2014 Sholom Annual Report

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2014 Sholom Annual Report

Imagine the Possibilities

Meet “Possibility Thinker� Judy Meisel Page 4.

Imagine the Possibilities Sholom has been providing care and services to our Jewish elderly community and their families for over a century. Sholom began in St. Paul and when it opened its doors at Sholom Home on Midway Parkway, it took on a great tradition of service from its predecessors. It was a dynamic and thriving residence for Jewish elderly. Our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles all experienced care the “Sholom Way.” The Ackerberg Family Sholom West campus was built to provide service to the Jewish Community and to have a presence on the Minneapolis side of the Mississippi. Then, in 2007, Sholom established itself as a forwardthinking and always-improving provider opening the newer Shaller Family Sholom East campus in St. Paul to serve the community with a state-of-the art center providing the high quality of care we expect from our facilities. Today, more people are living longer and more independently. The Ackerberg Campus—with Sholom Home West, the Roitenberg Family Assisted Living Residence, Knollwood Place and Menorah West—has demonstrated the value, effectiveness and viability of offering a continuum of care on one familiar campus where residents can age in place, and move to different facilities as their needs change. But, nearly 30 years later, these facilities are aging and in need of major renovation and repair. Looking forward in 2015, Sholom is also expanding our Home Care and Hospice programs in order to meet the needs of our community in the most effective way. We are training our home care team in the “Sholom Way”— carefully selecting them for their caring, compassionate 2

attitudes as well as their expertise and special training. We are very proud of the quality of care being provided and strive to continue this excellent standard of care. The Sholom tradition of compassionate care that has existed for generations, where everyone is “family,” must be carried on. Now is the time to “Imagine the Possibilities” and join with the community leadership who are behind this effort. Collectively, we have the strength to fulfill a promise to our parents, grandparents and community by offering the best care possible in every stage of life and in every setting.

Mark Freeman, President

Sholom’s Valued Asset Sholom has a workforce of 930 individuals who provide care, support and compassion to the seniors we serve. What a tremendous asset! In Sholom’s continuing efforts to invest in our greatest asset, which is our staff, the Sholom Nursing Academy is actively engaging prospective students through a rigorous pre-admission student screening by Sholom. This includes student immersion in nurturing personal caring qualities, in-depth clinical training, promoting Jewish cultural values, and ongoing continuing professional mentoring and individual guidance, prior to the staff engagement in the demanding and ever-changing very personal care of clients who are in Sholom’s trust. Those who are chosen to be part of Sholom’s team are hired for their personal attributes—“the heart”— and hand-picked for their talent. Our ongoing experiences have demonstrated that early investment during the hiring process improves the caliber of our students which further increases the value for those we care for, as well as our employees’ understanding. While we have desks, phones, computers, file cabinets, and other valuable equipment, our people that use these assets are the real value at Sholom. When we denigrate our most valued assets, we denigrate ourselves. We know our employees are intelligent and are receptive to challenges that arise. They want to be trusted and acknowledged so that each day they come to work to care for and interact with residents and clients, they can feel that they are a part of the valuable and important mission at Sholom.

What we do works well and continues to get better, benefitting residents, Sholom, and the Twin Cities Jewish community, further demonstrating that employees are our assets, and they are ultimately the incomegenerating engine for Sholom. Though our success may often be seen and measured through our performance indicators and economic drivers, our value to the Jewish community and the residents whom we serve, rests primarily on the people who work at Sholom.

Ben Laub

Ben Laub, Chief Executive Officer


The Sp i r i t of Pion e e r s

Judy Meisel By Libby Goldstein Parker

As a young girl, Judy lost her mother and countless other family members to the Nazi atrocities. She believes that she survived for a reason.



udy Meisel is a Holocaust survivor. But that one fact alone does not completely describe this newer resident at Sholom’s Knollwood Place Apartments. We are truly fortunate to have in our midst someone who has changed count­ less lives—a legacy of which she should be proud, because she is a “possibility thinker.” Though Judy has accomplished much in her nearly eighty-six years, she would be the last to tell you about it. Born in Josvainai, Lithuania, on February 7, 1929, Judy was the youngest of three children. Her father was a lumber and cattle merchant in their shtetl and her mother schooled the three children at home. As she says, “We were ordinary people, deeply rooted in Judaism.” She was aware of anti-Semitism from a young age but says it got progressively worse when the Germans arrived in Lithuania in June 1941. And of course, things got much worse from there, as the Jews were forced first into the Kovna ghetto. Then they eventually were sent to various concentration camps and for most of them, to their deaths. As a young girl at the time, J u dy l o s t h e r m o t h e r a n d

countless other family members to the Nazi atrocities. Judy believes that she survived that horrific period for a reason. Judy and her sister were two of only thirteen people (of 1,500 original prisoners) that survived the Stutthof camp. Weighing in at a mere forty-eight pounds, Judy and her sister miraculously survived the “death march” by pretending to be Christians and taking a boat from Gdansk, Poland to Copenhagen. There they were astounded to learn that many Danes had risked their own lives by helping Jews escape to Sweden. In Denmark, Judy and her sister Rachel were “adopted”

by Poula and Sven Jensen and nursed back to health. Eventually, Judy married a Canadian man and moved to Philadelphia to raise her family. After settling in a Phila­delphia suburb with her husband and young family, Judy realized a “lingering sense of injustice,” which, together with a chance meeting with Raymond Pace Alexander walking his dog in their neighborhood, led to her involvement in the Civil Rights movement. She can regale you with a story about a dinner she attended hosted by Alexander (an attorney, local judge and civil rights leader in his own right) and his wife, in

She marched on Wash­ington with Rev. King and was there for his “I Have a Dream” speech. 5

which the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. explained the laws of Kashrut to the other guests on Judy’s behalf. She later marched on Wash­ ington with Rev. King and was there for his “I Have a Dream” speech. Quite simply, Judy was at the very center of the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s. It all started when a race riot broke out in her beloved “City of Brotherly Love” simply because a black family, the Bakers, moved into an all-white neighborhood. Judy was appalled and quickly jumped into action, baking cookies for the Bakers, and thereby lighting a spark of light in her community. This one singular act helped to shape the rest of Judy’s life— and, in turn, the lives of so many young people whom she taught through speaking engagements throughout the United States. Judy has given speeches all over the country, mostly to high school and college students, many of whom still send her cards at the holidays and letters of gratitude, explaining to her that her words have helped to influence their way of thinking about others and sometimes even their chosen career paths. 6

Later in her life, Judy moved to Santa Barbara, CA, and went on to found the Jewish preschool at her local synagogue there. By the time of her move from Santa Barbara to Minneapolis to be closer to her son and daughterin-law, she was a highly-regarded local community leader and a celebrated and nationally recognized advocate for human rights. A scholarship fund in her name exists for students with an interest in human rights through the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara. Certificates, proclamations, and pages and pages of letters of thanks fill her apartment. Her childhood experiences surely influenced and inspired her lifelong work of educating and working in the Civil Rights movement. It is doubtful that at the young age of fifteen, after escaping a German death march and surviving by hiding in a ditch with her sister, Judy could ever have imagined the possibilities of her life’s work and legacy, but the sum of those experiences have amounted to a truly remarkable legacy that has helped to improve immeasurable lives all over the United States—and a family legacy of which she could not be

more proud. Judy’s offspring continue shaping the world in their own unique ways. They all have in common the values she so clearly instilled in them, and which she continues to share today with her fellow ­tenants at Sholom.

Sholom Auxiliary The Sholom Auxiliary supports the ‘extras’ at Sholom that make our residents, tenants, and clients feel comfortably at home. The Sholom Auxiliary was originally established to support the residents of the original Sholom Home in St. Paul. Years later, the main focus of the Sholom Auxiliary has not changed—nor has the commitment of the Auxiliary members to the elders that Sholom serves. Today, the Auxiliary serves three main purposes: Fundraising, Programming, and Volunteerism. Through the Food for Your Soul signature event, other special events, the sale of knishes and cookbooks, programming for members that includes luncheons, the Woman of Valor award, a Purim Parade for residents, plus a plethora of volunteer opportunities inside the two Sholom campuses and throughout the community, the Auxiliary makes a difference to Sholom residents, working to bring them all the comforts of home.



