Important Engagements which took place Between his Majesty’s Forces during....Irish Rebellion, in 1798, South Newberlin, New York: Levi Harris, 1834, second American edition, calf with gilt lettering, 12mo, (hinges starting and edges very worn, interior boards darkened). $100-150

278. (Indian Massacre), Williams, John (1664-1729), The Redeemed Captive returning to Zion. A Faithful History of the Remarkable Occurences in the Captivity and Deliverance of Mr. John Williams, Boston: John Boyle, 1774, fifth edition, unbound, 8vo, (spine chewed, owner’s inscription to title page, some repairs, browning and spotting). Howes W461b; Evans 13773. $800-1,200

282. Irving, Washington (1783-1859), A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus, New York: G. & C. Carvill, 1828, three volumes, contemporary gilt lettered and diced calf, with folding map, 8vo, (spotting, tear to map, general overall wear). $300-400

279. (Indian Wars), A True Account of the Most Considerable Occurences That have hapned in the Warre between the English and the Indians in New England, London: Benjamin Billingsley, 1676, later half morocco, first edition, folio, (last leaf browned, later endpapers, scattered smudging). Wing T2385, Sabin 97085. $3,000-5,000

283. Irving, Washington (1783-1859) and Darley, Felix Octavius Carr (1822-1888), Illustrations of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, New York: The American Art Union, 1849 [but 1850], old gilt-lettered threequarter brown morocco, with six plates printed by Sarony & Major, oblong folio, (very good, minor wear). $700-900

280. (Indian Wars), Heard, Isaac V., History of the Sioux War and Massacres of 1862 and 1863, New York: Harper & Brothers, 1863, first edition, original stamped cloth with later half morocco slipcase, with portrait frontispiece and thirty-two steel engravings, 8vo, (hinges repaired, minor wear). $250-350

284. (Italy, Extra Illustrated) Two titles: Hare, Augustus, Florence, London: George Allen, 1890, third edition, gilt vellum; and Symonds, John Addington, Sketches in Italy, Leipzig: Bernhard Tauchnitz, 1883, three-quarter vellum; both with tipt in photographs and/or printed plates and maps, (minor wear, good). $200-300

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285. (Italy, Early 19th Century), Vasi, Mariano, Itinerario Instruttivo da Roma a Napoli..., Rome, 1816, with 30 of 34 plates and two folding maps, three-quarter calf by J. Philip, Aberdeen, 8vo, (good, with minor age wear). $150-250 286. James, William Roderick (1892-1942), The Drifting Cowboy, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1925, half cloth, with original dust jacket, 8vo, (bumped, dust jacket with some edge chipping, spine loss, and a few holes, minor scuffs to base edge of boards, minor overall toning). $400-500 287. (Japan, Perry’s Expedition) Heine, Wilhelm (1817-1885), Graphic Scenes in the Japan Expedition, New York: G.P. Putnam & Company, 1856, original wraps, with six of ten lithograph plates published by Sarony & Co., New York, folio, (wrap torn, title page browned, some toning to text pages and minor spotting to plates). $2,000-3,000 288. (Jefferson, Thomas (1743-1826)), Memoirs, Correspondence, and Miscellanies..., Boston: Gray and Bowen, 1830, second edition, four volumes, tree calf, 8vo, (bumped and chipped, losses to spine labels, scuffing, starting, spotting, inked notes to front pastedowns, portrait frontis in Vol. I loose, folding plate draft of Constitution with tears). $300-400 289. Johnstone, Alfred Cheney (1884-1971), Enchanting Beauty, New York: Swan Publications, Inc., 1937, spiral bound, with original box, 4to, (minor rusting flecks to binding, minor toning, age wear and a few edge cracks to box). $200-300 290. Jones, James (1921-1977), From Here to Eternity, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1951, first edition, original cloth with dust jacket, 8vo, (minor chipping to jacket edges). $200-300 291. Josephus, Flavius (37-100?), Works, New York: William Durell, 1792[-94], with engraved frontis and plates, translated by George Henry Maynard, calf, folio, (covers detached, spine losses, scattered soiling, a few loose pages, inked names to endpapers, age wear and overall browning). $400-600 292. Joyce, James (1882-1941), Ulysses, Paris: Shakespeare and Company, 1924, original wraps, disbound in a blue cloth clamshell case, 8vo, (heavy chipping and losses, spine lacking, first signature very brittle and chipped, toned). $200-400 293. Kane, Elisha Kent (1820-1857), Arctic Explorations in the Years 1853, ‘54, ‘55, Philadelphia: Childs and Peterson, 1856, two volumes, with plates, and two folding maps, original cloth, 8vo, (bumped, heavily chipped, cloth worn, toning, some spotting/soiling, light dampstaining). Arctic Bib 8373; Sabin 37007. $150-250


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294. Kelly, Ebenezer Beriah (b. 1783), An Autobiography, Norwich, Connecticut, 1856, original cloth, 8vo, (bumped, chipped, toned, spotting, names to flyleaf). $250-350 295. Kipling, Rudyard (1865-1936), The Bombay of Edition of The Works of Rudyard Kipling, London: Macmillan and Co., 1913, thirty-one volumes, contemporary gilt lettered three-quarter calf, signed on halftitle, 8vo, (a few covers loose, chipped and bumped). $1,200-1,800 296. Knox, John (d. 1790), A Collection of Voyages, Discoveries and Travels: Containing Whatever is worthy of notice, in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, London: J. Knox, 1767, seven volumes, contemporary spotted and gilt-lettered calf, with forty-nine maps, plans and plates, some folding, 8vo, (hinges weak, labels with losses, chipped and bumped, minor spotting to interior). $800-1,200 297. Lacroix, Paul (1806-1884), Three titles: Moeurs, Usages et Costumes au Moyen Age..., 1874, Vie Militaire et Religieuse au Moyen Age..., 1876, and Sciences & Lettres au Moyen Age..., 1877, all Paris: Librairie de Firmin Didot Freres, Fils et Cie., Quatrieme Edition, with numerous black and white and color plates, uniformly bound in full gilt-embossed pebbled red cloth, 4to, (lightly bumped, light shelf wear, scattered soiling, lacking some tissue guards). $200-300 298. Landor, A. Henry Savage, In the Forbidden Land: An Account of a Journey into Tibet..., New York and London: Harper & Brothers, 1899, two volumes, pictorial cloth, 8vo, (good, with minor soiling to cover, light toning, and some edge chipping). $150-200 299. Lathrop, Joseph (1731-1820), Waiting on God for Rain. A Sermon Preached in a Time of Drought, July 24, 1805, [Springfield: H. Brewster, 1805], unbound, 8vo, (spotting). Shaw & Shoemaker 8761. $150-250 300. (Law History), Holt, Francis Ludlow, The Law of Libel: in which is contained A General History of This and...Successive Alterations, New York: Stephen Gould, 1818, first American edition, original gilt lettered calf, 8vo, (water staining to first signatures, minor toning and browning throughout). $100-150 301. Lawrence, David Herbert (1885-1930), Lady Chatterley’s Lover, [Paris]: Privately printed, 1929, The Author’s Unabridged Popular Edition, lacking front wrap and now with “make-do” cardboard binding, 8vo, (binding loose, leaves brittle at edges and toned around marginal edges, becoming sprung). $500-700

302. Le Clerc, Sebastien (1637-1714), Pratique de la geometrie sur le papier et sur le terrain, Paris: Claude Jombert, 1716, calf, 8vo, (bumped, chipped, small spine losses, minor dampstaining to upper corners of early front and rear gathers, small hole to title page, inked name at title page). $200-300 303. Leland, Thomas (1722-1785), The History of the Life and Reign of Philip Kind of Macedon, London, 1763, modern half calf, 4to, (some browning, toning and spotting, folding map in Vol. I with a small repaired tear, and a small fold separation). $150-200 304. Levi, David, A Defence of the Old Testament, in a Series of Letters addressed to Thomas Paine, Philadelphia: Hogan and M’Elroy, 1798, contemporary tree calf, 8vo, (covers starting, title with marginal browning, chipped and bumped). Evans 33999. $200-400 305. Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (1807-1882), Three Books of Song, Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1872, with two page partial autograph letter signed with initials tipped in before title page, along with an albumen print of Longfellow house, three-quarter green morocco, 8vo, (corners scuffed, spine lightly sunned, front gutter starting and front endpapers loose, small bookplate to pastedown). Note: Pencil inscription opposite letter reading “This manuscript was given to me by the Rev. Samuel Longfellow soon after he had published his brothers Life and Letters.” $800-1,200 306. MacTaggart, Maxwell Fielding (1874-1936), From Colonel to Subaltern: Some Keys for Horseowners, London: Country Life, 1928, Edition de Luxe, numbered 38 of 150 copies, signed by the author and with small original ink caricature titled “The Wag of the Regiment,” full gilt vellum, 4to, (rebacked). $150-200 307. Maeterlinck, Maurice (1862-1949), Hours of Gladness, London and New York, 1912, illustrated by E.J. Detmold, with nineteen colored plates, original pictorial cloth, 4to, (covered with soiling and spine yellowing, bumped and chipped, scattered interior soiling). $150-200 308. Man, Thomas, Picture of a Factory Village, Providence: Printed for the author, 1833, original half cloth with boards, with two plates printed on blue paper, 12mo, (covers stained, paste downs and first leaves spotted to back and front of book). Sabin 44185. $150-200 309. (Maritime), Colson, Nathaniel, The Mariner’s New Kalendar, London: W. and J. Mount and T. Page, 1748, later light brown calf, small 8vo, (seventeen repaired leaves with most text intact, some minor text losses, some chewing to edges). $200-250

310. (Mathematics), Deparcieux, Antoine the Elder (1703-1768), Nouveaux Traites de Trigonometrie Rectiligne et Spherique..., Paris: Hippolyte-Louis Guerin & Jacques Guerin, 1741, contemporary tree calf, 4to, (age-typical wear, good overall). $300-500 311. Mather, Cotton (1663-1728), The Comfortable Chambers, Opened and Visited, Upon the Departure of...Mr. Peter Thatcher...December 17. 1727, Boston: Thomas Fleet, 1795, second edition, unbound, twenty-eight pages, (lacking half title, else very good). Evans 30777. Sabin 46265. Note: According to Samuel Mather, this was the last sermon delivered by his father from the pulpit. $300-500 312. Mather, Cotton (1663-1728), Hor-Hagidgad: An essay upon an happy departure occasioned by the decease of the valuable Mr. William Waldron…, [Boston: Printed for S. Gerrish, S. Kneeland, N. Belknap, and B. Love, 1727], contemporary calf, 8vo; bound together with three additional sermons preached by John Webb, Thomas Foxcroft and Samuel Checkley, all published Boston: Printed for S. Gerrish, S. Kneeland, N. Belknap, and B. Love, 1727, (binding heavily worn, lacking half title, title page ripped, appendix with one leaf missing, one torn). $1,000-1,200 313. Mather, Cotton (1663-1728), Ratio Disciplinae Fratrum Nov Anglorum: a Faithful Account of the the Churches of New-England, Boston: printed for S. Gerrish in Cornhill, 1726, calf, 8vo, (bumped, hinge scuffs, gutters starting, soiling and owner’s names to flyleaves, title page with owner’s names [one Jonathan Cotton, 1729], some small tears, overall toning, scattered spotting, and some dampstaining). Evans 2775. $400-600 314. Mather, Increase (1639-1723) and Others, A Course of Sermons on Early Piety..., Boston, 1721, first edition, old calf, including sermons by eminent ecclesiastical figures such as Cotton Mather, Messrs. Wadsworth, Colman, Sewall, Prince, Webb, Cooper, and Foxcroft, 12mo, (lacking first two text leaves and blanks to both ends, chipped, bumped, and worn). Evans 2256. $400-600 315. Mather, Increase (1639-1723), A Disquisition Concerning Ecclesiastical Councils, Boston: Printed for N. Boone, 1716, original wraps, possibly signed by Samuel Mather, 12mo, (wraps and loose flyleaf, chipping). $800-1,200 316. Mather, Samuel (1706-1785), An Apology for the Liberties of the Churches in New England: to which is prefix’d a Discourse concerning Congregational Churches, Boston: Thomas Fleet for Daniel Henchman, 1738, first edition, contemporary calf, 8vo, (chipped and bumped, lacking prelims, scattered browning and spotting). Sabin 46791. $500-700

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317. Mather, Samuel (1706-1785), Dissertation Concerning the Most Venerable Name of Jehovah, Boston: Edes and Gill, 1760, first edition, later half calf with marbled boards, 101 pages, 8vo, (minor browning and scattered spotting). Evans 8664. $1,200-1,500

325. (Medicine, Poison), Mead, Richard (1673-1754), A Mechanical Account of Poisons in Several Essays, Dublin: S. Powell, 1736, Fourth Edition, with folding plate, calf, 8vo, (rebacked, bumped and chipped, scattered soiling, browning to paste downs, starting). $150-200

318. Mather, Samuel (1706-1785), The Life of the Very Reverend and Learned Cotton Mather...Late Pastor of the North Church in Boston, Boston: Samuel Gerrish, 1729, contemporary calf, 8vo, (cover nearly detached, chipped and bumped, browning). Evans 3188. $1,200-1,500

326. (Medicine), Medical Essaye and Observations, Edinburgh: T. and W. Ruddiman, 1737-1744, second edition corrected, five volumes in six (Volume V in two), with several folding plates, calf, 8vo, (bumped and chipped, a few loose endpapers, scattered spotting, bookplate). $300-500

319. (Mather Family), Three titles: Mather, Samuel (1706-1785), A Dead Faith Anatomized. A Discourse on the Nature, and the Danger... of a Dead Faith, Boston: J. Draper, 1740, bound with The SelfJudiciary Convicted and Condemned. A Discourse Concerning the Difficulty and Necessity...of Righteousness, contemporary calf, 12mo, (binding worn, browning); A Letter from Some Aged Nonconforming Ministers..., Boston: Samuel Gerrish, 1712, original wraps, 8vo, (title page in facsimile, browning and loose leaves); Ryland, John, Dr. Cotton Mather’s Student and Preacher, London: Charles Dilly, 1781, original wraps, 8vo, (minor chipping). $500-700

327. (Medicine, French), Peu, Philippe, La Pratique des Acouchemens, Par Mr. Peu, Maitre Chirugien & ancien, Paris: Chez Boudot, 1694, gilt-stamped full calf, with engraved frontis portrait and eight plates, 8vo, (splits along top of spine and rubbing, ownership stamps to title page). $600-900

320. (Medicine), Beaumont, William (1785-1853), Experiments and Observations on the Gastric Juice, and the Physiology of Digestion, Plattsburgh: F. P. Allen, 1833, half cloth, slipcased, 8vo, (rear board off, spine weak, covers worn, scattered spotting and light soiling). $400-600 321. (Medicine), Cheyne, George (1671-1743), The English Malady: Or, a Treatise of Nervous Diseases of all Kinds, London, 1733, first edition, calf, 8vo, (rebacked, bumped, scattered foxing, bumped, repair to back of title page, library markings to front paste down and back of title page). $200-300 322. (Medicine), Cooper, Astley Paston, Sir (1768-1841), A Treatise on Dislocations and Fractures of the Joints, Boston: Lilly & Wait and Carter & Hendee, 1832, second American from the sixth London edition, with numerous plates, calf, 8vo, (lightly bumped, chipped, foxing to pastedowns, scattered spotting). $150-200 323. (Medicine), Fuller, Francis (1670-1706), Medicina Gymnastica: or, a Treatise Concerning the Power of Exercise..., London: John Matthews, 1705, tree calf, 8vo, (bumped, hinged cracked, with front cover nearly off, pastedowns and initial flyleaves browned, scattered spotting and soiling, scuffs to calf). $125-175 324. (Medicine), Haslam, John (1764-1844), Observations on Madness and Melancholy, London, 1809, second edition, half calf, (bumped, edges of paper with wear/chipping, light scattered spotting, spine stamped “Cockermouth Library”). $250-350


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328. (Medicine), Salmon, William (1644-1713), Pharmacopoeia Londinensis: Or, the New London Dispensatory, London: J. Dawks, 1707, seventh edition, tree calf, 8vo, (lacking rear pastedown, small area of worming to spine edge of center of first gather, bumped, scattered soiling, marginalia, and dampstaining, starting). $150-200 329. (Medicine), Three titles: The Modern Practice of The London Hospitals, London, 1764, calf, 8vo, (rebacked, bumped and chipped); Ricketson, Shadrach, Means of Preserving Health, and Preventing Diseases, New York: Collins, Perkins, and Co., 1806, tree calf, 8vo, (scattered soiling); Douglas, Robert, Adventures of a Medical Student, New York: Burgess, Stringer, & Co., 1848, two volumes in one, three-quarter morocco, partially disbound, scattered soiling). $150-200 330. Melville, Herman (1819-1891), Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life. During Four Months’ Residence in a Valley of the Marquesas, New York: Wiley and Putnam; London: John Murray, 1846, first American edition, original stamped cloth binding, with two pages of ads dated March, 1846 inset at back, 12mo, (title page with library blind stamp, spine with losses and re-glued upside down, chipped, bumped and faded). $400-600 331. (Merchants), Beawes, Wyndham (fl. 1775), Lex Mercatoria Rediva: or The Merchant’s Directory. Being a Compleat Guide to all Men in Business, London: John Moore, 1752, full calf, folio, (binding heavily chipped, lacking prelims, general toning to interior). $300-400 332. (Mexico and the United States, Travel), Ruxton, George Frederick, Adventures in Mexico and The Rocky Mountains, London: John Murray, 1847, first edition, original red cloth, 8vo, (bumped, chipped, hinge tears, starting, scattered soiling). $300-500


333. (Midwifery), Mercurio, Geronimo Scipione (1550-1616), La Commare Del Scipione Mercurio Kinder-Mutter oder Hebammen Buch, Leipzig: Timothy Ritsch, 1653, contemporary gilt-tooled calf, pictorial title and twenty-three full page engravings, 4to, (binding worn and pulling away, perhaps missing blanks at end, typical soiling, moderate worming throughout). $500-700

338. M’Leod, John (1777?-1820), Voyage of His Majesty’s Ship Alceste, Along the Coast of Corea, to The Island of Lewchew with an Account of Her Subsequent Shipwreck, London: John Murray, 1818, second edition, later gilt lettered calf, with engraved frontis portrait and five hand-colored plates, 8vo, (scattered spotting, toning to plates). $250-350

334. (Militia, Pennsylvania, 19th Century), A Bill Entitled, An Act for the Regulation of the Militia of this Commonwealth, Harrisburg: Henry Webb, 1834, original wraps, reported in the Senate, February 4, 1834, one of 1500, 8vo, (chipping to edges, owner’s signature to title). $200-300

339. de Moliere, Jean Baptiste Poquelin (1622-1673), Works, London, 1714, in six volumes, calf, 8vo, (bumped and chipped, some hinge cracks, scattered soiling, browning, minor fanning). $200-400

335. Miller, Arthur (1915-2005), Signed Copy, After the Fall, New York: The Viking Press, 1964, original gilt brown cloth with slip case, signed by Miller, one of 999, 8vo, (very good to excellent). $200-300 336. Milton, John (1608-1674), Paradise Lost. A Poem, in Twelve Books and Paradise Regain’d. A Poem in Four Books, Birmingham: John Baskerville, 1758, two volumes, contemporary gilt-tooled tree calf, 4to, (hinges lightly rubbed, bumped, minor spotting to prelims). $300-500 337. (Miniature Books), Khayyam, Omar, (d. circa 1123), The Rose Garden, Worcester, Massachusetts: Privately printed, 1932, original morocco, 4 x 6 mm, in original box with magnifying glass, two other copies in larger format and A Thimbleful of Books, (good overall). $300-500

