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Interview by Newt Davies

Welcome to Rising Stars Magazine. It's so punk rock to have you here.

Hi, thanks for having us,. it's great to be here. I am from Sunset Valley, Jared is from Starlight Shores whereas the others are from Bridgeport. For me, music as always been in the family as a common passion, however I never thought about making it my career. My dream was being a director, which I succeeded. *winks* Music was a passion for me as well. I jammed here and there, played with some musicians but I never found a place to stay until ES. As for me and Kory, music was a must in our family. However, our parents never thought about this kind of music. I played classical piano for a long time whereas Kory started with rock right from the beginning. He was the rebellious child of the family. He's been in a few groups but was kicked out due to his bad temper. Later I followed him and I must say that I have no regrets. I got into music by following my brother to a rock concert. It was amazing! since then, I knew that was what I wanted to do. In ES we do all genres of rock, from alternative to hard. There's no exception.

We met in a local watering hole in Bridgeport. At Eugi's precisely. It was during a jam session. They were all jamming and I took the mic and started to sing. Just like that. Kory and I started jamming and soon Jared joined us. And later so did Ben. To be honest, Jared joined the jam session to flirt with my sister. Which was an epic fail.

Hey! I thought we agreed on not mentioning that! We decided to form a band after Cat's fifth vodka martini. She just brought this up and we agreed though we didn't believe it at first. We saw her the next night and and she talked about it again but this time she wasn't drunk. Thanks Ben. Now they'll think I'm an alcoholic.

This is a good thing. If it wasn't, we wouldn't be here. This is a way to showcase our talents and also meet friends. And girls. We see lot of interesting artists at these kind of events. It would be great if producers look around, I'm sure they'll find what they want.

I made a pole on my studio's Facebook page. *giggles* We couldn't agree on a name. Mostly Cat and Kory. They re always arguing on everything and the band's name was one of them. So, Cat put up a pole with all the propositions and Excessive Solution got more votes. Basically, I chose the band's name. In his dreams.

It was lot of work. LOT of work. I had to deal with this and my other engagements at the studio. So I was usually rushing here and there. Hopefully it turned out well. It was a great moment, despite of the hard work and long hours of practice. What we enjoyed the most I think was after the work. We would order a pizza or go downtown to have some fun and release some pressure.

Do we have a style? Of course we do! It's rock. Everything that has rock in it, it's ours. From alternative, punk, slow to hard, as long as it's rock, it's ours.

We didn't limit ourselves to one genre of rock to be able to touch the most people possible. We haven't tried hard rock yet but we possibly will. and the vocal part will be Kory's job this time, because the guy can sing.

Creative differences, sometimes. It's mostly because of his temper. He tends to get on my nerves easily. I don't know why. I hate him. She's always trying to impose herself on my way of playing only because Madam plays guitar as well. I don't like it. She gets on my nerves as well, and I return her hateful feelings. Absolutely not true! These two are fond of each other, that's why they fight. Yeah, there's creative differences but to say that they hate each other is pure bullshit. If Cat wasn't married, I'd say they are in love with each other. an't you see it? They're made for each other. Two masochists. *laughs* Someone wants to die after the interview. I couldn't agree more.

Well, I've been in SIFF for some time and when I saw the band challenge, I felt curious about it. I asked the others and they were all willing to give it a go, so here we are! I was mostly attracted by the competition. I like competition. It's what push us to give the best of ourselves and to improve.

It also looked fun.The Red Carpet event, the interviews, meeting other celebrities.

This video was mostly Cat's ideas well as the song. Well, I must say that things haven't been easy for me recently, and that's where inspiration strike. Sorry Doctor I Had a Relapse comes from a real experience. This was a way for me to get back on my feet. We agreed to it because it touched us somewhere and we wanted to enlighten what she went through.

The future is uncertain BUT we're not going to stop here. We have a lot of projects in mind so you'll see us a lot more. As I said earlier, Kory will sing because the guy can sing. I have no idea why he's saying this like it was unbelievable but yes, I might share the vocal parts with Cat soon.

Issue 8 - Excessive Solution  

Fall 2013 Rising Stars - Battle of the Bands Edition - Excessive Solution

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