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Jeff Arnett

No. 7: A master of his Craft • Summer 2009

from the Grand Sage

As I prepare this letter,

the international news media remains focused on the loss of pop music icon Michael Jackson, the circumstances related to his death, and the many side stories tied to his life, family, and estate. I’m certain that this will remain prominently in the news for quite some time. I couldn’t help reflect on the fact that, amazingly, over 30 years has passed since I purchased Jackson’s critically acclaimed album “Off The Wall” and became a huge fan of his music. These last few weeks, I’ve had cause to reflect on the passage of time. Jackson’s passing did have something to do with that because of the impact his music had on me for more than a decade. His many milestone events of the 80’s, including the release of “Thriller,” his work with USA for Africa, his live performance of the moonwalk on a Motown television special, and much more, seems like only yesterday in many ways. However, from a fraternal standpoint, I’ve also been pondering the fact that I’m already at the half-way point in my term as your Grand Sage. Preparing for Sigma Pi University is, for a member of Grand Council, essentially a preparation for the midpoint of our two year term. As a result, these recent weeks have been somewhat bittersweet for me as I realize I’ll soon be measuring the balance of my term in months. Motivational speaker and author Jim Rohn once said “time is more valuable than money – you can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” This certainly rings true in my life where time is always at a premium, the demands of career are intense, and the quality time with family and friends never seems to be

| Summer 2009

enough. I can say, though, that I’ve never regretted the decision I made 30 years ago to give a portion of my time to Sigma Pi. Knowing myself, I recognize that my many interests could have caused me to take an alternate path in life that would have likely involved volunteerism but not Sigma Pi. But I can’t imagine today what my life would be like without giving back to my fraternity. The subject of giving back to Sigma Pi is certainly not new to the Emerald. Many articles have covered this over the years. Regardless, it is a subject that warrants emphasizing again. The reason is simple: we need you. Sigma Pi is always in need of volunteers. Supply will never equal demand. It is the nature of the beast when it comes to volunteerism and Sigma Pi is not unique in that regard. So, consider this another appeal to give back in some way. To the alumni reading this letter, I ask you if you had a positive fraternal experience. If so, you can play a key role in making sure that our undergraduate brothers have that same experience. We are always in search of chapter directors and alumni to serve on advisory boards. From time to time, as well, we do have a need for someone to step in and become a province archon. If your preference is to assist an alumni club or association, that’s equally important in the scheme of things in our organization. We feel strongly that undergraduates leaving their colleges/universities to pursue a career need a place to call home in Sigma Pi. Strong clubs and associations offer that place to land, facilitating our mission of making Sigma Pi the lifetime experience it is intended to be. Keeping alumni involved and connected after graduation

increases the likelihood that those alumni will give back in other ways down the road. I also feel this message applies to the undergraduates, although in a somewhat different way. In a short time, you will become alums yourselves. It’s not too soon to be thinking of how you can remain involved once you graduate. I’ve always said that my fraternal experience in Gamma-Alpha Chapter was so meaningful that I wanted to give back so others who followed me could have that same experience. I knew that I wanted to remain involved before I graduated, and I suspect many of you share those same feelings. If so, it’s not too soon to start thinking in terms of how, not whether, you’ll give back. Before I close, I want to come back around to Jim Rohn’s quote and remind you that time is a precious commodity. Putting off until a later time what you could be doing now for your fraternity risks walking away from volunteer opportunities you may not be able to later take on for one reason or another. I urge you to not procrastinate and to make that decision today. Sigma Pi will be a stronger fraternity for it, and I will be forever grateful!

Grand Sage Hakim

On the Cover:

Jeff Arnett (ET - Univ. of Tenn. - Martin ’88), Master Distiller of the world-renowned Jack Daniel’s Distillery


George Hakim Grand Sage

Member, North-American Interfraternity Conference

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Sigma Pi Fraternity was founded at Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana, on February 26, 1897. Sigma Pi has chartered more than 215 chapters in North America and has initiated over 90,000 members since 1897. The founding fathers of the Fraternity are: Rolin Rosco James (1879 - 1953), William Raper Kennedy (1877 - 1944), James Thompson Kingsbury (1877 - 1950), George Martin Patterson (1877 - 1960) Emerald of Sigma Pi Fraternity (ISSN 1074-5289, USPS 011-013) has been published since 1911. Emerald is published three times a year by Sigma Pi Fraternity, P. O. Box 1897, Brentwood, Tennessee, and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to SIGMA PI FRATERNITY, P. O. Box 1897, Brentwood, TN 37024. MEMBERS: When making an address change, please send your full name and chapter with both the old and new address to the Executive Office address below.


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Executive Office News SAM Spady Foundation names Alley as Executive Director The SAM Spady Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about alcohol poisoning, has announced the hiring of an Executive Director. Mr. Brian C. Alley (A - Vincennes ’03) was selected following an extensive and thorough search process involving several qualified candidates. “This is an exciting time for the Foundation,” said Patty Spady, the Foundation’s Board President. “We are delighted to be able to bring Brian on board in this capacity.” “He has been a valued supporter of the Foundation since its inception in 2004 and will continue to bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to our organization in this new position.” He will oversee the day-to-day business of the Foundation from an office in Newburgh, Indiana. Alley will serve as the primary contact for the Foundation, and will coordinate all speaking engagements and fundraising efforts. “I was drawn to the Foundation because of their commitment, lasting community involvement and dedication, and for their momentum in advocacy and education programs to warn parents and students on the dangers of binge drinking and the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning,” said Alley. “I am very gratified for having been selected as the Foundation’s Executive Director from a pool of highly qualified candidates,” added Alley. “I am very excited to start this new position and I look forward to working with our Board of Directors and educational institutions across the nation to keep the Foundation’s mission alive.” This September marks the fifth anniversary of the death of Samantha Spady. Since Spady’s passing, the SAM Spady Foundation has been committed to its mission to educate others and to help prevent further needless and senseless deaths due to alcohol poisoning. Since inception, the Foundation, with the help of film producer,


| Summer 2009

Barry Bortnick, has made a documentary film to educate teens and parents about the dangers of alcohol poisoning. More than 3,000 copies of the documentary, “Death by Alcohol: The Sam Spady Story,” has been distributed and played in high schools and college campuses across North America. As well as the documentary film, the Foundation has also distributed wallet size cards to nearly 500,000 individuals, which is an informational tool containing the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning. In 2006, Sigma Pi Fraternity, a men’s collegiate fraternal organization, adopted the SAM Spady Foundation as the organization’s international philanthropy. Since adoption, the Fraternity has raised awareness on alcohol poisoning by sharing Sam’s story on their campuses by the showing of the documentary, passing out wallet cards, and hosting educational workshops. “Samantha was a dear and devoted friend to Sigma Pi,” said Mark S. Briscoe, executive director for Sigma Pi Fraternity. “We cherished her friendship and choose to honor her memory by partnering with the SAM Spady Foundation.” Briscoe, who sits on the board of the SAM Spady Foundation, has been an integral part of the Foundation since its inception in 2004. “Together, we have educated the masses, informed individuals, and protected our most valuable asset with whom we have been trusted…our undergraduate members, both present and future,” added Briscoe. Along with the SAM wallet cards, Sigma Pi Fraternity has also created its own cards, similar to those of the Foundation, which it has distributed to more than 20,000 individuals across North America. On college and university campuses all across the country, misuse and abuse of alcohol is a recurring problem. Recently, the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) reported the high-risk student drinking

Sam Spady

deaths rose from 1,440 in 1998 to 1,825 in 2005. In addition, the NIAAA found the proportion of students who reported heavy episodic drinking, also called binge drinking, rose from roughly 42 percent to 45 percent. The SAM Spady Foundation has many educational presentations and workshops planned in the next year, including kicking off the year with an educational presentation at Sigma Pi Fraternity’s, “Sigma Pi University, The Tony Siress Career and Leadership Institute, which was held at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as presenting at the Virginia State School and Campus Training Forum in Hampton, Virginia. For more information, visit

Brian is scheduled to speak at the following universities: Auburn University – Sept. 14 Elon University – Sept. 17 UT San Antonio – Oct. 20 Fitchburg State College – Oct. 22 Contact infotmation: SAM Spady Foundation Post Office Box 275 Newburgh, IN 47629 Office: 812.518.0726 Cell: 812.483.6327 Fax: 877.803.7260

Executive Office News

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Sigma Pi has some amazing regional alumni volunteers that are integral parts in the entire organization’s progress. These regional volunteers, or Province Archons, oversee both undergraduate and alumni members in their area and help facilitate every aspect of our members’ fraternal lives, such as developing the young leaders of today’s chapters or organizing networking and social events for local alumni wishing to reconnect. Sigma Pi is looking for motivated alumni that are looking to give back to their organization by being a Province Archon. Below is a list of regions that are in need of a Province Archon with the local undergraduate chapters in the area: Wisconsin Wisconsin-Madison Wisconsin-Oshkosh Wisconsin-Platteville Michigan Tech Virginia William & Mary University of Virginia Old Dominion University Radford Central Pennsylvania

Penn State Indiana of Pennsylvania Penn State – Altoona Northeast Pennsylvania/Long Island Cornell Hofstra Kutztown Penn Tech Gulf Louisiana Tech Southern Arkansas

The impact that an active, dedicated alumni volunteer has on current and future generations of Sigma Pi cannot be overstated. Of our chapters that have been recognized as winning the Grand Council Award (Top 12 Chapter) since 2004, over 70% have had an alumni volunteer that was active both internationally and locally. With results such as these, it’s no surprise that there has been such a large increase in the amount of alumni wanting to volunteer! So what can a Province Archon be expected to be responsible for? Here are some of the minimum requirements: Time 2-3 hours per week, depending upon status of chapters in region and other available alumni volunteers Travel Visit each undergraduate chapter once per semester Programming Plan and hold a provincial workshop once per academic year (with the help of the Executive Office) Conference Attendance Attend 1 international event per calendar year (Mid-Year Leadership Conference, Sigma Pi University or Convocation) Communication Contact undergraduate chapter leaders, as well as Director of Volunteer Support & Alumni Services, at least once per month 4

| Summer 2009

As always, there are plenty of other opportunities to volunteer your time and experiences to Sigma Pi in your area. Every one of our members have talents and specialties that other members can benefit from and it is by working together to best utilize each other’s strong points that we all make Sigma Pi a better fraternal organization. Here are some other volunteer positions that are available on a local level: Chapter Director 2-3 hours per week. Attend weekly undergraduate Executive Council and chapter meetings. Enforce the rules and regulations of Sigma Pi and the local university. Oversee undergraduate programs, projects, membership information, and officer training. Whenever possible, attend all relevant international Sigma Pi events. Housing Advisor 2-3 hours per month. Ensure the chapter structure is compliant with local fire & safety codes. Oversee major renovations or undertakings and help coordinate future living arrangements Scholarship Advisor 1-2 hours per month. Monitor chapter and individual academic performance and organization. Work with individuals on academic goal-setting, time management, and career guidance. Recruitment Advisor 2-3 hours per month. Assist in organizing a structured recruitment process in line with university guidelines. Brainstorm with undergraduates ideas to refine future recruitment tactics and events Financial Advisor 1-2 hours per month. Guide the undergraduate treasurer in financial planning and budgeting. Assist with individual dues collection and personal financial management. Alumni Advisor 1-2 hours per month. Relay information between the alumni and undergraduate members. Help coordinate alumni events such as Homecoming and Founder’s Day Member Education Advisor 2-3 hours per month (seasonally). Aid the chapter in structuring an 8-week New Member Education process. Certify strict undergraduate adherence to the Foundation of Membership. >> ALUMNI To learn more about specific volunteer positions and the personal, professional, and fraternal benefits of volunteerism, please contact the Director of Volunteer Support & Alumni Services, A.J. Carroll at 800-332-1897 or Update us about your life . . .


New Jersey Holds 4th Annual Pledge Workshop by Justin Saponara ’02 On Saturday, March 28th, the NJ Province held the 4th Annual New Jersey Pledge Province Workshop at William Paterson University. The workshop was attended by over 100 Sigma Pi members from the New Jersey Province and neighboring schools. Several alumni volunteered to help plan this event and give presentations to the attendees. Past Grand Sage John Williams and current Grand Fourth Counselor John Michelich were the featured speakers. The New Jersey Province would like to extend special thanks to both PGS Williams and GFoC Michelich for taking the time to be with our undergraduates at the workshop. Additionally, thank you to Hays Whitlatch, the Northeast ELC, for talking about the Executive Office. The NJ Pledge Province Workshop is geared specifically towards educating new members who joined Sigma Pi from the fall 2008 and spring 2009 semesters. The workshop provides a strong knowledge base to our

newest members on Sigma Pi at the national, regional, and local levels. Topics discussed at this year’s workshop included the Sam Spady Foundation, risk management, networking with alumni, image, leadership, chapter governance, Sigma Pi University, and Convocation. While attendance of new members is mandatory, the topics presented are applicable for any active brother looking to improve himself and/or his chapter. In fact, Delta-Epsilon Sage Matthew Bartlett said, “I found the workshop to be very insightful and educational, and helped give me ideas as to how I, as sage, can help improve the Delta Epsilon chapter of Sigma Pi.” The afternoon kicked off with Sage Tony Lopez from the ThetaTau Chapter who gave those in attendance some background information on the university and the Theta-Tau chapter. GFoC John Michelich discussed what it means to be in a fraternity and shared some quotes that he gathered from undergraduates around the nation. After the workshop,

Theta-Delta new member Nicholas DiFranco said, “My favorite part of the new membership workshop was when the Grand Fourth Counselor John A. Michelich spoke. He said that members of Sigma Pi come from all walks of life. They can be black or white, democrat or republican. The brotherhood of Sigma Pi is the common thread that binds us all together. This is a powerful message and resonates greatly with me.” To close, all of the members present created a large circle and recited the Creed. Of the workshop, Theta-Delta Alumni Association president, Pete Lagregor, said, “I thought the information that was presented is invaluable to chapters new and old.  I liked the broad cross section of topics that was covered while still maintaining the common themes of brotherhood, positive image, and smart decision making.  A bonus was letting these guys know that every chapter is dealing with the same struggles.  One of the strengths of the NJ Province is that our geography

does not prevent the chapters from working together because we are all so close.” Alumni Gary Tulp, also of Theta Delta, said, ““The NJ Province Workshop was one of those rare opportunities for our newest members to learn from some of our most experienced brothers, and for all of us in between to truly appreciate the influence that Sigma Pi has had on our lives.” Of those who attended, 51 were new members and 9 were alumni. The Theta-Delta and Delta-Beta chapters sent 17 men each, while Theta-Tau had 16 men in attendance, and Zeta-Chi sent 15 undergraduate. The New Jersey Province was also pleased to have two chapters outside of the province (Kutztown and Hofstra) send men to the workshop. If anyone is interested in volunteering in the New Jersey Province, please contact Province Archon Justin Saponara at (973) 449- 7550.

Sigma Pi Fraternity is proud to announce its upcoming expansion efforts at University of Mississippi this fall and Oklahoma State University this spring. If you are interested in serving on the alumni advisory boards for either colony or know of prospective new members at these campuses, e-mail Director of Expansion Will Wojcik at


| Summer 2009

C h a p t e r C h a r t e r ing

Campus Expansion

Iota Theta Charters at Bentley University by Duane M. Cunningham Jr.

On Saturday, March 28th,

2009, in Waltham, MA the 219th chapter ever chartered by Sigma Pi Fraternity, Internstional was installed with 40 men initiated at Bentley University. Sigma Pi alumni and active brothers from all over the United States were in attendance for the weekend’s events.

Originally colonized on May 4th, 2008, after an uphill battle, it all started Fall 2006 when a group of friends became interested in starting a chapter of Sigma Pi after speaking with the Founding President of Sigma Pi at St. Joseph’s University, Matt Breslin(Theta-Chi). Eventually their dream came to fruition when 34 men became part of the colony at Bentley College. Since then the school has experienced a name change to Bentley University, hired a new Greek Advisor, and implemented new initiatives to enhance and keep current Greek Life at Bentley. Over this time the men have grown to one of the largest groups on campus, won several intramural championships, and have been identified by the Greek Advisor as a premier organization on campus; not too bad for a

group that was quite often told they would never make it. Iota-Theta is made up of student athletes, members of student government, and students consistently on the Dean’s list. It is definitely great for Sigma Pi to be at a top notch business school in the Boston area and the fact that we are there with such a great group that looks to have a long lasting presence on campus as the best makes it that much better! A special thanks goes out to Grand Third Counselor Ed Levesque(HH, Bridgewater), New England Province Archon Jeremy Boylan(HT, Fitchburg), Bentley Chapter Director Derick Rheaume(HH, Bridgewater), and Matt Breslin(QC, St. Joseph’s) for their roles in helping the group in becoming a chapter of Sigma Pi. We would also like to thank Erik Fischer, Jared Brother and Tom Dietzer of Eta-Eta Chapter at Bridgewater State as well as Jacob Hart, Kareem Thompson and Nicholas Grifford of Eta-Tau Chapter at Fitchburg State for assisting in the Chartering ceremony. We are also very thankful to Rhode Island CD Louie Junkerman(GU, Murray State)

and past staff member as well as Johnson & Wales CD Lamel Moore(HW, Johnson & Wales) for their help in making sure that the day’s events went smoothly. Lastly, thank you to all faculty, family, and dates who were in attendance for such a memorable night for these young men and our entire organization. Letters of congratulations can be sent to Sage Derrick Stimpson at: If you are interested in joining the alumni advisory board, please contact Chapter Director Derick Rheaume at: derrick.rheaume@ for more information on joining.

