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4/9/2014 – 4/15/2014

LOWER CEREAL PRICES NEW NEW LOWER CEREAL PRICES Kellogg's Unfrosted Mini Wheats Kellogg'sUnfrosted UnfrostedMini MiniWheats Wheats Kellogg's Kellogg's Special K Cinnamon Pecan Kellogg'sSpecial SpecialKKCinnamon CinnamonPecan Pecan Kellogg's Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheat Blueberry Kellogg'sFrosted FrostedMini MiniWheat WheatBlueberry Blueberry Kellogg's Kellogg's Special K Protein Kellogg'sSpecial SpecialKKProtein Protein Kellogg's Kellogg'sLow Unfrosted Mini Wheats Kellogg's Sugar Frosted Flakes Kellogg'sLow LowSugar SugarFrosted FrostedFlakes Flakes Kellogg's Kellogg'sSpecial SpecialK KRed Cinnamon Kellogg's Berries Pecan Kellogg'sSpecial SpecialKKRed RedBerries Berries Kellogg's Kellogg'sChoc Frosted Wheat Kellogg's MiniMini Wheat BitesBlueberry Kellogg'sChoc ChocMini MiniWheat WheatBites Bites Kellogg's Kellogg'sSpecial SpecialK KChoc Protein Kellogg's Almond Kellogg'sSpecial SpecialKKChoc ChocAlmond Almond Kellogg's Kellogg's Low Sugar Frosted Flakes Kellogg's Krave SMores Kellogg'sKrave KraveSMores SMores Kellogg's Kellogg'sRocky Special Red Berries Kellogg's MtnKChoc Factory Kellogg'sRocky RockyMtn MtnChoc Choc Factory Kellogg's Kellogg'sSpecial Choc Mini WheatFactory Bites Kellogg's K Granola Kellogg'sSpecial SpecialKKGranola Granola Kellogg's Kellogg'sFrosted SpecialMini K Choc Kellogg's Lttle Almond Bites Kellogg'sFrosted FrostedMini MiniLttle LttleBites Bites Kellogg's Kellogg'sFiber+ KraveCinnamon SMores Kellogg's Crunch Kellogg'sFiber+ Fiber+Cinnamon CinnamonCrunch Crunch Kellogg's Kellogg'sSpecial RockyKMtn Choc Factory Kellogg's Oats & Honey Kellogg'sSpecial SpecialKKOats Oats&&Honey Honey Kellogg's Kellogg'sGluten Special K Granola Kellogg's Free Rice Krispies Kellogg'sGluten GlutenFree FreeRice Rice Krispies Kellogg's Kellogg'sKrave Frosted Mini LttleKrispies Bites Kellogg's Cereal Kellogg'sKrave KraveCereal Cereal Kellogg's Kellogg'sKrave Fiber+ Cinnamon Crunch Kellogg's Double Chocolate Kellogg'sKrave KraveDouble DoubleChocolate Chocolate Kellogg's Kellogg'sRaspberry Special KMini OatsWheats & Honey Kellogg's Kellogg's Raspberry Mini Wheats Kellogg's Raspberry Mini Wheats Kellogg'sSpecial GlutenKFree Rice Krispies Kellogg's Vanilla Almond Kellogg'sSpecial SpecialKKVanilla Vanilla Almond Kellogg's Kellogg'sSmart KraveStart Cereal Almond Kellogg's Kellogg'sSmart SmartStart Start Kellogg's Kellogg'sCorn Krave Double Chocolate Kellogg's Flakes Kellogg'sCorn CornFlakes Flakes Kellogg's Kellogg'sAllRaspberry Mini Wheats Kellogg's Bran Original Kellogg'sAll AllBran BranOriginal Original Kellogg's Kellogg'sAll-Bran SpecialBran K Vanilla Kellogg's BudsAlmond Kellogg's All-Bran Bran Buds Kellogg's All-Bran Bran Buds Kellogg'sApple Smart Start Kellogg's Jacks Kellogg'sApple AppleJacks Jacks Kellogg's Kellogg'sCocoa Corn Krispies Flakes Kellogg's Kellogg'sCocoa CocoaKrispies Krispies Kellogg's Kellogg'sApple All Bran Original Kellogg's Jacks Kellogg's Apple Jacks Kellogg's Apple Jacks Kellogg's All-Bran Bran Buds Kellogg's Froot Loops Kellogg'sFroot FrootLoops Loops Kellogg's Kellogg'sCorn Apple Jacks Kellogg's Flakes Kellogg'sCorn CornFlakes Flakes Kellogg's Kellogg'sFroot Cocoa Krispies Kellogg's Loops Kellogg'sFroot FrootLoops Loops Kellogg's Kellogg'sFroot Apple Jacks Kellogg's Loops Kellogg'sFroot FrootLoops Loops Kellogg's Kellogg'sRaisin FrootBran Loops Kellogg's Kellogg'sRaisin RaisinBran Bran Kellogg's Kellogg'sMarshmallow Corn FlakesFroot Loops Kellogg's Kellogg'sMarshmallow MarshmallowFroot FrootLoops Loops Kellogg's Kellogg'sRice Froot Loops Kellogg's Krispies Kellogg'sRice RiceKrispies Krispies Kellogg's Kellogg'sRaisin FrootBran Loops Kellogg's Crunch Kellogg'sRaisin RaisinBran BranCrunch Crunch Kellogg's Kellogg'sRaisin RaisinBran Bran Kellogg's Kellogg'sRaisin RaisinBran Bran Kellogg's Kellogg'sRice Marshmallow Kellogg's Krispies Froot Loops Kellogg'sRice RiceKrispies Krispies Kellogg's Kellogg'sFun Rice Krispies Kellogg's Pack Kellogg'sFun FunPack Pack Kellogg's Kellogg'sSpecial RaisinKBran Crunch Kellogg's Kellogg'sSpecial SpecialKK Kellogg's Kellogg'sSpecial RaisinKBran Kellogg's Kellogg'sSpecial SpecialKK Kellogg's Kellogg's RicePops Krispies Kellogg's Corn Kellogg'sCorn CornPops Pops Kellogg's Kellogg'sRice FunKrispies Pack Kellogg's Kellogg'sRice RiceKrispies Krispies Kellogg's Kellogg'sFrosted SpecialFlakes K Kellogg's Kellogg'sFrosted FrostedFlakes Flakes Kellogg's Kellogg'sFrosted SpecialFlakes K Kellogg's Kellogg'sFrosted FrostedFlakes Flakes Kellogg's Kellogg'sFrosted Corn Pops Kellogg's Flakes Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Kellogg'sVariety Rice Krispies Kellogg's Pack Kellogg'sVariety VarietyPack Pack Kellogg's Kellogg'sSpecial FrostedK Flakes Kellogg's Red Berries Kellogg'sSpecial SpecialKKRed RedBerries Berries Kellogg's Kellogg'sCracklin FrostedOat Flakes Kellogg's Bran Kellogg'sCracklin CracklinOat OatBran Bran Kellogg's Kellogg'sLow Frosted Flakes Kellogg's Fat Granola Kellogg'sLow LowFat FatGranola Granola Kellogg's Kellogg'sBite Variety Kellogg's Size Pack Mini Wheats Kellogg's Bite Size MiniWheats Wheats Kellogg's Bite SizeMini Kellogg'sBite Special KMini Red Berries Kellogg's Size Wheats Kellogg'sBite BiteSize SizeMini MiniWheats Wheats Kellogg's Kellogg'sCrispix Cracklin Oat Bran Kellogg's Kellogg'sCrispix Crispix Kellogg's Kellogg'sCrispix Low Fat Granola Kellogg's Cereal Kellogg'sCrispix CrispixCereal Cereal Kellogg's Kellogg'sFrosted Bite Size Wheats Kellogg's MiniMini Wheat Maple Kellogg'sFrosted FrostedMini MiniWheat WheatMaple Maple Kellogg's Kellogg'sRaisin Bite Size Wheats Kellogg's BranMini Omega-3 Kellogg's Raisin Bran Omega-3 Kellogg's Raisin Omega-3 Kellogg'sSpecial CrispixBran Kellogg's K Fruit Yogurt Kellogg'sSpecial SpecialKKFruit FruitYogurt Yogurt Kellogg's Kellogg'sStrawberry Crispix Cereal Kellogg's Mini Wheats Kellogg'sStrawberry StrawberryMini MiniWheats Wheats Kellogg's Kellogg'sSpecial FrostedK Mini Wheat Maple Kellogg's w/Choc Kellogg'sSpecial Special Kw/Choc w/Choc Kellogg's Kellogg's Raisin K Bran Omega-3 Kellogg's Special K Fruit Yogurt Kellogg's Strawberry Mini Wheats Kellogg's Special K w/Choc

18 OZ 3.19 18OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 18 12.1 OZ 3.19 12.1OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12.1 15.5 OZ 3.19 15.5OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 15.5 12.5 OZ 3.19 12.5OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12.5 18OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 14.7 14.7OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 14.7 12.1OZ OZ 3.69 3.19 14.7 14.7OZ OZ 3.69 3.69 14.7 15.5OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 15.2 15.2OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 15.2 12.5OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12.7 12.7OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12.7 14.7 OZ 3.19 3.19 11 OZ 11OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 11 14.7 OZ 3.19 3.69 11.5 OZ 11.5OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 11.5 15.2OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 11.3 11.3OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 11.3 12.7OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 15.2 15.2OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 15.2 11OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 11.5 11.5 OZ 3.19 11.5 OZ 3.19 11.5OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 13.1 13.1OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 13.1 11.3OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12 12OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12 15.2 OZ 3.19 3.19 11.4 OZ 11.4OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 11.4 11.5 OZ 3.19 3.19 11 OZ 11OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 11 13.1 OZ 3.19 3.19 15 OZ 15 OZ 3.19 1512OZ OZ 3.19 OZ 3.19 3.19 12.4 12.4OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12.4 11.4OZ OZ 3.69 3.19 17.5 17.5OZ OZ 3.69 3.69 17.5 OZ 2.88 3.19 1211OZ 12OZ OZ 2.88 2.88 12 15OZ OZ 3.69 3.19 18.3 18.3OZ OZ 3.69 3.69 18.3 12.4OZ OZ 3.69 3.19 17.7 17.7 OZ 3.69 17.7 OZ 3.69 17.5OZ OZ 3.19 3.69 12.2 12.2OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12.2 12OZ OZ 3.19 2.88 15.5 15.5OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 15.5 18.3 OZ 3.69 3.69 17 OZ 17 OZ 3.69 17 OZ OZ 3.69 17.7 OZ 2.88 3.69 8.7 8.7OZ OZ 2.88 2.88 8.7 12.2 OZ 3.19 3.19 18 OZ 18OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 18 15.5 OZ 3.19 3.19 12.2 OZ 12.2OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12.2 OZ 3.69 3.69 1717OZ 17OZ OZ 3.69 3.69 17 8.7OZ OZ 3.19 2.88 18.7 18.7 OZ 3.19 18.7 OZ 3.19 18OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12.6 12.6OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12.6 12.2 OZ 2.88 3.19 9 OZ OZ 2.88 2.88 99OZ OZ OZ 3.19 3.69 18.217 18.2OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 18.2 18.7OZ OZ 3.69 3.19 23.5 23.5OZ OZ 3.69 3.69 23.5 12.6 OZ 3.69 3.19 18 OZ 18 OZ 3.69 189OZ OZ 3.69 OZ 2.88 2.88 8.56 8.56OZ OZ 2.88 2.88 8.56 18.2 OZ 3.19 3.19 12 OZ 12OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12 23.5 OZ 3.69 3.69 18 OZ 18OZ OZ 3.69 3.69 18 18OZ OZ 3.19 3.69 12.5 12.5OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12.5 8.56 OZ 3.19 2.88 12 OZ 12OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12 12OZ OZ 2.88 3.19 10.5 10.5OZ OZ 2.88 2.88 10.5 OZ 3.19 3.69 1518OZ 15OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 15 12.5 OZ 3.69 3.19 19 OZ 19 OZ 3.69 1912PK OZ 3.69 OZ 3.19 3.19 10 10PK PK 3.19 3.19 10 10.5 OZ 3.19 2.88 11.2 OZ 11.2OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 11.2 OZ 3.69 3.19 1715OZ 17OZ OZ 3.69 3.69 17 19OZ OZ 3.69 3.69 18 18OZ OZ 3.69 3.69 18 10OZPK 3.19 3.19 18 18 OZ 3.19 18OZ OZ 3.19 11.2 OZ 3.69 3.19 24 24OZ OZ 3.69 3.69 24 17OZ OZ 3.69 3.69 18 18OZ OZ 3.69 3.69 18 18OZ OZ 3.19 3.69 12 12OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12 OZ 3.19 3.19 15.518OZ 15.5OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 15.5 24OZ OZ 3.19 3.69 14.3 14.3OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 14.3 18OZ OZ 3.19 3.69 12.5 12.5OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12.5 12OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 15.5 15.5OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 15.5 15.5OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 13.1 13.1 OZ 3.19 13.1 14.3OZ OZ 3.19 3.19 12.5 OZ 3.19 15.5 OZ 3.19 13.1 OZ 3.19

