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EDITOR’S NOTE Hello and welcome to the September edition of Let’s Eat! Magazine your culinary guide to the island of Bali.

super cool, ever innovative W Resort & Spa

Canggu surf break [p 60]. There was also a

Once again our team of writers have been exploring the restaurant scene on the island, and even managed a little sight seeing this month as they headed to Bali Safari Marine Park. While theme parks are not normally synonymous with fine dining, the awardwinning Tsavo Lion Restaurant provides an enticing menu in fabulous surrounds, with views of lions and meer cats. Make sure to jump on the Safari tour after lunch [p 40]. Back on the coast we took a drive to Pan Pacific Nirwana, always a treat with its tantalising views of the famous Tanah Lot temple. The chef lead us on a tour of

Seminyak revealed some very novel cocktails [p 56], while the bean bags at Om Gelato provided a comfortable spot to indulge in ice cream and watch the waves of the famous memorable sunset at Envy in Tuban enjoying tasty and casual cuisine infused with a mellow seaside vibe [p 36].

As the restaurant scene in Bali continues

to evolve, so too does Lets Eat! Magazine and we hope you enjoy our new, sleeker appearance. We love to hear from you, our readers, so please feel free to share any of your thoughts and ideas with us. As always Bon Apetit

the organic gardens and we helped pick a selection of vegetables for a fresh and healthy lunch [p 46]. An afternoon at the

Hendra Oktaviano Editor-in-Chief

E-mail Us Send your letters to if you have any suggestions or thoughts regarding the recent issue of this magazine or if you simply wish to share your travel experience related to food and beverage on the island. Letters chosen for publication may be edited for brevity and clarity.

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your culinary guide

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Alison is a travel writer and self confessed food-lover. She has spent many years traveling the globe, immersing herself in foreign cultures and sampling local cuisine, applying her motto ‘Everything should be tried at least once.’ Her heart has now been captured by Bali where she is happily indulging her favourite things; writing, traveling and discovering new restaurants

Menur describes herself as a part-time food lover and a full-time food friend. She enjoyed her exposure to many different restaurants during her year teaching Indonesian Language and Culture in Washington DC. Now back in Indonesia she has discovered that her pleasure in trying new food has deepened and she hopes to one day open her own restaurant.

Ari worked for a popular island magazine before deciding to go solo as a freelance writer. After a year pursuing her Journalism and Creative Writing certificate in Madison, United States, she’s back with a full bag of knowledge and confesses that she is always hungry to step into a restaurant, taste the food, and meet the chef!

Let’s Eat! Magazine is published monthly under the direction of PT Khrisna Inter Visi Media. Although every care is taken, neither the publishers nor any of their designees assume responsibility for the opinions and information expressed by the editorial contributors. All material in this publication is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without written permission of the publisher or author. All trademark and rights to Let’s Eat! are reserved by PT Khrisna Inter Visi Media. Editorial materials may be submitted for consideration to the editorial office. Let’s Eat! is not responsible for the return of unsolicited material. © 2012 Let’s Eat! ISSN 2085-5907 A Member of


the latest

Embracing the New Latitude Sababay Winery proudly presents a new array of locally grown wine, tended and harvested by Gianyar grape farmers. Have a taste of the fruity Pink Blossom Rosé, or the vibrant red, enticingly named Black Velvet which is a great match with spicy Asian food, and you will understand why these New Latitude wines are a crowd pleaser. Sababay Selection Jl. Raya Puputan 64A Renon Denpasar P +62 361 261104

The Haven’s New Captain

THE HAVEN Seminyak is pleased to announce Mr. Stephen Jennings as the new General Manager. Australian-born Jennings comes with over 20 years of hospitality, catering and sales experience. Fresh from his last post at Phant Tiet Beach Resort, Vietnam there is no doubt he will work his magic at the HAVEN. THE HAVEN Jl. Raya Seminyak P +62 361 738001.

ICELAND High quality, affordable vodka was something

difficult to find on the island, so kudos to Astidama Distillery for giving us Iceland Vodka. Produced from selected grains, fermented then distilled three times, Iceland vodka gives a smooth, clean and cool sensation. Whether you drink it straight up or mix it into your favourite cocktail, this icy vodka is bound to give you the necessary shiver. PT. Dewata Kencana Distribusi Jalan Gatot Subroto Timur No. 7 Denpasar P +62 811 380 9299.

12 let’s eat!

Aston’s Balinese The 2nd Aston Culinary Festival was held at Aston Kuta, showcasing a wealth of talent from local chefs, bartenders and baristas working under Aston management. The judging panel consisted of Aston International representatives, a team from Illy Coffee and our very own Hendra Octaviano from Let’s Eat! Magazine. Congratulation to all the winners! Aston Kuta Hotel & Residence Jl. Wana Segara Kuta P +62 361 754 999

LITTLE ITALY IN KUTA Established in 2007, Ifiori serves modern Italian and Mediterranean

‘Uh’ in URBAN


cuisine with high quality wine. Fabulously located in the middle of the lively Kuta scene, it’s the perfect place to have lunch, dinner or cocktails. A contemporary white interior with LED light bar provides a fun ambience to sip, eat and enjoy your holiday. Ifiori Ristorante Jl. Kartika Plaza Tuban, P +62 361 750158. Situated in Kuta’s latest hot spot, The 1O1 Legian, this hip new eatery dubbed ‘The Uh’ is fast becoming the place to eat and be seen. The Urban House Grill and Bar offers everything you need to boost your energy, from burgers and sandwiches to signature dishes like deviled eggs. The lively bar features a fine selection of beer and wine, make sure to check out their softopening promo in September! The Urban House Grill and Bar at The 1O1 Jl. Legian Raya No. 117 P +62 361 3001101 let’s eat! 13

the latest


Meads in Bali restaurant will undoubtedly spoil your taste buds rotten. Have a taste of the freshly caught seafood from Jimbaran Fish Market, personally selected by the well known Perth celebrity restauranteur Warren Mead and you’ll understand why he’s been in the business for over 35 years. Fresh, delectable and memorable. Free pick up if you’re staying in Nusa Dua area. Meads in Bali Jl. Pratama No. 99 Tanjung Benoa P +62 361 776604

Bright Star of Anantara Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort & Spa has appointed a new General Manager with an impressive multilingual knowledge. Austrian-born Christiane Doris Wasfy has spent 30 years in the hospitality business and was responsible for the successful pre-opening phase of Anantara Sanya Resort & Spa on Hainan Island, China. Her accolades included numerous

awards for hotel properties. Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort & Spa Jl. Dhyana Pura P +62 361 737773

BBQ JaZZ Night on Sanur Beach

Next time you’re in Sanur, find your way to the chic Isola Bistro. This casual beach side eatery situated at La Taverna Hotel is now offering an excellent BBQ as well as a delightful “East & West” snack menu every Thursday night. If that’s not enough to tempt you, a jazz band will serenade you into the night. Isola Bistro Jl. Danau Tamblingan 29 Sanur P +62 361 288497

14 let’s eat!


The next wine event kicks off at Taman Ayun Café & Lounge on September 27th 2012 with Artisan Estate wines, and at Bella Rosa Italian Restaurant on Tuesday, October 2nd 2012 featuring the prestigious Australian wine by Shaw & Smith and D’arenberg from 6 – 9pm supported by Best Wines & Vin + Jakarta. On August 7th 2012, the wines produced by Louis Vialard (France) were showcased featuring the La Chapelle Series, Chateau Du Brueil, Chateau Cissac and Domaine St Dominique, presented by Mr. Eric Hosteins the president of Louis Vialard & Billy Budiman the Brand Ambassador or Louis Bella Rosa Restaurant at the Padma Resort P +62 361 752111 Vialard in Jakarta.

The Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali proudly announce Chef Ravi Obeyesekere as the new Executive Chef. A Srilankan by birth and a traveling chef by vocation, Chef Ravi previously spent 12 years at Sheraton Mirage Gold Coast, Queensland and several other countries. He is now keen to showcase dishes that honour the culinary heritage of Indonesia and Bali, alongside modern fare to appeal to a diverse audience of lucky travelers that will be staying in the hotel. The Westin Resort Nusa Dua P +62 361 771906

let’s eat! 15 let’s eat! 15

Local Cuisine

exquisitley refreshing


Conveniently located on Jalan Dhyana Pura, Seminyak, only a few minutes from the beach, Lime is an international restaurant that also serves delicious Indonesian dishes. The setting is large and airy, with friendly staff offering a menu ranging from happy snacks such as Tex Mex specialties Tacos and Nachos, Britain’s famous Fish & Chips, pizza and salads, along side Indonesian alltime favourite cuisine. The restaurant offers a simple decorative layout and cosy ambience with long teak style benches for groups and smaller round tables for more intimate gatherings. The bar is in the corner, where the bartender is ready to quench your thirst with his signature Lime Squash, a refreshing recipe of lime juice and soda water, Merah Putih, a mixture of frozen lime juice and red wine, and other favourite cocktails such as Dirty Orgasm and Nude Bomb.