Chartering Team: Grand Sage: George Hakim (GA) Grand Second Counselor: Ed Levesque (HH) Grand Third Counselor: E. Andrew Morris (GU) Grand Fourth Counselor: Derrick Rheaume (HH) Grand First Counselor: Matt Breslin (QC) Grand Herald: Jeremy Boylan (HT)

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C h a p t e r C h a r t e r ing

Campus Expansion

Alpha-Chi Chapter Re-Charters at the University of Maryland by Duane M. Cunningham Jr.

On Saturday, April 25th,

2009, in College Park, Maryland, Sigma Pi Fraternity re-chartered its Alpha-Chi Chapter at the University of Maryland. AlphaChi was originally formed as a Sigma Pi colony in 1948 and was chartered on March 4th, 1949. The Chapter was closed in 1993.

Since then, we have seen several young men show interest in re-establishing Alpha-Chi at University of Maryland but these goals did not come to fruition until Maryland undergrad Justin Turcotte (’10) decided he was going to establish a new fraternity on campus after finding that pledging the existing fraternities on campus was not meant for him. Turcotte, and soon others, found that the values of Sigma Pi were in line with what they wanted to get from a fraternity and add to the University of Maryland community. Eventually, Turcotte found


| Summer 2009

enough willing young men on his campus to grow from an interest group to a colony. The hard work was by no means over but these young men did a great job taking on the challenges that came there way throughout the process. Later, Darryl Huften took over as president to see the group grow in size and become more organized. Then, current president, Ty Taborn took over to establish even better organization, expectations, and communication with the University as well as the Executive Office. Ty did a great job of really bringing everything together to prepare the colony for chartering. The group excelled academically, competed in intramurals, hosted several alumni events, established community service and philanthropy events, held regularly occurring brotherhood potluck dinners, and most recently won the Greek Week football game! Even when things got a little hectic in the days

before the chartering, the group came together to make sure everything went smoothly for their chartering. The Chartering was one to remember as it brought together Alpha-Chi’s throughout the generations, proud parents and University officials at a very nice Marriott overlooking the Maryland campus. Alpha-Chi is already preparing for the fall and looks forward to dominating recruitment, winning several intramural championships, continuing to have great community service events and

hosting more outstanding alumni events. A special thanks goes to PGH Franklin Woodbury (AI, ’65), past staff member and current Alpha-Chi faculty advisor Matt Johnson (QB, ’03), Greg Bright (AC, ’92), Ted Tuck (AC ’87) and Brian Belcourt (AC ’92) for being Shades and Travelers and their ongoing assistance with the Chapter.

Chartering Team: Grand Sage: George Hakim (GA ’78) Grand Second Counselor: James Hills (AC ’54) Grand Third Counselor: Chris Brown (GH ’81) Grand Fourth Counselor: Raymond Trythall (AC ’65) Grand First Counselor: Jay Vaden (QK ’03) Grand Herald: John Michelich (EG ’74); Frank Fryburg (Q ’49)

C h a p t e r C h a r t e r ing

Campus Expansion

Iota-Iota Charters at Montclair State University by Duane M. Cunningham Jr.

On May 2nd, 2009, 32 men were initiated into Sigma Pi’s newest chapter: Iota-Iota Chapter at Montclair State University. In just over a year these young men have grown to the largest fraternity on campus, put together great philanthropy events, given back to a not-always-so-welcoming Greek community, and set a new bar for what a fraternity is on their campus. Iota-Iota began when the University decided to open for expansion and looked to Sigma Pi to be the newest addition to the campus. After two weeks at Montclair, on April 14th, 2008, we were able to colonize with 26 young men excited to become Founding Fathers of a well established International Fraternity. At 26 men, they were already one of the largest groups on campus and with the drive they had everyone could see this was something big. Many were excited about the addition of this new organization while others were not so welcoming. The men of IotaIota did not let the hurdles bother

them. When several other groups complained about their wearing letters on campus and recruiting year round, they decided to provide the Greek community with pizza and bottled water during Greek Week as a sign of support and friendship to the other groups, regardless of their attitude. Things remained difficult and of the original members, only seven remain today. In spite of so many members leaving, the colony never looked back and continued to recruit great young men, including members of student government, honor students, and varsity athletes. As a colony, they achieved several accomplishments including bringing the Susan G. Coleman breast cancer walk to campus and raising an exemplary amount, hosting a female self defense course for their ACE Project and working at the university bookstore to raise money for the Sam Spady Foundation, not to mention chartering in just days over a year. This is great for a group that many said would never make it on the Montclair Campus.

The banquet was one to remember as more than half of the members brought proud parents to see all their hard work finally bring a charter to the newly established Iota-Iota Chapter. Every speech these young men gave show how eloquent and sharp these gentelmen are and now everyone at Montclair can’t help but notice the great men that make up the Iota-Iota Chapter of Sigma Pi. Today they stand as the largest fraternity on campus and although the members of Iota-Iota still have challenges ahead of them, they look forward to taking them head-on and

continuing to excel. The chapter hopes to send a very large group to SPU this summer and already has the perfect place in their house set aside to hold the Grand Sage’s Cup they plan to win at the upcoming convocation in Boston, Ma. A special thanks goes to the ThetaTau Chapter at William Paterson University for hosting the ceremony on their campus. Also we’d like to recognize Tony Lopez ’10, Asfar Ali ’10, Shuhed Islam ’10, Denzel Robinson ’11, Stefan Rosales ’10 and Walter Wagner V ’10 all of Theta-Tau for being shades and travelers.

Chartering Team: Grand Sage: Chris Brown (GH, ’81) Grand Second Counselor: John Williams (HY, ’71) Grand Third Counselor: Joe Palazzolo (DB, ’03) Grand Fourth Counselor: Justin Sapanora (QD, ’02) Grand First Counselor: Matt Krupka (QT ’07) Grand Herald: John Michelich (G ’74)

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No. 7:A master of his Since the days that Jack Daniel first

he chose the number seven simply

introduced his Tennessee Whiskey

because it’s lucky. The truth is, only

to the rest of the world, there have

Mr. Jack knows for sure. Current

been many stories passed down

Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff

about the significance of Old No. 7.

Arnett doesn’t pretend to know

Some say that he had seven girl-

the answer, but he has quite a

friends or the way he wrote his “J”

few reasons why he considers the

looked like a 7. Some say


| Summer 2009

number seven his favorite.

by Todd Shelton

Craft committee when I arrived as a freshman at Martin, so I was very close to all of them.” “I lived in the fraternity house for two semesters, and I’ll never forget the endless rotation of friends at the house. There were members of the fraternity who were night owls who would play cards until the wee hours of the morning, and then there were the early birds who would come by the house and cook breakfast before their first class of the day. There was always something going on. It was great for making friendships, but terrible for the sleep schedule. I redefined how little sleep I could get and still function while I lived there.” In the mid 1980s, UTM only offered the first two years of a four year engineering degree which required you to transfer to another university to receive your degree. Jeff chose the University of Alabama to complete his degree. 

Jeff Arnett (ET, Univ. of Tennessee - Martin ’88) grew up in Jackson, Tenn., where in the south end of town, everyone seemed to know everyone. In his neighborhood, every other house had children close to the same age as he and his brother.  “All of our friends’ parents grew up together as well, so doing something wrong in the neighborhood literally meant repercussions on two fronts; one at the friend’s house and one when I got home,” Jeff remembers. “I recently looked at my kindergarten picture, I and realized that at least 80 percent of the kids pictured were in my high school graduation class.  That has made me appreciate having roots, and it has me determined to insure my children have the opportunity to grow roots of their own.” As a child, Jeff loved the Dallas

Cowboys and idolized then quarterback Roger Staubach. Jeff had one dream — to take Staubach’s place as leader of the Cowboys. “He was a leader on and off the field,” Jeff remembers. “I told my parents I was going to replace him when he retired. As I got older though, I realized the plan was probably not in the cards.” Jeff entered the University of Tennessee at Martin on an academic scholarship, unsure as to whether he wanted to be a doctor or an engineer. “The thought of ten years of college, medical school, and residency helped me find my way into the engineering path,” he recalls. “I had an uncle who was a very successful businessman who had earned an engineering degree, so that helped me make the decision.”

would be easier to get involved and socialize by joining a fraternity. That led to his decision to join the fraternity rush process. His selection of Sigma Pi was a natural. “My brother and several of his friends had pledged Sigma Pi during his senior year at UT Martin,” Jeff says. “This group of guys had served as my welcoming

After graduating from the University of Alabama, Jeff met a campus recruiter from Proctor and Gamble who was hiring for the New Orleans Folger Coffee plant. “The P&G offer seemed like the most promising that I received,” Jeff recalls. “So, I packed my bags for Louisiana and made coffee for the next four or five years.” After Folger in New Orleans, he transferred to Sherman, Texas,

Officially registered by the U.S. Government in 1866, the Jack Daniel Distillery, Lem Motlow, proprietor, is the oldest registered distillery in the United States and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Once on campus, Jeff decided it

Update us about your life . . .


Jeff Arnett discusses life at the distillery and in Lynchburg, Tenn.,(in the valley below) to Executive Director and HGS Mark Briscoe and PGS John Kitch

for his next assignment and made Sunny Delight. He served as the manager over the blend module and also worked very closely with Research & Development to introduce several new flavors of Sunny D during his tenure there.

“I sent a resume to a head hunter in Nashville who was on retainer to fill a quality control position at Jack Daniel’s Distillery,” Jeff says. “After interviewing in Lynchburg, I knew I wanted to work there.”

All told, Jeff served in a variety of capacities with P&G including department manager, project engineer, quality control and new product initiatives leader. He lived in three different states and produced coffee, citrus beverages, and potato chips.

Jeff was hired by the distillery and began as the Quality Control Manager. He was later promoted to oversee the whiskey processing and warehousing departments. After being with the distillery for seven years, Jeff became the Master Distiller.

In 2001, Procter and Gamble announced that Sunny Delight and Pringles would be sold into a joint venture with Coca-Cola. Around the same time, P&G announced that they would offer a voluntary separation package which prompted Jeff to check out the possibility of other employment.

“I certainly didn’t come to Jack Daniel’s believing I would be the next Master Distiller, but I have always enjoyed my work here,” Jeff says with a smile. There is actually no application process for the job of Master Distiller. Jeff was told that there

No one really knows exactly when Jack Daniel was born. A town fire destroyed the courthouse records, and conflicting dates on Mr. Jack’s and his mother’s headstones have left his date of birth in question. It’s customary to celebrate Mr. Jack’s birthday in September – so he gets a whole month.


| Summer 2009

were two criteria that would ultimately decide who would be the next distiller. The first was that the person needed to have learned the art of evaluating whiskey under the previous master distiller, and the second

was named master distiller, he was seven years younger than the previous master distiller was when he assumed the title. Of the six who held the position before him in the 140-plus years of the distillery, it was Jack

“With all those sevens in the story, I guess I’d have to say I felt like the luckiest guy in the world.” was that the person needed to have full knowledge of the Jack Daniel’s whiskey making operation. “I was fortunate to be able to join the master taster’s panel and learn the art of whiskey evaluation after working here for a few months, and I was even more fortunate to be placed into a quality control position that had responsibilities that started with incoming Cave Spring water and grains, and ended with bottles being shipped to one of 135 countries around the world.” Upon learning he had been selected as the seventh Master Distiller in the distillery’s history, Jeff was stunned. At the time he

Daniel himself who held it first, serving from 1866 to 1911. The other five were Jess Motlow (1911-1941), Lem Tolley (19411964), Jess Gamble (1964-1966), Frank Bobo (1966-1988) and Jimmy Bedford (1988-2008). “I had a conversation about two years prior to the decision being made that informed me I was one of a handful of people who would be considered for the position,” Jeff says. “I was honored just to be considered, and I never thought that I would ultimately be the seventh master distiller for Old No.7 after only working here for seven years. With all those sevens in the story, I guess I’d have to

“My best advice to my Sigma Pi undergrad brothers is that no matter what educational degree you are seeking, find a job that is something you love doing. The passion you bring to your career will be more important than whether or not you were an A, B, or C student. Do something you love, and you’ll feel like you’ve never worked a day in your life.” Jeff Arnett signs a commemorative bottle to the brothers of Sigma Pi to be placed in the Sigma Pi Museum.

opportunity to travel internationally, which is a tremendous benefit. He and his wife are going to England, France, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden later this fall. “I look forward to meeting with friends of Jack Daniel’s in every country before retiring.”

In the foyer of the Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House, Jeff Arnett explains the Jack Daniel’s family tree

say I felt like the luckiest guy in the world.” As the Master Distiller, Jeff oversees the entire whiskeymaking process of milling, yeasting, fermentation, distillation, charcoal mellowing, and maturation. He also serves as the public face of the historic brand which he finds humbling. “I’ve found that more often than not, the friends and fans of Jack Daniel’s have chosen the brand because they see it as authentic,” Jeff points out. “This helps me realize that even though it can be difficult to stand in front of hundreds and sometimes thousands

of people, all they really expect from me is to be myself. I think that makes this job and our fans the best in the world.” Jeff spends 80 percent of his time as the working distiller which means that he oversees the quality and every aspect of the making of Jack Daniel’s whiskey.  The other 20 percent of his time is spent representing the brand and educating friends around the world how fine Tennessee whiskey is made.  “I’ve told people that my worst day at Jack Daniel’s was still a pretty good day, and there aren’t many jobs you can say that about.”

After being named Master Distiller, there was a homecoming event held for him back in Jackson, Tenn. It was a fundraiser for the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation that helps chronically and terminally ill children. They held a BBQ dinner and Jack Daniel’s tasting.  “Some of my fraternity brothers who I hadn’t seen in years attended that evening and made it even more special for me,” says Jeff. When asked about his future

aspirations, Jeff recalls the past. “I intend to stay the course,” Jeff says. “I believe the strength of Jack Daniel’s has come from 143 years of doing one thing and doing it right, so that’s what I intend to do. I think all of the master distillers since Jack Daniel have understood that this is still his whiskey, and that we are just the stewards of it.  My aspiration is to carry on in the same tradition of Mr. Jack and to make him proud.” Jeff and his family reside in Lynchburg, Tenn. His wife Lori is a native of Columbia, Tenn., and works as a part-time speech and reading teacher at their children’s school. Lori attended Lambuth University in Jackson, Tenn., and is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. Their son, Will, is six, and daughter, Elizabeth, is five.

The Creed of Sigma Pi in Jeff Arnett’s life: In my position as Master Distiller, I feel like an absence of character would be an Achilles heel. I pride myself in always trying to do the right thing. I feel that I treat people fairly, that I speak honestly, and act out of the proper motive. Those traits have hopefully made me into someone that my family and friends know can be trusted and counted on.

The job allows Jeff the

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Chapter News

Chapter reports are those submitted by deadlines listed on page 1.

Theta-Eta Chapter, Old Dominion, brothers during their annual Fire Fighter Appreciation Day

Alabama Theta-Omicron Chapter


The Theta Omicron chapter recently traveled to Benton, Tenn., to partake in the chapter’s annual rafting trip. The trip is designed to help strengthen the bonds of brotherhood, while having fun rafting down the Ocoee river. Also, president Zackary Stillings received the Order of Omega award for most outstanding sophomore. Zack’s commitment to academics, the community, and Sigma Pi resulted in an award only four sophomores receive.

Theta Pi is proud to present 20 new members initiated in May of 2009 formally known as the chapter’s Theta Class. The brotherhood successfully participated in numerous philanthropies including Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Hoops for Hope, Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash, as well as Pi Beta Phi’s Arrowspike.  Theta Pi is also in the pre-planning stages of developing its next annual philanthropy for the spring of 2010 titled “Miss Greek” which is planned to include

Theta-Pi Chapter

all of the University’s Sorority organizations. The Arizona Chapter has been hard at work to contribute to national organizations’ such as Up Till Dawn and Mortar Board with 75% chapter attendance and was proud to host Sigma Pi’s Assistant Executive Director, Jonathan Frost, for a chapter workshop of nearly 100 members for the benefit of Theta Pi’s solidarity and growth for the chapter.

Arizona State Beta-Kappa Chapter The Beta Kappa Chapter

finished the semester as runner up in Greek Week, Homecoming, and for Chapter of the Year in our annual IFC Greek awards for the second year in a row. The chapter looks forward to bouncing back next year with goals of closing out where we fell a little short. Beta Kappa would like to congratulate its 18 graduates this semester as well as our newly initiated class of ten Deltas that will further strengthen our chapter. During the summer Beta Kappa will be sending four brothers to the UIFI Academy and two brothers

to Sigma Pi University. The chapter house is full and we look forward to the beginning of the next academic year and the excitement that ensues. Sigma Pi Beta Kappa remains the biggest chapter at Arizona State University and serves as a model for all of the new Greek organizations trying to establish themselves.

