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La Conner Dental - Brandon Atkinson DMD Best New Business


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ADVERTISER INDEX Advanced Gutter Service..........................14 All About Hearing...................................14 BECU Burlington.....................................19


Brown Lantern........................................15 Calico Cupboard......................................13 Cascadia Eye..........................................15 Cat Nap Inn...........................................16 Country Financial....................................17 Foothills Auto Center...............................14 Guardian Northwest Title & Escrow.............15

Best New Businesses 4 La Conner Dental - Brandon Atkinson DMD 6 Third Street Station, Sedro-Woolley 7 A. V. Skin Spa, Mount Vernon

Handy’s Heating......................................16 Hansen’s Furniture..................................13 Indulge Bakery.......................................17

8 Skagit’s Best Voting Process

Judd & Black........................................... 9 Kind, Caring & Compassionate Grooming.....19 Land Title..............................................16 Lopez Island Creamery.............................19 Majestic Inn & Spa................................... 8 Modern Cleaners.....................................12

Skagit’s Best Winners 10 Best Food & Drink 10 Best Goods & Services

Mountain Pacific Bank.............................18

11 Best Places

North Coast Credit Union..........................12

11 Special Categories

Remax Gateway................ Inside Front Cover Schuh Farms...........................................13 Skagit City Trucking School.......................17 Skagit Tradition Realty................. Back Cover Skagits Own Fish Market...........................12 Swinomish Casino & Lodge........................ 8 Where the Heart Is..................................18


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Yeates Family Dental...............................12 g oskagit. com

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Best New Business 11823-002


La Conner Dental

Brandon Atkinson, DMD “Ready to Smile?” 721 S. Maple St., La Conner, WA 98257 (360) 466-3188


he Skagit Valley Herald is pleased to announce Skagit’s Best “Best New Business”: La Conner Dental. Dr. Brandon Atkinson is thrilled to work, serve and be part of the town of La Conner. Dr. Atkinson purchased La Conner Dental from Dr. Larry Quesnell last year and is eagerly serving the dental needs of the community. The practice specializes in dental implants and offers a wide range of dental services for all age groups. Kristi Cook, the office manager, says “Our highest priority is the health of each patient. We want everyone who enters our doors to feel like they are the most important person to us.” The practice boasts state of the art equipment including the latest in scanning technology that allows Dr. Atkinson and his team to clearly identify each patient’s unique dental needs. Brandon, as many of his patients call him, says, “I am pleased that we can offer dental implants to residents of La Conner and surrounding areas without the need to travel. Most of the time, implants are the best solution for replacing teeth, stabilizing dentures, and providing the least invasive, most esthetically pleasing results.” Dr. Atkinson’s mission is to help people feel comfortable sharing their smile and he understands that sometimes it requires more than just routine care in order for people to feel comfortable showing their teeth. His “can-do attitude” and positive approach to difficult dental situations make it happen. Dr. Atkinson says, “Our office is amazing because we don’t just focus on the teeth. As a team, we work to make our patients feel safe and comfortable and aim to become friends with our patients.” Dr. Atkinson knows that the caring work of his staff is just as important as his years of experience. Kristi and Ashley worked with him in Sedro Woolley, he and Michelle worked together when 4

