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al music festiv t ic tr is d k il the m 0/ $10 Feb. 29, 202

Control This/ Hannah Harber & The Lionhearts/ Chuck Magid/ The 502s/

Cat Ridgeway & The Tourists/ The Volts/ Shine & The Shakers/

The Spoon Dogs/ Vetnough/ asleepinplanes/ Oxford Noland/ Raspberry Pie/ The States/ Sour Grapes & Butter Band/ Lauren Lester/

BUY TICKETS East Robinson Street in The Milk District/ 2 - 11 p.m.

Polette Myers





























3/28 4/05


































TICKETS AVAILABLE AT HARD ROCK LIVE 407.351.5483 OR TICKETMASTER.COM Artists, showtimes & prices subject to change. All shows are all ages unless otherwise stated.















Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival put together FIVE local music showcases around Florida to have fans choose who gets to “Perform In Pasadise” at the 2020 festival. SIGT hosted the Orlando date with @the502s /// @run_raquel /// @sweetcambodia /// @slothmuzik /// @pacoseric /// @gwsouther /// @universalfunkorchestra Our friends Dan Larson (@holymackerel) and David Trull (@dillytonka) were there to guide the vibe. Special thanks to @topochicousa for keeping us carbonated throughout the night and @celine_orlando for the awesome space! Photos by @danielxgarcia /// Full photo gallery at

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR WINNERS ST. PETE /// @GrantLeeMusic GAINESVILLE /// @Tamayo_Band ORLANDO /// @UniversalFunkOrchestra TALLAHASSEE /// @theRayBenton MIAMI /// @LosWizzards



Whats Your ‘

STYLE Foreword Issue 06 Give and Give Thanks, all. Welcome to Issue 06 of my column “What’s Your Style,” courtesy of the Shows I Go To Magazine and presented by The Owl’s Attic Vintage Shop in Central, FL. As we move along, showcasing and introducing you to more talent to you, the swagger is turning up. For the first time since beginning this venture, this styling session/interview, I feel like I ACTUALLY styled an artist, rather than just “putting clothes on one.” But regardless of how I feel, what can be mutually understood from you—the viewer to me—the stylist, and writer, is that out of the issues so far for this magazine, this turned out to be the most stylish. Ladies and Gentleman, meet guitarist/singer-songwriter Beartoe, who wears vintage very well. I first saw Beartoe perform in New Smyrna Beach, FL at (I believe) Tayton O’Brian’s 2013. I had been performing in NSB for the weekend, performing at Tayton’s the following night for my first time and wanted to scope the scene during my set breaks at Om Bar, less than a block away. I just remember the growl in his voice, and sometimes he would try and tone it down (he had probably “taken a lift” before the set haha) but the heft in his tone was adamant. Being a singer whose voice gets paid to soulfully growl, I can appreciate the same attributes in another singer. Not to mention, he is solid in both guitar playing and songwriting.

These days, Beartoe (Mr. Roberto Aguilar) has a residency every Tuesday night at 11pm called “The Late Nite Howl” at The New Standard in Winter Park, FL where he plays a variety of his own music, covers and brings on other local, national, and even international artists to collaborate on stage. This is a reminder that I need to make it out to see him live (and so should you). If not there, we can all catch him at a few big festivals coming up, including Suwannee Rising (Live Oak FL) in April. He just dropped a single called, “Cry When You Want To” on Molasses Records. He really exposes his pipes on this one and also has some great local heavy hitters for instrumental players on this record (like Matt Lapham, who played bass for the tune). Beartoe is truly finding his flow as of late and it is clear as day in his live presence, music, and social media content consistency. Take it from me and make sure you keep your eyes on his continual rise. @evantaylorjones /// @laurenschoepfer /// @the_owls_attic /// @beartoe ///





Photos by Juergan Boehmer /// @_jaxb_






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fests i go to With Spencer Storch @swstorch

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Once again, Downtown Tampa will host a huge Gasparilla party—but this Gasparilla doesn’t have beads or pirates. This is the 9th Annual Gasparilla Music Festival, headlined by Brandi Carlile, Portugal, The Man, and De La Soul! The 2020 festival takes place in Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park and Kiley Gardens Park on March 7th & 8th, featuring musical acts from a wide variety of genres on several stages and cuisine from the region’s top restaurants. Let’s get ready for an awesome weekend by learning all about these amazing performers.


Three-time Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, performer and producer Brandi Carlile is currently in the midst of a badass year following the release of her Grammy-winning album, ‘By The Way, I Forgive You.’ Now seven albums deep, this alternativecountry artist has huge songs like “The Story,” “Party Of One,” and “Heart’s Content.”


An Alaskan rock band, PTM is fronted by vocalist, John Baldwin Gourley. They recently performed for the Bernie Sanders political fan base at a rally and played “Feel It Still,” which dominated the charts and radio airwaves in 2017. The 4x Platinum Certified hit reigned at #1 at nearly all radio formats, including Top 40, as well as Alternative, where the song held the chart’s top spot for a mind-blowing 20 weeks,


Long Island’s own De La Soul formed in 1987. Since then, this hip-hop group has given their fans jazz, funk, and of course, soul. Three high school friends who took the softer, more eclectic rap and it paid off. They will blow your mind at this set.


Formed in Long Beach, CA in 2008, Rival Sons put out their debut album Before the Fire in 2009 and made their breakthrough with 2011’s Pressure & Time then again in 2014 with Great Western Valkyrie. This indie/rock group is inspired by the backwoods of Tennessee, and will transport you there in an instant.


A Southern soul, blues rock guitarist from Athens, Alabama who will make you purr. He has been all over the country the past couple years, promoting his breakout album, Delilah. His fans were stunned when on January 11th, he released Encore, an eleven track eclectic and enchanting work of art. “This Too Shall Last,” and “All On My Mind” are the biggest songs off that record.


St. Lucia is the project of Jean-Philip Grobler and his wife, Patricia Beranek. Their dream-pop, electronic music popped off with their 2016 album, ‘Matter’. Originally from South Africa, Grobler and Beranek have struck gold again with their new release, ‘Hyperion’,’ an anthemic set of songs that include the gospel track, “Paradise Is Waiting.” Fans new and old will be pumped when they play “Dancing on Glass” and “Elevate” at Gasparilla Music Festival this year.


A supergroup with man-of-steel Robert Randolph in charge. This soulful rock band includes keys player John Medeski, as well as Luther and Cody Dickenson of North Mississippi Allstars. Recording their first serving of soul in 2001 with ‘The Word’, The Word reconvened for a second helping in 2015 with ‘Soul Food’. Their number one song is “Joyful Sounds” and that’s all you should be expecting from this group of next-level musicians.


Hailing from Saginaw, Michigan, Harding is more than just a soulful singer. He plays both guitar and drums that makes you feel the pain he’s in. His two albums, Soul Power (2014), and Face Your Fear (2017) are both wicked good. He will “Need Your Love” at his super soulful set.


Indie rock duo, Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih are from Orlando, Fla. They have been touring and making music since their big hit, “Chinese New Year” in 2013. These guys are simply all the pop, none of the industry bullshit. Their latest release, ‘Forever & Ever’, is more of the same brilliance, now with a mellow feel.


Big Feedia’s booty bumpin’ hip-hop is the ambassador for New Orleans style bounce-hop. She has had her own record-breaking show for MTV, as well as features in Grammy winning songs with Beyonce and Drake. Striking it big again with Kaesha in October of 2019 with “Raising Hell,” Freedia continues to bounce her way to the top.


A throwback rock band formed in Boone, North Carolina in 2012, The Nude Party pays homage to the rockin’ 60’s with their slide guitar and sing-along tunes. They will still be promoting their self-titled album that dropped in 2018. It contains their hit song, “Chevrolet.”


Quirky and fun, this band will test the boundaries of what you consider piano rock. He is the keys player for the super popular Grateful Dead cover band, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead. There he pushes the music to the limit while impressing the crowd with his endless bag of tricks. His bassist, Karina Rykman is a budding star in her own right. They will be playing from their 2019 release, ‘Let It Slide’.’


200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify can’t be wrong. Check out this funky, electronic indie dance music with a lovely 80s vibe. They are producers and live musicians and will definitely make you dance!


