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For our inaugural foray into Asia we could think of no one better to front our cover story than PAGCOR’s newly appointed CEO and chairman, Alejandro H. Tengco. Tengco took the helm this August, replacing Andrea Domingo - our cover story back in 2020. Three years on and it's time for a fresh look at things.

In this 8-page exclusive Tengco takes stock of the country’s gaming landscape post-pandemic, shares his plans to re-examine PAGCOR’s dual role as operator-regulator, and offers his thoughts on the Philippines’ place as a leading hub for the Asian gaming sector. Read it from page 18.

Speaking of revisiting things - we also caught up with Racing Stars, our Pitch winner from 2021. Their success during the Startup Pitch caught the eye of Ikigai Ventures, a UK-based VC - leading to a successful partnership. Our interview, starting page 106 examines their journey from both angles.

There’s also plenty to digest throughout the rest of the magazine, with several thought leaders offering their unique take on the sector; from the domination of AI applications to the growing opportunities within the eSports industry.

Poker fans will also want to check out the interview with Scott Hill, the face behind Tennessee Hold’Em® Poker - a unique take on a classic that recently received its patent.

That being said - no editorial is complete without its thank yous. To Eman Pulis, who saw this event through from its inception in 2019 to its milestone realisation in 2023, to the editorial team working tirelessly behind these pages to bring this edition to fruition.

Creatively spearheaded by SiGMA Group’s Head of Design, Daniel, and Senior Designer Rocco, the magazine has never looked better. Robert’s expressive photography is - as always - front and centre, while Maria, Lea, Matthew and Jake’s expert penmanship have helped breathe life into all the best stories and ideas.

了。Tengco于今年8月上任,接替曾作为我们2020年封 面故事的前任主席Andrea Domingo之职位。三年过去 了,现在正是为一切带来新颖角度的好时机。

在这8页的独家报道中,Tengco评估了菲律宾博彩业后疫情 时代的状况,分享他针对PAGCOR身兼运营商与监管者双重 角色的重新审视,并提出了他对菲律宾作为亚洲博彩业领先 中心的想法。请前往第18页开始阅读深入报道。

说到重新审视——我们还采访了2021年的初创企业 擂台冠军Racing Stars,他们在擂台上的亮眼表现吸 引了英国风险投资公司Ikigai Ventures的注意——这

也成为双方成功合作的开端。本篇采访在第106页, 跟着我们从双方的视角,一起走过这个旅程。

杂志内容丰富,其他部份也十分值得读者细细品味。多位思想 领袖分享他们对这个行业的独特看法,涵盖人工智能应用的 主导地位到电子竞技行业内不断增长的机会等多元主题。 扑克迷们也肯定想一读对Scott Hill的采访,

他是Tennessee Hold’Em® Poker的幕后推 手。Tennessee Hold’Em® Poker为经典不败的 扑克游戏注入独特玩法,最近才取得了专利。

说到这里,没有感谢的编者注就不完整。感谢Eman Pulis,他一路见证了亚洲活动从2019年开始到2023 年创下的里程碑;感谢编辑团队,没日没夜为这一 页页的杂志内容努力,这一期杂志方得诞生。

在SiGMA集团的设计主管Daniel和高级设计师Rocco 的创意引领下,杂志的精美程度更胜以往。Robert 富有表现力的摄影作品——一如既往地——占据了 目光中心。Maria、Lea、Matthew和Jake则以专业笔 法,为最好的故事题材与想法注入了生命力。


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正值我们进入亚洲举办首届活动之际,我们相信, 没有人比PAGCOR新任命的首席执行官兼董事长 Alejandro H. Tengco更适合登上这期杂志的封面



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PAGCOR CEO Alejandro H. Tengco discusses his vision for the country. 封面故事:PAGCOR:保障未来


David Meltzer takes a look at the international sports betting scene. 体育博彩:观感问题



John Lee on what the AI revolution means for the modern-day entrepreneur. 人工智能:强大的整平器

John Lee分享人工智能革命对现代创业家的意义。


Highlighting the opportunities in Esports, particularly in the MENA region.

推动变革:聚焦中东和北非地区的电竞运动 着重电竞领域的机会,特别是在中东和北非地区。


Aideen Shortt on Web3’s potential for enhancing AML practices within the gambling industry.


Aideen Shortt分析Web3在加强博彩业的反洗钱(AML)实践方面的潜力。


跟着David Meltzer看看当今的国际体育博彩领域。 42

PAGCOR首席执行官Alejandro H. Tengco谈及自身对该国发展的愿景。 30


What’s new with Globiance Exchange in 2023.



Tennessee Hold’Em® Poker: Creator Scott Hill shares his take on a true classic. 我们不一样!田纳西州的德州扑克新玩法

Tennessee Hold’Em® Poke:创造者Scott Hill分享他对该经典游戏的看法。 80


Jamie Nettleton shares his expertises on Australia’s pioneering iGambling regulation.


根据自身专业,Jamie Nettleton分享了对澳大利亚领先的iGaming监管相关见解。 92


The ever-changing realm of entertainment through the expert lens of Darren Yan.


通过Darren Yan的专家视角来看不断变化的娱乐领域。


Get to know the key figures in the affiliate marketing and gaming scene.

谁是谁 认识联盟营销和娱乐领域的关键人物。




All firsts are exciting, but holding our inaugural SiGMA Asia expo here in the Philippines marks a special milestone for the SiGMA Group.

Back in 2019, the SiGMA brand was on the cusp of exploring new shores beyond the comfort of its home turf. An office was set up in Manila, with ambitions to launch the very first conference outside of Malta in the summer of 2020.

The first SiGMA Asia epo was to be held in the form of a joint venture together with Clarion & ICE. Covid19, however, had other plans in mind. As a result, the show was not only cancelled, and we were left with no choice but to shut down offices shortly afterwards.

Fast forward three years and the SiGMA Group has grown from strength to strength, beating all pre-Covid forecasts. The Manila show is back stronger than ever as it looks forward to welcoming 15,000 delegates. We’ve also reopened our offices in Bonifacio Global City, a thriving financial business district in Taguig, Metro Manila.

Choosing to hold our first show for the Asian markets in the Philippines was a natural decision. Just like Malta is Europe’s gaming hub, Manila is undoubtedly Asia’s equivalent.

We’re also thankful to be able to count on PAGCOR’s strong and unwavering support as we launch our first in-person event here in Manila. There is growing momentum in the country’s gaming and emerging tech scene - down in no small part to their steady leadership, championing of responsible gaming practices, and support of a sustainable reopening of operations - for both local and international entrepreneurs.

South-East Asia, especially Manila, has a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, and there is value here, not just for companies seeking fresh opportunities in new jurisdictions but for the economic future of the region.

“第一次” 总使人激动难耐,但在菲律宾举 办我们的首届SiGMA Asia亚洲博览会,着 实是SiGMA集团一大特殊的纪念性时刻。

回首2019年,SiGMA品牌带着初生之犊的勇气 欲突破自身在欧洲的主场舒适圈,我们在马尼 拉设立了办公室,怀抱着莫大的企图心,准备于 2020年盛夏举办第一场位于马耳他以外的峰会。

那第一场的SiGMA Asia亚洲博览会原定与

Clarion和该公司旗下的ICE展会合作推出,但 Covid-19——新型冠状病毒肺炎——却对此 另有安排。我们不仅因此而取消了展会,更没


时光飞逝,三年过去了,SiGMA集团不断壮大,茁壮到 疫情前不曾设想过的光景。马尼拉展会更盛大回归,目 标将吸引一万名代表出席。此外,我们位于马尼拉大都 会区达义市BGC金融区的办公室也重启运营。

选择菲律宾作为我们亚洲市场首届展会目的地, 这是再自然不过的决定。正如马耳他作为欧洲 的博彩之都,马尼拉无疑是亚洲的娱乐中心。

在筹备马尼拉首届现场活动的期间,对于PAGCOR 为我们提供强大且坚定不移的支持,我们也感到十分 感激。该国的娱乐与新兴技术场域发展动力不断增 长——这在很大程度上要归功于PAGCOR的稳定领导, 对责任博彩行为的倡导,以及对可持续业务重新开放 的支持——受惠群众更是包含本地与国际的企业家。

东南亚,特别是马尼拉,富有活泼的创业精神,这 里也同样充满了黄金,不仅对于在新地域寻求 新机遇的公司,更有利于该地区的经济前景。

Eman Eman Founder, SiGMA Group GP, Ikigai Ventures
13 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 INTRODUCTION |


We’re supporting great ideas by throwing our weight behind innovative young startups and entrepreneurs. The Startup Village will host 100 of the most promising businesses, offering them valuable exposure on the expo floor. The Startup Pitch, a staple of our global conferences, will offer 8 leading companies the opportunity to score potential equity investment, mentorship, and access to great networking.


Brand visibility: Free 1x1m booth including the cost of printing and furniture. Invitation to premium networking events during SiGMA-AGS.

Live Presentation: Startup Pitch presentation for ten finalists and meeting with investors on stage.

PR and Media: PR opportunities through SiGMA-AGS’s wide array of media.

Consultancy and leads: Free consultancy and potential leads from leading industry veterans.

Building relationships: Personal connections to potential customers and investors.


我们是优秀点子的拥护者,对创新的年轻企业以及创业家倾囊相助。初创企业村将 接待一百间前景最富潜力的初创企业,为他们提供宝贵的展会现场曝光。我们全 球会议上的主要活动之一——初创企业擂台,将为8个领先初创企业提供获得潜在 股权投资、指导机会并接触绝佳网络的契机。


品牌曝光:免费的1x1m的展位,包括印刷和家桌椅等家具费用。 受邀参加AIBC展会期间的顶级网络交流活动。







Experience the heart-warming journey of the SiGMA Foundation in our latest documentary. This is the story of a charity expedition from Malta, of a group of hardworking individuals who got together to raise the incredible sum of €300,000 towards the inauguration of a 3-in-1 school in Jimma-Bonga, Ethiopia - providing food and education for thousands of kids across generations. Witness the moment the ribbon was cut in this inspiring story which showcases the power of a community coming together to make a positive impact on the world.




With calls for privatisation, the future of PAGCOR’s role is one that promises to test recently appointed Chairman and CEO of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation Alejandro H. Tengco’s mettle. In this cover story he discusses his vision for the country’s thriving gaming industry.

Gaming income for 2022 increased by 69%. Is this mainly a result of reopening after Covid, or is it attributed to other factors?

The gaming industry’s robust performance in 2022 was largely attributed to the opening of Philippine borders to local and foreign tourists, which also improved the performance of the travel, entertainment, and hospitality sectors. Since the lockdowns were eased in the country late last year and gaming venues reopened, customer confidence slowly returned and the attendance in our owned casinos slowly improved. Our licensed casinos likewise recorded a major revenue growth.

A chunk of the funds raised by PAGCOR go into social initiatives. Can you tell us more about this, perhaps about the projects currently being supported or which are in the pipeline?

Of PAGCOR’s total revenue pie, close to 70% is channelled back to the government both as mandated contributions and agency-initiated Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

The biggest share of our contributions to nation-building goes to the National Treasury as the mandated 50% government share. We likewise remit 5% franchise tax to the Bureau of Internal Revenue. We also allocate funds to the Philippine Sports Commission for the training of our national athletes and cash incentives for those who brought honour to the country by winning in international sports competitions. Among other mandated beneficiaries of PAGCOR are the Board of Claims under the Department of Justice and the cities hosting PAGCOR’s Casino Filipino branches nationwide.

随着私有化的呼声再起,对于近期甫受命担任菲律宾娱 乐及博彩公司(PAGCOR)主席暨首席执行官的Alejandro H. Tengco来说,PAGCOR未来的角色将是对其领导才能 的一大试炼。本刊的封面故事中,他与我们分享了自身对 该国蓬勃发展的博彩业怀抱着什么样的愿景。

2022年,PAGCOR的博彩收入增加了69%。促进这种涨幅 的主要因素是疫情后重新开业,还是归因于其他因素? 博彩业在2022年的强劲成绩主要归功于菲律宾边境对本 地和外国游客的开放,这也改善了旅游、娱乐和酒店业的 表现。自从去年年底国内的宵禁限制放宽,博彩场所重新 开放后,顾客的信心慢慢恢复,我们自有赌场的上座率也 慢慢提高。我们的特许赌场也同样录得了重大的收入增长。


您是否能与我们分享更多这方面的情况,也许能提 几个目前正在支持的项目或正在筹备的项目? 在PAGCOR的总收入中,有近70%用于通过强制性供 款和机构发起的企业社会责任项目回馈政府。

我们对国家建设的贡献中,最大的份额上缴到国库,我们 遵照政府规定的50%份额。此外,我们也向国内税收局缴 交5%的特许权税。我们还拨款给菲律宾体育委员会,这些 钱用于培训我们的国家运动员,并作为提供给在国际体育 比赛中获胜、为国家带来荣誉的运动员奖金来源。

PAGCOR的其他权益者包括司法部下属的赔偿委员会和 PAGCOR遍布全国的菲律宾赌场分支机构所在城市。 秉持着帮助建立一个更好的国家的承诺,我们所做 的始终超越职责。在未来,我们也将继续通过旗下 的企业社会责任项目来扶助弱势国民的生活。

在新管理层的领导下,我们的目标是将 教育和健康放在优先位置,在全国范 围内建设更多的教育设施、医院和健康中心。

ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 COVER STORY |

Our commitment to help build a better nation has always gone beyond our mandate. As always, we continued to touch the lives of marginalised Filipinos through our own Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

Under the new management, we aim to prioritise education and health by building more education facilities, hospitals, and wellness centres nationwide.

There are new calls for privatisation. This has been attempted already but was unsuccessful. How is it being tackled this time?

Through the years PAGCOR has been a reliable source of revenue for various government programs. While the new management recognises this achievement, which has been a result of the agency’s dual function as a gaming regulator and an operator — we also welcome new opportunities for improvement and growth.

As calls for PAGCOR’s privatisation resurface, the new management believes that as a government entity, it should have a clearly defined function. Having a dual role — as an operator and a regulator at the same time — is contrary to business ethics.

Hence, we need to carefully evaluate the possible outcomes of our decision. Foremost, our main consideration is the welfare of our over 14,000 employees from various corporate offices, casino branches and satellite operations groups nationwide. If ever PAGCOR becomes a purely regulatory body we have to be very well prepared for the transition and ensure that all our employees will be taken care of.

PAGCOR is one of a few regulators which is also a casino operator. Does this affect credibility? Are there plans to change this? How do you ensure that the lines between the two are not blurred?

For more than three decades, PAGCOR dutifully fulfilled its mandates to regulate and operate games of chance in the country so it could generate revenues for nationbuilding. For some time, this has been a win-win set-up for the government because the revenues from gaming are channelled back to government coffers and programs.

But with the ever-changing gaming landscape — not only in the Philippines — but also globally, the new PAGCOR management is open to the calls for the state gaming firm to focus on a specific role to avoid the complexities of running two different shows.


出现了新一波呼吁要求进行私有化。在过去,机构就已经尝试 过推动私有化但未果,这次你们如何处理这个问题?

多年来,PAGCOR一直是政府各种项目的可靠 收入来源。新的管理层认可该成就来自于我们

长期以来身兼博彩监管机构和运营商的双重职 能,同时——我们也欢迎新的改进和增长机会。

而今,要求PAGCOR私有化的呼声再次出现,新管理层认为, 作为一个政府实体,机构应该有一个明确的职能。担当双重角 色——同时作为运营商和监管机构——是违背商业道德的。

因此,我们需要仔细评估作出决定后可能的结果。首先,我 们主要考虑的是我们来自全国各公司办公室、赌场分支机

构和卫星业务组的14000多名员工的福利。如果PAGCOR 成为一个纯粹的监管机构,我们必须为过渡做好充分 的准备,确保我们所有的员工都能得到照顾。


一。这是否会影响到公信力?是否有计划改变这种情 况?你们如何确保这两者之间的界限不被模糊?

三十多年来,PAGCOR尽忠职守,履行自身责任义务,对国 内的机率游戏进行监管和经营,为国家建设创造收入。这段 时间来看,我们的角色对政府来说是一个双赢的安排,因为 博彩业的收入又回头转入政府的国库和项目。

但随着博彩业形势的不断变化——不仅在菲律宾,而是全球都 在演进,新的PAGCOR管理层对国家博彩公司专注于特定职 能的呼吁持开放态度,以避免二者同时运行带来的复杂问题。

近年来,与POGO有关的犯罪增加了4倍,PAGCOR表示不会 对这些不公正现象坐视不管。您能详细说明一下吗?

为了维护和保障POGO(菲律宾离岸博彩运营商)行业 的诚信,PAGCOR将继续监督经我们认可的持牌运营商 和服务提供商活动的合法性;我们将针对需要修订的合 同进行修改。如果我们的持牌运营商和服务提供商被 发现从事犯罪行为,机构将毫不犹豫地按照法律规定 进行制裁和处罚,甚至在必要时取消牌照。.

同样,在去年上任一个月后,我们加强了与各政府机构 的合作,以打击非法博彩业务,包括离岸博彩。因此,在 去年9月举行的由PAGCOR、菲律宾国家警察(PNP)、国 家调查局(NBI)、司法部(DOJ)以及内政和地方政府部 (DILG)举办了机构间合作会议后,便没有收到关于离岸 许可行业的犯罪活动或绑架相关事件的报告。

另一个问题是非法的POGO运 营商。对此,PAGCOR采取了什么行动?



ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 COVER STORY |

POGO-related crime increased four-fold over recent years. PAGCOR said it will not sit idly in the face of these injustices. Can you elaborate on this subject?

To maintain and safeguard the integrity of the POGO industry, PAGCOR will continue to monitor the lawfulness of the activities of our accredited licensees and service providers. We will amend contracts that need to be amended. Should our licensees and service providers be found guilty of engaging in criminal acts, we will not hesitate to impose sanctions and penalties, as provided by the law, and even cancel permits if so warranted.

Likewise, we strengthened collaboration with various government agencies a month after we took office last year to combat illegal gaming operations, including offshore gaming. Hence, a result of the inter-agency cooperation meeting held last September 2022 involving PAGCOR, the Philippine National Police (PNP), National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Department of Justice (DOJ), and Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), there have been no reported criminal activities or kidnapping-related incidents of workers in the offshore licensing industry since.

There is also the issue of illegal POGO operators. What is PAGCOR doing about this?

Issues pertaining to illegal offshore gaming operations are being seriously addressed by PAGCOR. Aside from our existing inter-agency agreement with the PNP, NBI, DOJ, DOLE and DILG, we also strengthened partnership with agencies like the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency, Bureau of Immigration, and the Anti-Money Laundering Council to forestall any illegal activities and labour practices related to POGO.

How big of a role does the sector have in the Philippine economy?

The gaming sector does not only generate revenues that help promote various programs in the country but also opens opportunities that boost local tourism and make the Philippines an ideal destination for leisure travellers and business investments.


What hurdles does the Philippines need to tackle to maintain its crown in the region?

For the Philippines to maintain its reputation as among the top gaming destinations in the Asian region, it must keep abreast with the latest global gaming trends and continuously adopt innovations that will make it more enticing for gaming enthusiasts. PAGCOR, as a gaming regulator, is recognised in the Asian region for providing a legal environment that authorises gaming products and for making gaming regulation fairly transparent.

Under the current management PAGCOR will endeavour to improve its regulatory functions and business operations. We will ensure that our plans and programs for 2023 will be generally beneficial to our industries, putting foremost the interests of responsible gaming and of nation building.

Why should companies look at the Philippines as a place to do business?

The country’s rich natural resources, world-renowned tourist spots, highly skilled and industrious workforce, and friendly people make the Philippines an ideal place to do business.

Likewise, the Philippines’ strategic location — within four hours’ flying time to some of the major economies like Singapore, Japan, and South Korea — makes it an ideal gateway to some of the biggest markets in the region.

How can an expo like SiGMA Asia further establish the Philippines’ status in the Asian gaming industry?

With the help of the latest digital trends that will be showcased at SiGMA’s expo, the Philippine gaming industry will have the chance to explore new technologies and tap potential new markets, both here and abroad — provided that our regulatory policies are in place, and our business operations maintain their transparency.

现有机构间协议外,我们还加强了与国家情报协调 局、移民局和反洗钱委员会等机构的合作,以防止与 POGO有关的任何非法活动和不法劳工行为。


博彩业不仅创造收入,帮助促进国家的各种计 划,而且还带来就业机会,推动当地旅游业,使菲 律宾成为休闲旅游和商业投资的理想目的地。

菲律宾需要解决哪些障碍才能保持其在该地区的行业王位? 菲律宾要想保持其在亚洲地区顶级博彩目的地的声誉,就 必须紧跟全球最新的博彩趋势,不断采用创新,提升自身 对博彩爱好者的吸引力。作为一个博彩监管机构,PAGCOR 在亚洲地区有着公认的美誉,提供一个受规范的博彩产 品法律环境,并保持博彩监管相当的透明度。

延续目前的管理,PAGCOR将努力改善机构的监管职能和业 务运营。我们将确保在2023年推出的计划和方案普遍有利于 行业,把责任博彩和国家建设的利益放在首位。



菲律宾拥有丰富的自然资源,世界知名的旅 游景点,高技能和勤劳的劳动力,以及友好 的人民,使菲律宾成为一个理想的经商之地。

此外,菲律宾有着优秀的战略位置使其成为通往该地区 一些最大市场的理想门户——从菲律宾飞往新加坡、日本 和韩国等一些主要经济体时间在四小时之内。

像SiGMA Asia亚洲博览会这样的活动 如何进一步确立菲律宾在亚洲博彩业的地位?

SiGMA博览会即将在活动中展示最新数字趋势,这有助于菲 律宾博彩业探索新技术,开发国内外潜在的新市场——基础 在于我们的监管政策到位,并保持商业运作透明。


"Since the lockdowns were eased in the country late last year and gaming venues reopened, customer confidence slowly returned and the attendance in our owned casinos slowly improved."

自从去年年底国内的宵禁限制放宽,博彩场所重新开放后, 顾客的信心慢慢恢复,我们自有赌场的上座率也慢慢提高

"We will ensure that our plans and programs for 2023 will be generally beneficial to our industries, putting foremost the interests of responsible gaming and of nation-building."

我们将确保在2023年推出的计划和方案普遍有利于行业, 把责任博彩和国家建设的利益放在首位。

ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 COVER STORY |


Explore the world of Mascot Gaming as Maria Debrincat sits down with Alexander Erofeev, the Business Development Manager, to discuss the company's unique approach to game development, staying ahead of industry trends, and their aspirations to become a market leader in regulated territories.

Can you tell us more about Mascot Gaming and what sets it apart from other casino software developers in the industry?

We are a game provider for the iGaming industry with over 75+ games in our portfolio. We use the unique Risk&Buy and Rockways branded mechanics in our games, which allows us to stand out from the competition. In addition to classic slots, we offer our partners high-quality trendy Crash and Fish games.

What's your role at Mascot Gaming?

I’m a Business Development Manager responsible for attracting new partners for our company and representing our brand at international exhibitions.

The iGaming industry is constantly evolving. How does Mascot Gaming stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the changing landscape? Are there any specific areas or trends that you are currently exploring?

