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Wow! This was a blast of a season. We saw more Sims 2 than ever this time around, which is especially exciting as The Sims 4 is in the not too distant future. Over at Simatography we have begun to redesign the website for a fresh new feel with easier navigation and with a special welcome mat as we open up to Sims 2 then later Sims 4 machinima makers and simtographers. For next season, let’s just say that there is more in store than ever before! Oh, that’s catchy. I think I’ll use that for our promo slogan. Just as this SIFF wraps up you will begin to see info for the next season begin very shortly, including the occasional pre-season SIFF Buzz issues to help you get ready well in advance of the big celebration. You know where to find me, so keep an eye on the BUZZ!

e Editors

Minraed Arzhel

Instead of sulking at the end of SIFF this year, I’ve decided to throw a party for everyone with a Rockabilly Theme. We have to keep the buzz and momentum going as we get prepared for our BIG celebration the 10th anniversary season this Fall 2014. Don’t worry, you are all invited. Have a peek inside the pages for details. You’ll find them in the Rockabilly Red Carpet feature. As we plan ahead we are also hoping that we will find some great new staff interested in coming on board to help things along for what will surely be our biggest celebration yet. If you think you will have some time and will be interested, look for our casting call ad to be shared soon. No matter if you are ready for a big or little commitment, there will be something you can do to support SIFF as we grow.

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Festival Poster Challenge As always, when the festival poster challenge kicks off you know that the celebrations and festivities are not far behind. Over the years, as Simmers everywhere refine their graphic design and editing skills, the competition get’s more and more intense, which means each year we see a bigger and better selection than the last. It is never easy to choose, so we put it to you, the fans to vote.

CONGRATULATIONS TO CLOUDWALKER for this year’s winning poster

Start getting your ideas ready because for next season we will kick this one off earlier than ever. see the entire collection of awesome posters in the gallery HERE

Festival Poster Challenge A huge thank you to all of the community graphic artists who participated. We have made each of your posters downloadable.

Download the whole collection for your game in two different styles


photo by RomerJon

Double award winning director RomerJon ramps up the cute-o-meter when he arrives with the star families from both Say Something and Everything Has Changed. Director RomerJon himself remained elusive, probably already off working on his next set of machinima masterpieces to show off at the next cycle of SIFF. This young director definitely has talent; presenting us with touching machinima for the PG-13 fans. photos by RomerJon

New SIFF participant and Sims 2 Series creator The Elonian Cass arrives on the Red Carpet at the Gala screening of the anticipated, and award winning new series, Hollow Tower. We have seen many stars come our way, but few sweep across the red carpet with such glamour as this crew.

photos by The Elonian Cass

The cast of THE MERMAN won the hearts of thousands of fans this SIFF and they are just as endearing off camera as they are on. Our two princes, Henry and Gold, prove that chivalry is clearly not dead, but who will steal the first dance from the lovely leading lady Alana at the afterparty? photos by WhiteBlueCherry

Rarely do we see a machinima with such a large cast, but machinima producer DNL Films likes to push the limits. The cast of The Otherworld are a party all on their own as they take over the Red The castforoftheir THE big MERMAN wonscreening. the hearts of thousands of fans this SIFF and Carpet premiere are stars just as endearing Keep an eye onthey these because thereoffiscamera as they are on. Ourtotwo princes, and Gold, more come in theHenry continuing sagaprove that isthat chivalry is clearly not dead, but who will the first dance from the lovely leading lady Alana Thesteal Otherworld. at the afterparty? photos by DNL Films

photos by WhiteBlueCherry

Director ChristieL of HDS Creations returns to SIFF with an intense thriller, Blackheart. The cast let loose on the red carpet showing their lighter side. photos by ChristieL

The cast of THE MERMAN won the hearts of thousands of fans this SIFF and they are just as endearing off camera as they are on. Our two princes, Henry and Gold, prove that chivalry is clearly not dead, but who will steal the first dance from the lovely leading lady Alana at the afterparty? photos by WhiteBlueCherry

The pair of film making sisters, Dice Smith and Tali Morgan make yet another stunning presentation of machinima skills at this season of SIFF with Decomposing Emily and Circles. Tali, director of OMG That Girl is Psycho lives up to her name in her horrifically in-character outfit. She really is phycho, and this is why her fans love her.

