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LAJNA IMAILLAH UK in partnership with

HUMANITY FIRST INTERNATIONAL to help the needy and the suffering


By Shama Ahmed Hayat Hast thou seen him who rejects religion? That is the one who drives away the orphan, and urges not the feeding of the poor. [Holy Qur’an 107:2-4] Alhamdolillah, the Lajna Imaillah of East Region were blessed by Allah the Exalted because on 14th October 2013 they were enabled to help the needy and deprived. Baitul Ahad Mosque in Newham is East Region Lajna Imaillah’s Mosque and Community Centre . It was from there that the Lajna members had spent a whole week collecting, sorting and then despatching Humanitarian Aid to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, East Africa. It was Mrs. Fehmida Choudry of Waltham Forest Halqa who masterminded this noble project. She already had developed personal charitable links with Tanzania by establishing two orphanages there and now she wanted to send a 20 ton container of Humanitarian Aid to be distributed among remote villages on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam. Hadhur Aqdusaba most graciously permitted her to go ahead with this venture and prayed for its success. Naturally the Lajna regional administration welcomed the chance to participate in organising this type of activity, especially with Eidul Adhia coming up when all Muslim’s hearts and minds turn towards personal sacrifice and helping their poorer brothers and sisters globally. All the local Sadraan mobilised the Lajna and Nasirat. Families enthusiastically began collecting men’s, women’s and children’s clothes and shoes. Children donated their toys, books and writing materials. Neighbours and relatives of the Ahmadi ladies eagerly went through their home belongings and gave bagfuls of stuff. Local businesses were also very happy to contribute. Apart from personal clothing, toys, children’s books and stationery the other items donated were bedding, towels, curtains, household and kitchen utensils, tinned foods, fans, computers, printers, Televisions, Video Recorders, Videos, A brand new boxed industrial saw, a whole set of new school uniforms for children and 60 new footballs for the orphans. The Lajna volunteers made sure that all these items were neatly packed, taped and labelled in cardboard containers, laundry bags and suitcases.

With the grace of Allah, Mr Mahmud Bhatty sahib of Newham Jamaat managed to get his employers, a shipping company, to donate the required 20 ton container with the aim that when the Aid is removed from it in Dar es Salaam then the container will be kept permanently on the orphanage premises and used for storing things. Humanity First organised and financed the transportation costs of the container in its 4700 miles journey which will take three weeks. It will be taken from Baitul Ahad Mosque to Felixstowe Port, then via ship to Dar es Salaam Port in Tanzania, from there to the orphanage and the remote villages in various districts. For six days running, Fehmida sahiba and her team of Lajna helpers were stationed at the Mosque to receive the Aid donations from the region, they checked that the donations were of good quality and the required items, also that each package was packed and labelled properly. Items that were not packed well were repacked and labelled on site. On weekdays the team were at the Mosque from 4pm till 7pm. On the weekend it was from 10am till 7pm. The core team of helpers were Shama Hayat sahiba, Razi Tahir sahiba, and Aisha Tariq sahiba along with her daughter Maliha. Other Lajna came and spent a few hours helping and enjoying listening to Fehmida’s heartwarming experiences of staying with and helping the orphans and poor peoples of Tanzania. Each day the ladies became more determined to help and participate in humanitarian works. On the Monday when the container arrived there were many ladies who attended to organise and help load the container. Everyone was in very good spirits and the women worked with great energy alongside the men to load the container. The many tons of goods were loaded in record time. After a very emotional collective silent prayer, everyone stood and waved goodbye to the Aid as the container left on the truck for its long journey to the other side of the world. The Lajna of East region are now determined to send a series of containers to Tanzania in the coming year, inshallah. Furthermore, they would like to encourage and help other regions of Lajna Imaillah UK to do similar Humanitarian work within their own areas. The Lajna and Nasirat members who participated in this effort found it to be thoroughly enjoyable, rewarding and ennobling. Please remember the poor people and orphans of Tanzania in your hearts and prayers.  - 


Lajna Imaillah Send Humanitarian Aid To Tanzania  

Lajna Imaillah of East Region organise Humanitarian Aid to be sent for the poor and needy in Tanzania, East Africa Lajna Imaillah UK is the...