We constantly follow trends and recently announced the release of Crash and Fish games. These games are now extremely popular and our goal is to release a first-class product that will bring good profit to our partners. Fish Shooting Games is a new category of games that is gaining popularity, but no doubt will develop in the future. You can already experience our Gaming Thrill in our first Fish gameHook Up! Fishing Wars!

How does Mascot Gaming ensure an outstanding gambling experience for its clients and players? What are some of the key factors you focus on?

We carefully analyse the market. Later, during the development process, we examine the requirements from operators and players. It’s extremely important to follow the trends and release successful games for partners that will bring them maximum profit.

Mascot Gaming introduced the concept of Traffic and Profit games. Can you explain what this concept entails and how it has impacted the classification and performance of games?

All our games are divided into Traffic and Profit games. Traffic games, due to their high hit rate and low volatility, are ideal for attracting new players - these are games with an exciting storyline, unique features and eyecatching design. Profit games offer the player a potentially big win - these are games with well-known mechanics and are ideal for highrollers. By introducing this concept we have made it easier for operators to select games. Some are ideal for attracting a player to the project, and some are better to put in the top lobby to guarantee yourself a profit.

The lineup of Mascot Gaming slots includes unique features like Risk&Buy, Rockfall, and Rockways mechanics. How do these features enhance the gambling experience for players, and how do you balance introducing new elements while ensuring familiarity for players?

We see that players are more passionate about games with the above mechanics, they make more spins and use these features in an attempt to get a big win. We always try to please players with unique features, in the case of the listed mechanics, we especially tried to stand out and bring unique branded features to our games. Looking ahead, where do you see Mascot Gaming in the market? What are your aspirations for the company's growth and its position as an industry leader?

In the near future I see Mascot as the market leader in regulated markets, this is now the primary focus for us. We have already received a Romanian licence and plan to expand our client base to Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria and the MGA soon. In parallel, we will continue improving gaming thrill and raising our game portfolio.

27 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 Q&A |

你能多跟我们说说关于Mascot Gaming的情况,以 及公司与业界其他赌场软件开发商的区别吗? 我们是一家iGamin行业的游戏供应商,我们所拥有 的游戏组合超过75款。我们在游戏中结合Risk & Buy 及Rockways两项特点,使我们得以在竞争激烈的 业界脱颖而出。除了经典的老虎机以外,我们也为 合作伙伴提供高质量的消除游戏及捕鱼游戏。

你在Mascot Gaming的角色是什么?

我是一名业务发展经理,负责为我们公司吸引新的 合作伙伴,并代表我们的品牌参加国际展会。

在iGaming行业的不断发展之下,Mascot Gaming 如何在保持领先的同时适应瞬息万变的环境?目前有 什么具体的领域或趋势是你们正在探索的吗?

我们最近即将推出的消除游戏及捕鱼游戏,正是我们 不断跟上市场趋势的证明。这类游戏现在非常流行,我 们的目标是做出最棒的产品,并为我们的合作伙伴带 来更好的利润。射鱼游戏(Fish Shooting)正在市场上 发烧中,在未来绝对是市场上最火的游戏。有兴趣的玩 家可以先从我们推出的第一款捕鱼游戏 “Hook Up! Fishing Wars” 来抢先体验我们的游戏快感。

Mascot Gaming是如何确保为客户和玩家提供出色 的博彩体验的?你们关注的关键因素有哪些? 我们对市场仔细进行分析,并在开发过程中以运营商 和玩家的要求为出发点。紧跟潮流,为合作伙伴发布成 功的游戏,帮助他们取得最大利润,这一点极为重要。

Mascot Gaming将流量及盈利的概念与 游戏相结合。你能解释一下这个概念的内 涵,以及这对游戏的分类和表现有何影响吗? 我们的游戏分为流量型及盈利型游戏。流量游戏的 部份,以高命中率及低波动性为特点,是吸引新玩 家的理想选择——这些游戏具有精彩刺激的故事情 节、独特的功能以及吸睛的图像。盈利游戏则为玩 家提供赢得大奖的可能性——这些游戏的机制全是 玩家们所熟悉的——为高收益玩家的理想选择。通 过引入这一概念,我们使运营商在选择游戏类型上 更加地容易。有些专门用来吸引玩家,有些则更适 合放在大厅最好的位置,以保证自己的利润。 Mascot Gaming老虎机包含Risk&Buy、Rockfall和Rockways等多種独特功能。这些功能能 如何提升玩家的博彩体验,你们又如何在引入 新元素的同时取得平衡,确保玩家熟悉上手? 我们观察到,玩家更喜欢具有这些功能的游戏 他们的旋转次数会更多,并试图利用这些功能 来赢得大奖。我们一直尝试使用独特功能来取 悦玩家,在既有的这些机制下,我们极力的想要 脱颖而出,让游戏有着属于我们自己的特色。

展望未来,你设想Mascot Gaming会取得

什么样的市场地位?对于公司的增长,及 其作为行业领导者的地位,你抱着什么期望? 我看到Mascot在不久的将来会成为受监管市场 的领导者,这是我们现在的首要重点。我们已经获 得了罗马尼亚的牌照,并计划在短时间内将我们 的客户地区扩张到阿根廷、葡萄牙、西班牙、保加 利亚和MGA。于此同时,我们也将继续改善游戏的 兴奋感,将我们的游戏组合提升到下个档次。

29 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 Q&A |



An undeniably exciting brand in his own right, David Meltzer has brought both core principles and cutting-edge insights to all those he has inspired. In this exclusive interview with Jake Graves he gave his unique and seasoned take on several key stories from the international sports betting scene today.

Beginning with a comparative analysis of the international sporting landscape and the various markets' ability to harness their commercial attributes, he highlighted the United States’ arrogance when considering themselves leaders in this field. Stating that the sponsorship dollars in the US are certainly larger but sport in Europe is a far more powerful commercial enterprise.

The complexity of this topic is one that most certainly should not be underestimated. He explains that the sponsorships are certainly larger and more lucrative in the US, but the ability for European sports teams and industries to engage their far broader audiences is far more important.

He also elaborates on the importance of focus and how improving the experience and engagement with the audience that already follows their sport is the most effective way to grow and amplify in every conceivable aspect.

David then gave insight into the recent NFL sports betting scandal. Where 5 players were given severe penalties, including 3 indefinite suspensions from all play, resulting in their subsequent release from their contracts.

He commented on the “long-lived hypocrisy" plaguing the US sports industry, citing cases such as that of Pete Rose and Joe Jackson. It has long been known in all major sports in the US that it is without question against regulation to bet on your own team or even any other within your league. Sometimes t hese rules extend further but these rules at the heart of regulation are clear and defined.

What has not been defined historically are the punishments accrued for such offences. This was not the case in these latest instances but what these recent suspensions have shown are clear and defined punishments that paint a very concise picture.

David Meltzer (大卫·梅尔策)本身就是一个令人

兴奋的品牌,这点确凿无疑。他启发了无数人,并为 他们提供核心原则和最前沿的见解。这次,他接受 Jake Graves的独家采访,针对当今国际体育博彩 领域的几个关键事件提出了老练的独特看法。

谈话之初,David对国际体育格局和各个市场利用其 商业属性的能力进行了比较分析。他凸显出美国视自 己为该领域领导者的傲慢。他指出,不可否认,美国的 赞助费用更大,但欧洲的体育圈是更强大的商业体。 这个话题的复杂性当然不应被低估。美国的 赞助规模确实更大、更利润丰厚,但欧洲体 育团队和产业吸引更多受众的能力更为重要。

他谈及了焦点,以及为何从所有可想见的方 面上来看,改善体育运动现有观众的体验 和参与度才是促进增长和扩大最有效的方式。

David接着对最近的美国全国橄榄球联盟 (NFL)体育博彩丑闻进行了深入分析。该事 件使得5名球员受到了严厉的处罚,其中,3位 球员遭判无限期停赛,他们随后被解除合同。

他引用了皮特·罗斯(Pete Rose)的赌球丑闻和乔· 杰克森(Joe Jackson)涉入的MLB黑袜丑闻为例, 表示道,”长期存在的舞弊问题” 持续困扰着美国 体育产业。众所周知,对自己球队或联盟内的任何 球队下注,无疑是违反了规定。相关规定可能酌情 予以延伸,但所有规定的核心皆被明确定义。 历史上,针对这些违规,却没有定义明确罚则。但该 情形在最近的这些案例中出现了变化,诸多的赛会 祭出停赛处分,对相关的违规界定出明确惩罚措施, 做法十分简明扼要。他对前述罚则与NFL和其他体育 联盟打击类固醇使用时实施的惩罚进行了比较。 同样施以禁令,反响大不同,这些运动队和联 盟所实施的严格禁令的合理性受到了质疑。对 此,David解释,投注业和整个博彩圈往昔丑恶的

31 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |

He compared the recent gambling punishments to the ones that were given when MLB and other sporting leagues enacted a clampdown on steroid usage.

In lieu of this, the legitimacy of the stringent bans perpetuated by these sports teams and leagues has been questioned. David explained that the previous impropriety of the bookmaking industry and the gambling sector at large was so unsavoury that the most important factor in competitive sport was pushed into jeopardy - the outcome. Having the outcome of any competitive sport illicitly predetermined is a poison that has been known to stain many sports and destroy many a competition. However, David is adamant that in today’s regulatory climate, the perceived impropriety that did exist no longer remains a key factor. In fact, he is certain that the industry has holistically been cleansed of any true impropriety and has shown little propensity to affect the outcome of sporting events, outside of a few rare occurrences - a sentiment that was echoed in the NFL rulings, despite the upholding of the bans.

He even highlights gambling as a whole and its ceremonial capital Las Vegas, which now has sports teams in the NFL, NHL, WNBA, and more, as being free from impropriety and illicit gambling activity. This demonstrates a commitment to heightened credibility and regulatory compliance. Multiple states have brought regulatory legislation forward, which has gone a long way in perpetuating gambling legitimacy and mitigating the negativity surrounding its activities. Making it, in David’s eyes - “a credible and well-secured industry”.

Although the impropriety that has been known to perpetrate gambling activities has been stamped out quite comprehensively, David still believes the perception surrounding its reputation is more prevalent than ever. Especially when considering the strength of social media today, the paramount task posed by the modern world is that of re-engineering public perception.

“The view on gambling and sports betting assumed by sports teams and leagues is all perception, all branding and marketing”

This is the issue that can be attributed to the recent news that English Premier League teams have been subject to a ban on all gambling shirt sponsorships. Taking the risk of bringing the game into disrepute is simply not a risk worth taking for this sport in particular. David stated that “dollars are different in Europe”, the necessity for this type of sponsorship has waned.

David’s immediate remarks regarding this news story were intriguing to say the least. He described the ruling as containing an element of surprise, due to his experience of sports betting’s prevalence in and around the game

所有体育队以及联盟对博彩和体 育投注的看法,都型塑了一种观 感,都是一种品牌概念,都是对公众的营销。

The view on gambling and sports betting assumed by sports teams and leagues is all perception, all branding and marketing.

不正当行为为此蒙上了一层灰,进一步置竞技体育最 重要的因素于险境,那就是——赛事结果。

非法操控任何竞技体育的结果已成为毒药,玷污了体 育精神,并破坏赛事的诚信。然而,David坚信,在今天 的监管环境中,过往的不正当行为已不再关键。事实 上,他确信这个行业已经从整体上将这类不正当做法 根除,几乎没有操弄体育赛事结果的倾向。



他也强调,整个博彩圈,包含博彩之都拉斯维加斯,都不 存在非法与不当活动,这显著增加了可信度和监管合规 性。多个州相继提出立法,对于延续博彩的合法性,同时 缓解公众对相关活动的负面观感,助益良多。在David 看来,这是一个 “可信且十分安全的行业”。

David认为,虽然过往恶名昭著的赌博业不当行为已被 全面杜绝,但这样的败坏名誉却流传地更加普遍,特别 是在社交媒体影响力无远弗届的今日。David点出,现 代最重要的任务便是重新打造公众对此的观感。

“所有体育队以及联盟对博彩和 体育投注的看法,都型塑了一种观 感,都是一种品牌概念,都是对公众的营销。” 前阵子英格兰超级联赛禁止球队接受博彩球衣赞助的 消息便引发了相关问题。对于这项运动来说,冒着让赛 事蒙羞的风险接受相关赞助根本不值得。David表示,” 欧洲的情况不同”,该赞助类型的必要性已大不如前。 David对这英超事件做出的直截评论可说是 十分耐人寻味。凭借自身的体育博彩与体育 赛事相关经验,他认为,该裁决隐含了一丝惊 喜的意味,因为体育投注广告在赛事过程以 及体育场内已然随处可见,且触及面十分广。

话虽如此,在他看来,这项禁令似乎已是利润丰厚 的欧洲足球在此刻所能承受的一项严格措施。他 推测道,”当有需要时,钟摆可能会摇摆。”

接着,他对体育投注构成了赞助和广告强大的来 源这个事实作出评论。被询问意见时,他表示自己 确实同意体育博彩应该与酒精和娱乐性药物等具 争议的行业一视同仁,并在最近一段期间内受审 视。他这么说道:”联赛和球队总会有一个品牌机 制,以担保品牌全面的安全性和信誉良好。”

最后,David重申,一旦体育界的赛果失去可信度,将 造成极大危害。而当这些指控浮出台面,球队和赞助 商已经迅速采取行动,与运动员切割并断绝联系。他 还表示,随着Web 1、2逐渐发展到Web 3,包括体育业


33 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |

itself. Sports betting has been readily available at matches and in the stadium, making it easily accessible for fans in attendance.

Nonetheless, the ban seems to be, in his opinion, a stringent measure that the lucrative nature of European football can Gambling today is a credible and well-secured industry. afford at this moment in time. He postulates that “when there is a need, the pendulum may sway”.


He went on to comment about sports betting as a seminally powerful source of sponsorship and advertising income. When asked, he did agree that sports betting should be and has in recent times been treated similarly to other controversial industries such as alcohol and recreational drugs. He stated, “There is always going to be a branding mechanism for leagues and teams to afford complete security and credibility”.

David reiterated just how harmful it can be to lose the credibility that outcomes in sports are legitimate, as well as how teams and sponsors have been and will be quick to drop athletes and cut ties when such allegations come to the surface. He also stated that with the progression through Web 1, 2 and 3 that perception will only become stronger, in all industries - including sports.

35 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |


The Great Leveller

Serial entrepreneur, investor and mentor, John Lee, sat down with Jake Graves to give an exclusive take on what the AI revolution means for the modern-day entrepreneur.

John began the interview by answering the big question on the minds of so many industry intellects - how will AI affect the ecosystem of entrepreneurs?

It is easier than ever to start a business, as opposed to before the advent of AI, where one had to learn a plethora of skills and build an arsenal of technical proficiencies. What's more, this would take years of improvement and development, not to mention high-level experience in a variety of fields.

Today, one can simply command a piece of advanced software to create whatever these skills could have previously enabled you to do. Now you can build a website, fill it with content, author an advertisement and execute its distribution, or even produce a video in any style, language, accent or demeanour with such ease it simply cannot be overstated.

John describes the rise we have seen in AI as a great leveller for anyone and everyone to begin to build a business.

Going on to comment on the rapid growth of AI, the pressures of which are practically insurmountable for those developing the tools, John explains the best way to navigate the wilderness of applications and abilities of AI.

He emphasised the importance of finding the end outcome people desire when they need to use the technology. He explained that this could be applied to almost anything someone wishes to automate in the function of their business.

He used his coaching enterprise as an example, whereby instead of answering questions in a consultancy setting, he can now open up a platform, such as ChatGPT, upload all of his content and train the software on his seasoned material to provide a quality service similar to in-person coaching.

This would not only save time in the sense that he would not have to be in attendance at every session, but also be able to provide the same service, at the same time, to a multitude of customers.

连续创业者、投资家以及顾问,Wealth Dragons的联合创始人,同 时是著名演讲者的John Lee,接受Jake Graves的采访,就人工智 能革命对现代企业家的意义进行了独家评论。

在采访之初,John回答了许多行业知识分子心中的大 问号——人工智能将如何影响创业家的生态系统? 现在要创业比过往任何时候都容易。在人工智能出现之 前,人们必须学习大量的技能,打造一个精熟科技的武 器库。更深入的说,打造这样的技能库需要多年不断精 进和发展,更不用说要培养在各种领域的资深经验。 今天,人们只需指挥一个先进的软件,就能创 造出过往这些技能所能做到的一切。现在,你 可以建立一个网站,填满各式内容,编写广 告并发放,你甚至还能用各种风格、语言、口 音或神态制作视频,轻松程度早已超乎言辞。

我们见证了人工智能的崛起,John将其描述为任 何想要建立企业者都可以应用的强大整平器。

John继续针对人工智能的快速发展进行评论, 这样的速率对于开发工具者简直是无法克服的 压力,于此同时,他也为我们阐明在人工智能应 用和技术能力的荒野中找到方向的最佳方向。

他强调,要找出终端用户在需要使用该技术时, 所期望获得的最终结果。他解释,这几乎可以 应用于任何人们希望能够自动化的业务功能。 他以自身指导的初创公司为例,在现代,他可以打开一 个平台,如ChatGPT,上传所有的内容,通过已经精熟 的教材进行软件培训,这样便能提供可媲美当面指导的 优质服务,免去在咨询现场回答问题的风尘仆仆。

如此一来,他不仅节省了时间,不必每次都出席会议,而 且还可以在同一时间为众多客户提供同样的服务。

接续前述,他特别点出了现代在直接接触人工智能的 环境中被大大忽视的概念——企业的传承。

37 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |

He went on to highlight a concept that has been overlooked quite significantly in the immediate environment of modern AI - the legacy of a business.

Twenty years of answering questions and giving valuable insights have built a wondrous wealth of knowledge that can be perpetually re-purposed and re-distributed “to be able to create the legacy of a business to be able to follow through for many, many years”.

John also touched on the versatility and creativity one requires when selecting numerous AI platforms and services to enhance a business. Picking and choosing, then doubling down on what works should be the main aim. Taking the path of least resistance and working to remove that friction is what will ultimately decide the success of your business.

The problem of redundancy derived from the propagation of AI in the most recent of times naturally demands to be spoken about. John went on to highlight the unfortunate nature of this situation.

Speaking on the circumstances that led to the closure of the BuzzFeed news department and the subsequent release of its entire staff, he stated: “I think it's a big mistake from BuzzFeed, to be honest”.

He explained how having a team of well-trained and knowledgeable individuals to prompt the AI machinery could have had untold benefits for productivity and overall quality. Thus bringing to light a positive spin on AI integration that perhaps hasn’t been discussed in enough detail as of yet.

He upheld this instance as a momentous modern example of the storied Darwinian maxim: It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.


已经建立了一个奇妙的知识宝库,可以永 久地重新利用和再分配,这 "能够打造成 企业的传承,并在很多很多年后持续贯彻"。

此外,John也谈到了,面对众多人工智能平台和服 务,必须以多面向且具创造力的角度来挑选增强业务 时需要的工具,并且,还要投入比达成主要目标还大 上一倍的努力。选择阻力最小的路径,并试图消除过 程中的摩擦,这最终将决定你业务是否成功。

鉴于最近的事态,人工智能扩张带来的裁员问题很自然 的浮上台面。John接着谈到这样的状况多么令人遗憾。

谈及BuzzFeed关闭新闻部门并裁撤全体员工的时,他 表示:"说实话,我认为BuzzFeed犯下了一大错误。"

他解释道,拥有一支训练有素、知识渊博的团队对人工 智能机进行提示,可以为生产力和整体质量带来数不 清的好处。这样的主张,为人们昭示了整合人工智能的 积极意义,也许至今仍未获得足够详细的讨论。 他将这视为达尔文格言的现代例子——能

存活下来的,既非最强壮的,也不是那 些最聪明的,而是那些最能适应变化的物种。 接下来,当讨论到人工智能平台可能取代 人力的投入时,他凸显了另一个更广的 概念:虽然确实会流失许多工作机会,但 在他看来,即将带来的机会将远远超过损失。 他以汽车的发明做比喻。在汽车发明之前,并没有汽 车维修工的需求。过往,马匹和马车仍是主要的私 人交通方式,由马车夫负责操作,但他们很快就失 去了重要性,并永远失去了曾经获得的机会。

我们见证了人工智能的崛起,这是任 何想要建立企业者都可以应用的强大整平器。

He brought up another, more commonly emphasised concept when discussing the propensity AI platforms possess to replace human input. Although many jobs will indeed be lost, the opportunities that will become available will in his opinion far outweigh the losses.

He compared this situation to the invention of the automobile, before the invention of which there was no demand for auto mechanics. When horse and carriage was the dominant form of private transport, there were coachmen, who quickly lost

然而,汽车和运输工具的发明,创造了一个巨 大的产业,并催生出以前从未见过的机会。这 是一场名副其实的革命,对日常生活的影响 如此之大,在许多方面,这和今日我们得以 预测的生成性人工智能未来影响力十分相似。

获得知名度的能力,或者简单地说——营 销——一直是创业商业活动一个至关重要 的面向。他说,现在可用于支持该行业的 人工智能工具种类之多,几乎令人难以置信。 然而,John提出了获取关注度这个问题——一个自营 销企业真正成立以来不断挣扎的大哉问,随着社交媒 体的出现和重要算法的迭代,这个问题仍然存在。

39 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |

their great importance, along with many of the opportunities they had been afforded.

The invention of the car and auto transport moreover would then create a massive industry, spawning opportunities the likes of which had very much never been seen before. A veritable revolution, with effects so invasive to daily life, that it in many ways draws multiple similarities to the impact generative AI can now be projected to have.

A vitally important aspect of entrepreneurial business activities has always been the ability to gain awareness, or in simple terms, marketing. The sheer variety of AI tools that are now available to support this industry is almost unbelievable, he says.

However, John set out this problem of gaining attention - something marketing enterprises have struggled with since their true inception, a challenge that has only been perpetuated with the advent of social media and the re-inventions of their all-important algorithms.

This is yet another circumstance where AI has levelled the playing field, allowing businesses and enterprises of all shapes and sizes the re-assured certainty that their content will garner attention, and removing the guesswork that has always made it such a daunting task.

What this leaves marketers and their teams is the purely skill-based aspect of the endeavour; in both strategy and execution. Comparing this concept to that of the film industry, John postulates that the basic premise of films is a vehicle for much the same sort of plots and characters.

“So the question quickly becomes how can we tell a story differently with a different wrapper?”

The use of AI has seen a complete solution to this problem afforded to all creators, including marketers, which could potentially save an insurmountable amount of time and allow productivity to increase by even 10-fold, “because the hardest part of content creation is scripting, it's not actually the filming.”

This is an incomparable advantage - because what will now be the great indicator of success will no longer be left to chance or to value - but more towards the strategic abilities of the marketers and the true value of their product.

If an entrepreneur can harness to exacting effect these great abilities afforded by AI platforms, then the opportunities are more powerful than they have ever been for a new business.

