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Alison is a travel writer and self confessed food-lover. She has spent many years traveling the globe, immersing herself in foreign cultures and sampling local cuisine, applying her motto ‘Everything should be tried at least once.’ Her heart has now been captured by Bali where she is happily indulging her favourite things; writing, traveling and discovering new restaurants

Menur describes herself as a part-time food lover and a full-time food friend. She enjoyed her exposure to many different restaurants during her year teaching Indonesian Language and Culture in Washington DC. Now back in Indonesia she has discovered that her pleasure in trying new food has deepened and she hopes to one day open her own restaurant.

Eve is the newest member to join the Let’s Eat team and says her family’s motto has always been “live to eat,” rather than ‘eat to live.” Aside from eating she also loves to write, travel, design and cook (although, admittedly that also involves eating.)

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the latest


bubbly S U N D AY

Benkay Japanese Restaurant is hosting a Sunday brunch that will glam up your weekend. From 11am until 3pm, you can enjoy a free flow of Louis Roederer brut reims Champagne, a perfect pairing with fresh sushi and sashimi, at RP 900,000. For the traditionalist, a spread of Japanese cuisine with a serving of sake and green tea is also available for RP 395,000. Benkay Japanese Restaurant I Nikko Bali Resort & Spa

Jalan Raya, Nusa Dua I P +62 361773 377

DINE FOR CHARITY Everyone’s favourite Chinese restaurant, Golden Lotus together with East Bali Poverty Project proudly presents a special promotional period until October. Every time you dine from the a la carte menu, 5% of the revenue will be donated to the charity to help the children of Bali. Diners also have the chance to win a grand prize of two return tickets to Singapore by Qatar Airways and two nights stay at The Orchard Parade Hotel. Golden Lotus Restaurant I Bali Dynasty Resort Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta I P +62 361 752403

Al Dente’s New Chef

The recently opened Italian restaurant, Al Dente Kitchen and Bar, proudly welcome a new addition to its team, Chef Rivoli Giuseppe. After more than a decade of culinary experience and travel in Australia, London and Italy, Chef Giuseppe is more than ready to make sure everything is deliciously al dente in his new kitchen. Al Dente Kitchen & Bar I Complex Kuta Sidewalk

Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta I P +62 361 488838 12 let’s eat!

Victory For the fourth consecutive year, KAYUPUTI Restaurant has received the ‘Best of Award of Excellence’ from Wine Spectator Magazine. Joining the victory, ARWANA Restaurant also received its second ‘Award of Excellence.’ Harald Wiesmann, the Chief Sommelier of St. Regis and ARWANA’s sommelier I Gede Yudhi Suryawan, deserve a special mention for their skilful contribution to winning these prestigious awards. KAYUPUTI Restaurant I St. Regis Bali Resort I P +62 361 8478111

ARWANA Restaurant I The Laguna Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua I P +62 361 771327

The New KO

KO Japanese Restaurant at InterContinental Bali Resort is delighted to welcome Chef Setyo Widjonanto and his wealth of Japanese culinary experience which includes a lengthy stint at the famous Nobu chain. Chef Setyo’s signature expertise in preparing sushi and sashimi can be discovered in the new menu of Japanese cuisine with a playful twist. He is adamant about using only the freshest seafood and local organic products. An interactive teppanyaki dinner is also available. KO Japanese Restaurant I Inter Continental Bali Resort Jalan Uluwatu No. 45, Jimbaran I P +62 361 701888

Fruitful Collaboration

The highly anticipated ‘Chef’s Collaboration 2012’ was successfully staged by Kayumanis and sister property, The Gangsa and attended by 150 guests. Orchestrated by the top five chefs currently working in the establishment, the event offered a unique experience of interactive dining as well as showcasing the wealth of artisanal purveyors of food and beverages in Bali. Kayumanis I Jimbaran Private Estate & Spa

Jalan Yoga Perkanthi, Jimbaran I P +62 361 705777

let’s eat! 13

the latest



Indonesia’s latest colourful cake obsession has hit Bali. Cake aficionados


need look no further than Aston Kuta Hotel and Residence where pastry chefs create the Red Velvet and its colourful friend, the Rainbow Cake. Daily baked and well priced at 25,000 IDR per piece, the Red Velvet soft sponge cake topped with cream cheese will be the perfect companion for your coffee break. Aston Kuta Hotel & Residence I Jalan Wana Segara Kuta I P +62 361 754999

The Ayana’s ROLE Models Dava Restaurant will host a special dinner event on the 6th of October, prepared by Chef Jusman So and served by fourteen talented Indonesian women who have undergone an extensive three month on-the-job training as part of the second annual collaboration with R.O.L.E Foundation. The women are trained as servers, cooks or spa therapist. Throughout October, you can also request the ‘ROLE Models Upgrade’ during your spa treatment. Proceeds from the dinner and spa will go to foundation. The Ayana Resort & Spa I Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera Jimbaran I P +62 361 702222


21 FABULOUS You know something is going to be a classic when it gets better with

age. Established in 1991, Warisan Restaurant just celebrated its 21st anniversary by throwing a lavish Bollywood themed partyin September. Guests were treated to a red carpet welcome, divine 6-course degustation dinner by Chef Vincent Denayer together with Indian music, dance and DJs. No doubt the Warisan will be with us in long time to come. Warisan Restaurant I Jalan Raya Kerobokan No. 38 I P +62 361 73117

14 let’s eat!

cooking UPASTORYBOARD Alila Ubud presents a new seasonal

degustation menu highlighting the local producers who, together with Chef Eelke Plasmeijer and his team share the same passion for food, quality ingredients and


The latest Vinoticity event at Bella Rosa Restaurant hosted by Padma Resort Bali at Legian and Indowines will be a hard act to follow. Wonderful wines from French vineyard Famille Castel were perfectly complemented with delicious canapés from Chefs John Taylor and Bradley Pittman. The night felt like a family gathering, which is precisely what Famille Castel is all about, creating an accessible range of wines and showcasing the wealth and diversity of the vineyards of France.

Save the date to the next upcoming Vinoticity event

Tuesday November 6th, collaborating with Indowines presenting Rolf Binder (Australia}, and on Thursday

sustainable operations. Guest will be

invited to join a trip to visit

an organic farm or taste

the pure local coconut

oil which is used by Chef

Eelke in his signature

dishes. Get ready to be

whisked away on an

unforgettable culinary

journey or perhaps learn to

cook your favourite dish.

Alila Ubud

Desa Melinggih

Kelod Payangan

P +62 361 975963

November 22nd, 2012 with Best Wine & Vin + Jakarta presenting Concha Y Toro (Chile). Don’t miss it! Bella Rosa Restaurant I Padma Resort Bali at Legian Jalan Padma No. 1 Legian I P+62 361 752111

Bonjour Chambord!

The renowned black raspberry liqueur, Chambord, now has a sister, with the launching of premium Chambord flavoured Vodka in Bali in September. The distinctive orb shaped bottle delivers a unique taste that can be enjoyed straight up, or in a wide variety of delicious cocktails. Naturally flavoured and mixed with premium French vodka, a Chambord flavour infusion, and hints of hibiscus, and notes of vanilla it makes a welcome addition to our growing liqueur market. Agus Budiono I Brown-Forman Beverages I P +62 21 8291072

let’s eat! 15

Local Cuisine


FAMILY RECIPES RM Dapur Sunda Sunset Road traffic in the mid-afternoon can be slightly overwhelming, so it is with relief that we find ourselves sitting on a bench, feeling the breeze and getting away from the street noise. The shaded escape is provided by RM Dapur Sunda, a branch of the renowned Sundanese restaurant from Jakarta. Recently opened and located near the busy Jalan Kunti intersection, you will find a range of seating areas, from indoor, outdoors in a pavilion, or in the air conditioned meeting room upstairs. The restaurant is decorated with rattan accented wooden furniture,faithful to the relaxing and natural Sundanese lifestyle.

