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BA (Hons.) Graphic Design



Brief Title: The Grand Depart

Module Brief

OUGD 603

Brief I am going to produce a series of 4 screen printed posters that illustrate cycling to coincide with the Grand Depart. The posters will be on display and for sale (£15 each) at Belgrave Music Hall and possibly other venues around Leeds. Other deliverables could extend into postcards, tote bags and t-shirts. The posters should work together – if somebody purchases one they should want the other 3 to complete the set.

Background/Considerations What elements could influence the design? – Yorkshire, France, Summer, Cycling, How will the posters work as a set? How many colours will be used? How will this affect cost? What stock will be used for the posters

Mandatory Requirements


Regular contact with Ash for feedback Post to blog

X 4 Screen printed posters Related t-shirt design

Studio Deadline Finished before 15th May

Module Deadline

The grand depart