Save the Date! Save the Date

JUNE 18, 2015

For a one-of-a-kind dinner party to benefit Sholom This is the Sholom Auxiliary’s major annual fundraiser.


Sholom Home Care

Expanding Beyond the Walls The North American home health care industry is huge and growing—quickly. The number of Amer­ican seniors, 40 million today, is projected to more than double to 87 million by 2050. The average U.S. life expectancy, 73 years in 1975 and 75 a generation ago, reached a record 78 in 2009 and the longevity trend shows no sign of stopping or even slowing. As our community grows older, some people start having trouble doing everyday acti­­v ities like shopping, cooking, and taking care of their home or themselves. The often-heard wish is, “I want to stay in my own home!” The good news is that with the right help you might be able to do just that. Sholom Home Care As a Preferred Choice Sholom’s Home Care has seen tremendous growth since late 2014 8

and early 2015—doubling the number served in only five weeks. There are numerous reasons why the home care industry is seeing such accelerated growth, including: • Increase in need. Millions of people are reaching an age when they will need some sort of home

care, increasing the expanse of the industry. With so many people in need, the industry will respond by growing to accommodate the demand. • Affordability. Many are realizing that home care is a much more affordable route to providing people with the assistance

they need. This is especially true when compared with such things as assisted living facilities and nursing homes. • Aging in place. People are beginning to understand the importance of helping the elderly be able to age in place, or stay in their own home. This helps them maintain some independence, be happier, and be able to stay in their familiar surroundings. Home care is the option that allows them to do this. • Convenience. Rather than taking the elderly or sick out of the home for appointments, the home care industry can bring many of those services to the person. This provides a convenient route to getting people the assistance they need. What is Home Care? Home care services fall mainly into two categories: skilled home health care and non-medical home care. Home health care is provided by licensed med­ical professionals, such as registered nurses, social workers and therapists. Non-medical home care, such as personal care, home­m aker or companionship services,

is provided by professional care­givers. Home health care and nonmedical home care providers charge by the hour, whereas assisted living facilities and nursing homes typically charge by the day or month. Depending on how many hours are needed per week, home health care and non-medical home care usually are costeffective alternatives until such time that a person’s care needs become more medically complex or staying at home becomes unsafe. Who Pays for These Services? Medicare has been the largest single source of revenue to pay for in-home health care services, accounting for 37 percent of the total. The rest is private, long-term care insurance and out-of-pocket costs (22 percent), Medicaid (19 percent) and local governments (20 percent). Medicare will pay for skilled nursing services and home health services provided for up to 7 days per week, for no more than 8 hours per day, and 28 hours per week. Medicare pays in full for certain medical supplies provided by the Medicare-certified home

Sholom’s Home Care has seen tremendous growth since late 2014 and early 2015—doubling the number served in only five weeks. health agency, such as wound dressings and catheters needed for care. Medicare also pays 80 percent of its approved amount for certain pieces of medical equipment, such as a wheelchair or walker. The remaining 20 percent is the co-payment that must be paid by the consumer. 9

Medicaid pays for certain serv-­ ices under Home and CommunityBased Services waiver programs, but only if providers are certified by Medicaid. The Department of Veterans Affairs reimburses U.S. Armed Service veterans on a case-by-case basis. Some veterans who did not serve on active duty outside the United States fail to realize that they qualify for home care benefits. It all sounds pretty complicated to the average consumer and quite frankly, it is! Fortunately, Sholom’s Medicarecertified Home Care team has the experts in place to help people navigate these complexities. Those interested in working in the home care field can take comfort in knowing that the industry is seeing a lot of growth, so jobs will be plentiful. Sholom Home Care will also

grow as we will continue to be able to hire additional people to meet the growing demand for care. The growth in the home care

industry is an all around win-win situation. Welcome home to Sholom!

SHOLOM HOME CARE Our experienced team is devoted to providing you the highest quality of care. Whether your needs are simple or complex, Sholom Home Care will help. To learn more, visit sholomhomecare.org. 10

2014–15 Boards of Directors SHOLOM BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Mark Freeman Vice Presidents Steve Brand Bill Gotlieb Phyllis Karasov John MacDonald Polly Saxon Treasurer Jerry Rudick

President Mark Freeman

Secretary Margie Solomon Immediate Past President Barry Newman Directors Neil Borenstein Allen Freeman Bill Horne Jay Goldberg Jon Gordon

Grant Kamin Becca Kvasnik (Auxiliary President) Brian Krisko Nancy Lane Jon Parritz Paul Ross Michael Saxon (Foundation President) Scott Seiler Michael Shields Julie Swiler


President Michael Saxon

President Michael Saxon President Elect Mark Freeman Vice President David Gantman Treasurer Lisa Heilicher Secretary Janie Berg Directors Steve A. Brand*

Lisa Capp Bob Cohen Arne Divine* Jay Dworsky Michael Epstein Neil Fink Allen Freeman* Jay D. Goldberg* Cheryl Goldenberg Debbie Goldenberg Harold Goldfine Jon Gordon* Robert Hartman*

Susan FeinbergHughes Elaine Johnson Robert Karon* Adam Klarfeld Becca Kvasnik (Auxiliary President) Joy Leibman Josh Ribnick Mann Neil Moses-Zirkes Louis Newman Mark Ratner Ada Rubenstein z”l

Jerry Rudick Herb Schechter Charles Selcer* Michelle Shaller Thomas Sherman* Ben Steinberg Lloyd Stern* Jerome Yugend z”l* Drew Zamansky *Past Presidents

SHOLOM AUXILIARY President Becca Kvasnik Vice President Membership Layne Rosen & Susie Held Vice President Programming for Members Rollye Rinkey

President Becca Kvasnik

Vice President Programming for Residents Sharon Kieffer and Diane Mintz Treasurer Tracy Truesdell Recording Secretary Linda Romeo

Directors Barb Hoffman Sheila Leventhal Sheri Rosen Laurie Smith Immediate Past President Nancy Getzkin Life Board Members Marion Klein Ann Miller Beryl Strickon z”l 11

Sholom Housing Options 12

Assisted Living ROITENBERG FAMILY ASSISTED LIVING RESIDENCE 3610 Phillips Parkway St. Louis Park, MN 55426 (952) 908.1776 Numero-Steinfeldt Foundation Assisted Living Pavilion We offer 52 ­studio, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments with either ­traditional or enhanced assisted living services. Here’s a sampling of our amenities: • Family-style living rooms, sunrooms, gardens, and walking paths • On site fitness center and Live 2 B Healthy® fitness classes • On site beauty and barber shop • Private dining and catering services available • Utilities included • Access to Ackerberg Family Campus continuum & hospice • Full calendar of activities, classes, and community events • Kosher dining—all meals and snacks included • Housekeeping and laundry service included • Scheduled van service • Ask about short-term stays!