This award-winning restaurant has been in business since 1986

and now has ten branches in Java and Bali. All food is made from scratch, cooked with fresh ingredients and based on the original family recipes of the founders, the Ansoroeddin family. Sundanese cuisine originated in West Java and is now extremely popular throughout Indonesia. Some of the marked characteristics are a savoury, fresh taste enhanced with various kinds of chilli sauce.

16 let’s eat!

Acar Goreng Gurame

Local Cuisine Tumis Lember


We start our meal with the delightfully cooling Es

hot senstation of the savury dishes dies down, we go for

Goyobod, a chilled concoction made of palm sugar

Colenak. This is the quintessential Sundanese dessert,

jelly, avocado and

made of grilled fermented cassava with coconut and

shredded coconut, sweetened

with brown sugar, perfect for a hot day. Acar Goreng

palm sugar. Eve

Gurame comes next, a crispy deep fried fish with yellow

pickles and carrot. It is so crispy, that you can actually

For the lover of authentic Sundanese food in Bali, your search has come to an end. Dapur Sunda is also a good place to start if you are traveling and curious to have a taste of Indonesian cuisine.

feast on the crunchy fin, which we think is one of the best part of this popular fresh water fish. A nest made of fried vermicelli is served next, filled with Tumis Lember, stir fried mushrooms, best eaten with the six richly flavoured Sambal, from Sambal Tempe to Sambal Mangga. There is no other way to enjoy Sundanese food than to add some serious chilli sauce onto your plate together with steamy white rice. After the pleasantly

RM DapurSunda I Jl. Sunset Road No. 886 Seminyak I P +62 361 2105889

18 let’s eat!

350 I Open 11am-11pm

the essentials

Ground Seed



Pericarp or Pod

Nutmeg warm ‘n spicy The Moluccan islands in the east of the Indonesian archipelago are famous for growing sago and nutmeg which are common ingredients in their local cuisine. When I visited the capital of Ambon I discovered sago based cookies and cakes, and also nutmeg juice which tastes refreshing and fragrant with a warming effect as an after taste. 20 let’s eat!

Nutmeg originated in the Banda islands of Indonesia, near Ambon. The Dutch started to control the production during the colonial era in order to keep its price high in the growing markets of Europe, a practice that continued until the second world war. The Dutch monopoly ended when seeds were smuggled to Mauritius, and the British East India Company opened the market further by bringing nutmeg trees to other regions like Penang, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, the West Indies and Grenada. In Grenada, it became the country’s national symbol and is portrayed on the red, yellow and green flag of the country.

the essentials

Nutmeg fruit is light yellow with red and green markings, resembling an apricot or a large plum. The edible part is the egg-shaped nutmeat which needs to be dried for two months before it is ready to use as a spice. Nutmeg has a distinct nutty taste and is used to sweeten dishes like cheesecakes, pumpkin pies and puddings. It also adds pungent flavour to stewed fruits, meats, soups and sauces. Health properties include use as a digestive aid, a liver and kidney detoxifier, and it is also said to be a stimulant that increases concentration.

In Indonesia, nutmeg is used in many dishes like vegetable soup, chicken soup

and lamb soup but the most popular of them all is semur or stew. Derived from a German word schmoren meaning braising, semur is a dark-coloured dish which is flavoured with nutmeg. While this dish varies from region to region, it is usually made with a spice paste comprising shallots, garlic, pepper, sweet soy sauce and a pinch of nutmeg. The classic semur dish uses beef or chicken and for those who like to experiment, it can be prepared with tofu or vegetables such as eggplant. Menur

Beef Semur Ingredients 1 lb beef 6 pieces candle nut 5 cm of ginger 5 pieces of shallots 3 pieces of garlic one pinch nutmeg salt pepper soy sauce Direction Slice beef thinly Peel shallots and garlic, slice thinly Slice ginger and grind candle nut Brown shallots, garlic, ginger, and candle nut Put in beef and mix them evenly Add salt, pepper and nutmeg Add 2-3 cups of water so beef will cook evenly

22 let’s eat!


THE SATE STORY The origins of Sate can be traced back to the nomads of the Middle East, who skewered meat on their swords and cooked it over an open fire. The kebab caught on quickly and was soon adopted across the region. In later years, Arabian seafarers who sailed the spice routes of the Indonesian and Malayan archipelago brought this unique cooking practice with them and the sate was born.

These days sate can be found everywhere in Indonesia, from road-

side vendors to cosy warungs and fancy restaurants. Much as Indonesian cuisine varies greatly from island to island, so too does the style of preparing sate. From sweet to salty, and mild to fiery hot, sate can be made with ingredients as varied as snake, rabbit, eel, milk fish and water buffalo. Alison

24 let’s eat!


Sate Kerbau is made from water buffalo and is popular in the city of Kudus, Java. The meat is cooked first with palm sugar, coriander, cumin, and other seasoning until very tender. It is then grilled on charcoal, and served with sauce made from coconut milk, palm sugar and spices. Traditionally sate kerbau is served on a plate covered with teak wood leaves.

Sate Lilit is famous in Bali and made with minced beef, chicken, fish or pork mixed with grated coconut, coconut milk, lemon juice, shallots, and pepper. The mix is skewered on lemongrass stalks or sugar cane and grilled on charcoal, imparting a unique smoky and herby flavour

Sate Ular snake sate is a rare and exotic delicacy usually made from ular sedok cobra or sanca python. It is served with sliced fresh shallots, pickles, pepper and sweet soy sauce.

Sate Madura is characterised with black sauce made from sweet


soy sauce mixed with palm sugar, garlic, shallots, peanuts, shrimp paste and spices such as candlenut.

Sate Ambal is popular in central Java and includes marinated chicken, ground tempe, chilli and spices.

Sate Kere is known as poorman’s sate, a cheap vegetarian sate made from ground tempe served in peanut sauce and pickles.

Sate Manis, or sweet sate is a specialty from the Betawi people of central Jakarta and is made with beef tenderloin marinated with sweet spices.

26 let’s eat!



must try

Despite the name, I don’t have any sense of deja vu when I cross the threshold of this well known venue, even though I have been here a number of times…. 28 let’s eat!

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

must try Pan-fried Snapper

Dejavu Salad

Chocolate Fondue

This is because, apart from the location and the sweeping

fresh skinned Vegetarian Spring Rolls which are a lovely shade

beach views, De Ja Vu Kitchen is utterly unrecognisable.

of pink thanks to the beetroot, carrot and bean sprout filling.

