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If you’re fascinated by intense and psychological horror movies, you’re going to love “Lilly, she whispers.” Fourth creation of Minecraftgirl 28, this movie truly knows how to captivate the audience with a few simple elements, a twisted story and incredible characters. REAL NAME: Carly Corvo

AGE: 31

BIRTHPLACE: Bridgeport

OFFSCREEN TRAITS: Dog lover, Art lover, family oriented, bookworm, virtuoso.

Interview and photos by ChristieL. (Unless otherwise notices). II

Ch: Carly, welcome to our spring issue of Rising Stars. It's a real pleasure having someone like you here! Let's start with a warm-up question: Lilly, she whispers. The plot. Ca: Thank you for having me. Lilly, She Whispers is about a women who loses her mother and daughter in a housefire and her inability to move past this. Her guilt utimately ends up destroying not only her marriage but also her relationships with her other children. Along the way meets a shady character who offers her a chance at redemption which eventually she takes. And the outcome of that decision has devestating effects on everyone involved.


Images from Lilly, she whispers. Artwork by HDSCreations.

Ch: You are Sarah, a 31 year old mother dealing with a lot of troubles, remorses and regrets. How was getting into her role?

Ca: It was challenging but being a mom myself really allowed me to tap into those emotions much easier. Ch: Was this your first attempt in acting or you had other experiences? Ca: This is my third film but it's my first leading role. I had two minor roles as the mother in Taint and Scarecrowe. I guess I have the motherly look that directors are looking for. IV

Ch: Tell us three embarrassing experience you had to deal with during the shot of the movie.

Ca: One embarrassing moment I had was at the cemetary scene. It had been raining a lot and so whenI was walking down the stairs I slipped and fell down about four steps. And being blonde I naturally began looking around to see who was going to make the first blonde joke. Another embarrasing moment was when we were filming the well scene. It had a giant spiderweb and being terrified of spiders I started to get paranoid. So, when we started filming, I was convinced that there was something in my hair and I started to panic. And instead of reasuring me that there wasn't a spider on me they just kept laughing at me. Two minutes went by before someone finally told me that there was nothing on me. V

One more embarassing moment was when we first starting shooting, I was so nervous to be in my first major film that I couldn't remember any of my lines.


CH: we heard you have a special bond with animals, you’ve also been a dog trainer for a while. Do you really like them that much?

Ca: I've always loved animals and working with them has been so fulfilling. When my acting career will be over, I definitely hope to go back to work with dogs.

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Ch: We read you're also fond of art. Only a passion or a real way of life? Ca: I've always been very passionate about art. Painting has always been my way of relaxing after a hard day. Ch: Well, Carly. Thanks for the time spent with us today! See you at premieres!

“Lilly, she whispers” Trailer More from Minecraftgirl28: Scarecrowe Taint




Spring 2013 Rising Stars - Carly Corvo  

Spring 2013 - Carley Corvo

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