(Performing Derek & The Dominoes) Tony Tyler is a killer guitarist from Comeback Alice. He and his father, iaculis John Stanley, 11. TAUK justo eget magna fermentum eu non. Funk, jazz, hip-hop, and progressive will recreate the magic of Derek and rock are combined to create one hell of the Dominoes. A band that had Eric (Cream, Traffic, Faith) andpulvia band. This all-instrumental band is a Clapton Sagittis id consectetur purusBlind ut faucibus perfect blend of hypnotic and late-night Duane Allman (Allman Brothers Band) as nar elementum. Felis bibendum ut hits tristique members and owned big time like et vibes. This group is proud of their improv “Bell Bottom Blues,” and “Have with three live albums published, egestas ‘Real “Layla,” quis ipsum. Egestas diam in arcu curTauk, Vol. 1,’ 2,’ and 3’. Let this squad You Ever Loved A Woman.” sus euismod. Convallis a cras semper auctor shift your mind and release all “Friction” neque.Get Elementum curabitur vitae nunc sed velit Tickets at /// before the “Time’s Up.” Win sodales Tickets atut. dignissim Faucibus scelerisque eleif-

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January was my last month being a part-time resident of New York. To be honest, after three and half years, I am not really a fan of New York so I was happy to be leaving. I find it best in small doses. Four days at a time is pretty much perfect. Any more than that is just bad for the soul. Too much garbage and too many people. So many people living so close together yet so distant from each other. It takes its toll. But as fate would have it, my last month there afforded me one last 3-Night Run of Umphrey’s McGee in NYC. What better way for me to bid adieu? I had seen them play at a few different venues in the city over the years and each time was a different experience. When they played Central Park in July 2017, there was a technical delay (a faulty bass cable I believe) during the opener and a rainstorm during the second set. Despite that it was a great outdoor show in the middle of the big city. When they came

back in January 2018 they had just released “It’s Not Us” and were in town to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The weekend started with an intimate interview and short set at The Cutting Room. That was followed by three nights of on-point, t’s crossed and i’s dotted jamming at the Beacon Theatre. The last night fell on the anniversary. It was a heartwarming feeling being there for that. In 2019 they played a new venue, Brooklyn Steel, for three nights starting on Valentine’s Day. That run was absolutely balls to the wall. Literally. A guy got arrested for taking his clothes off and climbing the walls of the women’s room. Do a Google Image search for “Umphrey’s naked guy.” For this year’s run they returned to the classy Beacon Theatre for two nights and one at Brooklyn Bowl. This run just felt loose. Like wearing a pair of basketball shorts with no underwear; things were movin’ and groovin’ as they may. No



constrictive structures or rigid boundaries. In the past, I have seen them take a bit to get settled in when starting a residency. It can take a set or even the entire first night before it feels like they are truly dialed in and at ease. That was not the case this run. Just a few minutes into the “JaJunk” opener and they were off for a walk, taking it around the block. That seemed to carry through the entire weekend. Songs they have played for years were opened up to new territories. The band seemed comfortable and unconfined. The most unhinged they got was during “Mulche’s Odyssey” when they went on a free-jazz inspired tangent. It felt like each member was on an ADD zone-out while still remaining perfectly coordinated with each other. It was organized chaos.

The Beacon run was the first set of shows in the new year and the first since the passing of legendary drummer Neil Peart of Rush. It was certainly on everyone’s minds. We knew they would do something to honor the fallen hero, but no one knew what to expect. Well, for the first set closer of the first night they brought out Kanika Moore of Doom Flamingo to sing. Together they debuted a cover of Rush’s “Anthem.” She belted out the song’s high-energy vocals like no one else could. That was not all they had in store. The following night’s second set opener was a debut of “Limelight” with drummer Kris Meyers singing while also playing the complex drum parts. The second night also featured a guest sit-in. It just might have been the highlight of the weekend for me. And honestly, when they came out I had no idea who they were. Mike and Leni Stern came out for the first set closer and played the Miles Davis tune “It’s About That Time.” I was absolutely floored. Watching the eccentric energy of the

older couple was downright captivating. When the song was over I looked at the guy next to me and said, “Who the fuck is that?!” I came to find out that Mike Stern used to play with Miles in the ‘80s and Leni is his wife. They both play a mean guitar. What a power couple. Turns out the sit-in came about when the keyboard wizard, Joel, just happened to meet Mike on a plane. How lucky. The third night was my first night at Brooklyn Bowl. I had no idea what an intimate show I was in for. With a capacity of less than a third of the Beacon, night three had the atmosphere of a VIP-only show. It felt like they were playing a show just for friends and old school fans. The setlist reflected that as well. It was stacked with favorites the old bitter fans always beg for. It was only the second time I have caught “Front Porch” and

third time seeing “Got Your Milk (Right Here).” One new song I was excited to see was a cover of LCD Soundsystem’s “Tribulations” wedged into “Miss Tinkle’s Overture.” It was amazing going from the grandiose Beacon Theatre to the much cozier Brooklyn Bowl on the same weekend. The three-night run was a great way for me to end my time in New York. I was reminded that there are things about the city I really do love; mostly a plethora of live music and 4 a.m. last calls. It has also been pretty entertaining seeing the sidewalks full of balloons while leaving the shows. It’s especially funny and out of place in the Upper West Side leaving the Beacon. And just like a balloon that someone let go, I have flown away from the city. But I’ll be back. Probably for more concerts. -mw



music an 32



nd arts


Photo by Jeff Nickel /// @nickelmedia Bad Religion /// HOB Orlando /// 2016 Full Gallery at



Guide To St. Patrick’s Day Inspired by Dropkick Murphys “The Gang’s All Here” HOW TO NAVIGATE St. Patrick’s Day at Lizzy McCormack’s — Downtown Orlando’s Oldest Irish Pub! Two days — Saturday, March 14, 2020 from 12pm noon - 2am /// and Tuesday, March 17 beginning w/ Kegs & Eggs Breakfast from 8:30am - 10am and staying open till 2am! Live Music on the outdoor stage both nights! Come see me at Lizzy’s. STEP 1 — Have a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey STEP 2 — Have a Guinness (or an Irish Car Bomb Shot) STEP 3 — Have a Green Tea (or White Tea) shot! MAKE IT AT HOME ¾ oz Jameson (or Tito’s for WT) ½ oz Peach Schnapps ½ oz Sour Mix Top w/ a splash of Sprite [PRO TIP] Always allow your Guinness to cascade (settle) before taking a proper sip. Sláinte!


Brian “Skinny” Austin /// @skinnyshots



Alt-rockers PUBLIC kicked off the night with “Pretty Face.” The trio recently signed to Island Records and are creating happy lovey-dovey songs with unforgettable lyrics. They had me repeating them after the concert. The romantic melodies had the entire audience in awe. The last song, “Make You Mine,” a viral TikTok, is about embracing love in a newfound relationship and it was making the crowd feel good. The intermission after Public felt fairly quick. One of the band members of American Authors came out and interacted with the crowd, playing a game where the audience member has the power to choose who plays first — Magic Giant or American Authors. The stage was filled with both bands coming out with joy to start the night, both performing one of American Authors songs, who was chosen to perform first. Their set was filled with both old and new hits ranging from indie-folk to alternative rock pop. It had been a long time since I listened to their music—I only knew “I’m Born To Run” off the top of my head. I recognized songs from their first album and enjoyed their newly released album, ‘Seasons’, released in 2019. What surprised me was how marvelously smooth American Authors was able to switch with Magic Giant during their two hours onstage. Both bands remained onstage almost the entire time. Magic Giant sent a clear message with their music, love, and hope — positive energy in the room. In between set changes, a Magic Giant put on a personal performance in the middle of the crowd, making everyone feel close to them. Whether it was the band playing next to the fans, or Austin, the lead singer, jumping into the crowd from the pit area, you can tell that their fans are what means the most to them and they do their best to make everyone in the room feel good. I have never experienced anything like this concert before nor did I think it was possible to pull a performance so creative with constant energy. Review and Photos by Cindy Ros /// @cindyros_



REX ORANGE Feb 14 2020

House of Blues


Photos by Jeurgen Boehmer /// @ _jaxb_ ///





INTERVIEW /// MIKE WALLACE How long have you been playing music? Which instruments do you play? I have been “trying” to play guitar off and on for 15 or so years. I have been playing a lot lately and I realize how much I do not know. But it’s still fun to jam and have a few beers so I keep hacking away! It’s fun to mix beer and music; we’re working on a collab with Guitar Factory on Edgewater—those guys are awesome! What was the first concert you went to? What are the next shows you’re stoked to go to? Ha! I’ll be honest: In 4th maybe 1989-ish (I’m old!) My mom took me to see Poison. The next day I wore the “Open up and Say Ahh” shirt to school—the first time I was asked to turn a shirt inside out. I don’t get to go to many shows anymore (always so busy), but I try and make one or two I really want to see. Last year I saw Toots and the Maytals again. I love that guy, so much energy! Still on the lookout for the one I can’t miss this year. What are some things about Ten10 Brewing people may not know? We try to keep some new beers in-tank all the time—we have many staples that we love but enjoy trying new stuff. We have food! Really good food! Alex (our chef) does some amazing stuff with our small kitchen: housemade hot dogs, smoked wings, and the best nachos! You never know when someone will break out a guitar or another instrument just for fun. July is our 5 year anniversary! As I see it, we are out of diapers, should be able to dress ourselves and are getting pretty good at talking back. I have kids and it seems similar! Ten10 Brewing is located at 1010 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL Visit /// IG /// @ten10_brewing Taproom Hours — Sun -Thurs: 11:30am - 10:00pm⁣ Fri- Sat: 11:30am - 1am⁣ Photo by @AndrewFinnBurhoe /// Courtesy of Ten10 Brewing



Lost Shirt Brewing /// 7025 Industrial Rd., Unit B West Melbourne, FL 32904

Silverking Brewing Company /// 325 E. Lemon St. Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

