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February 2011




Champion Ewe 2010 NAILE Junior Show Owned by Dalton Hicks _______ Page 1

“Great Genetics Make The Difference”

Kids, Shropshires, & Great Fun! Randy, Julie, Justin, Melissa, Olivia, Zachary & Ethan Rife 2423 Clifton Road, Yellow Springs, OH 45387 Only 6 miles south of I-70 (Exit 54) (937) 767-1871 Cell: (937) 603-0535 _______ Page 2

Volume 31, Issue 1

February 2011

~ The Shropshire Voice ~

Official Publication of The American Shropshire Registry Association Published in the interest of Shropshire Breeders each February, May and October Becky Peterson, ASRA Secretary

Board of Directors American Shropshire Registry Association

Darrell Dockter – Pres. (2013) 19411 S. Carpenter Rd. Snohomish, WA 98290 (425) 334-9130

Rinda Maddox, Voice Publisher

Robert Johnson (2012) 569 State Highway Marshfield, MO 65706 (417) 859-4452 Ralph Lovely (2011) 292 Cold Stream Farm Rd. Madisonville, TN 37354 Cell: (865)-604-5747

Gary Brockmann (2012) 2011 Blake Road Garden Prairie IL 61038 (815) 544-4515

Mark McCabe (2012) 5154 Nickelson Road Prospect, OH 43342 (740) 360-1103 Jim Percival (2011) 961 Hoop Road Xenia, OH (937) 374-3371

Re Call (2012) 964 Mohawk Trail Shelburne, MA 01370 (413) 625-2436

Tim Roberts (2012) 27954 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, OK 73093 (405) 485-9255

Robert Dinsmore (2011) 5842 Broad Run Road Jefferson, MD 21755 (301) 371-4483

Carol Rueber (2012) 24632 210th Street Sumner, IA 50674 (563) 578-8663

Cody Hiemke (2013) 1773 Koshkonong Rd. Stoughton, WI 53589 (415) 302-8035

Bill Seals (2011) 2360 B Shafer Morgan Hill, CA 95037 (408) 779-1789

Norbert Jackson (2011) 4125 W. State Route 28 Alexandria, IN 46001 (765) 754-7057

Sandy Cross(2011) 198 Shaws Mill Road Gorham, ME 04038-2233 207-839-8717 _______

Brad Slutz – V. Pres. (2013) 1144 Oxford Circle Sycamore, IL 60178 (815) 899-0366

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Contact us American Shropshire Registry Association

All registrations and payments should be made to The American Shropshire Registry Association office.

ASRA Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST Monday & Thursday evenings 8-11 p.m. EST

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Secretary Becky Peterson will be near the office at most other times and will return calls as soon possible. She will make the best effort to process registrations and transfers within a day or two of receipt. Contact her at: American Shropshire Registry Association Becky Peterson, Secretary 41 Bell Rd. Leyden MA 01337 Phone/Fax –(413) 624-9652

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If you need to place an ad or news item in the Shropshire Voice, or on the website,, contact Rinda Maddox,Voice Publisher/Web Coordinator or her husband, Steven Maddox, advertising manager. Steven and Rinda Maddox P.O. Box 475 Sidell, IL 61876 shropshirevoice@ (217) 288-9365 (office) (217) 288-9493 (home)

Junior Activities

For questions on any of the junior events for the Shropshire Association, contact Mark McCabe or Tim Roberts. Mark McCabe 5154 Nickelson Road Prospect, OH 43342 (740) 360-1103 Tim Roberts 27954 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, OK 73093 (405) 485-9255

From the President I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year as we begin another great year for Shropshires in 2011. I look forward to serving the members of the American Shropshire Registry as your president and hope to have the opportunity to meet many of you at Shropshire events throughout the year. As we reflect on last Fall, the Shropshire shows at Louisville were very exciting. Once again, our junior show was one of the largest shows which speaks volumes for the future of our breed. The ewe lamb and yearling ewe futurity programs have generated a lot of interest and involvement. The show featured a lot of high quality sheep representing very useful and complete sheep with breed type and correctness. Congratulations to all the juniors who participated.

Shropshire Voice Mailing Policy The Shropshire Voice will be mailed, normally by first class mail, to all ASRA members (defined in the bylaws as having paid annual dues in two of the past three years). This includes junior members. Membership or subscription status is noted on the upper right portion of the mailing label. Non-members may subscribe to the Voice for an annual subscription fee of $15 or $5 per issue. Special requests will be handled on an individual basis at the discretion of the editor and/or publisher. The Shropshire Voice is the official publication of the American Shropshire Registry Association and the only magazine published by, for and about the American Shropshire Sheep.

The open class show was a little smaller than the previous year which I attribute to this year’s show schedule. Even though the numbers were down slightly, the quality was high. The Stars of Louisville sale enjoyed a successful second year with a good crowd and lots of enthusiasm.   I would like to extend my thanks to Mark McCabe, your outgoing American Shropshire Registry President, for doing an outstanding job of directing our organization and promoting our breed. I look forward to continuing his legacy as I work to promote and support the Shropshire breed. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas and suggestions for your organization. Respectfully, Darrell Dockter

1300 S. Hwy 75 P.O. Box 188 Pipestone, MN 56164

Call for a free catalog ~

Order or Catalog Only: (800) 658-2523 Information: (507) 825-4211 Fax: (507) 825-3140

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From the Secretary Another year has passed. 2011 begins my fourth as secretary of the American Shropshire Registry Association. We’ve come a fair distance together. 2010 has been a successful year with good numbers of Shropshires exhibited at state and local fairs. The National Show in Louisville went well again. The first Futurity Programs showed good participation. The financial books closed for the year, even showing a slight profit. We have all enjoyed the record lamb prices of 2010. We look forward this year with enthusiasm to a few new activities. It is likely that the Ewe Lamb Futurity will have regional competitions. The supplement to the Centennial History Book should be in the works soon. The Shropshire breed will see an online sale in the spring.You might even be able to register your sheep using the internet. The National Shropshire Show ventures to New England, presenting

behind all the

snow, ice & wind there a re yea rli ng ewe s

growi ng a n d ba by la mbs bei ng born!

Check out my new website for pictures: ruebershrops

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Shropshires from the Heartland 24632 210th St., Sumner, IA 50674 (563) 578-8663 Email:

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some travel opportunities for those breeders from the Midwest and West. There is a very dedicated group of folks from the northeast is working hard to make this a memorable event. On the youth front, there are plans for the formation of a Junior Shropshire association. This will be a large undertaking. We would appreciate input from our current youth and recent graduates as well. College bound students are encouraged to apply for one of two $400 scholarships that will be awarded in Louisville in November. The Ambassador program continues with one slight change. The current term will be extended until November. Applications for the 2011-2012 term will be accepted until October 15. Interviews will be conducted in Louisville. I encourage the Shropshire circle to continue to support the Voice with advertising support and news from your area. There are regional groups around and we all need to know what they are up to. Send us your meeting reports and photos of your young people their Shrops!   I heard today that January has been the snowiest month on record in Massachusetts with Boston getting over 50 inches of the white stuff so far. We’re 90 miles from that spot and I am glad to say that we haven’t been so blessed though we certainly have our share. It seems as we are always moving snow lately. When not engaged in that activity, we’re in the lambing barn. We’ve had some pretty cold nights of late so it seems that we question ourselves at 2 a.m. as to why we take part in this battle. On reflection, we remember the times we’ve had with other sheep folks, whether yesterday or several years ago. We see the photos of the kids with the sheep and share their enthusiasm. It doesn’t hurt to watch 30 baby lambs, turned out for the first time to play in the winter sun. As they get braver, the play “King of the Mountain” on the giant snow banks on the edge of the barn yard. Ahhh, the battle is worth it. Life is good.

The naming of Shropshire sheep There have been inquiries for a little while regarding the naming of Shropshire sheep. After some investigation, the ASRA Board of Directors has voted to begin allowing breeders to officially name their sheep. People usually want to name special rams but ewes will be allowed to be christened, also. Now, it is true that some breeders name all of their rams and a few breeders name every sheep they register. Breeders will be able to continue to do this as they desire. If they wish to reserve a certain name for an important individual, however, they will be required to pay a fee of $25 to the ASRA. This will entitle them to be the sole user of that name for a 10-year period. The secretary will keep track of the names purchased and will publish a list of reserved names in each issue of the Voice. For example, there are now several ewes in the database with the name of “Princess”. Any person registering sheep may name any or all of their ewes “Princess” until a breeder pays the $25 fee and reserves that name for

a specific sheep, either at the time of registration or some time afterward. Once that name is reserved, it may not be used again for 10 years, either as an informal name or a reserved name. This opportunity for breeders became available on January 1st. Names should be submitted in writing, either on the registration application at the time of registration or by written request submitted with an existing registration certificate in which case a new certificate with the sheep’s christened name will be issued. It is still recommended that a farm or flock name be used and a number matching a tag or tattoo in the sheep’s ear is required. No sheep will be officially named without payment the $25 fee. Questions regarding this opportunity can be directed to the registry office. Names reserved prior to this issue: • Heat-Seek-Her • Mojo • Outrageous • Tommy

New Members in 2010

Welcome Aboard! These members joined the ASRA during 2010.

Emily Petzel, Centuria, WI Dee Amick, Nettie, WV DEMAG Sheep Co, Matt Debrick, Steve Davis, Buffalo, MO Scotts Mills, OR Elvin Jones, Abilene, KS Katherine Wenner, Lewis Center, OH Lance Harvell, Farmington, ME Joe & Cheryl Majors, Majors Show Jacob Wenner, Lewis Center, OH Ben & Heather Burgess & Family, Lambs, Milan, MI Lizton, IN Mike Fox, Tipp City, OH Stacy Josefson, Step Ahead Shrops, Stacy Hightower & Family, Marshall, IN Thompson Family, Tatiana Thompson, Gilson, IL Philomath, OR Triple J Farm, Harrington, DE Shamrock Farms, Pat Sheriden, William & Stacey Webster, Athens, OH Windham, ME Justin Snodgrass, Geneseo, IL Jason D Heeg, Shepherd, MT _______ Page 5

Big E site of 2011 National New England Breeders to host their first National Show Are you looking for a new vacation opportunity? Consider venturing with your Shropshires to the 2011 National Shropshire Show at the Eastern States Exposition (Big E) in West Springfield, Mass. The Big E is the ninth largest fair in the U.S. and will run for 17 days beginning Sept. 16. This exposition, which is privately owned and financially strong, offered the opportunity of a national show to the ASRA in early 2009. The offer was accepted late in 2010 and plans have been moving forward ever since. The New England Shropshire Breeders Association is looking forward to hosting the event and is planning several activities over the course of the weekend. The Mallary Livestock Complex will be open to accept sheep for the Week 1 Sheep Show (Meat Breeds) on Tuesday, Sept. 13. Sheep must be in place by 9 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 15. All sheep will be visually inspected before unloading.An exhibitor meeting opens the sheep show schedule on Friday morning. Typically two breeds are shown each day. The Week 1 judging ends on Tuesday, Sept. 20 with the selection of the Supreme Champions. Sheep will be released on Wednesday

afternoon, Sept. 21. Exhibitors will receive a full compliment of admission passes and parking passes. RV hookups are available NEXT TO the sheep barn for a nominal fee of $10 per night. Coffee and donuts are provided to sheep exhibitors each morning in the barn. There are meeting rooms available in the building as well as exhibitor showers. There will be a buffet dinner and Annual Meeting of the ASRA on Friday evening at 6 p.m. The Storrowton Tavern is right on the grounds and will be a terrific venue for this event. The cost of the dinner will be $25 per person. Shropshires will show on Saturday at 2 p.m. Kyle Thayer will perform the judging honors. The Big E offers over $5100 in premiums to the following classes: Yearling Rams, Fall Ram Lambs, Intermediate Ram Lambs, two classes of Junior Ram Lambs, Pair Ram Lambs, three classes of Yearling Ewes, Pair Yearling Ewes, Fall Ewe Lambs, January Ewe Lambs, February Ewe Lambs, March Ewe Lambs, Pair Ewe Lambs, Exhibitor’s Flock, Breeders Flock, and a Get of Sire. The Big E also offers $19 and $17 to the first and second place junior exhibitor animal in each class. The junior must be present showing their animals. There will also be awards for the Best Headed Shropshire as well as the Supreme Champion Shropshire. The Big E is providing all ribbons, rosettes and Premier Exhibitor and Breeders Awards.

6471 Miller Drive, Edwardsville, IL 62025 (618) 656-5388 • cell: (618) 581-3554 Call for a fee catalog or visit _______ Page 6

The New England group is seeking cosponsors for the class winner awards and Champion. Award sponsors will be noted in the Premium List. If you have interest in being an award sponsor, please contact the Shropshire office or NE Secretary Elaine Jaycox whose contact info is listed below. For your accommodations there are several motel chains in the Springfield/Enfield, Conn. area. A block of rooms has been reserved. More information will be available in the May issue. For those driving in, the Big E is just a few minutes from the Mass Pike (I-90) and also I-91. For those wishing to fly, the Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT, is only about 20 minutes from the grounds. In addition to the fun of being at the Big E, there are several local attractions to take in. The Basketball Hall of Fame is just down the road. Boston and Cape Cod is about two hours away, The Mystic Aquarium and Mystic Seaport sits to the south on the Long Island Sound. Old Deerfield and Yankee Candle is under an hour to the north. For a longer

trip, you might like to investigate the coast of Maine or the Green Mountains of Vermont or the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Albany, NY is about two hours west. New York City is a little further to the southwest. Niagara Falls would be along your way if you were driving via the northern route. The Big E’s Agriculture and Education Director AND former Shropshire breeder Donna Woolam extends a hearty welcome to the National Shropshire Show. Sheep Superintendent Debra Hopkins will see to the needs of the exhibitors and their animals to make your stay a pleasant one. For more information go to or write to 1305 Memorial Ave., West Springfield, MA 01089. The phone number in the ag office is 413-205-5011. The premium book will be available online. Entries can be made online by August 15. For information regarding the New England Shropshire Association, please contact Elaine Jaycox at or her at 3758 State Rt. 30, Middleburgh, NY 12122.

Watch Her GROW! at Barnes Pictures and video of our January ewe lamb entry

SPRING FLING ONLINE SALE April 26 & 27, 2011

BARNES FARMS Ph: (740) 494-2125, Fax: (740) 494-2913 5707 Mooney Road, Radnor, OH 43066 e-mail: web: _______ Page 7

Board of Director’s Meeting Wed., Nov. 17, 2010 Saddle & Sirloin Board Room NAILE, Louisville, KY Roll call was taken at 7 p.m. Present were Mark McCabe, Darrell Dockter, Bob Dinsmore, Jim Percival, Brad Slutz, Cody Hiemke,Re Call,Gary Brockmann,Sandy Cross, Tim Roberts, Norbert Jackson and Becky Peterson as secretary. Absent were Bill Seals, Carol Rueber, Bob Johnson, and Ralph Lovely. Minutes from the June director’s meeting had been previously distributed. Members briefly reviewed them. Becky noted that there had been minutes requested from the October 2009 teleconference. She will forward them on to all of the directors. Gary Brockmann moved and Darrell Dockter seconded that the June minutes be approved as printed. Motion passed. Treasurers Report- Becky provided a detailed report as October 31, 2010. The Balance Sheet showed at total of $46,971.67 in assets. These include both a checking account and a Money Market account in Massachusetts.Also included are funds still at the Harvard Bank in Illinois in both a checking account and two Certificates. The CD’s are unavailable until they mature in 2012. Accounts Receivable totaled at that time $1927. The income report for the first 10 months of 2010 showed $42,785. Expenses totaled $36,487, making for a net profit of

$6298.12, over $1300 ahead of the budgeted amount for this period. The budget also projects a loss of $2316.34 for the months of November and December, typically very expensive months. Since October 31, ads for the last issue of the Voice have been billed as has the Louisville matching funds entry fees. The production of the last Voice has been paid for. Registrations were down by 61 head from this period last year. Transfers were down by 122 head. There are 285 paid memberships of which 106 are juniors. Becky also provided a report of the “Restricted Funds” for the various services/programs the ASRA provides. It showed an overall profit of $1521.99 for the first 10 months. Jim Percival moved to approve the treasurers report and with a second by Tim Roberts. Budget - Re Call reported that the budget had already been approved in 2009 for three years. There are a couple of expenses that are paid in January for the previous year which skews the figures for some accounts. Jim suggested to zero out the balance on these accounts at the end of the year. There was discussion about the names on the Illinois accounts. Becky still needs to update the records pertaining to the two CD’s as they are only listed as “American Shropshire Registry Association, Dale Blackburn.” Jim Percival moved with a second from Norm Jackson to add Gary Brockmann to the signature list of all of the Harvard accounts as he lives very close by. Motion passed. Youth Committee- Tim Roberts reported that the junior show was excel-

The source of both new and tested information for the profit-minded shepherd.