BENTSON FAMILY ASSISTED LIVING RESIDENCE 730 Kay Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55102 • (651) 328.2023 • 48 studio, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments • Emergency call systems • Access to home care services through Sholom Home Care • Full calendar of activities, classes and community events • Kosher dining—all meals and snacks included • Housekeeping and laundry service included • Wellness programs • Scheduled van service • 24 hour staffing

ENHANCED ASSISTED LIVING If your loved one requires a higher level of care than what is offered in a traditional assisted living setting, talk to us. We can help you find what best suits your loved one’s needs. 13

Sholom Housing Options 14

Memory Care JAY & ROSE PHILLIPS CENTER FOR MEMORY CARE 730 Kay Avenue St. Paul, MN 55102 (651) 328.2023 • 18 studio apartments • Specialized programs and services fostering independence and wellness for individuals experiencing mild to moderate stages of dementia and memory loss • Sholom Home Care staff on site 24/7

LEO & DORIS HODROFF PAVILION FOR MEMORY CARE 3610 Phillips Parkway St. Louis Park, MN 55426 (952) 908.1776 • 24 studio apartments • Specialized programs and services fostering independence and wellness for individuals experiencing mild to moderate stages of dementia and memory loss • Sholom Home Care staff on site 24/7

Skilled Nursing & Short-term Rehabilitation SHIRLEY CHAPMAN SHOLOM HOME EAST 740 Kay Avenue St. Paul, MN 55102 (651) 328.2000 • 108 bed care center with private rooms and baths • Short term rehabilitation, long term, respite, memory, hospice, and palliative care • Chapel, library, gift shop/deli, beauty/barber shop • Rooftop outdoor patios • Sholom Johnson Hospice Center

SHOLOM HOME WEST 3620 Phillips Parkway St. Louis Park MN 55426 (952) 935.6311 • 179 bed care center • Outdoor garden courtyard • Chapel, library, gift shop, beauty/barber shop • Short term rehabilitation, long term, respite, memory, hospice, and palliative care


Market-rate Senior Apartment Homes KNOLLWOOD PLACE APARTMENTS 3630 Phillips Parkway St. Louis Park, MN 55426 (952) 939.1605 • 153 1 and 2 bedroom apartment homes • Controlled entry, emergency call system & heated underground parking • Access to home care services provided by Sholom Home Care; staff on site 24/7 • Full calendar of activities, classes and community events

HUD-supported Apartment Homes MENORAH PLAZA 4925 Minnetonka Blvd. St. Louis Park, MN 55416 (952) 653.3680 • 151 1 and 2 bedroom apartment homes 16

• Recreational, cultural, and social programming • Dining services • State funded, waivered services for customized living programs available • Access to home care services through Sholom Home Care; staff on site 24/7

MENORAH WEST 3600 Phillips Parkway St. Louis Park, MN 55426 (952) 653.3680 • 45 1 bedroom apartment homes • Recreational, cultural, and social programming • Meal programs available • State funded waivered services for customized living program available • Access to home care services through Sholom Home Care; staff available 24/7

HARRY & JEANETTE ­WEINBERG APARTMENTS 760 Perlman Street St. Paul, MN 55102 (651) 925.8000 • 45 1 bedroom apartment homes • Recreational, cultural, and social programming • State funded waivered services for customized living program available • Underground parking • Access to home care services through Sholom Home Care; staff available 24/7

Sholom Services Also on the Rossy & Richard Shaller Family East Campus

Community-wide SHOLOM HOME CARE (952) 939.1649 Enables seniors to continue to live in their own homes while receiving high quality home health and personal care services.

Sholom Home Care is Medicare certified and is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care.

SHOLOM JOHNSON HOSPICE AGENCY (651) 328.2091 Hospice care wherever you live; providing physical, emotional, and spiritual care to individuals and their families as the end of life approaches.

DAVID FEINBERG VITALITY & AQUATICS CENTER 730 Kay Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55102 • (651) 328.2051 • Warm water therapy pool • Certified trainers

SHOLOM CATERING St. Paul: (651) 328.2034 Minneapolis: (612) 590.5271 In need of Kosher catering for all your party needs? Sholom Catering has the right food for any occasion! Go to www.sholomcatering.com.

ROITENBERG FAMILY ADULT DAY CENTER 730 Kay Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55102 • (651) 328.2015 • Enriching programming • Socialization • Nutritious meals • Secure environment 17

Sholom Financials STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION Statement of Financial Position Sholom and Affiliates Consolidated ASSETS CURRENT ASSETS Cash and Cash Equivalents - Investments Short Term Accounts Receivable Current Assets Limited as to Use Other Current Assets Total Current Assets ASSETS LIMITED AS TO USE Less: Current Portion Total Assets Limited to Use (Net of Current Portion) PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT

2014 $

3,731,348 213,439 4,704,714 1,594,672 282,396 10,526,569

2013 $

4,984,437 760,986 3,753,035 1,722,352 368,423 11,589,233

38,744,711 1,594,672

33,508,338 1,722,352









$ 129,944,913

$ 128,117,757





LIABILITIES CURRENT LIABILITIES Current Portion of LTD Accounts Payable Accrued Expenses Deferred Revenue Total Current Liabilities

13,405,292 2,368,520 3,197,107 36,468 19,007,387

13,374,176 967,385 2,998,356 70,201 17,410,118

LONG-TERM LIABILITIES Trust and Security Deposits Deferred Compensation LTD, Less Current Portions Interest Rate Swap Agreement Total Long-Term Liabilities

444,903 243,204 49,490,646 1,167,639 51,346,392

403,741 262,596 50,517,061 1,354,222 52,537,620




NET ASSETS Unrestricted Temporary Restricted Permanently Restricted Total Net Assets

29,894,309 6,487,321 23,209,504 59,591,134

31,279,663 5,198,665 21,691,691 58,170,019

$ 129,944,913

$ 128,117,757


Sholom Financials Statement of Activities STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES Sholom and Affiliates Consolidated UNRESTRICTED REVENUES, GAINS AND OTHER SUPPORT Net Resident Service Revenue Rental Revenue Other Operating Revenue Unrestricted Contributions Investment Income Net Assets Released from Restrictions Used for Operations Total Revenues, Gains and Other Support OPERATING EXPENSES Programs and Services Management and General Development and Fundraising Total Operating Expenses OPERATING LOSS NONOPERATING GAINS (LOSSES) AND OTHER SUPPORT Realized and Unrealized Loss on Investments Grant Revenue Total Nonoperating Gains and Other Support



36,392,993 9,491,903 2,508,248 2,266,532 248,203 1,480,226 $ 52,388,105

34,465,960 10,034,059 2,291,165 1,150,327 519,784 1,488,605 $ 49,949,900

44,614,702 9,219,379 829,790

42,324,984 8,685,046 808,660

$ 54,663,871

$ 51,818,690

$ (2,275,766)

$ (1,868,790)

190,704 699,708 890,412

Deficit of Revenues, Gains and Other Support Over Expense

$ (1,385,354)

588,705 187,855 776,560 $ (1,092,230)

Increase in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets



Increase in Permanently Restricted Net Assets





$ 59,591,134

$ 58,170,019

Net Assets, Beginning of Year Net Assets, End of Year


Foundation 3%

HUD 5%

Programs and Services 93% Fundraising

Housing 24%

SCA 0%

Nursing Home 59%


Looking to the Future



Sholom Auxiliary

Sholom Foundation

1. Become a member of Sholom and receive dual membership with Sholom Auxiliary. Choose from several membership levels, or become a life member! Use the envelope included in this report to show your support! 2. Become a Bed & Breakfast Backer. Join the Sholom devotees who understand and support our mission to care for the elderly. Bed and Breakfast Backers contribute in increments of $25 or more per month to offset Sholom’s operating losses. Backers are automatically members of Sholom. To become a Bed & Breakfast Backer, call (952) 934.1664. 3. Acknowledge a special occasion or memorialize someone with a donation to Sholom. T o make a tribute or ­donation on our website at www.sholom.com, click on “Giving” and learn how! For more information on all of these options, call (952) 939.1664. 4. Volunteer your time and talents at Sholom. Give an hour or a day, once or on a regular basis. To learn more about the countless volunteer opportunities available, call: (952) 939.1627 (St. Louis Park) or (651) 328.2068 (St. Paul).

Created to enrich, enhance, and bring comfort to Sholom residents and tenants through fundraising efforts.

Ensuring Sholom programs, services, and facilities for our elderly loved ones, ourselves, and generations to come....

The Auxiliary has provided many “extras” for Sholom residents and tenants through the years, including purchasing special equipment and offsetting the “in-house” beauty/ barber shop fees. Sales of Auxiliary-made “Delicious Knishes,” the “Food for Show, Food on the Go” cookbook, and Special Service cards all directly benefit Sholom, so mark your calendars now for the third Thursday in June, when the Auxiliary will bring you the annual Food for Your Soul (FFYS) event, which continues to be a resounding success every year! Auxiliary specific endowments are another way to support the Auxiliary’s efforts. Endowments support specific programs such as communication; others are there for where the need is greatest. To find out how you can create an Auxiliary endowment fund or to become a member, call 952.939.1594. The dual membership program of Sholom and the Auxiliary has been tremendously successful. Be sure to renew your membership for the next year, or, if you aren’t already a member, you can join anytime! Join online at www.sholom.com or call (952) 939.1620.