Ten 10 Brewing Company (home of Ten10 Fest) /// 1010 Virginia Dr. Orlando, FL 32803

Half Wall Brewery /// 1889 FL-44, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

Brooksville Brewing Company /// Commercial Way Spring Hill, FL 34606

Broken Strings Brewery (home of 11Eleven Fest) /// 1012 W. Church St. Orlando, FL 32805

From ORL to TPA

Rapp Brewing Co. /// 10930 Endeavour Way Seminole, FL 33777

Castle Church Brewing /// 6820 Hoffner Ave., Orlando, FL 32822 Orlando Brewing /// 1301 Atlanta Ave. Orlando, FL 32806 Tactical Brewing Company /// 4882 New Broad St , Orlando, FL 32814 Ivanhoe Park Brewing /// 1300 Alden Rd, Orlando, FL 32803 Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour & Brewery /// 2810 Corrine Drive Orlando, FL 32803 Motorworks Brewing coming soon /// 131 N. Orange Ave., Orlando, 32801 Whisper Creek Farm: The Kitchen and The Brewery /// JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes 4012 Central Florida Parkway Orlando, FL 32837 Sea Dog Brewing Co. Orlando /// 8496 Palm Parkway Orlando 32836 Dead Lizard Brewing Company /// 4507 36th St. Orlando, FL 32811 Crooked Can Brewing /// 426 W Plant St. Winter Garden, FL 34787 Grove Roots Brewing Company /// 300 Third St. SW Winter Haven, FL 33880 Hourglass Brewing /// 480 S Ronald Reagan Blvd. Longwood, FL 32750 Hourglass Brewing (new!) /// 2500 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32806 Big River Grille & Brewing Works /// 2101 N. Epcot Resort Blvd. Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 Cask & Larder /// 565 W. Fairbanks Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 Orange County Brewers /// 1117 International Pkwy suite 1701, Lake Mary, FL 32746 Deadly Sins Brewing /// 750 Jackson Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 The Bear & Peacock /// 1280 Orange Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 Bowigens Beer Company /// 1014 State Road 436 Casselberry, FL 32707 WopsHops Brewing Co. /// 419 S. Sanford Ave. Sanford, FL 32771 Sanford Brewing Company /// 400 S. Sanford Ave. Sanford, FL 32771 Persimmon Hollow Brewing Co. /// 111 W. Georgia Ave. Deland FL, 32720 Playalinda Brewing Company /// 305 S. Washington Ave. Titusville Florida 32796 Playalinda Brewing Company-Brix Project /// 5220 S. Washington Ave. Titusville, FL 32780 Central 28 Beer Company /// 290 Springview Commerce Drive #1 DeBary, FL 32713 Daytona Beach Brewing Company /// 482 Fentress Blvd Suite N. Daytona Beach, FL 32114 Dirty Oar Beer Company /// 331 King St. Cocoa, FL 32922 Banana River Brewing Company /// 226 King St. Cocoa, FL 32922 New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company /// 112 Sams Ave. New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 Ormond Brewing Company /// 301 Division Avenue #13 Ormond Beach, FL 32117 Tomoka Brewery /// 188 E. Granada Blvd. Ormond Beach, FL 32176 Beachside Brew Pub /// 1368 Ocean Shore Blvd. Ormond-by-the-Sea, FL 32176 Florida Beer Company /// 200 Imperial Blvd. Cape Canaveral, FL 32920 Tomoka Brewing Co. /// 4647 S Clyde Morris Blvd. Port Orange, FL 32129 Mount Dora Brewing/The Rocking Rabbit Brewery /// 405 South Highland St. Mount Dora, FL 32757 Charlie & Jake’s Brewery Grille /// 6300 N Wickham Road, No. 137 Melbourne, FL 32940 Intracoastal Brewing Company /// 652 W. Eau Gallie Blvd. Melbourne, FL 32935 Hell ‘n’ Blazes Brewing Company /// 1002 E. New Haven Ave. Melbourne, FL 32901

Two Henrys Brewing Company /// 5210 W. Thonotosassa Road, Plant City, FL 33565 Brew Hub Lakeland /// 4100 S. Frontage Road, Building 700 Lakeland, FL 33815 Swan Brewing /// 115 W. Pine St. Lakeland, FL 33815 Brew Pop Brewery /// 2122 Highway 92 W., Auburndale, FL 33823 The Florida Brewery Co /// 202 Gandy Road, Auburndale, FL 33823



JDub’s Brewing Company /// 1215 Mango Ave. Sarasota FL 34237 Sarasota Brewing Company /// Gateway Ave. Sarasota, FL 34231


Big Top Brewing Company /// 6111B Porter Way Sarasota, FL 34232 Calusa Brewing /// 5701 Derek Ave. Sarasota, FL 34233 Crooked Thumb Brewery /// 555 10th Ave. S. Safety Harbor, FL 34695 Lagerhaus Brewery & Grill /// 3438 East Lake Business Palm Harbor, FL 34685 Stilt House Brewery /// 625 Palm Harbor Blvd. Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Rock Brothers Brewing Company /// 1901 N. 15th St., Tampa, FL 33605

Palm Harbor Brewery /// 1022 Georgia Ave. Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Green Bench Brewing Co. /// 1134 First Ave. N. St. Petersburg, FL 33705

De Bine Brewing Co. /// 993 Florida Ave. Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Cycle Brewing /// 534 Central Ave. St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Big Storm Brewing – Pasco /// 2330 Success Drive Odessa, FL 33556

3 Daughters Brewing /// 222 22nd St. S. St. Petersburg, FL 33712

In The Loop Brewing /// 3338 Land O Lakes Blvd., Land O’ Lakes 34639

St. Pete Brewing Company /// 544 First Ave. N. St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Craft Life Brewing /// 2624 Land O Lakes Blvd. Land O’ Lakes, Florida 34639

Mastry’s Brewing Co. /// 7701 Blind Pass Rd, St Pete Beach, FL 33706 Cage Brewing /// 2001 First Ave. S. St. Petersburg, FL 33712 Pinellas Ale Works /// 1962 First Ave S. St Petersburg FL 33712. Flying Boat Brewing Co. /// 1776 11th Ave. N. Saint Petersburg, FL 33713 Avid Brew Co /// 1745 First Ave. S. St Petersburg, FL 33712 81 Bay Brewing Co /// 4465 W. Gandy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33611 7venth Sun Brewing /// 6809 N. Nebraska Ave. Tampa, FL 33604 7venth Sun Brewery /// 1012 Broadway Dunedin, FL 34698 The Wild Rover Brewery /// 13921 Lynmar Blvd. Tampa, FL 33626 Dunderbrau Brewery /// 14929 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. Tampa, FL 33613 Tampa Bay Brewing Co (Westchase) /// 13933 Monroes Business Park Tampa, FL 33635 Tampa Bay Brewing Co (Ybor) /// 1600 East Eighth Ave. Tampa, FL 33605 Cigar City Brewing /// 3924 West Spruce St., Suite A Tampa, FL 33607 Brew Bus Brewing /// 4101 N. Florida Ave. Tampa, FL 33603 D.G. Yuengling & Sons /// 11111 N. 30th St. Tampa, FL 33612 Southern Brewing (& wine) /// 4500 N. Nebraska Ave. Tampa, FL 33603 Angry Chair Brewing /// 6401 N. Florida Ave. Tampa, FL 33604 Ulele Spring Brewery /// 1810 N. Highland Ave. Tampa, FL 33602 Six Ten Brewing /// 7052 Benjamin Road Tampa, FL 33634 Tampa Beer Works /// 333 Falkenburg Road N. D-407 Tampa, FL 33619 Carrollwood Brewing Co. /// 10047 N. Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL 33618 Hidden Springs Ale Works /// 1631 N Franklin St Tampa, FL 33602 Cigar City Airport Brewpub Tampa International Airport Airside C /// 4100 George J. Bean Parkway Tampa, FL 33622 Coppertail Brewing Co. /// 2601 E. Second Ave. Tampa, FL 33605 Saint Somewhere Brewing Company /// 1441 Savannah Ave, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689 Brasserie Saint Somewhere /// 312 E. Tarpon Ave. Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

Dunedin Brewery /// 937 Douglas Ave. Dunedin, FL 34698 HOB Brewing Co. /// 927 Broadway Dunedin, FL 34698 Woodwright Brewing Co /// 985 Douglas Ave. Dunedin, FL 34698 Cueni Brewing Co. /// 945 Huntley Ave. Dunedin, FL 34698 Caledonia Brewing /// 587 Main St. Dunedin, FL 34698 Soggy Bottom Brewing Co. /// 660 Main St. Dunedin, FL 34698 Sea Dog Brewing Co. – Clearwater /// 26200 U.S. Highway N. Clearwater, FL 33761 Pair O’ Dice Brewing /// 4400 118th Ave., Suite 208 Clearwater, FL 33762 Big Storm Brewing Company /// 12707 49th Street N Clearwater FL 33762 Grindhaus Brew Lab /// 1650 N. Hercules Ave., Unit I Clearwater, FL 33765 Motorworks Brewing /// 1014 Ninth St. W. Bradenton FL 34205 Darwin Brewing Company /// 803 17th Ave. W. Bradenton, FL 34205 Naughty Monk Brewery /// 2507 Lakewood Ranch Blvd. Bradenton FL 34211 3 Keys Brewing & Eatery /// 2505 Manatee Ave. E. Bradenton, FL 34208 Four Stacks Brewing /// 5469 U.S. Highway 41 N. Apollo Beach, FL 33572