340. Moon, William (1818-1894), Texts for the Aged, in English, in Type for the Blind, Brighton: Moon’s Establishment for English and Foreign Books, Maps, &c., for the Blind, late 19th century, wraps, oblong 4to, (wear, chipping and spotting to wraps). $250-400 341. Moore, John (1729-1802), A Journal During a Residence in France, London, 1793, in two volumes, volume II with hand-tinted folding map, tree calf, 8vo, (hinges cracked, bumped, chipped, extremity wear, browning, scattered soiling, spine losses). $300-500 342. (Mormon History), Hickman, William A. (1815-1877), Brigham’s Destroying Angel: Being The Life, Confession, and Startling Disclosures of the Notorious Bill Hickman, The Danite Chief of Utah, New York: George A. Crofutt, 1872, first edition, gilt-stamped blue cloth, with notes by J.H. Beadle, 8vo, (spine head and foot frayed and sunned, bumped). Adams Six-Guns 981; Flake 3990; Graff 1879; Howes H465. $150-200

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343. (Mycology), Three titles in seven volumes: G. Juillard-Hartmann, Iconographie des Champignons Superieurs, Paris, c. 1920, in five volumes, with numerous lithograph plates, loose as issued in cloth wraps; Albert Pilat, Mushrooms, Amsterdam, 1954, with 120 plates, cloth, 4to; Nina L. Marshall, The Mushroom Book, New York, 1905, cloth, 4to, (minor wear and bumping, the latter starting). $300-400 344. (Mycology), Wasson, Valentina P. and Robert G., Mushrooms, Russia and History, New York: Pantheon Books, 1957, numbered 66 of 510, two volumes, 4to, cloth, with slipcase, (good, with a few torn tissues, minor soiling to slipcase). Lorenz & Guide. $1,000-1,500 345. Nabokov, Vladimir (1899-1977), Lolita, Paris: The Olympia Press, 1955, first edition, first issue with “Francs: 900� printed to lower right corner of rear cover, two volumes, original green wraps, with modern slipcase, 8vo, (Vol. I with some spine wear, creasing to front cover and through p. 14, rear cover with small area of surface loss, and with soiling to upper quadrant, very light edge chipping, a few pencil markings; Vol. II with soiling to front cover, some light spine wear and edge chipping, slight tape residue to front flyleaf). $2,500-3,500


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346. (Napoleon Bonaparte), Sloane, William Milligan (18501928), Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, New York: The Century Company, 1896, four volumes, original three-quarter gilt lettered red morocco and marbled boards, 4to, (bindings with some minor splitting to hinges, wear, and chipping, minor marginal toning). $250-350 347. (Natural History, Entomology), Feukln, Johann Caspar, Archiv Der Insectengeschichte, Zurich, 1782-85, four parts in one volume, contemporary calf, with thirty-nine mostly hand-colored plates, 4to, (binding heavily worn and spine chewed, minor spotting). $300-400 348. (Natural History), Heck, Johan Caspar (b. 1740), Iconographic Encyclopaedia of Science, Literature, and Art, New York: Rudolph Garrigue, 1851, one atlas only with four parts, three-quarter giltlettered morocco, with 261 plates, oblong 4to, (covers detached, scattered spotting throughout). $200-250


349. (New England History), Hubbard, William (1621?-1704), The History of The Indian Wars in New England from the First Settlement to the Termination of the War with King Philip, in 1677, Roxbury, Massachusetts: W. Elliot Woodward, 1865, two volumes, original gilt lettered half morocco, with folding map, number 252 of 350, (hinges cracked, covers rubbed and bumped and chipped). $200-300 350. (New York City, Travel), Mitchill, Samuel Latham (1764-1831), The Picture of New York; or The Traveller’s Guide, through the Commercial Metropolis, New York: J. Riley and Co., 1807, half calf, with folding map, 16mo, (covers heavily worn, separations along folds, stamps to title page). $200-300 351. (New York City), Shannon, Joseph, Manual of the Corporation of the City of New City, New York: E. Jones & Co., [1869], original gilt-stamped brown cloth, with thirteen color lithograph plates, four folding, four duotone lithograph plates, three lithograph plates, four steel-engraved plates, two folding facsimiles and two folding lithograph maps, one hand-colored, 8vo, (scattered spotting, binding faded, lightly frayed and chipped and bumped). $250-350

352. (North American Life), Parkinson, Richard (1748-1798), A Tour in America, in 1798, 1799, and 1800, London: J. Harding, 1805, two volumes, contemporary three-quarter calf, 8vo, (hinges weak, chipped and rubbed, interior clean). Howes P96. $200-250 353. (North America, Views), L’Amerique du Nord Pittoresque, Paris: A. Quantin and G. Decaux, 1880, original pictorial gilt-stamped red cloth, notes by William C. Bryant, translated by Benedict-Henry Revoil, 4to, (minor wear). $100-150 354. Olearius, Adam, The Voyages and Travels of the Ambassadors Sent by Frederick Duke of Holstein to the Great Duke of Muscovy..., London: Thomas Dring and John Starkey, 1662, two volumes in one, first edition in English, contemporary gilt lettered calf, with five folding and two double-page maps and three portraits, folio, (small losses to some maps, minor scattered spotting, binding heavily worn). Wing O269. $800-1,200

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355. Oliphant, Laurence (1829-1888), Narrative of The Earl of Elgin’s Mission to China and Japan in the Years 1857, ‘58, ‘59, New York: Harper & Brothers, 1860, first American edition, original gilt lettered and stamped cloth, colored frontis and steel engravings, 8vo, (edges frayed). $150-200 356. Onassis, Jacqueline Bouvier (1929-1994) and Bouvier, Lee (b. 1933), Signed Copy, One Special Summer, New York: Delacorte Press, 1974, first edition, first printing, original boards, signed by both authors and with owner’s inscription, (corners bumped). $800-1,200 357. (Orders), Burke, Sir John Bernard (1814-1892), The Book of Orders of Knighthood and Decorations of Honour of All Nations, London: Hurst and Blackett, Publishers, 1858, gilt-red cloth binding, approximately 100 hand-colored plates of orders and medals, 8vo, (tape applied to spine, cover and spine pulled away, tears to title, some perforation library marks, edges chipped, fair overall). $150-250 357A. (Ornithology), Bewick, Thomas (1753-1828), A History of British Birds, Newcastle, 1826, in two volumes, gilt-tooled calf by Riviere & Son, 8vo, (front covers detached, rear hinges tender, loses to header and footer, spine wear, some dry edge cracking at perimeters of binding, interior good). $150-200


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358. (Ornithology), Forbush, Edward Howe (1858-1929), Birds of Massachusetts and Other New England States, [Boston]: Massachusetts Department of Agriculture, 1925-29, in three volumes, with colored plates after drawings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes, cloth, 4to, (lightly bumped, chipped, starting, light browning, names to flyleaves). $100-200 359. Ovid (43 B.C.-17? A.D.), Les Metamorphoses, Paris, 1737, in two volumes, Vol. I with two frontis engravings, mottled calf, 4to, (bumped, calf scuffed, age toning, scattered soiling). $250-350 360. Paradin, Claude, Quadrins historiques de la Bible, Lyon: Jean de Tournes, 1560, with woodcut illustrations from a series designed by Bernard Solomon, gilt embossed crushed brown morocco by L. Claessens, small 8vo, (lightly bumped, header chipped, age browning, light chipping to margins of title page). $500-700 361. de Paredes, Ignacio, Promptuario manual mexicano..., Mexico, 1759, limp vellum, 4to, (vellum with wear and rippling, loss to upper right edge of front cover and to spine hinges, lacking endpapers, light edge chipping and small areas of light dampstaining, scattered soiling and some pencil markings). $500-700


362. (Travel, Paris, 18th Century), Dezallier d’Argenville, Antoine Nicolas, Voyage Pittoresque des Environs de Paris, ou Description des Maisons Royales..., Paris, 1762, with engraved frontis, tree calf, 8vo, (wear to covers, heavily bumped and chipped, hinges cracking at top, light dampstaining to frontis and title page, fanning). $100-200

365. Parkman, Francis (1823-1893), History of the Conspiracy of Pontiac and the War of the North American Tribes against the English Colonies after the Conquest of Canada, Boston: Charles Little and James Brown, 1851, first edition, later red cloth, with four maps, two double-page, 8vo, (spotting to plates). BAL 15448; Howes P-100. $100-150

363. (Paris), Three titles: Dezallier d’Argenville, Antoine Nicolas, Voyage Pittoresque de Paris, Paris: Bure, pere, 1770, tree calf, with colored frontis and seven plates (three folding), 8vo, (wear to binding, interior cracked); Paris Moderne et Ses Environs, Paris: Lemercier, [c. 1850], original gilt lettered purple cloth, with twenty-four (of thirty) hand-colored views, oblong 12mo, (covers sunned, minor scattered spotting to plates); and Souvenir de Paris, [c. 1880], original purple cloth, with twenty-two black and white photographs, oblong 12mo, (covers water stained, plates loose). $200-300

366. Parkman, Francis (1823-1893), The Oregon Trail. Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain Life, Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1892, pictorial gilt and colored calf, with illustrations by Frederic Remington, 8vo, (spine lacking, binding edges chipped and some soiling). Howes P97. $100-150

364. Parkman, Francis (1823-1893), Extra Illustrated, Four titles in five volumes, four Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, bound with plates and maps, comprising France and England in North America, 1885, Part Seventh, one of seventy-five copies, Volumes I and II only, also bound with five original documents and Vol. II with Eliot, Andrew, A Sermon...for the Success of the British Arms this Year; especially in the Reduction of Quebec..., Boston, 1759; Pioneers of France in the New World, 1866, numbered 55 of 75 copies; France and England in North America, Boston, 1874, Part Fourth, number 2 of seventy-five copies; and Conspiracy of Pontiac, Volume II only, lacking title page, all uniformly bound in gilt-tooled three-quarter crushed red morocco by P.B. Sanford, 4to, (good, with bookplate to pastedown, minor toning, and very slight spine sunning). $2,000-3,000

367. Philips, John (1631-1709), Cyder. A Poem. In Two Books, London: Jacob Tonson, 1708, tooled full calf, with engraved frontis, 8vo, (cover detached, chipped and bumped, end paper detached). $200-250 368. Phillips, Paul C., The Fur Trade, Norman, Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press, 1961, first edition, original cloth in slipcase, with chapters by J.W. Smurr, 8vo, (sunning to spines). $150-200 369. Poore, Benjamin Perley (1820-1887), The Life and Public Services of Ambrose E. Burnside, Providence: J.A. & R.A. Reid, 1882, Edition de Luxe, numbered 171 of 300 copies, tooled dark brown morocco, 4to, (some scuffs to extremities, minor toning). $150-200 online bidding at



370. Portlock, Captain Nathaniel (1748?-1817), A Voyage Round the World; but more particularly to the North-west Coast of America, London, 1789, first edition, later gilt lettered three-quarter calf, with portrait frontispiece, large folding map, and eighteen plates, including five folding maps, folio, (dampstaining through first forty pages, minor tears to large map, lacking prelims). Sabin 64389; Howes P-497; Lada-Mocarski 42; Bell P-365. $2,500-4,000 371. (Primer), Alexander, Caleb (1755-1828), Grammatical Elements, or, A Comprehensive Theory of English Grammar; Intended for the Use of Children of Both Sexes, Boston: Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews, 1793, first edition, original wooden boards with leather spine, 12mo, (paper losses to boards, owner’s name to title and pastedown, scattered spotting). $200-300 372. (Railroadiana), Macleod, William, Harper’s New York and Erie RailRoad Guide Book, New York: Harper & Brothers, 1851, cloth, 8vo, (bumped, cloth with age wear, spine sunned, pastedowns and flyleaves spotted, rear flyleaf lacking, scattered soiling and pencilings). $150-200 373. Rawstorne, Lawrence, Gamonia: or, The Art of Preserving Game, London: Rudolph Ackermann, 1837, with fifteen hand-colored plates, gilt-tooled brown morocco, 8vo, (plates with some browning/soiling [four rather severe], toning, light wear to morocco, header chipped, and edge of one board lightly dented). $500-700


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374. (Revolutionary War), Andrews, John (1736-1809), History of the War with America, France, Spain, and Holland; commencing in 1775 and ending in 1783, London: John Fielding, 1785-1786, four volumes, contemporary half calf and boards, with thirty-one maps and plates, 8vo, (covers and bindings defective throughout, minor chipping to a few folding plates, interior good overall). $1,000-1,500 374A. (Revolutionary War, America), Almon, John (1737-1805), The Remembrancer, or Impartial Repository of Public Events, London: Printed for J. Almon, 1775, 1778-1779, three volumes, first volume fourth edition, contemporary half calf, with folding map, 8vo, (covers detached, chipped and worn). Sabin 955. $1,200-1,500 375. (Revolutionary War, Biography), Heath, General William (17371814), Memoirs of Major-General Heath...During the American War, Boston: Isaiah Thomas and E.T. Andrews, 1798, first edition, later gilt-lettered three-quarter green morocco, 8vo, (scattered spotting and light browning in spots). Howes H381; Sabin 31192. $150-250 376. (Revolutionary War Uniforms), A Handbook of Military Uniforms of the Revolutionary Period, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania: WPA State Wide Museum Extension project, [c.1935], loose as issued in folio, with twenty-eight large plates and a pamphlet, folio, (library marking and some creasing, handling creases) $300-500

376A. (Revolutionary War, America), Stedman, Charles (1753-1812), The History of the Origin, Progress, and Termination of the American War, London, 1794, first edition, volume I only, half calf and boards, with fifteen plates and folding maps, 4to, (covers detached, one map with slight tear). Sabin 91057. $1,500-2,500 377. Reynolds, John (1788-1865), My Own Times, Embracing Also, The History of my Life, [Belleville, Illinois], 1855, first edition, cloth, 8vo, (rebacked, sunned, overall toning and scattered soiling). Howes R236. $200-300 378. Rogers, Woodes, Capt. (d. 1732), A Cruising Voyage Round the World..., London, 1712, first edition, two parts in one volume, with five folding maps, calf, 8vo, (bumped, chipped, hinges cracking, book plate to pastedown and name to flyleaf, heavy marginalia [18th century], scattered soiling, green stain to D of world on title page, world projection map with age-typical small tears at left and right sides). $2,000-3,000 379. (Roman History), Various Authors, Scriptores Historiae Romanae Latini Veteres, qui Extant Omnes, Notis Variis Illustrate, a Carolo Henrico de Klettenberg et Wildeck..., Heidelberg: J.J. Haener, 1743, three volumes, contemporary gilt-tooled and lettered calf, three frontispieces, 174 chapter head and tail engravings, and 192 plates including depictions of numismatic pieces, siege engines, ships, temples, statuary, art, and architecture, folio, (age-typical wear, spines re-capped and minor repairs, internally very clean). $1,000-1,500 380. (Rome, Views), Weinlig, Christian Traugott, Briefe uber Rom..., Dresden, 1782, with eleven folding plates after works by Piranesi and others, half red calf, 8vo, (scuffing to binding, browning to pastedowns and flyleaves, scattered soiling, toning). $150-200 381. Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919), Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail, New York: The Century Co., 1888, illustrated by Frederic Remington, pictorial cloth, folio, (bumped and chipped, light edge wear to cloth, starting). $200-300 382. (Salmon Fly Fishing), Fitzgibbon, Edward (1803-1857), The Book of the Salmon, London: Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans, 1850, contemporary pictorial morocco by Andrew Grieve, Edinburgh, with nine plates, eight colored, 16mo, (hinges weak, minor wear). Note: Ex-libris John Wilson and William Simon Glazier.


383. Sandburg, Carl (1878-1967), Signed Copy, Good Morning America, New York: Crosby Gaige, 1928, first edition, original Art Deco style gilt stamped crimson cloth, one of 800 copies, signed on half-title, 8vo, (minor wear, else excellent). $150-250

384. Sandburg, Carl (1878-1967), Signed Copy, Selected Poems of Carl Sandburg, New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1939, original gilt lettered black cloth, signed on half-title, 8vo, (later plastic dust jacket, very clean and crisp). $100-150 385. Sansovino, Francesco (1521-1586), Cento Novelle scelte da piu nobili scrittori..., Venice: Alessandro Vecchi, 1610, old three-quarter vellum binding, 8vo, (lightly bumped, bookplate to pastedown, title page with a small ink stamp with losses within the stamped area, scattered soiling and smudging). $150-200 386. (Scotland), D’Hardiviller, Charles Achille, Souvenirs Des Highlands. Voyage a la Suite de Henri V en 1832, Paris: Deverger, 1835, gilttooled diced green calf, with engraved dedication and thirty-two lithograph plates, 4to, (binding with water staining, edges chipped, spotting to plates). $250-350 387. Scott, Captain Robert Falcon (1868-1912), Scott’s Last Expedition, New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1913, two volumes, original cloth, with eight maps, 8vo, (minor staining to binding, staining to interior). $150-200 388. Scott, Sir Walter (1771-1832), Rokeby; a Poem, Edinburgh: John Ballantyne and Co., 1813, first edition, gilt-tooled and lettered crushed black morocco, 4to, (front hinge slightly rubbed, corners bumped). $150-200 389. (Shipwrecks), Thomas, Rev. R., Interesting and Authentic Narratives of the Most Remarkable Shipwrecks..., Hartford: Silas Andrus & Son, 1850, original bronze cloth with gilt lettering, illustrated with woodcuts, 8vo, (foxing and toning to plates). $200-300 390. Shorthouse, Joseph Henry (1834-1903), John Inglesant, London: Macmillan and Co., 1881, first trade edition, in two volumes, red cloth, with slipcase, 8vo, (ex-library with library labels to front covers, hinges broken, bumped, chipped, browning, light marginalia). $150-200 391. (Slavery), Hughes, Louis (1832-c. 1897), Thirty Years a Slave. From Bondage to Freedom, Milwaukee: South Side Printing Company, 1897, first edition, original cloth, 8vo, (chipped and loose flyleaf, inner hinges starting). Brignano 122. $250-350 392. Smith, Eliza, The Compleat Housewife, London, 1750, Fourteenth edition, folding plates lacking, diced calf, 8vo, (bumped and chipped, gutters starting at top edge, hinges tender, circular indentations to front cover, frontis and title page detached, T5 with corner loss, soiling and browning). $150-250

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393. (Sporting), Three titles: Higginson and Chamberlain, Hunting in the United States and Canada, Garden City: Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc., 1928, gilt pictorial cloth, 4to; Mayer, Sport with Gun and Rod, New York: The Century Co., 1883, pictorial cloth, 8vo; Dawson, Sport in War, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1937, cloth, 4to, (spotting to endpapers and title page, spine sunned), (all with minor bumping, chipping, age wear, and scattered soiling). $150-200 394. (Sporting Books, English), Apperley, Charles J. (1777?-1843), The Life of John Mytton, Esq., of Halston, Shropshire...Hunting, Racing, Shooting, Driving and Extravagant Exploits, London: George Routledge & Sons, 1869, fourth edition, gilt-lettered crimson threequarter calf, with engraved title and eighteen hand-colored plates by Henry Alken and T. Rawlins, 8vo, (one group slightly loose and chipped at edges, age-typical wear to binding). Tooley 66. $250-350 395. Steinbeck, John (1902-1968), John Steinbeck...A Letter Written in reply to a request for a statement about his ancestry, Stamford, Connecticut: The Overbrook Press, 1940, boards with paper label, one of 350 printed, small 8vo, (very good to excellent) $200-400 396. von Steuben, Friedrich Wilhelm (1730-1794), Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States...Laws and Regulations for Governing and Disciplining the Militia of the United States, Portsmouth, New Hampshire: J. Melcher, 1794, original wraps, with eight plates, most folding, 8vo, (ink spotting to covers and title, minor edge tears and age-typical defects). $300-400