Vine-covered trellises now front the building, while the main

The wasabi mayonnaise is a pleasing alternative to the more

dining floor has a retro bistro atmosphere with sturdy wooden

common sweet chilli sauce that usually accompanies spring

tables and banquette seating spreading onto the deck. Walls

rolls. King Prawns are equally good, coated in a crunchy

are covered in vintage posters and shelves lined with bottles

Japanese batter and served on skewers for easy dipping into

of wine and big tins of olive oil. Stairs lead to the semi-open

the sweet prune compote.

air rooftop that makes an ideal spot for sunset with oversized

Beef Burgers are gourmet – a lean beef patty with

sofas, expansive ocean views and live djs.

parmesan, caramelised onion and rucola, Pan-fried Snapper

Like the international crowd drawn to this vibrant stretch

is served with rosemary potatoes, Spanish aioli gratin

of Double 6 beach, the menu is a fusion of styles and flavours

and roasted tomatoes, and pasta dishes include Farfalle

offering something for everyone. Creative and enthusiastic,

Putanesca. But as I already have my eye on dessert I keep

Chef Bernart Rodriquez hails from Barcelona, and is busy

it light with a Dejavu Salad a great choice of peppery rucola

making his mark with dishes that may seem ordinary at first

and radicchio leaves served with chicken, warm grilled goat’s

glance, but are elevated by unique touches and fabulous

cheese, and a coating of mustard vinaigrette, all sweetly

attention to detail.

enhanced with juicy cherry tomatoes and plump raisins.

We start with a selection of tapas. The Baby Octopus is

The dessert I have been waiting for is a luscious, glistening

pure Spanish-style, cooked in red wine and stuffed with a

Chocolate Fondue made with Valrhona chocolate and cream,

tasty mince filling accompanied by a wonderfully smooth

served with a selection of fresh fruit for dipping which includes

tomato sauce with a fragrant flavour developed over hours

apple, papaya strawberries and grapes. A perfect finish to a

simmering on the stove. Asia is represented in Hanoi Bay

very pleasant meal enjoyed in convivial surroundings. Alison

Dejavu Kitchen I Jalan Double 6 Blue Ocean Beach no.7X I P +62 361 732 777

30 let’s eat!

100 I Open 8am – 12pm

newnewest the restaurant

PAVOS RESTAURANT&LOUNGE When strolling around Jalan Kartika Plaza, you can not miss Sun Island Hotel Kuta, a new minimalist design hotel with a tropical orange logo and Mediterranean simplicity. Located at the front of the hotel is Pavoz Restaurant and Lounge which provides great views over all the action in the heart of Tuban. Located just a few minutes walk from the beach, the restaurant receives a lovely fresh sea breeze. Translating as peacock in Italian, the peacock-shaped brass lamps that hang from each corner of the venue create a strong Mediterranean feeling, complemented by an interior design with lots of natural elements like timber ceiling, wooden chairs and earthy-toned tiles. A water feature smoothly separates the upper and lower part of the open air restaurant.

Ox tail soup 32 let’s eat!

Vanilla Panacotta

let’s eat! 33

the newest Wagyu Tenderloin

Baby Pork Ribs

Pan Seared Scallops

Executive Chef I Wayan Suparna is a modest and friendly

with slices of fragrant fennel and a side of mashed potato.

man and guides me through the international menu that

Dessert is an equally good Vanilla Panacotta served on a

includes Asian, Indonesian and Mediterranean style cuisine.

white plate with a firm yet soft texture and sublime taste.

Today’s culinary journey begins with an appetising dish of

Pan Seared Scallops served with potato puree and topped

Mint Sensations, a fruity mocktail with a dash of lime,

with pear and tobiko, on the side are two fillets of Norwegian

pineapple and lychee juice. It has been a delicious meal

smoked salmon.

enjoyed in relaxing surroundings cooled with a fresh sea

breeze and we are reluctant to leave. Menur

Next Suparna serves a mouth watering Wagyu Tenderloin,

We wrap up our gourmet lunch with a round of refreshing

cooked to tender perfection and softened with a red wine sauce, the hearty meat balanced with light, sautéed organic seasonal vegetables. There is also a generous portion of tasty Baby Pork Ribs, meticulously prepared and topped Pavoz Restaurant and Lounge I Sun Island Hotel Kuta I Jalan Kartika Plaza no. 88, Kuta I P +62 361 761 818

34 let’s eat!

120 I Open 7am – 11 pm

spotlight Higawari Sushi Set

Dahana Restaurant & Gallery A Family Affair

36 let’s eat!

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Petitenget, Dahana is one of Bali’s best kept secrets, a hidden sanctuary with a Japanese menu served in the atmospheric surrounds of an old-style Balinese villa.

Step into the enchanted gardens to find pavilions

clustered around a picturesque swimming pool framed with vibrant pink bougainvillea and dangling vines. Evenings are romantic with flickering candlelight, tables set under the stars and intimate tatami seating areas. Until six years ago this charming space was the family home and Dahana remains very much a family affair.

let’s eat! 37

let’s eat! 39

cover story Cover Story


tranquility TETARING

40 let’s eat!

Prawn and Smoked Salmon Rolls

let’s eat! 41

cover story

Tetaring at Kayumanis Nusa Dua provides a serene haven right in the heart of Nusa Dua.

With a contemporary tropical design of bamboo, black stone and glass, and a wonderful setting amidst natural Balinese style gardens, Tetaring is both pleasing to the eye and soothing to the spirit. Translating as ‘ceremonial structure’ the open-sided design allows for a lovely fresh breeze and a sensation of being in the garden – while cocooned in luxury.

Roasted Salmon with Tomato Sauce

The Kayumanis brand has refined the art

of privacy and exclusivity, with romantic, intimate resorts that are popular with honeymooners.

Discreet and professional

service is also a point of pride and attentive staff offer us cool fragrant face towels on arrival and pour glasses of iced water scented with lemon.

The all-Balinese kitchen team are led by

Executive Chef Denny, a personable and jovial man who tells me that “Cooking has to be fun and must come from the heart.” He adds that the kitchen is filled with laughter, music and singing. The Balinese love of artistry is also apparent, with plates acting as a canvas for elaborately carved chilli peppers, dainty flowers, banana leafs wraps, and the colourful

Prawn and Smoked Salmon Rolls

swirl of sauces. A mixed menu focuses on Indonesian and Asian traditional ingredients served in modern style, but there are also a couple of Black Angus steak dishes for those in search of western flavour. We start with one of Chef Denny’s newest creations, Prawn and Smoked Salmon Rolls with a softly poached prawn, creamy slices of avocado and tender slivers of salmon wrapped around crunchy julienned vegetables. A topping of dried black olives and a drizzle of calypso sauce completes the dish. 42 let’s eat!

Virgin Grape Mojito

Chef Susi Mahadi

cover story

Blueberry Cream Cake

Kayumanis translates as cinnamon, which makes a fragrant ingredient in the Kayumanis Chicken Curry. As the waitress places it before me I am enveloped in a wonderful spicy aroma. The rich, full-flavoured sauce has the fire of chilli tempered by the sweetness of coconut cream. The Udan Galah Bakar Sambal Sereh features big juicy river prawns from Karangasem Strawberry Crush

(east Bali) served in a banana leaf wrap accompanied with an excellent sambal matah of lemongrass, red chilli, shrimp and kaffir lime, and Balinese style vegetables rolled in cabbage leaf. The Roasted Salmon with Tomato Sauce is a lovely ensemble of salmon fillet encased in grilled zucchini served with basil oil and a sweet tomato and raisin sauce.

Dessert options include Mango Parfait, Fig Chocolate Pudding and my

choice of Blueberry Cream Cake a fluffy lavender hued sponge with just a hint of rum, a lovely accompaniment to my frothy Latte served with a cinnamon stick. Alison

Kayumanis Chicken Curry Tetaring I Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa & Spa I BTDC Area, Nusa Dua I P +62 361 770 777

44 let’s eat!

28 I Open 7am - 10.30pm

soul food The cocktail menu is whimsical and unusual, with vodka (the purest of alcohol) the spirit of choice, blended with fresh fruit and herbs to create healthy elixirs. The Dream Diet mixes grapefruit juice, a dash of olive oil, and a sprig of dill into an earthy concoction rich with a citrus/herbal perfume. The Out of Control has a mellower taste merging lemon juice, Cointreau and vodka, with the smooth sweetness of kiwi fruit.

