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Cover & Rolling Loud — Simon Wade /// @mrsimonwade Seeing Double — Carolyn Dentz /// @resis_dentz_photography The NBHD — Amanda Laferriere /// @ajpgphoto Sebastian Bach — Randy Cook /// @horns_raised


Suwannee Hulaween — Carmelo Conte III /// @melothird Riot Fest — Jeremy Kazmier /// @misterkazmier

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Give and Give Thanks, beautiful people. We have some incredible artists we’ll be featuring over the next few issues. But for Issue 03 of “What’s Your Style,” I would like to share a very sincere, personal letter I wrote to Mr. Tinker Hatfield: Vice President for Design and Special Projects at Nike, 1985-present. He is famous for designing most of the Air Jordan and Nike shoes and is a huge inspiration to me and my style. Read why Nike means so much to me and how they’ve impacted me and so many other people around the world. ////////////////////////////////////////// Dear Tinker Hatfield & Nike, I still remember clearly the day I got my first pair of Air Jordans. September 18th, 1994 (my 4th birthday), keeping cool in the “Just For Feet” store with my mother and two older brothers on a hot summer day in the Milk District of Orlando, FL. That place was like Disney World for an athletically active, basketball-junkie kid from the ghetto — the dopest new athletic and casual Nikes, Jordans, and all other popular athletic sneaker companies were available there AND a half basketball court where kids could shoot around for FREE. Again, it was my birthday and the new “Powder Blue” 9s were in the stores. My Mother called them “Carolina Blue.” That was the first time I had heard of that colorway and I loved how it sounded being that I of course was crazy about the NC Tar Heels and MJ. I was beyond sold on them, so long as my Mother had the 80-something dollars plus tax to make my day. Where she got the money from; I have no idea. Superheroes simply have to make a living too and I was a big part of her life, and she wanted to gift me that assurance in that moment. She did! A size 4T fit me perfectly, and conveniently enough, the entrance to the in-store court was adjacent to the building’s exit. So, I laced up my new Js right then and there and replicated as many Michael Jordan “moves” and mannerisms as I could perform on the hardwood. I left that place feeling like my favorite professional basketball player. From there, I naturally became a fanatic about Nike and Air Jordan shoes, due to that experience, and also because I continued to play the game of basketball (and at a high level as I aged). At nine years old, I began playing AAU for a team called the Orlando Wizards. We had been issued royal blue and white jerseys sourced through a generic garment print shop in town, but my Coaches wanted the newest Nikes on our feet. That was 1999: Year of the Nike Air (Garnett) III. Also known as: the shoe that took the look and energy of our uniform and team to the next level, all in that black/chrome/regal blue colorway. For the next two years, I was the starting point guard and team captain. We would go on to win numerous tournament championships.


It seems that early on in my life, I was fortunate enough to have developed a deep admiration for the Nike brand. It’s because I was always around young athletes and it was what every young athlete wanted to wear. It was what every young athlete’s sports idol WAS wearing.

The great nostalgia I feel brings about stories that I do not often get to tell, which I love. Like, the time I became the youngest basketball player in the history of Orange County Public Schools Athletics to play for Nike’s premier AAU travel team, “Nike Team Florida” at age 16.

me a song you learned from your peers that you jammed with.” This was my introduction to music and somehow, I began to enjoy it and began jamming with others outside of school. I would play my first show, just me and an acoustic guitar, later that year after I graduated.

Over the next two years, we would go on to win a handful of tournament championships and took home gold medals at an AAU Regional Tournament, at which I was crowned MVP. During that era of my hoop dreams, Nike had me wearing the Lebron III, Lebron IV, Zoom Kobe I, and the Air Huarache Elite. In 2008-2009 for my high school senior season, my University High School Cougars Coaches let me wear the number 11 home jersey when games were played at my high school, and the number 23 away jersey for road games. Our team shoe at the time was the Nike Zoom BB II in Navy and White but I decided to wear the Nike Air Jordan LE 11 Silver Zest, which was essentially an all heather gray shoe with hints of golden yellow, matching the yellow in our jerseys and becoming the perfect color block blend against the navy and white. Every time I wore that shoe on the court, I felt like my favorite professional basketball player again. After averaging 18 points and eight assists per game during my 12th grade year, I was on target to attend schools like Princeton and play for their basketball team on a scholarship. Unfortunately, I got injured in a semifinals

Fast forward 11 years to now. I am a two-time World Champion Tenor Vocalist, winning the largest A Cappella festival competition on the planet 2018 and 2019 with a group by the name of Six Appeal Vocal Band. As someone who was given the green light to push the limits on style for the band and make sure everyone is looking sharp as a unit, I knew I wanted the group to return to the competition in unified outfits so LOUD, they’d pop cherries. The Nike Sportswear NSW cyber/black/white Tracksuits set us apart this time in Moscow, Russia, and we were definitely ONE of 194 groups from 26 countries. Along with those fits, we all sported a certain Nike shoe that we thought best represented us, yet would still support our high intensity stage performances — 18 shows in nine days. My older brother, who also sings baritone in the group and is the choreographer, was feeling very olympic upon going back to the The Soviet Union to compete. He went with the Nike Air More Money in gold and black. I decided to go with the everlasting Vapormax Plus in black and white AND the M2K Tekno in black, off-white and obsidian. I am not sure which was better; winning two consecutive times or winning a second time while dressed in Nike gear from head to toe. It was all a dream come true! I love music and sports in the same ways you do, Tink. Today, I am still in the group and will continue my time with them until the start of 2020. In the new year, my two older brothers and I are starting a new age ‘90s-conscious R&B & Hip-Hop boyband. To complete our image, we want to wear matching Nike tracksuits and different Nike athletic sneakers which best represent each of us individually. Plainly and simply put, Nike has been a huge part of our upbringing. The way we were brought up is heard and felt through our music and the performance we will put on night in and night out. As a family we have supported Nike and we want to continue in the best way we know how. I am asking for your blessing. Please consider. Much love and Respect, Tink. Give and Give Thanks,

district game, tearing my labrum. But, what happens next will help all of this to make sense. Music immediately found me during my time of healing as I had so much time to just sit and do nothing. No physical activity was allowed for a solid two months. My Stepfather bought me a guitar so I could take guitar class as an easy elective to finish out my senior year. When I say easy, I mean, “I could have slept in that class every day and still gotten a good grade — the teacher did not teach at all, nor was there ever homework. As long as we showed up and jammed with other students in the class and stayed out of trouble, we were pretty much passing.” Exams consisted of “show

/// @evantaylorjones P.s. We would be forever grateful if you could provide us with three of the same tracksuits (one for each of us) and a pair of Nike shoes in support of us locking in our look. We’d share this great story via our fans forever until the end of time, at every performance, and online. It would be our one and only show outfit for stage and in performance photos.

Whats Your ‘


The Titty Llama — Celeste /// @verygoodbreakfast




seeing double 10



All The Vibes — The Movement quickly became one of my favorite bands thanks to Pandora’s* suggestion on my Slightly Stoopid station a few years back. (*I’m old who cares.) It was the first show I shot when I started working for SIGT in 2017. I was stoked to shoot them but I was new to shooting shows and I feel like the shots taken at The Amp in St. Augustine were basic-bitch quality. My love for The Movement’s music has only grown since and once they dropped their latest album, ‘Ways of the World’, they announced phase 1 and 2 of their tour. No Florida dates? What the fuck? I even saw their drummer at Slightly Stoopid’s “Summer Tour” kick off at The Amp and wanted run up to him and give him some shit about no Florida dates but I held back my extra-ness and left the man alone to enjoy the show. Then it happened — Bands In Town App pops up with a notification that phase 3 of the tour is announced and The Movement is headlining at The Surfer Bar on Oct 23 in Jax Beach! Perfect. Signed up and ready to shoot. I had never shot at The Surfer Bar before. I didn’t know if it was inside, outside, concert hall, bar, big, small or what-the-fuck type of venue this would be like to shoot at. The thing I love/hate about shooting a band whose music I listen to is that I’m really going to shoot a show as a fan. I think when other fans see someone with a camera there are assumptions made that I’m paid to be there and that this is just a job to me and that I don’t care about the music. It puts me in an uncomfortable position because I want to respect the space they stand in patiently waiting, not taking bathroom breaks, sending friends to get drinks so they don’t lose their spot that they showed up early to get to. The last thing I want to do is show up like some douche with a camera bag and push my way through a crowd for the sake of the perfect shot. I’m all about the good vibes. If I could be invisible when I’m shooting a show that would BE DOPE. I can do my thing and be in that moment without worrying about stepping on toes or pissing off fans that think I’m there for a paycheck. I had a fan yell at me at a slightly stupid show for accidentally bumping into him when taking a shot from the pit. He said some shit about “he paid to be here, and get the fuck out of my way,” or some shit. I looked at his girlfriend and said “you got yourself a real fucking gem.” He was a dick but I get what he’s saying at the same time. I understand there is a responsibility that comes with a press pass. It’s a fucking privilege. And in no way a pass to walk around like I own the joint. If anything it means I need to be extra aware of my surroundings so that I can properly document the scene and absorb the vibe around me and not insert some entitled energy. The Surfer Bar is an intimate space for a show, no barricade to shoot in front of. You shoot from the audience. AND we were allowed to shoot the entire show!!! This is always a rare and amazing opportunity. I picked a spot to the right of the stage and was able to move around and shoot the Elovators and The Late Ones. This was the first show that I had ever shot where the photographers were ALL ladies!!! YASSSSS. I’m all about the female power! Finally, The Movement was up next and the place was PACKED. It was a sold out show and at this point I needed to find my spot to shoot from and get comfortable because there wouldn’t be much moving around. I noticed three ladies behind me made a barricade around me and one of them said “don’t worry girl, we aren’t going to let anyone step on you, we got your back. I see you at all the shows you are always respectful to us, we got you.” It’s that kind of looking-out we all need to do for each other, ladies. It’s a tough-dude world out there and we have to have each others backs. That moment set the tone for the rest of my night and I relaxed into my role, got to shoot my favorite band, sing my favorite songs, hear their new fucking album LIVE, SHOOT THE ENTIRE TIME, and embrace the shit out of The Movement’s Vibe. At one point one of the other photographers who was shooting the show leaned in near me and said “Isn’t this job the fucking best?” Yessss girl, it really fucking is. Bless the fuck up. -Carolyn Dentz.

/// /// @resis_dentz /// @resis_dentz_photography

seeing double 11

Fans “ohh” and scream as he unveils the next section of music in the set. The lasers and bass are more than the folk in my group can handle and split for camp. I take this time to dance my way through the mob and people watch. The hype is real and I feel like this was a set that could convince someone on the fence to enjoy the B- B- BBASSSSSS.

fests i go to With Spencer Storch

Spencer’s TOP 5 Sets of Hulaween 2019 There are so many musical acts at a giant festival like Suwannee Hulaween. Here are a few of our favorites!

Umphrey’s McGee

Chicago’s Umphrey’s McGee is the main course for me this evening and I am salivating on my way to The Patch. After acquiring a great spot, the band comes on stage. They hop right to it with “40’s Theme” and have the fans jumping and shouting immediately. They play my new favorite songs, “Night Nurse,” and “Slacker” for the packed house. A huge solo during “Wife Soup” for lead singer and guitarist, Brendan Bayliss who has grown back his mustache for the event. They are trying out a new light guy and I have to say that Ben Factor is knocking it out of the park. I can hear people around me gasping and pointing at the lights on stage as he moves from pulsing lights to beautiful scenes in great balance. They finish the

setlist. “Kerosene” and Springsteen’s “Wings for Wheels” help my already floating body to take flight! It’s about this time I realize Beck is wearing an Afro wig on the dobro. His bandmate David Bruzza (guitar) shines bright on the dark stage with a long skillful solo during “Leap Year.” He shakes the beat and goes off to do his own thing before slowly joining back with the band on their way out

set with a fiery “Jajunk” > “Ringo” > “Jajunk.”

Greensky Bluegrass

We progress to The Amphitheater where Greensky Bluegrass is set up for a heater. Another great intro song as I arrive to them covering Prince’s “1999.” They make it their own — think Prince in overalls drinking moonshine. Next, their slower song “In Control” is twangy and full of feels. Anders Beck is so good on the dobro he has me floating. His sweet playing in combination with Paul Hoffman’s (mandolin/ vocals) voice is simply divine. It’s no wonder why these guys are on top and I’m am so stoked to get my first experience with them. They pass the baton so well it’s inspiring and their flawless play builds mountains 12 of momentum as they climb tonight’s

never receive.


of the jam. You can tell these guys know and trust each other. The set ends and I refuse to leave, hoping for an encore I

With no time for a camp run we head straight to The Meadow for one of this weekend’s headliners, Bassnectar! The biggest producer on the planet starts his rager with “Chicken Dippaz” and also plays “It’s About To Get Hectic,” “Upside Down,” and “Duck Trumpet.” There are glowing signs and poi everywhere. Not a free step to walk around so I have to bounce off of people to get where I’m going.

The String Cheese Incident

I head to The Meadow for The String Cheese Incident’s first set of the day. They begin with “Dudley’s Kitchen” before moving into the popular “Get Tight” which transitions to Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish” in the jam portion. I love this! The weather is breezy and the music is on point! “Miss Brown’s Teahouse” and “Colliding” round out this delicious set. I hit camp again to recharge (I’m struggling today) before heading back to SCI’s second set. Entering The Meadow I have hoopers and jugglers all around me. Music fans are with their friends, laughing and enjoying each other at the set. This is what it’s all about. I’m having a blast as they play the afternoon away. The set ends with a whirlwind of songs, “The Wheel” > “Drums” > “Birdland”

> “Wheel Hoss” > “Birdland” > “Howard.” You should know that Nershi (guitar) got his exercise during “Drums” by wildly running around in circles on the stage. LOL!

Home (Way Down Upon Swanee River)” by Stephen Foster. After filling my heart to the brim they play “Dust in a Baggie.” Here Billy

Billy Stings

The red hot Billy Strings at the main stage. He’s a young up and coming bluegrass guitarist who has created quite a stir in the strings scene. His version of jamgrass or “acidgrass” is everything you could want from a flat-picker. His songs are warm and meaningful as well as great for a sing-along. But, that’s not why he’s so popular. He’s rising to the top because of the exploratory approach and his wicked chops on that six-string. I arrive to the set to hear him covering Widespread Panic’s “All Time Low.” He’s got his long hair braided into cornrows and I have to admit: this is my first ever bluegrassin-cornrows set I have ever been to. I was tired before I got here and now I can’t stop dancing. I have a big smile on my face as this kid leads the full Meadow to the promised land. The breeze blows and the cool air gets a big reaction from the crowd. Arms up and heads back as the band moves into “Old Folks at

Strings solos with impressive awareness. Like a fan moving to the front of the crowd, he knows right where he wants to go. Not only that, but he has the ability to skip, jump, and dance along the way to his destination without mistakes or hesitation! “Turmoil & Tinfoil” closes this amazing afternoon set. Don’t miss this guy. He and his band are on their way to the top. I recommend seeing him before the crowds get too large! Read the full Suwannee Hulaween Review + Photos at /// Check out our interview with Michael Berg, Talent Buyer and Partner at Hulaween in Issue #02 /// @swstorch Photos by Carmelo Conte III /// @melothird


It was the 15th anniversary for Riot Fest with a line up that proves Riot is one of the largest meal/punk festivals to date! Calling Douglas Park home for the fifth time during the metalhardened freight train of Riot Fest, even after co-founder Sean McKeough suddenly passed from a stroke in December of 2016. Business partner Mike Petryshyn has kept the small venue vibe in which they came from, to the expanse of a music theme park that hits you with all-the-feels like a kid on Christmas morning. The Windy City streamed with the vibrations of art from American Football, Jawbreaker, Cursive, to the ever confronting high priestess of punk, Patti Smith, and the ageless punk-anthem providers, The Descendents! We were running between the five stages trying to catch musical fireflies like The Flaming Lips. Bouncing and weaving through crowds of fans and fest goers excited in anticipation of the next show, we would get to witness locals become legends from Rise Against, to TurnStyle, Slayer, GWAR, and Bikini Kill. Chicago held true to its namesake during this trip, blustering winds as strong as Orlando Pride. Even though we were over a thousand miles away from home, seeing one Beefy King shirt and over thirty familiar Floridians brought the heat. Ninety two bands, two four hour flights, a plethora of drinks, ride shares. and trains later, and we were back home in Orlando with memories to last a lifetime. See you next year, Riot Fest! Words by Chase Mitchell /// @the_jew_unit Photos by Jeremy Kazmier /// @mister_kazmier



KAH-LO The Social Orlando Photos by Daniel Garcia /// @danielxgarcia


BEA MILLER The Social Orlando Photos by Daniel Garcia /// @danielxgarcia


LPT is comprised of 10 gentlemen currently residing in

I typically spend well over a hundred hours a month in a metal tube in the sky and less than 24 hours at a time in any one place. I am a transient. A fancy homeless guy. My saving grace is the fact I have friends all over the country. Seeing familiar faces in different places keeps me grounded in an otherwise lonely life. But for five days in October I felt more at home than I have in years. I was at Suwannee Hulaween Music Festival; held annually at the ever-magical Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida. No air travel needed. And for this extended weekend I had friends from every direction converging to one location. I didn’t have to chase them separately; we were all together. Everywhere I turned I saw someone with whom I have a genuine connection. My heart was warm and my soul was full. In my life of chasing and shooting music I have made friends with a cornucopia of talented musicians. At this year’s Hulaween some of these friends were performing. I was lucky enough to attend the festival to photograph the salsa band LPT. My connection with LPT comes via my long time friend, JP, who plays congas in the band. Interestingly enough, I first met JP at the same park during Wanee Festival in 2006. We were at a late-night jam in the campgrounds and a mutual friend told me to “keep an eye on that guy, make sure he doesn’t get lost.” He pointed to JP, dancing with a glow stick behind each ear and a smile plastered on his face. I laughed and said, “I think he’ll be alright.” We’ve been sharing laughs, smiles, and visits to the park ever since.