这将是另一种情况,当人工智能拉平了竞争 环境,让各形各色、不同规模的企业再次确 信自己的内容将获得关注,并消除一直以 来对于营销是否有成效这类令人气馁的猜测。

这样的技术使营销人员和他们的团队能纯粹 以技能为基础来订定战略和执行。John将其 与电影业相类比,他假定的基本前提是,电 影为一种载体,用于描述同样的情节和人物。

人工智能的投入让包括营销人员在内的所 有创作者都看到了这个问题的完整解决方 案,这有可能为他们节省大量的时间,甚至 让生产力提高10倍,他说道:"因为内容创作 中最难的部分实际上不是拍摄,是脚本。"

这是一个无可比拟的优势——如此一来, 而今界定成功的伟大指标将不再是机 会或价值,这将更多地转向营销人员的 战略能力,和他们产品的真正能带来的价值。

如果一个创业家能精准地利用人工智能平 台所提供的这些绝佳能力,那么,对于一 家新企业来说,他们将拥有前所未有的机会。

The hardest part of content creation is scripting, it's not actually the filming. 内容创作中最难的部分实际上不是拍摄,是脚本。
"那么,问题很快就变成了:我 们如何用不同的包装来讲述同一个故事?"
AI allows you to be able to create the legacy of a business to be able to follow through for many, many years.
41 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |
人工智能能够打 造企业的传承,并在很多很多年后持续贯彻。



Maria Debrincat meets up with Arshiya Faraghat, Streamer & CM at Four04 Esports (who goes by the handle “xArshyy”) to discuss the importance of challenging stereotypes and misconceptions through education and highlighting the diverse opportunities available within the gaming and Esports industry, particularly in the MENA region.

As a streamer, what strategies have you implemented to grow and engage your dedicated following? Can you provide any specific examples of successful community-building efforts?

Consistency is the foremost aspect I emphasize whenever asked about this topic. It has been pivotal in building my audience’s expectations and integrating my stream into their daily routines. For instance, if my stream is scheduled an hour after someone returns from work, they align their activities like meals or chores with my stream, eagerly anticipating it. This not only fosters engagement with me as the streamer but also cultivates a sense of community.

Interaction is another crucial factor. While not every viewer seeks it, many desire to be acknowledged and find a community they may lack in their everyday lives. Hence, I make it a point to give attention to each viewer in chat, remembering their comments and incorporating them into future streams to show appreciation. Moreover, active participation on social media is a significant priority. It keeps my community entertained and involved during offline periods.

By embodying these principles, I’ve been fortunate to have a caring and involved community. An excellent example is when I had to take a break from streaming and content creation for a couple of months due to the birth of my daughter. Despite my absence, my community continued to engage with one another, keeping the spirit alive until I was ready to resume streaming.

In your role as a Content and Community Manager, how have you fostered inclusivity within the Esports community? Can you share any initiatives or programs you have implemented to create a more diverse and welcoming environment?

Maria Debrincat与Four04 Esports的实况主、内容和社 区经理Arshiya Faraghat会面,讨论了通过教育挑战陈 规定型观念和误解的重要性,强调游戏和电竞行业能够 带来的各种机会,特别是在中东和北非地区。

作为一名实况主,妳实施了哪些策略来发展和吸引忠实粉 丝?妳能提供任何成功的社区建设工作的具体例子吗? 每当被问及这个话题,我都会强调一致性是最重要的 方面,这是建立我的观众期待,并将我的实况融入他们 的日常生活的关键。例如,如果我的实况时段在某人下 班后一小时,他们就会将日常活动,如吃饭或做家务, 与我的实况连结起来,并殷殷期待。这促进观众与我 这个实况主的互动,还培养了一种社区意识。

互动是另一个关键因素。虽然不是每个观众都想跟你 互动,但实际上,有许多人渴望得到认同,他们经常 在这个圈子找到日常生活中缺乏的社区支持。因此, 我在聊天的过程中,会关注每位观众,记住他们的评 论,并将这些声音纳入未来实况内容,以示感谢。此 外,积极投入社交媒体上非常重要且优先,这样才能 保持我的社区在我下播期间仍有娱乐和互动。

通过落实这些原则,我很幸运能拥有一个充满关爱 和参与的社区。举个很棒的例子是,由于我女儿的 出生,我不得不暂时放下实况和内容创作,休息了 几个月。尽管我不在,但我的社区仍继续相互交流, 保持精神活力,一直到我准备好重回实况间。

在妳作为内容和社区经理的角色中,妳是如何促进电竞社 区内的包容性的?能分享一下为了创造更加多样化和受 欢迎的环境,妳所实施的任何举措或计划吗?

作为Four04 Esports的内容和社区经理,我的首要任务是 让中东和北非地区经常被低估的人才受到关注,无论其背 景如何。虽然电竞传统上侧重于顶级团队之间的竞争,但我 们的目标是为所有玩家创造一个包容性的竞争意识。为了 实现这个目标,我们组织了公开注册的比赛,欢迎所有技能 水平的玩家参加,让他们充分体验到电竞精彩的兴奋感。 在这些比赛期间,我很荣幸地能对玩家进行采访,向 他们提出具娱乐性也发人深省的问题。这些采访随后 会在我们的社交媒体平台上分享,这些渠道是我们庆 贺并为杰出游戏者提供的舞台。根据我自己的实况经 验,我很清楚来自中东和北非地区的个人受到的关注 有限。为了解决这个问题,我发起了一个名为 “中东和 北非实况焦点(MENA Streamer Spotlight)” 的系列,

43 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |

"Observing gaming's progress alongside technological advancements has instilled in me a profound appreciation for the industry and a deep desire to contribute to its growth."

“观察游戏的进步和技 术的进步让我对这个行 业产生了深刻的赞赏”

通过分享他们的最佳片段,同时揭秘该实况主特出的个 性和技能,在系列中为有才华的实况主曝光。

此外,对我们来说,对教育性工作的投入占了非常可观 的重要性。我们努力对年轻人和家长进行游戏教育,强 调游戏的积极作用,以及可能的游戏职业发展路线。在

不久的将来,我将有幸前往一所学校演讲,我将向听众 分享经验,企求激励学生追求自身的游戏和电竞梦想, 哪怕只是一点,也要鼓励他们勇敢怀抱热情。




中东和北非地区最主要质疑源自对游戏和电子竞技根深蒂固 的文化观念。部份社区仍然对这各领域抱持着刻板印象和负 面观感,他们不认为游戏这条路值得追求,对于游戏作为合法 职业道路或竞技的潜力,他们并不认可。来说说我吧,尽管拿 了牙科学位,并在这个领域短暂工作过,但我最终还是追随了 自己对游戏的热情。但当人们问起我的职业时,他们仍然称我 为牙医,因为他们视医学为专业,但电竞只是消遣。

此外,中东和北非地区的电竞基础设施相对不发达,特别是在 互联网基础设施的可靠性方面。许多游戏没有在中东设专门 的服务器,导致中东和北非地区的玩家有较高比率在游戏过 程中出现延迟,导致较差的游戏体验。这样的差距进进一步放 大中东和北非地区玩家被低估和忽视的情形。

要想推动该地区的积极变化,提高意识,并推动参与和熟悉度 是关键步骤。重要的是通过教育,以及倡导游戏和电竞业能够 带来的多元机会,来挑战人们定型的观念和误解。对于促进人 才发展、提供资源和创造培训计划机会,必须由当地组织、教 育机构和内容创作者建立伙伴关系,共同合作。

凭借妳的经验,和妳想革新电竞业的热情,与申请类似职位的 其他人选相比较,妳认为自己哪里特别出众?

从我能够拿起游戏控制器的那刻开始,游戏已然成为生活中 的必须品。在我很小的时候,对游戏的热情就被点燃了,而且 随着时间的推移越来越强烈。我认为自己很幸运,能见证游 戏出色的演变,我经历过玩游戏必须拨号上网的时代,而至 今,互联网已经成为我们生活很基本的一部份。

小时候,我在父亲的办公室里玩游戏,当时我只能玩简单的 电脑游戏,像是扫雷和弹球;如今,有了自己的双显示器设 备,我能够沉浸在各种各样多元的AAA游戏中。观察到游戏 与技术进步的轨迹,使我对这个行业有了深刻的认识,并深 深渴望能在行业继续茁壮的过程中贡献己力。

自从察觉自己对游戏的热情,就很难将注意力转移到其 他方面。我坚决的意志与周围人的支持是我的驱动力, 我开始涉足社区建设、活动组织、内容创作,以及电子竞 技圈的主持播报等相关领域。在这个过程中,我本身的 适应能力和热情帮助我提高自己的社交和沟通技巧,从 而对这个行业和其利益相关者有全面的了解。

每当机会出现眼前,我不仅为自己争取,也会推荐同行中合适 的人选。我坚定不移地促进业内的合作和发展,并深刻了解 到,让整个电竞领域蓬勃成功才是最终目标。


As the Content and Community Manager at Four04 Esports, my utmost priority is to shine a spotlight on the oftenunderrepresented talents in the MENA region, irrespective of their backgrounds. While Esports has traditionally focused on the top teams competing against each other, we aim to create an inclusive sense of competition for all players. To achieve this, we organize open-registration tournaments that welcome gamers of all skill levels, allowing them to experience the exhilaration of Esports in its full glory.

During these tournaments, I have the pleasure of conducting interviews with players, asking them a mix of entertaining and thought-provoking questions. These interviews are then shared on our social media platforms, where we celebrate and highlight the remarkable gamers. Drawing from my own experience as a streamer, I am well aware of the limited attention given to individuals from the MENA region. To address this, I initiated a series called “MENA Streamer Spotlight,” which showcases talented streamers by featuring their best clips and revealing their unique personalities and skills.

Furthermore, our commitment to educational initiatives holds immense importance for us. We strive to educate both young people and parents about gaming, emphasizing its positive effects and the potential career paths it can lead to. In the near future, I have the honor of speaking at a school where I will share my experiences, aiming to inspire students to pursue their gaming and Esports dreams if they are passionate about them.

What challenges do you see in transforming the Esports industry in the MENA region, and how do you plan to overcome them? Can you provide any insights into your approach to driving positive change in this specific market?

The primary challenge in the MENA region revolves around cultural perceptions of gaming and e-sports. Some communities still hold onto stereotypes and negative attitudes, perceiving gaming as a trivial pursuit rather than acknowledging its potential as a legitimate career path or competitive endeavor. Despite having a degree in Dentistry and briefly working in the field, I ultimately followed my passion for gaming. However, when people ask my parents about my profession, they still refer to me as a dentist because they don’t hold gaming in the same regard as a medical profession.

Additionally, the Esports infrastructure in the MENA region is relatively underdeveloped, particularly when it comes to reliable internet infrastructure. The absence of dedicated Middle East servers in many games leads to higher latency for MENA players, resulting in an inferior gaming experience. This disparity reinforces the notion that MENA players are undervalued and overlooked.

To drive positive change in the region, raising awareness and facilitating engagement and exposure are crucial steps. It is important to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions through education and by highlighting the diverse opportunities available within the gaming and Esports industry. Establishing partnerships and collaborations with local organizations, educational institutions, and content creators is instrumental in promoting talent development and providing access to resources and training programs.

With your experience and passion for transforming the Esports industry, what do you believe sets you apart from other candidates applying for similar roles?

Gaming has been an integral part of my life since I was able to grasp a controller. My passion for gaming ignited at an early age and has only grown stronger over time. I consider myself fortunate to have witnessed the remarkable evolution of gaming, from the era of dial-up internet gaming to the present, where the internet has become an essential part of our lives.

I started with simple computer games like Minesweeper and Pinball in my father’s office, and now I have my own dual monitor setup, immersing myself in a wide range of AAA games. Observing gaming’s progress alongside technological advancements has instilled in me a profound appreciation for the industry and a deep desire to contribute to its growth.

Once I discovered my passion for gaming, it became challenging to divert my focus to anything else. Driven by my determination and supported by those around me, I ventured into related fields such as community building, event organization, content creation, and hosting and casting in the realm of e-sports. Through this journey, my adaptability and enthusiasm enabled me to enhance my social and communication skills, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its stakeholders.

Whenever an opportunity arises, I not only pursue it for myself but also recommend suitable candidates from my peers. I firmly believe in fostering collaboration and growth within the industry, understanding that our collective success is the ultimate objective.

47 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 Q&A |
许多游戏没有在中东设专门的服务器,导 致中东和北非地区的玩家有较高比率在 游戏过程中出现延迟,导致较差的游戏体验。
The absence of dedicated Middle East servers in many games leads to higher latency for MENA players, resulting in an inferior gaming experience.



Web3, the umbrella term encompassing decentralised and blockchain-based technologies, holds significant potential for enhancing anti-money laundering (AML) practices within the gambling industry. With features such as transparency, immutability, and decentralised consensus, Web3 technologies address the limitations of more traditional AML and know-yourcustomer ( KYC) procedures.

It’s fair to say that operators sometimes struggle with implementing robust AML and KYC mechanisms in modern times. Regulatory mandates are extremely exacting, all the while fraudsters are often one step ahead. Current verification processes can be expensive, time-consuming, prone to errors, and susceptible to manipulation. Furthermore, adhering to privacy regulations while complying with AML regulations is always a challenging task.

Web 2.0 technologies already provide some solutions:

USER IDENTIFICATION AND VERIFICATION: Web 2.0 technologies enable platforms to handle initial user identification and verification processes efficiently. They collect user information, conduct KYC checks, and verify identities through methods that include document verification and biometrics.

TRANSACTION MONITORING: Web 2.0 technologies allow real-time monitoring of player transactions. Automated systems analyse transaction patterns, amounts, and frequency to identify suspicious activities. They can also integrate with AML databases and algorithms to flag and investigate potentially fraudulent transactions.

DATA ANALYTICS: Web 2.0 data analytics tools process large amounts of player data to identify unusual patterns and behaviours. These tools employ advanced analytics, anomaly detection, and risk scoring based on historical transaction data, specified player behaviour, and other relevant variables.

While Web 2.0 technologies provide these essential functionalities, Web3 technologies offer innovative solutions to further enhance these practices:

博彩业的反洗钱(AML)实践方面具有重大潜力。Web3技术以 透明度、不可变性和去中心化的共识为特点,能够帮助人们解 反洗钱和实名验证(KYC)程序的传统局限。

Shortt 的话

为运营商说句公道话,在现代社会中,在实施坚实的 反洗钱和实名验证机制上,他们有时可能会遇到困 难。监管部门在执行上十分仔细谨慎,往往不及拦截 欺诈者的行动。现行的验证过程昂贵、耗时且容易 出错,同时很容易被操纵。更甚者,在遵守反洗钱法 规的同时还要兼顾隐私法规,更是难上加难。

目前的Web 2.0技术已经提供了一些解决方案:

用户识别和验证:Web 2.0技术使平台能


这类技术收集用户信息、进行KYC检查, 并通过文件验证和生物识别等方法证实身份。

交易监控:Web 2.0技术允许对玩家的交易进行实时 监控,并以自动系统分析交易模式、金额和频率,识别 可疑活动。相关技术还可以与反洗钱数据库和算法整 合,对存在欺诈风险的交易进行标记和调查。

数据分析:通过处理大量的玩家数据,Web 2.0 数据分析工具得以识别异常模式和行为。这些 工具根据历史交易数据、特定玩家行为和其他相 关变量执行高级分析、异常检测和风险评分。

在Web2.0提供的这些基本功能之上,Web3技术带来 了创新的解决方案,进一步强化这些做法:

去中心化的身份识别解决方案:Web3引入了分散式 身份识别(DID)协议,将个人信息的控制权交给用 户。运营商可以利用这些协议来验证用户的身份,而

Words by Aideen Shortt, Founder and CEO at Lilywhite Web3是涵盖去中心化和区块链技术的新一代互联网,在加强 Lilywhite 创始人兼首席执行官 Aideen
49 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |
"While Web 2.0 technologies provide these essential functionalities, Web3 technologies offer innovative solutions to further enhance these practices."
通过结合Web2.0技术的功能和Web3的优 势,可以为博彩业务建立一个前所未有的框架

DECENTRALISED IDENTITY SOLUTIONS: Web3 introduces decentralized identity (DID) protocols, empowering users to have control over their personal information. Operators can utilise these protocols to verify user identities without storing sensitive data on a centralised server, thus reducing the risk of identity fraud and enhancing KYC accuracy.

IMMUTABLE AUDIT TRAILS: Blockchain technology, a core component of Web3, provides immutable audit trails for all transactions and interactions within the gambling ecosystem. Regulators can trace the flow of funds, detect suspicious activities, and hold malicious players accountable.

SMART CONTRACT COMPLIANCE: Web3 smart contracts can incorporate AML and KYC rules directly into the code. These self-executing contracts, stored on a blockchain, enforce AML policies and automatically trigger alerts or actions for suspicious transactions.

无需将用户的敏感信息存储在中心化的服务器上,这 能降低伪冒身份的风险,提高KYC准确性。

不可变的审计跟踪记录:区块链技术是Web3的组 成核心,记录下博彩生态系统内的所有交易和互动, 而该审计跟踪无法篡改。监管机构可以追踪资金流 向,侦测可疑活动,并对恶意玩家追究责任。

智能合约确保合规:Web3智能合约可以将反洗钱 和KYC规则直接纳入编码中。这些自我执行合同存储 在区块链上,在执行过程也根据编码进行反洗钱政 策,还能自动触发警报或对可疑交易采取行动。 数据共享和协作:区块链网络便于博彩 运营商、金融机构和监管机构之间进行安 全的数据共享。藉由改进协作和信息共享 流程,各方将能更快地发现并预防洗钱活动。

以Web2.0技术处理用户识别、验证、交易监控和 数据分析,整合Web3技术的不可变交易记录、 以智能合约执行反洗钱政策和分散式身份识别, 通过结合Web2.0技术的功能和Web3的优势, 可以为博彩业务建立一个前所未有的框架。 当然,可想而知,目前仍有几个挑战需要解决: 整合复杂性:将区块链解决方案整合到现有的博 彩平台可能繁复且况日费时。要建立标准化的 协议和基础设施,需要行业各相关方的合作。

"By combining the functions of Web 2.0 technologies with the strengths of Web3, an unprecedented framework can be established for gambling operations."


本功能之上,Web3技术带 来了创新的解决方案,进一步强化了这些做法

51 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |

DATA SHARING AND COLLABORATION: Blockchain networks facilitate secure data sharing among gambling operators, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies. Improved collaboration and information sharing enables faster detection and prevention of money laundering activities.

By combining the functions of Web 2.0 technologies with the strengths of Web3, an unprecedented framework can be established for gambling operations. Web 2.0 technologies handle user identification, verification, transaction monitoring, and data analytics, while Web3 technologies provide immutable transaction records, smart contract-based AML policy enforcement, and decentralised identity solutions.

Unsurprisingly, however, several challenges need to be addressed:

INTEGRATION COMPLEXITY: Integrating blockchain solutions into existing gambling platforms can be complex and time-consuming. It requires collaboration among industry stakeholders to establish standardised protocols and infrastructure.

PRIVACY CONCERNS: While blockchain provides transparency, protecting user privacy is of the utmost importance. Striking the right balance between transparency and data protection is essential for gaining and maintaining players' trust.

SCALABILITY: Blockchain networks will be required to handle a high volume of transactions efficiently. Scalability solutions, such as off-chain protocols or layer-two solutions, will need to be implemented to ensure smooth operations.

REGULATORY FRAMEWORKS: The legal and regulatory landscape surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrencies is still evolving. Clear guardrails and compliance standards are necessary for the widespread adoption of blockchain-based AML solutions in the gambling industry.

To achieve widespread adoption of Web3 solutions across the online gambling industry, collaboration among platform developers, regulators, operators and all stakeholders is crucial. Such collaboration will not be easy amongst competing operators and multiple regulatory jurisdictions – however, it might be a necessary evil in order to pave the way for the effective implementation of Web3 technologies and ultimately lead to a safer gambling environment.

To achieve widespread adoption of Web3 solutions across the online gambling industry, collaboration among platform developers, regulators, operators and all stakeholders is crucial.



隐私问题:区块链提供了透明度,但 保护用户隐私仍是最重要的。在透 明度和数据保护之间取得适当的平 衡,是获取玩家信任,让玩家日常无虞的关键。 可扩展性:区块链网络将需要有效地处理 大量的交易,需要通过可扩展性解决方案, 如链下协议或第二层协议,来确保运作顺利。 监管框架:以区块链和加密货币为中心的 法律和规范局势情况仍在不断发展。若要在 博彩业内广泛采用基于区块链的反洗钱解 决方案,必须有明确的防护机制与合规标准。 要让整个在线博彩业广泛采用Web3解决方案 在未来成为可能,全赖平台开发商、监管机构、运 营商和所有利益相关者之间的相互合作。要说 服相互竞争的运营商以及各个监管区携手合作 可不容易——虽说如此,为了让未来的Web3技 术顺利且有效实施,借此达到建立更安全博彩 环境的最终目的,这可能是一种必要之恶。

53 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |


Globiance Exchange “Banking Crypto” has been around since 2018. Since then the company has grown extensively. For this cover story we catch up with Irina and Oliver to find out what’s new with Globiance in 2023.

In your last interview with us you spoke about the incredible growth trajectory Globiance has witnessed over the last few years. How are things going?

Oliver: We’ve been going non-stop since 2018 and we’ve made a great deal of progress in that time. Over the past 5 years, we have been expanding our centralised exchanges by adding branches in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia - and of course we also offer a decentralised exchange, as well.

The new Globiance Deposit Widget has also been added to enable clients to buy crypto using cards, bank transfers as well as many different local payment methods such as - PIX, AstroPay, SPEI, KHIPU, WebPay, PSE, QRIS, FPX, PayNow, ThaiQR, Giropay, Neteler, Skrill and more.

Another nice feature that we offer enables our clients to handle their own payments using integrated, online-banking functions. IBANs and cards can be ordered to round up the offering. Lastly, we’ve just released a brand new user-interface for our web-platform and I think it looks very cool.

What about businesses and retailers - in what ways do you cater to them?

Oliver: That’s a great question. We’ve maintained a strong focus on our business clients from the start, and Globiance already acts as the financial center for many businesses.

Businesses can now use GlobianceQR POS (point of sale) to handle payments for clients making in-person transactions. The business generates a QR code, then clients can simply scan and pay (in a store, on a market). Account balances are always available and accessible in theGlobiancePay Cloud Account–for both business and clients no matter which region they’re logged in from, when they need to handle payments.

We’ve recently expanded our business functions to reflect both real world and online transactions. Our Globiance Checkout is a Crypto-Payment-Gateway that’s designed for high-risk and other types of merchants who need to handle payments online. Integrated via API in the merchants checkout-flow “automatically” settles crypto currencies into EURG or USDG stable coins. The gateway offers many features and reports to make management easy. The best part is that the received amounts are instantly available in the merchant's wallet and can also be instantly withdrawn or held in stablecoin form on the Globiance cloud account.