† 1 year - $25.00 † 2 Years - $45.00 † Sample - $2.00

_______ Page 8

THE SHEPHERD 5696 Johnston Road., New Washington, OH 44854-9736

lent. Saturday’s activities had a quiz bowl with two teams. There have been inquiries into a Shropshire Junior Association. Discussion followed. Mr. Bruhin of Tennessee had volunteered to work with the formation of such a group. A committee will be formed using the two Ambassadors and two to three recent “graduates”. Ambassador program is going strong. Hallie Walker is doing a great job. Mark reported that she presented him with a report on her season as Ambassador. Tim reported he had three - $100 sponsors for funding of the Ambassador program and also had $105 income from the raffle held of Sunday. There was discussion regarding changing the term of the Ambassador to start during the NAILE which is the National Junior show. There would be more youngsters present for interviewing at that time. Perhaps the current person could serve past the original term. Darrell Dockter moved to change the term to start at NAILE each year, contingent on whether Hallie Walker could extend her service to that time. Gary Brockmann seconded. Motion passed. If she declines, then applications will be taken for a six month term to start next May. Brad noted that the website needs to keep the Ambassador profile and application and the Futurity point cards up all the time. Futurity- There had been past discussion regarding regionalizing the Ewe Lamb Futurity to allow youth from regions to participate on a more level field and spread the winnings out more geographically. More discussion followed. The thought was to divide the U.S. into three or four regions based on the last four years participation and apply a percentage of the available purse to an overall contest and the rest to the regions. There was concern that it would hurt the central populated areas but also noted that several other breed successful programs had regional contests. It was decided that a proposal be worked up and put on paper and presented to the entire board for a conference meeting in January. Various methods were considered

to verify identification of Futurity lambs including DNA tags, tattoos and nose prints. Norm Jackson has had experience with the nose printing. After much discussion, Darrell moved to utilize nose printing. Brad seconded the motion. It was decided to use nose-printing in addition to recording scrapie tag numbers. Discussion followed. Motion passed youngsters purchasing futurity lambs would have to have them printed while at the sale where they were purchased.The top two winners at NAILE would be reprinted in 2011. Note that this will apply to lambs only and not yearling ewes. Norm will procure the materials and send bill to Becky. He will teach several people to make the prints. Voice and Promotion – Darrell will place the annual ad in the Banner. Extra copies of the ad will be sent to Becky to use for promotion. All of the Voice cover ads were sold in 2010. Rinda would like to have more regional articles and stories. Becky noted that Rinda is also producing publication for a third breed in 2011 and deadlines will be very important. Performance – Cody Hiemke reported on the transition of NSIP to Lambplan. The data is now in Australia being run. Participants will be able to go online at any time to Pedigree Wizard to enter data which will be run every two weeks. Cody moved to add a Performance page to the website where Shropshire EPD’s can be listed. Gary seconded this motion. Cody will work with Amanda and Rinda to help this happen. Cody also noted that he will be traveling to England to assist Fred Groverman who is judging the English National. This should be excellent material for future articles in the Voice. Old Business NAILE Sale – Becky presented a report on the sale held on Saturday. Sixteen head were entered. One yearling ewe was scratched as she scanned open. One ewe did not sell. 14 head were sold at an average of $633. Becky went over the finances of the sale which showed a profit of almost $600. Ten ewe lambs were sold and nominated for _______ Page 9

Iowa State Fair reserve champion ram heading to the Classic sale in Ohio!

Congratulations to Jansyn Van Horn with SS Shrops 10-15

on her 8th place finish with the ewe lamb futurity and her second place February ewe lamb at the All American Junior show. Also with SS Shrops 9-1 on her second place yearling ewe futurity and first place futurity at Springfield!

JIM & DONNA GRUENHAGEN 7622 Jersey Ridge Road, Davenport, Iowa 52807 (563) 355-6730

_______ Page 10

the 2011 Yearling Futurity. It was felt that the late week show schedule affected the sale as the Open Show Shropshires were not penned in the barn and open exhibitors were not present. Bob Dinsmore moved and Darrell seconded to authorize a Stars of Louisville Sale for 2011 if approved by the Sale committee and if the show schedule permits. Judge Evaluation – The first year was 2010. Forms were made available at AAJS, Ohio State Fair, and NAILE. Less than 20 had been turned in. Discussion followed. Jim Percival moved with a second from Darrell Dockter to offer evaluation forms again in 2011 at the AAJS, National Sale, and National Show. Becky will copy all of the 2010 completed forms and send to the committee (Mark, Gary and Becky).They will confer and present findings at the June Board Meeting. President’s Book Update - Mark will make contact for the production of this book. This will be funded by the funds left from the 125th Anniversary.

2011 National Show – The show will be held at the Big E in West Springfield, Mass. on Sept. 17. Kyle Thayer will judge. Sheep arrive on Sept. 15 and are released on the 21st. A dinner and annual meeting will be held on Friday, Sept. 16 at 6 p.m. A lobster meal is also planned for Saturday after the show. A board meeting is planned for Friday noon. The Big E is offering in excess of $5000 in premiums and also $19 and $17 for first and second place junior exhibitors. Emily Washburn is donating a ewe lamb at the Classic toward this event. Becky will secure a block of rooms. Several Midwest Shropshire Breeders have expressed interest in coming. Sponsorships for class winners and Champion divisions are desired. Hallie has secured several already. Big E will list sponsors in the premium list if known in time. Banner Notes - A tentative “Breed Note” schedule for the Banner was discussed. Nine issues are published. It was thought that assigned issues would work best. Becky will write for Dec./Jan. Norm

1st Shropshire

g n i l F g n i r p S Sale

2 0 1 1

e ril 26 & 27 Onloin • Ap


BWB Shropshires ant Shropshires • • Barnes Farm • Bry ropshires Sh er am s • Cre • Crago Shropshire llow Shropshires Ho k oc ml He • s ire • Elsbury Shropsh Pence Farms High Shropshires• • High Life Farms •

_______ Page 11

will write for February. Bob Dinsmore volunteered for March. Jim Percival will write for April prior to the Classic. Gary and Brad will write about the Spectacular for May. Elaine Jaycox, Re Call and Bill Webster will write for June to prepare for the Big E Show. Mark will write for July/August. Cody will take Oct./Nov. New Business 2011 National Sale – On behalf the Illinois Shropshire Association, Brad Slutz requested the 2011 National Sale to be at the Shropshire Spectacular in Springfield, Ill. in June. Sandy Cross seconded this motion. There was no discussion. Motion passed. Brad presented the following slate of judges in order: Brian Mohr, Kent or Dan Spilde, Tim Barnes. Jim moved and Darrell second to accept this list of judges. Gary noted that the Montadale Sale is moving to Sedalia making the larger barn available. The Illinois association has reserved this building for the sale. Gary will have an update for the next Voice. Online Futurity Ewe Lamb Sale– Mark reported that Bill Bryant is forming an online sale with Roger Huncker for late April and would like to sanction it for the Futurity. The Ohio Classic would serve as the delivery point. Discussion followed. It was felt that since the sale was not open to every Shropshire breeder and that there would be a limited number of lambs sold, that the Futurity sanctioning would not be offered for 2011. Brad moved to allow this online sale to take place but not to allow ASRA futurity nominations to take place. This can be reviewed again for the next year. Norm Jackson seconded the motion. This motion passed. Becky was asked to write a report from these minutes to be signed by Mark and sent to Bill Bryant. 2011 NAILE Show Judge Nominations- The following judges were nominated: Mark Johnson (IL), Steve “Skip” Anderson (ND),Tim Fleener (PA). Bob Dinsmore moved that nominations be closed. A vote was taken for each nominee. The will be submitted to _______ Page 12

the NAILE committee in the same order. Online Registrations – Several other breeds offer online registration forms and online payment options. A few Shropshire breeders are emailing their registration applications on spreadsheets. They are certainly easier to read than some of the hand written forms. The ASRA’s registration software does not automatically enter this info into the registry database. Some breeders have requested to pay by credit card. Paypal would be a viable but not free option to accept payments. Jim moved to authorize Becky to look into using standard online registration forms that can be emailed and online payment. Darrell seconded and asked Becky to gather information and costs and present at next meeting. Budget Planning – Becky is inquiring into the current budget forming method and would feel more comfortable if programs and plans were presented prior to the preparation of the budget. She thought this would help make sounder decisions. The current annual budget is set through 2012. Discussion followed. No official motion was made but it was thought that this could be attempted for the 2013 budget. As example, Dwight Loveday is seeking sponsorship for the NAILE Skillathon in 2011. Jim Percival moved and Bob Dinsmore second to allow a maximum of $100 from the promotion budget toward this award next year. Motion passed. Mark will notify Mr. Loveday. Gary Brockmann inquired about adding funds for the Shropshire Spectacular Junior Show premiums, in addition to the $300 regional support received. 14 youth exhibitors showed at this show last year, half from outside of Illinois. He noted that there are double points for the Yearling Ewe Futurity. He also noted that youth exhibitors must own the sheep that are shown in the breeding classes. Gary moved to appropriate an additional $100 toward the 2011 Spectacular Junior Show to be used if youth numbers increase. Norm Jackson seconded this motion and it passed. Gary was asked to


S P H O I R H S Classic RE

MAY 13 & 14 • EATON, OHIO Exposition Building, Preble County Fairgrounds All Shropshires will sell slick-sheared! Sale sponsored by the Ohio Shropshire Sheep Association. Rife Shropshires sold their Grand Champion Ram to Adams Shropshires and Gavin Arvin, Illinois.

Entries close March 15!

Brandon Niemeier sold his Grand Champion Ewe to Gavin Arvin, Illinois.




Quality Inn (formerly Holiday Inn), Richmond, IN • 765/966-7511 OR Fairfield Inn, New Paris, OH 937/437-8009 Block code for both is: Sheep Sale Book now for special rate!

Following the Southdown Show Judge: Greg Fogel, Ohio Auctioneers: Danny Westlake & Gary Saylor, Ohio

ONLINE ENTRIES AVAILABLE! Complete Sale Catalog will appear in the April issue of The Banner. P.O. Box 500 • Cuba, IL 61427 309/785-5058

_______ Page 13

make sure results are provided to the office ASAP. Cody Hiemke also requested $300 for the Wisconsin/Michigan district in 2011. Becky reminded the Board of the luncheon for the Annual Meeting. Cody moved and Gary seconded to ask $10 per person for the lunch. Re mentioned that the auction at the Spectacular dinner brings in funding for the Shropshire show at the AAJS. She suggested that reminders be sent to the directors to bring items to be sold there. Secretary Contract- Becky was asked to leave the room. Re Call recorded details of the discussion regarding rehiring Association Secretary Rebecca Peterson. It was noted that Becky has done any excellent job promoting the breed and being in attendance at many of the shows. Discussion followed regarding that a personnel appraisal (evaluation) be performed. Mark recommended that a personnel appraisal be done yearly by the Executive Committee (President, Vice President, and Past President). Jim Percival moved. Tim Roberts seconded. Discussion regarding recognizing a job well done and it was voted to: Increase the Travel Allowance from $2000.00 to $2500.00. Darrell Dockter moved. Gary Brockmann seconded. No further discussion. Election of Officers – Mark called for nominations for the office of President. Jim moved to nominate Darrell Dockter as President. Gary seconded. Bob moved that nominations be closed. Norm Jackson seconded. So voted. Mark called for nominations for the office of Vice President. Darrell moved to nominate Brad Slutz. Jim seconded. Bob moved to close nominations. Sandy Cross seconded. So voted. Mark followed to congratulate the two and to say that he thoroughly enjoyed his last three years. With no further business to come before the Board, Bob Dinsmore moved to adjourn. Darrell seconded. The meeting adjourned at 10:33 PM. Respectfully submitted, Becky Peterson, secretary _______ Page 14

American Shropshire Registry Association Balance Sheet As of December 31, 2010

Dec 31, ‘10

ASSETS Current Assets Checking/Savings GCB Money Market 14,034.62 Greenfield Co-op Bank 4,825.52 Harvard Checking Account 10,311.11 Petty Cash 91.83 Total Checking/Savings 29,263.08 Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable 1,130.74 Total Accounts Receivable 1,130.74 Other Current Assets Undeposited Funds 69.00 Total Other Current Assets 69.00 Total Current Assets 30,462.82 Fixed Assets CD*118 6,745.76 CD*133 4,025.06 Total Fixed Assets 10,770.82 TOTAL ASSETS 41,233.64 LIABILITIES & EQUITY Liabilities Current Liabilities   Accounts Payable   Accounts Payable 699.37   Total Accounts Payable 699.37   Other Current Liabilities   Employee Share FICA 233.68   Medicare Employee Share 54.59   State Tax Employee Share 199.64   Total Other Current Liabilities 487.91 Total Current Liabilities 1,187.28 Total Liabilities 1,187.28 Equity Opening Bal Equity 44,570.14 Retained Earnings -4,913.27 Net Income 389.49 Total Equity 40,046.36 TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY 41,233.64

American Shropshire Registry Association Profit and Loss January through December 2010

Jan - Dec ‘10 Income Advertising income Breeders List/Web Link 2,350.00 Voice advertising 11,505.00 Website Ads 240.00 Website auction 2,375.00 Total Advertising income 16,470.00 Donations Donations - Other 0.00 Total Donations 0.00 Fees Memberships & Dues 4,790.00 Other fees 1,144.68 Registration fees 16,871.00 Transfers 5,325.00 Total Fees 28,130.68 Interest Income 393.03 Other income Credit On account -52.05 Paid on account 330.40 Other income - Other 215.19 Total Other income 493.54 Restricted Funds 125th Anniversary 385.00 All American Jr Show 27.50 Ambassador Fund -571.13 Futurity Ewe Lamb Futurity 168.00 Yearling Ewe Futurity -90.00 Futurity - Other 0.00 Total Futurity 78.00 Louisville Matching Funds 301.00 Stars of Louisville Sale Consignor Gross on sheep -8,875.00 Futurity 0.00 Misc Sale Expense -1,263.75 Misc Sale income 23.37 Sale commission 937.50 Sale Entry fee 800.00 Sale of Sheep 8,875.00 Transfers 0.00 Total Stars of Louisville Sale 497.12

Total Restricted Funds 717.49 Total Income 46,204.74 Expense Accounting 646.00 Advertising 1,104.00 Bank Fees 43.26 Internet 220.00 misc 379.34 Office supplies Postal meter 658.84 Office supplies - Other 1,335.27 Total Office supplies 1,994.11 Payroll Tax FICA ASRA Share 1,495.26 Medicare ASRA Share 350.77 Total Payroll Tax 1,846.03 Postage (office only) 1,346.22 Promotion 585.01 Salary 13,988.00 Shropshire VOICE Ad Commission Steve Maddox 984.00 Bulk mail labor 215.00 Misc VOICE 320.05 Sales Tax 224.42 VOICE Postage 1,840.03 VOICE Printing 10,127.00 Voice Shipping 149.22 Total Shropshire VOICE 13,859.72 Telephone Conference Line 115.94 Office Phone 466.73 Telephone - Other 123.00 Total Telephone 705.67 Travel Airfare 971.45 Motel 952.20 Travel - Other 76.35 Total Travel 2,000.00 Uncategorized Expenses 535.87 Website 1,930.00 Youth All American Junior Show 0.00 NAILE Jr Show 1,383.55 Regional Support 1,831.81 Scholarship 1,200.00 Youth - Other 216.66 Total Youth 4,632.02 Total Expense 45,815.25 Net Income 389.49 _______ Page 15

Annual Meeting of the Members Minutes November 18, 2010 Louisville, KY

The Annual Meeting of the Members was called to order at 1:45 p.m. by President Darrell Dockter. Minutes of the 2009 Annual Meeting were read. Mike Anderson moved to accept the minutes as read. Bob Dinsmore seconded. There was no discussion or corrections. The minutes were accepted. Becky then presented the ASRA Treasurers report as of Oct. 31, 2010. Balance Sheet showed $46971.62 in assets which showed an increase of approximately $1000 over 2009. Accounts receivable totaled $1907. The Net Income of the ASRA is $6298 as of October 31. Becky noted that invoices for advertising in the recent Voice have been sent since the report date as well as invoices for the NAILE Matching Funds. Records showed $78.81 in accounts payable. Becky also noted that the expenses of the NAILE show have been paid including promotional items, meeting dinner, awards, and also the October Voice. Registrations and transfers were down slightly for the period with 2304 registrations and 827 transfers.There are 285 paid members of which 106 are juniors and 179 are returning or new senior members. Becky noted that an expanded report is available to anyone who requests it and a year end report will be printed in the February Voice. Mark McCabe moved to accept the Treasurer’s report. Bob Dinsmore seconded. Report was accepted.

