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Aug/Sep 2019


A publication by the Samutprakarn International Ladies’ Club

Inside: welcome back and hello newcomers! + activities for the month + VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES + ‘cooking, fundraising & eating’ + interviews + community projects in action...


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M A WORD FRO P MEMBERSHI Hi ladies , A big welcome back! I hope you all had an amazing summer vacation with lots of adventure with your friends and family, and hopefully with some relaxation as well ! I am Aakriti Sultania, the Membership co-ordinator for SILC. Let me start by introducing myself. Born and educated in India, got married to the man of my dreams, a man who empowers me to be the best version of myself. We started our life journey together in 2001 from Philadelphia, US. Our journey then took us to Vietnam. After spending 4 blissful years there, we came to the Land of Smiles, Bangkok in 2006. I am mother of 2 adorable boys, and yeah,they keep me continuously on my toes24/7. I have a teaching degree from UK and have dedicated more than 12 years of my life to this noble profession . 3 years back , I quit my teaching job and decided to follow my passion . As many of you already know—I am thoroughly enjoying being a Specialty Cake designer right now ! I joined SILC in 2017 and was immediately mesmerized with the vibrant and dynamic group of ladies here. They welcomed me with such warmth and love that there was no looking back! Having experienced it myself, I can say with confidence that SILC’s tagline is so apt -’where friendships begin’. I was bestowed with the responsibility of membership co-ordinator last year. My predecessors (Chris and Debbie) did an incredible job and as I was new to the role, they helped, supported and guided me whenever I needed them. It's been an honor to be part of the SILC committee and I very much look forward to continuing my role this year as well.

SILC offers you the opportunity to meet new people from around the world, explore the city, do fun things together, learn new skills, dedicate your time for noble causes and so much more. We are always pleased to welcome new members, whether you are new to Bangkok or an established Bangkok resident please join us at our ‘Welcome back Coffee morning‘ on 30th August at Flint, Bangna. Our existing members will get a chance to renew their membership and newbies can get a chance to meet our energetic group of ladies and join. Our Community Projects team will be there to share the projects you could help with, along with our Activities team who will take us through the exciting and fun activities planned for the coming months. In an attempt to become eco friendly , we have digitized all our member records and I was able to develop an online system for new members registration last year. Joining SILC is very convenient now, just need click on the 'SILC Membership Form' button and fill in the required information in the online application form, available at our website— http://www.SilcBangkok.com . Existing members - Please help spread the word and introduce new people to SILC and bring them along to our coffee morning . Looking forward to meeting you all soon.



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Craft club Macrame


Prakkasamai Yoga



Craft club Macrame














Q&A Morning for Newcomers Pilates

Mahjong Yoga

Flower Moon Cakes Workshop









Flower Arranging Workshop


Mahjong Yoga

Muay Thai Class








Craft club

Indian Vegetarian Cooking Pilates

Mahjong Yoga

Nighttime Food Tour by Tuk Tuk

30 Craft club Cartonnage crafts

We try to schedule activities well ahead of time to allow you to plan your diaries, however please note these may change. Keep an eye on the SILC Facebook page and the next newsletter for updates! Contact silc.activities@gmail.com with any questions.


Q & A morning for newcomers To bangkok If you are new to Bangkok, we would like to extend a warm welcome by inviting you to join us for a Newcomers Coffee and Information Morning. Not only will it be a fun morning and a great way to meet other newcomers and make new friends, but we will also have some SILC members who are long term residents of Bangkok available to help you with any questions about living in this vibrant city that we all now call home. We will give you helpful advice and information on many different subjects to make your life easier, for example: Using the public transport systems; Hiring a maid/cleaner/nanny/driver; Opening bank accounts; Paying utility bills; Getting your driving license; Useful mobile phone apps to have; Volunteering opportunities; Where to shop… to name just a few! It’s also a wonderful opportunity to find out a little more about how SILC can help you make the most of your time here. SILC offers an extensive range events and activities, together with opportunities for voluntary work, so don’t forget to bring along your diary so that we can help to fill it up for you! Tuesday 10th September | 9:30 - 11:30 am | close to Bearing BTS |No charge RSVP: silc.activities@gmail.com



An example of the type of design we will create. Native and easily found flowers from Thailand will be used.