Skag it Pu blis h ing S KAG I T’ S BEST | 2019

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he was just out of dental school, Belinda was Dr. Quesnell’s right hand, and Alline and Kealey are great finds from the local dental community. “I feel so fortunate to be able to work with these skilled and compassionate women”, beams Dr. Atkinson. Regarding being named a finalist for Skagit County’s Best New Business, Brandon said, “I am thrilled about it. It’s exciting and I am grateful to everyone who supports us and voted for us. There is a need for high quality dental care here and I love the people of La Conner. We have really felt welcomed and are excited about the new patients coming to see us. We have been invited to community events which has allowed us to be part of the great things that happen here. One of my first invitations was to be “principal for a day” at the school, giving me an opportunity to meet the capable teachers and see the outstanding facilities. La Conner’s small-town atmosphere encourages residents to get excited about what is happening. We’re really enjoying being here; it’s better than I could have imagined.” Brandon has long-standing ties to Skagit County. He and his wife, Kate, “…wanted a practice in the Skagit Valley because this is home to us.” Kate’s parents grew up in La Conner and the couple has been raising their six children in the valley for the last 20 years. “We love La Conner. Buying a practice here was almost like coming home...”, said Kate. Dr. Atkinson had a dental practice in Sedro-Woolley for twenty years before purchasing La Conner Dental in October, 2018. After buying the practice, Dr. Atkinson began a year-long renovation project; remodeling the back of the office and the exterior building first with plans to remodel the waiting room this fall. Dr. Atkinson’s passion for dentistry stems from a bad experience as a teen when he took his youngest sister, Lindsey, who has Downs Syndrome, to the dentist. Brandon knew he could do better; eventually inspiring him to seek admittance in dental school. He enjoys building relationships through dentistry and loves seeing families grow, develop and contribute to the world. He also enjoys helping those who are underserved. The technical part of dentistry excites him; he marvels at the advancements that have been made over the last two decades. Brandon says the most important things to him are “My faith, my family, my friends, and helping people. I am in awe at the goodness of people who live and serve in these Skagit County communities. I am on the board for the Sedro-Woolley Food Bank and am moved by the good brought to thousands of families in the area. School districts, local businesses, medical and dental professionals and attorneys in the valley are all incredible. I am so grateful to live here amongst so many amazing people.” Brandon invites anyone to come in and visit with him and his team. He loves meeting new people and proudly states, “We love to make you smile.”

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Best New Business 11823-001


3rd Street Station “Stop in, sit and enjoy a nice Sandwich, Soup or Salad in our cozy Boutique Cafe.” 3rd-StreetStation-394687004422085/

227 E. State St., Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284 (360) 436-6252


he Skagit Valley Herald is pleased to announce Skagit’s Best finalist for “Best New Business”: 3rd Street Station. Owner Sammi Jo opened the cafe on February 28, 2019, which specializes in big, saucy, juicy sandwiches. Said Sammi Jo, “I’m not sure I can make a non-messy sandwich. I want every bite to be full of flavor and I want everyone to leave full and happy. No complaints yet on the juiciness so I think it’s a hit!” The full menu includes soups, sandwiches, paninis, bagels, gluten free Keto salads, and iced Keto coffee. Said Sammi Joe, “I know the ins and out of Keto pretty well and… it is a very hard thing to find when you are out… I want anyone to be able to come in and eat delicious food in my cafe, which is why I also offer vegan and gluten free options.” She is tossing around a couple of different ideas for breakfast items or fun dishes like waffle sandwiches, saying “I’m…getting comfortable with the locals and feeling them out on the things they want. I always get good honest feedback from my guests.” As far as other changes, the city is switching the cafe to road-side parking so she is considering extending the outside eating area to a larger, more spacious area. Sammi Joe is thrilled about being a finalist for Skagit County’s Best New Business, saying “It’s absolutely amazing! When I got the call, I didn’t know what to think. It was complete disbelief and then I got a little emotional. I absolutely love the amount of support I’ve gotten from the community.” Sammi Jo was born and raised in Sedro-Woolley and her entire family is from Rockport and Concrete. Said Sammi Jo, “I’ve been here for 30 years now and don’t ever plan on moving out of Sedro-Woolley.” 3rd Street Station is a “one-woman shop” but Sammi Joe knows she “…couldn’t do it without Shelley Perry or Heidi Goldsmith from the adjoining fashion boutique: Shelley’s Shack. If things get too hectic in the cafe, they are quick to jump in and help. She is also extremely grateful for the support she has from her boyfriend and his family as well as her own family and friends, including moms Susy and Tami Dellinger and her Dad who taught her how to “…cook bold, flavorful, nummy food.” When asked about her customers, she said “My guests! Oh! where to start. Never in a million years did I think I would have regulars! I get the most amazing, personable people in my cafe who are always open to lending good advice or sharing memorable stories. I’ve gotten to know a lot of people and a lot of their history. It amazes me how many people know my family and have so many great stories to share about them. Most of my business is from word of mouth and it just keeps coming. We try to keep a sit-and-stay atmosphere so people don’t feel rushed to leave when they are done eating and I believe it has worked. Every day I get to meet new people; it’s like having a huge growing family. We live in a great town with great locals. The fun part is meeting guests from other states. Always takes me by surprise when I hear someone is from North Carolina or Arizona or Texas and somehow they ended up in my tiny cafe.” 6