GM Fiber One Raisin Bran 17.25 OZ 3.98 GMChocolate FiberOne OneChex RaisinBran Bran 17.25OZ OZ 3.28 3.98 GM Fiber Raisin 17.25 OZ 3.98 GM 14.25 GMReeses Chocolate ChexButter Puffs 14.25 OZ 3.48 3.28 GM Chocolate Chex 14.25 OZ 3.28 GM Peanut 18 OZ GMCocoa Reeses PeanutButter ButterPuffs Puffs 18OZ OZ 3.48 3.48 GM Reeses Peanut 18 OZ 3.48 GM Puffs 16.5 GMGluten CocoaFree PuffsCinnamon Chex 16.5OZ OZ 3.28 3.48 GM Cocoa Puffs 16.5 OZ 3.48 GM 13.5 GM Gluten Fiber One Raisin Bran Chex 17.25 OZ 3.28 3.98 GM Free Cinnamon 13.5OZ OZ GM Gluten Free Cinnamon Chex 13.5 OZ 3.28 GM Multigrain Cheerios 16.2 3.99 GM Multigrain ChocolateCheerios Chex 14.25 OZ 3.99 3.28 GM 16.2 OZ GM Multigrain Multigrain Cheerios Cheerios Dark Choc 16.2 OZ OZ 3.18 3.99 GM 12.1 GM Multigrain Reeses Peanut Butter Puffs 18 OZ OZ 3.18 3.48 GM Cheerios Dark Choc 12.1 GM Multigrain Cheerios Dark Choc 12.1 OZ 3.18 GM Toast Crunch 12.7 GMChocolate Cocoa Puffs 16.5OZ OZ 2.99 3.48 GM Chocolate ToastCrunch Crunch 12.7 OZ 2.99 GM Chocolate Toast 12.7 OZ 2.99 GM OneFree Protien Maple Chex Brown Sugar 16.2 GMFiber Gluten Cinnamon 13.5OZ OZ 3.98 3.28 GM Fiber One Protien Maple Brown Sugar 16.2 OZ 3.98 GM Fiber One Protien Maple Brown Sugar 16.2 OZ 3.98 GM 11.25 GMChocolate MultigrainCheerios Cheerios 16.2OZ OZ 3.18 3.99 GM Chocolate Cheerios 11.25 OZ 3.18 GMCinnamon Chocolate Burst Cheerios 11.25 OZ 3.18 3.18 GM Cheerios 10 OZ GM Cinnamon Multigrain Cheerios Dark Choc 12.1 OZ 3.18 3.18 GM BurstCheerios Cheerios 10OZ OZ GM Cinnamon Burst Cheerios 10 OZ 3.18 GM Dulce De Leche 12 3.18 GM Chocolate Toast Crunch 12.7 OZ 2.99 GM Dulce De Leche Cheerios 12 OZ 3.18 GM Dulce De Leche Cheerios 12 OZ 3.18 GM Peanut Butter Cheerios GMMultigrain Fiber One Protien Maple Brown Sugar 11.3 16.2OZ OZ 3.18 3.98 GM Multigrain Peanut Butter Cheerios 11.3 OZ 3.18 GM Multigrain Peanut Butter Cheerios 11.3 OZ 3.18 GM 18 OZ GMKix Chocolate Cheerios 11.25 OZ 3.98 3.18 GM Kix 18 OZ 3.98 GM Fiber Kix One Nutty Clusters & Almonds 18OZ OZ 3.98 3.98 GM GM Fiber Cinnamon BurstClusters Cheerios Almonds 16.1 10 OZ OZ 3.98 3.18 GM OneNutty Nutty 16.1 GM Fiber Cinnamon One Clusters &&Almonds 16.1 OZ 3.28 3.98 GM Apple Chex 13.75 OZ GM Dulce De Leche Cheerios 12 OZ 3.18 GMFiber AppleOne Cinnamon Chex 13.75OZ OZ 3.98 3.28 GM Apple Cinnamon Chex 13.75 OZ 3.28 GM Honey Cluster 14.25 GM Fiber Multigrain PeanutCluster Butter Cheerios 11.3 OZ OZ 3.98 3.18 GM OneHoney Honey 14.25 GM Fiber One Cluster 14.25 OZ 3.99 3.98 GM Cheerios 21.6 GMHoney Kix Nut 18OZ OZ 3.99 3.98 GM Honey Nut Cheerios 21.6 OZ GM Honey Nut Cheerios 21.6 OZ 3.99 GM 16 OZ GMBasic FiberFour One Nutty Clusters & Almonds 16.1 OZ 3.98 3.98 GM Basic Four 16OZ OZ 3.98 GM Basic Four 16 OZ 3.98 GM 18 GMCheerios Apple Cinnamon Chex 13.75 OZ 3.78 3.28 GM Cheerios 18 OZ 3.78 GMApple Cheerios 18OZ OZ 3.18 3.78 GM Cheerios 12.9 GMApple FiberCinnamon One Honey Cluster 14.25 OZ 3.18 3.98 GM Cinnamon Cheerios 12.9 OZ GM AppleCinnamon Cinnamon Cheerios 12.9 OZ 3.18 GM Apple Cheerios 18 OZ 3.99 GM Honey Nut Cheerios 21.6 OZ 3.99 GM Apple Cinnamon Cheerios 18 OZ 3.99 GM Apple Cinnamon Cheerios 18 OZ 3.99 GM Cheerios 12.2516OZ GMHoney BasicNut Four OZ 2.99 3.98 GM Honey Nut Cheerios 12.25 OZ 2.99 GM Honey Nut Cheerios 12.25 OZ 2.99 GM Nut Cheerios 1718OZ GMHoney Cheerios OZ 3.78 3.78 GM Honey NutCheerios Cheerios 17OZ OZ 3.78 GM Honey Nut 17 OZ 3.78 GM Cheerios 12 GMFrosted Apple Cinnamon Cheerios 12.9 OZ 3.48 3.18 GM Frosted Cheerios 12 OZ 3.48 GMCinnamon Frosted Cheerios 12 OZ OZ 2.99 3.48 GM Toast Crunch 12.2 GM Cinnamon Apple Cinnamon Cheerios 18 OZ OZ 2.99 3.99 GM ToastCrunch Crunch 12.2 GM Cinnamon Toast 12.2 OZ 2.99 2.99 GM 11.8 OZ GMCocoa HoneyPuffs Nut Cheerios 12.25 OZ 2.99 2.99 GM Cocoa Puffs 11.8 OZ GM Cocoa Puffs 11.8 OZ 2.99 GM Grain 12.817OZ GMMulti Honey NutCheerios Cheerios OZ 3.78 3.78 GM Multi Grain Cheerios 12.8 OZ 3.78 GM Multi Multi Grain Grain Cheerios Cheerios 12.8 OZ 2.99 3.78 GM 912OZ GM Multi Frosted Cheerios OZ 2.99 3.48 GM Grain Cheerios OZ GM Multi Grain Cheerios 99OZ OZ 2.99 GM Cheerios Cereal 8.9 2.69 GM Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12.2 OZ 2.99 GMCheerios CheeriosCereal Cereal 8.9OZ OZ 2.99 2.69 GM Cheerios Cereal 8.9 OZ 2.69 GM 14 GM Cheerios Cocoa Puffs 11.8 OZ 2.99 2.99 GM Cereal 14 OZ GM Cheerios Cereal 14 OZ 2.99 GM Toast Crunch 20.25 GMCinnamon Multi Grain Cheerios 12.8OZ OZ 3.99 3.78 GM Cinnamon Toast Crunch 20.25 OZ 3.99 GM Cinnamon Toast Crunch 20.25 OZ 3.99 GM Toast Crunch 16.2 9OZ GMCinnamon Multi Grain Cheerios OZ 3.48 2.99 GM Cinnamon Toast Crunch 16.2 OZ 3.48 GM Breakfast CinnamonPack Toast Crunch 16.2OZ OZ 3.98 3.48 GM 9.14 GM Breakfast Cheerios Cereal 8.9 OZ OZ 3.98 2.69 GM PackW/Raisins 9.14 GM BreakfastCrisp Pack 9.14 OZ 3.98 3.98 GM Oatmeal 1814OZ GM Cheerios Cereal OZ 2.99 GM Oatmeal Crisp W/Raisins 18 OZ 3.98 GM Oatmeal Crisp W/Raisins 18 OZ 3.98 GM Crisp W/Almonds 17 OZ GMOatmeal Cinnamon Toast Crunch 20.25 OZ 3.98 3.99 GM Oatmeal Crisp W/Almonds 17OZ OZ 3.98 GM Oatmeal Crisp W/Almonds 17 OZ 3.98 GM Grahams 12 GMGolden Cinnamon Toast Crunch 16.2 OZ 2.99 3.48 GM Golden Grahams 12 OZ 2.99 GM Golden Grahams 12 OZ 2.99 GM Grahams 16 OZ GMGolden Breakfast Pack 9.14 OZ 3.48 3.98 GM Golden Grahams 16 OZ 3.48 GM Kix Golden Grahams 16 OZ OZ 3.18 3.48 GM 12 GM Kix Oatmeal Crisp W/Raisins 18 OZ OZ 3.18 3.98 GM 12 GM Kix One 12 OZ 3.98 3.18 GM Fiber 16.2 OZ GM Oatmeal Crisp W/Almonds 17 OZ 3.98 GM Fiber One 16.2 OZ 3.98 GM Fiber One 16.2 OZ 3.98 GM Charms 11.512OZ GMLucky Golden Grahams OZ 2.99 2.99 GM Lucky Charms 11.5 OZ 2.99 GM Lucky Charms 11.5 OZ 2.99 GM Charms 1616OZ GMLucky Golden Grahams OZ 3.48 3.48 GM Lucky Charms 16 OZ 3.48 GMTotal LuckyWhole Charms 16OZ OZ 3.18 3.48 GM 10.6 GM Total Kix WholeGrain 12 OZ OZ 3.18 3.18 GM Grain 10.6 GMTotal TotalWhole WholeGrain Grain 10.6 OZ 3.98 3.18 GM 16 OZ GM Total FiberWhole One Grain 16.2 OZ 3.98 3.98 GM 16OZ OZ GM Total Raisin WholeBran Grain 16 OZ 3.98 GM Total 18.25 3.98 GM Total LuckyRaisin Charms 11.5 OZ OZ 3.98 2.99 GM Bran 18.25 GM TotalSwirls Raisin Bran 18.25 OZ 2.99 3.98 GM 10.7 GMTrix Lucky Charms 16OZ OZ 2.99 3.48 GM Trix Swirls 10.7 OZ GM Trix Swirls 10.7 OZ 2.99 GM Swirls 14.8 GMTrix Total Whole Grain 10.6OZ OZ 3.48 3.18 GM Trix Swirls 14.8 OZ 3.48 GM Trix Swirls 14.8 OZ 3.48 GM Bran 17.1 GMRaisin Total Nut Whole Grain 16OZ OZ 3.98 3.98 GM Raisin Nut Bran 17.1 OZ 3.98 GMWheaties Raisin Nut Bran 17.1 OZ OZ 2.99 3.98 GM 10.9 GM Wheaties Total Raisin Bran 18.25 OZ 2.99 3.98 GM 10.9OZ OZ GM Wheaties 10.9 OZ 2.99 GM Wheaties 15.6 3.98 GM Trix Swirls 10.7 OZ 2.99 GM Wheaties 15.6 OZ 3.98 GM Wheaties 15.6 OZ 3.98 GM Peanut Butter Puffs 13 OZ GMReeses Trix Swirls 14.8 OZ 2.99 3.48 GM Reeses Peanut Butter Puffs 13 OZ 2.99 GM Reeses Peanut Butter Puffs 13 OZ 2.99 GM One 80Bran Calorie Choc 11.75 GMFiber Raisin Nut 17.1OZ OZ 3.98 3.98 GM Fiber One 80 Calorie Choc 11.75 OZ 3.98 GMHny FiberNut One 80 Calorie ChocCrunch 11.75 OZ 3.18 3.98 GM Cheerios Medley 13.1 GM Hny Wheaties 10.9OZ OZ 3.18 2.99 GM Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch 13.1 OZ GM Hny Nut Cheerios Crunch 13.1 OZ 3.18 GM Gluten Free HoneyMedley Nut Chex 13.8 OZ 3.28 GM Wheaties 15.6 OZ 3.98 GM Gluten Free Honey Nut Chex 13.8 OZ 3.28 GM Gluten Free Honey Nut Chex 13.8 OZ 3.28 GM Free Corn Butter Chex Puffs 1413OZ GMGluten Reeses Peanut OZ 3.18 2.99 GM Gluten Free Corn Chex 14 OZ 3.18 GM Gluten Free Corn Chex 14 OZ 3.18 GM Chex 12.8 OZ GMRice Fiber One 80 Calorie Choc 11.75 OZ 3.18 3.98 GM Rice Chex 12.8 OZ 3.18 GM Rice Chex 12.8 OZ 3.18 GM Chex 14 OZ GMWheat Hny Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch 13.1 OZ 3.18 3.18 GM Wheat Chex 14 OZ 3.18 GM Cookie Wheat Crisp Chex 14 OZ 2.99 3.18 GM 11.25 GM Cookie Gluten Crisp Free Honey Nut Chex 13.8OZ OZ 2.99 3.28 GM 11.25 OZ GM CookieChex Crisp 11.25 OZ 2.99 GM Vanilla 13.5 OZ 3.28 GM Vanilla Gluten Chex Free Corn Chex 14 OZ OZ 3.28 3.18 GM 13.5 GM Vanilla Chex 13.5 OZ 3.28 GM Cookies-n-Cream 10.9 GMHersheys Rice Chex 12.8OZ OZ 2.99 3.18 GM Hersheys Cookies-n-Cream 10.9 OZ 2.99 GM Hersheys Cookies-n-Cream 10.9 OZ 2.99 Nature ValleyChex Grain Oat N Honey 1114OZ GM Wheat OZ 3.98 3.18 Nature Valley Grain Oat N Honey 11 OZ 3.98 Nature Valley Grain Oat N Honey 11OZ OZ 3.48 3.98 GM 15.6 GMCookie CookieCrisp Crisp 11.25 OZ 3.48 2.99 GM Cookie Crisp 15.6 OZ GM Cookie Crisp 15.6 OZ 3.48 GM Fruity Cheerios 12 OZ 3.18 GM Vanilla Chex 13.5 OZ 3.28 GM Fruity Cheerios 12 OZ 3.18 GM Fruity Cheerios 12 OZ 3.18 GM Charms 20.5 GMLucky Hersheys Cookies-n-Cream 10.9OZ OZ 3.99 2.99 GM Lucky Charms 20.5 OZ 3.99 GM Lucky Charms 20.5 OZ 3.99 Nature Valley Grain Oat N Honey 11 OZ 3.98 GM Cookie Crisp 15.6 OZ 3.48 GM Fruity Cheerios 12 OZ 3.18 GM Lucky Charms 20.5 OZ 3.99