Jacksonville, FL. They have connected with their roots and play classically inspired Afro-Latin salsa. Their music was a refreshing change of pace from the heavily electronic line up of the festival. They began their set Saturday at 4:15 on the campground stage. While the Latin band came dressed in various Halloween costumes, I, an over-compensating white man, donned my nicest guayabera shirt. Soy latino blanco. As they took the stage only a few folks were in attendance, but it did not take long for the organic rhythms to draw in the masses. The clouds were rolling through but the horns shone bright as the sun. The percussion was a kick-start to our weary minds and bodies. LPT brought the people back to life. Folks came from every direction to dance. It was a natural dance that cleansed our souls of the night before. It loosened our limbs and livened our spirits. And let’s face it, it’s always entertaining to watch white people pretend to know how to dance salsa. Smiles spread on every face and gyrations of every hip. The energy of the band was like coffee to the crowd. We were awakened and ready for another glorious night of festivities. LPT has their own branded coffee beans for sale, roasted by the band. Check it out at —

The Quickening

Throughout the weekend I happened upon many friends whom I did not know would be in attendance. The most pleasant of those surprises came late Friday night when I ran into my dear friend Rachel. This should have been no surprise to me as we inevitably always find each other at festivals. Rachel has been singing for years in various projects and that Sunday she was set to perform with her current band, The Quickening. Her voice comes straight from her soul which is as beautiful as she. Having long been enchanted by her singing and having yet to see the Quickening, I knew I had to be there to see what

she has been up to lately. My only concern was that I had promised a ride home to Richie of the ShowsIGoTo family and I was not sure if he had a schedule to keep. Luckily The Sober Goat had not earned his title Saturday night and clearly was not anxious to get moving by a certain time. Good thing too, because between Rachel and Richie, I’m picking Rachel every time. She’s a fox. (“In French she would be called “la renarde” and she would be hunted with only her cunning to protect her.”) While Rachel had made sure I knew when and where to see her, she failed to mention her entire band and crew would be performing in Wayne’s World costumes. And DAMN did they do a great job with it. If you didn’t catch my allusion in the previous paragraph; she was of course dressed as Cassandra — red dress, red high heel boots, and even a white bass to complete the costume. (Real Cass doesn’t play bass.) On guitar and vocals was Wayne Campbell and with him as always, Garth Algar on drums. Hailing from New Orleans, The Quickening has funk rooted deeply in their soul, mixed with rock n’ roll. The steel guitar adds a sly southern smoke to the air while the keys and bass round out the mysterious mystique that is the Nawlins atmosphere. They came out funkin’ it up. Then in true NOLA style, they went big but also easy and put me in a trance with their track “Use the Breeze.” To finish out their set they played a medley of tunes from Wayne’s World. “Fire” with a “Dreamweaver” segue just as it was in the movie. Then they closed out strong with “Ballroom Blitz.” It certainly got my blood pumping and ready for that grueling three hour drive home. And to say the least, they left me with one more reason to get back to New Orleans. Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?


Matthew travels the world working for an airline and goes to shows wherever he lands. Follow his adventures on Instagram @the.flyin.fotog and wright to him at

I love seeing good friends in great bands, especially when they are on the bill with such a stellar lineup. The entire weekend was full of soul-inspiring music and heart-warming love and friendship. It was something I truly needed. I just wish I could take all these friends with me on my daily travels. LPT /// @somoslpt The Quickening /// @thequickeningmusic Matthew Wright /// @the.flyin.fotog


This is a place of love. El Camino School founder, John Theisen, is building from the heart. Theisen has worked as a touring musician for more than a decade while raising money and spreading awareness for our local arts community as Campaign Manager at United Arts of Central Florida. He’s even featured in a Pitbull video w/ Ke$ha for “Timber” which has over 1 Billion views. In the few short months I’ve known John and Co., I’ve become family. El Camino School welcomes you like an old friend with open arms. The beautiful space on the edge of College Park is designed to be a home to nurture growth professionally and spiritually. El Camino is the only school in the country that’s training and vetting touring guitar techs. Theisen has paved the way for a career that many people can have in the music industry, beyond being a band member. This is a dream job for many kids and young adults who want to explore the world and work with their favorite bands. In addition to music lessons (vocals, guitar, banjo), there are courses which teach you how to build and repair amplifiers, effects pedals, and even your own guitar (that you can take it home). The lecture hall is an artistic mecca for meetups, networking events, gallery openings—it’s also available for rent for special events. The lounge area is a safe space to study, relax, unwind, and explore your creativity.


Community comes first. We are all here on this planet to help one another. We’re all students to the universe blazing through life trying to figure it out. John Theisen is here to help, heart-to-heart. The primary objective at El Camino School is to create a true collaboration with the community and local music industry in order to impart knowledge for those seeking further understanding, careers, or hobbies. El Camino School is truly a gift to Orlando and the music community as a whole. If you’re looking for the perfect holiday present for a music-loving loved one, give them the gift of music. You can stop by Monday - Friday from 10am - 6pm, visit their boutique gift shop, and purchase a gift certificate for an upcoming course, seminar, or music lessons. Please visit John, Dakota, and his team at El Camino School of Music & Technology 5066 Edgewater Drive Orlando, FL 32804 (407) 734-5129 /// @elcaminoschoolusa Please take the virtual tour here. School is cool.






pumpkin spice

Mudslide Martini

Inspired by Primus’ “My Name Is Mud”


Each month Skinny makes you an easy step-by-step unique cocktail recipe you can make at home for friends and lovers. Send us your photos to be featured —


Tito’s Handmade Vodka Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur Coffee Mate Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon, Sugar, & Allspice Simple Syrup


Grab a Martini Glass. Mix 2 Teaspoons sugar & 1 Teaspoon cinnamon on a plate or dish. Pour Simple Syrup onto a plate. Dip rim of glass into simple syrup then dip rim of glass into sugar mix.


Fill pint glass with ice. Add 1 1/4 oz Tito’s, 3/4 oz. Kahlúa, 1/2 oz. Bailey’s, & 2 1/2 oz. Coffee Mate. Shake and strain into Martini Glass.

STEP 3 — MAKE IT FANCY Dust with allspice.


Keep your glass chilled in the freezer before making this martini.



Fresh off the Flogging Molly Cruise. @skinnyshots




Ten 10 Brewing Company (home of Ten10 Fest) /// 1010 Virginia Dr. Orlando, FL 32803 Broken Strings Brewery (home of 11Eleven Fest) /// 1012 W. Church St. Orlando, FL 32805

Orange County Brewers /// 1117 International Pkwy suite 1701, Lake Mary, FL 32746 Deadly Sins Brewing /// 750 Jackson Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 The Bear & Peacock /// 1280 Orange Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789

TAMPA Rock Brothers Brewing Company /// 1901 N. 15th St., Tampa, FL 33605 Green Bench Brewing Co. /// 1134 First Ave. N. St. Petersburg, FL 33705 Cycle Brewing /// 534 Central Ave. St. Petersburg, FL 33701 Tomoka Brewing Co. /// 4647 S Clyde Morris Blvd. Port Orange, FL 32129 Mount Dora Brewing/The Rocking Rabbit Brewery /// 405 South Highland St. Mount Dora, FL 32757 Charlie & Jake’s Brewery Grille /// 6300 N Wickham Road, No. 137 Melbourne, FL 32940 Intracoastal Brewing Company /// 652 W. Eau Gallie Blvd. Melbourne, FL 32935 Hell ‘n’ Blazes Brewing Company /// 1002 E. New Haven Ave. Melbourne, FL 32901

3 Daughters Brewing /// 222 22nd St. S. St. Petersburg, FL 33712 St. Pete Brewing Company /// 544 First Ave. N. St. Petersburg, FL 33701 Mastry’s Brewing Co. /// 7701 Blind Pass Rd, St Pete Beach, FL 33706 Cage Brewing /// 2001 First Ave. S. St. Petersburg, FL 33712 Pinellas Ale Works /// 1962 First Ave S. St Petersburg FL 33712. Flying Boat Brewing Co. /// 1776 11th Ave. N. Saint Petersburg, FL 33713

Castle Church Brewing /// 6820 Hoffner Ave., Orlando, FL 32822

Bowigens Beer Company /// 1014 State Road 436 Casselberry, FL 32707

Orlando Brewing /// 1301 Atlanta Ave. Orlando, FL 32806

WopsHops Brewing Co. /// 419 S. Sanford Ave. Sanford, FL 32771

Lost Shirt Brewing /// 7025 Industrial Rd., Unit B West Melbourne, FL 32904

Tactical Brewing Company /// 4882 New Broad St , Orlando, FL 32814

Sanford Brewing Company /// 400 S. Sanford Ave. Sanford, FL 32771

Half Wall Brewery /// 1889 FL-44, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

7venth Sun Brewing /// 6809 N. Nebraska Ave. Tampa, FL 33604

Ivanhoe Park Brewing /// 1300 Alden Rd, Orlando, FL 32803

Persimmon Hollow Brewing Co. /// 111 W. Georgia Ave. Deland FL, 32720

7venth Sun Brewery /// Broadway Dunedin, FL 34698

Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour & Brewery /// 2810 Corrine Drive Orlando, FL 32803

Playalinda Brewing Company /// 305 S. Washington Ave. Titusville Florida 32796

RECENT CLOSURES :( Ocean Sun Brewing

Motorworks Brewing coming soon /// 131 N. Orange Ave., Orlando, 32801

Playalinda Brewing Company-Brix Project /// 5220 S. Washington Ave. Titusville, FL 32780

UPCOMING CRAFT BEER EVENTS Saturday, Nov 23 /// Tom & Dan Beerfest 2019 /// West End Trading Co /// 12pm-6pm /// FREE

Dunderbrau Brewery /// 14929 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. Tampa, FL 33613

From ORL to TPA

Tampa Bay Brewing Co (Ybor) /// 1600 East Eighth Ave. Tampa, FL 33605

Whisper Creek Farm: The Kitchen and The Brewery /// JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes 4012 Central Florida Parkway Orlando, FL 32837 Sea Dog Brewing Co. Orlando /// 8496 Palm Parkway Orlando 32836 Dead Lizard Brewing Company /// 4507 36th St. Orlando, FL 32811 Crooked Can Brewing /// 426 W Plant St. Winter Garden, FL 34787 Grove Roots Brewing Company /// 300 Third St. SW Winter Haven, FL 33880 Hourglass Brewing /// 480 S Ronald Reagan Blvd. Longwood, FL 32750 Hourglass Brewing (new!) /// 2500 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32806 Big River Grille & Brewing Works /// 2101 N. Epcot Resort Blvd. Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 Cask & Larder /// 565 W. Fairbanks Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789



Central 28 Beer Company /// 290 Springview Commerce Drive #1 DeBary, FL 32713 Daytona Beach Brewing Company /// 482 Fentress Blvd Suite N. Daytona Beach, FL 32114 Dirty Oar Beer Company /// 331 King St. Cocoa, FL 32922

Avid Brew Co /// 1745 First Ave. S. St Petersburg, FL 33712 81 Bay Brewing Co /// 4465 W. Gandy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33611


The Wild Rover Brewery /// 13921 Lynmar Blvd. Tampa, FL 33626

Tampa Bay Brewing Co (Westchase) /// 13933 Monroes Business Park Tampa, FL 33635

Cigar City Brewing /// 3924 West Spruce St., Suite A Tampa, FL 33607 Brew Bus Brewing /// 4101 N. Florida Ave. Tampa, FL 33603

Banana River Brewing Company /// 226 King St. Cocoa, FL 32922

Two Henrys Brewing Company /// 5210 W. Thonotosassa Road, Plant City, FL 33565

New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company /// 112 Sams Ave. New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

Brew Hub Lakeland /// 4100 S. Frontage Road, Building 700 Lakeland, FL 33815

Ormond Brewing Company /// 301 Division Avenue #13 Ormond Beach, FL 32117

Swan Brewing /// 115 W. Pine St. Lakeland, FL 33815

Angry Chair Brewing /// 6401 N. Florida Ave. Tampa, FL 33604

Brew Pop Brewery /// 2122 Highway 92 W., Auburndale, FL 33823

Ulele Spring Brewery /// 1810 N. Highland Ave. Tampa, FL 33602

The Florida Brewery Co /// 202 Gandy Road, Auburndale, FL 33823

Six Ten Brewing /// 7052 Benjamin Road Tampa, FL 33634

Tomoka Brewery /// 188 E. Granada Blvd. Ormond Beach, FL 32176 Beachside Brew Pub /// 1368 Ocean Shore Blvd. Ormond-by-theSea, FL 32176 Florida Beer Company /// 200 Imperial Blvd. Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

D.G. Yuengling & Sons /// 11111 N. 30th St. Tampa, FL 33612 Southern Brewing (& wine) /// 4500 N. Nebraska Ave. Tampa, FL 33603

Tampa Beer Works /// 333 Falkenburg Road N. D-407 Tampa, FL 33619

Carrollwood Brewing Co. /// 10047 N. Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL 33618 Hidden Springs Ale Works /// 1631 N Franklin St Tampa, FL 33602 Cigar City Airport Brewpub Tampa International Airport Airside C /// 4100 George J. Bean Parkway Tampa, FL 33622

Dunedin Brewery /// 937 Douglas Ave. Dunedin, FL 34698

Bold City Brewery /// 2670-7 Rosselle St. Jacksonville, FL 32204

HOB Brewing Co. /// 927 Broadway Dunedin, FL 34698

Intuition Ale Works /// 929 E. Bay St. Jacksonville, FL 32202

Woodwright Brewing Co /// 985 Douglas Ave. Dunedin, FL 34698

Seven Bridges Grille & Brewery /// 9735 Gate Parkway N. Jacksonville, FL 32246

Cueni Brewing Co. /// 945 Huntley Ave. Dunedin, FL 34698

Coppertail Brewing Co. /// 2601 E. Second Ave. Tampa, FL 33605

Caledonia Brewing /// 587 Main St. Dunedin, FL 34698

Saint Somewhere Brewing Company /// 1441 Savannah Ave, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

Soggy Bottom Brewing Co. /// 660 Main St. Dunedin, FL 34698

Brasserie Saint Somewhere /// 312 E. Tarpon Ave. Tarpon Springs, FL 34689 Silverking Brewing Company /// 325 E. Lemon St. Tarpon Springs, FL 34689 Brooksville Brewing Company /// 1316 Commercial Way Spring Hill, FL 34606 Rapp Brewing Co. /// 10930 Endeavour Way Seminole, FL 33777 JDub’s Brewing Company /// 1215 Mango Ave. Sarasota FL 34237 Sarasota Brewing Company /// 6607 Gateway Ave. Sarasota, FL 34231 Big Top Brewing Company /// 6111B Porter Way Sarasota, FL 34232

Anheuser-Busch /// 111 Busch Drive Jacksonville, FL 32218

Swamp Head Brewery /// 3650 S.W. 42nd Ave. Gainesville, FL 32608

Hyperion Brewing Company /// 1740 N. Main St. Jacksonville, FL 32206

First Magnitude Brewing Company /// 1220 S.E. Veitch St. Gainesville, FL 32601

Engine 15 Brewing Co. /// 1500 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Blackadder Brewing Company /// 618A NW 60th St. Gainesville, FL 32607

Motorworks Brewing /// 1014 Ninth St. W. Bradenton FL 34205

Green Room Brewing /// 228 Third Street N. Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Darwin Brewing Company /// 803 17th Ave. W. Bradenton, FL 34205

Zeta Brewing Company /// 131 1st Ave. N. Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Brownwood Bavarian Brewery at Las Tapas /// Spanish Tapas Bar, Restaurant & Brewery 2738 Brownwood Blvd. The Villages, FL. 32163

Pair O’ Dice Brewing /// 4400 118th Ave., Suite 208 Clearwater, FL 33762 Big Storm Brewing Company /// 12707 49th Street N Clearwater FL 33762 Grindhaus Brew Lab /// 1650 N. Hercules Ave., Unit I Clearwater, FL 33765

Naughty Monk Brewery /// 2507 Lakewood Ranch Blvd. Bradenton FL 34211

Crooked Thumb Brewery /// 555 10th Ave. S. Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Four Stacks Brewing /// 5469 U.S. Highway 41 N. Apollo Beach, FL 33572

Southern Swells Brewing Co. /// 1312 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville Beach, Fla. Pinglehead Brewing Co. at Brewers Pizza /// 14B Blanding Blvd. Orange Park, FL 32073 Atlantic Beach Brewing Company /// 725 Atlantic Blvd. Suites 3 & 15 Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

Great Chicago Fire Brewery & Tap Room /// 311 W. Magnolia St. Leesburg, FL 34748 Copp Brewery /// 11 N.E. Fourth Ave. Crystal River, FL 34429 Nature Coast Brewing Co. /// (At Burkes of Ireland) 564 N. Citrus Ave., Crystal River, FL 34428 -----------------------------

Submissions: Please send your photos, updates, & additions to SJ Brewing Co /// 463646 FL-200, /// Deadline for next issue Yulee, FL 32097 submissions: December 10. Crooked Rooster Brewery /// 1476 S. Sixth St. Macclenny, FL 32063