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397. (Stevenson, Robert Louis), Carman, Bliss (1861-1929), A Seamark A Threnody For Robert Louis Stevenson, Boston: Copeland and Day, 1895, first edition, original olive-gray wraps, in a blue half morocco slipcase, 12mo, (edge chipping). $100-125 398. Stowe, Harriet Beecher (1811-1896), Uncle Tom’s Cabin; or, Life among the Lowly, Boston: John P. Jewett & Company, 1852, first edition, one hundredth thousand, with Hobart & Robbins slug on verso of title page, two volumes in one, three-quarter morocco, 8vo, (starting, front free endpaper loose, bumped, edge wear, soiling). Grolier 61. $150-250 399. Stuart, Granville (1834-1918), Forty Years on the Frontier as Seen in the Journals and Reminiscences of Granville Stuart, Cleveland: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1925, two volumes, original gilt blue cloth, 8vo, (very good, minor wear). Howes 1096. $300-400 400. (Surveying, 18th Century), Haye, Regle horaire universelle pour tracer les cadrans solaires..., Paris: Jacques Vincent, 1716, later calf, 8vo, (one folding plate with loss to upper right corner, title page close at fore-edge, scattered soiling). $150-250 401. Swift, Jonathan (1667-1745), Works, London, 1755, six volumes, edited by John Hawkesworth, contemporary gilt-tooled calf, 4to, (hinges cracked, bumped and chipped, scuffing to calf, 19th century library markings [including stamps for Peterhouse Cambridge Library], spotting, scattered soiling and dampstaining). $300-400


402. (Texas), Green, Thomas Jefferson (1801-1863), Journal of the Texian Expedition Against Meir...His Sufferings and Final Escape from the Castle of Perote, New York: Harper & Brothers, 1845, original giltstamped cloth, with two maps, one folding, eleven plates, 8vo, (minor wear to top and foot of spine, plates with light spotting). Howes G371. $700-900 403. (Texiana), McConnell, H.H., Five Years a Cavalryman; or, Sketches of Regular Army Life on the Texas Frontier Twenty Odd Years Ago, Jacksboro, Texas, 1889, pebbled cloth, 8vo, (bumped, chipping, light wear to cloth, starting). $250-350 404. Thackeray, William Makepeace (1811-1863), Two titles: The History of Pendennis, London: Bradbury & Evans, 1850, two volumes, first edition, original gilt stamped green cloth, illustrations by the author, 8vo; and The Newcomes. Memoirs of a Most Respectable Family, London: Bradbury & Evans, 1854, first edition, two volumes, original three-quarter calf, illustrated by Richard Doyle, 8vo, (both with heavy wear to bindings and heavy offset to the interiors). $200-300 405. Thiers, Louis Adolphe (1797-1877), History of the Consulate and the Empire of France under Napoleon, London: Henry Colburn, 184561, twenty volumes in ten, three-quarter tan calf, 8vo, (bumped, chipped, extremity wear, some scuffs to calf, spine labels lifting). $200-300

406. (Thomas, Isaiah, Printer), Brady, N. and Tate, N. A New Version of the Psalms of David. Fitted to the Tunes Used in Churches, Worcester, Massachusetts: Isaiah Thomas, 1758, contemporary calf, 8vo, (boards heavily worn and chewed, owner’s inscriptions on flyleaf, scattered spotting). $400-600 407. (Thomas, Isaiah, Printer), Hervey, James (1714-1758), Meditations and Contemplations, Worcester, Massachusetts: Isaiah Thomas, 1789, two volumes in one, contemporary calf, 8vo, (binding with cover detached, chipped and bumped, flyleaf loose). $300-500 408. (Tradesmen and Commerce), Taylor, Isaac (1759-1829), Scenes of Wealth, or, Views & Illustrations of Trades, Manufactures, Commerce, Agriculture, London: Harris and Son, and Hartford: Oliver Cooke and Co., 1826, first edition, one volume, original printed boards, illustrated with copperplate engravings, small 8vo, (dampstaining to covers and early portion of interior, some minor springing to signatures). $150-250 409. (Travel, European), Brown, Edward, A Brief Account of Some Travels…, London: T.R. for Benjamin Tooke, 1673, contemporary calf, with nine plates, some folding; bound with An Account of Several Travels through…Germany, London, 1677, with six plates, some folding, 4to, (binding with age-typical wear, fanning). $500-700

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410. (Travel), Ireland, John B., Wall-Street to Cashmere. A Journal of Five Years in Asia, Africa, and Europe, New York: S.S. Rollo & Co., 1859, gilt pictorial cloth, with portrait frontis and decorative half title, 8vo, (dampstaining to lower half throughout, rear endpaper with repaired tear, lightly bumped, spine lighted faded, starting). $200-300

413. Truman, Harry (1884-1972), Signed Copy, Memoirs Harry S. Truman, Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, 1955-56, two volumes, first edition, original cloth with dust jackets, signed on half-title of Volume I, 8vo, (old clipping burn to title, edge browning to jackets). $300-500

410A. (Travel, North America), Two titles: Burke, Edmund (1727-1797), An Account of the European Settlements in America, London: R. and J. Dodsley, 1757, first edition, volume II only, later three-quarter calf, with folding map, (good); Dwight, Timothy, Travels in New-England and New-York, London: William Baynes and Son, 1823, volume I only, with portrait frontispiece and folding map, (spine defective and weak hinges, chipping). $200-400

414. (Truman, Harry (1884-1972)), Presentation Copy, Mr. President. The First Publication from the Personal Diaries...of Harry Truman, New York: Farrar, Straus and Young, 1952, first edition, original green and brown cloth, inscribed to J. R. Cominsky, with kindest regards and dated 6/4/54, with interviews with William Hillman, folio, (lacking dust jacket, minor usage wear). $400-600

411. (Travel), Northleigh, John, Topographical Descriptions with Historico-political, and Medico-physical Observations: Made in Two Several Voyages, through most Parts of Europe, London: Benjamin Tooke, 1702, first edition, two parts in one volume, calf, 8vo, (cover detached, ink staining to flyleaf and minor marginal staining). $200-400 412. Trollope, Anthony (1815-1882), Travelling Sketches, London: Chapman and Hall, 1866, first edition in book form, with catalogue, gilt lettered red cloth, 8vo, (lightly bumped and chipped, some soiling to cloth, pencil notations to title page and rear flyleaf, minor toning). $75-125


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415. (Turkey), The Turkish Empire, John Speed, 1626 [or later], double page folio, uncolored, with town vignettes along the upper border and fashionably dressed figures along side margins, with English text to reverse, 16 x 20 in., (trimmed, creased and with minor spotting). $1,200-1,500 416. (Turkish Empire and the Mediterranean), Estats de L’Empire Du Grand Seigneur Des Turcs en Europe, en Asie, et en Afrique divise en touts ses Beglerbeglicz, ou Governements, Nicholas Sanson, [Paris, c. 1700], double-page folio, with hand-colored cartouches and outlines, inset vignette of Algeria, 590 x 887 mm, (browned overall, burn three burn spots, corners chipped and repaired). $300-500

417. (United States of America), Laws of the United States of America... Comprising the Federal Constitution, the Acts of the Three Sessions of the First Congress, and the Treaties, Philadelphia: Andrew Brown, 1791, volume I only, original boards, 8vo, (library plate on pastedown, hinge cracked and covers water stained and chipped, scattered spotting). $300-400 418. (United States Congress), Acts Passed at the First Session of the Congress of the United States of America...begun and held at the City of New York..., Philadelphia: Francis Childs and John Swaine, 1791, original boards, bound with Acts Passed at the Second and Third Sessions of the Congress of the United States of America, Philadelphia, 1791, Francis Childs and John Swaine, 8vo, cover detached, library plate to pastedown, owner’s inscription on title page, age-typical scattered spotting and staining throughout). Evans 29674. $1,000-1,500 419. (United States Congress), Acts Passed at The First Session of the Fifth Congress of The Fifth Congress of the United States of America, Philadelphia: William Ross, 1797-99, contemporary calf, 8vo, (hinges cracked and weak, covers scuffed, worn and bumped, interior with scattered spotting). $250-350 420. (United States Constitutional Congress), Secret Proceedings and Debates of the Convention Assembled at Philadelphia, 1787...forming the Constitution, Albany: Websters and Skinners, 1821, original half calf, 8vo, (scattered foxing and offset throughout). $150-200 421. (United States, History), Bancroft, George (1800-1891), History of the Colonization of the United States and History of the United States from the Discovery of the American Continent, Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1850-1864, various editions, eight volumes, uniformly bound in three-quarter calf with colored labels, 8vo, (bindings worn, chipped and bumped, interior good). $300-500


424. (United States, Views), Hinton, John Howard (1791-1873), The History and Topography of the United States of America...Illustrated with a Series of Views, London: John Tallis and Company, [1850], fourth edition, two volumes, gilt-lettered three-quarter green morocco, with engraved titles, two frontispiece portraits and sixty-seven handcolored plates and folding maps, 4to, (minor wear to spines, hinges rubbed, interior very clean and crisp). Howes H512; Sabin 31964. $1,000-1,500

422. (United States, History), Hinton, John Howard (1791-1873), The History and Topography of the United States of North America, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, Boston: Samuel Walker, 1834, two volumes, contemporary gilt-tooled tree calf, with map and thirty-nine steel engravings, 4to, (one cover detached, all starting, chipped and worn, interior with scattered spotting). Howes H512; Sabin 31964. $150-200

425. Updike, John (1932-2009), Signed Copy, Rabbit, Run, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1960, first edition, first issue in original cloth with first issue dust jacket having a 16-line unattributed blurb on front flap, signed on front endpaper, (browning to front endpaper, jacket and else very good to excellent). $400-600

423. (United States Navy, 18th Century), Report (in part) of the relates to the Naval Establishment, the Augmentation of the Navy, [Philadelphia, 1799], unbound, with folding chart listing current ships and further detailing updated allocations for the Navy, 8vo, (minor chipping, else good). $500-700

426. Van Allsburg, Chris, The Polar Express, 2004 Special Edition reprint of the Houghton Mifflin 1985 first edition, numbered 89 of 175 copies created to commemorate the production of the film version of the book, signed by actor Tom Hanks, the film’s director, Richard Zemeckis, and the author, with silver-embossed full crushed red calf, and original green cloth slipcase, oblong folio, (excellent). $800-1,200

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427. de Vertot, Rene Aubert (1655-1735), The History of the Knights Hospitallers...and at Present the Knights of Malta, Edinburgh, 1770, in five volumes, calf, 8vo, (chipped and bumped, scuffs and soiling to calf, losses to spine strips, Vol. I and V with hinge cracks, browning). $150-250

428. Wadsworth, Benjamin (1670-1737), Surviving Servants of God, Carrying on the Work of the Deceased. A Sermon...soon after the Death of the Reverend & Honorable John Leverett, Boston: B. Green, 1724, unbound in a later half morocco clamshell box, twenty-four pages, 8vo, (re-sewn, chipped and slightly browned). Note: Wadsworth was President of Harvard College, 1725-1737. $800-1,200

429. Wadsworth, Edward and Windeler, Bernard, Sailing Ships and Barges of the Western Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas, London: Frederick Etchells & Hugh Macdonald, 1926, number 128 of 450 copies, with map and seventeen plates (most hand-colored), cloth, with boards slipcase, folio, (light, minor bumping and handling wear, slipcase with wear). $300-500

430. Walker, Adam (1730-1821), A Journal of Two Campaigns of the Fourth Regiment of U.S. Infantry, Keene, 1816, boards, 8vo, (owner’s name inked to flyleaf, scattered soiling, browning, edge wear to paper, a small worm hole to rear gather). $500-700

431. Walsh, William (1663-1708), Letters and Poems, Amorous and Gallant, London, 1692, calf, 8vo, (lacking front board, rear board with surface losses, spotting, left corner of p. 81 missing [not affecting text], scattered soiling). $200-300

432. Walter, Nehemiah (1663-1750), Discourses on the Whole LVth Chapter of Isaiah...To which is added, the Author’s Last Sermon, Boston: D. Fowle, 1755, first edition, contemporary tooled calf, (rebacked, chipped and bumped, browning throughout). Evans 7588. $150-250

433. Warthin, Aldred Scott, The Physician of the Dance of Death, New York: Paul B. Hoeber Inc., 1931, numbered 93 of 1000, together with a loose page printed with Warthin’s Credo, signed and dated 1930, half cloth, folio, (lightly bumped, Credo sheet with browning and chipping to right edge). $150-250


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434. (Washington, George (1732-1799)), Memorials, Seven sermons preached upon the death of George Washington: Paine, Thomas, An Eulogy on the Life of General Washington, Newburyport: Edmund Blunt, 1800, unbound, Evans 38178; Ames, Fisher, An Oration on the Sublime Virtues of General George Washington, Boston: Young & Minns, 1800, Evans 36831; Bartlett, Josiah, An Oration on the Death of General George Washington, Charlestown, Massachusetts: Samuel Etheridge, 1800, unbound; Stillman, Samuel, A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of George Washington, Boston: Manning & Loring, [1800], unbound; Porter, Eliphalet, An Eulogy on George Washington, Boston: Manning & Loring, [1800], original wraps; Osgood, David, A Discourse…Death of its Most Eminent Citizen, George Washington, Boston: Samuel Hall, 1800, later wraps, with an autograph letter laid in; and another, (minor library markings, mostly good, some chipping). $700-900 435. (Washington, George), Weems, Mason Locke (1759-1825), The Life and Memorable Actions of George Washington General and Commander of the Armies of America, [Baltimore: George Keatinge, [c. 1800], original paper covered boards, woodblock frontis portrait, 12mo, (back cover off and fragmentary, last few leaves chewed at top edge, minor loss to portrait, creasing and minor damp staining). Note: Weems was the perpetrator of the famous myth of the young George Washington and the fictional chopping down of the cherry tree. $400-600 436. (Western Exploration), Ker, Henry, Travels through the Western Interior of the United States..., Elizabethtown, New Jersey, 1816, calf, 8vo, (bumped chipped, calf worn, front cover detaching, inked names to flyleaves, a few scattered page tears, heavy spotting and toning). $300-500 437. (Exploration, Western United States), Ives, Lt. Joseph C., Report upon the Colorado River of the West Washington: Government Printing Office, 1861, first edition, original gilt-stamped brown cloth, with two folding maps, eight folding panoramic views, eleven engraving and seven color lithograph plates, 8vo, (spine lacking, first gathering nearly loose, cover detached, chipped and bumped). Howes 192; Sabin 35308; Wagner-Camp 375; Wheat, Transmississippi 4, pp. 98-101. $500-700 438. Whitman, Walt (1819-1892), Leaves of Grass, Boston: Thayer and Eldridge, 1860-61, third edition, original stamped cloth, with frontis portrait, 8vo, (covers detached, spine with losses, blanks chipped). Stark & Gordan, Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass: A Centenary Exhibition, 1955, p. 13. $400-600 439. Whitman, Walt (1819-1892), Leaves of Grass, Philadelphia: David McKay, 1919, with autograph signed check laid onto front pastedown, dated Nov. 2, 1887, no recipient listed, (the book starting, with minor edge wear, edges chipped, overall toning, the check with central tears and browning of glue). $1,000-1,500


440. Whitman, Walt (1819-1892), Leaves of Grass, Portland, Maine: Mosher Press, 1919, original boards with dust jacket, one of 100 on Van Gelder, facsimile of the 1855 edition, 4to, (jacket ragged to spine, interior excellent). $100-150

442. Wilkinson, Sir J. Gardner (1797-1875), The Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, London: John Murray, 1878, three volumes, gilt-tooled green cloth, edited by Samuel Birch, 8vo, (very minor wear, good overall). $250-350

441. Wilde, Oscar (1854-1900), Five uniformly bound titles, comprising four pirated editions: The Sphinx, London: Privately printed, 1901, numbered 213 of 250 copies, with purple paper title page, 4to; Salome. A Tragedy in One Act, London: Melmoth & Co., 1904, pirated edition, out of series edition of 250 copies (not numbered), with illustrations by Aubrey Beardlsey, 8vo; Lady Windermere’s Fan, Paris [printed in England], 1903, pirated edition numbered 9 of 250 copies, 8vo; Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime. A Study of Duty, London: Privately printed, [c. 1904], numbered 156 of 300 copies, [Pirated Ed. Mason 598], 8vo; and The Happy Prince and Other Tales, London: David Nutt, 1905, fourth impression, with illustrations by Walter Crane and Jacomb Hood, 8vo; all uniformly bound with three-quarter brown morocco with marbled boards, and bearing bookplate to front pastedown, (good, with minor toning and some light scattered soiling). $400-600

443. Williamson, Captain Thomas and Howitt, Samuel (1765?-1822), Oriental Field Sports...Wild Sports of the East, London: William Bulmer and Co., 1807, contemporary gilt-tooled diced calf with original wraps bound in and forty hand-colored plates published by Edward Orme, oblong folio, (binding worn, chipped and bumped, minor marginal toning and smudging). Schwerdt II, 297; Abbey, Travel, 427. $6,000-8,000 444. Winchester, Elhanan (1751-1797), The Universal Restoration, Exhibited in Four Dialogues between A Minister and his Friend, Philadelphia: T. Dobson, 1792, later edition, old calf, 12mo, (covers detached, lacking prelims. $100-200

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445. (Wine), Shaw, Thomas George, Wine, the Vine, and the Cellar, London: Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts & Green, 1864, second edition, with folding frontis, map, and two folding tables, gilt pictorial red cloth, 8vo, (bumped, header and footer frayed and with losses, spine sunned, spotting and scattered soiling throughout, starting, leaning). $100-200 446. Woodville, William (1752-1805), Medical Botany, London: John Bohn, 1832, third edition, five volumes, with hand tinted plates, gilttooled tree calf, 4to, (Vols. I and II with surface losses to calf at one cover each, rebacked, scattered spotting and light soiling). Henrey 1521-22; Nissen 2183; Pritzel 10398. $3,000-4,000 447. Wouk, Herman (b. 1915), The Caine Mutiny, Garden City: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1951, first edition, cloth with dust jacket, 8vo, (dust jacket with edge chipping, leaning slightly, light edge browning). $100-150 448. (Yale University), Dwight, Timothy (1752-1817), Presentation Copy, A Valedictory Address to the Young Gentlemen, who Commenced Bachelors of Arts, at Yale College, July 25th, 1776, New Haven: Thomas and Samuel Green, [1776], later cloth, inscribed “To Mr. Ebenezer Williams from his humble Servant, Timothy Dwight,” 8vo, (later endpapers, owner inscription on last page, scattered spotting). Note: At this time, Timothy Dwight was a tutor at Yale College. After he served with distinction in the Continental Army as a Chaplain and authored the stirring and popular song “Columbia.” He later served as President of Yale College from 1795-1817. $1,500-2,000

Books: Arts, Architecture, Fine Press and Illustrators: Lots 449-622 449. (Ancient Archeology), Two titles: Schliemann, Henry, Mycenae, New York: Scribner, Armstrong & Company, 1878, and Wood, J.T., Discoveries at Ephesus, Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1877, (starting, inked name to flyleaf), both decorative cloth, 8vo, (minor wear to cloth, lightly bumped, some spine chipping, toning). $200-250 450. (Ancient Rome, Art and Architecture), Piroli, Tommaso, Li Bassirilievi Antichi di Roma, Rome: Francesco Bourlie, 1808, two volumes, with engraved illustrations by Giorgio Zoega and Pietro Piranesi, full vellum, folio, (scattered toning, spotting, and dampstaining). $400-600 451. (Architecture, American), Hills, Chester, The Builder’s Guide; or A Practical Treatise on the Several Orders of Grecian and Roman Architecture, Together with the Gothic Style of Building, Hartford: D.W. Kellogg & Co., 1834, two volumes in one, later half morocco with marbled boards, with seventy plates, folio, (spotting, repair to second title page, dampstaining in upper quadrant through most of second half). $200-300


