Benedictine Schools of Richmond

Richmond, VA, United States

The Benedictine Schools of Richmond are Catholic college preparatory high schools, Saint Gertrude High School and Benedictine College Preparatory, co-located on the Benedictine Abbey campus in Richmond, Virginia, which offers single-sex educational environments for young men and women. This unique coordinate program is founded on the mutual complementarity of women and men and the equal dignity of all human persons. We seek to introduce and deepen each student’s relationship with the person of Jesus Christ, to learn from Him, to be transformed by Him, and through Him to discover his or her call in life. We see education as a quest for truth, beauty, and goodness. We seek to form all students to be self-motivated learners and leaders in their vocations. We provide a common Catholic culture, steeped in Benedictine values, that promotes the education of the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.