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Important dates SIFF Film Submission Forms OPEN NOW Deadline to submit your film to the playbill is September 1st.

Machinima Trailers and Posters - deadline September 1st.

Battle of the Bands Submissions are all in

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SIFF STUFF is now available for download Click HERE to find it all in our forums. Red Carpet backdrop walls, T-shirts and posters - Sims 3 and 4 and some Sims 2 (we are not ignoring Sims2, we just don’t have the needed resources)

SIFF Memories with tabby Lloyd SIFF is in it’s 12th season already so we have thousands of awesome memories. Each week I will toss in a few throwbacks to our earlier years. In Season TWO, Fall 2010, one of the members of The Simmers Society gathered up many of the member avitars and photographed them on the Red Carpet for a wonderful collection of Sims friends that we will never forget, even though some we don’t have the pleasure of seeing around much anymore.

Red Carpet Photo Prompt - Festival Glam The SIFF Red Carpet can, and should, include the usual celebrities on the photographer’s Red Carpet, but we always encourage you to think outside of the box with this. We will provide new prompts each week that may inspire ideas, or perhaps encourage a little story-telling along the way. We welcome all types of celebrity photos so get your Paparazzi on this season!

Inspired by Sylent Whysper’s appearance on the Red Carpet last week, we want to remind all of the attendees that GLAMOUR is one of the things our paparazzi will be looking for so be sure to dress your best.

Playbill Update 75 Submissions already! 10 voice actors, 14 Masters, 26 films, 3 music videos, 30 series, 1 MEP, 1 Miscellaneous

19 countries Indonesia, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Portugal, UK/England, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Zambia, Italy, Burma, Mexico, Spain and first time representation from Bulgaria, Slovenia and Puerto Rico! Wow!

What type of band are you? Azlyn: We started as a cover band exclusively but have evolved into doing pop music. Some of our work we make emotional, some is supportive, and we also like to feature upbeat songs for dancing to. In general we can be pretty diverse in our musical tastes. Tell us the brief history of your band. From Steven: LGBT stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and for obvious reasons (new laws, blow up in the media, ect) it seemed like this was the perfect time to create a band named after this common slogan. In the LGB/LGBT/LGBTQ community, a symbol for them is the rainbow and so, we, the four band members, each represent a color of the rainbow and are a letter of the slogan. The band members Azlyn and KJ met at their high school's LGBT club when Azlyn was in the middle of her transition. She was subconscious about the changes in her voice at first and was not quite used to hearing herself talk. KJ then introduced her to his form of expression, singing, the two preformed together for

years after. I personally met KJ at a gay club, and Matteone is the latest addition to the team via a singing and drumming audition. We as a band were open to excepting anyone into the group, it's just a golden coincidence really that the four of us are all Lesbian, gay, bi, or transgender.

What are your dreams and goals as performers? Matteone: While all the members of our band are currently in the minority group of individuals, what we identify as is not much of our goal. As musicians we want to create music that people can relate to. Be it that our work makes them cry, or want to jump up and dance, we don't strive to single anyone out for who they are, LGBTQ member or not. If sharing out stories happens to help a member of our community, then that's amazing and we couldn't ask for anything more, but we do aim to reach everyone of all cultures and personalities with our work.

Who writes the songs? What are they about?

Azlyn: Some of our songs are covers, some we have a writer do for us, but most of our music is split by genre. You'll find most our slow songs Matteone had a hand at, I usually take over with the altercation of covers and KJ helps me with upbeat music, and our pieces that have anything to do with individuality, freedom of spirit, or inspiration Steven usually takes a stab at. KimJay (KJ): We as a band had trouble coming together and creating an image at first. We're all different people from different backgrounds. Matt and Azlyn are from the south, Steven grew up moving all over, and I'm from Canada, but I lost my accent when my family moved to California. It's amazing we even met, better yet became friends and created our sound. Did we want to be classy, gothic, casual, or crazy? What kind of music did we want to create? Did we all want to sing or play instruments? What even should our band name have been? Our biggest struggle as a band was trying to answer all of these questions. What are your roles in the band? Steven: We are all singers in the band, but KJ and rap especially well if needed and Azlyn plays drums. I can play keyboard decently enough and Matteone can handle a guitar. On some of our songs, we create all the sound, from vocals to background music! Tell us a story about your friendship. Matteone: We have this ongoing joke entitled "Who Directed the Newspaper". Basically, Steven once had a dream where we were all out having lunch and I stopped, stood up, and while drawing a box in the air, I asked him who directed the newspaper. Anyway, continuing on in all our hangouts, whenever there would be an awkward silence or reference to the news, someone would ask "who directed the newspaper?" while drawing a box in the air. One day, as Azlyn was doing this, a very stoutly, red-faced man walked up to our table and informed us that he indeed directed the newspaper; the Daily Post to be specific about his news paper direction. Then, he turned and slowly walked out of the building, and as soon as the door shut behind him, we all burst into laughter, laughing so hard we were crying. KJ choked on his pizza

and after managing to stop laughing and get it down, he asked "Who directed the crust?" while drawing a triangle in the air. This is our new joke. We wait to find out who directed the crust.

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