Mark reported on the youth programs. The Futurity Program continues to grow with 109 ewe lambs nominated and 31 ewe lambs campaigned. Twenty-three yearling ewes were nominated for the first year. Point cards had been returned on 12.The Ambassador program has been very successful. Hallie Walker from Massachusetts has been doing an outstanding job as the second ambassador. She has shown a lot of enthusiasm and promotion for the Shropshire breed.The ASRA continues to offer two College Scholarship. There is a committee in place to investigate the formation of a Junior association that will encourage the youth to become more involved. Cody Hiemke then took the floor and gave a brief report of the transition of the NSIP program to LambPlan which is Australia’s National Genetic Evaluation Program. This program is much more comprehensive. Darrell asked for a show of appreciation to Rinda and Steve Maddox for their hard work on the Voice. He thanked the members for continuing their support with advertising. Darrell thanked Randy Rife for his hard work on the Stars of Louisville Sale and also the consignors and buyers. The Sale averaged $633 on 14 head and showed a profit for the association. Darrell also commented on the efforts of the Judge Evaluation Committee. Forms were made available at select shows including NAILE. The committee will review the responses and report later in the year. Darrell introduced the board members present. Becky reported that the North West region has renominated Darrell Dockter as their

Tim Roberts & Family Registered Shropshire Sheep

405-314-3370 _______ Page 16

director. The Illinois region has nominated Brad Slutz the Illinois director. Mike Anderson moved that nominations be closed for the North West region and the Illinois region. Darrell called for a vote on these two directors. Jim Percival seconded. Mark McCabe nominated Cody Hiemke as the Wisconsin/Michigan district director. Glenn High seconded. Bob Dinsmore moved that nominations be closed for this region. Darrell called for a vote. All motions passed. All three members have been elected to another three-year term as director. Darrell called for new business. The 2011 National Show will be held at 2 p.m. September 17 at the Big E in West Springfield, MA. There will be a dinner the night before on the grounds and a hopeful lobster bake after the show. The area offers other attractions.The New England directors have been working hard to get things together for this show. Leon Hicks discussed the different fitting methods encountered in the southern states. He asked if the executive board would write to Oklahoma State University (Jerry Fitch) to clarify the “Slick Shorn” fitting requirements.

Darrell will make sure that this is discussed at the June Board Meeting. Glenn High asked to discuss the method used to select the judge for the NAILE show. He moved to allow the members and exhibitors, instead of the Board of Directors, to nominate the judge. Jim Percival seconded. Discussion followed regarding choosing a method to submit nominations. Glenn then amended his motion to allow only members to nominate a judge by a signed ballot in a ballot box starting with a 2011 nomination for a 2012 show judge. Darrell called for a vote and the motion passed. Darrell then presented Mark McCabe with an engraved gavel for his three years’ hard work as president. Tom Slutz move to adjourn the annual meeting of the members at 2:28 p.m. Mike Anderson seconded and the meeting was adjourned. Those present enjoyed a small, but very delicious, fajita buffet catered by the food department at NAILE. Respectfully submitted, Becky Peterson, secretary

Heaton SHropS

Breeding Quality Since 1962


Heat-SeK-Her 09-64 rr nn

1st Place Yearling Ram Thanks to all for your encouraging comments on our ram. While he was out seeing the sights his half brother was working at the farm. He also has size, balance and great breed character. Look for both of their offspring at this year’s sales.

Fred & Pam Heaton

622 Fessler-Buxton Road • Russia, OH 45363 • 937/526-3118 Email:

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Stars of Louisville Sale The American Shropshire Registry held its second Stars of Louisville Shropshire Sale on Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010. This event was the result of the efforts of sale committee members Randy Rife (chair), Steve Majchrzak, Bob Johnson, Mark McCabe, Jim Brandt and manager Becky Peterson. This is a small sale for elite females. Plans had been underway for several months. The North American again granted the first morning time slot for the sale. It was considered a success with an average of $633.93 on 14 head. Steve Majchrzak put the ewes in a sale order. They were then displayed for the 47 buyers who had signed up to bid. Dan Westlake of Ohio sold the sale and did a terrific job. Doug Gillespie worked the crowd for bids as did Steve Majchrzak. The Champion ewe, a yearling consigned by Knepp Shropshires, brought $1250 from the John Melvin family of Mount Sterling, Ohio. Ashley Fuss of Maryland found a ewe from Bryant Shrops for $700. John Melvin sold a ewe to Emily Washburn for $700.The

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three yearling ewes averaged $883.33. The Reserve Champion Ewe was a Rife ewe that came out of the January class. She sold to Monica Ebert for $450. Glenn High sold a nice ewe lamb to Colton Kreager of Ohio for $400. John Melvin sold a second ewe lamb to Madison Henderson of Perry, Okla. for $300.The three January Ewe Lambs averaged $383.33. The February class was the big one. A very popular Knepp lamb sold to Clayton Stephens of Clinton Corners, New York for $1050. Richard Adams’ lamb went home with Eli Sample of Annapolis, Mo. for $525. Luke Schultz of East Chatsworth, Ill., a first time Shropshire buyer, chose Erik Mrozinski’s lamb for $575. R-W Farm of Nampa, Idaho got a Rife lamb at $450. Bryant Shrops sold a good lamb for $575 to another first time buyer, Dee Amick, from Nettie, W.V. BWB Farms Inc sold a fancy February lamb to Dalton Hicks of Stillwater, OK for $500. The six February lambs averaged $612.50. There were only two March Ewe Lambs. Dee Amick picked a second lamb a $600

Potential buyers preview the ewes to be offered during the Stars of Louisville Sale.

Knepp’s Champion Ewe

January Ewe Lambs

from the Rife Flock. The Wenner family of Lewis Center, Ohio bought an Avery Shropshires lamb for $800. The two March lambs averaged $700. Ten of the 11 ewe lambs sold were nominated by their consignors to the 2011 Yearling Ewe Futurity. They are eligible to compete if they were purchased by juniors

at the sale and remain in the name of the junior throughout the 2011 Futurity season. A sale is planned again for 2011. More details will be available in the spring when the NAILE show schedule is finalized. Many thanks go to Julie Rife for her fine photos during the sale.

Potential buyers look over the March Ewe Lambs.

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Thanks to: Dennis Avery Bill Bryant Randy Rife

2010 Futurity Ewe Lamb and Yearling Ewe CHAMPION

Josh Sargent


Thanks to Fred Heaton for the use of the 2010

National Reserve Champion RAM ‘Heat-Sek-her’ -Watch for his lambs in 2011

Tom & Teresa Sargent 9811 Grandview Drive, Bradford, Ohio 45308 (937) 448-6154 _______ Page 20

NAILE Open Show November 18, 2010 Louisville, KY, Judge: Mike Anderson

Official judge, Mike Anderson of Paxton, Ill., sorted Shrops for approximately four hours. There were 133 animals entered in the show with 117 shown. The quality ran very deep in every class. 3-D Sheep Company (Darrell and Janet Dockter) of Snohomish, Wash. won the banner for the Champion Ram on their Senior Champion Fall Ram Lamb. The Fred W. Heaton family of Russia, Ohio went home with the Reserve Champion Ram honors on their reserve Senior Champion class winning Yearling Ram. The Junior Champion Ram honor was won by Erik Mrozinski of Rolling Prairie, Ind. on his early Junior Ram Lamb. The Reserve Junior Champion Ram rosette was won by Randy & Julie Rife of Yellow Springs, Ohio on their first place Late Junior Ram Lamb. 30 rams were shown. The ewe show had stronger numbers. Erik Mrozinski garnered the Champion Ewe honors on his Senior Champion Late Yearling Ewe. Pence Farms of Old Fort, Ohio came away with the Reserve Champion honors on their Reserve Senior Champion Early Yearling Ewe. The Junior Champion Ewe rosette went to City Limits Sheep Farm of LaMoille, Ill. on their class-winning January Ewe Lamb. The Reserve Junior Champion Ewe was the first place March Ewe Lamb also from City Limits.

A young Dalton Hicks received the Verne Hoffman Traveling Trophy for the Best Pair of Yearling Ewes. In memory of his Dad, Mike Anderson presented the Gordon Anderson memorial award for the Best Pair of Ewe Lambs the pair shown by Darrell Dockter. He also won the Hartzell Traveling Trophy for the Best Group of Three Lambs. City Limits won the McKerrow Trophy for the Best Five Head in the Flock class as well as the Banner for the Premier Exhibitor. NAILE Open Show Results Yearling Ram 1. Fred W. Heaton, Russia, OH 2. City Limits, LaMoille, IL 3. Brandon Niemeier, Edwardsville, IL 4. Knepp Shropshires, N Barrington, IL 5. Colby Clark, Gilmanton, NH 6. WE G& I-80 Flocks, GENEVA, NE 7. Buckham Farms, Schoolcraft, MI Senior Ram Lamb 1. Darrell Dockter, Snohomish, WA 2. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH 3. Jared Bruhin, Sevierville, TN 4. Tim Roberts, Washington, OK Senior Champion Ram   Darrell Dockter (Senior Ram Lamb) Reserve Senior Champion Ram   Fred W Heaton (Yearling Ram) Early Junior Ram Lamb 1. Erik Mrozinski, Rolling Prairie, IN 2. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH 3. Brianna Brockmann, Garden Prairie, IL 4. City Limits & Knepp Shropshires, LaMoille, IL 5. Rolling Hills Farm, Punxsutawney, PA

Judge Mike Anderson looks over the senior champion ewe lineup during the 2010 NAILE open show.

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6. Dalton Hicks, Stillwater, OK 7. Buckham Farms, Schoolcraft, MI 8. Tim Roberts, Washington, OK Late Junior Ram Lamb 1. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH 2. Avery Shropshires, Bremen, IN 3. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH 4. City Limits, LaMoille, IL 5. Knepp Shropshires, N Barrington, IL 6. Erik Mrozinski, Rolling Prairie, IN 7. City Limits, LaMoille, IL 8. Avery Shropshires, Bremen, IN 9. WE G& I-80 Flocks, GENEVA, NE 10. Knepp Shropshires, N Barrington, IL 11. Karol Willie, Eugene, OR Pair Ram Lambs 1. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH 2. Avery Shropshires, Bremen, IN 3. City Limits, LaMoille, IL 4. Erik Mrozinski, Rolling Prairie, IN 5. Knepp Shropshires, N Barrington, IL Junior Champion Ram Erik Mrozinski (Early Junior Ram Lamb) Reserve Junior Champion Ram Randy & Julie Rife (Late Junior Ram Lamb) Grand Champion Ram Darrell Dockter (Senior Champion) Reserve Grand Champion Ram Fred W Heaton (Res. Senior Champion) Early Yearling Ewe 1. Pence Farms, Old Fort, OH 2. Dalton Hicks, Stillwater, OK 3. City Limits, LaMoille, IL 4. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH 5. Dalton Hicks, Stillwater, OK 6. Knepp Shropshires, N Barrington, IL 7. Erik Mrozinski, Rolling Prairie, IN 8. Brianna Brockmann Garden Prairie, IL 9. Pence Farms, Old Fort, OH 10. Tim Roberts, Washington, OK 11. Bruhin Jared, Sevierville, TN 12. WE G& I-80 Flocks, GENEVA, NE 13. Colby Clark, Gilmanton, NH 14. David & Sunshine Harrell, Bargersville, IN Late Yearling Ewe 1. Erik Mrozinski, Rolling Prairie, IN 2. Dalton Hicks, Stillwater, OK 3. City Limits, LaMoille, IL _______ Page 22

4. Knepp Shropshires, N Barrington, IL 5. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH 6. Brianna Brockmann, Garden Prairie, IL 7. City Limits, LaMoille, IL 8. Pence Farms, Old Fort, OH 9. Brianna Brockmann, Garden Prairie, IL 10. Pence Farms, Old Fort, OH 11. Tim Roberts, Washington, OK 12. Jared Bruhin, Sevierville, TN 13. WE G& I-80 Flocks, GENEVA, NE 14. Colby Clark, Gilmanton, NH Pair Yearling Ewes 1. Dalton Hicks, Stillwater, OK 2. Erik Mrozinski, Rolling Prairie, IN 3. Pence Farms, Old Fort, OH 4. City Limits, LaMoille, IL 5. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH 6. Knepp Shropshires, N Barrington, IL 7. Brianna Brockmann, Garden Prairie, IL Senior Ewe Lamb 1. Darrell Dockter, Snohomish, WA 2. Darrell Dockter, Snohomish, WA 3. Brianna Brockmann, Garden Prairie, IL 4. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH 5. Dalton Hicks, Stillwater, OK 6. WE G& I-80 Flocks, GENEVA, NE 7. WE G& I-80 Flocks, GENEVA, NE 8. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH 9. Robert Sando, New Madison, OH Senior Champion Ewe Erik Mrozinski (Late Yearling Ewe) Reserve Senior Champion Pence Farms (Early Yearling Ewe) January Ewe Lamb 1. City Limits, LaMoille, IL 2. WE G& I-80 Flocks, GENEVA, NE 3. Pence Farms, Old Fort, OH 4. Knepp Shropshires, N Barrington, IL 5. Dalton Hicks, Stillwater, OK 6. Dalton Hicks, Stillwater, OK 7. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH 8. Heather Passwaters, Harrington, DE 9. Jared Bruhin, Sevierville, TN 10. Brianna Brockmann, Garden Prairie, IL 11. Knepp Shropshires, N Barrington, IL 12. McKinzie Farms, Bloomington, IN 13. James & Terri Kipp, Loyal, WI 14. Tim Roberts, Washington, OK 15. City Limits, LaMoille, IL

Exhibitors show the top three February ewe lambs at the 2010 NAILE.

