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October 2021



CHAMPION EWE __________________ October 2021



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Sand Meadow 2021 Sand Meadow 2027 Yearling Ewe Purchased Yearling Ewe Purchased By Troy Longenecker, PA By Erik Mrozinski, IN

Thank you to all our 2021 buyers who have trusted in our genetics Troy Longeneker, PA Erik Mrozinski, IN Birkhimer Family, OH Mark McCabe, OH Emily Stevens, OH Seve Isler, OH Kinely Tenney, OH Jason Liskai, OH Cassandra Chapman, NY Jared McCoy, MO Jonah Lasater and The Spoonster Family, MO Hunter Keck, MO Midnight Star Farm, OH Amy Jo Labee, CT Sage Christian, OK Jordyn & Jayden Weldon, IA Whitney Love, IN University of Connecticut, CT _______ Taryn Stem, PA Page 2


Jon, Katherine, Addisen & Oliver Nicholson 906 Main Street South Windsor, CT 06074 860-490-7238 __________________

Shropshire Voice

Volume 41, Issue 3

October 2021

~ The Shropshire Voice ~

Official Publication of The American Shropshire Registry Association Published in the interest of Shropshire Breeders each February, May and October

Becky Peterson, ASRA Secretary

Rinda Maddox, Voice Publisher

Board of Directors of the American Shropshire Registry Association as of November 2020

President Jim Gruenhagen (2021) 7622 Jersey Ridge Rd. Davenport, IA 52807 (563) 355-6730

Vice President Mary Anne Keck (2021) 665 Niangua Rd Niangua, MO 65713 (417) 844-5895 Rick Adams (2021) 10828 W 1000 S Rd Bonfield, IL 60913 (815) 228-2903 Bill Bryant Jr (2023) PO Box 136 Fredericktown, OH 43019 (740) 398-2053 Re Call (2021) 964 Mohawk Trail Shelburne, MA 01370 (413) 625-2436 R.J. Creamer (2021) 4094 Centerville-Newmans Rd. Prospect, OH 43342 (740) 262-3972 Mandy Curtiss (2023) 1698 Nesbit Rd. Attica, NY 14011 (716) 465-0565

__________________ October 2021

Darrell Dockter (2022) 19411 S Carpenter Rd. Snohomish, WA 98290 (425) 327-1428 Mike Elsbury (2023) 5385 E 500 N Greenfield, IN 46140 (317) 326-4461 Ashley Fuss (2023) 8608 Hunters Drive Frederick, MD 21701 (240) 405-9383 Caleb Fritz (2023) 104 Sells Rd. Beech Bluff, TN 38313 (615) 653-0867

Adam Moore (2021) 27568 Morgan Way Greentop, MO 63546 (660)676-2825 Danny Rogers (2023) 2435 W McCracken Rd. Monrovia, IN 46157 (317) 358-3260 Debbie Petzel (2022) 2037 180th Ave Centuria, WI 45824 612-578-1528 Tom Slutz (2022) PO Box 177, 602 S Main St LaMoille, IL 61830-0177 (815) 638-2177

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ASRA Office Hours:

Mon.-Thurs.–11 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST Mon. & Thurs. evenings –8-11 p.m. EST

Secretary Becky Peterson will be near the office at most other times and will return calls as soon possible. She will make the best effort to process registrations and transfers within a day or two of receipt. Contact her at: American Shropshire Registry Association Becky Peterson, Secretary 41 Bell Rd., Leyden MA 01337 Phone/Fax –(413) 624-9652

Shropshire Voice & Website If you need to place an ad or news item in the Shropshire Voice, or on the Shropshire website,, contact Rinda Maddox, Voice Publisher/Web Coordinator. Rinda Maddox P.O. Box 475 Sidell, IL 61876 shropshirevoice@ (217) 288-9365 (office) (217) 474-9365 (cell)

Junior Activities For questions on any of the junior events for the Shropshire Association, contact: Taylor Young, Junior Assoc. President 913 Brothers Rd. Bell Buckle, TN 37020 __________________ Shropshire Voice

From president Jim Gruenhagen It was great to get back to live sales and sum- For further information contact anyone from mer shows this year, I know it was for myself the committee, or Tom. and family. I made it to the All-American Junior   The Executive Committee has reviewed Show in Springfield, Illinois and assisted with the our bylaws and have some wording changes to “keep up with the times.” Hopefully, Junior Shropshire Show by checking these changes could be done at our in the sheep at the show ring. What annual meeting in 2021. an impressive group of sheep that   We also have the following board were exhibited by the juniors in the member terms that are up this show! Congratulation to all the class year: Jim Gruenhagen, Mary Anne winners and all the exhibitors! Keck, Adam Moore, Rick Adams, Re Mid-year registrations and transCall and RJ Creamer.The Executive fers appear to be back on track Committee also reviewed the discompared to 2019. With more shows and sales available, members Jim Gruenhagen tricts that should have been done in 2020 and recommended no changes chose to register more lambs compared to 2020. Financials are on track with our in the nine districts or the number of board budget for 2021, I am glad that what appears to representatives.We do have some work to do on realigning the number of expiring board be normalcy has returned to the registry. The Hall of Fame Committee, lead by Tom seats available for the next few years as our Slutz, is rolling out a new program to recognize bylaws state five board seats will be elected past and present Shropshire breeders and pro- each year for a three-year term. moters of the breed.The committee has nomi- Thank you for everyone’s support with nation forms available with selections made at memberships, registrations, and transfer work, the November board meeting. Recognition along with supporting many of our key proand presentations will be made in the spring of grams and advertising that keeps your registry 2022. I think this is a great way to recognize the viable for the future. Jim Gruenhagen contributors that have supported our breed. THE AMERICAN



I nominate the following person as a judge for the 2022 NAILE Open Shropshire Show. ____________________________________ Your name: _______________________________ _________________________________________

(Must be a paid member) Signature

Please return to ASRA by December 1 Mail: ASRA, 41 Bell Rd, Leyden, MA 01337 Fax: (413) 624-9652  •  email: __________________ October 2021

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From secretary becky peterson

Happy fall to you all! I hope everyone has and renewed. Very extended thank-yous go been celebrating the ability to get out and buy, to the local support team headed by Melasell and show sheep in public this year instead nie Hall. What a job they did! It was a pretty of just staying home and taking care of them amazing feat to get the fundraising done and like last year. We do what we have to do but the barn and activity plans made. Thank you we are sure enjoying sharing our enthusiasm Melanie and company, job well done! for our industry. Things are looking pretty And having been behind the scenes at times good in Shropshire world. As of Septem- shuffling papers, I can attest to the seember 1, all of our numbers are up significantly ingly endless job of card checking, list prooffrom last year with 2059 registrations, 1036 ing, rechecking, question chasing that goes on transfers, 150 junior memberships, 158 senior over those few days but it was all complete memberships and 25 new memand very accurate by the time the berships. The Shropshire Futurity first closing ceremonies award is is looking good, too, with 157 ewe presented. All 100% worthwhile. lambs and 31 yearling ewes nomiBy the way, there were 280 Shropnated. I also have a good sized stack shires shown on Sunday, judged by of point cards entered in the futuNeal Knapp. rity system. Thus I am very happy   The champion ram and chamthat our enthusiasm has recovered pion ewe where both shown by from last year. Many of our local, Kenyon Buckland of Indiana. Jaedyn Becky Peterson county and state fairs are happenSlutz of Illinois was Shropshire Top ing and participation has been good. I am told Gun winner. Other class winners were, Jaethat even the Big E has 110 Shropshires en- dyn Slutz, Luke Raudebaugh, Brenna Hubbard, tered for later in September. Drake Slutz, Lane Falch, Blair Mrozinski, Em We are a bit unsure of the plans for the ily Stevens, Riggin Klotz, Addisen Nicholson, North American at this point but hope that Kassidy Schakel, and Drew George.The junior it will go forward safely and efficiently. Shrop- association, headed up by president Taylor shires should show on Wednesday, November Young, enjoyed a refreshingly wet kiddi pool 17 for the open division and over the previ- kickball game and grinder night on Friday.They ous weekend for the juniors. Hopefully, we can had a lot of fun getting away from the work of also hold our junior association meeting and a sheep show for a little while. annual member meeting while there. If not, On a more local New England note, we we’ll be in touch with our members with an completed the North East Youth Show in alternative. July. There were over 50 Shropshires shown. We had an exciting national sale back in May Champion ram and champion ewe were both in Greenville, Ohio with a total of 97 Shrops shown by Brady Clark of New Hampshire. sold at an average of $939.69, an increase of Judge Matt Scramlin said he was really imover $280 per head over the last live national pressed with the group and that Shrops were sale. The Indiana Premier Sale went well, also. really on the move. And speaking of shows wasn’t the All-Ameri- Unfortunately I have been a bit homecan Junior Show in Springfield, Illinois some- bound for the month of August after my secthing!! From 2 PM on Friday, July 2, until the ond knee replacement in July. It’s not a projcompletion of the judging early afternoon ect I recommend for grins and giggles but I Sunday, July 4, 3096 head of 27 breeds shown am making daily progress and hope to be on by 692 kids went through the three breed the road soon and enjoy walking sheep show rings. By about 4 PM, it was all over, placings aisles again. With any luck at all, I’ll see you all recorded, awards presented, friendships made in November! _______ Page 4

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Minutes of Meeting May 7, 2021 Greenville, Ohio

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by President Jim Gruenhagen.Also present were Tom Slutz, Mandy Curtiss, Mike Elsbury, Danny Rogers, Re Call, Debbie Petzel, Rick Adams, RJ Creamer, Caleb Fritz, Mary Anne Keck, Adam Moore and Ashley Fuss and Secretary Becky Peterson. Not attending were Darrell Dockter and Bill Bryant. The secretary had previously distributed previous meeting minutes of Jan. 31, 2021 via email.There were no omissions or corrections and no further discussion. RJ Creamer moved to approve as sent. Seconded by Danny Rogers. Motion passed.

The treasurer’s report as of 4/30/21 was also sent previously and Becky amended it with a corrected Balance Sheet and P&L due to corrections in Voice advertising. Balance sheet showed total assets of $54,980.50 (an increase of $5,050.75 over same period 2020). The Profit & Loss report showed a net loss of $1,476.69 (a decrease of $4,238.85). In general, registrations, dues and transfer fees accounted for most of the improvement over the previous pandemic year. Becky noted that there were three Deposit Certificates due to mature later in May (12, 18 & 36 months). Discussion followed and it was suggested to roll them into shorter term accounts since interest rates had dropped so much. As rates hopefully improve, the accounts can be redone and not locked in Continued on Page 7

LEGAL NOTICE Annual Meeting of the Members Official notice is hereby given to all members of the American Shropshire Registry Association, Inc. that the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Members will be held on Tuesday November 16 at 6 PM in conjunction with the National Shropshire Show at NAILE in Louisville, KY.The purpose of said meeting is to hear and approve the reports of the President and Secretary/Treasurer to ratify the acts of the Board of Directors since the last annual meeting of the members; to act on any old or new business which may be brought before the meeting; and to elect directors for districts having directors whose terms expire in 2021. Article VI, Section 2 of the By Laws allows for the direct election of a director for a district if that district has an active, recognized Shropshire association. All Directors for districts not having an active state or regional Shropshire association shall be elected at the annual meeting of the members. Directors whose terms will expire at this time are: R.J. Creamer - Ohio District Re Call – New England/New York District Mary Anne Keck – Southwest District Adam Moore – Southwest District Jim Gruenhagen – North Central District Rick Adams – Illinois District Each membership in the American Shropshire Registry Association, Inc. is entitled to one vote at the Annual Meeting of the Members. Such vote must be cast in person.Those members attending the Annual Meeting shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting the business of the Association. All members are encouraged to attend and participate. Please note that due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, it is very possible that this venue will be changed or cancelled. If that is a case, a member-wide notification will be sent by email and a notice put on the website with an update as soon as possible.Thanks for understanding. Becky Peterson, Secretary

