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photo by Cloudwalker cover artwork by Titus Linde

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Jorgha Haq Gus Rockman Titus Linde PeaceMaker ic ChristieL Cloudwalker Smoky Topaz special mention Kristin Aagard digital scrapbooking elements

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d y o l L Tabby

From the

It has been a true pleasure and honour working with this amazing team of talented artists and to be able to present the SIFF Buzz to keep you informed through the festival. We are already talking about the next SIFF behind the scenes and hope to bring more improvements yet again. We always welcome your feedback and ideas. We are drawing near to the release of Sims4 which will bring even more exciting new material to SIFF so the face of Sims Machinima is changing yet again. What will it bring? We will have to wait and see. But with that news, we also want to remind everyone that Sims2 machinima is also invited so we hope to get nostalgic and see more Sims2 machinima next year as we celebrate the history and future of The Sims on film.

e Editors

Minraed Arz hel I am always sad when SIFF draws the curtains, but also excited as we review how it all went and think of ways to make it even better. SIFF evolves every season so it is never the same from year to year. We have big plans for the time between now and next SIFF so watch for more tutorials, machinima school, Shutterbugs simtography club and other ways to work together to learn and improve our machinima and photography skills. Finally, I want to extend an especially warm thank you to all of the newcomers and less experienced film makers who are just joining this exciting showcase. This is what SIFF is all about, and you are the heart and soul of why we do what we do.


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Festival Poster Challenge

Jorgha Haq

see the entire colle posters HERE in th

We kick off every SIFF with a poster challenge and this year we had a tie. Since we didn’t have a backup plan in case of a tie we decided to use both in various formats. We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with again next SIFF!

ection of awesome he SIFF Buzz issue 1

Peacemaker ic

photo by Ausagi

The Red Carpet events that happen throughout SIFF are one of the highlights of the festival. Check out the previous issues of SIFF Buzz for more highlights from throughout the past months of festivities. READ it all HERE on ISSUU

Director Zoey Zuko shows up to the SIFF after party with the most famous SIFF cat actor of all time - Budge. We hear that our furry little friend will be back on the silver screen in 2014! MEOW! On a side note, Zoey and Daniel are showing their support for SIFF rather fashionably in our new SIFF t-shirts. Get yours HERE by ZoeyZuko

Director Cloud Walker really knows how to throw a GALA screening. Glamour all the way at the premiere of Someone Like Her, the full-length film noir that walked away with Best Overall Film and numerous other awards at SIFF this year.

Click HERE to watch the exclusive interview with Zane Mistry, star of


R Valen and Kat newlyweds

The Red Carpet apparently has some magical pow out some of the hottest couples and they can’t ke of each other!

photos by Peacemaker ic and Jorgha Haq

Love Sparks on the

Red Carpet

wers as SIFF brings eep their hands off


Grace and Chase shameless PDA

Directors Christie and Gus - who knew!? by Christie L.

When two ba

by Jorgha

The ever-present Lunxi and Vincent by Ausagi

Cat and Poseidon by Cat Ketty

ands collide

a Haq

Classic Romance with Demeter and Dion Cai by Demeter

on fire by Titus Linde



Zoey Zuko



Vincent Weis

to see the complete gallery of posters on Simatography click HERE

with Smoky Topaz

Smoky enthusiastically watched every SIFF film and provided us with some reviews of many of the SIFF films. She sees positives in every film and provides a bit of thoughtful critique to help the film makers improve their art. A sci fi tale of a dystopian world, the ending of which was really surprising. It is in German, but the subtitles are there. It was a brave attempt at a difficult subject, perhaps if the world itself did not have so normal a landscape it would have conveyed the tale with more authority. If you like fantasy and magic then this is for you, a battle between the good and the bad..... I did find the end a little abrupt and sort of expected it to go into a little more depth, or at least advertise Hunted 3! Very clever movie making here - and its funny. His name means Lucky. He isn't. Done in an anime style, and it features Micheal Jackson, oops Mikail Tackson, as a guest actor. Fadhil knows exactly what he is doing with Sims3 and making animations.

Sadly I hated the tv show. and this is very like the TV show very flashy and loud. However if this is what rocks your boat, go and see for yourself. It has everything the show did and has obviously had an enormous amount of thought put in.

This is seriously a full length movie - enormous amount of work in this, detailed sets and um....... scary. The pace of the filming is excellent and the music well chosen. Something about it reminded me of Silent Hill. Which makes a lovely contrast for other sets. Should she have stayed there? Watch and see. Awesome is a good word for this, great timing, great graphics, enthralling story.

This is a combo of stuff from some highly reputable Sim movie makers and photographers. It is quite beautifully done and the scenes are atmospheric and enhanced by the music choice. I enjoyed watching it, but I am still not sure what was about. Perhaps it was metaphysical and just a study on the nature of being.