Arkansas Alpha-Sigma Colony The Alpha Sigma Colony has just finished the Spring semester with 16 new members that joined during Spring recruitment. We are also proud to announce that we have just received notice that our colony will have on-campus housing for the 2009-2010 school year.  We look forward to submitting our petition to charter and growing as a colony.

Arkansas State Alpha-Pi Chapter

Eta-Kappa Chapter celebrates as IFC Intramural Champions at East Carolina


| Summer 2009

Beta-Gamma Chapter, Eastern Illinois, Big Men Tugs Champions

The school year has finally wrapped up at ASU for the Alpha Pi Chapter. The men of the Alpha Pi Chapter held a fundraiser for the ASU Rugby team to help with their expenses as they head to the

Chapter News Division I USA Rugby Collegiate Championships. The team is not part of ASU athletics and does not receive regular funding. We were able to help them raise over $500 in one afternoon. Alpha Pi Chapter also claimed honors recently in Arkansas State University’s Greek Week. For participation throughout the year and for competitions held during the final week, Sigma Pi took first place in the IFC division and also snagged the Spirit Award. The Chapter also initiated three new members into our brotherhood. The guys are pretty excited and can’t wait until next year.


luncheon to introduce our parents to each other. The Orchid Ball was held in the Taunton Holiday Inn, and was fun for everyone that attended.

seeing all of their ideas put in to action. The ambiance within the chapter has increased immensely. This positive attitude could not come at a


We are finally official on campus and we have already begun to make our mark. So far, we have already been able to establish a positive and helpful presence among the Bentley community. We have even held charitable events on campus, with the most noteworthy being our first ever pie eating contest, for which we were able to generate a substantial amount of money that we donated to a local charity. Overall we have already seen great success during our first couple of months as an official fraternity on campus. We were even able to capture a championship in our first appearance in the Greek Week competition. With many seniors graduating, we will now have a strong group of alumni to help us continue what they have helped to start. We have had a great experience so far, and the future of our group looks to be just as promising.

Bridgewater State Eta-Eta Chapter With the year coming to a close, Eta Eta Chapter has never looked better. To begin, we initiated thirteen new brothers and with their admission into out brotherhood we now have had over 300 members in our 20+ year history. As usual, we hosted another Red Cross Blood Drive with 86 pints of blood donated. Our Sam Spady Project involved root beer kegs and an emotional presentation by Dave Wright, who warned everyone in attendance of the dangers of drinking and driving. We organized a family

Brothers at Iota-Zeta Chapter, Minnesota, taking dance lessons with their mom’s during during their Mother’s Weekend

Finally, we were able to come out on top at Greek Week and beat rest of Greek Life for the top prize. After such a successful year, expect only greater things in the future.

Cal Poly

Eta-Delta Chapter

Here at Cal Poly, Eta Delta chapter has begun a period of significant growth, and after less than a year of being a chapter, we are well on our way to becoming a top fraternity on our campus. Recently, in IFC’s Greek Week, we took first place out of all medium and small fraternities on campus, and fifth place overall.  Along the way we upset some perennial powerhouse fraternities in key events.  Grant Morgan, a.k.a. the “Albino Rhino” a.k.a. “Aunt Jemima”, showed off his immense fortitude in the Tug o’ War,anchoring our line en route to a victory against the event favorite Pi Kappa Alpha and just missing a first place finish.  Also, we were led to victory against rival Delta Sigma Phi in Dodgeball, riding the strong right arm of Patrick Quinn and a miraculous catch by a local boy scout.

better time because this is the year our chapter celebrates our twentieth anniversary; this year’s Orchid Ball is set to be great because we have something great to celebrate. We recently joined Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in his goal to plant one million trees in L.A. This definitely shows the progress this chapter is making, and hopes to continue on the right path.

Cal State - Long Beach Beta-Omicron Chapter As the month of April has passed the Beta Omicron

chapter has experienced everything from sorority exchanges to school based activities at California State University Long Beach. We recently partook in the closing activities of Greek Week 2009, raising money with change drives, presenting school spirit, and supporting the Greek system as a whole on campus. Kaleidoscope is one of the school’s largest events where parents and incoming freshman explore the campus and have the opportunity to visit various booths such as clubs, sports, Greek life, and other scholastic ventures. At the Sigma Pi table we worked together with Delta Gamma Sorority and Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity to make friendship bracelets for the families and younger siblings who were taking an interest in the school. In regards to athletics the chapter clinched the basketball championship as well as the Sports Cup. With finals approaching everyone is working diligently at study hours in order to keep a high consistent house GPA.

Central Florida


Now at 74 members the Sigma Pi Colony at the University of Central Florida is well on its way to becoming one of the biggest names in Greek life on campus. In the last three months alone the colony has received first place in Greek

sing, a skit competition, as well as Greek week overall. To accompany that, Sigma Pi has been recognized for having a grade point average above all other males at UCF. The group also hosted its first ACE and Sam Spady projects, both of which were great successes. During one of the last weeks of the spring semester the colony held an informal rush, bringing four qualified new members into the fraternity. Although the colony has obtained a lot, these are only small achievements compared to what the colony has planned for in the future.


Iota-Beta Chapter

On Sunday, April 19th 2009 the Iota Beta Chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity hosted an invitational softball tournament at the University of Delaware with the aim of raising both money and awareness for Operation Homefront. This organization provides support for our troops and their families both when they go abroad and when they return home. With over 4,500 volunteers operating nationwide they have managed to provide support for thousands of military families in need. It turned out to be a perfect day for softball and we wound up having 8 additional Greek organizations play, roughly 90 people showed up

Cal State - Dominguez Hills Eta-Iota Chapter This Spring semester has been a fun one. We just crossed six new gentlemen in to our chapter. Each of the new members brings the chapter new bright ideas for expansion and change. We look forward to

Zeta-Alpha Chapter, West Chester, celebrates their Pi Cup championship

Update us about your life . . .


Chapter News to the event. We raised over $2,000 from friends, family, and other Greek organizations. All proceeds will go towards the cause. The Iota Beta Chapter would like to thank everyone who helped make the day a success. We hope the tournament will be an even greater success next year.


been a great upgrade, as was our annual Senior Sendoff/ Pig Roast that we had on April 25th to celebrate the men who graduated this semester. This coming summer will be one to remember. Our 1st annual Fathers Day Golf outing will be held in June, as well as many alumni/active weekends to come.  The new e-board is excited to take over and the chapter is ecstatic about the new year and the new experiences coming in the fall.

Epsilon-Rho Chapter

The past two semesters have been excellent. In our last report we talked about how we started our new local philanthropy event with the Boys and Girls Club.  We called it Drury Olympics and we had a great turn out and we are looking forward to make this event even bigger next year.  Our chapter just won Greek Week for the 8th consecutive year and looking forward to win it again next year.   For our ACE project we renovated the University’s science center planting garden by laying down new plastic and filling in the area with rocks.

East Carolina Eta-Kappa Chapter Eta Kappa is congratulating itself for becoming the IFC Intramural Champions at East Carolina. Eta Kappa’s Ace Project was a success this year. We handed out lemonade and bubble sheets to students during the final exams. Business cards with

Alpha-Beta Colony, Michigan, Soccer Champions

information about the Sam Spady project were handed out in an effort to promote awareness. Congratulations to the graduating class of 2009!

Fairleigh Dickinson Epsilon-Xi Chapter Epsilon-Xi Chapter at Fairleigh Dickinson University is having a monumental spring semester. We just initiated six new brothers and started our second pledge class of the semester which is a feat that has not been done since our chartering in 2006.  We can proudly say that we are the most multi-cultural fraternity on campus.  Currently sporting events are held every week of the semester ranging from flag football to waffle ball.  We just came back from a camping trip on an alumnus’s property in

upstate New York. As Greek week approaches we plan on showing the Sam Spady video and promote alcohol awareness to all Greeks on campus.  April 25th we are having an alumni pig roast at our chapter house.  Our rush chair and brothers are recruiting numbers that this chapter has never seen since our chartering.

Ferris State Theta-Theta Chapter Theta Theta chapter here at Ferris State has had a great spring semester. From celebrating our Orchid Ball on our founders day at the Soaring Eagle Inn and Casino to adding a new member to our brotherhood. Coming in the top 3 of our Greek sporting league this year after not placing the last few years has

Fitchburg State Eta-Tau Chapter The brothers of Eta Tau have been busy this spring semester putting on numerous events. This spring break a lot of the brothers went to Myrtle Beach S.C. We had a Sam Spady event, where we showed the Sam Spady movie at Ellis White Theater. We attended the president reception conference to spread the word of Sigma Pi to the upcoming freshmen for the fall semester. We also had a brotherhood event where we attended Fun Spot arcade in New Hampshire. On April 18th we will have our Ace Project. We will be painting the curbs around campus.


Zeta-Zeta Chapter

As the spring semester comes to a close the ZZ chapter says goodbye to many of the influential seniors that

sparked the fraternity. But as they move on to their next quests, younger brothers continue to breathe new life into the Brotherhood. The establishment of a great system for risk management as well as the continued success of study hours for brothers are a few of the new innovation brought on by developing underclassmen. Our return to Dance Marathon was rewarded as we were paired up with the Sorority Alpha Epsilon Phi. ACE and our alumni softball game went smooth as well as being a blast. We also participated in many philanthropies hoping that we will get a boost in attendance of our second annual BASEketball Tournament coming up in the fall.

Florida State Eta-Epsilon Chapter The Eta Epsilon Chapter is continuing to make tremendous strides with our reputation on campus. At the end of the semester we held a Spring Break ‘86 “Feel The Awesome” party that drew in over 400 people. It was a great time that continued to help our efforts of making Sigma Pi a driving force on FSU’s campus once again.

Georgia Tech


The Georgia Tech Colony is still going strong and focused on recruitment. We continued recruitment throughout the summer to have a powerful start going into the fall.  Our Brotherhood grows stronger every day and we are very close to chartering. For Spring Break, many of our Brothers chose to go on break together and had a great time with great stories.  We had many brothers participate in philanthropic events, sporting events, and intramurals.  We had our first annual Orchid Ball at the end of the semester and an alumni/undergrad end of the year dinner.  Our Colony also successfully had our second annual Brotherhood Day which is a day full of sports and bonding games.  We are looking forward to chartering in the fall and can’t wait to become official Sigma Pi brothers!

Illinois Wesleyan Epsilon-Gamma Chapter Iota-Delta Chapter, Texas - San Antonio, was presented the ‘Most Outstanding Registered Student Organization’ award at UTSA’s 33rd Annual Greek Life Awards. This award placed them in first place out of 170 other on campus student organizations.


| Summer 2009

Epsilon-Gamma has had a productive close to the spring

Chapter News

Georgia Tech Colony brothers and dates at their first Orchid Ball in Hilton Head, South Carolina

semester. Our ACE Project was a success as we cleaned up the campus and had a joint concert with the ladies of Sigma Kappa.  Brother Casey Jedrzejczak was responsible for an entire campus concert that brought in thousands of fans and dollars for the university.  The brothers put on a variety show that brought in over $260 dollars for Juvenile Diabetes research.  Finally, during Greek Week, the chapter won a vast majority of the awards including new member of the year, alumni of the year, chapter of the year, and 10 other awards.

Association. We also held our annual Orchid Ball in Montreal.

Keene State


This past month we have made substantial progress on our petition to charter. Also, our Yankee candle fundraising was a huge success and we made a good amount of money. We have set our date, April 17th, to perform our Sam

put on benefit dinner for the custodial staff for our ACE Project. However, if there are no available times we have decided that we are going to do a spring clean up for our campus. Lastly, we have two community service events coming up, which include Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (which is a breast cancer awareness walk) and renovations to a local park in which we will be making it wheelchair accessible.

Johnson & Wales Eta-Omega Chapter Over the past few weeks the Brothers of Eta Omega Chapter have made progress in community service, recruitment, socials, Scholarship, and Brotherhood activities. We have raised over seventeen hundred dollars for the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well as participated in a Canimal Competition. There are currently seven rushees that are interested in pledging during the coming fall trimester. We have held a social in preparation of Greek Olympics with Sigma Delta Tau and went on to win, along-side the Sisters of Sigma Delta Tau, the Greek Olympics. One of our Brothers, Adam Archilla, was elected Speaker of the House in Student Government

successfully put on the second annual Sigma Pi Parents Day. Many of the brothers’ parents attended and made it a fun filled day.  It was very entertaining and fun to meet everyone’s family members.  We also held or annual formal this semester.  This was possibly the best part of the semester because almost all of the brothers attended.  We even got to see some old Alumni friends like Michael Katits, Adam Dundore, and Brad Mundley.  The final event that we held was for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, which benefits for childhood cancer research and treatment.  We held a car smash and sold lemonade to the students and residents of the Kutztown area.  All the money we made we donated to Alex’s Lemonade stand.

Lawrence Tech Zeta-Omicron Chapter

Upsilon, UCLA, brothers on the Bruins club baseball team. Blayne Kercher is the club president. L to R: Jake Supowit, Robbie Mack, Matt Quigley, Dan Kleinkopf, Blayne Kercher

Spady project in the student center on campus. Also, we have been in contact with our campus dining common to see if there are any available times to rent a section to


Eta-Pi Chapter

This semester our chapter is proud to talk about the events that we put on. We

This past semester was very successful for the Zeta Omicron Chapter at Lawrence Tech, holding and participating many events across campus, including our ACE project to re-landscape the front of South Housing. The re-landscaping included a new patio for students to congregate and enjoy the outdoors.  We also participated in our campus’s Greek Day, during which we held our annual pig roast for faculty, students, and participants. With a hard fought effort we

ended up coming from behind to finish strong in second place. Finally our chapter also participated in our first cleanup for adopt a road, cleaning up a 2 mile stretch of road near campus. Upcoming events we are looking forward to include our annual summer retreat at Rifle River in northern Michigan, along with our participation in the MS Bike Race to raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Finally we would like to wish good luck to our graduating seniors Chris de La Fe’ and Jacob Kurth.

Loyola - Chicago Beta-Chi Chapter As the Spring 2009 semester comes to a close the brothers of Beta-Chi can take pride in all they have accomplished over the last few months. Beta-Chi takes great pride in welcoming one of the best Spring pledge classes it has had recent memory to its ranks. Each of our newest members is unique and skilled in how they may add to our chapter; contributing academically, athletically, and socially. They experienced their first dose of fraternity life as brothers at Beta-Chi’s annual Orchid Ball at Chicago’s famous Hard Rock Hotel. It was a great time for everyone involved. There was a great turnout from brothers and alumni alike. This summer is also a cause for celebration as the brothers of Beta-Chi

Update us about your life . . .


Chapter News have begun to move into our new house, located just off the scenic Lake Michigan.


Alpha-Chi Colony

The Alpha Chi colony officially chartered on April 28, 2009. It was a breathtaking ceremony that was held at the nearby Marriot Hotel. After the initiation ceremony, we celebrated with a banquet. It was fascinating hearing the stories of some of the past Sigma Pi alumni. We also celebrated Greek Week recently. We are proud to announce that we won the flag football competition. We also had strong showings in the skits, relay race, and overall participation our 2nd Annual Sigma Pi Lacrosse Tournament was a tremendous success. We raised awareness for the Sam Spady Foundation. Not only did we promote a good cause, but we also came out victorious for the second year in a row. There were six teams total and the campus has been abuzz ever since the tournament. Lastly, we would like to thank the Grand Council and the Alumni for their support.

Miami (OH)

Eta-Phi Chapter

Over the past few months, our Eta Phi chapter at Miami University has had a successful end to the academic year. Our new members were initiated and we are glad to welcome them into the brotherhood.  In addition, our ACE project was a huge success.  We raised nearly two thousand dollars for the Team in Training program by offering reduced cover price for a live band at Stadium Bar and Grill and offering various items for raffle.  Our chapter got involved in this program through our brother Warren Kendall who was diagnosed with Leukemia this past summer.  Warren is doing well but we ask that you keep him in your thoughts.  Also, many of our brothers, alumni, and family members attended the 2nd Annual Jason Madachy Foundation event on Saturday April 18. The event included dinner, auctions, and dancing.  All benefits went to the Jason Madachy Foundation. 

Michigan Alpha-Beta Colony This semester was very productive as we looked to expand our image on campus. The big news of the semester is that we won Greek Week. After weeks of hard work and coordinating, our efforts were awarded the first place prize in front of all our fellow Greeks at the University of Michigan. We also had a very successful ACE Project and raised more than a thousand dollars for the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life. Expect our presence only to grow in the fall as we will be in our same thirty-person house and we have gotten formal approval to throw a Sam Spady Ball at the student union during the next fall semester. Over the summer, we will be fundraising with the Detroit-Mercy chapter at Comerica Park. Come stop by our stand if you are ever at a Tigers game. Have a great summer.  