__________________ October 2021

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 _______ Page 6

__________________ Shropshire Voice

at low rates for long periods. Old Business Committee reports Executive and Bylaws – Executive ommittee had earlier discussion regarding need to update the Bylaws to insert the previous amendments into the actual articles they pertained to Jim and Mary Anne worked through them. Jim then distributed with suggested wording changes to “keep up with the times.” These would require Bylaw Amendment Procedure and will be done at a future date. Budget and Finance – Finance Committee (Re Call, Adam Moore and Becky Peterson) met earlier and worked up a proposed budget, knowing that 2020 was not a representative year. Expenses were worked out as scheduled and budgeted income was mostly an average of the last three years’ income in most categories except transfers that used an average of the actual number done and not income since the fee changed at the end of 2019. The budgeted net income was $340. Discussion followed regarding the use of income from the email blast advertising service. It has no real associated expense and could be used toward the junior association or buyers credits. It was decided to discuss that at another time. Shropshire Royalty Debbie Petzel reported on the five applications and said that the committee chose to elect two BoPeeps (Leila Street and Landree Street), one Boy Blue (Morgan Anderson), and two princesses ( Abby Isler and Brynn Lamm).Those will be introduced during the show later in the day. Junior Association Mary Anne frequently talks with Junior President Taylor Young who is doing a wonderful job. They are trying to increase social media communication and participation with the juniors. Discussion followed about reinstating a junior coordinator position and it thought to wait until Taylor had aged out before offering it again. Futurity The nomination statistics showed 10 yearling ewes and 79 ewe lambs nominated through the 2020 ewe lamb re-nominations and the 10 online sales so far. Indiana Premier Sale, Ohio Showcase and MWSRS still to come. Discussion followed regarding an instance where an

__________________ October 2021

online sale nominated ewe lamb had been injured. Consignor chose to leave it in the sale and bought it back and paid the nomination fee. It was decided that if notice is made prior to the sale there would be no nomination fee but this would be dealt with on a case by case basis. Starter Flock Rick Adams reported that there were seven applications received and that the committee chose 11 year old Arabella Knuth of Fall Creek, Wis. She would be introduced later during the show. Becky reported that $1500 had been raised so far this year and that the year would end up in the black. Rick would like to devise a method to more consistently fund the project and the possibility of making multiple awards. This will be discussed at a future meeting. Competition Mike Elsbury suggested this committee push for morebreed character education. It would be helpful to complete the flyer that Deb Petzel had started so it could be distributed with all mailed registration work. Hall of Fame Tom Slutz and committee have worked up the guidelines for the nominations and award(s). Discussion followed. It was decided to offer up to four positions per year for five years and then up to two per year after that. Recipients would be asked to serve on the future committee. Tom suggested it be posted on the website on its own page.The committee will make contact with families to get nominations in the fall with selections to be made at the NAILE Board meeting. First recognition and presentations will be made in the spring of 2022, possibly during National Show and Sale. Mike Elsbury moved to approve the program and format with a second from Tom Slutz. Website Ad Auction Jim Gruenhagen has set up a silent auction at the Shropshire promotion area. It will close at 1 p.m. on sale day. Historian It would be nice to have Shropshire history articles in each issue of the Voice. Ed Mies of Illinois had volunteered to write for Oct 2021. Becky will ask Cody Hiemke and Matthew Anderson about future issues. Continued on Page 11 _______ Page 7

Rick Whiting

1779 Green Rd.,, Martinsville, OH 45146 (937) 685-2603

We had fun and exciting time at a not so normal


We are extremely pleased we placed consistently in the top 5 multiple times!

A SPECIAL THANKS AND GRATITUDE TO THE ROEHM SISTERS – Mia, Eloise and Eve for their help showing in the Junior Show


for a super job showing in the Open Show for us.


Fall ram - 2nd place Junior Show and 3rd place Open Show. Thanks to Cross County Shrops (McCabe and Kovacs) for purchasing 1/2 interest in this exciting young stud. _______ Page 8

BWB 2110 “BODACIOUS” January ram - This young gun was 3rd in both the Junior and Open Shows. We will be anxious to breed a few ewes ourselves to him.

__________________ Shropshire Voice




La sire


Yearling ram - 4th place in the Open Show. A special thanks to McKinisty Shrops for purchasing 1/2 interest in Road Tour.

BWB 2044 Fall Ewe

She just keeps getting better. She was 2nd in her class at the All American, 5th in the OSF Junior and 3rd in the Open Show.


The surprise of the fair was a new special award in the Junior Show. The award was sponsored by the Ohio Shropshire Assoc. Congratulations to TAHIA AMES for being the 1st recipient! Thanks to the Ohio Association for sponsoring this award.

WAY TO GO TO THESE OTHER EXHIBITORS WITH BWB GENETICS... Avery Vasko (yearling ewe), Alyssa Nau (yearling ewe), Tahia Ames (Jan ewe) In a really large competitive spring ewe lamb class of 31 these 3 stood out. Victoria Kovacs - 2nd with a Road Tour ewe lamb Drew Wolford - 9th with a Road Tour ewe lamb Tahia Ames - 15th with a Road Tour ewe lamb Last but not least...Congratulations to Brian Moeller with his spring ram lamb sired by a BWB stud that stood 2nd in class to the eventual Grand Champion ram __________________ October 2021

_______ Page 9

Justin Rife Family Shrops In Partnership with VIP, Jerry Flanders, DVM

It’s been a great year!

Snowpiercer, Nick’s January Stone Cold son was

RESERVE CHAMPION RAM at the Indiana State Fair Open Show.

Thank you to Phil Colwell for your friendship and for purchasing our winning ram.

Thank you

to our buyers at the Ohio Showcase Sale Troy Locknecker, PA | Arabella Knuth, WI Battle Run Farms, OH | Brendan Pimm, NY

Special thank you to Jerry Flanders for partnering and helping us with our Shropshire flock. We truly appreciate it! Justin, Melissa, Olivia, Zach & Nick Rife Carmel, IN 937-305-5379 •

_______ Page 10

Jerry Flanders, DVM Noblesville, IN

317-508-4738 • __________________ Shropshire Voice



2021 All American Junior Show

Fall ewe purchased from us at the Big Ohio Sale by Lane Falch

CHAMPION SHROP EWE Missouri State Fair FFA Show

6333 N 600 E, Rolling Prairie, IN 46371 (219) 716-4921 •

__________________ October 2021

New Business Voice Schedule – there is concern that the May Voice is always short on advertising and that it may follow the February issue too closely. There was a $1600 deficit in the advertising income funding the production in 2020. The Promotion Committee would like to look at a breakdown of the income and expense by issue for the last four years. Becky will get that together for the committee. There was also discussion on converting to a digital version. More discussion. Mary Anne Keck moved to table this topic until the next meeting when the figures can be reviewed. Redistricting/Board Seat Per the Bylaws, a study of the districts should have been done in 2020.With that in mind, Executive Committee had earlier reviewed a report by state and region of the registrations over a six-year period and recommended no changes in the nine districts or their number of board representatives. However, because of adding a second Indiana director in 2014, both rep’s terms expire the same year in 2023. The Southwest Region’s two director’s terms also expire at the same time in 2021. The Executive Committee recommends one-time change in the term lengths to help stagger the end dates for these regions by making one Southwest District member re-election in 2021 a one-year term and the other a three-year term and the Indiana re-elections in 2023 to be one two-year term and one three-year term. Discussion followed. Rick Adams moved to leave the current districts the same and to look at redistricting again in 2026 and to utilize the one time election realignment described above, seconded by Adam Moore. Motion passed. In 2021, there will be six terms ending, four terms ending in 2022, six terms ending in 2023 with effort made not to have both director’s terms from one region not expire at the same time in the future. Email Blasts Nine were sent to promote sales in 2021. It became awkward to ask for all board members’ approval for all of them. Discussion followed. Adam Moore moved to require approval from only the President and Secretary for each wmail blast request. Seconded by Tom Slutz. With no further business, Mandy Curtiss moved to adjourn at 11:34 a.m.The next meeting is planned to occur during NAILE in November.. _______ Page 11

D Z/ E ^,ZKW^,/Z Z '/^dZz ^^K / d/KE , >> K& & D EKD/d d/KE &KZD


EĂŵĞ ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ




EĂŵĞ ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ

&Ăƌŵ EĂŵĞ ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ

ĚĚƌĞƐƐ ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ

WŚŽŶĞ ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ


zĞĂƌƐ ƌĂŝƐŝŶŐͬďƌĞĞĚŝŶŐ ^ŚƌŽƉƐŚŝƌĞ ƐŚĞĞƉ ;ĂƉƉƌŽdž͘Ϳ ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ /ŶǀŽůǀĞŵĞŶƚ ŝŶ ƚŚĞ ^Z ĂŶĚ ůŽĐĂůͬƐƚĂƚĞ ĂƐƐŽĐŝĂƚŝŽŶƐ Žƌ ĞǀĞŶƚƐ ƉĞƌƚĂŝŶŝŶŐ ƚŽ ^ŚƌŽƉƐŚŝƌĞ ďƌĞĞĚ͘ ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ WůĞĂƐĞ ƌĞƚƵƌŶ ĨŽƌŵ ƚŽ͗


Johnson Bob & Karen & Family

569 State Hwy DD Marshfield, MO 65706 417-859-4452 • _______ Page 12

Providing lamb for dinner for folks in Southwest Missouri!

__________________ Shropshire Voice


The Shropshire breed and its breeders are rich in history. The American Shropshire Registry Association (ASRA) has developed the Hall of Fame to honor people/families that have had a profound and positive impact on the growth, development, and legend of Registered Purebred Shropshire Sheep in the United States. The award will consist of a certificate with the recipient and/or farm name. The award will be presented/mailed to the recipient. If the recipient is deceased, the award will be presented to a family member. The recipient’s name will be added to the American Shropshire Registry Association Hall of Fame list that shall be printed in The Voice. It is the ASRA Board of Director’s goal to embrace, celebrate and honor those people/families who have been historically influential to the Shropshire Breed. ELIGIBILITY The conditions of eligibility are as follow: A person or family that has promoted, raised, and contributed to the success of registered Shropshire sheep in the United States by: 1. Breeding Shropshire sheep that have added quality, genetic predictability, and economic value to the breed. 2. Providing leadership and/or mentorship for Shropshire producers in local, state, and/ or national Shropshire sheep organizations and activities. 3. Raising Shropshire sheep for a minimum of 10 years. 4. Current ASRA Board Members will not be considered for nomination into the Hall of Fame while serving on the National Board. 5. The nominee shall have been supportive in the affairs of the Shropshire Association. 6. The nominee must be nominated and if not chosen that year, the nomination will remain active up to 4 years. 7. A form is available to be filled out by the person nominating the potential

__________________ October 2021

inductee. 8. The nominee can be deceased, if living they must be in good standing with the ASRA Association. Inductees will be determined by the current ASRA Board Members. The Hall of Fame Committee will submit names to the ASRA Board of Directors for approval. The committee will submit names for consideration at the ASRA Board of Directors meeting at the National Show (currently held in Louisville, KY). From 2021-2025, one to four shall be elected to the Hall of Fame each year. Thereafter, up to two shall be elected each year. The submitted inductee nomination list does not have to represent each ASRA District. This will be an evolving process which every Board member should be excited about. The ASRA needs to recognize those Shropshire breeders who have “blazed the trail” for the Shropshire breed of yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

The Sheep Store! Ewesful Gifts

The place for all your social sheep networking. All things sheepish – Clothing, footwear, Christmas cards, home accents. 920-296-0326

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Jason and Dash Heeg



P.O. Box 217, Shepherd, MT 59079 Home 406-947-2093 / Cell 406-855-1478 /

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__________________ Shropshire Voice

TOP SECRET – Supreme Champion Ram 2021 Maryland State Fair

Thanks... Philip Colwell

of Milan, TN for purchasing our 2021 National Champion Ewe at the Ohio National Sale.

Thanks... Brieley Scott

of Oakwood, OK for privately purchasing a ewe lamb off the farm.