OK Neil Gaiman is one of my favourite authors, I love his sense of humour and his way of telling a tale and now, I love his voice. The photography is fine, it gives a sort of story book feel to the whole thing. It has, I must admit, sent me off to find audio books of Neil's tales that he has narrated.

Do not watch this just before bed and try and have someones hand to clutch, this is one scary movie. The disconnected feel adds to the nightmare qualities and the music is brilliantly chosen. This is a movie where snippets will creep into your dreams and cause ghostly chills up your back. Clever filming too, the first person stance works very well indeed.

The Otherworld

Very atmospheric sound track with jungle squacks and squeaks. Now this was obviously based on the TV series Lost and is really well done. I don't know if the world was built especially for the movie but it has beautiful settings. Admittedly rather like the TV series I watched avidly, I had not a clue what had really happened. Nice work. I wonder when the next episode is coming out?

A girl haunted by her past, offered love and solace - it is really well done and I shall tell no more of the tale. Will she find herself? Or drag everyone down? There was something about Eloises alter ego's voice that reminds me of someone and I can't think who it is. The end, if it was an end maybe offers the possibility of more of this tale. Bit creepy and definitely twisted.

There was one bit in this movie where I really jumped! Five Students and a haunted house. Now did these guys learn nothing from The Blair Project? Do not split up, stay together at all costs...... ah. Too late. And as for the music fantastic choices. I have always felt that Tiny Tim was truly creepy. Very short, and believe me getting drunk in a club and walking home by yourself is not a good idea. There are weird people out there. Almost just a music video....and I love the thump of that music.

Cold ones

If you have a Sim Character who might like to be a film critic, contact Minraed Arzhel on Facebook or at

A huge thank you to Toxic Dream and manager Jorgha Haq for once again hosting this round of Band Search for SIFF. We added bands after the influence of the inspiring and talented performances of NOISE and Eduardo Castelinne. We realized that there was a whole set of untapped talent out there and we wanted to open our arms and welcome bands and musicians to SIFF’s celebrity lineup. We will offer it again at next SIFF, learning from what worked and what didn’t to make it even more fun next time. In the meantime, have a peek inside to see who the fans choose as the top performers of this season’s SIFF.

Congratulations to the winners Thank you to all for the ongoing entertainment

Brought to us from Bridgeport by CatKetty, rock band Excessive Solution is the 2013 Fall SIFF Headline Band. This just proves that passion and conflict can be a winning combination.

Vocal Diva Grace De Luca with her 1920’s inspired style and sound is one of two runner up bands for SIFF 2013

Neon Tarantula, having just as many fans as Grace De Luca, resulting in a tie for runner up band,, wins a spot on stage as well for 2013 Fall SIFF.

download at

Venue and ad by PeaceMakerIC

http://simato apps/photos/ albumid=1510

Anches and her reporting team head to one of the HOTTEST Red Carpet Galas featuring some of SIFFs past and future stars!

See the full photo story on Simatography click HERE /album? 00165

Once award-winning director Anches arrives, we know that a trail of stars will follow. Stars from one of the hottest series running, Don Lotorio Story, begin to arrive. Stella shows her best side, Bernd and Merit are a hot item, and Benjamin poses thoughtfully for the camera.

If you have a Sim reporter who wants to shine on the Red Carpet, join us next SIFF in 2014

Nicolo and Lydia show off their fashion sense.

Once the sun sets the vampires start to arrive. Fans go crazy over Andre with actor friend Damon! SIFF really is the place to be for star gazing, and Anches knows how to draw them to a party!

Even class-act stars like Stella act a bit strange when in the presence of the always dangerously hansom Noctis. Animal stars get in on the action too! Ra, Collos and Aladin admire their star on the walk of fame.

Dina is a true diva - stunning and elegant as always in one of the most beautiful dresses we have seen on the Red Carpet this season Stars reunite and our cameras are here to catch it live. Oh to be in the arms of Don. We can only dream.

The entire Don Lotorio cast shows their support for SIFF by attending the Gala and brining true Simmywood glam to the festival, but are they really here to say goodbye or will there be a second season of Don Lotorio Story? We will have to wait and see.

It has been another glamourous and star studded season at SIFF. We hope that we will see Anches and her cast of stars back again.


Nightmares and Lullabies


Seb Best


Savahhan Reynolds

xseacactusx Jenny Glynn

Someone Like Her

Christie l.

Christian “Aranas” Gaughf


Susan “Cloud” Walker




Seb Best Nellas

Hunted 2


Simisterr Productions



Greg Schmidt

Skittles5414 TheBooBooSTA


Happy Nisa


Prom Diva24










While the ability to tell a story with no dialogue is a special skill it its own right, voice acting brings a whole different dimension to machinima and with it many additional challenges. As a movie maker who choses not to use voice overs for several reasons, I feel I must encourage a special round of applause for the voice actors who helped bring so many SIFF films to life. While we don’t have a special category to vote for best voice actors, and perhaps we should consider adding this, we will distribute a voice actor badge of appreciation which film makers can hand out to their voice actor stars!

