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May 2017


VOICE Best Set Of Fall Lambs To Date!

Check out the Shropshire Center Stage in April at for

AVERYshropshires __________________ May 2017

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“Great Genetics Make The Difference�

Bringing a nice set to the National Sale and to Sedalia

Visitors are always welcome at the farm. Just give us a call. Randy, Julie, Justin, Melissa, Olivia, Zachary, & Nicholas Rife 2423 Clifton Road, Yellow Springs, OH 45387 Only 6 miles south of I-70 (Exit 54) (937) 603-0535 _______ Page 2

w w w . r i f e s h r o p s h i r e s .__________________ c oShropshire m Voice

Volume 37, Issue 2

~ The Shropshire Voice ~

May 2017

Official Publication of The American Shropshire Registry Association Published in the interest of Shropshire Breeders each February, May and October Becky Peterson, ASRA Secretary

Board of Directors of the American Shropshire Registry Association

Rinda Maddox, Voice Publisher

Mike Elsbury (2017) 5385 E 500 N, Greenfield, IN 46140 (317) 326-4461

Jim Percival, President (2017) 961 Hoop Rd., Xenia, OH 45385 (937) 374-3371

Jim Gruenhagen (2018) 7622 Jersey Ridge Rd., Davenport, IA 52807 (563) 355-6730

Alan Bruhin, Vice President (2017) 2064 Tranquility Lane Sevierville, TN 37876-0101 (865) 453-4767

Mary Anne Keck (2018) 665 Niangua Rd, Niangua, MO 65713 (417) 844-5895

Rick Adams (2018) 10828 W 1000 S Rd., Bonfield, IL 60913 (815) 228-2903 Re Call (2018) 964 Mohawk Trail, Shelburne, MA 01370 (413) 625-2436 R.J. Creamer (2018) 4094 Centerville-Newmans Rd. Prospect, OH 43342 (740) 262-3972

Craig King (2018) 860 CR 315, Taylor, MO 63471 (660) 651-2032 Emily Petzel (2019) 2037 180th Ave., Centuria, WI 54824 (715) 475-9922 Danny Rogers (2017) 2435 W. McCracken Rd. Monrovia, IN 46157 (317) 358-3260

Robert Dinsmore (2017) 5842 Broad Run Rd., Jefferson, MD 21755 (301) 371-4483

Tom Slutz (2019) P.O. Box 177, 602 S. Main St. Lamoille, IL 61830-0177 (815) 638-2177

Darrell Dockter (2016) 19411 S Carpenter Rd. Snohomish, WA 98290 (425) 327-1428

Mandy Swartz (2017) 1698 Nesbit Rd., Attica NY 14011 (716) 465-0565

__________________ May 2017

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Contact us

American Shropshire Registry Association

All registrations and payments should be made to The American Shropshire Registry Association office. Payments are also available via credit card. Visit

Secretary Becky Peterson will be near the office at most other times and will return calls as soon possible. She will make the best effort to process registrations and transfers within a day or two of receipt.

Contact her at: American Shropshire Registry Association Becky Peterson, Secretary 41 Bell Rd. ASRA Office Hours: Leyden MA 01337 Mon.-Thurs.–11 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST Phone/Fax –(413) 624-9652 Mon. and Thurs. evenings –8-11 p.m. EST

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Rates effective since February 1, 2010

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Voice Deadlines

February Voice...............Jan. 15 May Voice....................March 15 October Voice................. Sept. 1 Rinda Maddox

Voice Advertising Manager (217) 288-9365 or (217) 288-9493 P.O. Box 475, Sidell, IL 61876

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Shropshire Voice and Website

If you need to place an ad or news item in the Shropshire Voice, or on the Shropshire website,, contact Rinda Maddox, Voice Publisher/Web Coordinator. Rinda Maddox P.O. Box 475 Sidell, IL 61876 shropshirevoice@ (217) 288-9365 (office) (217) 288-9493 (home) (217) 474-9365 (cell)

Junior Activities

For questions on any of the junior events for the Shropshire Association, contact Mark McCabe or Tim Roberts. Mark McCabe 5154 Nickelson Road Prospect, OH 43342 (740) 360-1103 Alan Bruhin 2064 Tranquility Lane Sevierville, TN 37876-0101 (865) 453-4767 __________________ Shropshire Voice

From the President

Happy Spring to all of our Shropshire family. As I write this, winter is finally making an appearance. It took until March to show up, but it came none the less.  I hope everyone has had a great lambing season and are looking forward to the sale and show season like we are. Please remember to nominate all of your sale females in the futurity so that this program can continue to grow and prosper as it has the past few years. Our futurity program is one of, if not the most successful, breed futurity programs in the nation and it is because we as breeders enter quality animals and we nominate them.    As you are choosing animals to enter in the various sales this spring please remember that we have to maintain our breed character so that we can continue to grow and improve the Shropshires. Please also take the time to mentor a new Shropshire breeder, you will enjoy it as much as they do and this is how we continue to grow our breed. I look forward to seeing all of you at the National Sale in Eaton, Ohio or one of the other sales this spring.  Jim & Denise Percival

ASRA Board updates Breed Standards The ASRA Board of Directors formed a committee last year to look at the Breed Standards due to the constant struggle of distinguishing the Shropshire from other black faced breeds. Acknowledging that the main goal of the description of the ideal Shropshire is education of new breeders and show judges, not many changes were made.The previous Judging Standard, last revised in 1998, allowed 5 points for WOOL and stated that it should be free from Black fiber and hairiness. The committee recommended that the 5 point WOOL Category be removed completely and the 5 points be added to the 25 point SOUNDNESS category to now make it worth 30 points. The only other change made was to make Dark Hides (“Blue”, Black or Gray) a Disqualification. Other areas of Breed Type Evaluation were discussed with no action recommended. The committee recommended that a pictorial array, showing the different variations of traits, be assembled and published and made

__________________ May 2017

available on the website and as printable material. At this time, photos showing are being gathered for this purpose and a presentation should be available by the end of the year. It will be sent to judges of major shows and to anyone who may request it.

Judging Standard Priority of Judging 1. Soundness 2. Carcass Quality 3. Breed Character 4. Size Soundness – 30 points Structural Correctness a. Strong and straight topline b. Rib long and well sprung c. Hips wide and smooth d. Rump long, level and wide to dock Continued on Page 5 _______ Page 3

From the Secretary Welcome to the Shropshire office this spring! So far the change of seasons is a week or more away but instead of spring, I think we’re getting a new start on winter. We’ve had some bitterly cold weather of late and are expecting yet another dump of snow this week. So, I am actually looking forward to the deluge of pre-sale Shropshire registration work that means spring is here. Actually the desk has been busy for March and I appreciate it that folks are getting a jump on it for the year. I know there will be plenty of last minute work before the shows and sales so I will work at getting the jobs turned around as quick as I can to allow for the urgent “I meant to send this in last month” projects. When you send your work in, please double check the information and make sure your sires and dams, birthdates and birth types are accurate. Ownership of the mother is always important, also.The registry program lets me know when the applicant is not the registered owner of the mother and when there are multiple offspring of one ewe in one year with different birthdates. Then I have to contact you and get it straightened out. It creates delays for your papers and also for the next members on the day’s work list. So your attention to detail and accuracy will be appreciated by all. I just want to say “Thank You” to all of the breeders that support the activities of the Shropshire Registry.Your advertising support of the Voice and website makes it possible to continue to put information about the breed out in front of prospective new owners. Producing either information venue is no easy task, often done in the late night hours by myself, Rinda Maddox and her daughter, Amanda Rull. We can only disseminate the information you give us or that we spend time finding on the show results websites. I suppose everyone can research the state _______ Page 4

fairs for the show results on their own but we put that information where you will know to find it, in the Voice! Also we appreciate the generosity and support of those who continue to support the various activities with their donations. Most of these are geared toward the youth one way or another. Whether it’s funding for the two college scholarships, the Starter Flock, the Junior Association or the awards for the All-American Junior Show, we appreciate every penny. Without your help, the coffers of the registry would soon be depleted and our support of these programs would end. There are a handful of people who give to every cause we have in addition to paying their dues and registration and transfer fees and we applaud their support.   In this issue you will see an article about the updating of the Shropshire Breed Standards, Please take the time to read it then look within your flock for those individuals that really look like the Shropshire that you are all looking for today. Be aware that really not much has changed here but that the Shropshire breeders really need to consider the characteristics their sheep have and make sure they are contributing to the “staying within the standard” and not introducing something that will become a topic of ugly conversation at ringside of some prestigious show in the future. When you receive your first registration work of the year, there will be included five raffle tickets for the All-American Junior Show cause. The first prize in the drawing at the show on July 2 is $1000 in cash. A Sydell Hydraulic Trimming Stand is the second prize and a Kindle HD Fire 7 is prize #3.The money raised by this raffle goes directly to the show. Consider purchasing the five tickets for $20 Continued at right __________________ Shropshire Voice

Judging Standards Continued from Page 3

Sound feet and legs a. Strong and correctly set b. Upright pasterns c. Forelegs straight and strong Good bone Sound mouth Carcass Quality – 25 points Loin broad, long and well-muscled Lean, highly muscled carcass Leg full, deep and well-muscled Forearm well-muscled Breed Character – 25 points Head Naturally clean dark face (not jet black), gray nose not objectionable. No sign of horns.White wool, covering the whole poll. Nose straight, masculine on rams, feminine on ewes. Straight or slightly dished face. Eyes bright and alert. Ears alert and well set, thin to moderate thickness, medium length, color same as face and legs. Neck Proportional, with clean throat, fitting into the shoulders in graceful lines. Legs Strong and correctly set with substance of bone, upright pasterns. Light colored wool below hock and knees. (not black wool). Size – 10 points Medium sized, appropriate to age of animal


Continued from Page 4 and send them to the Shropshire office and I will make sure they get in the drawing. If you have never attended this show, you are missing seeing the youthful enthusiasm for the sheep industry. One family that attended for the first time last year told me they had

__________________ May 2017

General Appearance – 10 points Alert, attractive and stylish appearance, showing the true characteristics of the Shropshire. Shoulders blending smoothly into the ribs. A full heart girth, strong and straight back with adequate body capacity. Slick Shearing It is strongly suggested that all Shropshire sheep be exhibited slick shorn. Slick shorn is defined as being shorn completely to the hide within five days of the show date. The wool may be left from the rear hock down and the front knees down plus the wool cap defined as from the ears and poll forward. Discriminations Black fiber, wool blindness, bare bellies, or coarse wool on breech. Excessive white on face, throat and legs. Excessive wool-free areas around vulva, udder or scrotum. Ears thick skinned, coarse or excessively long or drooping. Coarse or roman nose. Obesity or lack of thrift, systems indicating systemic infection or chronic illness. Stubs or scurs. Lack of wool cap, jet black face or leg color. Black arm pits, lack of wool below hocks and knees. Spots on face, throat, ears or legs, wrinkles. Disqualifications Lack of breed type, horns, over or under shot jaw. Severely splayed hooves, very weak pasterns, severely post-legged or sickle hocked. Evidence of existing or surgically altered faults such as inverted eyelids, hernia, prolapse, abnormal sexual organs, hides that are black, blue or gray. no idea that the event was that big or that much fun or that good.They are on board for this year and are all about supporting it. I hope everyone has a fantastic and healthy Shropshire lamb crop. I intend to be at the Ohio Classic Sale in May and hopefully at Sedalia in June and a state fair during the summer and look forward to talking sheep and Shrops with everyone. See you then! _______ Page 5

