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A WORD FROM OUR CHAIR How are you doing? I’ve been sending lots of messages to friends and family asking this. In ‘normal’ times the answer is generally the polite and expected response of “I’m fine, how about you?”, but this isn’t an ordinary time and the answers I am getting are far from the norm. They are honest answers. You’ve most probably seen the poem on the next page that is currently doing the rounds: ‘We are not in the same boat’. It’s true, we are all experiencing this situation but dealing with it differently. I sincerely hope that you are OK, but if you do want to talk or need some support then please get in touch as I can connect you with professional support and advice. It is tempting to wonder when things will return to normal, but the fact is they won’t - not the old normal anyway. But we can achieve a new kind of normalcy. In this months newsletter, we are not telling you about websites where you can learn a language in 30 days, master linux programming or how to grow vegetables from scraps (although that is quite a good thing to know!), but instead we are asking you to sit back and relax and take a virtual holiday visiting some amazing sites around the world. Enjoy this months edition of SILC News... Be safe. Take care,


UPDATE ON THE AGM In view of current regulations regarding self-distancing and large gatherings, we are considering moving our AGM forward to June. If necessary, we could do this this as an on-line presentation - we will let you know as soon as we can! As in previous years, you will still be able to vote digitally if you prefer.

The nominees we have so far and the positions still open are listed below- please don't hesitate to contact Tracey or the current officer if you would like to know more. We are desperately in need of a Chair. Without a leader, the club would be forced to close which would be very sad for both our members and the wider community we support and a great shame after such a long history of success.

Nominees to date: Chairperson

Post available


Sonica Jindal


Vera Canters

Online Media

Aminta Ochoa (continuing tenure)

Community Projects

Karen Dawber (to be confirmed) Lindsay Daly

Membership Post available Activities Other roles available: Vice Chair, Administration, Marketing, Special Events

60 SECOND VACATION We are all working so hard at keeping our families safe and healthy at the moment, keeping our kids educated and happy and supporting our loved ones globally. After all this hard work, we must surely have earned a holiday by now but we can't actually go anywhere but the sofa. Not to worry, SILC have come up with the next best thing- a virtual trip to some of the most thrilling places on the planet. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! Tiptoe





bridge in China (one of the longest and highest bridge in the world) and look down to the National Forest Park, part of




UNESCO site in the country’s Hunan province. Continuing with the ‘vertigo’ feeling places, why not travel all the way to Peru in South America and check Machu Picchu’s steep slopes and the remnants famous





residences, the


the and

courtyards with grazing alpacas and llamas on the lawns. Or something not that high but still one of the most interesting places and considered as one of the wonders of the world: the Great Wall of China

If you are enjoying the altitude, what if we go even higher and all the way to ‘Mars’ Certainly a bit different from your normal holiday destination!







something more calm, maybe a walk surrounded




beautiful flowers at Keukenhof

in the


Yosemite National Park, famed for its ancient sequoia trees and granite cliffs, should not be missed. Enjoy not only the sights but also the sounds of mother nature at her finest.

Or travel to Egypt and discover the inside of the Tomb of the Pharaoh Ramesses





government reveal a new Tomb or museum for you to discover, in case you have already visited this one.

Enjoy your trip!

Aminta Ochoa


BEEN in ASIA It is hard times for the tourism industry and you might not feel in the mood to think about travelling right now; however you can search and explore all the new places that you would like to visit once the pandemic is over. Been in Asia have a collection of exclusive special offers and a new hassle-free cancellation policy (effective until the end of October) to give you peace of mind when planning future journeys. Check their website for more information: www.beeninasia.com


Two designs - ‘People of Thailand’ and ‘Places of Thailand’ - 200 thb each. To buy your set of these unique and limited editions simply email: silctreasurer@gmail.com

HUMANITARIAN PROJECTS A chance conversation led to us being able to help a small community on Lasalle soi 53. There were 40 ‘dwellings’ (makeshift homes, many made from materials gathered from the landfills) which were homes to the elderly, people with disabilities, jobless and low income families. The majority of the residents were elderly, looking after their grandchildren, whilst their own children live and work elsewhere but sending money back to cover rent, bills and food. Sadly, in the current situation, for many, the money had stopped coming back. SILC stepped up to help, by supplying a basic food care package to all the families. Each family received: ●

1 x 5kg bag of rice

2 x bottles of oil

3 x packets of noodles

Tinned fish

Fish sauce


As the elderly residents are a high risk group, they have not been leaving their homes at all and are reliant on others to bring them food. Wearing masks our committee members delivered the care package to the doorstep of each family. We were very much welcomed and appreciated. As this situation continues, this community and many more will need our help. If you would like to be involved or can help in any way please contact: silcchair@gmail.com 10,000thb allocated so far