Minraed Arzhel, on behalf of SIFF

The Otherworld Voiceychic Sandygrease1 Vanillacrescentx Tysonater LoraineVA Ameangelofsin The JDK Production

the voice actors of 9ine

The Simlish voice actors used in Baka Rabu and The Voice

Viewer’s Choice

Award Winners

Non-Film Categorie

The Voice - Sims Edition a simmified interpretation of the popular reality show, The Voice by MTViMagine

Corrupted Innocence a captivating trailer for an upcoming and anticipated series by Magic Light Productions

Two-Side Style a live action fashion look book by Morathami we would LOVE to see more fashion vids at SIFF

9ine - Stand Alone Dreams a series by Raindrop on your Fantasy Productions

es - Viewer’s Choice

A unique presentation of story-telling based on a project by Neil Gaiman as portrayed by SIFF film maker Jorgha Haq

“B.A.D.A. Bing’s talents come to life in this gorgeous music video. Fabulous choreography and gorgeous costumes. Keep it up ladies!” Tabby Lloyd

A three-way tie between some of our SIFF Band Search contestants!

“I can’t remember a year of SIFF where we have showcased so much incredible musical talents. Every single submission was a winner in my books” Tabby Lloyd

“A visually and emotionally stunning collaboration of talents. Kudos to everyone on this creative team, and to the editor who put it all together.� Tabby Lloyd

The tale is well told, and with no voice over - great music. This is done by someone who has a good grasp of how to make a movie in Sims 3, well done!

Smoky Topaz - machinima fan

“Hauntingly chilling machinima!”

SSProductions SIFF machinima master

“If you didn’t watch all three parts, make sure you do! The ending brings it all together beautifully.”

Minraed Arzhel - SIFF founder

Very interesting idea, fairly difficult to produce, the tale is simple and intriguing and the filming was good. Oh I loved the music though. It is possibly the most creative film I have watched, beautifully done.

Smoky Topaz - machinma fan

“This is awesome!!! Great tunes :) Love how it's kind of a 'silent' movie of sorts. Good Luck to you in SIFF! “

TheSims3 Youtube

“Great cinematography and camera work, editing was flawlessly done.

Sylent Whysper - machimima maker

a Viewer’s Ch

note: since we had only two Masters presenti

“So much enjoyment create the animation Brilliant! Great came

award winning director of B

Someone Like Her

“This is awesome! Rea Sims3 machinimas I’ve put into this really paid


“Very well done, good story and the detailing is amazing. Its very film noir - very Raymond Chandler. Well done Cloudwalker!”

Smoky Topaz

hoice Award

ing this time we present one as the winner

Baka Rabu

t in watching how you ns and sound effects. era work and effects.”

Budge’s Adventure - Zoey Zuko

ally one of the best e ever seen. The work d off!”

past Machinima Master - Nittens

“I can’t remember laughing so much during any SIFF film before. Brilliantly bizarre film by a true Machinima Master.” Tabby Lloyd

Each SIFF we like to take time to officially recognize some of the notable elements of the SIFF machinima makers. Sometimes a films individual elements get overlooked when the viewer’s choice poll winners are selected. We had started to realize that there was so much talent that needed to be noticed, so the Special Recognition awards were born. We encourage machinima makers to take note and learn from these inspiring features. It is through noticing others that we learn to improve our own art.

wth Tabby Lloyd

While every film has something worth crediting these particular elements really caught our attention. Congratulations to all for the exceptional show of talent and skill, and thank you for the inspiration.

Having an invite only category for Masters of Machinima may seem elitist or in some way insulting to those not invited, but it is meant to be exactly the opposite of that. At SIFF one of our most important underlying values is to support, encourage and welcome newbies and machinima makers with less experience or technical knowhow. In order to continue to foster a safe, encouraging and non-intimidating environment we select a few each season to move up the ranks and make room for more new comers. It is also a way to even the ground a bit and to allow new film makers to be appreciated on their own playing field, without feeling that they are not good enough to compete with those who have more experience. This season we have invited 5 new inductees to Masters.

Prize Pack Giveaway Thanks to the support of The Sims3 we are having our first giveaway! Congratulations to the winners. We will be in touch. t-shirt, note cube and headband - randomly drawn from all machinima and special recognition award winners




SIFF notes and headband drawn from all SIFF contributors in all categories including photos, posters and machinima


VKG t-shirt and headband randomly drawn from all machinima submissions

photo by Ausagi featuring Simatography Staff and Friends

Fall 2013 SIFF Buzz - Issue 7  
Fall 2013 SIFF Buzz - Issue 7  

Fall 2013 SIFF Buzz - Issue 7 - And the Winners Are...