Champion Shropshire Ewe 1st Place Early January Ewe 2021 Maryland State Fair Tim & Sarah Fleener


__________________ October 2021

Robesonia, PA • (717) 413-5181

/Fleener Livestock _______ Page 15

OPEN SHOWS Indiana State Fair

August 21 Judge: Mark Johnson Yearling Ram 1. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy, & Kaitlyn Schakel Champion Ram 2. Mike & Karen Elsbury 3. Dave Elsbury 4. Duane Elsbury 5. Steve & Nancy Elsbury 6. David Harrell Fall Ram Lamb 1. Zachary Rife 2. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy, & Kaitlyn Schakel 3. Samuel McDermit 4. Duane Elsbury 5. Danny Rogers 6. David Harrell Early Junior Ram Lamb 1. Nicholas Reserve Champion Ram 2. Mrozinski Farms 3. Danny Rogers 4. Dave Elsbury 5.Timothy Elsbury 6. Dave Elsbury 7. Crimson Ridge Farm 8. David Harrell Intermediate Junior Ram Lamb 1.Westin Poynter 2. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy & Kaitlyn Schakel 3.Timothy Elsbury 4. Rockin K Livestock 5. Miley Williams 6. Mark Wisehart 7.Tenley Cory 8. Camden Cory 9. David Harrell Late Junior Ram Lamb 1. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy & Kaitlyn Schakel 2. Mrozinski Farms 3. Mrozinski Farms 4. David Harrell 5.Wyatt & Sophie Harrell 6. Norbert Jackson 7.Wyatt & Sophie Harrell 8. David Harrell _______ Page 16

Pair Ram Lambs 1. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy & Kaitlyn Schakel 2. Mrozinski Farms 3. Danny Rogers 4.Timothy Elsbury 5. Dave Elsbury 6. David Harrell 7.Wyatt & Sophie Harrell Yearling Ewe Class 1 (11 shown) 1. Kenyon Buckland 2. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy & Kaitlyn Schakel 3. J. N. Dirlam & Sons 4. J. N. Dirlam & Sons 5. Mike & Karen Elsbury 6. Rockin K Livestock 7. Danny Rogers 8. Dave Elsbury 9. Kamryn Whisman 10. Justin Proper Yearling Ewe Class 2 (11 shown) 1. Olivia Rife 2. Mrozinski Farms 3. Danny Rogers 4.Timothy Elsbury 5. Zachary Rife 6. Mark Wisehart 7. Mark Wisehart 8. Cooper Rooze 9. Dave Elsbury 10. Abby Elsbury Yearling Ewe Class 3 (12 shown) 1. Rockin K Livestock 2. Kenyon Buckland 3. Duane Elsbury 4. Camden Cory 5. Crimson Ridge Farm 6.Timothy Elsbury 7. Miley Williams 8. Justin Proper 9. Abby Elsbury 10. Mike & Karen Elsbury Yearling Ewe Class 4 (11 shown) 1. FP Livestock Alivia, Ainsley, Braylon Porter 2. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy & Kaitlyn Schakel 3. Olivia Rife 4. Abbey Hughes 5. Norbert Jackson 6. Mrozinski Farms 7. Steve & Nancy Elsbury

8. Crimson Ridge Farm 9. Duane Elsbury 10. Norbert Jackson Pair Yearling Ewes (18 shown) 1. Kenyon Buckland 2. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy & Kaitlyn Schakel 3. Rockin K Livestock 4. Mrozinski Farms 5.Timothy Elsbury 6. J. N. Dirlam & Sons 7. Crimson Ridge Farm 8. Norbert Jackson 9. Steve & Nancy Elsbury 10. Mark Wisehart Fall Ewe Lamb Class 1 1. Mrozinski Farms Champion Ewe 2. Kenyon Buckland 3. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy & Kaitlyn Schakel 4. Abbey Hughes 5. Danny Rogers 6. Danny Rogers 7. Mike & Karen Elsbury 8. Kenyon Buckland 9. Norbert Jackson Fall Ewe Lamb Class 2 1. Olivia Rife 2. Zachary Rife 3. Dave Elsbury 4. Nicholas Rife 5. Justin Proper 6. Samuel McDermit 7. Dave Elsbury 8. Duane Elsbury 9. David Harrell Early Ewe Lamb Class 1 (11 shown) 1.Westin Poynter 2. J. N. Dirlam & Sons 3. J. N. Dirlam & Sons 4. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy & Kaitlyn Schakel 5. Nicholas Rife 6. Dave Elsbury 7.Katelyn Elsbury 8. Mark Wisehart 9. Dave Elsbury 10. Danny Rogers Early Ewe Lamb Class 2 (11 shown) 1. Rockin K Livestock 2. FP Livestock Alivia, Ainsley,

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__________________ Shropshire Voice

Congratulations to these exhibitors with sheep from

SS Shrops

Dave Elsbury family purchased 20-46 at the Indiana Premier sale that was Sr Champion Ewe and Res. Champion Ewe overall at the Wisconsin State Fair

Kennedy Algire purchased 21-22 at the Ohio sale that was 1st place January ewe at the Ohio State Fair Jr show and 2nd place January ewe at the Ohio State Fair open show

Taylor Ruff purchased 20-49 privately off the farm that was 1st place fall ram at the All Star Breeding Sheep Show

Katelyn Elsbury purchased 21-1 on the Tri-State Elite online sale that placed at the Indiana State Fair

Our grandson, Warren Mott, had a number of Champions, Reserves, Supreme and Reserve Supreme over all breeds at multiple fairs this summer

JIM & DONNA GRUENHAGEN __________________ October 2021

7622 Jersey Ridge Rd., Davenport, IA 52807 // (563) 355-6730 //

_______ Page 17

Braylon Porter 3. Mike & Karen Elsbury 4. Steve & Nancy Elsbury 5. Abbey Hughes 6. Mrozinski Farms 7.Timothy Elsbury 8. Crimson Ridge Farm 9. Alex Taylor 10.Timothy Elsbury Early Ewe Lamb Class 3 (15 shown) 1. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy & Kaitlyn Schakel 2. Olivia Rife 3. Kenyon Buckland 4. Mark Wisehart 5. Mrozinski Farms 6. Hayze & Stockton Klotz 7. Justin Proper 8. Camden Cory 9. Justin Proper 10. Abby Elsbury Early Ewe Lamb Class 4 1. Hayze & Stockton Klotz Reserve Champion Ewe 2. Kenyon Buckland 3. Rockin K Livestock 4.Westin Poynter 5. Steve & Nancy Elsbury 6. Miley Williams 7. Samuel McDermit 8. Samuel McDermit 9. David Harrell Late Ewe Lamb Class 1 (13 shown) 1. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy & Kaitlyn Schakel 2. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy & Kaitlyn Schakel 3. Mrozinski Farms 4. Crimson Ridge Farm 5.Timothy Elsbury 6. Danny Rogers 7. Rockin K Livestock 8. Mike & Karen Elsbury 9. Lindsay Petersen 10. Mark Wisehart Late Ewe Lamb Class 2 1.Westin Poynter 2. Mrozinski Farms 3. J. N. Dirlam & Sons 4.Westin Poynter 5. Duane Elsbury 6.Timothy Elsbury _______ Page 18

7. Crimson Ridge Farm 8. Steve & Nancy Elsbury 9. CW Livestock 10.Tenley Cory Pair Ewe Lambs (20 shown) 1. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy & Kaitlyn Schakel 2. Rockin K Livestock 3.Westin Poynter 4. Kenyon Buckland 5. Mrozinski Farms 6. J. N. Dirlam & Sons 7.Timothy Elsbury 8. Steve & Nancy Elsbury 9. Dave Elsbury 10. Samuel McDermit Mixed Pair (16 shown) 1. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy 2.Westin Poynter 3. Mrozinski Farms 4. Dave Elsbury 5.Timothy Elsbury 6. Miley Williams 7. Danny Rogers 8. Samuel McDermit 9. Mark Wisehart 10. Duane Elsbury Best 4 Head (20 shown) 1. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy & Kaitlyn Schakel 2. Rockin K Livestock 3. Kenyon Buckland 4. Mrozinski Farms 5. J. N. Dirlam & Sons 6.Westin Poynter 7. Dave Elsbury 8. Steve & Nancy Elsbury 9. Mike & Karen Elsbury 10.Timothy Elsbury Flock (14 shown) 1. Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy & Kaitlyn Schakel 2. Rockin K Livestock 3. Mrozinski Farms 4.Timothy Elsbury 5. Steve & Nancy Elsbury 6. Mark Wisehart 7. Crimson Ridge Farm 8. Duane Elsbury 9. Danny Rogers 10. Mike & Karen Elsbury Premier Exhibitor

Kylie, Kaleb, Kassidy & Kaitlyn Schakel

Ohio State Fair Open Show

August 1, Judge: Steve Myers Yearling Ram 1. Luke Raudebaugh 2. Natalie Eskridge 3. Pence Farms 4. McKinstry Shrops & BWB 5. Kennedy Algire 6. Shelby C Petry 7. Drew Wolford 8. Jacob Hamilton 9. Jacob Hamilton Fall Ram Lamb 1. Kennedy Algire Reserve Champion Ram 2. Luke Raudebaugh 3.Tahia Ames 4. Robert Sando 5. Drew Wolford 6. Drew Wolford 7. Abby Isler Early Spring Ram Lamb 1. Luke Raudebaugh 2. Emily Stevens 3.Tahia Ames 4. David High 5. Kennedy Algire+A2 6. Schindel Shropshires 7. Garrett L Petry Late Spring Ram Lamb (12 shown) 1.Victoria Kovacs Champion Ram 2. Brian Moeller 3. Kennedy Algire 4. Natalie Eskridge 5. Kennedy Algire 6. Schindel Shropshires 7. Eli Petry 8. Luke Raudebaugh 9. Avery Vasko 10. Kendrick Campbell Yearling Ewe Class 1 1. Emily Stevens Champion Ewe 2. Kennedy Algire 3. Eli Petry 4. Alyssa Nau 5. Kennedy Algire 6. Pence Farms __________________ Shropshire Voice

7. Natalie Eskridge 8. Schindel Shropshires Yearling Ewe Class 2 1. Kellen Algire 2. David High 3. Luke Raudebaugh 4. Heather Swartz 5. Schindel Shropshires 6. Pence Farms 7. Avery Vasko 8. Schindel Shropshires 9. Evans Shropshires Yearling Ewe Class 3 1. Kennedy Algire 2. Natalie Eskridge 3. Pence Farms 4. Abby Isler Fall Ewe Lamb 1. Emily Stevens 2.Victoria Kovacs 3.Tahia Ames 4. Kennedy Algire 5. Luke Raudebaugh 6. Natalie Eskridge 7. Drew Wolford 8. Abby Isler 9. Ben Isler 10. Drew Wolford Early Spring Ewe Lamb (18 shown) 1. Emily Stevens 2. Kennedy Algire 3. Jacob Fowler 4.Victoria Kovacs 5. Brianna Moeller 6. Shelby C Petry 7. Ben Isler 8.Tim McKinstry 9.Tahia Ames 10. Schindel Shropshires Intermediate Spring Ewe Lamb 1. Jacob Fowler 2. Kennedy Algire 3. David High 4. Schindel Shropshires 5. Drew Wolford 6. Evans Shropshires 7. Eli Petry 8.Tahia Ames Spring Ewe Lamb (12 shown) 1. Luke Raudebaugh Reserve Champion Ewe 2. Emily Stevens 3. David High 4. Natalie Eskridge 5. Kennedy Algire __________________ October 2021

6. Elizabeth Schiff 7. Avery Vasko 8. Garrett L Petry 9. Robert Sando 10. Evans Shropshires Late Spring Ewe Lamb 1. Elizabeth Schiff 2. Kennedy Algire 3. Heather Swartz 4. David High 5. Dawson Kovacs 6. Schindel Shropshires 7. Klayten Chamberlain 8. Natalie Eskridge 9. Evans Shropshires