photos by Dice Smith

SIFF Staffer Peacemaker completed the 10 Themes photography challenge, earning the honorary title of Paparazzi King for SIFF Spring 2014. Grace and Chase play a prominent role in the tabloids this season as their romance takes a turn for the permanent when Chase finally “puts a ring on it� The lovely Grace made a name for herself at the last SIFF season in our band search challenge, and is now a co-host for the newly named Battle of the Bands. We encourage all photographers to be inspired by the 10 themes of SIFF as we are always on the hunt for interesting gossip and trends for our SIFF Buzz tabloids. Watch for it again next SIFF! photos by PeacemakerIC

Left: Grace DeLuca maintains decorum while Newt Davies can’t resist his playful side. Above: SIFF staff arrive in full Red Carpet Glam. Yes, this is as “glam” as Gus gets. Below: The SIFF staff take some downtime while Min is back at the office.

Meanwhile on the Red Carpet Left: Antics abound when the Staff let loose on the runway. Above: Bad Date. Note to self - Gus and Jorgha, you can’t take them anywhere. Below: Even though Grace isn’t performing this year, her fans follow her everywhere.

Who doesn't like scifi? but what happens if SIFF was invaded by cybersims? Good thing the doctor was at hand with his faithful companion to take care of the menace with his trusty laser screwdriver.

photo by PeacemakerIC

photo by PhantomPlan The Paparazzi are everywhere! Norah from Blackheart is caught backstage in a compromising position.

The cast of THE MERMAN won the hearts of thousands of fans this SIFF and they are just as endearing off camera as they are on. Our two princes, Henry and Gold, prove that chivalry is clearly not dead, but who will steal the first dance from the lovely leading lady Alana at the afterparty? photo by ChristieL

photos by WhiteBlueCherry

photo by Demeter

photo by The Elonian Cass

Meanwhile, backstage‌ Left: Hollow Tower Stars celebrate a successful premiere at SIFF Above: Titus Linde gets wild and crazy while Zoey wonders about his sanity Bottom: paparazzi are really fishing for something to stir up the fans by catching Hollow Tower stars indulging in a secret habit

photo by Titus Linde

photo by The Elonian Cass

Cacophony photo by JorgaHaq

There is never any shortage of glamour at the Red Carpet events, but each season there is someone who really catches our eye.

photo by Ausagi

This year we crown SIFF Fashionista to the lovely duo of Lunxi and Kiara They are not afraid to break free of convention, as they attend events in a uniquely glamorous style that is their own. Thank you to all of the starts for bringing their own touch of class to SIFF this season.

photos by Peacemaker

photos by The Elonian Cass

photos by SylentSWhysper photos by PhantomPlan

photos by Dice Smith

photos by Demeter

photos by WhiteBlueCherry

Red Carpet Romance

Eveline and Langit photo by Evaline Bellamy

Love is in the air at SIFF and if it is not, then we will make up stories so that we fulfill the quota for Red Carpet Romance. left: Mimes in Love below: Blackheart stars get caught in a clandestine kiss, or is this just a way to get their pic into the romance section? right: boys in love, breaking the hearts of fangirls

left by Jorgha Haq - below by ChristieL

The cast of THE MERMAN won the hearts of thousands of fans this SIFF and they are just as endearing off camera as they are on. Our two princes, Henry and Gold, prove that chivalry is clearly not dead, but who will steal the first dance from the lovely leading lady Alana at the afterparty? photos by WhiteBlueCherry

photo by Dice Smith

above by Titus Linde

The stars of THE MERMAN stole the hearts of fans and SIFF Staff alike. We may be wrong, but we like to believe that this is a match made in machinima heaven for Gold and Alana.

Patrons of SIFF Film makers, directors and actors are not the only ones who come out to celebrate the glam of the festival. Our longstanding SIFF patrons and supporters are key to the ongoing success. Director and talent manager Kiara makes her mark on the Red Carpet with our most famous vampire celebrity, Vincent Weis.

The cast of THE MERMAN won the hearts of thousands of fans this SIFF and they are just as endearing off camera as they are on. Our two princes, Henry and Gold, prove that chivalry is clearly not dead, but who will steal the first dance from the lovely leading lady Alana at the afterparty? photos by WhiteBlueCherry

Lunxi and Kiara are Divas in their own right, and dare we say, they out shone Vincent this year in the glamour department. Sorry Vincent, but you can’t have all the attention all the time.

photos by Jorgha Haq

Valen and Katja are not only patrons, but one of our most generous The cast of THE MERMAN won the hearts of thousands of fans this SIFF and donators. One their Miranda, is as a critic in on. her own right. theyofare just triplets, as endearing off camera they are She does not seem impressed with our choice of side show. Our two princes, Henry and Gold, prove that chivalry is clearly not dead, but who will steal the first dance from the lovely leading lady Alana at the afterparty? The glamourous Smoky Topaz attends with a very mysterious and handsome guest escort. photos by WhiteBlueCherry

photo by SmokyTopaz

Patrons of SIFF

photos by Titus Linde

Titus Linde and Zoey Zuko attend many events along with their families. Future film directors in the making perhaps?