The sole mission of Sholom Foundation is to raise sufficient endowment and annual funds to generate financial support for Sholom services and facilities; and to promote excellence in care to those served by Sholom for generations to come. Serving the fastest-growing population—seniors over the age of 65—and ever-decreasing government reimbursements for long-term care makes the need for a reliable source of funding for Sholom more important than ever. The Foundation’s fundraising efforts are concentrated in the following areas: planned gifts, current and future pledges of cash, stock, property, and estate gifts that name Sholom Foundation as a beneficiary in a will, life insurance policy, qualified retirement fund or trust, or charitable trust—all of which may establish named funds to support Sholom in perpetuity. To learn more about how you can make a difference with your gift to Sholom Foundation, call Executive Director Joel Mandel at (952) 939.1593. Donate online: www.sholomfoundation.com.


Dedicated Members Sholom/Auxiliary Life Members Ruth Aaron Margo & Barry Abelson Bonnie & Alvin Abrahamson Joan & Jack Abrahamson Lucille Abramovitz Richard Abrams Carolyn Abramson Joy & David Abramson Lynn & Buddy Abramson Sandy & Ed Abramson Marian Adcock Elaine & Mark Adelman Jean Adelson John Adler Marjorie Adler Tracey & Ken Agranoff Charlotte Aizman Nance Alexander Doddie Altman Clarita & David Anderson Meredith & Greg Anderson Mary & William Andler Loni & Darrell Ansel Phyllis Appelbaum Sally Appelbaum Al Apple Erika & Paul Applebaum Lorraine & Sid Applebaum Molly & Steve Applebaum Stuart Applebaum Deborah & Michael Armel Jan & Josh Arnold Naomi & Neil Arnold Jason & Joyce Aronson Lorraine Astren Ruth Atlas Rose Averbach Wendy & Howie Bach Kristi Bader & Gary Swartz 22

Molly & Sidney Bader Abby & Shel Badzin Fern Badzin Sandra & Barry Baines Robert Baldinger Wendy & Steven Baldinger Karen & Ronald Balto Adrienne & Morton Bank Stephanie & David Bank Gerda Bankhalter Sally & Charlie Bans Shirley Baratz Bettie Barenbaum Marilyn & Larry Barenbaum Estelle & Harvey Barisof Etta & Mike Barry Melanie & Charles Barry Patti & Jev Baskin Betty Baumgarten Roselynn Bearman Barbara & Lee Bearmon Janie & Terry Becker Janet & Robert Behringer Ginger & Martin Bell Myrna & Gary Bell Sally & James Beloff Judi Belzer & Jerry Waldman Linda & Paul Benenson Barbara Bentson Margo Berdass Pearl & Daniel Berdass Carol & Michael Berde Doris Berde Janie & David Berg Judy & James Berg Beverly & Phil Berman Constance Berman Jan Berman Lois Berman Lyle Berman Toby & Frank Berman Lisa & Alan Bernick

Marcia & Herb Bernick Vivian & Steven Bernick Harriet Bernstein Sheila Bernstein Shirley & Marshall Besikof Linda & Butch Bialick Helena Bigos Betsy & Barry Birnberg Tammy & Carl Birnberg Ruth Blackman Rhonda & Charles Bland Donna & Alan Block Arline Bloom Bette Ann & Richard Bloom Bobby & Phil Bloom Peggy & Richard Bloom Shirley Bloomfield Abigail Rose & Michael Blum Ardis & Fred Blumenthal Shussie & Allen Blumenthal Lou Ann Bongard Ellen & Rudy Boschwitz Michele & Jeff Boston Gail & Steve Brand Raleigh Brand Joy & Gerald Bratter Darlene & Larry Braufman Linda & Miles Braufman Maddy Braufman Farrel & William Braunstein Elly & Irv Braverman Joan & Harvey Bream Shirley Breitman Pam Brin Karen & Ivan Brodsky Phyllis & Sanford Brody Cathy & Richard Broms Marilyn & Timothy Broms

Ronnie & Roger Brooks Jane & David Broude Sandra & David Brown Michelle & Steve Buchert Eli Budd Marlene & Jim Bukstein Marcia & James Bunin Richard & Susan Bunin Beverly Bunin-Gillman Joni & Bill Burg Judith & Robert Burnam Harriette & Fred Burstein Elaine Burton Ricki & Conrad Butwinick Nancy Calvin Esther & Martin Capp Susan Chalfen Marilyn & Harvey Chanen Meriam Charney Sharon & Stan Chauss Myra Chazin Marilyn & Rich Chern Marcia & Mark Cherniack Ida Raye Chernin Shirlee Clein Bobby & Elliot Cohen Ethelyn & Howard Cohen Diane & Richard Cohen Paula & Arvin Cohen Rusty & Burt Cohen Sally Cohen Sharon & Marvin Cohen Vernice & Jack Cohen Barbara Cohn Barbie Cohn & Tony Andreasen Cara & Herb Cohn Peggy & Billy Cohn Susan & Marc Cohn Robin & Jack Conn Frances & Gregg Corwin

Helen Corwin Jeanne Corwin Elaine & Daniel Dachis Elaine & Gary Dachis Mahryam Daniels Marcia & David Danoff Sheila & Stuart Dansinger Arlene & Richard Davis Beverly & Stanley Davis Harriet Davis Janet & Yale Davis Maureen & Greg Davis Beverly Deikel Dee Dempsey Haddie Derechin Evelyn Desnick Elaine Devitt Lois & Sherm Devitt Nancy Devitt & Rick Chase Susie & Bob Diamond Claire Dienstag Anita Dinerstein Arnold Divine Susan & Alan Divine Lois & Dale Dobrin Susan & Jim Dockman Yale & Diane Dolginow Deborah Dora Susan & Len Druskin Deborah & Alan Dubinsky Mona Dubinsky Beverly & Marvin Edelstein Jill Edelstein Betsy & Julius Edlavitch Judith & Joseph Edwards Marjorie Edwards Jane Effress Barbara Eiger Betty Eisenstadt Linda & Larry Eisenstadt Judith & Allan Elias Helen Eller Syrile Ellison

Barbara & Richard Emerson Judy & Michael Emmons Wendy & Randy Engel Rhoda & Gene Engelson Shoshana Englard & David Falconer Marja Engler Patti & Lee Engler Carol & Mark Epstein Carole & Gene Epstein Gloria Esensten Phyllis & Ron Ettinger Vivian & Bob Ezrilov Betty & Herbert Fantle Hillary & Daniel Feder Zetta Feder Corrine & Tom Feinberg David E. Feinberg Joan Feinberg Linda Feinberg Judy Feldman Lenore & Al Feldman Susie & Steve Feldman Sol Fellman Joanne Ferraro & Bob Beugen Sherri & Larry Feuer Ellenjoy Fields Beverlee Fine Amy Fingerhut Beverly & Dick Fink Margie & Mitch Fink Barbara & Paul Finkelstein Bobbi & Merrill Fischbein Irv Fischbein Marilyn & Howard Fischbein Natalie Fischman Linda & Bob Fisher Noreen Fisher Renee Fishman Susan & Leslie Fishman Bernice Fiterman Carolyn Fiterman

Dolly Fiterman Linda & Mike Fiterman Shirley Fiterman Susie & Steve Fiterman Willis Forman Paula Fox Cheryl & Elliot Francke Barbara & Neal Frank Shirley & Byron Frank Doreen Frankel & Jake Hurwitz Terry Freedman Beth & John Freeman Debbie Freeman & Edward Lentsch Gretta Freeman Judy & Todd Freeman Linda & Richard Freeman Susan Freeman & Neil Borenstein Toba & Allen Freeman Nancy & Stuart Friedell Elizabeth & George Frisch Gail & Gerald Frisch Deborah & Thomas Frishberg Donald & Marjorie Frishberg Carol & Glen Fuerstneau Elissa & Igor Furman Renee & James Gainsley Pauline Gale Rivi & Mike Galinson Eileen Garelick Molly & Ken Garelick Lorraine & Sherman Garon Lynne Garon Dr. Cesar & Stephanie Garvida Harriet & Bill Gasway Sharman GautschEcker & James Ecker Rosie & Loren Geller Samuel Gelt Eve Gerber Lael & Gary Gerding Carolyn & Barry Gerr Karen & Bruce Gershman