The perfect workshop for complete beginners to the art of flower arranging. If you love flowers ... learn the do’s and don’ts, tips on flower compositions, how to mix and match for a harmonious result, wrapping techniques and how to extend flower life. Monday 16th September | 09:30 am - 12:30 md |fee 750 thb | close to Udom Suk BTS RSVP: silc.activities@gmail.com


Muay Thai is a stand-up combat sport that combines the powerful kicks from Karate and agile handwork from boxing. It is practiced for fitness, self-defense, strength & confidence and coordination. Come join us for a kickass Muay Thai try out!

Thursday 19th September | 10:00 am - 11:30 am | fee 400 THB | Close to Bearing BTS RSVP: silc.activities@gmail.com


Zip along Bangkok’s busy streets in a tuk tuk, Thailand’s iconic three-wheeled taxi, while making pit stops to sample legendary street foods and marvel at historic landmarks. Take in the sights, sounds and smells of Bangkok at night. Local guides will make sure you indulge in delicious foods and learn a thing or two about their colourful city. Friday 27th September | 7:00 pm till late |Cost: 1,700 thb | Meet at Thonburi BTS RSVP: silc.activities@gmail.com

MAHJONG Our group of Mahjong ladies is growing steadily and ranges from novices to experts. We meet most Wednesdays at members’ houses. Please get in touch if you would like to join us! silc.mahjong@gmail.com

Most Mondays a group of enthusiastic and creative ladies get together to do crafts. Come join us. Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary! This month we will be learning together how to do Macrame ( 2nd & 9th September) and Cartonnage ( 30th September). We take it in turns to meet at members’ houses so please contact silc.craft@gmail.com to find out more.


Aqua Aerobics If you would like to join our ladies having fun, dancing, splashing and exercising in the water, then we’d love to hear from you. Please contact silc.activities@gmail.com

Zumba Exercise is a lot more fun when you add music. So if you fancy coming and “shimmying” along with us, just get in touch. Please contact: silc.activities@gmail.com

Tennis Perhaps you last played at school or maybe you play regularly. Whatever your level, please get in touch and we can find you a tennis partner. Please contact: silc.activities@gmail.com

Golf If you’d like to try or are a regularly player, get in touch to you join our SILC ladies that meet in 2 different locations to help the convenience. Please contact: silc.activities@gmail.com

Pilates Low impact and strength building, pilates is perfect for all. Join us weekly with a Certified STOTT teacher. Tuesday | 8:00 am - 9:00 am St. Andrews 107 (Bearing BTS) | Fee 350 THB Please contact: silc.activities@gmail.com

Yoga If low impact, good posture and respiratory techniques is your thing; join us every week. Wednesday | 9:00 am - 10:15am | Near On Nut BTS | Fee 200 THB Please contact silc.activities@gmail.com


Join this thorough educational and fun activity to do with the kids: Prakkasamai: Wednesday 4th at 9:00 - 11:00 Mahawong: Friday 13th at 9:00 - 11:00 RSVP: silc.community@gmail.com Many of the ladies who volunteer are happy to offer lifts, if you need one!


OU B A & T U O SILC Self Defence Class

The Diet and Nutrition Talk held at the end of June was very popular with our members. Lots of helpful advice and tips to follow..

Weekly we have so much fun being active doing Pilates and Yoga

Just look what expert tuition and some wine for extra inspiration can produce! Some of our creative ladies at the evening out at Paint Bar The Craft Club ladies had a fantastic month between crafting over coffee and a trip to China Town to find all the different materials for their upcoming project ideas

Our Tai Chi trial was an interesting and informative session. It’s a martial art that improves your muscle strength, balance and flexibility. We learned different moves, techniques and even how to breath better!

The Historical Walking Tour was brilliant! We found hidden temples, roads and parks plus learnt so much about Bangkok history.

We started July with an amazing Self Defence class, which we hope to repeat regularly later this year.

We got to share a fun and delicious Potluck Lunch to say some “farewells�. Wishing you girls the best and hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

Our creativity continued in July with a fantastic Porcelain Painting session. We chose a variety porcelain items from plates, to eggs, to cups etc and made them unique!

The best way to start Summer Holiday was with a night at a hidden but fun bar…”Havana” with dancing, cocktails and lots of laughs.