Globiance交易所 “Banking Crypto” 自2018年以来便 活跃于该圈。这些年来,公司已经大范围地发展。本刊 封面故事中,我们采访了Irina和Oliver,他们带来了 2023年Globiance的新情况 。

在上次接受我们采访时,你谈到了Globiance在过去几年 目睹了令人难以置信的增长轨迹。现在的发展如何? Oliver:自2018年以来,我们一直在马不停蹄地工作, 这些年来我们取得了很大的进步。在过去的5年里, 我们持续扩大我们的集中式交易所,在北美、南美、 欧洲、非洲、亚洲和澳大利亚增加分支——当然,我 们也提供去中心化交易所,依循同样的步调。

此外,我们也已经添加新的Globiance存款小工具,客户能 够使用银行卡、银行转账以及许多不同的本地支付方式购 买加密货币,如PIX、AstroPay、SPEI、 KHIPU、WebPay、PSE、QRIS、FPX、PayNow、ThaiQR、 Giropay、Neteler、Skrill等等。

我们还为客户另外提供了一个很棒的功能,使我们的客 户能够使用集成的网上银行功能,处理自己的付款。客户 还能通过IBAN和卡片获得更完善的服务。



那么企业和零售商呢——你们如何满足他们的需求? Oliver:这是个好问题。我们从一开始就保持对企业客户的 强烈关注,Globiance已经成为许多企业的财务中心。 企业现在可以使用GlobianceQR POS(销售点)来处理客 户当面交易的付款。企业生成一个二维码,供客户简单地 扫描和支付(地点可以在商店、市场上)。在GlobiancePay 云账户中,无论企业和客户从哪个地区登录,当他们需要 处理付款时,都可以使用账户余额,随时存取。

我们最近扩展了我们的业务功能,作为现实世界和在线交 易的反映。我们的Globiance Checkout是一个加密支付 网关,专为需要处理在线支付的高风险和其他类型商家设 计。通过API,我们将其融入商家的结账流程中,“自动” 将 加密货币结算为EURG或USDG稳定币。该网关提供许多 功能和报告,使管理变得简单。最重要的是,收到的金额

55 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 Q&A |

You mentioned stablecoins, can you tell us more about the stablecoins you’re offering?

Oliver: EURG and USDG are Globiance's own stable coins - they are based on the XDC Network. Stablecoins allow for ultra fast and risk-free settlements, the lowest possible fees and are available at all Globiance Platforms globally. Besides EURG and USDG we also offer others in major currencies that allow equally fast daily payments and hassle free, cross-border transactions.

Irina, In what way do you feel you have the most influence on Globiance?

Irina: Have you seen the cool pink look? That was my doing. We also have a mint-green version available if pink is not your preference. As a psychologist who has worked with many people, putting together color-schemes that are appealing to a wide variety of people is an important part of the process. My main objective however, is actually to help people – to positively change the lives of as many people as I can. Revolutionising the outdated banking system and providing a reliable, fair, and accessible financial solution to everyone on the planet, regardless of their location or socioeconomic status, is my main motivation. With over 1.5 billion unbanked adults worldwide it is more critical than ever to implement a system that can provide access to financial tools for everyone and in turn, help them improve their lives and escape from poverty. You’re already a busy business woman and now you’ve built a second brand - ‘GlobiancePay' in the background, how is that going?

Irina: I’m proud of what we have accomplished with GlobiancePay so far - it’s the sister label to Globiance and it owns the fiat licences. GlobiancePay provides services to our clients both externally and through the Globiance platform. We created all the banking services that are available on the Globiance App through our European and US financial institutions.

The recent developments in the banking industry reveal that we definitely need a change and our latest plan to expand GlobiancePay globally is a reflection of this. We have and are obtaining all the necessary banking, investment management and securities as well as dealing with licenses worldwide, so we can offer our services to literally everyone on the planet. We have just released our Security Token Offering - where retail and professional investors can actually become the owners of the “Bank of the Future” simply by investing. More importantly we’ve kept the price of the STO affordable at just $1 US Dollar per token – so that everyone can afford to take part in this opportunity.

What sort of experience do you have in the banking industry that would give potential investors the confidence that GlobiancePay will be successful long-term?

Oliver: In Germany the biggest client for our IT Service company was CitiBank - we serviced the Frankfurt branch for over 8 years. We then moved our headquarters to Malta from where we serviced other banks in Europe for another 5 years. We technically serviced many large banks such as the ‘IKANO Bank Group’ - the bank that belongs to the ‘IKEA’ furniture store.

In total we have more than 13 years servicing the European banks. During that time we gathered an in-depth understanding of the inner-workings and processes of the banks. We are in a unique position because we have the technical, internal, experience, as well as the knowledge-base regarding the

可以立即进入商家的钱包,也可以立即提取或以稳定币 的形式保存在Globiance云账户中。

你提到了稳定 币,能为我们多介绍你们所提供的稳定币吗?

Oliver:EURG和USDG是Globiance自己的稳定币——它 们建在XDC网络上。这些稳定币能进行超快速且无风险的 结算,费用最低,并可在全球所有Globiance平台使用。

除了EURG和USDG,我们还提供其他主要货币,允许能位 客户提供快速的日常支付和毫不费劲的跨境交易。

Irina,妳认为自己在哪些方面对Globiance的影响最大? Irina:看到那个很酷的粉红色外观了吗?那是我做的。如 果你不喜欢粉红色,我们也有薄荷绿色的版本。身为一个 曾与许多人交流的心理学家,把吸引着各式各样的人的不 同色彩结合在一块,是这个过程的重要部分。 不过呢,我的主要目标实际上是帮助人们——尽可能积 极地改变更多人的生活。彻底改变过时的银行系统,为地 球上的每个人提供可靠、公平且易得的金融解决方案,而 不受限于他们的位置或社会经济地位,是我前进的力量。 全世界有超过15亿无银行账户的成年人,现在比以往任 何时候都更需要实施一个能够为每个人提供金融工具的 系统,反过来帮助他们改善生活,摆脱贫困。

随着第二个品牌的建立,妳已然成为一个忙碌的商业女 性——“GlobiancePay” 的进展如何? Irina:我为我们至今在GlobiancePay上取得的成就感 到自豪——这是Globiance的姐妹品牌,且拥有法币许可 证。GlobiancePay向我们的客户提供外部服务,并通过 Globiance平台提供服务。我们通过欧洲和美国的金融机 构创建了Globiance应用程序上的所有银行服务。 银行业最近的发展显示了改变的必要性,我们最新的计 划是将GlobiancePay扩展到全球,这反映了这一点。我 们已经获得了许可证,并正在申请所有必要的银行、投资 管理和证券以及世界各地的许可证,如此一来,我们才 可以向地球上的每一个人提供我们的服务。

我们刚刚推出我们的安全代币发行——在这里,零售和 专业投资者可以通过投资而真正成为 “明日银行” 的所 有者。更重要的是,我们将STO的价格控制在每个代币 1美元,让每个人都得以参与到这个机会中。

凭借着你们在银行业的哪些经验,可以让潜在的投资者相 信GlobiancePay将取得长期成功? Oliver:在德国,我们IT服务公司的最大客户是花旗银 行——我们为法兰克福分行服务了8年多。接着,我们把总 部搬到了马耳他,在当地我们又为欧洲的其他银行服务了 5年。在技术上,我们为许多大型银行提供服务,如 “伊卡 诺银行集团” ,这是隶属于 “宜家家居” 的银行。 在为欧洲的银行服务方面,我们总共有超过13年的经 验。在这期间,我们对银行的内部工作和流程有了深入 的了解。这让我们处于一个独特的位置,因为我们拥有 技术、内部团队、经验,以及银行实际运作系统的精细

57 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 Q&A |



Over the past 5 years, we have been expanding our centralised exchanges by adding branches in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

在过去的5年里,我们持续扩大我们的集中式交易所, 在北美、南美、欧洲、非洲、亚洲和澳大利亚增加分支

59 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 Q&A |

intricacies of how bank systems actually operate. This played a major role in our decision to build Globiance in 2018. We saw the need for change with these outdated systems and knew we could build something better; a real-world approach that’s more in-touch with the people and where the future of banking is headed.

In what ways can you see GlobiancePay benefitting its investors & banking clients in the future?

Oliver: Holders of the GBPAY Security Token actually receive a revenue share of the business. The token holders also have a say in the strategy of the bank. Lastly, the tokens can be converted into conventional equity at a later stage.

Oliver, The traditional banking institutions have had a firm grip on the banking business for centuries. It must have crossed your mind that you would be taking on an industry that has left little room for competition, by setting up a new bank, you’re basically “taking on the Titans” so to speak. What kind of roadblocks or challenges have you encountered from the larger institutions or regulators while setting up your platform, if any?

Oliver: Looking at competition, yes of course there are many global banks but they are deeply lacking when it comes to crypto integration. There are also some crypto exchanges that have expanded in some countries but they’re lacking the banking aspect of the equation. As an all-around crypto and banking platform, we integrate all financial services. We’re happy to be pioneers in the field. We accepted the challenge by jumping in the game way back in 2018, at a time when the markets were highly unfavorable. Unlike traditional banks that deal primarily with fiat currencies, Globiance focuses on digital assets and cryptocurrencies as well. We also provide services for buying, selling, and storing cryptocurrencies, as well as facilitating crypto-related transactions.

Leveraging blockchain technology enables decentralized and transparent transactions. By utilising blockchain Globiance provides enhanced security, immutability, and traceability of transactions - reducing the need for intermediaries and increasing efficiency.

Traditional banks are typically bound by geographic limitations and may require physical presence for certain services. In contrast, Globiance aims to offer its services globally, leveraging the borderless nature of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. This enables individuals from different parts of the world to access financial services without any barriers.

We are continually exploring, innovating, and offering new financial products and services. This includes features such as decentralised lending, tokenized assets, yield farming, and other opportunities that can leverage the unique characteristics of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. GlobiancePay is here to stay and we aim to become everyone’s global financial platform - no matter who or where they are.

Where do you see GlobiancePay in 2025?

Irina: In my vision, by 2025 25% of the adult population will have installed our App and will be using it to pay for shopping and purchases on a daily basis. GlobiancePay clients will be using the QR scan function - both in-store and online along with the Globiance “Checkout” feature. Children will be able to use Globiance “family features” such as “crypto saving” or “pocket money”. Users will be able to walk up to vending machines etc, buy a drink or whatever they want, just by scanning their QR code to pay with the Globiance App. The uses for GlobiancePay will be absolutely endless.

知识库。这些在我们于2018年决定建立Globiance时发 挥了重要作用。我们看到这些过时的系统需要改变,并 知道我们可以建立更好的东西:承袭真实世界的做法, 更贴近人们,并引领着银行的未来发展方向。


能在 哪些方面使其投资者和银行客户受益? Oliver:GBPAY安全代币的持有者将获得业务的实际收 入份额,持有者也对银行的战略有发言权。最后,这些 代币可以在更成熟的阶段转换为传统的股权。

Oliver,多个世纪以来,传统的银行机构一直牢牢掌控着 银行业。你一定想过,你要挑战的是一个几乎没有竞争空 间的行业;建立一个新的银行,你基本上可以说是 “小虾 米对大鲸鱼”。在建立你们的平台时,面对大型机构或监管 者,你们是否遇到了障碍或挑战?有的话请与我们分享。

Oliver:从竞争的角度来看,当然,有许多全球性的银行, 但当我们着眼于加密货币的整合时,他们是非常缺乏的。 我们也看到一些加密货币交易所在几个国家扩张,但这 些交易所并没有银行方面的内涵。作为一个全方位的加 密货币和银行平台,我们整合了所有的金融服务。我们 很高兴能成为该领域的先驱者——早在2018年就接受挑 战,在市场非常不利的情况下投入这个局势。Globiance 与主要处理法定货币的传统银行不同,我们也关注数字 资产和加密货币。此外,我们还提供购买、出售和储存加 密货币的服务,同时促进加密货币相关交易。 妥善利用区块链技术,可以实现去中心化和透 明交易。通过区块链的使用,Globiance带来了 增强的安全性、不可变性,并使交易能够被追 溯——减少对中间业务的需求,进而提高效率。

传统银行通常受到地理限制的约束,可能需要实 体机构才能提供某些服务。相比之下,Globiance 目标利用加密货币和数字资产无边界限制的 特性,在全球范围内提供服务。这使来自世界不 同地区的个人都能够无障碍地获得金融服务。

我们正在不断地探索、创新,同时提供新的金融产 品和服务,这类服务包括去中心化借贷、代币化资 产、收益耕作等功能,以及其他可以利用加密货币 和区块链技术独特特点的机会。GlobiancePay已 经被广泛使用,而我们的目标是成为每个人的全球 金融平台——无论他们是谁,无论身处何方。

你怎么看GlobiancePay在2025年的前景? Irina:在我的设想中,到了2025年,将有25%的成年人 口安装我们的应用程序,并每天使用它来进行购物、为 购买的商品支付。GlobiancePay客户将使用二维码扫 描功能,可能是实体商店或是在网上,以及Globiance “Checkout” 结账功能。儿童将能够使用Globiance的 “家 庭功能”,如 “加密货币扑满” 或 “零用钱”。用户将能够走 到自动售货机等处,购买饮料或任何他们想要的东西,只 需扫描他们的二维码,用Globiance应用程序支付。GlobiancePay的用途绝对会是无远弗届的。

61 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 Q&A |

By utilising blockchain Globiance provides enhanced security, immutability, and traceability of transactions - reducing the need for intermediaries and increasing efficiency.

63 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 Q&A |
在过去的5年里,我们持续扩大我们的集中式交易所, 在北美、南美、欧洲、非洲、亚洲和澳大利亚增加分支


We’re know for pulling off great networking evenings and 2023 held some of our most memorable events.

From intimate dinners to relaxed get-togethers, this year stands out as one of our busiest, with global events lighting up the night sky throughout the year.

Take a look back at some of the highlight gallery moments from a year of milestone moments.

我们以举办精彩的社交晚会而闻 名,2023 年我们举办了一些最令人难忘的活动。

从亲密的晚餐到轻松的聚会,今年是 我们最繁忙的一年,全球活动全年照亮夜空。



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Within the domain of customising solutions for client partners, Fast Track follows a meticulous and dedicated process. In his capacity as the CTO, Patrik Potocki collaborates with Matthew Calleja to provide a comprehensive overview and exclusive insights.

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of the gambling industry, Fast Track emerges as a visionary force, driven by the relentless pursuit of better solutions. Led on the tech side by Patrik Potocki, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), the company passionately embraces the evolution of technology, meticulously considering scalability, performance, and security.

As CTO, Patrik's daily endeavours revolve around ensuring the success of his colleagues. He works closely with the team, focusing on building a solid foundation for the future, considering scalability, performance, and security. Striving for constant improvement, Patrik leads the team in a relentless pursuit of better solutions, refusing to settle until the optimal outcome is achieved.

Constant evaluation of existing solutions and exploration of emerging technologies enable Fast Track to continuously discover superior ways of solving complex problems. “‘Can we do this better?’ is a question that’s always on our minds,” asserts Patrik, “the answer is generally, yes, so we find ways to improve.” While this mindset is prone to invite a sense of perfectionism – often detrimental to project completion, the company’s culture balances this out with a phased approach. Patrik’s team focuses on understanding the ultimate vision or "blue sky" of a feature, then breaks it down into multiple deliverables. For smaller features, they may strive for the ideal from the start. However, for more complex projects, Fast Track seeks to deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) that brings immediate value to partners.

Collaboration lies at the heart of Fast Track’s tech organisation, and Patrik wholeheartedly supports the team to sustain their culture of collective knowledge-sharing and cooperation. As the company expands at a rapid pace, maintaining this supportive and collaborative environment poses an ongoing challenge. However, Patrik and his team, proud of their achievement as a Great Place to Work Certified organization, remain committed to preserving their unique culture, understanding that it is a cornerstone of their success. This prestigious certification is a testament to the hard work and dedication they have put into fostering an environment where collaboration thrives

In the face of fierce competition, Patrik employs a range of strategic initiatives to keep Fast Track at the forefront of the industry. A crucial aspect of his role involves establishing the necessary groundwork for developing scalable and secure software. By engaging in thorough discussions and meticulous planning, Patrik ensures that the team is prepared to overcome future challenges and fulfil their commitments to clients.

With this approach, Fast Track has built a solid foundation of integrations, but the team remains open to new partnerships and continuously evaluates potential collaborations. Driven by their vision of delivering the industry’s first self-learning platform, the team at Fast Track is deeply committed to pushing boundaries and innovating every day. By understanding the specific needs and goals of their partners, Fast Track ensures that their CRM platform can effectively support and execute diverse CRM strategies. The company actively collaborates with various third-party suppliers in the iGaming industry to provide comprehensive solutions for their clients. These partnerships are often driven by business needs and client requirements.”

When a partner expresses the desire to utilize a specific third-party solution within Fast Track’s CRM platform, the company evaluates the integration potential. If the integration proves valuable and aligns with their focus on iGaming, Fast Track proceeds with the integration, recognizing that their product serves as a powerful tool and enabler for their partners. By seamlessly integrating these third-party tools, Fast Track empowers their partners to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their CRM strategies, unlocking new possibilities for success.

The integrations cover a wide range of functionalities, and their significance goes beyond mere connectivity. Fast Track understands that the true importance of these integrations lies in providing their partners with the ability to accomplish absolutely everything they may need from one comprehensive platform. Their goal is to offer a unified system that serves as a central brain for all player orchestration. Whether it’s incoming integrations that trigger actions within Fast Track’s CRM platform from gamification platforms or other systems, or establishing connections with third-party providers in areas such as SMS services, email marketing, and bonus platforms, these integrations enable seamless interaction with various systems. Fast Track’s CRM platform becomes the hub that empowers their partners to efficiently manage all aspects of their operations.

77 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |

In addition to their focus on integrations, Patrik ensures that Fast Track’s CRM system remains highly customizable, providing a wide range of features and configurations. While the product itself is robust and capable, Fast Track actively listens to customer feedback and diligently evaluates partner suggestions and ideas, further enhancing their platform’s capabilities.

Ultimately, in the demanding role of the CTO, Patrik assumes the critical responsibility of safeguarding the company's technological edge. With an unwavering passion for technology, he immerses himself in hours of daily reading and research, constantly seeking new insights to share with the team. Beyond staying informed, Patrik takes charge of guiding his team towards the future, anticipating and implementing necessary changes in methods and approaches based on cutting-edge research and emerging trends.

For instance, he has recently had his hands full adapting his team’s approach to the recent AI boom, which has had a profound effect on the tech team’s approach to finding solutions. “I remain amazed by how quickly we’ve fully embraced this game-changing technology. Our implementation of generative AI features has transformed the way we draft content. It has never been faster or more efficient.”

Which is all well and good, of course, but what about quality?

While recognizing the immense potential of generative AI, the team understands the importance of human verification to ensure accurate and reliable content. Nevertheless, the timesaving advantages of generative AI are notable, particularly in generating multiple content variations for analysis and optimization. This capability enables Fast Track to enhance campaign effectiveness and refine its services continuously.

Fast Track is currently engaged in exciting developments, including the comprehensive rollout of the one-to-one experience to all partners, a project aimed to deliver personalised and optimised outcomes. Furthermore, the company continues to invest in generative AI features, exploring their integration with the one-to-one experience to offer even more powerful and tailored solutions. Fast Track eagerly anticipates sharing these advancements with its valued clients and partners.

在快节奏且不断发展的博彩业格局中,Fast Track 成为一支富有远见的力量,受到对更好解决方案 的不懈追求的推动。在技术方面,该公司由首席 技术官 (CTO) Patrik Potocki 领导,热情拥抱技术 的发展,仔细考虑可扩展性、性能和安全性。

作为首席技术官,Patrik 的日常工作围绕着确保同 事的成功展开。他与团队密切合作,专注于为未来奠 定坚实的基础,仔细考虑可扩展性、性能和安全性。 为了不断改进,帕特里克带领团队不懈地追求更好 的解决方案,在实现最佳结果之前拒绝妥协。

对现有解决方案的不断评估和对新兴技术的探索使 Fast Track 能够不断发现解决复杂问题的卓越方法。“‘我们能 做得更好吗?’是我们一直在思考的一个问题,”帕特里克断 言,“答案通常是,是的,所以我们找到了改进的方法。” 虽 然这种心态很容易产生完美主义的感觉——通常不利于项 目的完成,但公司的文化通过分阶段的方法平衡了这一点。 Patrik 的团队专注于了解功能的最终愿景或“蓝

天”,然后将其分解为多个可交付成果。对于较小 的功能,他们可能从一开始就力求理想。然而,对 于更复杂的项目,Fast Track 力求提供最低可行产 品 (MVP),为合作伙伴带来直接价值。

协作是 Fast Track 技术组织的核心,Patrik 竭诚支持 团队维持集体知识共享与合作的文化。随着公司的快 速扩张,维持这种支持性和协作性的环境构成了持续 的挑战。然而,帕特里克和他的团队仍然致力于保护他 们独特的文化,并理解这是他们成功的基石。

面对激烈的竞争,Patrik 采取了一系列战略举措,使 Fast Track 保持在行业的前沿。他的职责的一个重 要方面是为开发可扩展且安全的软件奠定必要的基 础。通过深入的讨论和精心的规划,帕特里克确保团队 准备好克服未来的挑战并履行对客户的承诺。

通过这种方法,Fast Track 已经建立了坚实的集成基础, 但团队仍对新的合作伙伴关系持开放态度,并不断评估 潜在的合作。通过了解合作伙伴的具体需求和目标,Fast Track 确保其 CRM 平台能够有效支持和执行多样化的 CRM 策略。该公司积极与iGaming行业的各个第三方供 应商合作,为其客户提供全面的解决方案。这些合作伙 伴关系通常是由业务需求和客户要求驱动的。

当合作伙伴表示希望在 Fast Track 的 CRM 平台中使用 特定的第三方解决方案时,该公司就会评估集成潜力。如 果集成被证明是有价值的并且符合他们对 iGaming 的关 注,Fast Track 将继续进行集成。通过集成这些第三方工 具,Fast Track 提高了 CRM 策略的效率和有效性。 这些集成涵盖了广泛的功能,包括来自游戏化平台或 其他系统的事件触发 Fast Track CRM 平台内的操作 的传入集成。此外,Fast Track 还与短信服务、电子邮 件营销和奖励平台等领域的第三方提供商建立了联 系。这种灵活性使客户能够与各种系统无缝交互并利用 Fast Track CRM 平台的强大功能。

Patrik 的另一个职责是确保 Fast Track 的 CRM 系统 保持高度可定制性,提供广泛的功能和配置。尽管产 品本身功能强大且功能强大,但 Fast Track 仍对客户 反馈和附加功能请求保持开放态度。公司认真倾听合 作伙伴的意见,仔细评估他们的建议和想法。

最终,作为 CTO,Patrik 承担起了维护公司技术优 势的关键责任。凭借对技术坚定不移的热情,他每 天沉浸在数小时的阅读和研究中,不断寻求新的 见解与团队分享。除了及时了解情况外,帕特里克 还负责指导他的团队走向未来,根据前沿研究和 新兴趋势预测并实施必要的方法和方法变革。

例如,他最近忙于调整团队的方法以适应最近的人工智能 热潮,这对技术团队寻找解决方案的方法产生了深远的影 响。“我仍然对我们如此迅速地完全接受这项改变游戏规 则的技术感到惊讶。我们对生成式人工智能功能的实施改 变了我们起草内容的方式。它从未如此快速和高效。”

当然,这一切都很好,但是质量呢? 在认识到生成人

工智能的巨大潜力的同时,该团队也了解人工验证对 于确保内容准确可靠的重要性。尽管如此,生成式人 工智能的节省时间的优势还是显着的,特别是在生成 多个内容变体以进行分析和优化方面。此功能使 Fast Track 能够提高活动有效性并不断完善其服务。 Fast Track 目前正在进行令人兴奋的开发,包括向 所有合作伙伴全面推出一对一体验,该项目旨在提 供个性化和优化的结果。此外,该公司继续投资生 成人工智能功能,探索它们与一对一体验的集成,以 提供更强大和定制的解决方案。Fast Track 热切期 望与其尊贵的客户和合作伙伴分享这些进步。

ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |


OZ 的合法性

Two decades ago, Australia held the esteemed position of being a pioneer in online gambling regulation. During that time, Jamie Nettleton emerged as a prominent authority on the subject. Twenty-five years later, Jamie joins Matthew Calleja to share his wealth of expertise and insights.