16 let’s eat!

Local Cuisine Soto Lamongan

Coconut Pudding

For this month’s gastronomy adventure, we opted for Indonesian delicacies; Soto Lamongan, an Indonesian style soup served with perkedel kentang (fried potato cake,) tempe, tahu, and steamed rice. This East Java specialty is commonly enjoyed with sweet soy sauce, bird-eye chilli paste, and a few drops of fresh kaffir lime juice. The shredded chicken meat is succulent while the soup is tasty, light and refreshing. The famous Rendang, a Sumatran beef stew with coconut milk is also offered, and varying from tradition, is served with

Indonesian food is famous for its spicy note, but LIME Restaurant & Bar recreates it for all to enjoy. Locals can heat it up with the additional chilli paste on the side, while foreigners can try Indonesian delicacies that aren’t too fiery on their taste buds!

seasoned papaya leaves and green chilli paste to notch

To conclude the wonderful meal, we have the signature

up the spicy flavour. The beef is perfectly cooked –

dessert Coconut Pudding with mango, served in a

tender, tasty, and rich in coconut flavour. Bebek Betutu

mouth-watering presentation with grilled sliced young

is another main, slow cooked duck with Balinese spices

coconut and strawberry sauce. It’s a refreshing treat to

served with papaya leaves and sambal matah (thinly

end a pleasant dining experience with an exceptional

sliced fresh onion, chilli, lemongrass, and shrimp paste

quality of service, from start to finish. Ari

mixed with vegetable oil.) Lime Restaurant & Bar I Fave Hotel I Jl. Dhyana Pura 9a Seminyak I P +62 361 739000

18 let’s eat!

70 I Open 6.30a.m – 11.00 p.m


The Cumin Comeback Cumin is a Mediterranean spice that has been used since ancient times for medicinal purposes and in food preparation. It is also best recognised as the flavorful herb used in Mexican and Indian food.

What is Cumin Cumin or Cuminum cyminum is a small herbaceous plant from the parsley family. The most common type of cumin produces white seeds but some produce black seeds that are smaller and sweeter. To harvest the seeds, the whole plant is removed and then dried in the sun, it is then threshed to beat out the seeds which are dried again until the moisture content is reduced to 10%. Cumin can be purchased as the whole seed or as a ground powder.

20 let’s eat!

Ingredients History The history of cumin goes back over 5000 years when the ancient Egyptians used it in cookery and as part of the mummification process. The Greeks and Romans also used it for flavouring, medicinal purposes and as a whitening cream for the skin. In the Bible, the planting of cumin is described as a beneficial farming practice ascribed from God. Today, cumin is cultivated and grown in many countries including Malta, India, Sicily, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and China. Egypt and India are the largest producers of cumin. Lucky Charm In the Middle Ages cumin was thought to promote love and fidelity. People carried it to weddings and walked around with it in their pockets to keep their lovers from wandering. Married soldiers were sent

Cumin Tea If you are suffering from a head cold, indigestion, nausea, morning sickness, or atonic dyspepsia, add one teaspoon of seeds to a glass of boiling water, mix with salt and coriander leaf juice and drink twice a day. Add ginger to the mix to treat a sore throat.

off to battle with a fresh baked loaf of cumin bread. Apart from being the exotic spice from the east, cumin has also some remedial and health benefits. It is a great herb for digestive disorders and the seeds of cumin are thought to help stimulate the secretion of enzymes from the pancreas which helps absorb nutrients into body system. Menur 22 let’s eat!

juicy news

The History of ORANGE Juice We all know that Orange Juice is high in vitamin C and provides a fabulously refreshing start to the day, but few of us give further thought to this quintessential breakfast juice. The Origin of Oranges Oranges have been growing in Southeast Asia and China for approximately 4,000 years, eventually making it to Europe during the Arab occupancy of Spain in about 700AD. Spanish Explorers then brought the fruit to the new world, planting the first orange trees around St Augustine in Florida in the 1500’s. The warm subtropical climate and high annual rainfall proved to be the perfect environment for growing oranges and Florida is now the top orange juice producer in the world. An Orange a day keeps the doctor away Initially popular for its taste, it was discovered in the late 1800’s that oranges had a healthy dose of Vitamin C, which doctors knew would ward off scurvy, a prevalent disease of the times. As demand for the fruit grew, so too did production, so much that by the early 1900’s there was an overproduction of citrus fruits in California. Orange growers feared they would have to destroy up to 30% of their trees – people didn’t have fridges in those days, so there was no way to keep oranges, or the juice extracted from them from rotting. However, around the same time pasteurisation was discovered, which meant oranges could be stored for much longer periods of time. With the completion of the national railroad, oranges and juice could now be transported across the country, and by the 1930’s orange juice was being mass produced and mass marketed and started to play an important role in the Americanisation of breakfast.

24 let’s eat!

Orange Juice Smoothie

Bored with orange juice for breakfast? Why not try peeling a whole orange, adding half an avocado, a banana, ice cubes and a teaspoon of raw chocolate powder and whizzing it up in a blender to make a delicious breakfast smoothie.

juicy news

Facts at a Glance The top three orange juice producers in the world are Brazil, Florida and Mexico A glass of fresh squeezed orange juice has a vitamin C content of around 150 mg (250% RDA) and has about 100 calories. Orange juice is the official beverage of Florida. About 90% of the Florida orange crop is used to make orange juice. In Europe, Spain is the largest producer of oranges.

26 let’s eat!

must try

Bali is synonymous with beautiful beaches, thanks to salt-like sands and beautiful sunset moments Embrace these tropical elements and spend a lazy afternoon at Amazing Bali Cafe on Seminyak beach.

28 let’s eat!

ABC easy beach dining Carpaccio Con Rucola e Parmiggiana

must try Nasi Campur Bali Bruschette Miste

Chocolate Volcano

Strawberry Daiquiri

With its catchy abbreviation, ABC, the cafe provides an

There is also a wide selection of pizza. Nasi Campur Bali is

eclectic but not eccentric menu inspired by Indonesian, Asian

a sampler of many small dishes, with white rice topped with

and Italian food. The concept is semi-fine dining with amazing

fried shallots accompanied by sate lilit, kalas (long beans

ambience right on the beach. The grains of sand slipping

with coconut milk,) beef rendang, kare ayam, prawn crackers,

through your toes while sipping your favourite cocktail or

and two chili condiments; sambal tomat and sambal matah.

savouring a delicious meal have also made ABC famous for

casual yet stylish beach wedding.

orange, strawberry and mint leaves, and Chocolate Volcano,

ABC opens for lunch and dinner with indoor and outdoor

fresh from the oven with chocolate liquid melting from the

seating under the shady trees cooled by a fresh breeze. We

inside and best enjoyed with vanilla ice cream. When it comes

had Bruschette Miste to kick start our day at the beach, a

to aperitif time, ABC also prepares comfy bean bags from 4pm

series of three portions of garlic bread with three different

where you can sit and enjoy pre sunset drinks and pleasant

toppings; quatro formaggi, garlic basil tomatoes, and grilled

background music. The Virgin Mojito is a good mocktail, while

mushroom topped with mozzarella. We also try Carpaccio

the Strawberry Daiquiri uses fresh strawberries to refresh

Con Rucola e Parmiggiana, thinly sliced raw beef served with

your mind with its taste and daring red colour.

rocket salad and Parmesan cheese with a hint of black pepper.

ABC also has catering services available for outside

Another ABC Italian favourite is Ravioli Nero Con Gamberi Alle

events or in-villa dining so you can enjoy great food from the

Zafferano, four black ravioli parcels with natural squid ink

comfort of home. Menur

We finish with Vanilla Panna Cotta garnished with slices of

colouring filled with ground prawn and yellow saffron sauce.

Amazing Bali Cafe I Double Six Beach Jl. Arjuna Seminyak I P +62 783 7374

30 let’s eat!

200 I Open 11am – 11pm

new restaurant Ox tail soup 32 let’s eat!