Quaker Oatmeal Squares Golden Maple QuakerCap'n Oatmeal Squares Golden Maple Quaker Oatmeal Squares Quaker Crunch OopsGolden Berry Maple QuakerOatmeal Cap'nCrunch Crunch Oops Berry Quaker Cap'n Oops Berry Quaker Squares Honey Nut QuakerLife OatmealSquares SquaresHoney HoneyNut Nut Quaker Oatmeal Quaker QuakerLife Life Quaker Life Quaker Quaker Life QuakerCinnamon Oatmeal Life Squares Golden Maple Quaker Life Quaker Quaker Cinnamon Life QuakerCap'n Cap'nCrunch Crunch Oops Butter Berry Quaker Cinnamon Life Quaker Peanut Quaker Cap'n Crunch Peanut Butter QuakerOatmeal Oatmeal Squares Honey Nut Quaker Cap'n Crunch Peanut Butter Quaker Square Brown Sugar Quaker Oatmeal SquareBrown BrownSugar Sugar QuakerCap'n Life Crunch Quaker Oatmeal Square Quaker Quaker Cap'n CrunchPeanut Butter QuakerCap'n Life Crunch Quaker Cap'n Crunch Quaker Quaker Cap'n Crunch PeanutButter Butter QuakerCap'n Cinnamon LifePeanut Quaker Cap'n Crunch Quaker Crunch Quaker Cap'n Crunch QuakerCap'n Cap'nCrunch CrunchBerries Peanut Butter Quaker Cap'n Crunch Quaker Quaker Cap'n Crunch Berries QuakerCap'n Oatmeal Square Brown Sugar Quaker Cap'n Crunch Berries Quaker Crunch Berries Quaker Cap'n Crunch Berries QuakerOatmeal Cap'nCrunch Crunch Quaker Cap'n Berries Quaker Squares Cinnamon Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cinnamon QuakerCinnamon Cap'n Crunch Butter Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cinnamon Quaker Life Peanut Quaker Cinnamon Life QuakerCinnamon Cap'n Crunch Quaker Life Quaker Cap'n Crunch Berries Quaker Cap'n Crunch Berries Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cinnamon Quaker Cinnamon Life

14.5 OZ 3.18 14.5OZ OZ 2.78 3.18 14.5 OZ 3.18 11.5 11.5OZ OZ 3.18 2.78 11.5 OZ 2.78 14.5 14.5 OZ 2.78 3.18 14.5 OZ 3.18 13 OZ 13OZ OZ 3.18 2.78 13 OZ 2.78 18 18OZ OZ 3.18 14.5 OZ 3.18 3.18 18 OZ 3.18 18 18OZ OZ 3.18 11.5 OZ 3.18 2.78 18 OZ 3.18 17.1 17.1 OZ 3.18 14.5OZ OZ 3.18 3.18 17.1 OZ 3.18 14.5 14.5 OZ 3.18 OZ 2.78 2.78 14.5 OZ 3.18 1413OZ 14 OZ 2.78 18OZ OZ 2.78 3.18 14 OZ 2.78 12.5 12.5 OZ 2.78 OZ 3.18 3.18 12.5 OZ 2.78 2018OZ 20OZ OZ 3.18 17.1 OZ 2.78 3.18 20 OZ 3.18 13 13OZ OZ 2.78 14.5 OZ 3.18 3.18 13 OZ 2.78 18.7 18.7 OZ 3.18 14OZ OZ 3.18 2.78 18.7 OZ 3.18 14.5 14.5 OZ 3.18 12.5 OZ 2.78 2.78 14.5 OZ 3.18 13 OZ 13 OZ 2.78 20OZ OZ 2.78 3.18 13 13 OZ 2.78 18.7 OZ 3.18 14.5 OZ 3.18 13 OZ 2.78

Post HBO Moring Cinnamon Crunch 14.75 OZ 3.39 PostAlpha HBOMoring MoringCinnamon CinnamonCrunch Crunch 14.75 OZ 2.99 3.39 Post HBO 14.75 OZ 3.39 Post Bits 12 OZ Post Alpha Bits 12OZ OZ 2.99 2.99 Post Poppin Alpha Bits 12 OZ 2.99 Post Pebbles Cereal 12 PostHBO Poppin Pebbles Cereal 12OZ OZ 3.39 2.99 Post Poppin Pebbles Cereal 12 OZ 2.99 Post Morning Choc Almond 15 PostGreat HBOMorning MorningCranberry ChocAlmond Almond 15OZ OZ 3.38 3.39 Post HBO Choc 15 OZ 3.39 Post Grains 14 Post Great GrainsDigestive CranberryVanilla 14OZ OZ 3.38 PostGreat HBOGrains Moring Cinnamon Crunch 14.75 OZ 3.38 3.39 Post Great Grains Cranberry 14 OZ 3.38 Post Graham 12.5 Post Great Grains Digestive Vanilla Graham 19.2 12.5 OZ 3.38 PostGrape AlphaGrains Bits FitDigestive 12OZ OZ 2.99 2.99 Post Great 12.5 OZ 3.38 Post Nuts CranberryVanilla VanillaGraham Post Grape Nuts Fit Cranberry Vanilla 19.2 OZ 2.99 PostHBO Poppin Pebbles Cereal Vanilla OZ 2.99 2.99 Post Grape Nuts Fit Cranberry 19.212OZ OZ 2.99 Post Honey Roasted 14.5 Post HBO Honey Roasted 14.5 OZ 2.99 PostHBO HBOAlmond Morning Choc Almond OZ 2.99 3.39 Post HBO Honey Roasted 14.515OZ OZ 2.99 Post 14.5 Post HBO Almond 14.5 OZ 2.99 PostHBO Great Grains Cranberry OZ 3.39 3.38 Post HBO Almond 14.5 OZ 2.99 Post Almonds 1814OZ Post HBO Almonds 18 OZ 3.39 PostHoney GreatAlmonds Grains Digestive Vanilla Graham12.5 12.5 OZ 2.49 3.38 Post HBO 18 OZ OZ 3.39 Post Comb Post Honey Comb 12.5 OZ 2.49 PostBanana GrapeComb NutsCrunch Fit Cranberry Vanilla 19.2OZ OZ 3.38 2.99 Post Honey 12.5 OZ 2.49 Post Nut 15.5 Post Banana Nut Crunch 15.5 OZ 3.38 PostHBO HBOHoney Honey Roasted 14.5 OZ 3.39 2.99 Post Banana Nut Roasted Crunch 15.5 OZ 3.38 Post 18 OZ Post HBO Honey RoastedPecan 18OZ OZ 3.39 PostGreat HBOHoney Almond 14.5 OZ 3.38 2.99 Post HBO Roasted 18 OZ 3.39 Post Grains Crunch 16 Post Great Grains Crunch Pecan 16 OZ 3.38 Post HBO Almonds 18 OZ 3.39 Post Blueberry Great Grains Crunch Pecan 16 OZ OZ 3.38 3.38 Post Morning 13.5 Post Blueberry Morning 13.5 OZ 3.38 Post Honey Comb 12.5 OZ 2.49 Post Natural Blueberry Morning 13.5 OZ 2.99 3.38 Post Bran Flakes 16 OZ Post Natural Bran Flakes 16OZ OZ 2.99 PostGrape Banana Nut Flakes Crunch 15.5 OZ 2.99 3.38 Post Natural Bran 16 OZ 2.99 Post Nuts 20.5 Post Grape NutsFlakes 20.5 OZ 2.99 PostGrape HBO Nuts Honey Roasted OZ 2.99 3.39 Post Grape Nuts 20.5 OZ 2.99 Post 1818OZ Post Grape NutsFlakes Flakes 18 OZ 2.99 PostRaisin GreatBran Grains Crunch Pecan 16OZ OZ 2.99 3.38 Post Grape Nuts 18 OZ 2.99 Post 20 Post Raisin BranMorning 20OZ OZ 2.99 PostWaffle Blueberry 13.5 OZ 2.99 3.38 Post Raisin Bran 20 OZ 2.99 Post Crisp 11.5 Post Waffle Crisp 11.5 OZ 2.99 PostGolden Natural Bran Flakes 16OZ OZ 2.49 2.99 Post Waffle Crisp 11.5 OZ 2.99 Post Crisp 14.75 Post Golden Crisp 14.75 OZ 2.49 PostCocoa GrapePebbles Nuts 20.5 OZ 2.49 2.99 Post Golden Crisp 14.75 OZ 2.49 Post 11 OZ Post Cocoa Pebbles 11 OZ 2.49 PostCocoa GrapePebbles Nuts Flakes 18OZ OZ 2.99 2.99 Post Cocoa Pebbles 11 OZ 2.49 Post 15 Post Cocoa Pebbles 15 OZ 2.99 PostFruity Raisin Bran 20OZ OZ 2.49 2.99 Post Cocoa Pebbles 15 OZ 2.99 Post Pebbles 11 Post Fruity Pebbles 11OZ OZ 2.49 PostFruity Waffle Crisp 11.5 OZ 2.99 2.99 Post Fruity Pebbles 11 OZ 2.49 Post Pebbles 15 Post Fruity Pebbles 15OZ OZ 2.99 PostShredded Golden Crisp 14.75 OZ 2.99 2.49 Post Fruity Pebbles 15 OZ 2.99 Post Honey Nut Wheat 20 Post Shredded HoneyNut NutWheat Wheat 20 OZ 2.99 PostRaisin CocoaBran Pebbles 11OZ OZ 3.18 2.49 Post Shredded Honey 20 OZ 2.99 Post 25 Post Raisin Bran 25 OZ 3.18 PostShredded CocoaBran Pebbles 15OZ OZ 2.99 2.99 Post Raisin 25 OZ 3.18 Post Wheat Bran 18 Post Shredded WheatBran Bran 18 OZ 2.99 PostHBO Fruity Pebbles 11OZ OZ 2.99 2.49 Post Shredded Wheat 18 OZ 2.99 Post Strawberry 13 Post HBO Strawberry 13 OZ 2.99 PostShredded FruityStrawberry Pebbles 15OZ OZ 2.99 2.99 Post HBO 13 OZ 2.99 Post Wheat Spoon Size 16.4 Post Shredded Wheat Spoon Size 16.4 OZ 2.99 PostShredded ShreddedWheat HoneySpoon Nut Wheat OZ 2.99 2.99 Post Shredded Wheat Size 16.4 OZ 2.99 Post 1520OZ Post Shredded Wheat 15 OZ 2.99 PostHBO Raisin Bran 25OZ OZ 2.99 3.18 Post Shredded Wheat 15 OZ 2.99 Post Honey Roasted Granola 11 Post HBO HoneyWheat Roasted Granola 11 OZ 2.99 PostHBO Shredded Bran 18OZ OZ 2.99 2.99 Post HBO Honey Roasted Granola 11 OZ 2.99 Post Raspberry Granola 11 Post HBO Raspberry Granola 11 OZ 2.99 PostHBO HBOCinnamon Strawberry 13OZ OZ 2.99 2.99 Post HBO Raspberry Granola 11 OZ 2.99 Post Granola 11 Post HBO Cinnamon Granola 11OZ OZ 2.99 PostHBO Shredded Wheat Spoon Size 16.4 OZ 2.99 2.99 Post Cinnamon Granola 11 Post Shredded Wheat 15 OZ 2.99 Post HBO Honey Roasted Granola 11 OZ 2.99 Post HBO Raspberry Granola 11 OZ 2.99 Post HBO Cinnamon Granola 11 OZ 2.99




NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS Meets Sunday, Wednesday and Friday 7:00 PM in Basement of St. Stephan's Episcopal Church



LEAKY ROOF, Missing Shingles???