Can you provide an overview of the current regulatory framework for the gambling industry in Australia?

Australia has a federal system, similar to Europe and the US. Regulatory controls primarily exist at the state and territory level. Terrestrial gambling, such as casinos, betting shops, and slot machines, falls under state and territory regulations. Lotteries are also regulated, with ticket sales through newsagents and other outlets. Each jurisdiction has its own regulations, leading to varied market regulations.

The federal regulatory body for online gambling is the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). ACMA enforces the prohibition of online casino and online sports betting services in Australia. They also regulate Australian online providers offering sports betting and monitor sports betting advertising. State and territory regulators handle licensing and enforcement, adding complexity to the regulatory landscape. Additionally, there are over 20 race and sporting bodies controlling the use of their products, contributing to the diverse regulatory environment.

How has the regulatory landscape for the gambling industry evolved in Australia over the past 10 years?

What lessons have been learned when introducing new gambling regulations?

Australia’s regulatory landscape has seen significant changes in the past decade. The market transitioned from a monopolistic licensing regime to an open market,

二十年前,澳大利亚享有在线赌博监管先驱的崇高地 位。在那段时间,杰米·内特尔顿 (Jamie Nettleton) 成 为该主题的杰出权威。二十五年后,杰米与马修·卡莱哈 (Matthew Calleja) 一起分享他丰富的专业知识和见解。

您能否概述一下澳大利亚博彩业当前的监管框架? 澳大利亚实行联邦制,类似于欧洲和美国。监管控制 主要存在于州和地区层面。陆地赌博,例如赌场、博 彩店和老虎机,均受州和领地监管。彩票也受到监 管,通过报刊亭和其他渠道销售彩票。每个司法管辖 区都有自己的法规,导致市场法规各不相同。

在线赌博的联邦监管机构是澳大利亚通信和媒体管 理局 (ACMA)。ACMA 在澳大利亚强制禁止在线赌场 和在线体育博彩服务。他们还监管提供体育博彩的 澳大利亚在线提供商并监控体育博彩广告。州和地 区监管机构负责许可和执法,这增加了监管环境的 复杂性。此外,还有 20 多个竞赛和体育机构控制其 产品的使用,从而形成了多样化的监管环境。

过去 10 年来,澳大利亚博彩业的监管环境发生了怎样的 演变? 引入新的赌博法规时吸取了哪些教训? 过去十年,澳大利亚的监管格局发生了重大变化。市场从 垄断许可制度向开放市场转变,主要是由美国墨菲案和澳 大利亚必发案等法律案件推动的。最初,监管不太严格,但 随着时间的推移,监管出现了加强的趋势,这往往是出于 对消费者伤害的担忧。包括广告法规在内的控制和消费者 保护措施已经变得更加全面,但仍面临审查。 澳大利亚监管机构历来坚信其监管体系更为优越。然而, 最近的赌场调查暴露了该系统的缺陷,导致人们吸取教训。 这些调查凸显了治理和控制方面的缺陷,特别是在处理海 外资金和进行适当的尽职调查方面。因此,澳大利亚寻求

81 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 Q&A |

primarily driven by legal cases like the Murphy case in the US and the Betfair case in Australia. Initially, regulations were less stringent, but over time, there has been a trend of increased regulation, often prompted by concerns of consumer harm. The controls and consumer protection measures, including advertising regulations, have become more comprehensive but continue to face scrutiny.

Australia’s regulators have historically held the belief that their regulatory system is superior. However, recent casino inquiries have exposed flaws in the system, leading to lessons being learned. The inquiries highlighted deficiencies in governance and controls, especially related to handling overseas funds and conducting proper due diligence. As a result, Australia has sought to improve by establishing stronger relationships with overseas regulators, sharing information, and enforcing antimoney laundering measures. While other countries have previously adopted Australia’s regulatory standards, it is now crucial for regulators to conduct thorough inquiries and consider best practices from various jurisdictions to ensure effectiveness and address past shortcomings. Could you discuss some of the challenges the regulatory sector in Australia has faced during its journey of evolution and improvement?

Initially, when the market opened up, there were no clear limitations or restrictions on advertising and promotion, allowing extensive and potentially harmful practices. Lessons have been learned from this experience, and other countries have implemented controls on advertising content, timing, and open account offers.

Australia’s unique regulatory framework included a prohibition on online gaming, but enforcement was lacking for many years. The introduction of stronger enforcement measures later improved the situation, although some non-compliant parties shifted to less regulated jurisdictions.

通过与海外监管机构建立更牢固的关系、共享信息和执行 反洗钱措施来改进。虽然其他国家此前已采用澳大利亚的 监管标准,但现在监管机构必须进行彻底调查并考虑各个 司法管辖区的最佳实践,以确保有效性并解决过去的缺陷。 您能否讨论一下澳大利亚监 管部门在发展和改进过程中面临的一些挑战? 最初,当市场开放时,对广告和促销没有明确 的限制或约束,从而允许广泛且可能有害的做 法。其他国家已经从这一经验中吸取了教训,对 广告内容、时间安排和开户优惠实施了控制。

澳大利亚独特的监管框架包括禁止在线游戏,但多年来缺 乏执法。尽管一些不合规方转向了监管较少的司法管辖 区,但后来采取了更强有力的执法措施,情况有所改善。

关键要点是,应从一开始就采取有效的控制措施,考虑 到损害最小化的目标并在市场开放和监管之间找到 平衡。禁止主义战略很难实现其预期目标。

澳大利亚博彩市场最近的监管发展是 否产生了显着影响? 当前监管热点是什么?

媒体引发的赌场调查带来了重大变化,导致各州对 赌博公司进行了广泛的调查和谴责性的报道。这些 事件提醒运营商不要傲慢,并警惕潜在的媒体压力和 政府干预。有效的治理流程对于解决有问题的活动 和保护澳大利亚人至关重要。积极主动的媒体策略 强调赌博监管的积极方面可以帮助减轻批评。

目前,讨论的焦点围绕赌博广告,在放宽限制方面 面临挑战。由于与视频游戏行业的交叉,战利品 盒、NFT、头像和皮肤也受到监管考虑。澳大利亚正 在探索对这些功能实施分类制度,包括年龄限制和供 应商自我分类,以解决对伤害和赌博类元素的担忧。 正在进行的咨询表明即将出台监管的可能性。

您能告诉我有关澳大利亚现场体育博彩的限制和限制吗? 在澳大利亚,赛中体育博彩的规定是独特且复杂的。区别 在于下注的方法,无论是通过类似计算机的设备还是语音 通话。通过电脑进行的投注被视为非法,而通过语音电话 进行的投注则合法。建立这种区别是为了最大限度地减少 伤害,特别是针对涉及预测短期结果的小额投注等活动。 该法律自 2001 年左右以来一直保持不变。在澳大利 亚,大约 80% 的体育相关赛中投注被视为非法,但其 他形式的体育投注是允许的。有趣的是,对基于计算 机的赛车赛事进行赛中投注被认为是合法的。

值得注意的是,澳大利亚持牌运营商可以不受限 制地在海外提供广泛的在线赌博服务。然而,他 们在澳大利亚境内提供相同服务时面临限制。

考虑到澳大利亚和东南亚地理位置相近但文化差异显 着,它们之间的监管环境有何主要差异? 澳大利亚可 以从东南亚的做法中吸取什么见解或教训吗? 在亚洲市场,只有少数国家有具体的在线赌博法规。菲律 宾和澳大利亚实施了许可制度,而其他国家则对在线赌

83 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 Q&A |
“监管机构必须进行彻底调查 并考虑不同司法管辖区的最 佳实践,以确保有效性并解决过去的缺陷。”

The key takeaway is that effective controls should be put in place from the outset, considering the goals of harm minimization and finding a balance between market openness and regulation. A prohibitionist strategy is challenging to achieve its intended objectives.

Have there been any notable trends or shifts in the regulatory space for the Australian gaming markets recently that have impacted the industry positively or negatively?

A significant change has been the casino inquiries triggered by media investigations exposing questionable practices. These inquiries resulted in lengthy and prescriptive investigations of blue-chip gambling companies, leading to damning reports in each state. The lesson learned is that operators should avoid arrogance and understand that pressure may come from the media, prompting government intervention.

It is crucial for operators to have effective governance processes in place and to avoid overlooking any problematic activities. Additionally, a recent online gaming inquiry has brought attention to the need for effective gambling regulation to protect Australians and counter criticism from opponents. A media strategy that promotes the positive aspects of gambling regulation is essential to avoid becoming an easy target.

There is a great concern about gambling advertising, and that is the main focus of discussions. Relaxing restrictions will be challenging. However, there are ongoing discussions about the regulation of loot boxes, NFTs, avatars, and skins in relation to gambling.

Traditionally, loot boxes have been a part of video games. However, there is now an overlap between the video game industry and gambling regulation, blurring the lines between the two. In fact, in Australia, regulatory bodies are currently considering implementing a classification regime for loot boxes and similar features in video games.

This regime would involve age gating and selfclassification by suppliers to address concerns about the potential harm and gambling-like aspects of these features. The issue of loot boxes has been under scrutiny for some time, and while there is ongoing consultation, it appears likely that some form of regulation will be implemented.

What can you tell me about the limitations and restrictions on in-play sports betting in Australia?

In Australia, the regulations surrounding in-play sports betting are quite unique and intricate. The distinction lies between using a computer and making voice calls. If a bet is placed using a computer-like device, it is considered illegal. However, if the bet is made through a voice-to-voice call, it is perfectly legal. This distinction originated from the concept of harm minimization, specifically targeting activities like micro betting, which involved predicting outcomes in short intervals, such as the next ball in a cricket over or the next shot in a golf match.

This law has been in place since around 2001 and remains unchanged. In terms of in-play betting, approximately 80% of sports-related in-play betting is considered unlawful in Australia. However, other forms of sports betting are allowed. Interestingly, in-play betting on racing events conducted on a computer is considered lawful.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Australian licensed operators are not restricted from offering a wide range of online gambling services overseas. However, they face limitations when providing the same services within Australia.

How does the regulatory landscape differ between Australia and Southeast Asia, considering the significant cultural differences despite their close geographical proximity?

In the Asian market, there are only a few countries that have specific online gambling regulations in place. For instance, the Philippines and Australia have implemented licensing regimes, while many other countries take a prohibitionist stance, aiming to shut down online gambling. However, the effectiveness of such prohibitions is questionable, considering the ongoing demand for online gambling opportunities domestically and offshore.

The dilemma of addressing online gambling in Asia is intriguing, and finding the right approach remains a complex task.

“监管机构必须进行彻底调查 并考虑不同司法管辖区的最
85 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 Q&A |

Do you believe Australia has the potential to enter the eSports market, inspired by the success of countries that consider it a sport, like the Philippines?

Efforts have been made to acknowledge eSports as a mainstream sport in Australia, yielding varying degrees of success. Discussions have taken place regarding its potential inclusion in prestigious events such as the Commonwealth Games and the Olympic Games, though the final decision remains uncertain. Nevertheless, Australia boasts a thriving eSports industry, supported by a wide range of academic courses and extensive development.

Recognizing the importance of integrity, measures have been taken to ensure proper checks and controls to prevent match-fixing, similar to traditional sports. Challenges include managing the large number of events and addressing the participation of underage individuals.

At the end of the day, the organisation of eSports remains a complex task, involving multiple governing bodies. While there have been efforts to establish recognition, it is an ongoing challenge. It’s worth noting that betting on eSports is prohibited in some markets.

博采取了禁止态度。然而,鉴于国内外在线赌 博的持续需求,这些禁令的有效性值得怀疑。

澳大利亚和菲律宾都在努力将电子竞技视为主 流运动,并取得了不同程度的成功。尽管最终决 定仍不确定,但已经就其是否可能参加英联邦 运动会和奥运会等著名赛事进行了讨论。尽管 如此,澳大利亚拥有蓬勃发展的电子竞技产业, 并得到广泛的学术课程和广泛的发展的支持。





归根结底,电子竞技的组织仍然是一项复杂的 任务,涉及多个管理机构。虽然我们已经做出了 努力来建立认可,但这仍然是一个持续的挑战。 值得注意的是,某些市场禁止电子竞技投注。

87 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 Q&A |


Discover the insights shared by Alexandra Carvalho, the Founder of Alex’s House of Social, as she engages in an interview with Maria Debrincat. With expertise as a Social Media & Business Creative Strategist Consultant and Speaker, Alexandra provides valuable information about her role and the distinctive aspects of her renowned brand, Alex’s House Of Social.

Tell us a little bit more about your role and your brand Alex’s House of Social.

I'm a social media & business creative strategist. It means I blend kick-ass creativity into the most current tactics that work in today's ever-changing media landscape. I'm also a content creator, CEO and operator of my business.

What inspired you to transition from working at international agencies to starting your own consultancy?

Tired of working for other people wanting to do things my way, being able to call the shots going crazy with my ideas and not having to ask anyone for permission to execute them and mostly freedom. Entrepreneurship gives you freedom!

How has your extensive experience in the digital marketing world shaped your approach to helping entrepreneurs and individuals build their personal brands?

If an individual lacks substantial practical experience in their field of expertise, it raises legitimate concerns regarding their ability to effectively instruct or confidently assert the effectiveness of their recommendations. My approach to imparting knowledge is rooted in tangible hands-on involvement rather than mere theoretical understanding. Consequently, every recommendation I offer is grounded in authentic personal experience.

In today's rapidly evolving media landscape, what are some key challenges that entrepreneurs and marketers face, and how do you address them with your creative strategies?

Not being self-aware of their strengths and weak areas. Self-doubting too much which in turn slows them down with execution they need to become way more practical than emotional. Yes be passionate but be practical about moving faster to learn and not worry also about outside judgment. Stay focused and disciplined in always moving forward!

As a speaker and educator, what are some common misconceptions or myths about


妳的品牌House Of Social。 我是一个社交媒体和商业创意战略 家。我的工作是在当今不断变化的媒 体环境中,将一流的创意与最先进 的策略相融合。同时,我也是一个内 容创造者、首席执行官和自身企业的经营者。 是什么启发妳离开原本在国际机构 的工作,转换跑道,创办自己的咨询公司? 厌倦了为别人工作,想用自己的 方式做事,想要能够发号施令,疯 狂地实行我的想法,而不用征求任 何人的同意。主因是自由。创业给了妳自由! 妳在数字营销领域拥有丰富经验,这如何影响 妳建立帮助企业家和人们打造个人品牌的做法? 如果一个人缺乏自身专业领域的大量实务经验, 人们就会对他是否真有能力提供有效指导打上问 号,在保证自身建议能够带来成效时也会引起人 们的合理怀疑。我传授知识的方法植根于紥实的亲 身实作经历,而不仅仅是对理论的理解。因此,每一 个来自我的建议,都有真实的个人经验为基础。 在今天快速发展的媒体环境中,企 业家和营销人员面临了哪些关键挑 战,妳如何用自身的创意策略解决这些问题?

撇除对自己优劣势的自我意识。太多的自我怀疑 会反过来拖累自身的执行力,面临这类问题,你 需要变得更加实际,少点感性。对,要怀抱激情, 但要切实地加快学习进度,不要把心思放在外 界的评价。保持专注和自律,持续向前迈进! 依妳作为一位演讲者和教育家的经 验,有哪些商业和社交媒体战略上 常见的误解或迷思,妳又如何推翻这些想法? 我应该要精心装扮,维持某个特定的商业女性形 象。而我做了什么来拆穿这种无意义的既定形象? 我让自己的成就为我发声,我顶着一头蓝发,身穿 色彩大胆的衣着,在发展的道路上赚到6位数,并登 上无数的媒体杂志,在各大行业活动上发言。 妳如何在妳的战略中纳入创造力,和采 用数据驱动的决策,并取得二者的平 衡?妳如何找到正确的结合式来推动业务增长?



89 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 Q&A |

business and social media strategies that you often encounter, and how do you debunk them?

That I should dress and be of a certain image stereotype as a woman in business. The way I debunk them? By letting my success do the talking, I have blue hair, wear bold colorful clothes, made it to 6 figures on my way and been featured in numerous media magazines while speaking at several industry events.

How do you approach the balance between creativity and data-driven decision-making in your strategies? How do you find the right mix to drive business growth?

It really depends: some briefs can be creativity pure lead, some can be more influenced by data insight, and a good creative strategist will know when each needs to be more prevalent than the other. There is not a one-size-fits-all for all briefs. It can really depend.

With the increasing dominance of social media platforms, what advice do you have for entrepreneurs and marketers to stand out from the crowd and build a strong online presence?

In order to maintain a high level of authenticity, individuals should prioritize embracing their unique personality traits, passions, and modes of self-expression. It is essential to shift the focus away from comparing oneself to others and instead concentrate on personal growth and development.

Can you share any future plans or projects you have in mind to further expand and enhance your consultancy and educational offerings?

I've just done a YACHCLASS! Learning and fun all on a boat sold out in a week's time! Look out for the second edition!

些可能更多地受到数据洞察的影响,而一个好的创意策 略师会知道何时每个简报都需要比另一个更流行。

这很看情况而定:有些简报可以纯粹由创意主导,有些 则更多地受到数据带来的洞察影响。身为一个好的创意 战略家,会知道什么时候某个需求能带来比另一个更多 的优势。并不存在一定的成功方程式,这真的要看个案。 随着社交媒体平台逐渐加强主导地位,妳能 给企业家和营销人员哪些建议,帮助他们从

茫茫网海中脱颖而出,建立强大的在线关注? 为了保持高水平的真实性,人们最该优先做 的,就是拥抱自己独特的人格特质、激情和 表达自我的方式。把注意力从与他人的比较 转移到自我的成长和发展上,这点至关重要。

对于进一步扩大并强化妳的咨询和教育服 务,有没有任何的未来计划或项目可以分享? 我最近才刚完成一场游艇课程!所有 的学习和乐趣都集中在一艘船上, 课程在一周内就卖光了!关注第二场活动吧!

91 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 Q&A |

We hold’em quite differently

in Tennessee

Tennessee Hold’Em® Poker is a unique take on a true classic that has only recently received a patent solidifying both its inventiveness and originality. Its creator, Scott Hill, sat down with Jake Graves for an exclusive interview.

Scott Hill identifies the most glaring problem he had found in the Texas and Omaha iterations of Poker - the absurdly high percentage of folding. This is an issue that has been evident; reported by a wide range of studies. Due to this, it’s unsurprising that these games lack sufficient inclusivity, damaging their ability to keep players fully engaged mentally and leading to too much “downtime” where players are waiting for a decent hand.

Keeping this in mind Scott set his sights on creating an innovative new form of the famed card contest that solved this issue specifically. Explaining that, under close analysis of Poker’s most popular form, Texas Hold Em, it is clear that over 60% of hole card combinations are unplayable.

“No wonder Texas Hold Em has the lowest participation percentage of all casino games!”

Taking this into consideration, Tennessee Hold’Em® Poker adds phases to the sequence of dealing. Thus, the first 2 hole cards do not necessarily determine the playability of the hand. In Scott’s new form of poker, cards may also be discarded which are revealed before the round is concluded, adding another layer of table action, which requires close observation and strategic thought.

More players have higher ranking hands than with its traditional counterparts - meaning that it is more likely that there will be an abundance of tangible competition when every hand reaches the showdown.

“Tennessee Hold’Em® was never intended to undermine current Poker competitions. In fact, it is specifically targeted to expand the market.”

Seeking to negate poorer aspects of the Texas game, Scott explains that he wanted to minimise chip-bullying and eliminate side pots found in traditional forms of Poker, by creating a progressive betting system with fast moving table action, increasing player participation and mental concentration.

The “Tennessee Hold’Em® Poker Tournaments” patented “Overdrawn Chips” (ODC) system gives players a last chance to recover when they go “all-in” by maintaining the cumulative nature of the single pot for every hand.

When discussing the granting of the Tennessee Hold’Em® Poker patent, Scott explained why it was a million to 1 long shot. “Top Patent lawyers all told me it couldn’t be done… Patents are almost always granted as a result of case law, which consists of previous landmark judgements.”

To over simplify, previous judgements had ruled all new 52 card based games were “Abstract ideas”. The Supreme Court ruled that “purely conventional steps” associated with the physical act of playing cards do not “supply a sufficiently inventive concept.” Therefore, new multiplayer Poker variants were considered “verboten” by specialist patent lawyers.

“Convinced that Tennessee Hold’Em® Poker could disrupt the industry in a positive way, I decided to prosecute the patent myself. No one wanted the job! There were many setbacks. The application was rejected several times. After the Final Action, I had one last chance to resubmit and prove the patent’s worth… To my amazement, though I was contesting the judgement, my examiner actually agreed that the entire system holds societal benefits for everyone involved.”

访谈之初,Scott Hil提及了自己的发现,各代的德州和奥马哈德州 扑克都有一个最突出的问题——高得离谱的弃牌率。各种类型的文 献都记载了这个显著的问题。正因如此,这些游戏缺乏足够的包容 性,无法吸引玩家全神贯注,玩家在等待一副有赢面的手牌过程中 “待机太久”,再也提不起劲,这并不令人惊讶。

以此为镜,Scott将目光放在这著名纸牌游戏的竞争面向,创 造了全新玩法,打破过往窠臼。Scott对这个问题进行了深度 研究。他表示,在仔细分析目前最流行的扑克游戏——德州扑 克——的玩法后,发现有超过60%的手牌完全无法使用,这也难 怪德州扑克是所有赌场游戏中参与率最低的!