Nancy & Jeff Getzkin Esther Getzug Lois & Larry Gibson Nancy & Steve Gilats Heidi & Howard Gilbert Harold Gillman Roni & Alan Gingold David Ginsberg Barbara & Neil Gitlin Hugh Gitlin Renee Gitlin Rena & Barry Glaser Debra Glassman & Robert Kaufman Harriet Gleeman Chicky & Birdy Glickman Francine Glickman Karen & Howard Gochberg Esta Gold Fay & Steve Gold Anne & Arnold Goldberg Marlene & Sandy Goldberg Patti Goldberg Dr. Stanley M. & Luella G. Goldberg Zee Goldberg Debbie Goldberger Geri Goldberger Nancy Goldberger Shirley Goldberger Bonnie & Lester Goldblatt Jean & Jeff Golden Nancy & Marshall Golden Richard & Patti Golden Rivoli Golden Cheryl & David Goldenberg Debbie & Chad Goldenberg Diane & Louie Goldenberg Judy & Herb Goldenberg Linda & Jacob Goldenberg Rose Goldenberg Ruth Goldenberg Sonseere Goldenberg

Susan & Bill Goldenberg Burniece Goldetsky Judie Goldetsky Laurie & Bruce Goldfarb Mel Goldfein Katherine & Allen Goldman Maurice & May Goldman Cecil & Sid Goldstein Edith Goodman Edith & Max Goodman Lois Goodman Malka Goodman Benita Gordon Bernice Cowl Gordon Jane & Jon Gordon Julie Gordon Karen & Fred Gordon Elaine & Ronald Goren Mary Gotz Beth & Dewey Graff Jennifer Gray & Mark Freeman Susan & Norton Gray Ellen & Harley Greenberg Janet Greenberg Janice & Ben Greenberg Marilyn & Dean Greenberg Myra & Roger Greenberg Ronya Greenberg Ida Greenfield Melanie & Vic Greenstein Shirley Greenstein Nancy & Rick Grobovsky Dina Gross Beverly Grossman Riva Gruenberg Jane & Norman Gurstel Alice Gurstelle Carol Ruder Gurstelle Miriam & Herbert Hadler Edythe & Leonard Halper

Robert & Holly Hamilton Shimon & Roberta Harosh Arlene & Sid Harris Barbara & Ron Harris Bess & Sam Harris DeeDee & Dick Harris Gretchen Harris Jane Harris Judy & Jon Harris Natalie & Bud Harris Phyllis & Howard Harris Nancy & Bob Hartman Debbie & Marc Hasko Shirley Haskovitz Bev & Todd Heilicher Lisa Heilicher Phyllis Heilicher Zehorit & Matthew Heilicher Bobbi & Randy Heiligman Susan & Howard Held Hilda Hellman Barb & Phil Herman Fran Herman Lory & Randall Herman Denise & Marshall Hertz Susan & Ofer Hetsroni Audrey Hillman Inge & Gerry Hirschhorn Doris Hodroff Barb & Earl Hoffman Diane & Neil Hoffman Ann & Michael Hofkin Ann & Bruce Hope Jan Hope Terry & Roger Hork Susan Feinberg Hughes & Gerry Hughes Ann Hunegs Dobie & Dick Hunegs Margaret Hunegs Karen & David Hyman Joanie Hymanson John & Shirley Isaacs Rhea Isaacs Ann & Robert Jackson

Alexandra & Irwin Jacobs Linda & Harlan Jacobs Gloria Jaffe Janet Jaffe Joan Jaffee Karen Jaffee & Jed Marquisee Roz & Arthur Jaffee Leone & Harold Jaroff Beth & Duane Jasco Amy Johnson Beverly & Paul Johnson Catherine & Craig Johnson Gloria Johnson Lois & Mitchell Johnson Robin Johnson Scott Johnson Betty & Peter Jonas Geri Joseph Theresa & Arnold Joseph Lois Juster Myra Juster Jeanne & Stan Kagin Bruce R. Kahn Camille and Robert Kahn Marcy & Jim Kahn Ruth & Harold Kaiser Sandra & Brian Kamin Marlee & Howard Kaminsky Janet Kampf Joe Kane Merle & Mort Kane Mitzi & Terry Kane Sue & Bruce Kane Cindy & Doug Kanter Jean & Yale Kanter Eloise & Elliot Kaplan Gail & Lawrence Kaplan Harold Kaplan Jennifer Kaplan Marilynn Kaplan Marge & Harvey Kaplan Sue & Harvey Kaplan Sylvia & Sam Kaplan Shayne Karasov Sue Karatz Dr. Everett & Norene Karon

Judy A. Karon Stefanie & Robert Karon Barbara Kaster Gregg & Randi Katz Judy & Howard Kauffman Audrey & Al Kaufman Pam & Ronald Kaufman Rose Kay Delores Kelber Audra Keller Helen Kenis Pam & Marc Kermisch Drs. Linda & Scott Ketover Jane & Bob Ketroser Sheryle & David Ketroser Laura & Mitchell Kieffer Mickey & Rita Kieffer Miriam & Lee Kieffer Sharon & Marty Kieffer Sheldon & Eva Kieffer Jane & Orrin Kirschbaum Tybe & Arlen Kitsis Sharon & Jeffrey Kivens Wendy Kivens & Alexei Sacks Lorraine Klane Ann & Dan Klein Marion & Gary Klein Dianne & J. Robert Kline Renee & Hess Kline Louise Kloner Linda & Charles Kniebel Elizabeth Knight & Alan Ominsky Carol Koch Marcia Jaffee Koester Eileen & David Kohn Leslee & Steve Kollins Shirley Korengold Devie & Jeff Koval Geraldine Kozberg Anita & Ben Kramer Judith & Marshall Krassner Marjorie & Steve Krause Roberta & Fred Kravitz 23

Barry & Annetta Krelitz MerleAnne Kremen Cookie Kronfeld Gracia Kuller Judy & Bunny Kuller Raleigh Kuller Sandra Kuller Susie & Hart Kuller Anita Kunin Beverly & Paul Kunin Elaine & Howard Kuretsky Gitty & Mark Kutoff Becca & Jon Kvasnik Renee & Walter Kvasnik Muriel & Lou Lachter Diane Ladenson Sharlene & Sid Ladin Harriet Lane Shirleymae Epstein Lane Carole & Steven Lang Elizabeth Latts Larry & Judi Latz Edith Lava Ellen Lavin Missy & Joel Lavintman Sandy & Art Lavintman Bonnie & Steve Lazar Janice Lazarus Charles & Janet Leavitt Ruth Lebowitz Sally & Mort Leder Arlene & Zvi Leibovich Herbert & Lorraine Leifman Gloria & Arthur Leon Arnold Leonard Beth & Todd Leonard Sue & Stan Leonard Julie Lepor Lisa & Mark Lerman Rokelle Lerner Sheila & David Leventhal Amy Levey Cindy Levey & Larry Braman Joanie & Alan Levey Judy Levey Barbara Levie Delores & Corky Levin Jeanne & Albert Levin 24