WANTED: ENGINE for 22 or 23 Lawn Horse Kollar, with double pipes. Also, looking for any push or riding lawn mowers, snowblowers, that don't run. Pick up in town or out of town. 792-9648 or 2755475. WILL HAUL away running or non-running riding mowers, push mowers, snow blowers and garden tillers. Call 792-2416

Flat roof repair & coating. Chimney repair & removal. Soffit & fascia repair & cover. General Repairs



Attic & side walls.


Friday, April 11th: 6pm-7:30pm Saturday, April 12th: 8am-Noon (Snow date: Sat., April 19th: 8am-Noon)

Attic fans & ventilation Leaf Proof Gutter Covers,

Gutter cleaning. Call 641-792-6375

House held misc. children's books: Usbourne, Fancy Nancy, Disney. Family friendly DVDs, Toys: Zhuzhu pets, Cars, Polly Pocket, My Little Pony, Barbie, Doc McStuffins, Pottery Barn, Zoobles, Melissa and Doug. Like new baby items: Pack-N-Play, crib with mattress, stroller with detachable car seat, baby gates, bassinett, exersaucer, portable highchair. Boy/girl clothes 0-4T, girls bedroom décor: bookends, pictures, storage boxes, 4'x6ft Pottery Barn rug, butterfly mobile. Suitcases, MUCH MORE!


OVERHEAD DOOR SALES & SERVICE Commercial/Residential Call Gary Ryther 641-792-8769






Call us at 641-792-9655 or 1-800-722-9655 ELECTRONICS

One Low Monthly Rate Advertised for a month in the Newton Daily News, Jasper County Advertiser and online!


$60 for a 1” space, each additional 1/2” is $5 more!




MULTI-FAMILY YARD SALE April 16 – 19, 8am-6pm Featuring furniture, kitchen goods, clothes and more! 305 E. 20th St. S., Newton

You don't have to face it alone. Free/Confidential. Walk-ins or appointment.

Pregnancy Center of Central Iowa 641-792-3050 or 800-395-4357


REWARD: STOLEN 12/26/13 Jack , two year old black, non neutered male, leopard Cur Coon dog. Had yellow collar with owners name, address and phone number. Looks like black lab with hound ears. Has a few white hairs, in center of his chest and a scar on inside of left leg. If you have any information please call 641-521-9027.


For More Information, call (641)792-3121 x 301.

Reasonable rates,very dependable!

641-275-1489 BICYCLE

Reach thousands of customers weekly!

with push mower. Will trim and clean up.

Will also do temporary mowing while you're on vacation.


Service Directory!!

is looking for spring cleanup jobs, leaves, gutters, and lawns to mow for the summer.



with the

Service Directory!!!


PLUMBERS & Helpers, New Construction & Service. Cook Plumbing Corporation. 1425 Fuller Road, West Des Moines EEO WANTED

HOUSE TO rent in the Pella or Monroe area. Dog friendly with a garage and nice yard. 641-840-2380.

One Low Monthly Rate Advertised for One Month in the Newton Daily News, Jasper County Advertiser, and online!! $60 for a 1” Space, each additional 1/2” is $5 more! Reach Thousands of Customers Weekly!!!

LOOKING FOR house to rent or buy on contract in Lynnville-Sully school district. 319-883-5169.

For More Information, (641)792-3121 ext. 301

OLD MILITARY items: German, Japanese, and American, and old Advertising signs. 641-4856591.

2 STUDENT desks, one has attached chair. 641791-9332. DOWNED OAK Tree, needs cut up and removed. 641-791-9332. FREE: PIANO 641-5217028.



On NEW Grasshopper Equipment

Skilled Nursing Facility

Skilled rehab to home and all therapy services. Contact us today! 641-792-1443 1500 1st Ave. E., Newton, IA

Get all the True ZeroTurn™ benefits of a new Grasshopper mower with zero interest. But hurry, this offer is for a limited time only! For details, see your Grasshopper dealer or visit KELLOGG LAWN & SNOW 9420 IMAGE AVE KELLOGG, IOWA 50135 641-526-8002

*Cannot be combined or used with any other Grasshopper promotion. Certain restrictions may apply. 0% financing available with approved credit. See participating authorized Grasshopper dealer for complete details. Offer expires June 30, 2014

4 JASPER COUNTY ADVERTISER, Wednesday, April 9, 2014 FREE




FREE TO Good Home: 4 Lovable Kittens, weaned & litter trained, 2 tri colored calico's and 2 gray and white Tuxedo's. 641-4178815.

1, 2, AND 3 BR apts available in Newton, Baxter, and Grinnell. Rental Assistance & Utility allowance available. Onsite laundry. No Pets. This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer. Equal Housing Opportunity. Handicap Accessible. Apply online at or Call 866-522-1337



FREE: 2 Pyrenees- 1 female named Zoey, spayed and 1 male named Zeppelin, neutered. Also, mix female not spayed, 2 year old mix Teddy Bear and Shitzu, named Sammy. All up to date on shots. All need good loving homes. 641-521-0607. RENTALS

1 & 2 bdrm units in Newton & Monroe! Priced $450-$600 $200 Security Deposits Pet Friendly (some restrictions) W/D Hookups Central Air Dishwasher Private covered Patio or Balcony with storage Laundry Facility onsite (641)792-6939 EHO

FOR RENT: Large Two Bedroom Apartment, Stove and Frig. Furnished. Call 641-521-0985. $350.00/Month, Deposit and Ref. Required, No Pets.

$200 CASH BONUS! *Ask Ian* Accepting Applications 601 S Main St Prairie City, IA Rental Assistance Available, On-Site laundry, 62 years of age or older, handicapped/disabled regardless of age. Call for details 515-975-8908 (This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer)



MIDTOWN APARTMENTS Conveniently located on the Square in Newton Iowa. We have furnished and unfurnished apartments with all utilities paid. 1st and 13th months free with signed lease. On-site management and security, 24 hr. laundry, and convenient parking. Call for more info

COLFAX PARK Apartments Accepting Applications 822 S Oak Park Colfax, IA Rental Assistance Available, On-Site laundry, 62 years of age or older, handicapped/disabled regardless of age. Call for details 641-521-3583 (This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer) Equal Housing Opportunity FOR SALE

Equal Housing Opportunity

2750-20 TIRES on 8 bolt rims. $150 for both. 641791-9332.

2 BEDROOM Trailer. Water Paid, no pets. $400/month. 3118 Hwy F48 W #8. 641-792-3445

42' ROUND Table with an extra leaf and 6 chairs $50 or OBO. Good condition, tan color. 791-9383. CAR CHARGER for use with Samsung devices, at half price. 791-7253.

Business Card direCtory Keeping You Comfortabl

Integrated Treatment Service

Enjoy Life, Live Alcohol

Now offerINg



& Drug Free

Drunk Driving School



200 N 8th Ave. E., Newt

on, Iowa 50208

303 S. 2nd Ave. w., Newton


Karen Sallis


check us out at www.brookermech.:com


s r




opane-Scrap WHY GIVE YOUR SCR AP STEEL AWAY FOR FREE? We buy scrap steel at com petitive prices! *We fill propane cylinde rs *Cut to order new & used steel *Roll off containers for commercial job sites & trash removal *Distributor of Linweld welding gas & equipm ent Call (641)792-1484 1428 N. 19th Ave. E. * Newton, IA 50208

Alanna Wilson’s Dog Training

& In Home Pet Sitting

“Giving is true having”

641-840-2905 • wilsonal421@ya

Visit us at: www.awdogtraininga

Obedience - Dog walking - Pet


“Give me a try before you buy”


Insured & Bonded • Pet CP R and pet first aid cer


Charles Spurgeon. Doug Cupples

“Over 30 cars $250 to $350 per month” 1910 1st Ave. E. Newton • 641-521-8725

Bring in your business card today and this space can be yours!

641-792-3121, ext. 313 200 1st Ave. E. P.O. Box 967


JASPER COUNTY ADVERTISER, Wednesday, April 9, 2014 5


1999 ARCTIC Cat 4wheeler ATV, like new, runs great! $1950. 641831-3821. No calls after 8 pm.


‘14 RAM 1500 ST QUAD CAB 4x4 • #113340


30,412 $ ONLY 368






OR $1,000 REBATE +




PLUS UP TO $2,000 in TOTaL SavingS! 6



OVER 100 USED IN INVENTORY... WITH A FREE VEHICLE HISTORY REPORT AND WARRANTY FOREVER! 2013 Buick Lacrosse, Leather, GM certified, 9k Mi ........................................................... $25,3297 2007 chevroLet traiLBLazer Ls ............................................................................................ $6,6497 2010 Buick Lacrosse cXs, GM certified, 31k Mi ................................................................ $21,9497 2010 dodGe Grand caravan sXt, chrysLer certified, 33k Mi ............................................. $17,6397 2013 chrysLer town & country tourinG, Leather, chrysLer certified, 26k Mi ................ $21,7277 2013 chevroLet MaLiBu Ls, GM certified, 6k Mi ................................................................. $17,2947 2011 chevroLet aveo Lt, GM certified, 32k Mi ..................................................................... $9,9897 2006 chevroLet siLverado 1500hd Lt, warranty forever, 4X4 ......................................... $17,1697 2012 Jeep Grand cherokee Laredo, chrysLer certified, 36k Mi ......................................... $24,6937 2013 chevroLet captiva Ls, GM certified, 5k Mi ................................................................ $18,4707

Hours: Mon & Thu: 8am - 8pm • Tues, Wed, Fri: 8am - 6pm • Sat: 8am - 4pm

Highway 146 South • Grinnell

866-420-7373 • 1 At participating dealers only. Not available with special finance and lease programs and some other offers. Take retail delivery by 4/30/14. See dealer for details. 2Pricing includes all applicable rebates, plus tax and fees. Prior sales excluded. 3With approved credit; payments are based on 36 month 36,000 mile lease with $2,000 down, plus tax and fees. 4With approved credit; payments are based on 3.44% APR for 84 months with $3,000 down, plus tax and fees. 5With approved credit. Offer ends 4/30/14. 6Bonus cash is only available to consumers who currently own/lease a 1999 or newer GM model. Offer ends 4/30/14. 7Excludes tax, title, license and dealer fees. See dealer for details. 8All pre-owned vehicles have Warranty Forever if under 100,000 miles.









‘14 dodge grand caravan se







22,499 $ ONLY 244


$4,500 Cash allowance $2,912 Price discount $750 Option Package discount

FWD • #11471



1997 FORD Conversion Van. Heavy ½ ton, great for towing. New front end and front tires. Runs great. $2400. 515-778-2792


1968 BLUE Ford Mustang Convertible. 60,000 miles, 289 Automatic. 641-7924481 or 641-521-7813

TWO Taurus SHO's. 1993 Ford Taurus SHO: 81200+ one owner miles. Manual 5 speed overdrive transmission. All options except sunroof. Ultra red crimson color. Very clean, good to excellent condition. Included owners manual, Ford repair manual, Chiltion repair manual, purchase papers, repair records, original floor mats, and 1993 magazine articles. Vehicle is ready to drive anywhere. 1995 SHO: Parts car with lots of good parts. Bad engine and automatic transmission. Good Body, glass, wheels, and more. Asking $4900 for both cars. 641791-2220.