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Best New Business 11823-001


A.V. Skin Spa 2222 Riverside Dr. #750, Mount Vernon, WA 98274 Phone (360) 421-2192


he Skagit Valley Herald is pleased to announce Skagit Best’s finalist for “Best New Business”: A.V. Skin Spa. Owner Ali Vargas is a state-licensed esthetician offering a range of skin treatments and Dermalogica skin care products in his professional skincare spa. He works to address signs of aging, and problematic and pigmentation issues for clients of all skin types. Services include facials, dermaplaning, chemical peels, skin rejuvenation, lip, eye and neck treatments and anti-age light therapy. Patrons can expect to see results and to feel pampered in a calm and relaxing environment; many 60-minute treatments offer a light neck, shoulder, and scalp massage. Ali spends time researching the most current and effective treatments and skincare products in order to offer the best services to his clients. Vargas was raised in Mount Vernon; he is a Mount Vernon High School graduate and says that he has always participated in many community groups and events here. Ali replied humbly when asked how he feels about being a finalist for “Best New Business”, saying “I am honored to be in the top three of this category and have my clients to thank. I just want them to know that every decision I make for the spa is with them in mind. To be very honest, I was a bit surprised when I found out as I am a self-owned skin spa and I am also a solo esthetician. I don’t have employees or have staff. It’s a great honor to be in the same category as some bigger new businesses. This community and my clients have been very good to me. My business has done nothing but grow month by month.” Ali is thankful for his customers, saying “I have very loyal customers beyond belief. I always say that I must be doing something right because I have clients that come to me monthly, which is outstanding for facials. It has been really rewarding to serve such a variety of clients of all ethnic backgrounds and offer bilingual services to my Spanish speaking clients. My clients continuously leave me great reviews on Facebook and Google. I am so grateful and honored by every review.” Ali started his business just over a year ago, noting that “It was a very bumpy and interesting start in the beginning, working out of a very tiny room. My space has grown and now is a very comfortable space I would like to think. I was inspired to start my business out of my personal passion for skincare. I can remember since the time I was in middle school being obsessed with skin products. I was fascinated by what they could do to help people with their skin. I remember my first day of school for esthetics and opening my book in class for the first time, and knowing I was forever in the right place. It was a very rare and magical feeling of excitement. I chose to do a very relaxed and cozy style decor over a medi-style spa. I wanted my clients to feel like they are away from the world of rush and stress.” g oskagit. com

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Skagit’s Best Voting Process More than 41,000 votes were made online by readers across approximately 90 sub-categories. The four main categories were “Best Goods and Services,” “Best Food and Drink,” “Best Places” and “Special Categories.” Each category had many sub-categories and each sub-category had multiple businesses to choose from. For example, under the main category “Best Goods and Services,” “Beauty Services” was a sub-category. Under “Beauty Services” readers chose between 33 Skagit County spas, hair salons and tanning studios to crown the “Best Beauty Services” winner. The Skagit’s Best contest is held annually to honor all the wonderful businesses in our community. Join us in congratulating the 2019 winners!