JAX/st. aug River City Brewing Company /// 835 Museum Circle Jacksonville, FL 32207 Bold City Brewery /// 2670-7 Rosselle St. Jacksonville, FL 32204 Intuition Ale Works /// 929 E. Bay St. Jacksonville, FL 32202 Seven Bridges Grille & Brewery /// 9735 Gate Parkway N. Jacksonville, FL 32246 Aardwolf Brewery /// 1461 Hendricks Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32207 Veterans United Craft Brewery /// 8999 Western Way #104 Jacksonville, FL 32256 Wicked Barley Brewing Company /// 4134 Baymeadows Road Jacksonville, FL 32217 Anheuser-Busch /// Jacksonville, FL 32218




Hyperion Brewing Company /// 1740 N. Main St. Jacksonville, FL 32206 Engine 15 Brewing Co. /// 1500 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 Green Room Brewing /// 228 Third Street N. Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 Zeta Brewing Company /// 131 1st Ave. N. Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 Southern Swells Brewing Co. /// 1312 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville Beach, Fla. Pinglehead Brewing Co. at Brewers Pizza /// 14B Blanding Blvd. Orange Park, FL 32073 Atlantic Beach Brewing Company /// 725 Atlantic Blvd. Suites 3 & 15 Atlantic Beach, FL 32233 Crooked Rooster Brewery /// 1476 S. Sixth St. Macclenny, FL 32063 SJ Brewing Co /// 463646 FL-200, Yulee, FL 32097 Brackish Beer Company /// 907 Dilworth St, St Marys, GA 31558 AIA Ale Works /// 1 King St. St. Augustine, FL 32084 Ancient City Brewing /// Center Dr Suite 8 Saint Augustine, FL 32092

3420 Agricultural

Bog Brewing Company /// 218 W. King St. Saint Augustine, FL 32084 Old Coast Ales /// 300 Anastasia Blvd. Saint Augustine, FL 32080

gvl/ocala Infinite Ale Works /// 304 S. Magnolia Ave. Ocala, FL 34471 Swamp Head Brewery /// 3650 S.W. 42nd Ave. Gainesville, FL 32608 First Magnitude Brewing Company /// 1220 S.E. Veitch St. Gainesville, FL 32601 Blackadder Brewing Company /// 618A NW 60th St. Gainesville, FL 32607 Brownwood Bavarian Brewery at Las Tapas /// Spanish Tapas Bar, Restaurant & Brewery 2738 Brownwood Blvd. The Villages, FL. 32163 Great Chicago Fire Brewery & Tap Room /// 311 W. Magnolia St. Leesburg, FL 34748 Copp Brewery /// 11 N.E. Fourth Ave. Crystal River, FL 34429 Nature Coast Brewing Co. /// (At Burkes of Ireland) 564 N. Citrus Ave., Crystal River, FL 34428

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*Please check the brewery’s website/Facebook for hours of operation, food options, and live music schedules before you visit. Please drink responsibly. Tell them you saw their listing in SIGT Mag!


Skate ORLando Orlando Skate Park (Outdoor) /// 400 Festival Way, Orlando, FL 32803 /// $ /// Metro Skateboard Academy (Indoor) /// 4624 L B McLeod Rd, Orlando, FL 32811 /// $ Deputy Brandon Coates Community Skate Park (John Young Park — Outdoor) /// 3815 Substation Rd, Orlando, FL 32837 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛ Yucatan/Azalea Park (Outdoor) /// 6400 Yucatan Dr, Orlando, FL 32807 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛ Barber Park (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 3701 Gatlin Ave, Orlando, FL 32812 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛ Downey Skatepark (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 1801 N Dean Rd, Orlando, FL 32825 /// FREE Riverside (Outdoor Park) /// 1600 Lockwood Blvd, Oviedo, FL 32765 /// $ /// đ&#x;š˛ Candyland Park (Outdoor Park) /// 599 Longdale Ave, Longwood, FL 32750 /// FREE Lake Mary Sports Complex (Outdoor Park) /// 550 Rantoul Ln, Lake Mary, FL 32746 /// FREE đ&#x;š˛ Maple Street Park (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 142 E Maple St, Winter Garden, FL 34787 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛



Extreme Sports Complex (Outdoor Park) /// 2401 Peghorn Way, St Cloud, FL 34769 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛

Port Orange Skate Park (Outdoor Park) /// 4655 City Center Cir, Port Orange, FL 32129 /// FREE ///

Lakeside Community Park (Outdoor Park) /// 2253 Lakeside Dr, Kissimmee, FL 34743 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛

SFC Jericho Skatepark (Daytona Park — Outdoor Park) /// 2253 Lakeside Dr, Kissimmee, FL 34743 /// $$ /// đ&#x;š˛

Rotary Park (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 350 6th St NE, Winter Haven, FL 33881 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛

Bethune Point Park (Sick! Outdoor Park) /// 11 Bellevue Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32114 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛

Barnett Park (Outdoor Park) /// 4801 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32808 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛ Tavares Skate Park (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 2770 Woodlea Rd, Tavares, FL 32778 /// FREE

Ormond Beach Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 440 N Nova Rd, Ormond Beach, FL 32174/// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛

*All Skateparks are listed within 55 miles of the city. Submissions: Deadline for updates & photo/video submissions: March 10, 2020 /// Please send via email to

/// Shitty means well, it’s kinda shitty ... but everyone should learn at a shitty park! /// Please check đ&#x;š˛rules and helmet rules at FloridaSkateparks .co m

Sunset Island Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 301 W Ward Ave, Eustis, FL 32726 /// FREE đ&#x;š˛ Umatilla Skatepark (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 1 Cassady St, Umatilla, FL 32784 /// FREE /// Cocoa Beach Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 1450 Minutemen Causeway, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛ NSB Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 245 Industrial Park Ave, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 /// FREE Pettis Park Skate Feature (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 800 Mary Ave, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛

/// @powwowproam_official ///



Skatepark of Tampa (Sick! Indoor) /// 4215 E Columbus Dr, Tampa, FL 33605 /// $ /// Bro Bowl (Outdoor) /// 1200 N Orange Ave, Tampa, FL 33602 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Desoto Park (Outdoor) /// Corrine St, Tampa, FL 33605 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

jax Kona Skate Park (Sick! Outdoor Park) /// 8739 Kona Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32211 /// $$ /// ð&#x;š² Cuba Hunter Park (Outdoor Park) /// 4380 Emerson St, Jacksonville, FL 32207 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Perry Harvey Sr. Park (Outdoor) /// 1000 E Harrison St, Tampa, FL 33602 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Orange Park Skateboard Park (Outdoor Park) /// 1006 Fromhart St, Orange Park, FL 32073 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

The Boardr Headquarters (Indoor) /// 4611 N Hale Ave, Tampa, FL 33614 /// FREE ///

South Beach Skatepark (Sick! Outdoor Park) /// 2508 S Beach Pkwy, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Jackson Springs (Outdoor Park) /// 8620 Jackson Springs Rd, Tampa, FL 33615 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Veterans Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 186 Veterans Pkwy, St Johns, FL 32259 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Providence Skate Park (Outdoor Park) /// 5720 Providence Rd #3624, Riverview, FL 33578 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Monument Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 3450 Monument Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32225 /// FREE

FishHawk Skate Park (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 5720 Osprey Ridge Dr, Lithia, FL 33547 /// FREE Fossil Park (Outdoor Park) /// 6635 Dr Martin L King Jr St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² St. Pete Skatepark (Sick! Outdoor Park) /// 600 12th St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Lake Vista Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 1401 62nd Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Kolb Park (Outdoor Park) /// 1508 Bay Palm Blvd, Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Bayhead Action Park (Outdoor Park) /// 375 Seminole Blvd, Largo, FL 33770 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Ian Tillman Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 940 7th St S, Safety Harbor, FL 34695 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Stirling Skate Park (Outdoor Park) /// 550 Laura Ln, Dunedin, FL 34698 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Zephyrhills Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 20th St &, Alston Ave, Zephyrhills, FL 33542 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Plant City Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 1704 N Park Rd, Plant City, FL 33563 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Fletcher Park (Outdoor Park) /// 800 US98, Lakeland, FL 33801 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark (Sick! Outdoor Park) /// 100 Riverfront Blvd #198, Bradenton, FL 34205 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²


gvl+ocala TheSkateYard (Outdoor Park) /// 52 W 3rd St #3306, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Oceanside Rotary (Outdoor Park) /// 800 Seminole Rd, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Deleon Shores Park (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 82 Dolphin Blvd E, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² St. Augustine Skate Park (Outdoor Park) /// 200 Red Cox Dr, St. Augustine, FL 32080 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² MLK Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 1028 Northeast 14th Street, Gainesville, FL 32602 /// FREE ð&#x;š²