46 let’s eat!

In Balinese Head Chef, Made Wirata, Blomgren has discovered a true collaborator. Charismatic and enthusiastic, Wirata describes cooking as “A celebration.” In a kitchen this beautiful – who wouldn’t be celebrating.

For the Love of food At OAZIA Spavodka Bar & Kitchen, a holistic night out combines healthy cuisine and aphrodisiac cocktails, cloaked in a veil of glamour and luxury. OAZIA, a self-styled lifestyle resort incorporates chic villas, a renowned spa. and stylish restaurant. Creator, Russian-born Veronika Blomgren describes her vision as “Holistic design which combines responsible green attitude and appreciation of local crafts with modern clean lines and open spaces…..but most of all it is a style full of emotion and love for everything beautiful.” This translates into a surfeit of sumptuous detail, from the sheerest fabrics and sleekest table settings, to elaborately carved totem poles and a ‘LOVE’ wall inscribed with quotations, alongside revolving art exhibitions, world class musicians, and a concept store filled with lush designer items including gorgeous cut crystal glassware from Russia, hand-crafted jewellery and silky lingerie.

let’s eat! 47

soul food Cantaloupe Melon, Carrots, Papaya & Goats Cheese Salmon Sashimi

Dessert Symphony

The sensual space is reflected in an eclectic menu designed

seeds, and Cantaloupe Melon, Carrots, Papaya and Goat’s

to titillate the senses, prepared in a gleaming white, studio-

Cheese, a colourful concoction with flavours enhanced by a

style kitchen enclosed in glass. Blomgren describes the

mild honey dressing and a sprinkle of coriander, pine nuts and

food as “Spa-inspired cuisine; healthy, healing, beautiful,

shaved almonds. The Salmon Sashimi is perfectly fresh and

sometimes life changing.” She adds, “Some dishes are

imbued with a strong tropical citrus flavour and a gentle kick

memories of short Russian summers, some of exotic travels,

of ginger.

some have been created for special friends. All of them have a

much deeper meaning than just nutrition.” Stories behind the

creamy Risotto – I recommend the pesto, and succulent

dishes will be revealed in an upcoming cook book.

Stir fried Tiger Prawns brimming with tangy lemongrass

Mains include a Russian-inspired Mini Chicken Kotletki,

We start with a selection of appetisers including Lasagne

sauce and served with sautéed vegetables. We finish with a

of Grilled Aubergine, Feta cheese, Walnuts and Pineapple,

decadent Dessert Symphony, a trio of rich chocolate mousse,

inspired by a traditional Georgian dish. The extraordinary

a wonderfully smooth white chocolate cheese cake with tart

blend of flavours and textures ranging from sweet to salty,

strawberry compote, and sticky chocolate pancakes with a

and creamy to crunchy creates a truly memorable dish – one

Balinese green filling.

that I will definitely return for. The Signature Salmon Tartar is

OAZIA highlights include Friday pre-party

equally good and bursting with the taste of crunchy green

Saturday night degustation menu, regular photographic

apple, juicy cucumber, fresh coriander and sesame seeds.

exhibitions, and performances by renowned musicians such

Salads include Watermelon and Feta with basil and sunflower

as Rio Sidik and Saharadja. Reservations are essential. Alison

OAZIA Spavodka Bar & Kitchen I Jl Sahadewa Br Anyar Canggu I P +62 361 800 8887

48 let’s eat!


40 I Open 7pm – 12am Wed – Sun

Ni Nengah Puspayanti Aston’s Best Bartender

the specialist the specialist

Lemongrass Cocktail

For this tall and graceful Balinese lady bartending was not really the first choice. “I became a bartender because my ex-boss put me behind the bar,” she claims. Graduating from Saraswati Tourism School in Bali in 2004, she immediately started as a server at Cat & Fiddle. Her interest in bartending grew when she worked at Arena Bar and Restaurant, before moving to her current job in Kamuela Villas & Suites.

For the last four years, bartending has become a growing interest

Lychee Beauty

for Puspayanti. Upon hearing about the 2nd Aston Culinary Festive competition last July, she decided to give it her best shot, literally. So with the full support of her co-workers and management team, she successfully created her signature drink Lemongrass Cocktail, a refreshing mix of vodka, triple sec and lemongrass, together with a mocktail called Lychee Beauty. Lychee Beauty is made from fresh fruit with a splash of orange juice and mojito mint syrup, and makes an ideal pool side drink. To her surprise, she won the Best Bartender award for her creative creations.

It is Puspayanti’s wish in the future to deepen her knowledge of

mixing drinks. “I love to learn and explore the different techniques and possibilities in order to make drinks that people will enjoy,” she says. Eve Ni Nengah Puspayanti I Bartender I Aston’s Best Bartender I Kamuela Villas & Suites I Jalan Cemara 33, Sanur I P +62 361 270567

50 let’s eat!

Barista Gede Aristanaya

the specialist the specialist

The Art of Coffee

Barista, Gede Aristanaya or Aris as he is called

by his colleagues, successfully graduated from tourism school in Denpasar and has been working at Aston Kuta Hotel & Residence for the last two and a half years.

Aris started working as a bartender at Bounty

before moving onto restaurants like Sama-Sama Yakiniku and Lanai. He developed confidence and skills as years went by in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry. Ocean Blue Hotel was his last stop before joining Aston in 2009.

Being a barista is something that he learned

through trial and error. “I got help from my seniors as well as some extensive training from coffee producers,the rest I learned by experience,” he says. Cappuccino, the quintessential Italian coffee is his favourite to make as well as to drink. Creating a perfectly timed espresso shot and steaming the milk to produce consistently creamy foam is the challenge this barista has to face daily, a challenge that he happily rises to. Eve

“I am learning the art of making a visually beautiful cup of coffee and there is always more to learn,” he says. Gede Aristanaya Barista Aston Kuta Hotel & Residence Jalan Wana Segara Kuta I P + 62 361 754999

52 let’s eat! Lamb Kuzi

let’s cook

garang asem traditional taste

Originated in Central Java, the word garang means steam and asem means tamarind or sour. Indonesian food is famous for being deep fried in a pan full of oil but this dish is an exception because it is steamed into perfection. Garang asem is usually made with chicken or beef mixed with other ingredients including tamarind or belimbi, which looks like baby star fruit and has a strong sour effect when cooked with other ingredients. My favourite was always the ground beef garang asem that my mother used to cook when I was a child. It was pretty simple, she would just wrap all the ingredients in banana leaves then steam them until they were well cooked. Garang asem is best served with warm white rice. Menur Ingredients:

Ground ingredients:

500 gram of ground beef or chicken cut into small

6 shallots


4 cloves garlic

1500 ml coconut milk

1 teaspoon of coriander

2 salam leaves, cut into several pieces 2 cm crushed galangal


3 lime leaves

1 Mix ground ingredients into the coconut milk

2 stalks crushed lemongrass

and add salt

3 cut green chillies

2 Take two pieces of banana leaves and put

2 cut red chillies

salam leaf, galangal, some beef, each

5 chillies

of the chili cuts (red, white and the small ones)

8 cut belimbi

and three pieces of cut belimbi and pour two

3 cut green tomatoes

teaspoons of coconut milk, wrap into a

5 1/2 teaspoons of salt

package. Continue until all ingredients have

1 tablespoon of palm sugar

been wrapped.