Theta-Chi, St. Joseph’s, brothers celebrate Michael Ashley being named Greek God on campus

Michigan State Zeta-Mu Chapter The gentlemen of the Zeta Mu chapter are in high spirits as this school year comes to a close. This year has been another year of unprecedented success, during which we have developed a new appreciation for the motto as we experienced a year full of progress.  Aside from enhancing our already good campus reputation, we nearly tripled our amount of charitable donations from last year through our various philanthropic events. Our annual Miss Greek pageant was remarkably successful, raising over $3000 for the American Red Cross while our volleyball tournament attracted 14 houses from the Greek community and raised over $500 for the Sam Spady Foundation. We also excelled athletically, taking home 1st place in the fraternity soccer league and advancing to the fraternity hockey league playoffs for the first time in our chapter’s history.   After renovating much of our house, we are enthusiastically awaiting next school year’s arrival.

Tau, Wisconsin- Madison, during Anchor Splash

Beta-Eta, San Jose State


| Summer 2009

Chapter News Minnesota Iota-Zeta Chapter With our first year under our belt, our chapter has been busy over the spring semester. We have held several events for philanthropy this semester, such as our Unsung Heroes Ace Project where we made food for the janitorial staff of the University. Also, we had our first sweetheart week and held a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. We have been trying to stay active with our alumni in the area by holding an Alumni Dinner and doing yard work for an alumnus in the area. We also held a Mother’s Weekend and had about 50 participants. We had a scavenger hunt, dance lessons, and a dinner with our mothers. We would like to say thank you to all of our seniors for their hard work and determination to get our chapter started. We wish them the best of luck in their futures!

competitive philanthropy events, one of which we took 2nd place over all in the Sigma Sigma Sigma “Bust-A-Move” dance marathon, on top of having good intramural basketball and volleyball seasons. Our ACE project was small but successful due to our busy schedule this semester, one of the events we held was “Pie A Sigma Pi” where passing students on their way to class could pay from $1-$5 to pie a brother in the face to support Murray State University grounds to buy new benches on campus. We also established our new homecoming partners Alpha Sigma Alpha sorortity who we are extremely excited

Award. The Red Pig Award is given to the Fraternity whom best demonstrates responsible behavior in the community. Finally, Rho chapter recently moved into a new house!  With hard work and commitment from Sage Peter Barnes, Brent Brewbaker, the entire alumni association, and the brothers, were able to move in at the beginning of March.  We are looking forward to having some great rush events in the fall of 2009; so if you are in the area don’t hesitate to stop by!

Northern Illinois Beta-Sigma Chapter The Beta Sigma Chapter of Sigma Pi had a great year

in general are high and all the guys are excited for the next year.

Ohio Northern

Zeta Chapter

As the school year is winding down Sigma Pi Zeta chapter has participated in many philanthropy and social events. We recently help a “Buy a Pi”, which is an auctioning of the brothers to do various favors for their bidders. All the proceeds go to the Sam Spady foundation. Zeta chapter recently held their yearly formal dance. The dance was held in Detroit, Michigan on the Detroit Princess boat that traveled up and down river

Appreciation Day, which was a great success. I would like to congratulate our Softball team in dominating this season. In a look to the future we have begun to plan our fall rush and already have a some men interested in rushing. It looks to be a great fall semester.


Delta Colony

The Pennsylvania colony continues to steadily add members as we move toward chartering. We recently participated in a Greek Week community service event and are increasing our visibility on campus.  We have begun planning for next year and are

Missouri Southern State Eta-Mu Chapter The Eta Mu chapter had a great spring semester; we ended it with an initiation of 2 new members who are sure to contribute a lot to our chapter. Our Orchid Ball had many Alumni in attendance. We have plans over the summer to hold an active member camping/ floating trip as well as the summer pledge retreat.

Monmouth Delta-Beta Chapter We have a blood drive coming up on the 21st of April. We plan to exceed the quota that needs to be met. We recently won Greek Week here at Monmouth. We will also be helping out at the Relay for Life on the 17th of April.

Montclair State


On May 2nd 2009 our chapter Iota Iota held our first formal after being initiated. Our formal went very well and we received our charter officially making us a chapter of Sigma Pi.

Murray State Gamma-Upsilon Chapter We had a great Spring ‘09 semester! We took new members Juan Casa del Valle, Jay Ford, and Ryan MacGillis. We participated in many highly

Zeta Chapter, Ohio Northern, with Grand First Counselor Andrew Morris

to begin working with soon. We look forward to having another successful rush and semester next semester.

North Carolina State Rho Chapter This semester, the brothers of Rho chapter held our annual spring philanthropy, Skate for Sam. Led by philanthropy chair Taylor Dillon (Fall ’08), we raised over $5,000 for the Sam Spady Foundation to spread alcohol poisoning awareness. In other news, the brothers have remained active in the community over the past few weeks, and were the winners of the Raleigh Police Departments Red Pig

and is improving fast. The chapter rushed the largest pledge class in spring 2009 compared to other fraternities on campus. There are a total of nine pledges in our spring semester. We expect to have a much larger pledge class in the fall semester of 2009. There is a strong tradition of Tug of War competition on the NIU campus, especially for the fraternities. The Beta Sigma chapter has a very strong tradition in tugs. The team showed a lot of heart in practice and in the competition.  The team is coming full force next year and expectations are very high. Expectations with the chapter

while the dance went on. It was an incredible time for the brotherhood and everyone was safe. We will be having rush in the fall next year and new officer elections as well. It has been a very good year for the chapter and Zeta will be sure to continue its progress in the future.

Old Dominion Theta-Eta Chapter The Brothers of Theta-Eta chapter finished the spring semester strong. During the past semester we concentrated on our academics and brotherhood which has made us stronger than ever. We held our annual Fire Fighter

excited to move into our old chapter house at the start of the semester.

Penn College Theta-Phi Chapter Brothers of the Theta Phi chapter are proud to say that we have been recognized by the Pennsylvania of Technology College and have participated in the first Greek Olympics on campus, which we came in second overall. Some of the events, like Flag Football, Kickball, and many others, were to show students what a fraternity is all about. Our community service was to help to build houses for Habitat for Humanity and help a local

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Chapter News church with cleanup and setup. The alumnus verse actives baseball T-shirt sales went well and the alumnus beat us, but of course there is always next year and we are also looking forward to working at Hershey Park during this summer to raise more money. Our traditional brotherhood camping trip was a great success with good teamwork and trust given by each brother.


Eta Chapter

As everyone is wrapping up their end of the year responsibilities and finishing their final exams, we are also planning our start for the next year. Our house has

semester, we were proud to see seven of our brothers graduate. Our Executive Board will see a new Sage, 1st Counselor, and 2nd Counselor. It is really great to see some of our newer members step up and take the responsibilities of these positions. Our Sage of two years really helped Zeta Chi improve upon itself, enabling us to win the Most Improved Chapter award. With the new changes being made, the brothers here at Rowan hope to continue progressing, with a Top 25 chapter award in our sights.

were added to the council, one of them being a new initiate. Winter semester was definitely a learning process but it certainly ended on a positive note.

Call charity. We have one graduating senior this semester Brother Matt Romano. Keep your eyes open for Beta Eta this next semester will be a big one.

Everyone really came together over this past year which has rejuvenated our chapter. The bond between brothers wouldn’t have been so clear had it not been for the positive attitudes that we all share as brothers, as a chapter, and as a fraternity.

Santa Clara Zeta-Eta Chapter

Saginaw Valley State Theta-Beta Chapter

Sigma Pi Beta Eta had a very successful semester. We had a total of 8 pledges this semester 7 of which crossed. We had a strong emphasis

In the Fall 2008 semester, we here at Theta Beta chapter

San Jose State Beta-Eta Chapter

On April 9, we had a Semiformal dance at a restaurant/ bar in downtown San Jose. There was a great turn out, and everyone had a fun time. We also had a few brotherhood events such as a BBQ and movie outings. In addition, each week, a few brothers volunteer to work at HP Pavilion to help fundraise for our Fraternity. This past month, the brothers of Zeta-Eta held our MS Volleyball tournament in Santa Cruz and raised $1400 dollars. In addition, we had a father-son weekend in which we attended a San Francisco Giants game, held a BBQ, and played a few rounds of golf. It was a great turn out and a fun weekend with our dads. Two weeks ago, our Sigma Pi juniors took 2nd place in Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash philanthropy event.

Southern Arkansas Epsilon-Kappa Chapter

Eta-Eta Chapter, Bridgewater State, during a SAM Spady Foundation presentation

experienced a large shift in its membership with a large influx of new brothers. The new fall and spring pledge classes, Theta Zeta and Theta Eta, will be living in house and be the predominant driving factor of the chapter. The group is motivated to see the house rise within the Greek community and is full of new ideas. We expect to experience a Fall rush as beneficial as this past year, if not better, and with our new group of members, we doubt it will be a difficult task.


Zeta-Chi Chapter

Upon the end of the 2009


| Summer 2009

were able to find a new house as well as a new image. Having a new house where brothers could bond has really improved the morale of our chapter. We were also able to host a number of mixers with other organization in an effort to improve our campus relations. In addition to a new house, we also managed to have a very strong class of initiates. Seven high-potential men joined our chapter last fall. Each one of them will be able to bring new ideas and strong attributes to our organization. Along with all of these other changes, a change in e-council also took place. Three new members

on grades this semester with two study sessions each week. Our Founder’s Day was a great success. Our chapter had great participation in all events on campus including Delta Gamma’s Shamrock Showdown in which we took most comical and Alpha Phi’s volleyball tournament, which we took 2nd place in. We also participated in San Jose State University’s Day of Service. Brother Jimmy Wu who serves on IFC as philanthropy chair helped organize fraternity and sorority involvement in the event. We held our annual basketball tournament and raised $350 dollars for the San Jose State’s Veterans

Things are looking up for the brothers at SAU. We have been named Fraternity of the Year as well as winning Greek Week. Our chapter has just held a benefit car wash for our brother Tyler Herring’s family. The money raised was for his father who had to have his leg amputated due to a horse riding accident. This event was hosted with the ladies of Phi Mu and we raised around $300.00. We will be taking it easy for the summer and getting ready for a busy productive fall.

Southern Illinois - Edwardsville Delta-Omega Chapter The Delta-Omega chapter held its annual Sam Spady Project with a Cardboard Boat Regatta and selling T-shirts, with proceeds still coming in. We also won a sportsmanship award in the IFC Bowl, a football tournament for the fraternities. We will also induct our neophytes into the ranks of brotherhood this summer, followed by a brotherhood float trip.

Southern Indiana Theta-Psi Chapter Our brothers at the Theta Psi chapter of Sigma Pi finished out our semester in positive stride. The brothers participated in a tackle football game with the Alpha Sigma Pi fraternity as a social and a fundraiser. The money was used to towards a young boy’s college fund; he had recently lost his mother. We also put on our 2nd annual Orchid ball. To wrap up the year we hosted a “Parents Day”. This was one of our brotherhood events, in which brothers were allowed to invite parents, grandparents, siblings, or a date. The Theta Psi chapter is also looking forward. We will be hosting our second annual Hog Roast. This hog roast will serve as our chapter’s ACE project, because we will be feeding the students of campus.

Southern Tech Epsilon-Alpha Chapter Our Chapter has been working very hard this semester. We had our annual philanthropy with the American Red Cross, after June we hope to have the highest number of pints donated this year. We also had our annual Car Bash for the Sam Spady foundation, We hope to continue this tradition, hopefully with prizes for knocking off a door. Also, we had our Orchid Ball at Jekyll Island this semester and had an amazing time. Wehope to spend this Summer working on our brotherhood and getting ready for a great recruitment during the Fall semester.

St. Joseph’s Theta-Chi Chapter As the spring semester comes to a close, it has been the most successful semester we have had. The semester began with our largest pledge class of 17 men. That number was later dwindled down to 15 outstanding pledges. They successfully completed our intense pledging process with flying colors. Our Delta pledge class organized successful events with their brotherhood and philanthropy events being the most noteworthy. The spring semester ended with our award winning ACE project, “Living The Creed”. We sponsored and organized

Chapter News a dinner with multicultural groups on campus, a self defense class with an on campus sorority, our Sigma Pi Acts of Kindness, and we had a video showing for truth and justice. Besides a strong ACE project we finished 2nd in Greek Week with our own brother, Michael Ashley’09, winning Greek God. It’s been a great semester!

Multiple Sclerosis Society. The last couple of weeks of school were very successful for us.  We receive recognition by our school for both Standards of Excellence and the Golden Bronco Award for our involvement around campus and in the community.  After a couple of long months of hard work and determination we placed 3rd overall in Greek Week and went to the championship game in spring intramural flag football. 

SUNY – Buffalo Epsilon-Omicron Chapter This year at the Epsilon Omicron chapter we celebrated our 30th anniversary as a chapter. We celebrated our anniversary on February 26th with a Buffalo favorite wings. At formal we had a fantastic turnout with several founding fathers present. Also, we had 13 new members join our chapter. We participated in several philanthropy events such as Kid’s Day, tree planting and Sam Spady. These events helped us grow closer as a chapter.

Texas State Theta-Upsilon Chapter This spring the brothers of Theta Upsilon Chapter pledged the Zeta Class and are instilling the principles of brotherhood of Sigma Pi through the semester and are eagerly waiting to initiate them into our chapter. On April 4, the men of Theta Upsilon Chapter came out in full force rolled up their sleeves and participated in Bobcat Build 2009 at Texas State University in helping out our local community. The chapter wanted to show responsibility and leadership in volunteering to be a part of the program Students in Alternate Transportation or SWAT. The program provides a safe and reliable service, free of charge, to Texas State students, within the San Marcos community, who are intoxicated or otherwise unable to drive due to other circumstances. It was also during this time we educated people on the Sam Spady Foundation in giving out information and informing them of the Foundation.


Beta-Tau Chapter

Beta Tau initiated 15 new members this semester, raising our number of active members to a recent high. We

Wisconsin – Madison Tau Chapter

Brothers of Epsilon-Gamma Chapter, Illinois Wesleyan, participating in a campus clean up

participated in the annual Spring Week and Greek Olympics and both were highly successful. We pride ourselves on our brotherhood bonding, and held several brotherhood events to strengthen these bonds further.  Also, the new initiates organized a faculty car wash as our chapter’s ACE Project.


Alpha Chapter

We at Alpha Chapter had a great and busy second semester. Our Sage, Covey Detmer and faculty advisor Brian Alley spoke at the Sam Spady event we held to help tell people the dangers of drinking too much.    For our Ace project we decided to hold an appreciation dinner at our house for the Vincennes University Police Department, for keeping our campus safe.  The dinner went very well, it ended just in time because right after the dinner the police officers had to run out because of a fight somewhere on campus.  We are excited for next fall semester to pick up where we left off, and get more things done.  We have 4 new guys on EC that were elected and start in the fall semester, and they will without a doubt lead our chapter in the right direction.

Wake Forest Alpha-Nu Chapter Spring in Winston-Salem has found Alpha-Nu chapter

even bigger and busier. The addition of fourteen new members has helped with such charity events such as Sigma Pi’s annual Red Cross benefit Reggae Sun-Splash, the Triple Play for Brian Piccolo Cancer Fund, and our ACE campuswide cleanup. Alpha-Nu also hosted a dorm-wide viewing of the Wake Forest vs. Virginia Tech basketball game in the fraternity lounge –now equipped with a widescreen TV thanks to the gracious donations of alumni. Future endeavors include a trip to the Carolina Cup, the annual Clam Jam clam bake, the highly anticipated Orchid Ball beach weekend, and perhaps a party or two.

West Alabama Theta-Gamma Chapter The Theta Gamma Chapter has been working hard to finish off a great spring semester. The chapter currently came in 2nd place in the Greek Games held by the University of West Alabama. We would also like to announce three graduating brothers. Josh Thommasson is graduating with a Business Administration degree with a concentration in Computer Information Systems. Robert Brian “Mo” Mosley is graduating with a degree in Biology. Richard Quiroga is graduating with a degree in Industrial Technology. We are looking forward to coming back in the fall and having one of the best fall semesters in the history of Theta Gamma. Go Pi!

West Chester Zeta-Alpha Chapter The men of Zeta Alpha finished the year off strong. We not only won Greek Week, we also won the Pi Cup (an annual football game we hold against another fraternity), and the IFC Sports Cup. At the same time that we were solidifying our athletic presence on campus, our ACE project went extremely well, earning us the respect and adoration of the women’s center and women all over campus. Our spring formal went off without a hitch and was a great way for our seven graduating brothers to end their Sigma Pi college experience. Our newest members are a great guys, and even though there are only four of them our fraternity remains the largest on campus. As the semester draws to a close we are looking forward to celebrating our success at our annual brotherhood retreat to the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks.

Western Michigan Gamma-Rho Chapter It has been a very busy and productive year for our Gamma Rho chapter at Western Michigan University. In January our brothers teamed up with the Gift of Life Foundation in order to register new organ donors around campus.  Our annual seventytwo hour teeter-totter event accumulated over $1,500 in donations towards the National

The brothers of Tau Chapter wrapped up the school year on a very high note. In what has become more of a tradition, Sigma Pi was victorious in Delta Gamma’s annual Anchor Splash for the seventh year in a row. In an effort to increase our community service involvement, brothers volunteered to help unload food trucks at a local food pantry. This turned out to be a very rewarding experience. The Chapter would like to bid farewell to all of our graduating brothers. We end this semester with the motivation of moving to a new house in August, and the excitement of fall rush.