Leonard & Dorothy Levin Pearl Levin Patricia Laplante & Peter Levine Judith Levitan Helen & Mort Levitch Perri & Steve Levitus Harriet Levy Carole Levy-Cohen & Burt Cohen Thomas Lewin Mae Libman Sara & David Lieberman Sheila & Steve Lieberman Jane & Todd Lifson Betty Lipkin Cecilie Lippa Bill Lipschultz Dr. Carol Lipschultz & Steve Niedorf Dorothy Lipschultz Dottie Lipschultz Marilyn & Martin Lipschultz Robin Lipschultz Sari & Brian Lipschultz Sandra & James Liston Stephen Litton Nancy Loewenstein Sandy & Bob Loewstein Sally Lorberbaum Francelyne Lurie Patricia & Stephen Lyons Susan & Paul Lyons Kris & John MacDonald Gail & Steven Machov Carol Ann & Harvey Mackay Rhoda & Don Mains Candy & Mike Malinoff Nancy & Al Malmon Stan Malmon Karen & Fred Malver Heide & Bruce Mandel Kelly & Martin Mandel Roberta & Mark Mandel Sandra Mandel Rollie & Ben Marcovitch

Marcia & Phil Marcus Lesle & Herbert Margolis Marilyn Marker Gayle Marko Leslie Martin & Fred Haeusler Sheila & William Marver Florie & Robert Marvy Judy & Bevan Marvy Mirel Marvy Diane & Joe Mast Julie & Robert Mast Lauren Mast Alexandra Mastbaum Amy & David Mastbaum Cookie & Leonard Mastbaum Barbara Melamed Louis & Nancy Melamed Leslie Melamed-Galvan Eli Melemed Leo & Fern Melzer Mary & Bob Mersky Betty Meyers Ann Miller Marlene & Marshall Miller Mildred Miller Phyllis & Scott Miller Susan & Michael Minsberg Loretta & Herb Modelevsky Ella Mogilevsky Saralee & Neil Mogilner Jane & Michael Mogol Noralee Mogol Terry & Gerard Moons Sue & Steve Morem Carol Morris Joyce Moscoe Marlene & Tom Moscoe Stacy & Daniel Mosow Joseph Moss Julie & Scott Moss Louise and Bruce Moss Wanda Moss Candice & Charles Nadler

Edie Naiman & Steve Naiman Nancy Nathanson Marilyn & Elmer Nathenson Varda Nauen & Jeffrey Burton Ellen & Dana Nelson Helen Nemer Nita & Jerry Nemer Roberta & Bruce Nemer Stan & Della Nemer Daveen Nemerov Barbara & Michael Neren Sheryl & Steve Newman Amie Noun & Ira Isbin Joan Noun Joseph Novich Sandy Okinow Sandy & Shel Olkon Etta Fay Orkin Barrie & Steve Orloff Carol & Aleck Ostrow Sheila & Hy Paisner Francie & Mark Paper Raline Paper Stephanie Paul Lanie Paymar & Curt Sward Shari Pearlson Shelly Peilen Norm Perl Robbie Perl & Richard Garon Franzi Perlman June & Alvin Perlman Lisa & Chuck Perlman Helain & Jimmy Pesis Dean Phillips Deanna Phillips Morton Phillips Linda Pinck Stacy Pinck-Birnberg & Bradley Birnberg Dorothy & Norman Pink Roberta & Stuart Pinsky Charlene and Michael Plitman

Donna & Jim Pohlad Sandra & Harold Porter Jeanne & Steve Prawer Susan & Jack Pred J. Bertram Press Joyce & Eddie Prohofsky Richard Proman Beth & Scott Puchtel Lil Raen Susan & Robert Rappaport Jan Raskin Barbara Ratner Joyce & Edward Ratner Lisa & Mark Ratner Pauline & Barney Ratner Rachel Ratner & Peter Shanedling Mark Ravich Cissy & Harold Ravits Rhoda & Paul Redleaf Shelley Redstone Mildred Rein Myndel Rein Helen & Sheldon Resig Margie Resnick-Blickman Nancy & Kevin Rhein Mindy & Dan Ribnick Renee Ribnick Grace Richter Etta & Edward Rikess Sue & Martin Ring Paula Rinkey Rollye & Chuck Rinkey Ruth Rischall Jo Ellen & Stan Robins Phyllis & Lloyd Robinson Harriett & Harvey Rochlin Norton Rockler Dona & Mike Rodich Barbara Roitenberg Harold Roitenberg Dory Rose Ruth Ann Rose Gwynn & Thomas Rosen Rollie & Marty Rosen Pearl Rosen Ilene Rosenbaum

Barbara & David Rosenberg Bruce & Leslie Rosenberg Caryn Rosenberg Gail Rosenberg Nancy & Marc Rosenberg Roza Rosenberg Cynthia Rosenblatt-Ross Reva Rosenbloom Judy & Keith Rosenblum Marissa Rosenblum Roanne Rosenblum Shirley & Freeman Rosenblum Toby & Irv Rosenblum Barbara & Barry Rosenzweig Jean Rosenzsweig Pati & Raymond Rosenzweig Susan Rosner Bonnie Ross Connie & Paul Ross Sande & Rick Ross Tudie Ross Ronna Rossman Bernice Rosten Jean & David Rotenberg Lisa & Richard Rotenberg Naomi Rotenberg Marjorie Rothstein Marilyn Rovner Roslyn Rubenstein Wendy & Steve Rubin Elaine & Arthur Ruder Chelle & Art Rudick Berneen Rudolph Barbara Ruppe Linda & Max Rutman Lois Rutman Marlene Rutman Sheila & David Rutman Harold Rutstein Barb & Steve Rutzick Melanie & Mark Rutzick Sandy & Jim Rutzick Jan & Bob Sabes

Sam Saide Beth & Mark Saliterman Larry Saliterman Marlene Salkin Mike Salloway Phyllis & Al Salsberg Sue & Stephen Saltzman Mimi Sanders Laurie Savran Natalie & Ron Saxon Polly & Mike Saxon Janice & Jeffrey Schachtman Nancy & Steve Schachtman Nicole & Todd Schachtman Kelly Schechter Marta & Herb Schechter Michael Schechter Raleigh Schechter Eileen & Harold Scherling Dana & Stuart Schleien Linda and Len Schloff Lois & Larry Schochet Nancy & Michael Schoenberger Marsha Schoenkin & Stuart Bear Paula & David Schraber Sharon & Gerald Schraber Debra & Michael Schumacher Judi & Allan Schuman Sheila & Martin Schuman Ruth Ann Schumeister Darlene & Nate Schwartz Ivan Schwartzman Thomas & Susan Schway Beverly & Orrin 足Sechter, Sr. Beth Ann Segal Carol & Shel Segal Robin & Nolan Segal Shelley Segal

Susan & Leonard Segal Miriam Segall Yvonne & Chuck Selcer Lois & Bud Seltzer Michelle & Steven Shaller Rossy Shaller Bonni Shapiro Carol & Alan Shapiro Nancy & Lawrence Shapiro Wendy & James Shapiro Rose Jean Sharpe Cari & Jeffrey Shaw Dotty & Frank Shear Edith & Harold Shear Anita Sher Marjorie Sherman Ronna & Tom Sherman Nancy & Robert Shiff Marjorie Shores-Freeman Sarah & Robert Shragg Wendy & Martin Shragg Barbara Sidley Dianne & Leighton Siegel Elaine Siegel Ione & Sam Siegel Jody & Howard Sigal Delores & Dr. Melvin Sigel Dee Silver Jeanne Silverman Shelly & Jerry Silverman David Silverstein Sybil & Paul Silverstein Roberta Simes Elaine Simon Karen & Bruce Simon Serene & Peter Simon Susie & Jim Simon Hidee & Steven Singer Julie Sinykin Dorothy & Bill Sipkins Deborah & Alan Sitkoff Nancy Skadron Ellen & David Sloane Dorothy Slonim Cathy Smalec Maxine & Saul Smiley Dede & David Smith