Stilt House Brewery /// 625 Palm Harbor Blvd. Palm Harbor, FL 34683 Palm Harbor Brewery /// 1022 Georgia Ave. Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Brackish Beer Company /// 907 Dilworth St, St Marys, GA 31558

De Bine Brewing Co. /// 993 Florida Ave. Palm Harbor, FL 34683

*Please check the brewery’s website/Facebook for hours of operation, food options, Ancient City Brewing /// 3420 and live music schedules Agricultural Center Dr Suite 8 before you visit. AIA Ale Works /// 1 King St. St. Augustine, FL 32084

Big Storm Brewing – Pasco /// 2330 Success Drive Odessa, FL 33556

Craft Life Brewing /// 2624 Land O Lakes Blvd. Land O’ Lakes, Florida 34639

gvl/oca Infinite Ale Works /// 304 S. Magnolia Ave. Ocala, FL 34471

3 Keys Brewing & Eatery /// 2505 Manatee Ave. E. Bradenton, FL 34208

In The Loop Brewing /// 3338 Land O Lakes Blvd., Land O’ Lakes 34639

Veterans United Craft Brewery /// 8999 Western Way #104 Jacksonville, FL 32256 Wicked Barley Brewing Company /// 4134 Baymeadows Road Jacksonville, FL 32217

Sea Dog Brewing Co. – Clearwater /// 26200 U.S. Highway N. Clearwater, FL 33761

Calusa Brewing /// 5701 Derek Ave. Sarasota, FL 34233

Lagerhaus Brewery & Grill /// 3438 East Lake Business Palm Harbor, FL 34685

Aardwolf Brewery /// 1461 Hendricks Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32207


Saint Augustine, FL 32092

Please drink responsibly. Tell them you saw their River City Brewing Company /// 835 Museum Circle Jacksonville, FL Old Coast Ales /// 300 Anastasia listing in SIGT Mag! 32207

Bog Brewing Company /// 218 W. King St. Saint Augustine, FL 32084 Blvd. Saint Augustine, FL 32080



Skate ORLando Orlando Skate Park (Outdoor) /// 400 Festival Way, Orlando, FL 32803 /// $ /// Metro Skateboard Academy (Indoor) /// 4624 L B McLeod Rd, Orlando, FL 32811 /// $ Deputy Brandon Coates Community Skate Park (John Young Park — Outdoor) /// 3815 Substation Rd, Orlando, FL 32837 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛ Yucatan/Azalea Park (Outdoor) /// 6400 Yucatan Dr, Orlando, FL 32807 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛ Barber Park (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 3701 Gatlin Ave, Orlando, FL 32812 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛ Downey Skatepark (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 1801 N Dean Rd, Orlando, FL 32825 /// FREE Riverside (Outdoor Park) /// 1600 Lockwood Blvd, Oviedo, FL 32765 /// $ /// đ&#x;š˛ Candyland Park (Outdoor Park) /// 599 Longdale Ave, Longwood, FL 32750 /// FREE Lake Mary Sports Complex (Outdoor Park) /// 550 Rantoul Ln, Lake Mary, FL 32746 /// FREE đ&#x;š˛ Maple Street Park (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 142 E Maple St, Winter Garden, FL 34787 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛



Extreme Sports Complex (Outdoor Park) /// 2401 Peghorn Way, St Cloud, FL 34769 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛

Port Orange Skate Park (Outdoor Park) /// 4655 City Center Cir, Port Orange, FL 32129 /// FREE ///

Lakeside Community Park (Outdoor Park) /// 2253 Lakeside Dr, Kissimmee, FL 34743 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛

SFC Jericho Skatepark (Daytona Park — Outdoor Park) /// 2253 Lakeside Dr, Kissimmee, FL 34743 /// $$ /// đ&#x;š˛

Rotary Park (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 350 6th St NE, Winter Haven, FL 33881 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛

Bethune Point Park (Sick! Outdoor Park) /// 11 Bellevue Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32114 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛

Barnett Park (Outdoor Park) /// 4801 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32808 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛ Tavares Skate Park (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 2770 Woodlea Rd, Tavares, FL 32778 /// FREE

Ormond Beach Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 440 N Nova Rd, Ormond Beach, FL 32174/// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛

Sunset Island Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 301 W Ward Ave, Eustis, FL 32726 /// FREE đ&#x;š˛ Umatilla Skatepark (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 1 Cassady St, Umatilla, FL 32784 /// FREE /// Cocoa Beach Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 1450 Minutemen Causeway, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛ NSB Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 245 Industrial Park Ave, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 /// FREE Pettis Park Skate Feature (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 800 Mary Ave, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 /// FREE /// đ&#x;š˛ @miltonmartinez For @thrashermag

*All Skateparks are listed within 55 miles of the city. Submissions: Deadline for updates & photo/video submissions: November 10, 2019 /// Please send via email to

/// Shitty means well, it’s kinda shitty ... but everyone should learn at a shitty park! /// Please check đ&#x;š˛rules and helmet rules at FloridaSkate par ks .co m



Skatepark of Tampa (Sick! Indoor) /// 4215 E Columbus Dr, Tampa, FL 33605 /// $ /// Bro Bowl (Outdoor) /// 1200 N Orange Ave, Tampa, FL 33602 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Desoto Park (Outdoor) /// Corrine St, Tampa, FL 33605 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²


Kona Skate Park (Sick! Outdoor Park) /// 8739 Kona Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32211 /// $$ /// ð&#x;š² Cuba Hunter Park (Outdoor Park) /// 4380 Emerson St, Jacksonville, FL 32207 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Perry Harvey Sr. Park (Outdoor) /// 1000 E Harrison St, Tampa, FL 33602 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Orange Park Skateboard Park (Outdoor Park) /// 1006 Fromhart St, Orange Park, FL 32073 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

The Boardr Headquarters (Indoor) /// 4611 N Hale Ave, Tampa, FL 33614 /// FREE ///

South Beach Skatepark (Sick! Outdoor Park) /// 2508 S Beach Pkwy, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Jackson Springs (Outdoor Park) /// 8620 Jackson Springs Rd, Tampa, FL 33615 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Veterans Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 186 Veterans Pkwy, St Johns, FL 32259 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Providence Skate Park (Outdoor Park) /// 5720 Providence Rd #3624, Riverview, FL 33578 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Monument Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 3450 Monument Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32225 /// FREE

FishHawk Skate Park (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 5720 Osprey Ridge Dr, Lithia, FL 33547 /// FREE Fossil Park (Outdoor Park) /// 6635 Dr Martin L King Jr St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² St. Pete Skatepark (Sick! Outdoor Park) /// 600 12th St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²


Lake Vista Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 1401 62nd Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

TheSkateYard (Outdoor Park) /// 52 W 3rd St #3306, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Kolb Park (Outdoor Park) /// 1508 Bay Palm Blvd, Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Oceanside Rotary (Outdoor Park) /// 800 Seminole Rd, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Bayhead Action Park (Outdoor Park) /// 375 Seminole Blvd, Largo, FL 33770 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Deleon Shores Park (Shitty Outdoor Park) /// 82 Dolphin Blvd E, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Ian Tillman Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 940 7th St S, Safety Harbor, FL 34695 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

St. Augustine Skate Park (Outdoor Park) /// 200 Red Cox Dr, St. Augustine, FL 32080 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Stirling Skate Park (Outdoor Park) /// 550 Laura Ln, Dunedin, FL 34698 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

MLK Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 1028 Northeast 14th Street, Gainesville, FL 32602 /// FREE ð&#x;š²

Zephyrhills Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 20th St &, Alston Ave, Zephyrhills, FL 33542 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Plant City Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 1704 N Park Rd, Plant City, FL 33563 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

UF Skate Park (Outdoor Park) /// 1425 Museum Rd, Gainesville, FL 32603 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Possum Creek Park (Outdoor Park) /// 4009 NW 53rd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32653 /// FREE

Fletcher Park (Outdoor Park) /// 800 US98, Lakeland, FL 33801 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Chiefland Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 826 NW 4th Dr, Chiefland, FL 32626 /// FREE

Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark (Sick! Outdoor Park) /// 100 Riverfront Blvd #198, Bradenton, FL 34205 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Branford Skatepark (Outdoor Park) /// 507 US-27, Branford, FL 32008 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Blackstone Park (Outdoor Park) /// 2112 14th Ave W, Palmetto, FL 34221 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Holmes Beach Micro Skate Park (Outdoor Park) /// 5901 Marina Dr, Bradenton Beach, FL 34217 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š²

Ocala Skatepark (New! Outdoor Park) /// 517 NE 9th St, Ocala, FL 34470 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Robert-Laryn Skate Park (Outdoor Park) /// 1595 Wildwood Dr, St. Augustine, FL 32086 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² ð&#x;š²

G.T. Bray Park (Outdoor Park) /// 5502 33rd Ave Dr W, Bradenton, FL 34209 /// FREE /// ð&#x;š² Payne Skate Park (Outdoor Park) /// 2110 Adams St, Sarasota, FL 34237 /// FREE ///




House of blues

oct 31 2019

Sleepy HolloW Photos by Amanda Laferriere @ajpgphoto



Original Photo by Jeff Roach @jeffroachphotography/// Original Art by Mollie Larum ///@mollielarum


O R L— N OV 20 WED



22 FRI


SUGAR CANDY MOUNTAIN w/ Timothy Eerie, & Kibi James /// Psych Rock from Cali /// Will’s Pub /// Show: 9pm REINVENTING YOUR EXIT: A Screamo/Emo Tribute Show (Underoath, MCR, TBS, Senses Fail /// Soundbar /// Show: 8pm CONAN GRAY w/ UMI /// Dream Pop/ Indie /// The Plaza Live /// Show: 8pm DIZZY WRIGHT w/ RITTZ Ekoh, & Whitney Peyton /// Hip-Hop/ Trap /// Soundbar /// Show: 7pm RANDY HOUSER w/ Paul Cauthen /// Country Pop/Rock /// House Of Blues /// Show: 7pm CRIME JUNKIE PODCAST LIVE /// True Crime /// The Plaza Live /// Show: 8pm LOUD LUXURY w/ Dzeko /// EDM/ Deep House /// Gilt Nightclub /// Show: 10pm DRIVIN N CRYIN w/ Giddy Up Go, & Terri Binion /// Southern Rock /// Will’s Pub /// Show: 8pm WE SLAM Finals w/ Chanel Gomaa (Host) /// Slam Poetry /// HENAO Center /// Show: 8pm JOSH NEWCOM w/ Clueless, & Omer Shankle /// Blues/Rock /// West End Trading Co /// Show: 7:30pm JOE MERCINEK Band /// Funk/ Blues/Rock /// The New Standard /// Show: 10pm FLORIDA MAN MUSIC FEST w/ THE 1975, 311, JIMMY EAT WORLD, The Revivalists, Shaed, Matt Maeson, Barns Courtney, White Reaper, & Arrows In Action /// Orlando Amphitheater /// Show: 2pm SEVEN KINGDOMS (Release Party) w/ Thicket, Withering Earth, Auditory Armory, & Animus Invicta /// Power Metal /// Soundbar /// Show: 8pm BAYSIDE w/ Sincere Engineer, & Outatime! /// Rock/Punk/Emo /// The Abbey /// Show: 8pm CHRIS LANE w/ Ernest K. Smith, & Gabby Barrett /// Country Pop /// House of Blues /// Show: 8pm COLLECTIVE SOUL /// Alt-Rock/ Grunge /// Hard Rock Live /// Show: 8pm GRYFFIN /// EDM /// The Plaza Live /// Show: 8:30pm CRYSTAL BOWERSOX /// Rock/ Blues/Folk /// Green Room at Tin Roof /// Show: 8pm SPACE KOI w/ Vibes Farm /// Reggae/ Rock/Dub /// West End Trading Co /// Show: 9pm CUMBERLAND GAP /// Rock/R&B /// The New Standard /// Show: 8:30pm


HOMEBOY SANDMAN w/ Quelle Chris /// Alt Hip-Hop /// Will’s Pub /// 9pm SAT Show: SWEET AS FOLK /// Ukulele Soul Folk /// The Nook /// Show: 9pm LIL BABY /// Hip-Hop /// Gilt Nightclub /// Show: 10pm THE MENZINGERS w/ Tigers Jaw, & Culture Abuse /// Punk/Rock/Indie /// The Beacham /// Show: 6pm RYAN CARAVEO /// Hip-Hop/ Rap /// The Social /// Show: 6:30pm OAK HILL DRIFTERS /// Folk/ Rockabilly /// Washburn’s Imports /// Show: 8:30pm CLASSIC ALBUMS LIVE: CCR ‘CHRONICLE VOL.1’ /// Southern Swamp Rock /// Hard Rock Live /// Show: 8pm THE FAB FOUR (Beatles Tribute) /// Pop/Rock /// The Plaza Live /// Show: 8pm JONATHAN VAN NESS (Queer Eye) /// Comedy /// Dr Phillips Center /// Shows: 8pm & 10:30pm FOX STEVENSON (Live Band) w/ Kill Paris /// House/Dubstep /// HENAO Center /// Show: 10pm REHAB /// Hip-Hop/Country/Rock /// Soundbar /// Show: 8pm COLT FORD /// Country/Hick-Hop /// The Barn (Sanford) /// Show: 9pm TOM & DAN BEERFEST w/ Dizzlephunk, The Wildtones, & The ShBooms /// Drunky Funk Time (Free) /// West End Trading Co /// Starts: 12pm MAKE IT LOUD! FEST w/ HOPOUT, Vetnought, Mulligan, Schedule 1, & Cool Baby Glasses, & more /// Loud/ Rock /// Uncle Lou’s /// Show: 3pm RANDALL BRAMBLETT /// Southern Rock Legend /// The New Standard /// Show: 8:30pm


CATTLE DECAPITATION w/ Atheist, Full of Hell, Author & Punisher, & Vitriol /// Death Metal /// The Abbey /// Show: 7pm ADTR (Night 1) w/ Underoath /// Rock/Punk/Metal /// House Of Blues /// Show: 8pm CHEVELLE w/ Convey, & The Band Royale /// Alt-Rock/Nu-Metal /// Hard Rock Live /// Show: 7:30pm





29 FRI

HOMESAFE w/ Kayak Jones, Young Culture, & Keep Flying /// Pop Punk/ /// Soundbar /// Show: 7pm SUN Rock SARA BAREILLES w/ Emily King /// Pop/Soul /// Amway Center /// Show: 8pm LULU SANTOS /// Brazilian Rock/Soul /// House Of Blues /// Show: 8pm MICHAEL CARBONARO /// Magician /// Hard Rock Live /// Show: 7pm PAULA POUNDSTONE /// Comedy /// The Plaza Live /// Show: 7:30pm TTN w/ Aaron’s Home, Alien Witch, Max Overdrive 1986, Speerbot, Ray Brazen, & Matthew Bertram /// Noise Rock /// Uncle Lou’s /// Show: 7pm


ARIANA GRANDE w/ Normani, & Social House /// Pop/R&B /// Amway /// Show: 8pm MON Center BACH & BEYOND /// Classical /// The Plaza Live /// Show: 7pm


BOSTON MANOR w/ Microwave, Heart Attack Man, & Selfish Things /// Punk/ Rock /// Soundbar TUE Emo/Pop /// Show: 7pm


MC CHRIS w/ Shubzilla, Nur-D, & Luscious Lisa /// Nerdcore/Rap/ Pussy-Pop /// Soundbar. /// Show: 8pm ADTR (Night 2) w/ Underoath /// Rock/Punk/Metal /// House Of Blues /// Show: 8pm OAK HILL DRIFTERS /// Folk/ Rockabilly /// Casey’s (New Smyrna Beach) /// Show: 9pm EL GRAN COMBO /// Salsa /// Hard Rock Live /// Show: 9pm THE CARS (Tribute) /// Will’s Pub /// Show: 9pm AAHZ NIGHT w/ Kimball Collins, DJ Icey, Baby Anne, Dave Cannalte /// Old School Progressive House /// The Beacham /// Show: 9pm AVISION /// Electronic/Dance /// HENAO Center /// Show: 11pm HAMILTONS w/ Problem Pack, Grave Return, Summer Spiders, & Curtains /// Punk /// Whiskey Lou’s Lounge /// Show: 9pm WAX w/ UBI, & Lance Skiiiwalker /// Hip-Hop/Rap /// Soundbar /// Show: 8pm FOLK YEAH: Volume Four (Night 1) Zach Williams, Terri Binion, Matthew Fowler, The 502s /// Folk Music Celebration /// Will’s Pub /// Show: 6pm THERE FOR TOMORROW w/ Loose Talk, & Night Winds /// Alt-Rock /// The Beacham /// Show: 6:30pm ADTR (Night 3) w/ Underoath /// Rock/Punk/Metal /// House Of Blues /// Show: 8pm ¡MAYDAY! w/ Potluck1Ton /// HipHop/Rock /// Soundbar /// Show: 7pm INCUBUS w/ Le Butcherettes /// Alt Rock/Funk/Love /// Dr Phillips Center /// Show: 8pm TORQUE 20 Year Anniversary w/ GOLDIE, Circle K b2b Ben Matrix, Random Movement, Empire X, & many more /// Drum & Bass /// HENAO Center /// Show: 9pm SOME KIND OF NIGHTMARE w/ Swift Knuckle Solution, Transdemensionalizers, & Free Fall /// Punk /// Uncle Lou’s /// Show: 9pm

FOLK YEAH: Volume Four (Night 2) Mike Dunn, Caleb Caudle, Matt HGWT /// Folk Music /// SAT Woods, Will’s Pub /// Show: 3pm


THE QUEERS w/ Dial Drive, & The Longest Hall /// Punk Rock /// /// Show: 8pm SAT Soundbar. LA DISPUTE w/ Empath, & Touché Amoré /// Post Hardcore/Emo /// The Beacham /// Show: 6:30pm DUKE DUMONT w/ Yokai /// Deep House /// Celine /// Show: 10pm ADTR (Night 4) w/ Underoath /// Rock/Punk/Metal /// House Of Blues /// Show: 8pm MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 LIVE /// Comedy /// Hard Rock Live /// Show: 8pm SIGALA /// House/EDM /// Gilt Nightclub /// Show: 10pm SKANKSGIVING 2019 w/ Control This!, No Name Ska Band, Chieforia, Trial By Stone, Mongoose Triple Threat, & Colorblind Dinosaurs /// SKA /// West End Trading Co /// Show: 8pm

*All Lineups, Dates, & Times are subject to change. “Show” Time is when the music begins. Doors are usually open one hour before show time. Please check venue website/facebook before you go to the show.