54 let’s eat!

3 Steam for 30 minutes



let’s eat! 55

drink zone

The Champlung Beachside Cocktails

56 let’s eat!

Bali is synonymous with sunsets, surf & sand and at The Champlung you get a good dose of all three as you sink into a beanbag on the beach shaded by colourful temple parasols

Seminyak Sunset

let’s eat! 57

drink zone Like the other bars and cafes that have sprouted along Seminyak beach over the last couple of years, The Champlung has a casual beach shack vibe, with bamboo the predominant building material. Those who like their cocktails sweet and colourful will love the drinks we try today. My favourite is the Illusion with a subtle shade of green created by a mix of vodka, Midori, Triple Sec and an abundance of fresh lime. The resulting taste is smooth and pleasant with hints of sweet and sour. The Pink Lady is definitely one for the girls, a pink-hued concoction of gin, Cointreau, lime juice, grenadine and egg white served in a dainty martini glass. Don’t be fooled by the sweet fluffy taste – this cocktail packs a powerful punch. The orangecoloured Seminyak Sunset is imbued with the taste of the tropics, thanks to a blend of apricot brandy, Triple Sec, gin, grenadine and fruit juice. If you are looking to taste Bali’s ubiquitous Arak perhaps try the Arak Madu blended with fresh lime and honey. Classic cocktails include Frozen Daiquiri, Long Island Iced Tea and Mai Tai. You will also find long drinks, a small selection of wine, fresh juices, chilled coffees and milkshakes on the well-priced menu.

Food on offer at The Champlung includes Chinese,

Indonesian favourites and grilled seafood – such as

Clockwise from front: Wood Fired Pizza Illusion I Seminyak Sunset I Pink Lady

the Snapper with Black Olive Sauce, a well rounded dish served with tomato, olive, lime juice, veggies and mash. A wood fired oven also makes pizza a popular choice, with a thin crisp base and a range of toppings.

Head bar tender Nengah cuts a striking figure in his

blue sunglasses - he tells me that many guests come to the bar every day – drawn to the relaxed vibe. “I like it here because there are not too many rules and it’s friendly and enjoyable,” he says, which pretty much sums up the tone of The Champlung.

Live acoustic

music provides the soundtrack most evenings, while bands rock the beach on Wednesdays and Sundays. Alison

Wood Fired Pizza

The Champlung I Seminyak Beach I P +62 3617963447

58 let’s eat!

150 I Open 11am – 11pm

dessert to die for


KELLY’S desserts Two slices of dark chocolate brownie are smothered in chocolate sauce and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to create a dessert fantasy.

60 let’s eat!

Hot Sticky Toffee Pudding

desserts to die for

To our knowledge this is the only traditional Irish bar in Kuta and is located on the lower ground floor of the Bali Dynasty Resort – just look for the green rustic door. The quaint ambience, the warmth, the antiquity of the displays and the souvenirs brought directly from Ireland all add to the authenticity of Gracie Kelly’s Irish Pub.

Stepping over the threshold is like being taken 100 years

back in time and we are greeted with a friendly welcome by the team including Chef Anom who has been with Bali Dynasty Resort for more then 20 years and can often be found playing on the bongos with the band till the early hours of the morning. Ireland is famous for it’s drinking culture and we plan to try a few of the cocktails, but our main mission today is to work our way through the dessert menu, starting with a Bread and Butter Pudding. The fluffy, buttery pudding is warm, sweet and laced with juicy raisins. A crispy topping drizzled with vanilla sauce, and a side of custard and whipped cream combine to create a divine taste.


62 let’s eat!

let’s eat! 63

Next, a Hot Chocolate Brownie served on a hot stone

plate. Two slices of dark chocolate brownie are smothered in chocolate sauce and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to create a dessert fantasy. Last but not least is Gracie’s signature dessert, Hot Sticky Toffee Pudding creatively served in a sugar dough bowl. The rich date pudding is immersed in a delicious toffee sauce made from brown sugar, with just a hint of salt and is finished with vanilla ice cream. I am sure I will be back for more of this!

We wash down our desserts with a couple of sweet drinks,

the Bali Sunset is a fresh fruity mocktail and the green Illusion matches the Irish green theme of the décor. Gracie Kelly’s has live music every night of the week with a happy hour deal from 9-10pm, there are also regular quiz nights, a pool table, live sports on the big screen and of course St. Patrick Day is the one event not to be missed at this buzzing Irish Pub. Menur

64 let’s eat!

Bread and Butter Pudding

Gracie Kelly’s Irish Pub I Bali Dynasty Resort I Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta P +62 361 752 403 125 I Open 11am – 12am

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients.” Julia Child I American chef I author I television personality

how to food talk say

eating out makan di luar


talking food




makan siang

I love this dish.


makan malam

Saya sangat suka hidangan ini.


makanan ringan

I love the local cuisine.

eat v


Saya sangat suka makanan daerah ini.

drink v


This is delicious! Ini enak sekali!



I’m full.

Thank you.

Terimah kasih.

Saya kenyang.

I’d like...

Saya mau...

My compliments to the chef.

I’m starving! Saya kelaparan!

Sampaikan pujian buat kokinya.

talking tea

I’d like...

Saya mau...

(200) grams

(dua ratus) gram



a dozen

satu lusin



half a kilo

setengah kilo



a bottle

satu botol



a jar

satu guci



a packet

satu bungkus

(three) pieces

(tiga) potong

(six) slices

(enam) iris

a tin

satu kaleng

(just) a little

sedikit (saja)





that one

yang itu

this one

yang ini

This is...


(too) cold

(terlalu) dingin










luar biasa

food words butter






fish sauce

kecap ikan

(Chinese) fish sauce



66 let’s eat!

fish stock

stok ikan

meat stock

stok daging




daging babi



red meat

daging merah

let’s eat! 67





Budeng Pengambengan


Candi Kesuma

Mount Sangiang



Balian Pekutatan


Mount Patas


Celukanbawang Mount Musi

Mount Mesehe

Mount Merbuk


Mount Kelatakan



Menjangan Island



68 let’s eat!








a Jimbaran

Ngurah Rai International Airport



Nusa dua

Tanjung Benoa

Cruises to Nusa Lembongan


Batu Jimbar





Lake Batur


Ceningan Island

Lembongan Island




Mount Mundi


Cruises to Lombok




Candi Dasa

Penida Island

Padang Bai


Mount Agung

Iseh Sidemen













Benoa Harbour












Mount Batur








Air Sanih

Lake Bratan

Batubelig Seminyak Legian


Tanah Lot



Mount Batukaru

Mount Pohon


Lake Buyan







Lake Tamblingan Pupuan









Tanah Barak



let’s eat! 69


RESTAURANTS KUTA AL DENTE Complex Kuta Sidewalk Jalan Kartika Plaza P +62 361 488 838 BELLA ROSA Jalan Padma No. 1 Legian. PO Box 1107 TBB P +62 361 752 111 Bluefin Complex Kuta Sidewalk Jalan Kartika Plaza P +62 361 764 100 BOMBURA BAR & RESTO Bliss Wayan Hotel Jalan Sriwijaya 88 P +62 361 767 222 bubba gump shrimp co Jalan Kartika Plaza 8X P +62 361 754 028 dapur sunda Jalan Sunset Road No. 886 P +62 361 210 5889 envy @ BARUNA BALI Jalan Wana Segara 33, Tuban P +62 361 755 577 FLAPJAKS Complex Kuta Sidewalk Jalan Kartika Plaza P +62 361 765 100

MAgnolia cafe @ aston grand kuta hotel & residence Jalan Raya Legian P +62 361 761 151 NEro Jalan Legian 384 P +62 361 750 756 pavone Jalan Padma Utara no. 4 P +62 361 756 030

bian yue Banjar Umalas Kauh II 106/Tunon, Kerobokan P +62 361 473 5405

ROSSO VIVO Jalan Pantai Kuta P +62 361 751 961 samudra Café @ Grand Istana Rama Jalan Raya Pantai Kuta P +62 361 752 208 SEAFOOD HOUSE Complex Kuta Sidewalk Jalan Kartika Plaza P +62 361 763 900

taman ayun @ padma resort bali Jalan Padma 1, Legian P +62 361 752 111

Golden Lotus @ Bali Dynasty Resort Jalan Dewi Sartika, Tuban P +62 361 752 403

Take Japanese restaurant Jalan Patih Jelantik, Legian P +62 361 759 745

la cucina italiana @ discovery kartika plaza hotel Jalan Kartika Plaza, South Kuta Beach P +62 361 751 067 Maccaroni Jalan Legian 52 P +62 361 754 662

72 let’s eat!