Thank you, Skagit County, for voting us Best Outdoor Dining


419 Commercial Ave. Anacortes, WA 98221


Skag it Pu blis h ing S KAG I T’ S BEST | 2019

877-370-0100 • 360-299-1400


• Finalist for Best Hotel • Multiple Indoor/Outdoor Event Spaces • Panoramic Rooftop Venue • Popular Happy Hour and 3-Course Special Menus • Award Winning Full Service Spa

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g oskagit. com

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Skagit’s Best 2019 Winners & Finalists! Best Food & Drink Asian Restaurant Rachawadee Thai Cafe Asian 1 Burlington (Healthy Asian Cuisine) Taste of Thai by Wipa (Thai food and Thai restaurant)

Donuts Donut House Darren’s Donut Lafeens Donuts Ice Cream And Espresso Drive-in / Diner Hal’s Drive In The Net Drive In Skagit Valley Burger Express

Baked Goods / Dessert Specialties Calico Cupboard Cafe and Farm Stand Bakery, Mt. Vernon Snow Goose Produce Mt. Indulge Bakery Vernon Joy’s Sedro Woolley Bakery Cascadian Farm Home & Cafe Farm Breakfast Calico Cupboard Cafe and Bakery, Mt. Vernon Billy’s Cafe Joy’s Sedro Woolley Bakery & Cafe Brewery Farmstrong Brewing Company Birdsview Brewing Company Train Wreck Bar & Grill

Gordon Skagit’s Farms Schuh Farms Fine Dining The Magnolia Grill 13moons Restaurant Il Granaio Authentic Italian Restaurant Food Truck MoonRocket Pizza Double Barrel BBQ Tacos Tecalitlan

Brunch Fresh Seafood Market Train Wreck Bar & Grill Skagit’s Own Fish Market Bob’s Burgers & Brew Burlington Blau Oyster Co, Inc. Calico Cupboard Old Taylor Shellfish Farms Town Cafe & Bakery Hamburger Caterer Skagit Valley Burger Liberty Bistro Express Double Barrel BBQ Hal’s Drive In The Magnolia Grill Train Wreck Bar & Grill Coffee Shop / Espresso Ice Cream Stand / Tea Snow Goose Produce Mt. Valley Grind Vernon The Coffee Barn Big Scoop Sundae Palace & Restaurant Espresso Connection Lopez Island Creamery


Ska g it Pu blis h ing S KA G I T’ S BEST | 2019

Italian Restaurant Il Granaio Authentic Italian Restaurant Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, Burlington Pacioni’s Italian Restaurant