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452. (Architecture, American), A Monograph of the Work of McKim Mead & White, 1879-1915, New York: The Architectural Book Publishing Co., 1915, Volume I (of IV) only, with ninety-nine plates, loose as issued in three-quarter cloth folio, folio, (cover with age-typical wear and soiling, hinge tear, toning, some light edge chipping). $300-400 453. (Architecture, American), White, Stanford (1853-1906), Sketches and Designs by Stanford White, New York: The Architectural Book Publishing Co., 1920, gilt stamped brown cloth, folio, (minor wear, minor spotting). $200-300 454. (Architecture, American Colonial), Crane, Edward and Soderholtz, E.E., Examples of Colonial Architecture in South Carolina and Georgia, Berlin: Bruno Hessling, [c. 1895], original half cloth, loose as issued in portfolio, with fifty-two plates, folio, (blindstamps, minor wear, binding chipped). $150-200 455. (Architecture and Decorative Arts), Gothic Ornaments, London: J. Jobbins, c. 1848, two volumes, gilt embossed cloth, folio, (bumped, chipped, spine wear and small spine tears, scattered soiling). $200-300 456. (Architecture, English), Kendall, Henry Edward, Designs for Schools and School Houses, Parochial and National, London: Archley & Co., 1848, original gilt stamped cloth, with twenty full page engraving, some lithotinted, folio, (spine sunned, split and frayed, minor scattered spotting to interior). $150-250 457. (Architecture, English), Latham, Charles, In English Homes, London: Country Life, 1904-1909, four volumes, original cloth, folio, (hinges a little weak, chipped and bumped and slightly sunned to covers). $150-200 458. (Architecture, English), Withers, Frederick Clarke, Church Architecture. Plans Elevations and Views of Twenty-one Churches and Two School Houses, New York: A.J. Bicknell & Co., 1873, original gilt stamped cloth, with lithographs by Julius Bien, folio, (cover with chipped corners, hinge partially torn to both edges). $150-200 459. (Architecture, English Cathedrals), Carter, J., and Others, Six parts in two volumes; uniformly bound in later three-quarter brown morocco, large folio, comprising: Plans, Elevations...and Specimens of the Architecture and Ornaments of the Cathedral Church Durham, London, 1801, with pictorial title and eleven full page or folding plates; Some Account of the Cathedral Church of Gloucester, London, 1809, pictorial title and seventeen full page or folding plates; Some Account of the Abbey Church of St. Alban, London, 1813, pictorial title and eighteen full page or folding plates; Some Account of the Collegiate Chapel of Saint Stephan, Westminster, London, [1795], with pictorial title and twenty-six plates; Some Account of the Cathedral Church of Exeter, London, [1797], with pictorial title and ten full page and folding plates, (some minor dampstaining and marginal toning with scattered spotting). $800-1,200

460. (Architecture, English Domestic), Clarke, William M., Minor English Domestic Architecture, Los Angeles: Los Angeles Pressed Brick Company, 1923-24, three volumes, half cloth, loose as issued in original folios, with seventy-five photographs, each mounted to card, (minor wear); together with Gurlitt, Cornelius, Historische Stadtbilder: Cambridge, Berlin: Ernst Wasmuth, 1905, loose as issued in folio. $300-500 461. (Architecture, Europe), Three titles in four uniformly bound volumes, all Paris: A. Morel et Cie., comprising: Varin, A. & E., L’Architecture pittoresque en Suisse, 1861; Baudot, Anatole de, Eglises de bourgs et villages, [1860-67], in two volumes; Degen, Louis, Motifs de Decoration et D’Ornament des Constructions en Bois, 1860, all half red morocco, folio, (bumped, light chipping, extremity wear, scattered soiling). $300-500 462. (Architecture, European), Contant, Clement, Parallele des Pricipaux Theatres Modernes de L’europe et Des Machines Theatrales, Paris, 1842, lacking cover, marbled boards, with 120 plates, folio, (scattered spotting, minor toning). $200-300 463. (Architecture, French), Daly, Cesar, Two titles: Motifs Historiques D’architecture et De Sculpture D’ornement, Paris: Librairie Generale de L’architecture & Des Travaux Publics, 1870, two volumes, gilt half morocco (hinges chipped and weak, covers with wear); and L’Architecture Privee au XIX Siecle Sous Napoleon III, Paris: A Morel et Cie., 1864, three volumes, gilt lettered half morocco, folio, (hinges weak, covers with chipping and bumping and minor losses, interior good). $300-400 464. (Architecture, Italian), Cadorin, Lodovico, Studii Teorici E Pratici di Architettura e di Ornato per la Erezione Principalimente Delle Fabriche in Terra Cotta, Venice: Accademia di Belle Arti, [circa 1840], half morocco with marbled boards, with twenty-eight full-page engraved plates, folio, (spine rubbed with losses and with chipped edges, scattered spotting to interior). $200-300 465. (Architecture, German), Ungewitter, Georg Gottlob, Two titles: Entwurse zu Stadt-und Landhaufern, Glogau: Berlag von Carl Flemming, [circa 1850], later half cloth with marbled boards, with forty-eight lithograph views and elevation, folio, scattered spotting and marginal toning); and Projets des Maisons de Ville et de Campagne, Paris: J.A. Romberg, 1856, original half-cloth, with pictorial title page and fifty-one plates, some colored and heightened with gum arabic, folio, (spine frayed and split, corners bumped, upper marginal spotting on some plates). $250-350 466. (Architecture, Spanish) Vitruvius Pollio, Marcus, De Architectura, Dividido en diez libros, Alcala de Henares: for Juan Gracian, 1582, 18th century calf, illustrated with woodcuts, folio, 182 leaves and one blank, (binding worn, leaf 170 lacking, mispaginated after leaf 120, patches throughout, slightly trimmed). $700-900


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467. (Art Deco Illustration, Nilsson Editions), Fourteen titles by Editions Nilsson, c. 1920-30, illustrated with pochoirs and hand-colored highlights on Japan paper, various illustrators and authors, uniformly bound in red cloth, 8vo, (interiors crisp, bindings with faded spines). $700-1,000 468. (Art, Sporting), Schaldach, William J., Carl Rungius, Big Game Painter, West Hartford: The Countryman Press, 1945, numbered 210 of 1250 copies, cloth, slipcased, 4to, (good, slipcase with spot of dampstaining to u.l. corner and lightly bumped u.r. corner). $400-600 469. (Avinoff, Andrey, Illustrator), Golokhvastoff, George V., The Fall of Atlantis, Pittsburgh, 1944, first edition, loose as issued in original wraps and with slipcase, with nineteen Art Deco-style illustrations, folio, (minor wear to case, interior very good). $100-150 470. (Beardsley, Aubrey Vincent (1872-1898), Illustrator), Malory, Sir Thomas, fl. 1470, Morte Darthur, London: J. Dent, 1893-94, one of 1,500 copies, in two volumes, Vol. II with cover of original wrap bound in, three-quarter morocco, 4to, (shelf wear to morocco, edge toning, and some edge chipping). $800-1,200


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471. Vanessa Bell (1879-1961), Two original book cover illustrations for works by Virginia Woolf (1882-1941), comprising one for The Common Reader, first published in London in 1932, brown and black gouache, sheet size 7 7/8 x 5 1/8, the other for The Moment and Other Essays, first published in London c. 1947, rendered in black gouache, sight size 8 x 5 1/8, both pencil and gouache on paper, French matted and framed, (not examined out of frames, Moment with original artist’s correction slip over first line of text). Note: Bell designed cover illustrations and decorations for all of her sister, Virginia Woolf’s, books. The printed version of The Common Reader was rendered in green and brown, and The Moment was printed on pink paper. $5,000-7,000 472. (Binding, Arts & Crafts), Hubbard, Elbert (1856-1915), The Sonnets of Shakespeare, East Aurora, New York: Roycrofters, 1899, half-suede with gilt calf label, signed by Hubbard and numbered 323 of 980 copies, with hand-colored initials, 8vo, (losses to spine, rubbing to edges). $200-300 473. Blossfeldt, Karl (1865-1932), La Plante, Berlin: Verlag Ernst Wasmuth A.G., [n.d.], cloth, folio, (lightly bumped, covers lightly soiled and bowed). $300-400

474. Boccaccio, Giovanni (1313-1375) and Chalon, Louis, Illustrator, The Decameron, London: Privately printed, [c. 1906], two volumes, three-quarter vellum with gilt stamping, translated by J.M. Rigg, edition DeLuxe, one of 1,000, with fifteen plates in two different states, 4to, (minor wear and spotting, some edge wear). $150-250 475. Bonnard, Pierre (1867-1947), Correspondances, Paris: Teriade, 1944, numbered 467 of 1000 copies on Velin d’Arches, loose as issued in pictorial wraps, with clamshell box, 4to, (wraps with a few small spine tears, minor toning, with Rockefeller bookplate to front pastedown). Provenance: Ex-collection of Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, New York; purchased from Coleart, Inc., New York, 1977; the estate of Mary Lee Ingbar, Cambridge, Massachusetts. $200-300 476. (Botanical Illustration), Hey, Rebecca, Two titles: The Moral of Flowers, London: Longman, Rees, et al., 1833, original gilt lettered and tooled green half morocco, with twenty-four hand-colored plates, 8vo, (binding pulled away and worn, interior very good); and The Spirit of the Woods, London: Longman, Rees, et al., 1837, original gilt-tooled and lettered green morocco, with twenty-four hand-colored plates, 8vo, (binding pulled away, interior very good). $350-500 477. (British Royal Collections), Cust, Lionel Henry (1859-1929), The Royal Collection of Paintings at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, London: William Heinemann, 1905-06, two volumes, with three-quarter crushed morocco by Zaehnsdorf, folio, (some fading to color of morocco, lightly bumped and chipped with shelf scuffing and scattered exterior soiling, presentation inscription to flyleaf of Vol. I, vertical crease to green endpaper and initial pages of Vol. II). $300-350 478. (Cathedrals, English), Dugdale, William (1605-1686), The History of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, From its Foundation untill these Times, London: Thomas Warren, 1658, first edition, contemporary tree calf, with frontis portrait, eleven double-page plates, thirty full page plates, one half page plate and one full page plate, folio, (binding chipped, bumped and worn, owner markings to portrait plate, minor imperfections). Wing D2482. $1,500-2,500 479. (Cathedrals and Public Buildings, European), Coney, John (17861833), Engraving of Ancient Cathedrals, Hotels de Ville and Other Public Building of Celebrity, in France, Holland, Germany, and Italy, London: Henry G. Bohn, 1842, three-quarter morocco and marbled boards, with thirty-two double page uncolored plates, folio, (binding with hinges and edges rubbed, scattered spotting to interior). $800-1,200 480. (China, Gardens), Siren, Osvald (1879-1966), Gardens of China, New York: Ronald Press Company, [1949], original cloth with slipcase, (slipcase chipped and split). $200-250


481. (Chinese Export Armorial Porcelain), Illustrations of Armorial China, London: Privately printed, 1887, twenty-four chromolithograph illustrations by William Griggs depicting a variety of porcelain tableware with various arms and crests, one of 100 copies printed, cloth covers, half vellum binding, pages with gilt edges, small folio, (very minor spotting and toning, front hinge broken, corners bumped). $600-800

482. Ciampini, Giovanni Giustino (1633-1698), Vetera monimenta, Rome, 1690-99, three volumes, with 169 plates, full vellum, spines with red labels embossed with mottoed crest, folio, (Vol. I complete, Vol. II and III each lacking one plate, plus four extra plates, bumped, fanning, one hinge with a small crack, some browning, light scattered soiling). $700-900

483. Coburn, Alvin Langdon (1882-1966), Portfolio of Sixteen Photographs Rochester; George Eastman House, [1963], with intro by Nancy Newhall, loose as issued in original portfolio, folio, (corners bumped). $100-150

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488. Cruikshank, George (1792-1878), Illustrations of Time, London: W. Kent & Co., [1827], with hand-colored engraved title and thirtyfive (on six) plates mounted on laid paper, three-quarter crushed morocco, oblong folio, (rebacked, morocco scuffed, gutters strengthened, scattered spotting, soiling, and light handling wear). $150-250 489. (Cruikshank, George, Illustrator), Mayhew, Augustus and Henry, The Greatest Plague of Life: or The Adventures of a Lady in Search of a Good Servant, London: David Bogue, [1847], first edition, with illustrations by Cruikshank, original gilt pictorial and stamped red cloth, 8vo, (spine and cover faded in spots, very minor scattered interior soiling). $250-300 490. (Cruikshank, George, Illustrator), Punch and Judy, London: S. Prowett, 1828, with twenty-four plates, half calf, 8vo, (binding worn with chipping and bumping, interior spotted). Cohn 150. $150-200


484. (Columbian Exposition, 1893), Bancroft, Hubert Howe (18321918), The Book of the Viewed through the Columbian Exposition at Chicago in 1893, Chicago and San Francisco: The Bancroft Company, 1893, four volumes, original gilt lettered cloth, folio, (some minor tearing to spines and edges rubbed). $200-300 485. Combe, William (1741-1823), The Tour of Dr. Syntax, In Search of the Picturesque, London: Ackermann, 1813 [but 1815], fifth edition, later gilt-lettered three-quarter blue calf, with frontis and twenty-nine hand-colored plates, 8vo, (scattered spotting, a few leaves with minor tears, lower marginal staining in spots, one leaf repaired). $250-300 486. Cortissoz, Royal (1869-1948), Domestic Architecture of H. T. Lindeberg, New York: William Helburn Inc., 1940, first edition, one of 1000 copies, cloth, folio, (binding loose, bumped, chipped, front cover with some sun fading, minor scattered soiling). $200-300 487. (Cranach Press, Weimar), Vergilius Maro, Publius (70-19 B.C.), The Eclogues, 1927, numbered 109 of 225 copies on handmade paper, with illustrations by Aristide Maillol (1861-1944), English translation by J. H. Mason, full burgundy crushed morocco, folio, (lightly bumped, some soiling to morocco, edge browning, minor handling wear). $300-500


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491. (Crystal Palace Exposition), Wyatt, Sir Matthew Digby (18201877), The Industrial Arts of the Nineteenth Century. A Series of Illustrations of the Choicest Specimens Produced by Every Nation at the Great Exhibition...1851, London: Day and Son, 1851-1853, two volumes, gilt pictorial and lettered crushed red morocco, with 158 lithograph plates by F. Bedford, Lithographers, folio, (binding with rubbed and chipped edges and hinges starting, interior very clean and crisp). $800-1,200 492. Curtis, Edward S. (1868-1952), The North American Indian. Being a Series of Volumes Picturing and Describing The Indians of the United States, The Dominion of Canada, and Alaska, Norwood, Massachusetts: The Plimpton Press, 1924, first edition, original gilt-lettered and lined three-quarter crushed brown morocco by H. Blackwell, volume XIII in both 4to and folio, number 97 of 500 on Van Gelder paper, the first with seventy-five sepia toned photogravures, one in color; folio with thirty-six large scale photographs, loose as issued in original folio, (both bindings slightly worn, no stamps to 4to plates, but some minor library markings and a perforation to one text page, folio with all plates stamped just along the edge of the lower left corner, some touching image). These two volumes chronicle the Hupa, Yurok, Karok, Wiyot, Tolowa and Tutuni, Shasta, Achomawi, and Klamath. $20,000-30,000 493. Curtis, Edward S. (1868-1952), The North American Indian. Being a Series of Volumes Picturing and Describing The Indians of the United States, The Dominion of Canada, and Alaska, Norwood, Massachusetts: The Plimpton Press, 1924, first edition, original gilt-lettered and lined three-quarter crushed brown morocco by H. Blackwell, volume XIV in both 4to and folio, number 97 of 500 on Van Gelder paper, the first with seventy-five sepia toned photogravures, one in color; folio with thirty-six large scale photographs, loose as issued in original folio, (both bindings slightly worn, no stamps to 4to plates, but some minor library markings and a perforation to one text page, folio with all plates stamped just along the edge of the lower left corner, some touching image, minor dampstaining to lower left corner of most of same). These two volumes chronicle the Kato, Wailaki, Yuki, Pomo, Wintun, Maidu, Miwoks, and Yokuts. $20,000-30,000



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494. Curtis, Edward S. (1868-1952), The North American Indian. Being a Series of Volumes Picturing and Describing The Indians of the United States, The Dominion of Canada, and Alaska, Norwood, Massachusetts: The Plimpton Press, 1926, first edition, original gilt-lettered and lined three-quarter crushed brown morocco by H. Blackwell, volume XV in both 4to and folio, number 97 of 500 on Van Gelder paper, the first with seventy-five sepia toned photogravures, one in color; folio with thirty-six large scale photographs, loose as issued in original folio, (both bindings slightly worn, no stamps to 4to plates, but some minor library markings and a perforation to one text page, folio with all plates stamped just along the edge of the lower left corner, some touching image).

496. Curtis, Edward S. (1868-1952), The North American Indian. Being a Series of Volumes Picturing and Describing The Indians of the United States, The Dominion of Canada, and Alaska, Norwood, Massachusetts: The Plimpton Press, 1926, first edition, original gilt-lettered and lined three-quarter crushed brown morocco by H. Blackwell, volume XVII in both 4to and folio, number 97 of 500 on Van Gelder paper, the first with seventy-five sepia toned photogravures; folio with thirty-six large scale photographs, loose as issued in original folio, (both bindings slightly worn, no stamps to 4to plates, but some minor library markings and a perforation to one text page, folio with all plates stamped just along the edge of the lower left corner, some touching image).