Surf the Western Delight It’s hard not to stop and take a closer look when you pass an attractive building. Bliss Wayan Hotel in Legian has an eye catching design that makes you want to step inside and enjoy the fascinating scenery. Passing the lobby you will find Bombura Bar & Resto – a retro-surf themed restaurant with Western-Italian-Indonesian Cuisine on the menu. The interior is painted with earthy colours and filled with retro paintings, surfboards and memorabilia celebrating the surf lifestyle. The dining area is separated into two sections; a casual semi-indoor area adorned with pale blue wooden tables, imitating the colour of the ocean, and the al-fresco ‘Floater Sand Area’ offering a laid-back atmosphere with sandy floor, floater sofas and colourful dining tables.

let’s eat! 33

new restaurant Fun Berry

Lamb Chops

Opened in February this year, Bombura Bar & Resto provides

presentation on each plate – beautiful to the eyes and

an extensive menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Light

tantalising on the taste-buds.

meals are also available 24/7 such as Fabulous Burger, a

grilled to order beef patty in a bun with beef bacon, fried egg,

the chef’s recipe combining delicious cheese cake with fresh

and cheddar cheese served with French fries, crisp onion

strawberries and strawberry dips. The cheese cake melted in

rings and coleslaw. We start with Lamb chops, perfectly

my mouth, with the strawberry dips complementing the sweet

grilled imported chops served with flavourful mustard gravy,

creamy note. A Fun Berry made the perfect accompaniment,

smooth and buttery mashed potato and braised vegetables.

a concoction of vodka, Frangelico, strawberry and wild

The Indonesian famous dish Oxtail Soup made from imported

berry purée, cranberry juice, and fresh lemon. There is also

Australian oxtail beef for a premium flavour can be boiled

a selection of Champagne, shooters, healthy mocktails and

or fried with carrot, tomato, leek, and celery leaves and is

a wide range of local and imported premium wines available

served with steamed rice, chilli sauce, and crackers. Seared

from the bar. With its relaxed and welcoming ambience,

Scallops are presented with cheesy mashed potato, almond

Bombura Bar & Resto is achieving well-deserved attention

garlic butter, Italian herb tomato sauce and a basket of mixed

from surfers and non surfers alike. Ari

Our main course was followed with Bliss Cheese Cake,

vegetables. Chef Juddy certainly has created an impressive

Bombura Bar & Resto I Bliss Wayan Hotel Jl. Sriwijaya 88 Legian I P +62 361 767222

34 let’s eat!

150 I Open 6.30 a.m – 12 am (24 hours for light meal order)



36 let’s eat!

Envy boasts a tranquil location on a wide section of Tuban beach dotted with colourful outriggers providing lovely views for a casual lunch, sunset cocktail or al fresco dinner. A contemporary design incorporates rectangular pavilions draped in shade sails set around a lawn scattered with palm trees. Giant white pots filled with vibrant pink bougainvillea complete the tropical picture.

The aroma of fresh baked pizza fills the air, courtesy of the wood fired

oven which makes an attractive centre piece of the island bar. Our choice, the Envy Pizza is topped with Bali sea grass, asparagus and salmon.

Although I have had seaweed salads before, this is my first sea grass pizza, and although I am a classicist when it comes to Italian food, this innovative ingredient proves to be a fabulous addition.

Toffee Banoffi Pie

let’s eat! 37

spotlight Tuscany Platter

Envy Foam

Envy Pizza

As well as producing great pizza, the island bar is the hub of

food, although you may prefer to lose yourself in the view and

activity for bartenders shaking signature cocktails. The rum-

the peaceful vibe. Pastas, Indonesian favourites and salads

based Sugar Hill Punch definitely deserves a mention, served

are available, as well as the popular Volcano stone grill, with

long, icy cold and deliciously ‘unsweet.’ Refreshing flavour is

choices including prime Angus Beef from the famous Meyer

created with a hint of fresh basil, a dash of apricot liqueur

Ranch in Wyoming, as well as fish, seafood, chicken and lamb.

and the lingering taste of fresh lime and mango. Best of all you can chew on the sugar cane stick when you’re done. The Envy Foam is a fluffy concoction that looks like an iced cappuccino, but is actually a blend of rich vanilla infused vodka topped with butterscotch and cinnamon cream. Sharing platters are an ideal accompaniment for sunset cocktails. We

We finish with a classic, super sweet Toffee Banoffi Pie, with a chewy base decked out in bananas, lashings of cream and a liberal dousing of toffee.

enjoy the Tuscany Platter, with char grilled vegetables, olives, artichokes and sundried tomatoes, served with crispy herb

Day times at Envy are casual and chilled, while night times

flat bread. The menu is printed as a monthly newspaper with

are livelier with evening entertainment ranging from acoustic

some interesting articles to fill time while you wait for your

guitar, to jazz, live DJs and fire dancing. Alison

ENVY @ Baruna Bali I Jl. Wana Segara 33 Tuban Kuta I P +62 361 752527

38 let’s eat!

120 I Open 10.30am-12am

cover story Chocolate Molten 40 let’s eat!


Tsavo Lion


cover story Safari Holiday Climbing into a jeep we pass through the entrance gates of Bali Safari & Marine Park and head into dense sub tropical forest. Crocodiles wallow in the mud and I catch a glimpse of elephants through the leafy foliage, before arriving at Tsavo Lion Restaurant, set in a magnificent Africanstyle round house. Soaring ceilings descend to a wall of windows which reveals meer cats playing amidst the boulders, while our table is perfectly positioned to take in two majestic lions basking in the sun. African music makes a fitting soundtrack and the theme continues with plenty of ethnic curious and lion paraphernalia.

The restaurant’s talented chefs have won a

Theme parks are not usually associated with gourmet cuisine, but Bali Safari & Marine Park is a classy set up on every level and manages to be thick on atmosphere without being gimmicky.

number of awards, the most recent being gold at the Indonesian Salon Culinaire for the dish Pan Roasted Herbs Tenderloin, with spinach and pumpkin puree, vegetables in orange truffle emulsion.

We start our meal with a silky Royal Tasmanian

Garvlax Salmon served with baby leaf lettuce and salmon tartar. The curing of sugar and dill creates a lovely flavour, complemented with crème fraiche sprinkled with chives. Next is a Pan Fried Japanese Tofu, served with inoki mushrooms, asparagus, and a wonderful caramelised orange sauce. Tofu is often overlooked, which is a shame as it is a fabulous and versatile ingredient that absorbs flavours readily, as testified by this tasty dish. The Salmon with Sesame Teriyaki is a juicy fillet atop crunchy potato croquets, spinach coulis and a Salmon with Sesame Teriyaki 42 let’s eat!

tangy mandarin and tomato salsa.

Chef Susi Mahadi

cover story

Royal Tasmanian Garvlax Salmon

We finish with a luscious Chocolate Molten which has a rich pudding-like texture and is presented with sugared strawberries, sour raspberry coulis, and a choux basket filled with fresh fruit. Sangria Mint Tea

A respectable wine list is available, along with a selection of cocktails,

juices and mocktails. The Sangria Mint Tea is refreshing and full bodied with quite a kick of mint, and masses of fresh strawberries and orange slices; while the Safari Holiday blends crushed basil leaves with orange juice and Monin caramel.

Following lunch we join the safari tour and explore the tropical park

which has been designed to emulate the natural habitat of the 60 or so species of animals that inhabit it, including giraffes, wilder beast, orangutans, Sumatran elephants, and a magnificent Indian white tiger. Many of the animals have been rescued from captivity and the park also operates as an education, conservation and breeding centre. Alison

Pan Fried Japanese Tofu Tsavo Lion Restaurant I Bali Safari &Marine Park I Jl Bypass Prof. Dr Ida Bagus Mantra Km. 19,8 Gianyar I P +62 361 751300

44 let’s eat!

150 I Open 8am -10pm

healthy food


46 let’s eat!


One of the first things you notice about Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali apart from the stunning views over the legendary sea temple of Tanah Lot is the greenness, with more than 100 hectares of terraced rice paddies, swaying palm trees, golf greens and thriving gardens. Actually it’s the organic vegetable gardens that have brought us here today in our ongoing quest for healthy food. Neat rows of vines dangle with sweet candy-like yellow cherry tomatoes, amidst robust pumpkins, bushes of fragrant Thai basil, plants dripping with green and yellow zucchini, and bushes sprouting a colourful array of chilli peppers.

let’s eat! 47

healthy food Zucchini & Carrot Ribbons Organic Tomato & Strawberry Panna Cotta

Green Lot The gardens – established just over a year ago – are now doing so well that the resort is offering a ‘Chef’s organic farm experience,’ with a resort chef escorting guests to pick fresh vegetables which are then used to create innovative dishes during a cooking lesson. The resort’s rice paddies – where black rice, and the nutty and nutritious red rice grow – can also be visited. Leaving the gardens behind we head to the signature restaurant Merica, and sit in an open-air pavilion surrounded by flourishing lotus ponds.

Spreading out before us the manicured lawns lead to rugged cliffs and the stunning Tanah Lot temple majestically situated on its own rocky, wave pounded island.