Winery Eagle Haven Winery Bertelsen Winery Skagit Cellars

Auto Repair / Credit Union Mechanic BECU Credit Union Bavarian Autohaus Alaska USA Federal Credit JP Automotive Quality Union Automotive Service & North Coast Credit Union, Repair Mount Vernon Best Goods & Steve’s Automotive Center Services Mexican Restaurant Dental Center Baby/Children’s Mexico Cafe Dr. Perry Family Antique Store Store Dentistry COA mexican eatery, Mt. Pam’s Past Time Antiques Sprouts Clothing & More Vernon La Conner Dental Nasty Jack’s Antiques Carter’s, Burlington Brandon Atkinson DMD Lorenzo’s, Sedro-Woolley Re-Feather Your Nest Kids Stuff Yeates Family Dental Outdoor Dining / Rooftop Dining Appliance Store Banks Dry Cleaner Majestic Inn & Spa Judd & Black Appliance, Mountain Pacific Bank Modern Cleaners Mt. Vernon 13moons Restaurant Peoples Bank Glow Cleaners DeWaard & Bode, Birdsview Brewing Washington Federal Sparkle Shop Cleaners Burlington Company Beauty Services Event Planner Skagit Habitat For Pizza Restaurant Humanity Spero Skin Spa Salon Eventos Siul Ellav Annie’s Pizza Station Envy Salon For Hair Creative Celebrations Art Gallery / Custom MOD Pizza Framing Rumours Hair Design Enchanting Events Railroad Pub & Pizza Wilson Picture Framing Boutique Clothing Financial Planner Hobby Lobby Seafood Restaurant Store Timothy Van Dyken, Tri-Dee Arts Anthony’s At Cap Sante Oliver-Hammer Clothes Edward Jones (Mount Shop Vernon) Chuckanut Manor Seafood Assisted Living D. A. Davidson & Co., & Grill Stowe’s Shoes & Clothing / Retirement Burlington Community La Conner Seafood & Three Little Birds Salon & PrimeRib House Boutique Insignia Payment Saint Anthony’s Adult Solutions, David Decante Family Home Specialty Foods Car Dealer Creekside Continuing Care Financial Services Skagit Valley Food Co-op Foothills Toyota Community BC Accounting Breadfarm Pacific Coast Auto Center Where The Heart Is Mountain Pacific Bank Forte Chocolates Sims Honda Auto Body Shop Toomey & Toomey CPAs Tavern / Lounge / Pub Chiropractic Office PLLC Fix Auto Mt. Vernon Train Wreck Bar & Grill Family Chiropractic Avon Body Shop Florist Center Brown Lantern JP Automotive Quality Hart’s Floral Northwest Chiropractic Automotive Service & Conway Pub and Eatery Clinic PS The Enchanted Florist Repair Vegetarian / Health Southard Family Melody’s Flowers and More Auto Parts Store Food Chiropractic Funeral Home Skagit Valley Food Co-op NAPA Auto Parts - The Computer Services Parts Store Kern Funeral Home Calico Cupboard Cafe and AutoZone, Mount Vernon Interpreting Technology Hawthorne Funeral Home Bakery, Mt. Vernon Best Buy Geek Squad, & Memorial O’Reilly Auto Parts, SedroSeeds a Bistro & Bar Burlington Woolley Lemley Funeral Chapel Dimensional Communications, Inc. go skagit.c o m

Skagit’s Best 2019 Winners & Finalists! Furnace / Heating / AC Store Ronk Brothers Heating and Cooling Barron Heating & Air Conditioning Handy’s Heating Furniture Store Skagit Habitat For Humanity Hansen’s Furniture Lyon’s Furniture & Sleep Center Inc General Contractor / Construction Services Southern Hospitality Garage Doors Advanced Gutter Services BYK Construction Inc. Gift Shop Skagit Valley Food Co-op Bottorff’s & Company Makers Compounding Pharmacy & Hallmark Greenhouse / Nursery Christianson’s Nursery Azusa Farm & Gardens Skagit Valley Gardens Grocery Store Haggen Food & Pharmacy Fred Meyer Skagit Valley Food Co-op Hair Salon Spero Skin Spa Salon Envy Salon For Hair Rumours Hair Design Hardware Store Kaptein’s Ace Hardware Ace Hardware, Anacortes Ekrem Hardware

g oskagit. com

Insurance Office Carol Lawson - State Farm Insurance Agent Annette Booth: Allstate Insurance Country Financial - Roger Elton Representative