Ethel & Norm Smith Helen & Itzi Smith Joanne and Jim Smith Laura & Stanley Smith Laurie & Thomas Smith Marilyn Smith Shelli Stall Smith & Mike Smith Diane & Rick Smookler Sharon & Phil Snyder Stacy & Michael Sokol Patti & Robert Soskin Renee Soskin Kaye Spector Lee S. Sperling Phyllis Sperling Judy & Dick Spiegel Margaret Spiegel Leonard Spira Howard Stacker Judy Starkman Jim & Linda Stein Maxine & Ben Steinberg Sharron & Oren Steinfeldt Elaine & Stuart Steinman Leslie & Randall Steinman Vicki & Lloyd Stern Jane Sternberg Beverly & Norton Stillman Liba & Tom Stillman Marilyn & Jerry Stillman Nina Stillman Sue & Tom Stillman Margaret & Art Stone Susan & Bob Stone Tanni Stone-Dorshow & Loren Dorshow Brenda & Tony Straus Marcy Strauss Barb & Todd Striker Sandy & Myron Striker Beatrice & Merton Suckerman Jack Sutin Frances & Paul Swanson David Swarsensky Marcia & Lawrence Swartz

Harriet Swatez Betty Sweet Sandra & Michael Swirnoff Marilyn & Morgan Tamsky Hindy & Scott Tankenoff Jim Tankenoff Marsha & Gary Tankenoff Cindy & Stuart Tapper Roslyn Tarshish Patty & Stan Taube Lyn & Steve Tesler Crescense & James Thompson Sandy & Bob Tilsen Ryvelle & Bill Tilsner Nancy Toberman Sharon & Bill Torodor Sally & David Toushin Elisabeth & Terry Trach-Goblirsch Rubie Troup Jennifer & Shawn Tyszelman Ruth Usem Becky Varon & Andrew Greenberg Debbie Vertelney Teresa & Irving Victor Shirley Vinitsky Luda & Val Vinnik Joanna & Michael Volk Sharon & Joel Waller Helene & Hillard Ward Mary Ann & David Wark Marilyn & Melvin Warren Beverly Weiner Jo & Howard Weiner Joni & Stan Weiner Marci & Andrew Weiner Irving & Marjorie Weiser Rita Weiss Amy & Peter Weisz Lillian Weitz Bernie Weitzman Natasha & Reginald Werner Violet Werner

Joan & Paul Wernick Jean & Sheldon Wert Gilbert Westreich Ardis & Tom Wexler Elizabeth Wexler Mindy Wexler Pamela Wexler Shellie & Harold Wexler Debra & Byron Wieberdink Connie & Alan Wilensky Sybil & Seymour Wilensky Norman Winer Barbara & Arnold Winikoff Jeffery Winston Barbara Winthrop Sonia & Steve Winthrop Judy Witebsky Cindy & Perry Witkin Shirley Witkin Marvin Wolf Elayne Wolfenson Randi & Barry Wolfish Freem & Blair Wolfson Randee & Sam Wolfson Leo Wolk Elliot Wolson Dian & Stuart Yellen Judith Yesnes Rose Zamansky Amy & David Zaroff Betty & Harold Zats Sue & Alvin Zelickson Honey & Lawrence Zelle Lois Zien Ruth Ziman Rabbi Marcia 足Zimmerman & Frank Hornstein Bonnie & Alan Ziskin Teri & Barry Zoss Shelley & Kenneth Zucker Alan Zuckert Susan & Arnie Zuckman Ilene & Bruce Zwick

Sholom/Auxiliary Annual Members Friend ($100 - $499) Anonymous (2) Leslie Hahn & Merrill Biel Eileen & Howard Bream Dori Denelle Rabbi Amy Eilberg Bruce Frank Kathleen & Andrew Garon Judy & James Gaviser Karen & Howard Gochberg Susan Greenberg Susan & Michael Horovitz Vicki & Thomas Hurwitz Dr. David Jacobs, Jr. Andrea & Bob Kircher Dr. Paul Kirschenfeld & Hannah Mesnik Kirschenfeld Janice Lazarus Nancy & Allen Levine Lee Litman Sue Meyers Alan & Diane Miller Frances & Joseph Moses Micki & Mort Naiman Jacqueline Paster Pam & David Rochlin Sue & Larry Savett Millie & Howie Segal Susan & Neil Sell Bonnie Shapiro & Rick Levin Mary Van SlykeZaslofsky & Michael Zaslofsky Stanton L. Wolkoff Kathy & Howard Zack Jane & Edward Zeman


Family ($54–$99) Anonymous (1) Eileen & Alvin Badiner Sheila & David Brod Carol Bromer Fran & Marvin Burstein Mary Calof Joyce & Ted Cardozo Phyllis & Earl Cohen Sheila & Jerome Davis Cecilia & Steve Dobrin Rabbi Moshe & Mrs. Mindelle Fell Wendy & Gary Fine Elaine & David Fink Ruth & Leon Frankel Philip & Phyllis Garon Marlene S. Garvis Debra & Mitchell Gensler Bonnie & Gary Goldish Dr. Richard ­Greenberg & Mrs. Carole Greenberg Arlis & Erwin Grossman Kathy & Ed Hara Sandra & Allen Harris Lorita & Jay Jacobson Millie & Marvin Jacobson Ted & Debby Jewett Rivia & Sheldon Kaplan Phyllis Karasov & Dr. Alan Olstein Chelle & Leon Katz Esther & Marvin Kauffman Harold & Carolyn Kaufmann Joanne & Thomas Kieffer Linda & Murray Kieffer Mimi Klane Crickie & Richard Klegon Paul Krause Brina & Milt Krelitz Judith & Marty Kuretsky Nancy & Stephen Lane Joey & Jerry Laurie Elaine & Leon Lerner Bill & Gloria Levin The Levine Family 26

Helen & Ron Lifson Nancy & Herman Markowitz Sheldon & Sally Masnek Jane & Terry Nali Charlotte & Irving Nudell Lisa & Bruce Peilen Barbara & Andrew Pogoler Shirley & Burt Politz Nancy & James Proman Jerome & Marilyn Richter Jan & Sherm Ringer Layne Harris Rosen Joyce & David Rosenbaum Russ & Karen Rubin Sheryl & Randy Rutzick Fern & David Sanders Margie Scherzer Marjorie & Bart Schneider Scott-Kovacovic Family Faye Segal and Esther Begam Judy & Jerel Shapiro Kathy Share Judy & Moe Sherman Beth Silverwater & ­Norman Greenberg Josephine Berg Simes Yetta & Jerry Simon Linda & Tom Sklar Debra & Craig Spencer Anne Strasser & Peter Douglas Maureen & Wayne Sultan Caren & Don Swart Roseanne & David Tallen Carol Trestman Mark & Lynn Usem Marge Wilder Dr. Peter & Madee Wilton Sylvia & Jack Zouber Individual ($36-$53) Anonymous (2) Sandra Aaron Elaine Alper DeDe Armel

Gracie Azine Marion Bans Amy Baratz Elaine Lehman Berg June Berg Beryl Berke Gail Mirviss Berman Rhea Berman Marian (Mickey) F. Bernstein Paula Bernstein Helene Biglow Beth Birke Bruce Birnberg Joanne Blindman Saundra Borie Helen Brooks Cindy Brown Eunice Burk Lisa Capp Renee J. Cell Hazel Chase Stuart Chazin Elayne & Larry Chiat Patty Chodosh Phyllis Chucker Butch & Connie Clayman Judy & Mel Cofman Joe & Fredell Cohen Linda Cohen Richard Cottle Ann Covin Rita Covin Karen Davidman Constance Davis Bonnie Dudovitz Sophie Dudovitz Bobbie Edelstein Mrs. Marjorie B. Edwards Deborah Eisenstadt Bobbie Elle Ilene Engle Evelyn Esrig Marilyn Feder Gerry Feldman Evelyn Flom Marjorie Fox Daniel W. Fram (Virginia) Ruth Fram Muriel Frederick Arlene M. Fried Barbara Friedman