Wisconsin – Oshkosh Gamma-Mu Chapter The Gamma Mu chapter has had an eventful semester. For our ACE Project we held a Riverwalk Clean-up, open to all students on campus. For several hours, participants walked the length of the Fox River on campus, cleaning up garbage and other debris. We also conducted our Sam Spady project, with brothers giving a short presentation in class and handing out cards. We are also proud to report that Sigma Pi is currently leading the Greeks in campus activity points, and are looking to secure the “We Were There” award. Needless to say, the brothers have been enjoying their attendance at game nights, Greek Week events, and listening to our own Brother Zach Woolever at open mic nights. It’s been a great year, and we’re excited to see what the next one brings. Until then, Gamma Mu wishes all of our brothers in the land of Sigma Pi a safe and happy summer!

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r te p a h C i -P a et B t a rs ea Fifty y

Mark Stetson (‘68) and Past Grand Sage Gary Tash (‘68)

), PGS Gary

an (‘69 , Dick Rheut Pat Rheutan ner (‘69) kin (‘68), Bob S

Pat Harah


| Summer 2009

a ‘49)

burg (Thet

Frank Fry an (‘62) and


Jim Cosby (‘61, second Beta-P i Sage), Noel Cosby, Glenn Strohl (‘62), Mildred Spencer, Joe Spencer (first Beta-Pi Sag e), Mary Lou Strohl

Jack Rust (‘69) and D’Arcy Didier (‘68)

John Kortier (‘81), Kaye Reed, David Baum (‘81), Bob Reed (‘79)

Josh Newsome (’09), Loey Bleich and Beta-Pi Sage Steve Giordano (‘09)

Jeff Barksda le (‘72), Bill Bu chanan (‘71) and Suzanne Bu chanan

on (‘09),

ok rank Tumb ulf (‘10), F W c ri E r lo e Lloyd (‘10) irst Couns Beta-Pi F h Counselor Andrew rt ou Beta-Pi F

Stan Lacy (‘67)

Grand Fourth Coun selor John Michel ich, Beta-Pi Fourth Counselor Andrew Lloyd (‘10) , Ben Abraham (‘10)

and Connie Lacy

Past Grand Sage John Williams and Grand First Counselor Andrew Morris

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News from Alumni

Jeff Arnett hosted a reunion in Lynchburg, Tenn., of several brothers from Epsilon-Tau Chapter at the University of Tennessee at Martin. Front row (L to R): Eddie Litton (’86), David Fultz (’86), Jeff Arnett (’88), Lori Arnett, Beth Arnett, Chuck Arnett (’86); Back row (L to R): Jana Litton, James Dibble, Renee Morris Fultz (UTM Sigma Pi little sister), Julie Morris Dibble (UTM Sigma Pi little sister), Lori Morris, David Morris.

Alpha Alumni Association On February 21st, the brothers of Sigma Pi, Alpha Chapter celebrated the 112th Anniversary of the Fraternity with their annual Founders’ Day Banquet held in the birthplace of thee Fraternity, Vincennes, Indiana. With over 125 undergraduates, alumni, and guests attending the banquet, it was one of the largest in recent years. One reason for such a large turnout was because the alumni of Sigma Pi were on hand to witness the presentation of their Charter by the International


| Summer 2009

organization. In the summer of 2006, Douglas R. Finnan ‘01, Ryan M. Waldroup ‘00, and Brian C. Alley ‘03 got together in New Orleans during the Fraternity’s Biennial Convocation and discussed starting back up the once active Sigma Pi Alumni Club of Vincennes. They decided that if any chapter of Sigma Pi should have a presence with their alumni during the Fraternity’s Biennial Convocations, then it should be the mother chapter of Sigma Pi, Alpha at Vincennes University. After two and half years of hard work and dedication by several alumni, the Alpha Alumni Association of Sigma Pi Fraternity, International was officially chartered with 36 Founding Fathers during the annual Founders’ Day Banquet. Grand Third Counselor, Edward R. Levesque, was on hand as the guest speaker for the banquet and presented the Charter of the alumni association to Jason R.

Tinker ‘99, President of the Alpha Alumni Association.

With the chartering of the alumni association also came the founding of a new scholarship to be presented by Sigma Pi Fraternity to a worthy Vincennes University student.

brother who had recently passed away. Ryan Mitchell Donnoe was born on December 13, 1977 in Houston, Texas but moved to Vincennes at an early age. After graduating from Rivet High School in Vincennes, Indiana, Donnoe attended Vincennes University and became an active member of Sigma Pi. During his time at Vincennes, Donnoe became very active with Sigma Pi, where he sat on the chapters executive council as treasurer. Some of his other achievements included his members in the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and was the recipient of the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award from the Greek Council in 1998 and the recipient of the Mr. & Mrs. George Martin Patterson Scholarship from the Sigma Pi Educational Foundation in 1998.

The Alpha Alumni Association has created the Ryan M. Donnoe Memorial Scholarship to honor a

Donnoe graduated from Vincennes University in 1998, Magna Cum Laude, with a degree in Liberal

The goals of the newly chartered alumni association are to establish a more effective means of communications among the alumni and active chapter, to rekindle the interest in the affairs of the local chapter among those brothers who have lost contact throughout the years, as well as continuing the interest of those who have joined the ranks of alumni. The alumni association will also act as an advisory board to the undergraduate chapter and help mentor the undergraduates while they are in school.

News from Alumni Arts. He continued his education at Indiana University where he majored in Psychology and graduated in 2000 with honors. Ryan Donnoe’s commitment to academic excellence was inspiring and his loyalty to Sigma Pi and Vincennes University made him role model for all. It was for these reasons, the Alpha Alumni Association decided to create a scholarship in his honor. The Alpha Alumni Association of Sigma Pi Fraternity has partnered with the Vincennes University Foundation to endow the scholarship but firsts needs to raise $10,000 to make the scholarship endowed. If you would like to donate to the scholarship and help honor the memory of Ryan M. Donnoe please contact Cathy McClelland in the Vincennes University Foundation at (812) 888-4510. During the Founders’ Day Banquet, Donnoe’s parents, Bob and Sandy, where on hand to help present the first Ryan M. Donnoe Scholarship. This year’s recipient was Blake E. Hollins. Hollins, a member of Sigma Pi, will graduate this spring with a degree in Law Enforcement. In Hollins’ scholarship application he stated, “Choosing to attend Vincennes University and joining Sigma Pi was the best decision I have

made in my lifetime. Through the University and Fraternity, I found a place a friendship, camaraderie, and companionship that will last my whole life.” If you would like more information on the 112th Anniversary of Sigma Pi, joining the Alpha Alumni Association, or donating to the Ryan M. Donnoe Memorial Scholarship, please feel free to contact Alpha Chapter Director Brian Alley at

Beach Cities Alumni Club The Long Beach State Beta Omicron Alumni Group will be holding their annual Jim Robertson memorial golf tournament and scholarship fund raiser now on its 19th year. Our goal is to make this the largest alumni event ever and welcome all Sigma Pi alumni to attend. The event is set for 7am shotgun start Oct 2nd at Meadowlark Golf Club in Huntington Beach. For more information please visit www. or email John Olsen at

Beta Chapter Alumni Beta Chapter Alumni and Undergraduates gathered on February 28th, 2009 for a Founder’s Day reception in Noblesville, Indiana.  Over 50 undergraduate members and

alumni representing all decades from the 50s to 2000’s were in attendance.  Many shared stories  from the past as well as caught up with what everyone is doing now and how the  undergraduate chapter is progressing.  Earlier in the day about 15 alumni and the  undergraduate executive council and other undergraduates gathered for an Alumni  Advisory Board meeting and brainstorming session on ideas to continue to make Beta  Chapter the best fraternity on the Indiana University campus and one of the best in Sigma  Pi International.

Columbus Alumni Club How long has it been since you’ve been to a fun-filled fraternity party? If you are a Sigma Pi, you’re invited. Help the Columbus Alumni Club celebrate Ohio State’s homecoming victory against Minnesota on Saturday October 24th. The game starts at noon. Join us after the game at the York Golf Club for a buffet dinner and music provided by a live D. J. The price is only $45.00 per person not including the cash bar. Bring your wife, pin mate, date, or significant other to a great event. You can even come by yourself and have a great time. If you’re interested in a signed copy of the best Ohio State football publications around, Jack

Park will be there to autograph your selection. We request that you make your reservations with payment in advance so that we can order the correct quantity of food and refreshments. Send your reservation with payment to Bob Abel at 7799 Hirst Road, Newark, OH 43056. For questions, call Rick Theiss (330-332-4041), Bob Abel (740-323-2268), or Eric Buddendeck (614-314-8252). See you at the party!

Greater Detroit Alumni Club Since chartering in July 2008, the GDAC is working hard and is gaining interest from Sigma Pi Alumni across Southeastern Michigan. The GDAC has hosted several events over the past year; many of which have now become annual events on our calendar. We are planning several events such as a Founders Day celebration in early March, our annual Golf Outing in late June, Detroit Tigers game in August, and a “Family Day” on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The GDAC is open to all Sigma Pi Alumni living in Southeastern Michigan. For more information contact John Zielke at

Gamma News Homecoming 2009 party will be held October 24,2009. Brothers

Alpha Chapter Founders’ Day

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News from Alumni

Delta-Zeta Chapter Turns 40 On Saturday, April 18th the Delta-Zeta Chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity celebrated turning 40 years old. This is an amazing accomplishment for a chapter at a school that is less than 2% Greek (The University of Missouri-St. Louis) and has never been over 60 men. Consistency has ruled the Delta-Zeta Chapter from their first days as a Chapter. The night was amazing. 180 brothers and guests celebrated what some thought they might never achieve, 40 years as a brotherhood. We were all very fortunate to have Grand Sage George Hakim (Gamma-Alpha, Detroit-Mercy), Grand Herald Craig Donnelly (Beta-Chi, Loyola-Chicago), Province Archon Joe Turck (Delta-Omega, SIUE) and Delta-Zeta Alumnus and Educational Foundation Board Co-Chairmen Cliff Wilke all in attendance. Also in attendance was Brother Fred Bondurant (Alpha-Iota, Rolla) who was responsible for encouraging the brothers of the local chapter of Sigma Kappa Phi (Beta Chapter) to join Sigma Pi. Dave Ganz, Associate Dean and Assistant Professor at UMSL and also Director Emeritus of Student Activities at UMSL Brother Rick Blanton (Alpha-Pi, Arkansas State). Michael “Sparky” Bushaw (Alpha-Phi, Georgia), who is an honorary Delta-Zeta Brother, was also in attendance. Thanks to all the brothers on the 40th Anniversary Committee, who made sure that everything was prepared and ready to go for the night. Delta-Zeta Chapter Director Paul Ke (Eta, Purdue), Mike Rutherford, Cliff Wilke, Ryan Harris, Jon Frost, Mark Breitenstein, Demond Powell, Robert Roberson, Tim Schonhoff, Paul Wydra, Chris Ruth, CJ Montiel and Tim Davis all did a wonderful job of organizing and making sure everyone had a great time during the night. To see the current actives of the Delta-Zeta Chapter share stories with Founding Fathers and alumni throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s was unbelievable to see. After speeches from Grand Sage George Hakim, Dave Ganz and Cliff Wilke, there were chapter awards given out as well as the Gene Grindler Memorial Scholarship Award. This was a very special moment of the night as Gene’s brother, Gerry Grindler, was there to present the award that is named after his brother and fellow Founding Father Gene Grindler (passed to the Adytum on high in 2003) to the deserving brother. Tim Davis accepted the award from Gerry Grindler and was very deserving of the honor. Cliff Wilke won Alumnus of the Year. After the awards program, another special moment in the night was when the current actives of the Delta-Zeta Chapter presented each Founding Father in attendance with the picture from Delta-Zeta’s chartering on April 12th, 1969. To see 40 years of brotherhood come full circle was truly the highlight of the night! There are so many good memories and stories from the night that they will continue for another 40 years. The Delta-Zeta Chapter and the Housing Corporation thank everyone who was in attendance and everyone else that has helped support the Chapter throughout the years. What an amazing journey it has been and the next 40 years look brighter than ever! We plan on having a new house by our 50th Anniversary Formal, so we have our work cut out for us. Once again, THANK YOU to all Delta-Zeta Brothers and guests that made April 18th such a wonderful and memorable night!


| Summer 2009

Founder’s Day to celebrate 40 years of Delta Epsilon at Seton Hall University. Brothers from as far west as Oregon and Arizona and as far south as South Carolina attended.  Also in attendance is John Michelich, Grand Fourth Counselor.

Rick Theiss and Bob Abel are in charge and have rented the clubhouse at York Counrty Club. The OSU Alumni band will be there plus a DJ. Jack Park will be there to autograph his latest book on OSU Football. Food will be catered. Party is open to any Sigma Piand guests. Contact Bob (740-323-2268) or Rick (330332-4041) for information. The Alumni Club has 175 members. If you wish to join contact Eric Buddendeck at ericbuddis@ There are no dues, Contributions only. Send contributions to Bob Abel at 7799 Hirst Road, Newark, Ohio, 43056.

Upsilon Alumni Association The 86th Founders Day welcomed Bruin philosophers, veterans and judges from around the country on Feb. 28, at Sigma Pi Manor in Westwood. Sage Manuel Gouveia and 1st Counselor Alec Jossens led the Memorial Ritual, which honored brothers passed to the Adytum on High this past year after long and fruitful lives: Jay Van Holt, William Bennett, Homer Oliver and John Selby.   Golden Crosses were awarded to alumni on the 50th anniversary of their initiation: Bob Hillerman, who traveled from Florida to meet his friend David Randels; Jack Burghardt of Alhambra; Ron Mathis, who journeyed from

Tulare in the Central Valley; Doug Frank, who returned from Sacramento for the second time in four years; Kurt Kenworth, a long-time Founders Day attendee from Covina, and Gary Stafford, a long-time dedicated Housing Board member from Hacienda Heights. Mathis told a funny story about surprising fellow Upsilon alumnus Pete Van Der Poel, now on the Board of Supervisors in Tulare County, with the fraternity’s handshake “grip” when he met him recently in the Central Valley.   David Lilly, a former Sage, IFC President and Bruin Crew team rower attended. Andrew Guilford, a former Sage and now a federal judge with the U.S. District Court in Santa Ana, and Franz Miller, an Orange County Superior Court judge, attended for the first time in many years. Many brothers returned for the first time since graduation: Adrian Edwards from Houston, Tom Soto, Art Escandon, and David Hudson. Alfred Hernandez returned for the second year in a row after a long absence. Rob Ward and Steve Lantz journeyed from San Diego for the second year in a row, and Doug Keppler came from Truckee area for the second year, after a 50-year absence to meet up with UCLA Hall of Fame inductee and former track star Bob Seaman and other friends. Rainer Beck, Ph.D. Philosphy, continued his annual presence. Darrell Luzzo flew down

News from Alumni for the day from Denver, just for the event. Doug Glantz flew down from San Francisco and attended for the fifth time in six years.

financial, regulatory, and real estate law. As an attorney, Mr. Fryzel represented credit unions and other financial service institutions, as well as various trade organizations. He also served as DUI Prosecutor for the Illinois Secretary of State, and as Hearing Officer for the Motor Vehicle Review Board.

The night was festive with 90 alumni, the highest number in 20 years, and many remained in the courtyard late into the evening, just like parties from days as actives, before going to Westwood.  Award winners: Congratulations to the actives who carry on the fine tradition of Upsilon: Pledge Scholarships: Matt Quigley, Brian Warren. Presented by David Finkel, Treasurer, Upsilon Chapter Building Assn. Julien D’Avanzo Award (“Spirit of Sigma Pi”): Awarded to Chase Hay, 2-time Rush Chairman. Presented by Scott Scheffler, UC Police Dept. detective, UAA Treasurer, winner of William Cutbirth Scholarship at Convocation (2000). William Meyer Award (“Most Contributions to the Chapter”): Awarded to Drew Londerholm, former Sage, House Manager, “most house points in history”. Presented by Scott Scheffler. Joseph Marsalek Upsilon Chapter Education Foundation Perpetual Scholarships: Presented by Stu Johnson, Upsilon Chapter Building Assn., who led a moment of silence for namesake former Chapter Advisor Joe Marsalek during the presentation. 1st Place: David Bresler, former Sage. 2nd Place: Misha Silin, former Treasurer, co-founder Bruins for Traffic Relief, helped to organize on-campus City Council District #5 debate. 3rd Place: Sam Cortina, former Social Chairman.   Ties with the fraternity’s colors were presented to three former Sages who are still actives: David Bresler, David Lusby and Drew Londerholm for their years of dedication and devotion to the chapter.