O R L— D EC 01

WILL’S A FAIRE (Holiday Vintage Market) /// Will’s Pub /// Starts at 1pm w/ Palm Tree Square, SUN POLLYANNA Boston Marriage, & Please Be Kind /// Australian Alt-Rock /// Soundbar /// Show: 8pm COUNTRY BRUNCH w/ Adam Duss /// Tin Roof /// Starts at 11am


MARC WITH A C w/ Crístaly, & Steve Garron /// 20th Anniversary Show! /// Pub /// Show: 8pm (Free) MON Will’s THE NUMBER TWELVE LOOKS LIKE YOU w/ Moon Tooth, Steaksauce Mustache, & Demonfuck /// Mathcore/Screamo /// Soundbar /// Show: 8pm

03 TUE

ANDREW MCMAHON w/ Ivory Layne /// Piano Rock/Emo /// The Beacham /// Show: 8pm


THE DARK ARCTIC w/ Bees And Enormous Tigers, Royal Graves, & /// Doom/Rock/Prog /// WED Kaupe Soundbar /// Show: 8pm Want to submit a show? STRAIGHT UP WITH STASSI /// Deadline for Dec/Jan show submissions Comedy/Real-Life Podcast /// Plaza is December 10, 2019 /// Please match Live /// Show: 8pm KEN JOHNSON w/ Andi Zackthe format above, put the city in the Johnson, & Sean Holcomb /// subject line, & send to: Country/Rock /// The New Standard /// Show: 8pm


THANK YOU SCIENTIST w/ Bent Knee, & Tea Club /// Prog Rock/Jazz /// The Social /// Show: 8pm THU Fusion HALF•ALIVE (rescheduled date) /// Indie/Pop /// The Beacham /// Show: 8pm EMO NIGHT BROOKLYN /// Emo Dance Party /// Soundbar /// Show: 10pm NICK OFFERMAN /// Comedian/Actor (Ron Swanson) /// Hard Rock Live /// Show: 7pm LEONID & FRIENDS /// Jazz/Rock /// Plaza Live /// Show: 8pm

SYN NINE w/ Dancing With Ghosts /// Industrial/Cyberpunk /// Stonewall Bar /// Show: 10pm


1999 (Night 2) w/ The Pauses, Timothy Eerie, Viginity /// Covers & Nostalgia ‘99 /// Will’s Pub /// Show: 9pm SAT from MADEON /// French Electropop/ House /// Plaza Live /// Show: 9pm MORGAN PAGE /// EDM/ Progressive House /// Gilt Nightclub /// Show: 11pm THE TRIFINITY w/ Otto von Schirach, tiedye ky, & Digital D /// Electronic/ Dance /// HENAO Center /// Show: 10pm THOMAS WYNN & THE BELIEVERS w/ Honeypot, & The Smoking Jackets (Sanford Jingle Jam) /// Rock/Soul /// Downtown Sanford /// Music Starts: 5pm EDEN LANE /// Rock /// The New Standard /// Show: 8:30pm


MEGA RAN w/ Mickey Factz, & Alfred Banks /// Hip-Hop /// Will’s Pub /// 9pm SUN Show: BIG WIG w/ Rehasher, The Problem Addicts, Rushmore, & Suck Brick Kid /// Skate Punk /// Soundbar /// Show: 7pm CHON w/ Between the Buried and Me, & Intervals /// Prog Rock/ Math Rock /// The Beacham /// Show: 5:30pm OUR LAST NIGHT /// Post-Hardcore /// House Of Blues /// Show: 6:45pm JOHN MULANEY & PETE DAVIDSON /// Comedy /// Bob Carr Theater /// Show: 8pm THE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS /// Addition Arena /// Show: 2pm DEATH ANGEL w/ Exmortus, Hell Fire, Meka Nism, & Thicket /// Thrash Metal /// Shovelhead Lounge /// Show: 7pm MON ► DEC 9 — No Shows


SKI MASK THE SLUMP GOD w/ Pouya, Pop Smoke, DJ Scheme, & Towers /// Hip-Hop/Trap /// TUE Danny The Beacham /// Show: 8pm YACHT /// Electro/Dance/Punk /// Soundbar /// Show: 8pm 1999 (Night 1) w/ The Pauses, Beth McKee, E-Turn /// Covers & Nostalgia TOBE NWIGWE /// Hip=Hop/Rap /// from ‘99 /// Will’s Pub /// Show: 9pm FRI ZETA w/ HurricaneParty, Ceschi The Beacham /// Show: 8pm Ramos, Andy the Doorbum, & Gillian WED NILE w/ Terrorizer, All Hell, Three Knuckles Deep /// Technical Death Carter /// Insane Latinoamericano Metal /// Soundbar /// Show: 8pm Rock /// Soundbar /// Show: 9pm THE DISCO BISCUITS /// Jam /// WILLIE COLÓN /// Salsa/Bolero /// House Of Blues /// Show: 8pm House Of Blues /// Show: 8pm NGHTMRE w/ SAYMYNAME, Effin, ‘UNDER THE CORK TREE’ w/ Raising & iamblackam /// Dubstep/Future Cadence (FoB), Hungover (P!ATD), & House /// Orlando Warehouse /// Life (NFG) /// Tribute Show /// Show: 10pm THU Adult Will’s Pub /// Show: 9pm JOHN PRINE w/ Kelsey Waldon /// D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) w/ Americana/Folk /// Bob Carr Theater WARTORN (wi), Intoxicated, Swift /// Show: 8pm Knuckle Solution, & Destructonomicon DJ ASSAULT w/ Chris vs Chris /// 35 /// Punk/Metal/Hardcore Booty Bass /// HENAO Center /// / / / Soundbar / / / Show: 7:30pm Show: 11pm




O R L— D EC 12

A PETER WHITE CHRISTMAS w/ Euge Groove, Vincent Ingala, & Lindsey Webster /// Jazz/Fusion /// Plaza Live THU /// Show: 8pm GO GO ZERO /// Rock n Roll /// The Imperial /// Show: 8pm


Dizzlephunk’s 4th Annual Shoe & Sock Drive /// Hosted by Young /// The Grape & The Grain FRI Scholar /// Starts: 9pm RED RODEO w/ DieAlps!, Axetone, Big Sad, & Proud Miranda /// Punk/Indie/ Rock /// Will’s Pub /// Show: 9pm MANNEQUIN PUSSY w/ Kississippi, & Wet Nurse /// Punk/Indie /// Soundbar /// Show: 8pm AARON LEWIS (Staind) w/ Ben Danaher /// Acoustic Rock /// House Of Blues /// Show: 8:30pm DREAMCATCHER /// K-Pop /// Plaza Live /// Show: 8pm BONNIE X CLYDE w/ Judas, Prankstisci, Too Kind, & Acraze /// EDM/House/Trap /// Orlando Warehouse /// Show: 9pm ELECTRIC CHAIR w/ Lysol, Deathilespy, Spur, & Android /// Punk from Seattle /// Uncle Lou’s /// Show: 8pm S Y Z Y G Y X w/ JASON /// Darkwave/ Electronic /// Stonewall Bar /// Show: 10pm INFECTED MUSHROOM (DJ Set) /// Psychedelic Trance/House /// Celine /// Show: 10pm HONEY ISLAND SWAMP BAND /// NOLA Americana/Funk /// The New Standard /// Show: 9:30pm


HEAVY PETS w/ ROOSEVELT COLLIER BAND /// Funk/Jam /// Pub /// Show: 9pm SAT Will’s NEIL HILBORN w/ Caracara /// Slam Poetry /// Soundbar /// Show: 8pm TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA /// Progressive Rock /// Amway Center /// Two Shows: 3pm & 8pm ORLANDO ZINE FEST /// Arts/Culture /// Will’s Pub /// Starts: 5pm TRAVERSER w/ Copper Bones, Le Montro, & The Glorious Rebellion /// Rock /// Uncle Lou’s /// Show: 8pm


MAYHEM ON MILLS /// Amature Wrestling /// Will’s Pub /// Show: 4pm w/ Brother Moses /// Alt/ SUN MYFEVER Rock /// Will’s Pub /// Show: 9pm THE SPILL CANVAS w/ The Juliana Theory, Cory Wells, Northstreet /// Grunge/Indie/Emo /// Soundbar /// Show: 8pm ISSUES w/ Polyphia, Sleep Token, & Felicity /// Metalcore /// House Of Blues /// Show: 7:30pm IN FLAMES w/ RED, & Arrival of 36 Autumn /// Heavy Metal /// Hard Rock Live /// Show: 7:30pm

MON ► DEC 16 — No Shows

CHRIS DEMAKES (LESS THAN JAKE) w/ Summer Spiders, & J.T. Turret /// Ska/Rock /// Will’s Pub /// Show: 9pm BON JOVI TRIBUTE /// House Of Blues /// Show: 8:30pm A DRAG QUEEN CHRISTMAS /// Drag Show (take your mom) /// Plaza Live /// Show: 8pm JIM GAFFIGAN /// Comedy /// Dr Phillips Center /// Two Shows: 7pm & 9:30pm


SUMMER WALKER w/ Melii, & Toosii /// R&B /// Plaza Live /// Show: 8pm TUE THE ISLEY BROTHERS /// Doo-wop/ Soul/Rock n Roll /// Bob Carr Theater /// Show: 8pm


SUM 41 w/ Broadsidel /// Punk/Rock /// House Of Blues /// Show: 7pm WED BUKU w/ Esseks & Sfam /// Bass Music /// Celine /// Show: 10pm


ONE MAN BAND JAM w/ Brody Buster, Will Brack, Jon Prestage, & THU Kyle Wenzel /// Will’s Pub /// Show: 9pm EMO NITE LA /// Emo/Dance /// The Social /// Show: 9pm SOULPATCH (KEITH BUCKLEY of Every Time I Die!) /// ‘90s Cover Band (Yes!) /// Soundbar /// Show: 10pm ANUEL AA /// Puerto Rican Rap /// Amway Center /// Show: 8pm LINDSEY STIRLING /// Operatic Pop/ Electronic /// Bob Carr Theater /// Show: 8pm


BAM MARGERA w/ Vinny Beedle /// We’ll see! /// Soundbar /// Show: 7pm FRI ANBERLIN w/ William Ryan Key (Yellowcard), Loose Talk, & Carrollhood /// Alt-Rock/Emo /// House Of Blues /// Show: 7pm ROCKAPELLA /// A Capella Rock (take your mom) /// Plaza Live /// Show: 8pm


CHUCK MAGID (EP Release) w/ Oxford Noland, & Jordan Foley & SAT the Wheelhouse /// Rock n Roll /// Will’s Pub /// Show: 10pm SNOOP DOGG w/ Warren G, & RJMrLA /// OG Hip-Hop /// House Of Blues /// Show: 8pm SNAILS w/ Kompany, & Hi I’m Ghost /// Puke-Step/Trap /// Orlando Warehouse /// Show: 9pm


SWIMM w/ Take Lead, The Hails, & Tidepools /// Indie/Pop/Rock /// SUN Soundbar /// Show: 7pm MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE /// House Of Blues /// Show: 8pm REVEREND HORTON HEAT w/ Voodoo Glow Skulls, & The 5678’s (Japan) /// Rockabilly/Punk /// ACE Cafe /// Show: 8pm



29 SUN



31 TUE

CAN’T SWIM w/ Capstan /// PostPunk /// Soundbar /// Show: 7pm JJ GREY & MOFRO w/ The Commonheart /// Southern Rock /// House Of Blues /// Show: 8pm CLASSIC ALBUMS LIVE: THE BEATLES ‘SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND’ /// Rock /// Hard Rock Live /// Show: 8pm ZEDS DEAD /// EDM/Dubstep/Trap /// Gilt Nightclub /// Show: 11pm SEVENDUST (Acoustic) /// Rock/Nu Metal /// House Of Blues /// Show: 8:30pm STUNNA 4 VEGAS /// Hip-Hop/Rap /// Gilt Nightclub /// Show: 11pm MAKOTO w/ Letters To Part, Sunstrife, Traversing Infinity, & Nundayo /// Math Rock /// Will’s Pub /// Show: 9pm COREY SMITH w/ Dawson Edwards /// Country/Rock /// House Of Blues /// Show: 8pm THE LEGENDARY JC’S NYE PARTY /// Will’s Pub /// Show: 10pm BLACKBERRY SMOKE w/ Bishop Gunn /// Southern Rock /// House Of Blues /// Show: 9:30pm EPTIC (NYE Party) /// EDM /// Gilt Nightclub /// Show: 10pm THE SUPERVILLAINS (NYE Party) w/ The Problem Addicts, Never Ender /// Reggae/Rock /// West End Trading Co /// Show: 9pm

*All Lineups, Dates, & Times are subject to change. “Show” Time is when the music begins. Doors are usually open one hour before show time. Please check venue website/facebook before you go to the show.

Want to submit a show?

Deadline for Dec/Jan show submissions is December 10, 2019 /// Please match the format above, put the city in the DEC 23 through DEC 25 — No Shows subject line, & send to:

THE ROCKET MAN (ELTON JOHN TRIBUTE) /// House Of Blues /// THU Show: 8:30pm



NEON NITECLUB w/ REVERIST, Nic Howell, & ACP Pro /// Dream Pop /// /// Show: 7pm FRI Soundbar ALOMA /// Funk/Rock/Blues /// Tanqueray’s /// Show 10:30pm

T PA— N OV 20

CHRIS D’ELIA (Night 1) /// Comedy /// Tampa Theatre /// Show: 8pm GUN WILL TRAVEL /// Film WED HAVE Premiere /// Crowbar /// Show: 8pm


CHRIS D’ELIA (Night 2) /// Stand Up Comedy /// Tampa Theatre /// Two — 7:30pm & 9:30pm THU Shows SUSTO w/ FayRoy, & Jordan Esker /// Indie Rock /// Crowbar /// Show: 9pm THE FAB FOUR (Beatles Tribute) /// Pop/Rock /// Bilheimer Capitol Theatre /// Show: 8pm THE KILLERS /// Alt/New Wave /// The Orpheum /// Show: 8pm SHAWN MULLINS w/ Cat Ridgeway & the Tourists /// Folk/Rock /// The Attic /// Show: 8pm



THE 1975 w/ AJR, Judah & The Lion, The Revivalists, Silversun Pickups, Reaper, The Band Camino, Twin SUN White XL, * Smith & Thell /// Alt Rock Festival /// MIDFL Amp /// Show: 11am CHELSEA GRIN w/ The Acacia Strain, Spite, Left Behind, & Traitors /// Deathcore /// The Orpheum /// Show: 7pm DUMPSTAPHUNK w/ Future Vintage /// Funk/Soul/Jazz /// Crowbar /// Show: 7pm ARIANA GRANDE w/ Normani, & Social House /// Pop/R&B /// Amalie Arena /// Show: 8pm CRYSTAL BOWERSOX /// Rock/ Blues/Folk /// The Attic /// Show: 8pm ELLA JET & FUTURE SOUL /// R&B/ Rock/Soul /// Ella’s Cafe /// Show: 9pm

THU ► NOV 28 — No Shows



MC CHRIS w/ Shubzilla, Nur-D, Jon Ditty & BC /// Nerdcore/Rap /// Soundbar. /// Show: 8pm MOUNTAIN HOLLER w/ CMPNY of ANMLS, Highway Advisory Radio /// Lover Folk/Psych Rock /// Hooch and Hive /// Show: 10pm WAX w/ UBI, & Lance Skiiiwalker /// Hip-Hop /// Ferg’s /// Show: 8pm CHRIS TUCKER /// Comedy /// Mahaffey Theater /// Show: 8pm CRANKDAT w/ Lizzy Jane, & Bernz /// Drum & Bass /// The Ritz Ybor /// Show: 10pm THE BLACK HONKEYS w/ Abraham Billings /// Soul/Funk /// Jannus Live /// Show: 9pm