The cast of THE MERMAN won the hearts of thousands of fans this SIFF and they are justZuko as endearing off camera as they are on. Rumours say that Zoey two princes, Henry and Gold, prove that chivalry is clearly not dead, but mayOur return with another will steal thenear first dance from the lovely leading lady Alana Budge filmwho entry in the furture. We have our fingersat the afterparty? crossed photos by WhiteBlueCherry

Celebrate your

events in grand style This year three new theatre owners have opened up their grand venues to host SIFF VIP film screenings. We will also be revisiting some of the past SIFF venues for a grand collection of options for your next SIFF event. Be sure to check these out, and watch for more soon, and host your films in style. click the pics on the right for details and downloads

Titus Linde is not just a talented film maker, but also become a SIFF tradition to have Titus present to us a Zuko. This year we enjoy a Flamenco da Enjoy the

o a professional dancer and choreographer. It has special performance along side special guest Zoey ance routine, complete with musicians. e show!

The band begins. Hear their song on YouTube HERE

Feel the Passion

photos by Titus Linde - see the full performance HERE

Deutsche Machinima-Macher haben einen starken Auftritt bei SIFF im Laufe der Jahre gehabt. Da wir ein internationales Film festival sind, ermutigen wir Filmemacher aus allen Ländern, doch sprachliche Unterschiede machen es oft unmöglich für einige Leute bei uns mitzumachen. In der vergangenen Saison der SIFF hat uns King Leo von All About Sims, einer beliebten deutschen Sims-Fanseite, kontaktiert um über eine Art von Partnerschaft zu sprechen. Unser Ziel ist es, als Team zu arbeiten, um die Sprachbarriere zu überwinden, so dass die deutschsprachigen Mitglieder die Hilfe bekommen, die sie benötigen, um bei dem SIFF Projekt auch mitmachen zu können! Wir freuen uns sehr, diese Plattform zu haben. Besonderen Dank an Moni Bee (adso9965) und Titus Linde, die auch Teil des Teams ist, dass unsere beiden Standorte verbunden hält. Informieren Sie sich für weitere Details.

German machinima makers have made a strong appearance at SIFF over the years. As we are an international film festival we encourage film makers from all countries, but language differences make it impossible for some people to join. This past season of SIFF King Leo of All About Sims, a popular German language Sims fansite, contacted us about a type of partnership. Our goal is to work as a team to bridge the language gap, so that their German language members can get the help they need with translation so that they can join in on SIFF too! We are very excited to have this. Special thanks to Moni Bee and Titus Linde who will also be part of the team that keeps our two sites connected. Watch for more details.

I don’t even know where to begin. There is so much I want to say to each and every participant, but each of the machinima participants will receive an individual email message within the next few weeks with our special thanks. This was truly an incredible season. Thank you to everyone who joined in with submissions and support. Let’s look at some of the highlights, as I saw them… COMMUNITY SUPPORT I loved reading the comments of support that the film makers gave to one another. This is what keeps us going the incredible community that makes it all worth while. SPECIAL MENTIONS Big thank you goes out to Sylent Whysper for giving the staff nominations to help us in our decisions. I know we didn’t choose all of her ideas, but she really is a big supporter of each of you.