2017 National Sale May 12-13 in Eaton The 18th Annual Shropshire Classic is coming during the Big Ohio weekend on May 12-13. Banner Sale Management is taking on the paper work aspects with help from the Ohio Shropshire Association. All sheep will be shown slick-shorn, of course, and will be guaranteed “spider-free� (genotype NN). All sheep will be either QR or RR. All yearling rams and fall ram lambs will be accompanied by a negative Elisa test for B. ovis. Consignors will each have the option of selling half interest in one yearling ram. This allows some of the best yearling rams around to become available! These rams and the arrangements

Joe Majors sells the Best Headed Ram in this 2015 photo from the Classic.

will be announced on the sale block before they are sold. Auctioneers Gary Saylor, Danny Westlake, both of Ohio, and Billy MacCauley of Pennsylvania will sell the sale. Show day will begin on Friday, May 13 at 8 a.m. Shropshires will show as the second breed in the Expo Building. Bill Bryant of Ohio will serve as judge. Ewes will show first, starting with the older classes. Classes are available for yearling ewes and rams, fall ewe and ram lambs, early January ewe lambs, late January ewe, January ram lambs, early February ewe lambs, late February ewe lambs, February ram lambs. As part of the effort to promote and educate about Shropshire breed character, the judge will select the Best Breed Character Ram and Ewe from all of the Shrops shown. These two sheep will sell immediately after the Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion rams and ewes in the sale order. The two sheep selected will each receive a full page ad in the next Voice.The Ohio Shropshire Association is sharing the expense of this endeavor with the ASRA. This addition to the show is a step in the right direction in preserving the character of the Shropshire sheep. Board member RJ Creamer is organizing an informal dinner and social hour to start at six p.m. on Friday evening. The Ohio Shropshire Association is co-sponsoring hot dogs, hamburgers, baked potatoes, all the fixings and beverages. All Shropshire

Festival Wonders of Wool Classes Sept. 7-10

Sept. 8-10 2017

_______ Page 6

__________________ Shropshire Voice

breeders, consignors and prospective buyers are welcome to attend. The auction of the monthly web page ads will take place at this time. Minimum bid is $75. The highest bidders will win their choices of months.The ads will appear on the homepage of the Shropshire website www.shropshires. org. All proceeds go directly to fund the website. It will be a good place and opportunity to talk about Shrops and enjoy their people. The Shropshires will sell second in the order on May 13th. Online view of the show and live bidding will be available. See the sale catalog for more complete information.There will be an excellent selection of rams and ewes offered. Sheep purchased at this sale have had a history of going on and doing well for their new owners. Futurity-nominated lambs and yearlings will be offered and will be marked with an “F” on their back and on the sale order. All of the 2016 Futurity winners were originally purchased at this sale. Please contact the Shropshire office or visit with any questions regarding any of the 2017 Ewe Futurity Programs. Several other breeds will be selling at this sale on the same grounds on Saturday. There should be ample transportation available to several areas of the country if you are unable to attend in person. For a catalog, contact The Banner at (309) 785-5058 or see The catalog will also be posted on the Shropshire website. Contact R.J. Creamer at (740) 262-3972 regarding other Shropshire aspects of the event. See you there!

Futurity Rules

Futurity nominated Shropshire Ewe Lambs and Yearling Ewes will be available at several sales this spring. Please see the 2017 Futurity Rules listed on the Youth Page of for a list of the designated sales and specific rules as well as point reporting forms. __________________ May 2017

Midwest Stud Ram Sale June 19-24

Mark your calendars for June 19-24 for the Midwest Stud Ram Sale in Sedalia, Missouri. The sale manager, Heartland Group, is committed to continuing and improving the biggest and best sheep sale in North America. The standards of excellence that make the Midwest Sale a long-standing tradition will continue with this year’s sale. Entry deadline is April 20 for the printed catalog which will be sent out by June 1. All Shropshires will be judged in one division by Kyle Smithwick on Wednesday, June 21 after the Southdowns and before the wether sires. Classes will be shown for rams and ewes in the following age groups: yearlings, fall, December, January, February and March lambs. This sale is designated as a Futuritynominated sale. Shropshires will sell on Friday, June 23 as the sixth breed, selling after the Southdowns. All shows and sales will be webcast by For entry information or a sale catalog to The sale catalog will be posted on the Shropshire website when available. Entries and payment can be made online and greatly helps the staff with the catalog project. You may also print the entry blank from the website and mail them to Heartland Livestock Services, PO Box 72, Milo, IA 50166. Be sure to review the consignor rules. Pay particular attention to the health regulations, testing information and NEW fee of $10 per registration paper not turned in at the sale. This event is often a connecting point for sheep being hauled to and from lots of places and this alone may be a good reason to make the trip.Animals not consigned to the sale are dubbed transit animals and will be housed in the horse barn at a per pen per day charge of $5 for consignors and $15 for non-consignors. All transit animals must have separate _______ Page 7

health papers from sale entries. No other sale comes close to offering top purebred breeders a stronger market or environment in which to merchandize top animals. Each year upwards of 2,000 buyers register at this sale from over 40 states and two or three foreign countries. Plan now on attending!

Shropshire Spectacular June 17-18

The Spectacular Sale continues this year June 17 and 18 in Springfield, Ill. at the state fairgrounds. As usual the show will be held on Friday. Illinois’ Aaron Crome will judge. The sale will start at approximately 10:30 on Sat-

urday. Bill MacCauley will sell as before. The event will be held along with sales for Oxfords, Cheviots, Natural Coloreds and Montadales so there is more opportunity transportation, etc. Jeff Ebert, Kansas Shropshire breeder and head of Associated Sheep Registries, will manage the sale as last year. This event is held the weekend before the Midwest Sale and is only a few hours away. This means there are a lot of transportation opportunities for sheep to be bought and sold. Illinois Shropshire Association president Claudia Snyder reports that there are plans for a Junior Show again this year. Classes are planned for Ram Lambs, Yearling Ewes, Fall Ewe Lambs and Spring Ewe Lambs. Classes may be split if entries warrant. Juniors interested in participating should contact Illinois secretary Stacy Josefson at (309) 371-4260 or Like the sale on Facebook (Illinois Shropshire Spectacular Sale). The sale catalog will be posted on the Shropshire website as soon as it is available.

Jason, Skip and Dash Heeg

2017 Sale Schedule:





P.O. Box 217, Shepherd, MT 59079 / H- 406-947-2093 / C- 406-855-1478 / _______ Page 8

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Yearling Ewe class at the 2016 Stars of Louisville Sale.

Stars of Louisville Sale November 2017

Plans are underway for the ninth Annual Stars of Louisville Shropshire Sale. The committee will consist of the following people: R.J. Creamer, Chairman, Jim Brandt, Dennis Avery, Mark McCabe, Jim Isler and Manager Becky Peterson. Breeders are encouraged to offer one or two elite females. Entry forms will be available by August 1st from the ASRA office or on and are due by September 1st. Entry fees will remain at $50 per head to ensure quality. The sale catalog will be mailed with the Voice in Octo-

ber and will also be available on the website. A 10 a.m. time slot has been requested of the NAILE show committee. Ewe lambs sold in the sale can be nominated by the breeder to the 2018 Yearling Ewe Futurity. Interstate health charts with Kentucky entry permits will be required for all consigned animals. The usual sale guarantees will apply. A 10% commission will be charged on the gross sale amount. Settlement checks will be issued to consignors and transferred papers to buyers within 30 days of the sale. The 2016 sale reported a $758.82 average on 17 head. Thirteen ewe lambs were nominated to the 2017 Yearling Ewe Futurity. Junior buyers purchased 11 animals. If you have an interest in selling or purchasing elite Shropshire females, you should save the date: Saturday, November 11, 2017! Help maintain the pace!

We look forward to visiting with all of you at the Indiana Premier and the Ohio Classic.

J & R Farm Shropshires Norbert Jackson & Family 4125 W. St. Rt. 28 Alexandria, IN 46001

__________________ May 2017

(765) 754-7057 Inquiries always welcome _______ Page 9

_______ Page 10

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Minutes of ASRA Board of Directors Teleconference 2/19/17 Becky had sent the teleconference call-in number that the company provided and it was discovered at 7:55 p.m. that the code was incorrect. She was able to catch most of the Board members by phone or email in time for the meeting. President Jim Percival called the meeting to order at 8:15 EST. Also present were Rick Adams, R.J. Creamer, Bob Dinsmore, Darrell Dockter, Mike Elsbury, Jim Gruenhagen, Mary Ann Keck, Danny Rogers, Emily Petzel, and Tom Slutz. Not attending were Alan Bruhin who was away, Re Call, Craig King, and Mandy Swartz. Becky had already sent by email the secretary’s report of the minutes of the September 2017 board meeting. R.J. moved to accept them as written with a second from Mike Elsbury. Report was accepted.


Step Ahead 2708

Becky also had sent the financial report for the 2016 year end, noting that these had already been published in the recent Voice. There was no discussion. Rick Adams moved to accept the report. Tom Slutz seconded. The report was accepted. Becky reported that the office statistics are showing increases in registrations (6%), transfers (19%), new members (83%) and senior members (7%). Futurity – a revision to the Point Scoring was proposed by the Futurity Committee, adding a third tier to the scale, reducing the points for the smaller classes and increasing the points for larger classes. This scale was emailed to the board (15 members) for approval on January 18, 2017. Ten responded with a yes vote. Four did not respond. Point scale was approved for 2017. Becky had received a letter from sale management of the Midwest Elite Sale, Dan Willoughby, requesting that the 2017 sale be included in the list of live sales. She emailed this to the board on the same day. Ten responded positively, adding the sale to the list

We are excited about what we have stepping into our 2017 consignments! Look for this fall ewe sired by “Jackson” She sells at the Ohio Classic! Watch for our other consignments at the Ohio Classic & Illinois Spectacular.