THE KILLERS w/ Switchfoot, PVRIS, & more /// Alt/New Wave/Indie/Rock // MIDFL Amp /// Show: 6pm FRI /THE MENZINGERS w/ Tigers Jaw, & Culture Abuse /// Punk/Rock/Indie /// The Orpheum /// Show: 8pm CHINGY /// Hip-Hop /// The Ritz Ybor /// Show: 8pm CONAN GRAY w/ UMI /// Dream Pop/Indie /// The Ritz Ybor /// Show: 7:30pm GAMMER w/ RIOT, & Toyko Machine /// UK Hardstyle EDM /// The Ritz Ybor /// Show: 10pm JOHN OATES (Hall & Oates) & The Good Road Band /// Blues /// Capitol Theatre /// Show: 8pm MASON JENNINGS w/ Kristopher James /// Indie Folk/Rock /// The Attic /// Show: 8pm IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE w/ Chino XL, & Poison Pen /// Alt Hip-Hop /// Crowbar /// Show: 8pm MUCHACHO w/ Sun Signs, & Wallysburg /// Synth/Pop /// Hooch & Hive /// Show: 9pm BEARTOE /// Roots/Blues/Soul /// Ella’s Cafe /// Show: 9pm


PRETTY VOICES w/ Little Sheba & The Shamans, & Gino & The Goons /// Pop/Blues/Punk /// Hooch & Hive /// Show: 9pm

GRYFFIN /// EDM /// Jannus Live /// Show: 8pm KINGDOMS w/ Thicket, SAT SEVEN Withering Earth, Screaming At The Silence, & Hate Tank /// Power Metal /// Crowbar /// Show: 8pm STEVEN WRIGHT /// Stand Up Comedy /// Bilheimer Capitol Theatre /// Show: 8pm FANTASIA w/ Robin Thick, Tank, & The Bonfyre /// R&B/Soul /// Yuengling Center /// Show: 8pm BAYSIDE w/ Sincere Engineer /// Rock/Punk/Emo /// The Orpheum /// Show: 7pm SAWYER FREDERICKS /// Folk/Blues /// The Attic /// Show: 8pm LOUD LUXURY w/ Dzeko /// EDM/ Deep House /// The Ritz Ybor /// Show: 10pm

30 SAT

NOV 25 & NOV 26 — No Shows


CHEVELLE w/ Convey, & The Band Royale /// Alt-Rock/Nu-Metal /// Live /// Show: 7:30pm WED Jannus CANNIBAL CORPSE w/ Thy Art Is Murder, & Perdition Temple /// Death Metal /// The Orpheum /// Show: 7pm ¡MAYDAY! /// Hip-Hop/Rock /// The Attic /// Show: 8pm

ABSOLUTE QUEEN /// Tribute Band /// Jannus Live /// Show: 8pm THE BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA /// Holiday Rock Hits /// Ruth Eckerd Hall /// Show: 8pm FUNTCASE /// Dubstep /// Crowbar /// Show: 10pm K?D /// EDM /// The Ritz Ybor /// Show: 10pm F R MUSIC PROJECT /// Folk /// The Attic /// Show: 8pm BEN PRESTAGE /// Blues /// Dunedin Brewery /// Show: 10pm INCUBUS w/ Le Butcherettes /// Alt Rock/Funk/Love /// Mahaffey Theater /// Show: 8pm

upcoming events





















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LEONID & FRIENDS /// Jazz/Rock /// Capitol Theatre /// Show: 8pm JOHN PRINE w/ Kelsey Waldon /// Americana/Folk /// Ruth Eckerd Hall /// Show: 8pm CROWBAR 13th ANNIVERSARY w/ Lauris Vidal, The Tattered Saints, Big Sad, & Moonthing /// P-A-R-T-Y /// Crowbar (duh) /// Show: 9pm (Free) THE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS /// Addition Arena /// Show: 2pm MR. KITTY w/ Pastel Ghost, Culttastic, & DJ Maus /// Dark Electronic /// The Orpheum /// Show: 7pm ANTELOPE: A Tribute To The Band Phish /// Jam/Fusion/Funk /// Dunedin Brewery /// Show: 9pm TIM REYNOLDS (Dave Matthews Band) w/ The Rectifiers /// Funk Fusion /// Skipper’s Smokehouse /// Show: 8pm MONTGOMERY GENTRY w/ Confederate RailRoad, Ira Dean, Jeffrey Steele, Cody Webb, Angie Rey, & The Embry Brothers /// Country /// Hard Rock Seminole /// Show: 7pm


LA DISPUTE w/ Touche Amore, & Empath /// Post-Hardcore /// The /// Show: 7pm SUN Orpheum MICROGROOVE’S 8th Anniversary! /// 5 Bands, Discounts, Party /// Microgroove Records /// Music Starts: 4:30pm SAM SMITH w/ LIZZO, Normani, French Montana, Why Don’t We, MAX, & AJ Mitchell /// R&B/Pop /// Amalie Arena /// Show: 7pm DEC 02 & DEC 03— No Shows


STEPHEN MARLEY w/ Bl’eve Brown /// Reggae /// The Ritz Ybor /// Show: WED 8:30pm THANK YOU SCIENTIST w/ Bent Knee, & Tea Club /// Prog Rock/Jazz Fusion /// Crowbar /// Show: 7pm


NGHTMRE w/ SAYMYNAME, Effin, & iamblackam /// Future House /// The Ybor /// Show: 10pm THU Ritz GENITORTURERS /// Industrial Metal /// The Orpheum /// Show: 9pm KEITH HARKIN (Celtic Thunder) /// Folk/Rock /// The Attic /// Show: 8pm TONY BENNETT /// Big Band/Jazz /// Mahaffey Theater /// Show: 7:30pm ROCK THE PARK w/ FayRoy, Maudlin Moon, &Hi-Beam /// Rock /// Curtis Hixon Park /// Show: 6:30pm


CALCIUM w/ Lizzy Jane, & Bernz /// Bass/House /// The Ritz Ybor /// Show: 10pm FRI GANJA WHITE NIGHT w/ Boogie T, Jantsen, & SubDocta /// Dubstep /// Jannus Live /// Show: 7pm SUTTON FOSTER /// Broadway Musical Actor /// Capitol Theatre /// Show: 8pm WE THE KINGS /// Emo/Pop-Punk /// Crowbar /// Show: 8pm EMO NIGHT BROOKLYN /// Emo Dance Party /// The Orpheum /// Show: 10pm PATTERSON HOOD (Drive-By Truckers) Night 1 /// Southern Rock /// The Attic /// Show: 8pm LAURA STEVENSON (Full Band) w/ Adult Mom /// Folk/Indie/Punk /// Hooch & Hive /// Show: 9pm COME BACK ALICE (Zeppelin Tribute) w/ Tony Tyler Trance /// Rock /// Skipper’s Smokehouse /// Show: 8pm MIKE MASS w/ DJ Dfaz, Chidokeef, Gat$, Taylyn Olney, & Marv Burgandy /// Hip-Hop /// Ella’s Cafe /// Show: 9pm


PATTERSON HOOD (Drive-By Truckers) Night 2 /// Southern Rock // The Attic /// Show: 8pm SAT /CLAUDE VONSTROKE w/ Kyle Kinch 38 /// House /// The Ritz Ybor /// Show: 10pm

NILE w/ Terrorizer, Shattered, & more /// Technical Death Metal /// The Orpheum /// Show: 8pm THE HOLY TERROR w/ Vetnough, & V Special Guest /// Indie/Country/Rock /// Hooch & Hive /// Show: 9pm FUTURE VINTAGE /// Funk/Dance /// Dunedin Brewery /// Show: 9pm LEGENDARY JC’S w/ Vanessa Collier /// Soul/Blues/Rock /// Skipper’s Smokehouse /// Show: 8pm

14 SAT


MADEON /// French Electropop/ House /// The Ritz Ybor /// Show: 9pm BUNNY /// Latin Trap/Reggaeton SUN BAD /// Amalie Arena /// Show: 7pm NORTH CENTRAL BAND /// Soul/ Prog /// Ella’s Cafe /// Show: 3pm DEC 09 & DEC 10 — No Shows


COLTER WALL /// Outlaw Country/ Americana /// Jannus Live /// Show: WED 8pm MANNEQUIN PUSSY w/ Kississippi, & Wet Nurse /// Punk/Indie /// Crowbar /// Show: 8pm NEIL HILBORN w/ Caracara /// Slam Poetry /// The Orpheum /// Show: 8pm CAS HALEY /// Reggae/Rock /// The Attic /// Show: 8pm


THE DISCO BISCUITS /// Jam /// Jannus Live /// Show: 7pm POOL /// Nu Metal /// THU DROWNING The Orpheum /// Show: 7:30pm BOYD TINSLEY (Dave Matthew Band) /// Funk/Rock /// The Attic /// Show: 8pm


SULLIVAN KING w/ Eliminate, Grabbitz, & Swarm /// EDM /// The Ybor /// Show: 10pm FRI Ritz JADE CICADA w/ Detox Unit, Bogtrotter, Hullabaloo, Deathmoment, Ikuma /// Dance/Electronic /// Jannus Live /// Show: 6pm DON MCLEAN /// Folk/Rock /// Capitol Theatre /// Show: 8pm CRISS ANGEL /// Magician /// Ruth Eckerd Hall /// Show: 8pm HEAVY PETS w/ ROOSEVELT COLLIER BAND /// Funk/Jam /// Crowbar /// Show: 9pm



KAP SLAP w/ Kyle Klinch, & Heist /// EDM /// The Ritz Ybor /// Show: 10pm RESINATED w/ The Ries Brothers, Danfield, & Badda Skat /// Funk/ Reggae /// Jannus Live /// Show: 8pm A PETER WHITE CHRISTMAS w/ Euge Groove, Vincent Ingala, & Lindsey Webster /// Jazz/Fusion /// Capitol Theatre /// Show: 8pm SELECT START (Reunion Show) w/ Stages And Stereos, Wilder Songs, & Discord Theory /// Pop-Punk /// Crowbar /// Show: 8pm PERPETUAL GROOVE /// Jam/Rock /// The Orpheum /// Show: 8pm HONEY ISLAND SWAMP BAND /// NOLA Americana/Funk /// The Attic /// Show: 8m SHAW DAVIS & THE BLACK TIES /// Blues/Rock /// Dunedin Brewery /// Show: 9pm DAUGHTERS w/ Health, & Show Me The Body /// Noise Rock /// The Orpheum /// Show: 8pm TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA /// Progressive Rock /// Amalie Arena /// Two Shows: 3pm & 7:30pm MICHAEL GLABICKI (Rusted Root) w/ Dirk Miller /// Roots Rock /// The Attic /// Show: 8pm DEC 16 & DEC 17 — No Shows





20 FRI

THE FRITZ /// Funk/Rock /// Skipper’s Smokehouse /// Show: 8pm CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVISITED /// Southern Rock /// Hard Rock Seminole /// Show: 8pm CHUCK MAGID (EP Release) w/ Oxford Noland, & The Reality /// Rock n Roll/Blues /// Crowbar /// Show: 9pm SOMATIC w/ The Doug South Band /// Blues/Funk /// Dunedin Brewery /// Show: 9pm THE ISLEY BROTHERS /// Doo-wop/ Soul/Rock n Roll /// Mahaffey Theater /// Show: 8pm KEN BLOCK & DREW COPELAND (Sister Hazel) /// Southern Rock /// The Attic /// Show: 8pm SNAILS w/ Kompany, Hi I’m Ghost, & Lizzy Jane /// Puke-Step/Trap /// The Ritz Ybor /// Show: 10pm LINDSEY STIRLING /// Operatic Pop /// Ruth Eckerd Hall /// Show: 8pm

THE OUTLAWS (Night 1) w/ Firefall /// Outlaw Country /// Capitol Theatre /// Show: 8pm SOULPATCH (KEITH BUCKLEY of Every Time I Die!) /// ‘90s Cover Band /// Crowbar/// Show: 10pm MORBID ANGEL w/ Watain, & Incantation /// Death Metal /// The Orpheum /// Show: 8pm LUXURY MANE w/ HoneyWhat, & Viewers Like You /// Psych-Pop/Soul /// Hooch & Hive /// Show: 9pm


WALKER & ROYCE w/ Kyle Klinch /// EDM /// The Ritz Ybor /// Show: 10pm HORTON HEAT w/ SAT REVEREND Voodoo Glow Skulls, Dave Alvin, & The 5678’s (Japan) /// Rockabilly/Punk /// Jannus Live /// Show: 8pm THE OUTLAWS (Night 2) w/ Firefall /// Outlaw Country /// Capitol Theatre /// Show: 8pm BUKU w/ Esseks & Sfam /// Bass Music /// The Orpheum /// Show: 10pm THE BLACK LILLIES /// Americana /// The Attic /// Show: 8pm PIG PEN w/ Return To Saturn, Twisty Chris and the Puddin’ Packs, Boney Fiend, & Freefall /// Punk Rock Party /// Hooch & Hive /// Show: 8pm SWIMM /// Indie/PopRock /// Green Bench Brewing /// Show: 7pm



ZEDS DEAD /// EDM/Dubstep/Trap /// The Ritz Ybor /// Show: 11pm BISHOP GUNN /// Rock n Roll /// Crowbar /// Show: 8pm THE COMMONHEART /// R&B/Rock /// The Attic /// Show: 8pm DJ SNOOPADELIC aka SNOOP DOGG /// OG Hip-Hop (DJ Set) /// Hard Rock Seminole (Pool Party) /// Show: 12pm MON ► DEC 30— No Shows

31 TUE

NORA EN PURE (NYE Party) /// Deep House /// The Ritz Ybor /// Show: 10pm THE HIP ABDUCTION (NYE Party) /// Reggae /// Jannus Live /// Show: 9pm JIM GAFFIGAN /// Comedy /// Yuengling Center /// Show: 7pm FREEKBASS & The Bumb Assembly (NYE PARTY) /// Funk /// Dunedin Brewery /// Show: 9pm THE LINT ROLLERS (NYE PARTY /// Garage Rock n Roll /// Skipper’s Smokehouse /// Show: 8pm

*All Lineups, Dates, & Times are subject to change. “Show” Time is when the music begins. Doors are usually open one hour before show time. Please check venue website/facebook before you go to the show.

Want to submit a show?

Deadline for Dec/Jan show submissions is December 10, 2019 /// Please match ROCKAPELLA /// A Capella Rock the format above, put the city in the (take your mom) /// Capitol Theatre /// subject line, & send to: SUN Show: 8pm


DEC 23 Through DEC 25— No Shows

26 THU

CRISIS w/ The Jazz Project /// Funk/ Jazz /// Dunedin Brewery /// Show: 8pm


CARNAGE /// EDM/Trap /// The Ritz Ybor /// Show: 10pm HAMILTON w/ Ja Rule, FRI ANTHONY Joe, K. Michelle, Avant, Chris Knite, & Tianavanae /// R&B/Hip-Hip /// Yuengling Center /// Show: 8pm RYAN MONTBLEAU (Night 1) /// Folk/ Funk /// The Attic /// Show: 8pm JAH MOVEMENT /// Reggae /// Skipper’s Smokehouse /// Show: 8pm


HOT TUNA (Acoustic) /// Blues/ Americana /// Capitol Theatre /// 8pm SAT Show: FAT NIGHT w/ Danny & Alex, & Prince Tanuki /// R&B/Soul /// Crowbar /// Show: 9pm RYAN MONTBLEAU (Night2) /// Folk/ Funk /// The Attic /// Show: 8pm TOM BENNETT BAND /// Prog Rock /// Dunedin Brewery /// Show: 9pm SOUTHERN AVENUE w/ Ronnie Dee & The Superstars /// Blues /// Skipper’s Smokehouse /// Show: 8pm

GV L— N OV 20


SUSTO w/ South The Bayou /// Indie/ Folk/ Rock /// High Dive /// Show: 9pm


MASON JENNINGS w/ Christina Carter /// Indie Folk/Rock /// High /// Show: 9pm THU Dive VINCENT RYAN w/ Rafael River, & Austin Brockner /// Hardback Cafe /// Show: 9pm


BRIA SKONBERG /// Jazz/Soul/ Trumpeter /// Phillips Center @ UF // TWO SHOWS — 7pm & 9pm FRI /DUMPSTAPHUNK w/ Honey Hounds /// Nola Funk/Soul/Jazz /// High Dive /// Show: 7pm THE SO LOWS w/ Vena Kava, Rx Fire, & Good Troy Edward /// Rock n Roll/ Soul /// Hardback Cafe /// Show: 9pm


AARON LEBOS REALITY /// Jam/ Jazz/Rock /// Heartwood Soundstage /// Show: 9pm SAT CRITICAL HITS w/ Rutterkin (Tampa), & Sitting Chair /// Grunge /// Hardback Cafe /// Show: 9pm TANTRIC /// Post-Grunge /// DJ & Gina’s Lounge /// Show: 8pm


MC CHRIS w/ Drew Love, Cartridge Carnage, & Lunchbox /// Nerdcore/ /// High Dive /// Show: 7:30pm SUN Rap YEARS OF OCTOBER w/ Quadrabop /// Fuzz/Rock from Nashville /// Hardback Cafe /// Show: 9pm MON ► NOV 25 — No Shows


BÉLA FLECK & THE FLECKTONES feat. Victor Wooten, Roy “Futureman” & Howard Levy /// Jazz THU Wooten, Fusion/Jam /// Phillips Center /// Show: 7:30pm NOV 27 & NOV 28— No Shows


THUNDERCLAP w/ Nibiru, & Purely Red /// Metal /// High Dive /// Show: FRI 9:30pm JEFF & THE JARRETTS /// Rock /// Pi On Broadway /// Show: 9:30pm SAT ► NOV 30 — No Shows



DROWNING POOL w/ Nomvdic, M99, Magnolia Haven, Eroding the Past, &Apex /// Nu Metal /// Raw Hide Live /// Show: 6pm

SUN ► DEC 1 — No Shows


SAILOR POON w/ Shark Anatomy, & Cheap Plastic /// Fem Post-Punk from /// Hardback Cafe /// Show: MON Austin 9pm TUE ► DEC 3 — No Shows