Thank you to SimsDiva24 for offering to create an early season promo video. And another thanks to White Blue Cherry for the wonderful surprise compilation vid she created with all of your trailer clips. SIMS 2 MAKES A SHOWING Wow! So many awesome Sims 2 submissions this time around. The word is getting out that we accept and welcome Sims 2 also! In particular it was incredible to see so many very worthwhile new series coming out, each with powerful story lines and intriguing character development. Sims 2 is definitely not dying any time soon. VOICE ACTING We have left this go for too long. We simply must do a better job at recognizing voice actors. We will be working on a plan to bring this as a regular feature to the awards from here on in. We heard so many great new voice actors, newcomers trying it out for the first time, and seasoned voice actors along with many international languages which were music to our ears. FOREIGN FILMS Speaking of languages, we had 4 foreign language films from Germany, Portugal, and Indonesia. We hope that more people will enter their foreign language films with English subtitles in the future. UNIQUE FEATURES We loved the neat ideas you all came up with. Stiles with his ambitious light show made up of hundreds of still shots. Nari flms with Carter - a film created with many beautiful still shots. Sorry Mom - a heart felt message from TheNavyCISFan, and Lyramia Movies setting her own poem to film in Lost in a Dream. MASTERS OF MACHINIMA It is challenging for us when we review for special recognition because we want to award the Masters participants with everything, but it is important to recognize that Masters of Machinima is in itself an award. We want each of you to know that while we may not have recognized each of you with individual kudos, we all agree that you are the shining light for us all. The inspiration that we look towards to help us strive for greatness in our own machinima. Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my pixilated heart!

Viewer’s Choice

Award Winners

Viewer’s Choice Award Winners


“Fa “A visually stunning piece of machinima” Tabby Lloyd “Such gorgeous sets and filming.” Apocoalyptic Dog Films

“This is SICK! The effects and the story was awesome!” Nittens

“This is some of the best camera work I have seen in a while” Sylent Whysper

“This is so beautiful.” TheNavyCISFan

sad and yet so beautiful. Very nice filming and directing.” Tali Sims Morgan

antasically done, you’ve made me cry.” Titus Linde

Viewer’s Choice Award Winners “I had to watch this twice, just wow. I'm a huuuge fan of the coloring you used in the video, really brings out the beauty of the clips~ So much talent compressed in 7 minutes, perfect! !”

The Elonian Cass

“I feel bad disgracing Disney like this, but I loved this even more than the Little Mermaid”


“Everything about this is truly inspirational. This feels like an actual movie!” Gemsims Sims

“ That was fantastic!! Great humor!!”. WhiteBlueCherry

“ good work :) Voices actors are great, interprétations too :)“ Willoshana Will

“Nice story and your voice actors did an amazing job with your script. Great job on your animations. BRAVO! “ ZoeyZuko

Viewer’s Choic “Amazing part again! Love your story very much and great camera work and effects:)”


“that was hands down one of the best sims 'things' I've ever seen, I really enjoyed watching that. Superb effort “ Tysonator - voice actor

“ Love the effects and came motions! :D “


“ The storyline, the plot, voiceover...well they truly reflects your dedication a your passion. “

ChristieL of HDS Crea

ce Award Winners



the y and


“ dir ist hier ein klasse Finale gelungen - großes Lob! =) Ein bisschen traurig bin ich aber schon, da es jetzt vorbei ist :,I“

Lyramia Movies “ Great work Anches! The sets were spectacular “ Cloudwalker Sims

Viewer’s Choice Awa “ This is a fun intro. I like the editing and the humour. I’ll be watching for more“ Minraed Arzhel

“OMG!!! I love it! xD So funny!!! I'm looking forward for more! :D CatKetty21

“ Great story-telling style thriller with plenty of suspense. It reminded us of Tales from the Crypt or The Twilight Zone.“

SIFF Staff “This was quite a unique experience. A dark fairytale, psychological thriller, and mystery all wrapped neatly into one very brilliant and haunting tale. “ Sylent Whysper

ward Winners “You seriously have talent when it comes to filming! It is simply stunning and gorgeous! “

“ I love how the video transition is perfectly executed and I love mysteries. The effects are neatly blended.

Arnett Gutierrez

Breep5 - voice actor

The Special Recognition Awards are selected each year by a mix of Staff and non-participating machinima makers and supporters of SIFF. These awards are important to us as a way of recognizing SIFF talent in a different way than the Viewer’s Choice votes. We look for technical skills and unique aspects that we feel might not otherwise get the recognition that they deserve. Another reason for this is that we feel that viewer’s choice results are in some cases a reflection of a larger following an we want those who are newer to know that they too are being appreciated, even if they don’t have a mass following yet. We spend many hours on this; reviewing, and debating. We don’t always agree, so then we have more discussion, until we finally come to what we hope you will feel is a fair conclusion. These are not meant to suggest that everyone else is in any way undeserving, but we feel that these are examples that demonstrate skills we should all strive for in our machinima. Congratulations to all.

Chosen for overall quality, camera work, editing and storyline. This one touched our hearts.