Optometrist Cascadia Eye Island Optometry Mount Vernon Vision Source

Real Estate Services Veterinary Clinic and Support College Way Animal Land Title & Escrow Hospital Chicago Title Insurance Co Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic Guardian NW Title & Escrow North Cascade Veterinary Orthodontist Hospital Recreational Gardner Orthodontics Jeweler Marijuana Vision Center Bielas Orthodontics Charles Fine Jewelry Western Bud Cascadia Eye Dr. Paul M. Halgren, DDS Strauss Jewelers Floyd’s Cannabis Co. Mount Vernon Vision Source Party Supply Warren Jewelers, PRC - Conway Business Burlington Paris Miki USA Inc Renewable Energy Party City Best Places Landscape / Lawn Banner Power Solutions Hobby Lobby Service Fire Mountain Solar Bed & Breakfast Pacific Party Canopies Salazar’s Nursery and Western Solar Inc Landscape Supplies Chuckanut Manor Pet Grooming Martin’s Lawn Care The Grand Willow Inn Spa Services Kind, caring, ProScapes Ovenell’s Heritage Inn compassionate grooming, Spero Skin Spa Salon llc. Concrete W Bella Soul Spa Lawyer Family Friendly / Animal House Pet Recreation Simply Therapeutic John Murphy (John W. Grooming Massage Murphy Law) Morrison Gymnastics The Cat Nap Inn Pirkle Law Firm: Pirkle Children’s Museum of Sporting Goods / Chuckanut Valley Lawrence A Skagit County Outdoors Store Veterinary Clinic Richard M Sybrandy, PLLC Farmstrong Brewing Holiday Sports Company Pet Services DICK’S Sporting Goods Massage Doggy Come Play: Fitness Center Oliver-Hammer Clothes Spero Skin Spa Salon Daycare/Boarding Shop Urban Fitness and Health Bella Soul Spa Jee Jac Kennels Riverside Health Club, Tattoo / Piercing Simply Therapeutic Sunny Lane Canine Mount Vernon Massage Good Vibes Body Art Academy Skagit Valley Family Only Precision Piercing Medical Facility YMCA Photography Triumph Tattoo All About Hearing Services Golf Course Family Care Network Demri Rayanne Thrift Store Eaglemont Golf Course North Cascade Family Photography Skagit Habitat For Physicians Avalon Golf Links Andy Porter Photography Humanity PeaceHealth United Skagit Golf & Country Suzanne Rothmeyer Bargains Galore Thrift General Medical Center, Club Photography Store Sedro-Woolley Sweetpea Memories Hotel / Motel Goodwill Mt. Vernon Photography Nutrition La Conner Channel Lodge Trucking & Logistics Skagit Valley Food Co-op Majestic Inn & Spa Real Estate Office Brown Line LLC The Apothecary Wellness Skagit Tradition Realty Swinomish Casino & Lodge Center & Spa Skagit City Trucking LLC School Live Music Venue Gene Erwin, Mannatech RE/MAX Gateway Skagit Transportation Lincoln Theatre Anacortes Eagle Haven Winery Re/Max Territory NW Train Wreck Bar & Grill

Museum Children’s Museum of Skagit County Heritage Flight Museum Skagit County Historical Museum Party / Event Venue Farmstrong Brewing Company Eagle Haven Winery Max Dale’s Steak & Chop House

Special Categories Best Customer Service Spero Skin Spa Salon Land Title & Escrow Skagit Tradition Realty LLC Best Entertainment / Musical Act Gin Gypsy Mama Dirty Skirt Rock Radio Best New Business La Conner Dental Brandon Atkinson DMD A.V. Skin Spa Third Street Station, Sedro-Woolley Best Skagit County Event Skagit Valley Tulip Festival LaConner Rotary Santa Breakfast Loggerodeo Most Community Minded Business Skagit Tradition Realty LLC Farmstrong Brewing Company Friendship House

S k agit Pu blis h in g S KAGI T ’S B ES T | 2 0 1 9


Thank you for voTing us

Highest Quality • Local Shrimp

skagiT’s BesT dry cleaner!

Locally owned & operated by local fishermen & women.