KAMASUTRA w/ Broskis, Hintrldn, & Nour Khodr /// Funk/Reggae /// High WED Dive /// Show: 8:30pm


WE THE KINGS w/ Northbound, The Real You, & Arrows In Action /// Emo/ /// High Dive /// Show: 8pm THU Pop-Punk SLAVES w/ Fame On Fire, Rough Start, End Archaic, Magnolia Haven, & Foxflower /// Post-Hardcore /// Raw Hyde Live /// Show: 7pm


EUGENE CHADBOURNE w/ Bill Perry Orchestra, & Big Boat /// Avant-garde /// Hardback Cafe /// Show: 9pm FRI Jazz REVELATION RHOADS (Randy Rhoads, OZZY) w/ Medal Militia, & Chemical Warfare /// Rock /// High Dive /// Show: 9pm AMANDA ANNE PLATT & The Honeycutters w/ Freddy & Francine /// Alt Country /// Heartwood Soundstage /// Show: 8pm



MANNEQUIN PUSSY w/ Kississippi /// Punk/Indie /// High Dive /// Show: 6:30pm SAT ROY BOOK BINDER w/ Paco /// Blues/Ragtime /// Heartwood Soundstage /// Show: 8pm DEC 15 through DEC 18 — No Shows



DRIVEAWAY w/ Take Lead, & Starhouse /// Indie/Pop /// High Dive /// Show: 9pm FRI ► DEC 20 — No Shows


RICHARD MARX /// Solo Acoustic /// Reilly Arts Center /// Show: 7:30pm BITTERS w/ Parker Road, Mike SAT THE Llerena, & The Nerve /// Punk /// High Dive /// Show: 9pm DEC 22 through DEC 26 — No Shows




THE ROCKET MAN (Elton John Tribute) /// Reilly Arts Center /// 7:30pm SAT Show: MODERN ALCHEMY w/ Purely Red, Prophets of Demise, & We The Generation /// Heavy Rock/Metal /// High Dive /// Show: 8:30pm

ASTERIA w/ Piss Test, Rick Ryan, & Sick Rick /// Punk/Metal /// Hardback Cafe /// Show: 9pm SAT MISCHIEVOUS MADAMS /// Burlesque Troupe /// High Dive /// DEC 29 through DEC 31 — No Shows Show: 10:30pm HIROYA TSUKAMOTO /// Cinematic Guitar Poetry /// Heartwood *All Lineups, Dates, & Times are subject Soundstage /// Show: 8pm

to change. “Show” Time is when the music begins. Doors are usually open AGNOSTIC FRONT w/ Slapshot, & one hour before show time. Please Assholeparade /// Hardcore Punk /// check venue website/facebook before The Atlantic /// Show: 8pm SUN TORONZO CANNON w/ Albert you go to the show.


Castiglia, Bridget Kelly Band, & Patti Want to submit a show? Parks /// Blues /// High Dive /// Show: Deadline for Dec/Jan show submissions 6pm is December 10, 2019 /// Please match DEC 09 & DEC 10 — No Shows


HEAVY PETS w/ ROOSEVELT COLLIER BAND /// Funk/Jam /// Soundstage /// Show: WED Heartwood 8pm




CHUCK MAGID (EP Release) w/ Whale Feral /// Rock n Roll/Blues /// High Dive /// Show: 9:30pm

HEART SHAPED BOX (Nirvana Tribute) w/ Smashing Pumpkins Tribute /// ‘90 Tribute Night /// High FRI Dive /// Show: 10pm


the format above, put the city in the subject line, & send to:

JA X— N OV 20

JOHN PAUL WHITE (The Civil Wars) /// Americana/Folk/Indie /// Ponte Concert Hall /// Show: 8pm WED Vedra MOONSHINE BANDITS w/ Sarah Ross /// Hick-Hop/ Country/Rap /// Soundbar /// Show: 8pm AJEVA w/ Cowford Town Band /// Funk /// Nighthawks /// Show: 10pm


SAWYER FREDERICKS /// Folk/Blues /// Cafe Eleven /// Show: 8pm RANDALL BRAMBLETT (Full Band) /// THU Folk Rock/Pop /// Jack Rabbits /// Show: 8pm MIRANDA LAMBERT w/ Pistol Annies, & Tenille Townes /// Country Pop /// VyStar Arena /// Show: 7pm


THE FAB FOUR (Beatles Tribute) /// Pop/Rock /// Ponte Vedra Concert /// Show: 8pm FRI Hall HOME AND THE HAUNTS w/ Adult Life, The TwoTakes, & Boston Marriage /// Indie/Funk/Emo /// Jack Rabbits /// Show: 9pm STEVEN WRIGHT /// Stand Up Comedy /// Florida Theatre /// Show: 8pm DIZZY WRIGHT w/ RITTZ, Ekoh, Whitney Peyton, & Vexed /// Hip-Hop/ Trap /// 1904 Music Hall /// Show: 9pm SARA BAREILLES w/ Emily King /// Pop/Soul /// Amway Center /// Show: 8pm


CRYSTAL BOWERSOX /// Rock/Blues /// Cafe Eleven /// Show: 8pm JOE BONAMASSA /// Blues Rock /// SAT The AMP St Aug /// Show: 7:30pm MASON JENNINGS w/ Kristopher James /// Indie Folk/Rock /// Ponte Vedra Concert Hall /// Show: 8pm PAULA POUNDSTONE /// Comedy /// Florida Theatre /// Show: 8pm THE NEW DEAL w/ Greenhouse Lounge /// Electronica/House /// 1904 Music Hall /// Show: 9pm RIVER CITY SOUND SYSTEM w/ Prideless, & Mudtown /// Punk /// Jack Rabbits /// Show: 9pm MADTOWN w/ Mega Chvrch, Oppressive Nature, & Excruciating /// Punk /// Nighthawks /// Show: 7pm


JOHN OATES (Hall & Oates) & The Good Road Band /// Blues /// Ponte Concert Hall /// Show: 8pm SUN Vedra INANIMATE EXISTENCE w/ Krosis, & Symbolik /// Progressive Metal /// Jack Rabbits /// Show: 7:30pm DEAD FEST w/ Unlimited Devotion, Brown Eyed Women, David Gans, Bonnie Blue, & more /// Psych Rock /// 1904 Music Hall /// Show: 2pm


MC CHRIS w/ Shubzilla, Nur-D, & Jon Ditty /// Nerdcore/Rap ///Jack MON Rabbits /// Show: 8pm



THE WORD ALIVE w/ Young Ghosts, Lost Trees, & Days Gone By /// /// 1904 Music Hall /// Show: MONMetalcore 7:30pm YACHT /// Electro/Dance/Punk /// Jack Rabbits /// Show: 8pm WAX w/ UBI, & Lance Skiiiwalker /// Hip-Hop /// Jack Rabbits /// Show: NEIL HILBORN w/ Caracara /// Slam WED 8pm Poetry /// 1904 Music Hall /// Show: THU ► NOV 28 — No Shows TUE8pm A PETER WHITE CHRISTMAS w/ Euge Groove, Vincent Ingala, & Lindsey THE QUEERS w/ Friendly Fire, & Nine Webster /// Jazz/Fusion /// Ponte Tenths /// Punk Rock /// Jack Rabbits. Vedra Concert Hall /// Show: 8pm /// Show: 9pm FRI JOHAN MARQUIS /// Hip-Hop/Rap D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) w/ /// 1904 Music Hall /// Show: 8pm Wartone (WI), Intoxicated, Swift Knuckle CHARLIE HUSTLE w/ Les Voss, & Max Danger /// House Music & Tacos /// WEDSolution, & Destructonomicon /// Punk/Metal/Hardcore /// Nighthawks Nighthawks /// Show: 9pm /// Show: 7:30pm REHAB /// Hip-Hop/ Country/Rock TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA /// /// Jack Rabbits /// Show: 9pm Progressive Rock /// VyStar Arena /// SAT 7:30pm THUShow: HEAVY PETS w/ ROOSEVELT COLLIER BAND, & Ginger Bread Man /// Funk/ Jam /// 1904 Music Hall /// Show: 9pm CHARLIE FARLEY w/ Danny Duke /// Country/Hip-Hop /// Jack Rabbits /// ARIANA GRANDE w/ Normani, & Show: 9pm Social House /// Pop/R&B /// VyStar COLTER WALL w/ Wade Sapp /// SUN Arena /// Show: 8pm Outlaw Country/Americana /// Ponte Vedra Concert Hall /// Show: 8pm MON ► DEC 2 — No Shows CPU FOOD w/ Rican Havoc, Denver Hall, The Black Toilet, & Aunt Acid // Rap/Hip-Hop /// Jack Rabbits /// TUE /Show: 8pm







JA X— D EC 02 03 TUE

GENITORTURERS /// Industrial Shock Rock Metal /// Jack Rabbits /// Show: 9pm


ZETA w/ HurricaneParty, Ceschi Ramos, Andy the Doorbum /// Latinoamericano Rock /// WED Insane Jack Rabbits /// Show: 9pm DAVE KOZ & Friends /// Smooth Jazz /// Florida Theatre /// Show: 8pm


OBITUARY w/ False Prophet, & Extinction Ad /// Death Metal /// Music Hall /// Show: 7pm THU 1904 KENNY HILL GROUP /// Rock/Blues /// Jack Rabbits /// Show: 9pm


BIG WIG w/ Rehasher, Flag On Fire, & FFN /// Skate Punk /// 1904 Music Hall // Show: 8pm FRI /SHADOW THE EARTH w/ Purely Red /// Metal /// Jack Rabbits /// Show: 9pm LEE BRICE w/ Cassadee Pope /// Country Pop /// Topgolf /// Show: 7pm LEONID & FRIENDS /// Jazz/Rock /// Florida Theatre /// Show: 8pm


AGNOSTIC FRONT w/ Slapshot, & Deathwatch ‘97 /// Hardcore Punk /// Rabbits /// Show: 8pm SAT Jack HEATHER MCMAHAN /// Comedy /// Terry Theater /// Show: 8pm

08 SUN

RIFF RAFF /// Hip-Hop /// 1904 Music Hall /// Show: 9pm


DAYS GONE BY w/ Blood Bath & Beyond, Higher Ground, Fallen Sons, Blind /// Metalcore /// Jack FRILegions Rabbits /// Show: 9pm UPON A BURNING BODY w/ Cane Hill & more /// Metalcore /// Nighthawks /// Show: 7pm TOBE NWIGWE /// Hip=Hop/Rap /// Murray Hill Theatre /// Show: 9pm


CHUCK MAGID (EP Release) w/ Oxford Noland, Custard Pie, & Them /// Rock n Roll/Blues /// SATVegabonds 1904 Music Hall /// Show: 9pm BLEEDING IN STEREO w/ Dancing With Ghosts, Otherworld, Defy The Tyrant, & more /// Metalcore /// Jack Rabbits /// Show: 9pm LUXOTICA LOUNGE CABARET /// Burlesque Dancing /// Nighthawks /// Show: 9pm SMALLTOWN POETS w/ Mark Lee (Third Day) /// Christian Rock /// Murray Hill Theatre


LEANN RIMES w/ Kalie Shorr /// Country/Pop /// Florida Theatre /// Show: 7:30pm



HINTRLND w/ Ashton Chase, Shane Malone, Pastel Palms, & Naynoth /// /// Jack Rabbits /// THU Indie/Shoegaze Show: 8pm ROCKAPELLA /// A Capella Rock (take your mom) /// Ponte Vedra Concert Hall /// Show: 8pm


THE GRASS IS DEAD /// Jam /// 1904 Music Hall /// Show: 9pm w/ The Dog Apollo /// Indie FRI SOLAFIDE Pop /// Jack Rabbits /// Show: 9pm REVEREND HORTON HEAT w/ Voodoo Glow Skulls, Dave Alvin, & The 5678’s (Japan) /// Rockabilly/Punk /// Ponte Vedra Concert Hall /// Show: 7pm


BLUE CACTUS / CHELSEY MICHELLE BAND w/ Madison Grace, & Jessica /// Americana/Folk /// Jack SAT Pounds Rabbits /// Show: 9pm


MILES FROM LONDON w/ Driveaway, Crownz Hill, & EJ Hervey /// Bop Rock // Jack Rabbits /// Show: 8pm SUN /THE ISLEY BROTHERS /// Doo-wop/ Soul/Rock n Roll /// Moran Theater /// Show: 7:30pm ANUEL AA /// Puerto Rican Rap /// Daily’s Place /// Show: 8pm DEC 23 through DEC 25 — No Shows


THE MELODY TRUCKS BAND w/ Bonnie Blue, & The Firewater Tent /// Soul/Jam /// 1904 Music THU Revival Hall /// Show: 8pm

27 FRI

SUNSQUABI (Night 1) w/ Daily Bread /// Dance/Electronica /// 1904 Music Hall /// Show: 9pm


SUNSQUABI (Night 2) w/ Daily Bread /// Dance/Electronica /// 1904 Music /// Show: 9pm SAT Hall ANTHONY HAMILTON w/ Ja Rule, Joe, K. Michelle, Avant, Chris Knite, & Tianavanae /// R&B/Hip-Hip /// VyStar Arena /// Show: 7:30pm


CHRIS DEMAKES (LESS THAN JAKE) w/ J.T. Turret, Peter Michael, & The SUN Triffids /// Ska/Rock /// Jack Rabbits /// Show: 8pm


BLACKBERRY SMOKE w/ Bishop Gunn /// Southern Rock /// Florida Theatre MON /// Show: 8pm

31 TUE

JJ GREY & MOFRO w/ The Commonheart /// Southern Rock /// Florida Theatre /// Show: 8:30pm

DEC 16 & DEC 17 — No Shows


LINDSEY STIRLING /// Operatic Pop/ Electronic /// Moran Theater /// Show: 8pm



The Melvins 10-21-19 The Social///Orlando Photos by Aaron Wockenfuss /// @rockenfuss 42




by Raven Brajdic


Jimmy Eat World Surviving


Grace Potter Daylight

As the sun gets ready to set on another decade, Surviving is released to remind us that after 26 years, Jimmy Eat World is the only consistent, stable thing in this world.

From the mountains of North Carolina comes BASK and their third album, III. Seven years in the making and a dab over 36 minutes, each of the seven tracks burn slow and hard.

Daylight is Grace Potter stripped down. With a slower pace devoid of electric touches, the album veers away from the pop territory of 2015’s Midnight to instead bring the Vermont native’s sultry voice to the forefront.

‘Surviving’ is catchy as fuck, if not a selfaware album. ”Diamond” is reminiscent of hits like “The Middle” with reassuring lyrics (“That’s how a diamond grows/ Give yourself the right chance over time” / “Don’t believe them if they try to tell you something different”) comforting your angsty inner early2000’s emo. Meanwhile, tracks like “Congratulations” shift focus outward and question the morality of modern politics (“Suspiciously, through editing/The facts are disappearing” / “Too down and tired to wonder/ Whose foot you’re crawling under”).

BASK truly excels at songwriting (this time with producer Matt Bayles—Pearl Jam, Minus The Bear, Mastodon). Opener “Three White Feet” is lyrically beautiful — “These hands they ache to tear your flesh from bone / and drag you westward bound in rope”), and “Stone Eyed” is a personal album favorite thanks to its poetic psychedelia (“And I can hear them changing sound”) and gorgeous guitar from Ray Worth.

If Pink Floyd was one of your first records, you’ll love BASK. Check them out for a natural fusion of stoner rock It all comes together to form a solid and heavy Americana that makes you album full of catchy choruses and want to toss back some moonshine feel-good hooks (Frontman Jim Adkins and vibe. calls the ‘80s synth-wave-esque “555” the closest thing that “Surviving” has to 9.5/11 a ballad) that will meld perfectly with the rest of their catalog when the band starts touring this month.



Describing the 11-song set as a journal, Potter serenades the listener with the dissolution of a broken relationship and burgeoning of a love affair. The album’s opener “Love is Love” is brash and raw on the complexities of infidelity and love as Potter sings, “Well I promised him I would never stray/ But I’m thinking about you every day.” The album puts Potter’s range on display. “On My Way” and “Daylight” are energetic and fierce, while the piano ballad “Release Me” is slow and prayerful. She channels Patsy Cline in “Repossession” where she belts, “And you say that I threw it all away for nothing/But the only thing I threw away was you,” into an eddy of twang and smoke. tl;dr — ‘Daylight’ is pretty fucking sexy. Check it out.




LOVE by Evan Chabot

Wolf-Face – ‘Still Golden’ Spare me your horror stories and antilupine propaganda, Wolf-Face is a goddamn national treasure, and the clouds have finally parted on their big fat golden record in the sky. I know what you’re thinking: Coyotes in the suburbs? Pigs in the Whitehouse? Wolves on the stage?! Well you can just calm that delicious heart, because Michael J. Wolf and his posse of pop-punking pups are far from the heartless beasts depicted by the human media. On ‘Still Golden’, Wolf-Face are simply bearing their accursed-soul. Hear instant classics like: “Born on a Blood Moon,” a rousing ballad about the harsh realities of bloodlust; “All Dogs Go To Hell,” a heart-wrenching glimpse at the fate of these beautiful, misunderstood creatures; and “Dog Whistle,” a grizzled warning to all those would-be werewolf hunters (and hapless children) out there. Such things are necessary. Let’s be honest, I know it’s hard to trust a band of miscreants like Wolf-Face, singing about life as a WolfFace, but ‘Still Golden’ isn’t concerned with such pedestrian concepts, and it certainly isn’t trying to change your mind about Lycanthropes. At its heart, ‘Still Golden’ is an album by wolves, for wolves, and if you don’t get it… well, I’m sorry. Go look at the moon for a while and think about your life. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some howling to do! F.F.O. — Debt Neglector, The Dopamines, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.







