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Minraed and Tabby Lloyd

Well, it is said that all good things must come to an end, but this team doesn’t totally agree with this. Well, Gus may say “that logo MUST come to an end” so the new SIFF logo has been revealed, but aside from that the team of Gus, Jorgha and Peacemaker decided that the show must go on!

I will be publishing a souvenir memories album of my time at SIFF with my personal statement and details of why I have decided to step dow n, but not to worry because Minraed and Tabby Lloyd are not out of work. I will be using them to head up some freshening-up of the Simatography that many of us knew from the past before it got swallowed by SIFF. So stay tuned and be sure to follow both Simatography and the NEW SIFF social media sites to keep up with both of these great communities.

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Hello I´m here a Reporter of SIFF and SIMATOGRAPHY for make the interview to the famous British Band T.A.T.U. B.O.Y.S.

I´m stay with:

Alexander Valmont the highness Royal English Prince, his husband Elias Hastings, William Swift, Marcos Manson, Breno Aguilar and Robert Augustineli, they are comeback to SIFF, for participate on Battle Of The Band for third time.

Tell me one of you or all of you why you decided to get a new look in this season of battle of the bands? Alexander: Well we decided to get with a new look in this season, because we are band with 2 musical genres pop and rock, the idea was coming with rock look for participate in this season of battle of the bands on SIFF, I love so much use black clothes and I think the other members looks very well with this color of clothes.

Tell me one of you or all of you when do you think release a new CD? Elias: Sure, we think release 2 news cds coming soon, however we are working now on some videos of our last cd “Eclipse”, we don´t have idea when we are recording and release our new cds, but when we have a exact date for it, obviously we will communicate our fans. Tell me one of you or all of you about when and where is your next concert event? And please explain all details of it.

Marcos: Well our next concert event is in Midnight Hollow on August 23th of 2015 at 19:30, the process of make this concert is really hard, because all the details always need be in order, I just talking about stage, lights, sound, our instruments and other materials that we need for make our concert event.

Robert: Yeah Marcos have all the reason about the stage, we always try to contact to the person in charge of the stage for he/she prepare the stage for receive our material for our concert event in any city, we always sending our truck trailer have contain all our material: the build-able platform, the lights, the speakers, our instruments: the guitar, the bass, the key boar piano, the drum and other the decorative things that we need for make our concert event, when we receive the notification message the part of the person in charge of the stage, that finally our things come to the city and the stage, we relax and prepare to travel of the city that we will make the concert.

Breno: When we are coming to the city that we make the concert, we listen to the sound that the fans make with their voices, obviously I´m talking about the fans stay get out to the airport, all of them are really to see us in person, the emotion that we feel in this moment is really complicate to describe, however when we are in the stage we make our best effort to complain all our fans. William: The Process before the concert is really hard, long and sometimes difficult, because after all the things are ready in the stage, the test period is starting, we need test the lights, the sound, the instruments: the bass, the guitar, the key board piano and the drum. Alexander and Elias need practice their choreography, the songs of they will sing in the concert, form of they enter to the stage and other things that just they know, Alexander always say to us the list of the songs that they will be sing in the concert and we immediately start with the music and Elias and he start to sing, sometimes Alexander or Elias doesn´t remember some parts of the song and they need start to sing again all the song to the beginning, for the reason test period turns really long, hard and difficult, because we

can´t do mistakes at the hour of concert, in the all get out really perfect and for this reason we make the test period always before the biggest day of the concert.

Tell me one of you or all of you when is the exactly date of the release of your next video? Elias: Well we don’t have idea when is the exactly date of the release of our next video, because in this moment the video isn´t ready, we just fish to recording the video and the video start the edition period, we can´t say how much time during the edition period of our next video, sometimes the edition period is really fast and other times the edition period is really long, but when our video will be ready, obviously we should choose an exactly date of the release of it.

Tell me one of you or all you how is the relation between one to each other in the band? Marcos: Ok the relation that I have with other members of the band is excellent, I love it so much this guys like my own brothers, our friendship is really cool, we make some jokes, parties, crazy things and talk to each other our personal problems when we need a friend. Robert: Actually my relation with other members of the band is amazing; I see all of them like cousins, our friend is the best in this world, with the pass of the time my love to them is really big, we pass funny and amazing times together, I never change all of them for nothing in this world.

Breno: My relation with the other members of the band is pretty cool; we have a bromance relation one to each other; they are like my family a nd I´m so happy for it, every funny moment, amazing moment, party moment, concert moment, in other words every moment that I pass with them is perfect. William: Well my relation with the band is really interesting, the first impression that I had with them was that they are racist people, because all them are white people and I´m the only black man in the band, obviously they don´t accept me, however when Alexander said to me: you are in and welcome to the band, I stayed really nervous and with my right hand open, for receive a handshake of him, but for my surprise he gives me a big hug, in that moment start to cry and Alexander said to me: what happen? I just answer to him that I couldn´t believe that he accepts me and hugs me and he said: Now your part of this family, in that moment I discover that they aren´t racist people and all of them was convert in my family, now I love all of them with all my heart, we laugh together with the jokes makes one to each other, in every place, and all the experiences that I pass with them are really amazing, I just say thank you guys to be my family and never change you. Elias: My relation with the band is so sweet, because I love all them like a big brothers, the type of brothers protect and the defend his little brother of the abusers, actually we pass a lot of sweet moments together like: Valentine´s day, San Patrick day, Thanks Given, Halloween and Merry Christmas, for this reason that I consider all them my big brothers but obviously with the exception that Alexander is my lover baby.