The chefs are showcasing today freshly picked vegetables,

starting with colourful Zucchini and Carrot Ribbons with wonderful fresh flavours enhanced by a seasoning of garlic, thyme, extra virgin olive oil and lots of black pepper. A cherry tomato confit and balsamic reduction completes the dish.

Grilled Vegetables Tatin

Next is Corn Ravioli with Cream Pesto Sauce and Cherry Tomato Basil Salsa. The homemade pasta is excellent and each parcel bursts with the juicy kernels of grilled corn. The mild cream sauce is complemented by a tasty homemade pesto topped with cherry tomatoes. The Grilled Vegetables Tatin with Organic Salad features homemade focaccia topped with marinated char-grilled vegetables and mozzarella, the sweet red peppers are particularly good. We finish with an unusual yet pleasant Organic Tomato and Strawberry Panna Cotta.

Juices such as Pacific Basil & Egg Plant are attractively

presented with slivers of fresh fruit – the very picture of good health. I particularly enjoy the Green Lot, which manages to be sweet, sour and tart all at the same time, thanks to a combination of green apple, celery and dash of pineapple. I have always loved the views and the tranquil ambience of Pan Pacific, and being served fresh healthy produce from the garden just adds to the resort’s appeal. Alison

Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort I Jl. Raya Tanah Lot Tabanan I P +62 361 815900

48 let’s eat!

Chef I Komang Tusan Ariateja

the specialist 50 let’s eat!

I Komang Tusan Ariateja was recently awarded “The Best Chef 2012” title at Aston Culinary Festive Competition, together with his partner Chef I Putu Eka Mahendra. Their flawless creations of Pan Fried Snapper served with lemon butter sauce and balsamic reduction and Snapper Fish Roll served with Balinese sauce and crispy kaffir lime leaves and rice won the judges’ hearts. The food they presented for the competition is a perfect example of creative western cuisine fused with the colour, style and flavour of modern Balinese food.

Tusan dreamt of being a lawyer, but fate intervened when

he lost his acceptance letter for law school. Persuaded by his parents, Tusan signed up for culinary school in Nusa Dua. “My

Snapper Fish Roll

interest in food began to grow at school. I never regret choosing food over law,” he explains. Upon completion of his formal

Missing home, he returned to Bali in 2011 and held the

education in 2000, he began training in hotels and resorts

position of Chef de Partie at Semara Resort in Petitenget before

including Park Royal Hotels in Singapore. After a few months of

joining the kitchen team at Aston Denpasar early this year as

invaluable kitchen experience, Tusan decided to go onboard

Demi Chef at gardé manger, creating appealing appetisers and

the Carnival Cruise Lines sailing to South America, Caribbean

salads. Chef Tusan describes his food as “Creative western

Islands and Europe, where he would spend 11 years expanding

dishes - offering an interesting flavour combination with

his culinary horizon as a Senior Sous Chef crafting imaginative

different textures,” such as Mixed Asian Crispy served with

western dishes.

Thai sauce. Ari

Chef I Komang Tusan Ariateja Demi Chef at Gardé Manager I Jempiring Restaurant I Aston Denpasar Hotel & Convention Center Jl. Gatot Subroto Barat 283 Denpasar I P +26 361 411999

Chef I Putu Eka Mahendra

the specialist

L♥ve of Art

I Putu Eka Mahendra has been fascinated with art since a young age. It’s in his DNA, coming from a Balinese family with a strong sense of art. “My father loves carving. He creates art from a piece of wood.” Eka loves to carve food on a plate. In 2000, he pursued his passion for culinary art at Tourism and Hotel School Dhyana Pura in Denpasar, completing three years of training to receive the Indonesian National Culinary Certification. A few months after graduating, Eka took his first cooking job at Bali Hai Resort (now Holiday Inn,) and though this less-than-glamorous position was not what the novice had in mind, Eka committed himself to working up the ranks to become a chef. Six month afterward, he was offered a position as a cook helper. He spent four years at the resort before moving to Flores, working for a cruise line before returning home where he accepted a job at La Lucciola Restaurant. He joined the Aston Denpasar pre-opening team in 2008. “2008 was my most memorable year. It was all new to me. There were some challenges joining a pre-opening team but I was so excited. I helped created the concept for Jempiring Restaurant,” he recalls. There, Chef Eka who recently won an award as “The Best Chef 2012” from the Aston Culinary Competition prepares fusion dishes that are elegant in presentation and execution with a perfect combination of colour and flavour. Combining the east/west food cultures he feels passion about – Indonesia delicacies meets western cuisine on a plate such as Lamb Kuzi served with creamy mashed potato and chilli curry sauce. Ari

Chef I Putu Eka Mahendra Chef de Partie Jempiring Restaurant Aston Denpasar Hotel & Convention Center I Jl. Gatot Subroto Barat 283 Denpasar I P +62 361 411999

52 let’s eat! Lamb Kuzi

let’s cook

Sayur Asam Sayur Asam is an Indonesian soup that has a distinctly sour taste. Actually Asam is the Indonesian term for sour, as well as for tamarind which is the main ingredient. Original recipes call for tamarind mixed with belimbing wuluh, a kind of small star fruit, which is commonly found in Indonesian traditional markets. Sayur Asam can be served as an appetiser or to accompany warm rice, with a side of sambal terasi and fried beef empal.


Ingredients 1 litre water 1 red chilli 2 bird eye chillies 4 thin slices of galangal 1 tomato, quartered 1 candle nut (kemiri) 3 cloves of garlic, sliced 4 belimbing wuluh (bilimbi), halved 1 teaspoon of tamarind paste

Boil the water and add galangal, salam leaves, tamarind

1 pinch of shrimp paste (terasi)

paste and belimbing wuluh. Grind all the chillies, candlenut,

salt and sugar

and shrimp paste into a fine paste then add to the boiling

12 long beans, each is cut 6 cm

water along with the sliced garlic, diced chayote, fresh

¼ cabbage, squared slices

peanuts, and the Gnetum gnemon fruits (buah melinjo.)

1 chayote (labu siam), peeled and diced

Cook for a few mintues, then add cabbages, long beans

1 sweet corn, divided into 4 or 5 pieces

and tomato and continue boiling on medium heat until all

¼ cup Gnetum gnemon fruits (buah melinjo)

vegetables are well cooked. Add sugar and salt to taste.

¼ cup raw peanuts

54 let’s eat!

drink zone Deconstructed Mojito

When it comes to INNOVATIVE cuisine, COOL Cocktails & CUTTING EDGE design, no one on the island does it with quite the same FLAIR as W Resort & Spa

56 let’s eat!

W Lounge

novel cocktails The expansive W Lounge takes the place of a lobby and provides a buzzing and super trendy entrée to the resort, with plenty of distractions to keep you amused for hours. Munch on breakfast tapas, indulge in gluttonous, super size cakes that look like something straight out of the mad hatter’s

British Summer Garden Martini

tea party, or flip through fabulous coffee table books while enjoying the cool tunes and neon vibe.

let’s eat! 57

drink zone W Lounge Speak Easy Nitro Iced Tea Latest on the menu is a funky new range of cocktails that

smoking watering can wafting the essence of cut grass, and a

are high on the novelty factor without losing taste integrity.

side of edible dirt (chocolate crumbs,) served with a miniature

The Edible & Unusual range grabs my attention, and I start

rake and shovel which I use to unearth the blue Absinthe jelly

with a Deconstructed Mojito. With a teaspoon of white powder

worms. The Martini is delicious, and makes my head reel, but I

and an injection of rum, it looks more like something the

bravely soldier on with a W Lounge Speak Easy Nitro Iced Tea.

doctor would order than a cocktail. Actually, it requires some

Inspired by the prohibition era, it is served into cups from a

coordination – so you don’t want to be doing this at the tail

big ceramic tea pot. Finally I have discovered a proper, classic

end of a big night out. As per the waiter’s instructions I drop

Long Island, which until this moment has eluded me in Bali.

the white fizz powder on the cube of mojito jelly, take a bite,

But there is more, as the waiter presents a tome of Selected

then a swig from the shot of soda, and squirt the rum injection

Works of Shakespeare. Sneakily hidden inside is a tiny bottle

directly into my mouth. It’s hardly graceful, but the explosion

filled with absinthe, a drop of which is added to my already

of flavour is pretty impressive. The British Summer Garden

potent tea.

Martini is more my cup of tea, wonderfully presented on a

grassy tray with a very civilised dry gin Martini, a miniature

definitely the place to be. Alison

If you are looking for cocktails with a side of fun, W is

W Resort & Spa I Jl. Raya Petitenget 469 Seminyak I Open 9am -12am

58 let’s eat!



tropical sweetness OM Beach Lounge is not an unfamiliar name for organic food lovers, especially in the Canggu area. Opening two years ago, the restaurant is located in a beautiful bamboo pavilion with views over the famous surf break at Batu Bolong. Surfer-friendly the restaurant provides a shower area and plenty of space for surf boards. The food is predominantly organic, so a healthy, tasty meal is guaranteed, and those who like books will enjoy the reading corner where guests can swap books from their own collections. A well stocked children’s pavilion and lots of grassy lawn also makes Om ideal for families.