ZETA – ‘Mochima’ I am 90% sure “Mochima” is a madeup word, but in the frenetic, riff-addled orpheum of ZETA, I am certain that ‘Mochima’ means “an engine that runs on chaos” — and run it does. With hammers for wheels and scissors for teeth, a bosom of wailing strings, and a beautiful melody of circuits, ‘Mochima’ is as complex as it is blunt, crude as it is meticulous, and grating as it is beautiful. Styled after the Mars Volta and At the Drive-in before them, ZETA weave a heady, almost grandiose wall of noise together with Avant-garde authority. Their hard-boiled Venezuelan roots take hold throughout as fourteen blistering tracks paint a picture of mayhem over bolero, blending the signature sear of metal with sultry Latin beats and unbridled fury. On selections like “Casquiare” and “Oaya,” burly soundscapes come up against throat-scorching arias. “Puinare” and “Pui Puy” are cascading interludes where no time-signature is safe. And “Venezziola” is a head-banging, hand-drumming fusion of chants and clamor. Alas, the machine is not without elegance, as mesmeric bridges like “Asami” and “Inverno” lend romance, while “Cimarron, Chapparal” is an apocalyptic prose that frames it all. ZETA’s success with Mochima is not just the inclusion of these wily, disjointed elements, but their ability to make them work, flow, and drive relentlessly toward a devilishly catchy portrait of a riot in-song. Chévere, ZETA. Muy Chévere. F.F.O. — The Mars Volta, Loma Prieta, Birds in Row.


Suck Brick Kid ‘Salt to Taste’ With tongue in cheek and twang in hand, Orlando punks Suck Brick Kid mark a volatile, long-awaited return with ‘Salt To Taste’ — a tight ten-track, half-hour banger that sees plenty of grit. Sometimes crass, oft anthemic, and always blistering, the new lineup of the salty six-piece proves that shoutbacks and breakdowns can still strike a major chord in 2019, and, well, given the state of things, may be more apropos than ever. Though you may not know it from the infectious hooks and apparent houseparty occurring in the background of every song, ‘Salt To Taste’ is a lament — a gloriously cynical ode to the shitstorm of modern life. It’s a concept record seasoned to taste with a double entendre (“I Hate U2”), punny references (“Sleeping With Gozer” & “Sofa King”), and plenty of pep and growl assuring us our boys are at back, locked in, and here to shake shit up. Hats off and fists up to Suck Brick Kid for reminding us what punk rock is all about: that it’s okay to have fun when all the world’s ablaze. F.F.O. — H2O, The Bouncing Souls, & Teen Agers.

8/11 47


Respective or Respective Collection was founded earlier 2019 by two friends and UCF Alumni Christopher Miglioranzi and Simon Wade. They started the comapny with a goal to empower other young creatives by gining them opprotunities to work together and gain experience. Since then they have gone to festivals all across the country including always capturing new and unique perspectives. iii Points, Miami Music Week, Gasparilla Music Fest. Rolling Loud Miami, Bay Area, Rolling Loud NYC, Lollapalooza, and Rockville. “Filming Rolling Loud was incredible. I’ll never forget my first rolling loud. Standing on stage with legends like travis Scott and A$AP Rocky felt like a dream. And getting to shoot with some of the best videographers in the game was wild. Felt like the best kind of creative competition where we’re all pushing each other to be better.” -Simon Wade, Co-Founder of Respective ///@mrsimonwade

“We’ve been on the media team for Rolling Loud three times now and each time we try to figure out how we can get a different perspective of the festival. We utilized the Insta 360 max to capture the experience of this festival in a totally new way. I was one of two people at the festival using this camera and I really think it is the future” - Chris Miglioranzi , Co-Founder of Respective ///@Respectable_Youngman

Every festival we try to do something different whether that be using a new type of camera or idea. One reason why a lot of people enjoy our content is that it is all very digestible (short, under 1 minute) and the movement of the camera. One thing I notice is a lot of other shooters in the pit are staying in one spot with their long zoom (which is awesome cause they are probably getting good shots) but we are all over the place we don’t just stay in the pit. It’s almost like a game where we are trying to see how many different perspectives and lens on our camera before the 3 songs is up.... feels like some mission impossible type shit. /// @Respectivecollective

Watch more of RESPECTIVE’S footage from rolling loud including a dope recap, and an A$AP Rocky performace recap here!


FESTIVAL CRUISE TIPS By Randy Cook /// @horns_raised

These days, no matter what your tastes in music, movies, or sports there is a themed event cruise for you. From zombie-filled Walking Dead cruises to EDM, country, 80’s rock, heavy metal, NASCAR and—well, you get the idea. The list goes on forever. As a veteran of three music cruises and counting down the days till my fourth—Monsters of Rock cruise in February 2020—here are a few tips to get what I think is the most out of the experience before, both during and after the event.

Once the cruise gets announced (or you are just finding out about it)

Create an account on the site that does the actual booking. You can accomplish this on the pricing page of any given themed cruise. This makes the booking process that much easier when you have all of your information in the system ahead of time. Take a minute to search for an official cruise Facebook page. Here you can find answers to all of the pertinent information for the event as well as like-minded people. Ask questions of the event staff or other festival goers—anything related to the event—before securing your cabin.


Book early if you can: themed cruises are annual events and usually sell out quickly. Seniority matters. Past cruisers will get first dibs on rooms. Once the general public sales start, the lower-priced rooms as well as the more preferable cabin locations (mid-ship, mid-level) will go quickly. Prepare for sticker shock — themed cruises can be expensive, but there are payment plans that help alleviate the stress of booking an epic cruise. Traditionally, upgraded suites will come with additional VIP benefits. The additional cost will make a difference in your cruise experience as far as early access to the various seats in the different venues and being first in line for the meet/greet band photos. I’ve sprung for upgraded tickets on each of my past three cruises, and it was always worth every

penny. Three of the best weeks of my life. \m/\m/ In order to have the best week of your life, ensure that you have the proper travel documents. The cruise site will be very specific about what is accepted. Do not wait till the last minute to get your passport (renewed or otherwise). Waiting will cost you a ton of money and stress.

Once you have your cabin booked:

Figure out and plan travel to the departure location. Depending on your proximity to the cruise terminal, it is best to arrive the day before and incur the cost of a hotel night so there are no weather-related or unanticipated day-of-event flight or traffic delays. Get on the web to interact with your fellow cruisers. You will find that people will be traveling from all over the country and the world to come to this event. Keep an eye out for any pre-party events (which are usually included in the cost of the cruise). Usually these are the day(s) just before the cruise so it makes sense to arrive a day or two early. If you are making payments: DO NOT miss any scheduled

Selecting your cabin: Ensure that you have complete names, birthdays, and updated contact information on all of your cabin Mates. The booking process will ask for specific information about you and you will need to enter travel documentation/ passport numbers for them to have on file. You can book your cabin without this part initially, but it will have to be entered before a specific time prior to sailing. When selecting a cabin location, my preference is to be as close to midship and mid-level as possible. This puts your room central to just about everything and in case you need to stop by the cabin throughout the day/evening, it’s an easy chore. This helps


alleviate any feeling of the boat rocking (from the waves, not the bands) if you are susceptible to any sort of seasickness. A general rule of thumb is the food is in the back of the boat (restaurants and the open buffets) and the main theater will be in the front of the ship. Usually drink packages are offered ahead of the sail date. These can be considerable savings if you plan to consume mass quantities of alcohol (soda packages are available also).

payments. Typically you would surrender your reservation and it would be a total bummer to lose your vacation! Set up a countdown app on your phone to help with the anticipation.

Prepping/packing for the cruise

Don’t be shy about being a fanboy/girl of a particular band aboard – dig out that old concert shirt of your favorite bands aboard and wear them proudly – the entire experience is based on and around fan interaction with the band members and from my experience they do take notice! Find that vinyl record or poster that you want to get autographed. It is important to respect the artists and not bother them while they are eating or enjoying the cruise with their people. With that said, you may very nicely ask for an artist’s attention and autograph if it’s an easy and natural approach. Bring your camera and make sure to have plenty of battery power/ storage space for the trip. Bring your camera wherever you go! Photo opportunities are

Upcoming cruises sailing from Florida — January 2020

Jan 7-12 — Jam Cruise 18 /// Departs Miami, FL Jan 19-26 — Where The Action Is /// Departs Ft Lauderdale, FL Jan 18-25: Soul Train Cruise /// Departs Ft Lauderdale, FL Jan 19-26: Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise /// Departs Ft Lauderdale, FL Jan 20-24: Rock n Wrestling Rage /// Departs Miami, FL Jan 24-29: Rock The Boat /// Departs Miami, FL Jan 29 – Feb 3: Outlaw Country Cruise /// Departs Miami, FL


everywhere! Decorate your cabin door! Theme your spot for a specific band or your crew! A whiteboard can also be a great message system since no one will have cell service. Also, randoms can comment, making it a lot of fun. I’m already planning my design for my 2020 cruise! In the days just before the cruise departs, the show schedule should be released (be prepared that you may not get this until you get aboard). Events like this usually have a ton of overlapping music, but you shouldn’t worry as its typical that bands will play twice over the course of the cruise. It’s vital to learn the layout of the ship from the online deck plans. Knowing the fastest way between the different venues can be a lifesaver, especially if your favorite band’s set times overlap. You should already know where each stage is before the cruise begins.

All aboard

Prepare to be immersed in festival culture from the moment you step foot aboard the ship! The sights, the sounds, and the people will all be decked out to the theme of the cruise. You are all there for the same reason, so embrace the comradery and make friends! Everyone onboard has at least one common interest. If you didn’t before, explore the ship and find out where the different venues are. Be prepared for band schedule changes and take note accordingly once they are announced. I have always carried an extra cruise event schedule and a pen with me to make any adjustments to the daily schedule.

Silly as it sounds – don’t forget to eat. The music will be non-stop throughout the day and night so try to plan accordingly. Eating will keep your energy level up to enjoy the most shows you are able to.

Feb 3-10: Cayamo with Brian Wilson /// Departs Miami, FL Feb 8-13: Monsters of Rock /// Departs Ft Lauderdale, FL Feb 10-15: Ultimate Disco Cruise /// Departs Ft Lauderdale, FL Feb 10-14: Impractical Jokers Cruise /// Departs Miami, FL Feb 14-18: Sail Across The Sun /// Departs Miami, FL Feb 15-22: Rock and Romance Cruise /// Departs Miami, FL Feb 18-22: Keeping the Blues Alive /// Departs Miami, FL Feb 27 – Mar 2: Rock Legends Cruise /// Departs Ft Lauderdale, FL

After the cruise Post your photos up and tell your friends how awesome of a time it was and how they NEED to go with you next year. Keep in touch with anyone you traded contact info with onboard – most likely they too will be going again next year. Countdown the days till next year’s cruise! March

Mar 8-15: The 80s Cruise /// Departs Miami, FL Mar 27 – Apr 1: Cruise To The Edge /// Departs Miami, FL Mar 28- Apr 4: Flower Power Cruise /// Departs, Miami, FL

Down The Road ...

Apr 1-8: On the Blue Cruise /// Departs Miami, FL May TBD: Kid Rock’s Cruise /// Departs Miami, FL Aug 10-14: Knotfest At Sea /// Departs Barcelona, Spain Oct 16-20: Kesha’s Weird & Wonderful Rainbow Ride /// Departs Miami, FL Oct 20-26: Melissa Etheridge Cruise /// Departs Miami, FL Oct 26-30: Coheed & Cambria S.S. Neverender /// Departs Miami, FL Oct 30 - Nov 4: KISS Kruise /// Departs Miami, FL Most can be found at —


SABRINA CLAUDIO & GALLANT Sabrina Claudio Sat. Oct 26, 2019 The Beacham, Orlando Fl.

Photographed by: Cindy Ros///@CindyRos_


Gallant put out a new album yesterday (Oct 24), ‘Sweet Insomnia’. One spin and I knew I was in for something special tonight. The energy explodes immediately once he runs up to the stage. Falsetto out-the-gate and dance moves to match, Gallant’s gold mic is shining brightly back towards us filling our hearts. The last time we saw Gallant was at Okeechobee Music Fest year one! What a pleasure to have him home again. I’ve never heard anyone yell falsetto. Damn. His mic probably turned gold from him singing into it. Three songs in, he’s on his knees and we’re in his palm. Halfway in, Gallant is feeding us callbacks, growing in difficulty. Orlando gives it to him from our soul. I’m blown away and being filled with peace. His new album, ‘Sweet Insomnia’ is a must-listen for anyone who’s in a new city, been recently compromised by a lover, or has ever had a bit of chest pain. Check out the new title track, featuring 6LACK. I’m being sandwiched closer to the bar. After a few apologies I’m asked, “are you familiar with Sabrina Claudio?” Me: “No, I’ve actually never listened to her.” She grabs my arm and yells, “WHAT?!”, smiles and says, “she’s amazing isn’t she?” I’m falling in love with this carefully choreographed confidence coming from the stage. I stand out like a tree in an ocean, being one of the few who isn’t passionately singing back every word. I can confidently say, “Yes.” I’m a new fan a Sabrina Claudio. “Tonight we’re healing.” Sabrina Claudio explains her writing process on her new album, ‘Truth Is’ (Release Oct 6, 2019) — “When I write, I’m very introverted. I write everything down and don’t show anyone until I exit the [recording] booth. Then I ask for no feedback please [laughs].” She is nothing short of a pure artist. I predict we won’t see slowing down anytime soon. And likely at much bigger venues.


PERRY’S diddles

Category / Title


Reviewing Singer/ songwriter, Chuck Magid’s new album, ‘Traveling Home’, which comes out December 21, 2019 I hear a very original passion and energy in the music of Magid’s ‘Traveling Home’. Perry Goldman is musician,

Chuck Magid — ‘Traveling Home’

drummer, and singer. Over 50

From the very first track of ‘Traveling Home,’ Chuck Magid’s debut solo album seems to take you back to a simpler time. You know, burning incense, strobe candles, and black lights, along with posters of Led Zeppelin, The Who, and Grand Funk Railroad. But you soon realize you’re listening to a deeply soulful music blending Rock N Roll, The Blues, and Funk of ‘70s and ‘80s. I don’t know for sure because I have not had the privilege of meeting Chuck to discuss his influences, but I hear shades of Black Crows, the Allman Brothers, even Jamiroquai, which are some very cool influences. But mostly I hear a very original passion and energy in the music of Magid’s ‘Traveling Home’.

years performing Rock, Blues, Jazz, Swing, R&B, even country. Studied at Philadelphia Music Academy and is a father to the frontman of Orlando punks, TEEN AGERS. Catch him live with his one of his bands in Central Florida — Straight Jackets, Jive Talkin (Bee Gees Covers), or Willie Cintron & Sounds of the Seasons (Frankie Vallie Covers).

I dig the vintage grooves and gritty guitar work that evoke the spirits of legendary Rock Power Trios. I just can’t put my finger on who those are. And that’s the beauty of this effort. ‘Traveling Home’ might not necessarily take me home, but it does evoke a special vision for me. I envision a sea of thousands of young Rockers swaying and grooving to pulsating music as a single organism at a great festival show I attended (or wished I had). Think of what Led Zeppelin’s Plant and Page were saying in the iconic song “Ocean.” Once again, very good company to be in.

It seems to start like a car radio and slips right into a dream. True to their self-described “Psychedelic Folk for Aliens Slow-jam Headbanging,” “Are We Free” showcases the majesty to Greyson Charnock’s pleas. “All I’m asking is, what’s it mean? What’s it mean to live and dream?” Their new lineup locks in some of the tightest sounds this band has ever delivered. The punctuation of the guitar solo resembles the elegance of a ballroom dance. “It’s never lost, it just stays unseen. Left disguised by what’s happening. All I’m thinking is, are we free? Are we free if we’re listening? Beats me.” Close your lids and hop in. Someday River is safe to swim in. “Hear a train coming. Are we free falling?” It washes away like it begins again. LISTEN — FOLLOW — @somedayriver LIVE — Dec 15 @ Stardust Coffee ORL

Love it! Rock On Brutha Magid!


(from left to right) Greyson Charnock (Guitar, Vocals, Synth), Robert Carter (Bass), Noah Gordon (Percussion) Cover photo by Alex Burnett.



an independent short film made in florida. watch here.






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ecem ber th on Your D his Decem ew Mo rn N T ! a e , r r are he on in Cance ter Caprico ull en ’s f Mo a Full orn, and we December ts. ee ric ead in Cap the 21st! R for all the d e n low no d tak seaso forecast be iac sign an ED c E od cosmi your z thing you N d n fi , y your Then It has ever vigate ! ! a s n e t o o t n OW cope horos TO KN r e b m Dece

H e l l o , Sagittarus S e a s o n ! Sagittarius season began on November 22 and lasts until the 21st of this month. This season represents travel, truth, and knowledge. Sagittarius season asks you to view your relationships, beliefs, and desires from different perspectives. The creative energy from this season will bring you lots of new insight if you are willing to look at things differently than you are accustomed to. Sagittarius loves to travel and adventure, so try to get out and do something you wouldn’t usually do this season. Also very truth seeking, the season of Sagittarius asks you to take a hard look at yourself and choose what could use improvement. The intention is not to bring yourself down, but to inspire yourself to make simple lifestyle shifts that will lead you to a happier place overall.

