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February 2020


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16. FLamenco Night Out

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A WORD FROM OUR CHAIR Dear ladies, In this month’s edition we are very proud to show you where the money raised from the SILC Bazaar last November has been allocated. Our chosen organisations were thoroughly vetted and their requirements discussed. As you will see from the photos, our help brought joy to many.

Being a committee member is very rewarding. Yes, there is a time outlay but the upside of being involved in a fun organisation, working as part of a team to make a difference as well as learning new things and meeting new people, far outweighs any perceived negatives.

So, a new year always brings changes and in just 3 short months it will be our AGM which means that a new committee will need to be voted in.

Every year, like all the ladies clubs here, we struggle to get committee members in the key positions, especially the role of Chair. Last year, I agreed to do another term or else expedite the closing of SILC. I sincerely hope that we won’t be in the same situation this year, as it will be truly very sad if SILC were to close.

For the last few months the committee has been working with a much reduced number due to some of our committee members moving from Thailand or full time permanent jobs being secured. So if you are considering getting more involved in the committee, but don’t want to commit to the full term just yet, then you can always come and join us for a few months first to get a good understanding of all the roles and what is involved. We would certainly appreciate the help!

So don’t be shy! Come chat with me or any of the other committee members about taking up a role.

x Tracey x

ABOUT THE SILC COMMITTEE What is the SILC Committee? The Committee of SILC are a group of dedicated ladies who take on the responsibility for managing our wonderful club. How does the Committee work? The Committee is normally made up of between three and ten people, and meets regularly (normally the second Monday of each month) to make decisions about the direction of the organisation as well as taking on specific responsibilities. Each committee member makes a commitment of a minimum one year term.

Mapesa is moving to Spain

Marie has moved to the Philippines

Winly has opened her own business

Who makes up the Committee? There are three executive officer positions: •




And a general committee of: •


Online Media

Community Projects


General Administration

Vice Chair

Aakriti now has a full time job

The 2019/20 Committee

WHICH SILC ROLE MIGHT BE RIGHT FOR YOU? To give you a better understanding of what each role entails, these are abbreviated ‘job’ descriptions of key roles that are essential in the Committee.

CHAIR Overall responsibility for managing the club and its operational activities. Provide direction for the Club by effective leadership and management. Ensure that the Club’s purpose and mission on course. TREASURER Financial stewardship of the Club. Responsible for tracking all monies in/out and preparing monthly accounting records as well as invoicing and end of year accounts SECRETARY Facilitating and supporting monthly committee meetings. Preparing agendas and minutes in addition to keeping records ONLINE MEDIA / MARKETING Promoting SILC and our activities to members and prospective members. Support with production of marketing materials. Ensure consistency and uniformity in printed and online materials. MEMBERSHIP Responsible for managing the Clubs membership, including efforts to maintain or grow our size. Responsible for holding our new member events and maintaining our membership database. ACTIVITIES Research, planning, promotion and operation of all SILC’s social activities and tours COMMUNITY PROJECTS Liaison with member volunteers and recipients of funds; Development and oversight of all selected SILC community projects.

Other positions that we would welcome to be taken up: Vice Chair - supporting the Chair and responsible for fundraising activities; General Administration - helping across the board where needed and first point of contact for online queries.








Saturda y








Craft club Coffee Morning @ Steps with Theera
















Craft club




Craft club

Flamenco Night Out

Accessorizing with Polymer Clay





Mahawong Craft

We try to schedule activities well ahead of time to allow you to plan your diaries, however please note these may change. Keep an eye on the SILC Facebook page and the next newsletter for updates! Contact silc.activities@gmail.com with any questions.

THANKSGIVING HOME: 20,000฿ Who are they? Thanksgiving Home is a residential and day care facility in Pakkret for children and young adults with disabilities. They are provided with therapy and rehabilitation and the goal of the Home is to equip them for independent living. The residential centre depends almost entirely on donations. What has SILC donated? SILC’s financial donation has provided much needed everyday items like diapers, rice, oil and milk and also craft supplies for the young adults which they use to make items and sell. How can I help or find out more? Contact khun Wanchai on 0816206662. Follow them on facebook ‘Thanksgiving Home’ and check out their website www.thanksgiving-home.com