USD - Epsilon Chi Alumni Celebrates 25th Reunion The weekend of October 3rd found “The Greatest Group of Networking Minds” ever assembled at the University of San Diego for the 25th Chartering

George Ridgeway (left) receiving the Walter A. Davis Citation from Vincennes University

Reunion of Epsilon Chi Chapter of Sigma Pi. The weekend started with over 90 brothers gathering for the Gibby Gibbs Wacky Pants Sigma Pi Alumni Gold Tournament to kick off the weekend events. That was followed by 250 brothers and guests that evening dining at nightlife establishments owned by alumni in the historical Gaslamp district in downtown San Diego.  The following day everyone went to the USD campus to celebrate at the Homecoming Tailgate and football game. The highlight of the weekend had 300 brothers, wives and special guests at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego and they..... Rocked!  Marco Alessio ‘84, was the Master of Ceremonies and introduced several special speakers and guests.  The original Founding Father, Mike “Magoo” McGuire’83, relived the moments when he and a select few started the fraternity.  Brother McGuire encouraged the alumni to get involved in bringing Sigma Pi back to USD.  John Trifilette ‘78, long time mentor and advisor, shared his thoughts on the gifts the brothers of Sigma Pi had given to the university.  Brother Mike O’Connell ‘87, shared his touching story about the loss of his young son Kyle, who inspired a number of brothers to start a Kyle O’Connell Memorial Scholarship in his memory in 2007.  Over the weekend brothers

contributed an additional $6300 to keep Kyle’s memory strong. Throughout the night the brothers dined, danced and watched a 1200 picture slide show covering the years from 1982 to 1997.  Special guests included David Ruyle - Beta Omicron ‘65 and his wife Mary along with a number of dignitaries from USD. On Sunday morning many of the brothers attended Alumni Mass and brunch on the USD campus.  The weekend at united brothers from as far away as China to attend the “Dream that became a Reality” for the men of Epsilon Chi Chapter.  This was the largest reunion gathering of any organization in the history of USD and its effects will live in the hearts of the brothers for years to come.  Efforts are under way by the Sigma PI Executive Office to work with USD to reopen a colony in the near future. (Submitted by Steve “Swooper” Gauvin ‘84)

Alumnus Updates: Michael E. Fryzel (BT Valparaiso ‘67) was recently sworn into office as the Chairman of the National Credit Union Administration. President George W. Bush nominated Mr. Fryzel to the NCUA board on November 30, 2007. His nomination was confirmed by the United States Senate on June 26, 2008, and he was sworn into office July 29, 2008. Before becoming chairman, Fryzel was a private practice attorney specializing in

Ed Levesque (HH - Bridgewater ’89), Grand Third Counselor, received the “Outstanding Contributor” award, only given to 1% of his company’s employees annually. Recipients are nominated by their peers and endorsed by upper management for excellence in their performance, collaboration, peer and employee coaching and development and overall adherence to company standards and vision during the year. The company, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, has about 8,000+ employees worldwide. Jonathan P. Lindberg (EQ - Elon ‘01) recently completed his coursework and successfully passed the NC Real Estate  Commission’s entrance examination to obtain his provisional license  as a real estate broker.   He plans to hang this newly-obtained  license with Timber Marketing & Management of the Carolinas,  focusing on land and timberland sales and investments in both  Virginia and North Carolina. George S. Ridgway (A Vincennes ’68) received Vincennes University’s prestigious Walter A. Davis Citation at a banquet at Green Activities Center on May 27, 2009. In accepting the award, Ridgway said that “VU gave me my start as a student, an educator, a surveyor, an architect, and a pilot.  I owe this institution a great deal for who I am today.” Frank Spaziani (Q - Penn State ‘69) was named the new Boston College Football coach. Matthew Wolkofsky (AC Maryland ’92) is President of MyClothingCalendar, a free online clothing journal that records what you wore with your clients, colleagues, friends & family at social events, business meetings or any occasion.

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Adytum on High Gifts in memory of a brother of Sigma Pi are accepted by the Sigma Pi Educational Foundation. Once a gift is received, a card of acknowledgement is sent to the donor and, if possible, a card announcing the memorial contribution is sent to the immediate family of the one remembered or person honored. Please contact the SPEF office (800) 332-1897, email: Arkansas State - Alpha-Pi Kenneth K. Yarbrough ’49 Donald F. Seay ‘56 Charles M. Moye ‘65 William D. Mullen ’70 1/3/09 Jimmy C. Moser ’56 6/15/1998 John W. Reynolds ’71 9/1/08 William W. Byrd ’60 2/11/2009 Bobby G. Doyle ’58 Don S. Riggs ’59 1/2/09 Auburn - Alpha-Delta Kennan G. Wood ’56 6/1997 Richard T. Hitt ’53 11/13/08 Beloit - Alpha-Theta John E. Harth ’46 2/28/08 Robert S. Meyer ’38 1991 California - Iota Jon A. Rudbach ’59 8/10/08 California, Irvine - Eta-Upsilon Raphael Nunez ’12 5/7/09 California, Santa Barbara - Alpha-Omicron Robert W. Stevens ’50 Leroy C. Hardy ’49 11/2/08 Sean V. Feliciano ‘2010 3/3/2009 Cal State, Bakersfield - Zeta-Kappa Jason E. George ’90 5/21/09 Cal State, Dominguez Hills- Eta-Iota Dennis D. Craft ’91 11/1/08 Cal State, Long Beach - Beta-Omicron David A. Gutierrez ‘73 Danny S. Littles ’84 Aug 2008 Lawrence E. Pearce ’58 1/11/09 California, Los Angeles - Upsilon Merle E. Swanson ’49 Lynn S. Diamant ’63 1/28/09 Cornell - Mu Frank J. Loeffler ‘50 7/27/2008 Alexander I. Holiat ’06 5/6/07 Joseph R. Tuckosh ’65 2006 Drexel- Beta-Theta Clifford B. Trott ’56 9/23/88 Eastern Illinois - Beta-Gamma James Alexander Jr. ’52 12/16/08 Cameron L. Chana ’09 May 09 Christopher E. Tredennick ’08 08/09 Emory - Psi Andrew J. Glawson ’56 5/25/85 Vincent W. Shiel ’53 Charles R. Blackmon ’49 6/2/08 Fitchburg State - Eta-Tau Matthew A. Turgeon ’07 12/24/08

Franklin & Marshall - Nu Franklyn C. Hill ’46 6/21/08 Harold E. Peters ’47 Charles H. Frey ’42 1/26/09 Georgia - Alpha-Phi James C. Miller ’60 Donald B. King ’61 11/4/2008 Illinois - Phi Charles B. Hamilton ’56 11/4/06 Larry M. Palmore ’70 Roger Gustafson ’50 Joseph A. Tintary ‘50 Charles L. Van Etten ’41 07/82 Indiana - Beta Benjamin E. Briscoe ‘44 Thomas C. English ‘51 Bill E. Garland ’53 Robert C. Mardis ’48 8/15/07 Max R. Williams ‘33 Jack L. Weiss ’73 12/25/2008 Noel P. Burch ’50 2008

| Summer 2009

UCLA - Upsilon Eugene T. Lica ’43 1/20/09 Robert J. Thomas ’40 1/28/2009

Middle Tennessee - Theta-Omega Lloyd E. Brown ’84 10/6/08

Univ. of Kansas - Beta-Delta Arnold F. Davidson ’49

NJIT - Alpha-Mu George E. Leonard ’44 4/12/1998 Walter Esselman ’38 3/12/08

Univ. of Kentucky - Epsilon-Beta William S. Sheridan ’77 1/25/09 Denver W. Brown III ’91 3/9/09

North Carolina State - Rho Albert C. Hedgepeth ’37 1/23/92 Maxwell G. Keeler Jr. ’44

Univ. of Maryland - Alpha-Chi Monroe E. Fraleigh ’52 12/14/09 Edward B. Derrenbacher ’52 10/12/2001 Grover C. Warneke ’54 William L. Mullen Jr. ’50

Northern Illinois - Beta-Sigma Robert R. Virta ‘68 Roger L. Branz ’61 Robert F. Papich ’63 8/5/08 Ohio - Epsilon James L. Palda ’30 Ohio Northern - Zeta John H. Rooney ’68 7/5/2000

Indiana State Univ - Gamma-Pi Richard L. Weitzel ’70 1/7/09 David P. Vignocchi ’69 7/10/08

Penn State - Theta William L. Faurot ’51 9/24/08 William C. Procter ’44 2002 Eugene T. Stiles ’39 12/12/08

Indiana Tech - Gamma-Kappa Matthew J. Tarsia ’95 Joseph A. Caparrotti ’64 9/27/08

Purdue - Eta David W. Fites ’74 11/14/08 Edmund S. Mills ’16

Iowa - Xi Frederick Potgieter ’21 Oct 1978

Rhode Island - Alpha-Upsilon William T. Morgan ‘50

James Madison Univ - Epsilon-Mu Richard A. Eye ’84 11/22/92 Kansas - Beta-Delta John E. Bayles ’58 1/2/03 Frank L. Vacin ’55 5/19/2008

Saint Lawrence - AZ Charles J. Parker ’37 11/27/08 Mark A. Johnson ’74 12/12/04 Jack M. Frederick ‘53 Richard A. Shell ’51 11/26/2008

Kenyon - Lambda Donald O. Fullerton ’51 8/17/05

San Diego State - Alpha-Omega Robert E. Berry ’53

Lock Haven -Beta-Omega Jed V. Minaya ’71

San Jose State - Beta-Eta Victor J. Fracolli ’52 Dec 2008 Robert H. Zangl ’56 3/8/2006 Wynn W. Hoskins ’55 5/25/08

Louisiana State - Alpha-Kappa Wesley G. Perry ‘1989 John L. Dugas ’69 1969 Loyola, Chicago - Beta-Chi James M. Cortino ’69 Lycoming - Beta-Lambda Thomas M. Aubrey ’57 9/2008 David E. Groner ’57 Maryland - Alpha-Chi Frederick W Tripp ’51 11/18/08 John W. Tower ’75 6/7/09 Milton - Delta-Gamma Peter J. Mooney ’60 2008 Mississippi - Beta-Mu Robert R. Regalbuto ’64


Missouri STL - Delta-Zeta Lawrence K. Gaddy ’77 Alan N. Willer 5/4/2009

Shippensburg Univ PA - Beta-Upsilon Ronald D. Fink ‘64 Southern Utah - Delta-Xi Russell C. Perry ’73 9/2008 SIU, Carbondale - Beta-Nu Thomas G. Ackerman ‘62 St. Lawrence - Alpha-Zeta David M. Buck ’50 Temple - Kappa John K. Painter ’57 8/7/08 Texas Tech - Theta-Kappa Robert L. Nation ’08 5/18/09

Univ. of Tenn., Martin - Epsilon-Tau James B. Willing ’86 Utah - Pi Wayne M. Snow ’44 1982 Iral D. Hodge ‘55 James G. Rowley ’71 7/9/80 Valparaiso Univ. - Beta-Tau Charles H. Claypool ’75 Virginia - Beta-Pi Christopher M. Griggs ’87 2008 Christopher T. Warden ’78 1/4/09 Wake Forest - Alpha-Nu Herbert M. Tyler ’63 Robert D. Bogaty ’78 3/7/09 Wayne State - Gamma-Omega William M. Bean ’71 1/6/09 William and Mary - Alpha-Eta James D. Leftwich ’42 10/15/08 William P. Murden Jr ’45 Jun 2008 David A. Pereira ‘2007 Thomas M. Moncure ’48 6/27/09 Wisconson-Madison - Tau Walter C. Holzbog ’26 2002 Wisconson, Oshkosh - Gamma-Mu Kenneth H. Campbell ’69 08/08 Wisconsin, Stout - Delta-Sigma Ronald A. Beschta ‘68 Worcsester Polytechnic - Gamma-Iota Kevin P. Nordberg 2000


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James Martin (ZP, 2007) Mark Martin (BG, 1995) Wayne Martin (BO, 1964) Daniel Martinelli (HP, 1992) Arturo Martinez (U, 1991) Thomas Mascaritolo (AM, 1968) Gilbert Mascher (B, 1967) Robert Mason (GZ, 1964) William Mast (AN, 1956) William Mathers (M, 1941) David Mathews (B, 1958) Steven Mathews (GM, 1968) James Matten (AQ, 1969) Mark Maxwell (EZ, 1985) Glenn Mayfield (BM, 1958) David McBride (AR, 1966) James McBride (AO, 1953) Frederick McCabe (AZ, 1951) John McCall (BO, 1965) John McCann (AM, 1983) Travis McCartney (GX, 2006) Raymond McCaslin (B, 1940) Gary McClain (AS, 1961) James McClung (AW, 1966) Richard McConnell (S, 1962)

Dennis Lichtenberg (GM, 1966) Richard Lilley (GN, 1979) Ronald Lind (GY, 1979) Gerald Lingle (AF, 1964) Dennis Link (BQ, 1969) Richard Livengood (BG, 1956) James Livingston (AD, 1962) Howard Lo (AC, 1990) Harry Loeser (AM, 1947) George Long (N, 1963) Timmie Longsdorf (DF, 1982) Todd Looper (AF, 1994) Jared Lord (HE, 2010) Leonard Lorey (B, 1974) Herbert Lotee (AM, 1939) Thomas Luciano (AM, 1970) Jeremy Lug (BF, 1993) Steven Lundy (DG, 1970) James Lyle (AH, 1962) Christopher Lyons (GU, 1980) Robert Mabee (Z, 1948) Dorman Mabrey (AR, 1961) Bruce Mackinnon (ZE, 1991) Boyd Mackleer (BQ, 1963) Barry Maiten (EI, 1982)

Christopher Mears (GL, 1972) Robert Mees (BN, 1967) Dennis Membrino (BQ, 1968) Arthur Mengon (B, 1946) John Merino (BO, 1958) Jeffrey Merz (AR, 1988) Clement Mesavage (AS, 1974) Ryan Meskimen (ZK, 1990) Michael Messersmith (K, 1976) Larry Metnick (AB, 1968) Robert Metzler (ZR, 1992) Michael Meurer (DW, 1973) John Meyer (F, 1969) Timothy Meyn (AW, 1981) John Michelich (EG, 1974) Lawrence Miga (Z, 1968) Kris Miller (DB, 2004) Garth Miller (GS, 1971) Kenneth Miller (H, 1956) Michael Miller (BP, 1974) Robert Miller (ET, 1987) Ronald Miller (EL, 1979) Thomas Miller (U, 1961) Howard Milliken (Q, 1945) Jeffrey Minihane (HG, 1996)

Merril Mirsky (GO, 1969) John Monahan (EF, 1994) Edward Monroe (EY, 1982) Christopher Monte (ET, 1989) John Montgomery (BG, 1962) Michael Moody (EZ, 1983) Thomas Moore (GR, 1969) Edward Mora (BO, 1993) James Morel (BS, 1967) Floyd Moreland (H, 1958) John Morgan (BO, 1955) William Morgan (AN, 1985) Carl Moroney (U, 1955) Donald Morris (BK, 1961) Edmund Morris (GU, 1970) George Morris (F, 1959)

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Robert Downer (BH, 1964) John Draheim (BT, 1964) Jonathan Drnjevic (BT, 1981) Steven Ducey (BG, 1965) Paul Dudley (K, 1989) Robert DuHadway (BG, 1962) Richard Dulaney (BQ, 1963) Stephen Dumalski (BO, 1973) Richard DuVall (A, 1979) Gary Dvorchak (X, 1986) Jacob Dykstra (EZ, 1992) John Dziuba (QD, 2003) Thomas Earing (AC, 1976) Thomas Earley (BR, 1972) Kenneth Earnest (ZK, 1989) William Eaton (BG, 1965) Richard Ebersbach (AM, 1940) George Ehrhardt (AN, 1984) Robert Eisele (AM, 1949) Phillip Ellingson (S, 1962) Joseph Elliott (AI, 1972) Justin Ellison (ZT, 1993) Roy Ely (D, 1934) Donald England (BG, 1951) Robert Ervington (ZC, 1990) Kenneth Eschrich (GI, 2003) James Esposito (AM, 1966) James Espy (AQ, 1970) Edward Estes (AR, 1955) Raffy Etyemezian (BO, 2004) Robert Evans (AZ, 1973) Paul Exner (GI, 1971) Donald Fales (W, 1960) Michael Fallat (BF, 1990) Kevin Farmer (BN, 1995) Robert Farnquist (BH, 1961) Arthur Feelemyer (AC, 1964) Samuel Feinstein (U, 2005) Alfred Feldman (U, 1961) Rudolph Feldman (U, 1954) John Fentress (ZS, 1993) Herbert Ferguson (Q, 1954) Robert Ferralasco (AP, 1950) Phillip Field (DS, 1983) David Finkel (U, 1987) Charles Finn (F, 1955) Gregory Fisher (M, 1972) James Fisher (GH, 1966) Matthew Fisher (BQ, 1964) Ronald Fitzsimmons (BG, 1960) Franklin Flippo (BP, 1971) Michael Flory (U, 1989) Edmund Fochtman (G, 1959) Robert Fontenot (AK, 1968) James Ford (GE, 2000) Nicholas Fortuna (BL, 1989) Thomas Foster (AZ, 1951) Jerry Foulds (GG, 1964) John Foulkes (G, 1954) Gregg Fowler (GH, 1987) Jared Frandle (U, 2003) Robert Franklin (AS, 1950) Roger Franks (AP, 1975) Joseph Fratianni (EW, 1988) Robert Fraysse (AN, 1979) Todd Frazier (F, 1946) Donald Fredericksen (AO, 1952)