‘14 CHEVY SILVERADO 1500 ‘14 jeep cherokee SPORT




we guarantee that we can get you approved, even if you have been recently divorced, filed bankruptcy and even had your car repossessed. Call us today, we’ll help you find a car that fits your budget!


Ask about our Sunrise Edition



Ad will include up to 25 words & a photo. Call for more details on our Photo Special 641-792-3121 ext 301.

True Peace of Mind...Forever



Only $25.00

with every new and pre-owned vehicle!

More readership than ANY publication in Jasper County. Place your ad in the Newton Daily News & Jasper County Advertiser until it sells.






2008 SUNSET Creek by Sunny Brook, 27' travel trailer, 12' slide out, walk in shower, regular size bed, sofa, and table make into a bed. 2 platform rockers and TV included, electric front jack, good condition, $12,000. Call 641-7924935 DAEWOO-DD802L DOZER $20,000. 641-792-4332






LT 133 John Deere riding lawn mower, excellent condition, always shedded. $500 or OBO. 641-2365119. ONE PAIR Men's Carhartt insulated Coveralls, size 46 short, never worn. $50. 641-791-9332. TWIN BED with white headboard, custom wooden frame, nice mattress. $85. 792-1920.

SNOW WAY V Plow- one ton truck mounting, new cutting blade. $3,000. 641792-4332 SOLID WOOD Dinning Table, with 2 leaves and 4 matching chairs. $100. 412-496-3665. SONY 42 inch LCD Projection TV, new bulb, comes with remote & owners manual. $150 526-3454. WEAR EDGE for 8' blade $20. Steel pipe, cable, rod, angle & channel iron. Concrete planters. Alum Camper door. Steel mail box post. $15. 641-7932955. WOMAN'S SCHWINN Bicycle, in perfect shape. $100. 787-1919.

2002 GRAY, extended cab Chevy Silverado. Fully loaded with towing package, leather, heated seats, automatic seats, mirrors, etc. 207k miles and some very minor dents/scratches. Engine runs perfect. Recently fully detailed and new battery. $7,000 OBO. Contact Cody if interested at 515-681-1373


2 PIECE, hard rock, maple Hutch, 68 ½” tall x 17” D x 43” W, excellent condition $125. Can help move if needed. Solid Oak Entertainment Center, holds 26” TV, has glass door on left with shelves, storage underneath, 54” W X 52” H X 20” D, TV area is 29” W X 26” H, $75. 641-840-0208. “32 WEDDING Songs” Solos or voice, piano or organ,vintage, 1959, good condition. $3. “Songs of the American Cowboy” sheet music piano/guitar, 1988, excellent condition. $3. 641-791-2220. 6 DRAWER Dresser, in good condition $20. Wardrobe with 2 drawers at the bottom, in excellent condition $30. Kitchen table and 4 chairs, excellent condition $115. Call after 2 p.m. 791-7809. AIR GATE for Ford full size pick up $75 or OBO, white stove hood with fan and lite $10, blue leather recliner good condition $60, 2 lamps, cherry wood color with pewter trim and shades $25 or OBO, Pell Laptop $85 or OBO. 641831-9571. AR 223/5.56 Carbine Bushmaster, 5 (30) RD clips, 1 (10) RD clips, 200 RD 223 $1500. Must have permit to buy. 641-4179285. BARREL Com poster with stand that rotates barrel. If you haul $20, if I haul $30. 236-3541. DOG CAGE and dog house $75 or OBO. Mini Remington dehumidifier, brand new, still in the crate, model 365. $50 or OBO. 641-521-6529. FRASER JOHNSTON HE Furnace 76,000 BTU, asking $200. 792-0152. GOLF CLUBS- Tour Edge Gradhite Shaft reg. Flex 3 and 6, 21° degree + 30° degree $30 for both. 641781-1308. H.D. MIDWAY Pearl White Helmet, new in bag, have papers, size XLG $75. Men's black leather Jacket size XLG, new $50. 7924441. HARLEY DAVIDSON leather Chaps, excellent condition, size large $55. 641-417-8332. HOT SPRINGS Hot Tub, $1000, seats 8, excellent condition. Colfax. 719-3711500. IOWA HAWKEYE tall glass Mug $20. Dale Earnhardt Jr. 1:64 Collectible Cars $15 each. 515-3137803. LARGE BOX Antique glass Bottles, very old, make an offer. 641-3634510.

1976 Cutlass Supreme 350 OLDS Auto. Fresh rebuild on motortrans. 65,000 miles on car, Charcoal grey with red interior. Call 515-729-3073 or 641-521-1588. $3,800.00



LOVE SEAT/SOFA BED, in excellent condition,with flexsteel springs, no children, no pets, pastel green, make an offer. Kimbal Broadway Electric Organ, in excellent condition, make an offer. Large size Westbend electric bread maker, has been used very little, make an offer. 7924214. MAYTAG TRUCKS SERIES – #1 -12 in boxes $175. Garden claw $8. Leaf blower $10, karaoke machine with microphone $25, child size samsonite suitcase/book carrier with handle & wheels $5, card table 30 X30 $10, steel rake $5, hoe $3, electric weed whacker $10, eletric edger $20. 641-2757600. MERC 3 Blade, 13 spline prop. (new) $50; Johnson / Evinrude 3 blade – 14 spline prop. $25; Concrete Planters; Camper alum. Clad 32” X 75 5/8” door $75 or OBO; Steel mail box post with box $15. 641-793-2955. OLDER ARI ens Snowblower, needs auger gear, but runs very good. Electric start, 4 speed fwd., 1 spd reverse, 8 h.p., 2 stage. $200 or OBO. 641-2755410. PUZZLES, MOSTLY 1000 pieces 50¢ each. 7926127. REESE 16 K Slider 5th Wheel Hitch, used 3 times, paid $1,500 will sell for $900 Firm. 641-275-5080. ROUND 42” patio table with glass top $25. Child deluxe security gate, extra wide, metal $35. 2 Cabinets good for garage, one hanging with 2 selfs and one free standing with 2 selfs. $10 each. 792-4441. RUSTY ROSE Rocker Chair (like new) $40. Men's Cowboy Boots, size 10 ½ $30. Pillsbury Dough Boy duffel bag (never used) $15. 792-7186. SHOPSMITH 5-in-one wood Lathe, drill press, boring machine, sander, ect., with tools $695. 641521-1915.



14 FT ALUMINUM Fishing boat and trailer, Johnson 6 HP gas motor, bow mount foot controlled trolling motor, hand controlled trolling motor, depth and fish finder, swivel seats, hand crank bow mount anchor. $1,800. 641-792-0378. Leave message.





6 JASPER COUNTY ADVERTISER, Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Daily News

Outside Sales Representative

The Newton Daily News and Jasper County Advertiser have an exciting opportunity for a talented and energetic person to join our advertising department as a full-time outside sales professional. Our ever-growing advertising mediums include the Newton Daily News,, Jasper County Advertiser, Jasper County Tribune, Jasper County Living Magazine, Central Iowa Ag Mag and Shaw Digital Services. If you have an interest in media and sales and are looking to build your career, this might be the opportunity you are looking for. As an outside sales professional, your activities will include working with a variety of local clients. You will introduce the features and benefits of our advertising solutions and determine programs designed to help your clients’ business grow. The ideal candidate should have prior sales experience, but is not required. You must have strong written and verbal communication skills, basic computer and typing skills and be able to work in a fast-paced environment. You must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. Pre-employment background check and drug screen are required.

This is a full-time position that does offer benefits including health, dental and 401k plan.

Please send resume to: Jeff Holschuh, Advertising Director 200 1st Ave E, P.O. Box 967 Newton, IA 50208 or email to: EOE

Job Announcement Vice President of Operations Progress Industries This well-respected central Iowa non-profit corporation provides a full range of services for individuals with disabilities. The Vice President of Operations is responsible for management of staff, budget and program quality of our Home and Community Based Residential services in both Newton and Des Moines, our ICF-ID services, and our Vocational and Day Habilitation programs in Newton. Applicants for the Vice President of Operations should have a history of successfully demonstrating a wide range of skills and experience. Experience in Home and Community Based services, a professional degree in a related field as well as experience managing people is required. Finalists may be asked to take personality and skills assessments and must pass a criminal/ abuse background check, a Medicaid exclusion check, a drug screen, a physical examination, a DMV check, and reference checks. Progress Industries is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all qualified candidates to apply. Please send a letter of interest and your resume electronically to Kelly Decker, or mail to Kelly Decker, Progress Industries, PO Box 1449, Newton, IA 50208. This position will be available in July 2014 so please submit your interest no later than May 5, 2014.

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Take Kids Snacking Into The Wild With Mangos (NAPSA)-The next time you’re looking for creative ways to enhance some of your kids’ go-to favorites, consider this: Snacking now accounts for more than half of all eating occasions in the U.S. Parents are increasingly challenged to create quick bites that give kids the energy and nutrition they need. The good news is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. With fresh mango, it’s easy to transform kitchen staples into snack time adventures. Mango is available year-round and its versatility makes it an excellent addition to your family’s meal plan. It’s packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals and all for just 100 calories

per cup. Stacking nutrient-rich mango and berries with dessert items such as brownies and marshmallows on a kebab can make for fun treats for kids to prepare. Mango popsicles are another popular go-to treat. Just puree fresh-cut mango in a blender or food processor, pour into ice cube trays, insert a Popsicle stick and freeze. When selecting a mango, don’t judge the fruit by its color. Instead, squeeze it gently to find a ripe mango that “gives” slightly like a peach or avocado. Store your ripe mangos for up to a week in the refrigerator until you’re ready to whip up your favorite snack or keep slices and

-Janitorial Positions – 1st & 3rd shifts -Production – all shifts -End line stackers -Fabricators for wood trusses



1029 Broad St, Grinnell 641-236-9220 EOE

cubes frozen for up to six months in an airtight container. Just like adults, kids eat with their eyes first, so it can be fun to turn a traditional personal-size pizza into a Lion Pizza with mango and red bell pepper slices for the mane. The sweet and slightly tangy mango is a good substitute for tomato, making it a natural complement to Italianstyle dishes. You can even pair this Lion Pizza with a viewing of Disney’s “The Jungle Book”-available for the first time on Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital HD on February 11-and you’re likely to create a roaring good time that your kids won’t forget. Now that you’re in the

party mood, think about an adventure-filled, fivenight vacation for your family. You can “like” Mango Board on Facebook at www.facebook. com/mangoboard and enter the Jungle Jetsetter Giveaway for your chance to win a Funjet Vacations family getaway to Punta Cana with all-inclusive accommodations at the RIU Palace Punta Cana courtesy of Funjet Vacations. Lion Pizza 4 servings Prep Time: 10 Minutes Cook Time: 8 Minutes 4 whole-wheat pitas 1 cup low-sodium pizza sauce 1⁄2 cup shredded low-fat mozzarella cheese 1⁄2 cup shredded low-fat cheddar cheese

Free Camping for Volunteers at Lake Red Rock. Seasonal volunteers needed from April 22 thru September 29. Free full-hookup campsite provided in exchange for service. Contact: 641-828-7522 ext 6442

Contact: Juan Wheeler at 641-792-9079 or This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Newton Health Care Center, is looking for caring, energetic and compassionate individuals to become a member of our team. The qualified candidates must provide the best quality care for our residents.

CNA 2nd & 3rd Shifts Full-time LPN or RN 2nd Shift Full-time Apply in person Newton Health Care Center 200 S. 8th Ave E., Newton, IA 50208 E.O.E.

mushroom slice in the center of each pizza for the lion’s nose. Place the pitas on a large baking sheet and bake for 8 minutes or until cheese is melted. Remove from oven and let cool for 2-3 minutes. Serve warm.

Now Hiring

Truck Dispatcher Full-time truck dispatching, permitting, and general office position available with competitive pay and benefits. Must be detail oriented and posses computer capability. Trucking knowledge or background strongly encouraged.


Hawkeye Stages Job Opening Part-Time Office Assistant Hawkeye Stages is currently accepting applications for a part-time Office Assistant at our Newton IA office. Hours of employment will be approximately 4½ hours per day, Monday - Friday.

Growing Implement Dealer

Qualifications and skills required include: strong verbal and written communication skills, Microsoft Office skills, professionalism, customer focus, dependability, self-management, attention to detail, organization and flexibility.

