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OH, La Vache! French

“Oh, La Vache!“ is literally translated as “the cow“ and is used as an expression of surprise and excitement. The English translation is “Oh my god!” or “Holy Cow!“

Amour Fou Amour Fou

Insane love Used in the English language since the early 1900’s, an amour fou is an uncontrollable and obsessive passion for someone and in particular one that is not reciprocated.


Flâneur French n. Is a person who wonders aimlessly byt enjoyable. That person is sort of enlightened spectator, someone who wandered around cities (it was always a city) and took in scenes and people, in much the same way

Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.

~Aberjhani, Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry~

Donner sa langue au chat This french saying means to simply ‘give your tongue to the cat’ to give up on whatever you are trying so hard at.

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Ohana Ohana

Family is very important part of hawaiian culture so much so the ‘ohana takes on an extended meaning versus the noun “family” in English. ‘Ohana includes your blood relatives, but also friends, neighbors and even potentially coworkers an extended family. It refers to the connectedness we all have and how we must all cooperate with and remember each other.


E il mio cavallo di battaglia This italian saying means “it is my forte� meaning something you are great at.

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Poeh Poeh When you are finally done with a task and you are exhausted but also happy that you are done with it, than you say poeh poeh

Welloe Welloe can be used in a lot of ways. for instance when somebody is lying or if you don’t want something to happen, than you say welloe

Achja When something doesn’t goes the way you wanted but you don’t really care so you just say; achja


In The Netherlands you have multiple ways of greating eachother but we have one strange one and that is hoi. Hoi can be used when you meet someone but also when you leave someone. It can be used both ways.

Forelsket Norwegian adj. An euphoria when you beginning to fall in love or when you first fall in love.

Good! Great! Awesome! Excellent! Good! Great! Awesome! Excellent! Good! Great! Awesome!

Do Jaja Do Jaja

When something is good or really pleasing, awesome, or excellent.

Croation Good! Great! Awesome! Excellent! Good! Great! Awesome! Excellent! Good! Great! Awesome!

Norwegian Danish

The euphoria experienced as you begin to fall in love.


A parent that pushes their child to get the highest grades possible


Xian Chinese

Xain is the taste of MSG, which is found in foods such as seafood and mushrooms. MSG is used as a flavor enhancer to intensify the overall taste of food. Xain also means Tasty or delicious, which is similar to Japans umami!

bul-geum Korean Pronounced bool-geum Short for the phrase, bulta-reul geumyoil, which literally means “burning Friday”. In English, this means TGIF or “Thank God It’s Friday”.

過 労 死 K A R O S H I DEATH



Pushing oneself to the point of death

yuánfèn Chinese Pronounced The fate, chance or binding force that brings individual people or objects together. In English, this could mean “destiny”.




Embarrassing behavior done by 14-year-olds

Yoroshika onegai shimasu Japanese Pronounced yorosh-ku o-neh-guy-shimass It’s used to make a request and also to thank the person, either before or after they do it for you. In English, this means “Please and Thank you.”



A person who stays inside and does not socialize

Karoshi This Japanese term means “Death from over work�

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Shinrin-Yoku Japanese

Shinrin-Yoku is translated as “Taking in the forest atmosphere“ or “forest bathing.“ It’s when a person visits and takes a walk through natural areas, they’re able to relax, rejuvenate, and restore spiritually.


Finding beauty in imperfections

Karoshi Japanese n. involves employees committing suicide or suffering from heart failure and stroke because of long work hours.

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