KHLONG TOEI OIL RUN: 70,000฿ What is it? Every fortnight, on a Friday evening, SILC supports Sister Joan’s food project in Ron Moo, a poor district in the Khlong Toei slums. This charity provides basic food to the old and handicapped people. What has SILC donated? SILC is supporting by buying, transporting and distributing soya bean oil to 110 elderly and disabled people (2 oil runs with 96 bottles each time a month for 10 months), whilst other groups contribute with milk, rice and sardines. How can I help or find out more? The team is always on the look-out for volunteers: to buy the oil fortnightly, transport it to the distribution point, and hand it out on Fridays. Please contact: silc.community@gmail.com

HOME OF PRAISE: 50,000฿ Who are they? Home of Praise is a community daycare centre located under the highway in the heart of the Khlong Toei slum area. Run by the Lutheran Christian Foundation, its goal is to give children from severely underprivileged families a better day-to-day life, as well as hope for a better future. They accept children from 3 months until they are old enough to go to school at 4 ½ years old. Up until last year there was a separate nursery and a daycare building, but with rising costs they were unable to afford both places, so this year, they are combining the two into one building. This building desperately needs renovating in order to accommodate the extra children. What has SILC donated? SILC had donated funds towards their renovations. This money is specifically going to be used to partition part of the centre so that they may open up a second hand shop, which will in turn bring in an income that can be used for buying food and uniforms for the children How can I help or find out more? They would very much appreciate volunteers. Email: annestorsteinhaug@ gmail.com or if you have any second hand items to donate call Khun Aom on 0989739772

STEPS WITH THEERA: 43,060฿ Who are they? Steps with Theera is a vocational training centre and coffee shop. The team provide hands-on, work based life skills for young adults with learning difficulties. What has SILC donated? SILC’s financial donation allowed the team to buy a much needed hand mixer, juicer and two computers which will be used by their trainees as part of their training course. How can I help or find out more? Support their lovely coffee shop on Ekamai 10 or visit https://stepswiththeera.com/

COURAGEOUS KITCHEN: 31,800฿ Who are they? Courageous Kitchen is an NGO focusing on helping students who are at risk of poverty, malnutrition and poor education. Their motto is ‘Leaders in the kitchen are leaders in the Community’. Courageous Kitchen offers a Food Education program for young teenagers at risk. The kitchen is a hands on classroom and kitchen education includes basic cooking, food safety, and nutrition. Also during the classes the students learn English, Maths and Business basics. These classes are a safe space where children can learn to be leaders, gain self esteem, and have fun, as well as attain skills for future employment opportunities. What has SILC donated? We have supported Courageous Kitchen’s work in the past and would like to continue doing so. In this respect, we are sponsoring the Food Education classes for the next three months, with a total donation of THB 31,800. How can I help or find out more? Please speak to the Community Team silc.community@gmail.com

IMMIGRATION DETENTION CENTRE VISITS: 25,000฿ What is it? The IDC is Thailand’s Immigration Detention Centre, where people (often refugees and asylum seekers) who are here illegally and either can’t afford or don’t want to return to their country, are detained indefinitely. Conditions are tough, with around 1000 detainees far from home and separated from their families. What has SILC donated? Laura from the Community team visits the IDC most mornings. SILC’s donation will allow the team to buy fresh food & various necessities for the detainees in most need (incl. toiletries & dry food) at the IDC. How can I help or find out more? The more volunteers that come, the more detainees we can give the opportunity to get out of their cell and into the visitors hall. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Laura on silc.community@gmail.com

It is forbidden to take pictures inside the facilities therefore this is an official photo from “Khaosodenglish news”

CRAFT LOVERS! Every month we have a lovely craft morning with the pre-schools. This month, will include extra love and hearts as we have a Valentines inspired craft for the children. Join us any or both days: Prakkasamai: Wednesday 19th at 9:00 - 11:00 Mahawong: Wednesday 26th at 9:00 - 11:00 RSVP: silc.community@gmail.com Many of the ladies who volunteer are happy to offer lifts, if you need one! Please note that the schools will close in March.

CRAFT CLUB Our ‘crafty ladies’ meet regularly on Thursday mornings, taking it in turns to host at each others homes. This month will be busy making items to send to Australia to help wildlife in need. We are sewing/knitting/crocheting bird nests, kangaroo & wallaby sacks, bat wraps and animal beds. Everyone is welcome! If you would like to join us, or want to help from home just send an email to silccraft@gmail.com

COFFEE WITH A DOUBLE LOVE SHOT! Join us for a coffee morning this month at Steps with Theera - one of our charitable recipients and favourite restaurants. See their new kitchen equipment in use as you order your world-class coffees and nutritious smoothies and fill yourselves with wholesome, allergen-free and vegan eats, lovingly made by the staff and trainees.