Bale bali Jalan Kunti 488 P +62 361 732 731

rooftop dine & music lounge @ the 1O1 legian Jalan Raya Legian No. 117, Kuta P +62 361 300 1101

gion japanese resto & cafe Jalan Dewi Sri 9 (Gosyen Hotel 2nd Floor) P +62 361 914 9333

Hard Rock Café Jalan Pantai Kuta P +62 361 755 661

anomali coffee Jalan Kayu Aya No. 7B Oberoi

Bali Bakery Jalan Kayu Aya, Oberoi 80361 Seminyak Square

stadium Café Complex Kuta Sidewalk Jalan Kartika Plaza P +62 361 763 100

h2o @ Bali Dynasty resort Jalan Kartika, Tuban P +62 361 752 403

AMAZING BALI COFFEE Double Six Beach P +62 361 783 7374

PAVOZ RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE Jalan Kartika Plaza No. 88 P +62 361 761 818

gabah @ Ramayana Resort & Spa Jalan Bakung Sari P +62 361 751 864

GRACIE KELLY’S IRISH PUB Jalan Kartika Plaza P +62 361 752 403


tenkai Jalan Padma I, Legian P +62 361 752 111 the balinese village @ Ramada bintang bali resort Jalan Kartika Plaza, Tuban P +62 361 753 292

bianco Jalan Padma, Legian P +62 361 760 070 BIKU Jalan Petitenget 888 P +62 361 857 0888 Café DEGAN Jalan Petitenget 9 P +62 361 744 8622 Café MARZANO Jalan Arjuna/Double Six P +62 361 874 4438 Café MOKA Jalan Raya Seminyak P +62 361 731 424 Café zuchini Jalan Oberoi No. 49 P +62 361 736 633 Chez gado gado Jalan Camplung Tanduk (Dhyana Pura) 99 P +62 361 736 966 COSMIC DINER Jalan Sunset Road Sunset Star Blok C DAHANA RESTAURANT AND GALLERY Jalan Petitenget No.98X P +62 361 4730131 DAPURSUNDA Jalan Sunset Road No. 886 P +62 361 2105889

The beach lounge @ Pro surf school Jalan Pantai Kuta P +62 361 751 200

DEJAVU KITCHEN Jalan Double 6 Blue Ocean Beach No.7X P +62 361 732 777

the pond @ discovery kartika plaza hotel Jalan Kartika Plaza South Kuta Beach 80361 P +62 361 751 067

earth cafe Jalan Kayu Aya 99, Oberoi P +62 361 736 645 fire @ w retreat & spa bali Jalan Petitenget P +62 361 473 8106

flapjaks seminyak Jalan Petitenget No. 88X P +62 361 847 5471 flying fish @ o-ce-n bali Jalan Arjuna 88X P +62 361 737 400 hu’u bar & grill Jalan Petitenget, Kerobokan P +62 361 736 576 www.nutmegsrestaurant. com HUSK @ royal beach seminyak Jalan Camplung Tanduk P +62 361 730 730 Made’s Warung Jalan Raya Seminyak P +62 361 732 130

sabeen @ the haven resort Jalan Raya Seminyak 500 P +62 361 738 001 SARONG Jalan Petitenget 19X Kerobokan P +62 361 737 809 SIP wine bar Jalan Raya Seminyak 16A P +62 361 730 810 the champlung Jalan Pantai Camplung Tanduk P +62 361 796 3447

Café MOKA Jalan Raya Anyar P +62 361 844 8933 embun life cafe Jalan Kayu Putih/Subak Sari 77 P +62 361 847 5614 merica @ pan pacific nirwana bali resort Jalan Raya Tanah Lot PO Box 158, Tabanan 82171 P +62 361 815 901 deus ex machina Jalan Batu Mejan No. 8, Canggu Ph +62 361 368 3395


mama san Jalan Raya Kerobokan 135, Banjar Taman P +62 361 730 436 Mannekepis Jalan Raya Seminyak 2 P +62 361 847 5784 www.mannekepis-bistro. com Métis Jalan Petitenget 6 Kerobokan Kelod P +62 361 737 888 Mykonos Jalan Kayu Aya 52,Oberoi P +62 361 733 253

the deck Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak P +62 361 8487 200

piduh restaurant Jalan Petitenget 18D Kerobokan P +62 361 922 1918

the LIME RESTAURANT & BAR Fave Hotel Seminyak Jalan Dhyana Pura No.9A P +62 361 739 000

o-ce-n bali Jalan Arjuna 88X Legian P +62 361 737 400 patio @plataran bali resort and spa Jalan Pengubugan Banjar Silayukti Kerobokan P +62 361 411 388

Trattoria Jalan Kayu Aya, Oberoi P +62 361 737 082 ULTIMO Jalan Kayu Aya 104X P +62 361 738 720

potato head Jalan Petitenget P +62 361 737 379

Warisan Jalan Raya Kerobokan 38 Ph +62 361 731 175

Rumours Jalan Kayu Aya 100 Oberoi P +62 361 738 720

zen garden Jalan Mertanadi 46 P +62 361 911 6979

rush bamboo @ the elysian Boutique villa hotel Jalan Sari Dewi 18 P +62 361 730 999


ryoshi Jalan Raya Seminyak 15 P +62 361 731 152

Café canggu Jalan Pantai Berawa P +62 361 219 2255

betelnut café Jalan Batu Bolong P +62 821 4680 7233

Echo beach house Jalan Pura Batu Mejan, Echo Beach Canggu P +62 361 747 4604 green ginger Jalan Pantai Berawa 46 (500m north from Canggu Club) P +62 361 844 6640 OAZIA SPAVODKA BAR & KITCHEN Jalan Sahadewa Br Anyar P +62 361 800 8887 OM BEACH loUNge restaurant Jalan Batu Bolong, Canggu Beach P +62 361 960 4121 SOL café Echo Beach P +62 361 746 3897 sticky fingers Echo Beach P +62 361 809 0903 warung indotopia Jalan Pantai Berawa 34 P +62 878 620 07632

SANUR basilico @ sanur beach bali Jalan Danau Tamblingan P +62 361 288 011 www.sanurbeach. CafE BATUJIMBAR Jalan Danau Tamblingan 75A P +62 361 287 374 Charming Jalan Danau Tamblingan 97 P +62 361 288 029 cinnamon Jalan Danau Tamblingan 80 P +62 361 288 457 KOPI BALI HOUSE Pertokoan Graha Niaga Sanur 4 Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai 405E P +62 361 270 990

three monkeys sanur Jalan Danau Tamblingan (opposite Laghawa Hotel) P +62 361 286 002