George Freyer (W, 1964) Scott Friedman (HE, 1996) Andrew Frobish (F, 2000) Eric Frobish (F, 1992) Jeffrey Froman (EG, 1996) Edward Fuller (AD, 1961) Russell Furnari (AM, 1979) Jason Gaca (B, 2003) Kirk Gadebusch (Q, 1976) Scott Gakenheimer (BP, 1986) Robert Galler (BQ, 1970) Daniel Galway (EK, 1984) Michael Gannon (AW, 1987) Hermes Garcia (EF, 2006) Allen Gardner (AH, 1956) George Garrett (AD, 1940) Leslie Garrett (BR, 1980) George Garver (K, 1950) Charles Gates (AM, 1976) Miles Gatland (ZP, 1989) Robert Gau (BO, 1976) John Gemetti (ZH, 2000) Gordon Germain (GU, 1969) Francis Germaine (AC, 1952) Daniel Gess (AD, 1999) Andrew Geswein (AP, 2008) David Giannotti (BI, 1981) Michael Gibbons (EZ, 1982) Christopher Gibson (AD, 2001) Robert Gildea (BQ, 1953) John Giles (P, 1951) John Gillis (AI, 2005) John Glagola (Q, 1961) Peter Glass (DB, 2004) Eric Glaub (EN, 1989) Gilbert Glenn (BL, 1961) Griffin Gmelich (EC, 1989) Jeffrey Godke (GS, 1999) John Goetze (EW, 1992) Scott Goforth (EZ, 1994) Douglas Gold (ZH, 1991) Jack Goldberg (EO, 1998) Ivan Gonzalez (AM, 1993) Frederick Good (G, 1966) John Goodlad (U, 1953) Joe Goodner (BG, 1964) Paul Gorman (DE, 1996) Eugene Goss (DN, 1972) Thomas Graham (AN, 1967) Wayne Grannis (DR, 1982) Raymond Graule (AM, 1954) Edward Gregory (AF, 1951) Bruno Grenci (EX, 1989) Jack Griffin (AR, 1958) Monte Groothuis (BG, 1958) Brian Gross (U, 2002) Victor Grossi (B, 2007) Ralph Grosso (BO, 1963) Gary Grubacich (AO, 1968) Thomas Grubb (BG, 1967) Donald Gruber (AQ, 1966) William Gruhler (EX, 1982) Arthur Gruhn (AU, 1968) Howard Gunther (GR, 1969) Richard Gurevich (AW, 1990) Edward Gurile (EL, 1999) David Gutin (GH, 1969)

George Haas (BN, 1956) Tage Haase (Z, 1990) Michael Hachey (HO, 1996) Gary Hagebush (GS, 1973) George Hallock (L, 1954) Douglas Hambor (AM, 1981) Glen Hamilton (HI, 1992) Albert Hammill (AN, 1985) Jeffrey Hancock (B, 1978) Mark Hanlon (Q, 1981) Mark Hanna (EI, 1979) Kamal Hans (EG, 1988) James Hansbrough (BU, 1972) Paul Hansen (BT, 1980) Joel Hapke (EG, 1978) Lee Hardy (AR, 1997) Leroy Hardy (AO, 1949) Ryan Hardy (QQ, 2007) Brian Harhai (AN, 1995) Thompson Harner (Q, 1973) Clifford Harrington (BH, 1954) Dwayne Harris (DE, 1990) Herbert Harris (AM, 1968) Thomas Harris (AC, 1955) John Hartman (N, 1951) Robert Hartman (K, 1968) Thomas Hartzell (EG, 1981) Frank Harwood (AM, 1946) Jason Hastings (BC, 1994) Robert Hattersley (AM, 1953) William Havlik (EG, 1977) Maurice Hawbaker (B, 1943) Thomas Hay (R, 1979) James Hazel (GS, 1967) Corydon Heck (ZP, 2003) John Heffley (W, 1957) Ellis Hefner (AR, 1972) Adam Heinz (EZ, 1994) Gerald Heinz (BT, 1961) James Heise (F, 1963) Dean Hemmersbach (GP, 1970) Charles Henck (AC, 1971) Charles Henderson (AH, 1962) William Henderson (Q, 1951) Joseph Henriksen (U, 1951) Robert Hernke (GM, 1973) David Herr (Q, 1979) Robert Hiatt (G, 1965) Calvin Hill (GZ, 1967) Charles Hill (G, 1961) Robert Hill (GP, 1979) Robert Hillerman (U, 1956) David Hilton (AR, 1952) John Hinsch (BT, 1969) John Hobberlin (BH, 1952) Joseph Hobbs (AN, 1947) James Hofbauer (GN, 1970) Bruce Hoffberger (AC, 1971) Ted Hoffman (BG, 1987) Peter Holland (DU, 1992) William Holland (BQ, 1963) Jeffery Hollis (AP, 1983) Charles Holmes (EW, 2000) Albert Honnen (AU, 1968) Greg Honore` (EN, 1984) David Hooker (DN, 1972) Christopher Hooper (EP, 1986)

The Foundation Individual DONORS Daniel Hopkins (ZG, 1987) John Horner (L, 1950) Albert Hornocker (H, 1954) Clarence Hornsby (AD, 1951) Steven Hotz (QX, 2009) Robert Howrey (BG, 1978) Steve Hubona (BS, 1986) Robert Hughes (AQ, 1950) Richard Hunsaker (BN, 1958) Scott Hunt (HI, 1997) Forrest Hunter (BP, 1972) Gerald Huot (BG, 1965) Parker Hurlburt (W, 1982) Christopher Hurley (BF, 1981) Alan Hutchens (A, 1970) Wilbur Hutchins (BT, 1951) John Huybers (B, 1990) Bruce Iglay (AM, 1973) Bill Imada (EI, 1981) Kenneth Ingman (U, 1952) George Inskeep (Q, 1940) David Irrgang (ZG, 1997) Ian Itschner (W, 1993) Donald Jackson (BO, 1974) Kenneth Jackson (BM, 1968) William Jackson (AS, 1976) Robert Jacob (GE, 1968) Matthew Jaworowski (EZ, 1993) Barry Jenkins (BM, 1977) James Jennings (GU, 1993) James Jessen (BG, 1985) David Jessup (GU, 1969) Lester Joern (GS, 1976) George Johns (AI, 1970) David Johnson (EL, 1980) James Johnson (B, 1954) Kevin Johnson (EL, 1991) Ryan Johnson (B, 1993) Wayne Johnson (F, 1967) William Johnson (Z, 1950) Erik Jolliff (BO, 2005) Arthur Jones (U, 1951) Gary Jones (DY, 1974) Kevin Jones (BO, 1973) Paul Jones (F, 1979) Robert Jones (U, 1955) Tommy Jones (AD, 1964) Jon Kabara (GA, 1965) Gregory Kamin (EN, 1990) Timothy Kamp (AI, 1988) Irwin Kasten (U, 1955) David Kaufman (GE, 1986) E. Lawrence Kaufman (EM, 1979) Willis Kaufman (AW, 1959) Kenneth Kaupas (EZ, 1980) Scot Kawano (U, 1991) Richard Kean (DL, 1979) James Keene (M, 1957) William Keene (EH, 1987) James Kehias (BG, 1952) Michael Kelly (DE, 1962) Robert Kelso (ZZ, 1989) Gene Kemmeter (GL, 1969) Ken Kennedy (AR, 1953) Patrick Kennedy (AR, 1962) Kurt Kenworth (U, 1955) Carl Kershner (Z, 1956)

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The Foundation Individual DONORS (July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2007) Michael Abbuhl (DH, 1973) Curtis Ackerlind (P, 1951) James Adams (BR, 1968) Richard Adams (R, 1987) Tim Addante (BG, 2007) Henry Aguilera (BO, 1954) Roland Ahlbrand (B, 1952) Charles Ahrend (Mu, 1951) Robert Aichele (N, 1951) Mark Aiello (ZMu, 1991) David Akerhielm (H, 1979) Brian Akerson (GS, 1969) John Albaugh (AN, 1960) Raymond Albed (Q, 1957) Oleg Albert (U, 2003) Seth Aldridge (H, 1951) Jerry Algeo (F, 1957) Jeffery Allen (GN, 1998) Joel Allen (GG, 1968) William Allen (BO, 1975) Brian Alley (A, 2003) John Allison (AP, 1968) Nicholas Alonge (AI, 1964) Willard Altman (U, 1957) Ron Ames (Z, 1969) Robert Anania (Z, 1962) Gerhard Andersen (I, 1957) Kenneth Anderson (DI, 1995) Mark Anderson (ZE, 1988) Robert Anderson (F, 1971) William Anderson (B, 1960) Stuart Andrews (BG, 1990) Wilbur Angles (G, 1963) John Ankerman (Z, 1972) Paul Anthony (AR, 1951) Robert Armbruster (GU, 1974) Jeffrey Arnold (BO, 1971) Morris Arnold (AS, 1965) Daniel Artis (GX, 1967) Kevin Atkins (GU, 1986) Charles Bader (U, 1962) Brian Baillod (ZE, 1987) Christopher Baker (AD, 1987) Michael Baker (G, 1995) James Ballard (U, 1991) Charles Baltimore (BP, 1966) Robert Balwinski (GA, 1968) John Banks (AW, 1956) Steven Banks (EN, 1984) Christopher Barhyte (W, 1991) Michael Barish (AM, 1974) Jeffrey Barksdale (BP, 1972) Willis Barley (BF, 1964) Milton Barr (GG, 1974) Charles Barrena (BH, 1952) Shannon Barrett (ZA, 1996) John Barth (GY, 1979) Gerald Barton (Q, 1964) Douglas Bastyr (U, 1951) Josh Baugh (EN, 1995) Eric Bayles (BG, 1968) Donald Beal (Z, 1963) Matthew Beatty (BW, 2001) Buddy Beck (AP, 1958) Justin Beck (ZH, 1995) Rainer Beck (U, 1963) Todd Becker (GI, 1986)

Richard Beckman (Y, 1950) Wilford Beisel (Q, 1945) David Belaga (B, 1979) Stephen Belcher (DW, 1975) Henry Bell (G, 1963) Harry Benetis (Z, 1957) Kenny Bennett (BH, 1992) Earle Bercier (HH, 1991) John Berger (AI, 1968) Gerald Bergeron (BO, 1961) Donald Berhang (BQ, 1976) James Berndt (BF, 1978) Richard Bernsen (GS, 1967) Thomas Bertagnolli (H, 2005) Stanley Bess (P, 1957) Frederick Betz (AM, 1959) Frank Bevilacqua (GN, 1972) John Beville (AD, 1969) Howard Beye (BF, 1956) Howard Beyer (AM, 1956) Kenneth Beyer (GI, 1982) Matthew Biancheri (DU, 1992) Albert Bickhardt (AM, 1944) Stanley Bielski (Q, 1946) Michael Bilirakis (C, 1959) Ronald Binkley (GP, 1973) Donald Birrell (N, 1946) Roger Bisges (GG, 1976) Robert Blair (AP, 1968) John Bleecker (AN, 1953) Mike Blevins (AD, 1942) Josh Bobb (QY, 2010) Richard Bobb (G, 1959) John Bobeck (GM, 1973) George Bogdan (AM, 1962) Joseph Bonapace (EO, 1989) Russell Boren (AD, 1954) Rupert Borgsmiller (BG, 1974) Jeffrey Borkey (GN, 1985) George Borosque (Q, 1957) Frank Bosco (ZC, 1994) Walter Botich (GP, 1971) Albert Bourcier (GL, 1965) Kevin Bower (EG, 1977) Michael Bowman (H, 1970) Michael Brainerd (AU, 1984) Axel Bralts (HE, 1977) Peter Brau (ZH, 1993) Walter Braun (AM, 1962) Pinckney Brewer (Z, 1949) Christopher Brideau (ZG, 1986) Mark Briscoe (AP, 1982) William Britt (AF, 1959) Phillip Brogden (AD, 1964) Daniel Brooksbank (ZC, 1993) Randy Brosseau (ZM, 1991) Christopher Brown (GH, 1981) James Brown (AP, 1968) Joseph Brown (H, 1950) Scott Brown (BF, 1984) Alfred Brunner (BK, 1956) John Van Brunt (DB, 2004) Jason Brys (EF, 2003) Willard Bryson (U, 1955) Brian Buchanan (AI, 1987) Gregory Buchanan (F, 1991) Ted Buchanan (EI, 1989)

Robert Buckles (GZ, 1970) James Bullington (AD, 1962) David Bullock (A, 1971) Donald Bullock (U, 1953) Edson Bumps (AI, 1943) William Bunn (R, 1971) Anthony Burke (QD, 2007) Harry Burns (EA, 1972) James Burrows (G, 1957) Donald Burtis (AM, 1964) Gary Burton (F, 1963) Michael Bushaw (AF, 1981) Charles Butcherite (P, 1957) Jeffrey Butler (GF, 1976) Matthew Butler (BK, 2006) Timothy Caiazzo (BQ, 1986) Michael Calligan (U, 1960) Carlos Calvo (AW, 1991) James Cameron (AG, 1956) Wallace Campbell (Q, 1950) Donald Cannon (I, 1950) John Canzio (GC, 1972) Stephen Caplan (BH, 1964) Jeremy Cardinal (A, 2002) Charles Carlson (W, 1962) Todd Carlson (DZ, 1997) Richard Carmichael (BG, 1963) Jeffrey Carr (AM, 1978) Patrick Carr (B, 1973) Brian Carroll (AI, 2000) John Carter (GP, 1972) Raymond Cassetta (BQ, 1962) Thomas Cassidy (GG, 1973) Frank Cattaneo (BG, 1955) Vincent Celli (GH, 1968) David Chalison (ZH, 2007) Michael Chaprnka (GR, 1970) Paul Charlton (BQ, 1970) Scott Chastain (ZZ, 1991) Scott Chastain (ZZ, 1991) Edward Chempiel (GH, 1980) John Chenoweth (H, 1974) Christopher Chesney (QK, 2004) William Chester (GN, 1967) Richard Childs (AD, 1982) Daniel Cholish (AM, 1963) Raymond Chow (HA, 1995) Fernando Chumentowski (EN, 1998) James Cifelli (DE, 1970) Robert Cifelli (AM, 1959) Joseph Cilurzo (DB, 2006) Roger Claar (BG, 1966) Craig Clagett (AC, 1973) Craig Clark (X, 1971) Donald Clark (M, 1953) Richard Clark (M, 1951) Harry Clarke (AM, 1943) Jeffrey Cline (R, 1988) Henry Coan (GZ, 1969) Winthrop Cody (M, 1955) Robert Coleman (Z, 1942) Joseph Columbe (H, 1976) Steve Colvell (DB, 2003) Gregory Conant (GR, 1970) William Connell (F, 1986) Joseph Conway (EN, 1980) John Cookinham (AU, 1963)

William Cooper (Q, 1940) James Copp (G, 1959) Martin Coppola (EW, 1987) David Cordill (H, 1962) Roy Cornely (BQ, 1960) Scott Corwin (EZ, 1991) Henry Courtright (Q, 1972) William Cowden (BU, 1969) Donald Cox (K, 1955) George Cozart (EK, 1983) Alan Crivaro (U, 1976) Asa Crow (AP, 1958) Clarence Crowder (AP, 1962) Donald Crowe (B, 1976) Kevin Cryblskey (AN, 1993) Samuel Cucciniello (EM, 1987) David Culbreth (BR, 1966) Kent Cummings (U, 1956) Norbert Cygan (F, 1954) Joseph D`Ambra (AU, 1966) Michael D`Ambrosio (HA, 2008) Christopher Damato (QI, 2005) Robert Dannehl (F, 1949) Ronald David (B, 1958) Robert Davidson (AP, 1974) Thomas Davidson (AD, 1976) John Davis (A, 1969) Ellison Davison (BQ, 1949) William Davison (AZ, 1955) Kenneth Day (Z, 1957) William Dean (BN, 1985) William DeBussey (AW, 1984) Charles Deffenbaugh (EG, 1976) Carmine DeFilippis (AM, 1968) David DeFilippo (EN, 1992) Frank Della Penna (Q, 1956) Paul Della Vecchia (BN, 1966) Robert DeLuca (AU, 2006) David DeLuce (U, 1980) David Demarest (H, 1961) John Dennehy (DE, 1976) Ronald Dent (AP, 1968) Chester Derr (BL, 1965) William Deutsch (AU, 1967) Brian Devot (BO, 2000) Max Dickey (D, 1933) Michael DiComo (DE, 1973) James Diefenderfer (Z, 1949) Donald Dierkes (BH, 1950) Vincent DiFiore (AO, 1953) Mario DiGiovanni (GI, 1975) Daniel Dill (EQ, 1995) Dwight Dillon (EQ, 1981) John Dinka (GA, 1983) James Dirmann (BO, 1964) David Dittmar (AG, 1984) Jason Dix (EO, 1996) Robert Dobosz (AU, 1999) Sean Doherty (H, 1990) Ira Dolnick (F, 1984) Louis Donato (GA, 1977) James Donnelly (BF, 1984) Dennis Dorin (BK, 1964) Richard Dorn (EC, 1990) Michael Dougherty (AD, 1989) Robert Doumakes (U, 1950) Terrence Dowd (BF, 1979)