Stacy Josefson - Sean Riggs Step Rd Gilson, IL 61436 • 309-371-4260 • •

__________________ May 2017

_______ Page 11

of approved sales in the rules. The updated rules were sent to the Voice for the February issue. Intent had also been made known for new Online Sales in 2017 including Adams/ Ebert Online Sale April 24, Super 8 Yearling Ewe Sale April 3 and the Super 8 Ewe Lamb Sale on April 24. Shropshire Royalty – Rylie Miller and Mike Elsbury had finalized the applications for the Royalty program including the Shropshire Queen/Ambassador, Princess/Prince, Bo Peep/Boy Blue and they are posted on the website. A selection committee is needed for the judging after April 1 and shall consist of Rylie Miller, Emily Petzel, Bob Dinsmore and Robin Pardus. Committee Assignments – Becky had distributed the list of committees from 2016. Jim Percival asked that board members let him know which committees they would like to serve on. 2017 NAILE Judge Selection – The following people had been nominated by a suggestion box during the last NAILE to judge this year: Jim Brandt, Evan Snyder, Mark Johnson, Eric Shellhouse, Tim Barnes, T. Crome, Roger High, Ed Keeney, Matt Scramlin and Jeff Ebert. Discussion followed. Mike Elsbury moved to use the list in order of the number of votes. Darrell Dockter seconded. A roll call vote was taken that showed four for the motion and five against the motion. Motion failed. Discussion followed regarding the interpretation of the method of judge selection proposed at the November 2010 Annual Meeting. Rick Adams moved to submit names in the following order: Evan Snyder, Mark Johnson and Eric Shellhouse. Emily Petzel seconded. Motion passed with two opposed. Becky will submit the list to the management at NAILE. Jim Percival suggested that the selection method be placed on the agenda for the May meeting and any changes be submitted to the members at the Annual Meeting in November. National Sale – RJ Creamer confirmed that Shrops will be the second breed to show and sell on the Big Ohio weekend on May 11-13. Bill Bryant Jr. will judge. Banner will manage again. Internet bidding will take place. Becky _______ Page 12

has requested that management remit 1% of the Shropshire sale gross to the ASRA for the Scholarship fund. The Ewe Preview will need to begin at 8 a.m. on Friday. The supper will begin at 6 p.m. similar to last year.The auction of the website homepage ads will take place at that time. Brad Slutz will order the Champion and Reserve Champion Ram and Ewe Sashes. The board meeting will take place on Friday afternoon after the Shropshire show. Starter Flock Program – The application has been posted on the website and sent to those who requested it. A letter seeking donations has been emailed to the entire email list. So far the 2017 donations are at $250. Additional funds will be needed to continue the program. Several of the board members pledged at this time, raising the funds to $650. The deadline for applications is April 1. Selection will be made as soon as possible so as to allow the winner to attend the two April Indiana sales. Breed Standards – Mike Elsbury reported that he had updated Alan Bruhin on the decisions of the board at the September meeting. The updated standards will be made available. The next step will be education. Debbie Petzel of Wisconsin volunteered to gather photos of the acceptable and unacceptable expressions of the various Shropshire characteristics and will produce a presentation for the ASRA to post on the website, send to judges, and make widely available. She reports that there will be no expense on her end and the only cost will be printing. Hopefully, Debbie can have a draft assembled for the board to look at in May. NAILE Sheep Advisory meeting – Becky will be attending the meeting on March 9 and will request Junior and Senior Champion drives and rosettes for the Junior Ewe Show as there are so many classes with the splits. Also she will request ribbons for the split classes. 2017 Regional Youth Funding Requests– Becky went through the regions that are eligible for $300 youth program support.The North Central District and Wisconsin/Michigan District report that there is not a youth __________________ Shropshire Voice

program to use funds. Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, West, Pennsylvania and South, South West and New England/New York will each receive $300 for a total of $2100 this year. Danny Rogers inquired of the three bank accounts left in Illinois. Becky needs to make sure George Buckham sends a letter to the Harvard Bank to add her to the two CD’s so they can be moved to the Massachusetts bank when they mature. Becky then suggested that the list of signatures on the

Massachusetts accounts need to be updated with the new officers. This hasn’t been done in a while. She will get the paperwork for the May meeting so the new signatures can be obtained. With no further business to come before the board, Bob Dinsmore moved to adjourn at 9:28 p.m. Motion was seconded by RJ Creamer. Meeting was adjourned. Respectfully Submitted, Becky Peterson

Directors’ Districts

Northwest District Darrell Dockter North Central District Jim Gruenhagen Southwest District Mary Anne Keck Craig King Illinois District Rick Adams Tom Slutz __________________ May 2017

Indiana District Mike Elsbury Danny Rogers Ohio District Jim Percival RJ Creamer Wisconsin-Michigan District Emily Petzel

New York-New England District Re Call Mandy Swartz Pennsylvania-South District Alan Bruhin Robert Dinsmore

_______ Page 13

_______ Page 14

__________________ Shropshire Voice

2017 Committees of the ASRA

Executive Jim Percival Alan Bruhin Brad Slutz Becky Peterson

Budget and Finance Re Call Chairman Jim Gruenhagen Mike Elsbury Tom Slutz Voice and Promotion Darrell Dockter Chairman Rinda Maddox Mandy Swartz MaryAnn Keck Emily Petzel Fundraising MaryAnn Keck Chairman Mandy Swartz Re Call

9684 N. 675 E., Wilkinson, Indiana

NAILE Sale R.J. Creamer Chairman Jim Brandt Mark McCabe Jim Isler Dennis Avery Becky Peterson

Futurity Rick Adams Chairman Mark McCabe R.J. Creamer Tim Barnes Danny Rogers

Production Danny Rogers Chairman Don Knepp Cody Hiemke Rick Adams Junior and Club Lamb Alan Bruhin Chairman Mark McCabe Rick Adams Mandy Swartz Rylie Miller Historian Randy Rife

Breed Character Alan Bruhin R.J. Creamer Mike Elsbury MaryAnn Keck Bob Dinsmore Craig King Starter Flock Program Alan Bruhin Chairman RJ Creamer Mandy Swartz Jim Gruenhagen Rick Adams Rylie Miller

(317) 498-1397•


We sold this ewe to Tenley Cory in last year’s National Sale and she was in the top 5 in a tough February ewe lamb class at the Indiana State Fair Open Show. She has continued to thrive for the Corys. We have her full sister entered at this year’s National Sale. Thank you to all our buyers. Inquiries always welcome.

__________________ May 2017

_______ Page 15

24th Annual Shropshire Scholarships The American Shropshire Registry Association will award two scholarships to students planning to enroll in post-secondary, undergraduate program (university, college, junior college, vocational/technical school) during the 2017 -2018 academic year.These scholarships are not intended for graduate studies. Both scholarships will provide $400. High school seniors or students currently enrolled in an under-graduate program are eligible to apply.The applicant must be directly involved with Shropshire sheep. Previous scholarship winners are ineligible. However, previous applicants that have not received the award are highly encouraged to reapply. Selection criteria will include the applicant’s scholastic record, leadership, extracurricular activities and involvement with the sheep industry and in particular, Shropshires. The application must be completed and returned to the Shropshire office by June 1,

2017. The application can be downloaded from the Shropshire website or requested from the office. An official transcript of all high school and college work must accompany the application as well as two letters of recommendation. Forms are provided for these letters and they should be forwarded to the Shropshire office. The evaluator should comment on the applicant’s academic ability, leadership skills, involvement with extracurricular activities and involvement with Shropshires. The application will not be considered complete without the transcript and two recommendations. Only complete applications will be considered. The completed application, official transcripts of high school and college work and two letters of recommendation must be returned to the Shropshire office by June 1, 2017.

Thanks to Randy and Julie Rife for allowing BWB to purchase 1/2 interest in “GHOST PEPPER”! He had a exciting show career last year.

2016 Reserve National Champion Ram and 2016 Ohio State Fair Champion Ram Look for our entries out of this exciting new stud ram in the Super 8 online ewe lamb sale at Willoughby’s April 24 and the Shropshire Classic in May at Eaton Ohio. BWB would like to thank Adam Moore, MOBO Junction Farms for purchasing privately “SLOOPY”, CLSF 1353 the 2014 National Sale Champion Ram. They have several top quality lambs on the ground this year sired by “SLOOPY”.

Neal Knapp

Flock Consultant and Professional Fitter

_______ Page 16

Rick Whiting

1779 Green Rd., Martinsville, OH 45146 (937) 685-2603

Randy Barr

__________________ Shropshire Voice

City Limits

Sheep Farm CLSF 1610


Headed to the National Sale – Champion Ram at 2016 All-American, Indiana & Illinois State Fairs. 1st at National Junior Show and 2nd at NAILE Open Show and sired by Entourage.

Yearling Ewes Selling In Spring Sales Four will be heading to the National Sale, one to the Midwest Elite Sale.

We will be selling at the Midwest Elite Sale, National Sale, Shropshire Spectacular and Midwest Stud Ram Sale. Pictures of our entries will be posted on our website and City Limits Sheep Farm Facebook page a few weeks prior to the sales.

Tom Slutz & Family

P.O. Box 177, LaMoille IL 61330 (815) 638-2177 • (815) 915-5624 (c) tcslutz@gmail .com

Brad Slutz & Family Maple Park, IL 60151 (815) 766-0584

Thanks to all of our past bidders and buyers both at the sales and off the farm.

__________________ May 2017

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How The States Rated With How The States Rated With Number of Registrations Number of Registrations Fiscal Year January 1 - December 31 Fiscal Year January 1 - December 31

2016 2016 1) Ohio....................524 1) 2) Ohio....................524 Indiana ...............361 2) ...............361 3) Indiana Illinois .................276 3) .................276 4) Illinois Oklahoma ...........139 4) ...........139 5) Oklahoma Pennsylvania ......129 5) ......129 6) Pennsylvania Wisconsin ...........124 6) ...........124 7) Wisconsin New York ..............98 7) York................95 ..............98 8) New Missouri 8) ................95 9) Missouri Tennessee ............75 9) Tennessee ............75 10) Kansas .................68 10) .................68 11) Kansas Iowa......................66 11) 12) Iowa......................66 Oregon .................56 12) .................56 13) Oregon Maryland ..............52 13) ..............52 14) Maryland Massachusetts .....44 14) .....44 15) Massachusetts Connecticut ..........40 15) ..........40 16) Connecticut Maine ...................38 16) ...................38 17) Maine California ..............36 17) 18) California Nebraska..............36 ..............34 18) Nebraska ..............34 19) New Hampshire....34 19) Hampshire....34 20) New Minnesota.............32 20) 21) Minnesota.............32 Delaware ..............26 21) ..............26 22) Delaware Washington ..........17 22) ..........17 23) Washington Idaho ....................16 23) ....................16 24) Idaho Montana ...............15 24) 25) Montana Michigan...............15 25) ...............15 26) Michigan Texas ......................8 26) Texas ......................8 27) Louisiana ................7 27) ................7 28) Louisiana New Jersey ............3 28) Jersey ............3 29) New Florida ....................1 29) Florida ....................1 Total .......................2429 Total .......................2429