16. Knepp Shropshires, N Barrington, IL 17. Jason & Beth Percival, Xenia, OH 18. Schoolhouse Shropshires LTD, Xena, OH February Ewe Lamb 1. Emma Joy Hawkins, Corvallis, OR 2. Heather Passwaters, Harrington, DE 3. City Limits, LaMoille, IL 4. Avery Shropshires, Bremen, IN 5. Erik Mrozinski, Rolling Prairie, IN 6. James & Terri Kipp, Loyal, WI 7. Pence Farms, Old Fort, OH 8. Knepp Shropshires, N Barrington, IL 9. Glenn High, Lexington, OH 10. Knepp Shropshires, N Barrington, IL 11. Erik Mrozinski, Rolling Prairie, IN 12. McKinzie Farms, Bloomington, IN 13. WE G& I-80 Flocks, GENEVA, NE 14. Tim Roberts, Washington, OK 15. Brianna Brockmann, Garden Prairie, IL 16. City Limits, LaMoille, IL 17. Knepp Shropshires, N Barrington, IL 18. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH March Ewe Lamb 1. City Limits, LaMoille, IL 2. Emma Joy Hawkins, Corvallis, OR 3. Dalton Hicks, Stillwater, OK 4. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH 5. Erik Mrozinski, Rolling Prairie, IN 6. Pence Farms, Old Fort, OH 7. McKinzie Farms, Bloomington, IN 8. Dalton Hicks, Stillwater, OK 9. Brianna Brockmann, Garden Prairie, IL 10. Madison Henderson, Perry, OK 11. Tim Roberts, Washington, OK 12. Colby Clark, Gilmanton, NH

13. Schoolhouse Shropshires LTD, Xena, OH Pair Ewe Lambs 1. Darrell Dockter, Snohomish, WA 2. Emma Joy Hawkins, Corvallis, OR 3. City Limits, LaMoille, IL 4. Dalton Hicks, Stillwater, OK 5. Erik Mrozinski, Rolling Prairie, IN 6. Heather Passwaters, Harrington, DE 7. WE G& I-80 Flocks, GENEVA, NE 8. Knepp Shropshires, N Barrington, IL 9. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH 10. Pence Farms, Old Fort, OH 11. McKinzie Farms, Bloomington, IN 12. Brianna Brockmann, Garden Prairie, IL Junior Champion Ewe City Limits (January Ewe Lamb) Reserve Junior Champion Ewe City Limits (March Ewe Lamb) Grand Champion Ewe Erik Mrozinski (Senior Champion) Reserve Grand Champion Pence Farms (Res. Senior Champion) Group of 3 Lambs 1. Darrell Dockter, Snohomish, WA 2. City Limits, LaMoille, IL 3. Dalton Hicks, Stillwater, OK 4. Erik Mrozinski, Rolling Prairie, IN 5. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH 6. Knepp Shropshires, N Barrington, IL Flock 1. City Limits, LaMoille, IL 2. Dalton Hicks, Stillwater, OK 3. Erik Mrozinski, Rolling Prairie, IN 4. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH 5. Knepp Shropshires, N Barrington, IL

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Pennsylvania Farm Show, Harrisburg, PA Jan. 15, 2011 Judge: Kyle Thayer Yearling Ram 1. Ben Shughart, Carlisle, PA 2. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm, Manheim, PA Fall Ram Lamb 1. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm Early Spring Lamb 1. Derick Bollinger, Manheim, PA 2. Mindy Irvine, Misty Lane Farms, West Sunbury, PA 3. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm 4. Austin Fittery, Manheim, PA 5. Derick Bollinger 6. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm Late Spring Ram Lamb 1. Derick Bollinger 2. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm Pair of Ram Lambs 1. Derick Bollinger 2. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm Champion Ram Derick Bollinger (Late Spring Ram Lamb) Reserve Champion Ram Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm (Fall Ram Lamb) Yearling Ewe 1. Derick Bollinger 2. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm 3. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm 4. Derick Bollinger 5. Austin Fittery 6. Denise Hardisky, Rocky Meadows Farm, Nicholson, PA 7. Austin Fittery 8. Denise Hardisky, Rocky Meadows Farm, Nicholson, PA Pair of Yearling Ewes 1. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm 2. Derick Bollinger 3. Austin Fittery 4. Denise Hardisky, Rocky Meadows Farm Early Spring Ewe Lamb 1. Derick Bollinger 2. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farms

3. Denise Hardisky, Rocky Meadows Farm 4. Derick Bollinger 5. Joe Zimmerman Oberholtzer Horned Dorsets, Reinholds, PA 6. Ben Shughart 7. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farms 8. Mindy Irvine, Misty Lane Farms 9. Ben Shughart Late Spring Ewe Lamb 1. Derick Bollinger 2. Mindy Ivine, Misty Lane Farms 3. Derick Bollinger 4. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farms 5. Denise Hardisky, Rocky Meadows Farm Shropshire Pair of Ewe Lambs 1. Derick Bollinger 2. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farms 3. Mindy Ivine, Misty Lane Farms 4. Denise Hardisky, Rocky Meadows Farm 5. Ben Shughart Champion Ewe Derick Bollinger (Early Spring Ewe Lamb) Reserve Champion Ewe Derick Bollinger (Late Spring Ewe Lamb) Breeder’s Young Flock 1. Derick Bollinger 2. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farms 3. Mindy Ivine, Misty Lane Farms Pen of Lambs 1. Derick Bollinger 2. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farms Shropshire Flock 1. Derick Bollinger 2. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farms Premier Breeder Derick Bollinger Premier Exhibitor Derick Bollinger

Deadline June 1 Deadline to apply for the Shropshire Scholarship is June 1. Contact Mark McCabe (740) 494-2969 _______ Page 25

Shropshire Show Sept.20, 2010 Judges: Evan Snyder

Yearling Ram 1. Emily Washburn, Gouverneur, NY 2. Colby Clark, Gilmanton, NH 3. Emily Washburn 4. Lesley Hampson, Shirley, MA 5. Ryan I Webster, Windham, ME 6. John Cross, Gorham, ME 7. John Cross Senior Ram Lamb 1. Elaine Jaycox, Middleburgh, NY 2. Verduins Apple Hill Farm, Dansville, NY 3. Elaine Jaycox 4. John Cross Senior Champion Ram Emily Washburn (Yearling Ram) Reserve Senior Champion Ram Colby Clark (2nd Yearling Ram) Intermediate Ram Lamb 1. Ryan I Webster 2. John Cross Slick Shorn Intermediate Ram Lamb 1. Emily Washburn 2. Heather Passwaters, Harrington, DE 3. Lesley Hampson 4. Verduins Apple Hill Farm Junior Ram Lamb 1. John Cross 2. John Cross Slick Shorn Junior Ram Lamb 1. Emily Washburn 2. John Cross 3. Ryan I Webster 4. Ryan I Webster 5. Emily Washburn 6. Britt Hallet 7. Britt Hallet 8. Bishop & Bishop Shrops 9. Verduins Apple Hill Farm 10. Bishop & Bishop Shrops Pair of Ram Lambs 1. Elaine Jaycox 2. Ryan I Webster 3. Emily Washburn 4. John Cross _______ Page 26

5. Britt Hallet 6. Verduins Apple Hill Farm 7. Bishop & Bishop Shrops Junior Champion Ram Emily Washburn (Slick Shorn Junior Ram Lamb) Reserve Junior Champion Ram John Cross (2nd Slick Shorn Junior Ram Lamb) Grand Champion Ram Emily Washburn (Junior Champion Ram) Reserve Grand Champion Ram Emily Washburn (Sr. Champion Ram) Fitted Yearling Ewe 1. Ryan I Webster 2. John Cross Slick Shorn Yearling Ewe, Group - 1 1. Bishop & Bishop Shrops 2. Emily Washburn 3. Colby Clark 4. Heather Passwaters 5. Emily Washburn 6. Lesley Hampson 7. Heather Passwaters 8. Bishop & Bishop Shrops 9. Ryan I Webster 10. Lesley Hampson 11. John Cross Slick Shorn Yearling Ewe, Group - 2 1. Colby Clark 2. John Cross 3. Elaine Jaycox 4. Britt Hallet 5. Colby Clark 6. Verduins Apple Hill Farm 7. Elaine Jaycox 8. Britt Hallet 9. Verduins Apple Hill Farm Pair of Yearling Ewes 1. Colby Clark 2. Emily Washburn 3. Britt Hallet 4. John Cross 5. Lesley Hampson 6. Heather Passwaters 7. Ryan I Webster 8. Bishop & Bishop Shrops 9. Elaine Jaycox 10. Verduins Apple Hill Farm

Senior Ewe Lamb 1. Randy & Julie Rife,Yellow Springs, OH 2. Randy & Julie Rife 3. Ryan I Webster 4. Ryan I Webster Senior Champion Ewe Randy & Julie Rife (Senior Ewe Lamb) Reserve Senior Champion Ewe Bishop & Bishop Shrops (Slick Shorn Yearling Ewe Group 1) Intermediate Ewe Lamb 1. Ryan I Webster 2. John Cross 3. Ryan I Webster Slick Shorn Intermediate Ewe Lamb 1. Heather Passwaters 2. Elaine Jaycox 3. Hallie Walker, Williamstown, MA 4. Emily Washburn 5. Colby Clark 6. Emily Washburn 7. Colby Clark 8. John Cross 9. Verduins Apple Hill Farm Fitted Junior Ewe Lamb 1. Ryan I Webster 2. Ryan I Webster 3. Britt Hallet Slick Shorn Junior Ewe Lamb, Group 1 1. Colby Clark 2. Heather Passwaters 3. Britt Hallet 4. Lesley Hampson 5. Elaine Jayco 6. Verduins Apple Hill Farm 7. Verduins Apple Hill Farm Slick Shorn Junior Ewe Lamb, Group 2 1. John Cross 2. Colby Clark 3. Ryan I Webster 4. Emily Washburn 5. Britt Hallet 6. Emily Washburn 7. Hallie Walker 8. Bishop & Bishop Shrops Pair of Ewe Lambs 1. Randy & Julie Rife 2. Heather Passwaters 3. Colby Clark

4. Ryan I Webster 5. Emily Washburn 6. John Cross 7. Britt Hallet 8. Elaine Jaycox 9. Hallie Walker 10. Verduins Apple Hill Farm Junior Champion Ewe Heather Passwaters (Slick Shorn Intermediate Ewe Lamb) Reserve Junior Champion Ewe Colby Clark (Slick Shorn Junior Ewe Lamb Group 1) Grand Champion Ewe Randy & Julie Rife (Sr. Champion Ewe) Reserve Grand Champion Ewe Heather Passwaters (Jr. Champion Ewe) Supreme Shropshire Randy & Julie Rife (Champion Ewe) Exhibitor’s Flock 1. Colby Clark 2. Emily Washburn 3. Heather Passwaters 4. John Cross 5. Ryan I Webster 6. Britt Hallet 7. Elaine Jaycox 8. Verduins Apple Hill Farm Breeder’s Flock 1. Emily Washburn 2. John Cross 3. Ryan I Webster 4. Britt Hallet 5. Elaine Jaycox 6. Verduins Apple Hill Farm Get of Sire 1. Emily Washburn 2. John Cross 3. Ryan I Webster 4. Britt Hallet 5. Elaine Jaycox Lot 1578 - Get of Sire 6th Verduins Apple Hill Farm, Dansville, NY Best Headed Shropshire Britt Hallet, Sterling, MA Premier Exhibitor Ryan I Webster, Windham, ME Premier Breeder Ryan I Webster, Windham, ME _______ Page 27

tS ep AheAd ShropS

Mrozinski 09-18 • Reserve Grand Champion Ram at the 2010 Classic • 1st place yearling Ram at Illinois State Fair

Congratulations Jesse long

on winning 3rd place overall futurity ewe lamb with Step Ahead 2533 purchased at the 2010 Spectacular!

Look for our entries at the 2011 sales

Stacy Josefson – Kyle Moshier

994 Step Rd, Gilson, IL 61436 Cell: 309-371-4260 Farm: 309-876-2364

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Keystone International Livestock Exposition Harrisburg, PA Judge: Steve Myers

Yearling Ram 1. Sean Bryant,Fredericktown, OH 2. JL & GL Diehl, Deerfield, OH 3. JL & GL Diehl 4. Benjamin Shughart, Carlisle, PA 5. Danielle Moore,WD Ranch,Taneytown, MD Fall Ram Lamb 1. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm, Manheim, PA Early Spring Ram Lamb 1. Jason Botsford, Rolling Hills Farm, Punxsutawney, PA 2. Sean Bryant 3. Mindy Stoops-Irvine, West Sunbury, PA 4. Sean Bryant 5. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm 6. Courtney Fitzpatrick, Shamrock Farms, Wayland, NY 7. JL & GL Diehl 8. Danielle Moore, WD Ranch 9. Mandy Swartz, Balllston Spa, NY Late Spring Ram Lamb 1. Sean Bryant 2. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm 3. John Fought, Speedy’s Cheviots, Carlisle, PA 4. Courtney Fitzpatrick, Shamrock Farms 5. JL & GL Diehl 6. Danielle Moore, WD Ranch 7. Sean Bryant Pair of Ram Lambs 1. Sean Bryant 2. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm 3. Courtney Fitzpatrick, Shamrock Farms 4. JL & GL Diehl 5. Danielle Moore, WD Ranch Champion Ram (SUPREME CHAMPION RAM!!) Jason Botsford, Rolling Hills Farm (Early Spring Ram Lamb) Reserve Champion Ram Sean Bryant (Yearling Ram) Sale Yearling Ewe 1. Jason Botsford, Rolling Hills Farm 2. Courtney Fitzpatrick, Shamrock Farms 3. Robert Calvert, Mercer, PA

Yearling Ewe 1. Sean Bryant 2. Sean Bryant 3. Eugene Bishop, Lake Effect Farm, Gouverneur, NY 4. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm 5. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm 6. Dorothy Gozur, New Springfield, OH 7. Eugene Bishop, Lake Effect Farm 8. JL & GL Diehl 9. Courtney Fitzpatrick, Shamrock Farms 10. JL & GL Diehl Pair of Yearling Ewes 1. Sean Bryant 2. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm 3. Eugene Bishop, Lake Effect Farm 4. JL & GL Diehl 5. Dorothy Gozur 6. Courtney Fitzpatrick, Shamrock Farms 7. Danielle Moore, WD Ranch Sale Fall Ewe Lamb 1. Jason Botsford, Rolling Hills Farm Fall Ewe Lamb 1. Randy & Julie Rife, Rife Shropshires, Yellow Springs, OH 2. Randy & Julie Rife, Rife Shropshires 3. Bryan Miller, Rocky Ridge, MD 4. Bryan Miller Sale Spring Ewe Lamb 1. Courtney Fitzpatrick, Shamrock Farms 2. Robert Calvert Early Spring Ewe Lamb 1. Sean Bryant 2. Jason Botsford, Rolling Hills Farm 3. Sean Bryant 4. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm 5. JL & GL Diehl 6. Mindy Stoops-Irvine 7. Bryan Miller 8. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm 9. Mandy Swartz 10. Bryan Miller Late Spring Ewe Lamb 1. Sean Bryant 2. Sean Bryant 3. JL & GL Diehl 4. Mindy Stoops-Irvine 5. Mandy Swartz 6. Bryan Miller 7. Bryan Miller 8. Courtney Fitzpatrick, Shamrock Farms