UF Skate Park (Outdoor Park) /// 1425 Museum Rd, Gainesville, FL 32603 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Possum Creek Park (Outdoor Park) /// 4009 NW 53rd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32653 /// FREE Chiefland Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 826 NW 4th Dr, Chiefland, FL 32626 /// FREE Branford Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 507 US-27, Branford, FL 32008 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Ocala Skatepark (New! Outdoor Park) /// 517 NE 9th St, Ocala, FL 34470 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Robert-Laryn Skate Park (Outdoor Park) /// 1595 Wildwood Dr, St. Augustine, FL 32086 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² ð&#x;š²

Blackstone Park (Outdoor Park) /// 2112 14th Ave W, Palmetto, FL 34221 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Holmes Beach Micro Skate Park (Outdoor Park) /// 5901 Marina Dr, Bradenton Beach, FL 34217 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² G.T. Bray Park (Outdoor Park) /// 5502 33rd Ave Dr W, Bradenton, FL 34209 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Payne Skate Park (Outdoor Park) /// 2110 Adams St, Sarasota, FL 34237 /// FREE ///



Papa Mali & Bobby Vega

w/ Joe Marcinek Band featuring Melvin Seals (Jerry Garcia Band) Two Nights /// The New Standard, Winter Park Orlando has long been thirsty for a place to satisfy its cravings. A place where live music can call home amongst delicious food and stellar service, where it belongs. Finally! Orlando has its mecca for great music: The New Standard in Winter Park. Here, an upscale restaurant with amazing food turns into a premiere live music destination at night. From its white tablecloths to the awesome art on the walls, this place radiates class. I arrive to the show and Papa Mali & Bobby Vega are already on stage pickin’ and slidin’, slappin’ and pluckin’ for the eager fans. The weather is gorgeous with just a bit of chill in the air. I enjoy the warmth of my hoodie while sippin’ on a frosty brew. Papa Mali is a reggae, blues, and swamp music legend from Louisiana. A former member of 7 Walkers and The Killer Bees, Mali has worked

with Grateful Dead drummer Bill Krutzman and Meters bassist, George Porter Jr. He and his slide guitar squealin’ and screamin’ while he sings with a raspy voice. His partner Bobby Vega is a beast on the bass guitar. Starting his career as the sixteen-year-old bassist for Sly Stone’s “I Get High on You,” Vega has had one hell of a run. Playing with Joan Baez and Etta James, he even filled in for Tower of Power bass player Francis “Rocco” Prestia when he had to take an extended leave. This guy is amazing. During his spotlight solo he teases Herbie Hancock, David Bowie, and Weather Report. He draws the lines on the page for Mali to color in. Mali splashes his colorful music on the paper to the crowd’s delight with his Louisiana tones and rasp. They cheer and clap in a calm respectable manner as gorgeous food walks by me, beckoning me to the nearest menu.

Marcinek to take his guitar for a spin. Sisters Taylor and Ashley are a fierce drum and bass duo. Instantly synced, they provide a unified front for every song the whole night through. If they were errors, these two hid them well. The fearsome foursome crush each tune with impunity as they make their way down the setlist. They play “Melvin,” a new song they just recorded with Seals, off of Marcinek’s upcoming album. It has all the feels of a Grateful Dead song and it is amazing. Marcinek has also recorded a track with The Meter’s bassist, George Porter Jr. on the new record, where he promises to have a different lineup on each sampling. They move into “Eyes of the World,” which fills up the dance floor immediately. The jam goes on forever—it just never seems to end. Next, they produce an amazing “After Midnight” followed by a sizzling “Turn On Your Love Light.”

They take a break and we order some delicious food. After cleaning our plates, Joe Marcinek (guitar), Taylor Galbraith (drums), Ashley Galbraith (bass), and Melvin Seals (Organ /// Jerry Garcia Band) take their places on stage. They start in mid jam and the band is bumpin’. Melvin takes his turn to scorch the stage with his blazin’ hot keys. Loud and proud, this man peacocks his way through the bend on a lengthy self-introduction to beaming Orlando crowd. Hoots and hollers fly over my head as his solo subsides just in time for

“C’mon Melvin, take us to church!” Joe exclaims. We all raise our hands to receive Seal’s gospel while we wiggle to the infectious tunes. They continue the good vibes with a cover of Clapton’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” They play a Marcinek original called “Hyperbole” before moving to the last song of the night—“Deal,” by the Grateful Dead. Check out the second night here, courtesy of The Sober Goat.

Live Review by Spencer Storch /// @swstorch Live Photos by Robert “Kap” Kaplinger /// @somewhiteguyphotography Live Video by Richie Williams /// @thesobergoat Filmed at Dexter’s New Standard /// @thenewstandardwp



Photos by Jeurgen Boehmer /// @ _jaxb_ ///



Artwork by @akyros_ /// The Center Orlando /// Open 7 days a week (407) 228-8272 /// 946 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 The Center Kissimmee /// Open Monday - Friday (407) 201-2544 /// 21 W. Monument Avenue, Kissimmee FL 34471 Like & Follow Us @TheCenterOrlando


WEDNESDAYS — 6pm - 7:30pm — Crime Survivor for Safety & Justice (Last Wed of each MONDAYS — month) 6pm — Sex Addicts Anonymous 7pm - 8pm — Extraordinary People (every Monday, men only) of Orlando Meetup (1st & 3rd 7pm - 8pm — Gender Queer (1st Wednesday) Monday of each month) 7pm - 8pm — Rainbow Democrats 7pm - 8:30pm — LGBTrans Meetup (2nd Wednesday) Authenticity Alliance (1st & 2nd 7pm - 8pm — Men’s Discussion Group Monday) 7pm - 8:30pm — Democratic Disability (every Wednesday, men only) 7:30pm — Rainbow NA - Narcotics Caucus (4th Monday) Anonymous (every Wednesday) TUESDAYS — THURSDAYS — 11:30am — Pride Chamber (1st & 3rd 12pm - 3:00pm — OWL (Older Tuesday of each month) Wiser Learning) Game Social (every 6pm — Word by Word Creative Writing Workshop (1st & 3rd Tuesday) Thursday, ages 45+) 7pm — Bisexual Male Living (2nd 6:15pm - 7:30pm — Orlando Youth Thursday of each month) Alliance (for LGBT youth ages 13-24) 7pm - 9pm — SPOTS: Spouse/ 7pm — Co-Dependents Anonymous Partner of Trans people Support (1st & (every Tuesday) 3rd Thursday) 7pm - 9pm — Orlando Bisexual Alliance (4th Thursday) 7pm - 9pm — FTM Orlando TransMen Support (1st & 3rd Thursday)

FRIDAYS — 6:30pm - 8pm — Lotus: Asian LGBTQ+ Community Support (2nd Friday of each month) 7pm - 8pm — AA Wakeup Call (Alcoholics Anonymous, every Friday & Saturday) SATURDAYS — 10am - 11am — Yoga at The Center (every Saturday) 2pm - 5pm — Central Florida Hypnosis Group (1st Saturday of each month) 7pm - 8pm — AA Wakeup Call (Alcoholics Anonymous, every Friday & Saturday) SUNDAYS — 10am — AA Wake Up Call (Alcoholics Anonymous, every Sunday morning) 1pm - 4pm — Gayme Day (Game day w/ free lunch, 2nd Sunday of each month) 2pm — Orlando Polyamory (1st Sunday of each month) 2pm — Child Gender Identity & Caregiver Group (4th Sunday)



by Richie Williams /// @thesobergoat


gasoline heart ‘allergic to wood’

poppy ‘i disagree’

tame impala ‘the slow rush’




From the first track, “Three Friends,” Gasoline Heart opens the door to his head for you to see the internal conversation running — “You’re out of songs but you’re humming a tune. You got no words but you’re in need of a poem. You’re not high but you must be stoned.” Kicking into gear with “Commadore” into “I Just Want To Live A Little Bit Longer,” you’re ready to feel what he feels. You’re in this together. You’re all alone but no one knows … except us. “King of New England” is a stand out track, reprised from an earlier EP, saying the things we all feel too familiarly as we grow — “I can’t handle my brain anymore, I can’t handle my brain anymore. I can’t handle my head anymore. I can’t handle my thoughts anymore. I can’t handle my friends anymore. I can’t handle my life anymore” Damn. It’s a slap in the face and an apology — ride the waves, enjoy the journey, don’t get lost in your head — “it’s not the life that you lost, it’s all the life that you found.” ‘Allergic To Wood’ is a lit match dropping in to blaze the scene, and he’s got all the gas in the world to pour on the fire.