_______ Page 18

2015 2015 1) Ohio....................512 1) 2) Ohio....................512 Indiana ...............338 2) ...............338 3) Indiana Illinois .................278 3) .................278 4) Illinois Oklahoma ...........183 4) ...........183 5) Oklahoma Pennsylvania ......101 5) ......101 6) Pennsylvania New York ..............91 6) York................86 ..............91 7) New Missouri 7) ................86 8) Missouri Wisconsin .............72 8) 9) Wisconsin Tennessee.............72 ............64 9) Tennessee ............64 10) Kansas .................59 10) .................59 11) Kansas Iowa......................56 11) 12) Iowa......................56 California ..............55 12) 13) California Maryland ..............55 ..............51 13) ..............51 14) Maryland Maine ...................42 14) 15) Maine Oregon...................42 .................40 15) .................40 16) Oregon New Hampshire....35 16) Hampshire....35 17) New Massachusetts .....35 17) .....35 18) Massachusetts Washington ..........32 18) ..........32 19) Washington Nebraska ..............31 19) ..............31 20) Nebraska Idaho ....................22 20) ....................22 21) Idaho Montana ...............20 21) 22) Montana Delaware...............20 ..............19 22) ..............19 23) Delaware Minnesota.............15 23) 24) Minnesota.............15 Michigan ...............14 24) ...............14 25) Michigan Texas ....................11 25) ....................11 26) Texas Connecticut ..........10 26) Connecticut ..........10 27) Louisiana ................7 27) 28) Louisiana Kentucky ................7 ................3 28) ................3 29) Kentucky New Jersey ............2 29) ............2 30) New NorthJersey Carolina ........1 30) North Carolina ........1 Total ......................2,285 Total ......................2,285

2014 2014 1) Ohio....................500 1) 2) Ohio....................500 Indiana ...............335 2) ...............335 3) Indiana Illinois .................228 3) .................228 4) Illinois Oklahoma ...........148 4) 5) Oklahoma Wisconsin...........148 ...........136 5) ...........136 6) Wisconsin Pennsylvania ......122 6) ......122 7) Pennsylvania New York ..............93 7) York ..............93 8) New Oregon .................69 8) 9) Oregon Missouri.................69 ................63 9) Missouri ................63 10) Kansas .................58 10) .................58 11) Kansas Maryland ..............54 11) ..............54 12) Maryland Tennessee ............42 12) ............42 13) Tennessee Iowa......................39 13) 14) Iowa......................39 Massachusetts .....38 14) .....38 15) Massachusetts Maine ...................36 15) ...................36 16) Maine New Hampshire....36 16) Hampshire....36 17) New Nebraska ..............35 17) ..............35 18) Nebraska Minnesota.............30 18) 19) Minnesota.............30 Washington ..........25 19) ..........25 20) Washington Montana ...............23 20) 21) Montana Delaware...............23 ..............23 21) ..............23 22) Delaware Idaho ....................21 22) ....................21 23) Idaho Connecticut ..........20 23) ..........20 24) Connecticut California ..............18 24) ..............18 25) California Texas ....................16 25) ....................16 26) Texas Nevada .................10 26) .................10 27) Nevada Michigan .................5 27) 28) Michigan Louisiana.................5 ................4 28) ................4 29) Louisiana New Jersey ............3 29) ............3 30) New NorthJersey Carolina ........1 30) North Carolina ........1 Total ......................2,231 Total ......................2,231

__________________ Shropshire Voice

hropshirer a l u c a t c e p


Illinois State Fairgrounds Springfield

2016 Champion Ram Adams Shropshires, IL

SHOW: June 16, 10:30 a.m. Judge Aaron Crome

SALE: June 17, 10:30 a.m.

2016 Champion Ewe Brockman Shropshires, IL

Sale managed by American Cheviot Sheep Society Jeff Ebert, Executive Secretary Cell: 785-458-9174 __________________ May 2017

Auctioneer Billy MacCauley Sale held in conjunction with the National Cheviot Sale, National Oxford Sale, Illinois Montadale Sale, Natural Colored Sales.

JUNIOR SHOW details to be announced. Contact Stacy Josefson 309.371.4269 _______ Page 19

R & A shrops Congratulations to

Chloe Stonesifer

on winning the National Shropshire Yearling Ewe Futurity. This ewe also won the Ewe Lamb Futurity the year before. This ewe was purchased from us at the Big Ohio Sale.

We had to go to the tank and use some semen from 5th Quarter on some ewes. Look for one or two lambs out of him at the Big Ohio Sale!

Modified RR DOB 1/17/16 “Future Direction” x 5th Quarter Daughter We’ll have a handful of lambs out of him at the Big Ohio Sale.

Dusty, Claudia & Kingston Rincker 422 State Hwy 32, Stewardson, IL 62463 • 217-493-1629 Michael Anderson, Flock Advisor

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__________________ Shropshire Voice

Snap Shot your shepherds! The Shropshire Voice is always looking for photos and stories of the junior and adult Shropshire members and their sheep. If you have a fun photo or a story to share please send to Voice publisher Rinda Maddox at shropshirevoice@ thesidellreporter. com or mail to Shropshire Voice, P.O. Box 475, Sidell, IL 61876.

Westin Poynter, age 5, practices his showmanship with his shropshire fall ram lamb as his dad, Jared, quizzes him on his sheep knowledge. They reside at Maple Park, Ill.


A full line of high quality sheep equipment‌built to last! Kenneth Townsend, Owner

__________________ May 2017

4141 S. 25 W, Trafalgar, IN (317) 736-4047 toll free: (866) 736-4047 Eastern Warehouse, Andy Farley Jackson, OH, 740-352-0123

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4th Year for Flock Starters The Starter Flock Program is in its fourth year in Shropshire world. You may recall receiving an email or two from Rylie Miller, the President of the National Junior Shropshire Sheep Association, or Alan Bruhin, the ASRA vice-president and junior motivator. They were seeking contributions to support a grant of $1500 to be awarded to this year’s Starter Flock winner. The response was almost immediate and very generous. The ASRA is very appreciative of the following members for coming forward to support this program: SS Shrops, Davenport, Iowa; Chip Hallet, Sterling, Mass.; Knepp

Shropshires, North Barrington, Ill.; Jim and Denise Percival, Xenia, Ohio; Danny and Cynthia Rogers, Monrovia, Ind.; Rick Adams, Chebanse, Ill.; Plainview Farms, Doug, Tammy and Chris Whittaker, Laura, Ill.; Justin Weckler, Beavercreek, Ohio; Tom Slutz, La Moille, Ill.; Creamer Shropshires, Prospect, Ohio; BWB Farms, Martinsville, Ohio; and Sand Meadow Farm, Nicholson Family, South Windsor, Conn. These Flock Starters join Mark McCabe, Glenn and David High and Randy and Julie Rife who provided Shropshire ewes for the 2014 award which were won by Noah Collins of Morristown, Tenn. Knepp Shropshires, Alan Bruhin, Percivals, Danny Rogers and the Whittaker’s are repeat contributors from 2015 with Crimson Ridge Shropshires, Austin and Trent Bechtold, Snyder Shropshires, Jim and Donna Gruenhagen, Avery Shropshires, Erik Mrozinski, Gary Brockmann Family and Stacy Josefson who helped to find the program benefitting Justin Weckler of Beaver Creek, Ohio. In 2016, Isler Shropshires, JN Dirlam and Sons, and the Klotz Family joined the others as new supporters and helped Ashlyn Reddick of Girard, Ga. purchase her new flock. She has been very busy introducing her Shropshires in the South. The winner of the award this year will be announced and introduced at the National Shropshire Sale in Eaton, Ohio in May. The award will be a credit voucher for $1500 to be used to purchase two or more Shropshire ewes at any of the designated sales in 2017.   For more information about the Starter Flock program, visit the Ashlyn at the National Georgia Junior Livestock Show Shropshire website. To learn how to where she won the Breeding Ewe Showmanship class contribute to the program and be a and was Supreme Champion FFA Showman. She’s a Flock Starter, contact Becky in the Shropshire office. hard worker!

__________________ May 2017

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Avery/VIP centerfold separate file

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__________________ Shropshire Voice

Avery/VIP centerfold separate file

__________________ May 2017

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All-American Going To Wisconsin The 2017 All-American Junior Sheep Show will be held at the Alliant Energy Center, Madison,Wis. June 30 - July 2.This will be the show’s second visit to Wisconsin in its 24 year history and the first time to the modern show facility in Madison.The All-American is the premier junior breeding sheep show in the country.The breeds participating: Polled Dorsets, Horned Dorsets, Dorset Advantage, Hampshires, Southdowns, Border Leicesters, Cheviots, Shropshires, Oxfords, Montadales, Romneys, Shetlands, Lincolns, Natural Coloreds, Tunis, Dorpers, Columbias and Corriedales. Katahdins, Merinos and Targhees are joining the show for the first time. Several meat breeds will feature slick shorn classes and several wool breeds will be highlighted again. Judges will be Jeff Held, SD; Brian Schermerhorn, Minn. and Alex Wolf, Ohio. If you have never attended an All-American Junior Show please make plans to attend this very special event! It is much more than just

SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE NOW! NOW! Promoting The Promoting The Improvement Improvement of the Entire of the Entire Sheep Industry Sheep Industry 1 Year – $25 1 Year – $25 2 Years – $45 2 Years – $45 1 Year 1 Year Canada or Canada or Mexico – $60 Mexico – $60 P.O.Box Box500 500 •• Cuba, Cuba, IL 61427 P.O. 61427 P.O. Box 500• •Fax: Cuba, IL 61427 (309) 785-5058 (309) 785-5058 • Fax: (309) (309) 785-5050 785-5050 (309) 785-5058 • Fax: (309) 785-5050 _______ Page 26

a sheep show, as there are several activities for the whole family. The show features a lamb camp for the young sheep owners, a 3-on-3 basketball tourney for the exhibitors, a sheep skill-a-thon competition, a sheep judging contest, free pizza and BBQ dinners for exhibitors and their families, a team showmanship competition, wool show, promotional contests for exhibitors that also features an adult photography category, a college scholarship program for older exhibitors, and much more! The National Junior Suffolk Show is going to be held at the same facility as the All-American so there are going to be few special co-participation events. The highlight of these special activities will be a Todd Weaver Memorial Fitting Contest on Thursday at 6 p.m. The National Junior Suffolk Junior Association is hosting this special event for the exhibitors of both junior shows. There will be two age divisions and awards in each division include Ketcham Fitting Stands, Electric Shears, Fitting Supply Buckets and Mid States Gift Certificates. Pre-entry information on the AAJS web site. On Friday night there will be the ever popular 3-on-3 three basketball tourney and the Harry and Mary Blome pizza party. On Saturday night, July 1, there will be a free BBQ for all of our show’s attendees along with some fun activities that include water slides and/or obstacle course. Come and enjoy the family fun! Honor Show Chows has become a major show sponsor and will be back in Wisconsin.