Pair of Ewe Lambs 1. Sean Bryant 2. Randy & Julie Rife, Rife Shropshires 3. Jason Botsford, Rolling Hills Farm 4. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm 5. JL & GL Diehl 6. Mindy Stoops-Irvine 7. Bryan Miller 8. Mandy Swartz 9. Courtney Fitzpatrick, Shamrock Farms 10. Benjamin Shughart Champion Ewe Sean Bryant (Yearling Ewe) Reserve Champion Ewe Jason Botsford, Rolling Hills Farm (Sale Yearling Ewe) Exhibitor’s Flock 1. Sean Bryant 2. Steve Spayd, Hemlock Hollow Farm 3. JL & GL Diehl 4. Courtney Fitzpatrick, Shamrock Farms 5. Danielle Moore, WD Ranch Premier Exhibitor Sean Bryant Premier Breeder Sean Bryant

Pre-order for pick-up at Eaton, Springfield & Sedalia

Visit to: •See live video on goat and sheep equipment •Order on-line •Check monthly specials •See show schedule •Ask for catalog

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Western Washington Fair Shropshire Show Puyallup, Washington September 26, 2010

Yearling Ram 1. Karol Willie, Eugene, Or. Fall Ram Lamb 1. Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Company, Snohomish, Wa.   2. Karol Willie   3. Karol Willie   4. Tracy Hannan & Laurie Koch, TNL Country Shrops, Wilsonville, Or.   5. Bessie Kalina, Kalina Barker Family, Albany, Or.   6. Bessie Kalina, Kalina Barker Family   7. Andy Edmondson, Loma Rica, Ca. Spring Ram Lamb   1. Ashley Harold, Tenino, Wa.   2. Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co.   3. Ashley Harold   4. Karol Willie   5. Jordyn Bagwell, Rainier, Wa.   6. Tracy Hannan   7. Laurie Koch, St. Paul, Or.   8. Bessie Kalina, Kalina Barker Family   9. Andy Edmondson Pair of Ram Lambs   1. Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co.   2. Ashley Harold   3. Karol Willie   4. Bessie Kalina, Kalina Barker Family   5. Andy Edmondson Grand Champion Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co. Reserve Grand Champion Ashley Harold Yearling Ewe   1. Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co.   2. Tracy Hannan   3. Bessie Kalina, Kalina Barker Family   4. Karol Willie   5. Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co.   6. Ashley Harold   7. Tracy Hannan   8. Ashley Harold   9. Bessie Kalina, Kalina Barker Family _______ Page 30

10. Jordyn Bagwell 11. Karol Willie 12. Andy Edmondson 13. Andy Edmondson Pair of Yearling Ewes   1. Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co.   2. Tracy Hannan   3. Ashley Harold   4. Karol Willie   5. Bessie Kalina, Kalina Barker Family   6. Andy Edmondson Fall Ewe Lamb   1. Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co.   2. Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co.   3. Jordyn Bagwell   4. Bessie Kalina, Kalina Barker Family   5. Bessie Kalina, Kalina Barker Family   6. Karol Willie   7. Andy Edmondson Spring Ewe Lamb   1. Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co.   2. Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co.   3. Ashley Harold   4. Karol Willie   5. Laurie Koch   6. Ashley Harold   7. Bessie Kalina, Kalina Barker Family   8. Tracy Hannan   9. Laurie Koch 10. Jordyn Bagwell 11. Andy Edmondson 12. Tracy Hannan Pair of Ewe Lambs   1. Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co.   2. Ashley Harold   3. Karol Willie   4. Laurie Koch   5. Bessie Kalina, Kalina Barker Family   6. Tracy Hannan   7. Andy Edmondson Grand Champion   Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co. Reserve Grand Champion   Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co. Flock   1. Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co.   2. Ashley Harold   3. Karol Willie   4. Bessie Kalina, Kalina Barker Family

5. Andy Edmondson Young Flock   1. Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co.   2. Ashley Harold   3. Karol Willie   4. Laurie Koch   5. Bessie Kalina, Kalina Barker Family   6. Tracy Hannan   7. Andy Edmondson Get of Sire   1. Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co.   2. Karol Willie   3. Bessie Kalina, Kalina Barker Family   4. Andy Edmondson Best Pair   1. Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co.   2. Ashley Harold   3. Karol Willie   4. Jordyn Bagwell   5. Laurie Koch   6. Bessie Kalina, Kalina Barker Family   7. Tracy Hannan   8. Andy Edmondson Premier Exhibitor   Darrell Dockter, 3-D Sheep Co. Mike & Karen Elsbury & Family


Top 10 Registering Breeders 2010 1. Randy & Julie Rife, Yellow Springs, OH – 94 2. Mike & Karen Elsbury & Family, Greenfield, IN – 49 3. Glenn High & Family, Lexington, OH – 32 4. Rolling Hills Farm, Punxsutawney, PA – 32 5. City Limits Sheep Farm, Lamoille, IL – 30 6. Schoolhouse Shropshires, Xenia, OH – 28 7. Avery Shropshires, Bremen, IN – 28 8. Steven M. Spayd, Manheim, PA – 28 9. Daniel H. Riddick, Huntington,VT – 27 10. Brianna Brockmann, Garden Prairie, IL - 26

El bury


5385E 500N Greenfield, IN 46140 (317) 326-4461

Happy New Year See you at the ClaSSiC and SpeCtaCular! Premier Breeder IN State Fair 1993-2010 Premier Exhibitor IN State Fair 1995-2009

ElsburyFarms .com

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City Limits

Sheep Farm

Junior Champion Ewe, 1st January Ewe 2010 NAILE

Res. Junior Champion Ewe, 1st March Ewe 2010 NAILE

Premier breeder at the 2009 and 2010 National Shows


to all of our buyers in 2010 from the farm and sales!

We Will be consigning to the ohio clAssic And the spectAculAr.

View pictures of our sale entries at Semen now available for “Knockout” Tom Slutz LaMoille, IL 61330 (815) 638-2177

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Brad Slutz Sycamore, IL 60178 (815) 899-0366

Ambassador logs busy schedule

NEYSS; showed my Shropshires and participated in quiz bowl and skill-a-thon. September – Eastern States Exposition (Big E), Mass.: ran a 50/50 raffle fundraiser for youth classes at 2011 National Show; participated in NE Shropshire Association Annual Meeting discussion of the 2011 National Show; displayed breed poster; showed my Shropshires.   October – Wrote ambassador update published in The Shropshire Voice.   November – NAILE, Ky.: rally youth attendance at events like quiz bowl; assisted the breed secretary in any way she needs; solicit class list for 2011 National Shropshire Show; 50/50 raffle for Ambassador travel account; show my Shropshires and participate in quiz bowl.

Hallie Walker, now a senior in high school, has been a busy person in 2010 as the Shropshire Ambassador. Hallie exemplifies the dedication and enthusiasm needed by young people as they mature into young adults. She very happily provided the ASRA Board of Directors a report of her accomplishments over her spring, summer and fall. May – Shropshire Classic, Ohio: Ambassador interview; introduced myself to breeders; solicited class list fundraiser for All American classes. June – Shropshire Spectacular, Ill.: met   When Hallie was youth exhibitors and asked about extending handed out ribbons; her term to the 2011 participated in Mr. NAILE, she graciously Brockmann’s head and agreed. She is excited Ambassador Hallie Walker boot’s clinic; spoke at about promoting Shropthe breeder’s supper. shires in her region as July – All-American Junior Show, Mich.: two national events, the All-American Junior Spoke to youth around the barn and con- Show and the National Shropshire Show and nected exhibitors for team showmanship; visit the East Coast in 2011. showed my Shropshires and participated in Hallie also presented several thoughts judging contest and skill-a-thon. of her own regarding a job description for North East Youth Sheep Show, Mass.: the Ambassadorship. Along with the 2009 Made and displayed a breed poster contrast- Ambassador, Monica Ebert, Hallie will be ing Shropshires, Hampshires, and Oxfords; instrumental in the formation of a junior assisted breed secretary; involved youth in organization. The ASRA is very fortunate to meeting with NE Shropshire Association have the interest of these two young ladies to discuss youth concerns and plan 2011 at heart. _______ Page 33

2010 NAILE Junior Show

November 14, 2010 Louisville, KY Judge: John Mrozinski The North American is the place to be to see a Junior Shropshire Show. One hundred forty-one animals were entered with 123 being shown by 47 exhibitors from 12 states. These classes were ably sorted and well explained by young John Mrozinski of North Dakota. Many thanks to Doris Powell of Rome, Penn. for embroidering the sheep blankets awarded to the Champion Ram and Champion Ewe. Class winners received show feeders purchased from Townsend Equipment. Ted Coil of Indiana did a fine job evaluating the activities in the Showmanship ring. Results are as follows: Senior Ram Lamb 1. Jared Bruhin, Sevierville, TN Early Junior Ram Lamb 1. Jansyn Van Horn, Garfield, KS 2. Molly Creamer, Prospect, OH 3. Molly Creamer 4. Eli Sample, Annapolis, MO 5. Brianna Brockmann, Garden Prairie, IL Late Junior Ram Lamb 1. Dalton Hicks, Stillwater, OK 2. Monica Ebert, Saint George, KS 3. Hallie Walker, Williamstown, MA 4. Katherine Wenner, Lewis Center, OH 5. Chris Whittaker, Laura, IL 6. Molly Creamer

_______ Page 34

7. Tyler Majchrzak, Federalsburg, MD 8. Kaitlin Klair, Wilmington, DE 9. Jacob Wenner, Lewis Center, OH Grand Champion Ram Dalton Hicks (Late Junior Ram Lamb) Reserve Champion Ram Jansyn Van Horn (Early Junior Ram Lamb) Early Yearling Ewe 1. Dalton Hicks 2. Katelyn Melvin, Mount Sterling, OH 3. Rachel Flanders, Noblesville, IN 4. Alyssa Pence, Old Fort, OH 5. Dalton Hicks 6. Jared Bruhin 7. Colby Clark, Gilmanton, NH 8. Chris Whittaker 9. Josh Sargent, Bradford, OH 10. Rebecca Jones, Brighton, MO 11. Kaitlyn Fuss, Frederick, MD 12. Seth Evans, Ada, OH 13. Jacob Fowler, Salesville, OH 14. Alyssa Pence 15. Eli Sample, Annapolis, MO 16. Jansyn Van Horn 17. Matt Dirlam, Mooresville, IN 18. Brianna Brockmann 19. Molly Creamer 20. Grant Smith, Ocoee, TN 21. Ashley Fuss, Frederick, MD 22. Ashley Fuss 23. Tyler Majchrzak 24. Jacob Rogers, Monrovia, IN Late Yearling Ewe 1. Rachel Flanders, Noblesville, IN 2. Colby Clark

3. Dalton Hicks 4. Josh Sargent 5. Alyssa Pence 6. Alyssa Pence 7. Monica Ebert 8. Jared Bruhin 9. Monica Ebert 10. Molly Creamer 11. Matt Dirlam 12. Brianna Brockmann 13. Camren Maierle, Jacksontown, OH 14. Brianna Brockmann Senior Ewe Lamb 1. Dalton Dicks 2. Jake Wilken, Ashkum, IL 3. Monica Ebert 4. Brianna Brockmann 5. Kaitlin Klair 6. Mariah Shearer, Alexandria, IN 7. Mariah Shearer 8. Jesse Long, Shelbina, MO January Ewe Lamb 1. Dalton Hicks 2. Monica Ebert 3. Jacob Rogers 4. Chris Whittaker 5. Sean Bryant, Fredricktown, OH 6. Josh Sargent 7. Jansyn Van Horn 8. Jared Bruhin 9. Grace Knepp, Roanoke, IL 10. Katherine Wenner 11. Alyssa Pence 12. Jesse Long 13. Hallie Walker

14. Ashley Fuss 15. Kaitlin Klair 16. Seth Evans 17. Eli Sample 18. Matt Dirlam 19. Mariah Shearer 20. Kaitlyn Fuss 21. Sam McDermit, Elwood, IN February Ewe Lamb 1. Ben Peak, Ocoee, TN 2. Joel Flanders 3. Levi Stout, Trafalgar, IN 4. Monica Ebert 5. Jesse Long 6. Josh Sargent 7. Alyssa Pence 8. Sean Bryant 9. Katelyn Melvin 10. Jacob Fowler 11. Seth Evans 12. Riley Peak, Ocoee, TN 13. Tyler Majchrzak 14. Amanda Bacon, Prairie Grove, AR 15. Dawson Peak, Ocoee, TN 16. Jansyn Van Horn 17. Robert Peak, Ocoee, TN 18. Terra Tatman, Wilmington, DE 19. Alexandra Swan, Wilmington, DE 20. Camren Maierle 21. Kylie Dhonau, Alexandria, IN 22. Colby Clark 23. Jacob Rogers 24. Eli Sample March Ewe Lamb 1. Dalton Hicks

_______ Page 35

2. Joel Flanders 3. Colby Clark 4. Brock Trew, Ocoee, TN 5. Sean Bryant 6. Monica Ebert 7. Monica Ebert 8. Dalton Hicks 9. Seth Evans 10. Alyssa Pence 11. Levi Stout 12. Brianna Brockmann 13. Matt Dirlam 14. Amanda Bacon 15. Jared Bruhin 16. Hannah Trew, Ocoee, TN 17. Wesley Trew, Ocoee, TN Grand Champion Ewe Dalton Hicks (Early Yearling Ewe) Reserve Champion Ewe Katelyn Melvin (2nd Early Yearling Ewe) Showmanship – Judge: Ted Coil Junior Showmanship 1. Dalton Hicks 2. Jacob Fowler 3. Alexandra Swan 4. Jacob Wenner 5. Seth Evans Intermediate Showmanship 1. Jared Bruhin 2. Brianna Brockmann 3. Tyler Majchrzak 4. Rachel Flanders 5. Kaitlyn Fuss Senior Showmanship 1. Colby Clark 2. Katherine Wenner 3. Camren Maierle 4. Josh Sargent 5. Hallie Walker Shropshire Wethers 110-144 lbs 1. Ashley Terhaar, Williamsburg, IN (Reserve Champion Shropshire Wether) 2. Justin Willoughby, Sheridan, IN 3. Dakota Dunlap, Marysville, OH 4. Linsey Howell, Danville, OH 5. Emily Shellhouse, Delaware, OH 6. Travis Wallen, Trafalgar, IN 7. Trevor Homan, Portland, IN _______ Page 36

First February Ewe Lamb shown by Ben Peak,Tenn.

Doris Powell of Penn. embroidered sheep blankets for the Champion Ram and Ewe.

8. Sarah Young, Leesburg, OH 9. Kylee Silliman, Fremont, IA 10. Matthew Wallen, St. Paris, OH 11. Taylor Johnson, M, McClure, OH 12. Andy Woods, Baylis, IL 145-168 lbs 1. Jaclyn Amiss, Claypool, IN (Champion Shropshire Wether) 2. Brianna Berget, Mineral Point, WI 3. Camille Odom, Bishop, GA 4. Jacob Ruffing, Republic, OH 5. Sarah Hunker, Bellevue, OH 6. Jake Sloan, Quincy, MI 7. Abigail Critchelow, Chandlerville, IL 8. Elysha Thoms, Goshen, OH 9. Kara Cox, Oakland, IL 10. Laurissa Sovinec, La Porte, IN 11. Cole Lorenz, Newcomerstown, OH 12. Meaghan Berry, Cloverdale, IN

bryant shrops Champion Ewe “10” Ohio State Fair

Congrats Josh Sargent

on winning Yearling Ewe Futurity with Bryant 09-94. Thanks!

Congrats Heather Passwaters Reserve Champion Ewe “10” Big E

Bryant 09-11 Sired by Rattler

Champion Ewe “10” Delaware Youth Expo. Bryant 09-1

Spring Fling 2011 Online Sale Sponsored by Breeders’ World

April 26-27 Reserve Champion Ewe “10” Delaware Youth Expo. Bryant 10-13 Sired by Amp

Bryant 10-15 Sired by Copper

Congrats Heather Passwaters

Champion Ewe Delaware State Fair Bryant 09-33 Sired by Rattler

Bill Bryant, Jr.