Adding Full Time Positions: • Small Engine Mechanic • Service Technician/Mechanic Competitive compensation with excellent benefits package. Send resume to or fax to (515) 994-3272

Please submit resume and letter of introduction to Hawkeye Stages, 300 E. 17th St. S., Newton IA, Attn: Cathy, or by email to

Leasing/Marketing/ Supportive Service Coordinator Full time position with excellent benefits

8 pepperoni slices 8 black olive slices 1 large ripe mango, peeled, pitted, cut into thin strips 1 large red bell pepper, seeds removed, cut into thin strips 4 mushroom slices Preheat oven to 350° F. Spread 1⁄4 cup pizza sauce on one side of each pita. Sprinkle 1⁄8 cup mozzarella cheese in the center of each pita. Sprinkle 1⁄8 cup cheddar cheese around the outer edge of each pita. Place two pepperoni slices in the middle of each pita and top with two olive slices to make the lion’s eyes. Alternate mango and red pepper strips around the edge of each pita, creating the lion’s mane. Add a

In Prairie City


delivering for the Jasper County Advertiser Route 702

Route 703

Route 730


$32/mo 160 Papers N. 4th Ave W. N. 3rd Ave W. N. 2nd Ave W. W. 13th St N. Candleridge Apts W. 11th St N. W. 10th St N. W. 9th St N.

$34/mo 172 Papers N. 7th Ave PL E. N. 7th Ave E. N. 6th Ave E. N. 5th Ave E. N. 4th Ave E. N. 2nd Ave E. E.23rd St N. E. 24th St N. E. 25th ST N.

S. 3rd Ave W. S. 4th Ave W. S. 5th Ave W.

Call for details.

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8 JASPER COUNTY ADVERTISER, Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS BASED COMPANY EXPANDING ACROSS NATION. We need sales reps with excellent opportunity to move into sales management. Excellent commissions. We train. Ag/construction experience a plus. Call 1-888372-0594 ext405 (MCN)

MINNESOTA’S BEST FISHING located on LakeOsakis. Choose from 8 Family Friendly Resorts. Over 6,200 acres of water enjoyment. Check out www., 1-800-422-0785, “Explore Minnesota” (IOWA ONLY) (MCN)

Visit Hammer for your Mastectomy Products.

A UNIQUE ADOPTIONS, LET US HELP! Personalized Adoption Plans. Financial Assistance, Housing, Relocation and More. Giving the Gift of Life? You Deserve the Best. Call Us First! 1-888-637-8200. 24HR Hotline. (VOID IN IL) (MCN)

Accounting and Income Taxes

Personal Income Taxes

Jessica Thornburg

Choose Hammer.

Assistant Manager Diabetic Shoe & Mastectomy Prosthesis Fitter

1719 1st Ave E., Newton 641-792-9339 or 800-365-5537



SAVE 33%


reg. 4.99 ea.





Your choice

2-Cu.-Ft. Colored Mulch L 155 014, 015, 016 B65 While supplies last.


Color-Changing LED Solar Stake Light T 141 554,

SAVE 47%


555, 557, 559 B18 While supplies last.

Hummingbird Butterfly


reg. 18.99

SAFE STEP WALK-IN TUB: Alert for Seniors: Bathroom falls can be fatal. Approved by Arthritis Foundation. Therapeutic Jets. Less than 4” Step-In. Wide Door. Anti-Slip Floors. American Made. Installation Included. Call 888-7442329 for $750 Off (MCN)

Dimensions Accounting

You have a choice.

Visit Hammer for your diabetic shoes.

PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? Call Us First! Living expenses, Housing, Medical and continued support afterwards. Choose Adoptive Family of Your Choice. Call 24/7. ADOPT CONNECT 1-866-951-1860 (Void in IL & IN) (MCN)

5-Gal. Poly Gas Can H 314 641 B4 While supplies last.


Call Sherry Griggs For Appointment 641-792-2058 • 101 1/2 1st Ave. W., Newton •

COLLECTOR’S PARADISE FLEA MARKET. Fairgrounds…What Cheer, Iowa. Saturday- Sunday. May 3 & 4. Early Bird: Friday, May 2nd (Admission $2.) Open 7 A.M. Admission $1.00 Daily. Outside dealer space available. Larry Nicholson, Box 413, What Cheer, Iowa 50268. Phone: 641-6342109, (MCN) RV, Sport, Rec & Gun Consignment Sale, Sat., May 3, 2014 at 9:00 A.M. Please get gun permits to buy, prior to sale. Consign early by Apr. 21, 2014 for complete advertising. Gilbert’s Sale Yard, LLC, 641-3982218. 2 Mi. N. of Floyd, IA On Hwy. 218. Tractor House Internet Bidding Available. (MCN) Close-Out Aluma trailer SALE! Only 19 left includes all Motorcycle trailers; 18’ 7k car haulers $2,266.00; Skidloader $3,588.00; Dump trailer $4,966.00 w/ tarp; 6’x12’ Enclosed $2,249.00; 130 trailers to choose from. 515-9724554 (MCN) We BUY used Manufactured Homes, Single and Double Wides. Call 641672-2344 (IOWA ONLY) (MCN)





3-Pc. Garden Tool Combo Set L 176 609 B6 While supplies last.

2617 1st Ave. E., Newton • 641-791-9614 Hours: M-F 7:30am-8:00pm; Sat. 7:30am-6:00pm; Sun. 10:00am-5:00pm

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This month Boulders Inn & Suites is giving away a Free One Night Stay each week. Drawings to be held on Fridays. Come check out the spacious suites, meeting rooms & beer & wine bar. Simply come in anytime throughout the week to register for your chance to win. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you will find. Jasper County residents only.

Pella 4222 S. 22nd Ave E., Newton 641-275-9495

JASPER COUNTY ADVERTISER, Wednesday, April 9, 2014 9

C & K Transfer

ment Base odel Rem

Free Estimates

Kitc Rem hen odel

MedicareBlue SupplementSM Plans With Lower Rates

We help move local households

If you live a healthy lifestyle, Wellmark’s MedicareBlue Supplement plans may be more affordable than you think!

Packing • Moving • Storage

Call 641-236-3418

Call today to learn more.

FREE Estimates

Bathroom Remodel

Call for References itions Credit Cards Accepted Add

“Advertising Works!”

Peter W. Brock, CLTC Registered Representative

Brock Financial Services Agent Logo Agent Photo (Size4000 must stay within box) Pkwy. Westown Ste 110 West Des Moines, IA 50266 [<Agent Name>] Phone 515-971-9190 [<Agency Name>] <Agency Location> <Phone Number>

Agent Photo

[<Agent Name>]


This is a solicitation of insurance. Wellmark Medicare supplement insurance plans are not affiliated with any government agency. To be eligible, you must reside in the service area of the plan. Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. IA-MS-05-P-13

Transitional Care Suites at Park Centre A WesleyLife Community in Newton

Janie and Rick Haunsperger Owners of JH Travel

“I’ve been running a consistent advertising campaign since we first opened in 2010. Newspaper advertising has continued to give me the best bang for my buck. Not only do I achieve great results, I get excellent professional service from the staff. I highly recommend advertising in all the newspapers the Newton Daily News manages. It works!” - Janie Haunsperger


Daily News

Our Advertising teAm cAn help yOu tOdAy!

Private suites with private baths and kitchenettes

Park Centre is Medicare certified so your skilled rehabilitation stay may be


covered by Medicare Therapy available 7 days per week as well as on-site Aqua Therapy

To learn more call



at your doorstep, desktop or device

500 First Street North • Newton, IA 50208

Does Your Business Have A Job Opening? Is It Tough To Find The Right Person For That Position?

WE CAN HELP! Place Your HELP WANTED Ad In The ONLY Publication In Jasper County Being Delivered To Over 15,000 Homes Every Week! To Get The Results That You Want And Need Call 641-792-3121 200 1st Ave. East, Newton email:

10 JASPER COUNTY ADVERTISER, Wednesday, April 9, 2014


$ 00


Thank You

We would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all those who attended, donated, organized and participated in the Pay it Forward for Pete Benefit. Thank you all so very much for your kindness and generosity. Sincerely, Julie, Zane, Noah and Corey

a whole pie (with coupon) You’ll be the hit of your Easter Dinner.

Order now to avoid disappointment. Good thru April 17, 2014.

641-792-1042 1505 W. 19th St. S., Newton

Thank You Sharpen your Competitive Edge!

Back By Popular Demand

Second Chance Prom

Newton American Legion

Fundraiser for the 2014 Veteran’s Memorial

Take lessons with our Golf Pro... John Shawver! Private Lessons • Group Lessons

Kids Camps

We will be hosting kids camps this summer. Call John at 641-831-9669 to sign up or for more information. 6232 HWY S74 South Newton

April 12, 2014 Social Hour 6:00 - 7:00 PM Hors d’oeuvres / Snacks / Cookies will be served

Dancing to the Oldies 7:00 - 11:00 PM Open to the Public $20 Per Couple

Words cannot begin to express our gratitude for the many cards and words of condolence we received at the time of the passing of Gunny. The food, flowers and memorials were also greatly appreciated. We knew he touched a lot of lives but did not realize to what extent until now. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Gerald “Gunny” Robinson Family

(4 miles South on Reasnor Road)


Relay for Life Fund Raiser

Bake Sale

Guys: Bring your wife, daughter, mom or grandma Gals: Bring your husband, son, dad or grandpa

Featuring all your favorite oldies

40’s 50’s 60’s

Team Meeting

RSVP appreciated but not required. 641.792.0396

Monday, April 14th 5:15-5:45pm Uncle Nancy’s Coffee House

Includes Silent Auction Items

Thursday, April 17, 2014 7:00am - 4:00pm

(or while supplies last)

Team captains can come in and enjoy a cup of coffee while we meet.

Skiff Medical Center Lobby

Sponsored by Relay teams from Skiff Medical Center

NEWTON DAILY NEW Friday, April 11 Monday, April 14


Book your event for FREE* in 2014

in the Rockies


., April 14 2 PM

Mon ites Country Inn & Su by Carlson 2605 SE 16th St.

LE URBANDA15 Tues., April

Rd. 11167 Hickman

NEWTON 16 Wed., April



� Airfare & 11 meals � Rocky Mountaineer

day train (2 days)

� Banff � Lake Louise � Victoria & Vancouver TOUR DEPARTS DES MOINES

10 AM

Holiday Inn

is open to the public and everyone is welcome.

Mike Lozano

at Comfort Suites rm s Fa y or st Hi g Livin

Good at the NewtoN hy-Vee Store thurSday, aPrIL 10th, 2014

The Newton 2 x 4" American Legion (2 col. = 3.222")

Sept. 3–12 with Retired KCCI TV Meteorologist

10 AM, 2 PM & 7 PM


(receptions, birthday parties, retirement JASPER COUNTY AD celebrations, etc.) (call for details) Wednesday, April 9

HOLIDAY Express COUPON 208 W. 4th St. North S OW AT SH


1-800-826-2266 Keyword: iowa

The Legion is: • All on one level - no steps or stairs • Large, complete kitchen • Ample tables & chairs in the ballroom * $100 deposit - some conditions apply

1101 W. 4th St. So. • Newton

792-3353 4:00p.m. Mon.-Sat.

JASPER COUNTY ADVERTISER, Wednesday, April 9, 2014 11

Daily Featured Specials Wed. - Liver & Onions Thurs. - Roast Pork & Dressing Fri. - Baked Steak Sat. - Goulash Sun. - Apricot Chicken, Beef Tips over Rice, or Beer Battered Fish

Midtown Cafe

Northeast corner of Newton Square • 792-7277

Over 37 years serving Newton

We Buy

- Coins, Jewelry, & Scrap Jewelry, you name it!

WARNER SALES & SERVICE 317 E. 7th St. N., Newton 641-792-8796

Pr e s e n t s

Cody Hicks Band

April 12th 8:00-12:00am N o C o v e r C h a rg e !

Reasnor, Iowa

June 22-27, 2014

Last Chance to Sign Up for This Tour!

Deadline: April 15, 2014 100 N. 2nd Ave. W., Newton

Call (641)-792-3121 x423

Coming soon s ’ ick Bar & Grill


Full Meals

(formerly Palma’s)

Featuring appetizers, steaks, seafood, & much more plus all your favorite drinks.

2002 1 Ave. E. Newton st

for $22!

A Big Deal at Big Steak Country!

This great offer includes a choice of five tasty appetizers and two delicious entrees (choose from 12)

Watch for our opening date.