I had no idea what was in store for me when I listened to the third studio album by LA-based singer and YouTube personality Poppy (Moriah Pereira). The cover art features a black and white picture of her face staring straight ahead, making eye contact, with spikes emerging from the cheeks and chin, and ink blots from the mouth up… it’s gonna get dark and weird. The first track leaves me confused and vulnerable. What the hell did I just listen to?! A back and forth of nu-metal and industrial techno, pop, and grindcore with high pitched friendly vocals, and slow thrash metal, with an almost popcountry ending. Intermittently mixed into the heavy metal industrial noise are moments of slower acoustics and even a dash of R&B, with varying vocal styles from whispering angels to shouting devils. I’m reminded of Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Gwen Stefani, Billie Eilish, and Babymetal. So many sections yet none overstay their welcome. ‘I Disagree’ is a brutally creative onslaught of sensational awareness.

The one-man band Tame Impala (Kevin Parker) finally released their long awaited follow up to 2015’s defining album ‘Current’. The new album ‘The Slow Rush’ was released February 14, 2020, appropriately enough, and is the fourth studio album from the Australian producer. The album’s central theme focuses on the concept of time and how it affects our personal lives and love relationships. We are told throughout the album that another day/hour/month has come and gone, and while it’s important to embrace nostalgia and reflect on the past, don’t get stuck in it. Let go of negativity and follow your dreams. We always need something to look forward to, and nothing lasts forever. The Slow Rush’ nudges us into the inevitable. The album is filled with spacey technicolor soundscapes of pianos, organs, and synthesizers, steered by futuristic funk bass lines, relaxed trance beats, on-again off-again tempo shuffles, and dreamy high-pitched repetition vocals. Fun fact: “Breathe Deeper” was influenced by Kevin’s first time on ecstasy. “If you think I couldn’t roll with you, believe me, I can.”

LOCAL LOVE by Evan Chabot

Chase Shelleé

Ravishing, renegade songstress Chase Shelleé and her beebopping band The Underground Retro blew us a kiss this Valentine’s Day. With the keys aflutter and the sax ablaze, their brand new video for the much-loved “Bourbon Street” is live, and it’s a stiff cocktail for the senses, guys and gals. All about the inimitable swank of our own Stardust Lounge, the ensemble rollicks and Shelleé roars, with just enough velvet edge and undeniable wit to keep us spellbound. Follow the link if you’re yet to fall in love with our local loungbird, because it’s five out of five Va-Va-Vooms from this suitor. “We love this song and it has become a crowd favorite so we had to make a video in the beautiful Stardust Lounge in downtown Orlando. Thank you to Todd Ulmer for that!” —Chase FOLLOW /// @chaseshellee VISIT ///

Sonic Graffiti / Soapbox Soliloquy – ‘Selectric II’

Distilling 47 (FORTY-SEVEN!) songs into a headline will always be difficult, but here goes: ‘Selectric II’ is a fucking trip. With equal parts frenzied riffs and mammoth rhythms, all hard-coated in sweet, shimmering fuzz, Sonic Graffiti and Soapbox Soliloquy have authored a psychedelic post-punk paradise for those yet-initiated to frolic, flit, and stay awhile… Like, a long while. In a world besieged by ordinary, ‘Selectric II’ is a signpost that says “This way for jams!” And, by Odin’s technicolor beard, those jams are tasty. The psychedelic wilderness undulates between folksy swamp-bop (“Gossiping Gods,” “Electric Chair”), roiling desert-rock (“All My Life,” “Before You Swing”), punky swells (“Maybe I Could Think It,” “Don’t Go in My Room”, “Minutes”), cerebral passes (“In the Mind of the Universe,” “Cry No More”), and heady, hip-hop infused peaks (“Icarus,” “Feelintahitalick,” “Dead Night”). What’s staggeringly clever about this opus is not how concentrated it is, but how crowded it isn’t. For as “long” as a 47-track collab may seem, it is never heavy-handed or exhaustive, and is consistent enough to be alluring. Both bands are given ample room to breathe, and are better for it, crafting sounds from the lovely to the laconic, and everything in between. Sonic Graffiti and Soapbox Soliloquy may not be the sonically high-fiving doctors you expected, and ‘Selectric II’ may not be the mind-expanding medicine you knew you needed, but trust me… take two and call me in the morning. F.F.O. : Tame Impala, Lightning Bolt, The Flaming Lips


Please Be Kind – ‘Of Blue’ Twinkly solo act Please Be Kind is a dreamy outfit slowly but sweetly strumming its way through Orlando’s coffee shop and art-bar scene. Please Be Kind is charming and earnest, and first-person experience proves their music much more fun than it is fraught. ‘Of Blue’ aims to translate the gentle, emo-tinged heart of this brave endeavor. “If Only We Were Astronauts” is rosy and upbeat, against an echoey, almost karaoke-like layer of lyricism that continues throughout the EP. Standout single “Fucked Up” is a peppy highpoint. The latter tracks, “Little Trauma Things,” “Last Song,” and “Picture Perfect Fairytale” come straight from the heart. Just like an old home, ‘Of Blue’ has magnificent bones, but is ultimately hindered by some frustrating swaths of underproduction. Treat this one like a demo, and let’s stay tuned for a more polished release. Please Be Kind is a joy live. Please catch Please Be Kind this month at Stardust Video & Coffee on Friday, March 6, 2020 and at The Falcon on March 11. F.F.O. : Beach House, Tennis, Looming




Perry Goldman is musician, drummer, and singer. Over 50 yrs performing Rock, Blues, Jazz, Swing, R&B, even country. Studied at Philadelphia Music Academy and is a father to the frontman of Orlando punks, TEEN AGERS. Catch him live with his one of his bands in Central Florida — Straight Jackets, Jive Talkin (Bee Gees Covers), or Willie Cintron & Sounds of the Seasons (Frankie Vallie Covers).

this month

JOE BONAMASSA in concert Feb 15, 2020 @

Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts The house lights go up and Bonamassa and his band hit the first ass-kicking chord. Imagine you’re in a strange part of town where nothing looks all that familiar, but yet you have this curiosity to discover something you’ve been told is the heartbeat of so much music of the last 50 years. The throbbing groove suddenly pulls you into the pure joy of what is “The Blues” in 2020. It’s sort of like being in a Southern Black Baptist church for the first time. That’s right. Church! The emotions of the music and the bellowing choir wash over you like a warm purifying blanket. But you just can’t sit still.


All at once the crowd shakes and quakes to the infectious boogie in the second song. Joe Bonamassa is lighting it up for a sold-out show, here at the Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts in Melbourne, Fla. and he’s a gunslinging guitarist if ever there was one. Wearing his signature indigo blue suit and powder blue button-down open collar shirt, Joe is as slick and as cool as they come. In control of every note. His energy level is off the charts. He managed to play no less than seven different guitars tonight. A 1959 Gibson Les Paul, another Paul (maybe his 1959 Carmelita), several vintage Fender Strats, a 1952 Telecaster, a Gibson ES 325 or 335 (vintage of course) and even a 1963 Gibson Firebird. I was about six rows from the stage, so that’s the best these old eyes could make out. Not to mention I’m a drummer so …

section and two Australian Hotties singing background harmonies. No doubt Joe is having a great time on this tour. Although every selection performed was awesome, the last song included Joe’s steaming hot solo work playing very recognizable licks from Led Zeppelin’s catalogue of music as tribute to Jimmy Page. After all, Bonamassa claims his influences are primarily British Blues Rock of the sixties and seventies. You’ll have to see him to learn from what songs. Well worth it. So pay close attention. There may be a test later. Photo by Marty Moffatt /// @martymoffatt /// Courtesy of /// @joebonamassa ///

The King Center is a beautiful venue with awesome acoustics. Bonamassa & Company are a selfcontained road show employing “State of the Art” Sound and lights which are in perfect sync with the music performed. And it’s loud. Very loud. But their sound engineer served up a punchy/gutsy wellbalanced mix for this show. It’s worth mentioning that Bonamassa opened for B.B. King when he was only twelve. Joe spoke briefly to the audience about his affection for Melbourne and the venue as he first performed here opening for Peter Frampton twenty years ago. While reminiscing about that performance, Joe eluded to getting totally shit-faced at Long Doggers down the street from the King Center. Not something he normally does (so he said). Drummer Anton Fig who performed for 23 years with Paul Schafer’s band on “The David Letterman Show’’ is of course, “spot on solid” and in total sync with Joe and bassist, Michael Rhodes who is also a world-class celebrity bassist. The legendary keyboardist Reese Wynans was a founding member of the Allman Bros and was a bandmate of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Double Trouble. Reese adds the underpinnings of Honky Tonk style piano and Hammond B3 organ that no great Blues band should be without. A shame they can’t all have the likes of Reese. This great band is rounded out with a smokin’ two-man horn



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Now ’s you r ch a n ce t o see p o p u l ar l o c al b a n d s o n t h e b i g s t a g e. We’ r e f i l m i n g every show—and want you to join the fun.


March 9

E U G E N E S N OW D E N A p r i l 20



M a y 18




rs! ! e o G ShowGlowscopes are herein



arch oon Full M Mercury Your M a s i ies, here arch t Moon in Ar ch) and we M s i h T w rea e 21st. DS (p , a Ne Virgo ograde EN ason on thforecast Retr r Aries se ll cosmic en, find ente arch’s fu eets. Th otes! d M Read for all the and take nD TO n w g EE i o bel zodiac s you N your g n i r h u t yo every vigate It has OW to naroscope! KN ho March


H e l l o , Pices Season!