Aexander: I say that I hate all of you a lot, hahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha, It´s a joke, dudes, I love all of you bitches with all my heart, my relation with the band is really perfect, cause I love all them like

my own sons, seriously sometimes I have to be telling them what to do and what not to do like all of them was a children, for this reason I consider them like my own sons, however we pass perfect and crazy moments together, they are my second family because I pass more time with them that with my own family, obviously with the exception that Elias is my husband, but I never change every perfect moment that I pass with them, my second family.

Tell me one of you or all of you about what are the future plans for the band? Alexander: Actually the future plans for the band will be make another concert tour, release some new CD´s, makes more videos, we don´t have idea when all of it ready, but when we have exactly release date all of it, obviously we will be communicate to our fans, so that they are ready and we don´t have idea, If in the next months we change the band name and we will present with new name to all our fans, we just study the possibility of it, if it come true, we would communicate immediately to our fans our decision and it´s possible too that we should to choose one music genre

for it, at the moment I want to say to the fans that you should be very attentive to all, future-related news about the band, so that it doesn´t lose every detail of what happens with the band.

Thank so much for you time T.A.T.U. B.O.Y.S. and for permit to us SIFF and SIMATOGRAPHY made this interview to you.

T.A.T.U. B.O.Y.S. (Alexander, Elias, Marcos, William, Breno and Robert): You’re welcome.

With Bree Page Bree Page is not only our correspondent, but is also a voice actress herself. So while we have been putting the others in the spotlight, let’s get to know Bree herself this time around.

Bree Page has been voice acting in the community for over 3 years now. She has been involved in numerous projects both within and outside of the Sims community. She loves to see all the creativity brought to each SIFF project. Bree is known for voice acting in Lyramiamovies series, "A Fine Line", as the younger sister, Lilly. She is also involved with the long running audio drama, "Vision Quest", as Fezz, and animation series, "Project: Unknown", as Avarin. This season, Bree is voice acting in multiple different projects for SIFF. She is the main character, Amber, in JamaFilms' "Yesterday's Gone", April in theElonianCass' "City B!tch, as well as others. She is excited to be voice acting for SIFF as well as being involved with the SIFF team.

McFlyVampire45 is an amazing voice actress along with a fantastic sims director. For the upcoming fall SIFF, she is going to participate as a voice actress. She has been in many different sims projects and she is well known for her lovely, soothing and mature voice. For Fall SIFF 2015, McFlyVampire45 is going to voice as Athea in by by starstoshinex, and Kate in the popular 1992Vanity, Seeanna in the series by Sushi Cat. All roles are vastly different from each other and will be sure to bring out McFly's wide variety of voices. As a person in multiple projects in SIFF, it is great to see great voice actors and actress playing in multiple genres of films. All of us here at Voice Reels and Simatography are more than excited to hear her upcoming roles.

StarstoShinex is one adorable voice actress. Along with her skills of voice acting, she is a director of Sims 2 machinimas. She has directed the show and the comedy which premiered two seasons ago at SIFF. This season, she is a voice actress as well as a director for her film Stars tends to play characters with super voices. This season, Starstoshinex is participating in a ton of different shows. The most notable being Juliet in the thriller by Sims Berry and Asu in the comedy series by Shelly G. Both stories are widely different and it will be interesting to hear how versatile Starstoshinex voice is. I know I am excited to laugh and cry with StarstoShinex characters. Voices Reel will patiently away September 15th.

SIFF Memories with tabby Lloyd SIFF is in it’s 12th season already so we have thousands of awesome memories. Each week I will toss in a few throwbacks to our earlier years. In Season TWO, Fall 2010, one of the members of The Simmers Society gathered up many of the member avitars and photographed them on the Red Carpet for a wonderful collection of Sims friends that we will never forget, even though some we don’t have the pleasure of seeing around much anymore.

A New Red Carpet Prompt Coming Next Week This week the Red Carpet has really been bringing in some of the season’s most exciting stars. Let’s have a look at some of the stunning Festival Glam

The starlets of the film Obsessed are taking over in the GLAM department this past week, but we are sure that the other stars will see this and make a move to one-up them. Surely we can’t let the stars of one machinima outshine them all, can we?

Photos bySims Berrry

The beautiful cast of The Hunted are all sparkles and sequins this season. This is a cast that knows their GLAM and are not afraid to flaunt it. Photos by Sophia Wright

Playbill Update 95 Total Submissions 14 voice actors, 14 Masters, 28 films, 6 music videos, 29 series 3 MEP, 1 Miscellaneous

19 countries Indonesia, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Portugal, UK/England, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Zambia, Italy, Burma, Mexico, Spain and first time representation from Bulgaria, Slovenia and Puerto Rico! Wow!

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Sb f15 issue 5  

The films are drawing near. Don't miss this week's updates as we all get excited for the machinimas that are so soon to come.

Sb f15 issue 5  

The films are drawing near. Don't miss this week's updates as we all get excited for the machinimas that are so soon to come.