1.00 short root beer floats sunday: 6 pc. shrimp basket $8.09 side ice of k o h c r Walleye is back! With you dium drin $

and a


1650 W. 19th Street S. 641-787-9900

Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast

Saturday, April 12, 2014 from 6:00am to 12:00 pm PCM High School Commons Monroe Elementary PTA

Janie Haunsperger


Monday: Double cheese butterburger basket Tuesday: BBQ pork sandwich Wednesday: Chicken salad sandwich Thursday: BBQ pork sandwich Friday: Tuna salad sandwich basket Weekend saTurday: 2 pc. chicken basket $5.89


Highlights include: Green Bay, Escanaba, Mackinac Island, Grand Hotel lunch, Castle Farms, The Music Musum, Gerald Ford Presidential Museum, Cruise on Lake Macatawa and lots more!

Do you have a news tip or comment?



“Magical Mackinac”

New & Used Computers Repairs • Upgrades Accessories

Non-Working Computers & Laptops

D&T Tap

Monday - Friday $4.99 BaskeT specials

EASTER EGG HUNT will be held at 10:00 am

The Monroe Kiwanis will be raffling off an ipad mini at the Pancake Breakfast. Raffle tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5 Children can also sign up to win a new bicycle and helmet!

Kellogg Fire Department Spaghetti Supper All proceeds go to the Junior Firefighter Program

Saturday, April 12th from 5:00-7:00pm $7.00

at R & J’s Bar ls, 526-9911 aghetti & Meatbal

Sp d, Dessert, Carry out & ar G lic Toast, Sala delivery in Kellogg a Tea or Lemonade vaila


1400 W. 18th St. S • Newton

Phone:# 792-4582

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 • 7 p.m.

Our Fish Tacos are made with real whitefish fillets, fajita sour cream and fresh lime.

C at C h t h e m

While You Can! 2106 1st Ave E • Newton, IA 792-1798 © 2014 Taco John’s International, Inc.

12 JASPER COUNTY ADVERTISER, Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Now taking orders for Easter Lillies 900 W. 3rd St. S. Newton, IA • 792-1241

4 off Lube, Oil & Filter





Two blocks from the Maytag Park Entrance ~ find us on Facebook

Expires April 15, 2014

641-792-7894 220 1st Ave. E., Newton

Hours: Mon. - Fri. 7 am - 5:30 pm; Sat. 8 am - 12 pm; Closed Sunday

WE’RE GROWING! McFarland Truck Lines. We need Class A company/ drivers and owner/operators. Great pay/benefits package. Stay in the Midwest; be home on weekends. Call Scott 507437-9905 (MCN)

WE BUY OIL & GAS MINERAL RIGHTS and ROYALTIES To Properties. Producing or Not. Competitive CASH Offer. Why Continue to Receive Small Monthly Checks, If at All. 408202-9307; (MCN)

INJURED? IN A LAWSUIT? Need Cash Now? We Can Help! No Monthly Payments to Make. No Credit Check. Fast Service and Low Rates. Call Now 888-271-0463 w w w. l a w c a p i t a l . c o m (Not available in NC, CO & MD) (MCN)

$14.99 SATELLITE TV. Includes free installation. High speed internet for less than $.50 a day. Low cost guarantee. Ask about our FREE IPAD with Dish Network. Call today 1-855-3316646 (Not available in NE) (MCN)

JACOBSON TRANSPORTATION, Now Leasing On Owner Operators. $3500 Sign On Bonus! We Run Mid-West Freight and No North-East! Steady Weekly Miles, Consistent Home Time. Call Today 877-236-9989 or Online www.DriveJTC. com (EAST ZONE ONLY) (MCN)

FREE FOOD & DISCOUNT Restaurant Card! Never Expires, Good All 50 States, Over 21 Different Places. Retails $29.95, Your Cost $8.00. FREE Shipping. Send Money Order/ Cash: Domino Design, PO Box 2518, Joliet, IL60431. Est. 1974 (MCN)

PAID IN ADVANCE! MAKE $1000 A WEEK mailing brochures from home! Genuine Opportunity! No experience required. Start Immediately! www.localmailers. net (VOID IN SD) (MCN)

DISH NETWORK – $19 Special, includes FREE Premium Movie Channels (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz) and Blockbuster at home for 3 months. Free installation and equipment. Call NOW! 1-866-8204030(MCN)

We Buy Gold! We Buy old jewerly, gold, silver, and coins. We will pay CASH for your unwanted pieces!

Turn This

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REDUCE YOUR CABLE BILL!* Get a whole-home Satellite system installed at NO COST and programming starting at $19.99/mo. FREE HD/ DVR Upgrade to new callers, SO CALL NOW 1-855-237-7524 (MCN)

GET CASH NOW for your Annuity or Structured Settlement. Top Dollars Paid. Fast, No Hassle Service! Call: 1-866-951-9586 (MonFri – 9am-6pm CT) (MCN)

Mobile Banking

Mattingly Music, Books & Coins 641-792-3250 800-881-2231 West Side of Square Newton Special Orders Welcome!

Bookkeeping & Compilation Full service public accounting firm providing excellent service!

Call us today! 121 W. 3rd St. N., Newton • 641-792-5660

404 S. Commerce Dr. Suite 1 Prairie City, IA 50228


Why Settle? Rehab in comfort & style at Inside Hunter Clinic

Lee, Jennifer, Reid & Wyatt Barnett

801 Hwy 14 S., Newton, IA (641) 791-9093 Visit our other locations in Des Moines, IA (515) 270-1917 Marshalltown, IA (641) 753-9595 Knoxville, IA (641) 842-2011 Pella, IA (641) 628-1344

Iowa’s Oldest Memorial Dealer

• Warm, caring, family environment • Private suites Call or stop by for a • Personalized programs private tour • In-house therapy team We’ll get you in, rehabbed & home!

200 S. 8th Ave. E. • Newton (641) 792-7440

Hopping into Easter

with these great gift ideas 2167 S. 24th Ave. W., Hwy. 14 S. & I-80 Newton

641-792-5566 Mon. & Thurs. 9-6; Tues.-Wed.-Fri. 9-5; Sat. 9-4; Sun. 12-4

Weekly Truckloads

of NEW and Used Furniture at affordable prices! New Furniture Showroom We buy your household items including appliances! New Beds Starting As Low As $100 a Set

Hop in for great Easter basket goodies!

212 First St. N., Newton • 641-792-3111 Hours: M-F 8:30am - 6pm; Sat. 9am - 2pm Locally owned & operated by Larry & Dianna Ambroson, RPh

Silver Lining

a kaleidoscope of styles

Hours: M, T, W, F - 9-5:30 Thurs. 9-7:00 Sat. 9-5:00

733 Franklin St., Pella • 641-628-3650

JASPER COUNTY ADVERTISER, Wednesday, April 9, 2014 13


Consignment Items for Auction April 26th Wanted: Farm items, lawn equip., auto and hayrack items. Contact Pendroy Auctions @ 641-891-4276 or Mark Ayers @ 515-681-2335

Jasper Co. Land Auction

Saturday Morning, April 19, at 10:00a.m. Selling on site from Hwy 14 in Monroe take Mills St. (between the Coop and Hewitts Tires) and F70 east 2 miles to W 8th St. S then 1/8 south.

Property Includes: a 72’x45’ machine shed on 55.33 acres of NHEL land and lays east of W 8th St. S to the county line. FSA records and shows 54.8 cropland with a corn and bean base 30.6 and 23.6 surety yields show 211 bu. on corn and 57 beans and a CSR rating of 88.7. This is a mostly level high quality farm and is located in the W 1/2 of SW. 1/4 of Section 33 Fairview E. Township Jasper CO. Terms: 10% of purchase price down immediately following sale w/ the balance on or before May 17 when possession will be given. Land is open to the buyer for the 2014 crop season. Taxes due and payable in 2014 will be paid by the sellers, subsequent taxes buyers responsibility. Farm will sell without reserve to the highest bidder. Oral announcements made day of sale take precedence over previous oral or written ads. Not responsible for accidents.

Engelyn Van Steenis Estate owners Paul Hietbrink closing attorney

Sale Conducted by Tri-County Auction Co. Ray Veenstra 641-793-2779 Brad Veenstra 641-780-4077

Large Two Ring Estate Auction Sunday, April 13, 11:00AM 710 2nd St., Kellogg, IA

Auction Note: The following is a very abbreviated ad w/collectibles throughout entire auction. See for more detailed listing and pictures. Many boxes yet to go through Firearms/Outdoors: 1978 Scamp trailer, Sea King 14’ boat w/ trailer; 9.9hp & 5hp Game Fisher outboards; Johnson Sea Horse 5.5hp outboard; .410ga bolt action Stevens 59A; .410ga SS Iver Johnson’s Champion; .410 SXS J Stevens mod 315; two Jennings compound bows. Lawn & Garden: 42” MTD Gold lawn tractor, hydrostat trans, 2 1/2 yrs old; pull behind cart; Weed Eater 22” 5.5hp SP mower; tiller; JD320 snow blower. Tools/Automotive: Craftsman radial arm saw; Comfort Glow vent free propane heater (nib); new micrometers; 4 new 1 used roller tool cabinets; lots of hand and power tools. Collectibles: US proof sets and mint sets; Walking Liberty 1/2’s pre 64 quarters and dimes; old rocker; approx 60 pewter, brass and other belt buckles; One Minute Kellogg, IA washtub and wringer. Appliances & Household: Suburban delux 18” gas oven, copperstone (nib); Suburban built in gas range top (nib); Tan floral sofa, loveseat, occ chair older but still in plastic; new Riverside coffee and end tables; 19: flat screen tv; several new kitchen appliances (George Formans, hot plates). Building Materials: Plywood; concrete blocks; elect boxes, wire and supplies; plb supplies. Porta potty on site Dean Miller Estate, Owner


What is a town? A town is a group of people. It is a school. It is a city government. It is churches. It is industry and jobs. It is retail businesses. They all have to work together. All must have the support of the people. Or there is no town. Give your local merchant a chance for your business. You shouldn’t spend your hard earned money with them unless their selection is adequate and their price competitive, but give them the first opportunity to make the sale. For the local retailer pays the highest percentage of local taxes. They are the ones contacted first for contributions to charitable projects. They provide jobs. Without their stores, you have no town.

Give the local merchant a fair shake!! This message courtesy of

Jasper County Advertiser.

14 JASPER COUNTY ADVERTISER, Wednesday, April 9, 2014

VIAGRA – Pfizer brand! – Lowest Price from USA Pharmacies. No doctor visit needed! Discreet Home Delivery. Call 1-877-916-0542 (MCN) TOP DOLLAR PAID for Wrecked, Damaged, Junk, Running and NonRunning Cars, Trucks, Vans & SUV’s. Call Now! 855-970-2990 Fast Pickup! (MCN) CASH FOR CARS: Any Make, Model or Year. We Pay MORE! Running or Not Sell your Car or Truck TODAY Free Towing! Instant Offer: 1-888420-3805 (MCN)

$36,000 IN ONE WEEK! All I did was mail some stupid postcards and my Team Leader closed all the enrollments for me. GOOD! Because I hate selling! Call to hear my story and get FREE INFO: 1-800-439-1745 Ext. 1; Referral ID# TJ70693 (MCN)

EEOICPA CLAIM DENIED? Diagnosed with cancer or another illness working for DOE in U.S. Nuclear Weapons Program? You may be entitled to $150,000 – $400,000. Call Attorney Hugh Stephens 866643-1894. 2495 Main S., Suite 442, Buffalo, NY (MCN)

OUR SPORTSMEN WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR to hunt your land. Call for a free Base Camp Leasing Info Packet & Quote. 866-309-1507 www.BaseCampleasing. com (MCN)

DISH TV RESELLER – SAVE! Starting $19.99/ month (for 12 months). FREE Premium Movie Channels. FREE Equipment, Installation & Activation. CALL, COMPARE LOCAL DEALS! 1-800-390-3140 (MCN)

736 N. 3rd Ave. E., Newton, IA


641-792-5668 (fax) Caren DeVoe-Clevenger........ (641) 792-5999 Geri Doyle .............................. (641) 792-5678 Deborah Martinez ...................... (641) 990-5067 Heather Feenstra .................. (641) 792-5769 Mark Larson .......................... (641) 791-0629 Kurt List................................. (641) 792-5768 Kevin McCartney ................... (641) 792-5657 Sherri Newton ............................(641)-840-9464 Sheryl Briggs ............................. (641) 840-0993 Susie Otcheck-Hulin .............(641)-990-5280 Shawn Preston...................... (641) 891-5549 Chad Ray ............................... (641) 521-1156 Larry Rose ............................. (641) 521-3107

600 E. 18th St. N., NEWTON 903 E. 13th St. N., NEWTON $123,900 $74,900 OPEN HOUSE WON’T LAST LONG! Sat. Apr. 12th & Sun., Apr. 13th MOVE IN READY! 12:00-1:30PM Newly remodeled 3BR, Gorgeous NE ranch 1.5BA home. Fenced ready to move into. BY w/storage shed. Kitchen w/appliances Located 1 block from that stay, finished lower Berg School. level & storage shed!

