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TOP TIPS Hudhur’s step by step guide



TALEEM: ‘THE WILL’ BOOK OF THE MONTH Read and send us your review of the book


TO BRINGING UP YOUR CHILD Islam on caring for children


NOT YET TRIED THE ‘ISLAMIC DIET’? Healthy ways to your ideal figure


Dear Diary.. Dates in February Saturday 2nd At Baitul Futuh

- Lajna UK Moshiarah

Sunday 3rd - General Meeting 1 pm – 4 pm - Amila Meeting At Baitul Ahad E17 Friday 8th - Cooking & Sewing Class 6.30 pm – 8 pm At Baitul Ahad E17

(We will be cooking Gajer ka Halwa & Mince Meat Pasties)

Saturday 9th At Baitul Futuh

- Teen Workshop

Sunday 10th At Baitul Futuh

- Lajna Tabligh Forum

Sunday 17th - Musleh Maud Day 1 pm – 4 pm At Baitul Ahad E17 Every Tuesday - Sports Session 6.15 pm – 7.15 pm At Leyton Sixth Form College £1 Every Friday - Nasirat Class 6.30 pm – 8 pm At Baitul Ahad E17

Regional Sadr: Lajna Imaillah East Naseera Noor General Secretary: East Region Lamia Idris Chief Editor Shama Ahmed Hayat Editorial Team Salma Ahmed Hayat Shageela Ahmed Ghazala Ahmed Editor: Urdu Al – Nūr Nuzhat Hayat Editor: The Nasirat Pages Farrah Noor Hayat Al - Nūr is the official magazine of Lajna Imaillah East Region; a branch of the Lajna Imaillah UK, the women’s auxiliary organisation of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in Islam. Some of the views expressed by contributors may not represent the views of Lajna Imaillah UK, or of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association.



elcome to Al-Nur. We are entering a new era in Lajna Imaillah East Region, with this issue of the Al - Nūr [The Heavenly Light] monthly magazine .

This magazine aims to connect interactively with all Lajna and Nasirat members living in the London Borough of Waltham Forest on a regular basis. We will use it to present current affairs, hot topics, and provide advice and support to our members. Al - Nūr is a women’s magazine published by women. It comes in English and Urdu formats. It contains ‘The Nasirat Pages’ for girls aged from 7 – 15. It also helps the Waltham Forest Lajna departments in their effort towards the welfare and training of its members. To help us make this magazine a success, send us your views, comments, articles and any problems that are affecting your lives. Feel free to contact my team and I at any time, we are here for you. Please remember our beloved Hadhur [atba], Lajna Imaillah and the Editorial Team in your prayers. Jazakallah. Wassalam,

Shama Email: Mobile: 07825 215 098


Top Tips for all Dai’een-e-lillah 26 Steps to bringing up your child Every girl’s ‘Plan for Life’ Top 10 Moves to Get You Fit ‘Fad Diets’ Not yet tried the Islamic ‘Diet’? REGULARS

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Be a Dai’een-e-lillah atba


Email us your experience of following these blessed instructions. Send in a 200 to 400 word article of what you did and the results

Promote the true character of The Holy Prophet saw TABLIGH GUIDANCE THAT MEETS THE NEED OF THE HOUR Latest Instructions given in the Friday Sermon of 28th September 2012 (The Ahmadiyya response in light of the Muslim reaction to that hurtful film in USA, called ‘Innocence of Muslims’.) 

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih said: “Now, this message (i.e. referring to his previous Friday Sermon of 21st September 2012). needs to be taken further.  This is the task of every local Jama’at and every Ahmadi.  As far as instruction regarding the modus operandi from the Centre is concerned, I have instructed publication of the Friday sermon (of 21st September 2012). This instruction and method would take a short while to reach Jama’ats.  However, all the Ahmadis who are listening to me should avail of this opportunity provided by God.  For one, as I mentioned in last Friday sermon, present the beautiful teaching of Islam to the world through your practice.  The Islamic viewpoint should be taken to every intelligent person.  It should also be stated that if people are interested in the beautiful aspects of the blessed life of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), we provide books written in light of facts and history or can provide books. Website addresses should also be given; the main website address should be given which has all these books online. (i.e.  Books on the blessed life of the Prophet which have been translated in English should be given to local libraries.  Our task is to promote the blessed life of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) as much as possible.  In order to prepare for this every Ahmadi should read the book ‘Life of Muhammad’, it covers all the main aspects of his blessed life. (  In addition, in accordance with personal academic ability and discernment other books on his blessed life should also be read and the world should be informed through networking, through articles and pamphlets about the beauty and grace of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him).” [Ed. Above are only some of Hudhur’s instructions, taken from the full English Summary of the Friday Sermon. You can read the full text at: 2


