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Viewing and Voting Etiquette Viewing and Voting for SIFF machinima is the best way to show your support and encouragement for all of the hard work everyone has put into their projects. We encourage all SIFF fans to be supportive and fair. Machinima viewing NOW OPEN Voting polls will open September 21st. Polls are through Google so you need to log into a Google account to vote. Don’t worry, your votes are ANONYMOUS. You MUST vote for the specified number of selections. This is our main reason and it is a very important part of what SIFF is about‌ We want to support as many of the film makers as possible so before voting we ask that you watch at least a few other machinimas before voting, not only the ones made by your friends :) Please support each other: watch, commment, like and share machinimas that you loved. On our PLAYBILL (click HERE) we will be adding links to each of the machinima as they are released. On YOUTUBE (click HERE) we will have playlists with everything in one convenient spot.

So breakout the popcorn and start your machinima marathon. We are all here to support one another and most importantly, to enjoy these great stories.

Thank you from Minraed

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We have published 6 issues already so if you have not seen them, they are still available for your viewing pleasure. The next issue will be final BIG BUZZ will be published later in October to wrap it all up and announce the winners.

Minraed is currently working on a special farewell message, packed full of her own memories and stories and experience with SIFF through the first 12 seasons. Watch for it soon.

Important dates SIFF Machinimas are NOW SHOWING

Follow our social media channels for your cue to start voting. Polls will open September 21st. Battle of the Bands Voting closes

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Red Carpet Prompts We now have 5 prompts to inspire your RED CARPET SIFF memory photos.

Be sure to be as creative as possible for a chance to be featured.

The prompts are just meant for inspiration. We will showcase the most creative examples for each prompt, however we also welcome any kind of Red Carpet photo that you want to share with us. Everyone who submits photos to the Red Carpet Gallery will have at least some of their photos show n in our big SIFF Finale Buzz The rest of the Red Carpet photo submissions will be featured in our SIFF Buzz finale issue in October so keep em coming!

Photo Gallery Showcase

These images, and the one on the previous page are by JuliLux3, one of our Machinima Masters. Now the album doesn’t say much other than “current project” , but if the photos are any indication this is going to be another spectacular visual treat. These photos demonstrate some outstanding cinematography - basically great camera work so that scenes are like awesome photos.

DeathPoke1qa shared some promo pics and a few of the set design that show us how the stage was laid out for filming. Set design is a creative process that is an important part of a well made machinima

Creating good characters are always important, but the details are especially critical when creating large casts of similar people, such as students or a large group of friends, or zombies for that matter. Their looks, clothing, personality all must be considered and as we all know it can take a long time to create each sim to get them just right.

- XxLittleAngelCakexX introduces the cast of My Love Our Girl Her Life.

- Pcom1777 not only introduces the characters, but also the voice actors who will play them. Even the voices selected play a role in the character traits too.

- celebrity zombies are taking over in Zombie Creek by Jorgha Haq.

Abby by Ice Angel TV Dana by Inkedbettie

Kacey by LostInWonderland

Marisa by Artcgrrl

Prince Tom Cruise

JohnnyDepp Kieth Richards

Screenshots will give your fans a feel for the machinima you are making. You can create great screenshots of your machinima in a few ways‌ 1. Once you have filmed a scene, have your sim redo the same animations and shoot some photos. 2. Grab screens from the filmed footage 3. Find interesting pics to take of your set designs.

Photos from Come Back Home by Nanami and her band Four Leaf Clover

Speaking of SET DESIGN Pcom1777 has created some awesome detailed sets, including a different classroom style for each different subject. Getting all of the little details included may seem tedious, and time consuming and may not seem important, but believe me they are noticed and will make a huge difference in how your machinima feels to the viewers.

Photos from Bury Your Past by Pcom1777

With Bree Page

AshleyTheSimmer4Life HERE on YouTube This season for SIFF it's not uncommon for us to have directors participate as voice actors/actresses as well. Actually, more of the voice acting submissions are also directors than not. AshleyTheSimmer4Life is one of those director/voice actress types. This season she is entering two , and machimimas, a film called a series premiere called Her voice acting for this season include: Young Elizabeth in by SoulfulSimsProductions, Kasey in Ep 2 by NOVVAA, and Annabree in also by NOVVAA. All series seem like dramas, so it will be interesting to hear her voice as both young and teenage characters. Voice Reels will be excited to hear all her roles.

TheOnlyException is a director as well as a voice actress. This season she is entering a and a collab film series called called .

TheOnlyException HERE on YouTube

For voice acting this season, she is voicing in: by starstoshinex as Madelyn, as Jemma, by Kasey Joy as and Queen Feldmond. All her characters seem vastly different and it will be a treat to hear her as a Queen. Voice Reels will be ready to hear all her characters.


Under new management starting Season 13

Gus Rockman, Jorgha Haq, and PeacemakerIC

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