Ozark Empire Fair July 30 Judge: Jeff Ebert

Yearling Ram 1. Faith Calvin 2. Olivia Graves 3. Faith Calvin 4. Autumn Dotson 5. Hagan Martin 6. Hagan Martin Fall Ram Lamb 1. Redbud Farms 2. Redbud Farms Spring Ram Lamb 1. Mary Anne Keck 2. Olivia Graves 3. Faith Calvin 4. Autumn Dotson 5. Hagan Martin 6. Autumn Dotson 7. Hagan Martin Pair Ram Lambs 1. Hagan Martin Yearling Ewe Class 1 1. Faith Calvin 2. Mary Anne Keck 3.Trey Graves 4. Briley Seela 5. Jared McCoy 6.Wyatt Graves 7. Briley Seela Yearling Ewe Class 2 1. Olivia Graves 2. Autumn Dotson 3.Trey Graves 4. Olivia Graves 5. Autumn Dotson 6. Mary Anne Keck

Sesquicentennial Farm

Mike Anderson of Paxton, Ill. was recognized at the Illinois State Fair during Ag Day for his farm being certified as a sesquicentennial farm. It has been in Mike’s family since 1871. Pair Yearling Ewes 1. Olivia Graves 2. Mary Anne Keck 3.Trey Graves 4. Autumn Dotson 5. Briley Seela Fall Ewe Lamb 1. Redbud Farms 2. Mary Anne Keck 3. Olivia Graves 4. Redbud Farms Spring Ewe Lamb Class 1 1. Olivia Graves 2. Faith Calvin 3. Mary Anne Keck 4. Olivia Graves 5.Trey Graves 6. Jared McCoy 7.Trey Graves Spring Ewe Lamb Class 2 1. Faith Calvin 2. Autumn Dotson

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Jerry Flanders, DVM 16260 Atlantic Rd., Noblesville, IN 46060 317/508-4738 •

Shown by Kenyon Buckland


2021 All-American Jr Show



2021 Clinton Co Open Show


2020 Indiana State Fair 4H Show

CHAMP SHROP EWE 2020 Youth Expo Show



2021 ISF Open Shrop Show


2021 All American Jr Sheep Show _______ Page 20

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Shown by the Shackel Family

GRAND CHAMP SHROP 2021 ISF Open Shrop Show




2020 NAILE Jr Shrop Show

Shown by the Shackel Family


2021 Indiana State Fair


__________________ October 2021

_______ Page 21

3. Mary Anne Keck 4. Autumn Dotson 5. Hagan Martin 6. Hagan Martin 7. Hagan Martin Pair Ewe Lambs 1. Faith Calvin 2. Olivia Graves 3. Mary Anne Keck 4. Autumn Dotson 5. Redbud Farms 6.Trey Graves 7. Hagan Martin Mixed Pair 1. Olivia Graves 2. Faith Calvin 3. Mary Anne Keck 4. Redbud Farms 5. Autumn Dotson 6. Hagan Martin Young Flock 1. Olivia Graves 2. Mary Anne Keck 3. Faith Calvin 4. Autumn Dotson 5. Redbud Farms 6. Hagan Martin Pen 4 Lambs 1. Mary Anne Keck 2. Olivia Graves 3. Redbud Farms 4. Autumn Dotson 5. Hagan Martin Exhibitors Flock 1. Olivia Graves 2. Mary Anne Keck 3. Autumn Dotson

Wisconsin State Fair August 14 Judge: Farabee McCarthy

Yearling Ram 1. Dave Elsbury Res. Senior Champion Ram Fall Ram Lamb 1. Morgan Anderson Senior Champion Ram January Ram Lamb 1. James & Terri Kipp Res. Junior & Reserve _______ Page 22

Grand Champion Ram 2.Troy Longenecker 3. Stacy Grohmann 4.Tim Elsbury 5. Dave Elsbury 6. Camden Cory 7.Tenley Cory February Ram Lamb 1.Tim Elsbury 2. Morgan Anderson 3. Rueber Shrops 4. Arabella Knuth March/April Ram Lamb 1.Troy Longenecker Junior & Grand Champion Ram 2. Rueber Shrops 3. Stacy Grohmann Pair Ram Lambs 1.Troy Longenecker 2. Morgan Anderson 3.Tim Elsbury 4. Stacy Grohmann 5. Rueber Shrops Yearling Ewe Class 1 1.Tim Elsbury 2.Tim Elsbury 3. Stacy Grohmann 4. Dave Elsbury 5. Stacy Grohmann 6. Dave Elsbury 7. Morgan Anderson Yearling Ewe Class 2 1.Troy Longenecker Res. Senior Champion Ewe 2. James & Terri Kipp 3.Troy Longenecker 4. James & Terri Kipp 5. Rueber Shrops 6. Morgan Anderson 7. Rueber Shrops 8. Camden Cory Pair Yearling Ewes 1.Troy Longenecker 2. James & Terri Kipp 3.Tim Elsbury 4. Stacy Grohmann 5. Dave Elsbury 6. Morgan Anderson Fall Ewe Lamb 1. Dave Elsbury Senior & Res. Grand Champion Ewe 2. Stacy Grohmann

2. Stacy Grohmann January Ewe Lamb (11 shown) 1.Troy Longenecker Res. Junior Champion Ewe 2.Tim Elsbury 3.Tim Elsbury 4. Dave Elsbury 5. Stacy Grohmann 6. Morgan Anderson 7. Rueber Shrops 8. James & Terri Kipp 9. Drake Helfert 10. Arabella Knuth February Ewe Lamb (11 shown) 1. Morgan Anderson 2. Stacy Grohmann 3. Stacy Grohmann 4. Morgan Anderson 5. James & Terri Kipp 6. Rueber Shrops 7. Arabella Knuth 8.Tim Elsbury 9. Dave Elsbury 10. Rueber Shrops March/April Ewe Lamb 1.Troy Longenecker Junior & Grand Champion Ewe 2.Troy Longenecker 3.Tim Elsbury 4. James & Terri Kipp 5. Stacy Grohmann 6. Rueber Shrops 7. Stacy Grohmann 8.Tim Elsbury 9.Tenley Cory Pair Ewe Lambs 1.Troy Longenecker 2. Dave Elsbury 3. Morgan Anderson 4.Tim Elsbury 5. James & Terri Kipp 6. Stacy Grohmann 7. Arabella Knuth 8.Tenley Cory Exhibitor’s Flock 1.Troy Longenecker 2.Tim Elsbury 3. James & Terri Kipp 4. Stacy Grohmann 5. Morgan Anderson 6. Dave Elsbury Premier Exhibitor Troy Longenecker __________________ Shropshire Voice

Sugar Ridge Ranch

StephenSon Jon, Charlotte & Vivian

Viroqua, WI 54665 608-637-6474 (H) 608-774-3151 (C)

Plan a visit to Wisconsin this spring! Lambs of this caliber will be available Spring of 2022...

Can’t make it it Wisconsin?

Watch for our catalog & online sale info. Delivery can be arranged! Contact us early for the best selection! __________________ October 2021

_______ Page 23

City Limits

Sheep Farm


Slutz centerfold in separate file CLSF 2024


Freedom Fest & Youth Sheep Expo Sired by Kaboom, Shown by Jaedyn Slutz

CLSF 20117

RES CHAMPION EWE All American Junior Show

Sired by Kaboom, Shown by Drake Slutz

Thanks to all of our buyers and buyers in 2021 from both the live and online sales. We will be hosting 3 Target of Excellence Online Sales Spring of 2022. CLSF 2108

Stud rams and show ewe lambs available privately off the farm. Call early for best selection.


Youth Sheep Expo & IL State Fair Open Show


All American Junior Show Sired by Kaboom, Shown by Jaedyn Slutz

_______ Page 24

__________________ Shropshire Voice


Slutz centerfold in separate file

CLSF 2128

CHAMPION RAM Tennessee State Fair

Sired by Kaboom, Shown by Taylor Young, Purchased at the National Sale ________________________________ CLSF 2165


CLSF 21123


Missouri State Fair Open Show


Sired by Kaboom, Shown by Lane Falch, Purchased at Midwest Stud Ram Sale

Shown by Camryn Askelsen, Purchased from Target of Excellence Sale ________________________________ CLSF 2191

CHAMPION RAM Empire Classic Show

Shown by Brendan Pimm, Purchased off the farm ________________________________ CLSF 2069

CHAMPION RAM Missouri 4-H Show RES CHAMPION RAM Missouri Open Show

Shown by Faith Calvin, Purchased off the farm ________________________________ CLSF 2049


CLSF 21125


Shown by Brenna Hubbard, Purchased from Target of Excellence Sale

Sired by No Fear, Shown by Troy Longenecker, Purchased off the farm

Tom Slutz & Family

Brad Slutz & Family

Maple Park, IL 60151 P.O. Box 177, LaMoille IL 61330 (815) 766-0584 (815) 638-2177 • (815) 915-5624 (c) __________________ October 2021

_______ Page 25

All American Thank You Thank you to all of the sponsors of the Class Winner Awards at the 2021 All-American Junior Show! Fall Ram Lamb - Shropshire Voice, Rinda Maddox, Amanda Rull January Ram Lamb - Jaedyn & Drake Slutz February Ram Lamb - Ebert Sheep Farm March Ram Lamb - llinois Shropshire Association Pair Ram Lambs - Tom Slutz City Limits Champion Ram - ASRA North Central District Reserve Champion Ram - Illinois Shropshire Association Yearling Ewe (Class 1) - Illinois Shropshire Association Yearling Ewe (Class 2) - ASRA North Central District Yearling Ewe (Class 3) - ASRA North Central District Pair Yearling Ewes - Illinois Shropshire Association Fall Ewe Lamb (Class 1) - Shropshire Voice, Rinda Maddox, Amanda Rull Fall Ewe Lamb (Class 2) - ASRA North Central District January Ewe Lamb (Class 1) - Illinois Shropshire Association January Ewe Lamb (Class 2) - ASRA North Central District January Ewe Lamb (Class 3) - Illinois Shropshire Association February Ewe Lamb (Class 1) - Sand Meadow Farm February Ewe Lamb (Class 2) - Illinois Shropshire Association March Ewe Lamb (Class 1) - Illinois Shropshire Association Pair Ewe Lambs - Illinois Shropshire Association Champion Ewe - ASRA North Central District Reserve Champion Ewe - Illinois Shropshire Association Young Flock - Shropshire Voice, Rinda Maddox, Amanda Rull Best 4 Head of Ewes - Illinois Shropshire Association Market Lamb Light - Illinois Shropshire Association Market Lamb Heavy - ASRA North Central District Ram Fleece - Orchard Valley Farm Ewe Fleece - Orchard Valley Farm Top Gun - Illinois Shropshire Association _______ Page 26

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Shropshire Futurity as of 8/30/21 Rank


Flock Tag

# shows Points

Yearling Ewe 1. Skilar Burch Fritz 2009 3 2. Alivia Porter Poynter 20-15 1 3. Kirsten Keck SS Shrops 20-2 1 Regional Ewe Lamb East 1. Addisen Nicholson R&A 2549 2 2. Taryn Stem CLSF 2141 4 3. Taylor Young DIRLAM 2109 2 4. Taylor Young Flanders VIP 0399 1 5. Taryn Stem CLSF 20135 4 6. Lizzy Miller CLSF 2194 1 7. Taylor Young Adams 21105 1 Mid-West 1. Emily Stevens Slack 1190 5 2. Emily Stevens Step Ahead 225 5 3. Victoria Kovacs Heeg 21-2g 5 4. Kinley Tenney High Life Farm 21105 5 5. Nicholas Rife BWB 2048 4 6. Drew Wolford BWB Farms 2128 4 7. Tahia Ames BWB 2106 3 8 tie Annie Saling High Life 21114 5 8 tie Camden Cory SN Elsbury 57 5 10 Tenley Cory JEM 2111 5 11 Victoria Kovacs BWB 2119 1 12 Tahia Ames BWB 2125 3 13 Alex Taylor Noble 057 2 West 1. Faith Calvin CLSF 21132 5 2. Kyle Adams Elsbury 20091 5 3. Morgan Anderson CLSF 21102 3 4. Thomas Vandeventer Fritz 2103 2 5. Brenna Hubbard CLSF2178 1 6. Morgan Anderson CLSF 21121 3 7. Arabella Knuth Poynter 21-8 1 8. Kirsten Keck Step Ahead 227 1 9. Dash Heeg Fritz 2112 3 10. Camryn Askelsen CLSF 2165 1 11. Arabella Knuth BWB 2120 1

31 17 6 47 24 23 20 19 10 5 78 77 74 69 46 42 25 23 23 19 17 11 10 48 40 34 32 30 25 12 8 8 6 2

A New Shepardess is in Town! Will she be a black-faced or a white-faced girl? Our new granddaughter, Carsyn Joan Gardiner, born August 12, 2021, weighing 7 lbs., 8 oz. Her parents are Darcey and Jake.