These two volumes chronicle the Southern California Shoshoneans, Dieguenos, Plateau Shoshoneans, and Washo. $20,000-30,000

These two volumes chronicle the Tewa and the Zuni. $20,000-30,000

495. Curtis, Edward S. (1868-1952), The North American Indian. Being a Series of Volumes Picturing and Describing The Indians of the United States, The Dominion of Canada, and Alaska, Norwood, Massachusetts: The Plimpton Press, 1926, first edition, original gilt-lettered and lined three-quarter crushed brown morocco by H. Blackwell, volume XVI in both 4to and folio, number 97 of 500 on Van Gelder paper, the first with seventy-five sepia toned photogravures, four in color; folio with thirty-six large scale photographs, loose as issued in original folio, (both bindings slightly worn, no stamps to 4to plates, but some minor library markings and a perforation to one text page, folio with all plates stamped just along the edge of the lower left corner, some touching image). These two volumes chronicle the Tiwa and the Keres. $20,000-30,000


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497. Curtis, Edward S. (1868-1952), The North American Indian. Being a Series of Volumes Picturing and Describing The Indians of the United States, The Dominion of Canada, and Alaska, Norwood, Massachusetts: The Plimpton Press, 1928, first edition, original gilt-lettered and lined three-quarter crushed brown morocco by H. Blackwell, volume XVIII in both 4to and folio, number 97 of 500 on Van Gelder paper, the first with seventy-five sepia toned photogravures, two in color; folio with thirty-six large scale photographs, loose as issued in original folio, (both bindings slightly worn, no stamps to 4to plates, but some minor library markings and a perforation to one text page, folio with all plates stamped just along the edge of the lower left corner, some touching image). These two volumes chronicle the Chipewyan, Cree, and Sarsi. $20,000-30,000



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498. Curtis, Edward S. (1868-1952), The North American Indian. Being a Series of Volumes Picturing and Describing The Indians of the United States, The Dominion of Canada, and Alaska, Norwood, Massachusetts: The Plimpton Press, 1930, first edition, original gilt-lettered and lined three-quarter crushed brown morocco by H. Blackwell, volume XIX in both 4to and folio, number 97 of 500 on Van Gelder paper, the first with seventy-five sepia toned photogravures, two in color; folio with thirty-six large scale photographs, loose as issued in original folio, (both bindings slightly worn, no stamps to 4to plates, but some minor library markings and a perforation to one text page, folio with all plates stamped just along the edge of the lower left corner, some touching image). These two volumes chronicle the Wichita, Southern Cheyenne, Oto, and Comanche. $20,000-30,000

499. Curtis, Edward S. (1868-1952), The North American Indian. Being a Series of Volumes Picturing and Describing The Indians of the United States, The Dominion of Canada, and Alaska, Norwood, Massachusetts: The Plimpton Press, 1930, first edition, original gilt-lettered and lined three-quarter crushed brown morocco by H. Blackwell, volume XX in both 4to and folio, number 97 of 500 on Van Gelder paper, the first with seventy-five sepia toned photogravures, four in color; folio with thirty-six large scale photographs, loose as issued in original folio, (cover off 4to volume, both bindings slightly worn, no stamps to 4to plates, but some minor library markings and a perforation to one text page, folio with all plates stamped just along the edge of the lower left corner, some touching image). These two volumes chronicle the Alaskan Eskimo and the Nunivak in the various regions of King Island, Little Diomede Island, Cape Prince Wales, and Kotzebue. $20,000-30,000



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500. Curtis, Edward S. (1868-1952), Signed Copy, Two titles: Indian Life and Indian Lore. In The Land of the Head-Hunters, Yonkers-onHudson: World Book, 1915, first edition, pictorial boards, signed at the end of the forward, small 8vo (tape to spine, library markings); and Portraits from North American Indian Life, New York: Outerbridge & Lazard, 1972, half cloth and boards, folio, (library markings). $400-600 501. (Decorative Arts), Motifs de Decorations, Paris: A. Morel, c. 1880, in two volumes, with 93 of 100 color lithograph plates, half morocco, folio, (hinges breaking, spine losses, extremity wear, minor scattered soiling). $200-300 502. (Decorative Arts and Architecture), Two titles: Exposition des Arts Decoratifs Paris 1925, La Ferronnerie, Paris: Editions Albert Levy, 1926, loose as issued in silver embossed folio cover, folio, (hinges and spine frayed, some losses to silver embossing, owner’s stamp to half title, light toning); Ricauti, T. J., Sketches for Rustic Work, London: Henry G. Bohn, 1848, with 18 plates, gilt lettered cloth, 4to, (spine loss, scattered soiling, some handling wear and light browning, owner’s name inked to flyleaf). $150-200 503. (Decorative Arts, European), Two titles in three volumes, comprising: Blackburne, Edward Lushington, Sketches Graphic and Descriptive for a History of the Decorative Painting Applied to English Architecture During the Middle Ages, London: John William & Co., 1847, original cloth, folio, (good, with bumping, age wear to cloth, minor toning); and Ramee, Daniel, Meubles Relgieux et Civils, Paris, 1864, two volumes, later cloth, folio, (significant dampstaining). $200-300 504. (Decorative Arts, France), L’Art Decoratif Francais 1918-1925, Paris: Editions Albert Levy, [c. 1925], with introduction by Leon Deshairs, decorative cloth, folio, (rebacked, minor shelf wear and exterior edge toning). $200-300 505. (Decorative Arts, French), Percier, Charles (1764-1838) and Fontaine, Pierre Francois (1762-1853), Recuiel de Decorations Interieures, Comprenant Tout Ce Qui a Rapport a L’ameublement, Paris: P. Didot L’aine, 1812, later half calf, with seventy-two uncolored engravings, folio, (spotting throughout and some dampstaining, particularly to gutter and margins). $250-350 506. (Decorative Arts, French), Williamson, Les Meubles D’art du Mobilier National, Paris: Baudry et Cie., [c. 1890], Volume I only, original three-quarter morocco, with forty-five photogravure plates, folio, (hinges rubbed and weak, minor bumping, scattered spotting). $125-150


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507. (Decorative Bindings), Austen, Jane (1775-1817), Works of Jane Austen, New York: Bigelow, Brown & Co., [c. 1915], six volumes, three-quarter brown morocco with gilt lettering, 8vo, (one cover starting, hinges weak, tape inner hinge repair, minor bumping, internally very good). $200-300 508. (Decorative Bindings), comprising: Austen, Jane, Works, London: Richard Bentley & Son, 1882, six volumes, gilt-lettered three-quarter crimson morocco, 8vo; and Novels of George Eliot, Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons, [1885], five volumes, gilt-lettered threequarter calf with red labels, 8vo, (minor wear). $150-200 509. (Decorative Bindings), Brantome, Pierre de Bourdeille, Sieur de (1535?-1614), Les Vies Des Dames Galantes, Paris: Ch. Carrington, 1901, two volumes, gilt-lined and lettered green and brown calf by Riviere, one of 750, illustrated by Lambrecht, 4to, (very good). $150-250 510. (Decorative Bindings), Two titles: Chesteron, C.K., Five Types, London: Arthur L. Humphreys, 1905, numbered 28 of 30 copies on Japanese vellum and bound in Levant morocco, signed by George Sutcliffe, gilt-tooled navy blue morocco, the front cover with red floral onlays by Sangorski & Sutcliffe, red silk dublures, 12mo, (good with light chipping to foot); and Browning, Robert, Rabbi Ben Ezra, London: Robert Riviere & Son, 1911, green morocco with gilt embossed inner edges, 12mo, (boards with light fore edge dent, very slightly sunned). $300-500 511. (Decorative Bindings), Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (1772-1834), The Poetical Works of S.T. Coleridge, London: William Pickering, 1834, three volumes, gilt-tooled and lettered crushed brown morocco by Zaensdorf, small 8vo, (hinges cracked, interiors good). $150-250 512. (Decorative Binding, G. Cretté), France, Anatole (1844-1924), The Revolt of Angels, London: John Lane The Bodley Head Limited, 1928, with illustrations by Frank C. Papé, full gilt-tooled crushed navy blue morocco with Art Deco red starburst and arrow onlay, with iridescent blue moiré dublures, embossed binder’s mark “Cretté succ. de Marius Michel,” slipcased, 8vo, (rebacked, spine wear and dryness, gutters strengthened). $300-400 513. (Decorative Binding, Gruel), France, Anatole (1844-1924), Penguin Island, London: John Lane The Bodley Head Ltd., 1929, with illustrations by Frank C. Papé, full gilt-tooled crushed forest green morocco with Art Deco geometric onlays in red and sage green, with red silk dublures, slipcased, 8vo, (rebacked, some spine wear, very lightly bumped, gutters strengthened). $300-400




514. (Decorative Binding), Dickens, Charles (1812-1870), David Copperfield, New York: Hodder and Stoughton, [1911], illustrated by Frank Reynolds, with twenty-one color plates, three-quarter gilt-tooled red morocco, 4to, (boards with light fanning, very light extremity wear, toning, minor offset). $100-200 515. (Decorative Binding), Fallou, Louis, La Garde Imperiale, 18041815, Paris: La Giberne, 1901, with gilt-tooled pictorial light brown morocco, with sixty plates on velin glace, number 361 of 600, folio, (very good condition). Colas 1030. $300-500 516. (Decorative Bindings), Five titles in six volumes: Dumas, The Chevalier d’Harmental, and Ascanio, Boston, c. 1904, numbered 463 of 1000 copies, Edition de Medicis, with Art Nouveau gilt-tooled crushed navy blue morocco by Thomas W. Best; Mirabeau’s LoveLetters, London, 1909, with gilt-tooled crushed navy blue morocco with small red rose floral onlays to covers, likely also by Best, with presentation inscription from Best dated 1930 on flyleaf; Hughes, George Washington, 1930, gilt-tooled teal crushed morocco by Harcourt Bindery; and two other, all 8vo, (good, some bookplates, minor toning, and a few small scuffs). $300-500 517. (Decorative Binding), Ecclesiastic text on Greek, c. 1899, with chased and embossed silver metal covers, the front cover with a scene of the Crucifixion, rear cover with Christ’s resurrection, folio, (bind with some spots of corrosion). $200-400


518. (Decorative Bindings), English Periodicals, The Spectator, and The Tatler, London: J.B. Millet Company, 1901, Temple Bar Edition, nine of twelve volumes only, gilt floral three-quarter crushed green morocco, 8vo, (slight light fading to spines, else excellent). $200-300

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519. (Decorative Binding), Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, New York and London: Hodder and Stoughton, translation by Edward Fitzgerald, with twenty illustrations by Edmund Dulac, numbered 110 of 200 copies, with gilt-embossed multicolored morocco onlay binding by The Booklovers’ Shop, Cleveland, with floral pattered morocco onlay front and rear pastedowns, and tan moiré dublures, in fitted velvet and lined-lined leathered case, folio, (binding good, minor wear to case, pages with light yellowing and scattered light handling soiling). $800-1,200 520. (Decorative Binding, Fine Press), Omar Khayyam (d. circa 1123), The Rubaiyat, London: De la More Press, 1903 [1904], translated by Edward Fitzgerald with colored illustrations by Blanche McManus, in full gilt-tooled green morocco by Riviere & Son with front cover with floral borders of blue, cream, and orange onlays, 8vo, (some browning to the green morocco at perimeters, minor toning, some very light soiling). $500-700 521. (Decorative Bindings), Hardy, Thomas (1840-1928), The Works of Thomas Hardy in Prose and Verse, London: MacMillan and Co., 1912-1931, twenty-one volumes, Wessex edition, gilt-lettered and scrolled full crushed red morocco, 8vo, (some spine damage and hinge weakness). $300-500


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522. (Decorative Binding, Marot-Rodde), France, Anatole (1844-1924), At the Sign of the Reine Pedauque, London: John Lane The Bodley Head Limited, 1928, with illustrations by Frank C. Papé, full gilt-tooled brown and black crushed morocco, the cover with red onlay band, with moiré dublures, slipcased, 8vo, (rebacked, spine losses, gutters strengthened, front gather containing half title detached, starting, light toning). $300-400 523. (Decorative Bindings), The Plays and Poems of Shakespeare, London: Bell & Daldy, 1875, edited by A.J. Valpy, three-quarter blue calf, 8vo, (lightly bumped, some chipping and header wear, scuffs, shelf wear, spines a little dry, toning). $125-175 524. (Decorative Bindings), (Society of Arts), Choice Examples of Art Workmanship selected from the Exhibition of Ancient and Mediaeval Art at the Society of Arts, London: Cundall & Addey, 1851, with illustrations by Philip de la Motte, hand-colored and heightened with gum arabic, pastedowns, title page and illustrations on vellum, with elaborate gilt-tooled brown morocco with black and green onlays by Riviere, 4to, (some rippling to vellum causing fanning, light extremity wear). $1,000-1,500




528. (Decorative Bindings, Botany), Two titles: Thayer, Emma Homan, Wild Flowers of Colorado, New York: Cassell & Company, 1885, with chromolithograph plates heightened with gum arabic, pictorial cloth, 4to, (bumped, chipped, spine soiled, minor wear to cover, scattered spotting, minor browning and offset, starting); and The Botanical Keepsake; and Arrangement of British Plants, London: T. Allman, 1843, with hand-colored plates, three-quarter blind embossed green morocco by E. Van Der Hoek, (original red cloth bound in), 8vo, (cover with some sunning, hinges tender, scattered spotting). $150-250 529. (Decorative Bindings), Walton, Izaak (1593-1683) and Cotton, Charles (1630-1687), The Complete Angler, London: Nattali and Bond, 1860, Second Edition, in two volumes, in gilt pictorial crushed red morocco by H. Southeran & Co., 8vo, (good, with light edge wear, hinges starting). $150-200 530. (Extra Illustrated, Decorative Bindings), Three titles: Flament, Albert, The Private Life of Lady Hamilton, New York: Louis Carrier, 1929, gilt lettered three-quarter morocco, with sixteen extra plates; Langdale, Charles, Memoirs of Mrs. Fitzherbert, London: Richard Bentley, 1856, gilt-lettered three-quarter blue morocco, with eighteen extra plates; and Nock, Albert Jay, A Journey into Rabelais’s France, New York: William Morrow and Company, 1934, pictorial gilt threequarter morocco, with eighty-four extra plates, (very good throughout, minor wear). $300-400


525. (Decorative Bindings), Ten titles in nineteen volumes: Moliere, Works, Paris, 1788, in six volumes; with contemporary full tree calf, Burns, Poems and Songs, London, 1896, uniformly bound in threequarter green morocco; The Best Letters of Madame de Sevigne, Chicago, 1904, three-quarter green morocco with small red quatrefoil onlays to spine; Hardy, Selected Poems, London, 1916, with threequarter blue morocco with small burgundy trefoil onlays to spine; Niemcewicz, Notes sur Ma Captivite..., Paris, 1843, in two volumes, gilt-tooled full calf; and seven others, mainly 8vo, (Moliere with hinge cracks, overall minor light shelf scuffing, toning, and scattered soiling). $200-300 526. (Napoleon, Extra Illustrated, Decorative Binding), Goldsmith, Lewis (1763?-1846), The Secret History of the Cabinet of Bonaparte, London: Printed for J.M. Richardson, 1810, two volumes, gilt-tooled three-quarter crimson morocco by Root & Son, extra illustrated with twenty-seven plates, 8vo, (very good). $150-200 527. (Decorative Bindings and Extra Illustrated), Shakespeare, William (1564-1616), The Works of William Shakespeare, London: MacMillan and Co., 1893-95, forty volumes, gilt-tooled and lettered threequarter crushed crimson morocco by Bayntun, edited by William Aldis Wright, each volume profusely illustrated with extra plates, some in color, 4to, (hinge wear). $1,000-1,500


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531. Delaunay, Robert (1885-1941), and Delteil, Joseph, Allo! Paris!, Paris: Editions des Quatre Chemins, [1926], first edition, original wraps with glassine jacket and cloth clamshell box, one of 25 examples hors commerce on Arches paper, with twenty lithographs by Robert Delaunay, (excellent). $1,000-1,500 532. (Dickens, Charles 1812-1870), and Clarke, Joseph Clayton, “Kyd,” 12 Original Character Studies illustrating Miscellaneous Pieces. “Mrs. Lirriper’s Lodgings,” “Mugby Junction,” etc., twelve original watercolor drawings, loose and fitted in a folding case, each signed and titled by “Kyd,” depicting various characters featured by Dickens, image 5 1/2 x 3 1/2, sheet 11 1/4 x 8 3/4 in. $500-1,000 533. (English Periodicals, Art Nouveau), The Yellow Book. An Illustrated Quarterly, London: Elkin Matthews & John Lane, 1894-97, thirteen volumes (all published), original pictorial yellow cloth, with illustrations by the leading artists, designers and architects of the era, 8vo, (spines sunned, binding with fraying, minor tears to three and agetypical wear). $500-700 534. (English Theater), The Covent Garden Journal, London: J.J. Stockdale, 1810, two volumes, gilt three-quarter calf, with four engravings, 8vo, (covers detached and spine defective to both, toning and minor spotting to interior). $150-250


535. (Etchers, American), Koehler, Sylvester Rosa, and Others, American Etchings. A Collection of Twenty Original Etchings, Boston: Estes and Lauriat, 1886, green cloth with gilt lettering, with original etchings by artists including William Merritt Chase, R. Swain Gifford, and James Smillie, 4to, (spine defective, binding worn). $150-250 536. (Fine Press, Cresset Press, London), Blome, Richard (d. 1705), Hawking or Faulconry, London, 1929, numbered 153 of 650 copies, folding frontis plate, half vellum, 8vo, (minor soiling). $150-200 537. (Fine Press, Derrydale Press, Sporting), Six titles: Hervey, Messenger, The Great Progenitor, 1935, numbered 336 of 500 copies, half vellum, 8vo; Hervey, Lady Suffolk, The old Grey Mare of Long Island, 173 of 500 copies, half vellum, 8vo; Hunt, An Artist’s Game Bag, 1936, 932 of 1226 copies, faux morocco cloth with dust jacket, 4to; Spiller, Firelight, [1937], 867 of 950 copies, pictorial cloth, 4to; Babcock, Falling Leaves, 1937, 901 of 950 copies, faux morocco cloth, 8vo; and Henry, Foxhunting is Different, 1938, 655 of 950 copies, pictorial cloth, large 8vo, (all good, with minor wear, and wear to paper/glassine dust jackets). $200-300 538. (Fine Press, Erni, Hans (1909-2002), Illustrator), Amour et Destin du Livre, Lausanne: Andre et Pierre Gonin, 1973, edited by Jean Graven, with text by Konrad Kahl, numbered 38 of 155 copies on velin, signed by Ernir, Graven and Kahl, with fourteen color lithographs, in embossed paper wrap, half vellum and bright blue silk folio, and lavender silk slipcase, folio, (good, with minor handling wear, slipcase with staining, overall light soiling and wear). $100-200

539. (Fine Press, Essex House Press), Bunyan, John (1628-1688), The Pilgrim’s Progress, London, 1899, numbered 566 of 750 copies, full vellum, 16mo, (fanning, minor browning to edges). $200-300 540. (Fine Press, Ferrero, Roger (1915- ) Illustrator), Maupassant: Contes Choisis, Lausanne: Edition Andre Gonin, [1947], numbered 3 of limited edition on Velin du Marais, containing three original ink and pencil studies (one highlighted with watercolor) signed by the artist, loose as issued, with half vellum wrap and boards slipcase, 4to, (good, slipcase with some soiling). $50-75 541. (Fine Press, Grabhorn Printing, San Francisco), Crane, Stephen (1871-1900), The Plays of Euripides: The Eight Plays, Newtown, Wales: The Gregynog Press, 1931, two volumes, original red cloth, translated by Gilbert Murray, number 408 of 500 copies, folio, (one spine split at top, one with minor soiling to spine). $200-300 542. (Fine Press, Grabhorn Printing, San Francisco), Crane, Stephen (1871-1900), The Red Badge of Courage, San Francisco: Grabhorn Printing, 1931, original half cloth and boards, number 602 of 980, illustrated by Valenti Angelo, folio, (age-typical condition). GB 154. $100-150 543. (Fine Press, Grabhorn Printing, San Francisco), Jeffers, Robinson (1887-1962), The Beaks of Eagles. An Unpublished Poem by Robinson Jeffers, San Francisco: Privately printed for Albert M. Bender by Grabhorn Press, 1936, original wraps in a half-morocco slipcase, folio, (excellent). Magee catalogue No. 170; Grabhorn Bibliography No. 261. $300-500

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544. (Fine Press, Gregynog Press), Vaughan, Henry (1622-1695), Poems, Newtown, Wales: The Gregynog Press, 1924, original black cloth and pictorial boards, number 427 of 500, 8vo, (very good, minor toning to fore-edge). $100-150 545. (Fine Press), Keats, John (1795-1821), Lamia, Isabella, the Eve of Saint Agnes and Other Poems, Waltham Saint Lawrence, Berkshire: Golden Cockerel Press, 1928, numbered 344 of 500, with engravings by Robert Gibbings, half morocco, folio, (cloth with a stain and small spot of loss to front cover, light edge toning). $250-350 546. (Fine Press), de Montaigne, Michel Eyquem (1533-1592), Essays, Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin & Company, 1902, translated by John Florio, three volumes, original half cloth, with clamshell boxes, folio, (boxes with soiling and some joint stress, minor and light scattered soiling). $200-300 547. (Fine Press, 20th Century), Raban, Ze’ev, Illustrator, Song of Song’s Which is Solomon’s, Berlin: S.D. Saltzmann, 5684/1923, original gilt and stamped crushed red morocco, numbered 56 of 500, folio, with tipt in color illustrations, folio, (age-typical minor wear). $150-250 550