The restaurant recently expanded, with a new area just across from their original venue, offering gelato by Gelato Secret, so ice cream lovers can enjoy good quality gelato and sherbet from the comfort of a beanbag while enjoying the views over Canggu beach. 60 let’s eat!

dessert Spaghetti Ice

Truffle Ice Cup

Caramel Cup

For a quick ice treat, you can simple go to the glistening

gelato display and choose any gelato flavour that you like, or

Sun. Taking its name from its dominant colour, it is a mix of

if you are in the mood for something fancier choose an sundae

Campari, lime sherbet and Prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine.

or cocktail from the menu.

It reminds me of Kir Royale but with foam on top from the lime

Nothing beats the chilly and icy sensation of ice cream

sherbet. The red colour of the Campari influences the whole

on a hot day at the beach, and everything looks so good its

wine glass and the final sensation is nothing but furiously

hard to know where to begin. We finally choose a Spaghetti

fresh flavour. No matter where you’re from, ice cream is a

Ice, which resembles spaghetti, but is made of fine strands

universal language of pure happiness. Menur

From the Icy Cocktail list, I choose the sparkling Red

of vanilla ice cream, topped with strawberry sauce and shaved white chocolate as the Parmesan. Truffle Ice Cup is my next guilty pleasure, with frozen nougat made into a rough ball and covered with chocolate flakes, accompanied by thick strawberry sauce and a generous portion of whipped cream. The Caramel Cup is served in an ice cream glass with

I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream at OM Gelato

two scoops of salted butter caramel and vanilla gelato. The caramel sauce enhances the overall taste and the whipped cream making the cup even creamier.

OM Beach Lounge I Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong Canggu I P +62 361 960 4121

62 let’s eat!

130 I Open 8am – 11pm

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” Charles M. Schulz

let’s eat! 63

advertorial 64 let’s eat!

how to say

I would like Saya mau Good morning Good afternoon Good evening Food I am hungry I like would like to try Indonesian food Plate & spoon I need a new plate and spoon

Selamat siang Selamat malam Makanan Saya lapar Saya mau coba makanan Indonesia Piring & sendok Saya perlu piring dan sendok yang baru

I am full

Saya kenyang

Ice cube

Es batu

I want to eat Grill I like to eat some seafood grill Rice I really like the rice mix in Warung Canggu Pizza I like the pizza dish at Meads Fish The fish menu in Balique was very good Lamb Can I order one lamb satay, please? Shallot I need some shallots to cook Chili Can I have some extra chili in my sambal? Spicy I love spicy food Salty It’s too salty Table Can I order a table for 10 people, please? Lunch Do you have a lunch special menu? Dinner I want to have dinner in Ju Ma Na Drink I am thirsty Ginger I want to order one hot ginger tea, please White wine Can I ask for a glass of white wine, please

Saya mau makan Bakar Saya suka makan seafood bakar Nasi Saya suka sekali nasi campur di Warung Canggu Pizza Saya suka masakan pizza di Meads Ikan Masakan ikan di Balique sangat enak Kambing Bisa saya pesan satu sate kambing? Bawang Merah Saya butuh beberapa bawang merah untuk masak Cabai Saya bisa minta ekstra cabai di dalam sambal saya? Pedas Saya suka makanan pedas Asin Ini terlalu asin Meja Bisa saya pesan satu meja untuk 10 orang? Makan siang Apa kamu punya menu spesial makan siang? Makan Malam Saya mau makan malam di Ju Ma Na Minum Saya haus Jahe Saya mau pesan teh jahe panas satu Anggur putih Boleh saya minta segelas anggur putih

Drinks I want to have some drinks in Nero

Minuman Saya mau minum minuman di Nero

Tea I want to have a cup of tea in Zen Garden

Teh Aku mau secangkir teh di Zen Garden

Hot I like hot chocolate milk Cold I want a glass of cold water 66 let’s eat!

Selamat pagi

Panas Saya suka susu coklat panas Dingin Saya mau segelas air dingin




let’s eat! 67





Budeng Pengambengan


Candi Kesuma

Mount Sangiang



Balian Pekutatan


Mount Patas


Celukanbawang Mount Musi

Mount Mesehe

Mount Merbuk


Mount Kelatakan



Menjangan Island



68 let’s eat!










KUTA Ngurah Rai International Airport


Nusa dua

Tanjung Benoa

Cruises to Nusa Lembongan


Batu Jimbar





Lake Batur


Ceningan Island

Lembongan Island




Mount Mundi


Cruises to Lombok




Candi Dasa

Penida Island

Padang Bai


Mount Agung

Iseh Sidemen












Mount Batur




Benoa Harbour

















Air Sanih

Lake Bratan

Batubelig Seminyak Legian


Tanah Lot



Mount Batukaru

Mount Pohon


Lake Buyan







Lake Tamblingan Pupuan









Tanah Barak




Dapur Sedap

Arts Replica







Retail/ Dept. Store Supermarket




Grocer and Grind

Aviary Bali Fine Wine

Ku De Ta

The Santan Restaurant

La Luciola

Nasi Ayam Kedewatan

Living Room


Sarong Wr. Bonita Bali

Wr. Eropa


Wr. Sulawesi Wr. Bonita

The Royal Beach

Wr. Animo



O-Ce-N Zanzibar Lanai



Bella Rosa



Sabeen @ The haven


4 3V Kerobokan

Aglio Olio

Jaya Pub



Chicken Run Campur Campur

Bali Deli

Little Green

Zen Garden

Cafe Moka

Queens’s Tandoor

Marzano Goodys Mini Mart Swich Tekor


The Breezes





Mama San

Zuchini Bistro Batu Kali

Chez Gado Gado

SOS @ Anantara

Art Café




Mini Suka Mart Suka Metis Flapjaks @ Ivory


Cafe French Kitchen Degan

e ta F San dapa l u e Bak y Falaf p Hap ell Mixw

Patra Jasa

Pawon Pasundan Pepito


Harvestland @ Mercure


Potato Head Hu’u Bar & Grill

Fire/WooBar @ W

Naughty Nuri’s


Divine rland Wonde Nirvana

Aston Pool Bar @ Aston Kuta

Hatten Wines

Tempo Doeloe

Planet Hollywood Sour Sally @ Mal Bali Galeria


Abah Coffee







Vi Ai Pi Sky Garden Maccaroni Paddy’s

Harris Riverview


Deity of Bali Bakery Miracle

Sushi Tei





Sari Organik Papaya


Ramada Bintang Bali

Ketupat Gion Pantry Magic Kemayangan

The 1O1 Legian Eikon M Bar Go

Made’s Centerstage Warung Hard Rock Cafe Dulang

Ga Fl bah Staapja Al diu ks Discovery Mall De m nt e Ifio Bu ri Waterbom H2O Gu bba m B p e Queens of India M ra Bra era s Bali ss h eri Dynasty e Resort

Rosso Vivo

Secret Garden Tj’s

Take Nero

Brewers Mini The Mart Balcony Wr. Mina Tequila Bar Dog Harris Dragon Resort Kori

The Stones Mama’s The Beach Lounge Kama Sutra


Coffee Corner


Trattoria Khaima Kuni’s Mykonos




Retail/ Dept. Store Supermarket








Rumours Ultimo






Red Carp

Jala Kay n Aya u Kokoya fe Earth Ca


a Itali Wr. Bali Bale ung War e’s Mad

let’s eat! 69

70 let’s eat!