Tennessee Hold’Em® 的设计便针对该问题做出调整,增加额外的 发牌步骤,降低初始手牌对牌局可玩性的影响。此外,在Scott所发 明的新玩法中,玩家可以选择在各回合结束前丢弃一些牌,这为牌 局增加了更多张力,需要玩家密切观察对手行动,并进行战略思考。

与传统的德州扑克玩法相比,新玩法让更多玩 家拿到更有赢面的手牌——这也表示,当牌局 进入到决胜阶段时,竞争将会比以往更激烈。

“Tennessee Hold’Em® 从未打算损及目前的扑克比赛。 事实上,游戏的创设目的是专为扩大市场。”

为了最大限度地减少德州扑克负面因素,Scott解释,他希望通过创 建一个累进式投注系统,玩家在牌桌上迅速动作,最大限度地降低 “筹码霸凌(Chip Bullying)” 情形,同时杜绝传统扑克形式 “下边 池” 的玩法,提高玩家参与和精神集中度。

“Tennessee Hold’Em® 扑克锦标赛” 的专利:超额筹码

(Overdrawn Chips,ODC)系统——通过保持每手牌的单注累积 性质,当玩家 “全下”(All In)时,系统会提供玩家收回筹码的机会。 讨论到Tennessee Hold’Em® Poker的专利权授 予,Scott表示,这是百万分之一的机会。他说道:

“所有的顶尖专利律师都告诉我,我们不可能申请 到......专利几乎一向都是根据判例法所授予的,判例 法的基础则是过往具有相当标志性的判决。”

简而言之,根据过往的判决,裁定所有新设计的52张牌游戏为 “抽象概念”。最高法院裁定,玩牌这样的行为 “单纯为操作步

骤” ,“并不具充分开创性”。因此,长期以来,新的多人扑克变 体皆被专业专利律师认为是 “专利禁地”。

“但我深信,Tennessee Hold’Em® Poker 将能以十分积极的方 式颠覆行业,因此我决定自己申请专利。没有人想要接这份工作! 过程中遇到了很多挫折,申请也被驳回了好几次。在最终驳回后, 我只剩最后一次机会重新提交并证明专利的价值......结果令我大 吃一惊,在我对判决提出异议的程序中,负责的审查员竟然同意 这整个系统能为每个参与者带来社会效益。”

“能够受到美国专利商标局授权别具历史意义的专利权,我真的感 到非常荣幸。许多发出的专利,是针对改进计算机和人工智能—— 我们的专利能算得上是人类脑力提升的一个真正里程碑。”

从整体系统的角度来看,Tennessee Hold’Em® 扑克锦标赛实 质上惠及玩家以及整个博彩业。事实上,从长远来看,相关的社 会效益可以为整个美国原住民带来积极成果。

Tennessee Hold’Em® 扑克锦标赛要求玩家在短时间内迅速做 出多个决定。在特殊的 “落水者(Men Overboard)” 阶段,玩家必 须决定是要继续持有手中的5张底牌,还是丢弃1或2张牌。坚持保 留目前所有5张底牌的玩家,可以选择 “不转牌” 和 “不河牌”。保

93 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |

“I am truly honoured to receive this monumental document from the USPTO. Many patents are granted for the improvement of computers and AI. This is a genuine landmark for Patents that improve human brain power.”

When viewed as a total system, Tennessee Hold’Em® Poker Tournaments were judged to be beneficial for participants, as well as the gaming industry in general. In fact, in the long term, related societal benefits could produce positive results for Native Americans as a whole. The myriad of diversely unique systems that constitute Tennessee Hold’Em® Poker Tournaments were deemed sufficiently original and beneficial, marking it a monumental achievement as well as comprising a landmark case in patent law.

With official approval of the US Patent Office, this brand new variant of exciting, strategic and highly inclusive Poker is now in the playing field and the opportunity for contests and tournaments is a thrilling and viable reality. This is not lost on Scott who has developed detailed plans to stage multiplayer tournaments with the support of affiliates around the globe.

“Regional and National winners will be decided through these tournaments, who will then be invited to participate in online World Championship tournament events. Additionally, top players at land-based affiliated casinos will also have the option to compete at these regional, National and ultimately World Championships.”

This is a rare opportunity for sponsors to be associated with dynamic new skill based World Championships. Scott projects that these plans will come to full fruition on a 5 year time scale. When questioned on governance and regulation within the tournaments and Tennessee Hold’Em® ‘s variety of contests, Scott paints an intriguing picture that frames this iteration of Poker and the higher levels of observation and understanding of probabilities and permutations required.

“Games that activate your mind and sharpen mental acuity don’t have the same addiction problems as RTP ‘push the button‘ games.”

He clarified, “Since your success or failure is more aligned with conscious decision making and active brain function, players soon understand that their results are related directly to their own autonomous actions.”

Scott postulates that when players experience significant setbacks or a lack of success they are likely to limit play time, or even stop playing altogether. Alternatively, players may choose to analyse and study the game’s mechanics, then practise their strategies and hone their skills before playing more experienced players. Drawing similarities to individuals who practise other sports or games that are widely accepted as highly skilled endeavours, Scott suggests there is evidence that with practice, players tangibly improve their results.

Ever exuberant about his innovation, Scott showed great enthusiasm when describing the assistance and support he has received on his momentous journey to Tennessee Hold ‘Em®’s landmark patent.

He cites the annual conferences available in his hometown, London, where ICE and iGB at the Excel Centre were crucial to getting the ball rolling. Michael Caselli, the founder of iGB, has also been a great supporter of Scott’s skill based gaming concepts, recognising him with an award at iGB’s Amsterdam event for “Solitaire of the Gods”, an application that highlights Scott’s skill based ideas for iGaming, and, unlike slots, is especially attractive to female players, for more inclusive competition.

He would also recall attending an edition of SiGMA’s European Summit on the Mediterranean shores of Malta, where he encountered the Group’s founder, Eman Pulis, “who has given me (him) fantastic encouragement and advice which has been essential to getting Tennessee Hold’Em® launched!”

留4张底牌的玩家不允许河牌,而丢弃2张底牌的玩家则被允 许在被发给的7张牌中,选择最佳的5张牌同时使用转牌及河 牌。仅在该阶段,就增加了无数个战术机会;其还纳入目前市 面上最流行的游戏不存在的全新唬牌方式。”

Tennessee Hold’Em® 扑克锦标赛独具特色的各种系统,最终 被法院认定具有足够的原创性和效益,游戏方得创下这一里程 碑式的成功,同时也成为专利法突破性的一个典范。

随着美国专利局正式批准,这样一个令人期待、极具 战略性质且高度友善的全新扑克玩法现已出现推出 市面,不排除将举办各种令人热血沸腾的比赛及锦 标赛。Scott并没有忘记这一点,并向我们详细介绍 了在全球代理商支持下举办多人比赛的计划。

对于赞助商来说,这是一个难得的机会,能与充 满活力的新技能型世界锦标赛形成联系。Scott 预计这些计划将在5年内实现,并全面运作。

当被问及Tennessee Hold’Em® 各种比赛中的管理和相关规



“所有能够激活你的思维,并提高精神敏锐度的游戏,不会产生 像 ‘玩家回报率主控一切’ 类型游戏的上瘾问题。”

他解释道:“既然胜利与否取决于玩家有意识的决策 和清晰的大脑思路,玩家很快就能够明白,最终的游 戏结果掌握在他们自己的每一步行动之中。”

Scott推断,在遭遇大挫败或是鲜少赢牌时,玩家会减少游戏时 间,甚至完全停止游戏。另外,玩家可能会选择对游戏的机制进 行分析和研究,接着在与更有经验的玩家比赛之前,练习他们 的策略并磨练自身技能。Scott表示,与那些被公认需要投入高 技能训练的运动或游戏有着相似之处,已经有许多例子可以证 明,只要通过练习,玩家就能够扎实地提高他们的成绩。 事实上,这项专利涵盖有7种变体,更甚者,该游戏标志着 世上第一个真正的技能扑克,真金不怕火炼,是学习者和技 能游戏者的理想游戏。玩家必须在异步比赛中与AI机器人 玩上一系列同的牌,无论对哪个在线赌场来说,这样的设计 都很完美,因为不需要提供定制的扑克大厅!

在谈论这项创新的过程中,Scott始终充满精力,当分享到 Tennessee Hold’Em® 获得这历史性的专利过程中所得到 的帮助和支持时,他更难以抑制激动的情绪。

他选择参加在伦敦的家乡举办的年度会议,Excel中心 举行的ICE/iGB会议让他的事业有了起色。iGB的创始人 Michael Caselli也一直高度支持Scott这项技能型游戏的 概念,在iGB的阿姆斯特丹活动中,他为Scott的 “Solitaire of the Gods” 游戏颁发了奖项,这个应用彰显出Scott基 于技能的iGaming理念,而且与老虎机不同的是,该应用 对女性玩家特别有吸引力,使竞争更加包容。

他更回顾了参加SiGMA欧洲博览会的经验,在马耳他的地 中海沿岸,他会面了活动主办单位创始人Eman Pulis,他说 到:“他(Eman)相当支持我,也给了我许多受用的主意,没有 他,Tennessee Hold’Em® 不可能顺利推出!”

当被问及iGaming行业未来的扩展领域,Scott说明道:“现在, 博彩获得了吸引技能型玩家的独特机遇,这是整个游戏市场中 扩展最快的领域。这项专利标志iGaming新时代的到来,将真 正的技能面纳入博彩框架——通过主动决策、增加对大脑额叶 的使用,该游戏将提高参与玩家的精神敏锐度。”

95 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |

Tennessee Hold’Em® was never intended to undermine current Poker competitions. In fact, it is specifically targeted to expand the market.

从根本上来说,Tennessee Hold’Em® 扑克锦标赛可谓是专利法 个新的典范。

97 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |



Catch a glimpse of the ever-changing realm of entertainment through the expert lens of Darren Yan. Once Chief Talent Officer of FaZe Clan, Darren established Saeculum Group, a dynamic powerhouse that encompasses talent management, consulting, and venture incubation, through which he intends to ignite a revolution across gaming, music, traditional entertainment, and Esports.

In the vibrant production processes of entertainment, one question prevails: What truly captivates us? As creativity pushes boundaries and new frontiers emerge, the allure of Esports and gaming grows stronger, captivating an evergrowing fan base. Yet, to unlock gaming's full potential as mainstream entertainment, a visionary leader must arise, one who embraces evolution and bridges the gaps.

Fifteen years ago, Darren Yan, a multifaceted industry professional, embarked on a career spanning music and video production, representing actors in TV and film, and embracing the world of digital media and influencers. With a diverse background in various entertainment verticals, Darren's recent entry into the gaming industry – video games, to be precise – marked an exciting chapter, one where he sought to explore gaming's potential to break into the mainstream.

Partnering with FaZe Clan, he aimed to bridge the gap between the gaming community and the general public. By leveraging his collective experiences, his work became a melting pot of insights from various entertainment forms. Throughout his near four-year tenure, he relentlessly elevated his talent roster and propelled them onto the global stage, reaching beyond the confines of the gaming industry.

Although met with scepticism from some, Darren remained unwavering in his belief that regardless of the specific form, entertainment fundamentally relies on an audience that cares. Inspired by iconic figures in other fields like sports, Darren aspired to create gaming and Esports personalities that transcended the niche and resonated with a broader audience.

Highlighting the importance of establishing a connection between the audience and the talent, Darren found inspiration in diverse forms of entertainment. Whether it was the world of highly anticipated soccer leagues or the

通过Darren Yan的专家视角,一同来看不断变 化的娱乐领域。Darren曾任FaZe Clan首席人才 官,他建立了Saeculum集团,这是个充满活力的 能量输出场,集结了人才管理、咨询和创投孵化 器。通过Saeculum,Darren的愿景将点燃一场跨 越游戏、音乐、传统娱乐和体育场域的革命。 撰文者:Matthew Calleja

在活跃的娱乐制造过程中,有个绝对重要的问 题:真正吸引我们的是什么?随着创造力的突破 和新领域的出现,电竞和游戏的诱惑力越来越 大,培养出越来越多的粉丝。然而,要释放游戏作 为主流娱乐的全部潜力,必须出现一个有远见 的领导者,带领我们接受进化,并弥合差距。

15年前,多方面的行业专家Darren Yan进入了游戏 业,亟欲探索该行业成为主流的潜力。凭借跨越音乐、 视频制作和演员代表的不同背景,Darren认识到需 要吸引观众并激发对游戏和电竞的更大兴趣。

他与FaZe Clan合作,目标是为游戏社区和普通大 众之间架起桥梁。通过综合自身多面向经验,他的工 作熔铸了来自各种娱乐形式背景的见解。在近四年 的任期内,他坚持不懈地提升自身人才名册,并将 他们推向全球舞台,超越了游戏行业的限制。

虽然面临了质疑的声音,但Darren仍然坚定不 移地相信,无论具体形式如何,娱乐从根本上 依赖于真正在乎的观众。受体育等其他领域标 志性人物的启发,Darren渴望创造超越小众的 游戏和电竞人物,并与更多的观众产生共鸣。

Darren着重于建立观众和人才之间的联系,并通过各 种娱乐形式汲取灵感。无论是备受期待的足球联赛,还 是古罗马的角斗场,都是由那些吸引了广大观众的标 志性人物所推动的——足球健将梅西和罗纳尔多,角斗 士克雷斯和斯巴达克斯这样的传奇人物,Darren强调 了培养观众和表演者之间的认同感和默契的必要性, 并意识到,这是在整个娱乐领域共通的概念。


默契,这正是电竞欲牢牢扎根为主流 认可的领域,取得长期成功所需要的主张。”

99 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |

gladiatorial spectacles of ancient Rome, both were fueled by iconic figures who captivated audiences far and wide. From the likes of Messi and Ronaldo to the legendary names of Crixus and Spartacus, Darren underscored the need to foster recognition and rapport between spectators and performers, understanding that this concept holds true across the entire entertainment landscape.

“This notion of cultivating a sense of recognition and rapport between the audience and the talent is precisely what Esports requires to firmly anchor itself in the realm of mainstream recognition and achieve enduring success.”

The future carries its own imperative for change and innovation, driven by the need for maintaining relevance and avoiding obsolescence. Darren's vision extends well beyond gaming, and his insights into cultivating talent in a futuristic landscape highlight the significance of multidisciplinary skills in an ever-evolving terrain. Thus, Saeculum Group was born.

Saeculum Group transcends gaming, representing diverse verticals such as YouTubers, content creators, traditional entertainers, actors, and athletes. By merging talents from different domains, Darren aims to foster cross-pollination and unique collaborations that resonate with audiences across various fields. His objective is to transform gamers into household names, ensuring their longevity in the everevolving entertainment industry.

“In an era of fleeting attention spans and fierce competition, adaptability is key. At Saeculum Group, we understand this well. We stay ahead of the curve by embracing change, pushing boundaries, and remaining authentic to the spaces we represent.”

This mentality works hand-in-hand with acknowledgement of the transformative power of technology, as it has reshaped industries, particularly the entertainment sector. Saeculum Group embraces the transformative power of technology in the evolving entertainment landscape. Darren anticipates the AI revolution in gaming, envisioning AI-driven NPCs shaping personalised storylines like a captivating Dungeons and Dragons session.

AI is also set to revolutionise virtual sports and filmmaking, streamlining production and enhancing content quality. While valuing human connection, Darren acknowledges the potential of AI talent but emphasises the need for relatable and engaging humanistic qualities. In an era where technology blurs reality, Saeculum Group stays ahead by embracing change, forging connections, and incorporating emerging technologies. Their forward-thinking approach shapes the future of entertainment.

"The next generation of talent will fuse traditional entertainment forms with innovative developments, embracing change and adopting emerging platforms and trends to thrive in this dynamic environment."

Despite his positive outlook on the future facilitated by emerging technologies, Darren remains cognizant of their potential downsides. Expressing his critical view, he

放眼未来,必须通过变革和创新,才能巩固行业 地位、避免在时代浪潮中被淘汰。Darren的视野 远远超出了游戏,他通过设想未来的远见培养人 才,凸显了多元背景技能在环境不断变化下的关 键性。Saeculum集团,便自此而生。

Saeculum集团超越了游戏圈,代表着YouTubers、内 容创作者、传统艺人、演员和运动员等不同的领域。通过 整合不同领域的人才,Darren力求促进各领域的交互 作用,并建立独特的合作关系,进一步使不同领域的受 众产生共鸣。他的目标是打造游戏玩家成为家喻户晓的 名字,确保他们在不断发展的娱乐业中长盛不衰。

“在一个注意力转瞬即逝、竞争激烈的时代,适应 性是关键。在Saeculum集团,我们非常了解这一 点,通过拥抱变化、挑战极限,同时致力于维护我 们代表的各圈子的真实性,我们持续领先。”

这样的态度与对技术变革力量的认识,二者相辅相 成。技术已然重塑了行业,娱乐行业的变化更是显 著。Saeculum集团在不断变动的娱乐领域中挺立,拥 抱技术的变革力量。Darren设想在游戏中发起人工智 能革命,描绘出由人工智能驱动的NPC塑造个性化的 故事情节,正如一场迷人的龙与地下城游戏。

人工智能还将彻底改变虚拟体育和电影制作,让 过程更加简洁,并提高内容质量。Darren重视人与 人之间的联系,同时也承认AI人才工具的潜力,但 他强调了建立可亲且吸引人的人文素质之需要。在 一个技术模糊现实界限的时代,Saeculum集团拥 抱变化、建立联系,同时融入新兴技术,持续超前。 他们的前瞻性思维做法塑造了娱乐业的未来。 “新一代的人才将融合传统的娱乐形式 与创新发展,拥抱变化,采用新兴的平 台和趋势,在这样的动态环境中茁壮成长。”

尽管对新兴技术促进的未来持积极态度,Darren仍然 认识到潜在的弊端。对此,他也不吝发表批评意见,特 别指出Web 3相关的炒作文化,及其对整个行业的不 利影响。例如,现下对NFT宣传和影响者营销的过度强 调,已经掩盖了Web 3技术的真正潜力。

Web 3的最初阶段感觉上获得了进展,但人们普遍 追求快速获利,阻碍了这个行业。Darren认为,应 该将风气转向创造进化的游戏体验,而不是把NFT 项目扔到人们眼前。作为游戏社区的一员,他强调, 推出超越前作的卓越游戏非常重要。网络3应该增 强游戏技术,而不是用作最前沿的营销策略。

游戏质量和可玩性应该反过来推动营销,单纯强调区块 链技术远远不足。大多数玩家优先考虑游戏性和社区建 设,对数字资产的金钱收益的渴望不是重点。以电竞椅 作比喻,Darren解释道,虽然区块链技术是人类发展的 关键,但技术不应该掩盖游戏的沉浸式和愉快体验。

101 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |

Despite the scepticism he met, Darren understood that regardless of the specific form, entertainment fundamentally relies on an audience that cares. It is no different for gaming.

虽然面临了质疑的声音,但Darren仍然 相信,无论具体形式如何,娱乐从根本 上依赖于真正在乎的观众,游戏业也不例外。


highlights the hype culture surrounding Web 3 and its detrimental effects across the board. An excessive emphasis on NFT shilling and influencer marketing, for instance, has overshadowed the true potential of Web 3 technology.

Web 3's initial stages felt like progress, but the pursuit of quick profits hindered the industry. Darren argues for a shift towards creating evolutionary gaming experiences rather than in-your-face NFT projects. As a participant in the gaming community, he emphasises the importance of building remarkable games that surpass their predecessors. Web 3 should enhance gaming technology rather than being the forefront marketing strategy.

Game quality and enjoyment should drive marketing efforts, rather than solely emphasising blockchain technology. Most players prioritise gameplay and community-building over the desire for monetary gain from digital assets. Drawing an analogy to a gaming chair, Darren explains that while blockchain technology is a crucial human development, it should not overshadow the immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

“If I'm in the market for a brand new gaming chair, what truly matters to me as a consumer is the level of comfort it provides during my gaming sessions. While the sleekness of its wheels and flashy LEDs may be nice additions, they should not overshadow what truly matters, the core selling point – comfort.”

Shedding light on the progress of the Middle East and the UAE in the gaming and entertainment industry, Darren highlights their substantial investments and commitment. Notably, he attended the Gamers Eight event in Saudi Arabia, featuring impressive prize pools and a state-ofthe-art Esports arena, which garnered genuine interest with the involvement of royal families. These regions are expanding their investments across multiple sectors, from renowned athletes and stadiums to movie studios and theme parks, setting an example for aspiring regions to back their ambitions with tangible commitments.

Expressing optimism, Darren also praises Southeast Asia, drawing from his recent visits to Bangkok, Singapore, and the Philippines. Southeast Asia's competitive culture and fostering of pro-academic programs significantly support the gaming industry holistically. The challenges of establishing a sustainable competitive landscape in Esports make evident the need for long-term vision and competent business individuals in the industry.

To avoid common pitfalls he observed in other industries, integrating business education into Esports and gaming programs is a must. This combination will foster a deeper understanding of the industry's authentic culture and contribute to longterm success. Ultimately, the value of ongoing discussions through various platforms, including conferences, podcasts and streaming, ensure continuous learning and evolution within the industry.

“如果我想在市场上购买一个全新的电竞椅,身为一个 消费者,对我来说真正重要的是这个椅子能在我的游戏 过程中提供多少的舒适度。虽然轮子的光滑度和华丽的 LED灯可能是很好的配件,但它们都不该盖过真正重要 的东西,这就是它的核心卖点——舒适度。”

Darren也介绍了中东和阿联酋在游戏和娱乐业的 进展,其中,他强调了他们在这方面投入了大量的 资源和精力。特别是,他出席了在沙特阿拉伯举行 的Gamers Eight活动,活动提供惊人的奖池和最

先进的电竞场馆,而皇室成员的参与也为活动本身 吸引了广大的兴趣。这些地区正在扩大于多个领域 的投资,包括著名的运动员和体育场馆,以及电影 制片厂和主题公园等,为其它也具有抱负的地区树 立了榜样,采取实际行动,支持自身的雄心。

well. We stay ahead of the curve by embracing change, pushing boundaries, and remaining authentic to the spaces we represent.

一点,通过拥抱变化、挑战极限,同时致力于维护 我们代表的各圈子的真实性,我们持续领先。

此外,通过最近参访曼谷、新加坡和菲律宾的经 验,Darren也对东南亚表示赞赏,展现了他的乐观态 度。东南亚的竞争文化以及促进学术项目的发展,从 整体上极大地支持了游戏产业。在电竞领域建立一个 可持续的竞争格局面临了诸多挑战,这正凸显了该行 业需要有长期的愿景以及有能力的商业人士。 为了避免重蹈在其他行业中他所观察到的常见 陷阱,将商业教育融入电竞和游戏项目是必须 的。结合这些面向,大众将对该行业真实文化有 更深理解,这有助于行业的长期成功。最终,通 过各种平台的持续讨论,可以是会议、播客或流 媒体,全面地确保业界持续学习,不断进化。

在一个注意力转瞬即逝、竞争激烈的时代,适应 性是关键。在Saeculum集团,我们非常了解这
In an era of fleeting attention spans and fierce competition, adaptability is key. At Saeculum Group, we understand this
103 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |

The next generation of talent will fuse traditional entertainment forms with innovative developments, embracing change and adopting emerging platforms and trends to thrive in this dynamic environment.

新一代的人才将融合传统的娱乐形式 与创新发展,拥抱变化,采用新兴的 平台和趋势,在这样的动态环境中茁壮成长。

105 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 FEATURE |


荣誉之争:初创企业,投资,迈向成功的康庄大道 TOWARDS STARDOM


M: Nathan and Vinícius, welcome! I'm excited to delve into the inspiring journey of Racing Stars and explore how this incredible concept evolved into a remarkable success story, catching the attention of industry leaders like SiGMA and Ikigai.

N: Years ago, we noticed a flaw in UK horse race betting. If one’s selected horse failed to place or win, the entire wager was invalidated. To address this, we introduced a point-based scoring system to keep participants engaged throughout the race day, regardless of individual outcomes. Our system ensures continuous entertainment and a chance to win in every race. This concept formed the foundation of our company.

Initially, we focused on a low-stakes platform for day-long enjoyment. Over time, we expanded to include a B2B component with a slightly different model. However, the core essence of our concept remains unchanged – transforming the flawed accumulated system into a dynamic pointbased scoring system.