Share photos of your kids in their summer activities for the next Voice!

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Kalmbach Feeds and Kalmbach “Formula of Champions” Show Feeds joined the All-American as a major show sponsor last year and will also be back. Sydell has generously donated the hydraulic trimming stand for the All-American Raffle fundraiser. Weaver Leather is also a major show sponsor providing embroidered wether blankets for the champion and reserve champions market lambs as well as a hanging show box for our new junior raffle tickets. To encourage more raffle ticket sales, which is a major fundraising activity for the All-American, the AJSS will be offering a logoed hanging show box to the top junior ticket seller. We will also be offering gift certificates to the other top four salesmen for AAJS apparel you can get show weekend. Tractor Supply will be providing prizes for the ever popular exhibitor thank-you booth and the American Lamb Board will be donating some of the thank-you notes for the booth. At the Midwest Stud Ram Sale, Sedalia, Mo. during the Supreme Champion Show on Wednesday, June 28, the AAJS Benefit Auction will be held and this year we will be auctioning off some very exceptional items! Top-Con Agriculture has donated a Digi-Star Digital Scale System; Profiles Show Supply has donated Premier Electric Shears; Novel Designs has donated a Home Page Announcement; Ketcham Sheep Equipment has donated an A-line feeder;Willoughby Livestock Sales has donated a commission free online sale and Reproductive Specialty Group had donated five AI Services. Specifics and details on all items can be found on the AAJS web site. Thank you

to Heartland Group for allowing this special benefit to be held at the sale as this has become a major fundraiser for the show. Please be on hand or contact the AAJS chow committee to bid on these special items! At the Big Ohio Sales in Eaton, Ohio in May, Banner Publications has donated a one page color ad that will be auctioned benefiting the All-American. A BIG THANK-YOU to all of these sponsors and donators as without their assistance this show would not be possible! Our Wisconsin host committee is being organized by Richard and Judy Shambow and fellow Wisconsin sheep breeders.A big thank-you also goes to all of the Wisconsin sheep families involved in the local planning committee. Several local sheep breeders and youth supporters have stepped up to the plate to organize events and volunteer to help out. It is thanks to all of you that this show will be a special AllAmerican for our junior sheep exhibitors and their families. Room blocks have been reserved at the following area hotels: Clarion Suites at The Alliant Energy Center Phone: (608) 284-1234; $124-134.00. Sheraton Madison Hotel Phone (608) 251-2300, $129 Comfort Inn Madison – Downtown Phone: (608) 255-7400, $115 Holiday Inn Express and Suites Phone:(608) 709-5050, $129 Cut off for group rate is May 28 and the group name is “All American Junior Show.” We strongly encourage show attendees and guests to utilize these hotels because the more rooms

Johnson Bob & Karen & Family

569 State Hwy DD Marshfield, MO 65706 417-859-4452 • __________________ May 2017

Providing lamb for dinner for folks in Southwest Missouri!

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ONLINE SALEs June 12, 2017 Ram and Semen Sale HELD AT WLIVESTOCK.COM

Creamer Shropshires McCabe Shropshires BWB Shrops Elsbury Shrops

Isler Shrops High Shrops Bryant Shrops Barnes Farms

Sale hosted by Willoughby Sales _______ Page 28

__________________ Shropshire Voice

we can fill the better the rate for our rental cost on the show venue. Camping is available on the Alliant Energy grounds for approximate cost of $30 per night. It is all spot self-registration when you arrive at the show. Campground specifics can be found on the AAJS website. Entries close: May 25. There will be a higher entry fee for any late entries submitted after the deadline date and post entries at the show. Check out the All-American Website: for entry and further information. The All-American Junior Show Committee has three major fundraising activities that are held to help raise funding for this special junior show. Following is information on these activities and the show would certainly appreciate your support in these fundraising efforts: ALL-AMERICAN GIFT BASKET SILENT AUCTION Gift baskets will be on display during the the All-American Show for bidding. Bidding will close on Sunday, July 1 at noon. Basket donations would be greatly appreciated. Just bring

them to the show in Madison! ALL-AMERICAN JUNIOR SHOW RAFFLE TICKETS Cost $5 each or 5 for $20. 1st Prize: $1000 Cash Prize; 2nd Prize Sydell Hydraulic Trimming Stand ($530 value); 3rd Prize: Kindle HD Fire 8 ($150 value). Tickets are available at the Continental Dorset Club Office, P.O. Box 506, North Scituate, RI 02857. Many sponsoring breeds mail out raffle tickets with their office work and annual dues notices so when you see them PLEASE lend your support! Final drawing will take place on Sunday, July 3rd. Need not to be present to win. ALL-AMERICAN JUNIOR SHOW BENEFIT AUCTIONS Wednesday, June 28, 2017 (During the Midwest Stud Ram Sale Supreme Champion Show) Early Evening, Swine Barn Missouri State Fairgrounds, Sedalia Big Ohio May Sales, May 13, 2017 Preble County Fairgrounds, Eaton, Oh

During National Dinner/Social

Website Auction

Friday, May 12, 2017

during the Shrop social hour

Classic Sale

If you are unable to attend, mail your bids to the ASRA office or contact your district director to bid for you. Minimum bid $75. Exclusive opportunity to have your flock on the Shropshire homepage for a month. High bidders choose the month they want.

__________________ May 2017

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2017 Mid-West Junior Preview Show The Midwest Junior Preview Show is an annual breeding sheep show opened to all registered breeds of sheep as well as commercial breeding sheep! It takes place in Sedalia, Mo. on June 3. Each year the show has successfully handed out over $5,000 in cash awards to young sheep breeders from all over the county! Last year’s event hosted over 500 sheep and over $15,000 in premiums was awarded! The show has been designed to be a laid back, fun and educational day for everyone involved from the newest showman to the experienced shepherd! All sheep must be entered by Friday 8 p.m., June 2.This change will help us get more accurate class splits and get those splits announced earlier! Sheep can be entered in person by exhibitors or family/friends that are present or over the phones! Several phone lines will be available that evening for entering sheep! Entries can be made online from the show website starting April 1. All entries received by May 25 are eligible for free T-shirt and goody bag. ALL entries can be changed, scratched, added to or altered the day of the show. All breeds are eligible to show. There will also be a commercial breeding sheep division for crossbreds. No wethers will be shown. Funding for these breeds is provided from associations and breeders. Classes are available for yearlings, fall lambs and spring lambs for both rams and ewes. Class splits are made as necessary, the day of the show, trying to limit class size to 15 head. Slick Classes are offered for Hampshires, Suffolks and Dorsets. Slicked classes offered will be ram lambs, yearling ewes, and spring ewe lambs. Shropshires, of course will be slick shorn. Entry fees are $6/head.You do not pay until you come to the show and you only pay for the number of animals you actually brought, regardless of what was entered. Sheep can arrive as early as Thursday and stay through Sunday; however, you don’t have to be there any day other than Saturday. _______ Page 30

You are free to leave as soon as your breed show is done; however, showmanship and the Supreme Drive are at the end of the day! Sponsors are always needed. Last year, over $15,000 was awarded and checks are written immediately following the show, so you have your money to take home! Additionally, everyone who enters by June 1 receives an official show T-Shirt, and there are raffles through-out the day for prizes ranging from magazine subscriptions to feed samples and more! Sheep should be registered in the junior’s name, a family name, farm name, etc. We just ask you to be reasonable and respectful. If you just purchased the sheep and do not have their papers yet, please provide us with a birth date so we know what class split the animal should end up in. There is no minimum age requirement, we just ask people to be reasonable. Juniors cannot be over 21 as January 1 the year of the show. Individual showmanship will be divided into three groups the day of the show based on the participants. Sign up for showmanship will be available through-out the day.There is no fee for individual showmanship. A Parent/ Child Team Showmanship Jackpot will be held after the individual showmanship. There will be two divisions that will be divided by the child’s age. Entry fee is $10 per team with 100% payout to the winning team. All breed champions will come back to the ring for the selection of a Supreme Champion Ram and Supreme Champion Ewe with a $300 cash award to each winner, sponsored by Larry Mead at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale! The Supreme Drive will end with a Supreme Breed Flock award. The breed flock must be made up of five animals of that breed from at least two exhibitors (but preferably more). For more information please go to or contact Kate Lambert at (660) 541-0468 or email __________________ Shropshire Voice


“The Callicrate ‘WEE’ Bander is well worth the investment.” John Blevins, California


“The Callicrate Bander is phenomenal.” George Chambers Carrolton, Georgia


ate Castr Tails k c o D pses Prola Treat



__________________ May 2017

_______ Page 31

2016 Best wishes for season!

bing and a great lam

support us by that continue to THANK YOU to all sting with confidence in our bidding on or inve We especially want to thank breeding program. inues to offer us words of forward. ever yone that cont ance moving us wisdom and guid in 2015 Mark - ram lamb Bo Wolford, OH - ewe lamb s, IL ram Emma Dougla , IL - yearling Step Ahead Shrops

from new prospects have excellent We will again 2016 will also bring R-AID this year. the SLOOPY and POWE RAZORS-EDGE, our program with eny the next step in Champion ram prog d Gran rve 2014 National Rese be exciting! that are sure to cular Shropshire Specta

Averyshropshire s ing to the Spring

We’ll be consign

Ohio Classic and


Rick Whiting OH 45146 Martinsville, 3 1779 Green Rd, (937) 685-260 YearlingBarr Randy Ewe Hillsboro, OH 45133 4410 Sorg Rd., ional Fitter 1 tant and Profess (937) 288-000 m – Flock Consul Neal Knapp

Going to Ohi o with two yearling ewe s, three fall ewe lambs, one ewe lamb, two January fall ram lambs and one Januar y ram lamb. bwbfarms



Fall Ewe

El bury


Friday, May 12, 2017

invested in BWB Farms ewe lamb These breeders wisely Wisehart, IN -

- ram lamb SS Shrops, IA ram lamb MD Grey, IL - ram lamb Conlea Lee, TN - ewe lamb SS Shrops, IA


Website Auction at the Ohio Classic Sale dinner

Minimum bid $75. Exclusive opportunity to have your flock on the Shropshire homepage for a month. High bidders choose their month.

Elsbury won her Yearlin 1552 g 2016 Indiana Ewe Class, State Fair

One of our

better ewe


Elsbury 1555 One of our favorite yearlin gs that we have ever raised.