By Rachael Welsh/// @lifecoachrachael Resident Astrologer at

Full Moon in Cancer:

This is going to be an extraordinarily powerful Full Moon as the Moon rules the sign of Cancer herself and this Full Moon occurs at exactly 12:12AM EST on December 12 (12/12)! Whew. Can you feel its energy already?! A Full Moon in Cancer is deeply emotional (and healing). It’s very important you welcome all your feelings this Full Moon and allow them to intuitively guide you towards where you are headed. As 2019 is coming to a close, you may find yourself feeling very nostalgic this Full Moon. Consider spending time going through pictures from the past year and reminiscing. Journal on where you feel 2020 will lead you. Cancer is represented by the crab, so consider what shell you are outgrowing and what new phase of life you are moving into. Angel number 1212 symbolizes your spiritual growth and shows up to remind you that the possibilities in life are infinite. This number shows up as a reminder to stay positive and focus on your goals and desires and trust that your guides are close by.





There’s a New Moon in Capricorn on December 26. The New Moon in Capricorn brings in a grounding energy and is here to remind you time is of the essence. Rather than focusing on things that bring you instant gratification or “five minutes of fame,” Capricorn invests her energy in the long term vision and suggests you do the same this moon. This New Moon is the perfect time to set long term goals for 2020.Take time to set long term goals for 2020. Take time to sit alone and journal or Partial meditate and really feel into what you Solar Eclipse Capricorn conjunct Jupiter: are meant to achieve in the year ahead There is also a partial solar eclipse on December 26. This is a Capricorn season is coming!: very exciting and serendipitous eclip Capricorn season begins on December Jupiter is the planet of luck, growth, a prosperity. This will be a fabulous time 21. Capricorn’s motherly energy shows up to lead you towards the path of success. travel, invest in something new, or sta new venture. This eclipse brings lots A very independent sign, the energy of positive potential and abundance to Capricorn season will have you seeking who choose to tap into their creativ some solo time, which for most is much needed energy and focus on their future goals. after all the holiday get togethers. It’s time to slow down and get serious before the New Year’s festivities. Retreat and take time to care for yourself and start setting serious goals for the year ahead. More on this next month!

a pse. and me to art a s of o all ve

ARIES: Your focus this month should be on

career, Aries. It’s time to slow down and get clear on what exactly it is you’re chasing. You have a burning fire within you that is always up for a new challenge, but it is time to reflect on what the fire within you burns for exactly. Get clear on what that is and you will be very successful this month. When you’re not working, take extra good care of yourself. Detox, get a massage, go to bed early, do whatever you need to do to feel clear headed and energized while working! The 22nd of this month should be a particularly great career day. Prepare for celebration! After the 26th, spend quality time with yourself and family. Work will pick back up in the new year.

TAURUS : Your beliefs will be challenged this

month, Taurus, but in a good way! The eclipse on the 26th will specifically challenge your current beliefs around spirituality and self. Allow yourself to explore this! You are stepping into a leadership role in work but leave room to explore other possibilities in the work realm. Once you are comfortable it can be easy to stay where you are, but you have the power and the brains to transition into any role you please. Outside of work, be sure to spend time with friends who you can have powerful conversations with. You will be craving this kind of time! The 27th should be a particularly good day for you.

GEMINI: Love is fantastic for you this month,

Gemini. In fact this whole month will be smooth sailing overall. Live it up as much as you can, as once you enter the New Year you will find work and finances will need lots of attention (in a good way though!) Your wittiness and charm have taken you far this year and this month is a time to celebrate all your hard work. Finances will remain steady. The 12th should be a particularly good money day for you! Take extra care of yourself the first half of this month and make it a point to get some exercise! After the 22nd you will be feeling much more refreshed and rejuvenated.

CANCER: Things are looking bright this month,

Cancer. You’ve had a busy year and it hasn’t been the easiest. It’s important to understand that the personal growth you’ve endured this year is being brought to light this month. Give yourself permission to lighten up. Things are starting to feel good. Expect to find yourself dreaming BIG this month. Your creativity will be at an all-time high and it’s important to start formulating a plan to actually act on these ideas! You are more powerful than you believe, Cancer.

LEO: It’s time to show off to the world how

much you have grown and evolved this year, Leo. This month will be happy for you and job opportunities will rise if you show off your personal yearly progress. You need to keep yourself busy this month! But don’t travel if you can avoid it. Explore how you can love yourself and others more. This is your agenda this month! Your true key to success is feeling confident in yourself, even when others may not approve

VIRGO: You are already very comfortable

with yourself, Virgo. This season is asking you to dive even deeper and uncover more about yourself and your greater purpose. You like structure in your life and review your options carefully, much like fellow Earth sign, Capricorn. Take time this month to ground deeper within yourself and make a plan for the future. Where are you going? Who are you going with? What projects are you working on? You know yourself well enough to answer these questions, but you may surprise yourself with some answers as you dive deeper within, and will find yourself making plans that light you up for the months to come. Just make sure you begin taking action ... only you hold the power to do it,

LIBRA: You are the queen of balance,

Libra. This season is giving you permission to tip the scale a bit and give more attention to yourself. It’s time to check in and re-center in order to continue delivering justice and empowerment to the world around you. You must recharge your batteries in order to not burn yourself out. The world will be okay while you retreat for a bit. As you recharge yourself, your vision for the outer world and your role in it will grow and expand. Once you are charged up you will have all the energy to act on your vision.

SCORPIO: You are in your natural state for the

You love to explore the spiritual side of life, Scorpio, but this month is asking you to come down from the clouds and ground yourself for a few days. Focus on the physical things in your life. This is a good time to focus on health goals. This is also a great time to think about where you want to go career-wise next year. You hold so much power, but you tend to overanalyze things. Spend some time alone and really get clear on what you want and commit to getting it. There is no need to overthink so much, love.

SAGITTARIUS: The most adventurous of the signs,

you love to explore new places and meet new people, Sagittarius. This season is asking you to be more adventurous within yourself. Reflect on all the places you traveled, people you met, and activities you completed this last year. What do these all say about you? Where are you going next? How does this relate to your life mission? Your ticket to success is to truly know yourself and understand why you take yourself to the places you do. You already know it.

CAPRICORN: You find home this season,

Capricorn. Now is a time to realign with yourself and think about what you want to do with this next year. Figure out what areas of your life are in need of some discipline and sort out a list of your top priorities. Now is a great time for you to get organized. Dream big and know that nothing is off limits. You sometimes feel like there is not enough to go around, Capricorn, and that is simply not true. Lean into the limitless energy available to you and make a plan to make your dreams come true.

AQUARIUS: Your people need you right now,

Aquarius. You have a grounding energy which makes people feel calm in your presence but at times you can lash out at the people around you. This month provides an opportunity to reflect on those actions and learn to choose differently. Check in with your integrity and reflect on how you can honor the voices of those around you. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you discover when you give someone new the time of day to share their ideas with you. Tune in and listen carefully!

PISCES: This season doesn’t particularly

land with you, Pisces. It’s all about planning your long-term vision, and you are a very go-with-the-flow and see-what-happens kind of person. You don’t necessarily integrate structure and order into your everyday life. Tap into the energy of this season (and especially the New Moon) and experiment with it. Try creating a plan or schedule around a goal of yours and follow through! You may learn that Capricorn is trying to show you a greater part of yourself that you are capable of tapping into. Put your deep visionary side to work and take time to write out what you want to achieve.


ORLANDO Where to eat and where to drink — V’s Vegan Diner (New!) 5565 Old Cheney Highway, Orlando, Florida 32807 A permanent home for one of our favorite food trucks! 100% Plant-Based. SIGT Pick: Cheesesteak w/ Chilli Cheese Fries xo Tori Tori 720 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 Damn. This place rules. Brand-new, on Mills Ave. SIGT Pick: Fried corn, fried chicken, three half pints of beer. Pizza Bruno 3990 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32806 SIGT Picks: App: Garlic Knots and the Octopus (both are amazing) Salad: Mini Kale Zaa: Our favs are the ‘RONI, KBAR, & Ninety Two. Leguminati (Vegan) 2401 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32806 (407) 930-7308 SIGT Pick: OG Crunch Wrap. Perfect the way it comes. Drink: Pale Ale on draft (or Foxtail is in the same room). Tamale Co 2411 Curry Ford Rd, Ste B, Orlando, FL 32806 (407) 203-6505 SIGT Pick: Chorizo Tamales or Dos Amigos Side: Street Corn (SIGT Coupon for Guac + Chips on the next page!) Dandelion Communitea Cafe (Vegan) 618 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 362-1864 SIGT Pick: GiddyUp Wrap ($6 on Monday) w/ spring mix & quinoa—ask to add the queso inside. Side: Chips + Hummus Drink: Tea of the day (chilled) Bakery Plus (Breakfast/ Brunch) 915 E Michigan St, Orlando, FL 32806 (407) 849-1888 SIGT Pick: Bacon, Egg, Cheese on Everything Bagel Fav Donut: Chocolate Honey Glazed Drink: Yerba Mate


Ten10 Brewery 1010 Virginia Dr, Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 930-8993 SIGT Pick: Grilled Cheese. Add Salami. Side: Mixed Olives (if available) Drink: Chronically Mismanaged Red Ale Lizzy McCormack’s 55 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801 (407) 426-8007 Drink: Guinness Draught Specials: Pudding Shot (there’s over 100 flavors, up to five each day and vegan options) Sweet Deal: Happy Hour goes till 8pm E-v-e-r-y D-a-y! (SIGT Coupon for 10% off your bar tab Sun - Thur) Broken Strings Brewery 1012 W Church St, Orlando, FL 32805 (407) 730-9108 Try one of the musicinspired craft brews — A Tribe Called Hops, Penny Lane, Liquid Vinyl, or a bomber made with an artist. Say hi to Charles! Nora’s Sugar Shack 636 Virginia Dr, Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 447-5885 The inside is wild! A great place to escape. Hotto Potto 1700 N Semoran Blvd #118, Orlando, FL 32807 (407) 930-5366 Hotto Potto has the best playlist and they’re open late. Shakai Sushi Lounge 43 E Pine St, Orlando, FL 32801 (407) 423-2688 Happy Hour is incredible. 5pm - 7pm M-F Dexter’s New Standard 1035 N Orlando Ave, Ste 101, Winter Park, Florida 32789 (New!) (407) 629-1150 This is the best new place for live music in Orlando! Their menu is carefully crafted perfection. SIGT Pick: Cheese Board & Charred Octopus. Where to get hairs cut— Nina Otero at Floyd’s (Mills Ave) 842 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 Call/text for appt — (586) 610-6044 Marc Cortes at Floyd’s 99 Barbershop (Orange Ave) 3150 S Orange Ave #107, Orlando, FL 32806 Call for appt — (407) 6015960

PLACES I GO TO [Certified Classifieds] Where to get your car fixed — Garcia Auto Service Garcia Auto Service (Habla Español) 1015 Maltby Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 228-0111 (SIGT Coupon for 20% off select services) Where to get your body fixed — Sunshine State Acupuncture 10244 E Colonial Dr #204, Orlando, FL 32817 (407) 861-2300 A few years ago, I ouldn’t walk. Lana cured my sciatica. SIGT Pick: Trifecta — Acupuncture, Cupping, & Medical Massage House Of Health 626 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 540-0079 Dr. Dan gives lifechanging Chiropractic Adjustments (SIGT Coupon for $10 Off Adjustments or 10% Off CBD products) Where to sweat — Full Circle Yoga 972 N Orange Ave B, Winter Park, FL 32789 (407) 644-3288 If you’re a beginner, go see Sarabeth on Mondays at 6pm. We like her 7:30 meditation & flow class (intermediate). American Combat Club 1016 W Church St, Orlando, FL 32805 (321) 274-1166 Go try Mike Bell’s class. Master Mike Bell was the World Lightweight Kickboxing Championship in the ‘80s. ALL of the ‘80s— from 1980-1991. He’ll make you sweat. (SIGT Coupon: Try Every Class Once Free) Where to get your computer cleaned up — Tim Can Fix It 2422a E Robinson St, Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 867-2083 (SIGT Coupon for 20% Off any Cleanup Service, Speed Upgrade, or Repair)

Where to get tattooed Old Florida Electric — Joe Spino 1223 N Orange Ave, Unit B, Orlando, FL 32804 (407) 250-6941 Built 4 Speed Tattoo — Brett Bar or Canada 640 N Hillside Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 613-5772 Holy Rabbitt Tattoo — Rick Aggro 2428 E. Robinson St. Orlando, Florida 32803 Tell him Mitch sent you! Where to stay — Comfort Suites (Downtown, N Orange) 2416 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32804 (407) 641-1280 (SIGT Rate: Mention code “L-SIGT” for $20 Off per night) Band Stuff — Where to get flyers designed Von Skull Media (SIGT Coupon: 50% Off Poster & Flyer Design) Custom Bass Drum Heads — Sticky Things Online. I usually get white vinyl and get a black bass drum head. (20% off using code THANKYOU at checkout) Where to get stickers printed — Been ordering from them since 2002! It takes about three weeks to get them, but they are very reasonably priced and high quality. MUSICIANS WANTED Singer/Collaborator Seeking someone who can write lyrics/ hooks and can provide outside perspective on the music, which we can change to suit any ideas they have. I miss collaborating and definitely want to do that again with my new stuff. Contact Nicky /// nicholastaylor308gmail. com /// LISTEN — showsigoto

ST. PETE Where to eat and where to drink — Bodega on Central 1120 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33705 (727) 623-0942 SIGT Pick: Lechon Sandwich Drink: Cafecito Red Mesa Mercado 1100 1st Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33705 (727) 954-7430 SIGT Pick: Cali Burrito or Grilled Shrimp Burrito Green Bench Brewing Company 1133 Baum Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33705 (727) 800-9836 Maybe our fav brewery in the world (or just our fav people) SIGT Picks: Sunshine City IPA and Postcard Pils Say hi to our friend Brian Schanck & give him a hug! The Bends 919 1st Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33705 (727) 202-8931 SIGT Pick: PBR or a really fancy cocktail The Hangar Albert Whitted Airport, 540 1st St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 (727) 823-7767 SIGT Pick: Get breakfast. It’s served all day. Drink: Cigar City Jai Alai Upstairs views, right by the Dalí Museum ------------------ST. AUGUSTINE Where to eat — Sarbez! Best Grilled Cheese In The World. SIGT Pick: Cheddar, Bacon, Hash Browns, Avocado, Sarbez Sauce on Sourdough. Drink: Galleon’s Golden Ale Draft (Ancient City Brewing) Sweets: Get a Zebra Cake Sweet City Cupcakes 233 W King St Suite A, St. Augustine, FL 32084 (904) 342-2119 Get a dozen, they’re all mindblowing. A1A Burrito Works 671 A1A Beach Blvd, St. Augustine Beach, FL 32080 (904) 217-7451 SIGT Pick: The Shrimp Burrito. Baja Style.

OCALA Where to eat — The Black Sheep (New!) 128 SW Broadway St Ocala, Florida 34479 (352) 622-1207 SIGT Pick: Medium Wings, Tots, & a Black Sheep Slider. The Mojo Grill 2015 SW 17th St, Ocala, FL 34471 (352) 369-6656 SIGT Pick: The Crazy Cuban w/ a side of Mojo Saucew/ Cajun Waffle Fries Fat Boys BBQ 4132 E Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala, FL 34470 (352) 236-3271 SIGT Pick: Jumbo Pulled Pork on Garlic Bread Side: Corn Nuggets O’Malleys Alley 24 SE Magnolia Ext, Ocala, FL 34471 (352) 690-2262 SIGT Pick: Newcastle Bottle, Jameson shot, and occasional regret Charlie Horse Restaurant 2426 E Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala, FL 34470 (352) 622-4050 When Mitch turned 21 he drank a 4-horseman shot and puked on a Mercedes—then went back in, and chugged two Millers.

Pi on Broadway 110 SW Broadway St, Ocala, FL 34471 (352) 369-5100 SIGT Pick: Taco Viva Pi (Brick oven Pizza) Sides: 3-Cheese Baked Mac & Caramelized Brussels Sprouts Drink: Anything upstairs. Sometimes our friend from ORL will jam here! Where to stay — The Hilton Ocala 3600 SW 36th Ave, Ocala, FL 34474 (352) 854-1400 It’s not as pricey as it sounds. There’s a secret bar on the 9th floor. On Friday/Saturday there are free house-drawn carriage rides (Mitch used to work here) Mike Elliott’s House Anyone can stay here if you buy Mike a bottle or have a Star Wars Tattoo. Call him (352) 2866554 — Ask him about when he used to be an Abercrombie & Fitch Model. Updated every month with new Places I Go To. Got some places you want us to try? Email —

High-ideas By Big Tim Murphy Go to Red Lobster — Order the endless shrimp w/ baked potato. Eat the inside of the potato. Order shrimp scampi. Remove shrimp. Pour garlic butter in potato, fill with shrimp. Take it home. Right before you evacuate the shrimp inside you, set the oven to bake at 200 degrees and put the potato in there. It’ll be perfect by the time you’re out. /// @bigtimmycomic



16 SW 1st Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601 (352) 727-7422

SIGT Pick: Tonkotsu Ramen. SO. DAMN. GOOD. Saved me at FEST!


1035 N Orlando Ave, Ste 101, Winter Park, Florida 32789 (407) 629-1150 This is the best new place for live music in Orlando! Their menu is carefully crafted perfection. SIGT Pick: Cheese Board, Oysters, & Charred Octopus.




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