Kopi Bali House



Suarti Maestro

Bali Korean Market




Istana Garden

Stadium & Flapjaks



Stiff Chilli





Retail/ Dept. Store Supermarket




Manik Organik

Batu Jimbar

La Taverna


Pizza Ria @ Hyatt


Three Monkeys

The Village


Street Cafe



Sanur Paradise Loka Plaza Hotel

Babi Guling Sanur Arena


Jazz Bar & Grille

Fortune Cookie Ares Art Cafe








Alchemy Round Bar

Bridges Bali




Green House


Retail/ Dept. Store Supermarket


rStacks bu

Sai Sai

Warung Enak

Bumbu Bali

Three Monkeys Lamak

Little K

Bebek Bengil

Casta Pasta Gelato Secrets Coffee &.. Kou Batan Clear Cuisine Waru Cafe

Bu Oka



Tut Mak Juice Ja Bunute

i’s ung War ’s y Ar n Mur



Nuri’s Ozigo Bar

Pita Maha


Jazz Cafe


Bali Budha


let’s eat! 71








Le Grande


Nirmala Cafe Moka

Jendela @ GWK


Gourmet Garage





Warung Keramik

Jimbaran Corner Karma Lounge @ Karma Jimbaran Pepenero

Four Seasons

Mini Mart

Kedonganan Fish Market


Jimbaran Gardens @ InterContinental Resort Jimbaran Seafood Restaurants

Kat’s Kitchen


Retail/ Dept. Store Supermarket












McDonalds Honey & Bread


Retail/ Dept. Store Supermarket



Angsa Putih

Bawang Merah Animo Warung Kampung



Dunkin Donuts


Yakiniku Sama Sama


Coco Bistro

The Tree



King Cole Bar @ St. Regis

Octopus @ Ayodya

Grand Hyatt Ikan @ Westin

Nusa Dua Beach Piasan Laguna


Paon @ Taman Beghawan

Bumbu Bali

Aston Bali




Eight Degrees South@ Conrad


The Tao Bali

The Shore @ Nikko Bali




RESTAURANTS KUTA al dente Complex Kuta Sidewalk Jalan Kartika Plaza P +62 361 488 838 bella Rosa Jalan Padma No. 1 Legian. PO Box 1107 TBB P +62 361 752 111 Bluefin Complex Kuta Sidewalk Jalan Kartika Plaza P +62 361 764 100 BOMBURA BAR & RESTO Bliss Wayan Hotel Jalan Sriwijaya 88 P +62 361 767 222 bubba gump shrimp co Jalan Kartika Plaza 8X P +62 361 754 028 dapur sunda Jalan Sunset Road No. 886 P +62 361 210 5889 envy@ BARUNA BALI Jalan Wana Segara 33, Tuban P +62 361 755 577 FLAPJAKS Complex Kuta Sidewalk Jalan Kartika Plaza P +62 361 765 100 gabah @ Ramayana Resort & Spa Jalan Bakung Sari P +62 361 751 864 gion japanese resto & cafe Jalan Dewi Sri 9 (Gosyen Hotel 2nd Floor) P +62 361 914 9333 Golden Lotus @ Bali Dynasty Resort Jalan Dewi Sartika, Tuban P +62 361 752 403 h2o @ Bali Dynasty resort Jalan Kartika, Tuban P +62 361 752 403 Hard Rock Café Jalan Pantai Kuta P +62 361 755 661 ifiori Jalan Kartika Plaza P +62 361 750 158 Kori restaurant Jalan Poppies II P +62 361 758 605

72 let’s eat!

la cucina italiana @ discovery kartika plaza hotel Jalan Kartika Plaza, South Kuta Beach 80361. PO Box 1012 P +62 361 751 067 www. Maccaroni Jalan Legian 52 P +62 361 754 662 MAgnolia cafe @ aston grand kuta hotel & residence Jalan Raya Legian P +62 361 761 151 NEro Jalan Legian 384 P +62 361 750 756 oenpao Sunset Road Bali P +62 899 312 1113 pavone Jalan Padma Utara no. 4 P +62 361 756 030 rooftop dine & music lounge @ the 1O1 legian Jalan Raya Legian No. 117, Kuta P +62 361 300 1101 ROSSO VIVO Jalan Pantai Kuta P +62 361 751 961 samudra Café @ Grand Istana Rama Jalan Raya Pantai Kuta P +62 361 752 208 SEAFOOD HOUSE Complex Kuta Sidewalk Jalan Kartika Plaza P +62 361 763 900 stadium Café Complex Kuta Sidewalk Jalan Kartika Plaza P +62 361 763 100 sushi tei Jalan Sunset Road 99 P +62 361 780 7744 taman ayun @ padma resort bali Jalan Padma 1, Legian P +62 361 752 111 Take Japanese restaurant Jalan Patih Jelantik, Legian P +62 361 759 745 tenkai Jalan Padma I, Legian P +62 361 752 111

the balinese village @ Ramada bintang bali resort Jalan Kartika Plaza, Tuban P +62 361 753 292 The beach lounge @ Pro surf school Jalan Pantai Kuta P +62 361 751 200 the pond @ discovery kartika plaza hotel Jalan Kartika Plaza South Kuta Beach 80361 PO Box 1012 P +62 361 751 067 www. discoverykartikaplaza. com the wharf @ ramada bintang bali resort Jalan Kartika Plaza PO Box 1068 Tuban P +62 361 753 292 www.bintang-bali-hotel. com the deli @ pullman bali legian nirwana Jalan Melasti No. 1 Legian P +62 361 762 500 TJ’S Jalan Poppies Lane 1/24 P +62 361 751 093 warung mina Jalan Legian No. 153B P +62 361 750 504

SEMINYAK Amazing bali café Double Six Beach P +62 361 783 7374 anomali coffee Jalan Kayu Aya No. 7B Oberoi Bale bali Jalan Kunti 488 P +62 361 732 731

P +62 361 857 0888 Braga Cafe Jalan Kayu Aya, Oberoi Unit D7 Seminyak Square P +62 361 216 7833 brasserie Jalan Kartika Plaza P +62 361 751 369 Café DEGAN Jalan Petitenget 9 P +62 361 744 8622 Café MARZANO Jalan Arjuna/Double Six P +62 361 874 4438 Café MOKA Jalan Raya Seminyak P +62 361 731 424 Café zuchini Jalan Oberoi No. 49 P +62 361 736 633 Chez gado gado Jalan Camplung Tanduk (Dhyana Pura) 99 P +62 361 736 966 COSMIC DINER Jalan Sunset Road Sunset Star Blok C earth cafe Jalan Kayu Aya 99, Oberoi P +62 361 736 645 fire @ w retreat & spa bali Jalan Petitenget P +62 361 473 8106 flapjaks seminyak Jalan Petitenget No. 88X P +62 361 847 5471 flying fish @ o-ce-n bali Jalan Arjuna 88X P +62 361 737 400 Happy falafel Jalan Camplung Tanduk P +62 361 738 052

Bali Bakery Jalan Kayu Aya, Oberoi 80361 Seminyak Square

hu’u bar & grill Jalan Petitenget, Kerobokan P +62 361 736 576 www.nutmegsrestaurant. com

Bella rosa Jalan Padma 1, Legian P +62 361 752 111

HUSK @ royal beach seminyak Jalan Camplung Tanduk P +62 361 730 730

bian yue Banjar Umalas Kauh II 106/Tunon, Kerobokan P +62 361 473 5405

Made’s Warung Jalan Raya Seminyak P +62 361 732 130 www.madeswarung. com

bianco Jalan Padma, Legian P +62 361 760 070 BIKU Jalan Petitenget 888

mama san Jalan Raya Kerobokan 135, Banjar Taman P +62 361 730 436 Mannekepis Jalan Raya Seminyak 2

P +62 361 847 5784 www.mannekepis-bistro. com Métis Jalan Petitenget 6 Kerobokan Kelod P +62 361 737 888

Trattoria Jalan Kayu Aya, Oberoi P +62 361 737 082 ULTIMO Jalan Kayu Aya 104X P +62 361 738 720

Mykonos Jalan Kayu Aya 52,Oberoi P +62 361 733 253

Warisan Jalan Raya Kerobokan 38 Ph +62 361 731 175

piduh restaurant Jalan Petitenget 18D Kerobokan P +62 361 922 1918

WILD ORCHID @ ANANTARA Jalan Camplung Tanduk P +62 361 737 773

o-ce-n bali Jalan Arjuna 88X Legian P +62 361 737 400 patio @ plataran bali resort and spa Jalan Pengubugan Banjar Silayukti Kerobokan P +62 361 411 388 potato head Jalan Petitenget P +62 361 737 379 Rumours Jalan Kayu Aya 100 Oberoi P +62 361 738 720 rush bamboo @ the elysian Boutique villa hotel Jalan Sari Dewi 18 P +62 361 730 999 ryoshi Jalan Raya Seminyak 15 P +62 361 731 152 sabeen @ the haven resort Jalan Raya Seminyak 500 P +62 361 738 001 SARONG Jalan Petitenget 19X Kerobokan P +62 361 737 809 SIP wine bar Jalan Raya Seminyak 16A P +62 361 730 810 the champlung Jalan Pantai Camplung Tanduk P +62 361 796 3447 the LIME RESTAURANT & BAR Fave Hotel Seminyak Jalan Dhyana Pura No.9A P +62 361 739 000 the santan Jalan Kayu Aya, Oberoi Seminyak Beach Resort and Spa P +62 361 730 814

zen garden Jalan Mertanadi 46 P +62 361 911 6979

CANGGU betelnut café Jalan Batu Bolong P +62 821 4680 7233 Café canggu Jalan Pantai Berawa P +62 361 219 2255 Café MOKA Jalan Raya Anyar P +62 361 844 8933 embun life cafe Jalan Kayu Putih/ Subak Sari 77 P +62 361 847 5614 merica @ pan pacific nirwana bali resort Jalan Raya Tanah Lot PO Box 158, Tabanan 82171 P +62 361 815 901 bali deus ex machina Jalan Batu Mejan No. 8, Canggu Ph +62 361 368 3395 Echo beach house Jalan Pura Batu Mejan, Echo Beach Canggu P +62 361 747 4604 green ginger Jalan Pantai Berawa 46 (500m north from Canggu Club) P +62 361 844 6640 OM BEACH longue restaurant Jalan Batu Bolong, Canggu Beach P +62 361 960 4121 SOL café Echo Beach P +62 361 746 3897 sticky fingers Echo Beach P +62 361 809 0903

warung canggu Jalan Pantai Berawa 34 P +62 361 843 1988 warung indotopia Jalan Pantai Berawa 34 P +62 878 620 07632