Webster Family __________________ October 2021


413 Roosevelt Trail Windham, ME 207-831-0608

_______ Page 27

Sustaining & Spreading an 87 Year Legacy Dr. Fred Groverman DVM has been around for 88 years. Shropshires have been at his home place for 87 years. I’ve been friends with Fred for 16 years, learning about his family’s legacy with Shropshires. Fred and I have traveled to Shropshire, England together…twice. Through the years, Grovermans have raised Shropshire sheep to form, function, and productivity. They haven’t leaned into fads, and were one of the integral families in the 1950s to correct a fad to a more functional sheep. Fred served the ASRA as president from 1979 to 1981, following other long-time impactful breeders at president like Doug Chambers, Emil Hartzell, Sam Washburn, and followed by Glenn High. He’s the only one left of that iconic group of breeders. I’ve long said that the Groverman Shropshire sheep are the only truly pure Shropshires left in America. More people should see them so they can understand the extent to which the breed has strayed. We’ve had tremendous demand for this type of Shropshire. On September 1st I visited Fred and sorted through his ewe flock, keeping the top 24 ewes for him. Seventythree sheep were picked up by the Anderson family on September 4th, and have since been distributed to six locations, and starting two new flocks. Thanks to the following for being a steward of the Groverman legacy… Dr. Tom Murphy, Nebraska (new flock), 15 ewes and a ram Gail & Gary Jorgensen, Kansas (Gail grew up a McKerrow), 7 ewes and a ram The Anderson Family, Missouri, 23 ewes and a ram Stone Barns, New York, adding 15 ewes to their flock Jeffrey Patterson, Maine (new flock), 10 ewes for his tree orchard Lastly, I’d like to thank Fred. For being a friend and mentor as we try to maintain the strong points and purity of a breed we are the stewards of. Thank you, Fred. From, Cody Mapleton Mynd Shropshires Stoughton, WI 415-302-8035 FB: @MapletonMyndShropshires _______ Page 28

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Bringing Tradition to Missouri What started out in 1989 with the purchase of one ewe lamb from Verne Hoffman (Mokelumne Farms), grew to a peak size of 40 brood ewes that has been reduced to six ewes. We’ve only added one non-Mokelumne Farms ewe in 2012 and have not used any outside rams since the same year. For the past several years we’ve pondered where to go to get new genetics. In talking with Cody Hiemke earlier this summer he indicated Fred would be reducing his flock substantially. At that point we knew we had our answer! Fred is the last living Shropshire Kingpin on the west coast (the other two being Verne and Doug Chambers) and really the last true breeder in the entire breed. The ewes we purchased from Fred look just like the Mokelumne Farms ewes we started out with in the late 1980s. As with Verne’s flock (started in 1947) we are proud to help carry on a part of Groverman Shropshires legacy. Anderson Farms Matthew, Christie, Emily & Andrew Grant City, MO (660) 988-3503

__________________ October 2021

_______ Page 29

Thompson, Elsbury win scholarships Each year the ASRA offers two $400 college scholarships to students directly involved with Shropshire sheep and enrolled in an undergraduate program. Students must submit an application, two letters of recommendation and complete transcript by June 1. This year five applications were received and they were all exceptional. The winners were Lauren Thompson of Woodville, Wis., whose story appears here. The second winner is Abby Elsbury of Greenfield, Ind.. Her story will appear in the February 2022 Voice. Lauren Thompson graduated from the Baldwin-Woodville High School last May where she kept up a GPA of 3.74 and will be attending the Kansas State University in the fall to study animal science and industry and leadership studies. She is the daughter of Scott and Kirsten Thompson.

Lauren has a long list of scholastic awards, honors and positions over her four years at Baldwin-Woodville, including freshman and senior student council president, National Honor Society two year president, two-time National History Day National Finalist and FFA Greenhand Award. She has played varsity tennis, track and field and sang in the Glee Club, choir and Valley Voices. Her very nice application was evident of a 4-H record student and she was a member of the Lone Pine 4-H Club since 2008 and received the St. Croix County Key Award in 2021. She was recognized several times at the Wisconsin State Fair for sheep showmanship and poultry showmanship. Lauren took part in the American Spirit Experience, Citizen Washington Focus and the National 4-H Conference. She has been an active member of several area agriculture commissions and groups and helped run their numerous events. She writes: “Our family began our sheep adventure


Quality Shropshires SINCE 1963


SHROPSHIRES 11673 N. Bethesda Rd., Mooresville, Indiana John 317-443-2901 • Matt 317-270-0968 _______ Page 30

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Lauren Thompson almost a decade ago with three lambs purchased for our county fair and since then our operation has blossomed to a flock of over 200 sheep, including five registered breeds. My brothers and I currently own 27 Shropshire ewes and three breeding rams. This spring we raised over 100 lambs, including 33 Shrops.

Congratulations Tiffany Ross from Choctaw OK FFA

2021 Oklahoma

County Fair Champion with her ewe lamb purchased from us off the farm.

We are blessed to have great kids showing our sheep and doing well.

We will have a nice selection of club lambs next spring for sale.

Merveldt Shropshires Darin & Kim Merveldt 8104 N. Alfadale Road, El Reno, OK 73036 (405) 206-6473 •

__________________ October 2021

As a Youth Leader in the 4-H sheep project, I have had the opportunity to teach seminars on sheep topics from conditioning to shearing to halter making locally and at the Indianhead Small Ruminant Clinic. I’ve been honored to win sheep essay and photography contests and auction scholarships used to purchase foundation ewes for our famliy flock. I’ve had the opportunity to show sheep, as well as participate in skill-a-thons and judging contests at WSWF for several years. At the 2017 All-American Junior Sheep Show in Madison, Wis., our family raised and showed the fourth place March ram lamb. We also had the champion Shropshire ewe at the Wisconsin State Fair that year. Raising breeding sheep is a huge commitment. My daily obligations include caring for the 200+ sheep in our flock. Each sheep is penned according to their breed and individual needs, I help determine rations for each sheep and observe them daily for health issues and any lameness. We breed in the fall and in the spring therefore we need to consider bloodline and conformation before selecting out specific matings. I’ve learned to deworm, give vaccinations, process lambs, keep detailed records, use CIDR devises, trim feet, shear and many other skills needed for a flock of our size. Our family enjoys activities with our sheep all year long. My sheep have been a hit at the FFA petting zoo and in my mother’s fifth grade classroom during her rural life unit. I’ve done many presentations on the positive attributes of wool and have promoted its use through the Make It With Wool contest. Promoting the sheep and wool industry is my future goal. For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed breeding and raising animals. I’ve been influenced greatly by watching my parents and grandparents care for their stock and teach us to do so along the way. The compassion and work ethic that they have taught me will remain part of me always.” Congratulations to Lauren on her success and we wish her the best of luck in her future. _______ Page 31

North East Youth Sheep Show

West Springfield, MA July 17, Judge: Matt Scramlin

Yearling Ram 1.Taryn Stem 2. Brady Clark 3. Connor Priest 4. Faustyna Jaracz Intermediate Ram Lamb 1. Brady Clark Reserve Champion Ram 2. Addisen Nicholson 3. Chloe Stonesifer

4. Connor Priest 5. Brady Clark 6. Joanna Jaracz 7. Annabelle Miller Junior Ram Lamb 1. Brady Clark Champion Ram 2. Brady Clark 3. Madison Miller 4. Kayla Young 5. Kayla Young Pair Ram Lambs 1. Brady Clark 2. Kayla Young Best Headed Ram

1. Addisen Nicholson Yearling Ewe 1. Addisen Nicholson 2.Taryn Stem 3. Brady Clark 4. Brady Clark 5. Addisen Nicholson 6. Connor Priest 7. Brady Clark 8. Chloe Stonesifer 9. Annabelle Miller 10. Lizzy Miller Pair Yearling Ewes 1. Brady Clark 2. Addisen Nicholson

2021 Shropshire Royal Kids

The National Shropshire Royalty Program is in its fifth year in 2021. The opportunity is open to both boys and girls and this year we had applications from each. Information was made available during the winter and we were delighted to receive a total of five applications in two divisions. A selection committee of Robin Pardus, Danny Rogers, Debbie Petzel and Re Call was assembled and each member enjoyed learning about these youngsters and their interest in Shropshires. Presentations were made at the National Shropshire Sale in Greenville, Ohio last May. In the youngest division Morgan Anderson of St. Croix,Wis. was chosen as Boy Blue.Twins Leila and Landree Street of Alexandria, Ind. each received a Bo Peep sash. Abby Isler of Pros-

Princess Brynn Lamm

_______ Page 32

pect, Ohio and Brynn Lamm of Baileyville, Ill. were each awarded the position of Shropshire Princess. You may have seen one or all of them at a show near Princess Abby Isler you helping in the ring or presenting awards. Congratulations to these young people! Applications for the 2022 Royalty Program will be available on the Shropshire website early in the year.

Bo Peeps – Laundree and Leila Street

Bo Blue – Morgan Anderson __________________ Shropshire Voice

Senior Ewe Lamb 1. Brady Clark Champion Ewe 2. Addisen Nicholson 3. Brady Clark 4.Taryn Stem Intermediate Ewe Lamb 1. Brady Clark Reserve Champion Ewe 2.Addisen Nicholson 3. Connor Priest 4. Addisen Nicholson 5.Taryn Stem 6. Brady Clark 7. Lizzy Miller 8. Connor Priest 9. Chloe Stonesifer Junior Ewe Lamb 1. Brady Clark 2. Addisen Nicholson 3. Addisen Nicholson 4. Brady Clark 5. Oliver Nicholson 6. Oliver Nicholson 7. Madison Miller 8. Jillian Bowen Pair Ewe Lambs 1. Brady Clark 2. Addisen Nicholson 3. Connor Priest 4.Taryn Stem 5. Oliver Nicholson Best Headed Ewe Oliver Nicholson Exhibitors Flock 1. Brady Clark 2.Addisen Nicholson 3.Taryn Stem 4. Chloe Stonesifer 5. Connor Priest

All-American Junior Show

July 4, Springfield, Illinois Judge: Neal Knapp Fall Ram Lamb 1. Kenyon Buckland Champion Ram 2. Kassidy Schakel 3. Jaedyn Slutz 4.Westin Poynter 5.Taylor Young 6. Luke Raudebaugh 7. Zachary Rife January Ram Lamb __________________ October 2021

1. Jaedyn Slutz Reserve Champion Ram 2. Jaedyn Slutz 3. Luke Raudebaugh 4. Kade Mennen 5. Riggin Klotz 6. Emily Stevens 7. Addison Nicholson 8.Tahia Ames 9.Blair Mroziniski 10. Dalton Payne 11. Brady Miller 12.Taylor Kemp 13.Taylor Young 14. Elizabeth LaFramboise 15. Nicholas Rife 16. Lauren Thompson February Ram Lamb 1. Jaedyn Slutz 2. Kassidy Schakel 3. Jaedyn Slutz 4.Westin Poynter 5. Luke Raudebaugh 6.Victoria Kovacs 7. Kennedy Algire 8.Taylor Young 9. Morgan Anderson 10. Skilar Burch 11. Olivia Graves 12. Kylie Adams 13.Taylor Kemp 14. Kinley Tenney 15. Autumn Dotson 16. Arabella Knuth 17. Miley Williams March Ram Lamb 1. Jaedyn Slutz 2. Lane Falch 3. Rylie Miller 4. Kennedy Algire 5. Kinley Tenney 6.Taylor Young 7.Westin Poynter Pair of Ram Lambs 1. Luke Raudebaugh 2. Kennedy Algire 3.Westin Poynter 4.Taylor Young 5. Kinley Tenney 6.Taylor Kemp Yearling Ewe Group 1 1. Kenyon Buckland Senior & Grand Champ Ewe 2. Jaedyn Slutz 3. Kassidy Schakel 4.Taylor Young 5. Riggin Klotz