Elsbury’s Outlaw 1605 First Place Fall Ram Lamb at Indiana

Thanks to all our buyers from show help and the past year. We invite visitors to the farm.

s and a Merry Christma ar! Happy New Ye Mike & Karen

Elsbury & Family,

5385E 500N,


Introducing our 7 new stud for 201

“John Dear”

IN 46140 • (317) 326-446


is His only fall lamb has he looking great and for many more bred ary. January and Febru

Fall Ewe

“John Dear” Fall Ram

This fall ram and ewe lamb are twins sired by “Mosey.” Their dam, Avery 11-24, “Sadie,” is the dam of our record selling fall ewe lamb at the 2015 Ohio Classic and also the dam of the high selling fall ram lamb at the 2014 Ohio Lambs avai Classic. lable at the farm

Dennis & Nanc

1500 Douglas

y Avery

Rd., Bremen,


Click here to


anytime or

(574) 209-0988 46506


Congratulations Taylor Ruff!

Champion Shropshire Ram and Res. Supreme Champion Ram with Schoolhouse 1621 at the Miami Co. Fair

we’ll see you John Mroz

Taylor also did well this fair season with her ewe lamb Schoolhouse 1629!

at Eaton.


(219) 575-4833



check out our

Fall Ewe


nt for you! A Christmas prese for sale “Rebarr” will be May 1, 2017!

website at www .averyshrop


5th Place Yearling Ewe at the Ohio State Fair, the world’s largest Shropshire show.

ewe We plan to bring a really nice in Ohio. lamb to the National Sale Check her out!

at This ewe sold to Rylie Miller the 2015 Indiana Premier. She was also Champion “Bring Back” ewe in the 2016 Yearling Ewe division in the junior show.

s and buyers at the Indiana

Thanks to all the consignor


sale prices Sale to date with average This was the best Indiana on Shropshires! up by over $100 per head We have had Shropshires in the family for 70 years, starting with Mom, Shirley Elsbury and Grandpa Noble Apple in 1946 as a 4-H project.

We’re proud of how well you’ve done with your sheep and are pleased with how they have performed for you.


and pricing.

H Club Lambs

“Your Foundatio n For Quality”

Bailey also won several Championships with her ewe at the county fairs.

Top selling Ewe at Indiana Premier Sale Sold to Lindsay Yeager of Indiana

for more details

Adams Shropshires Contact Jason

y Heeg’s Craz rd, MT 59079 Box 217, Shephe Jason D Heeg, P.O. Home: 406-947-2093 Cell: 406-855-1478 crazyhclambs@

Congratulations Bailey Towery!

choolhouse hropshires Ltd.

Examples of the quality of females that we have available.

Reserve Junior Champion January Class Winner 2016 Midwest Elite

Jim & Denise Percival 961 Hoop Road, Xenia OH 45385 937-3SHEEP1 (374-3371) Steve with granddaughter, Kate.

Shirley Elsbury and several family members at the 2015 Indiana State Fair.

Mike & Karen Elsbury & Family,

5385E 500N, Greenfield, IN

Champion Shropshire Ewe Lamb 2015 Illinois State Fair Purchased by Kacie Haag from Adams Online Sale.

46140 • (317) 326-4461


6898 S 7000 W Rd., Cheban se, IL 60922 (815) 228-290 radams1976@hotmail.c 3 om  •  adamsshropshi

Meet Junior!

Junior is an SOB son and was the Senior Reserve Champ ion Ram at the 2015 Nationa l Shropshire Show during NAILE. Junior is the sire 1616, our lead spring of RoKaJo ram in the RoKaJo show flock. (1616 is available private treaty after August 15.) We have Junior with seven ewes and we are hoping for a couple of fall, as well as spring lambs to sall or show next year.

Second Late Ewe Class Second to the Grand Lamb 2016 Midwest Elite

Congratulations to Kenyon Buckland on his Champion Ewe at the 2016 NAILE.

Looking for your next stud ram or show ewe? Ewes and rams of this caliber are available at the farm and a select few at sales this spring.

LEs ONLINEil SA 3: RoKaJo 1605 Ryan and Blake Webster from Ohio bought this AJ fall ewe lamb at the National Sale.

RoKaJo 1505 Nathan Douglas from Illinois purchased this AJ son at the National Sale.

RoKaJo 1607 Madison Johnson from Tennessee picked up this AJ February ewe lamb at the Midwest Stud Sale. Ram

Thank you to our buyers at the National Shropshire Sale in Ohio and the Midwest Stud Ram Sale!

_______ Page 32

Bob and Karen Johnson 569 St. Hwy DD, Marshfield& Family , Mary Anne Keck (417) MO 65706 844-5895

Congratulations to the Larimore Family of Triple J Farm for their Champion Ram at 2016 Delaware State Fair Purchased off the farm.

Congratulations to the King Family for their Champion Ram at the 2016 Missouri State Fair Purcahsed at the 2016 Classic.

E rik M rozi nski S h rops h i res Rolling Prairie, IN

(219) 716-4921

Apr Yearling Ewes April 24: Ewe Lambs COM HELD AT WLIVESTOCK. es Creamer Shropshir es McCabe Shropshir BWB Shrops Elsbury Shrops

Isler Shrops High Shrops Bryant Shrops Barnes Farms

oughby Sales Sale hosted by Will

__________________ Shropshire Voice

“Your Foundation For Quality”



January Shropshire Ewe Lamb Adams 1701

Lead consignment in the A&E Online Shropshire Futurity Sale April 24 hosted by The Adams flock and the Ebert flock are joining forces to offer the finest Shropshire ewe lambs available that are nominated for the Futurity. This ewe is sired by “Rocket.” Other ewes in the sale will be sired by Rocket or a top Rocket son, “Hidden Treasure.” Rick Adams 10828 W 1000 S Rd., Bonfield, IL 60913 (815) 228-2903 __________________ May 2017

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_______ Page 34

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Pictured in this 2015 photo, from left, Lee Ann Eizinger, Indiana State Fair Board Member, Jasper Dirlam, Lifetime Achievement recipient, Stan Poe, 2015 Indiana State Fair Board President and Jim Langford, Indiana State Fair Board Member.

Jasper Dirlam earns Lifetime Achievement In 2015 Jasper N. Dirlam of Mooresville, Ind. was presented the Indiana State Fair’s Lifetime Achievement Award during the open sheep show. Very few of these awards are given during the fair. Jasper and his late wife, Ruth, started their flock of Shropshires with five ewes for their sons, John and Mark’s, 4-H project in 1963. The boys started showing in Morgan County in 1964 and the Indiana State Fair 4-H Show in 1967 and the open class in 1969. Jasper has a good eye for soundness, structure, quality and breed characteristics. He strives to raise high quality sheep with a good genetic base to be productive and do well in the show ring as well as the lambing barn. Jasper has had a class winner every year at the Indiana State Fair since 1970. He was also Premier Breeder for the Shropshires for numerous years. Grandson Matt is helping

__________________ May 2017

with carrying on the family tradition of showing at the state fair and open shows. Jasper has sold sheep to lots of 4-Hers and adults in the state throughout the years. He has advised in how to care and manage good quality and productive healthy sheep. He has been an active member of the Indiana Sheep Breeders Association and was presented the Oren A. Wright award in 1996. Jasper is a member of the American Shropshire Breeders Registry at the 1992 State Fair. In 1993 he was presented the Master Shepherd award. Jasper has been a member of the Morgan County sheep breeders, served as president two years. He also was the sheep superintendent for 18 years and oversaw some large open sheep shows there. Jasper is a true shepherd of his flock of Shropshires, as well as the people he has helped all these years. _______ Page 35

r h o S p S s S We will be taking one Fall ewe lamb, one January ewe lamb, one February ewe lamb and one February ram lamb to the Classic this year! We will also be consigning sheep at the Shrop Spectacular.

Reserve Jr. Champion Ewe at the 2016 Ohio Classic

Reserve Jr. Champion Ram and the Best Headed Ram at the 2016 Ohio Classic


7622 Jersey Ridge Rd., Davenport, IA 52807 // (563) 355-6730 // _______ Page 36

__________________ Shropshire Voice

An Event to Remember By Randy Rife ASRA Historian This summer marks the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 National Shropshire Show and Sale at the Ohio State Fair. This was one of the most fantastic of our breed in my memory. Following are articles from the October 1967 Sheep Breeder & Sheepman magazine and the sale catalog. Penn State University had sold their flock

Shropshire Notes

By ASRA Secretary Jessie F Ritenour Published Sheep Breeder and Sheepman magazine, Oct. 1967 To the Members of the American Shropshire Registry Assn.: The first Shropshire Type Conference National Show and National Sale at Columbus, Ohio was an event which will

__________________ May 2017

and now were dispersing their show flock at this event.As a young 20-year-old Shropshire breeder, I had a yearling ram in this sale and he sold for a whopping $35. I was thrilled that someone would want to own a Rife ram! The banquet, Type Conference and Show and Sale, along with meeting and visiting with so many prominent breeders, was a genuine thrill. I hope you enjoy this article as we look back to that notable event in Shropshire history.

long be remembered. First came the Banquet on Friday evening for Shropshire breeders and guests. The festive occasion featured a deliciously prepared and very-well catered lamb dinner. It was as well attended as many of our annual meetings at Chicago. After a brief welcome from Mr. Robert Thurman, the Association President; short talks by Mr. Russell Titus, President of the Ohio Shropshire Breeders’ Assn.; Mr. Ralph Grimshaw, Supt. of the Sheep Department; and Mr. Jeff Keirns, _______ Page 37

Undefeated Shropshire flock in 1966 at Ohio, Harrisburg and Chicago, bred, owned and shown by Shroyer Family of DeGraff, Ohio. Manager of the Ohio Fair; everyone went back to the Sheep Barn to attend the Type Conference. Here we had a panel of three judges consisting of Dr. Byron Good, Michigan State University; Dr. Gary Ricketts, University of Illinois; and Dr. Jack Judy, Ohio State University. Three classes of sheep were brought out, and these three men went over each sheep and placed them, as they would if they were judging them in a regular show. They would then weigh each sheep, and make comments as to why they were placed in that order. After that followed a question and answer session and a short period was given to allow the spectators the privilege of inspecting the sheep. It was brought out that there are several things to be considered when you think of “Shropshire Type.” Using the Standard of Excellence as a guide, a judge inspects the sheep from the front, side and rear. Standards can be obtained by writing our office. It should always be remembered “judging is an opinion. The most useful characteristics from a practical point of view are always given the most consideration by an experienced judge.” When discussing size, the following points were stressed: There is definitely a trend toward selecting growthier, bigger type sheep in all breeds. The days of the compact, blocky, extremely low-set type are past. “Size is a relative thing. Other things being equal, size is an asset and of great importance.” In order to _______ Page 38

get productivity, to get big, fast-growing lambs, the ewes must have size and ruggedness, … yet they must meet the breed standards. “We simply cannot forget the commercial man. In order to produce the type rams most-wanted by the commercial man, those rams should be open-faced and be of utility value. And, in order to get productivity you must have size.” The Conference adjourned with the universal feeling that it had been extremely worth-while. I feel certain there is a greater determination among our Shropshire Breeders to strive toward breed improvement and to give the sheep industry profitable sheep. The next phase of the Columbus event, was the National Show of breeding animals. It was truly a sight to behold! I wish every active Shropshire Breeder we have today, could have been there. Each sheep was fitted to perfection and top-quality was in evidence clear down to the bottom of the lines (which meant 54 places in one class). The Shropshire breed had a total of 235 entries, which was more than any other one breed. In the yearling ram class, there were 29 shown; ram lambs had 41; the yearling ewe class had 54; then came the ewe lambs with 49. It is easy to see why Ohio boasts “the largest sheep show in the world.” They had entries totalling 1,749 in the open classes for breeding sheep and many more market lambs. One of the highlights of the show was the presence of the lovely Shropshire Queen Miss Louise Douce. Though the weather was more like chilly October, she had a warm smile for each exhibitor as she passed out the ribbons. __________________ Shropshire Voice