SANUR basilico @ sanur beach bali Jalan Danau Tamblingan, 80228 P +62 361 288 011 www.sanurbeach. CafE BATUJIMBAR Jalan Danau Tamblingan 75A P +62 361 287 374 Charming Jalan Danau Tamblingan 97 P +62 361 288 029 cinnamon Jalan Danau Tamblingan 80 P +62 361 288 457 KOPI BALI HOUSE Pertokoan Graha Niaga Sanur 4 Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai 405E P +62 361 270 990 la taverna RESTAURANT & ISOLA BISTRO Jalan Danau Tamblingan 29 P +62 361 288 497 lotus Jalan Danau Tamblingan 30 P +62 361 289 398 manik organik Jalan Danau Tamblingan 85 P +62 361 855 3380 Massimo Jalan Danau Tamblingan 228 P +62 361 288 942 peppers latino grill & bar @ sanur beach bali hotel Jalan Danau Tamblingan 190 P +62 361 288 011 PIZZA RIA @ BALI HYATT Jalan Danau Tamblingan 89 P +62 361 281 234 SANUR HARUM @ SANUR PARADISE HOTEL & SUITES Jalan Hang Tuah 46 P +62 361 281 781

sector barrestaurant lounge & even house Balibeach Golf Course Jalan Hangtuah No. 58 P +62 361 287 733 suarti maestro Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 311 P +62 361 288 739 telaga naga @ BALI HYATT Jalan Danau Tamblingan 89 P +62 361 281 234 THE Village @ GRIYA SANTRIAN Jalan Danau Tamblingan 47 P +62 361 285 025 three monkeys sanur Jalan Danau Tamblingan (opposite Laghawa Hotel) P +62 361 286 002

GIANYAR UBUD alchemy Jalan Penestanan, Ubud P +62 361 971 981 Ayung Terrace @ Four Seasons Sayan, Ubud P +62 361 977 577 bali starling restaurant @ bali bird park Jalan Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir, Batubulan, Gianyar P +62 361 299 352 batan waru Jalan Dewi Sita P +62 361 977 528 bebek tepi sawah Jalan Raya Goa Gajah Banjar Teges, Peliatan P +62 361 970 338 bridges BALI Jalan Raya Campuhan P +62 361 970 095 bumbu bali Jalan Suweta 1 P +62 361 974 217

com Café MOKA Jalan Raya Ubud P +62 361 972 881

jempiring Restaurant @ aston denpasar hotel and convention center Jalan Gatot Subroto Barat No. 283 P +62 361 411 999

Casa Luna Jalan Raya Ubud P +62 361 977 409 Cascades @ The Viceroy Bali Jalan Lanyahan, Bj Nagi P +62 361 972 111 clear Café Jalan Hanoman No. 8 P +62 361 889 4437 COFFEE & ... Monkey Forest Road No 67 P +62 361 972 950 elephant safari park and lodge Jalan Elephant Park taro/Tegalalang P +62 361 721 480 fiveLEMENTS Puri Ahimsa Banjar Adat Baturning Mambal, Abiansemal, Badung 80352 Ph +62 361 469 206 Gelato secrets Jalan Monkey Forest P +62 361 977 899 GLOW @ Como shambala Begawan Giri P +62 361 978 888 Green house Jalan Monkey Forest P +62 361 978 189 ibah restaurant @ Ibah Luxury Villas Campuhan P +62 361 974 466 the dining corner @ kayumanis ubud private villa and spa Sayan Village Ubud P +62 361 972 777 JUIce ja café Jalan Dewi Sita P +62 361 971 056 Lamak Jalan Monkey Forest P +62 361 974 668

Café des artistes Jalan Bisma 9X P +62 361 972 706

little K Jalan Hanoman Pengosekan (behind Siam Sally P +62 361 971 236 Mozaic Jalan Raya Sanggingan P +62 361 975 768

Café lotus Jalan Raya Ubud P +62 361 975 660 www.cafelotusubud.

murni’s warung Campuhan Bridge P +62 361 975 233

bunute Jalan Dewi Sita P +62 361 972 177


BOMBORA padi @ furama xclusive villas & spa Banjar Bindu, Mambal, 8 Jalan Melati P +62 361 898 8688 petulu @ kamandalu Jalan Andong, Banjar Nagi P +62 361 975 825 ryoshi Jalan Raya Ubud P +62 361 972 192 siam sally Jalan Hanoman, Pengosekan P +62 361 980 777 swept away @ samaya ubud Banjar Baung, Desa Sayan P +62 361 973 606 STARBUCKS UBUD Jalan Raya Ubud, Campuhan P +62 361 978 189 three monkeys ubud Jalan Monkey Forest P +62 361 975 554 tsavo lion @ bali safari & marine park Jalan By Pass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Km. 19,8, Gianyar P +62 361 975 656 www. balisafarimarinepark. com TUT MAK Jalan Dewi Sita P +62 361 297 5754 uma alas @ suly resort Jalan Cok Rai Pudak Br. Yangloni, Peliatan P +62 361 976 185 waroeng bernadette the home of rendang Jalan Raya Mas Br. Teges Yangloni P +62 361 971 852 warung enak Pengosekan Road P +62 361 972 911

JIMBARAN ULUWATU balique restaurant Jalan Uluwatu 39 P +62 361 704 945 Café MOKA Jalan Raya Uluwatu P +62 361 780 5938 chiringuito el kabron Jalan Pantai Cemonkak Pecatu (the sign on Jalan Labuan Sait) P +62 361 780 3416 Chocolate café Jimbaran Corner Jalan Raya Uluwatu P +62 361 704 663 Cire @ alila villas Jalan Belimbing, Sari Banjar, Tambiyak Uluwatu P +62 361 848 2166 DAVA @ AYANA Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran P +62 361 702 222 DI MARE @ KARMA kandara Jalan Villa Kandara Br. Wijaya Kesuma Ungasan P +62 361 848 2200 finn’s beach club @ semara luxury villa resort Jalan Pantai Selatan Gai Banjar Wijaya Kusuma, Ungasan P +62 361 848 2111 grande café @ le grande suites Bl. 5 Pecatu Indah Resort Jalan Raya Uluwatu P +62 361 848 1388

karma lounge @ karma jimbaran Jalan Bukit Permai P +62 361 708 800 kayu manis @ new kuta condotel Jalan New Kuta Condotel Kawasan Pecatu Indah Resort, South Kuta P +62 361 848 4555 Kisik @ AYANA Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran P +62 361 702 222 jimbaran garden @ Intercontinetal Bali Resort Jalan Uluwatu 45 P +62 361 701 888 pepenero Temple Hill Studios Jalan Wanagiri, Jimbaran P +62 361 704 677 single fin Uluwatu (below Blue Point) P +62 878 620 398 66 warung keramik @ jenggala gallery Jalan Uluwatu II Jimbaran P +62 361 703 311 TAMAN WANTILAN @ FOUR SEASON JIMBARAN P +62 361 701 010 tamarind @ the banyan tree ungasan Jalan Melasti Br. Kelod, Ungasan P +62 361 300 7000 Tapis @ Kayu Manis Jimbaran P +62 361 705 777 topeng restaurant and bar Jimbaran Corner Jalan Raya Uluwatu Jimbaran P +62 361 703 342 yeye’s Padang Padang Beach Jalan Labuansait Pecatu, Bukit P +62 361 742 4761


jimbaran beach club Muaya Beach Jalan Bukit Permai Banjar Pesalakan P +62 361 749 3922 JU-ma-na @ banyan tree ungasan Jalan Melasti, Br. Kelod Ungasan, Jimbaran P +62 361 300 7000