There was much debate, but in the end the selection was made for technical merit and overall production quality

Fabulous writing, fantastic sims creation, set design, production quality, and the most important in a series is the hook to bring you back for more. It is not easy to choose from a set of masters, and we did debate this for some time. In the end, the strong storyline, top-notch voice acting and well written script hit it.

Lyramia has found her niche. Her machinimas always have such an alluring magical quality that we love.

In celebration of our goal to be truly international, we celebrate by selecting what we thought was a great representation of that within the non-masters categories

For the first time we make a noted effort to recognize specific voice actors. We are in discussion to decide how to best do this in the coming SIFF seasons, but we definitely see a need for recognition not only of the directors but the actual voice actors themselves.

Actors and supporting actors is another new category that we will fully introduce next season. For now, we really felt that there were some unsung heroes here that should be noted.

To be considered for NEW director you must have never won at SIFF before, have 5 or less machinimas to your name, and less than 1 year of experience.

Cinematography - the art of moving photography. Beautiful scenes, eye catching imagery. Selected from non-masters categories.

Dialogue is possibly the most difficult thing to write, so kudos to these two directors.

These directors are noted for excellent editing and post production effects.

The unique costume in this production captured our imaginations.

The sound effects here caught our attention for the realism.

Unique and professional looking camera angles and perspectives always catch our eyes and were used consistently through these productions In the true style of an MTV music dance video, these two rocked it with an exceptional attention to the details.

Having an invite only category for Masters of Machinima may seem elitist or in some way insulting to those not invited, but it is meant to be exactly the opposite of that. At SIFF one of our most important underlying values is to support, encourage and welcome newbies and machinima makers with less experience or technical knowhow. In order to continue to foster a safe, encouraging and non-intimidating environment we select a few each season to move up the ranks and make room for more new comers. It is also a way to even the ground a bit and to allow new film makers to be appreciated on their own playing field, without feeling that they are not good enough to compete with those who have more experience. This season we have invited 5 new inductees to Masters and a welcome back to JN.


We are having a party and you are all invited! Once SIFF is over the fun doesn’t stop! In preparation for our next Simatography magazine issue we are throwing a big Rockabilly theme party. We hope you will join us. Get the details HERE

photos by Minraed

Honey Chiffon and Sancho DiMorales

Rockabilly Music We’re heading back to the 1940’s and 50’s and the early years of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Rockabilly has many different definitions so you can really go wild with this theme. Whether your brand of Rockabilly is Elvis Presley, Stray Cats, Jerry Lee Lewis or The Polecats we are going to dance the night away together. Gwen Ariz and Mitchell Turner

Asher Atreya and Minraed Arzhel Mimi the Clown

photos by Jorgha Haq Siren of Toxic Dream

Siren and Newt of Toxic Dream

What is the Rockabilly look? At first Rockabilly may have been mainstream, buttoned up, conservative look of Rock ‘n’ Roll in a post-war era often represented by such nostalgia as Happy Days and the wholesome pin-up girl of the 1940’s. Before long this gave way to racy icons such as Bettie Page, pulp fiction and West Side Story. On the right side of the tracks style was clean-cut, cuff jeans, and gabardine button-down shirts for the guys, and full skirt dresses with bright red lipstick for the girls. On the wrong side of the tracks it was leather jackets, motorbikes and girls showing their bad side with tight sweaters, pencil skirts and stilettos.

band photos by PeacemakerIC

Chase Michaels on Keyboard

Ryan Michaels on Drums

Jebidiah Michaels on Guitar

Grace De Luca on Vocals

Zachary Michaels on Bass

Meanwhile at the headquarters...

We wanted to present a number of things to you properly, but time ran out. We didn’t want to delay this publication any longer. The important thing is that there is much going on over at the Simatography website in the next few months so be sure to keep an eye on things.

The 100 themes photography challenge is ongoing with no starting or finishing deadline. Join in today! We also have plans for a photography club which would include weekly assignments to help you improve your photography skills.

We have two machinima challenges starting very soon. We are brining back the 5 facts videos - 5 facts about yourself or your sim. We want to use this for the big 10th anniversary as we celebrate the incredible community that we belong to. The other is a “Happy In� challenge, where you will show us your sims in their happiest moments. This is another preparation for our big 10th anniversary.

This is not it, we are making big changes to the website design so it will be fresh and exciting with better organization and more shiny things!

SIFF Buzz Spring 2014 Finale  
SIFF Buzz Spring 2014 Finale  

This it. The issue we have all been waiting for. Hold your breath...