548. (Gardening), Dezallier d’Argenville, Antoine Joseph (1680-1765), The Theory and Practice of Gardening: ...All that relates to Fine Gardens, Commonly Called Pleasure Gardens, London: George James, 1712, contemporary gilt-tooled calf, translated by John James, with thirty-two folding plates, subscriber list and errata, 4to, (binding cracked and worn with bumping and rubbing, interior very clean with very minor age-typical edge tears and scattered spotting). Henrey 1426. $1,200-1,500 549. (Gems and Intaglios, Ancient), Spilsbury, John, A Collection of Fifty Prints from Antique Engraved Gems..., London: John Boydell, 1785, gilt-tooled and lettered crushed black morocco, with fifty engraved plates of gems, 4to, (spotting to plates, hinges weak). Note: Presentation copy from Maxim Karolik, a prominent art collector from one of Boston’s wealthy families. $300-400 550. Gleizes, Albert (1881-1953), and Metzinger, Jean (1883-1956), Du Cubisme, Paris: Compagnie Francaise des Arts Graphiques, 1947, numbered 183 of 399 copies on Lana paper, with eleven etchings, aquatints, and engravings, loose as issued, with wraps and slipcase, 4to, (minor light wear and soiling to case, minor light offset). $4,000-6,000 551. (de Goya y Lucientes, Francisco Jose (1746-1828)), Sayre, Eleanor, Late Caprichos of Goya, New York: Philip Hofer Books, 1971, numbered XX of twenty-five copies with an extra suite of original prints, text in full crushed morocco, the two sets of six original prints in cloth folio, all in half morocco clamshell case, 4to, (very good). $5,000-7,000



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552. Grandville (1803-1847), Les Fleurs Animees, Paris, c. 1867, two volumes, with numerous chromolithograph plates, gilt and multicolored pictorial cloth, 8vo, (bumped and chipped, edge wear, starting, spotting). $600-800

556. Halfpenny, Joseph (1748-1811), Fragmenta Vetusta; or the Remains of Ancient Buildings in York, York, 1807, with engraved title and thirty-four plates, 4to, boards, hinges broken, scattered soiling and foxing, some edge handling wear). $150-250

553. Grandville (1803-1847), The Flowers Personified; being a translation of Grandville’s “Les Fleur Animees,” New York: R. Martin, 1847, with hand-colored half title and twenty-three plates, (spine detaching, bumped and chipped, gutters weak, starting, pen markings to front pastedown and flyleaf, scattered spotting and soiling, toned, pp. 101/102 with loss to top strip). $200-250

557. Hogarth, William (1697-1764), The Works of William Hogarth from the Original Plates Restored, London: Baldwin and Cradock, [183537], contemporary gilt three-quarter morocco, plates restored by James Heath, notes by John Nichols, with portrait frontis, 115 sheets of plates and two further sheets of repressed plates laid in at end, folio, (hinges weak, binding worn and bumped, interior with foxing and marginal smudging, one small tear to one plates). Lowndes III, 1081. $400-600

554. (Greenaway, Kate, Illustrator), Girardin, Jules (1832-1888), Scenes Familieres, Paris: Librairie Hachette et Cie., [c.1885], pictorial boards, with frontis, pictorial titles and complete text illustration, 12mo, (minor soiling and wear, very good overall). $150-200 555. Gruner, Ludwig (1801-1882), The Terra-Cotta Architecture of North Italy, London: John Murray, 1867, with forty-eight plates, half calf with gilt embossed pebbled cloth cover, folio, (hinges cracked, rebacked, bumped, covers with wear and rear board with a gouge, starting, minor spotting and handling wear). $400-600

558. (Holbein, Hans (1497-1543)), Imitations of Original Drawings...of the Court of Henry VIII, London: W. Bulmer and Co., 1792-[1800], with eighty-six portraits (eighty-two in color with four on lavender paper, sixty-three on pink, thirteen on white/buff), inclusive of one sheet with double portrait of Henry and Charles Brandon finished by hand, gilt-tooled crushed red morocco, folio, (scuffing and wear to binding, front cover detached, front end sheet with gutter tear, title page with a short tear at fore-edge and small area of fore-edge loss, small tear to fore-edge of a preliminary page, very minor offset, scattered spotting). $1,500-2,500

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562. (Illustrators, Chagall, Marc (1887-1985)), and Arland Marcel, Maternite, Paris: Au Sans Pareil, 1926, original wraps, one of 960, with five etchings by Marc Chagall, 8vo, (spine split, cover sunned and faded, interior crisp). $1,000-1,500 563. (Illustrators, Szyk, Arthur), Limited Editions Club, The Book of Job, New York: Lewis White-MacMillan Company, 1946, gilt three-quarter vellum and cloth with slipcase, one of 1,950, signed by Szyk, 4to, (excellent). $200-250 564. (Illustrators, 19th Century), A’Beckett, Gilbert Abbott (1811-1856) and Leech, John, The Comic History of England, London: Bradbury and Evans, 1847-48, first edition in book form, contemporary gilt lettered and stamped three-quarter crushed red morocco, with twenty hand-colored plates, 8vo, (hinges weak and chipped, minor spotting). $150-200 565. (Illustrator, 20th Century), Andersen, Hans Christian (1805-1875), and Dulac, Edmund, Stories from Hans Andersen, London: Hodder & Stoughton, [1911], original gilt-lettered and pictorial beige cloth, with twenty-eight tipt color plates, 4to, (minor tearing to upper spine, slightly rubbed, else very good). $200-300


559. (Homer, Winslow, Illustrator), Peabody, George (1795-1869), Signed Copy, Two titles: Proceedings at the Reception and Dinner in Honor of George Peabody, Boston: Henry Dutton & Son, 1856, original blue cloth, with illustrations by Winslow Homer (minor wear, spotting to plates); An Account of the Proceedings at the Dinner Given by Mr. George Peabody to the Americans Connected with the Great Exhibition, London: William Pickering, 1851, blue cloth, signed and dedicated by Peabody (scattered spotting). $200-400 560. (Illuminated Manuscripts, Two Leaves), 15th century, one vellum, one with two rectangular reserves enclosing figures to verso and recto, and with band of blue and gold scrollwork embellished with wildflower and strawberry, sight size 6 x 4 1/2, the other with burnished gold banding, and three gilded letters (one verso, two recto), sight size 5 x 4, both matted and framed, (good, with minor age wear). $300-500 561. (Illustrators, Art Deco), Vassos, John, Phobia, New York: Covici, Friede Publishers, 1931, original silvered cloth boards, signed and numbered 102 of 1500, with twenty-four plates, folio, (minor soiling and edge bumping). $200-300


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566. (Illustrators, 20th Century), Seven titles: Wyeth, Newell Convers (1882-1945), illustrator, The Deerslayer, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1925; David Balfour, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1924; The Scottish Chiefs, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1952; The Last of the Mohicans: A Narrative of 1757, New York, 1952; Westward Ho!, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1947; Pyle, Howard (1853-1911), Howard Pyle’s Book of Pirates, New York: Harper Brothers, 1921; and Rackham, Arthur (1867-1939), illustrator, Goldsmith, Oliver, The Vicar of Wakefield, Philadelphia: David McKay Company, [1929], in slip case; all 8vo and with original bindings, (mostly good condition). $300-400 567. (Illustrators, 20th Century), de Bosschere, Jean, and Putnam, Samuel, All the Extant Works of Francois Rabelais, New York: Covici Friede, 1929, three volumes, original cloth, limited edition, out of series copy, with color and black and white plates, 4to, (spines faded and covers toned, interiors clean). $100-125 568. (Interior Design, Art Deco), Moussinac, Leon, Interieurs II, Paris: Editions Albert Levy, 1924, half cloth, loose as issued in folio, with black and white and colored plates, folio, (spine and hinges split, chipped edges). $300-400 569. Ireland, William Henry (1777-1835), Chalcographimania: or, the Portrait-Collector and Printseller’s Chronicle..., London, 1814, boards, 8vo, (age wear and soiling to boards, chipped, some edge chipping to pages, scattered soiling, offset); pseudonym: Flagellum, Satircus Sculptor. $150-200


570. Iribe, Paul (1883-1935), Illustrator, Set of three titles published for Parisian wine merchant Nicolas: Blanc et Rouge, with text by Georges Montorgueil, 1930, with ten black and white illustrations, red and white wraps; Rose et Noir, 1931, with Dialogue Moderne en Trois Temps et Trois Cocktails by Rene Benjamin bound in, with nine pochoir plates, black and pink wraps; Bleu Blanc Rouge, 1932, with four folding pochoir plates, red, white, and blue wraps, all folio, (good, very minor edge chips). $400-600

571. (Italy, Views), Smith, John (1749-1831), Select Views in Italy with Topographical and Historical Description, London: T. Chapman, 1792-1796, two volumes in one, gilt-tooled calf, with engraved title, map, and seventy-two engraved plates, 4to, (hinges and edges worn, chipped and bumped, minor spotting to plates and minor offset, good overall). Provenance: Charles Ferdinand d’Artois, Duc du Berry. $1,200-1,800


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572. (Italy, Views, 18th Century), Zocchi, Giuseppe (1711-1767), Scelta di XXIV Vedute delle principali Contrade, Piazze, Chiese, e Palazzi della Citta di Firenze, Florence: Giuseppe Bouchard, 1754, old giltlettered three-quarter calf, with engraved double-page dedication and full page title page, and twenty-five double-page engravings including a plan of the city of Florence, folio, (binding worn with rubbing, chipping, and bumping, plan with tear to right corner, minor marginal spotting to plates, clean and strong impressions, one library stamp to back of dedication plate). Provenance: Gift to the Boston Public Library from the Ticknor family, 1896, deaccessioned. $10,000-15,000 573. Jardine, Sir William (1800-1874), The Naturalist’s Library, Edinburgh, 1833-43, forty volumes, with hand-colored plates, three-quarter calf, 8vo; sold together with Wilson, Alexander and Bonaparte, C.L., American Ornithology, Edinburgh, 1831, in four volumes, 8vo, uniformly bound with the Jardine set), (some weak and/or cracked hinges, lightly bumped, chipped, four with header losses (two of these with restorations), losses to spine labels, two spines detaching, minor toning, Entomology: Volume I with later gilt printed spine label incorrectly marked as Mammalia), (44 volumes total). Zimmer, p. 326; Wood, p. 405. $3,000-5,000


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574. Jones, Owen (1809-1874), The Grammar of Ornament, London: Day and Son, Limited, [1856], possibly first folio edition, with engraved half title and 100 plates, rebound in cloth with original pictorial gilt cloth cover laid down to front, and original plain brown cloth laid down to back, folio, (approximately ten plates with some chipping and small tears to lower margin, Plate XVII with tears to upper margin, Plate XXVIII with tears and losses to upper margin extending 1� into image, Plate LXIX with a lower margin tear extending slightly into image, approximately ten plates and five text pages with marginal soiling, edge wear and soiling to binding). $800-1,200 575. Jones, Owen (1809-1874), The Grammar of Ornament, London: Day and Son, [1856], three-quarter morocco, folio, (light shelf wear to binding, gutters strengthened, minor age toning). $1,000-1,500 576. (Kent, Rockwell (1882-1971), Illustrator), Signed Copy, Four titles: This is My Own, New York: Duell, Sloan and Pearce, [1940], first edition, original cloth, signed on flyleaf; N by E, New York: Brewer & Warren, 1930, first trade edition, original cloth with dust jacket, signed on flyleaf; and Broch, Theodor, The Mountains Wait, Saint Paul: Webb Book Publishing Company, 1943, first edition, original cloth with dust jacket, (minor wear); Venus and Adonis, Rochester, New York: Leo Hart, 1931, gilt lettered half calf and cloth, with slip case, number 327 of 1,250, signed by Kent, 4to, (very minor wear). $500-700

577. (Lace), Jackson, Emily Nevill, A History of Hand-made Lace, London and New York, 1900, with six cards of lace specimens, original gilt embossed morocco, 4to, (lightly bumped and chipped, some edge wear to spine, hinges starting). $300-400 578. (Laurens, Henri (1885-1954), Illustrator), Lucian of Samosata, Dialogues, Paris, Teriade, 1951, numbered 130 of 250 copies and signed by Laurent, loose as issued in board wraps, board folio, and slipcase, folio, (case with some wear and fading, Rockefeller bookplate to pastedown of folio). Provenance: Ex-collection of Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, New York; Purchased from Coleart, Inc., New York, 1977; the estate of Mary Lee Ingbar, Cambridge, Massachusetts. $1,000-1,500 579. Le Camus de Mezieres, Nicolas (1721-1789), Le Genie de l’Architecture, ou l’Analogie de cet Art avec nos Sensations, Paris, 1780, with folding plate, calf, 8vo, (bumped chipped, covers with wear, front hinge starting, stamped name to front endpaper, spotting, and scattered soiling). $200-300 580. Leech, John (1817-1864), Original Drawings, Thirteen original pencil sketches for Punch magazine, with manuscript text, mounted into gilt-tooled morocco album with printed frontis “Letter from John Ruskin, Esq.” regarding Leech and the drawings held by his sister, flyleaf with inscription “Arthur Gaye, with the best love of John Leech’s sisters, January 22, 1877,” 4to, (foxing throughout, bumped and chipped, age wear to morocco). $600-800 580A. (Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)), Trattato della pittura, Bologna, 1786, with nineteen plates, three-quarter calf, folio, (with dampstaining to upper right quadrant of approximately eighteen rear pages, title page with some soiling, no half title present, extremity wear, boards soiled). $300-500 581. (Luyken, Jan (1649-1712), Illustrator), Langendiyk, Pieter and Bruin, Class, Tafereelen de Eerste Christenen, Amsterdam: Barend Visscher, 1722, calf, 4to, (bumped, spotting to pastedowns and endpapers, scattered soiling). $200-300 582. (Manor House Views, English), Angus, William (1752-1821), The Seats of the Nobility and Gentry in Great Britain And Wales. In a Collection of Select Views...from Pictures and Drawings by the most Eminent Artists, London: W. Angus, 1787, gilt lettered and tooled three-quarter brown morocco, with engraved title page and sixtythree plates, oblong 4to, (corners and edges rubbed and with minor losses, dampstaining to upper gutter). $300-500


583. (Mayan Ruins), Lothrop, S.K., Tulum: An Archeological Study of the East Coast of Yucatan, Washington: Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1924, original cloth, with folding plate of a fresco and colored heliotype illustrations, 4to, (minor library markings, binding faded). $100-150 584. (Age, Mediaeval and Renaissance), Les Arts au Moyen Age et L’Epoque de la Renaissance, Paris: Librairie de Firmin Didot Frères, 1871, third edition, with nineteen color lithograph plates, gilt pictorial red pebbled cloth, 4to, (good, with light bumping and spine scuffs, scattered soiling and light browning). $150-200 585. Miró, Joan (1893-1974), and Goll, Ivan (1891-1950), Bouquet de Reves pour Neila, Paris: Mourlot, 1967, original pictorial wraps with glassine wrapper and cloth slipcase, with pictorial frontispiece and seventeen lithographs, including three double-page, signed and numbered 152 on velin de Rives paper, from a total edition of 200, (minor soiling to case, interior excellent). $1,500-2,500 586. (Moser, Barry (b. 1940), Illustrator), Thistles and Thorns: Abraham and Sara at Bethel, a Note on the Prints by Paul Smyth, [Northampton: Pennyroyal Press, 1977], numbered 2 of 75 copies, suite of thirteen wood engravings, each signed by Moser, loose as issued, in paper wraps, tall 8vo, (good, wraps with minor wear). $200-300

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588. (Illustrators, Nielsen, Kay), Andersen, Hans (1805-1875), Fairy Tales by Hans Andersen, New York: George Doran Company, 1924, first trade edition, original cloth and pictorial boards, with twelve mounted color plates, 4to, (spine faded and with some losses, inner hinge split, average wear). $150-250 589. (Illustrators, Nielsen, Kay), Jacques, Henry, Sous Le Signe du Rossignol, Paris: L’Edition D’Art H. Piazza, [1923], first edition, original wraps with glassine jacket, number 380 of 1500, with nineteen mounted color plates, 4to, (minor spotting, very good to excellent overall). $300-500 590. Noguchi, Yone (1875-1947), Hokusai, London: Elkin Mathews, 1925, one of 500 copies, with nineteen collotypes and three woodblocks in color, wraps with bone clasps, later folio case, 8vo, (wraps with tears and toning). $200-300 591. (Nonesuch Press), Two titles: The Holy Bible reprinted according to the Authorised Version 1611, including Apocrypha, London: The Nonesuch Press, 1924-1927, first edition, five volumes, gilt stamped and lettered calf, one of 1,000 and 1,250, folio; and Wilson, Mona and Keynes, Geoffrey, The Writings of William Blake and the Life of William Blake, London: The Nonesuch Press, 1925-1927, four volumes, half vellum, one of 1,480 and 1,500, 4to, (first set in good condition, second with defective spines, toning and bumping). $600-800


592. (Nonesuch Press), Three titles: The Holy Bible reprinted according to the Authorized Version 1611, including Apocrypha, London: The Nonesuch Press, 1924-1927, first edition, five volumes, gilt stamped and lettered calf, one of 1,000 and 1,250, folio; and John Milton Poems in English with Illustrations by William Blake, London: Nonesuch Press, 1926, and Anacreon done into English out of the original Greek by Abraham Cowley, Soho: The Nonesuch Press, 1923, half vellum, one of 725, (first in very good condition, such scratched, dirty and toned). $500-700 593. (Numismatic, Ancient), Ackerman, John Yonge (1806-1873), A Descriptive Catalogue of Rare and Unedited Roman Coins, London: Effingham Wilson, 1834, two volumes, gilt-tooled pebbled morocco, large paper copy, with engraved titles and twenty-two plates, 8vo, (hinges rubbed, chipped edges, plates with spotting). $150-200


587. (Newport, Rhode Island, Decorative Arts), Carpenter, Ralph, Jr., The Arts and Crafts of Newport, Rhode Island, 1640-1820, Newport, Rhode Island, 1954, green cloth with dust jacket, one of 2000, 4to, (jacket with chips and soiling). $150-200


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594. (Ornament), Dolmetsch, Heinrich (1846-1908), Der Ornamentenschatz, Stuttgart: Verlag von Julius Hoffman, 1897, with ninety-seven plates, loose as issued, in original gilt embossed cloth folio case, folio, (case missing one hinge and with some wear, some browning and brittleness, edge chipping). $150-200


595. (Illustrator, Parrish, Maxfield), Grahame, Kenneth, Two titles: Dream Days, London and New York: John Lane, [1902], original pictorial cloth, 8vo; and The Golden Age, London and New York; John Lane, 1900, original pictorial cloth, 8vo, (covers worn in places). $150-250

596. (Photography, Odiorne, William C. (1881-1978)), Portfolio of twelve silver gelatin prints of Paris, c. 1920s, each tipped to a folio-sized piece of cardstock, four signed “Odiorne� in ink to l.r., in later half cloth folio, (good, minor age wear, light edge chipping to cardstock). $150-200

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597. (Porcelain, Sevres), Garnier, Edouard, The Soft Porcelain of Sevres, London: John C. Nimmo, 1892, original cloth, with fifty color plates, folio, (very good). $800-1,200