The placings for the show follow this article but mention should be made about the creditable showing of Penn State’s Shropshires under the care and management of Carroll Shaffner. Their 1st place Yearling Ram was made Champion Ram and weighed in at 276 lbs.; in the Ram Lamb class they had to be content with a third and sixth place; but again in the Yearling Ewe Class they stood 1st and 2nd, with a couple of beautiful ewes which weighed 205 and 202 respectively. The C.E. Hartzell & Sons’ entries pushed them hard for top placings each time. Hartzells’ classy 1st place Ram Lamb won the Reserve Championship, and they had 1st and 2nd place Ewe Lambs which weighed in at 138 lbs. each. However, when the Championships were selected in the ewe class the final “nod” went to Penn State on the first and second place yearlings. There were a total of 33 exhibitors–seven from out-of-state. All are to be congratulated on their creditable entries and for their part in making the event a success.


We invite you to attend this, our first National Shropshire Sale. Your officers and Board of Directors decided at the annual meeting, that now was the time for this event, to display the results accomplished by the progressive Shropshire breeders in developing a Shropshire that has size, meatiness, gainability, utility and can see. We feel with the improvements that have been made in recent years, in addition to the many other qualities that are inherent in the breed, such as twinning ability, good milkers, gentleness, good wool production and longevity, that today’s Shropshires offer a big plus in profitable sheep production. This consignment represents a great cross section of Shropshire production, with most of the sheep from production-tested flocks, and should meet the needs of the most discriminating buyers. A fine program has been planned for your enjoyment, during this Labor Day weekend.

__________________ May 2017

On Friday, September 1, at 6:30 p.m. a banquet has been planned for Shropshire breeders and friends. This will be held in the Youth Center Building, which is adjacent to the sheep barn. After the banquet, and beginning at 8:00 p.m., a type conference will be held in the sheep barn arena. Mr. Byron Good, Michigan State University, Mr. Jack Judy, Ohio State University, and Mr. Gary Ricketts, University of Illinois, will make the official placings and conduct a discussion period. This promises to be an interesting and informative program and all Shropshire breeders should make every effort to attend. At 8:00 a.m. Saturday, September 2, Judge Byron Good, will be placing the classes in the National Shropshire Show. Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m. Col. Hobart Farthing, auctioneer, will be taking your bids on this fine offering. Your attendance and support of these events will greatly aid in the promotion of our fine Shropshire breed. Your attendance and support of these events will greatly aid in the promotion of our fine Shropshire Sheep. See you all at the Ohio State Fair. The American Registry Association Bob Thurman, President

National Shropshire Sale

With enthusiasm high following an outstanding and most impressive National Shropshire show in the afternoon, a large crowd of Shropshire breeders representing states from coast to coast assembled in the Sheep Barn at the Ohio State Fair and bid briskly to record a successful National Shropshire Sale. The 15 yearling rams averaged $152.66, the 10 ram lambs averaged $134.50, the 21 yearling ewes averaged $123 and the 17 ewe lambs sold at a $124.70 clip. The sale entries were paced by Pennsylvania State University who consigned their entire winning show flock to the sale; their entries included the Champion ram, the Champion _______ Page 39

ewe and Reserve Champion ewe as well as ram lambs and ewe lambs that stood well up in the National show. Their Champion ram had the leadoff spot and topped the sale at $525 going to Russell Whitney of Iowa. The second high price was the next yearling in the ring entered by C. Emil Hartzell and Sons of Ohio, who were also big winners in the National Show, which brought $325 from Marion and Jean Drinkert of Indiana. A Thurman entry brought $200 from Joe Steichen of Oklahoma, a Tutus yearling brought $240 from Lundy Adelsberger of Ohio, and Everett Glasgow of Illinois paid $210 for a Carl Fischer entry to round out the better prices. The ram lamb entered by the Titus Family started the sale and was top at $240 going to Bancroft and Lesley Henderson of Rhode Island. The next three lambs were Penn State entries going to Tom Rieback of Illinois at $120, to Bryan McDonald of Colorado at $150, and to C.B. Blair of Ohio at $135. The second and third high ram prices were commanded by the entries of Fischer and Larry Shroyer. The Fischer lamb went to Robert Calvert of Pennsylvania at $210 and the Shroyer lamb to the Colorado buyer at $155. The Hendersons of Rhode Island bought the first two ewes in the ring, the Penn State Champion and Reserve Champion yearlings at $320 and $200 for two high ewe prices. Third high price was a McKerrow ewe going to Tim Blair of Ohio at $180 and next high was a Hartzell consignment going to Glasgow

1st Shropshire yearling ram and Champion weighing 228 lbs. at the 1967 Indiana State Fair. Bred, owned and shown by Wayne Livengood of Indiana. Sold to Ralph L. Emerick. _______ Page 40

at $145. Penn State again set the pace in the ewe lambs as their four head brought $190 from McCracken Brothers of Ohio, $185 from Robbinswood Farms of Wisconsin, $160 from Blair, and $210 from David Maddox of Illinois. A Thurman entry broke their hold on all the top ewe lamb prices as it sold to Glasgow at $165. Everett Glasgow was one of the best buyers in the sale and among others who bought several good ewes were Dettman and Hansen of Wisconsin, Allan Stewart of Ohio, and the Blair Family.

Shropshires Featured In National Show…

World’s Largest Sheep Show Boasts over 3800 Head Placings at Columbus Shropshires National Show

Yearling Ram– 1, Penn State University; 2 & 3, C.E. Hartzell & Sons; 4 & 7, Robert C. Thurman; 5, Russell O. Titus & Family; 6. Priscilla & Carl Fischer; 8, Larry Shroyer. Ram Lamb– 1 & 4, Hartzell; 2, Titus; 3 & 6, Penn St. U.; 5 & 8, Shroyer; 7, Fischer. Pen of 3 Lambs– 1, Hartzell; 2, Penn St. U.; 3, Shroyer; 4, Fischer; 5, Ohio State Univ. Champion Ram – Penn State U. Res. Ch. Ram – Hartzell. Yearling Ewe – 1 & 2, Penn St. U.; 3 & 4, Hartzell; 5, Shroyer; 6, Robert C. Aten; 7, D. W. Chambers; 8, Dr. & Mrs. H. Wm. Chatworthy. Pen of 3 Yearling Ewes – 1, P.S.U.; 2, Hartzell; 3, Fischer; 4, Thurman; 5, Shroyer. Ewe Lamb– 1 & 2, Hartzell; 3, Shroyer; 4, Aten; 5 & 6, P.S.U.; 7 & 8, O.S.U. Pen of 3 Ewe Lambs– 1, Hartzell; 2, P.S.U.; 3, Shroyer; 4, Aten; 5, O.S.U. Twin Lambs – 1, Hartzell; 2, P.S.U.; 3, Shroyer; 4, O.S.U.; 5, Thurman. Breeder’s Young Flock – 1, P.S.U.; 2, Hartzell; 3, Aten; 4, Shroyer; 5, Fischer. Champion & Res. Ch. Ewe – P.S.U. Trophy Group – Hartzell. Breeder’s Plaque – Hartzell. __________________ Shropshire Voice

Majors Show Lambs & Shrops “Supersport” – produced 2015 Reserve Champion & Best Breed Character at Ohio, Reserve Champion in NY and Winners Circle in PA. We used two “Supersport” sons on Discovery and Supersport daughters. Not too often do you use the same ram for 3 years with success… so we decided to use his sons for this same reason.

“Supersport” yearling rams heading to Ohio JOE & CHERYL MAJORS

Milan, MI •• 734-439-5651 •• Visit Our Website To View Winners & Breeding Stock! View our website for 2017 sale entries & private sales __________________ May 2017

_______ Page 41

Shropshire Coming Events for 2017

April 22.... Indiana Premier Sale, Greenfield, IN

April 29.... Midwest Elite, Richmond, IN

May 12-13.... Big Ohio National Shropshire Sale

May 27.... Great Lakes Sale, Wooster, OH

June 3.... Midwest Junior Preview, Sedalia, MO

June 16-17.... Shropshire Spectacular, Springfield, IL

June 19-24.... Midwest Stud Ram Sale, Sedalia, MO

June 30-July 2.... All-American Junior Show, Madison, WI

Sept. 1.... October Shropshire Voice Deadline

Nov. 11.... Stars of Louisville Sale, Louisville, KY

Nov. 11.... Junior Shropshire Association Meeting, Louisville, KY

Nov. 12.... National Junior Shropshire Show, Louisville, KY

TBA.... National Open Shropshire Show, Louisville, KY TBA.... ASRA Annual Meeting of the Members, Louisville, KY

FOR SALE BFG 6052 April 2016 Yearling Sired by Slack 5160

Call Tim at 740-815-2402

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__________________ Shropshire Voice

Breeder’s Index

This list is a paid subscription published both in the Voice and on Contact Becky Peterson, ASRA Secretary, to have your name included for only $30 for 3 issues. Adams Shropshires 10828 W 1000 S Rd Bonfield, IL 60913 Cell: (815) 228-2903 Anderson Farms Matthew, Christie, Emily & Andrew 11307 Walnut Ave. Oakdale, CA 95361 (660) 988-3503 Anderson, Michael L. 346 N 1600 E Paxton, IL 60957 (217) 379-3189 Cell: (217) 781-3348, Avery, Dennis & Nancy Avery Shropshires 1500 Douglas Road Bremen, IN 46506 (574) 209-0988 Floyd & Sharon Avery (229) 942-3415 Barnes, Chad & Molly Barnes Unlimited LLC 2021 Co Rd 159 Ashley, OH 43003 (740) 972-8766

Barnes, Shane & Kim SKB Shropshires 1122 Browns Creek Rd. Sycamore, PA 15364 (724) 852-2673 __________________ May 2017