GIANYAR & UBUD alchemy Jalan Penestanan, Ubud P +62 361 971 981 Ayung Terrace @ Four Seasons Sayan, Ubud P +62 361 977 577 bali starling restaurant @ bali bird park Jalan Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir, Batubulan, Gianyar P +62 361 299 352 batan waru Jalan Dewi Sita P +62 361 977 528

elephant safari park and lodge Jalan Elephant Park taro/ Tegalalang P +62 361 721 480 fiveLEMENTS Puri Ahimsa Banjar Adat Baturning Mambal, Abiansemal, Badung Ph +62 361 469 206

petulu @ kamandalu Jalan Andong, Banjar Nagi P +62 361 975 825

Gelato secrets Jalan Monkey Forest P +62 361 977 899 GLOW @ Como shambala Begawan Giri P +62 361 978 888 Green house Jalan Monkey Forest P +62 361 978 189 ibah restaurant @ Ibah Luxury Villas Campuhan P +62 361 974 466

bebek tepi sawah Jalan Raya Goa Gajah Banjar Teges, Peliatan P +62 361 970 338

the dining corner @ kayumanis ubud private villa and spa Sayan Village Ubud P +62 361 972 777

lotus Jalan Danau Tamblingan 30 P +62 361 289 398

bridges BALI Jalan Raya Campuhan P +62 361 970 095

JUIce ja café Jalan Dewi Sita P +62 361 971 056

manik organik Jalan Danau Tamblingan 85 P +62 361 855 3380

bumbu bali Jalan Suweta 1 P +62 361 974 217

peppers latino grill & bar @ sanur beach bali hotel Jalan Danau Tamblingan 190 P +62 361 288 011 PIZZA RIA @ BALI HYATT Jalan Danau Tamblingan 89 P +62 361 281 234 SANUR HARUM @ SANUR PARADISE HOTEL & SUITES Jalan Hang Tuah 46 P +62 361 281 781 sector bar-restaurant lounge & evenT house Balibeach Golf Course Jalan Hangtuah No. 58 P +62 361 287 733 telaga naga @ BALI HYATT Jalan Danau Tamblingan 89 P +62 361 281 234 THE Village @ GRIYA SANTRIAN Jalan Danau Tamblingan 47 P +62 361 285 025

ryoshi Jalan Raya Ubud P +62 361 972 192 siam sally Jalan Hanoman, Pengosekan P +62 361 980 777 swept away @ samaya ubud Banjar Baung, Desa Sayan P +62 361 973 606

la taverna RESTAURANT & ISOLA BISTRO Jalan Danau Tamblingan 29 P +62 361 288 497

Massimo Jalan Danau Tamblingan 228 P +62 361 288 942

padi @ furama xclusive villas & spa Banjar Bindu, Mambal, 8 Jalan Melati P +62 361 898 8688

STARBUCKS UBUD Jalan Raya Ubud, Campuhan P +62 361 978 189 three monkeys ubud Jalan Monkey Forest P +62 361 975 554

uma alas @ suly resort Jalan Cok Rai Pudak Br. Yangloni, Peliatan P +62 361 976 185 waroeng bernadette the home of rendang Jalan Raya Mas Br. Teges Yangloni P +62 361 971 852 warung enak Pengosekan Road P +62 361 972 911

DENPASAR jempiring Restaurant @ aston denpasar hotel and convention center Jalan Gatot Subroto Barat No. 283 P +62 361 411 999

JIMBARAN & ULUWATU balique restaurant Jalan Uluwatu 39 P +62 361 704 945 chiringuito el kabron Jalan Pantai Cemonkak Pecatu (the sign on Jalan Labuan Sait) P +62 361 780 3416 Chocolate café Jimbaran Corner Jalan Raya Uluwatu P +62 361 704 663


bunute Jalan Dewi Sita P +62 361 972 177

Cire @ alila villas Jalan Belimbing, Sari Banjar, Tambiyak Uluwatu P +62 361 848 2166

Café des artistes Jalan Bisma 9X P +62 361 972 706

DAVA @ AYANA Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran P +62 361 702 222

Café lotus Jalan Raya Ubud P +62 361 975 660 Café MOKA Jalan Raya Ubud P +62 361 972 881 Casa Luna Jalan Raya Ubud P +62 361 977 409 Cascades @ The Viceroy Bali Jalan Lanyahan, Bj Nagi P +62 361 972 111 clear Café Jalan Hanoman No. 8 P +62 361 889 4437 COFFEE & ... Monkey Forest Road No 67 P +62 361 972 950

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

kayu manis @ new kuta condotel Jalan New Kuta Condotel Kawasan Pecatu Indah Resort, South Kuta P +62 361 848 4555 Kisik @ AYANA Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran P +62 361 702 222 jimbaran garden @ Intercontinetal Bali Resort Jalan Uluwatu 45 P +62 361 701 888 pepenero Temple Hill Studios Jalan Wanagiri, Jimbaran P +62 361 704 677 single fin Uluwatu (below Blue Point) P +62 878 620 398 66 TAMAN WANTILAN @ FOUR SEASON JIMBARAN P +62 361 701 010 tamarind @ the banyan tree ungasan Jalan Melasti Br. Kelod, Ungasan P +62 361 300 7000 Tapis @ Kayu Manis Jimbaran P +62 361 705 777 topeng restaurant & bar Jimbaran Corner Jalan Raya Uluwatu Jimbaran P +62 361 703 342

DI MARE @ KARMA kandara Jalan Villa Kandara Br. Wijaya Kesuma Ungasan P +62 361 848 2200 finn’s beach club @

“An artful dining experience in the heart of Ubud” semara luxury villa Lamak Jalan Monkey Forest P +62 361 974 668 little K Jalan Hanoman Pengosekan (behind Siam Sally P +62 361 971 236 Mozaic Jalan Raya Sanggingan P +62 361 975 768 murni’s warung Campuhan Bridge P +62 361 975 233

tsavo lion @ bali safari & marine park Jalan By Pass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Km. 19,8, Gianyar P +62 361 975 656 www. TUT MAK Jalan Dewi Sita P +62 361 297 5754

resort Ungasan P +62 361 848 2111

jimbaran beach club Muaya Beach Jalan Bukit Permai Banjar Pesalakan P +62 361 749 3922 JU-ma-na @ banyan tree ungasan Jalan Melasti, Br. Kelod Ungasan, Jimbaran P +62 361 300 7000 karma lounge @ karma jimbaran Jalan Bukit Permai P +62 361 708 800

let’s eat! 73


MISCELLANEOUS OCEAN TERRACE @ THE laguna Kawasan Pariwisata P +62 361 771 327

bumbu bali Jalan Pratama P +62 361 774 502 eight degrees south @ CONRAD Jalan Pratama 168 P +62 361 778 788 bali luna @ aston bali beach resort & spa Jalan Pratama 68 X P +62 361 773 577

OCTOPUS @ AYODYA RESORT Jalan Pantai Mengiat P +62 361 771 102 www. PASAR SENGGOL @ Grand Hyatt Bali PO. BOX 53, Nusa Dua P +62 361 771 234