6. Lane Falch 7. Zachary Rife 8.Tanner Beckmier 9. Kennedy Algire 10.Taylor Kemp 11. Rylie Miller 12. Abigail Hughes 13.Taylor Kemp 14. Kate Bodell 15. Kylie Adams 16. Kirsten Keck 17. Emily Stevens 18. Hunter Brown 19. Colson Lamm Yearling Ewe Group 2 1. Brenna Hubbard 2. Drake Slutz 3. Riggin Klotz 4. Quincy Moore 5. Emily Stevens 6. Addison Nicholson 7. Faith Calvin 8. Kade Mennen 9. Skilar Burch 10. Olivia Rife 11.Taylor Young 12. Skilar Burch 13. Luke Raudebaugh 14. Kaylee Shenold 15. Brady Miller 16. Brighton Morris 17. Kylie Adams 18.Victoria Kovacs 19. Justin Proper 20. Lane Falch 21. Maggie Elsbury 22. Kinley Tenney 23. Cooper Rooze 24. Lauren Thompson Yearling Ewe Group 3 1. Drake Slutz Res. Senior & Res. Grand Champion Ewe 2. Quincy Moore 3. Jaedyn Slutz 4. Alivia Porter 5. Kenyon Buckland 6. Brooke Young 7. Charleigh Spoonster 8.Kennedy Algire 9. Cora Bartrum 10. Abigail Hughes 11. Landree Street 12. Olivia Graves 13. Autumn Dotson 14. Olivia Graves 15. Klint Verhaegh 16. Nicholas Rife

Continued on Page 36 _______ Page 33

Junior Association News It was so good to be able to see so many of our junior members this year. We enjoyed some extra enthusiasm reuniting after a year away. President Taylor Young has done a crackerjack job getting ideas together and put in motion. She organized a silent auction at the Ohio Showcase Sale to raise funds for the group. Fifteen donated items appeared and were sold and raised $541. An additional $400 came from the generous donations of Rockin K Livestock, the Shropshire Voice-Rinda Maddox and Amanda Rull, Darren Shrum, David Averill and Art Brown. It is so nice to see that there is appreciation for the Junior Associations activities. Thank you to all of you! What a fun time we had at the AllAmerican! Sure it was hot and there were Shropshires and tired Shropshire kids everywhere. Taylor, her parents, Paul and Wendy, and sister, Brooke, organized a kiddie pool kick ball game on Saturday afternoon in a far corner of the Illinois State Fairgrounds. They brought pools, plastic sheeting, plenty of soap and a big beach ball. The kids were now very wet but having a blast. This went on for quite a while until they got hungry enough to enjoy some snacks. Three lucky youngsters won vouchers for a T-shirt or embroidered hat purchased from Theisen’s Design, an AAJS vendor. It was great time for all and we now are challenged with creating another fun time at the show next year. Plans are afoot for a junior association meeting during the NAILE show. As before, we will get together later on Saturday afternoon for a program and a snack. Time and location of this get-together will be posted in the barn. We hope to see all of the National Junior Shropshire Show exhibitors there!

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The youth have a blast in the kiddie pool kick ball game during the All-American.

Lindsay Larson and Smash

Starts 4-H career

Lindsay Larson was able to join 4-H and show for the first time this year. She was thrilled to be able to show her ram lamb, Smash. Lindsay is the daughter of Gerry and Ashley Larson of Tenino,Wash.

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Starter Flock

The present Starter Flock Program began in 2014 through the efforts of the National Junior Shropshire Association and is also funded through donations by Shropshire breeders. 2021 marks the eighth year of the very successful program. In March, applications were received from seven youngsters, aged 11-17, from six states. The lucky recipient was 11-year-old Arabella Knuth of Fall Creek, Wis. Her parents are Kent and Samantha Knuth and she has a little sister, Autumn. Arabella wrote: “My family and I have Rocky Creek Tunis and Club Lambs and have been wanting to add another breed and we chose Shropshires. We have good family friends that raise them, so help was available for questions or problems. Some of the traits we liked were their mothering ability, carcass weights and that they are shown slick sheared. My dad has raised and showed sheep for over 20 years. I have helped show sheep since I was two years old. We show at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair, Central Wisconsin State Fair,Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival. “My budget for a year for two ewe lambs is $16 a month show lamb feed; $192 a year. three large round bales (1000 lbs.) second or third crop – mostly alfalfa hay $50 per bale.

Starter Flock winner Arabella Knuth and her with her ewe lambs at a Wisconsin show. __________________ October 2021

Different show fees would be roughly $100. Vet fees $100 for paper for shows. I have a deal with my dad and grandpa to exchange my feed for my project animals for my labor around the farm. Thank you for considering me for this award.” Arabella received a stipend of $1250 to start her project. She purchased a ewe lamb from BWB’s online sale in April and then two ewe lambs from Justin Rife and Westin Poynter at the Ohio Showcase in May. She also used her own funds to add a ram lamb from City Limits at Ohio. She then has been exhibiting these lambs at all three of the Wisconsin State Fairs, the All-American Junior Show and the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival. She managed to garner the Champion Shropshire awards a time or two. She is now in sixth grade this fall and is hoping things work out for her to attend the North American in November. Starter Flock sponsors this year include Chip Hallet, Sand Meadow Farm, Orchard Valley Farm, SS Shrops, Jared Poynter, Schoolhouse Shropshires, Windswept Crest Farm, VIP Shropshires, Mike & Carol Fox, John Dottenwhy in memory of Jasper Dirlam, the Shropshire Voice-Rinda Maddox & Amanda Rull, McCabe Shropshires, Rife Shropshires, Ron Evans,Tom Slutz Family, Brad Slutz Family, and Cross Country Shropshires. As with a lot of junior programs, sponsorship is continually needed to make it successful.To find out how you can help, please contact Junior Association President Taylor Young or the Shropshire office.   To be considered for the award youngsters must submit an application, an essay, one or more letters of recommendation and a budget outlining the management of two or more ewes for a year. Applications should be available early in 2022 from Dad, Kent Knuth, the Shropshire office or on the registry website. _______ Page 35

17. Morgan Anderson 18. Miley Williams 19. Camden Cory 20. Olivia Rife 21. Zachary Rife Pair of Yearling Ewes 1. Lane Falch 2.Taylor Young 3. Kennedy Algire 4. Emily Stevens 5.Taylor Kemp 6. Olivia Graves 7. Kylie Adams 8. Skilar Burch 9. Olivia Rife 10. Zachary Rife Fall Ewe Lamb Group 1 1. Blair Mrozinski 2. Kenyon Buckland 3. Kassidy Schakel 4. Dash Heeg 5. Abigail Hughes 6. Quincy Moore 7. Dash Heeg 8. Landree Street 9.Taylor Young 10. Lane Falch 11. Addison Nicholson 12. Logan Corzatt

13. Hunter Keck 14. Maggie Elsbury 15.Westin Poynter Fall Ewe Lamb Group 2 1. Emily Stevens 2.Tahia Ames 3.Victoria Kovacs 4. Olivia Rife 5. Kennedy Algire 6. Luke Raudebaugh 7. Justin Proper 8. Nicholas Rife 9. Zachary Rife 10. Elizabeth LaFramboise 11. Brady Miller 12. Leila Street 13. Kylie Adams 14. Elizabeth LaFramboise January Ewe Lamb Group 1 1. Jaedyn Slutz 2. Abigail Hughes 3.Westin Poynter 4. Brenna Hubbard 5. Emily Stevens 6. Jacob Fowler 7.Victoria Kovacs 8. Brady Miller 9. Kinley Tenney 10.Taylor Young

11.Wyatt Graves 12. Zachary Rife 13. Autumn Smiley 14.Nicholas Rife 15. Dash Heeg 16.Taylor Kemp 17. Brynn Lamm 18. Leila Street January Ewe Lamb Group 2 1. Riggin Klotz 2. Drake Slutz 3.T Kade Beckmier 4. Kenyon Buckland 5. Alivia Porter 6. Emily Stevens 7. Luke Raudebaugh 8.Thomas Vandeventer 9. Mallory Bowers 10. Kaylee Shenold 11.Taylor Young 12. Kylie Adams 13. Lane Falch 14. Maggie Elsbury 15.Tahia Ames 16. Alex Taylor 17.Taylor Kemp 18. Lauren Thompson January Ewe Lamb Group 3 1. Addison Nicholson


716-465-0565 Mandy, Chris and Robert Curtiss

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1698 Nesbitt Rd. Attica NY 14011

__________________ Shropshire Voice

2. Olivia Graves 3. Quincy Moore 4. Hayze Klotz 5. Addison Nicholson 6. Kinley Tenney 7. Jaedyn Slutz 8. Leila Street 9. Jacob Fowler 10. Hunter Brown 11. Olivia Graves 12. Olivia Rife 13. Arabella Knuth 14. Justin Proper 15. Kirsten Keck 16.W Hudson Weisend 17. Camden Cory 18. Klint Verhaeghe February Ewe Lamb Group 1 1. Kassidy Schakel Junior Champion 2. Drake Slutz 3. Riggin Klotz 4. Stockton Klotz 5. Brenna Hubbard 6. Jaedyn Slutz 7. Kennedy Algire 8.Tanner Beckmier 9. Kenyon Buckland 10.Westin Poynter 11. Olivia Rife 12.Victoria Kovacs 13. Landree Street 14. Lizzy Miller 15.Taylor Kemp 16. Annie Saling 17. Kylie Adams 18. Olivia Graves 19. Hunter Brown 20. Dash Heeg 21. Arabella Knuth 22. Miley Williams 23.Taylor Young 24.Tahia Ames February Ewe Lamb Group 2 1. Kassidy Schakel 2. Charleigh Spoonster 3. Jaedyn Slutz 4. Kellen Algire 5. Blake Buckland 6. Carter Bills 7. Luke Raudebaugh 8. Blair Mrozinski 9. Emily Stevens 10. Skilar Burch 11. Morgan Anderson 12. Sydney Petersen 13. Olivia Graves 14. Morgan Anderson __________________ October 2021

15. Lindsay Petersen 16. Kaylee Shenold 17.Taylor Young 18. Kinley Tenney 19.Taylor Kemp 20. Emily Stevens 21. Kaylee Elsbury 22.Tenley Cory March Ewe Lamb 1. Drew George Res. Junior Champion 2. Charleigh Spoonster 3. Riggin Klotz 4. Kaylee Shenold 5. Elizabeth Schiff 6. Jaedyn Slutz 7. Kennedy Algire 8. Blair Mrozinski 9.Westin Poynter 10. Brenna Hubbard 11. Addison Nicholson 12. Quincy Moore 13. Autumn Dotson 14.Taylor Young 15. Rylie Miller 16. Kinley Tenney 17. Addison Nicholson 18. Carter Bills 19. Kennedy Algire 20.Westin Poynter 21. Faith Calvin 22.Taylor Young Pair of Ewe Lambs 1. Riggin Klotz 2. Kenyon Buckland 3. Brenna Hubbard 4. Charleigh Spoonster 5. Emily Stevens 6. Kennedy Algire 7. Addison Nicholson 8. Olivia Rife 9.Westin Poynter 10. Blair Mrozinski 11. Kaylee Shenold 12. Carter Bills 13. Elizabeth Schiff 14.Olivia Graves 15. Kylie Adams 16.Tahia Ames 17.Taylor Young 18.Taylor Kemp 19. Lane Falch 20.Victoria Kovacs 21. Zachary Rife 22. Kinley Tenney 23. Arabella Knuth 24. Elizabeth LaFramboise 25. Morgan Anderson