P.O. Box 136, Fredericktown, OH Phone: (740) 398-2053 • Email: Website:

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s r o j a M

s b m a L Show

Registered Shrops & Crossbred Club Lambs

_______ Page 38

National Shropshire Futurity 2011 For the 10th year, The American Shropshire Registry Association will sponsor a Shropshire Ewe Lamb Futurity.The American Shropshire Association, in effort to get junior members more interested and involved, has again decided to have a Shropshire Ewe Lamb Futurity for 2011.The Futurity will not only enhance the junior members ability to purchase extremely high quality breeding stock but will also make it more beneficial for the breeders to consign their very best animals. The rules of the Futurity are relatively simple and are outlined below. You can buy a top quality ewe lamb at one of the designated sales that has been nominated for the Futurity, exhibit the lamb at the shows you normally attend and then send in your results on the point record form. A junior can add a top quality female to his or her flock, and possibly win back a sizable premium. The 2011 designated sales will include

the following: Shropshire Classic at Eaton, Ohio; Shropshire Spectacular at Springfield, Ill.; Shropshire Midwest Stud Ram Sale at Sedalia, Mo. and Greatlakes Sale at Wooster, Ohio. CONSIGNOR RULES 1. Entries are open to all ewe lambs born Sept. 1, 2010, thru March 31, 2011. 2. A nomination fee of $20 is required and payable to The American Shropshire Registry Association. Payment of nomination fees must also be made prior to the sale of the animal. 3. Each ewe lamb must be properly identified, according to the registration certificate. Futurity ewe lambs will be recorded by their scrapie tag number and paint branded with an F before entering the sale ring. Nose printing will be done on all ewe lambs that were purchased or bought for juniors and the futurity.The nose printing will be done at the sale the ewe lamb was purchased at the

Put Gene Check to work on your farm 15 years of experience in sheep DNA testing. Scrapie Susceptibility*

Codon 171, 136 or 154 ......................................................................... $11

Spider Gene* ..............................................................$13 Ovine Progressive Pneumonia ...................................$5 Johne’s ..........................................................................$5 Porcine Stress Syndrome ..........................................$22 *Subsequent tests on the same sample: Scrapie: $9/Spider $11

Call or visit our website to learn about our easy DNA collection methods. 1175 58th Ave., Ste 100, Greeley, CO 80634

(800) 822-6740 • (970) 472-9951 Fax: (970) 472-9956

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conclusion of the sale. 4. Each ewe lamb must conform and abide by the rules and regulations of the individual sale to which it is consigned. All normal entry and commission fees will apply. 5. The American Shropshire Registry Association will not be responsible and shall be held harmless for any disputes and/or disagreements between buyers and sellers. EXHIBITOR RULES 1. Up to date paid membership in the junior Shropshire Breed Association. 2. Not more that 21 years of age at the date of the NAILE in November. 3. Junior member must be at least 5 years of age with no partnerships or joint registrations. 4. Ewe lambs and points earned in the Futurity are not transferable to any other person, nor are the points from one lamb to another. 5. Ewe lambs are to be registered to individuals only, no and family, no partnerships, and no joint registrations. 6. No Futurity entrant can compete with more than two ewe lambs. Total points earned by two ewe lambs may not be combined into one lamb’s total. 7. Junior members must exhibit their own lamb within a class. If they have two lambs in the same class, another junior member may exhibit the second lamb. 8. If an exhibitor that owns a lamb is not present at the respective show-Futurity points are not eligible and should not be submitted. 9. Nose prints will be checked at NAILE before top two overall winners announced. 10.Three regions setup for 2011 based on the past four years entries. A. East – 10 states ME, NH,VT, NY, MA, RI, NJ, MD, CT, DE B. Mid-East – 10 states MI, OH, PA, WV,VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, C. West & Central – 28 states IN, KY, TN, MS, LA, AR, MO, IL, WI, IA, MN, ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, TX, NM, CO, WY, MT, ID, UT, AR, NV, CA, OR, WA,

_______ Page 40

11. Premiums–Based on percentages of the total amount of money collected for Futurity entries. Payout Region Overall FIRST 8% 12% SECOND 6% 8% THIRD 4% 6% FOURTH 2% 5% FIFTH: 4% SIXTH: 3% SEVENTH 2% Premiums and awards will be presented in November at NAILE after the Junior Shropshire Show. Additional recognition for the exhibitors and breeders will appear in the Shropshire Voice and on the Shropshire web-site. POINT SCORING 1. A point card must be filled out for each show and forwarded to Mark McCabe, 5154 Nickelson Road, Prospect, Ohio 43342 within 14 days of the show. Must have a post mark of 14 days or fewer to count. The card must be signed by the superintendent of the appropriate show. The point card can also be scanned and e-mailed to mamccabe51@ 2. At each individual show the ewe lamb may earn Futurity points from the open division, the junior division, or from both (when a different judge or day is involved) except at NAILE, where only the junior show placing will be counted. 3. Ewe lambs can compete at an unlimited number of shows. The exhibitor may submit as many cards as they want for that ewe lamb. Each ewe lamb’s point cards will be kept separately. The five highest point award cards will be recorded as Futurity points. In the five point award cards you can include up to but no more than three county fairs. 4.Ten points is the most number of points that can be awarded per class. 5. At two shows double points are awarded. These shows are The All American Jr. Show and the National Jr. Show (at NAILE in 2011).The higher placing lamb at NAILE in Louisville will break ties.

Futurity Point Scale No. in class  1   3    5   7 6-10 11-15 16+

Placing in Class 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 1 3 2 1 5 4 3 2 1 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 10 10 10 10 10 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Shropshire Ewe Lamb Futurity Point Record Form I ___________________________________________have exhibited the Shropshire




Association Registry Number___________________. This ewe lamb placed ________ in a class of _______ fall/junior ewe lambs. This lamb was shown in the ______________________________ division of the following show: __________________________________Lamb scrapie no.______________ On the date of __________________________. This placing was verified by the superintendent/management of the above listed show: Signature:__________________________________________________ Title/Phone:__________________________________________________ Please fill out form completely and accurately and mail to Mark McCabe within 14 days. Incomplete forms will be invalid.

Mark McCabe 5154 Nickelson Rd. Prospect, Ohio 43342.

Manufacturers of Quality Livestock Equipment

“Always striving to improve”

LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT 4141 South 25 West Trafalgar, IN 46181 Fax: (317) 736-4314

E-mail: Web Address:

A full line of high quality sheep equipment…built to last! Kenneth Townsend, Owner

(317) 736-4047 or toll free: (866) 736-4047 Phone:

_______ Page 41

11-28-10 ~ Final ~ 2010 Yearling Ewe Futurity Point Standing Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Pts 67 65 64 63 60 60 47 31 26 24 16 13 8

Jr. Owner Josh Sargent Jansyn Van Horn Seth Evans Josh Sargent Colby Clark Jacob Fowler Monica Ebert Monica Ebert Ashley Fuss Tyler Majchrzak Megan Hardesty Kaitlyn Fuss Jake Mingus


Ewe Lamb Bryant 09-94 SS Shrops 9-1 Brandt 9411 Avery’s Madam 09-02 Washburn 574 Rife 09-101 Rife 09-013 McCabe’s Suri 0902 Barnes Lady 5620 Rolling Hills 8511 Creamer Farms Bryant 09-53 Bryant

#Shows $ Winnings 5 $ 127.50 5 $ 102.00 5 $ 76.50 5 $ 51.00 5 $ 25.50 5 $ 25.50 4 $ 25.50 4 $ 25.50 5 $ 25.50 3 $ 25.50 1 4 1

This was the first year for our Shropshire Yearling Ewe Futurity. Yearling ewes had to be futurity ewe lambs and renominated by the junior owner by May 1st. Ewe lambs purchased at Louisville’s Sale of the Stars were also nominated for the yearling futurity. The purse for the Yearling Ewe Futurity was $510. Nine of the 13 yearling ewes competing were shown in the national junior show at NAILE. NAILE junior points are double and placing breaks ties. Only five point totals counted and only the top ten placing received payment. Questions can be directed to Mark McCabe at 740-360-1103 or .

to our 2010 buyers. see us at the shropshire Classic and online at the spring Fling.

Creamer Shropshires R.J. Creamer & Family _______ Page 42

4094 Centerville Newmans Rd. Prospect, OH 43342


2010 Shropshire Ewe Lamb Futurity Point Standing Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Pts 69 65 63 63 62 61 61 61 59 54 54 49 47 44 44 42 42 42 40 37 37 36 31 27 24 23 22 18 17 13 11

Junior Owner Josh Sargent Jesse Long Jesse Long Dalton Hicks Tyler Majchrzak Monica Ebert Kaitlin Klair Jansyn Van Horn Monica Ebert Seth Evans Camren Maierle Hallie Walker Ashley Fuss Seth Evans Tarra Tatman Dalton Hicks Monica Ebert Alexandra Swan Megan Hardesty Mariah Shearer Megan Hardesty Colby Clark Leah Thomas Ryan Whiting Kaitlyn Fuss Kaitlin Klair Tyler Majchrzak Molly Jo Woods Jake Mingus Molly Jo Woods Mariah Shearer


Ewe lamb Avery’s Lucy 10-26 Rife 10-030 Step Ahead 2533 Avery Kelli 10-13 Rolling Hills 10043 BWB Farms 1212 Rife 10-041 SS Shrops 10-15 BWB Farms 1202 School House 1017 Avery’s Clara 10-09 Rolling Hills 10011 Crago 1317 Avery Sadie 10-60 Rolling Hills 10019 Rife 10-028 Rife 10-026 Rolling Hills 10039 High G78 Rife 10-037 Crago 1317 Rife 10-067 Hawkins 1007 Mrozinski 10-02 Crago 1326 Crago 1317 Crago 1328 Moeller 0916 School House 1034 High G 137 Rife 10-018

#Shows 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 5 5 5 5 4 5 4 5 5 3 5 5 3 4 3 3 2

$ Winnings $ 436 $ 327 $ 261.60 $ 218 $ 174.40 $ 152.60 $ 130.80 $ 109 $ 87.20 $ 65.40 $ 5.50 $ 5.50 $ 5.50 $ 5.50 $ 5.50 $ 5.50 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

5.50 5.50 5.50 5.50 5.50 5.50 5.50 5.50 5.50 5.50 5.50 5.50 5.50 5.50

2010 was the ninth year for our Shropshire Ewe Lambs and we had 109 nominated. The total amount for the futurity pool was $2180. Twenty-two of the thirty-one ewe lambs competing for points showed in the NAILE National Junior Show. NAILE junior points are double and placing breaks ties. Only five point totals counted and only two ewe lambs per exhibitor are eligible for payment. Futurity payments will be mailed within thirty days. Questions about points or any part of the futurity can be directed to Mark McCabe at 740-360-1103 or

_______ Page 43

2010 NAILE Quiz Bowl From left, Monica Ebert, Jansyn Van Horn, Hallie Walker and Jacob Fowler.

All junior members were invited to a Quiz Bowl and Pizza Party on Saturday afternoon during the junior show weekend in Louisville. Attendance always varies, but fun always abounds. Tim Roberts is the Chair of the ASRA Youth Committee and always devises interesting questions for the

for cash prizes. When the dust settled, the winning team consisted of Jacob Fowler, Hallie Walker, Jansyn Van Horn and Monica Ebert. The second place team was made up of Tyler Majchrzak, Kaitlin Klair, Jared Bruhin and Tara Tatman. Pizza and beverages were served immediately after an informal meeting. The youngsters and their parents discussed with the youth committee the formation of a Junior Shropshire Association. Several ideas were brought forth. Alan Bruhin, an extension agent from Tennessee and Jared’s From left, Jared Bruhin, Kaitlin Klair,Terra Tatman and Tyler Majchrzak. Dad, volunteered to Quiz Bowl. Competitors are tested on their work with the ASRA Youth Committee to knowledge of Shropshires, of course, sheep help get a junior organization off the ground. health and nutrition and some workings of This is still in the very early planning stages but presents an exciting opportunity for the the ASRA. Two teams of four youngsters competed Shropshire youth.

J & R Farm Shropshires The Brockmann 1151 ram we purchased at the 2009 Spectacular Sale has given us a first lamb crop with great breed character and style. Norbert Jackson & Family 4125 W. St. Rt. 28 Alexandria, IN 46001

_______ Page 44

(765) 754-7057 Inquiries always welcome

_______ Page 45

2010 ohio state Fair Champion ram

Melvin 9146


Thank you to all the buyers in 2010. Hope to see you at the Classic in 2011!

9347 White Oak Rd., Mount Sterling, Ohio 43143 Home: 740-437-7443 • Cell 740-207-0786

Melvin Family shropshires

Spectacular Jrs. Fall Ram Brianna Brockmann Spring Ram Chris Whittaker Yearling Ewe 1. Chris Whittaker 2. Brianna Brockmann 3. Jansyn Van Horn 4. Madison Kirchmann 5. Madison Kirchmann 6. Julie Elsbury 7. Kyle Moshier 8. Mariah Shearer

Midwest Jr. Preview The 2010 Show hosted 14 breeds, over 80 exhibitors, and almost 300 sheep! This first annual all-breed show was the result of the work of the Missouri Tunis Association and Matt and Kate Lambert. Major 2010 sponsors included Larry Mead and the Midwest Stud Ram Sale, Helen Swartz, Missouri Sheep Producers, and the Missouri Sheep Merchandising Council. Several breeds provided their own sponsorship. Shropshires held a very respectable show with seven exhibitors and 21 sheep. The total sponsorship was $455 resulting in an average payout of $65 per exhibitor and $21.66 per sheep. The 2011 MJPS Show will be held on June 11. The

_______ Page 46

9. Sarah Nyan 10. Sarah Nyan Futurity Ewe 1. Jansyn Van Horn 2. Sarah Nyan Fall Ewe 1. Madison Kirchmann 2. Chris Whittaker 3. Brianna Brockmann 4. Mariah Shearer 5. Madison Kirchmann 6. Kyle Moshier Spring Ewe 1. Chris Whittacker 2. Jaedyn Slutz

show will be hosted again in Chillicothe, Mo. at the Litton Agri-Science Learning Center, on Highway 190. Online entries open April 1 at www.motunis. com. Work is being done to add a fitting clinic for Friday night before the show. This show will feature the 2011 Regional Shropshire Show for the Southwest District and will receive $300 support from the ASRA. If you have any suggestions for the 2011 show, please contact Kate Lambert at 660-541-0468. 2010 Results Yearling Ram 1. Monica Ebert 2. Sara Bartholomew Spring Ram 1. Sara Bartholomew 2. Monica Ebert 3. Taylor Kemp Champion Ram Monica Ebert (Yearling Ram)

3. Sarah Nyan 4. Brianna Brockmann 5. Josh Sargent 6. Mariah Shearer 7. Monica Ebert 8. Kyle Moshier 9. Katie Schimm Market 1. Monica Ebert 2. Chris Whittacker 3. Sarah Nyan Showmanship Beginner-Austin Brockmann Interm.-Brianna Brockmann Senior-Chris Whittacker

Reserve Champion Sara Bartholomew (Spring Ram Lamb) Yearling Ewe 1. Dalton Hicks 2. Dalton Hicks 3. Monica Ebert 4. Jared Frieze 5. Sara Bartholomew 6. Ashley Bichel 7. Anthony Bichel Fall Ewe 1. Dalton Hicks 2. Monica Ebert Spring Ewe 1. Monica Ebert 2. Monica Ebert 3. Dalton Hicks 4. Dalton Hicks 5. Sara Bartholomew 6. Jared Frieze 7. Jared Frieze Champion Ewe Dalton Hicks (Yearling Ewe) Reserve Champion Ewe Monica Ebert (Spring Ewe Lamb)

Congratulations to Dalton Hicks

on his Champion Ewe at the 2010 NAILE Junior Show. The ewe was also in the first place pair of yearling ewes in the Open Show and Champion Ewe at the Iowa and Oklahoma State Fairs, Reserve Champion Ewe at the Arizona National Open Show and Reserve Supreme at the Oklahoma State Fair. Dalton bought the ewe at the 2009 Shropshire Spectacular from Erik Mrozinski Shropshires. The ewe is sired by Avery Shropshires’ “Juice”

Erik Mrozinski (219) 716-4921

Dennis & Nancy Avery (574) 209-0988

Congratulations to Josh Sargent on your futurity winning ewe lamb

purchased from Avery Shropshires at the 2010 Ohio Classic Sale.