V: Our involvement with Racing Stars began when they emerged victorious in the pitch competition back in 2021. What caught SiGMA's attention was the fact that Racing Stars offered a truly distinctive product. Furthermore, the team's exceptional pitching skills and ability to address any investor concerns played a significant role in piquing our interest.

This combination of a unique offering and an impressive pitch ultimately led to our involvement with the company. We recognized the potential and believed in the vision that Racing Stars had put forth, and that's how our partnership came to be.

M: Racing Stars is renowned for its commitment to engagement, responsibility, and fun. Nathan could you please elaborate on how Racing Stars achieves equilibrium between these three core values?

N: Initially, we set small entry limits for responsible gameplay in Racing Stars, distinguishing us from others focused on maximising entries and stakes. As the game shifted to a free-to-play model, player competition remained strong. Our point scoring system fuels their drive to outperform friends, resulting in frequent logins.

Our scoring system surpasses others by considering starting prices and finishing places. It encourages diverse choices, such as underdogs, creating a more engaging experience. A 10-to-1 horse win earns 50 points (5x multiplier), while a favourite at 2-to-1 only yields 10 points. This dynamic scoring keeps players deeply involved and excited throughout the game.

在这场独家的炉边谈话中,我们邀请到两位来自娱乐、技 术和投资领域的杰出人士——Ikigai Ventures投资合伙 人Vinícius de Carvalho以及Racing Star的联合创始人

Nathan Tompson,他们接受了SiGMA集团Matthew Calleja的访问。跟随我们一同深入了解他们的见解和经验, 获得塑造当今行业趋势和机会的宝贵知识。

M:Nathan和Vinícius,欢迎两位!我很高兴能深入了解 Racing Star鼓舞人心的旅程,同时探讨令人惊艳的概 念最终如何被写成如此令人瞩目的成功故事,并吸引像 SiGMA和Ikigai这样的行业领导者的注意。

N:多年前,我们注意到英国赛马博彩的一个缺陷。如果一 个人所选的马匹没有位置或获胜,那么整个赌注就会失 效。为了解决这个问题,我们引入以分数为基础的评分系 统,不管个人结果如何,参与者在比赛日整天都能参与其 中。我们的系统确保提供持续的娱乐性,且每场比赛都有 机会获胜。这一概念形成了我们公司的基础。

最初,我们专注提供一个低额赌注的平台,用户可以享受全天 的服务。随着时间推移,我们扩展到纳入B2B部分,模式略有 不同。然而,我们概念的核心本质仍然没有改变——将不完善 的累积系统转变为基于分数的动态计分系统。

V:我们与Racing Stars的合作始于2021年,他们在当年的擂 台赛中取得了胜利。Racing Stars提出了真正独特的产品,引 起了SiGMA注意。此外,该团队出色的提案技巧,以及回应所 有投资者问题的能力,更大大令我们感到耳目一新。

独特的产品结合令人印象深刻的提案技巧,最终促使我们参 与该公司的成长。我们认知到Racing Stars公司的潜力,并相 信其提出的愿景终将成真,我们的合作关系也就此诞生。 M:Racing Stars其对参与度、责任心和乐趣的重视广 为人知。Nathan,您能详细介绍一下Racing Stars是 如何在这三个核心价值之间取得平衡的吗? N:最初,为了确保负责任的游戏,我们对Racing Stars游戏 设置了小额的参赛限制,这有别于其他目标将入场费与赌额 拉到最大的公司。接下来,游戏风气转向免费游戏模式,但 玩家的竞争依然激烈。我们的计分系统激发了玩家试图超 越朋友的好胜心,他们也因而频繁登录游玩。

我们的计分系统更胜于其它系统的特点,在于将起始价格 和最终名次列入考虑。系统鼓励多样化的选择,如不被看 好的赛驹,进而创造一个更有吸引力的体验。赔率1比10 的马匹如获胜,玩家可获得50分(5倍),而1比2的热门马 匹只会为玩家产生10分计分。这种动态的计分方式使玩家 在整个游戏过程中保持深度参与和兴奋之情。

M:让我们从被投资人和投资者的角度深入了解你们合作的 具体细节。能否请您分享该合作关系如何展开的更多细节,以 及哪些特殊面向使这样的合作成为对双方都有利? V:投资面有许多需要考虑的因素,包括被投资方处 于其发展历程中的哪个阶段。当SiGMA和Ikigai注意 到Racing Stars的潜力时,公司处在种子阶段——而 早期投资需要的是灵活性。我们专注于三个因素:市


“This combination of a unique offering and an impressive pitch ultimately led to Ikigai’s involvement with Racing Stars. We recognized the potential and believed in the vision that Racing Stars had put forth, and that’s how our partnership came to be.” – Vini “独特的产品结合令人印象深刻的提案技巧,最终 促使我们参与该公司的成长。我们认知到Racing Stars公司的潜力,并相信其提出的愿景终将成真, 我们的合作关系也就此诞生。” ——Vini

107 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 Q&A |

M: Let's delve into the specifics of your collaboration from both the investee's and the investor's perspectives. Could you please share more details about how this collaboration unfolded and the unique aspects that make it a mutually beneficial endeavour?

V: When it comes to investing, there are numerous factors to consider, including the stage at which the investee is positioned in their journey. When SiGMA and Ikigai discovered Racing Stars, it was during the seed phase. Investing early requires flexibility. We focus on three factors: market size, team evaluation, and unique ideas. These signs indicate a promising seed-stage company.

N: Winning the startup competition in Malta back in November 2021 was a pivotal moment for us. It not only provided a significant boost to our business but also opened doors to remarkable opportunities. Securing investment from Ikigai was a game-changer, giving us the necessary resources to fuel our growth.

In addition, gaining access to Sigma events, like the one in Dubai a few months ago, proved to be immensely beneficial. It allowed us to forge valuable connections and establish fruitful partnerships within the B2B landscape. The ongoing support we receive from Ikigai has been instrumental in our progress.

To be honest, we owe a great deal of our success to them. Ikigai was the first venture capital firm to believe in our vision and come on board. Their unwavering support and guidance have played a crucial role in propelling us to where we stand today.

V: On this note, one of the aspects we actively pursue is providing founders with valuable exposure and opportunities to showcase their expertise. We promote startups in industry events, showcasing them through panels and pitch competitions. It brings publicity and highlights their achievements organically.

Our goal is to include Racing Stars in all our pitch competitions. They were part of the Dubai event and will be featured in Brazil and Manila. It benefits both the founders and us. They bring valuable experience to the judging panel, while gaining publicity.

This collaboration showcases the quality we seek in our pitch competitions. Racing Stars is an exemplary startup that represents our standards. They serve as a prominent example of our selection process and provide valuable insights as panel participants. It's a mutually beneficial relationship, with Racing Stars gaining exposure and us gaining validation.

M: Before we wrap up this discussion, I'd love to hear from both of you what exciting prospects lie ahead?

N: Exciting news! We're about to launch an upgraded version of our game in the UK, followed by global expansion. The anticipation is high, and we're thrilled to offer an enhanced gaming experience worldwide.

Furthermore, we're thrilled to announce a monumental partnership with Racing League in July. This major B2B collaboration opens doors for future opportunities with affiliates and operators. Our horse racing expertise will provide low acquisition costs and high player retention. Overall, we're excited about these developments and the positive impact they will have on our company's growth and success.

V: Our investment strategy focuses on discovering new avenues for delivering unique gaming experiences and engaging untapped audiences. Just as social media platforms have evolved, we seek companies that can captivate audiences with fresh perspectives.

Sigma's growth includes expanding from two to six events annually, with plans for seven next year, providing startups exposure to diverse regions. We leverage our growth to help our portfolio companies flourish in new markets. Our investment strategy revolves around innovative gaming experiences, targeting new audiences, and supporting the development of our portfolio companies.

场规模、团队评估和想法的独特性,可以从这些迹象 看出一家种子阶段的公司是否具有发展前途。

N:回望2021年11月,赢得马耳他初创企业比赛对我们来说是 个关键时刻。这不仅为我们的业务提供了巨大的推动力,而且 还为我们打开了非凡的机会之门。Ikigai的投资给了我们必要 的资源来推动业务发展,使我们不同于往昔。

此外,我们也获得参加SiGMA活动的机会,如几个月 前在迪拜举行的活动,最终,我们证明了这样的机会 非常有益。活动使我们能够在B2B领域形成宝贵联 系,并建立丰硕的伙伴关系。而Ikigai为我们提供不 断地支持,对我们的发展也起到了重要作用。

说实话,我们的成功在很大程度上归功于Ikigai。Ikigai是第一 家相信我们的愿景,并加入我们的风险投资公司。他们坚定不 移的支持和指导是推动我们取得现阶段成就的关键力量。

V:关于这方面,我们积极追求的其中一个面向是为初 创企业的创始人提供重要的曝光和机会,向外界展示 他们的专业知识。我们举办行业活动推广初创企业, 通过座谈和提案比赛作为他们的展示平台,这样做带 来了宣传效益,自然而然地突出他们的成就。

我们的目标是将Racing Stars纳入我们所有的初创企业擂 台中。他们加入了迪拜活动,同时也将参加巴西和马尼拉 活动。这对创始人和我们都有好处——他们的加入为评审 团带来了宝贵的经验,同时获得了宣传机会。

这样的合作也显示了我们对初创企业擂台中重视的质 量。Racing Stars是一个模范创业公司,体现了我们的标准。 他们是我们选拔过程中十分亮眼的案例,通过作为评审团成 员,提供具有参考价值的意见。这是互惠互利的关系,Racing Stars获得了曝光,而我们则有实务验证。

M:在结束今天的讨论前,我很想听听你们 的分享,对于未来,有什么值得期待的安排?

:我们有令人兴奋的消息!我们即将在英国推出旗下游戏的 升级版,然后着眼于全球扩张。业界对我们期望很高,对于能 在全球提供加强型的游戏体验,我们也为此感到兴奋不已。 此外,还有个喜讯,我们在7月与Racing League建 立了伙伴关系,这可说是一个里程碑。这样重要的 B2B合作,将为我们打开未来与代理商和运营商合 作的契机,加上自身对赛马的专业知识,我们将得 以达成低玩家获取成以及很高的玩家保留率。

总体来说,我们非常迫不及待看到这些发展,以 及将由此衍生的公司增长与对成功积极影响。

V:我们的投资策略侧重于发现新的途径,提供独特的游戏体 验并吸引未开发受众群。正如社交媒体平台的发展曲线,我们 寻找的是那些能够以新鲜视角吸引观众的公司。

SiGMA的增长包括从每年两次扩大到六次活动,并计划明 年举办七场活动,为初创企业提供不同地区的机会。我们 利用这个品牌自身的增长,来帮助我们投资的公司在新 市场上发迹。我们的投资战略以创新的娱乐体验为核心, 瞄准新受众,并支持我们所投资公司的发展。

109 ISSUE 23 | SUMMER/AUTUMN 2023 - 2023 年夏/秋 Q&A |

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Jade was founded in 2009 and has provided cuttingedge bespoke gaming technology and solutions to top Asian casinos. Throughout the years, Jade has successfully expanded its network and gained exclusive distributorship with numerous gaming suppliers. Jade was also named Runner-up in the Global Gaming Awards – Asian Service Provider of the year.

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With MERKUR eSOLUTIONS we now created an umbrella brand that provides our B2B customers with all solution components of our 360-degree omni-gaming portfolio: From Games (edict) and Gaming Platform Solutions (bede) through Payment Solutions (epg & paylado). All of this in a modular structure to adapt to your and your customers’ requirements.

135 WHO’S WHO / 谁的谁

Mindway AI is a Danish award-winning provider of science-based solutions for automatic detection and monitoring of at-risk and problem gambling behavior. Based on artificial intelligence combined with human experts’ assessments GameScanner becomes your “Virtual Psycholgist”. Gamalyze is a new and innovative way to do self-test as a card game.

MondoGaming, with more than 15 years of experience, is a software supplier for sports betting platforms that offers the possibility to customize the product because in addition to being a supplier it is also developer, in this way it meet the needs of anyone.

Mr.Bet is one of the leaders in the iGaming industry and operates in numerous Tier1 and Tier2 countries. Our company features all major gaming providers and offers popular payment methods tailored to each country. We attract various types of traffic and work with many major affiliates in the industry. Our partners benefit from high payout rates, and we have impressive conversion rates within the industry.

NSoft is an internationally recognized supplier for the betting industry offering turnkey sports betting platform and sportsbook, a wide range of betting and casino games and betting terminals. Working with 180+ clients across 40+ countries, we created a suite of products that is easy to integrate, customizable and released lightning fast.

Okada Manila is the Philippine’s largest integrated resort, located in Entertainment City. Led by President and COO Byron Yip, the resort showcased the best of Japanese hospitality and Filipino warmth. Forbes 5-star rated for the 4th year in 2023. It is also home to the 5-star-rated the retreat spa.

137 WHO’S WHO / 谁的谁

OKTO powers digital payments for every entertainment, leisure, and gaming environment. Our unified payment platform combines real-world transactions with the most powerful payment technology to create immersive payment experiences. We improve payment interactions via frictionless digital payments by combining local knowledge, sector expertise and international capabilities, serving international markets including Brazil, Romania, Italy, Greece, Germany, the UK, and Spain.

OMEGA Systems is more than a service provider - we’re a powerful force dedicated to helping our clients to achieve their goals. As creators of innovative platform software, we empower gaming operators from all verticals to build and grow their platforms.

On Air Entertainment™, founded in 2020 and headquartered in Malta, has its first studio in Latvia with 3 more to come in Romania (Q4 ´22), Georgia (Q1 ´23), and Spain (Q1 ´ 23). On Air Entertainment™´s mission is to build innovative and customisable live casino products.

Pagsmile is an innovative payment provider company specialized in payment services and cross-border transactions in Latin America, providing payment facilities to global companies that are eager to expand throughout the region. Today, Pagsmile has more than 150 employees, distributed among its offices in Beijing, São Paulo, Mexico City, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Lima ready to attend 15+ countries.

Pascal Gaming is a unique iGaming platform that strongly displays the required tools to help businesses make a difference in the online casino world. We adopt a unique approach and aim to deliver the best service for all partners and players. Pascal Gaming offers comprehensive solutions with full back-office assistance.

139 WHO’S WHO / 谁的谁

PayBrokers is an eFX (payment service and international transaction provider) focused on the high-risk market, particularly gaming and gambling, that processes PIX payment method exclusively. Currently, PayBrokers works with over 400 merchants, being responsible for more than 1.5 million transactions per day.

PayFuture is an innovative payment gateway connector offering the ability to connect to multiple local payment solutions in global emerging markets. Via one integration PayFuture’s switch/connector function allows online merchants instant availability to the most popular payment methods per region. As internet usage grows in these regions so does the opportunity for e-commerce merchants to enter these new markets and find previously untapped markets for growth.

Payment.Center is a global payment service provider, enabling merchants to accept payments worldwide.

Founded in 2014, we serve more than 500+ merchants across different industries with more than $6B processed in annual volume.

PGS NOVA is an ambitious company with more than 27 years of experience and an honest devotion to the industry. PGS was founded in 2006, with the principal aim to develop top grade, high performance, most ergonomic automated table games for the casino industry.

Pinnacle Solution utilises 25 years of sports betting and risk management expertise to provide a complete B2B sportsbook iFrame, 24/7 service, and a dedicated Esports Hub driving new revenue for its partners. Its award-winning iFrame Solution is easy to integrate, supports multiple odds formats, 50+ currencies, 20+ languages & more.

141 WHO’S WHO / 谁的谁

PONYMUAH Games, a certified and registered firm in the British Virgin Islands, holds valid licenses from the esteemed MGA and PAGCOR. As a recognized entity, they provide serialized gaming API services with advanced R&D technology and a world-class team, ensuring unparalleled gaming experiences for global users.

PopOK Gaming is a modern iGaming content provider focusing on creating high-quality games for online casinos and providing the best entertainment. We offer an advanced portfolio of in-house developed games - slots, live casino, backed with the best graphics, sound effects and mathematical calculations.

The Quantum platform offers a world of possibilities to all those looking to break into iGaming. QG’s turnkey and white label solutions are setting the benchmark for what quality iGambling products should look like, while Quantum’s meticulously crafted portfolio showcases a curated selection of products and services that are on the cutting-edge of the iGambling frontier.

Queen Bee is the world’s leading B2B supplier of innovative visual Studio products for Live dealer content creators in broadcast, enterprise. Every day, world-leading iGaming platforms, B2B product developers, sports betting and brands trust us to supply, enrich and show content to millions of betting players across the globe.

Slotegrator is one of the iGaming industry’s leading software and business solution providers for online casino and sportsbook operators. The company develops software and integrates games and payment systems. Slotegrator also offers Telegram casino, bonus, and affiliate management systems, and provides consulting services in gambling license acquisition and business incorporation.

143 WHO’S WHO / 谁的谁

Slots Maker is a turnkey development company specializing in slot games, as well as game art and audio production. Our goal is to create innovative and enjoyable casino games that will satisfy the future needs of worldwide clients with collaborative help from our skilled and experienced team.

SmartRecruitment is a headhunting firm in the iGaming industry, primarily in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. With our team distributed across eight countries and three continents, we possess fluency in English, Hebrew, Hindi, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. We work on middle to C-level positions for both operators and providers.

SmartSoft Gaming, founded in Georgia in 2015, is a trendsetting software studio focused on delivering top-quality gaming experiences. Known for eye-catching designs and exceptional functionality, our diverse product range includes our flagship game JetX, non-traditional casino games, and slots. With a strong commitment to understanding customer needs and pursuing excellence, SmartSoft Gaming has earned its place as a leading software supplier in the industry.

SoftGamings is a leading iGaming developer since 2008, offering clients turnkey and white label casino solutions, all top game providers under a single integration, licensing and banking solutions, and more.

SOFTSWISS is an international company supplying one-stop-shop solutions for iGaming projects. The award-winning software provider holds a number of gaming licences and provides a vast product portfolio, including the Online Casino Platform, the Game Aggregator with thousands of casino games, the Affilka affiliate platform, the Sportsbook Platform and the Jackpot Aggregator. In 2013 SOFTSWISS became the first in the world to introduce a bitcoin-optimised online casino solution.

145 WHO’S WHO / 谁的谁
亚太区最大 Anti - DDoS 供应商 多云/混合云解决方案 混合型 CDN 解决方案 两岸三地/东南亚解决方案 全球最大 SSL 凭证品牌代理商 中英双语线上维运服务 全台唯一获 CNCF 认证混合云代理商

Sumsub is the one verification platform that secures every step of the user journey. With Sumsub’s customizable KYC, KYB, transaction monitoring and fraud prevention solutions, you can orchestrate your verification process, welcome more customers worldwide, meet compliance requirements, reduce costs and protect your business.

Sportradar Group AG (NASDAQ:SRAD) is a leading global technology company creating immersive experiences for fans. Sportradar covers nearly a million events annually across all major sports, providing federations, media and sportsbooks with solutions to grow their business. is a leading Affiliate Marketing company that sells quality traffic for various business verticals. Our detailed targeting, custom technology, and get-it-done approach set us apart from the general traffic market. Count on to help drive your business forward.

UltraPlay is an online casino software provider, with proven expertise in the industry, offering a white-label solution, a turnkey platform, a betting API, etc. UltraPlay is part of ODDS Group, an entity unifying five other brands - among which,, NFT Pay, and

Uplatform is a cutting-edge sports betting and casino platform with outstanding sports, esports, and casino collection coverage. We provide an incredibly comprehensive sportsbook with a wide range of events, markets, and features. We also offer powerful localization tools to ensure commercial success.

147 WHO’S WHO / 谁的谁
www.p o p o kga m i n g.c o m

VBET, powered by the award-winning tech giant BetConstruct, is a global betting platform with thousands of sports markets, casino slots, live casino, poker, eSports, and other online games. With 20 years of history, VBET aims to provide an innovative and secure environment for users to enjoy their betting experience responsibly.

Velvix offers casino operators a new experience for their players in both cabinet and slot gaming technology. Velvix is a champion of new game play, offering software and services that meet the needs of casino operators through direct connection of expert game developers and end-users.

Over 8000 games on and with over 160 game providers. With rich gamification tools including Battle of Slots, and dedicated customer service. Videoslots is a leader in providing safe and entertaining gaming experience.

Vivo Gaming is a market-leading supplier of high-end online gaming software solutions. It has established well over a dozen live dealer studios since its start and boasts a diverse range of its own live casino games. Vivo Gaming offers cutting-edge tools including data feed API and customized products.

WeAreGame offers iGaming software and content solutions that allow operators to enter or expand into emerging markets quickly and easily. Their platform, featuring over 75 providers and 6400+ games, is fully scalable and includes white label and managed services options. WeAreGame enables operators to build their own casino, sportsbook, lottery, fantasy, or poker business precisely how they envision it.

149 WHO’S WHO / 谁的谁

WinZir, a rising online gaming platform licensed by PAGCOR, offers a fun, fair, and safe betting experience with a wide variety of games, including sportsbook, e-bingo, live casino and virtual games. The platform boasts fast withdrawals, automated deposits, and 24/7 live chat support.

Xprizo is a pioneering financial ecosystem empowering unserviced communities. We revolutionise access and delivery of financial services through our platform. Our innovative solutions cater to individuals and businesses traditionally excluded from the mainstream financial system, providing them with opportunities for growth and financial inclusion. Join us on our mission to transform lives.

Zenex token is the main element of the financial ecosystem created specifically for the igaming industry. With ZNX businesses can make and accept payments in any convincing way - Zenex provides liquidity for 300+ currencies, crypto and fiat. ZNX token is also a stable traffic solution, that provides a steady flow of clients for iGaming platforms due to the marketing mechanics and the unique Stake2Win concept.

ALIZE Representative

Zenith, Asia’s leading iGaming company, provides all the answers to enhance your iGaming business growth. With OneAPI (Aggregator), ALIZE (Mini games), all the trending products with competitive rates, and iGaming solutions, you can connect the world of iGaming with the ultimate entertainment experience.

Zitro, founded in 2007 by Johnny Ortiz, is the world leader in Video Bingo. In 2016, it introduced multi-game and multi-progressive slots, expanding globally. With a constantly renewed game library and a wide selection of cabinets, Zitro drives growth for casino operators and provides an exciting experience for players.

151 WHO’S WHO / 谁的谁


1XBET is an international bookmaker with over 10 years of experience. We offer casino games, slots and live casino products from world-leading providers. We offer an in-house agent scheme and an affiliate program, and support more than 250 payment solutions from all over the world.

Customer Support is available in 30 languages, 24/7.

313 Slot

313Slot is a leading platform for the iGaming industry. With the rapid rise of the Brazilian gaming industry, 313Slot offers a wide range of solutions to help entrepreneurs quickly gain market share. The white-label solution offers over 5,000 tailor-made games and powerful features and tools, including in-house flexible agents› system, customizable promotion & bonus engine, fast deposit & withdrawal, as well as advanced analytics and risk management.

BetConstruct is a global technology and services provider for the gaming industry, offering its innovative gaming solutions, including Sportsbook, casino, Esports, etc. BetConstruct has a strong presence in the ASEAN market and continues to expand its offerings to meet the evolving needs of its customers in the region.

