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A semiotic analysis of

Celebrity Endorsements in print and television



Good Advertising

Effective Advertising



An introduction to modern advertising.

Is the celebrity linked to “If you can associate the product? your business with a celebrity then you’ll “Be sure your make more money.” provocativeness stems from your product.” What does George Foreman know about grills?

Connecting meaning to meaningless objects. Shift from needs to desire

Money Made

Is celebrity centred advertising more effective than standard advertising? Low attention processing Belief that advertising doesn’t affect you. “One of the most exploited routes to building brand associations is to borrow them from elsewhere.”

Modern Endorsement Co Promotion

Selling Out Responsibility

Products being featured Giving up principles in films etc to help that once formed your budget the production. identity for personal gain Script writing being compromised due Exploiting the trust of to brand partners fanbase and following to interference sell products. Twitter using closeness between celebrity and consumer to sell products.

Creativity Is using a celebrity lazy creativity? Why are some endorsements offensive and others aren’t regardless of relationship with the product? - Mr.T Snickers


The effects of social media on endorsement and advertising

The art of being annoying

A semiotic analysis of celebrity endorsement (in print / television?)

How celebrities are used to reach a specific audience

The role of celebrity in television advertising

Selling smells.

Why using annoying advertising is so effective

How associations between image and product give meaning to a meaningless product.

Focus These are potential topics of focus that fall under the umberella of ‘celebrity endorsement’


Glossy magazine format with mock advertisements and interactive elements Would this just be illustrating the essay?

Advertisements promoting celebrity endorsement Tongue in cheek advertising brochure, selling celebrities with fact files about them, brand personality etc.

TV Safari Guide A Checklist of what to look out for on tv advertisements for spotting sell out celebrities and meaningless products. (use of them tree -yes/ nodiagrams)

Practical Application These are some potential routes that could fulfil the practical aspect of the project.


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