Barnes, Tim & Deb Barnes Farms 5707 Mooney Road Radnor, OH 43066 (740) 494-2125 Cell: (740) 815-2402 Bechtold, Austin & Trent 4068 E 1100 N N. Manchester, IN 46962 (260) 578-7769 Brandt, Jim Brandt Sheep Farms 8181 SR 274 Anna, OH 45302 (419) 629-1188 Cell: (937) 658-3119 Brockmann Shropshires Gary, Vicky, Brianna & Austin 2011 Blake Road Garden Prairie, IL 61038 (815) 544-4515 BWB Farms, Inc. 1779 Green Road Martinsville, OH 45146 Randy Barr (937) 288-0001 Rick Whiting: (937) 685-2603 Cox, Carlee HC Shrops 1889 Cypress Church Rd. Bells, TN 38006 (731) 413-9895 Crago Brothers Shropshires Steve & Louise Crago & Sons 1499 Hiatt Road Clarksville, OH 45113 (937) 289-3167

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Creamer, R.J. & Molly 4094 Centerville-Newmans Rd. Prospect, OH 43342 RJ: (740) 262-3972 Molly: (740) 391-8314 Dirlam, J.N. & Sons & Matt Dirlam 11673 N. Bethesda Rd. Mooresville, IN 46158 (317) 831-2130 Douglas, Donna April Aire Farms 11802 Pleasant Valley Road Woodstock, IL 60098 (815) 337-0598 Ebert, Jeff, Kerri, Christine & Monica Ebert Sheep Farm 10015 Flush Rd. St. George, KS 66535 (785) 494-2436 Cell: (785) 458-9174 Elsbury, David & Colleen 7800 N 250 E Greenfield, IN 46140 (317) 326-3893 Elsbury, Mike & Karen Elsbury’s Shropshires 5385 E 500 N Greenfield, IN 46140-8939 (317) 326-4461 Elsbury, Tim Double Doc Farm W 7112 Cherry Hill Drive. Adell, WI 53001 (920) 994-2538 _______ Page 44

Evans, Dave 5884 St Rt 292 West Mansfield, OH 43358 (937) 363-3610 Fiegl, Mark Lindenview Meadow Farm 5550 Eddy Ridge Rd. Marion, NY 14505 (315) 576-1930 Fitzpatrick, Dan and Lynn Shamrock Farms 8408 Carney Hollow Road Wayland, NY 14572 Office: (585) 669-2179 Cell: (585) 721-3038 Fleener, Tim & Sarah 273 South Mountain Rd. Robesonia, PA 19551 (717) 413-5181 Groverman, Fred, DVM F & L Groverman Shropshires 400 Ormsby Lane Petaluma, CA 94954 (707) 763-3132 Cell: (707) 782-8152 Gruenhagen, Jim & Donna SS Shrops 7622 Jersey Ridge Road Davenport, IA 52807 (563) 355-6730 Hardisky, Denise Southern Tier Shropshires 598 Lattabrook Rd. Horseheads, NY 14845 (570) 687-7967 Heaton, Fred & family 622 Fessler-Buxton Rd. Russia, OH 45363 (937) 526-3118 __________________ Shropshire Voice

Hiemke, Cody Mapleton Mynd Shropshires 1773 Koshkonong Rd. Stoughton, WI 53589 (415) 302-8035 MapletonMyndShropshires High Farms Glenn & Joan High 7078 Co. Rd. 47 Lexington, OH 44904 (419) 362-3666 High Life Farms David & Jodi High & Family 3388 McDermott Pond Creek Road McDermott, OH 45652 (740) 259-1907 Isler, Jim Isler Shropshires 1340 Klingel Rd. Prospect, OH 43342 (740) 360-7682 Jack Show Lambs Heinecke Family 29771 Rt U Stoutsville, MO 65283 (573) 721-2149 Jackson, Norbert 4125 W. State Route 28 Alexandria, IN 46001 (765) 754-7057 Jaycox, Elaine Willaine Farm 3758 State Rt. 30 Middleburgh, NY 12122 (518) 827-5726 Cell: (518) 231-7245 __________________ May 2017

Johnson, Bob & Karen RoKaJo Farm 569 St. Hwy. DD Marshfield, MO 65706 (417) 859-4452 Josefson, Stacy Step Ahead Shrops 994 Step Rd Gilson, IL 61436 Cell: (309) 371-4260 Farm: (309) 876-2364 Kerr, Ryan All Forage Farm W 8843 Old 54 Rd Shiocton, WI 54170 920-250-2783 Kipp, James & Terri Grey Feather Farm E 5085 Irish Ridge Rd. Viroqua, WI 54665 (715) 255-8300 Knepp, Donald Performance Shropshire Consortium 128 Old Barrington Rd. North Barrington, IL 60010 (847) 846-6354 Knepp, Matt & Michelle & family Performance Shropshire Consortium Grace, Dillon & Santiago Knepp 2354 280th St. Lincolnville, KS 66858-9811 (785) 512-0599 Kowalyshyn, Lisa Kindred Crossings LLC 868 Route 32 North Franklin, CT 06254 (860) 642-4243 (860) 642-6210

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Larimore, Larry & Sharon Triple J Farm 3370 Cattail Branch Road Harrington, DE 19952 (302) 398-4680 Cell: (302) 233-8912 McCabe, Mark & Family McCabe Shropshires 5154 Nickelson Road Prospect, OH 43342 (740) 360-1103 Melvin Family Shropshires 9347 White Oak Rd. Mount Sterling, Ohio 43143 (740) 207-0786 Mies, Ed & Family 10000 Waverly Rd. Waverly, IL 62692 (217) 435-7091 Miller, Bryan, Fabiola & Edith L. 15525A Motters Station Rd. Rocky Ridge, MD 21778-9711 (301) 514-7955 Motter, Jan Lane’s End Farm 12211 W. Rt. 973 Jersey Shore, PA 17740 (570) 398-2078 Mrozinski, Erik 6333 N 600 E Road Rolling Prairie, IN 46371 Cell: (219) 716-4921 Oehler, Nellie Oehler Family Shropshires 5570 SW West Hills Road Corvallis, OR 97333-2623 (541) 757-3937 Cell: (541) 868-6897 _______ Page 46

Nicholson, Addisen Sand Meadow Farm 906 Main St So. Windsor, CT 06074 (860) 490-7238 Peiter Shrops Craig & Andrea King Weston King 860 CR 315 Taylor, MO 63471 (573) 767-0003 Pence Farms 1083 W. Co. Rd. 61 Tiffin, OH 44883 Mike: (419) 992-4305 Doug: (419) 986-5848 Jay: (419) 992-4701 Percival, Jim & Denise Schoolhouse Shropshires 961 Hoop Road Xenia, OH 45385 (937) 374-3371 Powell, Doris & Destiny 40405 Route 187 Rome, PA 18837 (570) 247-7316 Richardson, Dave & Family 3G Shropshire 221 E Ashton Ave. Grand Island, NE 68801 308-390-2750 Rife, Randy & Julie Rife Shropshires 2423 Clifton Rd. Yellow Springs, OH 45387 (937) 603-0535 __________________ Shropshire Voice

Rincker, Dusty R&A Shropshires 422 ST Hwy 32 Stewardson, IL 62463 (217) 493-1629

Smith, Lance or Brenda Smith Sisters Shropshires 2129 130th Ave. Russell, MN 56169-3072 (507) 823-4784

Roberts, Tim Roberts Farms 27954 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, OK 73093 (405) 485-9255 Cell: (405) 314-3370

Smith, Gordon & Alyce Cedar Bend Farm N 7922 U.S. Highway 12 Elkhorn, WI 53121 (262) 742-3580

Rogers, Danny & Cynthia R&G Farm 2435 W. McCracken Road Monrovia, IN 46157 (317) 996-3301 Cell: (317) 358-3260 Rueber, Carol & Aimee Rueber Shropshires 24632 210th St. Sumner, IA 50674 Carol: (319) 231-7626 Aimee: (319) 230-9739 Sheehan, Jock Performance Shropshire Consortium Roaring Fork Sheep LLC CR 702 Dixon, WY 82323 (970) 629-3555 Slutz, Tom City Limits Sheep Farm P.O. Box 177, 602 S. Main St. LaMoille, IL 61330 (815) 638-2177 Tom: (815) 866-5031 Brad: (815) 766-0584 __________________ May 2017

Snyder Shropshires 2537 US Hwy 67 Monmouth, IL 61462 (309) 255-9500 Stephenson, Jon, Charlotte & Vivian Sugar Ridge Ranch E8977 Pierce Hill Rd. Viroqua, WI 54665 (608) 774-3151 Switzer, Jane, and Steve Ford Switzer Shropshires 6741 S. 1150 W Redkey, IN 47373 (765) 369-2844 Cell: (260) 729-2066 Taylor, Callie 1467 Ringgold Timblin Rd Timblin, PA 15778 (814) 360-1202 Thomason Genetics Hunter & Tyler Thomason 20631 Morning Glory Harrah, OK 73045 (405) 306-1554

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Ware, Kimberly KW Shropshires 565 N. Sunset Ridge Ln Kuna, ID 83634 Kim: (208) 921-3706 Floyd Avery: (208) 921-8740

Warren-Allen, Rachael A. Silver Cliff Farm 968 Drift Creek Rd NE P.O. Box 319 Silverton, OR 97381 (503) 873-4005

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3 issues of Voice and 12 months on website

Webster, William 413 Roosevelt Trail Windham, ME 04062 (207) 831-0608 Weidauer, Greg Rafter W Shropshires 17624 340th Ave Starbuck, MN 56381 (320) 424-2543

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618.656.5388 Visit our website for our current prices, promotions, show schedule, and to request a FREE catalog! _______ Page 48

Designing and Manufacturing Superior Quality Sheep Equipment for Over 40 Years in Edwardsville, IL USA!

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Erik M rozinski shropshirEs

6333 N 600 E, Rolling Prairie, IN 46371 • (219) 716-4921

Look for this ram sired by 12-10 at a sale this spring along with a select few fall and spring ram lambs.

This ewe lamb will sell at the Midwest Elite Shropshire Show and Sale. Bred by an Avery ram out of 12-10.

Our newest addition to our flock...

__________________ May 2017

for my wife Brooklyn and I arrived December 9, 2016. Ainsleigh Makaelyn Mrozinski was born at 1:55 am and weighed 7 lbs 3 oz. The journey we encountered up to her birth has been all in God’s hands.   She continues to fill our lives with so much joy as she grows and develops.

_______ Page 1

Our Fall ram entry for the National Sale this year should add some stretch and balance without sacrificing muscle or style Some of the January lambs we will be pulling from to go to Eaton, we will have a few February lambs as well

Jason, Skip and Dash Heeg

_______ P.O.Page Box2 217, Shepherd, MT 59079


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May 2017 Shropshire Voice  

The Shropshire Voice is the official publication of the American Shropshire Registry Association.

May 2017 Shropshire Voice  

The Shropshire Voice is the official publication of the American Shropshire Registry Association.