Bigpayz is a payment platform offering the ability to connect multiple local payment solutions for Online Gaming Platform with over 15 year›s experience. Online Gaming Platform integrate Bigpayz with unique simple integration to access popular payment methods to each region.


Work with Brazil’s fastest growing casino brand that is changing the industry forever. Why partner up with Blaze? Loyal players. A developed casino experience that is designed to increase each players’ lifetime. Market leading conversion. Visitors become players. We call it the best door in the business. Well known brand. We are partnered with Neymar Jr and leading soccer teams in Brazil.

153 WHO’S WHO / 谁的谁


Clickadu is a multi-format advertising network with many years of expertise and specialization in digital marketing. Our goal is to provide our partners with 360 monetizations and ad coverage. All of this is within one complete infrastructure. Operating Since 2014.


DSTGAMING is a software solution provider specializing in iGaming Market, with more than 10 years of experience in the iGaming industry. We offer White Label Online Casino Software, Games Aggregator API, Marketing Tools, Casino Games Development and Payment Solutions to clients across the globe.


For over a decade GamingSoft has led the iGaming industry. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including full-featured white label casino solution, API integration solution, payment solution, big data analytics, and casino game development. Our clients enjoy exclusive opportunities and insights through our vast business network.


iMoon is a dynamic game developer that creates innovative and exciting games to offer players an unparalleled gaming experience. We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of iGaming with cutting-edge visuals, immersive gameplay and stunning graphics. Our focus is on delivering quality entertainment whilst ensuring fairness and transparency.


Leading online casino software developer, renowned for the Fish Shooting Games in Asia. We offer a wide range of highly engaging online casino game series with reliable services. Discover a plethora of iGaming games with JDB Gaming, including thrilling Slot Games, exciting Fish Shooting Games, engaging Bingo, and more!

155 WHO’S WHO / 谁的谁


Providing 360 degrees solutions for your success in the Japanese market.


K7 inverse correct score client traffic pool is a cross-generation product combined with entertainment.


KORIMS is a cloud services provider based in Manila, Philippines. We have a professional team of experts in different fields to provide our customers with a wide variety of cloud services, CDN, AntiDDoS, and global IDCs.


Linebet is an international betting company that provides the best gaming experience possible. Our website has pre-match and live markets, casino games, slots, live casino products from providers with in-house solutions.


MEGAWIN is a well-known game software developer in Asia. Our professional online game R&D team, are committed to the innovation and improvement of game technology. We create high-quality and win-win new entertainment business. The goal is to become the world›s leading online leisure and entertainment service brand.

Oriental Wallet

The e-wallet solution for your digital transactions. Experience convenience, security, and seamless payments like never before. With Oriental Wallet, you can effortlessly manage your money, make purchases, and send/receive payments anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to traditional hassles and embrace a new era of effortless financial transactions.

157 WHO’S WHO / 谁的谁

Regium Finance offers a unique scope of payment solutions for online merchants. Alternative Payment Methods, Card Acquiring Services, Crypto Processing, OCT Payouts, P2P Payments – you name it, we’ve got it! Truly wide selection of payment methods, amazingly high conversion rates, and solid as a rock settlements –that is all about Regium Finance.


Soft2Bet is a casino and sportsbook platform provider and operator group offering casino and sports betting options. With four major licenses, Soft2Bet supports over ten projects, including CampoBet, YoyoCasino, LightCasino, ZulaBet, Cadabrus, and Betinia. The company boasts over 60 developed websites, 8,000+ games, 120 providers, and 150 payment providers.

TC Gaming

TCGaming has more than 15 years of actual combat experience, providing extremely fast website building and customised services, and has firmly taken root in Southeast Asia and is looking to Central and South America. TCGaming also develops lottery games, covering popular lottery games in many countries, and provides game API services, accessing the most abundant game manufacturers and types at one time.

Titan Group is one of the top game provider around South East Asia market. Products and Services provided by Titan Group includes Game Provider, White Labels, Affiliates, and Payment Gateway. Certified by MGA license. Titan Group is ready to step into the global market, and will expand its presence globally.


VG Entertainments has been providing services since 2014, focusing on diversified online poker games, which offers sustainable and respectable income to various operation platforms. Monthly business transaction has been over 10 billion (RMB). Based on completed numeral system, stable systems architecture, advanced hardware deployment, 7*24 hours technical support, we are offering tens of thousands of players a fair, real and exciting game experience.

159 WHO’S WHO / 谁的谁
Digital Edition
The Manila Times on any device. Its digital edition, which is an exact replica of the paper edition, can be accessed online, any time, anywhere, using the mobile app or browser. @TheManilaTimes @TheManilaTimes themanilatimesonline The Manila Times themanilatimes The Manila Times The Manila Times Podcasts


Waliyouxi offers chess games, live casino, sports, slots and lottery. Now we have obtained more than 100 thousand simultaneous online users, which makes us the leading game provider at the same time. Furthermore, our games are thoroughly tested by GLI, bmm, ga and backed with stable behaviour and reliable mathematics.

World Entertainment

A Live Dealer provider, boasting the industry›s largest advance complex that empowers casino operators to achieve success. Our state-of-the-art facility, spanning over 12,000 square meters, offers an array of services from branded casino decor to private live shows and custom events, ensuring that any casino operator can dominate the market.


Explore our exclusive customization service with XGamebet Asia. Pick your own design and create your 100% customizable casino website. Speedy integration, excellent after-sales service support 24/7 and Cloud Solution support secured for all applications. Various payment solutions are available.

Z-Gaming Asia

Ready to launch your own online gaming brand? Our White Label Platform is the perfect solution. We provide a fully customizable, turnkey solution that includes player management, payment processing, & an extensive game library. With our comprehensive support & expertise, you can focus on growing your brand while we take care of the rest.

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The Intelligent network where the technology decision-makers/CIOs share their thought Leadership across industries. We are the Navigator for Enterprise Solutions On our Knowledge Platform, They Deliberate The Critical Market Challenges AnCurrent Technological Trends Across Industries. We are the Voice of CIOs For Marketing Queries Email: Scan QR code to visit our website



AffPapa is the ultimate iGaming directory connecting affiliates and operators for a fruitful partnership. With built-in features and services designed to help both parties navigate through the iGaming industry, AffPapa directory boasts 1300+ affiliates and 250+ operators. AffPapa also hosts AffPapa iGaming Awards and iGaming Club series of networking events.


ALLINMEDIA is full of the latest news in the gambling industry, ALLINMEDIA is based in Hong Kong and Macao with a globa perspective. ALLINMEDIA’s website falls under Marketing and Technology, and is the first information website focusing on Macao’s gambling industry news in the four regions of the Taiwan Straits, reporting gambling-related news in an all-round way, closely following the development direction of Macao’s gaming policy, collecting the latest news and offers from online investment, analyzing the trend of major gambling stocks, and providing information on Macao’s food, drinking, and casino discounts, helping website users to return home with a full load.


Bitcoin World is a leading media publication bringing the latest happenings in the Blockchain and crypto space. BitcoinWorld is a leading media publication bringing the latest happenings in the Blockchain and Crypto Space. We are the fastest-growing Crypto News & Media Platform since 2020. We are a Google News-approved publication, and all our news posts appears in Google News. Our team of journalists curate simplified content to inform and educate the community about the intricacies and advantages of the Crypto and Blockchain space.


Founded in 2014 by a group of crypto enthusiasts and specialists in digital advertising and marketing, Bitmedia was meant to fill the needs of crypto businesses and crypto websites. Having been in the space from the ground up, we have managed to collect a large number of unique highly targeted audiences from more than 7000 crypto related websites. Our solution opens a large scope of opportunities for publishers to efficiently monetize their audience as well as gain much control over their advertising incomes.

163 MEDIA PARTNERS / 媒体合作伙伴


Block Tides is a multi-awarded public relations and marketing firm that helps businesses and organizations tell their story in the most creative way possible. Our team of seasoned professionals are highly experienced in all aspects of public relations, including media relations, event planning, crisis communications, social media, and more. We understand that no two stories are alike, and that’s why we are committed to working with our clients to create tailored messaging that resonates with their core audience.


Bo-chuang Group (BCDB), established in 2019, is a renowned online media platform. It offers business information and trading services worldwide. As the group evolves and its systems mature, Bo-chuang collaborates with various businesses to provide comprehensive and high-quality services, including industry trend analyses on global payments, cryptocurrency, and more.


Boniu Community is the first community that integrates local life and professional exchanges to solve users’ daily problems, improve business capabilities for practitioners, and achieve greater growth and more income. It also provides accurate flow of brand marketing for the majority of businesses in the industry, increasing turnover and brand promotion.


Betting headlines ( is a highly intelligent gaming news information APP application, tracking the latest gaming platform trends, covering gaming company information, Asian gaming network dynamics, and intelligently pushing gaming information. The gaming news you created is the gaming headlines.


We are the fastest growing decentralized Crypto hub and web3 media company. Of the community , for the community and by the community, Cilllionaire is a bridge between the Web2 and Web3 community and we are on a mission to work towards educating the masses on Blockchain and how it’s going to exert its impact on the future.

165 MEDIA PARTNERS / 媒体合作伙伴


CIOReview is one of the leading print magazines in the US. It is the knowledge platform where C-suite executives deliberate on critical market challenges and current technological trends across industries. We are a unique magazine because all our contributors are senior executives from the industry.


Coinpedia is a trusted cryptocurrency, event, and information service agency for blockchain technology and the overall digital assets. Moreover, this is an entirely independent platform that covers blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralized applications. And much other crypto information from the next generation web. We welcome press-release, blockchain events, ICOs, News Tips, Crypto DEX guide, Tracking tools, and information on other crypto startups. By analyzing the growth of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency involvement, Also, we are sharing the latest crypto trends, frequent blockchain & bitcoin updates.


CoinPost is the Japanese cryptocurrency & blockchain media platform. It is the largest crypto news outlet and Japan’s largest crypto asset (virtual currency). CoinPost is located in Tokyo and Japan. We introduce crypto breaking news, market analysis, interviews, altcoin education contents, tutorials for beginners, and other topics related to cryptocurrency.


CoinsPaid is a crypto-financial ecosystem including a cryptocurrency wallet, payment processor, exchange with OTC desk, a hot wallet system for businesses, pay & accept payments in cryptocurrency, store & exchange Bitcoin & other digital currencies. Our mission is to bring joy and simplicity to the world of crypto payments. Our goal is to provide smooth cryptocurrency payment solutions in synergy with the traditional economy. We help online businesses operate globally because crypto payments are borderless.


СoinsPaid Media is an online edition for an audience that is interested in cryptocurrencies and their active use in life and business. We publish news, useful articles on how to understand and use cryptocurrency, life hacks on how to save, invest, and protect your funds, and how to use CoinsPaid’s ecosystem products. We also include author columns from experts in various related specialities.

167 MEDIA PARTNERS / 媒体合作伙伴


A Full Spectrum of iGaming Software and Content Solutions



Dedicated to the vibrant Web 3.0 industry, Crypto OGs is illuminating remarkable projects and individuals in the blockchain space and reshaping this realm. Guided by the visionary host, Andres Meneses, leveraging his content creation prowess from Colombia, Crypto OGs unleashes the best from their global guests. Honored as the Web 3 Podcast Of The Year 2023 at the esteemed AIBC EurAsia Summit, Crypto OGs sets the standard for podcasting excellence.


Focus Gaming News is a media group that produces a daily digital newspaper aimed at international gaming executives. This insightful communication tool is monthly visited by more than 100,000 readers around the world and delivers up-to-date news from the gaming and iGaming business. The newsletter is received by more than 20,000 subscribers and it features news on regulation, legislation, casino, sports betting and online gaming, as well as reports on the latest products and trends, interviews with key specialists, and more.


Forkast was started in 2018 with a simple premise: Technology should be understood by the people it will impact most. At Forkast, we believe that the story of technology will shape the dynamics of a global economy in the near future. And in fact, it already has. Forkast brings you stories and analysis on emerging technology at the intersection of business, economy, and politics. Our mission is to help you understand Asia’s role in this global story of technology innovation.


G3 is a global media channel supplying news, market research, expert opinions, and data to the international gaming community. G3 encompasses a monthly print and digital magazine, daily gaming news service, podcasts, and support Apps for both magazine and news delivery. G3’s Wire emailer is a tri-weekly news update, while Pulse delivers articles, features, and opinions in a bi-weekly format that includes a popular podcast series.


Gambling Insider is the must-read bi-monthly magazine and daily news website for the global gaming industry. Covering key issues affecting the online and land-based sectors in each region, the publication entertains as well as informs the world’s leading operators, suppliers, affiliates, legal experts and regulators with agenda-setting news, in-depth analysis and crucial data.

169 MEDIA PARTNERS / 媒体合作伙伴


GGRAsia is a news website about the Asian sector of the casino industry. It takes its name from a phrase instantly recognisable to the casino investment community – ‘gross gaming revenue’. The website is open to all and includes daily updates of casino news from around the Asia Pacific region, plus feature and background stories. Subscribers that sign up for the free newsletter will receive a daily alert of the top stories.


Gioconews is a very full gaming network with a monthly review of 100 pages. Its branch office is in Italy, but it has an international delivery because the magazine is a bilingual one, in Italian and in English version. It also has an online daily paper ( It is the point of reference for the gambling industry, with also two other specific online daily news dedicated to the Poker and Casino worlds. Gioconews gives big attention to the gaming world and to the worlds connected with it (politics, economy, business, technology, design, fashion).


Hot Games, established in 1996, is a reputable coin-op and gaming magazine publisher in Asia. Hot Games can introduce several best manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters & importers for the coin-op industry and gaming industry. At Hot Games we don’t sell products, we build relationships. We are not product oriented but customer oriented. We can introduce several best manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters & importers for gaming and amusement industries.


Huidu, is a global enterprise service platform integrating business resources.Huidu provides: software development, brand marketing, payment channels, human resources, investment and financing, which are from product development and launch and traffic gain and realisation, and covers enterprises and project parties, efficiently empowering operation and growth.


The International Betting Integrity Association is the leading global voice on integrity for the licensed betting industry. Our members share a common goal of combating betting corruption to protect the integrity of sport and of their businesses. Established in 2005 and formerly known as ESSA (Sports Betting Integrity), we are a not-for-profit association whose members include many of the world’s largest regulated betting operators, active across six continents. Members undergo a rigorous due diligence process and must adhere to our code of conduct committing them to responsible betting practices.

171 MEDIA PARTNERS / 媒体合作伙伴

iGaming NEXT is a content-driven conference company that focuses on both in-person and online events. Our main aim is to keep professionals and enthusiasts updated about the iGaming world and the industries surrounding it, such as investment, tech, blockchain, and many others.


ISA-CASINOS is one of the largest European internet platforms on the subject of gambling. The Internet boom in the 90s spawned countless business ideas. For many companies, the Internet hype did not last long, and they quickly disappeared from the market. Only a few have survived because they were able to assert themselves with quality. ISA-CASINOS is still working successfully today and can look back on 15 years of company history.


InterGame Ltd is the world’s leading publisher of coin-operated amusements and gaming industry news, comments and analysis. Our stable of print and digital publications includes InterGame, the authoritative monthly magazine for the international coin-operated amusements industry; InterGaming, the must-read monthly for the global casino industry and iNTERGAMINGi, the definitive magazine for the burgeoning i-gaming sector. We also produce InterFun, for the pay-to-play children’s entertainment sector, and the InterGame Directory, an annual review of all gaming sectors, which includes a comprehensive directory of manufacturers and suppliers.


Our group has two media companies: De Ficção Projectos Multimedia and Global Asia Media Ltd. which publishes the Macau Business magazine and its Chinese language sister publication Business Intelligence, and luxury lifestyle online platform Essential Macau. Macau News Agency, the 1st independent news agency in Macau, and, the video news source are available in


The Manila Times is a national daily newspaper in the Philippines that delivers trusted, quality content in print and digital editions. It is the oldest extant English-language newspaper in the Philippines founded in 1898.


ONLINECASINO SG is a premier digital platform specializing in online marketing and promotions for top Asian brands. It serves as a comprehensive guide, providing users with valuable insights, expert reviews, and attractive deals to enhance their online gaming experience. Since 2021, OnlineCasino-SG magazine is focus on online casinos in Singapore. We cover everything you need to know about getting started with online casino, where to play, how to play.


Class is now in session! The leading channel for crypto reviews and international blockchain event media coverage. Take advantage of «Crypto Classes» that feature content based around Crypto Reviews, NFTs, Metaverse, and Web 3.0. We take pride in being an International Media Partner for Blockchainbased events worldwide.


PSPBox is a pioneering online marketplace for payment solutions that operates globally. It is the first of its kind in the world. Our revolutionary platform streamlines the user experience, allowing merchants to easily search and directly connect with payment solutions that cater to their unique requirements. As a result, payment solutions are made more accessible and efficient worldwide.


Soloazar is a digital newspaper specialized in the gambling industry. For 18 years, more than 17,000 subscribers receive daily breaking news about the sector through the newsletter in its two versions: Latin America (in Spanish) and International (in English), whichc also features coverage of all the most important events.


TGCDA is the most influential group in Taiwan’s game industry. It is committed to promoting the development of the game market and a good industry image. The association provides diversified industrial instant news and various cooperation resources channels for members.

173 MEDIA PARTNERS / 媒体合作伙伴

TheCoinRepublic is a leading Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency and altcoin News Provider aim to provide its readers with the latest Cryptocurrency news and updates. A one-stop solution for information and news related to Cryptocurrency. We are dedicated to bringing impartial news, inside and out investigation on every news, cryptocurrency price analysis and updates and most insightful content for our readers.


XS Multimedia is a multi-awarded multimedia agency based in Manila, Philippines. Founded in 2011, the company is notable for its comprehensive 360 marketing solution for businesses of all sizes, utilizing the advertising industry through traditional and disruptive mediums like animation, digital, PR, and guerilla activation. Always gritty, always brutally creative.

Zona de Azar® is a News Clipping with information about Gambling, eSports, Poker, and Sports Betting. Its aim is to provide a summary of all the news published in the most influential media outlets worldwide, sending it to over 12,005 ACTIVE subscribers via email, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It offers a curated selection of the most important updates, analyzed and summarized, allowing you to stay informed in one place, «much more in much less time.» Our concept is simple: we read all the news for you and tell you briefly what’s new. Zona de Azar® defines itself as an editorial company with an unconventional editorial team, supported by algorithms, excellent positioning, and a professional approach based on experience and knowledge.

Web3TV shares inspiring stories of all things web 3.0 making a difference to the world! Each week we’ll share great videos, interviews with experts, AMA’s, Opportunities and how to sessions all designed to help you overcome all of the crypto jargon that’s out there, so that you can decide if and how it can benefit you, your business, your students & your investment goals. Whether it’s Blockchain, Metaverse, NFTs, Tokens, Gamefi, Defi, Dapps, DAOS and everything else associated with Web 3.0…we’ve got you covered! We look forward to sharing inspiring stories of all things web 3.0, making a difference to the world.


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UCpay provides multiple financial services like acquiring, issuance and wallet service. We offer multiple financial services for individuals and corporates. We give our users an option to load USDT and remit in other currencies. UCpay is based in Canada and has around 150 employees.

Venatus is a Gaming company in the Philippines which converts hobbies, skills, and experience in playing games into profit through selling in-game assets, gaming services and GameFi. We hire gaming professionals, train them, and enable them to play the best games in the market to serve both the gaming company and its players. We also groom talented and highly skilled professionals for International tournaments and eSports.

We are a revolutionary fantasy gaming platform offering innovative game modes for cricket and football. Recently launched in India, we are soon targeting a launch in UK as well. Credexon fuses unique stock market ideas such as IPOs, Options, and Trading in the world of fantasy sports while also breaking down the barriers of and enhancing the popular traditional fantasy offerings (contests and prize pools). We are a one stop for all sports fans with added power, control, influence, and engagement for the users.

Online legal solutions platform that offers ease of access to, and delivery of, legal services. We have 4 products. free initial legal assessment by lawyer crowdsourcing, pre-paid online legal consultation with lawyer-client matching algorithm, and free crowdsourcing of lawyer proposals for legal works delivery with escrow system, and chatbot AI-ML legal document assembly.

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Wizher is a digital laundry management platform designed to revolutionize operations and enhance the laundry experience for shop owners and customers. Our comprehensive suite of features includes machine control, smart access systems, payments, item inventory, customer engagement, reports, and theft prevention.

MoonHoldings is a multi-chain web3 portfolio management dashboard, giving users the ability to track their crypto and NFT portfolio as well as use defi. It’s also a competitive portfolio comparison platform, where pseudonymous users can see how they perform vs their peers and even select assets.

We are developing a Steam-like platform for Web3 games that has a stabilising mechanism for all games published in the platform. The stabilizing mechanism guarantees that any in-game premium currencies will remain stable and unaffected by external market conditions. We are also developing a few games to launch on the platform - 6-8 arcade/casual games and 2 mid-core games by the end of the year.

Network is a DeFi Referral Protocol. We help launch a smart contract-based referral program for DeFi in one day. This usually gives +30% liquidity. We do smart contract based totally decentralized protocol. It’s more safe and transparent. DeFi protocols can’t vote for using centralized solutions in their marketing.


We have already built a unique strategy and have a working MVP product. However, non of those have our strategy - The Gap 3.5 which is a combination of three factors: momentum, the consolidation of support and resistance zones calculated across multiple time frames and a risk management algorithm. Our algorithm proved to be profitable in bear, bull and swing markets.

A blockchain-based company developing products with a decentralized ecosystem of services and apps, like our wallet ecosystem, designed for businesses and regular people who will gain access to an easy borderless market reach while maintaining asset confidence once they are equipped with our crypto payment infrastructure.

Webmint provides no code tools that help brands create NFT-backed experiences for their customers. This includes creating NFTs with e-mail and credit card enabled infrastructure as well as white-labeled marketplaces, token launches and tokengated commerce. We are an all-in-one platform (like the Wix or Shopify of Web3).

The Howdy Studios is a cutting-edge platform that enables users to create, manage, and showcase linkable NFT badges, revolutionising the way digital identities are represented and utilized. Designed for creators, collectors, communities, and businesses, EMBL3MS provides a seamless experience for crafting, linking, and displaying unique digital badges that amplify NFT value and foster engagement.

177 STARTUPS / 初创公司

The first omnichannel pharmacy aggregator and marketplace in the Philippines. We are working both on B2C (consumers ordering from pharmacies) and B2B (pharmacies ordering from distributors and manufacturers). We are the first marketplace in the Philippines which brings offline pharmacies to online. We allow customers to find meds, compare prices and select the pharmacy to order from.

USHER is a state-of-the-art earthquake and structural health monitoring system that enhances the safety and resilience of critical infrastructure. With advanced capabilities and user-friendly software tools, USHER enables condition-based maintenance strategies that can prevent disasters and save lives. Our target market includes building owners, engineers, and government agencies responsible for critical infrastructure. In five years, we envision USHER as the industry standard for earthquake and structural health monitoring systems.

Bllng has built-in wallets for multiple Cryptocurrencies within the account without the need to set up and manage separately and offers minimum fee for the blockchain transaction. We also offer flexible solutions with no technical background needs and Safety.


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