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The Foundation PARENT DONORS Stephen Rocco Debra Rock Linda Roe Robert Roeder Carol Rogers Peter Romagano Julie Roper Richard Rose Sandra Ross Paul Roszko Neil Roszkowski Ralph Roth Stephen Ruger Beatrice Ruiz James Ruppel Theodore Russell Guy Russell Charles Russo Tim Ryan Terry Saint Frances Salman Stan Samoska Jesse Sanchez Arthur Sanchez Paul Sander Claudio Sandolo Anthony Sartoris Bonnie Sbaiti James Scaletta Kenneth Schaefer Larry Scheck Gary Schetelich Paul Schmidt Martin Schuster Bill Scoon John Scott William Scott David Scrivner Donna Scutti Rick Seagrave Sharon Seiber John Sequin Diane Serralta Connie Sexton-Moore Richard Shadrach Janet Shaw Steve Sheehey Nancy Sheinbaum William Shell Stephen Shemezis Diane Sherman Holly Shimer Richard Shirk Steve Shlansky Allan Short John Siani John Signorello David Silver Holly Simmons Pat Simmons Maxine Singh Richard Singleton Michele Sinusas

Cancace Skelton Thomas Skubic Janine Slava Ronald Slizofski Amy Sloat Mike Smith Butch Smith Almena Smith Stephen Smith Charles Smith Janice Smutek Celeste Sparano Betsy Spayder Stuart Speyer Cynthia Spotts Steve Sprague Bob Springer Rick Squiric Kathleen Stallings Stephen Stanwick Patrick Steger Jerry Steigerwald Eva Steinway Janice Stemmler Edward Stephenson James Stevens Deborah Stevenson William Stevenson Bob Stocker Anne Stone Greg Stone Mike Stormer Shary Strange Joe Strange Nancy Strantz Dan Strauss Russ Strobel Nancy Subler Carolyn Swayze Gerald Swimm Kent Takemoto Gerald Talty Hugh Tanner Linda Taylor Norma Taylor Gerhard Thelen Elizabeth Thomas Diane Thomas Melvin Thomas Frank Thomas Vickie Thompson John Thorn Patrick Thorogood Jane Threlkeld Jill Tindall Suzanne Tinen John Tomasino Bruce Tomasko John Topczewski Alfred Torres Joseph Toth Dennis Treacy Cathy Tribbett

Tim Troutner Denise Tull Marietta Tumbokon Edward Turgeon Ron Turner Samuel Urbina Joseph Vanderveldt Diane Vannocker Nicholas Varacalli Dennis Varni Gary Ventre John Verber Jorge Villarreal Judy Virgilio Maria Viscarra George Wagner John Waldorf John Waldron Kathy Walker Marie Walker-Rugghia Jeff Warburton Arlen Warner Rick Warren William Weakley Tim Weiser Stewart Weissman Vance Wells Stephen Welsch Karen Wenda Thomas Wenholz Steve West Art Westhues Cindy Whaling Maurice Wheatley Coralee Whitcomb Geoffrey White Thomas White Arianna Whitman Brad Wicks Brent Wildasin Terry Wilhelmi Joe Willerth Mary Williams Frank Williams S. Willis Graciela Wilson Ana Wiltowski Glen Wingblad Gerard Winterbottom Henry Wittenzellner Brad Wojcik Barbara Wolfand Thomas Woodard Robert Woody Randall Wright Dennis Wylam Alfred Yanez Stephen Yezarski Sharon Zak Gary Zambor Becky Zarlenga Donald Zdeba Theresa Zubricki

Undergraduates making a difference

Peter Bolac, (AN, 2006) Sean Carroll, (AN, 2006) John Leigh, (AN, 2007) Jonathan Olson, (AN, 2006) Nicholas Spuhler, (AN, 2007) Sean Wilbur, (AN, 2006) Gabriel Dauer, (AR, 2007) Robert Makowski, (AR, 2007) Nicholas Mendillo, (AU, 2006) Benjamin Hopkins, (Clayton, 2006) Kevin Kacel, (DA, 2008) Bobby Burk, (EA, 2008) Richard Leonhardt, (EA, 2007) Patrick Craft, (EB, 2007) Joseph Ritchie, (EB, 2008) Michael Mull, (EP, 2007) Ryan Brady, (EX, 2007) Chad Kirkenmeier, (EZ, 2007) James Hus, (H, 2007) Cole Adcock, (GU, 2008) Travis McCartney, (GX, 2006) Erik Britt, (QE, 2007) Christian Lundis, (QE, 2006) Richard Macurak, (QE, 2006) Steven O`Connor, (QE, 2007) Thomas Palisin, (QE, 2006) Todd Hartlage, (QO, 2007) Robert White, (QO, 2007) Andrew Cosgrove, (ZB, 2008) Jarrod Salvestrini, (ZB, 2006) Patrick Shubert, (ZB, 2008) Matthew Sproles, (ZD, 2007)

Thomas Lupackino, (ZG, 2007) Jason Green, (ZO, 2007) Travis Tobin, (A, 2007) Alexander Trakhtman, (HN, 2006) Bryan Darnell, (AP, 2007) Aaron Landis, (AP, 2009) Tyler Hunt, (HW, 2007) Kevin Pons, (HW, 2006) Byron Anderson, (GQ, 2007) Christopher Gillespie, (QL, 2008) Anthony Marchio, (QL, 2006) Bran Hall, (QU, 2008) Robert Selden, (QU, 2007) Jacob Frank, (ZZ, 2008) Neil Sheffield, (HQ, 2007) Sean Grove, (HM, 2008) Paul Erik Nelson, (AN, 2007) Stefan Sanborn, (HA, 2007) Thomas Anderson, (AF, 2007) Anthony Bakshi, (AF, 2009) Paul Mracek, (AF, 2009) Christopher Sands, (AF, 2008) Cole Scott, (AF, 2008) Kyle Solon, (AF, 2007) Anthony Carroll, (S, 2007) Jared Lord, (HE, 2010) Andrew Geswein, (AP, 2008) Brian Plunkett, (EF, 2007) Josh Bobb, (QY, 2010) Michael D`Ambrosio, (HA, 2008) Kyle Koelbel, (BK, 2009)

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The Foundation PARENT DONORS Jayne Ellebracht Jerry Elman Tamson Ely Brenda Engel Richard Engel Eldon Estes Nancy Fadeley Craig Fagen James Fairchild Elaine Fariss John Farrell Brian Farrell Mary Favia Kenneth Feld Marty Feldman Linwood Fentress Ken Ferkel Jose Ferreiro Michelle Fields Lois Finifter Elsie Finn Salvatore Fiore Kim Flatt C. Lynn Florek Kevin Florek Henry Flynn Mark Foley Cheryl Foreman Carl Forsythe Sandra Foster James Foti Cristina Fourzan Donna Fox Kevin Fox Lance Fraenkel Barbara Francis Harold Freeman Marc Freeman Ed French Frederick Fritz Dan Fry Susan Fujimoto Gary Gabringer John Galante Jay Gall Gerald Garber Josephine Gargano Robert Garvin Timothy Geahan Bonnie Gelcynski John Gentry Carl Geswein Ana Giametta Ken Gibat Karen Gideon Gary Gihocchio Suzanne Gilbert Steve Gilliespie Mark Gillis Donald Gilmore William Glaab John Gleason Cindy Glickert

Michael Goldberg David Gonda Ezequiel Gonzalez Richard Gore James Goundry Cheryl Ann Grant Kenneth Grant Thomas Gredell Mary Green Tom Greengard Mike Gross Victor Grossi Robert Grosso Larry Groves Richard Grulich Edward Gschneidner Jack Guerin Bruce Haase David Hake Ann Halim Kathryn Hamilton Toni Harms Bruce Harper Gregg Harris William Hart M Hartlage Dan Hartley Patrick Harvey Jack Hataway Kirk Hawley Jeanette Hayes Tim Hayes Paul Hayes Darrell Hearn Marvin Heidenrich Kay Heinemann Gary Heinfeld Ronald Heinz Michael Hembree Randy Hendren Sharon Hendrix Michael Hernon Lawrence Herriges Thomas Hettich Virginia Higgins Charles Higman Peter Hilss Robert Hoffman Donna Holzwanger Peter Hook Larry Hopkins Marie Horbaly Richard Horn William Horton Joan Hostnik John Hotvet Steve Hotz Kendall House Ella Howard Don Howard Robert Hoylman Tien Hsiung Eric Hsu

Charles Hughes Michael Huguenot Stephen Hunter Colin Innes Jim Isom Lonnie Israel Ken Iwanicki Connie Izor Brian Jacks Yvette Janvier Gul Jendrisak Anngail Jennings Barbara Jensen Elizabeth Jewell Wayne Jin Cathy Johnson Janice Johnson James Johnston Sharon Joiner Daniel Jones Marc Jordan Mitch Josephs Louise Joslin Larence Jossens John Jostrand Alfred Kalahati Joseph Kalkbrenner Jarl Kallberg Sharon Kassis Kathy Katits Jeffrey Katz Daniel Kauffman H. John Keimig George Kelley Ruki Kelley-Hawkins Michele Kelly Cynthia Kendall Martin Kennedy Doug Kercher Michael Kernan Scott Kerwien Larry Kestila Rosalinda Khachaturian Bruce Kirby Matt Kirkenmeier Allan Kleinkopf Kevin Kneisley Craig Knight Denis Kopelan Keith Kopin Nancy Kostelac Steven Krems Cathy Kruty Robert Kujawa Marcia Kunstler Paul LaFata Thomas Lagos Ed Laird Bill Lampariello Phyllis Landstrom Kevin Langenfelder Joseph LaPaglia Mary Beth Larock

Marlene Lavernia Jesus Legaspi David Lemon William Leon Mark Leopold Mitchell Levy Calvin Lewis Keith Lewis Mike Lewis Steven Lieberson Sharon Livingston Gregory Lockwood Connie Logan Michael Long Anne Longo Rebeca Loo Mike Loose Joe Lopardo Jorge Lopez-Bernal Jenifer Lowden Jesus Loza Thaddeus Lucki Janice Lupackino Franklin Lusby Jack Lynch Julian Mack Peter Mackellar Miram Mackovic-Basic Carey Macy Joe Madachy Jackie Magyarics Robert Manfred Reda Manis James Manor Anthony Manzo Raymond Marchica Don Marcotte Ron Marguin Franklin Martin Eulogio Martin Vincent Masino Dale Mason Nancy Massa Mark Mather Richard Mattingly Susan May Mark McCarthy Richard McClure Rebecca McComb Georgia McDaniel Jeffrey McDonald John McDonough Patrick McEvilly Andrew McGlinn Mike McHugh Lynne McMorrow Ken McMullen Michael McNamara Robert McNulty Renee McWenie Barry Meade Gregory Meier Jim Meier

Alvaro Mendoza Neal Merchen Thomas Michaux Mike Michlig Gary Mierkey Linda Mikuszewski R. Dale Miller Catherine Miller Robert Miller Anthony Minutella Gregg Montgomery Steven Moore James Moore Maria Moore Margery Morgan John Morgan Marcus Motte Robert Movelle Fred Mueller Robert Mulholland John Mullin John Musial Antonia Mysorewala Frank Nash David Nathanson Armando Navarro Michael Nelson Paul Nelson Jack Nelson Norman Nelson Susan Newby William Newell David Newton Steven Nicholas Keith Nielsen Bradley Noble Chris Noel John O’Briant Holly Ochoa Annette Oki Julie Olano Tamara Olsen Tonja Olson Debra Olson Greg Olson William Orlewicz Debra Orrio Bonnie Ortale Linda Osborne Edward Pabst David Pacini Vera Page Dean Palmer Patrick Palmieri Kelly Pangman Bruce Parker Charles Parker Alka Patel Robert Patriacca Robert Patternoster Dale Patterson Alan Pearlman Dennis Pearson

Karen Pearson Joseph Pelchar Epifanio Perez George Perrin Patricia Peterson William Peterson Robert Petrini Don Phillips Anthony Phillips Russell Phillips Judson Phillips Stanley Pilat Martin Pimentel Michael Pinochi Laszlo Pinter Bonnie Pittman Joseph Pomme David Portelli Rick Potocek Al Prais Carl Price Dean Prodromos Peter Prytula Gary Putthoff Gary Qualmann Raime Quick Steven Rabinowitz Myron Radio Hamid Rahimi Kenneth Raisch Rod Rallo Carmen Ramirez Gary Randall Kenneth Rankin Nandakumar Rao Jasen Reagin James Reed Barbara Reese Steven Reeser Margaret Regan Albert Reickard Timothy Reilly Linda Rein Frank Reinbold Darlene Reinke Roger Reitz Mark Renas Marc Renaud Michael Ricci Mary Rice David Richards Bob Richardson Pam Richmond Dwyane Ridenour Leslie Riehl Michael Rinehart Adon Rivera Sheryl Roark Marilyn Robbie Jossens Bradley Robbins Stuart Robertson William Robinette Terry Robison continued on next page

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The Foundation


Mason Cozart

Dear Brothers, Thank you! The Sigma Pi Educational Foundation has opted to use their portion of this issue of the Emerald to thank those alumni, parents, undergraduates, and friends who have supported our mission over the last three years. Though, legally, the Sigma Pi Educational Foundation and Sigma Pi Fraternity are separate entities our goals are the same. Your donations to the Sigma Pi Educational Foundation have allowed us to support Sigma Pi Fraternity’s undergraduate, alumni, and programming in the form of scholarships and grant support. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The information presented in this issue is only a fraction of the information that we have to share with our supporters and is not intended to replace a separate annual report. Please see our new website at www. for more data on the Sigma Pi Educational Foundation’s performance over the last three fiscal years. It is our intention to print a new annual report in the months after our current fiscal year ends on June 30, 2009. It is amazing to realize how fast the school year goes by. As you get this edition of The Emerald, we congratulate another group of graduating seniors as they begin their careers. This is a time to remember that Sigma Pi Fraternity is not just a collegiate organization, but a life long brotherhood. This fact was brought to life for many of us recently, as many chapters celebrated the commemoration of their 25th, 40th and 50th anniversaries. To see brothers together sharing stories of the past and reigniting the bonds of brotherhood is really what Sigma Pi Fraternity is all about. We truly are in Sigma Pi Fraternity for life! I BELIEVE that we will continue to see challenges for all of us based on the economy. We need to work together to achieve the objectives we need to provide more scholarships for active members to continue their college educations because of the tough economy. As you plan your donations for the year, please keep the Sigma Pi Educational Foundation in mind. When you get the mailers from the Educational Foundation, take a moment to read what we are focusing on, and what we are accomplishing. Hopefully, after reading, you will want to support our goals. As I have said before, we are SIGMA PI, and we will continue to make this the brotherhood that we are all proud of – as actives and life long alumni members. Also, it would be great to reconnect with your fraternity in the second half of 2009, by attending an event, such as Sigma Pi University in July, volunteering to host or attend an event or just visiting the fraternity house and asking how you can help. And please do not forget that the Fraternity has established the e-mail address: to allow you to send us your updated e-mail address.

G. Mason Cozart, Chairman (EK, Southern Arkansas ’83) R. Todd Miller Vice-Chairman of Administration (ET, Tennessee - Martin ’87) Marc S. Saffren Vice-Chairman of Development (HL, New York - Albany ’92) Gary D. Dvorchak Vice-Chairman of Finance & Investments (X, Iowa ’86) Allen Yee Vice-Chairman of Legal (AF, Georgia ’99) Clifford A. Wilke, Treasurer (DZ, Missouri at St. Louis ’81) James T. Jennings, Secretary (GU, Murray State ’93) TRUSTEES Kevin D. Farmer (BN, S. Illinois - Carbondale ’95) John J. McCann (AN, NJIT ’83) John J. Merino (BO, Calif. State - Long Beach ’58) Joseph V. Palazzolo (DB, Monmouth ’03) Michael J. Simmons (EN, Calif. State - Fullerton ’87) George N. Hakim (GA, Detroit Mercy ’78) Larry P. Rovira (EN, Calif. State - Fullerton ’85) Thomas A. Moore, Jr. (GR, Western Michigan ’69) Paul W. Hansen, Advisor Trustee (BT, Valparaiso ’80)

FOUNDATION STAFF President/Chief Development Officer Richard Robinson (ET, Tennessee – Martin ’87) Director of Major Gifts Jonathan M. Frost (DZ, Missouri - STL ’02) Development Officer Josh J. Singleton (QR, Grand Valley State ’07)


I BELIEVE that each of you can assist our efforts in support of the Sigma Pi Educational Foundation.

Administrative Assistant Jennifer R. Wyatt

Our President and Chief Development Officer Richard Robinson is doing a great job working with many of you. He will be more than glad to show you how your support can take the Sigma Pi Educational Foundation to the next level. He can be reached at (800) 332-1897.

Sigma Pi Educational Foundation Post Office Box 1897 Brentwood, TN 37024

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Tel: (615) 373-5728 Fax: (615) 373-8949 Email: Website:

G. Mason Cozart Chairman

Helping Our Fraternity Build “A New Generation of Leaders”

| Summer 2009

Sigma Pi Fraternity P. O. Box 1897 Brentwood, TN 37024

Prsrt Std Non-Profit U. S. Postage PAID Lebanon Junction, KY Permit No. 441

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Thank you. . . • Summer 2009

Sigma Pi Educational Foundation


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