Pisces season started on the 19th of February and lasts until the 20th of March. It’s the season of mysticism, deep healing, heightened intuition and beauty. Now is the time to really connect with your spirituality and beliefs about yourself, your biz and the world around you. Have fun with Pisces season! There is truly magic in the air and it’s ready for you to tap into. Get “woo woo” with all things you do this season. Set intentions for your days, step into nature, and allow yourself to daydream about all the great things you want. Remember, it’s not about focusing on how you’ll achieve what you want, it’s about focusing on the fact that you will achieve it-- someway, somehow. Believe it! Let your daydreams take control this season, it’s what Pisces season is all about. Rachael Welsh /// @lifecoachrachael Resident Astrologer at —

Full Moon in Virgo

On March 9th, there’s a Full Moon in Virgo. This calls for interesting Full Moon vibes since it occurs during Pisces season and the signs of Virgo and Pisces have always been in opposition. Virgo energy is all about being structured and organized while the energy of Pisces is very go with the flow and day-dreamy. Therefore this Full Moon may cause conflicting feelings. Allow yourself to feel what you feel! If you’re a Water or Earth sign, you will likely feel called to escape into a dream world of creativity and visioning of the future. If you’re a fire or air sign, you will likely be ready to put all your thoughts and ideas into action. Either way, the energy surrounding you is strong and abundant! Spend the Full Moon the way you please, major results will follow!

Mercury Retrograde is over!

Have you been feeling in a funk? Let’s just take a moment to celebrate ... goodbye weird vibes! Mercury Retrograde is officially over on March 10th. Whew. That was a weird one. All the good vibes are back. Time to ride! Get excited. *party dance*

Aries season is coming!

Aries season arrives on March 21st. This is a major season of productivity. All those dreams and visions you had during Pisces season? Time to put them into motion. The Aries energy is supporting you! Get down with your business ass self. More on this next month, but put yourself out there! Share your vision. Take your ideas seriously, they are yours for a reason.

New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries on March 24th will be refreshing and motivating. Prepare to feel a fire lit under your you-know-what. Mercury Retrograde is over and it’s time to make shit happen. Aries season + Aries New Moon= a whole new list of goals and ambitions. Go to bed early, wake up early and seize every day, babe. This highvibe energy will be super strong March 22nd- March 26th. Now is the time to start something new! Don’t hold back.

SAGITTARIUS: Lay Down your arrow and


Aries, you are always making your next plans and your energy is contagious, but allow the season of Pisces to calm you down for a bit and reflect on what fire you’re ready to start next. Relax and retreat. Don’t let your ego make you feel like you have to carry out projects that no longer serve you. Take time to really think about what it is you want to do next. You hold your own power and there is much to do with it. Sit back and reflect. When Aries season starts on the 21st, shoot your arrow and go! But in the meantime, relax and take care of yourself!

TAURUS : You’ve had a busy last few months and it’s

time to focus on you, Taurus. This can be tough for you to do as you value catering to the people around you. Challenge yourself to take all the time you need to focus on you, but be aware that outside distractions may present themselves. This isn’t a time to get upset about it, but rather look inwards and reflect on how you can still give yourself all the time in the world while allowing the people around you to enjoy themselves as well. It is the flow of life. The season of Taurus is right around the corner and you will be back in the grounding energy then. For now allow things to be.

GEMINI: Let go of your logic for a bit, Gemini,

and lose yourself in the Pisces season. You are a very practical person and you help others ground themselves, but right now you are being asked to dive deep into your imagination and be a dreamer. You will make your dreams become more practical later on if you feel the need but for now let your mind drift away into daydream land. Allow yourself to escape to the deep visions in your mind and stay there a while. This will only help you down the road. There are many creative business ideas waiting to present themselves to you, you just need to take the time to listen (and daydream in that place before acting!).

CANCER: As a fellow Water sign, this month feels

great for you. Allow the creative energies to flow and let yourself step out of your shell! You’ve been feeling your greater purpose lately, but have been hesitant to act on it in fear that you might not be able to go back to your current comfort or that people will begin to think differently of you. Do it anyways, Cancer. There is great energy supporting you and the illusion of others’ opinions is all in your head. You are in control. You’re more supported than you believe.

LEO: Leo, allow yourself

to seek outer guidance right now. You love to show up as a leader but there are times where you must give in and accept the help of others.This is a time for you to thrive if you will just let it in the calming, nurturing energy of Pisces season and accept the help of others. Drop your ego for just a day and listen to what your higher self (and others!) are telling you you need. Doing that alone will ignite your fire just in time for Aries season and inspire you in new, exciting ways.


This is an interesting time for you Virgo. As you oppose Pisces in the sky, the opposition may cause friction for you. You prefer structure and detail, while Pisces cares about the greater picture. This annoys you, but allow yourself to let go of details for a bit and dream of your greater vision. The details can come later. Now is a time to reflect and manifest for yourself. Give yourself a break from detail. Focus on what it is you truly want and let the Universe start its work. You can put your own work in later on. Go dream, Virgo!

LIBRA: It’s time to take a breather, Libra. You

always want things to be right and that is admirable, but you need to take care of yourself right now. Retreat as much as possible. Don’t give in to the needs of others, you will be at their side soon enough. Take time to reflect on what it is YOU need, and give that to yourself. Listen to the deeper messages you have been receiving, there is great guidance there for you. It’s not always easy, but worth it? Yes. Take some time to breathe!

rest, Sagittarius. You are a true go-getter, always looking at the next thing coming into your life and ready to conquer it. Relax! Set things aside and listen to yourself. What is it you truly want? It may not be right there in front of you and that’s because you need to look within and listen to your desires. Stop looking out at the physical world for a minute and listen to yourself. Once you know what it is YOU truly want, your physical world will change in the most amazing ways. Go inward and believe in yourself, love. Greatness is coming. Pisces season will do you good.

CAPRICORN: Catch the Pisces season wave, babe!

You love order and functionality, and Pisces season simply isn’t going to bring you that. You can make a fuss about it and be upset...or you can open your mind and start exploring your desires that aren’t necessarily “practical” at the moment. Remember where you are wasn’t practical to you at a certain time. Take a look around. Honor where you are. This didn’t come about through practicality, but through spirituality and trust. Where are you ready to take the leap and go next? Exciting times are ahead! Let go and take a leap. When Aries season starts up, you’ll be unstoppable.

AQUARIUS: You are ready to take the next step,

Aquarius. (You know what I’m talking about). You’ve been putting in a lot of work and some results are showing up, but there is more to come to fruition. Indulge in the season of Pisces and pay close attention to your dreams, waking AND sleeping. There are many messages coming to you at this time and your job right now is to observe and remember them, but in the next few weeks (when Aries season starts!), you must act on them. What does that look like to you? Dream and act, love. You have the power.

SCORPIO: PISCES: Now is your time, Scorpio. You are Welcome home, Pisces. This season always thinking deeper than what you lead others to believe. Express your thoughts! Share your mind. You harbor so much emotion and energy and the mixtures of Pisces and Aries season are encouraging you to speak from a place of passion. Reflect on this—what good has it done you to keep your thoughts all stored in your mind? Speak out on the change and transformation you’re ready to see (within you and others!). The people who are truly behind you will believe in what you have to say. And that’s because it’s the truth. Are you ready?

feels like magic, and it is! You’re in your prime. You fully understand what the people around you are experiencing and you are so quick to be at their side and guide them through it. Just don’t forget about yourself! There is so much magic happening right now, you need to allow yourself time to experience your own awakenings (seriously!) You hold insane power, and as a Pisces you won’t forget that. Just remember to use some of your magnificent power on yourself. You deserve it. And when Aries season comes around? Unstoppable you will be.


ORLANDO Where to eat and where to drink — Dexter’s New Standard 1035 N Orlando Ave, Ste 101, Winter Park, Florida 32789 (Coming soon) (407) 629-1150 Our favorite place for dinner + live music in Orlando! Their menu is carefully crafted perfection. SIGT Pick: The Burger & Fries w/ Sierra Nevada IPA Tamale Co 2411 Curry Ford Rd, Ste B, Orlando, FL 32806 (407) 203-6505 SIGT Pick: Chorizo Tamales or Dos Amigos Side: Mexican Street Corn or Guac + Chips Drink: They usually have a 2 for $6 beer special! SIGT Coupon: Free Queso w/ any purchase on pg #63. Lizzy McCormack’s 55 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801 (407) 426-8007 Drink: Guinness Draught Specials: Pudding Shot (there’s over 100 flavors, up to five each day and vegan options) Sweet Deal: Happy Hour goes till 8pm E-v-e-r-y D-a-y! SIGT Coupon — 10% off your late-night bar tab on pg #63 V’s Vegan Diner (New!) 5565 Old Cheney Highway, Orlando, Florida 32807 A permanent home for one of our favorite food trucks! 100% Plant-Based. SIGT Pick: Cheesesteak w/ Chilli Cheese Fries xo Tori Tori 720 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 Damn. This place rules. Brand-new, on Mills Ave. SIGT Pick: Fried corn, fried chicken, three half pints of beer. Pizza Bruno 3990 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32806 SIGT Picks: App: Garlic Knots and the Octopus (both are amazing) Salad: Mini Kale Zaa: Our favs are the ‘RONI, KBAR, & Ninety Two.