Avery ShropShireS

“Your source for quality Shropshires” Dennis & Nancy Avery • Bremen, Ind • (574) 209-0988 _______ Page 47

Megan Hardesty is Scholarship winner

SUBSCRIBE NOW! Promoting The Improvement of the Entire Sheep Industry 1 Year – $25 2 Years – $45 1 Year Canada or Mexico – $60 P.O. Box 500 • Cuba, IL 61427 (309) 785-5058 • Fax: (309) 785-5050

Two equal scholarships of $400 were awarded in 2010; one to Monica Ebert of Saint George, Kansas and the other to Megan Hardesty of New Bremen, Ohio. Monica was introduced in the October 2010 issue of the Shropshire Voice. Megan Hardesty is the daughter of Mark Hardesty and Michelle Michalek. She graduated from Marion Local High School in May 2010. She is studying Food Science and Nutrition and Pre-Medicine as a freshman at Ohio State University. In high school, Megan maintained a 3.62 GPA and served as the treasurer of the National Honor Society. She was named as the Auglaize County Outstanding 4-Her in 2010. She served in several capacities in student groups at Marion and was a member of the Math & Science and Drama Clubs. Megan was also a Girl Scout and received

THANK YOU to everyone that supported our program last year and to those that purchased breeding stock from us!

Shropshire Classic, Eaton OH - 2010 National Sale, Springfield IL - 2010 Elise & Gavin Brown, IN Moeller Shropsires, OH Monica Ebert, KS (2 ewe lambs) Isler Shropshires, OH Stars of Louisville Sale, NAILE 2010 Dalton Hicks, OK


Look for us at Eaton, Wooster, Springfield, Sedalia and NAILE this year. Also the Shropshire Spring Fling on-line sale! April 26-27 on Breeders World.

Check our website 30 days before the sales for entry photos and information or better yet, visit us at the farm

BWB Farms, Inc. Shropshire Sheep Website: _______ Page 48

Barry Barr

Rick Whiting

Randy Barr

4401 Sorg Road 1779 Green Road 4417 Sorg Road Hillsboro, OH Martinsville, OH Hillsboro, OH 45133 45146 45133 (937) 288-5004 (937) 685-2603 (937) 288-0001


the Girl Scout Gold Award. She was a member of her Junior fair board and a long time member of 4-H and also the Catholic Youth Organization. Following is Megan’s essay: Wind howls around me as I journey the 100 feet from my house to the barn. It is 5:15 in the morning on a brisk, February day. I slide open the side door and shut it quickly behind me. As I walk around the barn, I hear the cries of a new lamb. The lamb is standing at the feet of a sheep that has traveled with me to many shows. She licks the lamb tenderly; I grab a towel off the stack and go to aid her in drying the lamb. The lamb is a girl, and the last lamb of the season. I lead the ewe and lamb to a pen. Once the ewe and lamb are settled, I go to check on the other 18 ewes and their lambs. My years of experience with Shropshire sheep have been since I was nine years old, but my years of a barn full of livestock started at birth. Although my parents never raised but a few cross bred ewes that ran with our herd of Angora goats, showing is something I also started young. I just used Mohair-covered goats, not sheep. But when it came time to join 4-H, I became a two species showman: one being sheep and the other goats. With my sheep, I traveled the United States. I have traveled to Louisville three times to attend the North American International Livestock Exposition. I have seen much of the “M” States on trips to the

The Shropshire

Vo i c e

the only magazine published for and only about Shropshire breeders. May issue deadline: March 15

Megan Hardesty

All- American Junior Shows: one in Missouri, one in Massachusetts, and another one in Michigan. I have also traveled the roads of Ohio on many two-hour journeys; including six Ohio State Fairs and three Extravaganzas, in addition the short 25 minute drive to the Auglaize County Fair has happened for seven years. I show sheep in Lead Line, Skillathon, Showmanship, and breeding classes. Every year that I have shown sheep, I have also shown one or two that I have raised since birth. I changed my role in caring for the flock over the years from just helping my parents to managing everything by myself. At the beginning I was only allowed to fill buckets with water but now the only thing I can’t do without assistance is take sheep to the sale barn. My childhood has been filled with events that have changed and strengthened my abilities as a shepherd, showman, and person, abilities that I could only have received through showing sheep. Congratulations to both of these young Shropshire enthusiasts. We are very proud of our young people and look forward to supporting our youth activities. _______ Page 49

NW Starter

The NW Shropshire Breeders Association sponsors an annual Starter Flock Award. The winner is chosen from a written application and interview. The winner receives three bred ewes and a ewe lamb. The next year the recipient keeps all the lambs, the ewe lamb (now a yearling), and the oldest ewe. NW Shropshire Breeders have awarded 41 Starter Flocks over the past 24 years. For more information please contact Sec./Treas. Ashley Harold at or phone her at 360-790-1671.

Abigail Barnhart 2010 winner

The 2010 Northwest Shropshire Breeders Starter Flock winner is Abigail Barnhart of Philomath, Oregon. Abigail is 12 years old and is in the 7th grade. She has been active in 4-H for three years with sheep, beef, and horse projects. She currently runs a small business

Abigail Barnhart

selling eggs from her 32 laying hens. She also enjoys playing the violin and would like to attend college. The Northwest Shropshire Breeders Association feels that Abigail will be a great asset to the Shropshire breed.

18th Annual Shropshire Scholarships The American Shropshire Registry Association will award two scholarships to students planning to enroll in a post-secondary, undergraduate program (university, college, junior college, vocational/technical school) during the 2011-2012 academic year. These scholarships are not intended for use of graduate studies. Both scholarships will provide $400. High school seniors or students currently enrolled in an under-graduate program are eligible to apply.The applicant must be directly involved with Shropshire sheep. Previous scholarship winners are ineligible. Selection criteria will include the applicant’s scholastic record, leadership, extra-curricular activities and involvement with the sheep industry and, in particular, the Shropshire breed. Application Information: The application must be completed and returned to the address listed at the bottom of the application No Later than June 1. An official transcript of all high school and college work completed must accompany _______ Page 50

application. The applicant should have two letters of recommendation forwarded to the office of The American Shropshire Registry Association. Forms are provided for these letters. An applicant can also download the scholarship forms from the Shropshire website ( An application will not be considered complete until the letters of recommendation are received. The evaluator should comment on the applicant’s academic ability, leadership skills, involvement with extra-curricular activities and involvement with the sheep industry. The completed application, official transcripts of all high school and college work completed and two letters of recommendation must be returned to the following address or can e-mail by JUNE 1, 2011. Mark A. McCabe 5154 Nickelson Road Prospect, Ohio 43342


Ander on


See us at the Shropshire Classic and Spectacular! The Winnings Continue... Yearling Ewe Reserve Champ at Illinois & Kentucky State Fairs

Raising Shropshires for 53 years January Ewe Lamb 1st at Illinois, Kentucky & DuQuoin State Fairs

Michael L. Anderson 346N 1600E, Paxton, IL 60957 (217) 379-3189 _______ Page 51

MAKE YOUR PLANS TO ATTEND NOW! Held in conjunction with the

FRIDAY, JUNE 17 Sale Show: 8:00 a.m. Judge: Brian Mohr, IL

SATURDAY, JUNE 18 Sale: 9:00 a.m.

Auctioneer: Curt Overcash, Dixon, IL

All Shrops show & sell slick sheared.

2010 National Sale Champion Ram Consigned by Avery Shropshires, IN & sold to 3D Sheep Co., WA.

Illinois State Fairgrounds




2010 National Sale Champion Ewe Consigned by Plain View Farm, IL & sold to Walker Shrops, OK.

P.O. Box 500 • Cuba, IL 61427 309/785-5058 • Fax: 309/785-5050 _______ Page 52


_______ Page 53

Remembrances of Doug…. A Tribute to a Master! By Randy Rife

Doug Chambers receives Hall of Fame Cheviot Award at 1995 International, 1995 Oregon State Fair.

Doug Chambers of Salem, Oregon, an icon in the sheep world and a dynamic, stalwart for Shropshires is now tending to the great flock of the hereafter. Doug dispersed his Shropshires during the National Show at Sacramento in 1992. I first became acquainted with Doug at the 1967 National at Columbus. We visited at the Chicago shows, McKerrow’s Sales and the Spectacular for several years. In 1984, for the Centennial celebration, Doug compiled “The First Hundred Years.” He personally spent days at the Sheep Breeder and Sheepman office in Columbia, Mo. and also at the National Shropshire office in Monticello, Ill., digging through archives to make this book very accurate, detailed and also enjoyable. He profiled each of our Association presidents and secretaries, and wrote about the trials and turmoils of our breed from its beginnings in this country. It is a true work of art that all Shropshire breeders can be proud of. If you haven’t seen a copy, ask one

1st Place pen of three lambs, 1970 International in Chicago. From left, Russ Whitney’s ram, Dave Emmert’s Ram and James Godfrey’s ram, all three sons of Chambers’ Field Marshal 1213. _______ Page 54

of the longtime breeders to borrow theirs. The founding of our association, the history of the big show in Chicago, the struggles over type changes are all included in the book. I called Kent Flora of Illinois who served as National President following Doug in 1971 and let him know of Doug’s passing. He said he had received a letter from Doug in July. The following is Kent’s attempt to paraphrase from that letter and provide some added recollections. Kent Flora writes: It is my firm belief that without Doug Chambers and a few others, the Shropshire breed would have become extinct in the last half of the 20th Century. I was in awe of Doug even before I met him, when I

discovered, much to my pleasant surprise, that beneath that reputation was a warm, witty, and highly intelligent man who would become a true and steadfast friend. Doug believed that the “golden years” of the Shropshire board were in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when we were showing at the Chicago International and meeting at the fabled “Stockyards Inn.” I remember one particularly bitterly cold day when he and I were walking down Halsted Street and he turned to me and said, “Kent, how do you Midwesterners survive these winters without becoming all green and shrunken?” Doug felt that the secret to the rebirth of the Shropshire breed was that in those years, the Board of Directors (with only

Doug Chambers “Secretariat” in 1973.

_______ Page 55

a few exceptions) were personal friends, as well as professional competitors. In the show ring, after the last ribbon had been awarded, the board members forgot their professional rivalries, got together, and all went to dinner together. In retrospect, much breed business was transacted over dinner and drinks at Trader Vic’s in the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago’s Loop. Doug has always understood that camaraderie and friendship went a long ways towards mutual understanding and united progress. Throughout his Shropshire years, Doug’s highest respect was reserved for what he called “genuine breeders, farmers or academics instead of...”hobbyists” (sic) on five-acre play farms.” He relied heavily on what he called “reliable students of genealogists and pedigrees” who, like himself, were “prolific correspondents.” When one is so deeply involved for so many years in an organization as Doug was, separation can be difficult. Doug wrote of missing “people like the McKerrows, the Glasgows, Hilton Briggs, Art Pope and so

many others...” that after his dispersal sale in 1992 he cancelled all media contacts and only attended the yearly show in Salem. It was a memorable experience to see firsthand Doug’s beloved home “Illahe” and the site of his annual 20-foot Christmas tree. His hospitality and friendship were amazing. The Shropshire breed was truly fortunate to have someone of Doug’s caliber as its champion. My time as his Vice-President was truly illuminating and provided invaluable experience when I succeeded him as president. I missed him as an associate, but much more as a friend. Randy concludes: Libby Glasgow, our National Secretary from 1970 to 1987, and I had a nice visit on the phone last week. We recalled one of those evenings at Trader Vic’s. Among those present were Buzz and Leslie Henderson, Everett and Libby Glasgow, Kent and Nicki Flora, Will McKerrow, Emil Hartzell, Doug Chambers and myself. What an evening and what wonderful memories!

Doug Chambers with his 1979 Res. Champion Shropshire Jr. Ram Lamb, “Top Secret” at the Oregon State Fair. _______ Page 56

~ In Memoriam ~ Douglas W. Chambers Feb. 6, 1919 - Dec. 7, 2010 Douglas W. “Doug” Chambers, 91, died Dec. 7, 2010. He was born in Salem, Oregon, attended Salem High School and graduated from Oregon State College, where he was student body president. In 1941, he married Vivian Aspinwall, of Salem. During WWII he served as an armored artillery officer in Patton’s 3rd Army in Europe. On his return to Salem he was head livestock buyer and later President of Cascade Meats, Inc., and from 1962 to 1980, owned and operated Chambers Stockyards. From 1947 to 1992, he was a purebred sheep breeder, judging and exhibiting at county, state and national shows and exhibitions. He authored many articles for livestock publications, as well as a history of the Roberts community. He was active in many industry organizations, was one of the founders and first president of the Oregon Sheep Com-

mission and president of two national breed societies. He served as a director of the Salem YMCA, trustee of the Oregon State University Foundation, OSU Valley Library Steering Committee and President of the Salem Public Library Foundation during the library expansion, for which he received the 1990 Salem Special Citizen Award. In 1996, he was inducted into the OSU College of Agriculture Diamond Pioneer Registry. He was President of the Capital Manor Foundation in 2006 to 2007. He and his wife travelled extensively, he was an avid reader and enjoyed studying and collecting art. Survivors include his wife; sons, Dave (Jean) of Sonoma, Calif., Steve (Ellen) of Salem, Craig (Julie) of Portland; eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Services were Dec. 20. Friends may make memorial contributions in his name to the Capital Manor Foundation, 1955 Dallas Highway, Salem OR 97304, or the Oregon State University Foundation, 850 S.W. 35th St., Corvallis, OR 97333. Arrangements were by Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service.



• Class winning ewe lamb – Kansas State Fair & Tulsa State Fair • 3rd at the All-American • 4th at NAILE Junior Show. 40th Annual

EbErt ShEEp Farm production and club lamb SalE April 9, 2 p.m. at our farm

We will sell 60 head of wethers, ewe lambs, ram lambs, yearling ewes and yearling rams consisting of Shrops, Dorsets, Suffolks and Hamps.

Also breeders of slick shorn Dorsets, Suffolks and Hampshires.

Jeff, Kerri, Christine & Monica Ebert

10015 Flush Rd - St. George, KS 66535 (H) 785-494-2436 (C) 785-458-9174 Email: _______ Page 57


Champion Ram at the Shropshire Classic Purchased with Gayle Hoffman

We have some very nice lambs out of this ram. Look for them at the Classic and Spectacular and available at home. We will also have lambs out of Breakthrough, Discovery, and Brockman 1149.

Adams Shropshires

“Your Foundation For Quality” Brad and Rick Adams

6898 S 7000 W Rd., Chebanse, IL 60922 (815) 228-2903 • _______ Page 58

Welcome to the Flock

Santa Babies

Christmas came early at 3D Sheep Company of Snohomish, Wash. Darrell and Janet Dockter are proud to announce the birth of their new grandbabies born in December. Both babies are happy, healthy and doing great. “We are truly blessed,” say Grandma and Grandpa Dockter.