Hi everyone I can’t believe it’s almost a year since we returned to live in the UK – and more importantly a whole year without a SILC coffee morning, a fab SILC tour or a game of mahjong!! Not to mention the pedicures and massages! I am not sure how I have survived. Locating to a foreign country is exciting as you are swept up in the new culture with places to explore. The other expats gather you up, show you the ropes and encourage you to join them on all sorts of interesting jaunts – SILC did this for me in 2009. Relocating back home however is a different kettle of fish altogether!

Jan Briggs - Previous SILC member and Online media Coordinator

There are people there in Bangkok that will give almost anything a good home and appreciate it. Once its back here (in the UK at least) you have to pay to get rid of rubbish and the charity shops are bursting with unwanted items. So, what do I really miss about Bangkok? ● ● ● ●

After the initial excitement of being back dies down, followed by the excitement of the shipment arriving, things are suddenly very normal – like being back home after having a very long vacation. With a very large amount of luggage! I still want to say Khop kun Ka to people occasionally, not sure how long it will take for that to leave me! I have been chief sorter of boxes since we arrived back. We have zillions of boxes of things the kids grew out of in 2010, but they were kept here and now need a new home. Currently they are in the loft - out of sight, out of mind (almost). A tip for anyone returning – if you are in doubt that you want to take it home – don’t!

The sky bars and cocktails. That big smelly but vibrant Chao Phraya river. The markets, local, Chatuchak and ChinaTown. Easy access to ingredients for my favourite Thai dishes. The restaurants and food from all around Asia. Only had decent sushi once since I got back, and had to travel to London for that! Those cute children clamoring to have their go at the monthly craft activity at Mahawong preschool.

Last but by no means least, all those fab friends I made in Bangkok!

And just for balance, a few things I definitely don’t miss: ●

The traffic jams and the scooters nipping all around as you try to drive anywhere! Shopping in department stores with assistants breathing down your neck as you try to browse, then being no help at all when you need to know or pay for something! The heat and smog making walking anywhere unpleasant.

I must say it has been lovely being closer to family and being able to join in events regularly, rather than being the ones shouting Happy Birthday / Christmas / Anniversary from the fuzzy Skype connection! Also the chance to shop for warmer clothes all over again, as you will see from the photos I was even persuaded to purchase a wooly hat for the cold northern weather!

I am also growing wing beans, long eggplant and Thai basil from seeds I brought back from Bangkok.

Our son is settled into his first job in Plymouth, right on the south coast of the country, so it’s handy being able to help him settle there and it’s a great spot for weekends away even though there are no palm trees on the beaches! Our daughter is just completing her 2nd year at University up in the North East of England, so we get to travel in the other direction and explore the beautiful Northumbrian countryside too. She will be studying abroad next year in both USA and Austria, so more holiday destinations already decided for us! We visited Pisa & Florence in Italy in April, so have begun our exploration into Europe. Kevin will still have to visit Triumph Thailand occasionally, so I will definitely tag along onto one of his trips and come along for a catch-up and a game of mahjong.

Now that the warmer weather is on its way back too, I am really enjoying getting back to proper gardening. We have created a vegetable patch and the first of the salad crops are ready now.

Wishing you all well. Have a great summer break! Jan x

Kay Hickey - Previous SILC member and Welfare Coordinator

Hi SILC friends! Some of you will remember me but many of you newcomers will not! My name is Kay Hickey, I lived in Bangkok for 13 years and was a member of SILC for most of that time. I have now returned to live in the UK/Ireland. I left Bangkok exactly one year ago. Some friends in SILC were asking me to share how easy or difficult it was for me to settle back in to life in the western world? First of all I can’t believe it’s been a year! Time is just flying by! It’s been a very busy year with settling my youngest Son in to university and getting myself and my husband sorted with a place to live here in the UK. For us it has been relatively easy to settle back, as we have all of our kids (now adults) living nearby. Well, that was before our middle Son decided to move and work in Singapore! Murphy’s law - we move this side of the world and our kids start moving back to Asia!! Never the less, we are very pleased for him, as he is very happy making a career for himself there! However, it gives us an excuse to head back out there! Secondly: The climate! This climate really suits me so much better than the heat and humidity of Thailand. In saying that, it’s 33 degrees here today! But that’s not the norm not even for the summer months. I know lots of you are thinking, I must be mad ! But I just love wrapping up in the winter and I am loving these long summer evenings at the moment! The negative side of moving at this stage of my life is that I don’t have anymore school going kids! That has always been my network for meeting new people. I met so many of my good friends in Bangkok though school. It just means I need to find other ways of meeting new people. To be honest, I don’t really have time to be out having lunches and coffee mornings like I used to. I spend a lot of time going back and forth from London to Dublin, where we will eventually settle down in another year or so.