Thank you for voting us

Best fresh seafood Market Thank You to our customers and our staff: Megan, Ginnie, Fran, Kara, Lexi, Issac and DeAnn

714 West Division Mt. Vernon, WA. 98273

We also offer free pick up and delivery! 1943151

(360) 336-2322 215 East Fir St. Mt. Vernon, WA. 98273

(360) 424-1435

Gifts for ” “Foodies

Shop Here for LOCAL Gift Items

Local Jams • Jellies • Salsas • Honey • Sauces Flavored Olive Oils • BBQ Sauces • Spices Handcrafted Balsamic Vinegar • Pasta

• Dungeness Crab • Oysters for Every Taste • Fresh Fish • Clams • Mussels • Shrimp • Scallops • Smoked Fish 360.707.2722 | 18042 Hwy 20 | Burlington |


TWo convenienT locaTions To BeTTer serve you!

EBT Accepted

Thank you for voting us a finalist in Best Dental Center

We Treat You Like Family Full Service Dental Center • Restorative • Cosmetic • • General •

Call Today 360.855.1689

333 STATE ST. SEDRO-WOOLLEY, WA. 98284 Mon.-Wed. 8-5 •Thurs. 8-2 12

Ska g it Pu blis h ing S KA G I T’ S BEST | 2019


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Thank You For Voting Calico Cupboard

Thank you for voting for us!

Schuh Farms

Family owned & operated for 56 years.

Mount Vernon

La Conner


121-B Freeway Dr, Mt Vernon, WA

720 1st St, La Conner, WA

901 Commercial Ave, Anacortes, WA






Open Daily 9-6 April – December Always - Espresso, Ice Cream & Milkshakes, Homemade Pie, Cookies, Cheese, Jam, Pickles, Gourmet foods Spring - Cut Tulips, Tulip Merchandise, Garden Gifts, Plants, Flowering Baskets, Rhubarb, Asparagus Summer - U-Pick/We-Pick Berries, Garden Produce, Pickling Cucumbers, Sweet Corn, Cherries, Apricots, Nectarines, Peaches, Melons, Tomatoes, Flower Bouquets Fall - Pumpkin Harvest & Family Fun! Local Cider, Apples, Sweet Corn, Winter Squash, Fall Decorations Winter - Trees, Wreaths, Garland, Holly, Ornaments & Nuts

15565 SR 536, Mount Vernon (360) 424-6982


Skagit Best Breakfast & Baked Goods/Dessert





g oskagit. com

916 W. Division St.

360.424.7188 S k agit Pu blis h in g S KAGI T ’S B ES T | 2 0 1 9


Thank you for voting us Best Medical Facility

THANK YOU for voting Advanced Gutter Services a finalist in Best General Contractor/ Construction Services • 15 Years of Experience • 5” K Seamless Gutter • Gutter Covers • New Installation • Repair and Replace

It is a privilege to serve Skagit County

Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, King Counties & Whidbey Island 360.770.8813


• Maintenance • On-site Fabrication • Superior Customer Service


(360) 707-5500

218 Rio Vista Ave. Burlington, WA. 98233

Thank You to everyone who voted us

360-757-7575 14

Ska g it Pu blis h ing S KA G I T’ S BEST | 2019

1818 Bouslog Rd Burlington, WA 98233


Best Car Dealer in Skagit County

go skagit.c o m

Thank you, Skagit! for voting


Best Optometrist Best Vision Center

Mt. Vernon | Sedro-Woolley | Anacortes | Whidbey | Stanwood | Bellingham

Our community amazes and humbles us every year, since our first clinic opening in Sedro Woolley, 1985. Cascadia Eye exists to improve and protect the vision of our patients…and then some. With our heartfelt thanks we renew that pledge to you in 2019, and for years of serving all your vision needs to come! • 360-424-2020

Thank you for voting Guardian NW Title & Escrow a Finalist in Best Real Estate Support Services

1301 B Riverside Dr. Mount Vernon, WA 98273 • 360-424-0115 • GNWTITLE.COM 1940834

g oskagit. com

S k agit Pu blis h in g S KAGI T ’S B ES T | 2 0 1 9


Thank you for Voting us a Top 3 Finalist for Skagit’s Best Furnace/Heating/A/C

Cat boarding, pampering and spoiling! Northwest Washington’s premiere cat-only boarding facility 1943174