We can’t wait ‘til the cows come home...the deadline for the next Voice is March 15!

Emily Lynn Tronsdal (on right)

Born: Dec. 9, 2010 7 lbs., 11 ozs., 21” long Daughter of Jay and Stacy (Dockter) Tronsdal.

Tate Dean Dockter (on left)

Born: Dec. 19, 2010 9 lbs., 11 ozs., 20-3/4” long Son of Jason and Amy Dockter.

Dedicated to the “Excellence” of the Breed

See our Buck Naked lambs at the on-line Spring Fling sale and the Shropshire Classic. Steven M. Spayd & FaMily 3261 Elm Tree Rd., Manheim, PA 17545-9641 (717) 653-6860 Visitors & Inquiries Welcome

_______ Page 59

Thank You to our 2010 buyers!

Verduin’s Apple Hill Farm - Dansville, NY Peterson Sheep - Green Isle, MN Mariah Shearer - Fishers, IN Hemlock Hollow Farms - Manheim, PA Jake Mingus - Tipp City, OH Seth Evans - Ada, OH ROKAJO Shropshires - Marshfield, MO Richardson Shropshires - Lewiston, NE Vivian & Charlotte Stephenson - Viroqua, WI 3-G Shrops - Grand Island, NE SS Shrops - Davenport, IA April Aire Shropshires - Woodstock, IL Cynthia Scheer - Haddam, KS Mari Beth & Robert Rajek - Stanley, WI Lavon Wiles & Family - Hicksville, OH


choolhouse hropshires

Jim & Denise Percival

961 Hoop Road, Xenia, Ohio 45385 • 937-374-3371 Email: _______ Page 60 Quality Products

for better animal healthcare.

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1-800-JEFFERS 1-800-533-3377

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ShropShireVoice-011811a.indd 1

1/31/11 10:50 AM

Breeder’s Index This list is a paid subscription published both in the Voice and on Adams Shropshires 6898 S 7000 W Road Chebanse, IL 60922 (815) 697-2903 Agrall, Lewis R.R. 1, Box 230 Athens, IL 62613 (217) 636-8151 Anderson Farms Matthew, Christie, Emily & Andrew 646 N. 24th Street Blair, NE 68008 (660) 988-3503 Anderson, Michael L. 346 N 1600 E Paxton, IL 60957 (217) 379-3189 (Cell) 217-781-3348, Avery Shropshires Dennis & Nancy Avery 1500 Douglas Road Bremen, IN 46506 (574) 209-0988 Floyd & Sharon Avery (229) 942-3415 Barnes, Shane & Kim SKB Shropshires 1122 Browns Creek Rd. Sycamore, PA 15364 (724) 852-2673 Barnes, Tim & Deb Barnes Farms 5707 Mooney Road Radnor, OH 43066 (740) 494-2125 Cell: (740) 815-2402

_______ Page 62

Benson, Robert Benson Brothers Shropshires 3839 E. 169th Street Noblesville, IN 46062 (317) 896-2213 Botsford, Jason Rolling Hill Farms 4646 Rt. 536 Punxsutawney, PA 15767 (507) 301-1034 Bradish Family Farm George and Brenda Bradish 3865 St. Rt. 982 Latrobe, PA 15650 (724) 539-8386 or 3808 Brockmann Shropshires Gary, Vicky, Brianna & Austin 2011 Blake Road Garden Prairie, IL 61038 (815) 544-4515 Brooks, Wayne, Blaze & Jenny 3760 N 700 E Decatur, IN 46733 (260) 301-1840 Brown, Rob & Ron Clay-Nob Farm 17527 Maple Drive Saegertown, PA 16433 (814) 763-3140 Bryant Shropshires Bill Bryant 6838 Bryant Road Fredericktown, OH 43019 (740) 398-2053 Cell: (740) 398-2053 Buckham Farms 6508 West R Avenue Schoolcraft, MI 49087 (269) 375-7676

Burlingame, Jim & Steve Burlingame Farm 91 Burlingame Road Danielson, CT 06239 (860) 774-5975 Jim: Steve: BWB Farms, Inc. 1779 Green Road Martinsville, OH 45146 Randy Barr (937) 288-0001 Rick Whiting: (937) 685-2603 Barry Barr: (937) 403-4411 Call, Don & Re 964 Mohawk Trail Shelburne, MA 01370 (413) 625-2436 Cessna, Jim & Nancy Cessna Farms 11100 Jerry City Road Cygnet, OH 43413 (419) 655-3209 Crago Brothers Shropshires Steve & Louise Crago & Sons 1499 Hiatt Road Clarksville, OH 45113 (937) 289-3167 Crago, Mark & Jennifer & Family 22 Maki Hill Rd. Columbus, MT 59019 (406) 322-9935 Cell: (406) 298-0015 Creamer, R.J. & Family 4094 Centerville-Newmans Rd. Prospect, OH 43342 (740) 262-3972 Diehl, J.L. & G.L. 902 St. Rt. 14 Deerfield, OH 44411 (330) 584-2192

Dirlam, J.N. & Sons & Matt Dirlam 11673 N. Bethesda Rd. Mooresville, IN 46158 (317) 831-2130 Dockter, Darrell, Janet, Stacy & Jason 3-D Sheep Company 19411 S. Carpenter Road Snohomish, WA 98290 (425) 334-9130 Cell: (425) 327-1428 Douglas, Donna April Aire Farms 11802 Pleasant Valley Road Woodstock, IL 60098 (815) 337-0598 Ebert, Jeff, Kerri, Christine & Monica Ebert Sheep Farm 10015 Flush Rd. St. George, KS 66535 Home: (785) 494-2436 Cell: (785) 458-9174 Elsbury, David & Colleen 7800 N 250 E Greenfield, IN 46140 (317) 326-3893 Elsbury, Mike Elsbury’s Shropshires 5385 E 500 N Greenfield, IN 46140-8939 (317) 326-4461 Elsbury, Tim Double Doc Farm W 7112 Cherry Hill Drive. Adell, WI 53001 (920) 994-2538 Fiegl, Mark Lindenview Meadow Farm 5550 Eddy Ridge Rd. Marion, NY 14505 (315) 576-1930

_______ Page 63

Groverman DVM, Fred F & P Groverman Shropshires 400 Ormsby Lane Petaluma, CA 94954 (707) 763-3132 (Cell) 707-953-4456

Isler, Jim Isler Shropshires 1340 Klingel Rd. Prospect, OH 43342 (740) 494-2798 Cell: (740) 360-7682

Gruenhagen, Jim & Donna SS Shrops 7622 Jersey Ridge Road Davenport, IA 52807 (563) 355-6730

Jackson, Norbert 4125 W. State Route 28 Alexandria, IN 46001 (765) 754-7057

Hardesty, Megan & Molly Come Again Farm 00427 Clover Four Road New Bremen, OH 45869 (419) 629-7205 Harold, Ashley 11316 Durgin Road SE Olympia, WA 98513 (360) 456-3897 Heaton, Fred & family 622 Fessler-Buxton Rd. Russia, OH 45363 (937) 526-3118 Hiemke, Cody Mapleton Mynd Shropshires 1773 Koshkonong Rd. Stoughton, WI 53589 (415) 302-8035 High Farms Glenn & Joan High 7078 Co. Rd. 47 Lexington, OH 44904 (419) 362-3666 High Life Farms David & Jodi High & Family 3388 McDermott Pond Creek Road McDermott, OH 45652 (740) 259-1907

_______ Page 64

Jaycox, Elaine Willaine Farm 3758 State Rt. 30 Middleburgh, NY 12122 (518) 827-5726 Cell: (518) 231-7245 Johnson, Bob & Karen RoKaJo Farm 569 St. Hwy. DD Marshfield, MO 65706 (417) 859-4452 Josefson, Stacy Step Ahead Shrops 994 Step Rd Gilson, IL 61436 Cell: (309) 371-4260 Farm: (309) 876-2364 Kane, Michelle and Peg Dutcher 2376 Cty Hwy 11 Mt. Vision, NY 13810 (607) 292-9950 Kipp, LeRoy Box 44 North Prairie, WI 53153 (262) 392-2713 Knepp Shropshires Donald Knepp 128 Old Barrington Rd. Barrington, IL 60010 847-381-5872

Kowalyshyn, Lisa Kindred Crossings LLC 868 Route 32 North Franklin, CT 06254 (860) 642-4243 (860)642-6210 Maddox, Steven & Rinda Maddox Shropshires 6503 E 700 North Road Sidell, IL 61876 (217) 288-9493 Cell: (217) 474-1686 Majchrzak, Steve, Beth,Ashley & Tyler Lan-O-Lin Acres 3745 Bradley Road Federalsburg, MD 21632 (410) 754-7531 Cell: (410) 924-3510 McCabe, Mark & Family McCabe Shropshires 5154 Nickelson Road Prospect, OH 43342 (740) 494-2969 McCall, Cynthia CMAC Shropshires 1673 22nd Road Washington, KS 66968 (402) 730-9213 McKinzie, Chris and Sarah McKinzie Farms 8230 N Fox Hollow Rd Bloomington, IN 47408 Chris - 812-219-2432 Sarah - 812-219-2903 McNeal, Robert J. 1511 S.E. Eaton Blvd. Battle Ground, WA 98604 (360) 687-3410

Miller, Bryan, Fabiola & Edith L. 15525A Motters Station Rd. Rocky Ridge, MD 21778-9711 (301) 253-3530 (301) 514-7955 Miller, Sam D. & Family Miller’s Back Achers 3075 E. Rusk Road Troy, OH 45373 (937) 339-7811 Moon, Justin & Charlene Five Stars Elite LLC 6501 N 300 W Michigan City, IN 46360 219-210-5609 Motter, Jan Lane’s End Farm 12211 W. Rt. 973 Jersey Shore, PA 17740 (570) 398-2078 Mrozinski, Erik 5906 E 650 N Road P.O. Box 306 Rolling Prairie, IN 46371 Cell: (219) 716-4921 Mumm, Megan 49 CR 1300 N White Heath, IL 61884 (217) 687-2874 Oehler, Nellie Oehler Family Shropshires 5570 SW West Hills Road Corvallis, OR 97333-2623 (541) 757-3937 Peiter Shrops 5580 Shelby 234 Shelbyville, MO 63469 (573) 769-0003 Pence Farms 1083 W. Co. Rd. 61 Tiffin, OH 44883 Mike: (419) 992-4305 Doug: (419) 986-5848 Jay: (419) 992-4701

_______ Page 65

Peppmeier, Christine & Sara Peppmeier Family Shropshires 29323 SW Land Hill Road Sherwood, OR 97140 (503) 625-6691 Percival, Jim & Denise Schoolhouse Shropshires 961 Hoop Road Xenia, OH 45385 (937) 374-3371 Proffitt, Jim 38208 Brady Creek Road Richmond, MO 64085 (816) 225-6032 Riddick, Daniel Mayo Mountain Sheep Company 680 Mayo Road Huntington, VT 05462 (802) 434-2745 Rife, Randy & Julie Rife Shropshires 2423 Clifton Rd. Yellow Springs, OH 45387 (937) 767-1871 Roberts, Tim Roberts Farms 27954 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, OK 73093 (405) 485-9255 Cell: (405) 314-3370 Rogers, Danny & Cynthia Rogers Shropshires 2435 W. McCracken Road Monrovia, IN 46157 (317) 996-3301 Rueber, Carol & Aimee Rueber Shropshires 24632 210th St. Sumner, IA 50674 (563) 578-8663

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Sargent, Tom Tom Sargent & Family 9811 Grandview Dr. Bradford, OH 45308 (937) 448-6154 Schimm, Katie 29131 Winterbauer Ave. Athens, IL 62613 (566) 415-0671 Seals Family S Bar S Ranch 2360 B Shafer Ave. Morgan Hill, CA 95037 (408) 779-1789 (Cell:) (408) 472-8195 Slutz, Tom City Limits Sheep Farm P.O. Box 177, 602 S. Main St. LaMoille, IL 61330 (815) 638-2177 Cell: (815) 866-5031 Smith Sisters Shropshires 2129 130th Ave. Russell, MN 56169-3072 (507) 823-4784 Smith, Gordon & Alyce Cedar Bend Farm N 7922 U.S. Highway 12 Elkhorn, WI 53121 (262) 742-3580 Roger Snyder Family 2537 US Hwy 67 Monmouth, IL 61462 (309) 734-4446 Cell: (309) 255-9500 Sommer, Lindsey Sommer Springs Farm 2370 New Park Rd. New Park, PA 17352 (717) 382-1320

Spayd, Steven 3261 Elm Tree Rd. Manheim, PA 17545  (717) 653-6860 Switzer, Jane E. Switzer Shropshires 6741 S. 1150 W Redkey, IN 47373 (765) 369-2844 Cell: (260) 729-2626

Washburn, Emily Washburn Shrops 1755 Lead Mine Road Gouverneur, NY 13642 (315) 578-2443 Cell: (315) 408-2478 Webster, Ryan 471 Falmouth Road Windham, ME 04062 (207) 232-0632

Trew, Emily 389 York Road Ocoee, TN 37361 (888) 831-2619

Webster, William 413 Roosevelt Trail Windham, ME 04062 (207) 831-0608

Verduin, Calvin Verduin’s Apple Hill Farm 4391 Miller Road Dansville, NY 14437 (585) 335-3703

Wilbur, Dellane and Brian RW Farms 5004 E Lewis Lane Nampa, ID 83686 (208) 461-8966 email website:

Visocky Shrops Matt, Marc, Ben & Ken 7220 Richmand Road Spencer, OH 44275 (330) 667-1023

Wisehart, Mark & Patty & Sons 9372 N 400 E Greenfield, IN 46140 (765) 778-7707

Be sure your name is listed in the Breeder’s Index It’s the best “phone directory” to Shropshire breeders Shropshire breeders can have their name, phone, address and e-mail addresses listed in three issues of the Voice and on the Shropshire website for a 12-month period for only $30. A link to personal websites can be included for an additional $20. E-mail info to Rinda Maddox: _______ Page 67

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Josefson/Moshier.................................... 28 Ketcham..................................................... 6


Gruenhagen............................................. 10

Anderson................................................. 51

Majors....................................................... 38

Avery............................................47, Cover

Melvin....................................................... 45

Banner/Shropshire Classic................... 13

Merricks...................... Inside Back Cover

Banner/Shropshire Spectacular........... 52

Percival..................................................... 60

Banner/Subscription.............................. 48

Pipestone................................................... 3

Barnes......................................................... 7

Rife..............................Inside Front Cover

Biogenetics............................................... 53

Roberts..................................................... 16

Bryant....................................................... 37

Rueber........................................................ 4

Creamer................................................... 42

Sargent...................................................... 20

Dockters................................. Back Cover

Sheepman Supply.................................... 24

Ebert......................................................... 57

Slutz........................................................... 32

Elsbury...................................................... 31

Spayd......................................................... 59

Gene Check............................................ 39

Spring Fling.............................................. 11

Heaton...................................................... 17

Sydell......................................................... 29

Jackson...................................................... 44

Townsend ............................................... 41

Jeffers........................................................ 61

Whiting..................................................... 48


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May 12-15............... Ohio Shropshire Classic, Eaton, OH May 28-29............... Great Lakes Sale, Wooster, OH June 17-18............... Shropshire Spectacular Show & Sale, Springfield, IL June 22............... Midwest Ram Sale Shropshire Show June 25............... Midwest Ram Sale Shropshire Sale June 30-July 3............. All-American Junior Show, Harrington, DE July 7-10............... North East Youth Sheep Show & New England Sale West Springfield, MA Sept. 1............... DEADLINE for news and adsvertising in Oct. Voice. Sept. 17............... National Shropshire Show, West Springfield, MA _______ Page 68

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