Book of the Month



In this month, read this small book written by the Promised Messiahas. Note down things of interest. Email us your comments or observations for our readers. You can also send in a short review of the book to add in the next issue. Read or download this book at:

THE WILL – important matters discussed:



The Ultimate Guide to:

PARENTING Moral Training of the Child By

Khalifatul Masih II

Hadhrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad ra

Email us Your experience of following these blessed instructions. Send in a 100 to 300 word article about good Islamic parenting for our readers 5

The following is an extract from his book Minhaje Talibeen (Way of the Seekers) Now a few hints on the moral education and training of the child: 1. As soon as a child is born, the first step towards its education is to proclaim Azaan into its ears. I need not elaborate this point further as I have already dealt with it in the course of this speech. 2. A child should be kept neat and tidy and, should be properly cleaned after stools. Some of you might say that this particular chore belongs to the mother. This is true. But it is equally true that the mother will perform it properly only if the father is properly orientated in this regard. It is men’s duty to bring home to women the fact that an unclean child will not have a clean mind. Unfortunately not much attention is paid to this matter. Women are sometimes guilty of grave negligence in this regard. During parties, they would let the child defecate over a rag which they do not even care to throw away. In the environs of Qadian, rustic women sometimes let a shoe perform this office and did not hesitate to foul the area by throwing away the excrement indiscriminately. How can you look after the inner cleanliness of the child if you do not look after its external cleanliness? Let the child have a clean body. Its impact on his mind will be great. As a consequence, the child will come to have a clean mind and will become immune to sins which are caused by uncleanliness. Medical research bears out that a child commits its first sin because it is dirty. Dirt irritates the anal passages which the child rubs and manipulates. It finds pleasure in the process and becomes conscious of sex. It can be safeguarded against sexual Eros to a very large extent if it is kept clean. This training must begin the very day it is born. [Ed. We will inshallah, continue serialising this article in the coming issues. You can find the whole text at: pp.50 – 57]


By the fleeting Time

[Holy Qur’an, Chapter Al-’Asr 103:2]


Nasirat Pages

Islam wants you to make a plan for your life, for your own future. Any plan has in it many vital ingredients or else it will ALWAYS fail. Time is one of those ingredients. That’s why Allah Almighty tells you to look at Time (in the verse above) and to add it into your plan. What is time? The dictionary says Time is: ‘The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.’ In Science, Time is very hard to define and understand because if you look at it in different ways, Time actually becomes different. It really is not just the ‘time’ on your clock! In Philosophy, Time is a perception of your mind and that Time can go slow or fast (Do something really boring or something really exciting and see what happens to the way you feel time is moving.). Try to do some study about Time and learn how to use it as a tool for your life’s activities. You can test this idea – If you are really busy all day doing useful and good things, then Time will ‘stretch and become more’ for you. However, if you hardly do anything all day then Time will ‘shrink and become less’ for you. You hear a lot of people saying that they do not have time in a day to do simple things like Salat, exercise or clean up. These people also say they are stressed all the time. Yet our Hudhur atba does so many different things in just one day, having so much responsibility and pressure, that you could easily say that he achieves more in a day than you do in a year!!! Still he always takes on more work upon himself. This is because he is mentally moving so fast that Time ‘increases’ for him in a day.

Every Girl’s Plan for Life


The same happens to Usain Bolt, he takes 41 steps in 9.58 seconds to cover 100 metres. Check how many steps you can take in 10 seconds? How does he get the time to do that? Plus, he does other things while taking those steps, like making gestures to the cheering crowd, looking relaxed (and probably thinking about ordering Pizza). The Holy Prophet saw even used to walk so fast as his normal walking speed that some people got tired from running to keep up with him. Make a plan to move fast both mentally and physically so that you can experience how Time changes, becoming different for you, and increasing more and more throughout the days of your life. Start by being ‘on time’ i.e. Punctual; respecting and then loving Time. After that, do activities with pre-planned deadlines, like watching TV or talking to friends. Then see the other ‘Apps’ Time allows you to use. Islam and Science give a really high status to Time and so should you, if you want a long and successful time, inshallah.

By Farrah Noor Hayat 7

The Holy Prophet saw said, “Allah has said: It jars upon Me to hear people abuse Time. I AM TIME. I change night into day and day into night. [Wisdom of the Holy Prophet, p. 40]


Mam Tor Trip 2013



on Saturday 13th April 2013






Sehate Jismani

The Top 10 Moves to:


Email us any helpful training tips. Tell us of any sporting skills or achievements by the Lajna or Nasirat in your family. By Salma Ahmed Hayat 9