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598. (Portraiture), National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans with Biographical Sketches, Philadelphia: D. Rice & A.N. Hart, 1854, four volumes, original tooled and gilt-lettered pebbled morocco, 8vo, (one with covers detached, hinges weak, chipped edges, spotting to plates). $250-350

599. (Portraiture), Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, The Gallery of Portraits: with Memoirs, London: Charles Knight, 18331837, seven volumes, original tooled and gilt-lettered morocco, with 168 portraits, 4to, (two with covers detached, one spine chipped at foot, three spine heads chipped or split, minor spotting to plates). $300-500 600. (Printing), Nash, Ray, Printing as an Art, Boston: Harvard University Press, 1955, original boards with dust jacket, 8vo, (very good). $75-125 601. (Illustrators), Rackham, Arthur (1867-1939), and Dodgson, Charles (1832-1898), Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, New York: Doubleday & Page, [1907], original half cloth, illustrated by Arthur Rackham, number 106 of 550, with thirteen mounted color plates, 4to, (spine head and foot frayed, edges rubbed, spotting to tissue guards). $200-300 602. Rackham, Arthur (1867-1939), Signed Copy, The Arthur Rackham Fairy Book, London: George C. Harrap & Co., [1933], gilt lettered and tooled vellum with slipcase, number 382 of 450, signed by Rackham, with eight plates, 8vo, (very good). $800-1,200 603. Rackham, Arthur (1867-1939), Illustrator, Signed Copy, Tales from Shakespeare by Charles & Mary Lamb, London and New York, 1909, original gilt white cloth, large paper copy, number 557 of 750, signed by the artist, with fourteen plates, 4to, (prelims spotted and stained, staining to covers, spine darkened). $300-400 604. (Rackham, Arthur, Illustrator), (Lamb, Charles and Mary), Tales from Shakespeare, London: J.M. Dent, 1909, original cloth with slip case, large paper edition, number 238 of 750, signed by Rackham and with color frontis, twelve plates, and the extra plate of “Puck” included, 4to, (spine slightly darkened, interior very good to excellent). Latimore & Haskell, p. 33. $800-1,200 605. Rackham, Arthur (1867-1939), Illustrator, and Goldsmith, Oliver (1728-1774), The Vicar of Wakefield, Philadelphia: David McKay Company, [1929], original gilt-lettered vellum, number 110 of 200, signed by Rackham, with twelve color plates, 4to, (spine toned, minor smudging). $600-800 606. Repton, Humphry (1752-1818), Designs for the Pavillon at Brighton, London: Printed for J.C. Stadler, [c. 1822], later three-quarter black morocco with gilt lettering, with hand-colored plan and nineteen plates including vignettes, twelve of them hand-colored, six with overslips, one over-page, and two double-page, folio, (interior with very minor soiling and small edge tears to a couple plates, very good overall). Abbey Travel, 57. $7,000-9,000

607. Ricci, Elisa (1858-1945), Old Italian Lace, London: William Heinemann, 1908, two volumes, numbered 137 of 300 copies, cloth, folio, (bumped, chipped, shelf wear, starting, overall light toning, scattered light spotting, bookplate to front pastedown). $200-400 608. (Scrapbook with Decorative Binding, 19th Century), dated to frontis 1826 with name J. Easton, comprising poetry and prose handwritten in ink, numerous pencil drawings and watercolor paintings, some heightened with gum arabic, also mounted with decorative engravings, on buff and colored papers, gilt embossed crushed burgundy morocco with silver metal clasp, with embossed pink silk dublures, and half morocco slipcase, 8vo, (good, wear to slipcase, and light scattered soiling). $2,500-3,500 609. Serizawa, Keisuke (1895-1984), Ehon Don Kihote (Don Quixote Picture Book), Mukômachi: Sunward Press, (1936), numbered in pencil 15 (of 25 copies), with katazome stencil illustrations, sewn binding with lacquered, printed paper covers by Suzuki Shigeo, with original cloth-covered folio case with ivory clasps, folio, (good, with minor surface cracking to covers, mainly around binding, folio case with age wear and splits to hinges). Note: In 1956, the Japanese government named Keisuke Serizawa a Living National Treasure for his katazome stencil dyeing technique. $15,000-25,000 610. Shaw, Henry (1800-1873), The Encyclopaedia of Ornament, London: William Pickering, 1842, with engraved title page and fifty-nine plates, a few in color, half morocco, 4to, (rebound, shelf wear to boards, scattered spotting, dampstaining to lower edge at latter quarter of pages). $300-400 611. (Tapestries, French Royal), Tapisseries Du Roi, ou Sont Representez Les Quatre Elements et Les Quatre Saisons, Paris; De L’Imprimerie Roiale, 1670, gilt-tooled armorial calf, with three engraved title pages, five double page engravings by Charles Le Brun, engraved by I. Goyton, and thirty-eight engraved vignettes inserted into text, folio, (binding heavily worn with cracking and losses, new spine, interior very crisp and clean). $3,000-5,000 612. Viollet-le-Duc, Eugene Emmanuel (1814-1879), Dictionnaire raisonne du mobilier francais..., Paris: Morel et Cie., 1874-75, in six volumes, three-quarter red morocco, 8vo, (scratches to spines, some header/footer chipping, lightly bumped, minor browning). $200-300 613. Viollet-le-Duc, Eugene Emmanuel (1814-1879), Dictionnaire raisonne du mobilier francais..., Paris: Morel, 1876-[75], ten volumes, half red morocco, 8vo, (edge wear, bumped, some chipping, scattered soiling and spotting). $200-300

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614. (Wallpaper, French, 18th Century), Clouzot, Henri, and Follot, Charles, Histoire de Papier Peint en France, Paris: Editions D’Art Charles Moreau, 1935, original wraps with glassine wrapper, with twenty-seven color plates tipt to card, 4to, (very good to excellent, minor fraying to glassine). $200-300


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615. Whistler, Laurence (1912-2000), and Whistler, Rex (1905-1944), Illustrator, !OHO!, London: John Lane, 1946, first edition, boards, with dust jacket, 4to, (dust jacket torn at spine, and with edge chipping, minor browning). $200-300


616. Wilde, Oscar (1854-1900), and Vassos, John, Illustrator, Signed Copy, Salome: A Tragedy in One Act, New York: E.P. Dutton & Company, 1927, gilt-stamped boards, illustrated by John Vassos, signed and inscribed by Vassos on the half-title, 8vo, (some edge wear). $300-400 617. (Willoughby, Vera (1870-1939), Illustrator), Two titles: The Memoirs of a Lady of Quality, London, 1925, numbered 328, half cloth, 4to, (some wear to covers, and light dampstaining to lower edges of boards), and The Recruiting Officer, London, 1926, three-quarter vellum, folio, (chipped). $300-400 618. (World’s Columbian Exposition, 1893), Walton, William (18431915), World’s Columbian Exposition... Official Illustrated Publication: Art and Architecture, Philadelphia: George Barrie, 1893, original three-quarter gilt-tooled morocco, folio, (lightly bumped and chipped, minor toning, tear to a front flyleaf). $700-900 619. (Wyeth, N.C., Illustrator), Cooper, James Fenimore (1789-1851), The Deerslayer, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1925, original cloth with dust jacket, with color illustrations, 8vo, (wrinkling to jacket, else very good). $200-300

620. (Wyeth, N.C., Illustrator), Three titles: Kingsley, Charles, Westward Ho!, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1920, pictorial boards, with nine plates, 8vo; Verne, Jules, Michael Strogoff, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1927, pictorial boards, 8vo; Porter, Jane, The Scottish Chiefs, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1924, pictorial boards, 8vo, (all with age-typical wear and minor defects). $200-300

621. (Wyeth, N.C., Illustrator), Roberts, Kenneth (1885-1957), Signed Copy, Trending into Maine, Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1938, original cloth with dust jacket and slipcase, Arundel Edition, number 335 of 1,075, signed by both Roberts and Wyeth, with an extra suite of plates in a separate envelope, 8vo, (smudging to case, jacket toned). $600-800

622. (Wyeth, N.C., Illustrator), Stevenson, Robert Louis (1850-1894), Kidnapped, New York: Charles Scriber’s Sons, 1913, pictorial boards, with fifteen plates, 8vo, (age-typical wear). $100-150

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624 623

Natural History Prints: 623-642 623. Audubon, John James (1785-1851), Pileated Woodpecker, plate CXI from Birds of America, engraved, printed, and hand-colored by Robert Havell, London, [c. 1830], the full sheet, 38 1/4 x 25 3/8 in., (laid down, faded, scattered spotting). $15,000-25,000

625. Audubon, John James (1785-1851), American White Pelican, plate CCCXI from Birds of America, engraved, printed, and hand-colored by Robert Havell, c. 1836, the full sheet, 38 x 24 1/2 in., (laid down, very minor fading and marginal spotting). $50,000-75,000

624. Audubon, John James (1785-1851), Herring Gull, plate CCXCI from Birds of America, engraved, printed, and hand-colored by Robert Havell, c. 1836, the full sheet, 37 3/4 x 25 1/8 in., (laid down, slice laid in along side lower left margin, scattered foxing along middle right margin). $3,000-4,000

626. Audubon, John James (1785-1851), Smew or White Nun, plate CCCXLVII from Birds of America, engraved, printed and hand-colored by Robert Havell, London, with Whatman 1836 watermark, 28 1/2 x 23 3/4 in., (toned throughout and with brittle paper, 1 inch right marginal tear and water stain lower left, trimmed). $2,000-3,000


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627. Audubon, John James (1785-1851), Yellow billed Magpie, Stellers Jay, Ultramarine Jay, Clark’s Crow, plate CCCLXIII from The Birds of America, engraved, printed, and handcolored by Robert Havell, 1837, reduced sheet, 31 3/4 x 25 1/2 in., (laid down to card, glue remnants from mat, minor scattered spotting). $2,000-4,000 628. Audubon, John James (1785-1851), Nuttall’s Starling, Yellow-headed Troopiale, Bullock’s Oriole, plate CCCLXXXVIII from Birds of America, engraved, printed, and hand-colored by Robert Havell, London, Whatman 1838 watermark, the full sheet, 39 3/4 x 26 1/2 in., (4-inch repair along left center edge, binding holes and some minor chipping, remnants of mounts on reverse). $1,000-1,500 628A. Audubon, John James (1785-1851), Townsend’s Ground Squirrel, plate XX from Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, 1843, lithograph printed by J.T. Bowen, Philadelphia, 27 x 21 1/4 in., framed, (subtle toning and minor rippling). $400-600 628B. Audubon, John James (1785-1851), Common American Skunk, plate XLII from Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, 1844, lithograph printed by J.T. Bowen, Philadelphia, 27 by 21 1/4 in., framed, (water stain along lower margin, left front and upper right corners chipped). $1,000-1,500


629. Audubon, John Woodhouse (1812-1862), American Black Bear, plate CXLI from The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, lithograph printed and colored by J.T. Bowen, Philadelphia, 1848, heightened with gum arabic, sheet size 26 7/8 x 20 7/8 in., (lightly toned). $2,500-3,500 630. Audubon, John Woodhouse (1812-1862), Townsend’s Shrew Mole, plate CXLV from The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, lithograph printed in colors and heightened with touches of gum arabic, by J.T. Bowen, Philadelphia, 1848, folio, full sheet, sight size 20 by 26 1/4 in., (very good, not examined out of frame). $500-700 631. Audubon, John James (1785-1851) and Bachman, John (1790-1874), The Quadrupeds of North America, New York: V.G. Audubon, 1849-54, three volumes, first edition, with fine gilt-tooled pictorial and lettered pebbled black morocco, with 155 hand-finished lithographic plates, (very minor wear to hinges, interior very bright and clean). Nissen 163. $10,000-15,000



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632. After John James Audubon (1785-1851), Purple Grakle or Common Crow Blackbird, New York: J. Bien, 1858, sheet sight size 33 1/2 x 23 1/2 in., framed, (trimmed, with loss of plate number, overall browning and fading). $300-500


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633. Besler, Basilius (1561-1629), Four plates from Hortus Eystettensis sive Diligens et Accurata Omnium Plantarum..., Eichstatt & Nuremberg, 1613, comprising: Piper Indicum Maxi, Papaver Multiplex Albumoris Rubicundus, Poeonia Polyanthos Flore Rubro, and Paeonia mas Flore Purpureo, each folio, hand-colored, image 19 7/8 x 16 1/4 in., (tape residue to verso). $2,000-3,000


634. Besler, Basilius (1561-1629), Three botanical engravings taken from Hortus Eystettensis sive diligens et Accurata Omnium Plantarum..., Eichstatt & Nuremberg, 1613, comprising Acanthus Spinosus, Fraxinella, and Amarantus Spicatus, each folio with later handcoloring, all with text to reverse and titles printed in the matrix, framed, sheet size 20 1/2 x 17 1/4 in. $1,500-2,500 635. (Botanical), Besler, Basilius (1561-1629), and Bury, Priscilla Susan Falkner, Four prints from Besler’s Hortus Eystettensis sive diligens et accurata omnium plantarum..., Eichstatt & Nuremberg, c. 1614, hand-colored, folio, (minor edge chewing); and two prints from Bury’s A Selection of Hexandrian Plants, London, 1831-34, engraved, printed, and hand-colored by Robert Havell, folio (dampstaining); together with three German Botanical engravings, nine prints total. $2,000-3,000

636. (Botanical Illustration), Nine prints, Curtis, William (1746-17990), six plates from Flora Londinensis, London, 1817-28, each folio with hand-coloring; and three continental hand-colored folio engravings, (good condition overall). $800-1,200 637. (Botanical Illustration), Six prints, mostly late 18th/early 19th century, most folio with hand-coloring, publishers Seligmann, Wirsing, Lambert, and Weddell, (good condition overall). $800-1,200 638. (Botanical Illustration), Thornton, Dr. Robert John, A Group of Carnations, from New Illustration of the Sexual System of...Linnaeus. Comprehending...The Temple of Flora..., London, 1799-1807, with hand-coloring, painted by Henderson, engraved by Caldwall, folio, 22 3/8 x 17 1/8 in., (mat burn, some light fading). $2,000-2,500

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639. (Botanical Illustration), Thornton, Dr. Robert John, Tulips, from New Illustration of the Sexual System of...Linnaeus. Comprehending... The Temple of Flora.... London, 1799-1807, first edition, first state, with hand-coloring, painted by Reinagle and engraved by Earlom, folio, 23 3/8 x 18 5/8 in., (mat burn, some light fading, upper corners taped and right corner torn). $2,000-2,500

640. (Cook, Captain James (1728-1779), Voyages), Group of thirteen engravings taken from A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, plates 65-68 and 70-78 of the atlas volume, scenes from the Sandwich Islands and Kamtschatka, each 16 x 22 3/4 in. (edge chipping and minor soiling). $500-700

641. (Ornithological, Natural History), Buffon, Comte Georges L.M. Leclerc (1707-1788), Histoire Naturelle Des Oiseaux, Paris, 17701783, volumes I-IX only, contemporary gilt lettered tree calf, with 262 uncolored plates, 4to, (average wear to bindings, interior crisp and bright). Casey A. Wood, p267; Nissen 158. $1,000-1,500 639


additional information and photos at


642. (Ornithological), Gould, J., and Richter, H.C., Two hummingbird prints, Hypuroptila Caeruleigaster and Phaiolaima Rubinoides, taken from A Monograph of the Trochilidae or Family of Hummingbirds, London: [1849]-1861, each lithograph printed in colors, folio, framed, sight size 19 x 12 1/2 in. (smudging and toning, not examined out of frames). $300-400

Maps and Atlases: Lots 643-686

642A. (Ornithological), Gould, J., and Richter, H.C., Hummingbird print, Sapphironia Caeruleogularis, hand-tinted, heightened with gum arabic, sheet size 21 1/4 x 14 1/2 in., (toned at lower and upper quadrants, tape remnants along top margin). $300-500

644. (Atlas, Boston), Atlas of the County of Suffolk, Massachusetts, Philadelphia: G.M. Hopkins & Co., 1874-75, six volumes, Vols. I-III, and Vols. V-VII, three-quarter calf, folio, (losses to calf, heavy wear and soiling to cloth, starting, scattered spotting, soiling, and edge toning). $600-800

643. (Maps and Charts, United States), The American Atlas, New York: John Reid, 1796, containing twenty-one maps, half vellum, folio, (rebound, binding edge of title page restored, many maps with repairs, scattered soiling, spotting, and chipping). $6,000-8,000

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additional information and photos at


645. (American West, Maps), Morgan, L. Dale, and Wheat, Carl I., Jedediah Smith and His Maps of the American West, San Francisco: California Historical Society, 1954, original red cloth, one of 530, with seven maps, six folding, folio, (very good condition). $300-500

649. (Maps and Charts, Atlantic Ocean), Carte Generale de L’Ocean Atlantique ou Occidental, Paris: Depot General, 1786, 8th edition, double-page folio, hand-colored in outline, with marginal tables, 620 x 1140 mm, framed, (split along central fold, overall browning). $400-600

646. (Maps and Charts, Americas), Janssonius, Joannes, Mar del Nort, [Amsterdam: Janssonius, c. 1650 or later], hand-colored, framed, sight size 590 x 466 mm, (possibly laid down, toning, scattered spotting, some coloring later, older coloring faded, not examined out of frame). $400-600

650. (Maps and Charts, England, Braun, Georg and Hogenberg, Franz), Cantebrigia..., from Civitates orbis terrarum, [1575 or later], with contemporary hand-coloring, matted and framed, 445 x 330 mm, (minor age toning, small pinhole to top center of margin). $400-600

647. (Maps and Charts, Americas), Ortelius, Abraham (1527-1598), Americae sive novi orbis..., from Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, [Antwerp, 1570 or later], hand-colored, sight size 510 x 370 mm, (curved tear at upper right edge, trimmed at lower margin, overall toning, not examined out of frame). $4,000-6,000 648. (Maps and Charts, Americas), Speed, John (1552-1629), America with those known parts in that unknowne worlde...Discribed..., London: L.T. Bassett & R. Chiswell, 1626 or later, later hand-coloring, sheet size 530 x 410 mm, framed, (likely laid down, toning, spotting, fading to coloring). $4,000-6,000

651. (Maps and Charts, European City Views, Rome), Munster, Sebastien, Die Statt Rom in Aller Weldt Bekant Contrafhetung..., c. 1550, taken from Cosmagraphei, page ccxxxvi, uncolored, framed, sight size 11 5/8 by 14 1/2 in., (minor surface smudging, not examined out of frame). $400-600 652. (Maps and Charts, Europe, Seutter, Matthaeus (1647–1756)), Die Hochfurstliche Residentz Frieden und Hauptstadt Gotha, Augsburg, [c. 1730 or later], with contemporary hand-coloring, framed, 600 x 520 mm, (minor spotting, not examined out of frame). $200-300

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653. (Maps and Charts, Europe, Seutter, Matthaeus (1647–1756)), Vienna, Metropolis Austriae Inferioris et celeberrima..., Augsburg, [c. 1730], with contemporary hand-coloring, framed, 590 x 520 mm, (minor toning, not examined out of frame). $250-350

656. (Map, Great Britain), Ogilby, John (1600-1676), The Road from London to Boston, hand-colored strip map, framed with verre eglomise mat, sight size 17 5/8 x 13 3/8 in. (450 x 340 mm), (minor handling creases, not examined out of frame). $250-300

654. (Maps and Charts, France), Speed, John (1552–1629), map of France, London: Thomas Bassett and Richard Chiswell, c. 1676, with border to three sides with vignettes of people in native costumes, and cityscapes, with later hand-coloring, framed, 550 x 440 mm, (inherent central fold, text to recto, light edge chewing, light toning). $400-600