1244 Butler Creek Road, Sedro Woolley

17737 State Route 536 Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Thank you for voting us Best Real Estate Services & Support AND Finalist in Best Customer Service LAND TITLE AND ESCROW 16

Service you deserve with people you trust

Ska g it Pu blis h ing S KA G I T’ S BEST | 2019

Visit any of our 5 locations in Oak Harbor, Burlington, Freeland, Stanwood and Anacortes 1940789

go skagit.c o m

“Helping people find work since 2009”

• Pastries • Paninis • smoothies • esPresso

Class A, B & C Training Passenger & School Bus Training Hazmat Endorsement Training

thank you ting us For Voting toPP 3 Finalist For skagit’s best

Thank You


1501 Parker Way ste 101 mount Vernon Vernon, Wa 360-399-7266 • Facebook @indulgemv mon-Fri 7:30-4, sat 9-2

Skagit County

for voting us a finalist in

Best Insurance Office

Roger Elton

g oskagit. com


127 E. Hazel Ave., Burlington, WA 98233


(360) 755-1395

2418 Old Hwy 99 South Mount Vernon, WA 98273 S k agit Pu blis h in g S KAGI T ’S B ES T | 2 0 1 9






EVERETT 425.263.3500 3732 Broadway

LYNNWOOD 425.493.5200 19705 Highway 99

BALLARD 206.397.3110 2244 NW 56th St

BURLINGTON 360. 953.5100 110 Cascade Mall Dr 1943122


To all our friends & family for voting us a finalist in Best Assisted Living/Retirement Community

Lifee L Lives Better at Where the Heart is In ourr small, s intimate environment purposeful activities empower residen ents to create a community that speaks to them. Focus is placeed on inclusioon, resident ideas, choices and independence. Our goal is too ffocus on whaat is possible. We believe those are keys to a life well-lived. “Oncee we have h lived, the spark of vision does the rest.” Maria Montessori

410 Norris Street, Burlington 18

Ska g it Pu blis h ing S KA G I T’ S BEST | 2019


Visit anytime and learn about our compassionate care.

1940871 360-755-8007 go skagit.c o m

Selecting Us a Finalist


Thanks for

For Best Ice Cream!

Joseph C. Member-owner


Kind, Caring & Compassionate Grooming LLC Melissa Dahlbeck-Nicholson Licensed & Certified Groomer

(360) 630-5007 Concrete, WA

Find out more at or visit us at our Burlington Neighborhood Financial Center 1753 S Burlington Blvd Burlington, WA 98233

Thank you for voting for us!

g oskagit. com

Federally Insured by NCUA 1943171 KindCaringandCompassionateGrooming/

S k agit Pu blis h in g S KAGI T ’S B ES T | 2 0 1 9


Thank You fOR vOTing Skagit tradition realty BEST REal ESTaTE OfficE!

Best: Most Community Minded Business Finalist: Best Customer Service

Designated Broker/Owner

(360) 708-8294

Elva Hunter

Managing Broker, CRS, GRI, ABR

(360) 202-3086

John Hunter (360) 202-3854

Carla Fischer (360) 982-0010

Suzanne Jenkins (360) 941-2983

Shirley Bertholf CRS, CPRES

(360) 840-1863 yber

Celia Miller (360) 391-6065

JoAnn Boudreau

Managing Broker, Appraiser

(360) 391-0746

Sherry Ruderman (360) 540-1552

Russ Lanker (360) 708-1117

Brett Tacker (360) 840-7931

Yolanda Sakuma

Patricia Box

Hablo EspaĂąol

Office Manager

(360) 421-0435

(360) 424-0300

Dayna Telidetzki (360) 708-8452

Lynn Jenssen (360) 298-6569



Danya Wolf

3780 E. College Way, Mount Vernon 20

Ska g it Pu blis h ing S KA G I T’ S BEST | 2019

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