OPEN HOUSE Sat. April, 12th 10:00-11:00AM

Mark Larson 641-791-0629 101 S. Montgomery St., COLFAX $130,000 NEW PRICE OPEN HOUSE! Completely remodeled everything is new. 5BR, 2BA double attached plus 2+ detached garage. Sheryl Briggs 641-840-0993

207 East St., LYNNVILLE $174,900 New ListiNg EVERYTHING NEW! 4BR ranch w/new roof, new electrical, new windows, new flooring, new mechanicals in 2011. Finished walkout LL w/in-floor heat. Heather Feenstra 641-792-5769 1106 E. 15th St. S., NEWTON $169,900 MOVE IN READY! Nice ranch home w/everything new from top to bottom. Hardwood floors, wonderful master & beautiful lot. Geri Doyle 641-792-5678

DirectTV – 2 Year Savings Event! Over 140 channels only $29.99 a month. Only DirecTV gives you 2 YEARS of savings and a FREE Genie upgrade! Call 1-800991-2418 (MCN)

REDUCE YOUR PAST TAX BILL by as much as 75 Percent. Stop Levies, Liens and Wage Garnishments. Call the Tax DR Now to see if you Qualify – 1-800-721-2793 (MCN) PROBLEMS with the IRS or State Taxes? Settle for a fraction of what you owe! Free face to face consultations with offices in your area. Call 1-855-820-6752 (MCN) DONATE YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR BOAT TO HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND. Free 3 Day Vacation, Tax Deductible, Free Towing, All Paperwork Taken Care Of. 1-800-283-0205 (MCN)

Prairie City Park Apartments 601 S. Main St., Prairie City, IA

$200 Cash Bonus *Ask Ian*

Rental Assistance Available. On-Site Laundry 62 years of age or older, handicap/disabled, regardless of age.

Call for details: 515-210-8983 This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer

18 Oakridge Dr., GRINNELL RANCH AT OAKLAND ACRES! Nicely updated home ready to move into & LL walkout-ready to finish. Enjoy the picturesque view of “oak lake” from the 4-seasons room. Susie Otcheck-Hulin 641-990-5280


112 E. 4th St. S. Newton, IA 50208

New ListiNg

1161 S. Goodrich St., COLFAX $172,500 New ListiNg STUNNING RANCH! Built in 2004, 3BR ranch w/4th BR potential. All new appliances, new deck, daylight windows in LL, fresh paint & new carpet. Caren DeVoe-Clevenger 641-792-5999 1109 S. 12th Ave. E., NEWTON $149,900 METICULOUSLY MAINTAINED! 3BR home w/3-car attached garage. Newer updates including carpet, cabinets, granite transformation. Radon mitigation system installed. Geri Doyle 641-792-5678

New ListiNg



S Sincerity Now is the time to buy! T Truthfulness E Experience P Professional steP difference. Interest rates are good and a lot of houses are move in ready. Stop paying Rent and Start investing in your future. Call an Advantage Professional Today and see for yourself the

• Sincerity • Truthfulness • Experience • Professionalism


See Additional Listings and Visual Tours at:

Canada Drug Center is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 75 percent on all your medication needs. Call today 1-800-2634059 for $10.00 off your first prescription and free shipping. (MCN)

This paper needs to know how to better serve you. Please take this short anonymous survey to allow us to learn what is important to you. It is only 13 questions and should take only a couple of minutes. You could win a drawing among those that take it to win $250. Take it online at www.research. net/s/MFCP (MCN)

Sheryl Briggs 641-840-0993

OPEN HOUSE Sat. Apr. 12th & Sun., Apr. 13th 2:00-4:00PM

New ListiNg

GUARANTEED INCOME for Your Retirement – Avoid Market Risk & Get Guaranteed Income in Retirement! CALL for FREE copy of our SAFE MONEY GUIDE Plus Annuity Quotes from A-Rated Companies! 1-800-599-8308 (MCN)

Lisa McKinney 641-521-7245

Susan K. Forbes 641-791-2360

Koni Bunse 641-417-0113

Judy Ogier 641-521-7778

JASPER COUNTY ADVERTISER, Wednesday, April 9, 2014 15

ADOPT Caring, nurturing home awaits your precious baby. Beautiful life for your baby, secure future. Expenses paid. Legal, confidential. Married couple, Walt/ Gina: 1-800-315-6957 (MCN)

ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLES WANTED. Cash paid for Harley Davidson, Indian or other motorcycles and related parts from 1900 thru 1970. Any condition. Midwest collector will pick up anywhere. Phone 309645-4623 (MCN)

We BUY used Manufactured Homes, Single and Double Wides. Call 641672-2344 (IOWA ONLY) (MCN)

REDUCE YOUR CABLE BILL!* Get a whole-home Satellite system installed at NO COST and programming starting at $19.99/mo. FREE HD/ DVR Upgrade to new callers, SO CALL NOW 1-855-237-7524 (MCN)

Call about our

Spring rent Special

VIAGRA – Pfizer brand! – Lowest Price from USA Pharmacies. No doctor visit needed! Discreet Home Delivery. Call 1-877-916-0542 (MCN) TOP DOLLAR PAID for Wrecked, Damaged, Junk, Running and NonRunning Cars, Trucks, Vans & SUV’s. Call Now! 855-970-2990 Fast Pickup! (MCN)

Joe Sharp

A Division of SHAWNDA Your Friend in Real Estate

1501 North 11th Ave. E.

101 1st. Ave. E.

Courthouse Mall, Newton

OPEN HOuSE: SuN. APR 13tH 1:00-2:30PM The institution is an Equal opportunity provider, and employer.

Downtown Living

2 Br $500/mo.

• 1st month Free with 13 month lease on selected units

• Free Heat & Laundry 24 Hours

OPEN HOuSE: SuN. APR 13tH 3:00-4:30PM

NEw LiStiNg

• Access Free Wi Fi & Exercise Equipment in Community Room


Flexible Short Term Lease Available

Satellite Available

Bristol Square Apartments

or call Will 641-990-7938

510 E. 17th St. S. Newton

613 E. Division St., Colfax $106,000


221 S. Ryan St., Colfax $159,900


406 E. 7th Street Pl. S., Newton $94,900


315 1st St. S., Newton


Real Estate Concepts

120 N. 2nd Ave. W.,Newton 641-791-2800

Jo Jenkins Bruce Showalter 641-521-0302 641-521-0605

Kathy Macy Barb Barr 641-521-1495 641-521-0512 for all available properties for sale

First Choice Realty 328 1st Ave. W., Newton, IA view our listings at

Open HOuses 4-12-14, 10:00am tO nOOn OPEN HOUSE 4-5-2014 10:00 TO NOON 5914 S. 36th Avenue W, PRICE REDUCED $148,000






401 E. 4th St S. $89,900 This home needs a little TLC but offers so much. Walk out lower level that is finished. 2 car garage and open living area. Barb Barr

New ListiNg

503 E. 12th St Pl N. $64,900 Priced for you! 3 bedroom ranch with an enclosed porch off the kitchen. Full basement and fenced yard. Call today! Barb Barr

1123 S. 6th Ave W. $295,000 Need more space? This Historic Newton Home gives you over 3400 sq ft of living space & almost one acre w/ mature trees. Fantastic 4 seasons room & large patio. Jo Jenkins

126 Emerson Hough Dr. $134,900 Updated Lambs Grove ranch w/ over 1500 sq ft on the main level. Vaulted family room w/ fireplace. Awesome private back yard with large deck. Jo Jenkins

1605 S. 12th Ave. E. $187,000 Wonderful 1.5 story home 4 bdrms - 4 baths HUGE yard Great location!!! Kathy Macy

213 E. 4th St. S. $69,900 Affordable 3 bdrm home Updated bath & kitchen 2 - car detached garage CALL to see!! Kathy Macy

Multiple Listing Service in both Newton & Des Moines Tune in to our Radio Show “On the Move” every Thursday and Saturday mornings on KCOB at 8:45 am.

Each office independently owned & operated

West of Newton on F-48 turn South on 62nd St N Continue on S 36th Ave W to 5914

NEW TO MARKET! AMAZING ACREAGE! Nearly 4 ½ acres with 2 bedroom home/2 stall detached garage. Lots of room to roam and expand to your heart’s desire!

479 W 52nd Street S. $109,900

2 miles W of Newton on Hwy 6 to Geneva Avenue, south ½ mile to West 52nd Street S

AFFORDABLE RURAL LIVING! 5BR/2 bath home with detached 2 stall garage. Nearly ½ acre lot. Updated kitchen. Walk-out basement. COME SEE!

Jory Ringler 515-210-2620 Shawnda Nine 641-521-5162 Price reduced

1360 NW 121st St. Clive, IA 50325

NMLS # 729267


Peck Properties, LLC

Next to New Hy-Vee

Mortgage Consultant


• Limited Access Entry • Off Street Parking

call now for Details

A/C, Ceiling Fans W/D Hookups Deposit $200.00 (515) 986-1882 Pam x21 EHO

Wintrust Mortgage is a division of Barrington Bank & Trust Company, N.A., a Wintrust Community Bank. Wintrust NMLS #449042. © 2014 Wintrust Mortgage.


Walnut creek apartmentS

Available in Newton & Colfax

Cell: 641-521-1420

Greenway Apartments

Clean, Modern, Quiet 1 Bedroom Apartment

2 & 3 BR Rentals

Ask about zero down payment with USDA Rural Development Financing along with Conventional and Government loans.

at market Rate Section 8 or CIRHA vouchers welcome

Meadow Wood of Newton

FREE INFORMATION! How to Make $2800 Weekly At Home Quickly And Easily…Guaranteed! Low Cost Opportunity! No Personal Selling! Send SASE Now To: Adrian, 3610 Boller Ave. #1, Bronx, NY10466 (MCN)

(one) 3 BR Townhome

3 Bedroom Townhomes

Call Today! 641-791-2243

CASH FOR CARS: Any Make, Model or Year. We Pay MORE! Running or Not Sell your Car or Truck TODAY Free Towing! Instant Offer: 1-888420-3805 (MCN)

NOW reNtiNg

– Now ReNtiNg – With Attached Garage, Dishwasher, Microwave, Patio, Washer/Dryer, 1 1/2 Baths, And Central Air Conditioning, No Pets Allowed Income Guidelines Apply-E.H.O CIRHA Vouchers Accepted.

MEET SINGLES RIGHT NOW! No paid operators, just real people like you. Browse greetings, exchange messages and connect live. Try it free. Call now: 800-357-4970 (MCN)

LiS NEw tiN g

OUR SPORTSMEN WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR to hunt your land. Call for a free Base Camp Leasing Info Packet & Quote. 866-309-1507 www.BaseCampleasing. com (MCN)

CASH FOR CARS: All Cars/Trucks Wanted. Running or Not! Top Dollar Paid. We Come To You! Any Make/Model. Call For Instant Offer: 1-888-417-1382 (IOWA ONLY) (MCN)




313 Kimberley Lane, Baxter, $91,000

F-17 east of Baxter, turn North on South East Avenue for 1 block, then west on Kimberly Lane

NEW TO THE MARKET! Check out this 3BR/2 bath home on large lot with privacy fence. Updated furnace. DON’T MISS THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY.

986 Howe Street, $289,900

EXECUTIVE HOME! Check out this 4BR/3 bath home with 4 garage spaces on 1 ¼+ acre. Trey ceilings, fireplace, private master suite w/jet tub. Partially finished lower level. Amazing views, quiet rural location. CALL FOR YOUR PRIVATE TOUR!

Les Ed Siddall CRS, Broker Laurie Siddall, Owner Morgan

(641) 791-7600

Mark Siddall

Dan Kelley

Jason Morgan

840-3826 521-2643 521-9260 792-6600


16 JASPER COUNTY ADVERTISER, Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Advertise with us, and you can bank on a successful garage sale!

GARAGE SALE AD: $15 1 or 2 days Newton Daily News* $21 3 days Newton Daily News* $20 1 time Jasper County Advertiser* $10 1 day in the Jasper County Tribune*

$30.50 1-2 days Newton Daily News & 1 time in the Advertiser $35 3 days Newton Daily News & 1 time in the Advertiser

CALL 641-792-3121 Ext 301 for this winning combination!

*Deadlines: Noon the day before your ad is to run in the Newton Daily News. 5 PM on Thursday for the Jasper County Advertiser. Monday at Noon for Jasper County Tribune

Newton Daily News & Jasper County Advertiser *1 address per ad. Additional charge for multiple addresses


Jasper County Advertiser

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