26. Justin Proper 27. Dash Heeg Young Flock 1. Kenyon Buckland 2. Riggin Klotz 3. Emily Stevens 4. Olivia Graves 5. Addison Nicholson 6. Blair Mrozinski 7. Kennedy Algire 8.Taylor Young 9.Tahia Ames 10.Westin Poynter 11. Lane Falch 12.Taylor Kemp 13. Kylie Adams 14.Victoria Kovacs 15. Morgan Anderson 16. Elizabeth LaFramboise 17. Kinley Tenney Best Four Head of Ewes 1. Kenyon Buckland 2. Riggin Klotz 3. Brenna Hubbard 4. Addison Nicholson 5. Olivia Graves 6.Taylor Young 7. Kaylee Shenold 8. Emily Stevens 9. Kennedy Algire 10.Westin Poynter 11. Lane Falch 12. Kylie Adams 13. Dash Heeg 14. Kinley Tenney Market Lamb 1. Elizabeth Theisen Champion 2. Addison Winger Res. Champion 3. Sage Christian 4. Elly Hampton 5. Dally Emig 6. Catharine Miller 7.Theo Angus 8. Garrett Kennedy 9.Victoria Kovacs 10. Helena Kagan 11. Carter Bills 12. MacKenzie Adams 13.Tahia Ames 14. Jaycie Brown 15. Mackenzie Adams 16. Autumn Dotson 17. Jackson Crisp 18. Mikey Torrone Shropshire Top Gun Jaedyn Slutz _______ Page 37




• Durable pull strap • Light, sleek, easy to use • No crimping • Large loop opening makes placement easy • Easy to see bright green loops • 360 degree tension indicator • Built-in cutter

ress Tired of the st ns io at ic pl and com caused by s? elastrator ring

PUT A WEE T IN YOUR POCKE TODAY! 800-858-5974 _______ Page 38

EARLY CASTRATION __________________ Shropshire Voice

Sheep wagons still have their purpose Jon, Charlotte and Vivian Stephenson exhibited at the Wyoming State Fair where they found a display of sheep wagons and their history quite interesting. They share these excerpts from Blaze Creek Sheep Wagons: The sheep wagon is a spectacle of practicality and compactness.The interior arrangement has proven efficient for over 120 years. The sheep wagon originated in Wyoming, along with the developed sheep industry during the 1870s. The basic floor plan of the “camp” has seen little change since the original design. A sheepherder followed bands of sheep to watch over them. The herder needed protection on the open range from the harsh Wyoming winter weather. The nomadic sheepherder followed the sheep into remote locations and needed a “home on wheels.” By 1910, Wyoming boasted more than five million sheep.With one herder able to care for as many as 3,000 sheep, it is feasible to say that by the height of the sheep industry there could have been as many as 3,000 sheep wagons in Wyoming alone. It has been reported by “old-timers” that one could see a sheep wagon on every hill top on the winter range.Time and modern convenience has changed many things including the way of the traditional sheepherder. A rancher could fence large tracts of land and more easily check his flock with a modern four-wheel drive vehicle. The pick-up truck had an enormous impact as it replaced the team of horses that pulled the wagon. The truck however did not eliminate the need for someone to watch over the flock, but it did make it more convenient to pull a wagon from one spot to another. Rubber tires replaced wooden wheels and sheet metal replaced the original canvas covered top. Whether by design or accident, the sheep wagon retained its original interior configuration because the space worked so efficiently. __________________ October 2021

Even though a lot less today, sheep wagons are still being used by herders in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.”

The sheep wagons evolved to having sheet metal in place of canvas coverings.

Vivian Stephenson checks out the wagons.

The inside of the wagons have not changed much over the decades.

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Adams 21064 RRNNFF


Sired by


Adams 20067

MAQ was Champion Shropshire Ram at the Indiana Premier Show and the Northern Illinois Youth Expo

We expect this ram lamb to see significant service this fall. SEMEN $100 AVAILABLE NOW.

Book your semen now!


Rick Adams 10828 W 1000 S Rd., Bonfield, IL 60913 (815) 228-2903 “Your Foundation For Quality”

SHROPSHIRES _______ Page 40

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Promoting The Improvement of the Entire Sheep Industry 1 Year – $25 2 Years – $45 1 Year Canada or Mexico – $60 P.O. Box 500 • Cuba, IL 61427 (309) 785-5058 • Fax: (309) 785-5050

The Barn is Always Open Be sure to contact Mitch or Dennis to check out both Avery and Street sheep in the near future. We love talking sheep and having the opportunity to visit.

Supreme Champion

Chloe Stonesifer of Lewisberry, Penn. had Supreme Champion Ram at the York Fair with her Shropshire buck.

Thank You!!!

As many of you know we lost a giant figure in our sheep operation with the passing of Gary Simmons. Thank you to all who reached out, sent a card, and checked on us during this tough time. We appreciate it more than you know!

Mitch and Brittany Street and Family Dennis and Nancy Avery

(317) 606-5234 (Mitch’s Cell) __________________ October 2021

(574) 209-0988 (Dennis’ Cell) _______ Page 41


Great Genetics Make The Difference!

As we gradually reduced and dispersed Reserve Junior our flock from the fall of 2018 to April 19, 2021 we transferred 30 rams and 221 Champion Ewe 1st March Ewe Lamb females to 60 families in 17 states. We are most proud that our 60 years of 2021 All-American breeding Shropshires will leave such an Junior Show enormous footprint on our breed. Many Daughter of a Rife thanks to all that have supported us ewe sold in along the way. We’ve always said, “It’s December to Troy not about the sheep, it’s all about the Longenecker, PA, this people.” Great fun, great friendships, fancy lamb is sired and great memories.

We hope to see you on down the road of life! • Kylie & Richard Adams, IL ............................................2 Ewes • Starr Avery-Kuhn, WY .............2 Ewes • Chloe Bailey, WV.............................. ..............................4 Ewes & 1 Ram • Clint, Callie & Clara Bailey, MO................. 1 Ewe • Audra Brigich, PA............................. ..............................1 Ewe & 2 Rams • Elise Brown, IN....................... 1 Ewe • Ron & Rob Brown, PA.............. 1 Ewe • Bill Bryant, OH ....................... 1 Ewe • Don & Re Call, MA.................2 Ewes • Faith Calvin, MO..................... 1 Ewe • Colby Clark, NH ...................... 1 Ewe • Olivia Clark, IN ......................3 Ewes • Philip Colwell, TN ............................. ............................12 Ewes & 1 Ram • Matt Davis & Family, OH .................. ............................................. 1 Ewe • Matt Dirlam, IN .....................2 Ewes • Emma & Donna............................... Douglas, IL.............. 1 Ewe & 1 Ram • Tim & Lee Ann Eizinger, IN ............................................ 1 Ram • Jonathan Endicott, OH ..................... ............................................ 1 Ram • Lane Falch, MO.....................3 Ewes • Gabe & Melissa Fitzsimmons, IN ..............................3 Ewes & 1 Ram

by “Macho Man” and out of a “Kaboose” daughter!

• Mike Fox, OH ........................2 Ewes • Ashley Fuss, MD .............................. ......................8 Ewes & 2 1/2 Rams • David Harrell & Family, IN ............................................8 Ewes • Tyler Harter, OH............................... ..............................3 Ewes & 1 Ram • Abby Hughes, IN ....................2 Ewes • Isler Shropshires, OH .............9 Ewes • Kurt & Mason Kishman, IA............. 1 Ewe & 1 Ram • Riggin, Stockton, & Hayze Klotz, IN..................3 Ewes • Victoria Kovacs, OH 20 Ewes & 1 Ram • Chase Liskai, OH ...................5 Ewes • Troy Longenecker, PA..............2 Ewes • Sam McDermit, IN ........................... ........................2 Ewes & 1 Ram • Bruce & Betsy McFadden, OH ..............................5 Ewes & 1 Ram • Darin Merveldt, OK................. 1 Ewe • Lizzy Miller, MD ............. 1 1/2 Rams • Brian Moeller, OH .................. 1 Ram • Erik Mrozinski, IN...................2 Ewes • Addisen Nicholson, CT............. 1 Ewe • O’Neill Shropshires, PA..................... ............................... 1 Ewe & 1 Ram • Lucas Parr, IL........................ 1 Ram • Petersen Sheep, MN ............10 Ewes

Thank you!

• Dustin Powell, OH .................. 1 Ram • Westin Poynter, IL ..................2 Ewes • Mark Allen Raper Jr., OK .................. ............................................. 1 Ewe • Justin Rife Family Shrops, IN............. .......................... 21 Ewes & 2 Rams • Alison Roles, MD..................... 1 Ewe • Kara Royce, CT ...................... 1 Ewe • Riley, Elaina, & Alex Smith, IN ............................................3 Ewes • Jonah LasaterSpoonster Family, MO............... 1 Ewe • Vivian Stephenson, WI ...................... ..........................................18 Ewes • Emily Stevens, OH ........................... .......................... 21 Ewes & 2 Rams • Leila & Landree Street, IN ................ ............................................. 1 Ewe • Heather Swartz, OH ...............2 Ewes • T. L. Wiley Farms, IN...............2 Ewes • Larry & Sharon Larimore.................. ..............................3 Ewes & 1 Ram • Owen Walker, OK ...................2 Ewes • Rick Whiting, OH.............................. ..............................2 Ewes & 1 Ram • Maura, Dana & Ed Wieners, WI ..............................5 Ewes & 1 Ram • Jennifer Wise, PA ..................2 Rams • The Tom Wolford Family, OH .............. ............................................8 Ewes

JUSTIN, MELISSA, OLIVIA, ZACHARY & NICHOLAS RIFE 2423 Clifton Road • Yellow Springs, OH 45387 • 937-603-0535 •

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__________________ Shropshire Voice

Contributed by Ed Mies Waverly, Illinois.

vidual stud ewes that made Shropshires great! Those men knew the great ewes in Washington, California, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Michi Thanks to Zoom, I was able to attend my gan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Maryland and Masthird ASRA Annual Meeting on Nov. 29, 2021. sachusetts. Most of the ewes were discussed My second was in November 1985 at NAILE, including their own. McKerrow had three ewe the only year that Anna showed there. The families. Hanson and Kipp had two, which had first was in 1975, the year Chicago Union originated from Verne Hoffman and Ernie Stockyards was closing Rotter bloodlines. Richand marked the demise ards had his favorite that of the International Livemade super lambs but stock Exposition. I kept maybe not great yearsome notes, not so much lings. But the one major of the meeting but of the ewe discussed was “Isaconversations of breedbell” from Emil Hartzell ers around the table of Ohio. Emil’s and Bob’s where I was seated. “Isabell” lines were fa The show prior to mous. the meeting had been Herman Purdy dominated by Kim Snyhad some at Penn State, der of Aledo, Ill.; BuckCrutcher had some at ham of Schoolcraft, Oklahoma. Glasgow had Mich.; Whitney of Fort infused some “Isabell” Dodge, Iowa; Hartzell of lines in his flock and Ohio; Dwayne Richards, produced great lambs The Stockyard Inn Hanson and Kipp from and even better yearWisconsin and Glasgow lings. George and Fred of Illinois. Douce from Ohio had outstand- Buckham had a great group there in Chicago ing individuals and it was a very strong show. with some of the “Isabell” lineage but mostly This was also the last Carload Lot show of 20 their own big meaty lambs and large yearlings. wethers out in the yards. Wethers that were Many flocks added Buckham rams to head assembled from various Illinois Shropshire their flocks. Kim Snyder, a pretty little girl flocks gave a strong run for the championship. with Roger, had a great day at the show as she, But in the end, the 20 fitted Howard South- Hartzell’s and Buckham’s controlled the show. down wethers won the cup. It was a great Annual Meeting, Chicago In The Annual Meeting was held in the Hall of ternational event and Shropshire Show. I came Portraits of the Saddle & Sirloin Club in the home rejuvenated and strong for Shropshire Stockyard Inn. We were served a fabulous sheep. four-course rack of lamb dinner complete with paper crowns on the ribs, mint jelly and About the author: Ed Mies was a longtime whiskey and we were all in a festive mood. I Shropshire breeder in Central Illinois, southwas seated at a large round table. Everett west of Springfield. He states he is pretty much “Squeeky” Glasgow was at the podium most retired and his granddaughters are showing of the evening as business was conducted.The cattle instead of sheep. The family is still acconversation around the table still sticks with tive in their Sangamon County Fair. Ed and me today. his family attended the recent All-American The discussion was not about finding the Junior Show in Springfield and was impressed next great stud ram to head your flock. The by all breeds in the show and of course the subject was the great ewe families or indi- Shropshires.