MEADS Beach Bar & Grill

aroma meat processing Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 555X Pesanggrahan, Denpasar P +62 361 729 494 arts replica food Kompleks Ruko Tuban Plaza No. 2 Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Tuban P +62 361 759 501 baliepicure Luxury Catering Jalan Raya Kerobokan No. 253, Kerobokan P +62 361 737 121 bali deli Jalan Kunti 117X P +62 361 738 686 bali dewata wine Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai 564 Sanur P +62 361 284 130 bali fine wine Jalan Kayu Aya Seminyak Square P +62 361 364 7376 BalI moon liquers P +62 361 461 945

Asparagus with Smoked Salmon

“The freshest Seafood in Tanjung Benoa” meads beach bar and grill Jalan Pratama P +62 361 776 604 PAON BEACH CLUB Jalan Pratama No 70 P +62 361 776 555 RIN @ CONRAD Jalan Pratama 168 P +62 361 778 788 sakala Jalan Pratama 88 P +62 361 774 499 Spice @ CONRAD Jalan Pratama 168 P +62 361 778 788

NUSA DUA Boneka @ The ST. REGIS BALI RESORT P +62 361 847 8111 honey and bread Pepito Express Jalan By Pass Nusa Dua Ph +62 361 776 316 lagoona @ ayodya resort bali Jalan Pantai Mengiat PO. Box 46, 80363 P +62 361 771 102

74 let’s eat!

piasan RESTAURANT & TETARING RESTAURANT Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villas & Spa BTDC Area P +62 361 770 777 raja’s @ nusa dua beach hotel & spa P +62 361 771 210 salsa verde @ grand hyatt bali P +62 361 772 038 TETARING BTDC Area P +62 361 770 777 The terrace @ Amanusa Nusa Dua P +62 361 772 333 THE SHORE @ NIKKO BALI RESORT AND SPA Jalan Raya Nusa Dua Selatan P +62 361 773 377 veranda restaurant @ the westin resorts P +62 361 771 906

bali stars Seminyak Square Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak P +62 361 960 4183 CASA GOURMET Seminyak Square Jalan Kayu Aya, 80361 Unit E - 1 P +62 361 738 026 COld stone creamery Bali Discovery Mall GF #2 Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta P +62 361 769 784 Dijon Kuta Poleng Mall Bl. A1-A2 Jalan Setiabudhi, Kuta P +62 361 759 636 drum whisky Jalan Raya Penyalin No. 9 Ds. Samsam, Kec. Kerambitan, Tabanan P +62 81 3370 65688 gourmand deli @ St. regis bali resort Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua P +62 361 847 8111 gourmet garage Jalan Brantas Kangin 2 Jimbaran 80364 P +62 361 701 650 HARD rock beach club (HRBC) Deli @ HARD ROCK HOTEL Jalan Pantai, Kuta P +62 361 761 869

CLUBS & BARS hatten wine the cellardoor Komplek Dewa Ruci No. 3. Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai. Kuta P. +62 361 767 422 ICELAND VODKA PT Dewata Kencana Distribusi Jalan Gatot Subroto Timur No.7 P +62 811 380 9299 kayuapi Jalan Kuwum 1X, Kerobokan P +62 361 787 7476

aston pool bar @ aston kuta hotel & residence Jalan Wana Segara, Kuta P +62 857 754 999 BAHIANA Jalan Camplung Tanduk 4, Seminyak P +62 361 736 662

PICCADILLY Jalan Danau Tamblingan 27 P +62 81 289 138

brewers beer garden Jalan Legian No. 157 Kuta P +62 361 754 915

RED CARPET - CHAMPAGNE BAR Jalan Kayu Aya 42C, Seminyak P +62 361 737 889

CENTERSTAGE @HARD ROCK HOTEL Jalan Pantai Kuta P +62 361 761 869

MINI MART Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, Jimbaran P +62 361 777 361

DEEJAY CLUB Jalan Kartika Plaza 8X P +62 361 758 880 Divine wonderland Jalan Kayu Aya, Oberoi P +62 361 730 759

PAPAYA Jalan Mertanadi, Kuta P +62 361 759 222

WOOBAR @ W RETREAT & SPA BALI SEMINYAK Jalan Petitenget P +62 361 473 106

pepito Jalan Kediri 36A. Kuta P +62 361 759 112

EIKON Jalan Legian 178, Kuta P +62 361 750 701

sababay Jalan Raya Puputan No. 64A P +62 361 261 104 www.sababayselections. com

GRACIE KELLY’S @ BALI DYNASTY RESORT Jalan Kartika Plaza, Tuban, Kuta P +62 361 752 403

scenia Jalan Suwung Batan Kendal 52 Block V P +62 361 275 2007 TWO ISLANDS WINES THE CELLARDOOR Komplek Dewa Ruci No. 3. Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Kuta P. +62 361 767 422

OZIGO BAR UBUD Jalan Sanggingan Ubud P +62 81 974 728

BOSHE VVIP LOUNGE Jalan By Pas Ngurah Rai No. 89X, Tuban, Kuta +62 361 848 4600

KOU CUISINE Jalan Monkey Forest, Ubud P +62 361 972 319

pantry magic Ruko Lotus, Blok 6 Jalan Dewi Sri, Kuta P +62 361 762 647

OCEANS 27 @ DISCOVERY SHOPPING MALL Jalan Kartika Plaza P +62 361 765 027

HARD ROCK CAFÉ Jalan Pantai Kuta P +62 361 755 661 Hu’U BAR Jalan Oberoi Petitenget P +62 361 736 443 JAZZ CAFE UBUD Jalan Tebesaya, Ubud P +62 361 976 594 King cole bar @ st regis bali resort Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua Lot S6 P +62 361 847 8111 KU DE TA Jalan Laksmana 9 Seminyak P +62 361 736 969 M BAR GO Jalan Legian, Kuta P +62 361 756 280

ROCK BAR @ AYANA RESORT & SPA Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran P +62 361 702 222 Round bar Jalan Penestanan Klod Sayan, Ubud P +62 361 976 738 SECTOR BAR & RESTAURANTS @ BALI BEACH GOLF COURSE Jalan Hangtuah 58 Sanur P +62 361 287 733 SKY GARDEN Jalan Legian 61, Kuta P +62 361 755 423 SOS @ THE ANANTARA Jalan Abimanyu Seminyak P +62 361 737 773 TEQUILA BAR Grand Istana Rama Hotel Jalan Pantai Kuta P +62 361 752 208 The lobby @ nusa dua beach hotel & spa Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua Lot 4 P +62 361 771 210 THE OCEAN BAR @ THE LEGIAN Jalan Kayu Aya, Oberoi P +62 361 730 622 VI AI PI Jalan Legian 88 Kuta P +62 361 750 425 THE TREE Jalan Pratama, Tanjung Benoa P +62 361 773 488

NAMMOS BEACH CLUB @KARMA KANDARA Jalan Villa Kandara Banjar Wijaya Kusuma Ungasan P +62 361 848 2222

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Sanur Arena • Art Cafe Warung • Au Bon Marche • Bali Dewata Wine • Bali Moon Liqueurs • Bonsai • Cafe Batujimbar • Charming • Cinnamon • Flapjaks • Fivelement • Fortune Cookie • Garuda Indonesia @ Jalan Sugianyar No.5 • Garuda Indonesia @ Sanur Beach Hotel • Grand Hyatt Sanur • Griya Santrian/The Village • Jempiring @ Aston Denpasar • Kopi Bali House • La Taverna • Lotus Restaurant • Manik Organic • Massimo • Mercure Sanur • Mezannine Restaurant & Bar • SPB Denpasar • Sababay • Sanur Beach Hotel “Basilico” • Scenia • Sector • Smorgas • Starbucks • Storm Beer • Street Cafe • Sudamala • Three Monkeys Sanur

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