Thursday 6th | 10:00 - 13:00 | Steps with Theera - Ekamai soi 10| attendees will cover their own expenses RSVP: silc.activities@gmail.com

Accessorizing with Polymer Clay

Learn how to use Polymer clay to create fun and funky jewellery. Polymer clay is a safe material and super easy to mould. At this workshop, you will create colourful swirls and shapes, that you will put together to form unique pieces of jewellery that you get to take home .

Tuesday 18th | 10:00 - 13:00 | Silom | 400 THB RSVP: silc.activities@gmail.com

Flamenco Night out Let’s check out Flamenco at Emquartier - a new rooftop bar with a Latino vibe. This impressive space is divided into various sections including a lounge with beanbags, a cigar room, an open-air terrace and a dance floor. Dramatic decor, an extensive drink list and live music…...put on your dancing shoes and LET’S PARTY! Friday 28th | 19:00 onwards | Phrom Phong BTS, Emquartier Helix tower | attendees will cover their own expenses RSV: silc.activities@gmail.com ●

Dinner options available and Happy Hour till 8pm

Low impact, strength training, high intensity, solo or team sport ….. whatever your preference is we might have something for you.

Golf, Tennis, Yoga, Pilates - just write to us and we will put you in touch with the co-ordinator



Two designs - ‘People of Thailand’ and ‘Places of Thailand’ - 200 thb each. To buy your set of these unique and limited editions email: silctreasurer@gmail.com


There is no better way to start the year than a morning surrounded by good food and company! Come join us at our next coffee morning this February...

The craft mornings at our sponsored pre-schools Mahawong and Prakkasamai are always fun for everyone. Expect sweet smiles, laughing, sticky fingers, songs, dancing and hugs! The children loved making their days of the week craft, which was designed to support their English learning. Thank you to all the special ladies that support these special mornings.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ★ Gunilla Liden ★ Irene Gray ★ Jioty Lobo ★ Karen Dawber ★ Panpanga Suwanwong ★ Paulini Mianmanus ★ Servane Ternynck-Pierre ★ Shirley Tan ★ Teresa Anderson

New to Bangkok or new to SILC? Join us! The membership fee is now half price at only 500 THB February-June 2020 !

AIMS & POLICIES Organisation of the Club SILC creates an opportunity for women of all nationalities living in Samutprakarn and Bangkok to meet and participate in a variety of activities. We invite members to join monthly events and interest groups. Members pay an annual fee of 1,000 Baht. Privacy The membership list is for the sole use of SILC members in a social setting and may not be used for commercial purposes. E-Newsletter The e-newsletter is published ten times a year with articles and information on club activities. Contributions are welcome and can be sent to the newsletter editor. Committee Meetings These are held monthly and are open to all members. Please inform the SILC Chair if you wish to attend.

All SILC events are subject to change. Please confirm your attendance with the relevant contact, and advise of any cancellation asap so another member may take your place.

Committee Contacts

Chair Secretary Treasury Membership Community Projects E-newsletter & Ads Activities Website Community Projects

silcchair@gmail.com silcsecretary@gmail.com silctreasurer@gmail.com silcthai@gmail.com silc.community@gmail.com silcmagazine@gmail.com silc.activities@gmail.com silc.websites@gmail.com silc.community@gmail.com


SILC News goes every month to over 180 SILC members throughout Bangkok. Advertisements for non-profit community events are welcome and free of charge. Personal advertisements for SILC members are free of charge. Email reminders for SILC and non-profit community events will be sent out free of charge; other events must be advertised in our magazine.



Full Page Half Page Quarter Page

1500 Baht 800 Baht 400 Baht

Member - 25%


3000 Baht per year

Only one discount may be applied.

Annual contract (10 ads/year) - 10%

Advertising requests and payment must be received prior to the published deadline. To advertise in the Newsletter, please contact: silcmagazine@gmail.com To advertise on the SILC Website, please contact: silc.websites@gmail.com To arrange payment, please contact: silctreasurer@gmail.com

SILC News Copy Deadline for March e-Newsletter: 15th February If you have any activities, events, book reviews, recommendations for holidays or items for our bulletin board please forward them to the Newsletter Editor: silcmagazine@gmail.com

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