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MISCELLANEOUS aroma meat processing Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 555X Pesanggrahan, Denpasar 80222 P +62 361 729 494

TANJUNG BENOA amarta @ melia tanjung benoa Jalan Pratama P +62 361 771 714 bumbu bali Jalan Pratama P +62 361 774 502


arts replica food Kompleks Ruko Tuban Plaza No. 2 Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Tuban P +62 361 759 501

clubs & bars @ HARD ROCK HOTEL Jalan Pantai, Kuta P +62 361 761 869 hatten wine the cellardoor Komplek Dewa Ruci No. 3. Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai. Kuta P. +62 361 767 422 ICELAND VODKA PT Dewata Kencana Distribusi Jalan Gatot Subroto Timur No.7 P +62 811 380 9299

eight degrees south @ CONRAD Jalan Pratama 168 P +62 361 778 788

P +62 361 771 102 musashi Jalan Terompong South P +62 361 773 535

baliepicure Luxury Catering Jalan Raya Kerobokan No. 253, Kerobokan P +62 361 737 121

bali luna @ aston bali beach resort & spa Jalan Pratama 68 X P +62 361 773 577

OCEAN TERRACE @ THE laguna Kawasan Pariwisata P +62 361 771 327

bali deli Jalan Kunti 117X P +62 361 738 686

kayuapi Jalan Kuwum 1X, Kerobokan P +62 361 787 7476

bali dewata wine Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai 564 Sanur P +62 361 284 130

KOU CUISINE Jalan Monkey Forest, Ubud P +62 361 972 319

bali fine wine Jalan Kayu Aya Seminyak Square P +62 361 364 7376

MINI MART Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, Jimbaran P +62 361 777 361

BalI moon liquers P +62 361 461 945

pantry magic Ruko Lotus, Blok 6 Jalan Dewi Sri, Kuta P +62 361 762 647

meads beach bar and grill Jalan Pratama P +62 361 776 604 PAON BEACHCLUB Jalan Pratama No 70 P +62 361 776 555 RIN @ CONRAD Jalan Pratama 168 P +62 361 778 788 sakala Jalan Pratama 88 P +62 361 774 499 Seafood lagoon Jalan Pintas Tj. Benoa 7 P +62 361 8010 999 www. restaurantlagoonbali. com Spice @ CONRAD Jalan Pratama 168 P +62 361 778 788 ulam Jalan Pratama No. 88 P +62 361 773 738

NUSA DUA bawang merah Jalan By Pass Jimbaran P +62 361 770 210 Boneka @ The ST. REGIS BALI RESORT P +62 361 847 8111 honey and bread Pepito Express Jalan By Pass Nusa Dua Ph +62 361 776 316 lagoona @ ayodya resort bali Jalan Pantai Mengiat PO. Box 46, 80363

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OCTOPUS @ AYODYA RESORT Jalan Pantai Mengiat P +62 361 771 102 www. ayodyaresort. com PASAR SENGGOL @ Grand Hyatt Bali PO. BOX 53, Nusa Dua P +62 361 771 234 com piasan RESTAURANT & TETARING RESTAURANT Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villas & Spa BTDC Area Nusa Dua 80363 P +62 361 770 777 raja’s @ nusa dua beach hotel & spa P +62 361 771 210 www.nusaduahotel. com salsa verde @ grand hyatt bali PO BOX 53 P +62 361 772 038 com The terrace @ Amanusa Nusa Dua P +62 361 772 333 THE SHORE @ NIKKO BALI RESORT AND SPA Jalan Raya Nusa Dua Selatan P +62 361 773 377 ulam Jalan Mengiat No. 14 P +62 361 771 590 veranda restaurant @ the westin resorts P +62 361 771 906

bali stars Seminyak Square Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak P +62 361 960 4183 CASA GOURMET Seminyak Square Jalan Kayu Aya, 80361 Unit E - 1 P +62 361 738 026 COld stone creamery Bali Discovery Mall GF #2 Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta P +62 361 769 784 Dijon Kuta Poleng Mall Bl. A1-A2 Jalan Setiabudhi, Kuta P +62 361 759 636 drum whisky Jalan Raya Penyalin No. 9 Ds. Samsam, Kec. Kerambitan, Tabanan P +62 81 3370 65688 gourmand deli @ St. regis bali resort Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua P +62 361 847 8111 gourmet garage Jalan Brantas Kangin 2 Jimbaran 80364 P +62 361 701 650 HARD rock beach club (HRBC) Deli

PAPAYA Jalan Mertanadi, Kuta P +62 361 759 222 pepito Jalan Kediri 36A. Kuta P +62 361 759 112 sababay Jalan Raya Puputan No. 64A P +62 361 261 104 www. sababayselections. com scenia Jalan Suwung Batan Kendal 52 Block V P +62 361 275 2007 TWO ISLANDS WINES THE CELLARDOOR Komplek Dewa Ruci No. 3. Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai. Kuta P. +62 361 767 422


aston pool bar @ aston kuta hotel & residence Jalan Wana Segara, Kuta P +62 857 754 999 BAHIANA Jalan Camplung Tanduk 4, Seminyak P +62 361 736 662 BOSHE VVIP LOUNGE Jalan By Pas Ngurah Rai No. 89X, Tuban, Kuta +62 361 848 4600 brewers beer garden Jalan Legian No. 157 Kuta P +62 361 754 915 CENTERSTAGE @HARD ROCK HOTEL Jalan Pantai Kuta P +62 361 761 869 DEEJAY CLUB Jalan Kartika Plaza 8X P +62 361 758 880 Divine wonderland Jalan Kayu Aya, Oberoi P +62 361 730 759 WOOBAR @ W RETREAT & SPA BALI SEMINYAK Jalan Petitenget P +62 361 473 106 EIKON Jalan Legian 178, Kuta P +62 361 750 701 GRACIE KELLY’S @ BALI DYNASTY RESORT Jalan Kartika Plaza, Tuban, Kuta P +62 361 752 403 HARD ROCK CAFÉ Jalan Pantai Kuta P +62 361 755 661 Hu’U BAR Jalan Oberoi Petitenget P +62 361 736 443 JAZZ CAFE UBUD Jalan Tebesaya, Ubud P +62 361 976 594 King cole bar @ st regis bali resort Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua Lot S6 P +62 361 847 8111 KU DE TA Jalan Laksmana 9 Seminyak P +62 361 736 969

Banjar Wijaya Kusuma Ungasan P +62 361 848 2222 OCEANS 27 @ DISCOVERY SHOPPING MALL Jalan Kartika Plaza P +62 361 765 027 OZIGO BAR UBUD Jalan Sanggingan Ubud P +62 81 974 728 PICCADILLY Jalan Danau Tamblingan 27 P +62 81 289 138 RED CARPET CHAMPAGNE BAR Jalan Kayu Aya 42C, Seminyak P +62 361 737 889 www.redcarpetbali. com ROCK BAR @ AYANA RESORT & SPA Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran P +62 361 702 222 Round bar Jalan Penestanan Klod Sayan, Ubud P +62 361 976 738 SECTOR BAR & RESTAURANTS @ BALI BEACH GOLF COURSE Jalan Hangtuah 58 Sanur P +62 361 287 733 SKY GARDEN Jalan Legian 61, Kuta P +62 361 755 423 SOS @ THE ANANTARA Jalan Abimanyu Seminyak P +62 361 737 773 TEQUILA BAR Grand Istana Rama Hotel Jalan Pantai Kuta P +62 361 752 208 The lobby @ nusa dua beach hotel & spa Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua Lot 4 P +62 361 771 210 THE OCEAN BAR @ THE LEGIAN Jalan Kayu Aya, Oberoi P +62 361 730 622

M BAR GO Jalan Legian, Kuta P +62 361 756 280

VI AI PI Jalan Legian 88 Kuta P +62 361 750 425


THE TREE Jalan Pratama, Tanjung Benoa P +62 361 773 488

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Sanur Arena • Art Cafe Warung • Au Bon Marche • Bali Dewata Wine • Bali Moon Liqueurs • Bonsai • Cafe Batujimbar • Charming • Cinnamon • Flapjaks • Fivelement • Fortune Cookie • Garuda Indonesia @ Jalan Sugianyar No.5 • Garuda Indonesia @ Sanur Beach Hotel • Grand Hyatt Sanur • Griya Santrian/The Village • Jempiring @ Aston Denpasar • Kopi Bali House • La Taverna • Lotus Restaurant • Manik Organic • Massimo • Mercure Sanur • Mezannine Restaurant & Bar • SPB Denpasar • Sababay • Sanur Beach Hotel “Basilico” • Scenia • Sector • Smorgas • Starbucks • Storm Beer • Street Cafe • Sudamala • Three Monkeys Sanur

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