All and all I am very happy to be back in this side of the world. Don’t get me wrong, my time in Asia and other parts of the world have been amazing and I wouldn’t change a single minute of it! There were times when I thought we were crazy taking our first born to Singapore, when she was only 8 weeks old. That was back in the early nineties when things were quite a bit different! Expat life is a wonderful experience, and one that our family have had the great privilege of enjoying - for nearly 29 years! So if anyone is having any doubts about starting out on that journey - my advice would be just to embrace every minute of it! Time flies by but remember it takes a good year to settle into a new environment. My time overseas was amazing but it’s time for a new and exciting chapter! Good luck to all the newcomers to Bangkok. I’m sure by the time you read this you will have already enjoyed the welcome back coffee morning. Bangkok is a very exciting place to live. I really miss the amazing friendly Thai people. Especially those lovely people in the Khlong Teoi slums. It is always rewarding getting involved with welfare projects. I highly recommend it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my views and I look forward to my further visits to the “Land of Smiles”!

... N O T H G I L T SPO “ FIRE REBUILD” On Friday 31st May, when we went to the usual monthly craft activity at Mahawong school, we found a grandma holding her child, wailing in Thai language. After a few attempts at translation, we learnt that her family and two othe rs had become homeless overnight. One of the people living in the house had accidentally kicked the coal burner used to cook, and fire immediately caught in the wood panelled home. Three children of the families affected attend Mahawong preschool. Suddenly, they had nothing left in the world as their belongings burnt with the house. Circumstances had it that this fire occurred the night before the craft activity. I think I witnessed a miracle that day, telepathy, creativity and action ignited just hours after the fire died. This is why: Telepathy: When Grandma and Julie from FORDEC told us what had happened, a few looks occurred between SILC ladies. The looks said “ WE HAVE TO HELP”, no words were exchanged but everyone understood each other. Creativity: without saying much, each one of the SILC ladies set in motion the process of helping, in their own creative ways. Help came as 1) Financial donation from SILC (THB 35,000 which was the budget to rebuild the house), 2) Offer to come and physically help with the building and tools. This was arranged for the Sunday after a group of neighbours and “construction worker for the day” farangs showed up

3) SILC ladies mobilising all their contacts, donations poured during the day to the bank account provided by FORDEC Action: Immediately after the craft the ladies surveyed the site, the ground still warm to assess the needs and started the process of rebuilding. Needless to say, Grandma, the children and the families are happy and have hope again. This was a beautiful example of how a tragedy like a fire can set in motion the best in a community, from the kind guidance from FORDEC in coordinating the process, to countless messages of encouragement, to financial donations, prayers and actual showing up with a hammer during the weekend. Thank you to all SILC members and their friends and families who have helped in their own creative ways. You made a difference. And you set an example of what can be achieved. In these photos you can see how the site was immediately after the fire, and the progress of the construction, still in progress at the time writing this article!

Article By Laura Troncoso SILC Community Co-ordinator

27 September - 5 October, "Shipwrecked!" BCT will be back on stage with an imaginative storyteller production of “Shipwrecked! An Entertainment - The Amazing Adventures of Louis d Rougemont (as told by himself)", a fun-filled entertainment for the whole family. The adventurous Louis de Rougemont invites you to hear his amazing story of bravery, survival and celebrity that left nineteenth-century England spellbound. Dare to be whisked away in a story of the high seas, populated by exotic islanders, flying wombats, giant sea turtles and a monstrous man-eating octopus. “Shipwrecked” examines how far we’re willing to blur the line between fact and fiction in order to leave our mark on the world.

19th floor, BTS Chit Lom. Enjoy wine and finger-food |meet Hanim Dogan, an authority on retail fashion & global entrepreneur |find out how the fashion industry works from the panel discussion with our key speakers |browse, try on and buy our Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections| get 20% off the Spring/Summer collection| join our sustainability drive, bring your gently used clothes to donate to Pankan Society | network with amazing women

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