Use my top 10 fitness tips to get your workout routine started today. Remember, every single person in this world will benefit from a proper fitness and nutrition program. As always, talk with your doctor before starting a new fitness or nutrition program. No: 1 Set Realistic and Achievable Goals Simply saying that you want to lose weight is not effective. Be specific. For example, I want to lose 5 pounds of fat by May 14th. No: 2 Measure Your Progress Take your body’s measurements and then re-take them on a regular basis. You cannot measure your progress if you have no idea where you started from. No: 3 Keep a Record of your Workouts Each and every workout session should be recorded. Keep all of your fitness records in a binder and create your very own success journal. No: 4 Mix Up Your Cardio Workouts Cardio sessions should vary in intensity and in length. Try new cardio activities and keep things fresh. No: 5 Strength Training Is Not Just for Men Everyone should do strength training. Strength training builds muscle and increases bone density. Train all major muscle groups 1 to 3 times per week. No: 6 Rest Get 7-9 hours of deep sleep each and every night. Also rest your muscles by not working out 1-2 days each week. No: 7 Warm Up Warm up for 5-10 minutes before every workout session. You should feel a rise in your body temperature. No: 8 Cool Down Cool down by stretching out your entire body. This helps increase flexibility and decrease muscle soreness the next day. No: 9 Nutrition Is Half the Battle Eating small meals throughout the day helps your fitness routine. Learn to eat healthy and kick diets out of your life forever. Drink 6 – 8 glasses of water daily. No: 10 Stay Motivated Find a workout partner. Sign up for a marathon. Work with a personal trainer. Do whatever it takes to remain committed. If you start to give up or falter, let go of guilt and get back on your routine as soon as possible. These top10 fitness tips build the foundation of a safe and effective fitness program. Anyone can drop body fat and gain lean muscle mass by following a realistic workout and nutrition plan. Stay the course and you will be healthier and happier for it.


Sehate Jismani

Delicious Healthy Recipe

Email us your experience of cooking this meal. Send in your quick and easy healthy recipes (from around the world) for our readers By Shama Ahmed Hayat 11

Fad Dieting? - Follow the Islamic ‘Diet’. Islam teaches 1. Never ever Diet (unless medically advised). 2. Eat Halal food. 3. Eat Tayyib food. 4. Eat in Moderation. 5. Always leave room in your stomach after a meal (never binge eat). 6. Eat as a form of worship to please Allah, not to fill your stomach. 7. Get comfort, happiness and help in Allah and not in food. Ignoring all the rules and choosing to follow only 1 or 2 will never help you. In the next issue these rules will be explained. In this month, young Lajna & Nasirat should make this meal again and again. Being able to Cook well, quickly and easily will make you independent from the fast food shops. You will avoid obesity and associated diseases. All that money saved will serve Islam and help the suffering people who have no friends. You will be able to feed fantastic meals to your beautiful children when the time comes, inshallah.

Cuisine: Indian Recipe type: Main/Starter Serves: 4

Prep time: 5 min. Cook time: 20 min. Total time: 25 min.

A popular and really simple curry is Bombay Aloo (aloo means potatoes). It is made using a little olive oil, a few herbs and spices along with a generous handful of fresh coriander. Served with chapatti, this simple dish will leave you wanting more!

Ingredients 300g potatoes, peeled and cubed one small onion finely chopped 1-2 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp garlic and ginger paste ½ tsp salt ½ tsp mustard seeds ½ tsp cumin seeds

½ tsp coarse black pepper ½ tsp red chilli powder ½ tsp turmeric powder 1 tbsp coriander cumin powder (dhania jeera) ⅓ tin of plum tomatoes liquidised Handful of fresh chopped coriander 2 fresh green chillies slit lengthways

8 Step Plan 1. Heat the oil in a large pan. 2. Add the onion and cook on a low heat until the onions are soft. 3. Add the mustard seeds, cumin seeds, salt, pepper, garlic and ginger paste and cook on a high heat for 1 minute ensuring the seeds don’t burn. 4. Now add the spices: chilli powder, turmeric, coriander, cumin powder and cook on a high heat for 1 minute. 5. Add the liquidised tomato and cook on a low heat for 3 minutes. 6. Add the potatoes and ½ cup of water, then simmer until potatoes are cooked. 7. Switch off the heat, add the green chillies and chopped coriander. 8. Serve with hot chapatti.

Notes Add a little bit of fresh lemon juice for a tangy twist! 12

Tournament Info:

Time: Day: Date: Venue:

9 am - 4 pm Sunday 10th March 2013 Baitul Futuh

Badminton Squad 2 x Doubles Team [Age: 15 - 29] 2 x Doubles Team [Age: 30+] 1 x Singles [Age: 15 - 29] 1 x Singles [Age: 30+]

Table Tennis Squad 1 x Singles [Age: 16+] 1 x Singles [Age: 16+]

Interested in Competing or just coming to the weekly Coaching Sessions? Contact the East Region Sehate Jismani Secretary: Shama Ahmed Hayat Mobile: 07825 215 098 email:

National Badminton & Table Tennis Tournament 2013

Lajna Imaillah UK


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Al Nur Magazine East Region February 2013  

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