657. (Maps and Charts, Britain, Saxton, Christopher), Anglia, The Kingdome of England and Principality of Wales exactly Described, London, 1649 or later, with hand-coloring, matted and framed, 495 x 400 mm, (inherent central fold, two small margin tears, some toning, not examined out of frame). $300-400

655. (Maps and Charts, Britain, Buck, Samuel, and Buck, Nathanael), Group of nine double-page panoramic city views, taken from Antiquities; or Venerable Remains of Above Four Hundred Castles, Monasteries..., London, c. 1774, comprising The North West Prospect of the City of Wells, The North-West Prospect of Sheerness, in the County of Kent, The East Prospect of Burton Upon Trent in the County of Stafford, The South West Prospect of Guildford, in the County of Surry, The South Prospect of Reading, in the County of Berks, The North-West Prospect of Greenwich, in the County of Kent, The South West Prospect of Shrewsbury, The South West Prospect of the City of Exeter, The South Prospect of Leicester, contemporary hand-coloring, all matted and framed, eight 810 x 315, one 780 x 300 mm, (integral central fold, minor toning, not examined out of frame). $2,000-3,000

658. (Maps and Charts, Great Britain), Whitebread’s New Plan of London extending Four Miles from Charing Cross, c. 1866, folding map with Index, hand-colored accenting, on linen, folding into pebbled cloth folio cover, 31 x 29 1/2 in., (minor wear to cover, tear to front gutter, minor toning and light browning to linen along the central fold lines). $100-150


additional information and photos at

659. (Map and Charts), Massachusetts Coastal Charts, Two maps: General Chart of the Coast, no. 11, From Cape Ann to Gay Head, and No. 14, From Entrance to Buzzard’s Bay Mass to Block Island Sound, R.I., taken from the Survey of the Coast of the United States, 1873 and 1860, respectively, each approx. 38 x 27 in., framed, (not examined out of frames). $150-250


660. (Maps and Charts), Navigational Charts, Group of eleven navigational charts, English and Spanish, by Robert Blachford, J.W. Norie, Taber & Blunt, and others, depicting various regions including Newfoundland, Southern Pacific Ocean, English Channel, the Coast of Africa, Mediterranean, and others, various sizes, (all with heavy usage wear, creases and tears and soiling). $800-1,200

661. (Maps and Atlases, New England), Bromley, George W., and Bromley, Walter S., Atlas of the Town of Brookline, Philadelphia: G.W. Bromley and Co., 1893, cloth, folio, (rebacked, cloth worn, corners with losses to cloth, dampstaining to lower edge of boards, affecting some pages, light, age-typical handling wear). $400-600


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662. (Maps and Charts, New England), Three copies of The Gentleman’s Magazine, London, 1775, one for January, containing A Plan of the Town and Chart of the Harbour of Boston..., sheet size 400 x 330, (fold reinforcement, spotting); June, containing A Map of 100 Miles round Boston, sheet size 280 x 250, (small tear to center near binding edge, loss to half of margin at binding edge, minor offset); the third October, A New and Correct Plan of the Town of Boston, sheet size 275 x 210 mm, (good, minor offset, small pinholes to upper margin); (all periodicals lacking wraps, and with scattered soiling and spotting). $600-800


additional information and photos at

663. (Maps and Charts, New England), Hulsius, Levinus (1546-1606), after Sm566.ith, John, Captain (1580-1631), New England, Frankfurt, c. 1617 or later, unframed, 350 x 305 mm, (light folds, light offset). Note: This map was originally produced by Smith in 1614, and first published in London in his 1616 work A Description of New England. It exists in nine states. This example is a Hulsius copy of the first state, included in Hulsius’ work Viertzehnde Schiffart, oder Gruendliche und warhaffte Beschreibung desz Neuwen Engellandts, first printed in Nuremberg in 1617. An important map, used by early settlers, it is the first known to use the title “New England.” $8,000-12,000

668 also see interior back cover

664. (Maps and Charts, New England), Jefferys, Thomas (d. 1771), A Map of the Most Inhabited part of New England..., [London, c. 1774], three parts only, each matted and framed, each sight size 485 x 551 mm, (traces of hand-coloring in outline, light scattered soiling). $3,000-5,000 665. (Maps and Charts, New York City), Clarke & Stephenson’s New York City Guide. For August, 1862, New York: French and Wheat, [1862], fifth edition, original wraps, with folding map, (owner ink to cover, minor wear). $200-300 666. (Maps and Charts, New England), Bowditch, Nathaniel (17731838), Chart of the Harbours of Salem, Marblehead, Beverly, and Manchester..., Second Edition, 1834, framed, sight size 725 x 610 mm, (good, not examined out of frame). $400-600

667. (Maps and Charts, North America), Bowen, Thomas, A Correct Map of the United States of North America, London, c. 1790, taken from Bankes, Thomas, A New Royal Authentic and Complete System of Universal Geography, hand-colored, matted and framed, sight size 450 x 340 mm. $350-450 668. (Maps and Charts, North America), A New and Exact Map of the Dominions of the King of Great Britain... Containing Newfoundland, New Scotland, New England, New York, New Jersey, Pensilvania, Maryland, Virginia and Carolina, Herman Moll Geographer, [London]: T. Bowles, John Bowles, and J. King, 1715 [but 1731], with two sheets joined together with contemporary hand-coloring showing an elaborate cartouche in lower center with dedication to the Honourable William Dowglass, five inset maps or scenes added in lower portion, including “A Map of the Improved Part of Carolina,” “A Map of the Principal Part of North America,” “A View of ye Industry of Beavers in Canada,” “A Draught of ye Town and Harbour of Charles-Town,” and a map of Louisiana and East Florida, 1040 x 642 mm, (overall toning, one small tape repair to repair, scattered spotting throughout). Degrees of Latitude 19; Kershaw II:331; Tooley The Mapping of America 55. $7,000-9,000 online bidding at




669. (Maps and Charts, North America), Delisle, Guillaume (1675-1726), America Septentrionalis, Augsburg: Conrad Lotter, c. 1750 or later, double page with hand-coloring, matted and framed, sight size 585 x 460 mm, (not examined out of frame). $1,200-1,800


additional information and photos at

670. (Maps and Charts, Northern Hemisphere), Delisle, Joseph Nicolas (1688-1768), Carte des nouvelles decouvertes au nord de la Mer du Sud, Paris: G. Delisle and P. Buache, 1750 or later, hand-colored in wash and outline, framed, sight size 660 x 480 mm, (vertical center fold and light vertical crease, light toning, spotting, and fading to coloring, light areas of dampstaining, not examined out of frame). $600-900



671. (Maps and Charts, North America), Delisle, Guillaume (1675-1726), Carte du Canada ou de la Nouvelle France..., [Amsterdam: Jean Covens et Corneille Mortier, c. 1730 or later], double page folio with hand-colored border, 655 x 525 mm, (center dampstaining and marginal smudging). $1,200-1,800

672. (North America), Lotter, Tobias Conrad (1717-1777), Recens Edita totius Novi Begii in American Septentrionali, Augsburg, [c. 1760], partially hand-colored, matted and framed, sight size 23 1/8 x 19 7/8 in., (washed, with some color fading residual browning, tears to center, with a small area of loss disguised with inpainting, not examined out of frame). $400-600

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673. (Maps and Charts, North America), Ogilby, John (1600-1676), Nova Terrae-Mariae Tabula, [London, 1671 or later], derived from the anonymous 1635 “Lord Baltimore Map,” uncolored, sheet size 470 x 405 mm, (good, with minor repairs at center fold at upper and lower edge, minor marginal smudging). $3,500-4,500 674. (Maps and Charts, North America), United States of America. Northern Part, Pinkerton, John, from Modern Atlas, London: Cadell and Davies; London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, [1815], double-page folio with hand-colored borders, 21 x 31 3/4 in., (minor dampstaining lower right margin, minor loss and fold weakness to center, not examined out of frame). $150-200 674A. (Maps and Charts, North America), Seutter, Albrecht Karl, Partie orientale de la nouvelle France ou du Canada, Augsburg: Matthaeus Seutter, [1750 or later], hand-colored, sight size 611 x 520 mm, (center fold, coloring lightly faded, light toning and spotting). $500-700


additional information and photos at

676. (Maps and Charts, North America), Folding map of New Mexico and Arizona, Old Territory and Military Departments of New Mexico, Bureau of Topographical Engineering of the War Department, 1859 corrected to 1871, 35 1/4 x 24 in., (dampstaining, minor holes to linen backing between panels, calf covers worn, red route lines and annotations, pencil notation to back “Belonged to Col. James B.M. Potter”). $150-250

677. (Maps and Charts, North America, Virginia), de Bry, Theodor, after White, John, Americae pars, Nunc Virginia dicta..., [Frankfort, 1590 or later], 420 x 305 mm, (hinged to mat, scattered light soiling, light creasing). Note: John White was a member of Sir Walter Raleigh’s party sent to establish an American settlement in Roanoke, Virginia, in 1585. This detailed map by Bry is based on information and drawings by White; it is one of the earliest maps of Virginia. $12,000-18,000



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678. (Maps and Charts, North America), Wytfliet, Cornelius, Norumbega et Virginia 1597, [Louvain, 1597], first state, with date 1597 in title block, and latitude 30 rather than 39 in left margin, from Descriptionis Ptolemaicae augmentum, uncolored, sheet size 370 x 300 mm, (pinhole to center of map at centerfold, minor toning and smudging to margins). $2,000-3,000

680. (Maps and Charts, Boston, Revolutionary War), A Plan of the Town and Chart of the Harbour of Boston, exhibiting a View of the Islands Castle Forts and Entrances into the said Harbour, [n.p., c. 1776], with hand-coloring, framed, sheet size 340 x 270 mm, (likely laid down, browning, offset, coloring faded, folds, and short tear at right edge). $600-800

679. (Maps and Charts, Revolutionary War, Boston), A Plan of Boston and its Environs shewing the true Situation of His Majesty’s Army and also those of the Rebels, London, Andrew Dury, March 12, 1776, contemporary hand-coloring, 25 1/2 x 18 1/4 in., (645 x 460 mm), (folds, with restorations and stabilizing repairs along fold lines, soiling, likely washed, hinged to mat). $25,000-35,000

681. (Maps and Charts, United States), Colton, Joseph H. (1800-1893), Map of the United States...showing the routes of the U.S. Mail Steam Packets to California, and a Plan of the Gold Region, New York, 1849, with some period hand-coloring, folio, 620 x 460 mm, (laid onto linen, folds and creases, with some small related tears, loss to lower right corner, and losses to upper edge affecting decorative border, overall toning, and light soiling, coloring faded, framed). $300-500

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682. (Maps and Charts, Western Hemisphere), Mercator, Michael, America sive India Nova ad magnae Gerardi Mercatoris, [Duisburg, c. 1585 or later], taken from Atlantis pars altera, hand-colored, sheet size 520 x 410 mm, (small repair to tear center fold at top edge, minor marginal smudging). $3,500-5,000 683. (Maps and Charts, World Projections), de Fer, Nicolas (16461720), Mappe-Monde, ou Carte Generale de la Terre, Paris, 1700 or later, two sheets, hand-colored, matted and framed, sight size 710 x 445 mm, (integral fold line and light horizontal fold, minor handling wear, light browning, and scattered spotting, not examined out of frame). $1,200-1,800 684. (Maps and Charts, World Projection, 15th Century), Schedel, Hartmann, Secunda etas mundi, [1493 or later], taken from Liber chronicarum, Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, leaf XII/XIII, uncolored, with text and woodcut caricature vignettes recto, sheet size 610 x 460 mm, (good, with reinforced center fold, minor marginal soiling, likely washed). $8,000-12,000


additional information and photos at

685. (Maps and Charts, World Projection, 16th Century), Waldseemuller, Martin, Orbis Typus Universalis Iuxta Hygrographorum, Strasbourg, 1513 or later, uncolored, 609 x 465 mm, (hinged to mat, restoration along center fold and upper margin, five pinholes to center portion, some bleeding of ink). Note: This important map is believed to have been first created in 1506. Waldseemuller originally proposed naming the New World after the explorer Amerigo Vespucci. This version does not include the word “America,” and may reflect a rift that occurred between explorer and cartographer. Often referred to as the “Admiral’s Map,” this work is notable in its early inclusion of the islands of “Isabella,” (Cuba) and “Spagnolla,” (Hispaniola), and the edge of the New World, separate from Asia. $12,000-18,000 686. (Maps and Charts, World Projection), Two maps: Tirion, Isaak, Nieuwe Kaart van het Oostelykste der Weerald..., and Nieuwe Kaart van het Westelykste Deel der Weerald..., Amsterdam, 1753-1754, folio, uncolored, 350 x 370 mm, (minor browning, creasing). $400-600




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Skinner, Inc. - Conditions of Sale 1. Some of the lots in this sale are offered subject to a reserve. The reserve is a confidential minimum price agreed upon by the consignor and Skinner, Inc. below which the lot will not be sold. In most cases, the reserve will be set below the estimated range, but in no case will it exceed the estimates listed. A representative of Skinner, Inc. will execute such reserves by bidding for the consignor. In any event and whether or not a lot is subject to a reserve, the auctioneer may reject any bid or raise not commensurate with the value of such lot. 2. All property is sold “as is,� and neither the auctioneer nor any consignor makes any warranties or representation of any kind or nature with respect to the property, and in no event shall they be responsible for the correctness, nor deemed to have made any representation or warranty, of description, genuineness, authorship, attribution, provenance, period, culture, source, origin, or condition of the property and no statement made at the sale, or in the bill of sale, or invoice or elsewhere shall be deemed such a warranty of representation or an assumption of liability. 3. Except as provided in paragraph 1 above, the highest bidder as determined by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the case of a disputed bid, the auctioneer shall have sole discretion in determining the purchaser and may also, at his or her election, withdraw the lot or reoffer the lot for sale. 4. All merchandise purchased must be paid for and removed from the premises the day of the auction. Skinner Inc. may impose, and the purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly interest charge of 1.5% of the purchase price of any lot or item lot not paid for within thirty-five (35) days of the date of sale. Skinner, Inc. shall have no liability for any damage or loss to property left on its premises for more than three (3) days from the date of sale. If any property has not been removed within three (3) days from the date of sale, at the option of Skinner, Inc. (a) Skinner Inc., may impose, and the purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly storage charge of 1.5% of the purchase price of any lot or portion of a lot not removed within the three days, and/or (b) Skinner Inc. may place the merchandise in a subsequent auction, without Reserve, to be sold to the highest bidder, and after deducting the standard commission and any additional charges that may apply, remit the proceeds to the purchaser. 5. Skinner accepts cash or check for payment. Personal checks will be acceptable only if credit has been established with Skinner, Inc. or if a bank authorization has been received guaranteeing a personal check. Skinner, Inc. reserves the right to hold merchandise purchased by personal check until the check has cleared the bank. The purchaser agrees to pay Skinner, Inc. a handling charge of $25.00 for any check dishonored by the drawee. Please contact Accounting for additional payment methods. Skinner does not accept payment by credit card for merchandise purchases. 6. If the purchaser breaches any of its obligations under these Conditions of Sale, including its obligation to pay in full the purchase price of all items for which it was the highest successful bidder, Skinner Inc. may exercise all of its rights and remedies under the law including, without limitation, (a) canceling the sale and applying any payments made by the purchaser to the damages caused by the purchaser’s breach, and/or (b) offering at public auction, without reserve, any lot or item for which the purchaser has breached any of its obligations, including its obligation to pay in full the purchase price, holding the purchaser liable for any deficiency plus all costs of sale. 7. In no event will the liability of Skinner, Inc. to any purchaser with respect to any item exceed the purchase price actually paid by such purchaser for such item. 8. Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Upon request, our staff will provide the list of shippers who deliver to destinations within the United States and overseas. Some property that is sold at auction can be subject to laws governing export from the U.S., such as items that include material from some endangered species. Import restrictions from foreign countries are subject to these same governing laws. Granting of licensing for import or export of goods from local authorities is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Denial or delay of licensing will not constitute cancellation or delay in payment for the total purchase price of these lots. 9. All purchases are subject to the Massachusetts 6.25% sales tax unless the purchaser possesses a Massachusetts sales tax exemption number. Exemption numbers from other states are accepted in Massachusetts if presented with a business card or letterhead. Dealers, museums, and other qualifying parties can apply for a Massachusetts exemption number prior to the auction by contacting the Massachusetts Department of Corporations and Taxation at 100 Cambridge Street in Boston. 10. Except for property purchased via on-line Live Auctions, a premium equal to 18.5% of the final bid price up to and including $200,000, plus 10% of the final bid over $200,000, will be applied to each lot sold, to be paid by the Buyer as part of the purchase price. The buyers premium on property purchased via on-line Live Auctions will be in the amount equal to 22.5% of the final bid price up to and including $200,000, plus 15% of the final bid over $200,000. 11. Bidding on any item indicates your acceptance of these terms and all other terms announced at the time of sale whether bidding in person, through a representative, by phone, by Internet, or other absentee bid. 12. Skinner, Inc. and its consignors make no warranty or representation, express or implied, that the purchaser will acquire any copyright or reproduction rights to any lot sold. Skinner, Inc. expressly reserves the right to reproduce any image of the lots sold in this catalogue. The copyright in all images, illustrations and written material produced by or for Skinner, Inc. relating to a lot, including the contents of this catalogue, is, and shall remain at all times, the property of Skinner, Inc. and shall not be used by the purchaser, nor by anyone else, without our prior written consent. 13. These conditions of sale shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (excluding the laws applicable to conflicts or choice of law). The buyer/bidder agrees that any suit for the enforcement of this agreement may be brought, and any action against Skinner in connection with the transactions contemplated by this agreement shall be brought, in the courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or any federal court sitting therein. The bidder/buyer consents to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of such courts and waives objections that it may now or hereafter have to the venue of any such suit. Revised September 29, 2009


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I wish to place the following bids in the sale listed above. I understand that Skinner, Inc. will execute bids as a convenience, and will not be held responsible for any errors or failure to execute bids. I understand that my bids are executed and accepted as per Conditions of Sale as printed in the catalogue of this sale. Signature (Required)

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Directions to Skinner’s Boston Gallery/63 Park Plaza, Boston, MA Telephone: 617-350-5400 From the West:

Take the Massachusetts Turnpike to the Prudential/Copley exit located in the Prudential tunnel. Once on the exit ramp, stay in the right hand lane and follow the signs for Copley. The ramp exits onto Stuart Street. Drive straight through five sets of lights and take a left onto Charles Street South. Take your first left off of Charles St. South onto Park Plaza. Skinner is at 63 Park Plaza, one block up on the right.

From the South:

Take 93-N to Exit 20 for I-90 W toward Worcester. Follow signs for Chinatown/South Station. Bear left at the fork to continue towards Kneeland Street. Turn left onto Kneeland Street. Kneeland Street becomes Stuart Street. Turn right onto Charles Street South. Turn left onto Park Plaza. Skinner is at 63 Park Plaza, one block up on the right.

From Logan Airport:

Take the Ted Williams Tunnel. Take Exit 25 toward South Boston and bear left at the fork in the ramp. Bear right onto B St. Turn left onto Northern Ave which becomes Seaport Blvd. Turn left onto Surface Rd. Turn right onto Kneeland Street which becomes Stuart Street. Turn right onto Charles Street South. Turn left onto Park Plaza. Skinner is at 63 Park Plaza, one block up on the right.

From the North:

Take I-93 South towards Boston. Take exit 26 towards Storrow Drive.  Merge onto MA-28 South via the ramp on the left. Turn left onto Beacon Street. Turn right onto Arlington Street. Turn left onto Boylston Street. Turn right onto Hadassah Way. Skinner is on the right at 63 Park Plaza. 134


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