Barbara Friedman & Lon Rosenfield Lori Fritz Janet R. Gabor Pam Gallop Nancy Garber Sue Garnett Rosalie Gavren Anita Geller Peni & Steve Gensler Teddy Gerr Joanne & Robert Gillman Doris Ginsberg Lorraine Gitis Judi Gallop Gleeman Harriet M. Glick Judy Goldberg Kaye Goldberg Paula Goldberg Scott Goldberg Shirley Goldberg Beverly Goldfine Phyllis Goldhirsch Susan Goldman Dorothy Goldstein Nancy Goldstein Lillian Goltzman Rose Goodman Jill Gottlieb Esther M. Graham Arlene Gralnek Barbara Clayman Greenberg Bernice Greenberg Doreen & Marvin Greenblat Shirley Grodnick Charline Moscoe Gruesner Alta Harris Bernice Heiligman Harriet” Chick” Held Natalie Held Shirley Hill Mildred Ingber Margaret & Stan Jaffy Francine Jerson Dr. Bruce Johnson & Mrs. Ellen Johnson Jan Saffron-Johnson Betty Josewich Carolyn & Joseph Kahn Phyllis Kahn Rosann Kahner

Evie Kamin Raleigh Kaminsky Wendy Kane Rosalind Kaplan Shirley Kaplan Nancy Karasov Connie Katz Gail Katz Jill A. Kaufman Patricia Kenton & Phil Politz Judith Kessel Audrey Kiges Nadine Kivens Betty Kohn Eileen Kopman Bette & Lou Kotlarz Rabbi Harold Kravitz & Ms. Cindy Reich Leah Krawetz Serafima Krivolapova Susan Kushner Bertha Kutoff Sandra Laskin Sanford Lederfine Joyce Levenson Marcia Levine Joan Levinsohn Joyce Levitan Amy & Thomas Lieberman Laurel Lifson Sanford Lipsky Lois Liss Ann Lonstein Diane Lovich Rita Lusky Ellen Mack Paula L. Maisel Stanley Maisel Nancy Maltzman Susan Mann Louise Mark Jill Ann Marks Violet Mekler Esther Miller Ronald Miller Diane Mintz Rose Mintz Gloria Murman Suzi & Fred Nathanson Richard Neuman Robert Neuman Harriet J. Newman Joyce & Martin Orbuch

Susan Oreck Esther & Jim Paletz Barbara F.L. Penn Lynn Perl Ina Pfefer Harriet Phillips Margery Pihlstrom Gloria Pinck Myrna Pinto Renee Popkin Sharon & Michael Posnansky Suzanne Prass Toni Raihill Audray Rees Gail & Bill Ribnick Joan Rischall Jennifer Edelstein Roberts Linda Mankoff Romeo Marilyn & Gary Rose Esther “Timmie” Rosen Frances Lee Rosen Betty & Martin Rosenstein Francie Ross Alla Rozhanskaya Dr. Rosalyn Rubin Sybil Rubin Mindy Rutman Gayle Saeks Marienne Saffe Helen Saliterman Millie (Mildred) Schapiro Ruthie Schoenberger Roberta Schribman Darlene & Nate Schwartz Sue E. Schwartz Carol Seidenfeld Marilyn Shapiro Susan Shapiro Betty Sher Bernard Sherman Anita Siegel Lois Siegel Marilyn J. Silver Fern Silverman Loreen Silverman Maxine Simon Minnie Singer Anne Sklar Jane Smith Janet Snyder

Marilyn Sternberg Ione & Alan Stiegler Faye B. Stillman Marcia Stone Phyllis Sudit Adrienne Summerfield Sophie Teener Corrine Toretsky Sandy Unger Dalia & Zeev Vlodaver Michael Waldman Liz Ward Robert Warshawsky Ann Wasserman Clara Watchman Barbara Weil Idele Weinberg Suzanne & Everett Weinstein Connie Weisberg David & Dana Beth Weisman Barbara Weiss Dede Wolfson Patricia Wolkoff Zena Woolf Sheri & Scott Yarosh Mary Youle & Philip Cohen Beverly Zakheim

Marcia & Herb Bernick Bette Ann & Richard Bloom Bobby & Phil Bloom Geri & Milton Blumenfeld Gail & Steve Brand Barbara Brooks Marlene & Jim Bukstein Beverly Calmenson Myra Chazin Carole Davidson Lois & Sherm Devitt Mitzi Diamond Carol & Stan Dobrin Lois & Dale Dobrin Helen & Jim Ehrlich Gloria Esensten Phyllis & Ron Ettinger Corrine & Tom Feinberg David E. Feinberg Amy & Jack Fiterman Margaret Flynn & Dr. Richard Brody Toba & Allen Freeman Sandra & Paul Friedman Kristin & David Gantman Lorraine & Sherman Bed & Breakfast Garon Backers Lucille & Burt Garr Bed & Breakfast gifts add Harriet & Bill Gasway to the monthly cash flow required to offset the funding Nancy & Jeff Getzkin Lois & Larry Gibson gap between the true costs of care and shrinking Rena & Barry Glaser government reimbursements. Barbara & Rabbi Anonymous (6) Simeon Glaser Beverly & Marvin Aaron Mimi & Sherry Gleekel Bonnie & Alvin Barb & Steve Godes Abrahamson Esta & Jerry Gold Carolyn Abramson Chad Goldberg Eileen Adams Ilene & Jay Goldberg Yaffa & Mark Lois Goldberg Appelbaum Marlene & Sandy Lorraine & Sid Goldberg Applebaum Tobe & Arlin Goldberg Kim & Howard Austrian Rivoli Golden Molly & Sidney Bader Susan Goldman Rosalyn Baker Karen & Fred Gordon Shirley Baratz Merry & Lowell Gordon Marilyn & Bruce Baum Judy Graceman Sally & James Beloff

Marilyn & Dean Greenberg Ida Greenfield Jill & Jonathan Halper Natalie & Bud Harris Lisa Heilicher Bonnie & Steve Heller Susan Feinberg Hughes & Gerry Hughes Dobie & Dick Hunegs Bruce R. Kahn Susan Kalin Georgia Kalman Lori & Jay Kamin Carole & Martin Kaplan Diane & Howard Kaplan Donna & Michael Kaplan Judy A. Karon Stefanie & Robert Karon Jennifer & Kenneth Katz Rebecca Kern Jane & Bob Ketroser Miriam & Lee Kieffer Sheldon & Eva Kieffer Alec Kiperstin

Ann & Dan Klein Marcia Jaffee Koester Donamae Koppelman Diane & Allen Kuperman Becca & Jon Kvasnik Harriet Lane Arlene & Zvi Leibovich Helene Feinberg Lesser Bea & Richard Levey Ruth & Jerry Levine Harriet Levy Rhoda & Don Mains Peggy & Joel Mandel Josh Ribnick Mann Marcia & Phil Marcus Gayle Marko Ethel Mayeron Barbara & Sol Minsberg Amy & Barry Newman Gayle Newman Joan & Richard Newmark Trisha & Evan Niefeld Marcia & Allen Oleisky Michael Orren Marsha & Harvey Ostrow June & Alvin Perlman

Liz & Jack Pink Lil Raen Samuel Rafowitz Wendy & Jeff Ringer Phyllis & Lloyd Robinson Connie & Paul Ross Bernice Rosten Elaine & Jerald Rudick Sandy & Jim Rutzick Anne Rae Sanderson Gail & Mark Satz Polly & Michael Saxon Eileen & Harold Scherling Gloria & Rudy Schoen Ruth Ann & Richard Schumeister Martin Segal Berta & Stanley Shapiro Leslee & Mert Shapiro Bert Shear Doris & Eddie Sherman Estie & Jim Sherman Len Silesky Blanche S. Singer Dorothy & Bill Sipkins Diane & Rick Smookler Cathy Snyder

Margie & Larry Solomon Sandra & Jason Sondell Lee S. Sperling Hope Stanley Cheryl & Sanford Stein Rosa & Peter Stein Estelle & Bobby Stillman Marion & Michael Swatez Betsy & Mayer Tapper Deanna & James Tilsen Sharon Traub Chana & Philip Weber Paula Weiser Barbara Winthrop Elayne Wolfenson

These lists refer to all those who had any type of membership during the 2014 calendar year. We apologize for any inadvertent errors or omissions.


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Our comprehensive services provide support to individuals and their families so they can 足continue living in the home of their choice. Sholom is a non-profit organization providing a broad continuum of residential, social service and health care services 足primarily for older adults. It is the policy and commitment of Sholom that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion or political belief.