Leguminati (Vegan) 2401 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32806 (407) 930-7308 SIGT Pick: OG Crunch Wrap. Perfect the way it comes. Dandelion Communitea Cafe (Vegan) 618 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 362-1864 SIGT Pick: GiddyUp Wrap ($6 on Monday) w/ spring mix & quinoa—ask to add the queso inside. Side: Chips + Hummus Drink: Tea of the day (chilled) Bakery Plus (Breakfast/ Brunch) 915 E Michigan St, Orlando, FL 32806 (407) 849-1888 SIGT Pick: Bacon, Egg, Cheese on Everything Bagel Fav Donut: Chocolate Honey Glazed Drink: Yerba Mate Ten10 Brewery 1010 Virginia Dr, Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 930-8993 SIGT Pick: Grilled Cheese. Add Salami. Side: Mixed Olives (if available) Drink: Chronically Mismanaged Red Ale Broken Strings Brewery 1012 W Church St, Orlando, FL 32805 (407) 730-9108 Try one of the musicinspired craft brews — A Tribe Called Hops, Penny Lane, Liquid Vinyl, or a bomber made with an artist. Say hi to Charles! Nora’s Sugar Shack 636 Virginia Dr, Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 447-5885 The inside is wild! A great place to escape. Hotto Potto 1700 N Semoran Blvd #118, Orlando, FL 32807 (407) 930-5366 Hotto Potto has the best playlist and they’re open late. Shakai Sushi Lounge 43 E Pine St, Orlando, FL 32801 (407) 423-2688 Happy Hour is incredible. 5pm - 7pm M-F

PLACES I GO TO [Certified Classifieds] Where to get hairs cut— Nina Otero at Floyd’s (Mills Ave) 842 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 Call/text for appt — (586) 610-6044 Marc Cortes at Floyd’s 99 Barbershop (Orange Ave) 3150 S Orange Ave #107, Orlando, FL 32806 Call for appt — (407) 6015960 Where to get your car fixed — Garcia Auto Service Garcia Auto Service (Habla Español) 1015 Maltby Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 228-0111 (SIGT Coupon for 20% off select services) Where to get your body fixed — Sunshine State Acupuncture 10244 E Colonial Dr #204, Orlando, FL 32817 (407) 861-2300 A few years ago, I ouldn’t walk. Lana cured my sciatica. SIGT Pick: Trifecta — Acupuncture, Cupping, & Medical Massage House Of Health 626 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 540-0079 Dr. Dan gives lifechanging Chiropractic Adjustments (SIGT Coupon for $10 Off Adjustments or 10% Off CBD products) Where to sweat — Full Circle Yoga 972 N Orange Ave B, Winter Park, FL 32789 (407) 644-3288 If you’re a beginner, go see Sarabeth on Mondays at 6pm. We like her 7:30 meditation & flow class (intermediate). American Combat Club 1016 W Church St, Orlando, FL 32805 (321) 274-1166 Go try Mike Bell’s class, World Lightweight Kickboxing Championship in the ‘80s. ALL of the ‘80s— from 1980-1991. He’ll make you sweat. (SIGT Coupon: Try Every Class Once Free)

Where to get your computer cleaned up — Tim Can Fix It 2422a E Robinson St, Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 867-2083 (SIGT Coupon for 20% Off any Cleanup Service, Speed Upgrade, or Repair) Where to get tattooed Old Florida Electric — Joe Spino 1223 N Orange Ave, Unit B, Orlando, FL 32804 (407) 250-6941 Built 4 Speed Tattoo — Brett Bar or Canada (see pg # 28) 640 N Hillside Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 613-5772 Where to stay — Comfort Suites (Downtown, N Orange) 2416 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32804 (407) 641-1280 (SIGT Rate: Mention code “L-SIGT” for $20 Off per night) ------------------ST. AUGUSTINE Where to eat — Sarbez! Best Grilled Cheese In The World. SIGT Pick: Cheddar, Bacon, Hash Browns, Avocado, Sarbez Sauce on Sourdough. Drink: Galleon’s Golden Ale Draft (Ancient City Brewing) Sweets: Get a Zebra Cake Sweet City Cupcakes 233 W King St Suite A, St. Augustine, FL 32084 (904) 342-2119 Get a dozen, they’re all mindblowing. A1A Burrito Works 671 A1A Beach Blvd, St. Augustine Beach, FL 32080 (904) 217-7451 SIGT Pick: The Shrimp Burrito. Baja Style. -------------------

BAND STUFF — Where to get flyers designed Von Skull Media (SIGT Coupon: 50% Off Poster & Flyer Design) Where to get Buttons Kick Bright! Follow @ kick_bright_shop_ and_buttons or visit and tell them SIGT sent you! Where to find style inspirations for your next photo shoot? The Owl’s Attic Retro & Vintage Shop Check out @the_owls_ attic or visit theowlsattic. com or better yet, stop by the shop! 3106 Corrine Dr. Orlando, FL. 32803 Looking for Professional Photographers? Nothing looks better than sharp images of you and your art. Here are a few to try @ajpgphoto /// @niagphotography /// @laurenschoepfer /// @gtdmouse /// @lizbatesphotography /// @pokkphoto /// @nickelmedia Where to get T-Shirts Printed? Here are some affordable, quality printers — @akyros_ /// @enemyink /// @resis_dentz Custom Bass Drum Heads — Sticky Things Online. I usually get white vinyl and get a black bass drum head. (20% off using code THANKYOU at checkout) Where to get stickers printed — Been ordering from them since 2002! It takes about three weeks to get them, but they are very reasonably priced and high quality. MUSICIANS WANTED Singer/Collaborator Seeking someone who can write lyrics/ hooks and can provide outside perspective on the music, which we can change to suit any ideas they have. I miss collaborating and definitely want to do that again with my new stuff. Contact Nicky /// nicholastaylor308gmail. com /// LISTEN — showsigoto

ST. PETE Where to eat and where to drink — Grassroots Kava House 957 Central Ave. St. Pete, Florida 33705 (727) 220.3041 This place is a gem. There’s skate vids on the tv, an upstairs to hang/ work, and smiling people behind the bars. Feels right. Bodega on Central 1120 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33705 (727) 623-0942 SIGT Pick: Lechon Sandwich Drink: Cafecito Red Mesa Mercado 1100 1st Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33705 (727) 954-7430 SIGT Pick: Cali Burrito or Grilled Shrimp Burrito Green Bench Brewing Company 1133 Baum Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33705 (727) 800-9836 Maybe our fav brewery in the world (or just our fav people) SIGT Picks: Sunshine City IPA and Postcard Pils Say hi to our friend Brian Schanck & give him a hug! The Bends 919 1st Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33705 (727) 202-8931 SIGT Pick: PBR or a really fancy cocktail -------------------

OCALA Where to eat — Brick City Southern Kitchen 10 S Magnolia Ave, Ocala, FL 34471 (352) 512-9458 SIGT Pick: Pulled Pork Sandwich, mac n cheese, and the banana pudding. Black Sheep 128 SW Broadway St, Ocala, FL 34471 (352) 622-1207 SIGT Pick: Coors Banquet, Sliders, & Tots! The Mojo Grill 2015 SW 17th St, Ocala, FL 34471 (352) 369-6656 SIGT Pick: The Crazy Cuban w/ a side of Mojo Saucew/ Cajun Waffle Fries Fat Boys BBQ 4132 E Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala, FL 34470 (352) 236-3271 SIGT Pick: Jumbo Pulled Pork on Garlic Bread Side: Corn Nuggets O’Malleys Alley 24 SE Magnolia Ext, Ocala, FL 34471 (352) 690-2262 SIGT Pick: Newcastle Bottle, Jameson shot, and occasional regret

High-ideas By Big Tim Murphy Go to Red Lobster — Order the endless shrimp w/ baked potato. Eat the inside of the potato. Order shrimp scampi. Remove shrimp. Pour garlic butter in potato, fill with shrimp. Take it home. Right before you evacuate the shrimp inside you, set the oven to bake at 200 degrees and put the potato in there. It’ll be perfect by the time you’re out. /// @bigtimmycomic


1035 N Orlando Ave, Ste 101, Winter Park, Florida 32789 (407) 629-1150 This is the best place for dinner + live music in Orlando! Their menu is carefully crafted perfection. SIGT Pick: Late night burger and fries.

Pi on Broadway 110 SW Broadway St, Ocala, FL 34471 (352) 369-5100 SIGT Pick: Taco Viva Pi (Brick oven Pizza) Sides: 3-Cheese Baked Mac & Caramelized Brussels Sprouts Drink: Anything upstairs. Sometimes our friend from ORL will jam here! -------------------




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