Memories of the ’75 Chicago International

__________________ October 2021

_______ Page 43

Breeder’s index This list is a paid subscription published both in the Voice and on Adams Shropshires 10828 W 1000 S Rd Bonfield, IL 60913 Cell: (815) 228-2903 Anderson Farms Matthew, Christie, Emily & Andrew 15884 W State Hwy NN Grant City, MO 64456 (660) 988-3503 Averill, David Village Farm 115 Cape Cod Hill Rd. New Sharon, ME 04955 (207) 778-9421 Avery, Dennis & Nancy Avery Shropshires 151 Beechwood Dr. Bremen, IN 46506 (574) 209-0988 Floyd & Sharon Avery (229) 942-3415 Barnes, Shane & Kim SKB Shropshires 1122 Browns Creek Rd. Sycamore, PA 15364 (724) 852-2673 Barnes, Tim & Deb Barnes Farms 5707 Mooney Road Radnor, OH 43066 (740) 494-2125 Cell: (740) 815-2402 _______ Page 44

Brown, Rob & Ron Clay-Nob Farms 17527 Maple Drive Saegertown, PA 16433 814-431-8133 Call, C. Donald 964 Mohawk Trail Shelburne, MA 01370 (413) 625-2436 Crago Brothers Shropshires Steve & Louise Crago & Sons 1499 Hiatt Road Clarksville, OH 45113 (937) 289-3167 Dirlam, J.N. & Sons & Matt Dirlam 11673 N. Bethesda Rd. Mooresville, IN 46158 (317) 831-2130 Dockter, Darrell & Janet 3-D Sheep Co 19411 So Carpenter Rd. Snohomish, WA 98290 (425) 327-1428 Douglas, Donna April Aire Farms 11802 Pleasant Valley Road Woodstock, IL 60098 (815) 337-0598 Ebert Sheep Farm, Jeff, Christine & Monica Ebert 10015 Flush Rd. St. George, KS 66535 (785) 458-9174 Cell: (785) 458-9174 Edmondson, Andy Lazy E Ranch 4456 Fruitland Rd Loma Rica, CA 95901 (541)281-2311

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Elsbury, David & Colleen 7800 N 250 E Greenfield, IN 46140 (317) 326-3893 Elsbury, Mike & Karen Elsbury’s Shropshires 5385 E 500 N Greenfield, IN 46140-8939 (317) 326-4461 Elsbury, Tim & Family Double Doc Farm W 7112 Cherry Hill Dr Adell, WI 53001 262-483-4668 Evans, Dave 5884 St Rt 292 West Mansfield, OH 43358 (937) 363-3610 Fernside, Melanie SCIO Farms 39490 Highway 226 Scio, Oregon 97374 (503) 394-3996 Cell: (408) 455-6935 Fiegl, Mark Lindenview Meadow Farm 5550 Eddy Ridge Rd. Marion, NY 14505 (315) 576-1930 Flanders, Jerry Flanders & Rachel Flanders 1626 Atlantic Rd Noblesville, IN 46060 317-508-4738 Fleener, Tim & Sarah 273 South Mountain Rd. Robesonia, PA 19551 (717) 413-5181 Facebook/Fleener Livestock __________________ October 2021

Fuss, Ashley Greenbrier Acres 8608 Hunters Dr Frederick, MD 21701 (240) 405-9383 Graves, Andy, Jodi, Wyatt, Breanna, Trey & Olivia Outlaw Farm 3010 East 1370 Rd. El Dorado Springs, MO 64744 417-876-7136 417-296-5909 Grohmann, Stacy Step Ahead Shrops 994 Step Rd Gilson, IL 61436 Cell: (309) 371-4260 Farm: (309) 876-2364 Groverman, Fred, DVM F & L Groverman Shropshires 400 Ormsby Lane Petaluma, CA 94954 (707) 763-3132 Cell: (707) 782-8152 Gruenhagen, Jim & Donna SS Shrops 7622 Jersey Ridge Road Davenport, IA 52807 (563) 355-6730 Hardisky, Denise Southern Tier Shropshires 254 E Sullivanville Rd. Horseheads, NY 14845 (570) 687-7967 Hiemke, Cody Mapleton Mynd Shropshires 1773 Koshkonong Rd. Stoughton, WI 53589 (415) 302-8035 _______ Page 45

High Life Farms David & Jodi High & Family 3388 McDermott Pond Creek Road McDermott, OH 45652 (740) 259-1907 Hubbard, Brenna Land Run Shrops 354636 E 750 Rd Cushing, OK 74023 (918)225-9743 Isler, Jim Isler Shropshires 1340 Klingel Rd. Prospect, OH 43342 (740) 360-7682 J&R Farm Norbert Jackson & Family 4125 West St Rt 28 Alexandria, IN 46001 (765) 754-7057 Johnson, Bob & Karen RoKaJo Farm 569 St. Hwy. DD Marshfield, MO 65706 (417) 859-4452 Kalina Family Sue and Bessie Kalina 35586 Oakville RD SW Albany, OR 97321 (503) 939-0303 Kemp, Taylor Kemp Shropshires & New Horizons Farm 31522 Kennel Street Macon, MO 63552 (660) 346-0121 King, Craig & Andrea Weston King Peiter Shrops 860 CR 315 Taylor, MO 63471 (573) 767-0003 _______ Page 46

Kipp, James & Terri Grey Feather Farm E 5085 Irish Ridge Rd. Viroqua, WI 54665 (715) 255-8300 Kovacs, Sandy & Victoria Cross Country Shropshires 239 Cunard St.Fulton, OH 43321 (740) 751-3183 Larimore, Larry & Sharon Triple J Farm 3370 Cattail Branch Road Harrington, DE 19952 302-233-8912 Larson Livestock Ashley & Gerry Larson PO Box 454 Tenino, WA 98589 (360) 790-1671 Lutz, Candy 3 Point Farm 314 W Easton Rd West Salem, OH 4427 (330) 464-0430 McCabe, Mark & Marilyn McCabe Shropshires 5154 Nickelson Road Prospect, OH 43342 (740) 360-1103 Melvin Family Shropshires 9347 White Oak Rd. Mount Sterling, Ohio 43143 (740) 207-0786 Merveldt, Darin & Kim 8104 N. Alfadale Road El Reno, OK 73036 (405) 206-6473

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Mies, Ed & Family 10000 Waverly Rd. Waverly, IL 62692 (217) 435-7091 Moore, Adam MoBo Junction Farms 27568 Morgan Way Greentop, MO 63546 660-676-2825 Motter, Jan Lane’s End Farm 12211 W. Rt. 973 Jersey Shore, PA 17740 (570) 398-2078 Mrozinski, Erik 6333 N 600 E Road Rolling Prairie, IN 46371 Cell: (219) 716-4921 Nicholson Family Sand Meadow Farm 906 Main St So. Windsor, CT 06074 (860) 490-7238 Oehler, Nellie Oehler Family Shropshires 5570 SW West Hills Road Corvallis, OR 97333-2623 (541) 757-3937 Cell: (541) 868-6897 Pence Farms 1083 W. Co. Rd. 61 Tiffin, OH 44883 Mike: (419) 992-4305 Doug: (419) 986-5848 Jay: (419) 992-4701 Percival, Jim & Denise Schoolhouse Shropshires 961 Hoop Road Xenia, OH 45385 (937) 374-3371 Powell, Doris 40405 Route 187 Rome, PA 18837 (570) 247-7316 __________________ October 2021

Reason, Sandra M. High Desert Hay & Livestock PO Box 3819 Tonopah, NV 89049 (775) 482-4191 Rife, Randy & Julie Rife Shropshires 2423 Clifton Rd. Yellow Springs, OH 45387 (937) 603-0535 Roberts, Tim Roberts Farms 29754 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, OK 73093 (405) 485-9255 Cell: (405) 314-3370 Rogers, Danny & Cynthia R&G Farm 2435 W. McCracken Road Monrovia, IN 46157 (317) 996-3301 Cell: (317) 358-3260 Rueber, Carol & Aimee Rueber Shropshires 2530 280th St Marshalltown, IA 50158 Carol: (319) 231-7626 Aimee: (319) 230-9739 Shrum, Lori and Darron New Horizons Farm 31522 Kennel Street Macon, MO 63552 (660)651-8881 Slutz, Tom City Limits Sheep Farm P.O. Box 177, 602 S. Main St. LaMoille, IL 61330 (815) 638-2177 Tom: (815) 866-5031 Brad: (815) 766-0584

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Smith, Lance or Brenda Smith Sisters Shropshires 2129 130th Ave. Russell, MN 56169-3072 (507) 823-4784 Stephenson, Jon, Charlotte & Vivian Sugar Ridge Ranch E8977 Pierce Hill Rd. Viroqua, WI 54665 (608) 774-3151 Street, Mitch, Brittany, Leila and Landree Street Shropshires 4753 W. 1400 N. Elwood, IN 46036 Mitch: (317) 606-5234 Dennis Avery: (574) 209-0988

Advertisers’ Index Adams.....................40 Anderson................29 Banner.....................41 Curtiss.....................36 Dirlam......................30

Kovak/McCabe............ Back inside cover Merveldt..................31 Moore.....Back cover Mrozinski...................11


Nicholson......... Inside front cover

Ewesful Gifts...........13

No Bull.....................38

Flanders............. 20-21

Rife, Justin..............10 Rife, Randy.............42

Fleener.....................15 Front Cover









Whiting................. 8-9

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Ware, Kimberly KW Shropshires 565 N. Sunset Ridge Ln Kuna, ID 83634 Kim: (208) 921-3706 Floyd Avery: (208) 921-8740 Warren-Allen, Rachael A. Silver Cliff Farm 968 Drift Creek Rd NE P.O. Box 319 Silverton, OR 97381 (503) 873-4005 Webster, William 413 Roosevelt Trail Windham, ME 04062 (207) 831-0608 Weidauer, Greg Rafter W Shropshires 17624 340th Ave Starbuck, MN 56381 (320) 424-2543 Whiting, Rick BWB Farms, Inc. 1779 Green Road Martinsville, OH 45146 (937) 685-2603 Weston, William T. Rocks & Rills Farm 20 Weston Rd. Hancock, NH 03448 603-899-9735

Breeder’s Index Only $30/year

3 issues of Voice and 12 months on website

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Cross County Shrops

Our fall ewe lamb, Brianna Shown by Victoria Kovacs


Our January ewe lamb Sold at Ohio Sale to Avery Vasko

who won her showmanship class at Ohio State Fair

Ohio State Fair Jr. Show

Thank you Avery, we love seeing our sheep cared for by wonderful peo ple.

Apollo, Our February Ram Lamb


Bred by Dave High

McCabe Shropshires “Shrops With Tops”

5154 Nickelson Rd., Prospect, OH 43342 740-360-1103 • FB: McCabe Shropshires & Llama __________________ October 2021

Kovacs Family

239 Canard St., Fulton, OH 43321 Sandy’s cell 740-751-3183

_______ Page 49

n o i t c n u J MoBo 217

2nd Place Late February Ewe Lamb 2020 NAILE Open Show. 4th Place Yearling Ewe Class 2 at the 2021 All American. We also had the 3rd place late January Ewe lamb and 2nd Place Class 3 yearling ewe at the All American.



_______ Page 50



Shropshire Voice Our lambs will be sired by CLSF’s Public Enemy, No Mercy, Kaboom, and VIP’s Sampson.

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