Sometimes a person's story is so sad that you can’t ignore it

with SILC’s

and need to help…


Khun Supit lives near Prakkasamai (the pre-school that SILC supports). In her late 40’s she started to have severe back


pain and bloating that would not go down. Despite visits to the hospital and numerous pills, nothing helped. A pregnancy test was run - it was positive. Her and her husband already had 2 daughters both at college and whilst k. Supit worked as a part time cleaner and her husband as a driver, they were only just making ends meet. After a difficult pregnancy and birth their baby girl was born.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can

But two weeks later, tragedy struck and her husband suddenly, without any warnings, died of a heart attack. Unable to work and with little savings, k. Supit’s older daughters offered to leave college to work and support the family.

help someone”

When we heard this, SILC stepped in to help as getting an education is key in breaking the poverty cycle. SILC supported the family with formula, nappies and most importantly, a car seat, which enabled k. Supit to continue taking her baby to cleaning jobs and for her other daughters to continue their schooling. Her eldest daughter recently graduated….

Approx. 16,000 thb allocated

For those of you that know Tracey our

“Our prime

Chairperson well, you will know that not only is she passionate about helping people, she

purpose in life is to help others.

also helps animals. She is part of a network of animal rescuers, who sterilise and vaccinate street dogs and cats, help those that need veterinary care,

And if you

find homes for adoptable dogs and cats,

can’t help

supports local feeders plus provides advice

them at least don’t harm them” Dalai lama

and education. Luckily for SILC she has been instrumental in ensuring that the children at the pre-schools SILC supports, can walk to school safely without fear of catching anything from the numerous soi dogs that hang around the schools looking for food. Over the years the number of these

20,000 thb allocated in 2019/20

dogs has been gradually decreasing thanks to Tracey ensuring these dogs are sterilised.


Knowing communities were waiting for them, SILC community team members along with other volunteers from the BWG and ANZWYG haven’t disappointed even in this most difficult time! Sporting a new look which couldn’t show their smiles, these caring ladies and their team delivered oil and basic goods as expected with their usual love and unselfishness. Kudos to you!

Despite our current situation, the Committee, including one of our prospective officers for next year, managed to have their monthly meeting to plan how to support both our members and our wider community in the best ways we can over the coming months.

SUPPORT OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY RECIPIENTS This situation, and the necessity for people to stay at home safe, has impacted many businesses with their partial or total closure. Some have been able to adapt and move to online platforms; many are still struggling to secure their future continuity. The most impacted businesses are the micro, small and independent entrepreneurs and the many ordinary people they employ.

Many families are struggling right now and are worrying not just about their future but also simple things that most of us take for granted, like putting food on the table or paying the rent. There is some financial help available for some but we can all play a role in helping them at this difficult time. There are small ways you can help- if you need to buy something, try your local store first; if finances still allow, try ordering a delivery from your favorite neighbourhood restaurant once a week or if you need a treat for yourself or a gift for someone special, why not get something lovely from a local charity project and make a difference that way?

Here are some of our lovely friends that would love to keep feeling our support:


Courageous Kitchen is supporting local farmers through their platform to make different organic vegetables and fruits baskets available for you to choose and get deliver to your door.


Steps with Theera Although their cozy coffee shop is closed, you can still enjoy their delicious bread, pastries and even special dishes (breakfast, lunch, vegetarian and gluten free) by ordering them online here

3) Samaritan Creations have that special little accessory or gift you are looking for. From unique earrings, stylish necklaces, colorful bags to


cards ‌ get them in just a click!

4) Hang On Hangers Here you’ll find beautiful hangers wrapped in different patterned fabrics making them both stylish and practical. They also have a range of high quality souvenirs- take a look at their page and message them to place your order. If you would like to donate food yourself to help the community around you, then most temples are accepting dried goods which are then distributed to the needy. Alternatively, you can make a monetary donation to SILC and we will put it towards our next food care packages. Plus, as mentioned in the last newsletter take a look at https://www.facebook.com/groups/CovidReliefBKK/ for donating food and/or money to help those in need in the Bangkok area.

Mirella Coolen Rachael Delaney Rikke Brinkloev Siriluck Lim Vanessa Girling

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! SAY HELLO!!! WE JOYFULLY WELCOME ESTIAAN JOHAN VAN LOGGENBERG! Many of you know Pat (one of our English teachers) and were awaiting news of her baby- we are happy to let you know that both mother and baby are doing well and are safely back at home! Join us to send tons of love to this little angel!

Birth Date: April, 18th Time of birth: 1:49 am Height: 49 cm Weight: 2.825 kg

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All SILC events are subject to change. Please confirm your attendance with the relevant contact, and advise of any cancellation asap so another member may take your place. Committee Contacts Chair Secretary Treasury Membership Community Projects E-newsletter & Ads Activities Website

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SILC News May 2020  

Samutprakarn International Ladies Club (SILC) News where you will find some virtual tours, humanitarian projects we have been involved in la...

SILC News May 2020  

Samutprakarn International Ladies Club (SILC) News where you will find some virtual tours, humanitarian projects we have been involved in la...